Why I am not an Islamophobe

by Lasha Darkmoon

Islamophobia is unacceptable to me and to all associated with this website. I have already more than once explained my position on this point, but what I have said has been ignored, exposing me to many undeserved attacks. I will therefore repeat what I have already said in the hope that the message I am trying to convey will be understood.

I have been accused of being pro-Muslim as well as anti-Muslim, pro-White as well as anti-White. It is hard to see how I can be two opposites at the same time.

This is my position and the position of all those who work for this small family website:

We accept no donations and have already told all our readers, in our Website Policy Statement to send their future donations not to us but to a suitable Palestinian charity of their own choice. It is just not possible for us to do this and at the same time be “Islamophobic”.

We are not Islamophobes and we respect the true Islam, despite the bad things people say here about the Qur’an and the prophet Mohammed. We have many Muslim friends; and we know that they are sympathetic toward Christianity and that they venerate Jesus Christ and his holy Mother Mary. We have published many articles on this site by Muslims who are passionate about Palestine, and we will continue to do so. We are against the cruel Israeli occupation and the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people.

At the same time, much to the dismay of our Muslim friends who have failed to understand our position, we are against multiculturalism and the mass immigration of non-Whites into our White homelands. We are against the swamping of Europe and the US with economic migrants against the will and interests of the indigenous White inhabitants of Europe. We are against the slogan: AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE.  


We are against the White genocide currently being engineered by organized Jewry. (See Barbara Spectre quote).

Our roots lie in Christianity, which has nurtured us for the last 2000 years, and we are not going to give up our traditional values and be schooled in depravity by the Dreadful Few.

The next article we publish about the migrant problem in Europe, which is about serious sexual misconduct by migrants in German swimming pools, is likely to upset some of our readers. Especially our Muslim friends who will perhaps react violently to what they read here. They will question not only the authenticity of the events related in this article but our own motives for publishing this and similar articles about the migrant crisis in Europe. I apologise sincerely in advance for any offence inadvertently caused. The last thing I would wish to do is to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I would also like to emphasise that we cannot vouch for the 100 per cent accuracy of every article we publish on this website. Hindsight might indeed prove that we have published something that turns out later to be inaccurate and misleading. However, it is never our intention to mislead or dupe our readers into believing a lie.

Readers are welcome to make up their own minds about what they read here: either to accept or reject what is offered up to them. What they are not entitled to do on our website, however, is to abuse and vilify us, defame us and question our good intentions. That is NOT acceptable.

Any comments that put a contrary viewpoint, especially by Muslims concerned about the rising tide of Islamophobia, will be more than welcome on this website, provided the comments are polite and friendly. Good source references and links to back up any contrary claims would of course be helpful.

We are also willing to publish articles by Muslims putting the Muslim point of view, provided the same articles are professionally written and present an intellectually defensible point of view. Indeed, we have already published one such article only a few weeks ago: In Defense of True Islam — By a Muslim.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. “I would also like to emphasise[sic] that we cannot vouch for the 100 per cent accuracy of every article we publish on this website. Hindsight might indeed prove that we have published something that turns out later to be inaccurate and misleading. However, it is never our intention to mislead or dupe our readers into believing a lie.”

    And here we come to that crossroads where the path leads in several directions. It is a part of the [now forgotten]journalistic ethos that there never can be TOO MUCH fact-checking, backgrounding, or contextualizing of source material – a story only prints when an editor is confident enough to stake their reputation on it. Of course, that is an ideal standard – and it would be foolish to suppose that there haS been ANY era when media has been true to it at all times. But it is neither an unattainable, nor impractical one. There is an audience… for everything. Including highest standards of care and integrity. One chooses their audience, and tailors their standards of integrity to it.

    The story titled “Muslim migrants in Germany rape Russian child for 30 hours” has now been proven a work of fiction, created from the imagination of a girl whose mother calls her very troubled, and who apparently needed to coverup for a dalliance with some foreign men whom she choose to spend a night with. Prosecutors in Germany have been told by police investigators that the girl willingly admitted to the lie when they questioned her. Contrary to Lobro’s rushed apologia for this bizarre affair, far from being a story unique to the Guardian, it is now circulating throughout the mass media, including this piece – http://sputniknews.com/europe/20160129/1033925650/russian-girl-berlin.html – on Sputnik, a site very friendly to the Russian point of view.

    If seen in isolation, there would be a modest amount of concern in the onlooker’s mind – as to how a story which was dis-proven within less than a week of it’s alleged occurrence needed to ‘hit the wire’ before a suitable intervening period of waiting for confirmation or denial could have elapsed. But it is not in isolation that one needs view this story. It is indeed, the second one in less than three weeks for which a subsequent follow up has provided details needed to dismiss the story as – at best, a “spoof” – at worst, a distortion of fact. Which is an extremely “FRIENDLY” way of describing it – in line with the above stated ‘guideline’ – “provided the comments are polite and friendly.”

    In an equally friendly and impartial manner, I would like to suggest that the explanation provided above –

    “I would also like to emphasize[corrected] that we cannot vouch for the 100 per cent accuracy of every article we publish on this website. Hindsight might indeed prove that we have published something that turns out later to be inaccurate and misleading. However, it is never our intention to mislead or dupe our readers into believing a lie”

    is one inadequate to the standards of journalistic integrity that even today maintain some shred of general usage. In the event of a story being demonstrably incorrect, a publisher is generally in the practice of issuing a retraction – not as to stymie lawsuits or defamation, but simply to maintain the perception of integrity and confidence of it’s clientele. These two suspect stories presented in sequence here seem no different from such a scenario and the logical followup. If at this point the site owner’s feel that there is cause to further wait for more information they believe is forth coming – and will prove their original story to be other than an imaginative fiction that has caused extreme reaction against the Muslim community in Germany as a group…

    I would strongly urge them to say so. Or take the steps necessary to reassure the reader that they are indeed looking upon a website which believes the basic practices of journalism are worthy of respect. Failing that, it would make sense to publicly announce that it is the choice of the parties responsible for the site to simply take another path at this crossroads of conscience.

    1. The story … has now been proven a work of fiction. Prosecutors in Germany have been told by police investigators that the girl willingly admitted to the lie when they questioned her.

      How so? Why would we trust German police investigators who suddenly discover new proof that they were right all along … after the entire world was disgusted by their utter failure and the Russians started making serious hostile noises. Why would we trust anything that the authorities of the whore state of Germany had to say on the subject when we know very well how the German media works.

      Sputnik, a site very friendly to the Russian point of view.

      How so? Sputnik is Pat’s favorite site where he gets his proofs that Putin is an idiot working for the Jews.

      I find it hilariously funny when some monkey, who took the wrong path at the crossroads of conscience, is giving a lesson as the foremost expert on taking the right “path at this crossroads of conscience.”

      1. I gather that you wish to pose as an impartial observer here. There are some complications to your doing so. Let me enumerate some of them, so as to allow the onlooker to make up their own mind.

        Rather than speaking for ‘the whole world’ – an ambitious gambit, and certainly not outside of the mandate you choose to give yourself here – you might best speak for yourself, or whatever weight of opinion that you can verify in between those two poles.

        “German media” no differently than any other media which operates in the west subject to the whims of it’s sionist controllers, is a mixed bag of truth, distortion, and chosen memes which push the line desired by those who own that media. Dismissing or espousing this ‘story’ therefore is not something which can be done through the device of simply writing off that particular source – anymore than endorsement of the source(s) that originally embraced this dubious report will work to help your case.

        Dismissal of the Russian source reporting the revised story – by describing as a useful adjunct of a poster here who seems to generally exercise an admirable amount of judicious reasoning – is also a fail. Your personal enmity towards other people here is not material to the matter at hand.

        If you believe police investigators to be serious in error in their report, and the story to be true as originally reported, it would be wise of you to go there are make such investigations as could prove that so. Failing that – use your wide circle of contacts – and/or considerable influence in the affairs of the world – to find someone there who can.

        Finally, the usual fatal error to your attempt to gain some traction here as a credible party can be observed in your inevitable resort to attempted insult in place of a reasoned rebuttal of my pov. All in all, you have merely provided a template for the use of other commenters as how NOT to go about presenting a credible opinion on the subject of this thread.

        I remain,
        your most etc., etc.

    2. @ Ormanci

      “I would also like to emphasise [sic] that we cannot vouch for the 100 per cent accuracy of every article we publish on this website…..I would also like to emphasize [corrected] that we cannot vouch for the 100 per cent accuracy of every article we publish on this website.”

      “EMPHASISE” spelled with an “S” is the English spelling, dimwit! So it is TOTALLY correct! Lasha lives in England and uses English spelling much of the time, didn’t you know that?

      If I were you, Ormanci, I would concentrate on getting your OWN English correct! You still don’t know the difference between IT’S and ITS even though I’ve told you the difference SEVERAL times!!!!!!!!!!

      EMPHASISE = English spelling
      EMPHASIZE = American spelling

      1. Gamer Friend –

        Ormanci beez ok wid me. I got da clues.

        We all beez exspurts… round heah in rumours an guessez…
        ….. and rumors also..

        Laatin up dude..!! 🙂

        Pharisee-Jewz an lawyaahs are exactin in grammerz. Hmmm….


        Give us YOUR perfect grammer thoughts on the article of topic… “Why I am not an Islamophobe.”

      2. Pat,
        “Pharisee -Jewz an lawyaahs are exactin in grammerz” Indeed, Sir! Not only grammar, but actual meanings of words. I was once sitting an exam on Interpretation and General Clauses and one of the questions was: Define “and” “or” or “otherwise”. Luckily I knew the answer. “And” “or” or “otherwise” shall be construed disjunctively, and not conjunctively, unless the word like, or other word of similar meaning is used. As the old saying goes. “Bullshit baffles Brains”! So when Clinton was having his attempted impeachment problems, because of his dalliance with a fellatrix, and the press were mocking lawyers for their casuistic approach in defining words, they weren’t that far off the mark.

      3. Right then!
        Now that I am back – after a sound night’s sleep – let’s check and see if anyone -ANYBODY AT ALL – has been bold enough to take up my challenge to write something on this thread pertinent to my comment’s theme … as opposed to the mere venting of their spleen.

        Umm…. apparently not. Interesting. I see that the ultimate poseur has managed to weigh in with but more distraction about the minutiae of grammar – in his usual obtuse manner of failing to take the broadest of hints…. that my stage assistant is sufficiently recovered from her recent shock to have deemed it safe to return to her ‘nancy-luvin’ ways… and that those who have already demonstrated a complete inability to assemble even the most basic argument against my premise have chosen to merely reEMPHASIZE that sad truth by further public humiliation of themselves.

        All in all, not a bad catch for a night’s work. A collection of goals-in-own-net, and needles under own skin which has allowed the phonyRusyphone to move up into the middle rankings simply by showing up ready to play! 2 Boot, via this long and arduous route – we have now ELIMINATED the standard ploy here of invoking the “You must never ‘CRITICIZE’ DARKMOON’ sacred cow in order confuse and conceal the real nature of any debate. Let me EMPHASIZE for your benefits ladies and hermaphrodites …. we have now exhausted said pretext…. and are ready to move on to the main event here. Which will be a focus upon the APOLOGIA provided by the authoress.

        To avoid all pre-emptive knicker-knotting and undergarment soiling – of the kind which produces ‘stinks’ … I will close by providing the lunatic fringe of the literati here was a precise disclosure of the meaning of the words chosen to introduce this next phase – which clearly cannot be called a ‘debate’ since there is no one who has shown up able or ready to engage in one – to whit…

        A ‘CRITICAL ANALYSIS’ of the written content – which is a CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT with a body of writing – as opposed to petty personal CRITICISM – of the kind which the more emotionally distraught among us feel necessary to substitute for reasoned critique. A purely negative exercise in attempting to exorcise one’s demons via the device of projecting ones shadows onto an outside party.
        Yes, a ‘CRITICAL ANALYSIS’ of the APOLOGIA of the authoress… the same less cerebrally gifted persons to which my first explication is directed will also take note: an apologia is NOT an apology – in fact it usually functions as a replacement for one. It is a defense of one’s position – and one that the authoress is clearly asking to be subjected to critical exegesis when you read her wording with sufficient care.

        A task for which the talents I have been graced with are most admirably suited. I doubt that I will find much resistance from even the most obsessive of grammarians among us if I make the claim that we have all been blessed by our Creator with strengths and weaknesses …which in their totality make us who we are – and when properly utilized may even have the potential to make us become who we wish to be!
        As a ‘dimwit’ of sorts therefore, to the minutiae which concerns many of the other posters most, I have been allowed to suffer a weakness of most trifling consequence and in contrast, have been graced with an ability to understand those iterations of our written language which – when put together in sequential form to present an idea – are in need of the kind of the careful parsing that decreasingly few among us are any longer equipped to make.

        I am pleased therefore, to be able to comply with the wishes of our gracious hostess, in supplying such parsing to her apologia, in both the spirit and format which she has specifically requested such be done! Readers will note that since her gaggle of b-boys have had every opportunity to do exactly the same… yet frittered away that chance instead with mindless frivolities – they now have no standing in the main event which follows. They will therefore be ignored if attempting to provide further distraction, and left to watch in helpless envy and vituperation as someone equipped to do what they are not, rises to the requested level of articulation which the Darkmoon entity has signaled her desire for!

        I must however, wait for the rising of the sun, and the chance to recharge the batteries depleted in my preliminary responses of last night. In the interval… please do not hesitate to begin the gnashing of teeth and muttering in beards(howling a moons being an acceptable substitute for those of beardless persuasion here!)which inevitably follows the dawning recognition on the part of my most loyal stage props… of their having been once again hoisted pon petard… and allowed to make pubic spectacles of themselves whilst displayed there!

        your most humble,
        etc., etc.,

        1. @ Ormanci

          Ormanci, whatever his faults, is an original, a rara avis, or, as we say in English, a ‘rare bird’. He has been called “a tedious old bore” and “a pompous prat”. His bad grammar has also been held up to ridicule. This is unfair. Ormanci is an acquired taste. He is not so much an idiot as an idiot savant. I suspect he is borderline autistic.

          Like so many others on this site, Ormanci is incapable of writing a short post. In this he resembles Ellie K and TROJ. Both of them certified nutters. “Prolixity”, to use Grammar Fiend’s favorite word, is a mark of fanaticism. Most fanatics I know are incapable of opening their mouths, saying a few words, and then shutting up. When they open their mouths to speak, the words come pouring out in endless streams like a bad case of diarrhea/diarrhoea. This is Ormanci’s problem.

          I think Hitler had it too. When he opened his mouth to make a 2-minute announcement, dear old Adolf tended to go on for about two hours! His table talk was a nightmare. Ask Adolf to pass the salt and you could find yourself listening to a 2-hour rant about the salt mines in Siberia. Mein Gott, das ist unacceptable!

          Ormanci should take a leaf out of Adolf’s book and avoid “prolixity”, or long-windedness, the mark of all true fanatics.

      4. Now… where were we? Ahh… the core issue here is that of ethical journalism, the “duty of care” in the handling of information gleaned from sources known to be extremely partisan to a particular point of view, and the clear statement of a website’s policy in regards to those foregoing concerns… in order to give the reader a clear understanding of it’s guiding principles. The need for such disclosure having come up in the course of two separate incidents where a story relied upon sources of dubious veracity.

        Having put forward that notion, I supposed that those who might disagree with it would make their contrasting position known, by favoring us with a rational argument. However, several posters in sequential fashion thought it best to alert us to the fact that they were having trouble distinguishing between that means of discourse and the resort to petty personal attack. Since it is a key element of any forum’s continued success that contributors are aware that such attacks are an admission of incapacity to articulate a position, I offered three separate invitations to draw those posters back into the realm of debate. We have seen no evidence of said invitation being accepted, and therefore it is logical to suppose that my points as summarized have been ceded as irrefutable. Therefore we can move on with that established.

        Now we can go back and look at the apologia of the authoress, written it would appear, in reference to some event in the past – and, we are forewarned here, something which will happen in the immediate future. As an explanation for what has happened – we can take it at face value. The exposure of key difficulties with the reliability of previously used sources has provoked criticism of the site’s approach to handling news stories, and the motives of it’s operators. The writer seeks to clarify their position on this account. “I have been accused of being pro-Muslim as well as anti-Muslim, pro-White as well as anti-White. It is hard to see how I can be two opposites at the same time.” From what she writes elsewhere here, however, it is not hard to see really – she is, to paraphrase, pro-Muslims in their own countries, anti-Muslims in hers. “We are against the swamping of Europe and the US with economic migrants against the will and interests of the indigenous White inhabitants of Europe. Reasonable enough!”

        But what, is is also reasonable enough to ask, does this statement of concern have to do with “Muslims” directly? Of course, after offering my comment, I was hopeful that someone who is “Muslim” would register a comment to that effect, or any other aspect of the matter at hand – in a manner which would not simply play into the hands of those who like to make any such poster look silly. We see that this did not happen. And yet it is vital that such questions be asked here. So by default, I will have to take on that role. There are several things which qualify me for doing so. One is that I am completely impartial towards the group being termed “Muslims”. I neither favor the expansion of their population to other countries nor fear their coexistence with other cultures. I witness neither for – or against – “Muslims” here. Secondly, I live among Muslims, as a stranger to their culture, but with an openness to understanding it from first hand view. I have chosen deliberately to live among Muslims as a means of shielding myself from the deleterious consequences of living among westerners who are totally mind-manipulated by talmudist/kabbalist technique of psychic control. Because, while “Muslims” are certainly not free of being mind-manipulated by those from within their own culture, this is a much easier thing to deal with – and insulate from – than the former situation. In addition, some parts of their remaining culture actually work to inhibit the kind of culture war which sionist operatives have wage with COMPLETE SUCCESS against the peoples of the Occidental world.

        All of which is to say, because I draw upon daily, first hand experience of what constitutes the thoughts and actions of those who self-identify as “Muslims” I have a considerable capacity to separate the factual from the fictional in the stories being offered on this site…. as well as the ability to counteract the efforts of “Muslims” who, in attempting to retort against the base accusations against their culture, bring mistaken arguments and distorted facts into play here. This is no small matter, as the dislocation of the now standard talmudist mind-control from one’s psyche gives to the escapee what I once termed – on one of the watering holes along the caravan route to clarity – “waking up from the spell we have been placed under we regain the freedom to think and act in accordance with our true nature.” Placing this article beyond all the false dichotomies employed will provide quite a different view of it’s meaning.

        Therefore, in the next segment of this multi-part critical analysis of the Darkmoon apologia we will look at several logical inconsistencies and misrepresentations which work against clarity and the lifting of concern about the true motives for these suspect stories being published. I will continue to do that in exact accord with the guidelines mentioned –

        “Any comments that put a contrary viewpoint, especially by Muslims concerned about the rising tide of Islamophobia, will be more than welcome on this website, provided the comments are polite and friendly” –

        and therefore expect to be completely free of attempted diversions on the part of sniveling exponents of malice and schadenfreude whose excessive envy towards others with a better ability to express themselves too often comes out here in the most pathetically self-incriminatory manner! As for those who wish to whine about style or length as per usual – instead of my standard alert to them of my complete indifference to their problem, I will this time explain that I consider the subject of this thread to be one critical to the continued function of the site, and therefore both worthy and needful of the expanded coverage I am giving to it.

      5. Right then, due to the continued startling absence of “Muslim” people willing to dig further into this, I will start by noting a curious anomaly. You will read the “Breitbart” pieces on the next thread, and then will probably be sure that you just read about “Muslims” gone nasty in European public places. Except – you did not! In fact what you read was a piece about ‘migrants’ – no where in the original (two) stories is the term “Muslim” included. But the authoress has apparently concluded that the two terms are synonymous, or that it make perfect sense to – when seeing the word ‘migrant’ add the word Muslim in front of it.

        Why does this matter? Well only because there is almost zero chance that any one here who has read those pieces is not now convinced that “Muslims did it.” We can assume that so – but we do not know it. But why would we wish to ‘assume’ it? I will draw upon my personal experience here. If you read that some ‘migrant’ people – men & women in this case – were carousing together in a Jacuzzi or pool and even exposing their genitals – it is extremely unlikely that you are reading about “Muslims.” They are very very uptight about body parts and exposure – men as well as women – and most M men I know would rather be bit by a dog than have their genitals be seen by someone else. For women, it’s just about the same as death! Now, if we can suppose that people who originated from… let’s just say for example, Syria, were the ones involved in this incident – it would probably be accurate to call them Syrians. It could not be assumed accurate to call them “Muslims.”

        I have already pointed out on another thread the great diversity of religious affiliations in that constitutionally secular country. But there’s something else…. those Syrian people could have been born into a “Muslim” household and not be practicing “Muslims” In fact, a great part of the people in “Muslim majority” countries I meet are non-practicing in all but a few formalities. Do you know anyone like that – born into a “Christian” family but not a practicing Christian? If you found out that this person had committed some foul deed subsequently, would your refer to them as “the Christian?”

        So what really gives here? Is imputation OK? Or perhaps more to the point – is it OK to use imputation as a means of pointing a finger at some people – but definitely NOT OK for somebody to do that to you?

        Ok… I think I got it now. “We” can profile Muzzies – without any due regard for the duty of care – because they ain’t “us!” “Logic init?’

        We’ll be back soon – with more. Don’t go way!

      6. Sardo

        something must have happened to you at an early age to cause a build up of angst which has now in your later days found a passable outlet in the way of “snark.” There seems to be no end of it. Yet, there must be!

        If you could give us a date – a timeframe – when you think that the end might be in sight – just the roughest idea will do here… then we can start to consider regarding your many posts here as being something more than just a venting of spleen in which ever direction seems easiest at the moment.

        Please note- I’m not talking about the abundant hatred of ‘the other’ which you shower us with daily – that’s a separate issue which deserves its own examination at another time. It’s just the snark thing I’m asking about… because in a way, it’s even more pathetic to witness than that other lil problem you got. I AM however, including under the heading of this subject the totality of all your multiples which you employ on this site. They seem to share this particular trait in common – to varying degree of course!

        p.s. your envy is showing – again. I’ve warned against that. It’ your call.

        1. @ Ormanci

          Yes, yes, you old windbag! I *envy* you big time!

          So what do I envy you for, eh? Your windbaggery? Your bad grammar? Your autistic and idiot savant genius?

          The important thing, old codger, is that I actually have a soft spot for you. Though that could change at any moment. Given the unpredictability of life and the vagaries of the human temperament.

      7. Sooo then… what was we sayin? Right, it was duly noted that by chance or otherwise, the next post following this one changes the theme in the source material provided from “migrants” doing bad things in European public places to …. “Muslim Migrants….etc., etc.,” This ‘editorial license’ is an interesting example of what happens when the “duty of care” becomes secondary to ‘the beauty of dare’ – as in what you can dare to get away with… without getting called to account!

        Now it’s time to go a little more into this concept of ‘duty of care’ – which had admittedly a sort of vague, nebulous ring to it – until we flesh it out. I’ll do that now…

        I for instance, live by choice in a “Muslim-majority country … along with several hundred thousand other folks who probably self-identify with those loosey-goosey terms – White/European/Western/ to large degree. Many of them are Germans, Dutch, and even more, English. As in “England” – where they have slipped away from old and sound tradition like the correct spelling of words like “EMPHASIZE.” Some of them might be your relatives, your schoolmates, or acquaintances.

        In my experience of living here, and what I understand to be that of most everybody I’ve talked with in a similar status of being a ‘foreigner’…. we are considered on our individual merits. If we are called anything other than our own name – it’s usually the name allied with our country of origin. Most definitely, people do not refer to us, nor think of us apparently as “those Christians.” This makes for a very pleasant kind of coexistence.

        But it’s one which will change very quickly – if certain currents of opinion are allowed to win the day, both here, and back in the Occidental world. Which is to say… if it becomes OK to profile people by broadly meaningless, and often simply mistaken terms of religious affiliation – and to defame/vilify/or otherwise persecute them on that basis – those of us on the front lines of cultural good will and coexistence will very soon see our lives undergone great change. Because if sionist-instigated ethno-religious hatreds are allowed to rule the day in the west, you can be sure that the exact same degree of persecution will be following at the hands of the same kind of jihadi wackos as infect the pages of this blog with their hate and fear porn schtick! Everybody loses – except the usual winners in circumstances of divisive hatred and manufactured wars.

        So part of the ‘duty of care’ which I would expect from any party publishing material on the web would be consideration of the full consequences which could entail from wrong or misleading stories creating an atmosphere of hostility between peoples. I happen to have a direct stake in the matter – but I can speak for many others who would also be negatively affected by what is in no uncertain terms now possible to describe as an organized campaign to incite violence between east and west. Who would possibly want to be caught in a position of abetting such a campaign – unwitting or witting?

        Let’s ponder that question for a bit… then come back to it! It’s clear that these little vignettes are already having an effect. “Dear Boy” Zardo has been over to do a rush job of seeing if he can degrade the message by discrediting the messenger… and in his usual haste leaving all the tell tale signs of just how much of a bullseye we be hitting here. That of course means next up… the gang will be combing the place for pretexts to closure. But there are no pretexts… only polite and measured ideas presented in quest for the most balanced presentation of controversial subjects that can be obtained through the exchange of ideas between persons of good faith!
        Oops! Just checked the board before hitting the send key…

        I see the threats have already surfaced! Bad form dear boy! bad form indeed! Nuance is everything in these matters. That is what you envy most squire – Nuance…and the grace to know when to apply!Best beware your ‘soft spots!’
        andddddddd Screenshot!

    3. @ Ormanci

      Lasha’s spelling of the verb “to emphasise” (with an ‘s’) is the correct English variant. Americans spell the same verb with a ‘z’: to emphasize. Most intelligent Americans realise (English spelling) / realize (American spelling)) that English and American spelling is NOT the same.

      Too bad you don’t have a clue about either spelling or grammar! 🙂

      1. It is a wonderto see that the subject of the thread, and my opinion about it, can be so quickly hijacked into a cul de sac of interminable debate over grammar and spelling. Unlike those stern critics of my decision to note what stood out to me as a mistaken way of spelling the word, I was able to avoid calling any one pointless names or make insinuations about their general character. You have done yourselves no service here with such pettiness.

        Fire away gentlemen, until you have exhausted all of your guns in diverting the subject of debate here.

        By the way: “Americans” are not the only English speaker to deviate from what you claim to be correct “English” spelling of the word. I stand by my use of [sic] in that context – and invite you to contribute something rather more substantial to this important subject. It may amaze you to learn – I don’t worry about whether you think I have a clue about spelling or anything else. I simply am not interested in your opinion about that subject.
        lol – to put it even better – it’s/its not important to me!!!!!!

        \back to the subject at hand – by your leave – gentlemen and lilliputians!/

      2. Ormanci,

        You tried to correct Lasha’s spelling and you were yourself corrected! The correcter corrected! Totally unaware that Lasha was right all along and you were wrong! — because you were too damn stupid to realise/realize the difference between English and American spelling!

        What’s it like to have a bucket of shit poured over your head, wanker?

      3. “What’s it like to have a bucket of shit poured over your head, wanker?”

        I can’t answer your question “Doctor” because it is outside of my experience!

        Unlike yourself, I have no malice nor intent to seek revenge for past injury – from either the author nor anyone else here – so that – far from waiting in the shadows, hoping, praying for the moment when that opportunity arrives, I make my points without the fear of being found subject to error or rebuttal.

        You are not interested in either rebutting my opinion or even pointing out an error – yours is merely a petty mission of spite. It neither diverts me nor aggrieves me It is only you – being true to form!

        This thread is not about you – or me however. Contribute something of interest to the thread – or go back into your box. What lies inside you will continue to fester there. There is not a bit of it you can pour on me, no matter how much that irks you.

      4. What lies inside you will continue to fester there.
        – one good doctor to the other

        Wish that could be said about the original doctor – what lies inside him keeps coming out. Not a pretty picture.

      5. If you check the record here, you will quickly see that only you have been in the habit of offering your services as a “healer” of one kind or another – you’ll not build up your self esteem by knocking yourself down lad!

        In this case, you are the only one to have even attempted to rebut the case against the discredited piece. Even if a failed attempt – it was at least – an effort in the right direction. For that reason, we will overlook the usual debit side of your ledger and add – at long last – a marking to the credit side!

        Now then… have we exhausted all efforts to employ the 2nd most common device used on western message boards by those who – unable to summons the wit needed to produce a reasoned rebuttal of a precis – resort to attempting to discredit the messenger in hopes of deflecting the message?

        Believe it or not … it simply ain’t gonna work!

        1. @ Ormanci

          If I remember correctly, it was you to tried to “correct” Lasha’s “incorrect” spelling. And you didn’t like to be put in your place and told that Lasha was right and you were wrong. Never mind. With any luck, Grammar Fiend will soon teach you the rudiments of correct English.

      6. Actually “Toby” you don’t remember correctly – indeed you appear to be suffering from something similar to false memory syndrome.

        Not only did you fail in your attempt to get a jab in… I can hardly “not like” something which never happened… but you were politely issued an invitation to contribute something of substance to an important debate which would thereby give you the opportunity to rise above the petty personal. It’s rather clear that you are not up for that isn’t it? That is not my problem squire!

        All those not able to grasp that diverting attention from the message by attacking the messenger is a failed strategy may of course carry on in the style to which you are accustomed… but neither you nor the Grammarian will be “putting me in my place”{ -dear boy – you lack both the wit and substance for such a task! Why not stick with what you do best – keep an eye on spam – and leave the rest to those better equipped>!>>?
        I remain,
        etc., etc.,

      7. @ Ormanci

        I wish you’d shut up, you tedious old bore. You talk of Toby “not contributing to the debate” by correcting your poor grasp of English spelling. So how exactly were YOU “contributing to the debate” by INCORRECTLY CORRECTING Lasha’s spelling? 🙂

        I can understand why the feisty Ingrid has got it in for you. Ingrid has a good “shit detector”. She’s cottoned on to you as all mouth and no trousers.

        Before a man set up as a writer with his own blog, he should take the trouble to learn correct spelling and the basics of grammar.

        You have failed to do this.

      8. Fortunately for the world at large Doc, your “wish” is NOT my command.

        If “Toby” – like yourself – would like to cease and desist from the witless chatter that is so off topic as to be entirely transparent in its motive…

        there would be nothing further to detain me here – would there o frustrated and angry one? But you fellas can’t help yourselves can you? Neither you nor you other sock puppet identity here have the slightest chance of scoring a jab at someone secure in their own gender identity and political stance…. not to mention writing ability! You will simply need find easier prey and concentrate your attentions on attending to already slain carcasses like other carrion fowl.

        I haven’t the slightest interest in your advise pon writing – or any other matter cept for the one on hand regarding the subject of this thread! Pity you cannot assemble something appropriate to that challenge!

          1. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… the woman [ a NON White woman by the way, NOT a White Christian, NOT a Joo ] in New York City whose little dog was violently attacked last week by a Muslim cab driver and the Muslim broke the little dog’s ribs is not saying nice things about Muslims, and that makes me sad and that makes me cry…. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… she’s hurting the precious Muslim feelings of the Muslim who violently attacked her little dog and sent the little dog to a veterinarian emergency room with broken ribs…. how can she possibly be so indifferent to the precious Muslim feelings of the precious Muslim who attacked her little dog so violently…. she’s so indifferent to all the feelings of all the precious Muslims around the world, including in Europe, who are on precious Islamic Muslim violent and brutal and atavistic JIHAD against the canines of the world… how unfair to hurt the precious Muslim feelings of the precious Muslims who go around being brutally violent towards the canines…. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.. how cruel so many people are to the Muslims and their precious Muslim feelings… oh boo hoo hoo… don’t they know God wants us to wage violent and disgusting and putrid very brutal violent blood-thirsty feral rabid JIHAD against the innocent canines who have done so much to help mankind thru the ages! The woman whose dog suffered broken ribs at the hands of the Muslim cab driver doesn’t like Muslims….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…… she’s so cruel to the Muslims!!! Even some NON Whites don’t like Muslims…. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… what is this world coming to???!!!

      9. @Ormanci

        “…Neither you nor you other sock puppet identity here have the slightest chance of scoring a jab at someone secure in their own gender identity and political stance…. not to mention writing ability..!”

        Talking about “writing ability”, “neither you nor you other sock puppet identity have ” should have the verb in the singular : “has” and of course the second “you” should be “your”. In the second part of the sentence you make the same mistake : “someone secure in their own gender identity” should be “his” ( or “her”) own gender identity.

        If you need some lessons in “writing ability” ( or even “security in gender identity”) drop us a message. Surely some of us will have pity on you !

      10. @nancy, apart from your obsession with things “magical”, you are OK, and I resent the foul mouthed Dr Parker, using my disagreements with you as a club to beat you with. btw, your comments on the next thread, the swimming pools story, were excellent..

      11. @nancy, hope you don`t mind my using my special pet name for you, I talked to my daughter about the attacks on your grammar, and spelling, she said she had experienced the same on other websites, if a clique wished to derail the thoughts of someone opposed to their agenda. Ran it by Val Shadowhawk, who said there is a term for this phenomenon, it is called “the delphi technique”, look it up..

      12. Ingrid –

        Rand Corp came out with that technique in the 1950s.

        It is used today in “town hall’ meetings.

        It is the basis for ‘consensus’ outcome. And polls.

      13. Ingrid,

        nancy, indeed, makes some good points – credit should go where credit is due. I couldn’t care less for his grammar … if only he could master the art of brevity!

    4. Why has Lasha been called an “Islamophobe” when she has given several proofs she is the very opposite, including the frequent publication of articles on this site BY MUSLIMS, and, above all, by her recommendation that all donations “should be sent to suitable Palestinian charities of your own choice”.

      It’s because Muslims are just like Jews. They don’t like being criticized at all. So if you say a single thing they don’t like to hear you’re an “Islamophobe”, just like you’re an “anti-Semite” if you dare to say boo to a Jew.

      Muslims are raping and sexually assaulting women in Europe in huge numbers right now. This is NOT a conspiracy theory. It is a FACT!

      Muslims don’t like hearing this uncomfortable truth. They’d rather bury their heads in the sand like ostriches. Oh gosh, we Muslims are squeaky clean! No Muslim would ever rape or sexually assault a woman! We’re all f***ing paragons of virtue, doncha know that!

      Yeah, I know. Rape ain’t allowed in the Koran. So no Muslim in history has ever committed a rape. Logic, init?

      1. Logic – and its companion illogic – are certainly not the exclusive preserve of anyone. If you want to employ logic here, then make a logical case for what the pattern of running subsequently discredited ‘stories’ – which place Muslims in the darkest possible light – has to do with fighting back against the talmudist attempt to destroy the West!

        Does it increase the mutual understanding between “Christians” and Muslims? Does it help bring together the peoples who’s common enemy targets them both for destruction? Does it do something to make peaceable resolution of hostilities easier to achieve – or harder? Does running inflammatory stories which TURN OUT TO NOT EVEN BE TRUE make the westerners breast swell with pride, and bring social harmony back into our lives?

        Or does it serve the purpose of those who would have us fight each other to the death, on the basis of a contrived hatred which stories such as these discreditable ones work to achieve?

        Please give us the logical rationale for running these discredited stories.

      2. “Does it increase the mutual understanding between “Christians” and Muslims? ”

        Hahahahaha! The triumph of imagination over intelligence, 101

    5. Well then… time for a bit of a change up of venue what? Having been posting my series of close up vignettes which parse the words of our ‘authoress’ in detail


      it seems that a certain party here in the habit of granting themselves all kinds of plenipotentiary powers over the site has been caught out in the particularly outre maneuver of using those powers to plant a comment directly above my own of 10:10 – two hours later – with the express and obvious intention to derail reader interest in that work via a clumsy attempt to discredit the writer.

      While the intent will doubtless fail, it is worthy of note nevertheless, and reassigning the balance of my comments to this higher space will allow the interested reader to ignore the trolling and diversionary tactics employed by someone who should know much better. This comment follows upon the last one below of 1:53 /12:18 / 10:07. Sequentially they are designed to parse the meaning of the authoress’ words above, and then directly compare them against the outside standards most usually employed as guidance in making editorial decisions.

      As “Darkmoon” specifically invited such a response to her apologia, I have taken up the task – as well as attempting to remediate the damage done towards Muslim culture by the continued resort to sources which prove latterly dubious or simply false. In this, as in all of my contributions to this site, I am guided by the spirit of good will and fair play. Without those two legacies of our culture remaining in play the rest of what is left to defend will inevitably crumble to dust alongside them.

      It has only this very moment come to my attention that Darkmoon as of 10:54 today was not aware of the comment I had placed above which gave notice – and links as to the confession of the girl behind the second story on this site to have used dubious sources. Which even more than before EMPHASIZES the need for her to recognize the need to make a clean break from editorial policies which can do great harm to the site’s ongoing credibility. Such remediation work as I can try to do here is much less influential that which she only can perform.

      In the absence of any Muslim with the ability to defend that culture against profiling I have done my best to fill in below – but there is a serious need to stop certain persons here from ripping the comments of those Muslims who do try – so as to scare off the rest!

      I’ll have more to write about this tomorrow – time – and Dr Zardo permitting, but it is late in the day and I do hope that in the meanwhile Darkmoon does get to catch up on this thread and the many important things discussed within in. As I state below, I believe this thread to be of critical importance to the site’s continued well-being.

      1. @ Ormanci

        it seems that a certain party here in the habit of granting themselves all kinds of plenipotentiary powers over the site has been caught out in the particularly outre maneuver of using those powers to plant a comment directly above my own of 10:10 – two hours later – with the express and obvious intention to derail reader interest in that work via a clumsy attempt to discredit the writer.

        Frankly, you are an idiot. Anyone can post a comment ABOVE someone’s previously posted comment. All they need to do is press a previous REPLY button. Comments do not appear on the board in the sequence in which they are written and posted.

      2. Frankly, you have just proven the opposite of your intention. And allow me to say, your continued resort to the word ‘idiot’ will continue to have unintended consequences prejudicial to your own credibility here.

        Had you the slightest ability to grasp my meaning you would have understood that I was not referring to the situation you describe. A timestamp in a particular sequence of replies will always appear in sequence of earlier to later…

        unless someone with administrative access chooses to pose as another poster, and place their comment out of sequence with that flow. There are no exceptions otherwise. Any reader can verify that themselves on any thread here. The only difficulty being that the particular person with those administrative powers chooses to use so many different avatars as to make it hard to know who is a ‘real’ poster and who is imitating one.

        It deserves some EMPHASIZING, however, that “very” alert readers do not have that difficulty – your present case included. A certain ‘tone’ of malevolent intent consistently shines through each of them.


  2. It is my contention that people who are not Muslim can claim they are not “Islamophobes” very easily while living in countries not operating totally under Sharia Law.

    I know Islamophobes who have become so…. Because…

    Islam is first and foremost a political movement – a quest for political power.


    “Islam’s goal is to overthrow all competing governments and establish the Khalifat. The Islamic utopian blueprint calls for a Caliph (a glorified Mullah) to wield the Islamic sword of power in one seamless totalitarian worldwide state. This outrageous fantasy pre-dates and has survived all relatively more modern failed political experiments. Today, extremists easily extract the appropriate language (found throughout all Islamic sacred texts) to sell the concept that the Qur’an insists that all nations must be fought until they embrace Islam. Despite claims otherwise, the most violent passages have not been abrogated by more recent doctrine from Muhammad. The Qur’an is the immutable and unalterable word of God, so the movement has been permanently cast into the cement of an unalterable mandate, which is what has given it unusual durability. The doctrine of Jihad and Jizya essentially means building the Islamic Empire by denying infidels all rights except the right to serve their Muslim masters. The secret of Islam’s survival and longevity lies in both the deceptive cloak it wears in the form of a religion, and in the fact that economic weakness is always inherited by states based on its tenants. Up until the age of oil this has made Islamic countries appear relatively unthreatening compared to more modern industrialized countries with more powerful economies and the armies that can be built thereby.”

    “The term “Islamic democracy” is an oxymoron, like “Tolerant Bigot”, “Honest Falsehood”, “Capitalistic Communism”, or “Humane War”.

    “Final and permanent victory in the War on Islamic terror can not occur until its dangerous ideology is fought with the same vigor Islamic militancy is opposed militarily. As a first step, schools and universities need to start teaching Americans kids (including Muslims) all about real history and real Islam, instead of the propaganda it currently sells our children. Tenured or not, Communist, Islamist, and apologists promoting misinformation and propaganda need to be exposed and expelled. The last thing we need is colleges and universities pumping out more Islamic brown shirts. In the case of Islam, excessive diversity is irresponsible and means only one thing, …national suicide.”

    1. Right Pat, “true” Islam is not what ignorant, naive idealists or Muslim dissemblers pretend it to be (just another religion that promotes a peaceful, moral and pious life) but an aggressive, imperialistic totalitarian system, bent on world domination. That is the way the prophet Muhammad and his caliphs practised it, and that is the ideal of all true Mulslims. Of course peaceful, ethical Muslims do exist, but that is not because of Islam, but in spite of it. The thing is, you find good and bad people among all human groups (racial, ethnic, cultural or religious) and for Muslims that is the same.

      Having said that, I don’t want mass Muslim immigration into my country, even if they would all behave properly. On the other hand, Muslim countries should not be attacked as happened with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria and Muslims should not be blamed for false flag terrorist attacks, organized by the Mossad/CIA/MI6.

      It is up to the Muslims themselves how to modernize their religion. Aggressive intervention by the West will only play into the hands of the fundamentalists. Morals cut both ways, Muslims should behave properly towards us, as we should do to them.

    2. I’m not a (gasp) Islmaphobe, but my subconscious just might be..
      He’s a real pistol!
      (Omar coming)

    3. PAT
      “Islam is first and foremost a political movement – a quest for political power.”
      No objections. But having read “Islam Undressed” by Vernon Richards, first that comes to mind is – small sorrow is talkative, big sorrow is silent.

      1. Nikolay –


        No sorrow of any size here….. Just wariness…. of Sharia…. Islamic Law:

        Sharia, or Islamic law, influences the legal code in most Muslim countries. A movement to allow sharia to govern personal status law, a set of regulations that pertain to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and custody, is even expanding into the West.


        Whether democracy and Islam can coexist is a topic of heated debate.

        Some conservative Muslims argue democracy is a purely Western concept imposed on Muslim countries.

        Others feel Islam necessitates a democratic system and that democracy has a basis in the Quran since “mutual consultation” among the people is commended (42:38 Quran).

        Rather than rejecting democracy, many Muslims see sharia as a means “to be liberated from government corruption and believe it can exist within a democratic and inclusive framework.” *(I cannot believe this from CFR.)

    4. PAT
      “Whether democracy and Islam can coexist is a topic of heated debate”
      Khren redky ne slaschtche,- as Russian saying goes, that is horse-radish is not much sweeter than radish/between two evils ’tis not worth choosing. Democracy cannot tell genius from fool. Is it good? Both genius and fool enjoy the same “right” to cast one voice for candidate choosen by someone else. Is it good? Both genius and fool enjoy the same, as a dog enjoys tied up to the cart – to run along or to be dragged. Is it good?

      1. Nikolay –

        There is ONLY one form of government possible by men:


      2. PAT
        “There is ONLY one form of government possible by men:

        Ha-ha-ha I knew that in advance.

      3. Nikolay –

        Good show. Glad to see it.

        Many have a hard time wrapping their minds around that one.

        Some have thrown ‘theocracy’ at me. But, if the Creator doesn’t want one it cannot exist. That’s why I always include ‘men’ in the explanation.

  3. OK, one more time. “Islamophobia” – this is your nation and your language on Jews. No Jews means no Muslims or immigration problems – period. Muslims are the symptoms of that disease called “Jews”.

    Why work up a lather over sheeple who are just as much under the Jew’s control as your own people? Same goes for the Negroes. Negroes are not the problem it’z the Jews behind them that are the problem. Get rid of the Jews and there will be no seemingly insurmountable national or cultural problems.

    Focusing on symptoms does nothing but distract one from addressing the true nature of the disease, which is exactly why the Jews constantly manufacture and throw these racial barriers in front of the gullible goyim. Keep focused, keep your eye and your mind on the actual disease – JEWS!

    Imagine whirled peas. Imagine every fractured group joining together to form a homogeneous, unified, front against the Jews.

    Altogether now – Juden Raus! Juden Raus! Juden Raus!

    I can’t hear you. Come on, everyone join in, let them feel yo’ anger – Juden Raus! Juden Raus! Juden Raus!

    1. Priorities, Arch.
      The symptoms of a serious, potentially lethal disease are themselves an immediate concern.
      Or should be. SOP.
      If the symptoms aren’t alleviated, they might very well kill.
      Because a disease is very hard to cure, or even pinpoint accurately, doesn’t mean the symptoms should be ignored or left untreated. Their lethal effects should not be denied or distorted.

  4. Why wouldn’t I be against islam in my habitat? Of course I am against islam in my habitat. Any non-muslim sane person is against islam in his or her habitat. Any non-muslim person who is not against the presence of islam in his or her habitat is not sane. Why is being against islam labeled as a ‘phobia’ anyway? Like being sane is some kind os mental illness. I don’t want negroes in my country either. Does that make me a negrophobe? Answer; no, just sane.

    1. I dont want negroes in my country either.

      Stop exercising skulduggery, will you. If you don’t want Negroes in your country don’t bring slaves from Africa. If you don’t want Muslims in your country don’t bomb their countries to the ground. If you don’t want Redskins in your country don’t make their habitat your country.

      Excuse my outburst, but I have zero tolerance for morons.

      1. Tell it to the real Indians.

        I would, but there is only one tenth of one Indian left – Brownhawk – and that 1/10 of an Indian thinks that it was the Jew who killed all his brothers and sisters. Why does he think so? I don’t know. Perhaps, he does not want to incriminate the other 9/10 of himself.

      2. CIRCASSIAN?
        MORON it was the JEW who brought the slaves, and the same JEWS are bombing the middle east, Libia and Afghanistan.

      3. very well said circassian..

        @gilbert, it is mostly jews who control those doing their bidding..

      4. “….. I have zero tolerance for morons.”

        Then you most probably are disgusted with yourself.

        I never brought slaves to my country, nor did any of my forefathers. I never bombed any country and I, nor my forefathers made America my habitat. In case you’ve missed it, I live in my native European land. And both muslims and negroes are utterly useless for my country, but nevretheless they were brought in all the same. By the stranger, the filthy jewish slime which justifies this website’s existence and for which negroes and muslims do have a use.

        And BTW, if muslim countries’ airforces would bomb my country I certainly wouldn’t take refuge in any of those countries. Not for all the gold in the world. And if my forefathers were sold as slaves to negroes in Africa and finally after centuries I would be free I would certainly not want to stay in Africa but I wouldn’t know how fast I could get the hell out of there back to my own civilisation instead of staying on as a second class citizen among the blacks and complain 24/7 about how bad they are treating me. Not while I have a whole native continent to go to.

        I repeat;

        “….. I have zero tolerance for morons.”

        Then you most probably are disgusted with yourself.

      5. And Ingrid,

        Go find yourself some negro muslims. I’m sure they’re more than happy to give you a good rogering. Simultaneously.

      6. @1138, neither circassian, nor I, are responsible for the muslim/negro problems in your country, so why are you attacking us?

      7. Ingrid,

        Attacking you? Both of you?

        I never attacked anyone. It is I who is being attacked by being labeled a moron, totally uncalled for. Or else explain why I should want negro and or muslim communities in my country. Because I don’t see the need for that.

        I thought you agreed with that comment, hence my response. Maybe you agreed on somethimg else and was I too hasty with that remark to you. If so then I was wrong and you can forget what I said.

      8. @1138, if you do not want “negros and muslims” in your country, then those laughingly called “government” are the people you should be complaining to. The point circassian was making, and which I myself have made, is, if the “governments” of the west, were to stop bombing negro, and muslim lands, in order to steal their stuff, then the negros and muslims would be happy to stay in their homes, in THEIR countries, without risk of attack by the tsunami of hate which is sweeping the planet..

      9. Found this link posted on another thread, it isn`t just negros, and muslims, who are under attack, and their stuff stolen, not to mention their rights, under constitutional law. This should be a wake-up call, not only to US citizens. This exploitation of citizens, by their “governments, is global:

        January 5, 2016 at 8:59 am

        Here’s a new video from their (protesters) own mouths, stating their case.


      10. Ingrid,

        Nobody on this site needs to be told, we’re all aware of that and you know it.

        Furthermore, the negroes and muslims we receive in our lands misbehave on a vast scale. Many negro countries aren’t even bombed by western countries. Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Somalia, Ethiopia etc. Yet they come like vermin to our lands. I’m not saying they’re all scum, the point is we need them in our countries like we need holes in our heads. And that goes for every country on earth. Negroes are just totally useless to anyone. They come here because they know they aren’t stopped. They should try to enter Singapore. See what happens. As for all these muslim migrants, the Turks, Moroccans, they started out as handful of migrant workers who shouldn’t be allowed in in the first place, but certainly not allowed to ‘bring the family’ which started in the 1970’s in the midst of a crisis, A large percentage are criminals and they are absolutely no good to us whatsoever. They either occupy a job which a native person could do, or they receive welfare plus a vast array of benefits at the expense of our economy. Now we suffer the ‘refugees’, of which a lot are criminals too. I remember receiving many Hungarian refugees in the 50’s. No problems at all with them. They blend in in just a few years, instead of keep on bringing brides from the old country in. The difference? They are white civilised Europeans and not out to colonise Europe since they are already part of it. I have nothing against muslims, in fact I have been traveling to muslim countries and also wanted to go to Syria a couple of years ago. Well, that’s on hold now of course. I just want to live in my own country in my own culture like everone else.

        And everyone with half a brain knows who and their treacherous accomplices are behind all this insanity, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting these negroes and muslims out the door. Go take care of yourselves in your own country, it’s not our job.

      11. 1138, as I said, complain to those in control of your country..

        If anyone believes that refugees are living a life of luxury in Sweden, or that only Swedes are raped, check out an article on The Truthseeker, entitled “The lawless asylum centre where migrants rule”.. Final paragraph reads:

        “If Europe is to deal with the migrant crisis it first needs to deal with the root cause: its own politicians who have put personal ambition in the service of the New World Order over and above those they purportedly represent. Ed.”

  5. It’s absolutely TRUE Lasha is NOT an “Islamophobe”.

    I don’t know who Lasha thinks she’s kidding. Her veil is too thin, maybe, because she’s real obvious and real transparent.

    Her veil ain’t workin’ Darkmoon dudes & dudettes. Ain’t workin’ no more.

  6. “Why I Am A Darkmoonophobe”

    Because Uncle censors a helluva lot, Uncle censors my posts and my posts are always Fact-Based and Truthful, and Censorship is Totalitarian. That’s why I Am A Darkmoonophobe.

    TOBY: Give is a break, Troj. I haven’t had a spare moment today even to check my emails let alone peep into Spamblinka. I’m now going to see how many of your posts I can approve.

  7. Lasha,
    You don’t have to align with anyone’s point of view, just be yourself. Freedom and variety are not consistent with stubborn conformity to an established creed, nor are they consistent with amenability to agree with everybody. If we were to agree with everyone on everything we would have broken camp long time ago.
    Now, should Muslims be upset, it’s not about articles depicting Muslims misconduct in Europe, but about the very misconduct of these Muslims. To be fair, Muslims know that the worst enemies of Islam are amongst them: nobody ever spoke evil (insulting Islam and God Himself) or fought them more than their fellow citizens, especially the ones in Power (1). In contrast, they know and acknowledge that the common core of western citizen social behavior comply with the true teachings of Islam, hence the common source of Islam and Christianity.
    But again, it is much less how Muslims behave in Western countries than how, and most importantly, why they get there in the first place. One should know that they are persecuted in their homeland by dictators supported by Western Governments (2) to the dismay (I hope) of conscious citizens like the ones interacting here. One problem with (Western) democracies is that they don’t consult their citizens about Foreign Affairs. Another problem with Politics is that Foreign Affairs are not that foreign since every policy, sooner or later, reverberates on these citizens. Unfortunately, due to the intentional lack of transparency in foreign ‘’affairs’’, most people fail to understand that their Governments – not necessarily or specifically their own- invited their problems home.
    Under a broader perspective, we can imagine that both Western and ‘’Southern’’ countries are mere Petri dishes: Problems are cultivated south and transferred west. Guess by who. As the riddle goes: ‘’ If you guess what I have in my basket I’ll give a grape’’.
    (1) http://www.algeria-watch.org/index_en.htm (See entries under Focus)
    a) Algeria
    Cancellation of the parliamentary election process [won by the Islamist Movement FIS] Jan.1992
    ‘’It’s clear it was the Algerian military that had decided to abort the second ballot, but this could have been done only after consultation with President Mitterrand who approved it.’’ Jean-Charles Marchiani, French Secret Service Officer.
    b) Tunisia
    ‘’ In January, she [French Foreign Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie ] offered the services of French security forces to quell the uprising in Tunisia, just three days before protesters forced dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali to flee.’’
    c) Egypt
    http://americanfreepress.net/were-u-s-and-israel-behind-egyptian-military-coup-detat/Were U.S. and Israel Behind Egyptian Military Coup d’Etat?

    1. Proof that MSM make of masturbation the news—-> Proof that we are (dis)oriented by the Jews—-> Proof that,however vigilent we might think of ourselves , the Jews never have a snooze.

  8. After looking at the facts and analysis of this website content and soul searching
    and applying basic principle of basic law and to be on the righteous side to protect our souls from falling from the grace of God and to protect the integrity of the hearts and minds of the believers I the Grand Mufti of the Internet declare this site to be absurdus and no true Muslim
    should post or visit this site vetare.
    whoever disregard this edict is atco cor ab anima

  9. Steve Jobs….
    …. changed the world as much as anyone in history… possibly more.

    He founded Apple Computer, NeXt and Pixar, and helped more than anyone to bring to the world the personal computer, Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as movies such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

    He was, in a word…. intelligent. Way more than most.
    He was also very hot-headed and temperamental.

    Steve Jobs’s biological father was a Syrian migrant, Abdul Fattah “John” Jandali.


      1. Steve Jobs, “a person from a family with links to old Jewish wealth as well as to the military … Like Obama, he did little more than get his picture taken and read from a teleprompter… If nothing else, Jobs was a good looking guy. And he was a pretty good speaker. It looks to me like he was another rich kid from a prominent Jewish family looking for something to do, just like his sister.”


        On July 01, 2008 a US$ 7 billion class action lawsuit was filed against several members of the Apple board of directors for revenue lost because of alleged securities fraud.


        Sure, he is (was) very intelligent, making (having made) himself rich by manipulating stock options and defrauding the shareholders. What an accomplishment. Lawsuits against Apple continue to this day for various reasons, you just have to look for them.
        He might be enjoying his life in the warm zones after his fake illness and demise. Wouldn’t be the first one. So he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life in court.

      2. MN –

        Thanks for the info. Most of it is not germane to my point.

        You stated, “Sure, he is (was) very intelligent…”… which WAS precisely my point.

        The rest of my point was that he was adopted, and his biological father IS alive, and was a refugee from the Syrian Wars.

        I was showing that people of Syrian, true Semitic, extraction are not dummies.

        I’ll further add that it seems that people of ‘true Semitic’ extraction have had huge influences on the whole world. One spoke Aramaic, and his influence came long after his death.

        Steve Jobs, son of a Syrian, changed the world in 30 years while he was still alive.

        Every company worth over a billion USD has hundreds of enemies and dozens of lawsuits…. even Daimler is not immune there….. and here is one – $480,000,000 – way bigger than Apple’s you showed:

        –Daimler Reaches $480M Employee Benefits Class Action Lawsuit Settlement–

        Miles Mathis stated in his very first sentence that he was GUESSING about his info on Jobs. He got it off the web. Miles did not ‘know’ Jobs’s biological mother’s origin, but stated she ‘looked’ Middle-eastern to him. He stated the father was ‘known’ to be Syrian. That matches my point.

        Jobs had a liver transplant and was walking around – barely – at less than 100 pounds the last year of his life. He died of pancreatic cancer which he fought for 7 years, although vegetarian and walking long distances while thinking every day.

  10. I said it once and I’ll say it again: The best thing that could happen to Europe is voluntary Islamization – take Islam, not Muslims. That would be the shortest and surest way to self-preservation.

    It is unfortunate (for Europeans) that Europe is nor ready for Islam: racism is not compatible with Islam.

  11. As a Buddhist, I have scant knowledge of (and even less interest in) Islam. But, in common with Dr. Darkmoon, I know Palestinians whose friendship I treasure. Despite the fact they are dedicated Muslims, they are very tolerant of Christians and even of Buddhists. In other words, they respond to us simply as human beings, i.e., as fellow travellers on the road from birth to death. At the same time, I am in total agreement with Dr. Darkmoon in opposing the UNO-inspired Islamic re-invasion of Europe. However, her view that only predominantly Caucasian nations are obliged to accept migrants from Africa and the Middle East suggests that she is inadequately informed. As members of the UNO, even Japan and China must admit ever increasing numbers of Africans. Privately, the people of Japan are deeply unhappy about this situation. But, as a nation defeated in W.W. II, they dare say nothing. The Chinese people, on the other hand, are angry and disgusted. Yet they fear to oppose the government in Beijing. Short of revolution and war, It is difficult to envision a satisfactory resolution of the migratory problem. Can what remains of the European gene pool produce another El Cid, another Charles Martel? Can Asia be saved by Genghis Khan re-born? Let us hope so!

    1. Toshiyori,

      Charles Martel, the Hammer. One of Europe’s true heroes.
      Now there’s a man who knew how to deal with that imperialistic bunch of scumbag savages. Swift and harsh.

      Sidenote; “racism is not compatible with Islam.”

      No, of course not, Islam isn’t compatible with anything (worthwhile).


    2. Toshiyori –

      “Can what remains of the European gene pool produce another El Cid, another Charles Martel? Can Asia be saved by Genghis Khan re-born?”

      NO to both. NO saviors available today..!!

      People and laws are way too different today. And there are too many ‘tattle-tails’ with camera phones.

      The best that is possible is to learn to use their system to your advantage. There are thousands of ways there.

      NO saviors available..!!

  12. @ ormanci.
    Though a newcomer here, and yet deeply impressed by Lasha Darkmoon’s sensibilities and work, I really must say I hate to see her efforts harmed by your tedious and self-glorifying posts. They suggest either intentional and profitable sabotage or unfortunate personal issues, probably both.
    Don’t take it personal though, as it can only serve to benefit you to be told that reticence is sterling indeed, especially it would be so in your case, and that it is the very soul of art to say much with few words.
    And maybe best to practice what my old friend Pastor Robert Miles often advised, “Let the deed speak”.

    1. @ S.W.

      Though a newcomer here, and yet deeply impressed by Lasha Darkmoon’s sensibilities and work, I really must say I hate to see her efforts harmed by your tedious and self-glorifying posts. They suggest either intentional and profitable sabotage or unfortunate personal issues, probably both.

      I cannot but agree with your comment about Ormanci’s “tedious and self-glorifying posts.” Tedious they are indeed, which is one the reasons I skip them. I have no wish to waste my time reading long, verbose, obscurantist screeds written by a suspected troll who has yet to learn the basic rules of grammar.

      I don’t think Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation, however, is in any way bing damaged by Ormanci’s petty and niggling criticisms — the sure mark of a troll or a person with serious personality problems. If Ormanci’s posts were in any way damaging to Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation, why would the site allow him a platform here in the first place?

      1. lol Sardo,
        if you are serious about not reading my posts, we are finally getting some where – you don’t waste my time – I won’t waste yours!

        Feel free to pass all the invective you can muster my way – don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that ‘schwing!’ Poor SW is just another guy like Franklin who – being worsted on the battlefield of ideas – nourishes wounded pride with dark thoughts of revenge. Nuthin goin on there!

        p.s. my posts here are the only ray of hope in SAVING Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation – from those who are working overtime to destroy it! A ‘critical analysis’ of those parts of her apologia which will not serve to stave off criticism of the poor choice of sources is a CONSTRUCTIVE engagement – as opposed to the petty personal criticism which is your contribution to the agenda here. See the difference yet? No matter – others will.

  13. Fell in love with Islam, started zealously praying
    Cherished hope that boon would descend upon me
    But one day in the mosque beating floor with my forehead
    Loud wind I released…all is lost, no boon to be seen

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