American Psycho — Sex Slave Freed From Her Chains

What is America coming to? Psychotic serial killers  run amok all over the country. And psychotic rulers, who are far more dangerous than the serial killers at home, kill and maim millions in the Middle East and elsewhere on behalf of Israel.

From TOM LEONARD in New York


June 12, 2017 — Shackled from neck to ankle and chained to the wall of an industrial storage container, a woman shies away as a police officer uses bolt cutters to free her from two months of captivity.

Kala Brown had been repeatedly raped by her captor Todd Kohlhepp, a serial killer who also murdered her boyfriend and six others in the US.

Prosecutors in South Carolina have released video footage of the moment police found Miss Brown, 30, on a remote farm in Spartanburg.

It shows a shower of sparks as they use a metal cutter to open the container, before venturing inside, hands on their guns. They pass a sinister-looking cage, then their torches pick out the hostage chained up on a pile of filthy mattresses.


As her chains were cut, Kala told her rescuers how Kohlhepp had shot dead her boyfriend Charlie Carter. “He says he’s dead and buried, he says there’s several bodies dead and buried here,” she said.

On the way to hospital, Miss Brown told police that Kohlhepp, 45, a successful estate agent, had also confessed to killing four people in a rampage at a motorcycle repair shop in a notorious unsolved crime 13 years earlier.

Police had gone to the property in November last year after signals from Miss Brown’s mobile phone indicated she might have been in the area when she vanished in August. Sheriff’s deputies heard her banging on the walls of the container as they served a search warrant on Kohlhepp.

“It was pretty emotional,” said county sheriff Chuck Wright. ‘She was chained like a dog. It’s only by God’s grace that we found that little girl alive.’

Last month, Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to raping Miss Brown and killing seven people. He was spared the death sentence in exchange for his guilty plea and was given seven life sentences.

During her captivity in the 30ft by 15ft container, Miss Brown was given a five-gallon bucket for a lavatory, and just crackers and mouldy cheese to eat. Kohlhepp fed her once a day and occasionally took her out for exercise, leading her around his property by the chain on her neck.

Miss Brown had worked for Kohlhepp for several weeks, cleaning houses he was trying to sell.


“He chained me up
and raped me
several times.”

She and her boyfriend went to his ranch home after he asked them to clear some undergrowth. But when they arrived, he took them hostage. He shot Mr Carver, 32, three times and chained her up in the container.

The bodies of the two others found on the property were Johnny and Meagan Coxie, a young couple who had been reported missing nearly a year earlier. Both had been shot after also being lured to his home on the promise of work.

Prosecutors discovered Kohlhepp, who enjoyed killing pets as a child, was convicted, aged 15, of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl and raping her at gunpoint.

He served nearly 14 years behind bars in Arizona and was still a registered sex offender.

Speaking about her ordeal, Miss Brown said: “I would tell him that no matter what he did to me, he did not break me. He cannot destroy who I am and I won. He tried to crush me but I’m not broken. I’ll recover from this.”


VIDEO : 3.19 mins

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  1. I thought the name “Kohlhepp” sounded vaguely Jewish but you can never be sure. Franklin Ryckaert is the expert on Jewish names here. Maybe he’ll tell us if this is a Jewish name.

  2. I just read this earlier today. It seems appropriate to reference it here. Here is the link.

    “Where has God gone?” he cried. “I shall tell you. We have killed him – you and I. We are his murderers. But how have we done this? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? What did we do when we unchained the earth from its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving now? Away from all suns? Are we not perpetually falling? Backward, sideward, forward, in all directions? Is there any up or down left? Are we not straying as through an infinite nothing? Do we not feel the breath of empty space? Has it not become colder? Is it not more and more night coming on all the time?”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche
    And Dear Administrator, it is not only ‘America’ that has gone mad.

  3. How does a convicted rapist who loses fourteen important years of his life in prison become a successful anything? Can convicted felons get their estate license?


    1. Now there’s a perfectly sensible question.
      The interesting thing is how far out of American box it is (you being a Russian by the sound of your name).

      Judaism encourages and promotes criminality, felony and deviance into material success and treats character aberration as a qualifying trait.
      The fact that the American society has adopted it is an indication of how deeply its psyche has been infected.

      1. @ Lobro

        “I rest my case.”

        No, you have no case. You are guilty of bringing anti-Semitism into disrepute. What has serial killer Toddy Kohlhepp got to do with the video you posted showing how evil the Jews are?

        Ever heard of a non sequitur? You are guilty of one.

        To prove your “case”, you would have to prove that serial killer Todd Kohlhepp was Jewish. If he is not a Jew, then your video about evil Jews is totally irrelevant. A non sequitur.

        Even if Kohlhepp is a Jew, so what? This doesn’t make all Jews serial killers. If Kohlhepp were Chinese, would you say “All Chinese are serial killers.”

      2. well, who says i was strictly on-topic.
        My case was explained in the above post where i linked American acceptance of criminality as a perfectly reputable trait to the fundamentally Judaic one, rooted in the Torah (Deuteonomy, Leviticus, Numbers, Judges and what not).
        And i do rest my case after supplying the video link.

        I have no particular interest in Kohlhopp and the fact that he is quite likely not a Jew is irrelevant to me.
        In fact, he professes to be a Christian, equally irrelevant.

        What is relevant is that he is quite able and encouraged to make a comfortable existence for himself in America despite the lengthy record of psychotic behavior, that he can troll the social media with hints of his sadistic entertainment for years without anyone taking a particular interest.

        By jumping to unsupported conclusions you are guilty of bringing logic into disrepute.

        oops, where’s your post? no need to scrub it, admin, he is perfectly at liberty to state his opinion, i am in no way offended and even if i was, so what.

        (basically and mistakenly accusing me of “bringing anti-semitism into disrepute” by claiming – which i never did – that Kohlrepp is a jew and that it explains his bestial ways)

      3. @ Lobro

        Admin deleted my post. I don’t mind. They did the right thing because apparently I misunderstood you and Admin was clever enough to see that my comment was pretty stupid.

        Now Admin has restored my stupid comment at your request! Damn! Now my stupidity is on display for all to see.

        I will have to withdraw from this website in disgrace after making a fool of myself. Too bad.

      4. BTW, I was totally pissed off to hear that the serial killer said he was Christian. Why did that have to be publicized? If he’d revealed he was Jewish, would the media have mentioned that?
        No way. That would have remained a closely guarded secret.

      5. Nikolai,

        no need to scram in disgrace where there ain’t any, all of us came off unsullied:
        I was magnanimous, admin wise, you owned up to a simple, unintended mistake.

        all well and cool and stuff …

      6. Hey, thanks! It takes a little while to adjust to this site. Maybe I’ll post a little now and again. Actually, I think most of your comments — the one I’ve read so far — are well-informed and good-natured. You are an asset to this site. Cheers!

      7. Lobro,
        Absolutely correct. American society is saturated with Jewish influence. The Jew is a toad that poisones everything it touches. Ugly,satanic tatoos, body piercings, homosexuality, trannies, casual sex, casinos, pawnshops, designer drugs…..the list goes on….

  4. “Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder” by David McGowan is a great book on this “phenomenal”. If you read between the lines, this book is really about HOW the Jews and their Yankees Sabbat Goyim blackmail and control the ruling class in the West.

    You can get a few PDF copy here:

  5. When I read stories like this I can’t help but wonder if the deranged man underwent some terrible trauma as a baby or small child. Why is the USA the land of serial killers? What does our country do to most baby boys that no other first world country does in great numbers? How about male genital mutilation (aka circumcision)? There is a growing body of evidence that circumcision, especially botched ones that might ruin sexual function, can cause permanent trauma, which could lead to violence, rape, and murder in a small percentage of affected men. A good source for this hypothesis is “Socialization of Violence and Abuse: The Munchausen Complex” by Dr. Richard Matteoli. Those who want to study the long term consequences of circumcision cannot get funding, as the Jews control the purse strings and perhaps do not want their terrible secret to come out.

    1. @Follyofwar.
      What silliness. Circumcision may be totally unnecessary but I can assure you it did not hamper my healthy sexuality in the least.
      Also note that sadistic perversions are not restricted to north America, but are found among all societies worldwide.
      The line between good and evil passes through all persons to a greater or lesser extent.

      1. But bestial hard thrusting caused by lack of God given sensuality does hamper healthy sexuality of wives and in some cases causes painful hardening of their epidermis.

      2. what the … and all these years i thought you were a woman, SW.
        it even forced me to moderate my language on occasion …

        @flan … i think that the issue is no so much circumcision but that it is administered to innocent, helpless babies is a symphony of judaic cruelty and absence of empathy and it furthermore breeds the same through traumatic shock on “Day 8”, which is claimed to be of some developmental significance.

        I think that others, e.g., muslims do it voluntarily at a later age.

      3. Good to hear you weren’t damaged, SW. But the anecdotal conviction of one person does not an argument make. Of course, there is the issue of denial, but most deny that they are in denial.

        Lobro, Although circumcision is not mentioned in the Queran, it is usually done on older boys around age 7-9, so it is hardly voluntary for them.

    2. I believe that is entirely possible because we have, I can’t remember the right words, everything that has been physically or emotionally traumatic is remembered by us, from birth forward. There is therapy now that deals with trauma that occured before an infant knew how to speak. Maybe all these wrongly circumcised males have this trauma that needs healing and release? Seems very reasonable.


    Here is a girl kept in a basement prison with no light for 8 years in Austria..!!

    The girl kept in a cellar for eight years may be secretly shielding a SECOND kidnapper.

    The story of Natascha Kampusch transfixed the world.

    She had been imprisoned in a cellar under a garage for eight years, where she was beaten, raped and treated like a slave.

    Her kidnapper was Wolfgang Priklopil, 44, a computer technician and property developer, who liked her to call him ‘Master’ and held her until she finally escaped at the age of 18, when her jailer was distracted by a phone call and she ran for her life.

    When she escaped… he placed his head on train tracks and committed suicide.

    The claims concerning Natascha’s abduction, nearly 20 years after she went missing, are as disturbing as the fact that a young child could simply disappear for eight years.

    *Damned property developers and real estate agents..!!!

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