A New Heaven and a New Earth : 8-minute video of Chapters 21 and 22 of ‘The Book of Revelation’

The last two chapters of The Book of Revelation (21 and 22), otherwise known as the Apocalypse, form the climax of the New Testament. The early Church Fathers believed it was written by John the Apostle, author of the Fourth Gospel, but this is now disputed.  

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
The Book of Revelation, 22: 1-2

VIDEO :  8.32 mins

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  1. “the 12 apostles of the Lamb” ( the lamb being Jesus )
    I cannot see the 12 apostles factored into any glory of End Time .. I believe that it was all the 12 apostles .. all of them together .. that betrayed Jesus & not just Judas.
    In every cowboy movie / story / comic .. the posse went after the whole outlaw gang & not just the leader.
    So, as I watched the movies I thought .. how come they only took Jesus ?
    because his gang betrayed Him.

    1. They were all taken in the end. Everyone of them martyred, including Paul. John was thrown into a vat of boiling oil and it miraculously cooled. They had a job to do. They had to evangelize and then meet their death because of it.

      Some crazy imagery in this video. A Jewish Priest pointing to the carnal Law of the the 10 Commandments? In heaven? LOL. I suppose the crazy Prots can’t even resist going back to the beginning even in heaven! They are the best friends the Jews ever had. That’s for sure.

      Either way, the New Jerusalem on earth is the Church. The Bride of the Lamb. Period. End of Story.

    2. @ R.Davis

      And what evidence do you have that all the 12 apostles betrayed Jesus, including Judas Iscariot?

      Go on, wiseass, supply us with PROOF!


      1. So, as I watched the movies I thought .. how come they only took Jesus ?
        because his gang betrayed Him.

        So you “thought” . . . but your thoughts are worthless, Mr Ignoramus.

        Because you conveniently forget to mention that both St Peter and St Paul (an “honorary” apostle) were crucified in Rome upside down.

        They deliberately asked to be executed in this way out of humility, because they didn’t want to put themselves on a par with Jesus Christ.

      2. You also forget to mention that Christians were thrown to the lions in the Circus Maximus by the Emperor Nero, at the instigation of his Jewish moneylenders who were suspected of causing the Great Fire in Rome and blaming it on the Christians.



        “They never fought back,” the caption states foolishly. How can they have fought back against starving lions, any idea? — They were unarmed.

    3. Simple Answer. The disciples were not a threat to the Temple, but as a priest, Jesus was a very real threat as this gave him the authority to question, interpret and rebuke Temple law and customs.

      This is why the Sanhedrin went after him and not his disciples. The disciples were a bunch of itinerant fishermen who were quite literally at the bottom of the Temple food chain, as fish were not even on the sacrificial menu. Therefore the disciples presented no threat to the sacrificial system.

      Jesus’ authority was bestowed on him by his cousin John who initiated him into the priesthood with his ceremonial mikveh initiation, legally witnessed by three Temple priests. This was the reason Jesus was a threat to the Temple priesthood.

      This explains why Herodias colluded with an outraged priesthood have John’s head brought to them. This also explains the complex plan to have her daughter (unnamed in the gospels) demand John’s head be served up on a “charger.”

      The standard interpretation of this story is that Herodias wanted John dead because of his oppositional stance against her marriage to Herod. However, would John’s claims against Herodias’ marriage rate this kind of hatred and complex action? Ask yourself does this make sense?

      Consider the trouble Herodias goes to in her effort to have John decapitated versus the ease with which she might have had John poisoned, or otherwise murdered, while incarcerated in the dungeon at Machaerus.

      Yet she goes to great lengths in hatching a bizzare plan to have John’s head brought in on a platter in public during a feast. Obviously there is a reason Herodias wants John’s execution fully exhibited in public, despite the fact she will be unable to take any credit for the act, but to whom is she presenting this proof ?

      Once again, as with all Jewish stories masking a hidden agenda one must ask, “cui bono?” Who benefits? As with most Bible Stories there is obviously far more to this Jewish story than is described in the gospels version of a young daughter refusing of half a kingdom offered by her father to ask only for John’s head.

      Why would she do that? What were the risks of such a complex plan? What might have gone wrong had the daughter said: Deal dad! I’ll take half the kingdom. What then might have been the outcome for Herodias? Why would she take such risks if she only wanted John dead?

      Decapitation is a standard Jewish method for vengeance murder. In ancient times the head of a victim would be brought to the individual ordering the execution as absolute proof of death. In the case of John, Herodias would have had no need for such proof, therefore one must ask to whom this proof is being presented.

      As covered previously, Jewish Women in the first century had no legal rights. At the time of Jesus, Herod’s rule had become increasingly shaky as being a Roman satrap he was not a well liked king. Were Herod deposed and/or murdered, a very real possibility in those days, Herodias might well wind up on the cobblestones, not a good place for the ex-queen of a hated king.

      Therefore, the best insurance Herodias might have gained against such an outcome would have been friends in high places established by an agreement with Temple authorities for her continued protection and sustenance. This would be like having the protection a New York Mafia godfather in a Manhattan borough.

      So a deal was struck. The kohein gadol (high priest) said to Herodias: “Bring us the head of John the baptist, (who inducted the renegade Jesus into our priesthood) as proof of his death and we guarantee your continued protection no matter the status of your husband the king.”

      No doubt the Temple’s official sanction of her marriage would have been part of the deal as well. This official sanction would have presented the only possibility of ending John’s legal accusations concerning her marriage.

      Weigh the two versions of this story. The senseless decapitation of a guy for dissing a marriage or the sensible requirement for proof of death by a seriously aggrieved, absent party? Which makes sense in the world where you live?

      Those accepting the standard version of this story no doubt believe the official six million, holocaust story and that Saudi terrorists brought down the trade towers with high jacked airplanes.

  2. Get ready….

    From the video and Revelation: “..and there shall be NO MORE DEBT….”

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ‘contain-eth’ NO DEBT….. and….

    On July 1, Australia Will Make Bitcoin Legal Money


    –IBM is going all in on blockchain for trade finance–

    Software giant IBM has been a leader in blockchain-based solutions targeting trade finance, launching….
    solutions for Indian Mahindra Group in December 2016, and in partnership with Danish shipping behemoth Maersk.


    The Chinese Royal Mint is Experimenting with Ethereum to Create a Digital Yuan Token

    China might be the first country to turn their static money into dynamic digital code as they are experimenting with ethereum to create a Yuan token according to Andrew Keys from ConsenSys, an ethereum development powerhouse.


    1. From your “real” history blog :

      “…No doubt there came a time when as Europe’s formerly bi-racial populations, became more homogeneously White, White people decided that they could no longer acknowledge that all that they knew and had, was derived from the minds and labors of Black people – even down to their religious beliefs…”

      That is typical an idea from Afro-centrism, that pathetic attempt of black people to compensate for their inferiority complexes by claiming Whites were actually black and therefore all cultural achievements of Whites are actually achievements of Blacks. If that delusion helps you to enhance your self-esteem, good luck with that, but don’t imagine that Whites will respect you for that.

    2. Like getting the chickens in the pen to run to the corner wherever you throw the scratch-feed. They’re being lured to throw their USDs into cyber space, to be soaked-up by some Jew scam. “Money” must have substance – even if it’s only debt. 🙂

    3. And what will all these electronic crypto currencies be worth when the lights go out?

    4. @ FR

      Afro-Centrism is a Jewish Construct!

      From the (((usual suspects))): ‘Hidden Figures’ The Untold Story Of The African-American Women Who Helped Build NASA Trailer

      Directed by Theodore Melfi from a script he co-wrote with Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi, Hidden Figures is based on the nonfiction book by Margot Lee Shetterly. The story focuses on the work and challenges behind the successful spaceflight of astronaut John Glenn, who became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962. The film will be the first time the contributions of African American scientists to that effort have been the focus of story about the space race on film. Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Mahershala Ali, Aldis Hodge, and Glen Powell also star. From 20th Century Fox, Hidden Figures will blast off into theaters January 13.

      Source: http://deadline.com/2016/08/hidden-figures-trailer-african-american-scientists-space-race-1201803493/

      I am an equal opportunity skeptic and do not believe Whites landed on the moon. The moon landing was just another Jewish Hoax. NASA is a SCAM, just like NUKES. I have written about it here before but am not able to find and link to my Moon Landing Hoax posts from about 2 years ago.

    5. JFC –

      I like this moon-hoax info link, Andy. LOTTA pics of structures and faked moon surfaces..!! 🙂

      Exactly HOW it was faked at Langley


      How, and where NASA faked the lunar orbit, landing and lift off:

      This web page will show how, and where NASA faked the lunar approach, lunar orbit, lunar landing, and lunar take off, for all the Apollo Moon landing videos.

      Contrary to what many believe, the sequences were not shot in a desert, Hollywood studio, or Area 51.

      There may have been the odd picture taken at Area 51, and a few Apollo pictures that were taken in some remote desert, but the majority of stills and video were performed at Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.

      Scientists at NASA knew in the early 60s that a manned mission to the Moon was impossible within 8 years, and a plan to fake the Moon landings was put into operation.

      NASA’s fake Moon pictures were taken at various locations such as KSC, JSC, LRC, and of course the odd one or two desert locations. I would also like to point out to that the art of faking both still photographs, and movie film is as old as photography and film itself.

      The 1930’s film “King Kong” showed a huge gorilla scaling up the Empire State building. If it’s on film are we led to believe it’s real? No of course not, but that is exactly what PAN’s, (Pro Apollo Nutters) are claiming. Their ridiculous debunking claim is that digital manipulation of photographs and film was not available back in the 1960’s, but they did not have digital artifacts back in 1930 when the film “King Kong” was made.


      Photo-shopping was prevalent even in the 19th century. Union Generals had it done all the time. Faked horseback shots. 🙂

      Lincoln’s head was placed atop South Carolina politician John Calhoun’s body in this 1860 photo

    6. @ Pat

      Thanks for the link. You have posted it before and I have already taken note. 🙂

      My original posts and questions about the Moon Landing from 2 years ago were rather fundamental, if not profound.

      For example, in order to get to the moon and back the returning rocket (Command Module) had to be at least half the size of the original rocket (Saturn V Third Stage) in order to accommodate the jet fuel for the return trip back to earth. This, of course, is common sense, but so many “scientists” and “intelligent” people don’t have it.

      Here’s a cutaway view of the “Columbia” Command Module that supposedly brought the 3 astroNOTS back to earth: https://c3.staticflickr.com/7/6143/5956945078_55a9f6b349_b.jpg

      The gas tank is too damn small! There is no rocket engine! How the heck did it make the 238,855 miles (384,400 km) trip back to earth?

      Based on the design/engineering drawing of the “Columbia” alone, anyone with a mechanical background (even someone who has taken high school auto mechanic) or someone with common sense — a great rarity these days — will know the moon landing was a HOAX!

      Moreover, as a trained artist, I could give you an extremely long post with all the things wrong with the lighting in the moon landing photos and videos found on YouTube, but this would be extremely off-topic, I’m afraid.

      Lastly, regarding Photoshop: NASA admits using it!

      For those interested in the subject, here’s a good video that I just found today at YouTube: Moon Landing HOAX! ALL FAKE! We NEVER Went To The Moon!!!

    7. JFC –

      These links help explain the lighting ‘fakery’ you mentioned:

      The evidence of false backdrops is not so noticeable in the earlier faked pictures for missions 11/12 and 14, as they were taken at Langley Research Center in the ‘MOONSET’ studio. It is the latter missions, ie, 15/16 and 17 where anomalies are plainly obvious. When questioned about the authenticity of the Moon landings, NASA’s reply is “We do not have time to answer any questions, the truth is in the photographs”. The truth is indeed within the photographs, and the truth hurts. These photographs are fake, which means the Moon landings are also fake.

      NASA claim that picture on left is Station 7, however it is plain to see that background is again identical, with that same curved light marking, and the angle/orientation that picture was taken is also the same.

      Hundreds of questions have been put to NASA regarding the alleged Moon photographs, and not once have they replied with a logical explanation. One of those questions was:- “Why are some Moon photographs in color, whilst others are in monochrome?” According to NASA no expense was spared with Apollo, so why the difference, why aren’t ALL the photographs in color? The answer to that question is quite simple.

      A few color photographs were taken during the Apollo 11 to Apollo 17 period. Those photophotos were taken at the Moonscape studio at Langley for press coverage. However in later years, when the Internet came into existence, the public wanted to see more photographs from those Apollo missions, and of course none were available. Using the method shown above, it was easier to compose a picture in 8 bit grayscale, and in any case if Tuttle had left the original colors, in picture, it would be obvious the surface was nothing more than sand.

      Simulated Moon rocks are, of course, totally different to any rocks found on Earth, and they were meant to be that way. This is why geologists claim they cannot be found any where elsewhere on Earth. No of course not, because they are manufactured by NASA to be totally different to Earth borne rocks.

      NASA manufacture the simulated Moon rock and Moon dust so cheaply they do not even charge for it, other than transportation costs.

    8. @ Pat

      Good observations!

      The generator and oxygen tank would have been relative large pieces of equipment and critical components on the Columbia Command Module if it were to make the 2-day trip back to earth, and if the diagram were true to scale.

      If the diagram was real, all those things would have been YUGE and shown BIGGLY 🙂

      It is commonly accepted that the trip back from the moon to earth took 2 days or 48 hours, from July 22 to July 24, 1969. The distance from the earth to the moon is 384,400 km or 238,855 miles. This means that the Columbia Command Module traveled at a speed of approximately 4,976 miles per hour or 8,000 kilometers per hour.

      Was Apollo 11 technology really available in 1969, when it isn’t in 2017? The most advanced rocket or missile technology today is Russian, not American. The Russian R-36M (SS-18 Satan) has a travel range of only 16,000 km.

      Again, for easy convenience, here’s a cutaway view of the Columbia Command Module that supposedly brought the 3 astronauts back to earth in 1969: https://c3.staticflickr.com/7/6143/5956945078_55a9f6b349_b.jpg

      Note that the most critical component of the module, the rocket engine, is not even shown! But have a good look at the gas tank; it, too, is so tiny that it cannot be real and believable.

      Simply stated, the Columbia Command Module is too damn small. Even if the rocket or missile technology existed in 1969 to go to the moon and back, the returning Columbia Command Module would, in theory, have to be at least half the size of the original rocket (Saturn V Third Stage) in order to accommodate the rocket fuel & engine for the return trip back to earth.

      It was NOT! It didn’t even have a rocket engine on it!

  3. The twelve were, by and large, weak, they couldn’t get their arms around the Gospel, and they certainly did their share of judaizing, particularly Peter and James. Things got so out of hand, the story goes, that Heaven had to turn to a thirteenth, Saul of Tarsus, to insist that the Law did not apply.

    Jesus and his Father came to liberate us from the Lawgiver, to pay a ransom to the Seducer, to warn against the deceit, and the accusations. This wondrous mission accomplished, the judaizing became relentless. Jesus did not come to free us from the Law, they would insist. And he didn’t come to liberate us from the Lawgiver, He was the Son of the Lawgiver. And the lies and slanders continue down to the present.

    It is helpful and important to:

    Study up a bit on 2nd- century radical Pauline Christianity, for surely, being much closer in time to the Advent, those early Christians had a better handle on things;

    Google Bishop Marcion of Sinope and read his “The Antitheses”, for it is telling that Marcionism was the main Christian thread prior to Constantine, and reading “Antitheses” might be just what the doctor ordered to cure a bad bout of confusion re: who is and who is not the God of grace, love, light, mercy and forgiveness. You can read it now, online;

    Read Harnack’s book, “The Gospel of the Alien God” to learn what the judaizers stood and stand for (viz. circumcision, the essentiality of following the Law, etc.), to appreciate that, literally, hordes of them engaged in a colossal disinformation fest, and to obtain an inkling as to why one should read the New Testament with, among other things, a red pen, scissors and a good gluing agent; and

    Check out Marcion’s Canon, the first compendium, the first “bible”, the first fruit of an effort to collate the legitimate teachings of the Savior.

    The bishop swore he was good at separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were, and keeping the wheat. After giving a listen to the video on Chapters 21 and 22 of Revelations, the subject of this post, I am inclined to think that it (keeping only the wheat) may not be all that difficult to get the hang of. The Lawgiver, after all, is easily recognizable. Much of the content of the video seems hopeful, promising. There is talk of a new day, of the cessation of sorrow, of the lifting of curses, of access to living waters. But, but, but… there come threats of the fiery lake, blessings to those who abide by the Commandments, warnings of plagues to be visited down on the scofflaws, promises to give each according to his works, yada, yada, yada. The new boss, in places, seems an awful lot like the same old boss. And quite obviously so. N’est ce pas?

  4. There are numerous reasons why I question the credibility of the Book of Revelations, but I will only address a few of them.

    Based on my study of the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, what is described in Revelations does not match what Jesus taught concerning his return. Jesus kept it simple and Revelations didn’t.

    I have to side with the early Christians as described by Dionysius of Alexandria, Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt that died in 264 AD, when he wrote, “Some before us have set aside and rejected the book altogether, criticizing it chapter by chapter, and pronouncing it without sense or argument, and maintaining that the title is fraudulent.  For they say that it is not the work of John, nor is it a revelation, because it is covered thickly and densely by a veil of obscurity.  And they affirm that none of the apostles, rend none of the saints, nor any one in the Church is its author, but that Cerinthus, who founded the sect which was called after him the Cerinthian, desiring reputable authority for his fiction, prefixed the name.  For the doctrine which he taught was this: that the kingdom of Christ will be an earthly one.  And as he was himself devoted to the pleasures of the body and altogether sensual in his nature, he dreamed that that kingdom would consist in those things which he desired, namely, in the delights of the belly and of sexual passion; that is to say, in eating and drinking and marrying, and in festivals and sacrifices and the slaying of victims, under the guise of which he thought he could indulge his appetites with a better grace.”

    Dionysius later said that Revelations may have been written by another named John, but not John the Apostle.
    Source: http://catholic-resources.org/Bible/Eusebius_Gospels.htm

    When I researched Revelations, there was an account that the Apostle John thought so little of Cerinthus that John would leave a public bath when Cerinthus arrived. I lost the link for that story from antiquity.

    In my research, I also came across a document explaining that Cerinthus used the Sibylline Revelation as a source for writing Revelations. The original title of the Sibylline Revelation was “The Mysteries of Isis and Osiris” which was acquired from Sibyl, also known as Herophile, by the seventh Roman king, Tarquin the Proud, in 510 BC.

    “The Sibyl’s writings, regarded as ‘the mouthpiece of the gods’,
    were recognized as the most efficacious instruments in Roman religion,
    and were customarily observed and respected by all Romans.”

    Roman Emperor Augustus directed that copies of the Sibylline prophecies be supplied to all Sibylline priests in all Hellenized lands.

    “The early church was so concerned that the general populace
    would learn that its Book of Revelation was a forgery, that in 405 CE
    the Bishop of Rome ordered the Roman general Flavius Stilicho
    to burn as many copies of the Sibylline Books as he could find.”

    The source link also includes the Sibylline Revelation with cross references to Revelations.

    Due to the Heavenly Father’s blessing of free will, everyone gets to decide for themselves about Revelations.

    Personally, I am more occupied with trying to do what Jesus taught in the Gospels today rather than being concerned about what is described as the future in Revelations. Embracing and acting on the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels provides for salvation even if a personal end time occurs before Jesus’ return. I perceive that concentrating on Revelations is a distraction from doing what we are suppose to be doing today.

    Sorry for the long post, but I kept as short as I could.


    Hi Lasha, in your last posts you wrote or your gatekeeper that you are not a christian. Please stop promoting christianity/ bible as you become complicit brainwashing the stupid gullible goyim. I still am convinced this is a jew website and that you are jewish, a jewish esther if you are a woman????. Mazzel tov.


      The three brackets you will find round the names of certain posters are inserted by Admin. These bracketed posters are not necessarily Jews or Zionist trolls. They could also be mentally unbalanced goyim who are clearly hostile to our website — in short, trouble makers.

    2. @ (((Mark)))

      Hi Lasha, in your last posts you wrote or your gatekeeper that you are not a christian.

      False. At no point did Lasha or her “gatekeeper” (whoever that is) say that Lasha was NOT a Christian. All Lasha has ever said is that she is an UNORTHODOX Christian. That would apply to me too — and to anyone who does not accept the latest papal “reforms” (Vatican II) or the farce that Christianity has become under the so-called “Christian Zionists”.

      Please stop promoting christianity/ bible as you become complicit brainwashing the stupid gullible goyim.

      Why should this site take instructions from a Christ-hating Jew like you? You are either a Jew or a Useful Idiot for the Jews.

      Whatever you are, judging from your literary style, you are certainly an uneducated lout.

      1. You can only be a christian if you believe in Christ, de fake nazarener. As you ‘ christians’ should know the maxim/motto is as said by the fake nazarener;’ i am the way, the truth and life’. As lasha said she doesb’t believe in ‘ Christ’ she can’t be a ‘ christian’.
        By the way I am happy for not being a jew. I can’t say this from many posters on this site. Mazzel tov Tel aviv.

      2. I am no jew thank God, if he exists.
        sardonicu tell me why are you so sure that our lovely Lasha is not a jewess? There are a lot of Esthers hiding and faking.

      3. @ (((Mark)))

        Lasha’s not a “lovely Jewess”, I can tell you that for sure. “Lovely”, yes, if she’s still as attractive as she was when I first met her in 1999 when I reckon she was 21 years old. But “Jewess”, no! Of that I am absolutely certain because of her student politics in 1999 when she was already a full-fledged anti-Zionist.

        Here’s a previous post of mine I’ve just found. This will show you that I am the only person on this site (apart from Admin) who has actually met and spoken with Lasha. Though this was very long ago in her art student days.

        November 9, 2016 at 8:53 pm

        IN RESPONSE TO BARKINGDEER who wrote: “i’ve suspected lasha is a female, and probably some kind of intel troll, finding out what people know. the way she slapped hitler up alongside the donald now pretty much convinces me of the gender.”

        [SARDONICUS] : Funny you should say that!

        I’ve had the same suspicion that Lasha was a female for the past 17 years, ever since I first met her when she was an art student in Florence in the summer of 1999. She didn’t seem transgender to me, but you never know with these “intel agents”! 🙂

        I won’t tell you what I was doing at the Academia d’Arte Firenze — the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence — in June 1999, but that’s where I set eyes on Lasha for the first time. She was taking a Visual Arts course in the art school there. I guess she was 21 years old at the time.

        I didn’t get to know her very well, just enough to become a casual acquaintance who would keep in touch with her after we had left Italy and returned to our respective countries. She would always be taking the train into Venice for some reason — to paint the Grand Canal I think — and at other times she could be found strolling in the Boboli Gardens with her Italian boyfriend or reading a book in the Cafe San Marco, a great meeting place for writers and artists.

        Ah, those were the days! Florence has now changed beyond all recognition, what with the migrant invasion. But in the summer of 1999 Florence was still paradise on earth. I had the good fortune to be relatively young and healthy and deeply in love with life.

        The less said the better. Maybe I have already said too much. I hope this comment is not deleted.

      4. BTW, it’s common practice for Jewish trolls to call other good people “Jews” in order to slander them. So you’re behaving in character, using one of the oldest tricks in the book.

  6. Gosh, black Africans brought civilization to Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, India, China and the Americas, but in sub-Sahara Africa itself they live in primitive mud huts. How can that be ? Afro-centric answer : evil Whites have “stolen” their civilization and therefore they are primitive !

    1. Franklin –

      Uncle Remus say he done tole y’all ’bout dat beFO. Y’all don’t lissen!!

  7. @ Gerhard Attali

    Chasing the color of skin is like a dog chasing its tail when the real issue is the color of the heart. Chasing the color of skin is a jewish distraction.

    How many times did Jesus mention the color of skin? Zero.

  8. ADMIN : COMMENT FOUND IN SPAM AND APPROVED FOR PUBLICATION. We regard this commenter either as a Zionist troll or a mentally unbalanced troublemaker, hence we have placed his name within three brackets.

    @ Sardonicus, you say you met her almost
    20 years ago where she was an art student. in her bio she informs us she is an ex-academic in classics. I think classics is totally different than being an art student. You say the contact was superficial so it’s not credible she would inform you about her anti-zionist ideas.
    If she would have done something ant-zionsric in Florence we could have found it on the internet. If your contact was superficial how can you be sure that the person you met in Florence is the same?
    On what facts do you conclude that? Did she call herself then already Darkmoon?
    If she studied art how come she doesb’t know italian especially italian poetry? I find it interesting you could find your comment back of 9 november 2016 8.53 PM. Are you sure you are not Darkmoon him/herself? I repeat I am very happy not being of the tribe, ‘ the chosen ones’.

    1. @ (((Mark)))

      I feel a bit sorry for you, dear (((Mark))). Actually, that’s why I’m responding to your pathetic comment. The mere fact that Admin has approved your comment for publication (when they could have easily left it in spam where it belongs!) is a sure sign that Admin has nothing to fear from you or your “criticisms” of Lasha Darkmoon and this site.

      Anyone who thinks the Darkmoon site is run by “Jews” when it does its best to promote Christianity and denies the Holocaust has to be either stupid or mentally unbalanced. You fall into this category, assuming you are not a Jew.

      I think the intense hostility you have for this site springs from the fact that you are violently anti-Christian and never lose an opportunity to sneer at Christianity and Christians. In my opinion, this makes you either a Christ-hating Jew or a thoroughly Jewified gentile or Useful Idiot for the Jews.

      You just can’t stand Lasha being a Christian, can you? Or publishing pro-Christian articles? Or having a Roman Catholic ex-nun, Sister Monica, working for the site. This makes the whole site “Jewish”, right? A Zionist operation? The fact that it is PRO-CHRISTIAN! Well well well, who would have thought it! 🙂

      Your name is rightly placed within three brackets, dear (((Mark)))!

      Yes, I really do feel sorry for you. I wish I could help you in some way. You’re obviously a mentally sick man or woman.

      Or transgender … mustn’t leave that out! 🙂

      1. @ (((Mark)))

        Sardonicus, you say you met her almost 20 years ago where she was an art student. in her bio she informs us she is an ex-academic in classics. I think classics is totally different than being an art student. You say the contact was superficial so it’s not credible she would inform you about her anti-zionist ideas.
        If she would have done something ant-zionsric in Florence we could have found it on the internet. If your contact was superficial how can you be sure that the person you met in Florence is the same? On what facts do you conclude that? Did she call herself then already Darkmoon?

        If she studied art how come she doesb’t know italian especially italian poetry? I find it interesting you could find your comment back of 9 november 2016 8.53 PM. Are you sure you are not Darkmoon him/herself? I repeat I am very happy not being of the tribe, ‘ the chosen ones’.

        Let’s take your points, one by one:

        1. I don’t know the details of Lasha’s life, but I know it’s perfectly possible to get a degree in Classics and at the same time do an art course. I don’t think LD’s course in art was necessarily a full-time 3-4 year course. Maybe it was a 1-year course, maybe it was a summer-time course lasting only a few months. I have no idea. Lasha didn’t give me a detailed biography of her life with a timeline!

        BTW, did you know that Darwin didn’t just study Natural History? He also took separate courses in Medicine and Theology at different universities. If Darwin had time to pursue several unrelated courses, why not Lasha?

        2. Every university or academic institute has student political societies. Lasha didn’t have to inform me “personally” that she was an “anti-Zionist”. One student society meeting was enough. There were several anti-Zionists doing courses there, lots of pro-Palestine activity etc etc.

        3. No, you wouldn’t have heard anything about Lasha Dakmoon’s anti-Zionist views on the internet in 1999. This is because she didn’t exist as “Lasha Darkmoon” in 1999. (That came several years later). I don’t think Lasha even had a personal computer in those days, let alone a laptop.

        4. “If she studied art how come she doesn’t know italian especially italian poetry?

        How you do you know Lasha doesn’t know any Italian? She has quoted Dante in Italian on this site several times, and dozens of her poems have also been translated into Italian here, so what makes you say she doesn’t know any Italian? For all you know, she could be fluent in Italian or at least have a working knowledge of it. I was with LD in a cafe in Florence once. She ordered coffee in Italian. Capisce?


        5. Are you sure you are not Darkmoon him/herself?

        Yes, pretty sure! Are YOU sure you aren’t Ellie K’s Jewish friend, “Avi Kastner”, who accused Lasha of inventing almost ALL the commenters on this site? Including me and Lobro?

        6. Finally, you say this is a JEW-RUN site. Just like all the Jewish trolls who have ever invaded the site and tried to rubbish it. Funny you should say this is a “Jew site”! Did you know that Wikipedia says this is a “NEO-NAZI site”!

        So who are we to believe — you or Wikipedia? 🙂

  9. “Amazing” African architecture, that “palace” made of mud !

    African genius. After 100,000 years of stagnation, Africans finally have invented the wheel : http://www.majakia.com/wp-content/uploads/Funny-African-Bike-600×363.jpg

    BTW, the Carthaginians were Phoenicians, who came originally from Lebanon. The Lebanese are the whitest people of the Middle East. Many of them could easily pass as South Europeans. Because a civilization was located in Africa, that doesn’t automatically mean that its people were black. Here is a picture of Carthaginian general Hannibal. Typically a white man : https://www.realmofhistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Fascinating_Hannibal_Barca_Facts-770×437.jpg

    The people of North Africa are descendants of Hamitic speaking Caucasians. In some places, such as Egypt they got mixed with negro blood. In other places, such as the Atlas mountain, they retained their racial purity. To illustrate that, here is a woman from the Kabyle people of Algeria :


    This is a genuine African woman, but she is white. Is it really so difficult to understand that a continent can be inhabited by two or more different races ?

  10. Mr. Franklin Ryckaert :

    I’m surprised with you, you’re usually a gentleman, so I’m surprised. Please don’t make fun of Max Bilney’s widow he left behind. She’s suffering enough as it is In-Mourning for her MAXIE, it’s not nice to be not-nice to a widow. Especially the widow MAXIE left all alone to fend for herself on her own in a cruel cruel world.

  11. @Gerhard Attali

    So you agree with calling Thutmose III “the greatest Black man ever” ?


    There is such a thing as racial phenotype based on genotype. If a person looks white, then he must be fully or predominantly white. The fact that Whites and Blacks (partially) mixed with each other in Africa doesn’t mean that they are therefore all black.

    1. Gerhard –

      I guess Noah was a Negro… And at least one or more of his wives too..!!

      Farrakhan vindicated..!!

      He claims they had space travel as well..!! 🙂

  12. Hey shitheads! Who cares if Darkmoon is owned-and-controlled by jews or if Darkmoon is owned-and-controlled by NON-jews!!! It doesn’t matta!!! What matters is and it’s THE VERY REASON WE LERV DARKMOON : Darkmoon is owned-and-controlled by THE HIGH PRIESTS OF OUR HOLY AND SACRED BLESSED HELIOCENTRIC SUN FATHER GOD AND m00n GODDESS RELIGION!!! THAT’S ALL THAT MATTAS!!!

    1. Uncle :

      Thank you. Apology accepted. I understand we’re all under alot of stress these days because of everything going on in the country and in the world, and sometimes we say and do things too quickly without thinking it through. Plus, you get alot of posts coming in, many from trolls, and I imagine it gets especially stressful to all the time have to figure out who is who. I, too, have been known to jump-the-gun, but not nearly as much as you, compared to you I’m an Angel. [ just kidding! ] 🙂

  13. Gerhard –

    Since you like truth…. 🙂

    The actual writer said that song had a different meaning from what you wrote:

    “Don’t get too caught up, because everything comes full circle.”

    Those of us who were married at the time the song was written…. called it the “BS&T Effect”…. not Sinatra, who was over the hill for us… except for “New York, New York” and “My Way”.

    “Spinning Wheel” is from Nam-Era of 1969 by the band Blood, Sweat & Tears.

    The song was written by the band’s Canadian lead vocalist David Clayton-Thomas and appears on their self-titled album.

    Released as a single in 1969, “Spinning Wheel” peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in July of that year, remaining in the runner-up position for three weeks.

    “Spinning Wheel” was nominated for three Grammy Awards at the 1970 ceremony, winning in the category Best Instrumental Arrangement. The arranger for the song was the band’s saxophonist, Fred Lipsius. It was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year; the album won the Grammy for Album of the Year.

    Clayton-Thomas was quoted as describing the song as being “written in an age when psychedelic imagery was all over lyrics…it was my way of saying…
    ‘Don’t get too caught up, because everything comes full circle’.”

    See BS&T performing live:


    @ sardonicus, you don’t know much for someone who defends her that much. You assume and assume. You didn’t answet my question, of course you don’t have to why you assume that the person you claim to have met in Florence is our lovely Lasha? What is the link? Did you then in Florence agree to have a secret code word, such as mazzel tov? Again I am not a jew, am not a christian. I am myself.

    1. @ (((Mark)))

      There you go again, unaware of all the contradictions in your comment! I shot down every single argument you made in your previous post. You don’t acknowledge that. So this is like playing chess with someone who doesn’t even recognize the rules of chess. You act just like a Jew, with a complete contempt for logic.

      I repeat: I know more about Lasha than anyone else on this site, especially what she looks like, because I have actually seen her. No one else here (apart from Admin staff) has seen Lasha. I alone have seen her and conversed with her.

      But this was a long time ago (1999).

      You ask: how do I know that the person I knew in Florence almost 20 years ago is the SAME person who now calls herself “Lasha Darkmoon” and writes anti-Zionist articles for the internet? Now that is a VERY intelligent question! This proves you are not as dumb as I thought you were! In fact, you must be a pretty smart guy to think in such an analytical way.

      Well, since you are so intelligent, I will leave you to figure out how I know that the strikingly attractive 21-year-old girl I knew in Florence is the same person who now goes under the name “Lasha Darkmoon” — by giving you a hint in one word: SISTER.

      I got to know LD’s sister, who was also with her in Florence, far better than I got to know Lasha. I have kept in touch with LD’s sister all these years, initially though snail mail correspondence (postcards mostly) and later through emails. That’s how I have kept in touch with LD indirectly, through a third party.

      That’s how I know that LD is also “A—”, the 21-year-old girl I met for a brief period in 1999 on an almost daily basis.

      I’m not willing to reveal any further details. That’s it! I’ve said enough.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        I am told to ask you politely to cease and desist at once from this futile, off-topic exchange of comments about LD with a Christ-hating Jew. (Or a Christ-hating gentile with severe personality problems). Any further comments between you and this nasty Christ hating troll will be deleted at once if Lasha’s name is mentioned once again. Keep your eye on the ball. We are here to discuss the important issues of the day, not the private life of Lasha Darkmoon.

      2. Sard
        you have a big mouth and can easily be manipulated by trolls.
        loose lips ,sink ships.,having said that ,you seems to be weak minded.it’s good thing you don’t work for Intel.
        on the other hand ,you could be playing a mind game ,a systemic orchestrated ,leak of info ,or ,planting of dis-info pieces.either way ,sard ,you are definitely not James pond.
        if i have the resources ,and your info is truthful , i could easily unmask her identity ,a piece of cake.
        not because of her views ,just because the joy of serendipity of looking at her picture and study her face,her eyes and try to have glimpse at her soul.I have painted in my mind eye ,her imagined face.

  15. “Revelations” about White House Buffoons…. though not from bibles..!! 🙂

    Trump revealed intelligence secrets to Russians in Oval Office
    May 16, 2017

    President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russia’s foreign minister about a planned Islamic State operation, two U.S. officials said on Monday, plunging the White House into another controversy just months into Trump’s short tenure in office.

    The intelligence, shared at a meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, was supplied by a U.S. ally in the fight against the militant group, both officials with knowledge of the situation said.

    The White House declared the allegations, first reported by the Washington Post, incorrect.

    “The story that came out tonight as reported is false,” H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, told reporters at the White House, adding that the leaders reviewed a range of common threats including to civil aviation.

  16. (OFF-TOPIC)

    I’m kinda disappointed this morning, kinda NOT. I channeled Madame Blavastky last night, I have a crystal ball. Yes, I have a crystal ball. I bought it at a garage sale from the immigrant gypsy family around the block, they didn’t want it, they just recently bought a new crystal ball online from a crystal ball website somewhere in the Balkans nearby where knowbro lives. I picked it up for only 3 bucks. A bargain itzzz!

    I thought I would gain alot of valuable Spiritual Insights by channeling The Madame of ALL Madames, what happened is , after I channeled Blavastky and she was there in my room with me, I had an overwhelming desire to stuff bananas in my mouth and an incredible unstoppable desire to swing from the moss that grows on the palm trees here in flohr-ee-duh and swing from tree to tree while stuffing Ummmmm Yummy Yummy bananas in my mouth. Madame taught me how to swing from tree to tree and stuff bananas in my mouth at the same time and NOT fall to the ground.

    That was cool, I was like One In Cosmic Harmony and Union with Blavatsky’s world-wide baboon menagerie population, I felt Cosmically Connected to ADMIN very deeply. I was like, OH WOW, so this is how it feels to be a “Catholic” “Mother” EX “SUPERIOR”. YES! I thought, let me slap some Skippy peanut butter on these bananas and Everything will be Nirvana and everything in the Cosmos is Alright and Out of Sight and Everything is the Way It Is for a reason! kinda disappointing, I just don’t know what the reason is, I was having TOO much ¡FUN! swinging from the trees and munching on bananas and then the peanut butter that was The Ultimate Ecstasy and I was TOO Joyful being One In Cosmic Union with Mother Moaner to pay any attention to what any stinkin’ reason is for anything, it’s ALL GOOD dudes! WE had a very good time, me and The Madame of ALL Madames, it was a trip, :).

    1. @ John Kirby

      Every royal court or noble household in past times had its licensed Court Jester or Fool. He was regarded as a kind of “mascot” and was allowed to lighten the atmosphere and fool around in moderation. And he was often whipped if he went too far.

      I believe TROJ has been adopted as this website’s licensed Fool. Only a small fraction of his daily posts are published, since most of them are unpublishable. Once this is understood, his comments become more acceptable. He has been banned from every other website and is obviously off his rocker.

      Serious people (with little time to spare for amusing trifles) are advised to skip his posts.

    1. Calypso Louie! He be an entertainer, fo’ sho! 🙂
      I used to buy his publication rag “The Final Call” from street vendors in Richmond, whenever I had business downtown. They were always affable and friendly. I like ol’ Louie. 🙂

  17. Thank you Attali. We got Edward Gibbons to tell us all about The Decline And The Fall of The Roman Empire , and We got the gibbon Attali to tell us all about The Decline And The Fall of The Hylobatidae African Empire.

    I can no longer even look at Waffles anymore without getting Morally Outraged! Waffles Originally from Belgium, yes? Mammy’s Aunt Jemima pancakes every morning from now on! The jewsuits in Belgium they done tried to put Mammy out of business with their Belgium waffle industry!! They done tried to drive Mammy out of the breakfast industry, the Catholics done tried to Usurp our Mammy with their jewsuit Belgian waffles. NO MO’ WAFFLES FOR ME NO MO’ NO MO’. I done learned my lesson for de day.

  18. The early Church Fathers believed it was written by John the Apostle, author of the Fourth Gospel, but this is now disputed.
    This is not true. “Cyrillus and the Church of Jerusalem did not acknowledge the book of Revelation in their period. Apart from this, the name of this book does not even occur in the list of Canonical books which he wrote.”

    On page 323 of the same volume Lardner further said: “Revelation was not the part of Syrian version.”

    Eusebius makes the following statement in chapter 25 (Vol. 7) of his history: “Dionysius says that some ancient writers excluded the book of Revelation from the Holy Scriptures and have completely refuted it. He said that this book is meaningless and a great example of ignorance. Any association of this book with John or with a righteous man or with any Christian is wrong. In fact, a heretic Cerinthus attributed this book to John. I wish I had the powers of excluding it from Holy Scriptures.”

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