Why the Brits were right to reject Europe



By Dominic Sandbrook

An edited abridgement, with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon

There are times, not very often, when you can feel history being made. An archduke falls, a wall comes down, a plane hits a building, and in that moment you can feel the ground shifting beneath your feet.

When those initial results came in from Sunderland and Newcastle in the early hours of yesterday morning, I could barely believe it. Even now, to write the words ‘Britain has voted to leave the EU’ feels extraordinary, like a leap into some alternative reality.

For once, all the cliches are justified. This was not merely an electoral earthquake. It was a popular revolt by vast swathes of England and Wales against the political, financial and cultural elite, whose complacent assumptions have been simply blown away.

Indeed, for once it really is impossible to exaggerate the significance of the moment. What happened was undoubtedly the most dramatic, the most shocking and even the most revolutionary event in our modern history. We will live with the consequences for the rest of our lives.

Every rule of politics has been broken.

Barely a year after winning a stunning majority, the Prime Minister has gone, a broken man. The Tory Party, plunged into a three-month leadership battle, has been divided almost beyond repair, while Labour’s leaders have been exposed as almost comically unpopular and out of touch.

Scotland has probably never been closer to secession from the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland, which will now have our only land border with the EU, has been thrown into tumult. And to cap it all, the pound — ironically, the supreme symbol of the independence for which millions of people voted on Thursday — has plunged on the exchange markets.

Perhaps never in living memory has our national story become so unpredictable. Never has our country been more divided, and never has the future been more uncertain.

I cannot think of a modern political moment to match it.


Picture No. 10041931

“We are not amused.”
— Queen Victoria

The present Queen of England was a “secret” backer of Brexit
and was pleased at her people’s rejection of a federalist Europe. 

What makes all this so dramatic, though, is that it represents something new — a revolution by millions of people, many of them traditional working-class voters, against the massed ranks of the political and financial Establishment.

If nothing else, the result should banish for good the stereotype of British voters as deferential, forelock-tugging yokels, dutifully falling into line behind the country squire.

The Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Governor of the Bank of England, the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Italy, the IMF, the World Bank and the head of the TUC all lined up to lecture the British electorate. But what is now clear is that every time they hectored and cajoled, every time they piled on the doom-laden prophecies, millions of ordinary voters bristled with resentment.

The curious thing is that despite the shock and disbelief among the Establishment at the result of the referendum, you can’t deny it has been coming. After all, for years, resentment has been building and Ukip—Britain’s most Euro-sceptic party—has been piling up votes in by-elections and European elections.

As it happens, I thought Britain would vote to remain in the EU. I thought that when it came to the crunch, voters would revert to the status quo, as they so often do.

Perhaps, instead of poring over the polls, I should have re-read some of my own articles over the years. For a long time I have warned that the gulf between the Establishment and the people was widening into an unbridgeable chasm. Too many politicians have lost the ability to speak in ways that people understand. Indeed, nothing says more about the failure of the Westminster elite than the fact that so many working-class Labour voters, especially in the old industrial heartlands of the North and Midlands, defied their party’s warnings and voted Leave.

In this context, Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne were the worst possible salesmen for the Remain campaign.

Born and educated amid immense privilege, the very picture of public-school entitlement, they have never been able to reach voters outside their natural Tory heartlands. Yet although future historians will devote millions of words to the events of the past few weeks, the campaign itself was probably irrelevant to the outcome.

—  §  —

The fact that immigration dominated the campaign was enormously revealing — not merely because it is the most toxic and emotive issue of our age, but because concerns about it had been building for so long.

0f197149338c1923c383eac7ae2c658bIf I had to pick a moment when the great rebellion really began, I would be tempted to pinpoint April 1968, when thousands of dockers and market porters marched on Westminster in support of Enoch Powell, who had been kicked off the Tory front bench after his controversial anti-immigration ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

At the time, the rebellion of these traditional working-class Labour voters sent tremors through British politics. Yes, there was a racist element — but there was more to it than just racism, or even opposition to immigration per se.

What Powell’s appeal reflected was exactly the same disquiet that has driven so many people towards Ukip during the past decade: a deep sense of anxiety at the decline of working-class communities, the eclipse of British industry, the pace of cultural change and the rise of globalisation, all of which have left so many ordinary people bewildered and bereft.

Indeed, in recent years that sense of disconnection between the leaders and the led, between the affluent London elite and the working-class voters of provincial England, has become greater than ever.

The financial crash in 2008, bankers’ bonuses, the MPs’ expenses scandal, even the revelations of the Panama Papers (which revealed that Mr Cameron’s father had set up his investment fund in a tax haven) — all these things heightened the popular sense of a nest-feathering elite that had become fatally out of touch.

And for the result, just look at what happened in Powell’s old stamping ground, Wolverhampton, on Thursday. A traditional Labour city, it voted overwhelmingly, by 62.6 per cent to 37.4 per cent, to leave the EU.

It was the same story in the rest of our old industrial heartlands — in Stoke and in Sunderland, in Hartlepool and in Hull, where the Labour message fell on deaf ears and the Leave camp piled up massive majorities.

Some liberal commentators, fulminating with rage against what they see as the ‘ugly’ side of British life, would have you believe this is all a question of “racism”. White working-class voters, they say, are “bigots”, raging against the modern world.

You don’t need me to tell you what snobbish, condescending rubbish this is, not least because, during the campaign, it proved so disastrously self-destructive.



The truth is that as the BBC’s head of political research, David Cowling, argued last week in a leaked memo, the “metropolitan political class” have lived for far too long in a “London bubble”.

“There are many millions of people in the UK who do not enthuse about diversity and do not embrace metropolitan values, yet do not consider themselves lesser human beings for all that,” he wrote. “Until their values and opinions are acknowledged and respected, rather than ignored and despised, our present discord will persist.”

There is, however, another dimension to all this, to which many of those inside the metropolitan bubble have been similarly blind. The fact is that Britain — well, England and Wales at least — has always been a deeply Eurosceptic place.

Indeed, perhaps the really remarkable thing was not that we decided to come out of the EU, but that we ever joined in the first place



What took us into the Common Market, as it then was, was not Euro-enthusiasm, but anxiety about our own weakness during a period of unprecedented introspection and self-doubt.

It is no accident that Britain first applied to join in the early Sixties, when our Empire was breaking up, we were floundering to find a new role in the world and the headlines were full of doom and gloom about our relative economic decline.

Remember, too, that when the British people voted to remain in the EEC in 1975, they did so against a backdrop of extraordinary industrial unrest and political impotence, with inflation surging towards a post-war record of 26 per cent.

Even at the time, few people were very enthusiastic.

When Henry VIII broke from the Catholic Church in the 16th century, he famously proclaimed that “England is an Empire”, by which he meant that it was different from the rest of Europe, special and self-contained. And whether you believe in it or not, the idea of our own uniqueness has always played a central part in our national story.

—  §  —

Over the next few centuries, the vision of Britain as a cradle of liberty, a unique bastion of Protestant freedom against Catholic Europe, became entrenched in our national imagination.

Yet nations cannot live by myths alone. And even the most enthusiastic Brexiteers would surely have to admit that Britain now faces perhaps the most febrile and uncertain period in our modern history.

The challenges are immense. In the next few years, David Cameron’s successor as Prime Minister will need to take Britain out of the EU, negotiate new trade deals with our international partners and introduce a new system to control immigration.

On top of that, the new PM will need to move mountains to mollify Scotland and Northern Ireland — both of which voted to Remain — and somehow keep the United Kingdom intact.

And all this against a background of unprecedented political chaos and national division, with fully 48 per cent of the electorate, including the vast majority of youngsters, having voted to Remain.

The stakes could hardly be higher. Never before in our peacetime history have we so desperately needed calm, mature, effective and decisive leadership, embodied by a Prime Minister who understands the mood of the country and can bring the British people together.




LD : As I have already said elsewhere, “Although no textbook mentions Count Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union.” For more on the sinister Count Kalergi, foremost ideologue of the EU and passionate advocate of Zionism, multiculturalism, race mongrelization and White genocide, see HERE.   

86 thoughts to “Why the Brits were right to reject Europe”

    1. Wiggins,
      Behold the “baboonification” of the race. A good reason to do away with democracy and embrace fascism and its economic system of autarchy. The writer of this article talks about mollifying Scotland. A fat chance. The UK is going to break up, no ifs, buts or maybes. The more I look at this Brexit, the more I see it as a devious plot to make the English more malleable. Engineer the break-up of the UK. Have you seen the budget Osborne has introduced? Spending cuts, higher taxes, higher food prices, higher fuel prices etc. Nothing has changed, the Kosher Nostra is still in control.

      1. Agree. And while Sewer Nation’s “Idiot Culture” discuss this and that, Satan’s students will finally stop manipulating the markets here, collapse this nation into chaos…. and blame it on “Brexit”. Jews have had a stranglehold on Britain for nearly 2 centuries, there’s no way they’ll “allow” the Judas Class there to break free any more than they’d allow the “Judas Class” in D.C. to.

      2. Yes Felix, to “make England more malleable” is a definite possible strategy. We need to see how it pans oot. The Scots seem to be a lost cause, Would hate to be dragged back into the EU via Scottish Independence, but for various reasons need to remain in Scotland.

    2. Wiggins,

      Luckily there is a transcript, she is completely unintelligible for a non-english speaker.

      About the vote, something I keep hearing from Europhiles is that UK’s Old decided for the Young people. After the crooked Greek, the lazy Spanish and Portuguese, the cheating Italian it’s now time for the old fart sour brits confiscating the future of their children who will have to live with this decision all their lives, so unfair.

      Peter Sutherland, great friend and symbol of youth, put it this way.
      “The younger generation in UK has been sacrificed all because of distortion of facts and consequences. Somehow this result must be overturned.”

      Let’s check the stats, courtesy of lordashcroftpolls.

      Amongst the 18-24 age group, 73 % of Brits have voted remain and 62 % amongst the 25-34.
      So the media concludes that young people are in majority pro-euro, the 75% sacrificed as they call it in France. Strangely they never mention the abstention which gives you this.
      18-24 26% remain, 10% exit, 64% abstention.
      25-34 36% remain, 22% exit, 42% abstention.

      65+ 33% remain, 50% exit, 17% abstention.
      So I conclude that young unexperienced Brits chose to trust their elders, the same people who voted yes in the 70’s are the same who vote out now. They don’t know what life was in good old Britannia free of euro technocrats. Or maybe a vast majority of them just don’t care. I know I was 19 and clueless in 2005 when I voted.

      What is more interesting is the ethnic and social category vote.

    3. the next referendum would be to boot out bimboons like her, with those incubator hatches she is wearing on her head – i guess they are there for easy access by head mechanic.
      That would open the road to deal with the real (((problem)))

    4. Voilà! White Pathological Autism!

      My funny term of “White Pathological Autism” may have started out as a joke a few weeks ago, but upon reflection, and here in the above video, it clearly is on display for all to see. “Pathological Autism” fits! It’s bang on!

      Sorry, Mister MacDonald, but your “White Pathological Altruism” not only gives me a belly laugh, it also gives the kikes a free pass. “White Pathological Autism” accurately describes what has been done to people via highly dubious but kosher vaccines. This is provable and indicts the damn JEWS!!!

      Indeed, there is sufficient scientific data to connect vaccines with autism, whereas there is no scientific evidence to prove Kevin MacDonald’s theory of “Pathological Altruism.” We even have a Darkmoon resident expert on the subject. Read Kapoore’s On the MMR vaccine and the toxic effects of aluminum

      1. JFC :

        Just curious, how are your fellow chinks living in England these days taking the NO vote? Are your fellow chinks kewl with it? Or, are your fellow chinks brushing up on your and their of course ancient chink War philosopher SUN MASTER SUN TZU SUN MASTER War Strategy, next time your fellow chinks won’t lose! You chinks got THE SUN MASTER guiding youse chinks!! I guess it’s yet another reason “Our” Eastern Temple “Ascended Master” ((( dubby))) dick just simply LOVES WORSHIPS AND ADORES his Taiyang Shen De DA DIKE SI FUGIN Zai Tianshang!!!!

        Overall, would you say chinks have Da Dike Si!!!! , Or ((( xiao dike si, 🙁 ))) ?

    5. Arse perhaps.
      Those Horus eyes are rather odd, and that horrid metallic implant on her face leads one to wonder where else on her anatomy she might have another, which is not a pleasant thought. Other than that I find her sort of cute, and might not kick her out of bed, be it dark.
      Being a Texan, of her words I cannot make hide nor hair, which is, from the comments here, an undoubted blessing.

      1. Probably a good piece-of-ass, Tex! (That’s about ALL I could imagine she’d be good for…). Too bad we must suffer her kind. Anyhow, just learn to use ’em. They can be useful. 🙂

      2. S.W.
        So you’re from the Lone Star State. I believe you also have an independence movement. Every gripe that the Brits have about European Federalism applies equally to the Tyrants in Washington and Wall Street. Are you pro-Texit? One of my greatest regrets looking back to the 1860’s was the defeat of the CSA in the Northern War of Aggression. Besides the Stars and Bars is a beautiful flag, not like this prison striped monstrosity you have at present and Dixie is a very catchy tune.
        Regarding the airhead in the video one could always adhere to the old Russian adage, “There is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a shortage of vodka!”

    6. The young do not realize that they have been brainwashed. Most teachers, academics and broadcasters are full of it

    7. Young people don’t realize that they have been brainwashed. Most teachers, academics and broadcasters are full of it

      1. As time goes by, Hillary is losing more and more support. The NO on Brexit didn’t help her any. She lost even more support after the NO on Brexit [ though she was losing supporters before the Brexit vote]. Lots of Sander’s supporters are going to vote for Trump. ? [ Sander’s supporters, Pat, who are die-hard Democrats, really hate your Hillary, lol ] Hillary’s hemorrhaging supporters pretty badly. How does that make you feel, Pat, that your Moon Goddess Billary is hemorrhaging supporters pretty badly? At the rate your Moon Goddess Hellary is losing supporters, she’ll be lucky if she gets 10% of the vote in November, lol. How does that, lol, make you feel? Would a REAL female woman in the White House AS First Lady [ not as female president, but a REAL female woman AS FIRST LADY for a change ] finally for a change work your nerves?

  1. “Barely a year after winning a stunning majority, the Prime Minister has gone, a broken man.”

    Imagine that. All done without nukes…. just an army of undocumented immigrants was all it took to complete an “historic event” of such great magnitude. It was as if the pull out were ‘set up’….. even when they joined decades ago. Just like chess pieces moved by an ‘unseen hand’… so slow…. unnoticed.

    1. yes Pat, speaking of the (((unseen))) hand, everyone is talking about how soros made a wrong bet and went long on pound sterling.
      So much window dressing, you can be sure that the Rothschild boys don’t make such mistakes, in fact they don’t bet, they own the racetrack.
      Soros picked up a lot of flak the last time he broke the pound, so this time he publicized some long positions but you can be sure that in the background he is shoveling the gravy, just like Nathan Rothschild pretending to go long on Brit market and announcing Napoleon’s victory in order to scoop up the wealth of Britain in the aftermath.
      Be a cold day in hell when I fall for carpetbagger’s swindles, like Soros “standing shoulder to shoulder with British brethren”.

      1. (((Soros-types))) have ‘straddles.’ Win on both sides. Never lose.

        The people will suffer with high prices on all items they can afford… especially imports.

        Most ‘average joes’ rent homes anyway, not buying them. That will take more pounds.

      2. That financial markets are so obviously rigged is a testament of the non-existence of law enforcement. Because the law of criminals, by the criminals and for the criminals epitomizes the law of the Jungle that thickens day by day. The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion are alive and well. Might makes right.

  2. Do people look at labels when they purchase? Made in China, Taiwan, Philippines etc. Try buying a pair of shoes made in England………and I don’t mean hand made in Savile Row.The globalists have dismantled this country’s and all of Europe’s countries’ manufacturing base, and shipped them out East. My best friend, a Frenchman, living in southern France is as disgusted by this demise as I am.(I am an Englishman, born and bred in southern England). All the countries should be joining the exit, kicking the globalists out and reestablishing their industries and trading with each other. Deutsche Bank’s vast derivatives bubble has effectively neutralised any wealth created by the strongest economy in Europe, Germany. Banksters equals gangsters as any informed person knows. What’s wrong with work permits, renewable after 6 months between our European partners, in the new devolved Europe? Then you would have mobility, but control over it. As for the centralised duma that is Brussels and Strasbourg…………see Nigel Farage on his many You Tube speeches, and watch those fat cats squirm at the truth.

      1. That’s alright, Pat. There’s NO WAY to control disparages in currency – but we CAN control with whom we dine! 🙂

  3. Kind of ironic how Germany, France, Italy, Spain, et al, are busy doing the Resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire (one money, no borders) thing and The Brit-ish respond by doing the 1066 play all over again.
    This morning the mayor of London wants city/state autonomy like “The City” (one square mile) already has and has had since 1066.

    1. And let us do pray We always have bread to break together with Our Family and with of course Our Buddy-Buddies,

      O Domine, libera nos ab insectis destruentes fruge nostras!

  4. Great result, to teach the arrogant elites a lesson. Britain will be fine. It is the EU that is in danger.

    As I write the stock market is up 3% and the pound is recovering, now $1.34. down from $1 47 last week. Down, but not a “Collapse”. A little devaluation like this will be good for exporters.

    1. I hope you’re right John. But the likes of Soros and his ilk are masters of the dead cat bounce. A manipulated rise to bring in the suckers and so on. Sneaky bastards these Jews.

      1. Hi Felix,
        I just think the whole scare thing is overdone. Britain has an £8 billion annual deficit on trade with the EU. They need us more than we need them. Just look at all the Mercedes, BMWs and VWs around Britain.

        The FTSE100 is now higher than it was before the referendum and the Pound is down against the US dollar by about 7%; which is not a crisis.

  5. Can someone, anyone, explain why Britain was the only EU member allowed to opt out of the Euro dollar? All other EU members were forced by law to give up their native currency and trade with the Euro. How did that happen? Might it have something to do with the City of London?

      1. Thanks for the information.

        Interesting, I never took time to study the matter. The whole European Union show sickened me from the very beginning, with its nauseating, Hollywood-style fanfare introduction. The EU is clearly another attempt by Jews to consolidate their power and control, this time over the sovereign states of Europe; another Babelic tower of confusion to destroy the racial and national unity of those countries. The wiki description only makes me head for the porcelain once again.

        “Other EU states (except for Denmark and the United Kingdom) are obliged to join once they meet the criteria to do so.” What criteria? How low a country can grovel in fear of the Jew’s economic power? “No state has left, and there are no provisions to do so or to be expelled.” The usual one way door leading to the kosher slaughter.

        From what I had heard, I labored under the misconception that all EU members were obliged to adopt the Euro. I suppose this was because of the idea that the union was supposed to be the “United States” of Europe.

        So Britain is but one of nine countries that did not adopt the Euro as its currency. That raises even more questions, like what is the determining factor behind the choice of these members and why was such a critical economic point left open to choice? And why do Britain and Denmark have special, permanent exemption from the Euro Zone?

        As I move along here, I am beginning to smell the usual stink of the Jew’s Byzantine legal and economic structuring. Their filthy fingerprints are all over this, the complexity of which prevents outsiders from understanding the details of what Jews are really aiming to accomplish.

      2. @Arch Stanton

        You said, “The EU is clearly another attempt by Jews to consolidate their power and control, this time over the sovereign states of Europe”

        It worked for the jews in the USA with the Constitution. Thirteen sovereign nations gave up their hard earned sovereignty from jewish England they had for thirteen years. Once the jews find something that works for them, they keep using it just like ed-jew-cation.

        You said, “I am beginning to smell the usual stink of the Jew’s Byzantine legal and economic structuring.”

        The Byzantine Empire successfully oppressed the jews for 800 years which is why the Byzantine Empire lasted for so long, about 1,100 years. Usury, the jewish specialty, was punishable by death. I am puzzled by your statement.

      3. “I am puzzled by your statement.” (concerning use of the term Byzantine)

        My use of the term “Byzantine” is thus defined:

        4: often not capitalized a : of, relating to, or characterized by a devious and usually surreptitious manner of operation b : intricately involved : labyrinthine <rules of Byzantine complexity.

        However upon refection of your puzzlement, no doubt my command of English has once again been Jewed, to wit: "The Byzantine Empire successfully oppressed the jews for 800 years which is why the Byzantine Empire lasted for so long, about 1,100 years."

        Invariably Jews turn their enemies' names into ugly, hateful pejoratives. This is my pet peeve with the terms "Sodomite", "sodomy" etc. The issue with Sodom had nothing to do with "evil" or perversion. It was an issue of the theft of water by genocide. Sodom had water, Abram did not. The Jew god used the excuse of a moral imperative, one of overarching, unrepentant "evil", to "genocide" Sodom to enable the theft of their water so Abram could water his large herds obtained through an extortion racket jinned up by none other than the Lord god himself, who acted as the muscle to threaten the marks.

        The act committed by the Jew's god was so repulsive, that Abram himself questioned his lord god's motives. Yet, the name of Sodom has been dragged through the mud since the story was first told. The Jewish term "Nazi" is much the same, Germany being the Jew's updated version of Sodom.


        The Nazi Detector Chrome application marks and changes Donald Trump’s last name to “Trumpler”

        “Donald Trump talks about Muslims and other people of color the way Hitler talked about us in the lead-up to the Shoah,” the application’s creator, Daniel Sieradski, told the Forward in an email.

        “The! guy needs to be called out for his hateful incitement at every turn. And if that means drawing parallels between him and Hitler to jog people’s sense of outrage, so be it,” Sieradski added.

        Earlier in June, the discovery of the Coincidence Detector, which identified Jews online by putting parentheses on each side of their name, for example (((Forward))), ignited a social media firestorm as Jews and allies purposely added parentheses to their Twitter handles in order to mock the application. Google later removed the anti-Semitic add-on.

        Nazi Detector Chrome application

        A test-run showed that the Nazi Detector, which went live Friday, added swastikas around the last names of some Nazis and white supremacist groups but did not mark other famous anti-Semites, such as Nazi leaders Adolf Eichmann and Joseph Goebbels. Sieradski explained that the focus of the extension was white supremacists who were involved in online harassment.

        “This is really about folks who are harassing other folks online. The ‘real’ Nazis are dead,” he said.

        Those on the application’s list of names include followers of two major white supremacist Twitter accounts, as well as groups identified as anti-Semitic by civil rights organizations, Sieradski said.

        Contact Josefin Dolsten at [email protected] or on Twitter, @Josef! inDolsten


        While I eschew any use of the term, I wonder when white people will begin turning this kind of nasty ad hominem attack around by saying: "OK I'm a Nadzee (heavy nasal sound) so what of it? The Nadzees were the only group that recognized the truth about Jews being twisted, psychopathic bloodthirsty murderers. Read their Bible" An alternatively response might be : "In truth, from a Jewish perspective, I'm not a Nadzee, but a Palestinian as Jews murder my people in the same fashion. It would be interesting if a contest was begun to see how many people could obtain the chrome swastika label by their name. No doubt like the evil gentile demons driven from the beleaguered Jew into the Gadarine swine, their names would be legion.

  6. why are my posts disappearing!

    Nary an explanation. It’s like I’m some sort of pariah!

    1. Maybe you should write your posts in English, Brownhawk, and not write ’em in the pnaci-people tongue of your NOBLE Ancestors, then maybe your posts won’t get lost in the twilight zone of cyber Outer Space.

      Remember : No one likes the pnacis people, they’re neither Noble Native American RED skins, not even are they whiteys, neither here nor there are they, just kinda like lost zombies wandering around in the twilight zone, nobody likes ’em.

      The Spam filter detects “P-N-A-C-I” and proceeds immediately to shoot the post into Outer Space into The Black Hole of The Cosmos.

      1. lasha,

        this post is a carryover from your reply to Seymour Z. the other day

        A democracy would have been an utterly impractical reality for a Germany that was floundering without a strong father-figure. The German people needed above all for their fighting instincts to be ROUSED in order to turn back the scum that started breaking through the portals of hell IN EARNEST when the bolsheviks (ie; Khazarian descendants) went on their slaughter spree.

        True democracy is a rare luxury, and perhaps the most viable working example of it was the Iroquois Great League. Late in the 15th century they were finally starting to get things together by establishing the peace among the tribes. But before it had a chance to consolidate, along came MORE scumbags to DESTROY it!

        Read the protocols, lasha, if you wanna get a REAL education, and discover what a piece of cake democracies are to these uber-control freaks. Or, if you prefer, have a little tete a tete with Marie Antoinette….what’s that?…oh, that’s right. Make that have a TETE with her, and SOMEHOW she’ll tell you how democracy REALLY works.

        So now we have this little piss ant called “Brexit”.

        Democracy in action! The people have spoken! Take the fight to the globalists!


        We’re bein played like the cheap fiddles we are! more stringin along the gullible masses who still think they can make silk purses outta sows’ ears by tryin to play THEIR GAME using THEIR RULES! Just more controlled opposition like the “arab spring” or the “occupy wall st.” protests of putting perfume on pigs.

        They are laughing in scorn at our piddling preoccupation with material concerns, and all the pathetic platitudes of whatever ELSE is on our puny little minds. And we are DESERVING of it!

        Take your pawns off the stinkin chessboard! Let it go! Give up this illusive ghost and WATCH from the best possible sideline you can muster. WAIT for the whole f***ing shithouse to collapse on itself! And be COILED LIKE VIPERS WHEN IT DOES!

  7. Fine article. Speaking for friends and myself, we need no assurances of the wisdom of leaving. It is always nice to watch Mr. Farage hammer the EU parliament, today noting most of those associates have never held jobs or gained experience in trade. In many ways, the smug, the complacent, the arrogant creatures surrounding him are being offered a last chance; the migrants will overwhelm, kidnappings and murders of high profile targets will replace the present random rapes, stabbings, and robberies. Like in the City, they only will recognize reality when it beats them to death, skins them alive. So uncivilized. The UK is indeed fortunate, but let’s not presume on fortune’s good graces. The government must recognize the best course is to pursue certain measures – measures like the Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) movement, a trans EU grassroots growing opposition that has been consistently ignored in the MSM. Her majesty’s ministers might have a word or two about the serious lack of coverage (bias) and see that something is done, or fines and licenses are on the table, forthcoming with worse. More coverage of Marine Le Pen and the FN, Geert Wilders and the Dutch Party for Freedom, the 5 Star party and the Northern League, and others. Their victory offers the UK the best partners to deal with than the monsters with elitist pretensions in there now. The UK is to be congratulated, you’ve certainly won my admiration (like Thailand and Iceland) but the persons who represent Europe’s best should receive support and quickly. Britain adopted a “Forward Strategy” in the 100 years war – better to have the slaughter ‘over there’ than at home. As for Asian businessmen and others, are you going to wait for the Pound to go up before recognizing a unique opportunity?

    1. I should clarify my statement – I use the word “replace” (…”migrants will overwhelm, kidnappings and murders of high profile targets will replace the random rapes, stabbings, and robberies”) in the sense of being a news item, though of course, the corrupted and phony politicians are trying desperately to conceal the scope of the problem. The rapes and murders of ordinary citizens will of course continue, most likely grow. The organized terror, such as the animals caught in the last week stockpiling bomb materials in Germany will target high profile subjects – and their families. The problem facing EU officials is that some of these events will be the real thing, not zionist lobby – Intelligence Agency play acting. Under the circumstances, any idiot can see this coming.

  8. TIME FOR THE usa , young to wake up , We are being controlled by Israel , and soon it will be impossible to have any jobs i this country : We have been slaves to this Zionist organization , fortified by their 911 False Flag .
    Will the queen be next ; or is it me ? Like the POPE of that large country DE Vat in a Can , vita all their Fat cardinals
    running from the law .Francis and Benedict are best buddies now .Francis took Neil Bush’s place in the heart and mind of that Human disaster . Benedick .
    See all the URLs showing Bush with Rabbi Urine Flusher , Press secretary . ( ARI Fleischer ) .
    The war hawk had seen the light without telling us . SHEET .

  9. I’m curious as to how lobro’s takfiri muslim drinking buddies are taking the NO vote? Are they drowning their sorrow in a bottle? Or, are they way TOO busy right now to get stinkin’ drunk TOO busy planning the next jew false flag operation in England? Will they make it “look like” the whiteys who voted No on Brexit committed the horrific violence, or wil they make it “look like” the Spanish Catholic Fascists committed the horrific violence? Or, will they set-their jew false flag up so it “looks” to the whole world “like” [ an alchemical fusion of ] “racist xenophobic Englsih whiteys AND racist xenophobic Spanish Catholic Fascists IN ALLIANCE” “did” the horrific violence? Just curious, that’s all.

    1. My guess is that they will make it look like a Polish National did it. A Polish Plumber. That will also make Lebensraum 3.0 more palatable as Hitler’s daughter creates the German Super State and sends all her Muslims to Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe.

  10. A month or two ago some swedish nationalist were banned from (((facebook))). They were already before that working on an alternative to (((facebook))) but the ban made them release it a bit earlier than that though. It has been up and running for a couple of weeks and has a bit over 1000 members so far. Since it is our own haven in cyber space, We all hope it to grow over time. They, the (((chosen))) has no power there. Thank god for that.


  11. The majority of the Brits exited the EU but the Elite kept in. Now we should expect financial and economic maneuvers on behalf of the Elite to make the Brexitters regret their “unwise” choice. So, the Brits are expected to experience some sort of discomfort, seemingly directly related to their “bad” choice. Besides, the NWO agenda will still be carried out underneath in unsuspected ways. Don’t expect the evil to give up.

    1. Sean,
      “Don’t expect the evil to give up”
      That’s for sure. The Bangkok Post today, citing AFP said that Nicola Sturgeon will be meeting Juncker and Schultz Wednesday midnight Thai time. Nary a word about it in the UK press to my knowledge. Initially I was pleased by Brexit, but looking at the disarray in the political situation I fear this is an engineered break up of the UK. While the US and Canada may mouth platitudes, they have their own separatist problems and the Jew governments ruling those unfortunate downtrodden people will join in any endeavour to crush the English people. Consider pencils to mark ballot papers. I’ve never heard of that before!

      1. Felix,
        Yes, they are busy plugging the gaps after recovering from the unpleasing surprise …if it has ever been one, as you properly suggest it.

        NEWS (From: bangkokpost.com/)
        EU meets without Britain for first time since Brexit vote

        AFP, Published on 29/06/2016

        » BRUSSELS – European Union leaders will Wednesday assess the damage [ really? ] from Britain’s decision to leave the bloc and try to prevent further disintegration, as they meet for the first time without a British representative.

      2. Felix,

        Don’t worry for UK. They play a different game than the rest of US.

        “The majority of the Brits exited the EU but the Elite kept in”

        I don’t know Sean, City voted out and the Queen herself was for a Brexit. All those multicultural urban tertiary workers are not the Elite. The Jews voted out as well +54%, while Muslims voted remain +70%.
        I just lerv ethnic statistics, they are forbidden here.

      3. Thanks, Phil –

        I agree with Meyssan. I have been stating for years that London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers will control China’s currency….. just like they control all reserve currencies. And China wants ‘reserve’ status in the worst way. “Fiscal paradise” coming.

        “Contrary to what the European Press claims, the City of London is not directly concerned by the Brexit. Because of its particular status as an independent state placed under the authority of the Crown, it has never been part of the European Union. Of course, it will no longer be able to shelter the head offices of certain companies which will retreat back into the Union, but on the contrary, it will be able to use the sovereignty of London to develop the yuan market. Already in April, it obtained the necessary privileges by signing an agreement with the Central Bank of China. Besides which, it may develop its activities as a fiscal paradise for Europeans.”

        Thierry Meyssan


        I never thought the US held any of the dominance(s) he mentioned.
        ALL ‘City’ … ALL the time. They write the checks… BOSS.. 🙂

        1. I guess that’s why Madame Butterfly always flutters over here to the States, that would explain it the best. I mean she sure does sound like an air head bimbo looking for ONLY ONE THING., and couldn’t care less about anything else except what she’s LOOKING FOR. If she doesn’t get ANY she falls into a deep depression and turns to the bottle and her pills for solace. Oh NO!!!! NO!!! on’nanoko NO!!! watashitachi NO!!! tani, ? .

          You know, madame kabuki , you don’t have come to the States for IT, just hang out in front of any U.S. military base in your native island nation of Japan, that’s all. Easey peasey.

  12. The catch….. “The House of Lords said in an April report that any decision to exit the European Union would have to be approved by the Parliaments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.”
    Yes, back in the late 1990’s Tony Blair gave Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London their own pretend little governments.
    This is why they must be abolished, only two forms of governments are needed, 1 which is council and 2 is the UK government. That’s all!

  13. Good for Britain. I think when this Neo-liberal New World Order regime finally goes down it’s going to take us economically with it but then the whole thing was just one big fat consolidation of debt. I think back to the 2008 crisis when the U.S. Congress had a chance to save “Main street” and reward those who had done well at the local level. What a shock to realize that these financial elites will screw the people every time. Remember they gave themselves big fat bonuses after the people generously bailed them out. I think about how badly Greece was screwed, and later on we discover that it was Chelsea (Clinton’s) husband Marc Mezvinsky via Goldman Sacs that did it. He was a useless ski bum 30 year old with no skill in anything as far as I can see—imagine the stupidity of entrusting this spoiled brat with the country of Greece–that’s the EU for you. Several years ago I was in Germany and this German said that the Germans didn’t vote to be in the EU. They just woke up one morning and it was a fact. Americans should take heed because with the open borders the globalists are pushing for the North American Union. Once they have that our Constitution will be weakened and they can get rid of the Amendments they don’t like: the 1st, the 2nd, and the 4th. It will be like the switch in the accounting system that allowed fraud to not be fraud so the bankers couldn’t be prosecuted. One day we’ll wake up and discover that it’s against the law to criticize the government, it’s against the law to own a gun, and it’s not against the law to be searched because America will be dead, and instead we’ll have the North American Union. Maybe that is why Texas wants to secede. Maybe I should move to Texas before it’s too late…just kidding… I’m going down with the ship. Hopefully the brave British have slowed the push for the New World Order down a bit.

    1. Kapoore,
      Nothing wrong with Texas! I travelled on a Greyhound Bus through Texas in 1977. Great people, but if you don’t like Texas, I believe Alaska and Hawaii have secession movements. Heck you could support these guys.
      http://www.csagov.org I know you’re from the North, but nothing wrong with being a copperhead, a Northerner fighting for Dixie. I just love them good ole boys from the South and their accents.

    2. Kapoore –

      I lived in Houston 79-84. The good folks hate the feds.

      The Bush Boys of Zapata Oil and other hundreds of members of the original “Houstonian Club” get their money from the US Government. They like it.

      “The Club” was used as George H. W. Bush’s residence…. as a matter of no personal state income taxes.

      George H. W. Bush used the hotel as his official voting residence in the 1980s. After, signing an affidavit in April 1985, promising to build his retirement house in Houston, Vice President of the United States George H. W. Bush was permitted to use Texas as his official voting residence.
      Bush’s official voting address was Suite 271, a three bedroom suite in The Houstonian.

      Bush’s wife, Barbara, also used The Houstonian as her official voting address. The Bushes had moved out of Houston in 1981. The Houstonian became better known for being the designated residence of Bush than for its original purpose.

      Bush spent most of his time away from Washington, DC in Kennebunkport, Maine.

      By making Texas the family official residence, Bush did not have to pay Maine income taxes. The Maine People’s Alliance, a group advocating for fairness in taxation, said that by declaring Texas as his residence, he did not pay $244,000 (about $488,000 in today’s money) in income taxes. Bush was paying less than 1% of his gross income in taxes while most Americans paid around 10%

      Texas will not secede. No state can. Texas tried it in 1861. The fed flag STILL flies in Austin.

      1. What were you doing in Houston, Pat, working for NASA? On NASA’s payroll, are “we”? Probably, Darkmoon is a very Stalwart Gate Keeper for The Heliocentrics. Very brave. I’m so in awe of how brave you all are. And you’re all so smart too.

      2. TROJ –

        I was a precious metals broker… near the Galleria on Post Oak.

        I did go to NASA a few times to see the ‘tinker-toy and tin-foil’ LEM……
        …..and fake moon rocks. Admitted replicas used to design the lunar probes…. 🙂

        But…. I did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn Express…!!

  14. Usury remains commonplace and acceptable. Therefore, nothing has really changed.

    Pacify the masses and make them think they have some control over their own lives; that is the mindset of the evil elite enslaving the people and it works like a charm too.

  15. PHIL,
    You know the polls are not the Elite yardstick par excellence. In fact, I wonder how such an important issue as whether to make a dent or not in the wall of Globalization is let to the polls-the tyranny of numbers-the Elite Achilles’ heel.
    As for the Queen,I think she belongs in the deep sea but she needs to pop out to breathe in a walkabout from time to time.Like an iceberg, although she is 9/10 covered ,she can’t totally sink. But a total victory of the Global Elite would deprive her of this privilege.

  16. Phil,
    Thanks for that link to Voltaire. I’d already seen it. I have the site on my speed dial. It’s interesting how he mentions the possible dismantling of the States.
    Here in Thailand they will most probably opt to go into the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Org). So far it includes China, Russia, most of the Central Asian Republics and Iran India is expected to join. It’s probably why Erdogan has apologised to Russia, he wants in as well. It’s basically the world, 64% of the world’s population is in Asia. But according to the nonsense spewed out by the Atlanticist media, Russia and China are isolated from the international community.
    Reminds me of the good old days when South Africa, Rhodesia, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Paraguay etc. were international pariahs. One wit referred to those countries as OOPS or Organisation Of Pariah States.

    1. Felix,

      England is being England anticipating the changes and Germany is being Germany dismantling the European States.
      “It’s interesting how he mentions the possible dismantling of the States.”

      This might interest you. It’s a summary of minorities and regionalism by Pierre Hillard about German long policy of supporting the autonomy of Eastern German minorities and now the EU supporting the autonomy of regions and separatist movements on ethnic or cultural or even technocratic basis.
      With the map.

      This is happening as we speak, Occitania has been adopted, last year we passed from 22 regions to only 13 with decentralization from France and centralization regarding EU. We have now separatist movements supported by EU in Brittany (they have a legitimate claim though), Corsica, Alsace Lorraine, French and Spanish Catalonia/ Basque Country. You even have technocratic separatist movement like Rhone Alpes. Even in my Normandy.
      We just need a big civil war to achieve the plan. The Europeans should read about the wars in Balkans to see how it is done. I can easily picture in twenty years a Caliphate of Seine Saint Denis, a Muslim enclave in the original land of France, just like Kosovo in Serbia. The only Latin country resisting to the landerization is Spain as she has always refused the recognition of Kosovo, the wahabo-maoist training camp of the 2.0 international brigades.

      The new OOPS is now NATO, 1/7 of the population thinking they are in position to dictate the rest of the world its policy.

      1. I can see the future headlines,
        Moderate (((EUSIS))) threatens Jews, destroys priceless Catholic cathedrals, Köln, Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, St Peter’s … synagogues feel existentially threatened”

        Bashir Assad goes: “Lobro, got any more of those Cohibas, let’s light one on the front porch of the prez palace and enjoy the blessed peace of Syrian countryside, I got a bottle of Santiago Metuzaleh Veinte Año saved for this Ramadan”.

      2. Phil,
        Thanks for those links. Yes, the sooner a country withdraws from the (((International Community))) the better. It’s a pity the OAS weren’t successful back in the 60’s. ALGERIE FRANCAIS!!!!

      3. @ Phil

        No need for a civil war within the EU if it is busted up into individual countries. Once busted up, it can be WWII redux with a little jewish manipulation. Once the jews have found something that works, they just keep doing it and the brainwashed masses keep falling for it.

    1. Yes, I saw that article Wiggins. As Lewis Caroll wrote, “Curiouser and curiouser”. I note that Murdoch is backing Brexit, which is a very bad omen indeed. With apologies to any of the Latin races reading this, the UK , quite frankly, is behaving like a “Dago Democracy”! Both the Tories and Labour are in a complete and utter shambles. Well if the politicians can’t sort it out, perhaps it’s time for the Armed Forces to step in. I know it’s a pipe dream, but it would mean the immediate ousting of the UK from the EU. Perhaps it’s all a deliberate ploy to give (((them))) time to organise a colour revolution and force the UK to remain. BTW, UOB, Singapore’s 3rd largest bank is refusing grant mortgages for property purchases in UK and DBS, its largest, is cautioning its customers. So let’s wait and see.

      1. This is a segment of a planned Coup d’état to oust the 1960’s Wilson Labour Government:

        ” Retired intelligence officers gathered with military brass and plotted a coup d’etat. They would seize Heathrow airport, the BBC and Buckingham Palace. Lord Mountbatten would be the strongman, acting as interim prime minister. The Queen would read a statement urging the public to support the armed forces, because the government was no longer able to keep order.”
        The reason for this was that MI5 considered Wilson a Soviet spy and traitor….

      2. Wiggins,
        Not only Harold Wilson! A few of his cabinet ministers as well. He was the bastard that destroyed Britain’s aircraft industry, TSR 2. Don’t forget Britain was the first country in the world to produce a commercially viable jet airliner, the Comet.
        Apparently some Jew talked Mountbatten out of giving his support for the coup.

    2. Thanks, Wiggins –

      From the article:
      “The Brexit referendum was an ugly opportunistic political exercise.”

      I would have stated that the Brexit referendum was a chance for London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers and agents to move FINANCIAL markets in directions opposite to public expectations while controlling the outcomes….. pocketing a few hundred EXTRA $$$Billions before brunch. And $$$Trillion by bedtime.

      That’s how it has been done for centuries…. “Napoleon’s Lesson” would describe it well.

      Farage is an expert ‘City’ broker and salesman.

      Murdock knows. 🙂

      1. Pat

        You offer some of the more insightful comments on this site, and yet I have to laugh at how you boil so many things down to guesswork, when the basic simple logic backing your insights and presented facts is staring you flush in the face (which is more than poor headless Marie can say!)

        In virtually every one of your posts, the term “pharisee-jew bankers” appears, implying that you are correctly pinpointing the primary source of the World’s ills. And yet you dismiss the protocols as being some sort of fairy tale? Do you think these psycho control freaks are able to so effectively manipulate the mind of Man flyin’ by the seat of their pants? As if the tallest building in the World could be constructed without elaborate blueprints to lead the way? Of COURSE they couldn’t! And what better outline for herding the masses to be steered in one great cattle drive could possibly exist?!

        Git along lil dogies, git along!

        The protocols are sheer evil genius that knows EXACTLY how to stir and direct the basest instincts of mankind, and there’s no better template for understanding how to “keep your enemies closer.”

      2. B-Hawk —

        “I have to laugh at how you boil so many things down to guesswork,”

        Yep, I do…

        Easy answer…. Synonyms….. especially in language translations.

        Also…. I cannot know what another person was/is thinking …. not even in real time, at present.

        I ‘know’ the exact contents of ‘just one mind’…. mine…. and that changes constantly with new info.

        See… It makes me laugh as well… 🙂

      3. Synonyms, eh? OK

        “protocols, learned, elders, zion.”

        Give me some synonyms for those words that would mean, say…

        “pharisee-jew handbook”…..wait a minute….

        I may have just answered my own question!

        A guide for all aspiring anal control freaks by any other name would spell as syn-ominous : >)

      4. B-Hawk –

        Now that you get my drift….

        Homonyms are even worse, obviously.

        Then….. there are cultural differences in play.
        A good friend of mine from Peru, a captain in USAF, teased me about English and I teased him about Spanish. He told me that there is no correct way in Spanish to say, “I love my car”…. or, ” I love my house.” He laughed every time he heard that.

        I teased him when he said things such as, “My wife is running around like chicken with no head.” 🙂 🙂

      5. I get it, Pat

        now I’m off to continue building my stone wall, after which I plan to re-read Gulliver’s journey to the land of the Houyhnhnms

        not to be confused with the homina homina homynyms :>)

    3. ”Britain is not leaving the EU anytime soon. No one within the British political arena can implement such a maneuver.” Whew!

  17. What happens when the US hegemon is down in defeat and disgrace, Jew nullified?

    I see two main aftermaths, it may be toss of a coin which way it goes.

    Outcome A:
    ▫ the morally awake leaderships realize that the true, longlasting wellbeing and prosperity hinge on rational cooperation and distribution of resources and improvement in human basics such as education, nutrition, preventive health regimens, repair and conservation of damaged Earth’s biosphere and multilateral steps are taken to pursue the altruistic goals,
    ▫ Judenfrei Earth joins the Galactic League of Kind Space Beings and TROJ is neurally reengineered into a sober Spamblinka survivor who peddles his poetry of woe on Oprah show, row upon row of motherly broads slobbering disconsolately in deep empathy (“tell us again about healthy, virile hate, TROJ”).

    Outcome B:
    ▫ With the biggest beast down and gone, the parasitical instinct is rekindled outside the Synagogue of Satan (demolishing the synagogue doesn’t solve the main problem) and everyone is racing in to reclaim the power void for themselves and an international free-for-all barroom brawl ensues, broken WMD bottles and nuclear chair legs flying, the few remaining sane ones crying for the good old days when Jew-managed (all of a sudden we miss him badly, “he did have great managerial skills, even though he stole big time”) US hegemon was the world’s cop patrolling his beat from Papua to Suriname.
    Revelation comes on full blast, horsemen of Apocalypse shootout, Behemoth harpoons leviathan and succumbs to mad cow disease himself.

  18. Uncle ;

    You still can do The Right Thing and put the post I sent you yesterday up on your TRUTH commentary board, as the post I sent you yesterday , the one with the video entitled “The Snake” is THE TRUTH.

    1. JOE : I can’t see any such video in the Spam folder posted yesterday. You must have sent it in day before yesterday, not yesterday. Send it in again.

      In any case, however interesting a video on Donald Trump and snakes may be, I just don’t have time to listen to all the OFF-TOPIC VIDEOS in our Spam folder. We gets dozens of them every day! The thread you sent that video to is entitled: “WHY THE BRITS WERE RIGHT TO REJECT EUROPE.” Your video is about Donald Trump — a totally unrelated topic. Can’t you force yourself to concentrate on the subject matter of the thread?

      Almost every single comment of yours is off-topic. Even the videos you post are off-topic. Get a life, will you.

      1. Unlce : Wait a minute! You can’t find “The Snake” video but you know under what thread of commentary I sent in “The Snake” video. You know under what thread of commentary I sent “The Snake” video but you can’t find the video. I’m supposed to believe you can’t find the video even though you know under what thread of commentary I sent in the video. You know under which thread of commentary the video is in, but you don’t know where the video is. You know where the video is, but you don’t know where the video is, you don’t know where the video is, but you DO know where the video is. And I’m supposed to believe you really can’t find the video? really?

        1. Don’t show your ignorance of how WordPress works, Joe. It’s quite simple. At the end of each day, if a lot of Spam comments have accumulated, the entire Spam folder is EMPTIED. So every comment you made a couple of days ago is deleted and is no longer recoverable. It’s as simple as that.

          BTW, why do you waste your time writing so much stuff that is totally unpublishable? I’ve just finished reading a long comment of yours in which you fantasize about Ellie K “cumming” to this site to masturbate non-stop over other posters. Do you really need to write 1000-word obscene comments like this?

          Is it any wonder you are in Spam?

  19. we’re making a list
    checking it twice
    gonna find out
    who knows
    we’re Gate Keepers for ZOG
    and those who do not
    The Wizard Of Liber OZ is coming to town!

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