White Extinction

By Greg Johnson

White Nationalist Greg Johnson, Editor-Publisher of Counter-Currents, argues here that White extinction is not only a plausible hypothesis but an inevitable outcome if present trends continue.  The-Survival-of-our-Race

Author’s Note: This essay is based on a talk that I gave in Seattle on January 26, 2014 at Charles Krafft’s Douglas L. Reed Oyster Feed. I want to thank Charles Krafft and everyone present for their warm welcome and stimulating discussion.

White Nationalists frequently claim that the current social and political system has put our race on the road to biological extinction. If present trends are not reversed, whites will disappear as a distinct race.

To many whites, this sounds like an absurd and alarmist claim, given that there are anywhere from 700 million to one billion of us on the planet today. Part of that skepticism is, I believe, simply psychological denial in the face of an unpleasant prospect. Non-whites seldom show skepticism about white extinction. Indeed, our enemies take our eventual disappearance for granted and openly gloat about our decline.

I wish to argue, however, that white extinction is not an alarmist fantasy, but an alarming fact, the inevitable conclusion of sober, informed analysis. Since my eyes glaze over when anyone resorts to mathematical models, charts and graphs, and technical jargon, I will construct my argument in the simplest possible terms. First, I will merely argue that white extinction is a plausible idea, not a far-fetched and fanciful one. Then I will argue that, given present trends, white extinction is not just possible, but inevitable.

Biologists claim that up to 99.9% of species that have existed on this planet are now extinct. Furthermore, many extinct species enjoyed dramatic advantages over whites. For instance, most extinct species existed far longer than our race before facing extinction. The average lifespan of a species is 10 million years, whereas whites have been around for only about 40,000 years. Some extinct species also existed in far greater numbers than whites today. For instance, in 1866, a single flock of passenger pigeons was observed in southern Ontario. The flock was one mile wide, 300 miles long, and took 14 hours to pass. It is estimated to have contained 3.5 billion birds, which is 3-and-a-half to 4 times the entire white population of the world today. Less than 50 years later, however, the entire species was extinct due to hunting and habitat loss. In 1914, Martha, the world’s last passenger pigeon, died in the Cincinnati Zoo.

Some living species have existed for a very long time. The horseshoe crab has been around 450 million years. The coelacanth fish has existed for 400 million years. The lamprey has been around for 350 million years. The New Zealand Tuatara lizard has been around for 200 million years. But based on natural history, we can say that simply by virtue of existing, there is a 99.9% chance that our race will become extinct. If we want to be among the long-term survivors, we certainly can’t just depend upon luck.

Human beings—whites especially—do have an advantage over other species: our intelligence and creativity can allow us to discover and defeat the causes of extinction. Unfortunately, that same intelligence is now being used to create artificial conditions that promote white extinction. Extinctions are divided into natural (like the dinosaurs) and man-made (like the dodo and the passenger pigeon).

White extinction is not natural but man-made. Thus, if our race is to survive, the first thing we must do is not defeat nature, but other men.


Extinction is not merely the death of all members of a race. After all, every living thing dies. But if all the members of a race die without replacing themselves, then the race becomes extinct. Thus extinction is not merely death—which comes to us all—butfailure to reproduce. Extinction is inevitable if a race fails to reproduce itself. Extinction is just failure to reproduce.

For the existing white population to reproduce itself, each couple must average 2.1 children—2 children to replace themselves, and .1 to replace the race by taking up the slack of those who fail to reproduce at all. The image of a “normal” family—father, mother, and two children—is actually the happy, smiling face of racial annihilation, for if sub-replacement fertility persists long enough—if more people die than are born—our race will eventually cease to exist.

If you subtract units from a finite set long enough, you will reach zero. If you take more money out of your account than you put in, you will reach zero. It is simple, mathematical necessity, first-order arithmetic.

Having a third child is the difference between contributing to the death or the growth of our race. Thus White Nationalists need to do everything in our power to create a new “normal” image of the three child white family, as opposed to the one or two child family.

Unfortunately, white birth rates as a whole and in every white country are below replacement. This means that white extinction is inevitable if current trends are not reversed.

What are the causes of reproductive failure, i.e., extinction? Biologists give four basic causes:

1.   Loss of habitat, meaning the environment necessary for sustaining and reproducing the species. Loss of habitat can take place through sudden or slow geological or climate change, the loss of food sources, etc.
2.   Invasive species, meaning competition for resources by another species in the same ecological niche.
3.   Hybridization, meaning reproduction, but not reproduction of one’s distinct biological type. Hybridization is only possible if a sufficiently similar species invades one’s ecological niche.
4.   Excessive predation, meaning that a species is killed by predators faster than it can reproduce itself. Predation includes epidemics. Excessive predation is, in effect, genocide: the killing off of an entire group. Genocide can, however, be divided into hot and cold varieties. Hot genocide is the quick and violent extermination of a group. Cold genocide is the slow destruction of a group simply by establishing conditions that make its long-term survival impossible. Cold genocide could, therefore, also include the other causes of extinction: habitat loss, invasive species, and hybridization.

All of these causes of extinction can be natural or man-made.


Now let’s examine our ongoing extinction in terms of these four biological causes.

Habitat loss: the ongoing conquest of nature through white science and technology would seem to be expanding white habitats. Man can live at the north and south poles, the bottom of the oceans, and even in space. It is conceivable that someday we will be able to transform other planets into human habitats. But there is a sense in which white reproduction is suffering due to habitat loss: whites do not reproduce in unsafe environments, and one of the greatest causes of unsafe breeding environments is the presence of non-whites.

Now, in the past, whites had high birth-rates while surrounded by non-whites. But these non-whites were enslaved or otherwise subordinate and forced to emulate white standards of behavior. So whites specifically feel unsafe around free and feral non-white populations.

The search for safe white breeding spaces is one of the driving forces behind suburbanization and exurbanization since the collapse of white supremacy, the emancipation of indigenous non-white populations, and the flooding of white lands by non-white immigrants.

One could argue that the mere presence of non-whites in white breeding spaces is not sufficient to suppress white fertility, since non-whites are feared specifically as potential sources of resource competition, hybridization, and predation, which brings us to the other causes of white extinction.

Invasive species: whites in virtually every white nation are now facing demographic competition from non-white immigrants. Even if non-white immigration is cut off, whites will still face demographic competition from existing non-white populations which are usually more fertile than whites.

Hybridization: race-mixing or miscegenation is a form of reproduction, in the sense that both parties pass their genes on to the next generation. But it is simultaneously a cause of racial extinction, since it fails to reproduce the racial type. Miscegenation is inevitable if different human races are allowed to associate freely in the same environment. Thus in the past, when racial integrity was valued, there were social and legal barriers to miscegenation in multiracial societies. Those barriers have been swept away.

But people are not merely “free” to miscegenate. Miscegenation is actively encouraged by the media and educational system.

Miscegenation is also being forced upon whites by inter-racial rape, which is almost always perpetrated by non-white men on white women. This form of rape is also being actively promoted by cultural phenomena such as pornography and non-white resentment mongering, and by social policies that encourage non-white immigration, integration of white and non-white populations, and failure to adequately police and punish non-white criminals. Fortunately, most white rape victims have access to abortion.

Predation: whites are not currently being subjected to fast, hot, across-the-board genocide, but the presence of large, hostile, violent, unsegregated, and poorly-policed non-white populations contributes to white extinction by causing the murder of white children and fertile adults and causing other whites to restrict their fertility because of unsafe reproductive environments.

In the case of white extinction, all of these causes are man-made. Whites suffer habitat loss, invasion, hybridization, and predation from non-whites because of social policies that have dismantled white supremacy and segregation in multiracial societies, promoted non-white immigration into formerly white societies, dismantled barriers to miscegenation and actively promoted it, and promoted non-white predation by importing and/or emancipating and integrating non-white populations and failing to adequately police and punish them.

In addition to purely biological causes of white extinction, we are also facing distinctly cultural causes. These fall into two basic categories: ideological and technological. Ideological causes of white extinction include individualism, celibacy, feminism and other forms of sex-role confusion, misplaced environmentalism, and white demonization and guilt, all of which promote reproductive failure. Such ideologies were, of course, little threat to white survival until the invention of cheap and reliable birth control technologies.

In a way, it is fortunate that the causes of white extinction are man-made, because all of them are within our power to correct.


In the short term, we need to halt the decline of our race until we can put long term solutions into place. When my ancestors first arrived in Virginia in the second decade of the 17th century, we belonged to a tiny minority on this continent. But we conquered it, in part because behind us was the demographic momentum of burgeoning populations in the homeland. It would be an enormous help if whites had that kind of demographic wind in our sails again.

In the long run, however, White Nationalism is the only real solution for the problem of white extinction.

The biological causes of white extinction can be addressed by the creation of homogeneously white homelands, either through racial partition and secession schemes or the removal of non-white populations. Homogeneously white homelands would secure white habitats and simply eliminate competition, hybridization, and predation from other races.

The cultural causes of white extinction can be addressed through education and social incentives: individualism can be replaced with an ethic of racial responsibility; sex-role confusion can be eliminated by the reassertion of traditional and biological sex roles: women as mothers and nurturers, men as protectors and providers; white guilt and self-reproach can be replaced by white pride and self-assertion; affordable family formation can be a cornerstone of social policy, with special incentives for greater reproduction from highly genetically valuable individuals; the option of celibacy, as well as non-reproductive sex, could also be preserved and promoted for some as part of an overall eugenic policy, to discourage breeding by individuals with genetic problems.

Some people regard the creation of homogeneously white homelands as unnecessary.

Some might wonder if it is possible for whites to survive without homelands or political power as small relict populations within larger non-white populations. Unfortunately, historical evidence does not support this. Andrew Hamilton’s review of Riccardo Orizio’s Lost White Tribes indicates that such populations are eventually lost to hybridization.

Others might argue that white relict populations can resist hybridization by adopting highly ethnocentric attitudes and marrying only among one’s group, like Jews and Hindus. The problem with this suggestion is that such policies have not worked for Jews or Hindus.

Jews are a highly miscegenated population. But Jewish identity can survive miscegenation, since one is a Jew not through pure Jewish descent but merely through a taint of the blood of Abraham. In the case of the Hindus, the caste system was adopted only after a great deal of mixing had already taken place.

Of course, as a White Nationalist, I think it is a good thing for whites to adopt ethnocentric attitudes and eschew all race-mixing. But those attitudes will not save us if we are reduced to small, politically powerless relict populations in a sea of non-whites. But if we adopted such ideas today, the best way of implementing them would be through the creation of homogeneously white homelands.

Still others might argue that cutting off immigration and returning to white supremacy, segregation, and legal and cultural barriers to miscegenation would be sufficient. I grant that such policies would be improvements, but not long-term solutions.

First, if nothing is done to address below replacement white fertility and higher non-white fertility, whites will eventually be reduced to tiny relict populations, as in scenario one. Then we will become extinct. Second, these policies were tried and failed. The conservative fixation on doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of lunacy. If these policies are tried and fail again, our race may never recover.

The hour is too late for such foolishness. When our existence as a people is at stake, we can no longer afford conservative half-measures and wishful thinking. Only White Nationalism can prevent white extinction.


“How much longer do I have?”

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  1. It’s really rather simple isn’t it? God told us to increase and multiply. Give up the contraception and have as many children as God wants you to have.

    The key to all of this, of course, is women taking up their true vocation as nurturing mothers and giving up in their quest to become men.

    1. This is a disgusting idea, and unintelligent. White men rode on the coattails of Jewish cunning and unique appetite for violence and cruelty to invade, and conquer the rest of the populations of the world on their native lands, killing them by on mass, enslaved the rest, plundered their resources and pollute their land. The Jewish race got the big bucks, and the White race got the small change.

      Some native races were exterminated in the process–like the American Indians–who failed to recognize evil and organize to fight it. In other words, the White race was the muscle men and thugs of the Jewish race. In nature, superior traits are derived from parentage from gene pools of far apart bloodlines. Offsprings from close relatives most often have genetic diseases. Jews, in fact have a high percentage of genetic diseases, because they believe in the “purity of bloodline.” So was with the White Nobilities of old Europe, and the Japanese Royal family of the past. Chinese success of the past centuries was based on racial integration assimilation, and sound social morality and ethical standards. Their downfall beginning with the opium wars waged by the Jews using British navy and army as their muscle men with weaponry that Chinese had invented and banned, was their lack of knowledge in the ways and powers of evil. Partially, it was the incompetent Manchurian ruling class who had kept themselves “racially pure” away from the other Chinese populace. They became a people of feeble minds, unsound bodies, and weak spirits. German Tectonic mixed with intellectually superior Han Chinese produces superior all around human specimen. White Russian mixed with Han Chinese have similar effect. Han is a mixture of all races who were each originally native in each small regions of the vast Chinese territory–which used to include all of the regions of now Russia West of Ulra–before the Opium Wars and the decline of the Tsing Dynasty. I suspect that China and Russia will eventually unite and integrate. The survival of humanity depends on the elimination of racial supremarism. Communism was design to kill of all genetically better endowed portion of a non – Jewish populace. This happened in a grand scale in Russia and China. It will need the mixing of the survived of these two people’s to improve the quality of stock to overcome/survive the last assault of Jews using Whites, Muslims, and Blacks on them.

      1. I am assuming that you are not responding to my post, but the article itself. And I think you make some interesting points, although I find your interest in race mixing to be a bit on the clinical side. I am not against race mixing, but the people really ought to be in love and produce their children in Holy Matrimony. It is the natural way. Which is to say the ordered way in which children should be brought into the world. When you start talking about proper mixes it kind of reminds me of Brave New World. Where would we manufacture the elevator operators?

        However, I completely agree with your assessment of what I call the Maritime Era. It even required a new religion fomented in protest from the One True Religion. I suppose they thought themselves to be very pure as opposed to the indigenous peoples they decided to conquer. They had their Bibles fresh off the printing presses, and claimed they were free from Papal interference. But in reality they used the theft of Church property, a Store of Value that was accumulated over a thousand years, to finance their conquering of exotic lands and the theft of their natural resources.

        The “no-popery” rhetoric was simply a justification for the cover they needed to engage in this grand larceny and genocide. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the Maritime Era happened in conjunction with the new religion. What I now wonder is if it was in the planning stages while they were getting ready for the Revolution from the Church, commonly referred to as the Reformation.

      2. “German Tectonic mixed with intellectually superior Han Chinese produces superior all around human specimen.”

        First of all, I think that should be “Teutonic”. Just trying to be helpful, not criticising.

        In any event, how do you know that Germans mixing with Han Chinese will produce a superior human specimen? You simply cannot predict how the gene mixture will manifest. Ask a plant breeder (I’ve done some backyard vegetable breeding myself) how “simple” it is to get a superior variety from two other varieties – and to stabilize them if you do get something good, ie, how to get a predictable result. As often as not, you get something unexpected and inferior. It’s okay with tomatoes or zucchini but with people, not good.

      3. I think this guy hit the nail on the head…………..

        “In the jungle, lions are with lions and tigers with tigers, and redbirds stay with redbirds and bluebirds with bluebirds. That’s human nature, too, to be with your own kind. I don’t want to go where I’m not wanted… I don’t join any integration marches. I don’t pay any attention to all those white women who wink at me… I like white people. I like my own people. They can live on the same planet without infringing on each other.” –
        Muhammad Ali

      4. @ Catherine

        You make some good points about genetics but as a Chinese Nationalist I am adverse to endorsing them wholesale, nor do I wish to debate you here publicly on this pro-White site.

        On the subject of the Opium Wars, however, I would like to posit a new (pre-controversial) theory that the greater and more insidious damage done to China was at the DNA level.

        We’ve all heard about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, how about Fetal Opium Syndrome? To what extent did the JEWISH Opium Wars destroy the Chinese as a race at the DNA level? For all intents and purposes, jewish opium became an effective dysgenics program/pogrom against the Chinese.

        Bottom line: kikejews love to use poisons and drugs to destroy nations and people and what has been happening in America since the late 1960s when illicit drug use was not only normalized but glamorized was very similar to what happened to China in the mid-19th Century when opium use was rampant.



      5. JFC –

        Same thing is happening with fluoridated water since the 1950s here. Numbing and dumbing agent. Poison. Even harms teeth and bones.

      6. …. Catherine. You speak the truth. BRAVO. “White men rode on the coattails of Jewish cunning and unique appetite for violence and cruelty to invade, and conquer the rest of the populations of the world on their native lands, killing them by on mass, enslaved the rest, plundered their resources and pollute their land. The Jewish race got the big bucks, and the White race got the small change.”

      7. I haven’t done much research in relation to Columbus. CNN reported this.

        “Recently, a number of Spanish scholars, such as Jose Erugo, Celso Garcia de la Riega, Otero Sanchez and Nicholas Dias Perez, have concluded that Columbus was a Marrano, whose survival depended upon the suppression of all evidence of his Jewish background in face of the brutal, systematic ethnic cleansing.

        Columbus, who was known in Spain as Cristóbal Colón and didn’t speak Italian, signed his last will and testament on May 19, 1506, and made five curious — and revealing — provisions.

        Two of his wishes — tithe one-tenth of his income to the poor and provide an anonymous dowry for poor girls — are part of Jewish customs. He also decreed to give money to a Jew who lived at the entrance of the Lisbon Jewish Quarter.

        On those documents, Columbus used a triangular signature of dots and letters that resembled inscriptions found on gravestones of Jewish cemeteries in Spain. He ordered his heirs to use the signature in perpetuity.

        According to British historian Cecil Roth’s “The History of the Marranos,” the anagram was a cryptic substitute for the Kaddish, a prayer recited in the synagogue by mourners after the death of a close relative. Thus, Columbus’ subterfuge allowed his sons to say Kaddish for their crypto-Jewish father when he died. Finally, Columbus left money to support the crusade he hoped his successors would take up to liberate the Holy Land.”

        And from a different source:

        “Diseases against which Indian peoples had no natural immunities caused the greatest mass deaths in human history. Within a century of contact, smallpox, measles, mumps, and whooping cough had reduced indigenous populations by 50 to 90 percent. From Peru to Canada, disease reduced the resistance that Native Americans were able to offer to European intruders.

        With the Indian population decimated by disease, Europeans gradually introduces a new labor force into the New World: enslaved Africans. Between 1502 and 1870, when the Atlantic slave trade was finally suppressed, from ten to fifteen million Africans were shipped to the Americas.”

      8. Red Onions has recently emerged as one of the most interesting and informative commenters on this site.

      9. Sard –
        “Red Onions has recently emerged as one of the most interesting and informative commenters on this site.”

        True enough… Ditto.

      10. @Red Onions

        You seem have surpassed my favorite patient “It’s not Anglo-Americans, it’s the JEW, JEW, JEW” Lobro.

        Congratulations, sister, on being nominated as “One of Our Best Patients” by a self-appointed gate-keeper of the house Sardonicus and by another laureate of “One of Our Best Patients” award – “the London Pharisee bank teller” Pat.

        Trailer of a popular Russian movie “Prisoner of the Caucasus” – scene “Psychiatric Clinic”.


      11. @ Circ

        You seem have surpassed my favorite patient “It’s not Anglo-Americans, it’s the JEW, JEW, JEW” Lobro. ”

        Many thanks Circ…. I mean it. I’m not being sarcastic. You keep referring to people needing psychiatric treatment. Jews and others do this, when people try to point out disinformation, misinformation or downright lies. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been told to “keep taking the medication” when trying to expose the lies of 9/11, the Holohoax and the ugly truth of the supremacist Talmud.

        I’ll give you an example. In my opinion George Galloway MP is the UK is a shill. I listened to a radio broadcast and a member of the public rang in to dispute the 6 million number. The caller calmly cited the evidence to support his theory. George Galloway flew into a rage and said the man should be taken away by the men in white coats. I’m not a patient, but I have patience. One day the disproportionate role jews have played in the slaughter of mankind will out. Sick Goyim helped them too.

      12. @Red Onions

        Many thanks Circ…. I mean it. I’m not being sarcastic.

        I believe you, RO. And you should be thankful. I mean it. I’m not being sarcastic. For all I am trying to do is to make you think. I am not trying to abuse you – I want you to think for yourself. I am giving you information you can touch, feel, and verify. All I say is backed by logic – by impeccable logic and verifiable facts.

        Of course, you do not have psychiatric disorders in the literal sense of the word, but you need help, and I am trying to provide it. Is it not obvious to you? Being an Anglo yourself, you are in some kind of denial – you refuse to believe that Anglo-Americans can be that evil. You want explain it all by the evil Jews. Yes, the Jews are evil, but the Anglo-Americans are much worse – that’s the thing you have hard time wrapping your head around. And I can understand that, but I have no intention of accepting something that blatantly contradicts the hard facts and logic.

        Jews and others do this, when people try to point out disinformation, misinformation or downright lies.

        What you don’t realize is that it is an illusion that you are “pointing out disinformation, misinformation or downright lies”. But I think you are an honest person – you, indeed, seem to believe in that illusion. The fact is, however, that you are spreading “disinformation and misinformation”. You want us to believe that there was no genocide – literally genocide – of literally all Indian tribes by the Anglo-Saxons. It just happened: disease, you know, and all that … or maybe we can invoke the evil Jews even here.

        I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been told to “keep taking the medication” when trying to expose the lies of 9/11, the Holohoax and the ugly truth of the supremacist Talmud.

        You are not exposing the lies of 9/11 because you do not know the truth about the 9/11. The 9/11 was Anglo-American false flag operation like Pearl Harbor was, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and so many others.

        Yes, Holocaust is a disgusting lie. But why you, Hitler-Jugend Lobro, and many others here are so fixed on the Holocaust. It has a psychological aspect to it, whether you realize it or not. And I’ll explain why. The psychological reason for it is simple: The fact that the Holocaust never happened is almost the only thing that the idiots (I acknowledge, though, that you are not among those idiots, who think that Hitler was some kind of savior and noble guy) can find in their insane attempts to exonerate the inexorable Nazis.

        Do we really need to invoke the f*cking Jews whatsoever to see how disgusting the Nazis were. Do we need all that “soap and lampshade made of Jewish fat and skin” garbage to condemn the Nazis?! What about all that unimaginable misery, destruction and death they brought to all 140 nationalities of the USSR. Why do we always fall back talking Jews when it comes to the atrocities committed by the Nazis?

        I’ll give you an example. In my opinion George Galloway MP is the UK is a shill. I listened to a radio broadcast and a member of the public rang in to dispute the 6 million number. The caller calmly cited the evidence to support his theory. George Galloway flew into a rage and said the man should be taken away by the men in white coats.

        What does your example prove? If any, it proves only that George Galloway is the one who should be taken away by the men in white coats: there can be doubt whatsoever in a reasonable man’s mind that 6 million is a myth and total lie.

        Thing, sister. Think.

      13. @ Circ

        “Of course, you do not have psychiatric disorders in the literal sense of the word, but you need help, and I am trying to provide it. Is it not obvious to you? Being an Anglo yourself, you are in some kind of denial – you refuse to believe that Anglo-Americans can be that evil.”

        LOL. You have no idea. Of course I know non jewish Anglo-Americans can be that evil. According to you, being an Anglo I have a “dog in this fight”. I don’t. I left the UK over ten years ago because of the invasion of Iraq and the BIG BROTHER ZOG GOVERNMENT.

        “You want us to believe that there was no genocide – literally genocide – of literally all Indian tribes by the Anglo-Saxons. It just happened: disease, you know, and all that … or maybe we can invoke the evil Jews even here.” I never said that.

        “You are not exposing the lies of 9/11 because you do not know the truth about the 9/11. The 9/11 was Anglo-American false flag operation like Pearl Harbor was, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and so many others.”

        Your Anglo-American theory omits to point out to the reader that there are a disproportionate amount of JEWS controlling or running these mafia organisations. Aipac is Jewish Circ. …. yes JEWISH. The Council of Foreign Relations has load of JEWS Circ, not Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, buddihsts and less Christians pro rata.

        Hillary Clinton, at the CFR on July 15, 2009.
        “We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”



      14. Please tell me that we do NOT have to listen to Clintons abrasive rhetoric for the next five years..

        IMHO red onions has always been “one of the most interesting and informative commenters on this site.”.. wonder where she moved to..

      15. Extremely interesting podcast on Mami`s Shit. Two Irishmen discussing the Irish holocaust, when the British establishment stole all their food, and left them, the Irish, as one old boy put it, with rotten potatoes. They also discuss a movement which is being celebrated in a couple of weeks,, called the Irish Republican Brotherhood, which fought for an independent, and united Ireland, members of which, who should have been heroes, were shot as traitors, whilst the real traitors are running the show. The saddest thing for the old boy is, that the movement, of which he was a part, is not invited to the celebrations. His motto is, that every living thing is sovereign, and so called “royalty” are there to serve the people..

      16. PEACE IN…
        Your message has great TRUTHS about the historical relationship between rebellious Jewry and Europeans who have been the indoctrinated slave work force behind world conquest of the “Babylonian Talmud minded chosen few”, rebellious Jewry – WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE beyond any doubt whatsoever.

        For consistent, persistent, and insistent rebellion against living by Divine Moral Guidance for Human Life, rebellious Jewry cursed itself to become the human embodiment of Satan. Rebellious Jewry is agency of Satan, they are devils, determined to do as devils do, separate human society from belief in THE G-D and from living by Divine Guidance for life, which is Salvation for human beings in this life.

        Europeans religious knowledge has been corrupted by Rabbis. The pagan idolatrous ideal of a father god and son god corrupted TRUTH about Jesus, son of Mary, making him a Jewish god to be worshipped as THE G-D savior of Gentiles. Europeans are brainwashed to believe a Jewish man god come to earth as the only way for Gentiles to be saved from sin and rewarded with heaven hereafter. This is just a blasphemous scheme of the chosen people concept perverted by rebellious Jewry’s own treacherous understanding.

        Example: Rabbis gave false,blasphemous, and evil interpretation to Biblical story of Noah, his son Ham and grandson Canaan alleging Ham and Canaan were cursed to be black skinned and slaves for perpetuity – the so-called “Curse of Ham” lie that was taught to Europeans for centuries. This untruth brainwashed unaware, innocent, and mostly illiterate Europeans to become white supremacist. Keeping hid behind the scene, Jews used indoctrinated Europeans as an enslaved workforce for material and political conquest in orgy of genocidal murder of indigenous people of color and enriching theft of indigenous people’s land and resources. Because Jews have given Europeans their false religious knowledge, the mindset of Europeans is entrapped as slave in rebellious Jewry’s dominance narrative that continue today. Europeans are mind slaves to this rebellious Jew scheme. “Jew World Order” anyone?

        The converted Khazars of eastern Europe gave added numbers to a tiny minority Jewish world community.

        Today the majority of Jews are Khazar bloodline. Rothchilds included.

        This rebellious Jew mind has always been the chief advisor to European leaders, secular and especially religious.

        The money has always been used to coerce and control European leaders, effectively giving Jews dictatorial tyrannical influence over European people around the globe.

        Sad and tragic, many, to many, Europeans think from the white supremacy mind given them by Jewish deceptive treachery. By Divine measure, Europeans are active inferior slave agents operating from the house of the devil – THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, truly cursed and doomed as superior sinners destined to hell, here and hereafter.

        There’s only ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Skin tone color variation is naturally caused from environmental influence, mainly due to intensity and duration of sun light. Color was used by Rabbis as divisive tool of divide and rule. We must stop use of color terms to ID human beings because such use continue the divisive scheme used to manipulate for greed, hostility, and war as orchestrated by rebellious Jewry.

        Superiority is in ability to live morally as THE G-D guides, something Jews have historically failed at. Historically, majority of Jews and their European Christian fool tools are factually and truly inferior by Divine measure.


        Can rebellious Jewry and their European Christian fool tools be trusted, can they be honest, can they be truthful, can they stop their mad rush to sin and damnation, should they be considered models of community???


    2. Right out of the gate Rich you deflect from the real topic at hand.

      The ONLY way at this point to stop white genocide is white violence against those directly behind the agenda.

      However, men like yourself sure love to over complicated the obvious.

      Is it on purpose or are you really that clueless ?

      In order for women to have happy healthy homes and marriages leading to happy and healthy children …


      You a real man for the real fight or do you want to continue to blame the women ?


      1. Lonnie,

        I’m sorry if you think I am blaming the women solely for this mess we find ourselves in. Read on, as I have commented in other places in this thread. I have a large family and a wife that has stayed at home to nurture them. Whether that makes me a real man, or not, I suppose is up for debate. But I have tried my best given the circumstances.

        That you think I am overcomplicating the obvious is disturbing. I thought I offered the most simple approach to the problem. Seems to me you think you should be able to have your birth control and your share of the empire simultaneously. Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. In the end mere demographics is the greatest Mote ever devised. And it can be maintained peacefully and without resorting to White Violence against Non-Whites.

        Make Love not War. Isn’t that what the hippies used to say? They were right. Unfortunately their execution was not exactly perfect.

      2. You completely missed the point Rich.

        Great, you’re married and have a family with a stay at home mother. You are not the only one.

        It’s not about protecting YOUR woman (that’s a given and you damn well should be), it’s about white men banding together and doing what is necessary to protect white women.

        As for your make love not war …. ‘they just didn’t execute it correctly’….. PURE FANTASY. That’s just not the way it works.

        For example, what is happening to women in Sweden. Men should be banding together, obtaining firearms (illegally if necessary) and hunting down the bastards who are raping and killing the women there. That’s the “execution” that needs to happen.

        And it’s the ONLY thing that will stop it at this point. Best of luck when it shows up at your door.

        DO NOT blame the women. WE are failing them on this front.

    3. “God” did not tell US to increase and multiply, YHVH told JEWS to increase and multiply. However I could not agree more about women’s vocation.

      Jews have reduced the role of motherhood to some disgusting, demeaning task that only stupid women might consider pursuing. Smart women as professionals, not dimwitted housewives (ugh) is the standard portrayal of women. This can be seen in the early Hollywood movies starring women like Kathryn Hepburn and Lucille Ball. Ironically, Lucille Ball later became a model for the dimwitted housewife.

      While it is true not everyone is suited to their traditional sex roles, the fact is the proper role of motherhood is far and away the MOST important and difficult job a woman can undertake. Mothers are the creators of society. What more important role could there be on this planet?

      Jews are well aware of the fact that when there are no mothers, there are no functional people, and no people means the end of the race/culture/nation. This is why Hitler elevated, the Jew’s debased role of German motherhood from the mud to an exalted position among his socialist culture.

      Despite Hitler’s promoting the traditional role of motherhood for women he did not expect all women to be forced into such roles. His treatment of women like Leni Riefenstahl and Hanna Reitsch are proof of his acceptance of women in professional roles.

      Funny thing, the more I learn about Hitler and Jesus, the more I like these men. But finding the facts behind them is increasingly difficult in a Judaized world.

    4. Quite right Rich, that is critically important. It’s also critical to study one other element that is of major importance, alluded to in the article (the jewish identity) but often unrecognized and which you touched upon with your reference to biological based gender identity – that of treason from within. As LD and other excellent writers have discussed here and elsewhere, there is and HAS been a deliberate agenda that goes back some time, exemplified by the ‘culture’ of post WW1 Berlin. This includes child prostitutes, pedophiles, aggressive homosexual behaviour,rampant drug use, corruption, every kind of moral degeneration that we see the creatures of occupied Palestine revel in.
      Historically behind this we see the Commintern, with the European main base located in Germany. In response, Germans (by no means all Germans) who were well aware of the mass murder of the Bolsheviks and didn’t like what was destroying their lives in the imported ‘culture’ got rid of the Rosa Luxembergs and other jewish communists. Note there was no need to get rid of ‘ALL jews’, just the diseased portion that threatened civilization.
      The problem was not limited to jewish traitors. Educating a sizable population the size of Germany requires time, and great effort toward exposing the crimes of the Bolsheviks. This would have potentially reduced the treason from non jewish German traitors, but not all. In the early days of WW2, two German officers arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland bringing with them an Enigma coding machine, to meet with Rudolph Rossler, a German anti Nazi expatriate. Lieutenant General Fritz Thiele and Baron Colonel Rudolph von Gersdorff established a direct link with Moscow from the German High command, warning of the coming invasion and providing Stalin with the details of virtually every German deployment, arms, ruse, and battle plans – throughout the invasion of the Soviet Union, the mass murder factory of the world. Rossler has been explained as a pacifist after surviving military service in WW1. That didn’t deter him, however, from betraying his fellow Germans who suffered over a million casualties by 1943. Gersdorff’s behaviour is more despicable (he survived the war) as his army unit in Poland exposed to the world Stalin’s murder of Polish officers in the infamous Katyn Forest massacre, which the zionist press in the USA, UK, and elsewhere studiously avoided. They weren’t the only traitors; the Red Orchestra with significant numbers of communist jews also operated for quite some time, and there were others in the Luftwaffe who have yet to be exposed.
      Treason from within must be studied and addressed not only at home (with education for civilians) but with a vigorous foreign strategy – which the Russians and the UK excelled at, but certainly not the Germans.
      Today, we find cancerous national (let aside the racial question for the moment) treason in the USA, UK, France, Germany, and many places that must be excised. Why not start with Merkel?

    5. @ Ingrid. I was taught in school about the Irish potato famine. It wasn’t a famine, it was genocide. This website “Irish Holocaust” is well researched:


      Irish rebel song GO ON HOME BRITISH SOLDIERS. The same applies to all peoples who have suffered at the hands of British soldiers, who are paid assassins by the never-ending corrupt British Hierarchy, controlled in the main by jewish bankers.


      1. Red Onions, when I heard the Irish protocols, drawn up 100 years ago, read out by the radio host on the podcast, I felt such pride in the Irish. I wish everyone would wake up to the facts..

  2. Nobody is messing with “white people” it is the white race and more specifically the anglo american, that has had more wars against other races than any other; they make genghis khan look like danny de vito; what race have the wasp not conquered, looted and raped?
    They even fought themselves (the american civilwar) hundreds of thousands died, millions in hindustan, china, japan, africa, southamerica and even at whay they call “home” with the natives in australia new zealand and the u.s.a
    Even as we speak they are killing the blacks
    Sit in the back sit in the back!
    “And we will do it all over again!” They yell when upset, showing their true colours
    They love dolphins though

      1. Courtesy of JEWS.

        JEWS…. JEWS…..JEWS….JEWS.

        Why can’t you even say it, tell the REAL truth ?

        Stop being such a coward.

    1. @ THE AVATAR

      Very good comment. It is the Anglo-American Aristocracy though, to be precise. If they aren’t Jewish by intermarriage, many European aristocrats consider themselves descendants of Biblical Hebrews. The Hapsburgs are related by marriage to the Merovingians who claim to be descendants of the Tribe of Benjamin.

      In addition, many aristocrats belong to the “British Israel” movement that believes the British sovereign is the head of the Anglo Saxon “Lost Tribes” of Israel and that the Apocalypse will see the full reconstitution of the British Empire.

      Barry Chamish writes, “there would be no modern state of Israel without British Freemasonry. In the 1860s, the British-Israelite movement was initiated from within Freemasonry. Its goal was to establish a Jewish-Masonic state in the Turkish province of Palestine… Initially, British Jewish Masonic families like the Rothschilds and
      Montefiores provided the capital to build the infrastructure for the anticipated wave of immigration. However, luring the Jews to Israel was proving difficult. They liked European life too much to abandon it. So Europe was to be turned into a nightmare for the Jews.” (“British Freemasonry Covets Israel.” online)

      The Jewish British elite’s goal of world domination took the form of British and American imperialism, and later Zionism and the New World Order.

  3. I can’t stop thinking of what is to come when “the synagogue” decides their power, (thanks to sewer nation), has finally consumed the world for Lucifer. Most denizens of this dying nation cannot tell you which came first; the revolutionary war or the rabid attack by the RR lawyer Lincoln on the brand-new Confederate States of America. Yes, they are that far gone. When exposed to the history of what those demons did in Danzig, Russia, Poland, Germany etc. while the “exceptional” U.S. along with their foul allies took part is causing me many sleepless nights. The obvious fact that this culture has become more twisted and blind in their need to grovel at the feet of the synagogue rather than finally seeing how they are helping them set the table for Lucifer’s final feasting does nothing to lessen the horror. Think of the little ones, think of the Roman Polanskis, Blood Moon. Satan owns this system and the synagogue is his caretaker.

  4. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)

    1. The Women problem.
    White women need to go back in the kitchen. Literally. Women’s right to vote was a big mistake. Sending women out to work beside men was even a bigger mistake. Women should be made religious and obedient to their husbands. Virginity should be promoted. Sex outside marriage has to become rarity again. Promiscuity should be regarded as a vile and unacceptable as it use to be. Feminism should be outlawed. Contraception methods should be banned.

    2. The Men Problem.
    Testosterone levels in white men are at historically low levels. To fight this problem, we need to separate boys and girls in schools, reduce the amount of gender-bending chemicals. Reintroduce the voluntary military service. Disallow single women to raise boys. Improve the diet of men, encourage competitive sports, horse riding and weight lifting. Reintroduce classical education.

    3. The Jewish problem.
    This problem is not exactly Jewish per se. Most Jews are unaware that Judaism largely eschews the Old Testament in favor of the Talmud and Cabala. Very few Jews read these books. If they did, they might realize that the Talmud is full of hate and contempt for non-Jews. They would discover that the Cabala is the basis of modern witchcraft. It teaches that good and evil are one and that black is white and vice-versa. The Cabala is the basis of the cult of sex worship that has engulfed the world. Physical desire supposedly “increases a man’s love for God,” and intercourse is “an instrument for uniting with God.” Cabala is the blueprint of the post-Christian era, the reason we are drowning in media-generated occultism, pornography, violence and fear. Organized Jewry and their Masonic allies are following a script based on End Times Biblical prophesies (which they may have written or modified.) This script calls for a Third World War and mass destruction of all people including 2/3 of all Jews.

    Fighting against the Jews is pointless and stupid. Instead we should lure the good Jews to our side and let them go back to their original roots. Now is the time for Jews to awaken and take a stand. Jews live in a bubble, told they are wonderful people persecuted for no reason. Jewish society allows little to no unsanctioned self-criticism. Increasingly the Western world is becoming a closed society like Jewry. Genuine self-criticism is not self-hatred. It is essential to health and survival.

    4. The God problem.
    The arc of Western Civilization has gone from (ascent) belief-in-God to (descent) belief-in-Satan. The apex was the so-called “Enlightenment” when the money men decided they could take over from God. The New World Order is an attempt to overthrow God and replace Him with Satan. It says black is white, evil is good. It creates a bogus reality designed to serve the few and enslave the many.

    Many Jews are alienated from the concept of a loving God represented by Jesus’ teaching. These Jews are metaphysical outcasts. They feel they have to “earn” love by overachieving. Like a woman who overeats to compensate for lack of love, they seek money and power. The essence of all true religions is to raise mankind up by disciplining the lower carnal order (greed, lust, power) in favour of our spiritual aspirations (truth, beauty, peace, harmony, justice.)

    We know food and sex exist because our bodies hunger for them. Similarly, our souls hunger for God, for spiritual ideals. This proves we have souls; indeed, we are souls. However, we will never listen to our souls if we don’t believe in them. We will never take spiritual ideals seriously if we don’t recognize that they are the ultimate Reality.

    1. #5: The Technology Problem. The white race is fixated on technology. Most of them/us – if given a choice – choose high tech solution to whatever challenge is facing them. If the technological solution is not at hand, why, they’ll invent it. No ability to do long-term thinking at all.

      1. @ WYANDOTTE

        Technology is like fire, it could be enormously beneficial or it could destroy everything. The direction technology today is following is perhaps the problems. In the beginning of the 20th century technology was trying to make our lives easier whereas today it’s mostly in the field of software (maybe because we have all become too soft ourselves).

    2. In the minds of many it seems, ‘white survival’ revolves around the somehow related issues of “women” and “the jews.” How do these two issues play off each other? When I read your comment, I can’t help hearkening back to the famous R Krumb cartoon of the Jewish guy walking past the loser goy with the babes on his arms. Is this the gnawing fear at the back of gentile ganglia which produces the confluence of the two themes?

      I also hearken back to the fictionalized portrait of a society returned to seeing women as baby factories in Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale – which I always thought of as a way over the top characterization of a totally unlikely scenario. Yet reading these comments gives me the impression it was an exact rendition of what is on some folks minds! Staggering. Your acute insight of how much it is needed for the “good jews” to be made allies against a common enemy could be expanded to cover the same territory with the other issue that you make central to your case; running a recidivist program to have women give up all self-development for the sake of a cause called “white nationalism” is not likely to win many allies, or much favor, among that half of the species! “Outlawing feminism” seems a concept so heavy handed and totalitarian as to be almost laughable.

      If men have lost the wit and wisdom to persuade women where their core interests lie, then there is little use, or justice, in blaming either ‘feminism,’ or women in general. As you correctly point out, the drop in testosterone is a critical part of the developing gap between the genders. Men are losing the respect of women, and their whining about that fact is hardly going to prove an antidote to it! Half of what you are saying seems spot on, the other half – well, it seems a lot of fantasy, rather than any kind of workable prescription.

      Most of us know that a large part of what is causing the decline in both mental and physical powers in the western male is programmatic – that there is a decided plan to cause moral and intellectual devolution, and to disadvantage certain DNA haplogroups by design. There are no shortage of clues leading to the conclusion that the major beneficiaries of this longstanding program of culture war on the west are the same persons who have fronted for the kind of Frankfurt School/Open Society/Environmentalist prongs of this attack. But Ashkenazim who appear as “Jews” for convenience sake have a very different agenda than your average, rabbinical mind-controlled Judaist. Lumping them all together as ‘enemies’ is a major strategical error.

      Likewise, trying to force the female half of the species back into a rigid definition of their genders role and potential is a better way of detaching allies than securing them to your cause. Reading the piece here called “Why I hate feminism” gave me a real start – it seems that occidental males increasingly feel comfortable in indicting females as a group for intrinsic flaws of character or morals, requiring therefore rigid social regulation! That is something I am used to seeing coming from the sadly underdeveloped psyches of the kind of losers who make up the ranks of the Jihadist movements here in the middle east. That it should be cropping up increasingly in the occidental world now is a greater indictment against the western male than some seem able to realize.

      1. @ ORMANCI

        My wife is a full time house wife and a mother. She didn’t need much persuading to stay at home and fulfill her natural role as a woman. In fact, she dreads the possibility that one day she might have to join the rat race. We have FOUR healthy children. How many do you have?

      2. I am not sure what you are driving at regarding population counts Krum; but if it is a point of pride with you to have exceeded the western norm for offspring, and that be the extent of it, I am happy to salute your efforts. I have no interest in bringing my own offspring into the discussion, unless you provide good reason for doing so. But the decision I value most of my life so far is to have insisted that a child be born, rather than torn out of a womb. I consider that to be standing up to be counted, in a manner far too few of my generation bothered to concern themselves with. Brood counts are of secondary importance to me.

        The other part of your response is easier to glean. What you and your wife are open to arranging in your household is apparently an act of free will on both your parts. If you go back and read your initial comment you might be able to see that in counter distinction to that, you appear to be ready and eager to adjudicate the freedom of others to make arrangements of their own, if they diverge from the model which works best for you personally. I have suggested that is problematic, on several levels. You are free to disagree with that assessment, as well as the notion that women should be obedient to their own soul and spirit, rather than anyone else’s. I hope that your children will be just as free to dispute the opinions of others, when they become adults.

        In the course of engaging with people of the western world on message boards such as this one, I time and again meet individuals who define the optimum state of liberty and freedom by what ever situation gives themselves the most comfort, regardless of how little it affords any one else. The perception gap is quite astonishing. “we will never listen to our souls if we don’t believe in them” – sayest thou. Do you suppose that only one gender should be judged able to listen and believe to that authority?

      3. @ ORMANCI

        The article is about the possible extinction of a certain race and what to do about it. It all boils down to birth rates and in what environment children grow. Traditional family has proven to be most successful in this respect. Everything else is intellectual masturbation.

        You on the other hand seem to be getting too emotional about it, which to me it suggests that you are woman. On top of that, you write like a feminist, quote: “But the decision I value most of my life so far is to have insisted that a child be born, rather than torn out of a womb.”

        You are part of the problem of the extinction of the white race, whether you realise it or not. I don’t judge you but what is the point of you being here then?

      4. “The article is about the possible extinction of a certain race and what to do about it.” Why yes, so it is! That’s the only thing you managed to get close to being right about though Krum. A very low percentage of correct calls. Puzzling that, as I found at least half of what you originally wrote to be more or less true.

        Apparently both the author and yourself believe that compulsory regulation of women’s choices has a great deal to do with what this article is about. I’ve assembled some comments designed to be as explicitly relevant to your take on the matter as possible/ instead of countering any of those points via rational rejoinder you chose to divert the discussion to red herrings which touch upon neither anything to do with what I have said to you, or have any direct bearing upon what we both agree the thread is about. By staying on topic, and choosing not to follow the cues which would excuse you from having to confront the weaker parts of your precis, I appear to have provoked you to project a series of terminally mistaken – and specious – conclusions.
        Whatever emotion has leached into the dialogue must therefore be assigned to the party who gleans its presence. I am not a woman. I have no more support for the project of western feminism than you do. Somewhat ironically, the comment of mine you choose to quote is one that would drive the archetypal feminist to distraction – that you can manage to completely invert it’s meaning is telling.

        Perhaps if you had applied reason to interpreting my point of view rather than to attempt to simply blunt it via blurted accusations which have turned out to be mistaken on all counts, we could have returned to the topic of the thread and discussed it without the undo blame casting with which you have decided to end your failed defense of a no-longer veiled hard core totalitarian mindset. Pity that. As mentioned, you did have some good points in your original message. I gather you are not used to being questioned closely, in the world you have made yourself. That may not be ultimately tenable ol chum!

      5. Ormanci (sounds vaguely Turkish, not that it matters, only note it in passing),
        you sound like a thorough thinker type, never an excess of such.

        But Ashkenazim who appear as “Jews” for convenience sake have a very different agenda than your average, rabbinical mind-controlled Judaist. Lumping them all together as ‘enemies’ is a major strategical error.

        I’d be curious to find how you arrived at this categorical differentiation.
        Could it not be analogous to someone unschooled in military terms who objects to air force, navy and tank formations as being “lumped together”?

        Because, if we, for the sake of investigative discussion assume the opposite, the following may appear in clearer light

        Reading the piece here called “Why I hate feminism” gave me a real start – it seems that occidental males increasingly feel comfortable in indicting females as a group for intrinsic flaws of character or morals

        Namely, the “talking beast” species, meaning us, here, is under a sophisticated, well planned and organized attack on all fronts and we are shamefully reduced to delayed and anticipated reactions, stupidly stampeding in preordained directions driven by herders and their trained dogs.

      6. Greetings Lodro,

        Like Sardo’s, your name rings bells from the distant past, though I cannot place it in any distinct part of my memory. In deference to your long standing here then, I’ve made a particular effort to digest your comment/question – but have to admit to coming up short on the better part of it. In the little while I’ve been back here, both private and public communications with site members have indicated to me that there is a certain nuance to the way of speaking here that I will have to learn, or re-learn, before being entirely sure of what people are thinking, or saying.

        Since yours is a case in point, I will take the middle road, and respond to that part of it where I feel on firm grounds of comprehension. That being the query about distinguishing tween the average Judaist, and those who manipulate them from behind scenes. I think I understand what you are on about there- but let’s see.

        I don’t think that there is much need to reprise the role of the rabbinical sectarian in controlling their hostage ethno-religious victims who self-identify as “jews.” I am confident that most who come here are hip to that particular relationship between predator and prey.

        My very first comment as “ormanci.” on the previous thread was designed to address that long dynamic of the Judean world – and provoke some discussion regarding the fact that there have ALWAYS been resistors to the racial and religious supremacists FROM WITHIN the ranks of judaist culture. Given that FACT… it seems both silly and untruthful to foment the schtick I notice here immediately upon arrival – that ‘all jews are the same’ and therefore … let’s kill em all and be done with our problems!

        In attempting a rational discussion with Krum about that subject, as it relates to the associated dynamic so obviously in play here – roughly – ‘all women are women’ – so let’s subject them all to our patriarchal will… and be done with our problems… I brought forward the notion that it seems eminently superior to me to have intelligent judaists who have broken from their mind control ON MY SIDE, rather than to play to the talmudist agenda by forcing those potential allies back into their ghetto.

        Likewise, speaking as a male, I am far more enamored of the notion of having intelligent women who have broken with their mind control on my side rather than forced by misogynistic diatribe back into their programmed ghetto.

        There is a risk to both of those potential alliances of course – that I may find myself at a disadvantage if either of those two sets of potential allies let loose without institutionalized restraint were to prove of greater talent or wisdom in any way than myself and my fellow males of the gentile persuasion – with their own agenda, and the means to forward it. For some here, it’s clear that risk is unconscionable – the danger to the ego is too great a threat to be allowed to stand. Speaking for myself, it is a normal life situation that confronts one in determining their stance on the matter – no risk, no reward! For those who conflate the primacy of protecting their programmed male ego with an eschatology of patriarchal sky-gods and religious faction, it’s clear that such a discussion is in itself too dangerous to be allowed here. Each to their own say I. And rather than regard either women, or random judaists without qualification as ‘invasive species,’ I prefer to grant both… along with most all other folks we share the planet with… a basic sanity, and commonality of purpose.

        It’s hard to give a more in depth response, such as I would wish to, in the confines of what is reasonable for a comment on a message board. Suffice to say, were I do so, it would involve defining the inner workings of the Sabbatean-Frankist conspiracy, which, in alliance to the previously mentioned talmudic rabbincal hegemonists, has woven a spell of perpetual victimhood and racialist supremacism around those born into the judaist culture. Those persons, stripped of their disguise as being ‘jews’ themselves, are demonstrably part of a satanic cult which has operated through millennia as a strand of gnosticism which inverts values and seeks redemption through sin. All the abrahamic religions have had sectarian proponents of such type – but the centrality of its presence to the judaist tradition is usually overlooked in discussions which seek to paint with too broad a brush in characterizing who be “jews” and who be their victims.

        1. @ Ormanci

          Likewise, speaking as a male, I am far more enamored of the notion of having intelligent women who have broken with their mind control on my side rather than forced by misogynistic diatribe back into their programmed ghetto.

          Excellent! Couldn’t agree with you more. No point alienating the entire female sex by lumping all women together as brainwashed nitwits following a feminist agenda and being Madonna or Miley Cyrus clones. In the same way, no point alienating every Jew in the world (some of them your potential allies) by lumping all Jews together as Zionist fanatics and Talmudic terrorists.

      7. Ormanci (sounds vaguely Turkish, not that it matters, only note it in passing)

        Sounds vaguely Ormonkey, not that it matters, only note it in passing.

        People, please don’t pick stupid sounding monikers. You might not be able to make intelligent comments but, at least, have some respect for the readers of your long-winding and convoluted posts.

        Justice For Chinese? Wtf? What kind of moniker is that, for God’s sake!

      8. So cerebrally Cır[cumsized] one, true to your neo-stalinist leanings, you presume to preside over everything from nomenclature to variations of style and content? A goddess of etiquette? How fitting. If only you could find a place on this earth suitable to conduct your fancied reign of error.

        It sure ain’t here lad. If you’re not up to reading what I write, simply skip over it – that’s not too great a challenge for you is it? There you go, off and be about your business – if it’s attention you’re lacking, I haven’t any juice at all to give to your attempted provocations. In the absence of having any of substance yourself to contribute here, please find a fly to tear the wings off of – or another, more suitable outlet for your distemper. Perhaps a website dedicated to fully showcasing your own talents?
        I remain,
        your most… etc. etc.
        edit: awaiting “moderation”??? My, we are preemptive here aren’t we? Did you suppose I would take the lil fellers bait? Not my style/

      9. Ormanci,
        let me briefly address just this excerpt, unless you feel that I took it out of context – it appears quite self-contained as far as I can see

        there have ALWAYS been resistors to the racial and religious supremacists FROM WITHIN the ranks of judaist culture. Given that FACT… it seems both silly and untruthful to foment the schtick I notice here immediately upon arrival – that ‘all jews are the same’

        This sounds to me an article of some variant of humanist faith, given that I have on several occasions linked to surveys by Israeli pollsters showing that 96% of Jews, both in and out of Israel supported the sickening carnage of Gaza, both the Protective Edge (at least I will grant you that they have a sense of humor, though not of variety that appeals to this avowed antisemite) and Cast Lead.

        So, the brightest lipstick you can apply to RESISTERS FROM WITHIN JUDAIST CULTURE is that at most 4% can legitimately wear it.
        One-in-20 … how many swallows a spring make, I forget.

        You see, though I may appear as a backward yahoo lacking nuance, at least I can quantify my position.
        Search for the link to that survey, I can no longer be bothered for the umpteenth time.

        I won’t pursue the issue of what exactly is a “Resisting Judaist” other than say that it is a contradiction in terms no less than a vegetarian barracuda, nor how (political presumably) Ashkenazi are morally and ideologically distinct from the rabbinical spell casters, though I’d be very interested to know at which point did the Rothschild dynasty cross from one jurisdiction over to the “opposite”, before or after securing the title that as per His Majesty’s approval fully legitimized the land rip off, goodbye Palestine, hello Israel, warm welcome and “return” to RESISTERS and all.

      10. @ Ormanci. “I brought forward the notion that it seems eminently superior to me to have intelligent judaists who have broken from their mind control ON MY SIDE, rather than to play to the talmudist agenda by forcing those potential allies back into their ghetto. ”

        There are secular jews who distant themselves or cut off from Talmudism altogether. One example is Felix Posen. But there’s a big BUT. They are Zionists. Zionists want to keep PALESTINE STOLEN and want more, as per the Yidon Plan. Iraq has been taken and Syria may be next.

        “The Posen Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that works internationally to support Jewish learning and advance Felix Posen’s belief that a Jewish education is the birthright of every Jewish child and adult. By focusing on the cultural aspects of Jewish history, philosophy, and creativity, the Posen Foundation seeks to offer secular Jews (who comprise the majority of Jews worldwide) an entrée into Jewish life and learning.

        During the 1980s, and into the 1990s, the Posen Foundation supported the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (then the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies). In the early 1990s, the Posen Foundation helped create the School for Educational Leadership in Jerusalem, an elite, pluralistic school for Israelis, which it supported (along with the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Mandel Foundation) until 1999.”

        Felix Posen made his billions working for Marc Rich. He has ploughed untold amounts of money into the Foundation.

      11. If I may add, in another similar exchange regarding the “resister” mythology, I pointed to a URL showing that 4% of the US death row inmates were wrongfully convicted as per documented evidence, yet the society never gives it a second thought, fry them all and let Yahweh sort them out.

        Why not, while endlessly hosing us with poor, unjustly maligned Jew tears.
        And while majority of these cons come from unbelievably disadvantaged backgrounds, Jews invariably arrive in the lap of privilege and yet manage to murder tens of thousands for every one of the victims of the death row tenants.

        If you happen to believe in “And Justice For All” fable then give it some thought before jumping on the Wonderful Judaist Resister bandwagon.

        Let’s stick to numbers whenever possible.

      12. Lobro
        Sticking to the numbers works for me fine – in principle – but as a guiding factor in this discussion, it breaks down where we pursue evidence into periods of history where no such statistical backing as surveys are available. Then the choice becomes simple – we either jettison all historical context to our debate… or we scale back the reliance on what are – ultimately – just more subjectively derived data points anyway. Assuming we can agree that eschewing historical context would leave us really wandering in the dark here, then I will do my best to use it in defence of what I have been quoted on.

        But first, there seems a serious misunderstanding in what you have believed me to have said: “how (political presumably) Ashkenazi are morally and ideologically distinct from the rabbinical spell casters” would appear to indicate that you mistakenly took me to say that Ashkenazim as a group are ‘better than’ rabbinical talmudists. I’ve looked back at the quote again – “But Ashkenazim who appear as “Jews” for convenience sake have a very different agenda than your average, rabbinical mind-controlled Judaist” … I was referencing the kind of crypto who belong to the Frankist Sabbatean network which has more or less subsumed traditional judaism in the same way it subsumed masonry, and the so-called ‘christian-cabbalist’ along with other forms of gentile organization, in the course of it’s almost 500 year existence. I am happy to take 50% of the responsibility for you inverting my meaning there. If it wasn’t clear to you what I was saying, then please consider it to be now. Also. I was not talking about rabbinical spell casters there – but rather their mind controlled victims/followers. We will end up at needless loggerheads unless those two details are reworked.

        Am I lenient upon those mind-controlled judaists? Not particularly. Quite the opposite in fact. But as my interchange with Krum has re-emphasized to me, there is a decided tendency now amongst people I encounter on these boards to straight out try and eliminate all nuance – middle ground – chance of alliance in viewpoint, etc., in favor of dogmatic and polarized positions which exist to serve a petty personal agenda which does no service to counter-acting what this thread is supposedly detailing the threat of. I appear in this context to be a ‘dangerous moderate.’ That can be most deceiving an appearance.

        Do I have reason, on the other hand, to imagine them ALL incorrigible deviants and/or monsters? No, not from intimately personal experience – I do not. I have witnessed persons of full Ashkenazi background live their lives in profound breakage from that sick judaic culture – and I have witnessed them pay the ultimate price for daring to do so. Their courage, and their humanity in the face of pure terroristic, talmudist evil seared my soul; it also infused my life with a passion to emulate that moral courage and refusal to go back in the fold. It truly change my life.

        As much as I allow that experiential evidence to guide me in this matter, I also need to confirm it’s validity via other means. That’s where the historical record becomes invaluable. And so, I have turned back to the books in search of that rare kind of scholarship which makes a break with the ordinary scripts written to confuse and divert us. Currently, I am working with, amongst others, Mary Smallwood’s “The Jews in the Roman Empire” and Ralph Patai’s “The Hebrew Goddess.” Through the former, we gain (much suppressed)access to information[numbers!] such as the Judaist genocidal massacre of 400000 gentiles on the island of Cyprus, in the aftermath of Rome’s change in imperial foreign policy which brought an end to the jewish monopoly of the superprofitable India trade. Through the later we get a (much suppressed) picture of who the Caananite people of Judah and surroundings really were, what they worshiped, and how(and for how long) they resisted the imposition of Levitical racial and patriarchal hegemonism. With that kind of balanced apportioning of positive and negative aspects of judaist history in hand, I feel very comfortable with what I have written here so far.

        You seem particularly eager to excise the possibility of that form of resistance being as indelible a part of judaist history as kabbalist/babylonian black magic is. I have no intention of changing your mind if that is what you wish to do – I will simply stick to using what I have learned from personal and historical sources to continue building an alternate perspective which rings more true to me than the many polarized one’s dominating the discussion board here. On the basis of that being agreeable to you, by all means let us continue the back and forth. But I think I have reached and exceeded here what can be put in one comment. So I stop here for now.

        1. @ Ormanci

          You are undoubtedly a highly educated man. I am therefore all the more appalled at your occasional lapses into bad grammar. You have repeatedly misused the apostrophe. In the sentence quoted below, you appear not to know the difference between IT’S and ITS. You have used an apostrophe when you shouldn’t have done so. This is not your first lapse into bad grammar. I will give further examples as they occur so that you can learn to be more careful. (No, I’m not picking on you. I will be doing this to other posters too.)

          ORMANCI: “As much as I allow that experiential evidence to guide me in this matter, I also need to confirm it’s (sic) validity via other means.” (Should be ITS).

      13. Dear Cebollas Rojas,
        While I am delighted that a member of the female persuasion has weighed in pon my comment, I have to say that you have more or less created… and then knocked down… a straw man. We can jointly come up with endless examples of judaist ‘gatekeepers,’ and inserted operatives who are put in place to pursue the long-perfected Leninist strategy of controlling both sides of any debate. But very little is accomplished by such shooting of fish in a barrel.

        What is a little more challenging is to find, and authenticate, persons born into the poisonous sect who have marked out a path of real resistance to it, on personal and/or political level. As I mention in my last response to Lobro, fate guided me into such a position – and profoundly impacted my life in ways no less terrible than terrific. But once I finally finished processing the events of 911[years after] it was that experience of judaist-born n bred who broke with that background that created the space for ALL of my subsequent trajectory. It’s sweetly ironic then, to see you, as with virtually everyone else here, draw upon the examples of male members of the tribe in building your case.

        As it was female members of it who had such lasting influence on me – by way of example. Also, as I mention to Lobro, as an adjunct to that personal experience, I have researched the historical record and found hard evidence(from within the tribe itself) that the core of resistance to levitical/rabbinical hate culture was always Hebraic women! Since we don’t get that recontextualization of history via our normal sources, it is easy to lose sight of or ignore that fact. But it puts a whole other light on this discussion, in fact, on the purpose and substance of this site itself. One I hope to bring out to the light of day, if given any amount of freedom from the reactionary forces intent upon confining the debate to whatever variety of patriarchal orthodoxy best suits their purpose. No matter the package, Muslim, Christian, or Judaist jihadis are all of a piece. They reveal themselves by their words as reveling in the ‘end times’ millennialist madness of the suicide bomber. Too long they have controlled the debate.

        \well, I ran out of luck today when I didn’t get the sunshine I needed to recharge batteries after a three day blow. Looks like I’ll be taking an enforced vow of silence for the next 12 hours or so. But I am sure I more than used up my quota of lines here anyways!/Till next time!

      14. Ormanci,
        great post, even arguing with someone like you is very profitable.
        a shining example;

        Judaist genocidal massacre of 400000 gentiles on the island of Cyprus, in the aftermath of Rome’s change in imperial foreign policy which brought an end to the jewish monopoly of the superprofitable India trade

        I did hear something about that or was it Crete, I think in Toaff’s Pascua di Sangre.
        More please, on that and other subjects in the post that this replies to.
        Do you think 400k makes sense, it does sound high … all people were armed then and knew how to use the basic slicers , gladii, pila, various axes and hammers, how would Jews, never known for battle prowess have pulled off a massacre of such proportions? And on what pretext, just because Rome cut them out of the India trade? I can see how the Indian traffic may have moved through the Cypriot harbours though … can you tell a bit more, will look up Mary Smallwood on kindle.

        Next request:
        I am quite ignorant about the bizarre thinking and practices of Lurianic and Frankist witchcraft, can you summarize that a bit?
        Whenever possible, I like to absorb information parasitically, by osmosis so to speak, when the source is trustworthy.

        After all, that’s the purpose of this blog, that and waking up the slumbering, slobbering proletarian masses squatting out there in the fields.


        In order to destroy this serpent, we must construct his virtual form, in 4 dimensions or is it 5, after including the temporal and cognitive/spiritual ones in addition to geopolitical.
        Btw, I am not a true antisemite or even a Jew hater.
        I quite like someone like Yossi gurvitz or Ariel Toaff or Shlomo Sand, etc, because they successfully dejewed themselves.

      15. Lobro,
        Yes, the number strikes one as very high; going back to the text for confirmation, as I should have done before using it, I can see now that the 400,000 number represents more probably the total number of victims of Judaist violence for all of the provinces where the revolt of 115 broke out. Cyrenaica, where the rebellion seems to have started is said by Smallwood’s primary source, Dio Cassius, to have been the scene of 240.000 Greek and Roman deaths; if we included the numbers for Egypt, and the figure which Dio quotes for Cyprus itself, which is also north of 200,000, we might more accurately use the 400,000 deaths figure. Even if we were to reduce it however, by a factor of 2 or 4 times, it is an astonishing manifestation of judaist blood lust, which Smallwood characterizes as a “messianic crusade,” with the objective of returning to Palestine. Nothin new under this ol sun!

        This is where the historical record is indispensable to any sober appreciation of the judaist question. The term ‘zionist’ though of modern minting, is simply a repackaging of a very old movement within the talmudist sect which has continued to surface at various times, in various ways, throughout the centuries. “ They indulged in cannibalism and mutilation, made clothes and belts out of the skins and entrails of some of their victims, used others in gladiatorial and wild beast shows” reports Dio. “They rose as if mad” said Orosius; “as if in the grip of some terrible spirit of rebellion” said Eusebius.

        I am aware that these details play into the hands of those who seek to criminalize all those born into the tribe by way of genetic profiling. That troubles me not, if it is verifiable historical truth. What does trouble me is the way people will seek to use historical facts which help build a case against their choesen enemy, without rigorous regard for those facts which work against that same case. That is fundamentally dishonest, yet it is also without doubt the default mode in which most people deploy themselves in matters of politics these days. As long as that devious technique is used, it will always be a case of projection of one’s own troubled psychic wounds onto the ‘other’ which dominates the debate. The enemy know this very well, and will seek to use that to their own advantage, by being able to demonstrate to the onlooker that those who dare indict the sionists for their crimes are but troubled individuals guilty of exaggerated hatreds and petty malice , rather than serious witnesses to truth. “Jews are bad to the bone?” Cui bono?

        “[H]ow would Jews, never known for battle prowess have pulled off a massacre of such proportions?’

        Yes, contrary to our modern suppositions, historically speaking, the judaists were quite marital by nature, and more than able to fight and win against numerous opponents. The fact that it took one of Rome’s ablest generals more than a year, and several tens of thousands of judaist fighter deaths to finally put down the rebellion is testament enough to that. History is replete will similar examples of what Jones calls the ‘Jewish revolutionary spirit.”

        Only latterly, when it came to be considered expedient to subcontract violence to the Italians and others – so as to legitimize and better conceal the takings of their crime empire – did the judaists graft the image of non-violence onto their public persona. How could they have accomplished such feat of mass carnage you ask. As to their being inveterate plotters and organizers of covert conspiracies I have no need to remind you – this collective, cellular capacity to study and plan for the destruction of the communities they resided in is a well known aspect of the mindset we now distractedly call “zionist.”

        Finding the weak spot in the enemies’ armor is their specialty. It was the stripping of the legions for the eastern campaign in Mesopotamia which give initial impetus to the rising up; when that newly won province rebelled, they thought they had found the time and means to deal a death blow to their Roman overlords. The commercial underpinnings of the crime are too involved to include in this comment. As well, the request for more on the Lurianic/Frankist legacy is not going to fit into this space.

        I shall stop here, and put up another post at the very bottom of this thread, when I have the chance, which will carry on this conversation. That way, those for whom these posts of mine are neither intended nor useful can be spared time wasted in having to scroll down past them, and all parts of the congregation here, both the totalitarian, and the more convivial, can be made to feel, if not happy, at least given equal consideration!

      16. HP,
        Thank you. “Here comes the sun” – how appropriate, as today’s bountiful rays have allowed me to get back online, after yesterdays TKO at the hands of Mother Nature!

        Rhodes is an hour away from me, by ferry, and the Greek Island I most frequently haunt. It’s a great pleasure to read an article written by someone who names Jane Harrison as their ‘hero,’ as her scholarship and erudite explorations of Greek mythos have placed her high on my list of authors at the moment. Indeed, I give increasing consideration to the older generations of scholars in my studies, so rudely dismissed by those who followed in the C20th, yet whose legacies are being vindicated increasingly by the discoveries and undertakings of the last 25 years or so.

        As per my note to Lobro, in order not to clutter the middle part of this thread with too many of my musings, I shall continue this response on the bottom section. Stay tuned.

    3. Fine post, Krum. As you obviously understand and I will merely highlight, is that carnal appetites must be met as we do have bodies. We are spirit and matter, body and soul. And this leads me to comment on pornography and so-called sexual liberation.

      The problem with pornography and the hook-up culture is that we are all becoming homosexuals in this filth. Men and women hooking up for brief tryst which is allowed due to contraception or with abortion as a back up plan, make the sexual act very similar to homosexual sex. It is barren, it is engaged in with multiple partners, and without getting too crude it makes women into “boys with tits”.

      For a long time homosexuality was also promoted in “men’s” magazines with lesbian pictorials. Of course they do not represent reality. They are beautiful and all dolled-up. If one gets caught up in this stuff for a long enough time the temptation for male on male sex will eventually manifest itself. It’s evil and downright alchemical in nature. Combine this with bossy women who act like men at work and in school and you have a complete recipe for total disaster.

      Not only has this cake been assembled and baked. It has now been in the oven too long and it has burnt and stuck to the pan. The clean up operation will be slow and tedious, if ever. It certainly will not happen in my lifetime.

      But I do look at all these problems as symptoms. The thing that underlies it all is Jewish Naturalism, and the Jewish Money Power, specifically usury. Not to say that there are not plenty of “Gentiles” who haven’t gone along for the ride. Even people who stay away, as best they can, from the more obvious sexual temptations fail in having the children they may even want to have due to fear of supporting these children.

      The bishops fought and won the battle for decency in movies for 30 years in the Century in which we were born. However, they did not see the movement of Catholics out of the cities and into the suburbs as the monumental problem it turned out to be, nor did they protest the moving of manufacturing plants overseas as a problem in which men might not find decent paying jobs to support families with a wife staying at home as much as possible to raise large families. They should have engaged in this fight.

      Instead, they got hoodwinked by the Pro-Life Movement as the only pertinent political action in which to engage. While they were doing good works in fighting this evil, they failed to realize that they had to also preach against the evils of contraception and the evils of not being able to find work that would support the having of many children, which is to say following Church teaching on the subject.

      These priest also seem to recognize the reality of finding a salary that allows a man to work and a wife to stay home with their brood as an impossibility and no longer even preach against contraception. So what can they do?

      As always, they must preach the pure unadulterated doctrine. If you can’t support a large family then you must refrain from marital relations. Understandably, people are not going to like that. Then what? Well, you start to question why there are no more good paying union manufacturing jobs. Eventually the scales might begin to fall from their eyes. This might lead to actual Catholic Action.

      If they continue on their present trajectory the Faith will continue to be watered down until nobody cares to practice it even at the cafeteria level and the Church will fold. After that the white race will dwindle as well.

      But even the Protestants had the right ideas on contraception until the 1930 Lambeth Conference. And when they did open that door, ever so slightly they thought at the time, to the destitute they never planned on it becoming the norm. A mere 70 years later after that historic Conference at Lambeth we started having conversations about homosexuals being “married”. Now every Protestant denomination has embraced so-called Gay Marriage.

      Like St. Thomas Aquinas said, little errors become big errors in short order. However, contraception was not a little error. It was huge. What made it so insidious is that it seemed reasonable and harmless in certain instances at the time. And now nobody seems to think about it as it has become ensconced.

      They wiped out the Indians with disease they could not fight and with fire water. They are going to wipe out the white race with contraception. But hey, at least they will feel good doing it. Lots of sex and very few children. If that isn’t the definition of an upside down world what, pray tell, is?

      Money is supposed to be sterile and a means of exchange and it is not supposed to multiply on its own. People, on the other hand, are supposed to be fruitful and multiply. Most heterosexual sex has now become homosexual in nature as it has become sterile. If you think that too strong a statement then let us all agree that it has become mutual masturbation.

      1. @ RICH

        I could agree more with what you said: “Most heterosexual sex has now become homosexual in nature as it has become sterile. If you think that too strong a statement then let us all agree that it has become mutual masturbation.”

      2. Well said, Rich. It appears from what say that you’re acquainted with the writings of the brilliant E Michael Jones and his culturewars.com website. Keep up the good posting!

      3. Great post, Rich. That info comes from the vine.

        In my house, the female electrical coupler has the power. The whiz-bang gadget is dead and useless without it. The sleazeball sexual revolution went around and reversed the couplers. A sure prescription to make a house burn down. The house has burned down. Women’s liberation was men’s liberation. Discrimination of whose genes are fit to be carried on innately rests with the uncanny wisdom of the feminine.

        The feminine wisdom and intuition has been disrespected, even treated as non-existent. When you talk to a girl, you’re going by the substance of the words. To the girl, talking IS the substance. It’s like holding hands. It’s the first intimate thing to do. Notice how fierce they get about who they talk to and how insulted they can get when some idiot thinks he can take the liberty to talk to her. That’s a major departure of feminine and masculine understanding right there. Girls are the superlative social animals. Body language and deeds speak louder than words. We force them to hang in our world of natural understanding, while their intuition is supernatural. If our understanding is so superior, why hasn’t one guy, ever, understood THEM?

        I don’t know about you, but I remember the prudes. Slower to ignite, but burning hotter, The girl has to slap your hands to keep you in her tempo. She knows what she’s doing, even when she doesn’t know she knows what she’s doing. She’ll engineer the whole thing so you both explode at the same time. First, she has to consider your genes worthy. What does that mutual release of metaphysical energy do for the conception? The girl knows, but she can’t say and you wouldn’t understand her anyway. So, whoever wants to judge ‘puritanical and dated attitudes about sex’ is a stunted guy, for one thing. Ultimately, the girl is left holding the baggage. Those ‘dated’ attitudes are about respect for the girl. Let her emcee it. No guy ever seduced a girl. The plainest of overlookable plainjanes can turn your head her way and hold it, with a tender little something in her motion toward you. No other guy will have a clue she’s a sexy girl! Glory to GIRLS!

      4. Heck, I knew the jews did 911 the very day of 911 AND I knew that 911 was NUCLEAR when I saw the smoke just as the Towers had finished falling and were on the ground in a heap of ashes. There was something in that smoke that just reeked of NUCLEAR, and then there was that face of “Ahriman” lingering in the smoke before the Tower fell. I knew the jews did 911 and I knew it was NUCLEAR the very day of 911. I knew even before the media labeled the World Trade Center “GROUND ZERO” 911 in NYC was NUCLEAR — and I knew the jews were the ones responsible for IT.

        I was jew-wise before the “jew-wise” “alternative” media even started. Heck, I was “jew-wise” before there was a computer in every household in the West world and everywhere else. Heck, it’s 14 years after 911 and the “jew-wise” “alternative” media is still trying out to figure out how the Towers came to implode into ashes. It took the “jew-wise” “anti-NWO” “alternative” media about 10-12 years to figure out the jews did 911. [ Alex Jones still can’t figure it out, supposedly can’t figure it out, lol ] But I knew the very day of 911 the jews did 911 and 911 in NYC was NUCLEAR. Thank you, TROJ.

        To be truly jew-wise, though, one must see clearly Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God, Christ, one must see clearly Christ was NOT a jew, was NEVER a Jew, is NOT a jew , nor will Christ ever be a jew. And also, to be truly jew wise one must also see clearly that The Universe is Geocentric, and NOT “Heliocentric” . One must see clearly the “Heliocentric ” theory is a mendacious to-the-very-core satanic jew Kaballah construct made out of whole cloth [ with NO true and NO real science to back-it-up]

        To be truly Jew Wise one must see clearly that the two ontological foundational LIES of the NWO, the TWO LIES of the NWO , the TWO building blocks of the NWO, “Jesus Was A Jew” and “The Universe is Heliocentric” are TWO GIANT LIES. Thanks again, TROJ.

        Like brings forth like. snakes [ jews] bring forth sankes [ jews]. snakes [ jews ] jews [snakes ] ; jew snakes snake-jews, snake dens, can NOT bring forth Light. snakes bring forth snakes. snake dens bring forth snakes. Like brings forth like.

        Like Brings Forth Like : Light Brings Forth Light. God Brings Forth God, God From God, Light From Light, True God From True God, Light From Light : Christ. Only God Can Bring Forth Christ. Only God Can Bring Forth The Light of Christ — not putrid dirty filthy snakes, no snakes can bring forth Light, including the jews, who are snakes, were always snakes, are snakes now, and will always be snakes.

    4. Krum, an outstanding contribution,
      “Fighting against the Jews is pointless and stupid. Instead we should lure the good Jews to our side and let them go back to their original roots.”

      There is one problem: How can you bring Jews to understand that it will end badly for them also?
      Zionist Jews certainly the leaders, who dream of world domination don’t save their co-religionists , that was proven trough out history.
      During World War II Germany was bombed for four years, the “liberators” knew very well where the camps were and how bad the condition was for the prisoners. Railways for supplying food to the camps were bombed by the “liberators” and lead to the starvation of the people in those camps.
      Why didn’t they drop food and medicine above the camps??? To save their fellow men ???

      No, because the script for the “holocaust” was already written.

      Hasidic and Orthodox Jews are against Zionism, they hold a manifestation for instance against the compulsory military service, the war against the Palestinians, but they never hold these manifestations together.
      When I go for a walk so once and awhile in Antwerp where many Jews live mostly around the central station you never get a glimpse of a jew… It’s weird they even look at you, even children look the other way.


      1. @ GILBERT
        You wrote: “How can you bring Jews to understand that it will end badly for them also?”

        We can start by refusing to tar all Jews with the same brush and by changing the terminology. The word “Jew” is a trap and I believe it is deliberately introduced as a mask to hide the real evil behind it.

  5. Sure, Americans are killing blacks left-and-right. That’s why the U.S. Government pays blacks to have black babies. The more black babies, the more money the black mothers get. Plus, the U.S. Government is bringing in very large numbers of blacks from all over the third world into the USA — and then paying them also money to have even more black babies. So yes, of course, there’s a “genocide” against blacks going on in the USA. Whatever you say, “avatar”.

    Oh, and by the way, “avatar”, how many blacks and brown-skins have your buddy-buddies you LERV so much killed recently , how many blacks and brown-skins have your good friends the brown-skinned Colombian mercenary guerilla friends fighting for jew ZOG in Yemen and around the Middle East and North Africa killed in the Middle East recently?

  6. It isn’t just white extnction. If there were total mixing of the races there would be no more full-blooded Chinese or Negroes either. I think that would be a shame, no more blondes and redheads, with blue or green eyes (And we say that negroes are colored!).

    Perhaps racial preservation movements will spring up, like those trying to save the Snow Leopard.

    1. John Kirby,

      Yes, but that bunch never seems concerned for white whales 🙂

      Wait a minute, where’s the whale gone to?

  7. The Creator, the God of the Universe, initiated segregation when He planted each race in the beginning, according to ability and talent in different parts on this earth so they could compliment each other in trade, commerce and culture. But above all, to give Him recognition. Just as a Farmer plants his seeds, so man was destine to plant God’s
    seed. No Farmer ever mixes his seed with another. He plants one kind of seed in one area, and another kind of seed in a different part of his land. Doing so, he knows what kind of crop he will get come harvest time.
    However, the Adversary of the Creator is working very hard to genetically modify God’s seed, the mixing of all races, so the evil one can “mingle” and blend-in unnoticed to continue his war against God through divisiveness and rebellion. Using his seed’s, he is trying to remove the race and cultural boundaries that our Creator set-up so long ago, to ruin the Harvest of God on the Day of Judgment. This age old confrontation between good and evil will soon come to an end.

    1. The Hopi prophecies say that ultimately all the races will mix (miscegenate) and it will be a time of great peace everywhere. But which comes first – the establishment of peace or the mixing into a strange stew – I don’t know.

      Just passing it along!!!

    2. This is a brilliant analysis of the evil of miscgenation. It is a sin no doubt and so unnatural it beggars belief.

  8. If ‘white extinction’ happens…. it must be the will of the creator…. Man cannot stop it.

    1. Pat,

      O really? Well, then I suppose it’s also the will of the creator to let your LPB’s rule the world.

      Well, that’s cleared that up.

      1. “Well, that’s cleared that up.”

        Glad to help you see the bold facts… any time. 🙂

      2. Correct –

        I’m glad you finally get it.
        That’s all it ever can be. 🙂

        Show me where the keyboards in cyberspace have changed anything of any importance….. any more than Python has.

        See ya…

    2. Hell, Pat! Any thinking man who witnesses the fat, lazy, and stupid tribe our people have become should
      WELCOME some ‘new blood’ in the mix! As a cattleman, I see, first hand, the benefits of cross-breeding… so what can we really ascribe to the benefits of in-breeding??? I liked the comment by “Catherine” (above), who exemplified the Chinese affiliates. It makes a lot of sense – as do most of God’s Plans. (They just don’t happen the way we’d always like them to – but God’s timing isn’t necessarily our own! 🙂 )


    This was a very interesting article, but like all interesting and well-written articles I read on the plight of the white race I am still left wondering – still left thinking – tell me something I do not already know. We as a race are on the Titanic and it is sinking. What can we do to save our people? Discussions on the structure of the hull, the history of its manufacture and the metallurgical properties of the iron used in its construction are very interesting but this knowledge will not save us from drowning in the icy cold waters of the north Atlantic. Let us focus as white people on ‘wild work’ and what we have to do to achieve a positive outcome for the white race.

    I have the greatest respect for Adolf Hilter, his policies and ideas, and his National Socialist Germany, but he was too kind and too foolish. There is an old Anglo-Saxon saying and it goes something like this; “better be hung for a sheep than a lamb.” Adolf Hitler was not Anglo-Saxon so he may not have been schooled in the broader significance of this saying. His demise was the result of focusing on the honorable way – the European way rather than focusing on the best way to solve the problem. As a race we are fast approaching that point in our history where we have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose so let us go for the sheep rather than the lamb.

    Hilter should have done from the outset what he was later accused of doing, but never actually did – all Jews off to the wood shed where all vampires meet their fate at the end of a pointed wooden stick. Here I am assuming he never contemplated the use of the blast furnace.

    When the race war does arrive, and it is not too far off – all whites who wish to survive will be required to do wild work. It will be messy work, bloody work but those who have the stomach for it will survive. Rounding up non-whites and dispatching them as quickly as possible by any means that might be available will be the order of the day. This will require physically fit, physically strong, intelligent and courageous white men and women who will be prepared to behave in ways that now might seem abhorrent to refined and educated white men and women. Somehow I do not see Jared Taylor and others like him doing the wild work that must be done. Only after the wild work is done can we hope to build a better society – one based on the best of our European traditions. War is always messy, always bloody, but let us make the next one the best one of all.

    1. And who will be ‘boss’ of THAT scenario, White Warrior??? I am not ABOUT to take any orders from some demented, power-crazed white boy JUST BECAUSE HE’S WHITE (and I’m a pretty fit ‘n able white boy, myself)! If ‘whites’ were up-to-snuff in their morality and fortitude, this wouldn’t even be a discussion, nowadays. Why would anyone want to fight for the bunch of ‘Wal-Martians’ who populate the land?? No wonder the Wolf is out to devour the sheeple! It comes naturally. It is best for us to take care of things in our OWN spheres – never mind the WORLD.

      1. Gilbert:

        You have raised some good points when viewed from the perspective of an individualist who cares about nothing but themselves – Ayn Rand would be proud of you. It is this narrow minded individualistic outlook that has put the white race in its current predicament.

        When the race war does arrive you will have no choice – you will fight or you will die. You can chose to go the way of the South African whites and the whites of Zimbabwe or you can chose to stand your ground, man-up and fight. Do you think you will have a choice when the minorities who are soon to become the majority start knocking on your door? You will have no choice!

        Blacks do not care. Look at the strife in Ferguson as an example. Blacks did not care that Mike Brown was a low life thug. He was a black man and in the mind of the black he was mistreated by whitey. Look at the OJ Simpson trial. The only reason OJ went free is the blacks on the jury identified with him as a black man. The reasons for his arrest were irrelevant to them. Only whites see a world without colour – only whites think in terms of right and wrong in a non-racial context.

        Blacks think as a tribe. Asians think as a tribe. Mestizos think as a tribe. Only whites think in multi-cultural terms. When our society unravels – and it will sooner than you think – those whites who do not think as a tribe will die. Your skin colour will be your military uniform. It only took me two weeks on the African continent to come to this realization.

      2. @ White Warrior

        Re: “Blacks think as a tribe. Asians think as a tribe. Mestizos think as a tribe. Only whites think in multi-cultural terms. When our society unravels – and it will sooner than you think – those whites who do not think as a tribe will die.”

        I can’t speak for the Blacks or Mestizos, but as far as the the Asians are concerned, “tribalism” only extends to the people of one’s country. As an Asian, I would be laughed at if I advocated Yellow Power or a United Yellow Front against all the other races. Moreover, as a Chinese, I advocate Chinese Nationalism and place that above any other Asian Nationalism. In fact, Chinese Nationalism is diametrically opposed to Japanese Nationalism insofar as Japanese Nationalism is equated with Japanese Militarism and Expansion. Therefore “White Nationalism” or “White Tribalism” is incomprehensible to me, if not ludicrous.

      3. @JFC,

        Of course it is ludicrous. Like Dorothy the Hat Tillman, Negro Alderman from Chicago once said about the failure of Dr. Martin Luther King to have any kind of success in Chicago in 1967. She said, “back in the South you were black or white, but in Chicago you were Polish or Irish or whatever”. I paraphrase even though I put it in quotes.

        Polish and Irish Catholics looked at each other as mutual aliens. And they were both Catholic. Of course the Micks had the upper hand in that particular scenario having been there a lot longer and having secured power in government, the Church, police and fire, etc.

        E. Michael Jones famously put on the cover of Culture Wars a few years back an image of Stalin and Mother Teresa. I think he asked, “which one promotes White Values?”.

    2. @ White Warrior

      Since you appear to be inline with the jewish controlled US government that wants a race war, you might be able to get a Federal grant to get one started. Either that or contact the jew Soros who funded the Ferguson show to see if he has any openings for a dedicated “activist” to help get a race war started.

      Helping the jews in their efforts of divide and conquer is not in the best interest of yourself or mankind.

      The person most despised by the jews, Jesus, never mentioned the human paint job much less as a criteria for anything. We should follow his lead and unite against evil.

      1. UNGENIUS

        I find it difficult to even consider the words of Jesus – the mythical figure – the person who existed only in the mind of the Jew known as Saul of Tarsus – Paul the misogynist. If you think race does not matter – that skin colour is not at all relevant – may I suggest a holiday plan – the one I took years ago when working for the mining industry. Spend a week in Monrovia the capital of Liberia followed by a week in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland and then tell me that race does not matter. Also spend a week in Port Au Prince the capital of Haiti and then have a week in Tokyo the capital of Japan. That holiday will literally “knock your socks off.” Spend a few weeks in say Johannesburg and then have a few weeks in Perth, Western Australia. If you are American have a few days in Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Baltimore – those American cities that the FBI call the most dangerous in the USA. I have travelled the length and breadth of the earth, and I have lived on every continent and I have had direct experience working with Congoids, Australoids, Asians, and most of the European peoples. Race is all that matters and it is a fortunate turn of events that biology chose to give the most destructive races on earth a black or brown skin – it makes it a lot easier to identify them. The race war is coming not only to America but also to Europe. Only a blind person or a Jew would deny that Europe and America are at the cusp of a major race conflict. Did you not read the official police report regarding the racially biased attacks in Cologne.

      2. White Warrior –

        Race definitely matters… and more than anything else in most cases.

        Everyone is issued their team colors from birth. Personal battle banners. 🙂

  10. cassius clay is hardly a quotable reference .he thought chinese was a race and wad in nation of islam

  11. It’s not about white extinction, it’s about GENTILE extinction. Back to basics and look up
    “Stop Noahide Law”.

    @JFC … I’m still trying to get funding for my “jewdar” application to be accessed free of charge to all cell phones/mobiles but finance for my project is not easy. As previously mentioned, the ADL’s response was negative to say the least. I recently contacted the World Wildlife Fund, after all they advertise on RT all the time, save the leopards etc, so I thought they would be very interested in my SAVE THE GENTILE PROJECT. No way Jose. Damn it, I forgot their founder, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was also the founder of the BILDERBERG GROUP and a supporter of Hitler. CONFUSED?

    In 1988, Prince Bernhard and Princess Juliana sold two paintings from their personal collection to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. The paintings sold for GBP700,000, which was deposited in a Swiss WWF bank account.


        P O E M

        “Georgy Girl Goes Joo-Islamo NWO”

        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        waddling down the street,
        so dhimmitude-ish,
        Nobody you meet,
        could ever see,
        all the food items,
        you shoplifted from your local market,
        and got hiding under,
        your hajibbee outfit,
        not TOO many stolen items,
        a little bit,

        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        you’re always window-shopping,
        but never stopping to buy,
        anything at Upscale Ormanci’s,
        haute couture boutique,
        chic little shop,
        could it be your,
        alter-ego hydra-head character,
        the MEGA Wealthy Elllie,
        of the Rothschild family,
        ain’t giving you,
        any dough,
        at least a little bit,
        for normal human girl clothes,
        a little bit,

        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        there’s another Lasha deep inside,
        Remove your Veil,
        and Bring Out your Male side,
        of your hermaphrodite nature,
        and Oh, what a change there’d be,
        the world will see,
        the takfiri moozlum lobro,
        dreamin’ of the someone,
        you could really be,
        an Islamic Jihadist in Montenegro perhaps,
        or just out having fun with Ingrid,
        drinking the night away,
        with jews with moozlum shmattas,
        on their jew heads,
        don’t drink TOO much,
        a little bit,

        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl ,
        Don’t be so scared of changing hydra-heads,
        and rearranging your identities ,
        Life is a Reality,
        you can’t always hide,
        under your mysterious veil,
        it’s time for jumping down from the stage,
        and mingling with the crowd,
        a little bit,

        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        Wake Up Burqa Girl,
        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        Come On Burqa Girl,
        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        Wake Up Burqa Girl
        Hey There Blue Burqa Girl,
        Remove The Veil Already,
        Blue Burqa Girl,
        Bring out All the LERV you hide Blue Burqa chick,
        a little bit.

    1. RO,

      It is not strange that a German was a supporter of Hitler. At some point 99% of Germans were, and millions of non-Germans as well. And still are. However, Hitler instantly recognised what a blatant opportunist this fraud was, ergo, not very useful in the Fuhrer’s grand scheme. After that this ‘royal’ clown of impoverished nobility sided with the other side. Did him well too, witness a life of playboying his way around the world until his death in exchange for selling out.

    1. Pat, the Jew paranoia about Muslim presence in 98% Jew (not) White House is the best news I heard in some while.

      Frank Gaffney … it wouldn’t be the same Frank Gaffney, who along with Robert Kagan, Doug Feith, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and a bunch of other luminaries of that Ilk, who planned 9/11, blaming it on Muslims and joyfully proceeded to destroy a whole raft of Islamic societies at the behest of Rothschild octopus.

      So, the fact that this Frank is so worried about the presence of a few Muslims within the earshot of Obama is scary, reeel scary.
      I personally consider it excellent news, a ray of hope that there is more to Obama than meets the eye.

  12. Race and extinction are worth examination. Genetic research has made great advances but is very much in it’s infancy. Genetically speaking, there is little argument among medical scientists that offspring from incest causes great problems (despite what Mr. J. Stossel wishes were true) but then he has a personal problem which won’t go away by wishing for it. This is not exclusively a khazar-jewish problem, look at Wagner’s sister’s attempt at an Aryan community in Paraguay, and numerous other examples. Rape by non whites or whites is a crime in civilized countries and when not addressed indicates the breakdown and pending fall of civilization. Even pariah Israel recognizes this, having jailed a prominent government official for multiple crimes relatively recently. It has been suggested by person’s whose opinions I value very highly that the origin of the caste system in Ancient Bharat (India) was based on genetic lines. It makes a good deal of sense in certain respects, but one must guard against the priestly class and others rampant abuse of the system. Look around you – some are pre-disposed to high scholarship and metaphysical study, others to warcraft, strategy, but also – just administration. Another class is suitable for commerce and business, while another class make the best farmers and artists. Then there are those whose best contribution to themselves and fellow man is purely physical labour. When a priest tries to run a country, there is trouble. When a labourer tries to teach students, etc…..All have importance. Today, there are interesting mixtures worldwide, with both good and bad results. The bottom line for all is how they treat their fellow man, which is why the zionists are pariahs.

    1. @ Winston

      You said, “The bottom line for all is how they treat their fellow man, which is why the zionists are pariahs.”

      First comes the belief that a person is superior to their fellowman in any way. Once that idea is established, treating your fellowman like crap is easy. The superiority door is open to everyone and lots of people have walked through it. Evil makes it attractive.

  13. Mike King of the TomatoBubble is one writer with whom I don’t have a single point of disagreement, possibly apart from Donald Trump – jury out on that one.
    Thanks to him, I learned something new today.

    Namely, that exactly a 100 years before the discovery of The Protocols, an amazingly sharp Harvard prof by name of John Robison published material of truly prophetic vision, such as this

    An association has been formed for the express purposes of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments … the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while all the rest would be employed as tools of their unknown superiors. … and that the express aim of this Order was to abolish Christianity, and overturn all civil government.”

    Still doesn’t give you pause enough to at least scratch your head?

    More than 200 years have passed after he shouted fire and the burnt offerings still clueless.

    Let’s go back to Kumbaya in Circassian, a real nice folksong, row row row your boat, Jews are very nice

    1. Let’s go back to Kumbaya in Circassian, a real nice folksong, row row row your boat, Jews are very nice

      A relapse! It is sad.

      Definitions of relapse: noun, a deterioration in someone’s state of health after a temporary improvement.

      Bwt, folks, it is time for all of you out there start learning Russian. The future belongs to the Russian Civilization. Smart people already looking for a Russian passport. Like French actor, for example, … what is his name, Phil? Depardue or something?

    2. @ Lobro

      The Protocols say that it is a centuries old plan which means that it is at least as old as about 1700 since the Protocols were discovered about 1900.

      The “abolish Christianity” scenario had its formal roots in the jewish organization known as the Mysterious Force that was founded in 45AD and converted to Freemasonry in London in 1717. Abolishing Christianity, the teachings of Jesus, has been a jewish passion for 2,000 years.

      The jewish desire to control governments was most probably fostered by the jews being adequately oppressed by the Byzantine Empire for 900 years from the 6th century to the 15th century. Acceptance of usury gave them the tool to accomplish it.

      Combining these two parts would mean that the Protocols were probably formulated during the late 1500’s or in the 1600’s. Certainly the Protocols were updated before their discovery.

      1. The jewish desire to control governments was most probably fostered by the jews being adequately oppressed by the Byzantine Empire for 900 years from the 6th century to the 15th century

        It goes back to the primeval Jew root, Ung, this is where things get really interesting for me, since I am trying to get to the bottom of this.
        From Life of Vespasian by Suetonius (63 AD)

        There had spread over all the Orient an old and established belief, that it was fated for men coming from Judaea to rule the world. This prediction, referring to the emperor of Rome -as afterwards appeared from the event- the people of Judaea took to themselves.

        Suetonius figured that it referred to Vespasian who kicked Jew butt and later ascended to throne on the civil war in the aftermath of Nero’s suicide (the year of 4 emperors).
        But Jew, even in pre-talmud days figured it’s him and this belief surely predated the Crucifixion (note that Suetonius says old belief).
        As Pat astutely noted, the root of perdition is Torah, the Old Testament, Talmud is just a big, messy verbiage and a window dressing for the Old Nick.

        Think about it, Suetonius, who rightly saw Judeans as unwashed savages, heard of this, already at his time ancient prophecy and figured that naturally, it had meant the superior Nazis (actually, fascists) of Rome.
        But the Unclean were from day one, let’s say 600 BC, planning on this world dominion and every move they ever made since was toward that final yardline, When Israel Is Mighty, without the hapless goys even knowing what is in progress, everything, the Illuminati, Paris Commune, the rise of the Rothschilds, Napoleonic wars, The Protocols, the Zionist Congress, 2 world wars, triumphal theft of Palestine, Yinon Plan, the Clean Break (note the seemingly weird subtitle: Strategy For Defense Of The REALM), PNAC, Arab Spring, the takedown of Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and the so far, failed conquest of Russia, Syria and Iran —
        Everything was subordinated to that prophecy that Suetonius interpreted in a limited, regional way.

        Something to think about, huh?

        And they are so close, they can smell the ultimate victory, almost within their grasp, maybe this year even.

  14. I have found that analogy is the best and the most useful tool of scientific research and analysis. Let me give you another example of those lucid little analogies I am so proud of. Anglo-Americans and Jews work together like a hand in a glove. The glove is visible to every fool by design, while the hand is hidden in plain site. The five fingers of the hidden hand are Great Britain, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

    1. Great analogy Circ. And I agree.

      I like analogies.
      Here is one of mine, which “I am so proud of.”

      That hand has a death-grip on ALL countries composing BRICS.

      The MIND controlling the hand is composed of the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers mentioned by Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope, which you provided this week.

      The economies of Russia, China, India and Brazil are being destroyed right now…today.
      China has been set back 25 years in many areas. It will take many years to recover.

      The same for Russia…. and getting worse as oil prices are driven down by London Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ oil brokers. The ruble is crumbling. People are starving. No heat. Terrible.

      Brazil may even be in the worst shape. The worst recession since 1901.

      India is in shambles. Totally owned by London.

      South Africa just plods along owned by Oppenheimer-Seligman-Rothschild consortium for gold and diamonds and others.

  15. Everything mentioned is right on, factual and correct.
    However, there is a plan, there is a place where Whites can move to (while it is still legal to do so).
    That place is the Pacific NW of the United States : Oregon, Washington, Idaho and the Western Half of Montana. It is still over all 85-90 percent White. Harold Covington has written 5 NW novels has a template for a possible means and way that the Whites of America and other parts of the world can come together, take control, kick out all non-whites and Jews.
    The Pacific NW is a big place. It has all the natural resources, agricultural and minerals it build a viable White republic, without the corrosive presence of non-whites and Jews.
    And unlike the Nazi movement under Hitler, any race traitor would be dealt with accordingly.
    As far as the eye can see this is the only plan and place on this planet that can save Whites from extinction. It will be hard. It will not happen without pitched battles with the forces of the deracinated whites and their cannon fodder the non-whites.
    If the readers of Darkmoon haven’t read the 5 NW Novels get them, read them, and then act.
    All this intellectualizing and tap, tap, taping on the keyboards isn’t going to cut it.
    The Whites race has about 100 years maybe 200 years tops and then it’s lights out.
    If and when the White population of Canada and the US drops below 50 percent which will happen by 2040, then ZOG will lead the non-Whites in finishing off what’s left of Whites.
    That is if the Chinese don’t get to them first. And if Black lives matter think they have it bad now, wait till the Chinese get their hands on them.

    1. @Toejam

      Harold Covington has written 5 NW novels has a template for a possible means and way that the Whites of America and other parts of the world can come together, take control, kick out all non-whites and Jews.

      Harold Covington is a homeless bum – literally. He is a fugitive from justice running around the world to avoid the payment of some hundreds of $$$ the court of law has ordered him to pay Will Williams – a disciple of the late Dr William Pierce and a good guy who is married to a Russian woman.

      The bum does not even hesitate for a second to grossly and shamelessly distort comments made by readers of his site at northwestfront.org. This is no hearsay – I speak from personal experience.

      Here is the proof, butt-head:

      Covington twists around a comment made by Circassian,

      and here

      Harold the Lier caught red-handed doing what he does best – lying

      1. @ Circassian,
        As far as toejam can ascertain H.A. Covington is not homeless, even though he lives a very Spartan existence.
        He claims that all his so-called legal troubles are behind him.
        Covington had a great respect for Dr. William Pierce. His main criticism of Pierce is that when he passed away so did all that he worked for. He left no real heir(s) to carry on his work and vision. There was infighting about who was to take cover Pierce’s properties and compound. It has all fallen to ruin. And may I be so bold as to ask what happened to all the tens of thousands of dollars sunk into the Pierce’s compound and land that was a result of certain robberies out here on the US Pacific coast. Toejam has never heard of this Will Williams
        good guy or not, is he carrying on the work of the late Dr. Pierce?

        The continued existence of the great White race, Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean, is much bigger than any one person, whether a Covington, Pierce, Johnson or whom ever.
        This idea of some sort of pan-mixing of the races as a salvation of human kind is pure non-sense and mind wash.
        Pre-ice age man lived in small breading populations of as few as 40 and up to 300 individuals. With such a small population there was much interbreeding. Because of the hand to mouth existence any genetic mutations were eliminated so that the general genetic health of the breeding cohort was maintained.
        As humans began agriculture starting about 12,000 years ago, small tribes begin to coalesce into larger communities which lead to a much larger breeding mix. For centuries the general genetic health of the
        this cohort was good, but the harmful genetic mutations that would have been eliminated from the gene pool of the prior much smaller group became fixed. (Only about 1 in a thousand mutations are beneficial).
        In order for a beneficial mutation to be “fixed” into the gene pool, both the male and female must have the mutation. About the same odds as winning the Jewish controlled lottery.
        As the harmful mutations built up over time into the gene pools of the breeding cohorts of thousands of individuals the customs against inbreeding among close relatives became by law and practice needed to maintain the general genetic heath of the population. In other words close inbreeding of close relatives would most likely have the same genetic defect therefore producing much less desirable children.
        European royalty and Jewish inbreeding are prime examples of this phenomenon.
        It can produce in some cases children of brilliance but often genetic frights.
        The Bottom line here is to maintain the general health of any breeding cohort any pan-mixing of the races of man, namely White, Black and Yellow will not the long run produce healthy children after the long evolutionary struggle of mankind. The chances of beneficial mutations becoming fixed into the gene pool become next to zero. And like mixing oil and water this pan-mixture of the races of mankind will result, at first light, children of some beauty and talent. But after successful generations genetic confusion will result and all the eons of human evolution will grind to a stop and then reverse!
        And last. There are many “butt heads” in the so-called White Nationalist “movement” Mister or Mrs. Circassian.
        And that’s the way the Jews like it.

      2. @Toejam

        There are many “butt heads” in the so-called White Nationalist “movement”

        This is true, and Harold Covington is a big one. Will Williams and Scott Hadding have left a very good impression on me – they maintain The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce blog.

        Dr. William Pierce was the genuine item. I always had a great respect for his courage and willingness to play the losing game. He was a real fighter and very intelligent man.

        I would highly recommend everyone here to download Robert S. Griffin’s book about Dr. William Pierce and read it: The fame of a dead man’s deeds

  16. Barking at the right trees for a change …
    Christ, church, politics and doctrine of group survival.

    It strikes me that arguments are habitually misdirected, Christ gets blamed for being a peacenik instead of protector, church is on hook for brutality and failure to minister to spiritual needs. Both go down the drain.

    Let’s forget about Christ for a while.

    Back in the preconciliar days, before the Catholic church bent over and pulled up the cassock for the Jew, before the Masonic solvent of separation of church and state, church and the feudal system worked together as the glue that kept the Jew in place and society protected – more or less, though there was always predation and corruption in the high places.
    The state and church are two essential elements in the compound that binds society like a glue.
    Church has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with politics, administration and the checking the community pulse.
    This is precisely the reason that Jew set out centuries ago to usurp its grip on the common, illiterate, mindless folk and forcibly separate it from the state.
    This is precisely the reason that the Eastern societies that I see here are so resilient, the monarchy, Buddhist orders and the military in close cahoots, serving the common task, keeping the folk cohesive through weekly sermons, offending the king a deadly serious offence and I completely agree with it, while Soros no doubt grinds his teeth, NGOs running around ineffectively, on the outside looking in.

    Note that just a century before Robeson’s polemics, Jew invaded England again through eternal traitor Cromwell, destroyed the Catholic church, looted its possessions and instituted Calvinism as its shabbo proxy, turned Catholic Ireland into a slave breeding farm to export into the colonies.
    Rothschild program is just a refinement and continuation of the prehistoric project.
    The mastery of the world, all the wars, destruction, misery, colonial conquest proceeded from there, watch the chronological serpent slithering through history, always toward the same goal.
    Never let it be said that Jew works for instant gratification.

    We need a strong church much more than a two-party joke, a dual-fool.
    Out here in the putrid West, we must regain Catholicism as it was, militant and unyielding to the Christ-killers, after sweeping the prostitutes out of Vatican.

    Said Pound: Whores are brought to Eleusis, banquet is set for corpses at the behest of Usura.
    He knew what he was talking about.
    If we can pull this off, go back to those roots, we won’t need to look to Putin for salvation.

    1. @Lobro

      If we can pull this off, go back to those roots, we won’t need to look to Putin for salvation.

      Again, this goes to show how hopelessly naive Hitler-Jugend is. After all my hard work, he still has no clue that Putin is not there to save his ass. Putin has a duty to protect and care for his country – not for the occupier. And that duty of his implies necessarily putting into the grave the Anglo-American monster who is hell bent on destroying the country he loves – Russia.

      Can you imagine a German guy in Stalingrad Cauldron in 1943 believing that Stalin was there to save his ass simply because he is a regular, white, and good family guy, who just happened to serve in Wehrmacht?! Even Pat, who cannot be accused of being overly intelligent person, understands how absurd that proposition is. That’s why the London Pharisee bank teller always bad mouths Putin (throwing Hitler-Jugend into logical meltdown) for, if Putin succeeds in wrestling Russia from the the Anglo-American occupier, Pat will have no other choice but trim his fat ass.

      1. Nobody is looking to Putin for “salvation”. Nobody sees Putin as an “avatar” or as any kind of “Savior”. Many like Putin because he threw a wrench into USrael ZOG’s plans for the Middle East. That’s all. Many appreciate Putin because he’s determined to wipe out ISIS and other Jihadists. Appreciating Putin does NOT necessarily mean that those of us who appreciate Putin see Putin as a “Savior”. That’s a straw-man set-up so the ones who hate it Putin interfered with Usrael ZOG’s plans for Syria and the Middle East can disparage those of us who appreciate Putin. The same bullshit is going on with Trump. Those of us who appreciate what Trump is saying, his platform, we’re accused of seeing Trump as a “Savior”. Hardly, what a pile of bullshit. A straw man argument to make those of us who appreciate Trump — and Putin — look retarded, as if we can’t think for ourselves, as if we need a “daddy” , like we’re little babies. And this straw man argument vis-a -vis Putin and Trump to make those of us who appreciate Putin and Trump look stupid are coming from who? From those who laud and praise and worship Hitler as if Hitler was a downright absolute “GOD”. LMFAO!!!! jackasses.

      2. Stop dreaming Circ. I’ll help you regain consciousness with a heavy dose of reality.

        Putin needs the US NOW…. worse than ever…. with oil prices killing his economy.

        Ooops… Putin’s Russia is going backwards:
        The World Bank estimates that by 2017, Russia’s GDP will be smaller than it was in 2012.

        So much for big BRICS ideas.

        Russia’s former finance minister, Alexei Kudrin, says he believes the economy is likely to decline in 2016, although he thinks growth is possible in 2017.

        Putin should ask Pratt & Whitney for more $$$ Millions for rocket and engine R&D and the machinery and technicians to get them sold to RD Amross 🙂 … the company set up by Russian and US Pharisee-Jews… to send money to Israel.


      3. .Stop dreaming Circ. I’ll help you regain consciousness with a heavy dose of reality.

        Speaking of reality. When did you go out for a walk last time? Don’t lie to me, Pat.

        And please keep in mind: you are my brother, no matter what, and I love you. You are a good guy, and I am not giving up on you. We are going to fix you whether you like it or not.

        Be well, old timer.

      4. Pat,

        GDP isn’t about size, it’s about quality. Sure the GDP’s of all the western economies have been growing and growing. And so has their debt, public and private, at an even faster pace.

        Russia has less than 12% debt to GDP with only a few hundred billion. That’s almost nothing for a country this size with approx. 140 million inhabitants. Hell, that’s almost debt free. They could pay their debt easily in a moment with their holdings of foreign bonds if they wanted to.

        Compare that the good old USA, or any highly industrialised economy.

        As with everything in life it’s quality, Pat, not quantity, what counts. Because if you think that the higher the debt the better it is for a country, than usury doesn’t sound too bad a thing then, does it?

        And making sure that your country and its citizens don’t get too far in debt is looking out for them instead of luring them into unpayable debt.

      5. 1138 –

        “Sure the GDP’s of all the western economies have been growing and growing. And so has their debt, public and private, at an even faster pace.”

        You are getting closer to figuring it out. Good for you… 🙂

        Western economies and debt are growing simultaneously because….
        …. those economies are based on debt. No debt…. NO economy.

        In fact, ALL major economies which accept USDs are based on debt. That includes Russia and China and the BRICS system…. which is to be funded with deposits of USDs.

        BRICS is a great example of a “SUCKERS REWARD” on a GLOBAL scale.
        Vegas was built on money taken from non-thinking ‘suckers.’ BRICS is another casino game designed by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        The creation of BRICS and the NEW DEVELOPMENT BANK will actually strengthen USD.!!! 🙂

        None of the BRICS currencies are reserve currencies.

        BRICS New Development Bank’s ‘kitty’ of $50 Billion will have to be FUNDED initially by USD’s. There it is….

        Agreement on the New Development Bank (BRICS Bank)


        Article 7 – Authorized and Subscribed Capital

        a)     The initial authorized capital of the Bank shall be one hundred billion dollars (US$100,000,000,000). The dollar wherever referred to in this Agreement shall be understood as being the official currency of payment of the United States of America.


        This article posted by the Council On Foreign Relations also shows how BRICS helps US Dollars:
        The BRICS Bank Is A Feeble Strike Against Dollar Hegemony


        The new financial institutions announced by the BRICS nations in July – a development bank and an arrangement to share currency reserves – have been compared by many observers to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

        There is no doubt that they reflect frustration in the developing world over governance at the multilateral institutions that emerged from the Bretton Woods summit 70 years ago. These remain dominated by the US and Western Europe despite their relative economic decline. In truth, however, the new initiatives break little ground.

        Whereas only 10 per cent of the World Bank’s paid-in capital was contributed in dollars,
        all the start-up funding for the BRICS bank will be in greenbacks, creating new demand for dollar assets.



        BRICS – the ‘I’ in BR’I’CS may ALSO represent ‘Israel’ today.

        Pharisee-jews playing a trick. Israel is following the script so that the world will believe US being shunned. NM Rothschild in London still controls all of it.

        TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a letter of application for Israel to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

        U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Tuesday that Washington would welcome the AIIB as long as it complements existing institutions and adopts high governance standards.


      6. Pat,

        “You are getting closer to figuring it out. Good for you… 🙂

        Western economies and debt are growing simultaneously because….
        …. those economies are based on debt. No debt…. NO economy.”

        No Pat, I don’t get closer to figure that out. I’m there already and for a long time. That’s one of the -many- reasons I admire Hitler so much.

        But you have to realise something and that is that the current world is so complexly woven that radically kicking out the leeches isn’t that simple. Not if you want that permanently and stay intact. If a country does that you see what happens. It’s better to play the long game when faced a powerful enemy. Like I said earlier, I can’t look inside Putin’s head, nor can you or anyone else here so every outcome is still possible, but so far he is convincing in his sincerity. And together with some allies he is building a pretty strong case of resistance, witnessing the ever more desperate actions of empire.

      7. 1138 –

        “No Pat, I don’t get closer to figure that out. I’m there already and for a long time.”

        Good. Now you will understand why Russia’s Central Bank files its reports and projections in US Dollars… and the Federal Reserve in the US does not use the ruble for its reports.


        Statement by Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, at the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the Bank of Russia Annual Report for 2014, Moscow, 16 June 2015.


        “Early last year, the Central Bank actively intervened in the FX market to ease the market response to the Crimea developments and to support the ruble exchange rate. In 2014, we implement interventions in the amount of about US$80 billion.

        And they use Lombard List… designed by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers:
        “We have decided to grant the access to the main refinancing instruments to a wider range of banks (the so-called 3rd tier banks) and promptly extend the Lombard List. In making the Lombard List we abandoned the exclusive reliance on the international ratings agencies in order to reduce the dependence on them and make our own asset estimation.”

        And CBR is laying people off… not hiring more.. ‘continue reducing’:

        “Resulting from the structural optimisation held in 2014, the Bank of Russia cut 3,500 jobs or 5.3% and its workforce amounted to 61,800 employees as of early 2015. I would like to note that the number of employees was reduced, while the Bank of Russia obtained vast powers as a megaregulator.

        However, we will continue reducing the workforce.”

  17. RO –

    Here is some poetry from FDR:

    It appears very clear that FDR surrounded himself with socialist Jews even when he was Governor of New York.

    The poem is titled:
    Pharisee-Jews In TOP JOBS In The Roosevelt Administration. 🙂 🙂

    1. Bernard M. Baruch — a financier and adviser to FDR.
    2. Felix Frankfurter — Supreme Court Justice; a key player in FDR’s New Deal system.
    3. David E. Lilienthal — director of Tennessee Valley Authority, adviser. The TVA changed the relationship of government-to-business in America.
    4. David Niles — presidential aide.
    5. Louis Brandeis — U.S. Supreme Court Justice; confidante of FDR; “Father” of New Deal.
    6. Samuel I. Rosenman — official speechwriter for FDR.
    7. Henry Morgenthau Jr. — Secretary of the Treasury, “unofficial” presidential adviser. Father of the Morgenthau Plan to re-structure Germany/Europe after WWII.
    8. Benjamin V. Cohen — State Department official, adviser to FDR.
    9. Rabbi Stephen Wise — close pal of FDR, spokesman for the American Zionist movement, head of The American Jewish Congress.
    10. Frances Perkins — Secretary of Labor; allegedly Jewish/adopted at birth; unconfirmed.
    11. Sidney Hillman — presidential adviser.
    12. Anna Rosenberg — longtime labor adviser to FDR, and manpower adviser with the Manpower Consulting Committee of the Army and Navy Munitions Board and the War Manpower Commission.
    13. Herbert H. Lehman — Governor of New York, 1933-1942, Director of U.S. Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, Department of State, 1942-1943; Director-General of UNRRA, 1944 – 1946, pal of FDR.
    14. Herbert Feis — U.S. State Department official, economist, and an adviser on international economic affairs.
    15. R. S. Hecht — financial adviser to FDR.
    16. Nathan Margold — Department of the Interior Solicitor, legal adviser.
    17. Jesse I. Straus — adviser to FDR.
    18. H. J. Laski — “unofficial foreign adviser” to FDR.
    19. E. W. Goldenweiser — Federal Reserve Director.
    20. Charles E. Wyzanski — U.S. Labor department legal adviser.
    21. Samuel Untermyer — lawyer, “unofficial public ownership adviser” to FDR.
    22. Jacob Viner — Tax expert at the U.S. Treasury Department, assistant to the Treasury Secretary.
    23. Edward Filene — businessman, philanthropist, unofficial presidential adviser.
    24. David Dubinsky — Labor leader, president of International Ladies Garment Workers Union.
    25. William C. Bullitt — part-Jewish, ambassador to USSR [is claimed to be Jonathan Horwitz’s grandson; unconfirmed].
    26. Mordecai Ezekiel — Agriculture Department economist.
    27. Abe Fortas — Assistant director of Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of the Interior Undersecretary.
    28. Isador Lubin — Commissioner of Labor Statistics, unofficial labor economist to FDR.
    29. Harry Dexter White [Weiss] — Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; a key founder of the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank; adviser, close pal of Henry Morgenthau. Co-wrote the Morgenthau Plan.
    30. Alexander Holtzoff — Special assistant, U.S. Attorney General’s Office until 1945; [presumed to be Jewish; unconfirmed].
    31. David Weintraub — official in the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations; helped create the United Nations; Secretary, Committee on Supplies, 1944-1946.
    32. Nathan Gregory Silvermaster — Agriculture Department official and head of the Near East Division of the Board of Economic Warfare; helped create the United Nations.
    33. Harold Glasser — Treasury Department director of the division of monetary research. Treasury spokesman on the affairs of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
    34. Irving Kaplan — U.S. Treasury Department official, pal of David Weintraub.
    35. Solomon Adler — Treasury Department representative in China during World War II.
    36. Benjamin Cardozo — U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
    37. Leo Wolman — chairman of the National Recovery Administration’s Labor advisery Board; labor economist.
    38. Rose Schneiderman — labor organizer; on the advisery board of the National Recovery Administration.
    39. Jerome Frank — general counsel to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Justice, U.S. Court of Appeals, 1941-57.
    40. Gerard Swope — key player in the creation of the N.R.A. [National Recovery Administration]
    41. Herbert Bayard Swope — brother of Gerard
    42. Lucien Koch — consumer division, N.R.A. [apparently-Jewish]
    43. J. David Stern — Federal Reserve Board, appointed by FDR
    44. Nathan Straus — housing adviser
    45. Charles Michaelson — Democratic [DNC] publicity man
    46. Lawrence Steinhardt — ambassador to Soviet Union
    47. Harry Guggenheim — heir to Guggenheim fortune, adviser on aviation
    48. Arthur Garfield Hays — adviser on civil liberties
    49. David Lasser — head of Worker’s Alliance, labor activist
    50. Max Zaritsky — labor adviser
    51. James Warburg — millionaire, early backer of New Deal before backing out
    52. Louis Kirstein — associate of E. Filene
    53. Charles Wyzanski, Jr. — counsel, Dept. of Labor
    54. Charles Taussig — early New Deal adviser
    55. Jacob Baker — assistant to W.P.A. head Harry Hopkins; assistant head of W.P.A. [Works Progress Admin.]
    56. Louis H. Bean — Dept. of Agriculture official
    57. Abraham Fox — research director, Tariff Commission
    58. Benedict Wolf — National Labor Relations Board [NLRB]
    59. William Leiserson — NLRB
    60. David J. Saposs — NLRB
    61. A. H. Meyers — NLRB [New England division]
    62. L. H. Seltzer — head economist at the Treasury Dept.
    63. Edward Berman — Dept. of Labor official
    64. Jacob Perlman — Dept. of Labor official
    65. Morris L. Jacobson — chief statistician of the Government Research Project
    66. Jack Levin — assistant general manager, Rural Electrification Authority
    67. Harold Loeb — economic consultant, N.R.P.
    68. William Seagle — council, Petroleum Labor Policy Board
    69. Herman A. Gray — policy committee, National Housing Conference
    70. Alexander Sachs — rep. of Lehman Bros., early New Deal consultant
    71. Paul Mazur — rep. of Lehman Bros., early consultant for New Deal
    72. Henry Alsberg — head of the Writer’s Project under the W.P.A.
    73. Lincoln Rothschild — New Deal art administrator

    Gleaned from:

    1. Exposure of the list above by Gerald Winrod, Elizabeth Dilling and 28 others, was the reason that the Anti-Defamation League was the catalyst behind the entire Sedition Trial of 1944.

      The presiding Pharisee-Jew judge, former Iowa Congressman Edward C. Eicher, died suddenly of a heart attack on November 29, 1944. The ridiculously absurd case was dismissed.

      The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 was a political show trial engineered by the American Jewish Committee, ADL, and B’nai B’rith with the purpose of imprisoning anti-communist patriots who opposed FDR and his schemes to bring the country into World War II. The Smith Act of 1940 was used to prosecute the defendants.

      The case was designated as United States v. McWilliams where the defendants were charged with conspiracy to aid in establishment of a National Socialist form of government within the United States and attempting to demoralize the armed forces of the United States. A conviction carried a $10,000 fine and ten years imprisonment.

      The entire case was declared a mistrial after the presiding judge suddenly died. Months later another judge dismissed the charges against the defendants and called the case “a travesty on justice.”

      Jews played an instrumental role in pressing for the indictments. A United Press report stated,
      Under pressure from Jewish organizations, to judge from articles appearing in publications put out by Jews for Jews, the new indictment even more than the first was drawn to include criticisms of Jews as “sedition.” It appeared that a main purpose of the whole procedure, along with outlawing unfavorable comments on the administration, was to set a legal precedent of judicial interpretations and severe penalties which would serve to exempt Jews in America from all public mention except praise, in contrast to the traditional American viewpoint which holds that all who take part in public affairs must be ready to accept full free public discussion, either pro or con.

      The first indictment was a total Jewish affair with prosecuting attorney William P. Maloney in constant contact with the ADL and coordinating the investigations




      The Great Sedition Trial of 1944: A Personal Memoir:

      “I had come to believe firmly that an international conspiracy of Jewish Sanhedrin-bankers existed and influenced the President and government…”


    2. Wow!!! That is quite a list you compiled there, Pat. I do recall that Whittaker Chambers wrote in Witness that a separate, but equally nefarious, revolution occurred in the US simultaneous to that of the Russian Revolution. Anyone with that little nugget of information who gleans this list will have to pick their jaw from off the floor.

      In order to understand this as a useful idea, I have always looked at the back and forth between the US and the USSR/Russia to be the two-party system in action at the international level. This is not a perfect analogy by any stretch of the imagination, but it allows me to see on the macro level the operations involved that lead most people on the road to perdition.

      I have been meaning to ask you a question. I suppose here is a good a place as any. Why do you think that Russia cannot produce cars or parts or anything that German companies like Siemens are able to? In other words, the stuff of super-industrialization. Is it simply because we always backed them and provided them with their basic needs? That accepting these “gifts” they were stuck in first gear and not able to develop themselves since they were consistently playing a game of catch-up? But yet we are told they were first in the Space Race and they were able to build ICBMs. Doesn’t this offer further proof that ICBMs are complete nonsense?

      1. Rich –

        All the stories do not match claims from one day to the next, on purpose. Russia depends on US for everything except vodka.

        You asked:
        “Why do you think that Russia cannot produce cars or parts or anything that German companies like Siemens are able to?”

        Last year Circassian kindly posted a video where Putin stated, himself, that they could not get things done because he cannot control mafia, and no police force and workers are not paid enough to even obey the laws.

        Hear him say so here:
        –Russia’s control of ‘organized crime’ is weak.(35:25)
        –‘Admit’ there is no ‘civil society’ control system in place.(35:45)
        –State workers are not paid enough to be responsible to civil laws.(36:25)

        Then see that the Russians have the 2nd worst productivity in the area. Only Greece is worse..!!

        Russians work long hours but lag behind in productivity

        Alfa Bank says Russia’s weak growth stems more from factors other than economic policy

        Russians work the second-longest hours in Europe after Greece. It may not be a race worth winning.

        That’s because in terms of productivity, measured by gross domestic product per hour worked, Russia is behind every country in Europe with 25.9. Greece is almost as bad at 36.2, way below the European Union average of 50, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates.

        Like debt, low productivity can ravage an economy.

        Alongside slumping investment and poor demographics, it’s one of three structural constraints that are leaving the shrinking economy “hobbled,” according to Alfa Bank, Russia’s biggest private lender that estimates the country’s potential growth rate at 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent.

        “Russia’s poor growth thus seems to stem more from fundamental factors than economic policy,” Alfa economists Natalia Orlova and Sergei Egiev said in a July 29th research note. While “weak productivity, as well as negative demographics, has been partly substituted for by increasing number of hours worked all over the economy.”

        In terms of the number of hours worked, Russia trails Europe’s most indebted nation with 1,982 to 2,034 per person a year, according to the latest data available from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development That may not be much help to the economy.

        The International Monetary Fund in a staff report issued on August 3rd forecast a “muted” recovery in 2016 from Russia’s first recession since 2009 – a 3.4 per cent slump this year, according to the Washington-based lender.
        It put the nation’s medium-term economic growth at 1.5 per cent a year. That compares with 7 per cent average expansion during Vladimir Putin’s first two terms as president in 2000-2008, which coincided with booming oil prices.


        OIL PRICES TODAY ARE NOT BOOMING..!! Big trouble there..!!

      2. Thank you, Pat. I appreciate your help in trying to understand this. I do see how lack of productivity is basically another word for debt. Then why can’t they simply unhook themselves from this system? Is the game that rigged that they could not live in the wilderness, so to speak, for about 20 years while they work things out and build up their strength without having to measure their productivity by the clock? Which is an element of the the “time is money” syndrome?

        And I just downloaded that book. I will try to read it. Dilling hails from my neck of the woods. Yet I never heard of her outside of the internet. I first ran across her at Darryl Bradford Smith’s site which seems to be on eternal hiatus.

      3. Rich –

        Glad to help. I met her several times in 50s. Friend of my dad. Powerful personality. Determined. Driven to want to help people toss out communist Jews.

        Independently wealthy from family trusts. She had time and money. She testified in US Congress.


        I subscribe to Bradley Reed Smith’s CODOH.
        See archives:


        Plan in Russia… Keep pumping oil and gas. Keep people wanting… If people get too much they compete with those Pharisee-Jew Oligarchs already in control.

        There are hundreds of US companies there. Have been since 1917.

      4. Pat says “Keep people wanting”

        And there it is. The answer to why and how the miasma of usury/debt sustains and even grows. It’s fuel is people’s desires.
        Whether of necessity (30%) or whether from, well, (70%) just plain I want and gimme, I , me, mine, look at me.

        Just a guess now, that 70% could be higher..

    1. @ Fuk Yu Ju

      Have you recovered from the thrashing you have exposed your ass so carelessly not long ago?

      Then you are in for a new one, my yellow masochist brother.

      Here is a little help to ease information processing burden on your hieroglyph-slanted brain.

      masochist: noun

      1. Psychiatry. A person who has masochism, the condition in which sexual or other gratification depends on one’s suffering physical pain or humiliation;

      2. A person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others;

      3. a person who finds pleasure in self-denial, submissiveness, etc.

      Please remember this if you wish to keep your ass intact: Circassian has zero tolerance for stupidly and irreverence, no matter in what color and shape it comes in.

      1. @ Circassian :

        I just want to warn you so you’ll know how to proceed with “Justice For Chinese” — I call him “jujuice for chinks” — “JFC” is one of Pat’s hydra-head handles/personas/characters. “Gilbert Huntly” is another one of Pat’s characters. And what a character Gilby is! Pat has a lot more hydra heads, TOO numerous to name without publishing a 40 volume set of encyclopedias. In addition to being a consummate actor and professional trouper, Pat is also an excellent poet, he’s definitely got the muse. That’s why I was shocked, totally shocked, and rather dismayed I must say, when Pat wimped out of the poetry competition contest I challenged his hydra-head “Gilby” to. They wimped out on me, 🙁 . That’s what you’re dealing with here, Circassian. Heck, that’s what all of us who aren’t one of Pat’s hydra-heads are dealing with here, 🙂 .

    2. J4C,
      don’t embarrass yourself by getting down to his level, the highest he can aspire to.

      Almost as if he is appointed to provoke animosity towards Russia and Putin by association with his never-ending ad hominem, bereft of TROJ’s sense of humor and creativity.

      The one or two attempts at analysis were so shallow and lame that he is like a dude at the Olympic swimming finals wearing an inner tube, patched with duct tape, presumably filched from some Bolshevik tractor factory.
      By the time they fish him out of the pool, the champagne bottles would have been collected for refund.

      1. Notwithstanding TROJ’s peculiar writing style, when it comes to realism his world outlook is light-years ahead of that of Hitler-Jugend who, not unlike Alice, is way out in the wonderland.

        Even from our Chink brother “Justice For Fuk Yu Chi”, Hitler-Jugend could learn few lessons of realism. Here is what Fuk Yu Chi tells us:

        As an Asian, I would be laughed at if I advocated Yellow Power or a United Yellow Front against all the other races. Moreover, as a Chinese, I advocate Chinese Nationalism and place that above any other Asian Nationalism. In fact, Chinese Nationalism is diametrically opposed to Japanese Nationalism insofar as Japanese Nationalism is equated with Japanese Militarism and Expansion. Therefore “White Nationalism” or “White Tribalism” is incomprehensible to me, if not ludicrous.

        Quite perceptive for a Chink.

        Unfortunately, my sister Red Onions is even less realistic than Hitler-Jugend. Here is what she says:

        It’s not about white extinction, it’s about GENTILE extinction

        i.e. she seems would like to extend non existing and never existed “White Tribalism” to “GENTILE Tribalism”: Gentiles of the world unite against the JEW, JEW, JEW! Karl Marx for the 21st century – no less.

        Sometimes I think with great sadness: What I am doing here for God’s sake? Can sense be brought to the heads of these utterly clueless poor souls?

  18. A poem for the records:

    The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background, Hardcover – 1936
    by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Dilling (Author)

    “The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background” (Elizabeth Dilling)
    Its sentiments echo one of our favorite poems from the 1936 Presidential election campaign, which goes like this:

    “When the organizers needed dough,
    I closed up the plants for the CIO.
    I ruined jobs, and I ruined health,
    And I put the screws on the rich man’s wealth.
    And some who couldn’t stand the gaff,
    Would call on me—and how I’d laff.
    I took their homes, their money, and then,
    I put the blame on THE NINE OLD MEN.”

    If your parents or grandparents voted for FDR in that year, they may very well be in this book. Ms. Dilling was a great collector of names.


    She is still vilified for exposing FDR.

  19. Columbus was a Jew? I’m still waiting for John Wayne to be outed as a Jew and it probably won’t be long now. No doubt it will turn out his real name was something like Marion Sholomo Bubenstein.

    “Diseases against which Indian peoples had no natural immunities caused the greatest mass deaths in human history. Within a century of contact, smallpox, measles, mumps, and whooping cough had reduced indigenous populations by 50 to 90 percent. From Peru to Canada, disease reduced the resistance that Native Americans were able to offer to European intruders. With the Indian population decimated by disease, Europeans gradually introduces a new labor force into the New World.

    While I have yet to research the historical event, this sounds suspiciously like the infected blanket plan foisted upon the American Indians by “government” merchants in the 1870s. Since Jews have long been historical merchants, I suspect they were well represented among those merchants selling infected blankets. However, to be fair to the Jews, one must consider the German’s need to thoroughly fumigate the Jews interred in their concentration camps as well as Patton’s description of the Jew’s hygienic habits. It may well have been those merchants of the 1870s were merely selling blankets on which they had previously slept.

    Despite that possibility, Jews have long used “plagues” to harass and decimate native populations since biblical times. To this day they are unleashing plagues upon the Palestinians through their water supply and sewage systems. “Kill them all, men, women children! Poison their wells, salt their earth”, has been god’s injunction to Jewish people since time immemorial. This activity can be traced all the way back to the earliest stories in Genesis, where the Jew’s god unleashes plagues upon Egypt to advance Abram’s sister act extortion plot.

    It is amply recorded how American Indians made poor slaves. They strongly resisted pruning the Jew’s vineyard and being yoked to their plows, while Jews lived off the fat of their land. Therefore, it would have made perfect sense to kill off the indigenous native population and repopulate the land with the more pliable Negro slave.

    It goes without saying who the real slave traders were. This subject has been thoroughly researched and published by the late Dr. Tony Martin. Note that while there was in fact a rather high death rate among the Negro slaves aboard ship, there is no evidence of any massive die off from communicable diseases either in their native Africa or aboard the Jew’s slaving vessels. Are we to believe that the African Negro had a greater natural resistance to these diseases while the American Indians did not?

    Consider how the American Indian most likely originated in Asia. The physical attributes of the American Indian, e.g. lack of body hair and hair and eye color are close to modern Asians. Yet, when the white man first traveled to Asia, there is no evidence of the white man’s communicable diseases being transmitted to the indigenous Asian peoples. There was never a massive die-off of the Chinese after Marco Polo made his grand entry to China.

    Why then is it American Indians are the only example of this massive disease/die off phenomenon? Why were these Indians so susceptible to the “white man’s communicable diseases” while other races are not? Another question is how did the blanket merchants know how to infect the blankets? Microbe awareness had just begun to emerge during the civil war, yet the government (or merchants) were savvy enough to distribute the infection among the blankets without becoming infected themselves? In fact, how did they even know about the disease microbes in the first place? Something Jew this way stinks.

    Those paying close attention should be very worried that Jews are now in the forefront of bio-engineering technology and genetic research. Worse, for years the Jew’s Hollywood fantasy horror factory has been telegraphing the nightmarish results of these technologies. Movies dating back to the 1971 movie “Andromeda Strain”, shows where Jews are heading with their R&D. Of course, as with the Manhattan project, Jew’s have useful idiot goyim technicians hard at work to further these nightmarish plans.

    Will the gullible goyim ever awaken to the fact that Jews have been the cause of their worse nightmares?

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Good post with great logic blowing the wind out of the sail of “we didn’t personally genocide the American Indians, God did it with germs” apologists. If germs had decimated the American Indians, Andrew Jackson would not have pursued and fought the Seminoles all the way to the south Florida swamps, the Everglades. The Seminoles survived, not because of immunity to germs, but because they went where Jackson couldn’t go, the serious swamp. There they remain as the only American Indian tribe still at war with the USA since they never signed a peace treaty allowing the US government to officially continue to lie to them.

      The fly in the ointment for the jews and their drive for genetic disease mutation manipulation is life itself. All life including the single cell forms are all programed to survive. Elimination of the host is not survival so even single cell life forms mutate to not be excessively deadly, even the ones that the jewish medical industry modifies. Ebola is a good example since they have to keep reintroducing it in a population.

      The answer to your last question is that enough will at some point. It is not a matter of if, but when. It is not just good that is challenged by evil, it works the other way as well or the human species would have ceased to exist by now since the endgame of evil is the complete destruction of mankind. The jews have no idea that they are working on their own destruction as they work toward destruction of everyone else. Apparently they believe that Satan tells the truth.

  20. Great article. Unfortunately some of the comments (like Catherine’s) are misleading or extremely racist, responding to what the author says is the extinction of whites with a “they deserve it”.

    The first thing Catherine is wrong about is Whites riding on the coattails of Jews. The current situation of Jews running the world didn’t exist 500 years ago, or even 200 years ago. Jewish leadership of the world was sealed in May 1945 when they were able to coax and push other white nations to destroy the one nation fighting for its own survival and all of the white world’s survival when it was the only country that stood up to Jewish Bolshevism whose stated goal was to take over the world and whose first target was Europe. The Jews began their rise to their current position about two hundred years ago, but one hundred years ago they were still disliked and kept out of positions of power throughout the world. In those days “the world” meant Europe, which had ruled the world for centuries and still did.


    Germany was the only country speaking out against the atrocities in the Jewish led Soviet Union, while the Americans and British largely covered up these atrocities and with Jewish control of their media began anti-German hate propaganda to justify a war against Germany. When the war ended, the leading white nation in the world had been destroyed and denounced as the most evil people to ever exist. I’m speaking of Germany, which had more Nobel Prizes than any other country in the world until around 1950 and had twice as many Nobel Prizes as Great Britain and the USA combined at one point. As a result of that war, which Jews played the leading role in provoking (with large financial payoffs to Winston Churchill beginning around 1936 – see David Irving’s “Churchill’s War”, buy the book or watch his speech on youtube), Europe was destroyed, the leading nations of the world were destroyed and two newcomers took over world leadership – the USA and the USSR. The two leading world empires which covered much of the world (Great Britain and France) were destroyed and bankrupted. WW II and the Jews leading role in it was the beginning of white extinction and was the Jews path to dominating the west, which meant dominating the world. And it is the Jews who are largely behind the genocide against whites with their first target being the Germans.


    The other thing Catherine is wrong about is her suggestion that “whites” (on the coattails of Jews) are the only violent people on earth and Indians and the rest of the world were a noble, passive and peace loving people. If you don’t know how brutal and savage Africa and the Americas could be that might be because Africans and Mayans were backwards and didn’t have libraries documenting their history.

    Also, while England, France, Portugal, Spain and Holland discovered and colonized the non-European world, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Croatians, Slovenians, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Finns and Germans (whose small colonial empire lasted 40 years) did not and could not be guilty of what you’re suggesting the other countries are guilty of. What the whites (meaning Europe) are “guilty” of is being the most advanced civilization in the world for the past 500 years and of making the world modern and advanced. For that they have a lot to be proud of.

    Also, while the Chinese are a great people with one of the greatest civilizations on earth, your idealizing them falls on its face when faced with the truth. No one is as innocent and high minded as you suggest and certainly not the Jews who constantly tell us they are.

    See here:

    ‘But what is perhaps even more astonishing is that these “millionaire migrants” enjoying apologies from working and middle class Whites come from a culture that, by the standards of British Columbia between 1886 and 1947, are not merely illiberal but vulgarly racist. This has been thoroughly documented in the works of Frank Dikötter. Starting with his book, The Discourse of Race in Modern China (1992), Dikötter examines how traditional Chinese authorities commonly described as “ugly” the “ash white” skin and “indelicate hairiness” of Europeans, and the blacks as “animals, devil-like and horrifying”.’


    But here is one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. A Chinese named Lee Kuan Yew, he transformed Singapore from a former dirty and backwards British colony into one of the most advanced (and cleanest) countries in the world. He says “the human being is an unequal creature”. People are not supposed to be equal. Second video. How the Chinese became a great race.



    One of the great scientists of the 20th century, Nobel Prize winner James Watson agrees with Lee Kuan Yew and if the world is not going to lose the people that have led science and industry for the last few centuries (after 40,000 years of existence) something will have to be done soon. Europe and whites are in real danger and there are many (led by the Jews) who can’t see the whites finished off fast enough..


    1. Hi Peter, I agree. I have only discovered late in life that we have been fed a pack-of-lies-masquerading-as-history by the media and schools.

    2. “Mayans were backwards and didn’t have libraries documenting their history.”

      You just can’t make up some of the stuff that get’s posted here.

      You have to make it up first – and then flaunt it, without a care in the world about exposing one’s abysmal level of understanding. That’s how it’s done. Flaunt it. 9 times out of 10, nobody will even challenge you on it.


      At this rate, ‘white extinction’ is going to take care of itself, we hardly need an external threat!

      1. @ Ormanci

        “You just can’t make up some of the stuff that get’s (sic) posted here.”
        (No need for an apostrophe in GET’S. A thing GETS posted.)

    3. Peter,

      Excellent post.

      Nothing to add, except that the Maya’s, or at least the civilisation we now ascribe certain archeological discoveries to and now call Maya’s, were not backward without libraries. However most of the rest of the America’s were pretty much a bunch of half naked savage cannibals straight out of hell.

      In a normal natural process, the most advanced race & civilisation currently known in history, whites, would thrive and the more backward races would gradually decline into obscurity.

      Our decline is a result of mass neurosis inflicted upon us by our eternal enemy. Only some of us are able to take the blindfolds off.

    4. @ Peter

      Re: “Great article. Unfortunately some of the comments (like Catherine’s) are misleading or extremely racist, responding to what the author says is the extinction of whites with a “they deserve it”.”

      I have reread Catherine’s comment and did not see or detect a “they deserve it” (White extinction) attitude. As for her being a “racist”; I find your claim rather absurd because she is advocating mass miscegenation, which is a cardinal sin for a real racist.

      Your comment is very baffling and intriguing as well. I was about to watch a DVD movie (The Sand Pebbles made in 1966) when I read your comment and felt the need to reply.

      You gave a link to the Council of European Canadians’ website which is located in Vancouver, where I live. The site is stridently anti-mass immigration and anti-multiculturalism (me too, btw) but it never tells us it is the jews who are behind mass immigration and multiculturalism. Moreover, it does not allow any one else to say so in the comments and this is why I never bothered to go back since I was censored about 4 months ago.

      I’m very curious to know if you are connected with that site in any way… that’s why I wrote you, really, when I should be watching The Sand Pebbles with a young Steve McQueen and Candice Bergen.

      1. I’m not Canadian. I’m the son of Germans. I just had my detailed reply to your comment deleted while I was typing so here is a shorter version. Being opposed to a mass miscegenation isn’t racist; advocating it is racist. It was first proposed during WW II and its target was the Germans. The Jews pushed it.


        Here is a Jewish member of German parliament who says Germans are NAZIS and should be miscegenated out of existence. Mind you, Israel has strict rules against inter-marriage.


        As the article above says, their plan is working. 20% of the German population is now non-ethnic German and Germans will be gone within 50 to 100 years if something doesn’t change.

        What they proposed for Germans they then applied to all white countries (Europe and white countries founded by the British), to destroy the culture and people. That is racist.
        It isn’t being done to any other countries in the world.

        I’ve had comments deleted by that website too and that is why I stopped commenting. That doesn’t change the value of the articles. You are absolutely correct. The Jews have done this. Be glad they aren’t a power in China yet, although I hear they are already creating lobbies there now too.

      2. Thanks for your reply, Peter.

        Upon reflection, Catherine’s call for mass miscegenation is “racist” insofar as it will eventually lead to no distinct race, per se. This is your argument, I think. So according to you, racism or race separation is a good thing, right? However, the article you cited from that queer site called Council of European Canadians is a condemnation of the Chinese having racist’s attitudes to non-Chinese, and yet, paradoxically, you and that site are both making the argument that racism is a good thing… this is why your comment both baffled and intrigued me.

        In other words, keeping Canada European is good racism, but keeping China Chinese is bad racism. Huh?

        Furthermore, I’m not sure that you are correct in thinking jews only want to destroy Whites and European civilization. Jews want to destroy all peoples and all civilizations! There are currently as many as 200,000 Africans in Guangzhou, China. They are there supposedly for “trade” but the real agenda as most of us here know is ethnic chaos and miscegenation.

        I commented on this about a month ago: https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/french-doctor-tells-blacks-and-jews-rape-white-women-and-create-half-breeds/#comment-913204

        Regarding the Jewish penchant for black-on-white rape and miscegenation as Race War, … I also commented on this here: https://www.darkmoon.me/2015/french-doctor-tells-blacks-and-jews-rape-white-women-and-create-half-breeds/#comment-913080

        Here is the relevant excerpt:

        In Mein Kampf, Hitler described children resulting from marriages to African occupation soldiers as a contamination of the white race “by Negro blood on the Rhine in the heart of Europe.”[5] He thought that “Jews were responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.”[6] He also implied that this was a plot on the part of the French, since the population of France was being increasingly “negrified”.[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhineland_Bastard

      3. No, I do not believe racism or race separation is a good thing. I am opposed to racism and I think the deliberate destruction of an ethnic group or people is racist. I also never said that Chinese don’t have a right to maintain their own country and people. I think they do and all people do. I cited that article because I think Catherine’s claim that “White men rode on the coattails of Jewish cunning and unique appetite for violence” is an example of the ridiculous anti-white bashing that has became popular over the last 15 or 20 years.

        I don’t know much about Asian history (a little about the 20th century), but its obvious the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are great peoples. I think the same way about Europe and I think it would be a shame if the world lost any of these peoples. I have had Chinese friends and probably most or my brother’s friends (including girlfriends) are Chinese and I find most Asians nice people. I suspect there are people from all backgrounds with those attitudes in the quote I cited and that is why I cited it. To show that I think it’s ridiculous to claim whites are uniquely violent. As a German I wonder about the British and Americans being uniquely violent, but of course the world is told that Germans are uniquely violent based up the holocaust lie (I use that phrase now unflinchingly- they have no case). I also think it’s worth noting that most “white” violence was directed against whites in the 20th century – WW I and WW II – Dresden, Hamburg, all the cities across Germany – killing 30,000 people a night by Americans and British was not unusual at all. The gang rape of 2 million German women. But Jews were the people most responsible for WW II. Various politicians, including Neville Chamberlain said so. I enjoy talking to non-whites, particularly Asians and listen to their opinions on European history. I think the average white becomes more stupid not by missing history class, but by attending it and by reading the lies that are so prevalent in our Jewish media.

        I’m not opposed to intermarriage either. I have several half Arab cousins as a result of my uncle marrying an Arab. I haven’t seen my uncle in almost 50 years and I would never say this, but I believe he would not have Arab children if not for the Jews and I’m not opposed to him having Arab children. It is the Jews deliberate destruction of other peoples (particularly my own) that I oppose.

        It is the deliberate saturation of a country with ethnics that I oppose. I think the differences in the world is what makes it great and makes travel great and I don’t want Berlin to look like Cairo, Tokyo or Beijing to look like Paris or Cairo to look like London. But it is Europe that is being inundated with non-Europeans. I also oppose too many non-German Europeans in Germany the way some people in England are opposed to all the east-Europeans in London.

  21. Race is important to most people and the elites’ efforts to push multiculturalism has been a very serious error. I personally do not have a problem with any race if the person is of good character. The problem with religious people is that though they may be decent people they seem to be able to switch into fanatic mode. Nowadays the WW2 internment camps do not seem such an evil idea.

    It is a matter of numbers. With over 2 million Moslems in America there only need to be 1% of them to be fundamentalist/jihadists to give us 20,000 nut cases intent on imposing sharia law. You can bet that there aren’t so many whites trying to bring Old Dixie Down.

    I still hope blondes and redheads never die out, and that is not a racial supremacist thought. It is a matter of admiring what I see as beauty, and we shoud not be ashamed of saying that, and we she should not be bullied by these politically correct ideological lefties for saying it.

    Political correctness is like a new Inquisition.

  22. A distinction between cultures and tribes has always been around, and important. The differences are the basis for different laws and jurisdictions, which are to be respected. That is the basis for common laws, rather than commercial law, merchant law, admiralty contract, UCC… ‘DEBT LAW’ being pushed on the world.
    ‘DEBT LAW’ is the means for the Pharisee-Jews to gain total control.

    For those who believe in Jesus, even he spoke of ‘TRIBES’ and ‘Peoples’ and ‘Gentiles’…. not races or colors.
    2000 years ago…. Race was still an event of running fast. It was not a description of a group of people which Pharisee-Jews invented recently(200 yrs) to drive in more wedges… for more wars…. More DEBT. More commercial contracts.

    Just some simple examples:

    Luke 22: 29-30 – –
    ”and just as My Father has granted Me a kingdom, I grant you that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve TRIBES of Israel.”

    Matthew 19:28 – –
    Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve TRIBES of Israel.



    Acts 4:27
    “For truly in this city there were gathered together against Your holy servant Jesus, whom You anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, along with the GENTILES and the PEOPLES of Israel,..”

  23. Good on the Irish. They defaced the Anglo Irish Bank with the words:



    “The graffiti is extensive and the vandals appear to have scaled the entire building.

    The surnames of a number of politicians and bankers were painted onto the building’s walls, alongside the words ‘Irish traitors’. The Star of David is also visible beside acronyms for the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).”


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