A Cry from California — ‘God help us all!’


(1) FAR LEFT: Chief Heather Fong, first San Francisco Police Department lesbian chief of police.

(2) CENTER:  Theresa Sparks, transgender female who started out life as a man, is president of San Francisco Police Commission and CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer.

(3) FAR RIGHT: Sgt. Stephan Thorne, former female, the first transgender male San Francisco Police Department officer — once a pretty gal, now a guy with a mustache. 

Is it any wonder that people in California are a bit confused? 

I was getting my granddaughter to sleep and we were lying in bed together reading stories. She suddenly got this funny look on her face and said, “Let’s play a tickle game.” She began naming my body parts. I said that I didn’t like tickle games and I put the whole thing to a stop by reading her another story. But the incident disturbed me. She spends half the time with her father, although she is barely three years old. He without a doubt is a heavy watcher of porn and is well acquainted with the wild side of Los Angeles. He is obviously sexually turned on by her. Smitten with his own daughter.

Should an adult male who watches porn be playing tickling game with his three year old daughter? That’s a rhetorical question. I already know the answer. I’m talking about my granddaughter here… and I can tell you, I don’t like this situation one little bit.

But what can I do about it?

Even if I could do something about this guy, my granddaughter is probably better off where she is than if she got taken into protective custody. She’s a blonde, you see,  and I guess that carries an extra price. YUCK!!

We’ll know whether Trump is going to succeed or fail in cleaning the swamp when it comes to prosecution of certain high profile people in the Clinton camp like John Podesta, who is rumored to be an evil pedophile. I pray that the Washington pedophile ring aligned with the Clintons faces justice soon… very soon. This is urgent!!

—  §  —

My Jewish mother in law lived in New York and would come to visit once a year with a suitcase of frozen food because she wouldn’t eat in my house since I was too treif, that is non-kosher. This was although my mother-in-law was not religious and actually disliked Jews.  Since Jews were the only people she knew, she basically disliked everyone. So… one year she is coming over to my place for Passover and I go to a deli and get very fancy Passover food to have a Seder. She arrives from her hotel with her normal look of disgust on her face, but once we sat down for the Seder meal she went into flip out mode.

“What is this,” she screams, “have you people turned into Lubovitchers?”

That ended that. Basically, this is a pathological level of criticism where the criticizer never looks in the mirror and yet never stops from the barrage of negative commentary. We see this with the ten commandments of political correctness, the first being that “Thou shalt never criticize Jews.”

These Jews… you’re not allowed to criticize them… but they get to criticize you until your civilization is dead.

—  §  —

I lived through the Sixties and it was not too bad a time. It’s way worse now. In the sixties, we didn’t have a generation of profoundly sick children, whereas now we have one in 60 children with autism. It’s as high as one in 21 boys. In a few years’ time it’s predicted to soar to 50 percent. What are we going to do as a society when every second child is autistic?

Consider some of these art shows. These are now are called “spirit cooking events”. Cakes are made in the form of a corpse. Guests sit around a table with actors playing around with decapitated heads. And everyone watches as half naked men take out these long knives and cut limbs and genitals out of the cake. Then everyone eats, and pretends they’re having a great time! Hey, I can’t imagine anything like this going on in the Swinging Sixties, can you? No way!

Listen to this. It will make you laugh. But it’s not funny.

An interviewer in California went round asking random people on the beach what they think of the Trump boys hunting dinosaurs in Africa! He shows them a fake picture of the Trump brothers next to a dead dinosaur. People are shocked, genuinely shocked, because dinosaurs are “an endangered species.” Hunting dinosaurs to death just isn’t right!

The same bogus interviewer tells people on the beach that Bernie Sanders is thinking of having Bernie Madoff (the Ponzi scheme fraudster who stole millions of bucks from his clients) as his Vice President. The ticket would be Bernie and Bernie. “So what do you folks think of this?” he asks. Well, it seems these folks think it’s a darn good idea! It has a nice ring to it.

In other words, the level of stupidity has reached epic proportions in California. It’s beyond belief. I’m wondering if this staggering stupidity has spread like a plague to the rest of America? I wouldn’t be surprised if it had.

—  §  —

Donald Trump is our accidental president. No one thought he would win. He didn’t think he would win, but now for the first time we have the slimmest chance to take back our country.

Maybe I exaggerate the threat of the neocons and the Israelis because they have been the menace for the entire stretch of my adult life, with all their concocted wars. So I hope that Donald can separate himself from his Jewish son-in-law’s influence. I’m always hoping and praying there are rational minds at work out there. Let’s pray that rationality takes the day! That sanity returns…

I could write a book on how the Left has let me down.

I cannot imagine a worse tragedy for our country than to have Hillary Clinton as President, with John Podesta as chief of staff. They talk about Donald Trump being deranged, which I don’t think he is. What about Hillary Clinton? Didn’t she just announce she was going to run for the Presidency again in 2020? Hillary Clinton was apparently too drunk and off her rocker to give her adoring supporters a speech on election night. Hmmm, when someone runs for office, isn’t there always the possibility of losing? Why would a politician be so friggin lame that she can’t DEAL with losing an election?

So… I always thought they are in the hotel room or wherever and they just turn off the TV and go out and meet their supporters with some comforting words. Hillary couldn’t do that. And people think Donald is the worse of the worst. No, Hillary was the worst of the worst. Thank God we have Trump!

—  §  —

Everyone I know is on the side that wants to take Trump down. I don’t know how they are going to manage it but I wish Trump weren’t so naive, and that he would wake up and just start prosecuting the Hillary nexus, beginning with whatever was on those emails that came out of the Weiner sexting bust.

But Trump is Trump. He’s a straight guy, military school graduate, a Fifties dude who goes for locker room talk and the prettiest girl he can find… He is proud that he led the Israel parade. He hasn’t looked into the dark side of the Democratic party, or the dark side of the Jewish elite. In some ways he is far too naive to be president.

Yet who else could take on something this vast, this sinister, this lethal than someone who really doesn’t know what the heck he is doing? So he puts on his red baseball cap, like a knight donning his armor, and off he goes and places himself in front of the disenfranchised and completely destroyed American people. And what does he say? He basically says, “I am going to lead you out of this dark place!”

Oh my…and here we are in the middle of it. God help us!

Are we doomed? I hope not. Of course, no one in Congress or anywhere in the Justice Department – entirely on board with all this – has bothered to protect us. I think I heard this from a guy out here in California but I can’t remember his name offhand. Trump has to solicit this type of person for some real help. Trump is so straight that he can’t think the worst of anyone, but he has got to start doing it. And he has to do it in a less open way, from behind the scenes. He’s got to quit all this tweeting in the wee hours of the morning.

We need Trump to help us free our bureaucracy from the grip of the corporate fascists and pedophiles. He has to think of what happens to all of us who have been pushed under the bus. Personally, I am not sure what I will do, as I find myself already living here in this corporate fascist hellhole state of California. I know what it’s like to be powerless against multiple mandates. To be forced into buying products in order to make money for Big Pharma. To have politicians that laugh at children who have been poisoned by vaccines and kick out mothers from the halls of government.

A new word has to be invented for what has happened in California during the last ten years. A gulag? It’s far worse than any gulag here. It’s beyond anything anyone can imagine. Drunk as skunk politicians passing maniacal laws that stick to the books like glue…

—  §  —

I can’t stop, sorry… I’m so upset.


People who are so mind controlled they are looking at their phones that tell them the sun is shining. And they actually believe the sun is shining, though in fact it’s raining! That’s what we have here in California: a completely brainwashed society of robots.  

If their cell phone tells them the weather is fine, that’s what they come to believe, even when the weather is lousy.

Imagine! —  these same people are actually controlled through their cell phones.

Their every move is potentially charted and plotted through their phones. Imagine that someone is spying on them from a distant computer, and this spook decides that they aren’t sufficiently compliant and politically correct. So what happens? Well, their cars can be blown up, kar-boom! from some remote computer screen!

Whoops! Kapoore is too non-compliant, and she ain’t behaving like a model citizen, so what happens to Kapoore?  She’s a good driver, but her car is wired to a satellite … and so she’s blown up! Pffooof! Exit Kapoore, like puff of smoke. Too bad. Life was good while it lasted.

Finally, imagine the most heartless, materialistic, spirit cooking pedophile sadists in charge of the network. They drain the lifeblood of children like vampires to extend their own pathetic lives.

S – I – C – K!!!

Please God, don’t let Trump fail!

76 thoughts to “A Cry from California — ‘God help us all!’”

  1. Yes, the situation is bad as Kapoore so vividly writes. But is Trump
    for real? We don’t know that. We must judge him on his acts.
    Remains the fact that he is way too much surrounded with jewish advisors, jewish family. We don’t even know if he is a real goy or not.
    Is it a show all this? Has he been hired as an actor? Questions, questions.

    1. Mark –

      It’s hard to figure about Trump’s close affiliations, like jew-by-marriage daughter, Ivanka. She made a conscious choice, so I have to believe Jared Cushner is NOT what we’d call a ‘radical’ Jew. Having once met the very pleasant Ivanka, I believe she may simply be a product of an environment without controversy in that regard. Many others grew up that way – including myself and, I imagine, Kapoore – so I am inclined to give the Trump family benefit-of-doubt…

      Many causes and circumstances have been called to our attention, just as the writer of this fine comment demonstrates. Likewise does Arthur Topham, in the previous article. At some point, ‘critical mass’ will be achieved, and, conscious or not, the Trump Presidency will bring us closer (and maybe, like Kapoore says, he is totally unaware of it). I get the feeling that is precisely what his Jew opponents are concerned about. 🙂

      1. Gilbert,
        My better half is very perceptive and intuitive. She thinks there is something going on between Trump Daughter Ivanka and Trump wife Melania. Toejamicus thinks Melania is a class act. Not so much with Ivanka when converting to Judaism and marrying a Jew who is, or was. a slum lord who converted NY slums into high price apartments kicking out the poorer renters who could not afford the upgrades.
        Anyway, daughters can be protective and possessive of their divorced fathers who may feel competition or for many other reasons towards the stepmother. This is common especially if daddy spoils daughter.
        Ivanka does not seem to like it when Melania gets the limelight as first Lady.
        In any case lets all keep an open mind and eye on those two women. All this could spell real trouble for President Trump in ways that only be imagined considering all those involved.

    2. Don’t fret Kapoore. The revolt of the common people is underway. The coming elections in Europe should be veeerrryyy interesting. The first is in Holland on the 15th March.

      Shakespeare must have known something. “Beware the Ides of March”

      Incidentally, what are Amazon doing banning any book that asks questions about Jewish history?

    3. Trump represents, as I’ve noted before, simply another faction of the ruling class.


      He says what he needs to say about immigration and jobs to assure support from his popular base (The so-called ‘deplorables), yet he continues with wars overseas, support of ISIL, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.
      He refuses to seek peace with Russia and China.
      Yes, his faction suits us better than Hillary’s and we cheer him on when he stands up against the ridiculous ‘Social Justice Warriors’.
      But do not be deceived.

  2. Kapoore
    This is beautifully written ,I felt your pain through your words.
    the problem are these extremists right and extremists perverted left.
    the victims are the vast majority , the silenced majority who are neither deranged right wingers or godless perverted extreme left..
    indeed we need a divine help.

    1. Observer –

      “…indeed we need a divine help.”

      The Creator already helped us…..
      ……… by showing us how to make rope and gunpowder. 🙂

    2. Western civilization is in its final death throws from which there is no recovery. The Jews have stuck the white man with their satanic trident, finding him done to a turn. All that is left is to burn his fat and viscera on their sacrificial altar as “sweet savor” to their murderous god YHVH.

      If Jesus actually were the Son o’ God, in the manner commonly believed by fundamentalist fanatics, he could not recover the situation. I suppose that is the reason so many deluded Christians believe that he will come back and take them directly to heaven.

      Fanatically demented Christians await to hear Jesus’ call at the station: “Alllllll Aboard! Nothing left here, climb aboard my heavenly cross and I’ll toot Michael’s whistle to take you away from all your misery. Please have your bloody Lamb o’ God tickets ready for punching.”

      Of late I have noted more and more first hand stories of white males committing suicide. I suppose like Jesus, they are convinced there is nothing left for them here.

      Although correct in this assessment, they have made the common mistake of thinking suicide will provide a way out of their torment – it doesn’t.

      In fact there is nothing left, but to leave Jews to their murderous perdition so they can rule the world, stealing everything from everybody, including the children with whom they fornicate all too frequently.

      After sacrificing and eating those same children, Jews belch and fart clouds of noxious, odoriferous gaseous clouds in smug satisfaction of the knowledge they have finally accomplished their fondest nightmare, that of eradicating the stupid white goyim.

      Last night I was speaking with a highly intelligent woman in her mid seventies, who holds advanced degrees in both engineering and finance. After being brought up a devout catholic, she later became a Unitarian Universalist, the religion that isn’t a religion.

      “UU” is the religion Jews morphed into their ideal religion for stupid goyim. A church without any meaningful focus, just fuzzy ideas of holding hands and bringing the world together with love and a coke. Universalism, it’s Jewlicious!

      In any event, it was her son that provided the latest story of the suicidal white male. Interestingly, her son had achieved his PhD in physics not long before committing suicide in his mid thirties.

      What was truly disturbing is how smitten this woman was with Jews and Negroes. Of course Jewmerican protocol required she begin by ruminating over the tragic Jewish victims of the mythical hallowedhoax. She soon moved from this standard, sordid subject to gushing enamoration over some young, buck negro singer.

      Without a clue to her own inward hypocrisy, she glowingly described her love for the Negro’s music and yet, she did not like the words he sang. She continued on the topic, describing her adoration of both rap and jazz.

      This woman had been a bank auditor and had traveled extensively in her profession. She went on to relate first hand horror stories from out of Africa. She described her journey from the back of a hotel to skirt around a half mile to her work at the bank.

      A Negro gangster had been shot at the entry of the hotel and the body was not removed in anticipation of a police investigation so no one was allowed near the body. The bloated, fly-blown corpse was still festering in the hotel doorway a week later when she left.

      She said one of the truly terrifying things she encountered in her African travels was a fourteen year old boy with an automatic weapon and police authority to use it. The heavily armed, teenage Negro had insisted she be stripped searched for weapons.

      Of course illegal weapons would be the only possible explanation for a fourteen old negro male wanting to strip search a white woman. Interestingly the buck Negro failed to insist on using the same procedure for the white males in the party.

      Her boss took great pains to explain how she was obviously not hiding any weapons under her light summer dress. He finally solved the problem by calling the bank owners, threatening to pull their charter if they did not immediately rectify the situation. Ahhh yes, Negro rule; what’s not to like?

      She went on to describe her extreme discomfort at being a white woman in Africa’s overwhelming Negro environment. One can only wonder why she might harbor such feelings, considering her adoration of the Negro race.

      Somehow, despite her intellect, she simply could not see the profound disconnect between her admiration for the Negro race, her African horror stories and a young Negro singer’s hateful rap lyrics.

      This woman represents the classic example of what the Jews have done to our race, how they have given us their their minds, complete with its neurotic, disconnected, insanity that turns fantasy into reality.

      I reflect upon white children playing in the park with burdensome grief, knowing all too well the many horrors awaiting them in this thoroughly Jewed world. Like half-million, Albrighted Palestinian children, how many will not survive to adulthood?

      How many will become delusional to the point they sign up for the Jew’s Negro assistance Peace Corps programs to be brutally raped and murdered by the very Negros they came to help? How many will take a stand against the Jews to become white Racial Corries, crushed to oblivion by American bulldozers gifted to Israeli Jews?

      Whether it be in suffering molestation from their own morally debased parents, kidnapping, enslavement, rape, torture, sacrificial murder, victims of cannibalization, imprisonment in a Jewish FEMA death camp, having their brains blown out by a Jewish sniper from a mile away, or surviving a nuclear holocaust; the manifold horrors Jews have scripted for goyim children bubble up from the blackest depths of their utterly perverse, psychopathic religion; horrors that lie beyond goyim comprehension.

      Western civilization is already dead and Jews are jacking off in the backroom in celebration over the fact they killed it. All that remains now is for Jewish jackals to finish ripping away the necrotic flesh remaining on white bones.

      All the while, departing souls from civilization’s cadaver wait for a salvation that will never come because they squandered their efforts hoping and praying instead of taking action.

      While the gullible goyim’s hopes lay in their prayers to a nonexistent savior promised by their Judaized religion, the predatory Jew actively preyed upon their race and their nations.

      Like ancient Egypt, now little remains but the moldering ruins of an advanced civilization, grim reminders that once there was something far greater than any Jew could ever hope to achieve.

      At last Jews stood on the hill to survey the now deserted nations. Dust blew through empty streets and wild dogs roamed the overgrown plazas looking for any remaining edible scraps of the white man’s once great civilization.

      His magnificent culture lay in ruins, as the wealth used in its construction had been taken to accommodate those invaders who had served the Jews’ purpose as destroyers of western civilization’s culture.

      Surveying the ruins below, Lord Rothschild spoke once again to George Soros and his associates standing on the hillside. ‘It is finished. Now that we have destroyed these goyim, the danger to us has passed. Let us now attend to our own people and elevate them to the status these people once achieved.

      Our agents learned many secrets from these people, secrets of their science and military technology. Let us now use that knowledge to advance our own military power and build our own cities and with this power we shall project our demands upon the less intelligent people that remain.

      1. Hi Arch,
        I enjoy your articles but I am an optimist. Things may look bad now but the people, the common people are changing. There isan electoral revolt underway. I am 80 and consider myself lucky to have lived long enough to see it happen.

        I am not some lefty radical, but a lifelong Conservative/Republican. I am so glad to see this revolt against not just the left or the right, but against all the ruling elites.The posing, preening talking heads on TV deserved to be brought down to earth from their ivory towers. They have all been on bloated salaries at our expense.

        Trust the people.

  3. I feel your pain. I’ve been away from California for the last two years, but I lived there for the last 25 years prior to that and I noticed the state going downhill also. It’s still a beautiful state in parts and I hope things can be turned around. I would like to live there again someday.

    I expressed similar hopes in my article on Trump, saying I hoped he would awaken to the Jews and what they do, their motives and their frequently malicious and underhanded ways. I am not going to say this will happen. It probably won’t, but the thought of that happening reminds me of one of the most interesting things I ever read from the brilliant historian David Irving.

    In 1990 or 1991 David Irving became aware of the existence of the diaries of Germany’s Josef Goebbels (extending 25 years or longer). Diaries are an excellent source of reliable material. They are personal and people don’t usually lie in their own diaries. Irving went to the Moscow archive and located the thousands of pages of Goebbels diaries (on a type of microfilm, actually glass plates) extending over decades. They had laid there untouched since being placed there decades earlier, at the end of the war. Being an expert on WW II and the questions that still remained unanswered, Irving knew what he was interested in and where to focus his search in the diaries. He returned to London and began reporting in the Sunday Times, I believe, what he had found. The “shit hit the fan” so to speak as the Jews began attacking Irving, because they knew he would write the truth and that would include anything that would reflect badly on them. While others bow down to their pressure, David Irving never did. The story continues a few years later with Jews pressuring the publisher of his award nominated book on Goebbels, to trash the book and not publish it. The story hit the media and David Irving’s publisher caved in to the Jews, and then didn’t publish the book, even after they had nominated that same book for awards.

    Here is a television debate on what happened.

    Christopher Hitchens on Charlie Rose – On David Irving’s controversial biography (May 8, 1996)

    I think this story is very interesting and that is why I repeated it here, but that is not the main point I wanted to make. David Irving relays that there was a war going on between World Jewry and Germany, including propaganda, boycotts, assassinations and more, and Jews carried out all these things while Germany was curtailing the rights of German Jews and encouraging them to leave Germany by making life difficult for them. The fact that Jews played a central and leading role, a hostile role against Germany, leading up to the war has been hidden from the media by Jews. Like the fact that they were the leaders of the murderous USSR, their peacetime war on Germany has been hidden from the newspapers and most history books, leaving the impression with most people that completely innocent Jews were being targeted again. David Irving’s biographies of Goebbels and Churchill put that claim to rest, as do Solzhenitsyn’s books on the USSR and Russian President Putin’s speech on the Jews leading role in the USSR. Jews want to be seen as having no role in these nasty years, other than that of victim, and not be seen as a victimizer. David Irving has exposed the Jews leading role in ratcheting up the hostilities between the worlds countries prior to 1939 and their leading role in pushing the world into WW II, and they don’t like it.

    Irving reveals that Josef Goebbels was more hostile, or aggressive towards Jews than Hitler. Once you become aware of what they were doing, you might not blame him. Irving shows that Hitler sometimes intervened on their behalf, and that enrages the Jews, who claimed for decades that Hitler “ordered the holocaust”. David Irving put that lie to rest by offering a cash reward to any historian that could show him that order. No such order has ever been found.

    But one of the most interesting things about Josef Goebbels are his attitudes prior to becoming a leader in the National Socialist Party. Irving shows the Josef Goebbels grew up in a house next to Jewish neighbors and that Goebbels and his family were good friends with their Jewish neighbors. Later David Irving goes into Goebbels love life and from Goebbels’ diaries, gets to know that life intimately. He learns of Goebbels Jewish girlfriend and Irving reveals how Goebbels criticizes another girlfriend when she says something mildly “anti-semitic”. When I first read of this, I was astounded. This is in stark contrast to how Josef Goebbels views Jews only a few years later. And this is the thought that comes into my head. Will Trump awaken and see the hostile Jews for what they are too? Could it happen during his presidency, or will it happen after he’s out of office, or will it never happen? Trump could crush his own negative thoughts of Jews if he ever began to feel that way, especially because they’re in his family now. It’s fascinating to see how Goebbels attitudes change toward Jews as Irving unfolds the Jews relentless hostility towards Germany and its leadership.

    I have a soft spot for Josef Goebbels. in the last few months of the war when the horror of that war reached its peak for Germans and all seemed lost, with millions fleeing the gang raping Soviets westward and British and American bombers murdering thousands every night, over 100,000 in two hours in Dresden, the German spirit never gave way. My mother told me of how she thought Germany would win the war right up to almost the very end. Goebbels would speak directly to the German women and tell them they were living in the most important time in all history and despite all the hardship and suffering, Germany would win the war.

    One of the saddest things I ever read is when Josef Goebbels received the news that the British and Americans had demolished Dresden, killing hundreds of thousands of refugees that had flooded into the city. I read that on hearing the news, Goebbels eyes welled up with tears. At the very moment I read that, my eyes welled up too.

    Shortly after the lost Battle of Stalingrad and the British and American insistence on Germany’s “unconditional surrender”, Josef Goebbels gives Germany’s answer


    1. I feel your pain, Peter. I also have great difficulty staying ON TOPIC and I also have great difficulty writing SHORT posts. Writing SHORT posts that are ON TOPIC is practically impossible. 🙂

  4. Peter
    to this day ,they still fear the Germans .
    Nor shall this peace sleep with her; but as when
    The bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix,
    Her ashes new create another heir
    As great in admiration as herself;
    So shall she leave her blessedness to one,
    When heaven shall call her from this cloud of darkness,
    Who from the sacred ashes of her honor
    Shall star-like rise as great in fame as she was,


    Our apologies, but you need to read the article again! This is because the version you have just read has been deleted and a new version substituted. The new version is twice as long as the old one and pictures have been added.

    Many thanks to the talented Kapoore for giving us the opportunity to publish her work.

    1. @ Admin

      I read both versions of the article. The first was great, but the second longer version of the article is incomparably better. LD has managed to do a fine editing job, collecting bits and pieces from various comments sent in by Kapoore over the last few weeks and making a superb collage out of them.

      Congratulations, Kapoore! You really know how to write. Never a dull moment! This is enthralling.

      California, here I come! NOT. 🙂

  6. Excellent and true assessment of California. I live in California as well. I walked by a Women’s Day event outside city hall yesterday afternoon. Those pink devil-horn hats some of them lately like to wear were scattered throughout the small crowd ::thankfully small::. I had the chance to tell one woman inside city hall that Women’s Day was started by the Communists and it is to break up the family. She seemed receptive, but I couldn’t stay more than a minute to explain it to her more.
    I’m doing what I can…but Kapoore is totally right. I never knew this state would crash and burn so hard.

  7. I don’t understand. Considering the mother-in-law only eats Kosher food, then why would she flip out and accuse kapoore and kapoore’s family of being Lubovitchers because kapoore brought home Kosher Passover food from a jew food emporium? It doesn’t make sense :

    A : That the mother-in-law who LERVS Kosher food and eats ONLY Kosher food and will NOT eat NON Kosher food would flip out because kapoore brought home Kosher food for the jew holiday of Passover

    ~ and ~

    B: It doesn’t make sense that the mother in law who LERVS Kosher food and eats ONLY Kosher food would get bent-out-of-shape because kapoore brought home Kosher food for jew Passover and accuse kapoore of being a “Lubovitcher” [ as if that’s a BAD THING ] as Lubovitchers are also jews who ONLY eat Kosher food just like the mother-in-law will only eat Kosher food. You would think the KOSHER mother-in-law would have some appreciation for the KOSHER Lubovitches and would NOT use the name “Lubovitch” as a put-down. Especially in this case, in this story, where we’re talking about KOSHER food for jew Passover, as BOTH the mother-in-law and the Lubovitches have that in common in this story, their shared LERV for Kosher food, so it doesn’t make sense the mother-in-law would use the name “Lubovitches” as a put-down, not in this story where we see the mother in law is like the Lubovitches in insisting on eating ONLY Kosher food . It would make sense if the Lubovitches are NON Kosher and kapoore brought home NON Kosher food, but if the Lubovitches are Kosher eaters like the mother-in-law is a Kosher eater, then it doesn’t make sense for the KOSHER mother-in-law to accuse kappore and family of being Lubovitches [ as if that’s a BAD THING ] because kapoore brought home Kosher food.

    The mother-in-law who LERVS Kosher food accusing kapoore and family of being “Lubovitches” as if that’s a Horrible Thing because kapoore brought home some Kosher food for the jew holiday of Passover just does NOT make sense. Not as the story is based on and around Kosher food and that’s the measuring stick we use to come to an understanding of what’s going on. As the story is based on Kosher food and BOTH the mother-in-law and the Lubovitchers are KOSHER eaters, then in this story about Kosher food, within the parameters of this story, it does NOT make sense for the mother-in-law to use “Lubovitvches” as a put-down.

    Maybe the mother-in-law has reason to dislike the Lubovitches. If so, it’s NOT because the Lubovitches are Kosher eaters, for the mother in law is also a KOSHER eater. Then she dislikes them and uses the name “Lubovitches” as a put-down for reasons that have nothing to do with Kosher food. Maybe the only thing the mother in law has in common with the Lubovitches is the LERV for Kosher food, in which case the mother in law is NOT going to point to the ONE THING she has in common with the Lubovitches and use that as a put-down, for she would also be putting herself down, as the story is based on Kosher food, and we have nothing else to go by as to the reason why the mother in law doesn’t like the Lubovitches. The way kapoore relates this story she tells : It doesn’t make sense the mother in law doesn’t like the Lubovitches because the Lubovitches are KOSHER eaters for the mother in law is also, like the Lubovitches, a Kosher eater.

    1. Joe,

      You really know how to flog an almost dead horse to death, don’t you? You could have said all this in 20 words, you didn’t need 200!

      1. I guess one has to walk on eggs around The Mother In Law, be Kosher but not TOO Kosher, don’t be Treif, be Kosher, but don’t be TOO Kosher. Or, who knows, it even reads as if the Mother In Law doesn’t like Treif and she doesn’t like Kosher either. Who the f*ck knows.

    2. @TROJ
      Yeah fair point about the Kosher nonsense, I picked up on that to. Maybe it’s in the spelling, as in Kapoore says Lubo… and wiki says Luba…
      The post Crown Heights Lub?vitch/Sharpton debate was entertaining and revealing. Like him or not Al Sharpton’s time in the viper pit was a good insight to the workings of the ‘slick suited’ snakes from 18mins onward.
      The whole vids worth a watch but there are adverts and the sleaze ball Jackie Mason, starts at 8mins;

  8. @ kapoore.

    If my reading of your post is correct I assume you married with a jew and your daughter also? If that is the case, what can you expect, knowing the behaviour and bizarre thinking of jews?

    I write this not to offend you! Jews will be jews.

  9. when we were kings (obama+medvedev)

    listen to this timestamp in jones video when jew obama assures jew medvedev that
    So this would have been before 2012 maybe around the time of the annihilation of Libya and martyrdom of Gadaffi, as per Jew Yinon plan, 7 countries in 5 years, pure Protocols, pure talmud, pure Jew.

    THIS is how jew operates when in secure position of two-sided power, no need for pussyfooting.

    Of course, Medvedev did not get reelected, Putin got in and yanked the air brake on the runaway Jew train, Syria did not happen, Iran did not happen, Crimea and Donbass did not happen.

    But no, the kabuki junkies simply refuse to see the difference.

    1. can someone take a long, thoughtful peek inside their navel and tell me how is it that back then, (((Russia))) and (((USA))) were such sweet buddies, singing in the shower together and today all of a sudden they are existential enemies according to the duly registered and titled owners of your mind and any notion of Trump acting collegial and congenial to Putin is a smoking gun proof of high treason.

      jew owns trump and putin, right? Why all the noise? Well, Lobro, you are too stupid to understand the principles of kabuki.
      okay, so what was different in the time of Obama and Medvedev? Which one of them was not owned by Jew because if both were in Jew’s possession as fully as Trump and Putin, surely we’d be entertained kabuki-style to the same extent as today – so something is different – tell me what.

      I mean, let’s go thru the decision table briefly: US-russia presidential combo versus the MSM racket to take a look inside jew’s mind, let us be the psychoanalysts for a change.

      Obama-Medvedev: hunky dory, finely tuned symphony of talmudic satisfaction, messianic plan proceeding smoothly.

      Obama-Putin: heavy discordant notes, every single outlet busy painting Hitler’s finger mustache on Putin, Congress breathlessly screaming instant nukedom on Russia who is threatening (((OUR))) right to invade Russia.

      Trump-Putin: sounds of hell’s doors open, reaching crescendo of lamentation and grief, jews and shabbos rending rabbinical garments in anguish of suffering that goy suffering may be forestalled and delayed (until there is a different presidential combo).

      I have my notion of what is going on in each combination but would like to hear someone else’s theory, always ready to learn something new.

      1. @ Lobro

        jew owns trump and putin, right? Why all the noise? Well, Lobro, you are too stupid to understand the principles of kabuki.

        Well, you’ll be hearing less about “kabuki” from now on since the main promoter of the “Kabuki Theory”, Flopot, has now left the site. He had a single (rude) comment of his deleted and the poor darling just couldn’t take it, so he flounced off in a rage like a primadonna.

      2. Dr P, if flopot’s rudity was aimed at me, i don’t mind and would not take offense, so afaiac, no hard feelings, nothing happened.

      3. @ Lobro

        Dr P, if flopot’s rudity was aimed at me, i don’t mind and would not take offense, so afaiac, no hard feelings, nothing happened.

        He rudeness was aimed at Admin, not you. I’ve just found this comment on the previous thread. From Toby in response to Flopot:


        @ Flopot

        “Your comment is awaiting moderation”


        [TOBY] : FYI, only trusted commenters are allowed to post unmonitored comments on this site. We can’t allow insolent and disrespectful commenters the privilege of posting unmonitored comments here. Your first comment of the day was definitely offensive. So it was deleted and you were put on moderation. You may be highly educated and intelligent, but that’s not enough. You also need to have good manners and self-control.

      4. LOBRO
        You have a point there , I completely forgot about that midget Medvedev ,something was not right about him , I saw him in Jericho when he visited with his Russian buddy Abbas.
        but what Am I to know the unknown , I am simply said ,one of the peasants in the la la land

      5. @Lobro
        “I have my notion of what is going on in each combination but would like to hear someone else’s theory, always ready to learn something new.”

        I think it might be a combination of “controlled opposition”, similar to Fox vs. CNN, etc., all being controlled by the same Jewish cabal, and “game theory”, which involves computerized analysis of potential cause and effect of various potential strategies by the same diabolical brood of vipers.

        We must remember also that these people are agents of Satan, the greatest created intellect (which he didn’t lose after his rebellion against God, he only confirmed in evil in his will), and with him as their “coach” and guiding hand and instructor, they are able to do things that those who are not agents of Satan are not able to figure out.

      6. Darrell,
        I fully understand your respect for Lucifer’s intellect.
        i cannot forget how in Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil, the subservient possessor demons always referred to him as The Bright One.
        Yet, despite all that, we cannot afford to trash our own intelligence, not out of vanity but because it is incumbent on us to use all means at our disposal, however inferior.

        In my wondering, i try to figure out why Devil would bother with something that bears such tiny payoff, viz, fooling 4 posters at Darkmoon, like betting the farm on poor odds when there are much better wagers available, better odds and higher payout.
        the few of us that are targeted by such elaborate ruses are much easier disposed of by a .22.

        But I will think about what you said.

      7. @ lobro
        …”someone else’s theory…”

        I would not dare to render a final judgement, not on Mr. Trump not on Mr. Putin. Both of them appear to be tightropewalkers, needing support, help, connivance and respect in order to keep balance in their respective countries. AND they need it from “this” side and the “other”…from genuine friends and allegedly ones.

        About Mr. Trump there has been more than enough in this forum, right?

        Trump just started his tightropewalk, Putin already performed quite a distance with yet good balance. He keeps good relations with the church, the Russian believers, the soviet heredity, the soviet patriots, the ‘friendly’ oligarchs, the central bank…, other banks and the big business.

        Not to forget the cozy relation with Israel in defiance of the nasty blows he got… He woefully neglected the development of a private agro culture and the support for individual small and middle size enterprises. The last makes the Russian economy so vulnerable. This will and already is backfiring on the mood of the population, the longer the sanctions will continue as well as the pathetic corruption.

        And Mr. Putin needs the “help” of China. “Eurasia” bla bla. Russia is in a very similar situation than Germany before WW1 and WW2, enemies on both sides, no sugarcoating possible.

        Let us see how far the skill of the two Presidents will allow them to get.



      8. @ Lobro

        “…we cannot afford to trash our own intelligence, not out of vanity but because it is incumbent on us to use all means at our disposal, however inferior.”

        At the risk of being too repetitive, the means given to us by the Heavenly Father and as taught by Jesus are far superior to what evil has at its disposal. Evil, including the devil, must use deception, illusions, and lies to misdirect our heavenly powers into the jews’ dead end street. The biggest deception that we fall victim to is that we are powerless in the face of evil because there is misdirection by religious organizations concerning the powers we were given. Convinced that we are powerless and unworthy, we do not even attempt to use our given powers. All of our suffering stems from this misdirection.

  10. Russia and the Usa are both ruled by the jews at the top. Both countries rule over
    goyim-masses in these countries. The jews of the Usa want to rule over the jews of Russia and vice versa. Neither wants to submit. When they have differences they go to a country in the middle east where their head quarte is.

    1. Even if flopot never returns back to us 🙁 , We still got the Japanese Kabuki girl Madame Butterfly to give us our Kabuki entertainment, 🙂 .

  11. The world will be crying with Kapoore when they realize their sources of facts ARE being removed and DESTROYED..!!

    Amazon have just banned the sale of ALL books by those labelled ‘Holocaust Deniers’.

    “Banning books is a drastic and counter-cultural move. Mainstream media normally condemn regimes for such behaviour. They use it to define those regimes as fascist and evil. This radical intervention really smells of panic. So does the media onslaught against Putin. Even members of their own side are warning that this is dangerous and will end up helping ‘the opposition’ (i.e. Trump).”



    My claims:

    The Pharisee-Jews are not panicked. WE ARE..!!

    THIS has been happening for well over a century.

    The Pharisee-Jews have been burning whole libraries since the 50s.

    The CIA and all militaries destroy the libraries and museums first when conquering a city. That was why Dresden was destroyed in WWII and the museums destroyed and looted in Baghdad in 2003,

    THIS TIME… it is brought to light by Amazon  because it affects the world and not just a few in a community.

    I have stated many times that this is the purpose of e-books. They can be re-written and modified at will.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY…. Destroying books will destroy evidence which could be used in court…!!

    BTW –- The UNSEEN MONITORING by ‘Spell-Checkers’ automatically remove unwanted words.

    1. Thanks for this invaluable info, Pat. This is a grim situation. As you know, Orwell foresaw all this in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Texts were constantly altered by hidden hands in Orwell’s prophetic novel. And true facts were flushed “down the memory hole”. (A phrase used by Orwell).

      The victors not only get to write the history books. They also destroy the history books of the past that contradict their viewpoint, and they embellish old history books with newly invented “facts”.

      The big question is: how long before they shut down the internet and ban sites like this?

      1. Sard –

        How long until they ban sites…???

        That is happening right now..!!

        March 8th, 2017
        “This will be the final post from RadicalPress.com. The website is going offline on Sunday, March 12, 2017 thanks to the corrupt Canadian judiciary and the Jewish lobby group B’nai Brith Canada.”


        They will not ban the internet…. Access will be restricted, on a ‘need to know’ basis…… and there will be various levels for qualified ‘paid-up’ people.

        1. Looks like our days at Darkmoon are numbered. The honeymoon period for the internet is over. We’ll soon be looking back to this period as “the Golden Age of the Internet”.

      2. it’s already hard to find relevant websites ,it used to be very smooth and easy
        these days it’s getting harder ,it’s either the site not there anymore or you get forbidden message ,or unauthorized access
        or get booted out the instant you land on the website ,it’s like they have a robot cop at their firewall ,or the most annoying one is having to register first in order just to get access the site , this is the beginning of slow motion censorship.


          Well, count your Blessings. At least the Holocaust Revisionists have the alternative media to share information. Which is A LOT more than what us Flat Earth Geocentrics have.

          We have neither the Mainstream media to share information, the Mainstream media shuts us out; and the “alternative” media is NOT much better than the Mainstream media. We’re also shut out of your so-called alternative media. It ain’t an alternative media for Us Flat Earth Geocentrics, so why don’t you all stop bitching and crying and MOANING all the time, you all got it a lot better than Us Flat Earth Geocentrics.

          Count your blessings, then shut the fuck up, two-faced janus hypocrites who CENSOR Us Flat Earth Geocentrics AS MUCH AS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA CENSORS US.

          Us Flat Earth Geocentrics are not even “supposed” to notice how shut-out we here are in the so-called “alternative” media? Am I considered a “reprobate” in your Babylonian Heliocentric religion for noticing how CENSORED us Flat Earth Geocentrics are in your “alternative” media?

          LOL, am I considered an “amalek” for noticing what fuckin’ two-faced dissimulating janus faced lying hypocritical CENSORIOUS OBSCURANTISTS muthafuckin’ mud-crawling swamp crocodiles you all are?

      3. TROJ –


        The phony info is everywhere..!! 🙂 🙂

        —Flat Earth Pre 1969 Earth Images, Fake Satellites, Antarctica—


        There are 1,434 videos on that channel, alone..!!!

        Check with your attendants…. even the WARDEN. They are hiding stuff from you…

        …… there, at Chattahoochee State Hospital…!! 🙂

      4. He is just in need of another hose-down, Pat. It’s his way of getting attention. 🙂
        (Don’t fret, TROJ, the orderlies have noticed, and are on their rounds!)

    2. Amazon Board of directors

      As of February 2016, the board of directors is:

      Jeff Bezos, President, CEO and Chairman

      Tom Alberg, Managing partner, Madrona Venture Group

      John Seely Brown, Visiting Scholar and Advisor to the Provost at University of Southern California

      Bing Gordon, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

      Jamie Gorelick, partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr

      Judy McGrath, former CEO, MTV Networks

      Alain Monié, CEO, Ingram Micro

      Jon Rubinstein, former Chairman and CEO, Palm, Inc.

      Thomas O. Ryder, former Chairman and CEO, Reader’s Digest Association

      Patty Stonesifer, President and CEO, Martha’s Table

      Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman, President and CEO, Corning Inc.


      Appstore, AWS, The Book Depository, comiXology, Game Studios, Video, Instant Video UK, Instant Video German, Audible, Kindle, Fire, Lab126, Studios, Twitch.tv, Woot, Echo, MyHabit.com, Shopbop, Askville.

      Business is really good..!!


      US$135.98 billion (2016)
      Operating income
      US$4.186 billion (2016)
      Net income
      US$2.371 billion (2016)
      Total assets
      US$83.402 billion (2016)
      Total equity
      US$19.285 billion (2016)

  12. @ Kapoore

    I am now your fan for life! Honey, you write like an angel! I am soooooo friggin jealous!

    This is a masterly presentation of your ideas, and it captures your style so beautifully. I can almost hear your voice.

    Keep up the good work, Kapoorikins!

    Kiss, kiss! 🙂

  13. Bravo Miss KAPOORE for a very captivating style of writing. Especially your shocking introduction. This is the first time I ever read an article twice on Darkmoon. You should be replacing Trump’s Counselor Mrs. Bowling Green. I meant to say, Kellyanne Conway.

  14. Ohh Darkmoon, you caught me in a hyperbolic moment, but I guess we live in that kind of world….the wisdom of man is foolishness to God, so let’s pray that God’s Wisdom shines through this chaotic time, so we can have a new generation of children who are not sick or dumbed down.

    Thanks to all the Darkmoon commenters for their kind words.

    For the Real Original Joe… you caught the scrambled thinking of my mother-in-law (may she rest in peace finally). Lubovichers are the guys who wear the Russian hats and dress like out of the 19th Century. The point was that I couldn’t get it right. This comment was made in the context of the Frankfurt School programming that turned “mother” criticism into a lethal weapon….criticize, criticize, criticize… everything, all the time. It’s very effective if you have a goal of destroying a whole society.

      1. Thanks, Sister Monica… I’m actually not a journalist. I am a venter. I appreciate that Darkmoon and the Administration have a site where people can express themselves freely, unlike most situations. Shelby Steele wrote an article recently in the Wall Street Journal on how modern Liberalismis like a dogmatic religion that shuts down all debate. It’s not possible to disagree. We supposedly have free speech but if someone has the wrong opinion, then she better not express it. I’m afraid I’m guilty of revealing my frustration on Darkmoon. But maybe other people feel the same way so my opinion resonates with other repressed voice.

  15. M.S. King’s THE BAD WAR has been banned by Amazon, as have basically all the holocaust revisionist books. This is a massive squeeze on free speech in the USA.

    1. Aye and others…The titles in question were: Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told, by Eleanor Wittakers; The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extinction of European Jewry, by Arthur R Butz and Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood…Child molester and other paedophilia books don’t seem to bring the same outcry.

  16. Kapoore,

    Really a fine article. Great Kapoore Kudos to you. There are a lot of good writers who abide at DarkMoon….and it is one of the reasons I enjoy and revisit the site. I wish I could contribute more, but I have tight writing and production schedules I have to stick to….that any extraneous minutes are earmarked for a nap. Ahhhhh……

    One of my current projects is the follow-up novel where it takes up the deception of the Jews/Illuminati/Freemasons and all of their diabolical roots and branches. Much of which comes from the legacies of their original genealogical branch and founders populated by the Canaanites and their descendants.
    I have mentioned the book to a few people and a couple of people quietly say to stay away from the topic. THAT was an eye-opener….they obviously KNEW something. It would make for a great movie series….but good luck getting it made and distributed, ya know?

    But something VERY strange happens when I mention the Canaanites and Freemasons when my comments are in an “exposure mode”….the comments are deleted and disappear. I am NOT kidding. I am sure this posting will stay here, but I am careful where I publish less-than-flattering and challenging ditties about the Canaanite roots and agenda. I know why, too, why those postings disappear. It is because these animals are the most diabolical and evil in history and in their on-going presence in this world. They are so entrenched in so many levels of our physical and spiritual existence. They are the TRUE “Deep State”…..and they don’t want anyone getting in the way of their ends goals of complete destruction of Christ, Christians and the sons and daughters of Shem.

    1. Redmond –

      Trying to fit the story into novel form is indeed a challenge! 🙂 I have been flirting with the notion for quite some time, now, only to encounter similar discouragements. My own approach was a construct of The Protocols into contemporary affairs (i.e., within the last 100 years or so), with fictitious characters, of course – but with an appeal to historic reasoning without offending the (((Tribe))). Good luck!

  17. Perhaps the one who spoke most truthfully of the Tribe was Queen Maria Theresia of Austria. (1760) Her brief , remarkably concise essay is easily researched and to be remembered. I even purchased an antique coin medallion to her memory, tho mere possession of this item may prove troublesome in the future. Here in NYS we are now subject to the whims of a traitor, coward, puppet and war criminal in the office of Governor. As noted earlier, God help us!!

    1. “easily researched”
      Not so Alan.
      I assume you do not mean going to Amazon that bans such books or Google searching that deletes such sites from their Index replacing them with Tribe media search hits.

  18. Fine article Kapoore, with great visual images. Sad about Grandmother, son in law especially, the destruction of the family has been a Rockefeller-Tavistock stated goal for sometime. All those fine books banned on Amazon are available at plenty of other places. Other companies want a share in the Bezos monopoly of e-commerce. Having taken this step Amazon has fatally departed from supporting the first amendment rights of all US citizens. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction…

    1. Grandmother referring to Mother in Law. I tend to think of them that way, possibly from the closer ties I lived with in SE Asia for a few years. Your pardon, please.

  19. Flan – ‘Not So’ ??? – I just plugged Queen Theresia into DuckDuck and got a whole page of links. Reality conquers

  20. God help us all?
    well yes, in a manner of speaking: Pope Francis issues veiled warning about Donald Trump: ‘Populism is evil’
    when a satanic pope calls something “evil”, count 180 degrees and walk that way.
    he calls it evil, i call it an endorsement.

    Pope wants to be our beer buddy:

    Francis said that, “I don’t see myself as anything special… I’m a sinner, I’m fallible.”

    In the first major interview that Francis has given a German newspaper, the pope was asked whether he experienced moments in which he doubted the existence of God. He responded: “I, too, know moments of emptiness.”

    luckily those moments of emptiness are rare because most of the time he is full of shit.

    Go Trump!

    1. @ Lobro

      “luckily those moments of emptiness are rare because most of the time he is full of shit.”

      That’s what happens when anyone does the bidding of the jews, they become like them.

    1. That would be Tomatobubble.com. Here’s the quote you’re looking for:

      “Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

      1. Thank you Rambam – I was attempting this link from years old memory. Your inclusion of the full text of this 1777 edict allows the readers to now be fully and easily informed of this historic work!

  21. @ Kapoore

    I remember all of your posts above. You are one of the posters that I always read.

    I certainly do not envy your environment, dealing with Californians. My experiences dealing with Californians was not positive. I used to sell equipment nationally. I grew so weary after only a year of trying to deal with their self centeredness and condescending attitude that I stopped answering the telephone when I saw a California area code appear on my phone. After screening out the calls from Californians, my business picked up and my stress disappeared.

    I became so efficient at identifying Californians over the phone that I was able to perceive Californians within a couple of minutes when I was speaking to those who had relocated to other states. I always kept the call short and did not attempt to sell them any equipment.

    I am sure that there are lots of people in California without the California attitude, but I have just not encountered them.

    I say this only to suggest that you might want to see if there are any Californians in your circle of acquaintances that are new to California, not infected with the California perspective yet. If there are, develop friendships with them. Based on my experience, life will be more fulfilling and less stressful.

    Unfortunately, changing friends will not change the jewish/communist state government and its impact on you. Only moving to a rural area in a fly-over state can fix that.

      1. I’ve lived in CA for almost 50 years and most people think I am a very nice person 🙂 I think Lasha even likes me, though of course we’ve never met, only corresponded a number of times. Plus she likes my poems, which makes me like her even more. I’ve always wondered what she looks like, though. I imagine her to be rather attractive and slender of figure, always in a modest skirt or dress. I also pray for her every day. I look forward to seeing her in heaven with my other favorite women, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Catherine of Siena. Forgive the off topic remarks, but it’s 1:45 a.m. and I used to take drugs and, uh, well, I guess that’s all for now.

  22. Kapoore –

    Donald Trump is NOT worthy of your praises. He does not deserve you and your goodness.

    Trump is a liar, cheat and a parasite..!!

    “He goes for the prettiest girl”…. then drops them… and FIRES HIS WIVES and disregards his personal vows. He will fail you also.

    Trump tosses his business vows thru numerous bankruptcies. ONE should be enough for ANY HONEST business mistake… MORE than that… WAS PLANNED..!!

    Trump cheats people and steps on them thru bankruptcy. He is parasitic. He surrounds himself with (((parasites))).

    Trump is SO GREEDY and – without empathy – PARASITIC – that he cut his brother and invalid nephew out of his father’s will..!!

    Kapoore… I suggest that you unhook your wagon to this undeserving and ‘Made-For-TV’ Clown Criminal…. led by Pharisee-Jew Bankers and Wall Street thugs.

    You are worth more than 1000 men like Donald Trump…!! 🙂

    1. More Trump lies….. TODAY:

      Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

      6:39 AM – 11 Mar 2017
      “We are making great progress with healthcare. ObamaCare is imploding and will only get worse. Republicans coming together to get job done!”

      Facts show… In ‘TRUMPCARE’… Insurance companies will charge penalties… and get the $$$$$…..

      …..instead of US Government.. 🙂

      HillaryCare = ObamaCare = TrumpCare

    2. “It’s jus BIDNEZZ…. Talmudic BIDNEZZ..!!” 🙂

      BANKRUPTCY IS the Kol Nidre Model for ‘Business Criminals’

      ….. to keep doing continuously until filthy rich… like Trump.

      And the ‘SUITS’ PRAY (chant) to the Bankruptcy Court Judges in this fashion…

      “ALL VOWS, OBLIGATIONS, OATHS, ANATHEMAS, whether called contracts, deals, loans, advances, payrolls, remuneration…. or by any other name, WHICH WE MAY VOW, OR SWEAR, OR PLEDGE, OR WHEREBY WE MAY BE BOUND, FROM THIS DAY OF ATONEMENT UNTO THE NEXT, (whose happy coming we await to stiff the weak-minded fools who trusted us 🙂 ), we do repent.

      Trump would holler:
      “Let me have the next casino/resort project to place in receivership… and collect my REWARD..!!” 🙂


      By: Benjamin H. Freedman

      The greatest study of the “Kol Nidre” (all Vows) prayer was made by the eminent psycho-analyst Professor Theodor Reik, the celebrated pupil of the famous Dr. Sigmund Freud.

      The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective.

      This important study is contained in Professor Reik’s “The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies”. In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:


  23. the voters feel better with homosexuals controlling the police departments, because they think that means cops might not act out their typical fascist programming.
    try to remember – homosexuality is natural for homosexuals. it doesn’t automatically mean those who practice it are morally inferior. at least that’s the tolerant interpretation.
    does practicing homosexuality cause a person to become morally degenerate? maybe sometimes.
    remember there are plenty of heterosexual journalists, police, judges and politicians in the world. none of them did or will stop the pizzagate pedo ring and who among them will stop war profiteering?
    is it morally degenerate for homosexual people to not practice it?
    is it morally degenerate for naturally sexual beings to deny their sexuality and cloister themselves in some religious freezer?
    in america those are questions each individual has to answer for himself. and he’s free to live accordingly.
    it is not society’s place to dictate sexual morals among consenting adults nor to deny office to homosexuals.
    religions do that, but they are not free societies.
    worst case – look at islam. it’s bad.
    would we like heather fong better if she wore a pendant depicting a torture/murder victim nailed to a couple of pieces of wood?
    not me.
    but i have no problem whatsoever with trump the successful heterosexual man with the beautiful wife. it’s refreshing after eight years of the thin joker and his dragqueen wife. we’re hopeful.
    if he’s genuine i wish him all the luck in the world. but the question has to be asked – why doesn’t he see zionism and the state of israel for the big detriment that it is in the world? and i hope he understands how treacherous a town he lives in now. right now he already needs to fire some of his top appointees, those who contradict him and those who schmooze islam. let’s hear it donald – “you’re fired”…

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