Why Did They Vote For Trump?

By Andre Vltchek



“If we don’t understand why that choice was made, we will all get fucked, soon, and not only in North America, but also all over the world!”
—  Andre Vltchek

Since the results of the latest Presidential elections were announced, I am longing for silence, while the overwhelming cacophony of deafening noises is assaulting my ears, and in fact all my senses.

Suddenly everyone around me wants to speak, to shout, and to declare. Lately, people who are surrounding me, as well as those who are far away from me are frantically watching the news, reading newspapers and browsing through countless political websites.

My friends and comrades all over the world are poking jokes at the US political establishment, or trembling in anticipation of something terrible, even apocalyptic.

Many are just having fun. Even some thoughtful and educated individuals are behaving like obsessive football fans: analyzing, passing judgments, and spending countless hours on the couch, in front of their television screens.

Of course there are also many gigantic protests in countless American cities against the President-elect, Donald Trump, the 45th leader of the mightiest nation on Earth. There are some massive protests, desperate protests, and hopeless protests. There are also personal protests, resigned shrugs of shoulders and downcast glances.

Overall there is a lot of noise. Everyone is speaking from the top of his or her lungs. Actually, people are shouting over each other. They want to be heard, desperately. While very few are listening. Very few also appear to be reflecting on what is being said by the others, on what is truly happening, on what has happened.

Despite millions of words and images assaulting our brains from all directions, I know that something is definitely missing, something important, and even something essential. It is not just my analytical mind that comprehends this; it is also my intuition.

As a result, I want to smash those television sets in my vicinity, I want to throw newspapers into the garbage bin, and I want to go away, far away, from all my politicizing friends and comrades.

But what is it that is being omitted in the official and even in the alternative narrative? What is it that I want to hear, longing to hear so much … longing with such force, even with such desperation?

Am I desperate for some precise analyses, for exact numbers, for revealing facts? Am I yearning for one brilliant study, for a report? Do I want to hear from someone why on earth did the American people elect someone like him, like Donald Trump? Or is it all actually much more simple and selfish: do I expect those wise words to come from my own brain, typed into my computer with my own fingers?

How did it all really come to this? And why? What will happen now? What will happen to them (to the voters), what will happen to America, the country, which despite everything used to be my home for many years? What will happen to America which took so much, but which also gave me plenty? I kept asking, above all, what will happen to the world, to the entire world, which is now my true home, and which is also their true home (home of the American voters), although perhaps they do not fully comprehend it yet.

No, I did not want to hear the facts! I couldn’t care less about the numbers. I was not longing for analyses, and I felt absolutely no desire to speak!

Suddenly, there was only one longing left in me: to listen, to hear, to absorb the millions of voices of those who just recently went to the polls and stuck those pieces of paper into boxes, most likely changing the destiny of the world. And since I knew I wouldn’t be able to absorb millions of testimonies, I wanted to listen to at least a few hundred or even thousands of them if possible.

I wanted to hear the stories of those men and women from the Rustbelt states, from the Deep South, from isolated farms and exhausted mining towns. I wanted to put my glass of beer next to theirs, in some god-forsaken bar, and just nod and whisper what so many storytellers before me, have done for millennia, and what they will be saying for many centuries to come: “Please tell me your story…”

I want to hear their stories so I can collect them, arrange them, and pass them onto the world.

I want the people who voted for Donald Trump to speak to me, to explain, to let me into their thoughts and emotions. I want to understand what occurred through their stories.

I don’t want to judge. I am usually very judgmental, very political, and very ideological. This time I have no desire to be … This is too serious; too damn serious!

I owe America that much. That is the least I can do. To return there, to fly there all the way from Asia, to rent a car, and drive from coast to coast, for long weeks, and to finally listen to people, trying to understand who they are, what they did, and why?

“I am what I am because I am a passionate listener,” I was once told by one of the greatest Latin American writers, Eduardo Galeano. “People always know what goes on. All we have to do is to listen to them. And we have to lead them only when they ask us, when they order us to do so.”

There is no doubt in my mind that now is the time to attentively listen to the American people; to fill newspapers and websites with their words. But almost no one seems to be doing that.

All we hear is ‘why they voted as they did’. How they voted: women, minorities, particular classes or states … We read about numbers. But we don’t hear people speaking! We don’t hear them formulating the words.

And that is what I am longing for: to shut up, to be silent, and to listen. And I want other intellectuals to shut up and to humbly listen too, finally!

Not because I agree with what they, the voters, have done. Not because I want Donald Trump to lead the country and the Empire. Not because I suddenly ‘fell in love with the small people’.

It is simply because the people of the most powerful country on Earth have spoken, because they made their choice. And because, if we don’t understand why that choice was made, we will all get fucked, soon, and not only in North America, but also all over the world!

I want to listen and to understand so the course of action can be determined, so that we know where all this will lead … because this is not the end, just the beginning… of something… Because not only people in the United States, but also in Europe want something, and listening to the analysts from both parts of the world, and by just ‘reading facts and numbers’, I have absolutely no clue what it is!

Do voters want some new form of participatory democracy? Do they want neo-fascism? Are they thoroughly selfish or is there at least some internationalist essence in their souls?

We can only find out if we let them speak. And that is why I am longing for silence, and then for their voices to resonate, so we know, we know now, before the thunder and flames swallow our Planet, and before it is too late.


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  1. Trump was the peace candidate. That’s primarily why I voted for him.
    Hillary was a proven killer (Waco) and warmonger (Serbia, Libya, Syria.. etc.)

    Trump also vowed to stop unlimited and illegal immigration. Look at France, Germany, Sweden. Insanity letting that happen.

    Why is it so hard for you to understand?

    1. S. W. ….Being Canadian I couldn’t vote for him. I would have though if American, and for the same the same reasons as you. You’re right, it’s simple.

    2. I’ve been out of the country so I couldn’t vote, but I second Karen. As S.W. says, it’s very simple. I also hope he helps rush in change in Europe before it’s too late and those countries populations will be wiped out. If change for the better doesn’t happen now, those peoples and cultures that are thousands of years old will be destroyed.

      1. Thanks, Free Spirit –

        I have seen the “Editor’s Note” in numerous places over the last couple of years. Some were mentioned in Trump’s other attempts to run for President. He had to pull out of his previous bid because of complaints of FEC rule-breaking.


        “[Editor’s note: Trump is a Zionist puppet, created by kingpin of the Judeo-Zionist mob, AKA the Kosher Nostra, Roy Cohn. The Israeli press have been using reverse psychology to disguise the fact Trump is their boy by making false claims against him of anti-semitism and falsely claiming he would act against Jewish interests in the US – this is a ploy to appeal to the Nazis and far-right extremists that supported Trump at the ballot boxes.

        “However, as this article shows, Trump has surrounded himself with Jewish advisors, all of them with close ties to Israel.

        “Trump’s selection of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist is yet another sign of the Israeli control of Trump – Bannon has long been a stooge of Benjamin Netanyahu, and will serve as Trump’s handler, relaying instructions from Netanyahu, in effect, Bannon is the strings that connect puppet Trump to puppetmaster Netanyahu. The ADL condemning Bannon’s appointment is just more reverse psychology to fool the dumb white folks. Ian]”


      2. All sources are not equal. Some are dim and some are bright. I like to consider the widest possible range of credible and useful writers of opinions. The more detail buttressing their opinions, the better. The more cogent, verifiable, and mature, will be ranked of higher value. I value reason.

        So, one of my favorite sources of late is Occidental Dissent and The Political Cesspool. I confess to a certain bias and predilection toward “being Southern”. It’s where things make sense, and historical continuity and proven theses have great weight. It is also a White perspective, specifically White Nationalist Homeland oriented. Hunter Wallace is a most treasured and wise commentator.

        I find SOME very interesting propositions by Harold Covington of National Front. And also 1% of what Allen Dirtshovitz says.

  2. Hillary C. as well as Donald T. , both are zionide useful j-tools-fools.

    Boris Epshteyn is typical of the people who surround Trump. Boris is a Russian Jew who emigrated to the USA. He is an investment banker and a senior advisor to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Jew- money printing- billionairs steal the (US) elections again & again

    How to rig elections, how to rig the voting machines.
    See more at: http://aanirfan.blogspot.nl/.

    Christopher Bollyn : The Computer Crimes of 9/11: How Critical U.S. Airport Computers Were Compromised with Israeli Spyware
    See more at: http://www.bollyn.com/#article_15752

    1. @SAM HITA
      Cynical defeatism. Are you like many others, trying to drive a wedge between the anti-neocons?
      If you don’t have a hammer, a brick might serve in the interim.
      Trump is a brick.


    Because he wore Red, White and Blue….. the colors of USA and Russian Federation. Hillary never did.

    1. USA and the Russian Federation both having the same flag colors can’t be meaningless…. no way, no more than the same color flags for
      Czech Republic
      Dominican Republic
      the UK

      1. Syria does not have a red, white, and blue flag. It is green, white, red, and black. I am hoping some of you watch Syrian Girl Partisan on You Tube who breaks down what is really happening in Syria.

    2. Ariadna –

      Great list.

      Hillary missed it way worse than what I wrote. Failed.

      I expected the total support… from you..

      … since I convinced you to use lists.. 🙂

    3. It was red, white and blue alright. Wave the rag for Hudson High boys! I nominate this for the New American national anthem (Be sure to listen to the video on the right wing). The “people” voted this man into office out of fear; fear of what the other candidate might or might not do. People experiencing Jewish-induced “vibrant diversity”, of which the present golden Negro leader represents as a shining example to the white subconscious, want to see mass immigration stopped. Clearly, Hillary had no intention of addressing that issue, so the fear of unrestricted immigration drove the masses into the Trump camp.

      Continuing outrage is now being inflamed to drive as many people as possible into the Trump camp to engender the support required for what will be highly unpopular policies and a move towards war. Jews are working their goyim herds towards the Pearl Harbor point where if one questions the newly appointed savior of white America, they will wind up getting punched out or worse. It’s time to throw the liberals and their stupid Frankfurt school philosophy under the bus to be replaced by the new passengers singing Onward Christian Soldier in unison as they march off to war. Apply pressure on the right and the left flees.

      Jews use fear as their primary tool for manipulating the gullible goyim organism. It doesn’t take much intelligence to see almost all advertising is based on some form of subliminal fear. For the most obvious examples, review the ads for personal hygiene products that clearly portray people not using the product as being inadequate in some physical regard, e.g. teeth not bright enough or body odor. This election was nothing more than a product of this same advertising technique. Got Hillary? You may be leaving a bad odor behind. For a whiter, brighter smile, vote Trump.

      1. Not ‘fear’ Arch. Only logic. Trump promised to do it. Already the threat of nuclear war has been reduced. Trump is talking to Putin.
        Maybe Trump won’t keep his word, in which case we must do our own ‘community organizing’. Which we should be doing anyway. J. Raimondo at antiwar.com is very astute on that.
        Cynicism is a natural response these days, and quite understandable. But..it is every bit as negative (and defeatist) as ‘fear’.

      2. “The “people” voted this man into office out of fear; fear of what the other candidate might or might not do.”
        Arch, quite a statement. But did you not contradict this with your last sentence?

        “For a whiter, brighter smile, vote Trump.”
        That sounds like a vote for Hope in Trump, rather than Fear of Clinton.

        Perhaps they voted Trump for Both reasons.
        (my guess)

      3. “Arch, quite a statement. But did you not contradict this with your last sentence?”

        This is not my view, but what some storyteller might spin up for an advertising campaign, wherein he mistakes social hygiene products for personal hygiene products.

        “Not ‘fear’ Arch. Only logic.” Maybe you voted from a logical perspective, however let’s take another look at how one might define the “war on terror,” what is this if not instilling a constant, underlying state of fear?

        What did the Hillary/anti-Trump faction exhibit if not fear as they screamed – “Oy Vey! Anudda Hitler He’ez!?

        As for Trump voters being logical . . .

        What did the anti-Hillary faction exhibit if not fear? Logic? How does one define logic when people who haven’t voted for years suddenly come out of the closet to vote? They suddenly got logical?

        What have all those government “war on (fill in he blank)” programs been about? Surely war against an enemy perceived to be on one’s doorstep is created out of fear, is it not so?

        What about those evil Huns of WWI, or Nasty Nhadzees of WWII; the “duck-and-cover” nuclear “cold” war, Vietnam on the domino chain? What about the war in Iraq to stop Hussein from getting all that “yellow cake” to make nuclear bombs. Was that logic at work?

        What about the present ongoing and seemingly endless wars in the Near East to ensure America’s “national security” against a bunch of Arabs hiding out in the desert with box-cutters and uncanny ability to fly large, jet aircraft they were never even in? Is this logical?

        If it is logical, why then are these exceptionally dangerous Muslim terrorist being allowed to immigrate into the US, to make us feel safe? Could it be their purpose is designed to engender yet more fear; perhaps a fear of immigrants, “dangerous terrorists” or otherwise? Yeah right, it must have been a logical choice that drove the masses to vote for Trump.

        What about homeland security and all those TSA goons now filtering into every niche of American society with the complicity of the American citizenry? What about the surveillance state with cameras at every corner and the constant underlying admonishment to: “see something, say something.” Is this logic at work? Or could it possibly be described as a general reaction to fear?

        Looks and smells like fear to me that has been the primary motivating factor since the day Jews took over the American media. A time long before any of us now present were born.

      4. Arch, you had me at .. “This is not my view, but what some storyteller might spin up for an advertising campaign,”

      5. “Yeah right, it must have been a logical choice that drove the masses to vote for Trump.”
        “Logic? How does one define logic when people who haven’t voted for years suddenly come out of the closet to vote? They suddenly got logical?”
        Yes, logic and common sense. To reduce immigration from the war-torn, racist, and sad countries of the Levant and Africa is highly logical and common-sense. Fly-over country US voters aren’t blind – they see what is happening in Europe. Fear paralyzes, but logic looks to solutions.To support Trump was to seek solution, not only in that Trump seeks changes in immigration, but especially in that Trump opposed the Obama/Hillary/neocon and neo-imperialist wars of hegemony such as the ones against Libya, Iraq, and Syria which precipitated the wave of non-white migrants into Europe. Highly logical opposition.
        “What about homeland security and all those TSA goons…?”
        “What about those evil Huns of WWI, or Nasty Nhadzees of WWII; the “duck-and-cover” nuclear “cold” war, Vietnam on the domino chain? What about the war in Iraq to stop Hussein from getting all that “yellow cake” to make nuclear bombs. Was that logic at work?”
        Trump started that? Last I heard, that crap began way before the Trump era, which has hardly even started as of the present.
        “Looks and smells like fear to me that has been the primary motivating factor since the day Jews took over the American media. A time long before any of us now present were born.”
        Here we agree. Fear and war propaganda, misdirected ‘patriotism’ (such as that which pushed Europe and America into WW1) – those are the tools of evil beings.
        Arch, I don’t put my trust in men or principalities. A lot of Trump’s words are troubling. Perhaps a lot of grief and little good will come of the man. Still…the vote for Trump was the only good choice, given his opposition. It was as if the manipulated and basically disenfranchised little man and woman began to lift their fists (or maybe just a middle finger) at those powers that rule over them. That’s not fear. Good for them.
        Now the ‘ropes’. Before one can speak of ‘storming Washington, DC’ and ‘ropes’ there must be a principled and well organized Party. That opposition is exceedingly needed now to hold Trump’s feet to fire and to take advantage of the little stirrings of courage the USA people have exhibited.
        Of interest in this regard….

  4. given the tragic history of US presidential betrayal, doing absolutely nothing already guarantees an incumbent a mt rushmore spot.
    electing a decomposing corpse that signs no orders and blocks the operation of the executive arm is a brilliant achievement that hardly any of the 44 has been able to match, this corpse would earn a place in history as the greatest of them all, with the biggest presidential library and Chicago O’hare renamed to whatever … “cadaver toetag #317 international airport, IATA abbrev CDV” or something like that.
    not to mention that the white house would smell better than ever.

    a neverending stream of jews would in turn offer cash, perverted sex, necrophilia, would cajole, threaten, blackmail, all to no effect, because the corpses are the most honest of all the races and they don’t worry about dwindling population and other demographical issues.

    At any rate, if trump camps out on a golf course for the next 48 months (says he won’t accept salary, you get what you pay for), his legacy is assured, even as obama’s is already forgotten.
    he won’t take us to war with russia and he quit messing with syria, so even if jerusalem is renamed to Jewsalem, israel is already a net loser.
    and if he can ensure that the essential government positions are in the hands of goys, that’s enough for one term.

    but i think he will do a lot more than that, just like putin, be friendly to jew while shutting doors in his face – they want to be “people who dwell alone”, what a great idea says Bannon, go for it.

    1. I fully agree with you on this:
      “he won’t take us to war with russia and he quit messing with syria, so even if jerusalem is renamed to Jewsalem, israel is already a net loser.”
      AND mankind the winner.
      But did you have to be so harsh on poor Hillary? Look, I read this and could barely control myself while tears were flowing freely on my face:

      “I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me. There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.”

      The “here” where she went was organized by some Children’s Fund founded by her friend Mrs Edelman and I do hope they paid her for her speech that, while sad, was also energizing: she told them to “stay engaged.” Just thinking that this had been organized well in advance and planned as one of her many victory parties made me cry again. Mrs Edelman said it was a “love in.” Hope it made her feel better.

    2. she may want to curl up with her dogs bitches, provided it is consensual between all parties – you did mention love-in, didn’t you.
      and provided there’s room in the jail cell.

    3. “he won’t take us to war with russia and he quit messing with syria, so even if jerusalem is renamed to Jewsalem, israel is already a net loser.”

      Tell it to Napoleon, the odds on favorite to win at Waterloo. Tell it to Hitler who refused to accept the declaration of war for nine months until the British finally bombed Germany.

      The bulb always shines its brightest before it flashes out, the engine always runs its smoothest right before it lunches and the grass always looks greener when grown with Monsanto seed.

  5. ‘”We can only find out if we let them speak.”
    “If we let them speak”!
    What a pretentious guy! People no longer listen to you, Mr. “his Masters’ voice”. People no longer read your rags, nor do they watch your fake news on TV. Now, people listen and talk to one another through the Alt media. Lo and behold, they don’t need your or anyone’s else permission to speak.
    Perhaps, for the first time in the modern age, the MSM failed to shape the public opinion as it pleases, hence the surprise.
    I’m sure you know whom Clinton serves- definitely not the people’s interests. What you failed to know, (because you didn’t tell them) is that, by themselves, people managed their way to know about it despite your propaganda.
    To summarize the three points I gave under the previous thread, people knew the wrong path -Clinton’s, and therefore tried a new promising one – Trump’s.

  6. Vltchek belongs to the kosher socialism school. The ills of the world are all wrought upon us by “American imperialism.” He asks himself what animates the American voters:
    “Are they thoroughly selfish or is there at least some internationalist essence in their souls?”
    Oy, nooooo, not selfishness we hope, that’s practically the ugly nationalism! “Internationalist essence” is what he hopes they have.

  7. I think it is a brilliant piece of thought provoking journalism. The oligarchy owned media is speaking, oligarchy stirred urban protesters are speaking, the rest of the world is speculating, but against true journalism, no one has bothered to speak to voters. It shows that alt news sites exempted, true journalism is very much so dead in US. Regarding outsiders, BBC at one time was perhaps one of the finest news reporting agencies, but alas it too has become another oligarchy 3 letter word along with the rest of the 3 letter US mainstream media agencies.

    1. This recent alt opinion article succinctly states the root of the problem. Vladimir Putin is spot on:

      We must hope that Donald Trump understands the state of moral, cultural, legal, and political collapse that America is in. Two years ago at the Valdai International Discussion Club, Russian President Vladimir Putin said:

      “Many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilization. They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities, national, cultural, religious, and even secular. They are implementing policies that equate families with same-sex partnerships, worship of God with worship of Satan. I am convinced that this opens a direct path to degradation and primitivism, resulting in a profound demographic and moral crisis.

      Ordinary Americans know what he means. They are forced to accept blasphemous films about Jesus Christ and shameless newspaper caricatures of the Virgin Mary, but if one of them calls a homosexual a pervert, he has committed a hate crime.

      America is a country without an honest media. A country without an honest judiciary. Without an honest government. Without an honest legislature. Without honest schools and universities. A country whose morals are confused by propaganda. A country whose elites believe that they are entitled to all the income and wealth and that normal American people are the “deplorables,” to use Hillary’s term for ordinary Americans.

      There is an active campaign afoot to bring down all Anglo Saxon countries with Christianity as its heritage, by this perverse Satanic cult of elite. In Europe, it has already metastasised to Stage IV with the doctors delaying Brexit chemo treatment.

      1. To György…

        Thanks for the great quote (from Putin) that succinctly expresses the fatigue many white Americans feel after so many years of having identity politics and political correctness shoved down their throats by the Jewish elite.

        I voted for mob boss and excrement extraordinaire Jacob Rothschild. Hillary and Donald are just his footmen. (Yawn.)

        Though I am left-leaning, the arrogant ignorance of so-called “Progressive” elitists has grown over the years nauseating. Anyone who disagrees with these Jews and their shabbos goyim are judged to be reactionary knuckle-draggers.

        Jews have all the power in the West and Putin sees that. He has his own Jewish oligarchs to contend with.

  8. It appears that Andre Vltchek is listening vey intently to the ones who paid him for writing and directing this film for UNESCO… the United Nations:



    Written and directed by Andre Vltchek

    Edited by Takeshi Hata

    Produced – PAID – by UNESCO and Asia Africa Kappa Productions

    UN Agenda-21 with its Smart Growth and Sustainable Development, is wiggling forward… largely unnoticed.

    AIDS is used for the Problem-Reaction-Solution schemes of UNESCO.

  9. People voted for Trump for various reasons:

    1. Clinton is a proven liar, a warmonger and a psychopath, who has the interests of the globalist bankers at heart and not the American people she’s supposed to represent. People certainly feared Clinton’s highly likely, war with Russia and China.

    2. Eight years of Obama and the worst president the USA has ever had, America decided enough was enough as they couldn’t bear 4 years more of Democratic lunacy.

    3. Trump told it straight and poked two fingers in the eyes of political correctness. He upset all of those, currently praying at the altar of thou must not offend and reminded Americans that they have a constitution, although merely a list of rights people already have as they’re born with them.

    4. Regardless what your views, Islam IS a problem in the west and Trump’s promise to get tough on Muslim immigration into the US, rang true with the majority of voters. While the left wants to cosy up alongside the Muslim brotherhoods, creating a mad alliance with a cult, that completely opposes every tenet of theirs, there were at least many Americans, who see Islam as a huge threat to their freedoms. It’s just a pity that this election hasn’t really opened up the Jewish problem too.

    5. Trump is a protectionist and the only real way forward for any country in my opinion. I see no point in buying produce from other countries that you can grow/make in your own land. All it does is help the people of other countries, while your own join the dole queue. Charity, as they say, begins at home. Trump told a Ford representative in Wisconsin (I believe) that if they took their factory to Mexico, if he becomes president, he’ll slap a 35% tariff on their exports. This told the people that Trump cared about them, not about the business owners.

    Now, while I don’t trust politicians and the system, Trump is no politician. He has certainly made lots of promises during his campaign, but if he holds on to them, inputs them into American society and manages to ‘dodge the sniper’ then we will very possibly see one of America’s greatest presidents.

  10. What a funny man. I do find most international (and local small city Canadian) opinions on Trump to be difficult to deal with. Not because I adore the man, which I most certainly do not, but because I am a realist with a simple basic world view free of political correctness and see him to be a refreshing change to the same old same old once you have studied the methods used by the DNC until so recently.

    They voted Trump because Clinton signed in NAFTA and his wife cheered him on. Then their lives began to deteriorate financially. The hope of some improvement sure beat “We are going to put all the miners out of work” from the opposition.

    They voted for the man who has a proven track record, however debatable, of the type of success most people dream of. They voted for that proven success in finances, after all look what Obama and Clinton have done over the past terms.

    They voted against Clinton and guaranteed WW3 before Christmas. They voted for some return to sanity in a mad world. Or what they conceive will help. The people are tired of war, of losing their children to causes that mean so much less to them today. They remember their lost sons and daughters and do not wish to lose more children and grandchildren.

    There are as many reasons as there are voters. Is it really so hard to understand? Given a weapon with a full chamber or one with a half chamber, which would you prefer to play roulette with?

    1. “Given a weapon with a full chamber or one with a half chamber, which would you prefer to play roulette with?”

      Could you please rephrase your Hobson’s choice as a statement?

  11. “My friends and comrades all over the world are poking jokes at the US political establishment, or trembling in anticipation of something terrible, even apocalyptic.”

    (aka) Mr. Vltchek is ‘very superstitious’
    Pat would say he’s guessing.

    “When you believe in things you don’t understand,
    then you suffer.
    Superstition ain’t the way”
    (Stevie Wonder)

  12. “Am I desperate for some precise analyses, for exact numbers, for revealing facts? Am I yearning for one brilliant study, for a report? Do I want to hear from someone why on earth did the American people elect someone like him, like Donald Trump?”

    If this man has to continually ask why people elected Trump, then he really is a bit dim isn’t he?

    There is much that people, not just in the USA, but throughout the west are sick of. They are tired of being told what to do, when it goes against their very being. I remember Arch, quite correctly stating in a previous reply, that why on earth was Clinton still running for president with all the baggage she has, that should have her residing in a prison cell. Even if we just take Clinton and her lies, that’s one good reason to vote for Trump. Add to that her relations with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein of the Lolita Express and the island of depravity, that came out of Wikileaks of late, then anyone who DIDN’T vote for Trump clearly condoned the sick, degenerate activities of Clinton. Let us not forget, that many did and this is what I find worrying about the USA.

    Is Trump a racist? He wants to build a wall between Mexico and the USA to stop illegal immigration, in order to save jobs for America’s working classes and people are calling him racist for that? He wants America to be able to control its borders and they denigrate him for it? He wants to limit Muslim immigration into the USA, when anyone who has been following what’s going on in Sweden, Germany , France and other European nations, will see that ISIS terrorists ARE piling in, which means only trouble in the very near future. And they call him racist because of that?

    And they called him a sexist because he likes to fraternize with pretty women? What hot blooded male doesn’t? And what of Bill Clinton, being kicked out of Oxford for rape? We never heard of that when he was running did we? The democrats remained incredibly silent?

    I think Americans had enough. They were sick of the utter lunacy of the left. They were tired of the growing power of the LGBT minority and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Black Lives Matter, racist organization certainly opened up a few eyes.

    I do hope that Trump won’t renege on his promises.

  13. People looking to national leaders as the “saviors” that will win the day and get the world out of it’s mess are what I’ll call the “Charlie Browns”, “This time I”m gonna kick that football!”

    while the reality is more in the hands of Lucy Van Pelt – the one holding the ball


      Did the voting cattle elect Strumpf? That’s the question.

      Electronic voting fraud is behind Trumps jump in the Oval Office.

      Mark Crispin Miller (New York Univ.), Steven F. Freeman (Pennsylvania Univ.) and investigative reporter / filmer(The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) Greg Palast, no real fans of Hillary C., are convinced the elections are (again) manipulated.


      …..Harvey Wasserman expert from Ohio: They are stripping rhe voter rolls. In 2004, they stripped 300,000 people- Blacks and Latinos- from the voter rolls here in the urban areas. Bush only won by less than 120 [thousand]. He is confirming the claims of Palast.
      …..We watched it, totally, right up close and personal. We did the accounting. I work with a political scientist named Bob Fitrakis. We’re about to come out with another book, The Strip & Flip of the 2016 Selection.
      …..And this year, about 80 percent of the vote nationally will be cast on electronic voting machines. There is no verifiability. In six key swing states—Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Arizona—you have Republican governors and Republican secretaries of state, and no method of verifying the electronic vote count….

      At midnight or whenever it is on election night, those two guys can go in there with an IT person and flip the outcome of an electronically counted vote within about 60 seconds. So all this millions and millions of dollars, people out campaigning and so on, can be negated by an electronic vote flip late at night on election night, and there is no way to verify what’s happened……

      Sad but true the democracy of any ‘free first’ world can easily be and is easily rigged by the Crazy Demons, the j’s, whose only aim is to create chaos in so many ways among the goyim before leading the voting cattle to the slaughterhouse.

  14. Too late.

    BERNIE SANDERS reminding TRUMP, that he is supposed to “Drain the Swamp”, NOT FILL IT : http://www.thedailysheeple.com/bernie-sanders-to-trump-you-promised-to-drain-the-swamp-not-fill-it-up-now-do-it_112016 And from Rand Paul: http://www.infowars.com/rand-paul-warns-trump-cabinet-picks-are-unfit-for-government/

    I could be slightly wrong on this but that list appears to be ALL False JEWS, and Zionists for sure – Seems the NIGHTMARE is still continuing-been there done that!
    One day, SOON I hope, Americans are going to wake up to the FACT that the we are in one GIANT Worldly HEGELIAN DIALECTIC, which TRUMP is part of, knowingly or NOT and here is the major CLUE which shows we are already well into WW3 : http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/11/14/syrian-war-report-november-14-2016-govt-forces-to-relaunch-offensive-operations-inside-and-outside-aleppo/
    WE can’t ignore SOROS’ S part in this Dialect, with his mindless, dumbed-down demon Zombie Protestors showing up CONVENIENTLY at the “right” time.
    If you believe TRUMP will stop all of this, I have a Lakefront Cottage to sell you on the Moon
    REMEMBER what I have said so many times, for those who know me – UNTIL we MARCH on Washington and arrest ALL of those EVIL Zionist/Freemason Psychopaths in the UNITED STATES Government, ESPECIALLY the DUAL, ISRAELI /American Citizens including, ( of which there are over 150 ) & Trump selections, we will be completely ENSLAVED. After that. WE can let the rest of the World deal with London, Tel-Aviv and Rome
    For the SQUEAMISH among you, the ONLY other choice is SECESSION by one or more of the TRULY REPUBLICAN states…otherwise prepare for slavery and DE-POPULATION
    You are in Disney Land, (with CROCODILES), if you believe otherwise
    I hate to say it BUT I told Americans so –MANY times

    THEME SONG of Freemasons and ZIONISTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WTBkj8gFfI

  15. In the early debates when Trump was considered a huge joke, he spoke truth to power when he said vaccines cause autism. No one running for office had ever said that before. Political correctness had destroyed political discourse in our country. Big Pharma owns us, so to question them might get you killed. Welcome to the U.S.!

    I am amazed that this writer (apparently from somewhere else) is completely astonished Trump could have won. Hasn’t anyone out there noticed that the U.S. is a war machine going around smashing countries based on lies in order to steal their resources. Why would American tax payers support that indefinitely. Hasn’t anyone out there seen how utterly degraded the U.S. has become, how infiltrated our government is with a criminal class that become millionaires once they assume office. People voted against corporate fascism… is that so strange?

    I recommend this writer watch the documentary Clinton Cash. That’s why people voted for Trump.

    1. “Hasn’t anyone out there noticed that the U.S. is a war machine going around smashing countries based on lies in order to steal their resources. Why would American tax payers support that indefinitely.”

      A Clinton victory would most certainly have taken America into a war with Russia and China. I think it was more about body bags Kapoore, to tax dollars quite frankly and the high likelihood that America would have been attacked. A war with Russia, would have been unlike anything they’ve witnessed. Not since the American Civil War has there been war in America.

      1. most certainly, Harb?

        Who the hell really knows? Have you considered all my POSSIBLE scenarios?

        There are a myriad of them

      2. Brownhawk,

        It most certainly is a moot point, that’s for sure.
        I truly do believe that Clinton would have launched an attack on Russians in Syria or pushed for Nato to encroach even further towards Russia’s borders. Why? The plan for world government isn’t moving fast enough and the mad Clinton, would have fulfilled her promises as the puppet she is.
        It’s all just speculation, as you know, but regardless, someone here will have hit the nail on the head.

      3. Harb –

        China is NO military threat to anyone other than monks in Tibet.

        As a bottom-tiered armed forces compared to the West, China would not be able to survive in combat on Western soil proven by Sudan’s ‘elite combat units’ with bottle-rockets on bicycles and dune-buggies kicking their butts over oil. 🙂

        China’s first combat casualties in decades Sudan as “Chinese peacekeeping force” is not finding much peace….. but plenty of CASKETS..!!

        China Discovers the Price of Global Power: Soldiers Returning in Caskets
        President Xi Jinping’s quest to make his nation a military player on the world stage provokes soul-searching as the country absorbs its first combat casualties in decades..!!!


        Update from a UNITED NATIONS COMPOUND in South Sudan:
        A firefight between government forces and rebels had erupted in the capital, Juba, and threatened to engulf the camp where the Chinese peacekeeping force was standing guard.

        Second Thoughts…..
        President Xi Jinping wants to make his nation a military player on the world stage. But China’s first combat deaths in decades have prompted – SOUL-SEARCHING – in a country that until recently had practiced non-intervention in the affairs of others.

      4. Harb

        If they’re behind in schedule, then why was it planned for Trump to be their guy? Unless you don’t subscribe to that theory

        I’m certain that Trump means well. His intentions are good. But we all know about the road they pave

        Putin is crossing his fingers…warily

      5. Pat,

        China is still the 3rd largest military power in the world, behind the US and Russia. It would not be a pushover to America in the least, as Iraq and Afghanistan was, the initial attacks that is, although they’ve left it in a mess (as they planned on doing).
        If China, sided with Russia, then America would have a big problem on its hands. Sure, no doubt European and other nations would be involved as well, but this would be a 3rd world war without a doubt.
        It’s peacekeeping may not be going so well, but that’s peacekeeping. Warring and peacekeeping are two different things.

      6. Brown,

        Trump being an independent and not a politician, although a businessman, may very well be the enigma that America needs. We can only wait and see what he does. Putin thinks he can work with him. He’s asked him to ask Nato to move away from his borders. China, on the other hand isn’t very happy about Trump imposing tariffs on Chinese exports. which quite frankly should have happened from day one to increase growth.
        What I do see in Trump is a protectionist, which can only spell good new for Americans. If he is honest and won’t renege on pre election promises, then it might be worth buying quite a few of those $1 houses going for sale in Detroit, that is of course if Soros is arrested before he can start a race war.

      7. Harb –

        I wasn’t mentioning the US attacking China whatsoever. Rothscild and Morgan are doing that.

        I was mentioning that China cannot support attacking the US… or any other country in the West. Their ‘allowances’ would be taken away…. by Uncle Sam. 🙂

        China is a ‘Paper Panda’ to match Russia… the ‘Paper Bear’ when it comes to the West.

        Hell, they both get planes and military equipment from Israel…. that is the US by proxy…

      8. My concern is that Trump will continue to be baited in believing that Iran poses the major danger in the ME, and will end up doing their bidding.

        As for China, I wouldn’t necessarily see them as being allied with Russia. They could very well prove to be a trojan horse gone over to the dark side, the ancient wisdom of their culture notwithstanding, it’s the present Chinese leadership I don’t trust in REFLECTING that wisdom

        It could be that that the wisdom and beneficence it represents may not come to the forefront until AFTER the dust of kali yuga has settled

      9. Harbinger, Trump is a politician now. A real quick study who went from Zero to President in one year.
        Rookie of the year!

      10. China Discovers the Price of Global Power: Soldiers Returning in Caskets

        is (((valuable info))), for which there is shorthand way of writing: disinfo.
        just as “Canada 😀 Discovers the Price of Global Power: Soldiers Returning in Caskets” could have been written by the same outlet of steadfast truth, never a word of propaganda, WSJ, after jew murdered Canuck peacekeepers on multiple occasions in south lebanon and Harper forbade the slain corporal’s wife from speaking out on the subject.
        Jew has long ago made it his favored hobby to target and kill peacekeepers, starting with king David hotel in Jerusalem and this is no different at all.
        South sudan, for those that don’t know, is a Jew outpost, filled with illicit weaponry that israel has nowhere to park, having got it as gift from shabbo slaves like germany and usa, so forget about “bottle-rockets on bicycles”, this is in the same league as “tiny helpless Israel against mighty arab forces like david vs Goliath” that we all grew up on.
        Just another case of vacationing Mossad murder and mayhem, that’s all, Benghazi relocated a bit further south and east.

        The fact that the for all purposes unarmed chinese peacekeepers, without rules of engagement were targeted is the only fact you should be paying attention to, the only story of note.
        Postcard from israel, “Jew hearts China”.
        Of course that WSJ would spin it the way boss Baphomet desires.

      11. Pat,

        “As a bottom-tiered armed forces compared to the West, China would not be able to survive in combat on Western soil proven by Sudan’s ‘elite combat units’ with bottle-rockets on bicycles and dune-buggies kicking their butts over oil. ?”

        Yeah, just like the the glorious heroic US army was kicked out fast by a bunch of baboons in Somalia, haha. The glorious US army better sticks to heroic ‘wars’ like against Grenada for its own safety. Anything else always requires a huge supply of bodybags as is proven time after time again.

      12. 1138 –

        You are exactly correct..!!!

        Everyone claims US is the biggest and baddest military. And Russia and China are close seconds.

        Since the US falters in military the seconds – Russia and China – will as well.

        All major wars are paid for by Pharisee-Jew Bankers…. who determine – purchase – the outcomes..!! 🙂

    1. so typical of talmudic legalese:
      “he should act presidential, he needs to retract calling my clients liars”,
      “but that would mean admitting that he did sexually harass them, you do realize this”,
      “well, he needs to retract”
      and as with all the scribes pharisees hypocrite members of the august jew-bar, when on tv, they will invariably have these colonial style book cabinets lined with tomes of meaningless pseudo-rabbinical verbiage behind them to emphasize how they are serious scholars and thinkers
      (Luke 11: 43: Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces),
      put 5 volumes of justice ruth bader ginzberg’s opinions on the left side of the scale of justice, gaddafi’s sodomy stick on the right, lights, camera, action, oprah book SALES!!!

    2. just look at the pious, phony obsequious way she ushers the client skank into the armchair like a quadriplegic, oh, she suffered so much, look at her downcast eyes, she trembles! she is about to burst in tears! her business suffered due to bullying (johns quitting on her)!

      (anyway, that is how much i was able to watch thru tears … had to quit at about 3 min, keyboard flooded)

  16. Count me among the confused.

    The wise men of the temple of skepticism/cynicism branch have been insisting that Trump is just the other side of the moneychangers’ coin, as per the Protocols and there is no way that he would ever do anything contrary to their wishes, being a “Yid” (yes, look it up in the comments) himself, fathered by the same rabbi as Putin.

    So, the steering wheel, the pedals and the gearstick are in safe hands, guaranteed.

    So why then is Jesse jackson demanding from Obama that he pardon Hillary upfront, before she was ever charged or indicted?
    Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton
    I mean, Trump would never in a million years dream of such a … a … what’s the word i’m searching for, oh yes

    It would be a monumental moral mistake to pursue the indictment of Hillary Clinton … Hillary Clinton has not been tried, but there are those who want to drag her for the next three years. It will not stop until they find a reason to put her in jail. That would be a travesty

    TRAVESTY! that’s the word, bless his black afro-american heart.

    we came, we saw, she was pardoned tee-hee-hee.

    i am sure there is an explanation for this seemingly paradoxical anxiety, much more reasonable than that Trump may actually give a go ahead for her indictment, such as selling Jesse Jackson buttons on college campuses, because y’know, the buttons were made in china and so on, all very reasonable.

      1. bag two for the price of one, hp, a Christmas stocking stuffer.
        Obama had better issue a double pardon before the inkwell runs dry …

  17. Overwhelming evidence suggests Mr. Trump was elected because of massive incompetence (primarily economic) and rampant corruption, hence the slogan borrowed from President Reagan “Drain the swamp”. There are underlying political factors as well. In Revolutionary Russia, after a series of “hits” (assassinations of ministers and Czars) and after the disaster of WW1 appeals were made to largely uneducated elements of Russian society in the name of “social justice”. Look what happened – the mass murder of 60 million by the latest tallies, the destruction of Christian schools, churches, while synagogues and jewish religious schools were not only untouched but expanded – for the chosen few. In a 2014 interview with the German newspaper “Bild” Mr. Soros stated: “I am going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We’ll (who is “we”, Mr. Soros?) put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate”. Hence, “Black Lives Matter”, the dying MSM and liberal (communist) Academia whipping up passions. The Bush crime family and the Clinton crime family are simply two wings of the same vulture. Many articles have appeared on this site showing the same type of “progressive modern liberal” destabilization in the EU and the horrors that go with it. One wonders why jewish Hungarian labor camp survivors aren’t demanding apologies (and remuneration) from “Judenrat” Soros, but corrupt German politicians are far easier prey, and of course further a certain agenda. At the very least, it would be nice if some of the millennials in US College campus “Cry rooms” when offered a cup of hot chocolate by their liberal jewish professors would throw it in their face and say “Sorry, I had to lash out at someone, but now I feel much better. May I have another cup?”

    1. Snopes.com claims there is no record of Mr. Soros making the above statements. He may as well have, his funding of BLM and many other “progressive” organizations in the EU and USA bent on destruction is well known.

      1. Thanks Lobro. I was unfamiliar with Snopes, but ran into the site (listed first on search results, like so many other dubious sites when you look for something that challenges the official narrative) when looking for the rest of the article.

  18. A lot of good explanations, here, for this moron, Vltchek, who wonders “why” Americans chose Trump over Killary. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Gilbert,
      at first i thought that he was just being satirical, reading empty clatter like this

      Overall there is a lot of noise. Everyone is speaking from the top of his or her lungs. Actually, people are shouting over each other. They want to be heard, desperately.
      While very few are LISTENING.
      Very few also appear to be reflecting on what is being said by the others, on what is truly happening, on what has happened.

      Despite millions of words and images assaulting our brains from all directions, I know that something is definitely missing, something important, and even something essential. It is not just my analytical mind that comprehends this; it is also my intuition.

      As a result, I want to smash those television sets in my vicinity, I want to throw newspapers into the garbage bin, and I want to go away, far away, from all my politicizing friends and COMRADES(sic- wtf??).

      But what is it that is being omitted in the official and even in the alternative narrative? What is it that I want to hear, longing to hear so much … longing with such force, even with such desperation?

      Spoken like a good listener, huh? “the best way to listen is to never stop talking” …

      No, not a moron, Gilbert, try to think of a more appropriate name for him – hint
      ‘Bastards!’…Andre Vltchek Pens Hate-Filled Screed Against Christianity

      Andre Vltchek, a writer whose commentaries appear on a number of sites including RT and Telesur, has published a vitriolic screed against Christianity in which he refers to Christians as “bastards” and accuses the faith of spreading a “monstrous dogma.”

      The article was posted CHRISTMAS DAY under the title “The Barbarity of Christianity and the West” at the Dissident Voice, a site touting itself as “a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice.”

      Money quote:

      At one point in the article he even seems to advocate violence against Christians:

      How to neutralize them? How to get rid of them? During and after their revolutions, the French and then the Russians used to hang them on streetlamps. It is not done like this, anymore.

      So tragic that his Comrades have lost the gumption, the old time fire in the belly.

      Moron? No, demon successor of Judas.

      (and yes Pat, I did see the reference to RT, sounds like an ongoing, serpentine takeover, what do you expect from Larry King, going the way of al-Jazeera)

      1. During and after their revolutions, the FRENCH and then the RUSSIANS used to hang them on streetlamps.

        got that? the French and the Russians massacred Christians and their priests, 66 million plus of them.
        meanwhile the jews were just going quietly about their business, the people who dwell alone, ie, not bothering anyone, if you are a good listener and listen to vltlmtl.

      2. Jews quetly going about their business while the French and the Russians massacred millions of Russians??????

        I am surprised to see you write that, or have I missed the irony.

        It was the Jews who were organizing and leading the massacre.

      3. @ John Kirby

        Yes, you have missed the irony. Lobro is saying the very opposite of what you think he said. It amazes me how irony-deficient you Americans are! 🙂

        That is why I would advise Ariadna to make less heavy use of irony. Irony only works when your readers have a sophisticated sense of humor and know you are pulling their legs. It falls flat with irony-deficient readers who take you literally.

      4. Silent Reader –

        Irony is used as an excuse to claim being right when wrong and wrong when right. Have it both ways. Waffling.

        We Americans understand that irony is a Pharisee-Jew trick…. used a lot in Hollywood..!!

        That which I just wrote is not intended as irony. 🙂

      5. Silent Reader 🙂
        irony deficiency can result in stunted personal growth.
        there must be a vegetable that is irony rich, I would recommend increased intake of cactus.

        please no offense Mr Kirby but I just had to help myself to your share of laughter, precious commodity that should never go to waste, think of all the starving Somalis, ever seen one laugh?

      6. Pat, according to your formula, Mark Twain should have been executed for treason.
        Maybe he was … i am american history deficient.

        But of course, the most watched comedy show ever in the States was Seinfeld, the upper limit of the comprehension of humor, delivered by the master race, pretty much in line with what “We Americans” understand .

      7. Lobro –

        Treason..?? How??? There was no declared war by Congress at that time. Your irony is misplaced – fails – there… lack of knowledge of treason. Not even sedition applies. 🙂

        You must have missed this:

        “We Americans understand that irony is a Pharisee-Jew trick…. used a lot in Hollywood..!!”

        That includes Seinfeld… 🙂

        I know irony fits your style… ‘waffling’…. but not mine.

      8. It’s hard to see how irony can be “waffling”. The greatest satirist in the English language, Jonathan Swift, made constant use of irony. And Ariadna makes constant use of it here … and I don’t see her as “waffling”.

        Irony is an effective way of making points.

        During the potato famine in Ireland, Jonathan Swift suggested — IRONICALLY! — that if the Irish were short of potatoes, they could always eat their own babies.

        Most people in England found this amusing but not the irony-deficient Americans. They thought Swift was being serious and threw up their hands in horror. And Pat actually accused Swift of “waffling”. 🙂

      9. Pat, it’s time for another list, please. One spelling out any ironic happenstances which aren’t Pharisee-Jew tricks.
        I await your verdict, half a matchbook cover at the ready!

      10. Hi Silent Reader,
        I am English, but fair comment. I should have spotted it. Having read it again it does look non-ironic in isolation.

        In fact the French and Russian Revolutionaries did massacre plenty of Christians, because the revolutionary leaders were mainly Jews, who did not sit at home.

  19. the alt-lgbt media now even has dedicated sports writers, which is like field&stream having a regular ballet column, “12-gauge on the Swan’s Lake”.
    and the focus is on Donald Trump takes break from uniting America to meet with serial domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather, subtitled: “You are the company you keep.”
    The contributor, Lindsay Gibbs is of the oblate spheroid ethnicity, by the looks of the image.
    Well, it so happens that Mayweather is the most intelligent athlete ever to step in the ring by far, and that includes Cassius Clay and Oscar de la Hoya, widely hated and reviled for being outspoken after he beat the system 100%, perfect record, never took a serious punch, made half a billion dollars without a single corporate sponsor.
    His biggest enemy in business is Bob Arum the Jew Godfather bloodsucker promoter (what else is new in the world of pro sports) who exploits these barely literate athletes like cattle, then trashes them in garburator when used up and punch drunk from punishment.
    Yes, one bright winner and establishment outsider meets another.
    This whole Trump saga is acquiring ever sharper focus, with each Frankfurt School proclamation of outrage and damnation.

  20. Interesting seeing the (US) media so virulently anti-Russia. They deliberately supress the fact that The Ukraine was subjected to a US organized coup d’etat, and the true President fled to Russia. They do not mention the fact that the four leading figures were Jews, Poroshenko (President), Yatsonek (Prime Minister), Kolomosky (Govenor of Donetsk) and last but not least Victoria Nuland (US assistant Secretary of State, wife of Robert Kagan, a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist Neocon, co-author of PNAC).

    The US media will have war if they can. Mr Trump seems an oddball to me but if he is anti-war he deserves our support.

    1. Just read that Mr Trump has appointed his Jewish son-in-law , Jared Kushner, as head of his transition team. That does not sound good. A pro-Israel administration is unlikely to walk away from the regional conflicts

  21. Trump stated that the “election is rigged… fixed…”

    I believed that. So did all the ones for Trump.

    Now that Trump won…. everyone acts like the election was NOT fixed..!!

    IT WAS RIGGED by the same people…. who rig it every time..!!

    And those hailing Trump’ victory – WIN(sic) – are the very same ones claiming everyone other than themselves are victims of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE..!!! LOL..!!! 🙂

    1. Just like there are SOME who cannot abide a simple, forthright success – and can only live life as if subject to GIANT CONSPIRACIES… The Trump victory is a REPRIEVE from the prospect of some Satanic bitch residing in our White House. Why breed discord when it is possible to enjoy relief??!

      1. Gil –

        “Why breed discord when it is possible to enjoy relief??!”

        Stating facts is considered discord only by the ones fearful of being brought down.

        That trick is used by Pharisee-Jews and lawyers and office-holders to insist that FACT-speakers should sit down and shut up…. especially at COMMITTEE meetings..!!

        They will claim, “You are so disruptive..!! We want it peaceful here. Mr Chairman, let’s cut off any more comments and vote now, before it gets out of hand.”

        Those are Delphi Techniques, developed by Rand Corp and CIA in 1955 or so.

        Delphi Method | RAND

        RAND developed the Delphi method in … psychosis treatment services via a Delphi group consensus method.

      2. Yes, true to a great extent, Pat, but I can resent having my cornflakes always pissed-in when enjoying the flavor, can’t I?? Sometimes, we can send a “thank you” to our handlers and maybe enjoy a good treat, again, can’t we? From your point-of-view, we’re hopelessly relegated to confinement in the kennel of our Keepers – so why not wag our tails, sometimes, and show appreciation for a tasty bone?? (Maybe they’ll throw us another!) 🙂

      3. Gil –

        The cornflakes are from GMO corn….
        …. so toss the whole thing out..!!! Piss and all.. 🙂

        They did that in Pennsylvania:

        The Delphi Technique~~Successfully Used In Moon Area School District

        (Moon Township, Pennsylvania.)

        Submitted by Just Jenni on October 8, 2010 – 4:35pm.

        —The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated!—

        More and more, citizens are being invited to “participate” in various forms of committees, meetings, councils, or boards to “help determine” public policy in one field or another. They are supposedly being included to get ”input” from the public to help officials make final decisions on taxes, education, community growth or whatever the particular subject matter might be.

        Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, surface appearances are often deceiving.

        You, Mr. or Mrs. Citizen, decide to take part in one of these meetings.

        Generally, you will find that there is already someone designated to lead or “facilitate” the committee and or meetings. Supposedly, the job of the facilitator is to be a neutral, non-directing helper to see that the meeting flows smoothly

        Actually, he or she is there for exactly the opposite reason: to see that the conclusions reached during the meeting are in accord with a plan already decided upon by those who called the meeting.

        The process used to “facilitate” the meeting is called the Delphi Technique. This Delphi Technique was developed by the RAND Corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense back in the 1950s. It was originally intended for use as a psychological weapon during the cold war.

      4. So why have any goddam ‘meetings’ or ‘associations’ at all, Pat?? It’s just a lot of bother, and there’s always some naysayer to point out the futility of it (like some we know 🙂 ). In fact, let Trump and his handlers tend to it – as long as I’m happily ignorant and well-fed, who gives-a-fuck??!

      5. Gil –

        “So why have any goddam ‘meetings’ or ‘associations’ at all, Pat??”

        Start your own, locally. You become chairman and can control it….. and tell the ‘naysayers’ to shut up.

        Use Delphi on them..!!! In your favor… opposite of the local wallet crushing issues and politicians pushing programs like Sustainable Development and Agenda-21… 🙂

      6. You’re not ignorant, Gil. Neither am I, and nobody and nothing can steal my happiness

        Bottom line

  22. Why Did They Vote For Trump?

    There are many American commenters on this site. Here is a suggestion. Let each of them tell us who he/she voted for, and what was exactly his/her rationale for doing so. This way we could learn something real, and not just exercise in blowing gas mindlessly and endlessly.

    There is one problem with my suggestion, though. Americans – as a nation – are liars, phonies, and cowards. They will never tell you the truth. They will smile at your face, but you can never be sure what they really think of you … or any subject of importance for that matter. That’s what I hated most about Americans for those 20 years of living in “the land of the flea and the home of the knave”, that is their insincerity and their phoniness. They are pigmies incapable of godly action, period. Money, money, money … nothing but money in their absolutely shallow minds. No true love in their soulless bodies. No offence, but most of them are Pats today, if I may put it in one word.

    No doubt, once there was a different America, and there were different Americans. Perhaps, there are still a few good Americans left but do they really matter anymore? Where is the America, we used to love; what happened to those Americans? Can the toothpaste be forced back into the tube?

    You tell me. I will listen.

    1. Circ –

      “No offense”…. ?? That’s a lie….. as usual… You want to offend..!!

      You know I am not registered to vote. I told you that already. I don’t belong to that religion. 🙂

      1. Pat,

        If you are offended, please feel free to give ADMIN an ultimatum: “Either me or Circassian”, like Lobro did.

        As of “You know I am not registered to vote. I told you that already. I don’t belong to that religion.”

        If you are not registered to vote, does that mean that you cannot register and vote? Do you have an idea how many Americans were not registered to vote, and yet pulled their asses from the couch, registered, and voted for Trump. But you didn’t, did you? I know, you already told me: “I don’t belong to that religion.” I guess you belong to a religion, which is higher than that to which belong those “deplorables”.

        Let me tell you a story, brother. The first time I have ever voted in my entire life – on any level – was in 2012, when I turned 55. And that was in Houston. Can you guess what election was that? And who I voted for?

      2. Circ –

        I am not offended…. as you were attempting to do.

        I never asked for you to be kicked off here. You were very, very funny to me.. 🙂


        Voter registration changed your citizenship from a free man to a United States Citizen.

        No one has ever been a US citizen BY LAW of STATUTE. But when they register to vote they are, AND, by Presumption ONLY on the part of the corporation.
        All law is based on Presumption.
        All courts are private.
        All agencies are Private corporations.

        They are listed and assigned Private Business Code Numbers:

        NAICS Codes – census.gov
        North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

        922110 Traffic courts
        922110 Circuit courts
        922110 City or county courts
        922110 Courts of law, civilian (except American Indian or Alaska Native)
        922110 Courts, civilian (except American Indian or Alaska Native)
        922110 Courts, small claims
        922110 Sheriffs’ offices, court functions only
        922110 Administrative courts
        922120 Sheriffs’ offices (except court functions only)
        928110 Courts, military

      3. That was an excellent reply to Circ, Pat, and allow me to amend it slightly:

        “voter registration changed you from simply being a free man to a United States citizen”

        How does that sound? Do you think Circassian gets it?

    2. Circassian,

      Please remember you are a banned poster. Which means in principle that any poster here whom you insult needlessly is free to request the deletion of your comment and give us an ultimatum: “Either me or Circassian.”

      The reason we banned you in the first place was because too many of our best posters had insisted on your removal on the grounds that you were a deeply disruptive element.

    3. I like Circassian’s provocative manner. I will tell him, if he wants to “listen”…
      Americans like myself voted for Trump because we feared the alternative, more than any other reason. Yes, through my skepticism, I observed his seeming tendency to be swayed by earnest pragmatism and diplomacy, contrary to the brashness for which the MSM loved to accuse him. He is full of pleasant surprises (and I know this BECAUSE of my OWN tendency to harshness and quick decisions!). Knee-jerk reactions are seldom productive – but the tendency is something we older Americans see the need to control because we seem prone to it. Somewhere during my 58 years, I think I have learned not to charge windmills with jousting poles. Don Quixote lances with futility, although he is an admirable character among us ‘mercans. Does that satisfy your curiosity, Circassian?

      1. Does that satisfy your curiosity, Circassian?

        Yes, it does. And I like what I am hearing from you. Thank you.

    4. Circassian on November 18, 2016 at 3:13 pm: Why Did They Vote For Trump? There are many American commenters on this site.

      Overall, I gather there is a broad spectrum of posters herein, not necessarily a majority representation of a particular country or vantage point thereof. It was unnecessary to express community opinions as an “exercise in blowing gas mindlessly and endlessly”.

      People are people, and it was also unnecessary to classify any US posters as,

      “a nation – are liars, phonies, and cowards”
      “the land of the flea and the home of the knave”
      pigmies incapable of godly action, period”
      nothing but money in their absolutely shallow minds”
      “No true love in their soulless bodies”
      “most of them are Pats today”

      So, you expect a different America? Rather, where is the different Circassian, who, instead of expressing Poo-Pourri spritzed vocabulary would express his or her honest opinion without castigating the community with shameful retorts?

      Thus, it is not hard to conceive that no matter what one posted, you above all, would never be a listener.

      1. Gyorgy –

        Circ is sharp… no slouch at all. I never asked for his dismissal. He sources good positive info about Putin…. and I always use it against him. I disgust him.. 🙂

        Circ is correct….. 44% US:

        Visitors by Country


        Has 201,600 – good global ranking.


        Country – Percent of Visitors – Rank in country

        United States – 44.0% – 63,470(very good rank in country)
        United Kingdom – 6.5% – 103,370

        Germany – 5.6% – 131,855
        Australia – 3.0% – 78,988
        Canada – 2.7% – 123,978

      2. Pat on November 18, 2016 at 5:18 pm: Circ is correct….. 44% US: Visitors by Country

        I see. 😉 So, IP address request hits (discounting search engine bots) establish direct correspondence with commenter post distribution? I am reminded of:

        Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” – Mark Twain

        You’re getting there Pat, but it doesn’t hurt to try harder. 😀

      3. Gyorgy –

        Mark Twain had no drones to fly. He never set foot on a 747 either. His death is no longer exaggerated rumors.

        I have told everyone that the internet is the biggest info-tracing and people-tracking tool in history…. New paradigms. 20th century rules do not apply. They know you… and me…. and our habits. They know Somalians with cell-phones too..

        Catch up young man..!! 🙂

    5. I am English but spend half the time in America, in beautiful Washington State. Most of the people I know are big Trump supporters. They think he is a bit strange, but he has had amazing courage and fortitude. As much as anything else his supporters voted against the elites, particularly the media and entertainment stars. I reckon Madonna’s support alone cost Hillary a million votes

      1. “I reckon Madonna’s support alone cost Hillary a million votes.”
        I think Bill Clinton agrees with this in the solitude of his intimate feelings.

      2. well, a few days ago after a riverside breakfast, i ran across a solitary guy 58-68 years of age, couple of backpacks on th ground waiting for a tuktuk (motorized rickshaw used for taxi in Indochina).
        We fell into a conversation, he said that he was from Washington state, Trump frightened wits out of him and that he was in no hurry to get back stateside, if ever, the country was going too weird for him.
        Added that he liked Pac NW because it was so different from the rest.
        i suggested that there are secessionist grumbles, whereupon he answered that yes but those were the “white supremacists”, just like in wyoming and idaho … yes, by that time i was pretty sure that he was one of those “secular” Jews, either a retired physician or prof, rather goyish looking, you know the type.
        Confirmed after he found out that i was from toronto, where he lived “long time ago” in the Yorkville district which at the time was a Haight-ashbury type place, and that he shared a girlfriend with Leonard cohen – bingo! So that would have been ~50 years ago and i guess he was closer to 70-75, still in pretty good shape.
        The point being that as a secular Jew, he was profoundly frightened of Trump and what he means for his kind.
        And i will always trust jew’s survival instincts, after all, given their numbers, distribution and insistence on pursuing evil goals in face of often widespread popular aversion, they managed quite well for over 2,000 years – i would say a miracle – for which they must thank that survival instinct.

        I have a good idea how to use the creature of eternal Lie as a priceless indicator of truth, tried to explain it numerous times to this forum but it seems like an exercise in futility, preaching to the willfully deaf.
        Yes, beethoven was deaf but not everyone deaf is a Beethoven.
        The Point? i would have thought it is obvious.
        Jew says, Trump is bad for Jews and is voting with his feet, he had no reason to put on a big show for my benefit, a canadian in Indochina, why bother unless he truly meant it.
        So even if i didn’t know a damn thing about trump, that would have told me 75% of the tale.

        but out comes that sound like glacier grinding its way down a mountainside: Hit-ler-was-a-Rot-schild-a-gent-so-was-Je-sus-and-so-is-Trump.

      Americans…we have our deficiencies, as do the current crop pf Europeans. I need not point them out, as our failings are similar to yours. you know full well what they are, if you be honest with yourself. We Whites are one people after all. My heritage is English/French/Spanish, Europe indeed, my homeland.
      Now, all that said – what is our common way forward?

  23. In Defense of Ironists
    @Lobro: You’re wrong: it’s not cactus, it’s spinach. In the English-Sarmatian dictionary I use (because English is not my native language) “irony” is listed not only as a noun but as an adjective as well, as follows (my translation):
    Irony (adj), rich in iron, term used to describe some ores and spinach. [No mention of cactus! Granted it is not indigenous in Sarmatia.]
    @Pat: Irony, sarcasm and sardonic wit (named after a prominent contributor to LD) are indeed obstacles to crisp and clear conveyance of information, the goal all communications strive for asymptotically but only military dispatches achieve. Such obfuscations — which they indeed represent — are used only by:
    (a) those afflicted with hemochromatosis
    (b) Pharisee Jews
    (c) wafflers.
    Since (a) and (b) are objectively ruled out in my case and I reject Pat’s (c) submission in the absence of supporting lists, I must conclude that my condition is idiopathic.
    @Silent Reader: I accept that leg pulling is ineffective when applied to peg legs, but given my intractable condition I have to resign myself to reaching a limited audience.

    1. you got me confused (ie, 🙂 🙁 😐 ) maybe because of my inadequate understanding of Sarmatian modalities.
      Is what you wrote intended as irony 🙂 or not irony 😐 ?
      tell you what, those emoticons must serve a deeper linguistic purpose, like the canned laughter on old shows, I love Lucy, All in the family, Chico and the Man, oh, ah, what knee slapping mirth was to be had back in those days of good natured joshing free of sneaky Pharisaic irony, as we sat on backwood porches and chewed on stems of hay.

      So let’s communicate with smileys, pictograms is where it all started and where it seems to be heading back to.
      The issue is this: Trump 🙂 or Trump 🙁 ?
      what is your opinion ariadna, which way would you vote if you weren’t sarmatian? (is it true that they breed giant hounds up there, relatives of werewolves?)

      1. Although Sarmatian I am a US citizen so I would have voted if I hadn’t taken an oath never to vote again after Bush fils and I would have voted for Trump if only because war with Russia seemed like a real possibility with the Nasty One but also for other reasons, mostly hopes.
        Giant hounds, yes. I was raised by them, hence some temperamental idiosyncrasy . But since I don’t live there now, I keep a capybara to blend in with the locals here.

      2. in addition to properly timed smileys, i suggest that anytime the punchline may be a source of confusion or irritable bowel syndrome, that it be laid bare naked for all to see and laugh in union, merrily or derisively as the occasion warrants.
        For example:
        Hitler may or may not have killed 6,000,000 Jews, but he really saved the History Channel.
        To wit (for him that has and a little tiny wit– With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,– Must make content with his fortunes fit, For the rain it raineth every day – Shakespeare was such a mean SOB, which is why he is banned in school curricula nowadays, he was against diversity and kumbaya):
        Well, you see, there is still some controversy around the question of Holocaust, how many did Hitler kill, was it 6 million, 2.5 million or zero million, were they jews, secular jews or Chabad but regardless of how many, it saved the day and the bottom line for the History Channel which would have trouble surviving otherwise – this is a joke, so go ahead laugh 😀 and laugh 😀 without that well known secret fear that you may be caught out if someone asks why you are laughing like a cretin
        In the last resort, if mercilessly pressed, you can always say i am laughing because Lobro said it’s ok … or “I am laughing but my heart is crying” for the poetically minded.

    1. Shannon suggested that people who support Trump should form their own country called “the United States of Moronic Fucking Assholes”

      we get a chance to vote again, Shannon or Bannon?
      I think it is a tactic to positively identify all the MFA’s (Moronic Fucking Assholes) and herd them into a corner because there is no way that a single MFA would ever vote for Hillary (hey Lasha, does it rhyme with “irony”?)
      Go Packers!

    1. Thanks, Poupon! I have great faith in you. Your next comment will go through automatically, unmonitored.

  24. At first just the WASPS meant humans,(Irish were black,Catholics were almost Jewish ) .After JFK, Catholics were rehabilitated and Irish, French, Italians,Poles appeared human.The Muslims` turn comes,including the blacks. So turning around one can find nobody of subhuman, besides Jews,who are clever enough for this. And Irish will not be black again! Not ridiculous.

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