Alison Chabloz to Donald Trump: “Jerusalem’s the Capital of Palestine!” (2 videos, 4.5 mins in total)

VIDEO 1 : 0.25 seconds
Donald Trump declares Jerusalem “the Eternal Capital of Israel”.

VIDEO 2 : 3.25 mins
Alison Chabloz contradicts  Donald Trump.
“Jerusalem’s the Capital of Palestine!” Alison says. “Get that, Donald?”

24 thoughts to “Alison Chabloz to Donald Trump: “Jerusalem’s the Capital of Palestine!” (2 videos, 4.5 mins in total)”

  1. Both are wrong.

    Jerusalem is the capital of the United States of America.

    The Jews run the US.

    1. The Jews have succeeded in fooling everyone into believing they are the Israel of Scripture. By deceit, they win.

      1. @GH
        “By deceit, they win.” Deceit yes – but they ain’t winning. They’re just pissing people off and they know it. Gobby jews whining on about their hurt whilst inflicting gross acts of cruelty and wickedness.

        They’re even toning down their definitions “as part of the Mossad’s public ‘coming out'”
        “By way of deception thou shalt do war” now has a different interpretation(s);

      2. Jimbo –

        Certainly, most of America has been deceived! That is the ONLY reason the bastards have commandeered our legislature… Without churches and preachers perpetuating the lie, it wouldn’t have happened.

      3. @GH
        “That is the ONLY reason the bastards have commandeered our legislature…”
        Looks like this Gideon Falter character et al, who are currently harassing Alison Chabloz are also commandeering the WN/WS 14 words. At 2.49mins in this video;
        it says;

        “We will do whatever it takes to secure the future of British jews”

        Ok 13 words but I think that was achieved with a little grammatical massaging. They probably wanted to reference the 13th Tribe 😉

      4. Well said! If the Joos were the People of the Book, the Bible would be a manual on compound interest, pyramid selling, infiltration, subversion and assassination!

        The Christian Bible (if only 40M American, lazy and gullible Evanjellyfish actually READ IT) is the history and destiny of a pastoral, high-cultured, moral, building/constructing and occasionally brave warrior People. See and trace the NW migrations of our glorious ancestors into the then wilderness of Europe and beyond, so skillfully hidden from their eyes & ears by Joo money/media power.

  2. I remember a German airline pilot was seriously censored for welcoming passengers travelling to Tel Aviv to Palestine… 🙂

    1. Hey WIGGINS, he was a Spanish airline pilot and not German. Last week, a Royal Jordanian did similar announcement as he was flying over Palestine in his way to JFK airport by saying, ” we are now flying over the city of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine. Some political commentator in ISISRael said, the ISISraeli airforce should have shot down the airplane..

  3. I don’t GIVE A SHIT what the capital of Israel is.

    I care that the Jews of America are, every day, stealing trillions and trillions of dollars and nobody cares. And why? Because Americans love money just as much as Jews do.

    Game over.

    1. Yes Dolph, when the American people allowed the private, Jewish banking consortium, known as the American Federal Reserve, to take over the control of everyone’s money (1913), that was effectively the end of the Republic and the end of freedom.
      In effect, control of the Fed allowed the Jews to buy everyone and every thing, including Palestine.
      In other words, this purchasing POWER allowed the Jews to send their murderous revolutionaries to Russia; it allowed Herzl to get Zionism off the ground (in league with the Bank of England); and it allowed the Jews to fund 2 great world wars, etc, etc. Oh, they also set up Hollywood and prostituted many of the aspiring beauties.
      Owning Jerusalem is a symbolic act and confirmation of unbridled Jewish POWER. ‘Tis similar to the magnificent Trump Tower. Symbols of sheer POWER!
      It also places the money hungry, murderous Jews on the very cusp of owning the black gold fields of the Middle East, which has simultaneously been the objective of the Queen’s Home Office from the very beginning. The Queen has huge personal investments in minerals and black gold.
      Hence the hermaphrodite, Lord Balfour (later British Prime Minister) addressed his Declaration to Lord Rothschild and told the Jews to go ahead with their invasion of Palestine.
      Never mind, thought Balfour, that British protectorate soldiers were put between a rock and a hard place and would be murdered by Jewish terrorists. Eg Hotel Cairo. The Queen did not care and neither did any one else, except the widows and grieving families of the deceased.
      Hollywood painted the Jewish terrorists as brave freedom fighters and heroes. Several of them became PM’s of Israel and are adored to this day.
      Even Obama’s right hand man, Rahm Emanuel, was the son of a brave Irgun terrorist and a murderous Israeli soldier himself. Really lovely $billionaire!
      ‘Tis a crazy world of money-spun lies and deceits! The Jews control the dispensation of the $$$$$$$$$$$’s because we have allowed them to …… nothing will change until the Goyim control their own money.
      He who holds the purse WINS!

      1. Corrections in above: Royals’ Home Office; the Royals’ investments currently held by the Queen; and the King did not care! …..”ALL THE KING’S HORSES AND ALL THE KING’S MEN COULDN’T PUT Palestine together again.” ie. The Goyim elite on both sides of the Atlantic serve Jewish interests, as the Jews serve theirs’!…… Have a gay Saturnalia time and leave out some grog for Satan/Santa!

  4. Trump should not be generous at someone’s else expense! If he is so crazy about ISISreal, why not relocate that shit hole in the Middle East to the heartland of America and make it the 51th state. Then it would be surrounded by friendly states, US taxpayers don’t have to cough up $10 million dollars per day to support a foreign occupation and war criminals, no on will steal our secrets and sell it to our enemies, the US will have more money to take care of your seniors, veterans, students and even to have a clean drinking water in a place like Flint, Michigan. Then we will finally have a free and independent Palestine, no one will burn the old glory and or chant death to America, and we will live happily after.

    1. Mahmoud!
      I agree! Couldn’t have said it better myself. A good location in the USA is somewhere in Hagee’s home state where he and his looney followers can embed themselves deep up the Jewish posterior orifice.

      1. Pat, just of the record and for future reference, my last name (El-Yousseph) is hyphenated. El is not my middle initial. So, my initial would be ME instead of MEY. Thanks!

    2. Relocate ALL THE JEWS in America?

      Yes, that will work like a charm. That way they can completely take over America.

      How does the US get rid of their Jew problem, by relocating all the Israel Jews in America.

      Sounds like a great plan.

  5. @ Uncle Toby (Admin)

    Gee, I hope with the new laws regulating the internet, I hope ((( the mobsters))) of the “deep state” don’t throw Uncle Toby into Spamblinka — the way Uncle Toby gate-keeping for the deep state’s science mafia threw me into Spamblinka!

    1. Isn’t Spamblinka tending to your needs as well as Chattahoochee, TROJ?? (It seems to have improved your behavior…)

  6. I liked the song.

    In Uri Avnery’s article at Antiwar today he compares himself as a teenage boy throwing stones at the Brits with Palestinian youths throwing stones at the IDF. Avnery still thinks “Two States Is the Only Solution”, but doesn’t seem to understand that the Zionists – who he still supports – have made a viable Palestinian state impossible by building “facts on the ground”. That is, building Jewish settler communities on Palestinian land. The fact that it’s illegal matters not to the “chosen” who believe “G_d gave” them the land, even though many of those making that claim are atheists.

    The government of China and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) agree that East Jerusalem is and should be the capital of Palestine. Israel’s PM, Nut N’ Yahoo, dodging and weaving around corruption charges, says “all these statements fail to impress us”.

    If a two state solution is impossible, and a one state solution is unworkable, that leaves Palestinians with only one option, and it won’t be peaceful.

  7. Alison’s tune is a clear and straightforward message, unlike Chabadniks’ insincere and contradictory screeching:
    ‘To say that this is ethnocentric is absurd for one simple reason: anyone from any ethnic background can convert to Judaism and become chosen. Jewish chosenness is not a gene, it is a state of the soul… While most other religious groups are quite comfortable claiming that they are the best, we Jews will do anything to say that we are nothing special. Now that’s what I call a Chosen People!’

  8. Roughly a third of the American evangelical population, which is around 15 million people. These folks believe that there will be a Golden Age, but first Christ returns, there will be a tribulation where Christ defeats evil, there will be natural disasters & war according to the book of revelations.
    According to the evangelicals who believe this, those who do not convert will be wiped out with all the unsaved & go to hell.
    Believe me, according to the evangelical mind set, that’s most of the peoples of planet earth.
    Evangelical forces are actively promoting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, they are pushing the agenda for all its worth to bring on End Time.
    53 percent of Americas evangelicals support Donald Trump & Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    Also war with Iran, & who know what else?

  9. Just to add; RAPTURE …. has been told to us as a wondrous reunion with Christ.

    In fact , it looks & sounds like clusters of nuclear holocaust’s being played out around the world.
    Is it possible that the rapture story, is in reality, is a warning to mankind of exactly that – nuclear holocaust which will wipe out most – if not all of mankind on planet earth ?
    Have organised religions deliberately hidden the true meaning of rapture, to take possession of the world for themselves ?

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