Anger Erupts as Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Eternal Capital

Has Trump been blackmailed by Mossad
into handing over Palestine to Israel on a platter?

By Julian Borger (Washington)
and Peter Beaumont (Jerusalem)
The Guardian, 7 December, 2017 

The main article and the seven selected comments that follow have all been abridged by Lasha Darkmoon. Only the highlights have been presented and the minor details omitted. In each case, links have been provided to the eight original sources.

LD : Let’s observe a 1-minute silence on this historic day of shame and then watch this 25-second video of President Trump declaring his unwavering support for Israel and promising to make Jerusalem Israel’s eternal capital:

25-second video  

Trump made that promise to AIPAC a year ago, to the accompaniment of shattering applause. He has now kept his promise, one of the few promises he has made and decided to keep. This is a great victory for Israel, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu gloating: “Thank you for today’s historic decision! The Jewish people and the Jewish state will be forever grateful.” [LD]

7 December, 2017.  In a speech delivered in the diplomatic reception room of the White House, Trump called his decision “a long overdue” step to advance the peace process.

“I have determined that it is time to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Trump said. “While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering. My announcement today marks the beginning of a new approach to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

“I’ve judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the United States of America and the pursuit of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

The move, which includes moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, marks a break with years of US precedent and with general global opinion, which sees the fate of Jerusalem as a matter for comprehensive “final status” talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Within minutes of his announcement, US embassies in Turkey, Jordan, Germany and Britain issued security alerts urging Americans to exercise caution.

There was immediate condemnation from world leaders, who had previously denounced the move as a destabilising factor in an already turbulent region.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, said: “This is a regrettable decision that France does not approve of and goes against international law and all resolutions of the UN security council.”

Theresa May’s spokesman said: “We disagree with the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital before a final status agreement. We believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region.”

Israel’s government rushed to congratulate Trump, with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu describing it as an “important step toward peace”.

But the reaction of the Arab and Islamic world was overwhelmingly negative. “President Trump tonight disqualified the United States of America to play any role in any peace process,” said the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat. “It is really throwing the whole region into chaos – international chaos.” The move was also condemned by the US allies Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

In a social club in the heart of Jerusalem’s Shuafat refugee camp, young Palestinian men grew increasingly angry as they watched the speech translated into Arabic on a Palestinian television channel.

“This is shit!” shouted a man called Abu Atya. “This speech will cause big trouble.”

Another man, Hamdi Dyab, grew incredulous and increasingly agitated as he watched the speech, translated into Arabic on a Palestinian television channel.

“He’s saying he’s going to move the embassy,” he said. “This is very dangerous speech. Things don’t look good. We are calling for a new intifada.”

In his speech, Trump said: “This will immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers, and planners, so that a new embassy, when completed, will be a magnificent tribute to peace.

The vice-president, Mike Pence, stood behind Trump as he delivered his address, symbolising the support of Christian conservatives that Pence represents.

However, it was unclear how the move squared with the efforts of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and his special representative on international negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, to engineer a peace proposal with the support of the Israelis, Palestinians and regional powers like Saudi Arabia.

Sourced from The Guardian

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Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli Capital

President Trump on Wednesday gave a speech affirming that he is formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. Despite a flurry of warnings over the last 48 hours that such a move effectively kills the peace process and threatens destabilizing the region, President Trump argued his move was done for the sake of the peace talks.

The problem, of course, is that “Jerusalem” includes a large amount of militarily occupied territory, including parts which are envisioned as part of a future Palestinian state. Israel sees the recognition as an endorsement of their permanent occupation.

Trump instead promised a “magnificent embassy” to be put in Jerusalem … This makes the move the worst of both worlds, making an on-paper move that’s going to cause a massive backlash.

—  §  —

Worldwide Alarm, Rejection After Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition

President Trump’s Wednesday declaration that he is formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel came with a flurry of last minute warnings against such a move, and was followed by even more expressions of alarm about the implications.

The declaration was endorsed by Israel’s government, and pretty much nobody else.

Across the Arab world, [there were] concerns that Trump had effectively meant a recognition of the occupation as permanent.

—  §  —

Abbas: US Can No Longer Mediate Israel-Palestinian Talks
Palestinian Leaders Slam Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

With the US so heavily committed to supporting Israel, and protecting them from any UN resolutions, it’s always been difficult for the Palestinian leadership to trust the US to be an impartial moderator for peace efforts. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Wednesday’s move by President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has effectively ended that entirely.

Abbas says there is no way at this point that the Palestinians can trust the US to be a mediator, saying Trump’s move encourages Israel to continue the occupation and expansion of settlements, undermining the two-state solution.

While Abbas says he continues to view Jerusalem as Palestine’s “eternal capital” … the Palestinian abandonment of the US process could give Israel an excuse to ditch the process too and further expand settlements.

—  §  —

Trump’s Biggest Donor Pushed
For Jerusalem Embassy Move

Trump’s biggest campaign contributor, billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, is showing growing impatience with Trump’s slowness in moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Before Trump was even sworn in as president, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, showed a remarkable willingness to follow directions from Israel’s far-right prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

When the Trump White House hasn’t been quick enough to back Netanyahu or Adelson’s proposals, Adelson, who was reportedly in close contact with Kushner during the campaign, has been quick to express his displeasure.

Unconditional support for Israel is Adelson’s “central value”.

Adelson and his wife Miriam spent more than $80 million on Republicans in 2016, and he gave $5 million to Trump’s inauguration. Adelson and his wife Miriam also contributed $35 million to help elect Trump.

Trump dramatically changed his message on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular, saying that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem and wouldn’t call for a freeze on the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank, as he closed in on the nomination and sought to secure Adelson’s support for his general election campaign.

(The woman on the right is Adelson’s wife, Miriam).

—  §  —

Trump Settles Debt With Zionists

President Trump on Wednesday formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing nearly seven decades of American foreign policy and setting in motion a plan to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the fiercely contested Holy City.

The Senate’s top Democrat, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, told The Weekly Standard Tuesday that he had advised Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital.

Officially declaring Jerusalem an “undivided city” and capital of the Zionist entity means that there is no room for a Palestinian capital in east-Jerusalem. It buries the fairy-tale of a sovereign Palestinian state.

But that idea had been dead all along. That was from start to end a deception.

Congress and U.S. presidents are under control of the Zionist Lobby which can marshal enormous amounts of money to make or defeat candidates for legislative or executive offices. The Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who also sponsors the fascist Israel Prime Minister Netanyahoo, donated more then $100 million to the Trump campaign and tens of millions to Congress races.

Today was time for Trump to settle some of that debt.

Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move

Trump made his Jerusalem promise back in March of 2016, during an address he gave to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). It was an obvious attempt to convince skeptical Jewish leaders of his uncompromising support for Israel.

The Jerusalem initiative has been in the works since the day he took office, was coordinated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and is supported by influential voices in the administration—including Vice President Mike Pence, son-in-law Jared Kushner, Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo. The decision was all but finalized.

Warnings [were] issued by Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Both officials argued that the move would endanger American diplomats serving in the region, undermine the administration’s efforts to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and result in condemnations from both Arab countries and America’s most important allies in Europe. Trump could expect almost no support in the international community, they said. America would “have to go it alone.”

Trump listened closely to the warnings over the next hour…. But at the end of the discussion the president said that he would go ahead with his decision despite the difficulties it might cause.

Even so, Wednesday’s announcement about Jerusalem was tortured by a number of inherent contradictions, including the most prominent of all—the contention that the decision was not only in the “best interests of the United States,” but would actually enhance the prospects of a two-state solution and energize the peace process.

In fact, it seems unlikely that this unseemly sleight-of-hand will allay Arab fears that the U.S. continues to be “Israel’s lawyer”. Now the U.S. has become Israel’s realtor. This seems not to bother the president, who is becoming known for playing a poor hand…

Trump, an official added, was actually anxious to make Wednesday’s announcement because he was so encouraged by the progress made [!!!] on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process by Jared Kushner and his team.

“I know a lot of that progress isn’t visible,” this official was overheard saying to a prominent television reporter, “but it’s partly because that progress is not visible that they’ve been able to make so much progress.”

Domestically, it would seem Trump has little to worry about. The Democrats have spent the last 70 years (since 1948), fawning over Israel and defending it, while the Republicans’ Christian Evangelical base is in full-throated support of the embassy move.

And so it is that President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement might well be seen as a significant and decisive victory—FOR ISRAEL…. and for those Jewish Americans who have had to choose between their progressive ideals and their support for a nation that is anything but. The result is stark and discomforting.

It’s probable that the governments of Europe will remember the real import of this decision—that when asked to stand with our European allies and Arab friends, we chose Israel instead.

Pay attention: This is what it feels like to live in a nation whose moment has passed.


—  §  —

Jerusalem Move Designed to Create Chaos

(Reader discretion advised on this shocking comment below. 
If you are a nun or under 18, please stop reading NOW!)

HENRY MAKOW :  The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is part of a long-term plan for Masonic Jewish global hegemony.  Trump’s gratuitous action has enraged the entire world, especially 1.8 billion Muslims, or 25% of the world’s population.

Trump’s job is not to lead us to the Promised Land. His job is to polarize and divide. The goal is conflict itself—gridlock, war, and chaos. Ordo ab Chao. (‘Order from Chaos’).

We are being played by an extremely clever and powerful Satanic cult.

TIMOTHY FITZPATRICK : Publicly, Trump has made some disturbing, incestuous comments about his own daughters, at one time discussing the potential breast size of his then-infant daughter Tiffany and also claiming that he would be dating his daughter Ivanka had he not been her father. Normally when you hear someone talking about legs and breasts, it’s not a parent talking about their infant daughter.

One cannot rule out the possibility that Ivanka is the victim of sexual abuse and mind control.  Trump’s posed photo with then 15-year-old Ivanka, where she is wearing a short skirt and slinky top without a bra whilst perched atop copulating birds—see picture—doesn’t help Trump’s avoidance of incest suspicion.

On April 26, 2016, a “Katie Johnson” filed a rape complaint in a California Court against defendants Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

“On the fourth and final sexual encounter with the Defendant, Donald J. Trump, the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, was tied to a bed by Defendant Trump who then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff Johnson. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff Johnson loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to ‘please wear a condom’.

Defendant Trump responded by violently striking Plaintiff Johnson in the face with his open hand and screaming that “he would do whatever he wanted’ as he refused to wear protection.

(Katie Johnson as a teenager, pictured on the right)

After achieving sexual orgasm, the Defendant, Donald J. Trump put his suit back on and when the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, in tears asked Defendant Trump what would happen if he had impregnated her, Defendant Trump grabbed his wallet and threw some money at her and screamed that she should use the money “to get a fucking abortion’.”

An alleged witness to the above rape, Tiffany Doe, has come forward. She claims she was paid by Jeffrey Epstein to lure underage girls to Epstein-and-friends parties with the bait of promised modeling opportunities.

“It was at these series of parties that I personally witnessed the Plaintiff being forced to perform various sexual acts with Donald J. Trump and Mr. Epstein. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein were advised that she was 13 years old.”

Tiffany Doe goes on in her affidavit to identify a 12-year-old victim of Trump and Epstein. A second witness corroborates the story of both Johnson and her lurer. The case remains open.

HENRY MAKOW (commenting on these lurid details) :  They might have used blackmail to remind Trump to play his part. As Tim Fitzpatrick has shown above, it’s likely that Trump has been sexually compromised by the Mossad.

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  1. WOW! This brilliantly edited slew of abridged articles and comments removes all doubts that our American president, to put it mildly, is a bit of a disappointment. Anyone who continues to defend Trump after this recent development, arguing that Trump is secretly planning the downfall of the Jews and the final destruction of Israel, needs to check in at his local hospital and insist on an immediate brain transplant. He needs it badly. 🙂

    1. As Sherlock Holmes opined: “Well, after you have discounted the unlikely, the improbable, you have to accept the obvious…”

      1. @ Wiggins

        As Sherlock Holmes opined: “Well, after you have discounted the unlikely, the improbable, you have to accept the obvious…”

        Yes, that’s true, but you need to be a reasonable and well-balanced person to accept the obvious when it stares you in the face. If someone has a serious personality defect that makes it impossible for him to admit he is wrong, he will dig in his heels and doggedly insist he is right even when he is patently and obviously in the wrong.

        He will do this by beating a hasty retreat, hiding behind the sofa and making out he is a misunderstood genius.

        You can’t win with people like this. They won’t let you. This is because their self-image of omniscient superiority is the defining mark of their characters. They would sooner die than admit they could be wrong about anything.

      2. I’m sorry to see that this grossly antisemitic article has now been picked up by the Truthseeker site. They should know better.

        Darkmoon is a Mossad agent posting antisemitic articles in order to terrorize us Jews in the West and force us to make aliyah to Israel. The woman behind this outrageous op is a menace to Israel and should be eliminated.

        I have said it once, I have said it twice, this site is an abomination. It is now saying bad things about our glorious President who has just offerred a precious gift to Israel by legitimizing the Occupation and declaring that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews 100 per cent.

        No, this won’t lead to a 2-state solution. That was never the intention of our beloved President who has now shown us Jews his generous heart and how much he loves us and cares for us. This is clearly a Christmas gift for Ivanka and Jared. And it is a Hanukah gift to the Jewish people.

        President Trump, with tears in my eyes — I THANK you!

      3. BUELAHMAN…

        I was never a fan….. been around too long to trust forked tongue politicians who are on the (((payroll)))….

    2. i couldn’t even finish this…honestly, i’m just going to try & block out this whole Jerusalem capital city thing…trump was merely the lesser of 2 evils – what i told myself last november 8, 2016…i had low expectations, knowing full well he’s just another in a long line of Pupidents, however, i may even hate him now. and the beat goes on… : (
      i’d rather have putin as president any day.

      1. Dani –
        “i’d rather have putin as president any day.”

        ‘Put-On’ and Trump are partners building casinos all over Crimea, Sochi and Vladivostok.

        AND… ‘Put-On’ can do what he does because he is Head of State… and has total immunity. He can dismiss the Government. He does as he please without s Congress…

        Trump, Adelson and ‘Put-On’ are planning casinos in Crimea and Sochi….

        ‘Put-On’ and Trump are buddies….

        Both ‘Put-On’ and Trump use the Pharisee-Jew method for making “YUGE” profits… GAMBLING CASINOS..!!

        PUTIN is ‘cash-poor’ and needs MORE USD…!!

        Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing the establishment of a gambling zone in Crimea and extending the Krasnodar gambling zone to Sochi, according to a statement published on the official web portal of legal information.

        **In Sochi – CASINOS – will be located near the Olympic Village… as PLANNED.. using foreign and Pharisee-Jew oligarchs’ money to do so..!!

        Moscow banned gambling in Russia in 2009, EXCEPT – EXCEPT – for special designated zones across the country. ‘Put-On’ moves borders to do it..!!

        The four zones established earlier are located in Kaliningrad near the Baltic Sea, the Far East, Siberia’s Altai Region, and southern Krasnodar territory….. STILL IN RUSSIA..!!

        MOSCOW, July 23, 2014 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing the establishment of a gambling zone in Crimea and extending the Krasnodar gambling zone to Sochi, according to a statement published on the official web portal of legal information on Wednesday.

        The statement says that Crimean authorities will determine the borders of the new gambling zone. The Crimean leaders already said that they will either spread gambling facilities across the peninsula, or establish a gambling zone in the south coast of Crimea, near the town of Yalta, where the majority of resorts are located.

        At the same time, the borders of the Krasnodar gambling zone will now be set by the Russian government so that the territory of Sochi will be included.

        Russian lawmakers believe that allowing gambling in Crimea will attract investors, increase the number of tourists and create new jobs.

        Trump signed letter of intent for Russian tower during campaign

        Aug 28, 2017
        Four months into his campaign for president of the United States, Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to pursue a Trump Tower–style building development in Moscow…
        ….according to a statement from the Trump Organization’s then–chief counsel, Michael Cohen.
        The proposal would have involved construction of the world’s tallest building in Moscow, according to developers of the project.

        The involvement of then-candidate Trump in a proposed Russian skyscraper deal contradicts repeated statements Trump made during the campaign, including telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that his business had “no relationship to Russia whatsoever.”


        Trump Organization exec emailed Putin’s press secretary for help on Moscow project

        August 29, 2017
        A top executive with Donald Trump’s real estate company emailed Vladimir Putin’s press secretary in 2016 asking for help expediting a project to develop a “Trump Tower” in Moscow, documents show.
        Fox News obtained the email sent on Jan. 14, 2016 by Michael Cohen, the company’s executive vice president and Trump’s special counsel at the time. Cohen’s email was directed to Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s press secretary, though the email was addressed to the general press inquiries inbox.

        “Over the past few months, I have been working with a company based in Russia regarding the development of a Trump Tower-Moscow project in Moscow City,” Cohen wrote. “Without getting into lengthy specifics, the communication between our two sides has stalled. As this project is too important, I am hereby requesting your assistance.”


        Trump’s Business Was Pursuing Moscow Deal During the Presidential Campaign

        August 28, 2017
        Days after Donald Trump officially became his party’s presidential nominee at the 2016 Republican National Convention, he insisted on Twitter and in interviews that he had no business dealings in Russia. “I mean I have nothing to do with Russia,” he told CBS Miami. “I don’t have any jobs in Russia. I’m all over the world but we’re not involved in Russia.”


      2. In response to Seymour Zak comment, the meaning of “Aliyah”: It is a Hebrew word that means recruiting terrorists to support and maintain the Israeli occupation of Palestine. If Darkmoon intentions are to terrorize Jews with her articles critical with the shit hole in the Middle East, so more Jews would move to Israel. If that is the case, why do you want her to be eliminated. I find it odd that you pretend to be an Israeli love, but in the same breath you accused LD to be a Mossad agent. Darkmoon is not an ISISrael subservient, she is israHell’s nightmare. In fact Lasha has a brilliant mind and stimulating style in writing.

    3. An outstanding article ,and comment above . Many in ” the Movement ” still cling to this man Trump . He is NOT an enemy of ” Deep State ” ,as the initiated understand it to be . If he was ,or is , it’s a Kosher Conspiracy , Breitbart / Alex Jones , kind of way ,and that renders it not only meaningless, but dangerous. We have all heard the old saying ,about first impressions. I ,and not a smart person I know ever liked Trump, since a boy when he promoted himself as a Zsa Zsa Gabor type empty celebrity ,he bored ,and unnerved . My support for him , was based on his promises on trade ,non – intervention, and opportunity to pull the GOP from the Neoconservative/ Fundamentalist coalition which owns it . If he any real intent to do this ,it certainly has been compromised. But all of the signs of fraud was there from the beginning. The ultra Orthodox Kushner son in law said it all. The Jews heat on Trump in the media was to corral him back into line . I have noticed a shift in the establishment line . It’s cooling on Impeachment ,and other scandels surrounding ” The Donald ” ,( ugh ) , and this is the trade off with him. He, like other International Jew idoloizers Wilson ,FDR , Churchill ,Truman, Bush 2 , Winston Churchill , were willing to wreck there own nation ,and indeed the world for glory ,and riches i from the Jews . But the Jews are clever and do not bet on any one thing. They will always hold a dossier over his wiggly head ,and the sex scandel ala Epstein could be triggered by Jewry at moment on Trump .

  2. Good to see the anti Zionist, anti Masonic, anti cabala Jewish man, Henry Makow on this page. He is my definition of a good Jew! He is more importantly, a very good person, as are some of my acquaintances in the True Torah Jews Against Zionism.

    My only problem is that all Jews hate Jesus. Yet sometimes Henry supports Christianity, esp re his comments on the effect of Communism on the church.

    The bad Jews that control the Trump puppet are all satanic Zionists – Kushner, Schumer and Adelson, etc. In Orwellian lingo, war is peace and vice versa. So when Trump says the embassy move will enhance the peace process, he is really saying it will lead to more warfare and chaos and never ending Israeli expansionism.

    C’mon Gilby, Franklin and lobro, give your feed on this.

    Trump’s “magnificent embassy” will be built, my sources in Israel tell me, near the coming bright, shiny new temple. The new Jerusalem will be an architecturally futuristic capital city and a fitting location for the Supreme Court of Mankind. It will include temple priestesses working as prostitutes, gay boys, perverts, $billionaires, money changers and gamblers.

    1. Max –

      I am SHOCKED. Of course, there is always the possibility of the rape of the 13-year-old being a lie and supposition – but it’s a powerful bluff, if Makow is right!
      Before, I thought it might be a positive move to dominate and placate Israhell, but now, after reading this and considering Trump’s slurring of words, yesterday, I doubt it. He was likely under pressure from Mossad coercion, threatened by film exposure. Too bad! 😥

      1. Hi Gilbert,

        If it is true that a rape complaint against the President was filed in a California court on 4-26-16 by a woman who was only 13 at the time of the alleged rape, how is it that this story did not become widely known? After all, Trump was well into winning the GOP nomination at the time. Would it not have completely derailed his campaign, if not put him in legal jeopardy? Given the hysteria by women today against all men as potential rapists, why has this story not yet surfaced? I’d think the Trump hating media would be running with it 24/7. Does anyone here know anything more about it? Was the woman paid off for her silence? Who is this Timothy Fitzpatrick guy anyway?

      2. Good observation, Folly! I hope it IS a lie. It will be interesting to observe how eager certain people might be for it to be true. Time will tell.

      3. Folly –

        “…how is it that this story did not become widely known?”

        In politics.. the big-shot blackmailers always wait to play the ‘Trump’ card.. when the stakes are highest to favor Israel. 🙂

      4. @ Folly

        “I’d think the Trump hating media would be running with it 24/7.”

        You mean the “Trump hating media” that’s owned by Jews? Is it possible that the jew-owned media doesn’t actually “hate” Trump? Is it possible that you’ve been fooled?

      5. Harold,
        I don’t think so. Perhaps YOU have. But, as in all things, one can never know for sure.

      6. Folly of War

        There are a number of articles in Newsweek online from 2016 concerning allegations of Trump’s association with Epstein, his visits for dinner at an Epstein residence in NY, the private Island near St. Thomas, with details noted that Epstein’s infamous “Black Book” contained over 10 private phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump. If you do a simple open search like “Trump Rapist”, or use uglier terms, a surprising number of references show up from a number of sources, though only one or two from 2017. There are photos of alleged victims and coverage of lawsuits.

        Using Hebrew terms like “Mamzer Trump child rapist” seemed to produce quick results.

      7. Thank you Winston,
        Still, with the ultra-feminist Harpies from Hell out in force to ruin as many prominent men as they can, it would seem that that might be more than enough ammunition to take Trump down. The veracity of the charges hardly matters. Al Franken was forced to resign over a picture taken when he was still a comedian, and he wasn’t even touching Tweeden’s breasts. Both parties colluded to try to get Roy Moore to quit his Senate race over 40 year old accusations, etc, etc…
        And all the Ziomedia keeps trotting out, ad nauseam, is Trump’s 12 year-old locker room talk with Billy Bush over “grabbing pussy.” That dog don’t hunt.

    2. Max – – –

      “It will include temple priestesses working as prostitutes, gay boys, perverts, $billionaires, money changers and gamblers.”

      “perverts” = pedophiles like these…. with help from psychs… bats in the belfry…

      Pedophiles Call for Same Rights as Homosexuals

      Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals.

      Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits.

      “Gay” advocates have taken offense at such a position insisting this would never happen. However, psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.

      In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

      A group of psychiatrists with B4U-Act recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.

      1. There are times I’m glad to be much closer to the end of my life than the beginning. In addition to “normalizing” pedophilia, there are bestiality bordellos in Germany Bestialisty is just another “alternative lifestyle”, apparently, as is the love of objects

        This is the kind of unbridled decadence, debauchery, degeneracy, and licentious hedonism that ends civilizations.

      2. ADMIN TOBY: I think this weird comment about pedophilia is ridiculous, but I’m allowing it anyway just to let you guys know what a bunch of padded cell loonies we have roaming the internet.


        I say pedafilia should be legalized. Let these pervs legally have their way with any child, anytime, anywhere.

        Let the police and court sit back and allow it. Then, Ill pop a bottle of tequila, sit back and watch the show.

        When Big Bubba sees a perv grab his 5-year-old daughter’s p… at a Quik Trip, let Bubba deal with it the way they did in frontier days when law enforcement was scarce or non-existant. Beat the perv to a bloody pulp or drag him from his house in the middle of the night and hang him from the nearest oak tree.

        If people realize that law-enforcement wont protect them, they will have no choice but to man-up and display some chest hairs.
        I say, “Bring it on!”

      3. Hedonism means pleasure, happiness and enjoying finer things in life, which in excess can hurt the hedonist. Pedophilia, bestiality etc. can hardly be related to happiness or finer things, and such people are incapable of being happy, but only superficially satisfied. Finding satisfaction in hurting another living being is psychopathy, as it involves narcissism, extreme desire to control others, nihilism, fanaticism etc.

      4. @Snez

        I did qualify my reference to hedonism with an adjective, licentious: lacking legal or moral restraints; especially : disregarding sexual restraints. The Oracle at Delphi counsels “Nothing excessively”. That would include the pursuit of happiness, pleasure, and finer things.

  3. Outstanding article with important components that merit full in depth examination.

    A few thoughts – first, the “Peace” process is dead, and has been for some time. The Conquest maps speak for the situation, from 1946, the UN Plan of 1947, 1949-1967, and the current reality, with the greatly diminished remaining pockets of Palestinians mostly located between Ramallah and Jerusalem. Several hundred new settler units are being constructed in Jerusalem exclusively for Jews even as this is being written. Israel dictates, it does not discuss or negotiate in good faith. Like the neighborhood murdering thief that they are, a strong deterrence is the only thing Israel listens to. Mr. Abbas is a weak and ineffective leader, and as a show of any remaining loyalty to the cause he may still have or find, should resign immediately. Mr. Trump has effectively severed any remotely held illusion of the USA being an ‘honest broker’ with his Jerusalem announcement. No Muslim country should even entertain the thought of doing business with America until this position is reversed. Other civilized countries need to take measures as well.

    Israel continually lies, schemes, and corrupts. The Intercepted radio messages reported by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak in “The N.Y. Post”, Wednesday November 6, 1991 regarding the USS Liberty War Crime show it was done with the full knowledge of Israeli Commanders. This was confirmed by American born Israeli Major Seth Mintz, who was present in the IDF headquarters, though the orders came from above. Look where we are today, with false flag murders occurring routinely across the globe – “Terrorism” blamed on others. The Odigo workers fleeing the WTC before mass death and destruction. The Mossad operatives captured alive in Libya and found dead in the desert in Syria, killed by Russian air power bear first hand witness to the ongoing murderous charade by a nation of murderers. Does anyone really think this will stop?

    Left unchecked, Israel will continue to corrupt and contaminate Human civilization wherever and whenever it suits them.

    Checking this trend should be first and foremost an Israeli job. There are voices, but far too few. Nonetheless, “Haaretz” investigation by Uri Blau, December 9, 2015 though dated, does reveal the far more extensive funds being raised for Temple reconstruction than the paltry sum officially bandied about connected to The Temple Institute. With the kind of donations flowing in anyone who believes Mr. Netanyahu’s insistence of Israel’s commitment to the “Status Quo” of Jerusalem’s holy sites had really better look again. Israel will rebuild the stone replica of Yahweh’s tent as soon as they believe they can get away with it. The current unending slaughter of unarmed Christians and Muslims by Israelis who escape punishment as a matter of course only underscores the nature of the Israeli regime. Excellent more contemporary sources have been provided by Commentator Carnaptious and others on this website, as well as other sites.

    An interesting report appeared in Press TV that reveals the buyer of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvatore Mundi” was none other than Mohamed bin Salman, using a minor al-Saud family Prince as proxy to spend nearly half a billion dollars, all the while claiming to be the champion of anti corruption in Arabia. The genocide in Yemen continues with US and UK assistance, bin Salman severing all oil shipments to the country this week. This is the custodian of the Holy sites of Islam, the defender of the faith, who watches compliantly as Israel steals Jerusalem and squanders the wealth of his nation, attacks Muslim countries and plots with Israel and it’s proxy Jared Kushner.

    The serious criminal allegations regarding Mr. Trump and Mossad operative Epstein require full investigation. What to do when America’s dirtiest run the Department of Justice?

    The question is an open one. I’ve suggested examination of the Thai response to massive corruption and murderous criminal ‘government’, resistance must be effective and definitive in many places both domestically and internationally to deal with the great evil of our time. Russia can help, but individual nations must find the Will, Intelligence, and Courage to prevent ever greater calamity. First and foremost, immediate sustained boycott and suspension of diplomatic recognition with Israel should be swift and worldwide. To continue with business as usual only begs for worse.

    1. @Winston

      As long as the religious nuts of the Temple Institute are engaged in these activities, we have little to worry :

      “The institute’s activities include the construction of a Temple model and the manufacture of vessels used in ancient rites. It is also active in education – for 1,800 shekels ($480) it will provide 100 children with wooden blocks with which to build a model of the Temple, complete with a separate women’s section, the roof of the sanctuary and vessels used there”.

      But call me when Israel really bulldozers the Dome of the Rock in order to build their Third Temple !.

      1. Tikkun Olam – Repairing, healing and building the Bria (creation) through the act of bringing G-d’s sovereignty into the world through Torah and mitzvot (positive acts of loving kindness). Obviously, G-d Almighty owns the universe which dwells within His creation of time. To make G-d the acknowledged King of the Heavens and the Earth is a human state of mind and appreciation. “It is in our hands”.

        The absolute 101% fact is that ‘The Third Temple’ will be built. It is only a matter of time now. Granted, the real estate (Har-Ha-Byet, The Temple Mount) is a little bit difficult today due to our lack of joy and unenlightened approach to life which can be repaired in an instant, so we have begun the construction in a different medium. A small but important part of the foundation has been built already.

        Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people was a major step towards the Third Temple and bringing the Messianic era.

        A page full of articles about building the Third Temple, soon:

        I can provide a whole lot more.

        Zionist Christians, about 75 million of them, also want the Third Temple built. “Religious nuts” or not, that’s a lot of support.

      2. @Franklin

        No need, because by then it would be too late. Annexing Jerusalem as official Capitol is bad enough regardless. Besides that’s not how they operate as we both know – blaming someone else is more their style.

        Setting Yahweh’s stone replica aside, it is the other issues of murder, false flag terrorism, land theft, and the corruption of other nations that are of more immediate concern. Oh yes, and starting yet another war that could spiral out of control.

    Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal: Here are the Jews of the Trump cabal, in order of appearance. Some are very familiar, like his daughter and son-in-law. Others are billionaires who supported Trump’s campaign, and others yet are not so famous:
    Michael Abboud (Sephardic Jew) – Communications Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President
    Paul Achleitner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank (Donald Trump’s largest lender)
    Sheldon Adelson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Elliott Broidy (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
    Michael Cohen (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Special Counsel, The Trump Organization
    Gil Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – President, Trump Dezer Development
    Michael Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Founder, Trump Dezer Development
    Lewis Eisenberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
    Boris Epshteyn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Stephen Feinberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    Alan Fishman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Ladder Capital (Donald Trump’s second largest lender)
    David Friedman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump
    Samuel Fox (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
    Alan Garten (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Trump Organization
    Bruce Gelb (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Michael Glassner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Campaign Manager and Former National Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President
    Lawrence Glick (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, The Trump Organization
    Jason Greenblatt (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, The Trump Organization; Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump
    Vincent Harris (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Digital Strategy Manager, Donald J. Trump for President
    Carl Icahn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Peter Kalikow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    Daniel Kowalski (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President
    Charles Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Jared Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Yael Kushner [née Ivanka Trump] (Orthodox Jewish convert) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization
    Bennett LeBow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    Richard LeFrak (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    Corey Lewandowski (Ashkenazic Jew/East European) – Former Campaign Manager, Donald J. Trump for President
    Ronald Lieberman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Management & Development, The Trump Organization
    Howard Lorber (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    David Malpass (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council
    Douglas Manchester (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Great Again PAC
    Bernard Marcus (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Rebekah Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC
    Robert Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC
    Amanda Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice President of Marketing, The Trump Organization
    Eli Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chief Operating Officer, Donald J. Trump for President
    Jason Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Communications Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Stephen Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President
    Steven Mnuchin (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President
    Samuel Nunberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Policy Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
    David Orowitz (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Development, The Trump Organization
    Geoffrey Palmer [né Weissinger] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Rebuilding America Now PAC
    John Paulson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council
    Stewart Rahr (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Richard Roberts (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump
    George Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization
    Wilbur Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Steven Roth (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    Felix Sater (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Senior Adviser, The Trump Organization
    Keith Schiller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Director of Security, The Trump Organization
    Melvin Sembler (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
    Lara Trump [née Yunaska] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Vanessa Trump [née Haydon] (Ashkenazic Jew/North European) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Ronald Weiser (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
    Andrew Weiss (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization
    Allen Weisselberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Trump Organization
    Lawrence Weitzner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
    Steven Witkoff (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
    Stephen Wynn [né Weinberg] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    1. @ herebysayi

      This is an impressive list. Thank you. I’ve copied and saved it.
      Hope you continue to post here.

      1. Sardonicus. THX, but I can’t claim to be the originator of that Info as it was: However, I will continue to post Info from where ever I find it that exposes the the Jewish agenda to destroy gentile society. I have also posted this before but think it worth repeating:
        9-11 Was carried out by the you know who’s……
        Jew Lew Eisenberg was New York port authority commissioner in charge of Twin Towers 9-11, When State owned.
        Jew Ronald Lauder Director of NY & NJ privatization scheme for Governor Pataki, Twin Towers privatized.
        Jews Larry Silverstein and Jew Frank Lowy bought 99 year lease on Twin Towers, destroyed 5 weeks later.
        Jews Silverstein & Lowy took out double terrorist attack insurance, paid out 5 billion upon destruction.
        Jew Larry Silverstein & daughter Stayed away from Twin Towers on 911, missing regular breakfast meetings.
        Israeli based Odigo messaging system forewarned 4000 Israelis working in and around Twin Towers/Pentagon.
        Only 4 Israelis died
        Jew Alex Diamandis vice president of Odigo confirmed to FBI that message was sent 2 hour prior to attack.
        Israeli firm ‘Zim shipping’ broke lease at WTC and moved out days before 911, paid large fine to do so.
        5 Israelis, Silvan & Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Omar Marmari and Yaron Schmuel arrested on 911, (3 were ‘Dancing Israelis’).
        2 suspects (Israelis) arrested near Washington bridge in van full of explosives, reported on US news.
        5 Israelis arrested failed Polygraphs, later released and admitted on Israeli TV to being sent to NY to ‘Document’ the event.
        All worked for ‘Urban Moving Systems’.
        Urban Moving System was confirmed as a Mossad Front entity.
        Jew Dominic Suter, owner of Urban Moving System fled to Israel after FBI visit.
        Building 7 was not hit but collapsed on 911.
        Collapse announced 20 minutes before event by BBC.
        Jew Larry Silverstein owned building 7.
        Larry Silverstein admitted, “we decided to Pull It”. (A Demolition term).
        Jew Michael Chertoff was assistant Attorney general in charge of the criminal investigation of 911, NOT ONE HELD !.
        Chertoff later became secretary of homeland security, ordered all Israelis set free.
        Chertoff oversaw the rapid destruction of evidence on 911.
        Zionist owned junkyards (2) cut up steel from TWC and shipped it to Asia.
        Israeli owned security firm ICTS ran CCTV cameras and security at all airports connected with 911.
        Jew Ehud Olmert, Mayor of Jerusalem secretly in New York on 911.
        Jew Ehud Barak in London on 9-11,
        Benjamin Netanyahu in London on 7/7, was warned prior to bombings.
        Jew Rabbi Dov S Zacheim Comptroller of funding at Pentagon on 911 when 2.3 trillion dollars went missing
        Jew Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of NY for 12 years after 911
        Jew Philip Zelikow executive director of 911 commission report, total whitewash !.
        Jew Kenneth Feinberg Special master 911 compensation fund for those families that accepted compensation.
        Jew Sheiler Birnbaum oversaw settlements with 96 families who refused to accept payments from Feinberg.
        Jew Elvin K Hellerstein, Federal Judge oversaw all 911 litigation. His son was defence lawyer for ITCS !. Jews Kroll & associates WTC security with Jew Maurice Greenberg AIG criminal.
        Jews designed and run the 911 memorial.
        Pre & Post 911, The US secret service uncovered the biggest Jewish spying ring in American history and Deported over 200 Israelis, some posing as art students.

        ‘AND THEY SAY ARABS DID 911 !’….

    2. They are all jews, and still the goyim think that Drumpf is a goy. Drumpf is an ashkenazi jew. The fact that he used to have blonde hair and has blue eyes confuses the Goyim. The Goyim don’t know that there are a lot of blonde ashkenazi jews more than the jews want the Goyim to know. These aahkenazi jews could qualify without a doubt to be SS- men.

      1. Harry –

        No. I cannot.

        AND…. I never read or heard where any of them claimed to be a Zionist or if they denounced Zionism.

        Even if I had done so, my definition of Zionist would be totally different from each of them…. and from yours.

        We all have our own set of facts which form each of our beliefs.

        Bottom line: You must ask them… I am no good there. 🙂

    3. Regarding Trump,
      As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise. ” 🙂

    4. It’s so refreshing to see there are OTHERS out there who see the truth of the matter!

  5. Trump’s decision has only symbolic meaning but doesn’t change any developments on the ground, which were going on for decades already and were likely to continue even without this decision. All the international hysteria is about a symbolic act which might be explained as an implicit message but in reality is’nt.

    Here are the facts :

    1) There is West Jerusalem which lies inside the green line of recognized Israel. It is in West Jerusalem that all Israeli government institutions are located : the parliament (Knesset), the ministries, the residences of the Prime Minister and of the President, the High Court etc. In short, West Jerusalem is Israel’s de facto capital and has been so from the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948. If you recognize the state of Israel, then why not recognize its capital which lies inside its recognized borders ? Establishing your embassy in the capital of a state you have diplomatic relations with is no “revolutionary” act, it is only normal. Mind you, the American embassy will be located – not in disputed East Jerusalem – but inside undisputed West Jerusalem. This whole act will only be an act of normalization : moving your embassy from a non-capital to the capital. That is all.

    2) Another thing is the status of East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem has been annexed (“united”) by Israel in 1967. That annexation has not been recognized by any nation of the world, not even by the US. By moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem the US does not recognize Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, not explicitly and not implicitly (and that is what all the misguided hysteria is about).

    3) The US has always maintained that the status of East Jerusalem like that of the West Bank should be decided in negotiations of Israel with the Palestinians. It is here that two ambitions clash with each other. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of their future Palestinian state. The Israelis want to keep East Jerusalem as part of their “united” capital. To create facts on the ground the Israelis have built Jewish settlements in and around East Jerusalem and have annexed a big piece of land around it. The Palestinians who live in that territory have only “residence” status but are not citizens of the state of Israel. As non-citizens they are denied public services. One could call such policy a form of “apartheid”. This is clearly done to “encourage” them to leave. Individual Israelis are buying up houses of Palestinians in East Jerusalem to be occupied by Jewish families. This is a form of slow ethnic cleansing. This is going on already for years and has nothing to do with the location of the US embassy. People who care so much about the Palestinians should have protested this development already long ago.

    As I said, the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem is only a form of normalization but doesn’t create nor recognize any facts on the ground.
    The world’s hysteria is entirely misdirected to a symbolic act with no further implications.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      The world’s hysteria is entirely misdirected to a symbolic act with no further implications.

      Gabage! No offense meant, but you sound like an apologist for the Jews when you say this. The mere fact that there has been such widespread hysteria is an indication that this “symbolic” act has upset many people with full justification. Like those Palestinians, for example, who are talking about the need for another intifada.

      No, these are not just stupid, ignorant peasants who are getting “hysterical” for no valid reason. Because otherwise, why would the leaders of EVERY other country except Israel voice their outrage at Trump’s PRO-ZIONIST “symbolic” act?

      Have you no concept of the shattering importance of “symbolic” acts? Why do you presume that “symbolic” acts are unimportant and meaningless? Let me give you an example:

      A man invites an attractive woman into his bedroom every evening and tells his wife to keep out for two hours. “Don’t worry, I’m not being unfaithful to you with this woman!” he assures her. “This is just a symbolic act to underline my independence from you and to get you to give me your 100% trust.”

      Maybe he tells his wife that the strange woman is giving him French lessons and that he has every right to two hours of “private study” with her. 🙂

      According to your rigid logic, Franklin, this woman should accept her husband’s “symbolic act” without protest. If she gets upset, you accuse her of “hysteria”.

      That is wrong, Franklin! The woman has every right to get upset. Just as the Palestinians and everyone else has a right to get upset at seeing this Zionist puppet of a president suck up to the Jews and grovel at the feet of his Jewish paymaster Sheldon Adelson.

      Your error consists in the trivialization of this “symbolic” act, in your failure to understand that this so-called “symbol act” is of major significance. If it’s as unimportant as you suggest, why would every other president before Trump have scrupulously refrained from doing what Trump has just done?

      You have no answer for that.

      1. Rijkaert is obvious a jew. He does it smart but he is definetely a jew. A jewish chameleon.

      2. @Sardonicus

        “…The mere fact that there has been such widespread hysteria is an indication that this “symbolic” act has upset many people with full justification…”

        That is a classical example of the fallacy of argumentum ad populum.

        In argumentation theory, an argumentum ad populum (Latin for “argument to the people”) is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition is true because many or most people believe it: “If many believe so, it is so.”

        Moving the US embassy to WEST (not East) Jerusalem does not imply that the US recognizes Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem. The US has also not recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Height. The world’s hysteria would be justified if the US would recognize both annexations, but that has not happened. The US having its embassy for Israel in West Jerusalem is as normal as having its embassy for France in Paris. That is all.

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        @Sardonicus says: “…The mere fact that there has been such widespread hysteria is an indication that this “symbolic” act has upset many people with full justification…”

        That is a classical example of the fallacy of argumentum ad populum.

        F.R. QUOTING Wikipedia: “In argumentation theory, an argumentum ad populum (Latin for “argument to the people”) is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition is true because many or most people believe it: “If many believe so, it is so.”

        Good try, Franklin, but what you are saying contradicts common sense.

        Is it an “argumentum ad populum” if you and I — and most of the people we know — firmly believe that “good is better than evil”? There is no empirical evidence, after all, that good is better than evil just because a majority of the population hold to this view.

        Yet good IS better than evil, is it not?

        But how can this be the correct view since this is an obvious example of the argumentum ad populum?

        There’s a logical conundrum here, Franklin. We all know that good is better than evil. But we are not entitled to assert this because it’s an argumentum ad populum! . . . 🙂

      4. @Sardonicus

        I hope you understand that different people define “good” and “evil” in a different way. Should we go by a majority judgment ? Anyway (that discussion would lead too far), let us concentrate on the issue at hand. As I said, no matter world hysteria, moving the US embassy does not imply recognition by the US of Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem. It is – purely emotionally – ASSOCIATED with it but not factually. By consequence it does not change anything on the ground.
        for the Palestinians. Hysteria is not necessary.

      5. @ FR

        for the Palestinians. Hysteria is not necessary.

        I’ll take your word for it! . . . but tell that to the Palestinians! 🙂

        On a more serious note, if Trump’s announcement leads to more intifadas and bloodshed and more theft of Palestinian land, your argument is refuted. Because if what you say is correct, and if Trump’s announcement is an inconsequential symbolic act, then nothing should change on the ground and the status quo should remain exactly the same.

        In other words, Franklin, if things now get considerably worse for the Palestinians after Trump’s announcement, we will know for sure that this is far more serious than an inconsequential “symbolic” act. By their fruits ye shall know them.

        1. Good links, Carnaptious. So much for the silly comment that Trump’s announcement is “inconsequential”. Trump needs to be boiled alive in a vat of excrement.

      6. This is not an attack on Franklin Ryckaert, because I’ve already made it clear that Franklin is one of my favorite posters on this site. He is the author of this exceptionally brilliant article which, in my honest opinion, ought to be republished on the Occidental Observer.

        Unfortunately, the video at the end is no longer available. At the end of Franklin’s article we read these words by LD:

        This important video should not be missed. It illustrates in dramatic pictorial terms all the points made in the article above.

        VIDEO : 50 mins

        But the video has been removed from YouTube. Too bad.
        Internet censorship, I guess.

      7. I agree that Darkmoon is made better by Franklin Ryckaert’s knowledgeable comments, and his article on white genocide is one that I’ve shared at other sites. I don’t disagree with FR on the point he’s making here, but while it may be true that in technical, coldly logical terms the USG’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is no weighty matter, in symbolic terms it is a very big deal indeed. The weight given to symbols is, much like beauty, in the eye(s) of the beholder. One may disagree, but that doesn’t change the perception.

      8. “[…] A man invites an attractive woman into his bedroom every evening and tells his wife to keep out for two hours. […]”

        LOL! Brilliant comment (especially the example)! IIRC some unfortunate people have had their “junk” cut off over such symbolic acts…

  6. Trump is compromised by the mossad as Trump has more dark demonic details in his past that would bring him down if it were revealed to the public.



    1. DF –

      Ben Fulford is nuts… seeking attention lost by his wealthy family…. loosely connected to Rockefeller Family. I have read his myths for 20 years.

      I am still waiting for the ‘super-ninjas’ training in Japan…. to take out wealthy family heads.. as he has claimed for decades… 🙂

      Granddaddy Fulford—–
      George Taylor Fulford – Patent medicine competitor of Rockefeller – Largest stockholder in GE – ready to purchase GM

      George Taylor Fulford (August 8, 1852 – October 15, 1905) was a Canadian businessman and politician.
      Born in Brockville, Upper Canada (now Ontario), to a family of United Empire Loyalist stock, he was the youngest son of Hiram Fulford and Martha Harris.

      In 1880, Fulford married Mary Wilder White (1856–1946), a socialite from Wisconsin, and had three children. Dorothy (1881–1949), their eldest, married Arthur Charles Hardy, son of former Ontario Premier Arthur Sturgis Hardy, in 1901 in a ceremony at Fulford Place, the family estate. Martha (1883–1910) died young, while giving birth. The long-awaited male heir arrived much later and after one near-fatal miscarriage, when Mary Fulford was 46 years of age. George Taylor II (1902–1987) was a politician himself (Member of the Canadian House of Commons) and owned Fulford Place until his death.

      Fulford went to business college in Belleville, Ontario, and apprenticed with his brother, William, who was a dispensing chemist in Brockville. He took over his brother’s modest apothecary in 1874 and eventually built on it to form a successful patent medicine company.

      He was elected to the town council in 1879 and served as an alderman for 12 terms. He was involved with the Liberal Party of Canada and became a friend of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1900 representing the senatorial division of Brockville, Ontario. He served until his death in 1905.

      George Taylor Fulford is reported to be the first Canadian fatal automobile accident victim on record. He was on a trip in Newton, Massachusetts with his business associate W. T. Hanson and their wives, when the chauffeur-driven car the men were riding in was sideswiped by a streetcar. Fulford died two days later, on October 15, 1905, at age fifty-three. His widow never remarried.

      Fulford was a philanthropist, giving considerable donations to institutions such as the Brockville Rowing Club, the Wall Street Methodist Church, the Brockville General Hospital, and the YMCA; in his will, he left a large sum of money to establish a home for indigent women.

      At the time of his death he was the largest single shareholder in General Electric and was considering buying a company called General Motors.

      Some of his descendants believe he was actually murdered.

      His great-grandson, Benjamin Fulford,former journalist for Forbes magazine in Japan, believes he was murdered in a conspiracy by the Rockefeller family (who made millions with Standard Oil)…
      ….because he was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s research into Free Energy.

      The driver, it is alleged who caused the fatal collision (but himself survived) had been given one weeks notice at the time of the crash.

  7. I have to wonder… If it happens that this is the result of Mossad coercion, it surprises me that they’d risk inciting a hellstorm of Muslim anger – which may likely decimate much of Israhell. It is no time to expect Jews to become reckless! 😮

    1. Gilbert Huntly
      December 8, 2017 at 2:30 pm
      ” … it surprises me that they’d risk inciting a hellstorm of Muslim anger – which may likely decimate much of Israhell. It is no time to expect Jews to become reckless!”

      History does suggest that not a single card-carrying member of ZOG is afraid of “Muslim anger.” The weight of historical evidence shows that ZOG is constantly seeking to rile the anger of the Moslems and then citing such anger as a pretext for justifying even more bloody depredations against the Mohammedans. It’s a vicious circle and it goes something like this: ZOG carries out an Old Testament-style atrocity against goyim whom it regards as “animals” who are squatting on Jewish Land somewhere in the Middle East. It then claims that the hapless victims are “angry” and this anger is always a necessary precondition on the chess board, as a pretext for the next move. ZOG then turns around and carries out YET ANOTHER ATTACK only this time around the attack is directed against goyim who AREN’T squatting on Jewish Land in the Middle East. An official explanation soon follows, claiming that angry goyim or some convenient or pre-contrived “terror group” should be held responsible for the new atrocity and all subsequent acts of retaliation. It’s a process that keeps on repeating itself in ad nauseam fashion, sort of like a vicious circle. The US-led “Coalition of Willing” was bombing and invading the Moslem World under a variety of phony pretexts for at least a decade prior to the peculiar events of 9/11/01. Bill Clinton was bombing Iraq in the 1990s and his Secretary of State was on television justifying economic sanctions against that country. All of this took place prior to the 2nd US-led military invasion of Iraq, when it was stated through official “news” channels that the leader of Iraq was merely <<>> of posing a threat to the USA. So the mere SUSPICION of a threat was enough to set in motion an entire military invasion of the Middle East. Does anybody recall the pretext that was given for the first US-led invasion of Iraq ?? It had something to do with repelling an invasion of Kuwait by the “New Hitler.” Can somebody tell us why The Reincarnation of Hitler decided to send his army into Kuwait, thereby justifying the first US-led military invasion of Iraq ?

    2. Gilbert,

      I’ve been trying to find an opinion poll to see if the average Jew on the Israeli street agrees with Trump’s move, but I haven’t found one yet. Nonetheless bombastic talk show host, Michael Savage (who happens to be Jewish) claims that the average Israeli Jew (as opposed to his American counterpart?) is opposed to it, and Savage is extremely opposed to it himself. Just yesterday Savage said that he voted for America first, not Israel first. I’m actually starting to like the guy.

      1. Folly –

        I have heard Savage for years. He has blasted zionist leaders in government on his show. He is on the right side on many issues.

        No one know his real motives, but he has done quite a lot in the natural health and food realm.

        I take what is good… and toss the bad.

      2. Folly –

        Michael Savage merits common sense approval. I frequently listen to his broadcasts. Although he is/was a Trump supporter, he does not hesitate to disapprove of seeming wrongs. IMO, he is very fair (except when he unreasonably defends the Holohoax). Certainly, many ridiculous government regulations against business have been rescinded by Trump – which would have been made worse by Killary.
        The main reason I, myself, try to find the good in Trump is that I had nightmares about a Hillary Clinton Presidency. (One could get the impression that many of those, here, who are constantly finding fault with
        Trump are, in fact, proponents of that witch!). God help America!

  8. This is not a defense of the President by any means, but there is a back story to Trump’s disaster that few know about, though probably most Darkmooners do. I refer you to a story from the Washington Post dated 12-6-17 by Philip Bump.

    In a nutshell, in 1995 Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which called for the US embassy to be moved to Jerusalem by 1999. The overwhelming vote in Jewish-money controlled Congress was 93-5 in the Senate, and 374-37 in the House. But it did contain a “waiver” that all presidents prior to Trump had to sign every 6 months in order to postpone the move. This went on for 22 years prior to Trump. So, Trump was not signing new legislation, but was allowing the latest waiver to expire.

    As a consequence, then Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir was assassinated on 11-4-95, 10 days after the legislation was signed, by a “far-right student” (Bump didn’t provide his name). My point is that this long-planned embassy move is the fault of the entire Jewish-controlled Congress, not one elderly man who could be losing his grip on reality.

    1. “My point is that this long-planned embassy move is the fault of the entire Jewish-controlled Congress, not one elderly man who could be losing his grip on reality.”

      Your point is meaningless because the constitution gives primary control of U.S. foreign policy to the executive branch; IOW, congress has no constitutional authority to dictate foreign policy to the president.

      The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is one of the most nauseating examples of cynical pandering to jews and the jewish state that “America” has ever vomited up, IMO. The “waiver” is apparently just an instrument that was included to get enough votes for a “veto proof” majority in congress. The shameless, traitorous, boot-licking opportunists in congress get the credit with their masters, but calculatingly not the responsibility for any consequences.

      Although unconstitutional on its face, rather than actually veto it – or challenge the constitutionality of it – Clinton, citing the calculated veto-proof majority vote, cynically refused to sign the legislation, but did not send it back to congress. thus it eventually became “law” automatically. All presidents since Clinton – up until Orange Clown that is – have refused to implement it. And at least some of them have gone on record stating that the law is unconstitutional.

      Orange Clown bears full responsibility for his actions, unconstitutional “fig-leaf” laws not withstanding.

      1. Harold –

        Congress IS involved with US foreign policy. Those actions are not exclusive to the President.

        Under Article II, section II of the Constitution, the Senate must advice and consent to ratification of treaties that have been negotiated and agreed to by the president.

        The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is a public law of the United States passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. It was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the Embassy of the United States in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999.
        It Became Public Law No: 104-45 on 11/08/1995 without the President’s signature. He removed himself from the process.

      2. “Congress IS involved with US foreign policy. Those actions are not exclusive to the President.”

        What’s wrong you can’t read, or you just have trouble understanding plain English? Or is the whole point of your contrary, infantile drivel just to make me do more work?

        I didn’t say that congress “wasn’t involved” did I, junior? No I didn’t; rather, I said that the constitution gives PRIMARY CONTROL of foreign policy to the executive branch. The congressional role is limited – as per the text of the constitution which you quoted but which is apparently beyond your grasp – to “advice and consent”.

        According to the supreme court of the U.S.:

        “It is important to bear in mind that we are here dealing not alone with an authority vested in the President by an exertion of legislative power, but with such an authority plus THE VERY DELICATE, PLENARY AND EXCLUSIVE POWER OF THE PRESIDENT AS THE SOLE ORGAN OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN THE FIELD OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS – a power which does not require as a basis for its exercise an act of Congress, but which, of course, like every other governmental power, must be exercised in subordination to the applicable provisions of the Constitution.” (United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corporation et al. 299 U.S. 304).

        Apparently George Bush understood very well the limited role of congress, i.e. an advisory role.

        According to section 214 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, FY 2003:

        “The Congress maintains its commitment to relocating the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and urges the President […] to immediately begin the process of relocating the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem”

        To which George Bush responded:

        “Section 214, concerning Jerusalem, impermissibly interferes with the President’s constitutional authority to conduct the Nation’s foreign affairs and to supervise the unitary executive branch. Moreover, the purported direction in section 214 would, if construed as mandatory rather than advisory, impermissibly interfere with the President’s constitutional authority to formulate the position of the United States, speak for the Nation in international affairs, and determine the terms on which recognition is given to foreign states. U.S. policy regarding Jerusalem has not changed.”

        Clear enough?

      3. Harold –

        “…just to make me do more work?”

        Yes.. Indeed..!!!

        I’m glad to know YOU BELIEVE what you wrote from the US Government documents..

        I like you with a red face..!! 🙂

      4. “I’m glad to know YOU BELIEVE what you wrote from the US Government documents.. ”

        Is that the best you can come up with? What I BELIEVE is that you and your voluminous and utterly irrelevant, distractive, dilutive, wasteful BS should be banned from this site.

      5. Harold –

        “…you and your voluminous and utterly irrelevant, distractive, dilutive, wasteful BS should be banned from this site.”

        Got a nerve, did I..??? Red face still cute.. “junior”.. 🙂

      6. “Got a nerve, did I..??? Red face still cute.. “junior”.. 🙂”

        Nothing so melodramatic, junior. It’s just that the demonstrable inanity of your last few consecutive comments in this thread presents me with an opportunity to share my long held opinion that this site would be much better off without you and your mindless drivel. That’s all, no big deal.

      7. Harold –

        The topic is NOT me, BUT just so you can keep up, it IS….

        “Anger Erupts as Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Eternal Capital” 🙂

      8. “Harold –
        The topic is NOT me, BUT just so you can keep up, it IS….
        ‘Anger Erupts as Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Eternal Capital'”

        So your puerile comments don’t need to have any apparent relevance to “Anger Erupts as Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Eternal Capital”, but mine do?

        You can arbitrarily change the subject to the irrelevant issue of my belief in “government documents” or to the question of whether or not you “got a nerve”, but it’s off limits for me to suggest that your purpose for being on this web site in the first place is to degrade the quality of the commentary?

      9. Pat,
        RE: Harold. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no sense arguing with someone who always KNOWS that he is right. And Harold’s a constitutional scholar to boot, declaring that he knows what is constitutional or not. I think know-it-all “junior” needs to learn some manners. Whether master Harold chooses to respond to this comment or not, I’m done with this topic.

      10. “RE: Harold. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no sense arguing with someone who always KNOWS that he is right.”

        Unlike you and your hapless bare assertions, “Folly”, I generally have some kind of a cogent argument to support my position. (BTW I have to give credit where it’s due; “Folly” really fits you).

        “And Harold’s a constitutional scholar to boot, declaring that he knows what is constitutional or not.”

        I don’t claim to be a “constitutional scholar”, but unlike you I’m at least willing to do a little research and some independent thinking. You should try it some time.

        “I think know-it-all ‘junior’ needs to learn some manners.

        Yes, you probably do need to learn some manners. (I appreciate your candor).

        BTW I responded to your original comment politely, and now you attack me?

    2. That was Rabin, Yitzhak Rabin who was shot. Shot not long after he said something like “Enough of the blood.” Yahweh must have been displeased.

      1. Just noticed your comment Winston. It was indeed Rabin, not Shamir, who was assassinated. Thanks for the correction.

  9. Despite denials that the US embassy would be relocated to Jerusalem, which may be technically true: the embassy in Tel Aviv may now be demoted to a consulate, “In his speech, Trump said: “This will immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers, and planners, so that a new embassy, when completed, will be a magnificent tribute to peace.” Presumably, those would be the same criminal mob connected architects, engineers and planners that built Trump’s casinos and hotels.

    There are reports that the land on which a new US embassy will be built was / is Palestinian land, and part of occupied Jerusalem. But that is a distinction which is made moot by Trump’s declaration. One of the UN’s founding principles, Article 2 (4) – Prohibition of threat or use of force in international relations now lies in tatters, while a crowd of gloating and smirking NJWO globalists make plans to begin applying pressure – bribes and blackmail – for US recognition of Israel’s “right” to annex other lands occupied by the IDF during the 1967 war.

    US presidents refrained from moving the embassy to Jerusalem because of commitments to UN Security Council Resolution 478, passed in 1980, which rejected Israel’s declaration that Jerusalem was its “complete and united capital” because East Jerusalem was territory captured in the 1967 Six-Day War, a war that Israel started. Parties to Resolution 478 committed to withdrawing diplomatic missions from the city. This created pressure on Israel to relinquish ill-gotten territory and negotiate peace. The US supported that goal since 1967 through the unanimous UN resolution 242, calling for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories captured in 1967. The original 1947 UN partition plan called for Jerusalem to be “internationalized.”

    Grant Smith, from Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Harms the US

    Once again, the US public is given hollow assurances that “this course of action (is) in the best interests of the United States of America and the pursuit of peace”, but the only obvious beneficiary is Israel. Israel’s Prime Minister, Bozo Netanyahu, took time off from dodging multiple charges of corruption to say “Thank you for today’s historic decision! The Jewish people and the Jewish state will be forever grateful.” However, “forever” and tomorrow are much the same thing for people who chant Kol Nidre.

    “Trump apes Balfour” is the title of an article at Veterans Today, written by Stuart Littlewood, that makes an important and valid point: Trump has given away land that wasn’t his to give. Trump’s actions have turned back 100 years of actual progress on the development of international law, and could easily usher in a new era of wars of conquest. The IDF will lead the way by invading Lebanon, with the rest of “Eretz Israel”, including Syria, Jordan, parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and more, soon to follow.

  10. LASHA. Please check in your ‘Spam’ for my reply to SARDONICUS as it doesn’t appear. THX….

    ADMIN: Your comment has been posted.
    BTW, Lasha has nothing to do with the Comment section.

  11. Yes, Orange Clown is a monster. We already know from its public statements and actions that it’s a liar and a mass-murderer, so the allegations of child rape are not hard to believe. But the scariest thing about the monster, IMO, is not actually its monstrosity, but the fact that there are so many other people willing to protect the monster from the consequences of its evil and to do its dirty work.

    The monster said: “This will immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers, and planners, so that a new embassy, when completed, will be a magnificent tribute to peace.”

    Where will the monster get all the “architects, engineers and planners” to help consummate its latest crime?

    “Warnings [were] issued by Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Both officials argued that the move would endanger American diplomats serving in the region, undermine the administration’s efforts to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and result in condemnations from both Arab countries and America’s most important allies in Europe.”

    What “American diplomats” would these be? A true “American diplomat” – someone with some actual patriotism, honor etc., would resign before serving this Satanic judeo-communist dictatorship.

    I knew when the monster illegally seized the Russian consulate in San Francisco – when there were no subsequent mass resignations of state dept. personnel – that there are no more “American diplomats”.

    And while I’m on the subject, where do they find all the “secret service” personnel willing to protect the monster? What kind of person could go to work every day protecting a traitor whose “job” is to destroy what’s left of America?

    “HENRY MAKOW (commenting on these lurid details) : They might have used blackmail to remind Trump to play his part. As Tim Fitzpatrick has shown above, it’s likely that Trump has been sexually compromised by the Mossad.”

    Let’s say this is true. In that case we have to ask: What did Orange Clown “think” was going to happen? It compromises itself in the midst of the most evil “people” imaginable and then it expects they will not use it to advantage? Even when it successfully runs for high political office?

    A generally morally competent person who in a temporary lapse of reason may have compromised himself would resign rather than be blackmailed into doing even more heinous evil, wouldn’t he?

    I would argue that Henry Makow’s point is moot because anyone immoral and/or stupid enough to do the kinds of things Orange Clown is doing on a daily basis doesn’t need to be “blackmailed”. I would argue that Orange Clown does what it does because it’s evil.

    1. “What kind of person could go to work every day protecting a traitor whose “job” is to destroy what’s left of America?”

      Most of the SS agents were employed before Trump was elected. Since the creation of the US Secret Service in 1865, they have protected a long list of traitors whose job was to destroy America. Starting with US President #28, Woodrow Wilson. (Federal Reserve and Income Tax)

      Upton Sinclair — ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’

    2. Harold,
      Why do people go to go to work every day protecting a traitor? One word: PENSIONS. Retiring at age 50 or so, with perhaps 2/3rds of your salary intact, is an enormous incentive to put your blinders on and stay put.

      1. Yes, my question was rhetorical. I know all about it: They do it because just like the majority of Americans today, they’re morally incompetent. They say to themselves: “if I didn’t do it, somebody else would, so I might as well do it and reap the benefits, since nothing would change anyway…blah…blah…blah.”

        They put mammon before God, thus nothing can ever change for the better but only worse, and the result is hell on earth.

      2. Folly –
        Wig –

        “Retiring at age 50 or so, with perhaps 2/3rds of your salary intact” and with medical benefits… is VERY common around here. Many of my neighbors have done that. I waited until 60. Tuff life.

        Florida and Texas is loaded with them..!! They are called ‘Q-Tips’ and ‘Blue-Hairs’. Blocking traffic in fast lanes.. 🙂

      3. Wiggins,
        As the UK goes, so will the US. Social Security is unsustainable and Medicare is already broke. We ‘Boomers’ (selfish old pricks that we are) are the last generation to have it so good. We’ve utterly failed our progeny.

    3. Harold –

      One can see from your “Orange Clown” commentary the eagerness with which some people WANT to believe the worst, even when no definitive proof has been offered – only supposition and guesses. It reminds me of films I’ve seen regarding the Salem witch hunts of the 17th Century. The fervor is bordering on the RIDICULOUS. 😶

      1. I DO agree, however, with your comment about the “moral incompetence” of most Americans! 😐

      2. “One can see from your “Orange Clown” commentary the eagerness with which some people WANT to believe the worst, even when no definitive proof has been offered – only supposition and guesses.”

        I’ve already explained here too many times to recall the reasons why I have nothing but contempt for Orange Clown, and it is not based on “supposition and guesses”. It is based on observation and reasoning.

        It seems the more evil Orange Clown does, the more he ignores 9/11, the more he antagonizes Russia, the more he escalates conflict and the threat of conflict all over the world, the more he puts you and your family at risk, the more he makes it clear he doesn’t work for “us”, the more obvious his “mental instability” becomes (to put it in “worldly” terms)…the more you intransigent Orange Clown apologists keep raising the bar. You’re actually going to say that “no definitive proof has been offered”?

        “It reminds me of films I’ve seen regarding the Salem witch hunts of the 17th Century. The fervor is bordering on the RIDICULOUS.”

        What’s “ridiculous” is your profound inability to see the chaos and the danger that Orange Clown has brought upon the whole planet. Instead of de-escalating anything, Orange Clown has put the whole world on a war footing. One little “accident”, “miscalculation” or “false-flag” and millions could die on the Korean Peninsula – for just one example.

        According to Dr. Bandy Lee:

        “We are currently witnessing more than his usual state of instability — in fact, a pattern of decompensation: increasing loss of touch with reality, marked signs of volatility and unpredictable behavior, and an attraction to violence as a means of coping. These characteristics place our country and the world at extreme risk of danger.”

        Maybe you could submit an editorial to the New York Times explaining that it’s really Dr. Lee who’s the nut case here, not Orange Clown?

  12. Reckless! How many poor bastard Americans and Brits are going to die because of this decision? If I was a Yank or a Brit I’d stay well clear of the M. E. One has to wonder at the intelligence of the Luciferian God of the Jews giving these demonic Ebola organisms an “eternal” land that’s going to be gone in 50,000 years as the tectonic plates on which it stands drifts apart. Besides the entire area is a flyblown shxthole, the arsehole of the world, not worth fighting over and certainly not worth stealing. Stupid Jews. The Jews could have had any country in the world. Madagascar, Uganda! Oh no! They pick the shittiest corner of the planet!

    1. Stupid Jews. The Jews could have had any country in the world. Madagascar, Uganda! Oh no! They pick the shittiest corner of the planet!

      Be grateful they didn’t pick Thailand! 🙂

      1. Or the US, under full Jewish domination, could have given them a state. Given what’s happened to the former Golden State, now a “sanctuary state” overrun by illegals and destroyed by endless fires, perhaps we should have given them California.

      2. Hah! Sardonicus
        Most of Thailand will be under water long before Palestine. Sea levels are rising. Check out Tuvalu and Kiribati!

      3. Follyofwar!
        That’s rich! Sending all the Jews to California, the land of “fruits” and “nuts”, I believe you Americans call it?

      4. Felix: “Most of Thailand will be under water long before Palestine. Sea levels are rising. Check out Tuvalu and Kiribati!”

        I’m happy to know that you are not a wicked “global warming” denier… or are you?

      5. JFC,
        Sea levels are rising. Check out Kiribati, Tuvalu and Maldives. Check out coral die offs. Bangkok is also sinking, every year the floods are a bit worse than previous years. JFC take a look at the globe and you’ll see North America is a very small continent, only 12% of the world’s land surface and just because your having extra cold weather in that pissant little corner of the world doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. In Thailand we don’t have much of a cool season anymore. Forty years ago we’d have cool winters down to 16°C. Not anymore. We’re lucky if we have a couple of days where it’s 19°C. It’s a cycle, not man made. It’s how the earth cleans itself and tectonic plates as they move also have an effect on sea levels. Vancouver may be gone in a few thousand years. It’s the impermanence of all material things. When, not if, Yellowstone blows, North America will be uninhabitable for a few thousand years. Although quite a few volcanoes are erupting at the moment, so maybe a bit of global cooling.
        You’re Chinese JFC, learn to think in centuries or even millennia, like a true Chinese, not in months or years like the short sighted gwailo you live amongst.

    2. Regardless of the merits of the “Out of Africa” theory, DNA evidence proves that the Middle East has been a crossroads of races and cultures for tens of thousands of years.

      More pertinent, however, is that when the Zionists (Rothschilds) decided to demand Palestine, they did so knowing the Middle East was one of the primary sources of oil, and Eretz Israel would sit on top of much of it.

      1. I have heard that argument more. It is nonsense. If the Rothschilds would have wanted to create a Jewish state in order to have access to the oil of the ME, they would have created such a state in Kuwait or else at the Persian Gulf. There is no oil in or near Israel.

      2. Franklin,

        The plan was and is for Eretz Israel, a base to operate out of with impunity. Oil and Gas are secondary concerns, but exist aplenty in Sinai, Golan, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is always easier to steal using company ownership and let the expenses be carried by taxpayers anyway. (Golan Heights Oil strike) (Leviathan Gas Field, partly in waters of Gaza, Egypt, and Lebanon)

      3. @FR,

        Eretz Israel includes: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, a good chunk of Iraq, all of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, Yemen and Oman, and parts of Egypt and Turkey. The most most expansive interpretation of the “G_d given” land grant, as well as various more modest versions, can be seen here (scroll down):

    3. I say “reckless” because it seems Jews would, also, bear the brunt of the resultant violence. Of course the “big” Jews – just like the “big” Brits and Yanks – couldn’t care less who suffers, as long as their goals are achieved. (In simple terms, it seems to me that such a SYMBOLIC move shouldn’t produce so much REAL damage, but considering the fanaticism of all religious zealots concerned, I suppose it is to be expected.)
      If Trump did, indeed, rape that young girl, I’d like to know. Still, my caution is to not jump to conclusions. We see too much of that, already.

    4. That was the best place to foment their mischief…like you Felix [guessing] …I’ve got an Irish Passport. 😉

      1. Yes, Wiggins. Indeed I do. There was an Irish diplomat kidnapped in Lebanon in the 80’s. He said his kidnappers drove him around for a couple of hours, decided they didn’t need him and let him go! I’m meeting quite a few Brits at the moment looking for any Irish grandparent born in the 32 counties. Even a couple of Yanks. I think Ian Paisley’s son has an Irish passport. How does that saying go? There are only 2 types of people in this world. The Irish and those that want to be! Of course I could also get a German passport through my Father. But they’re a NATO member.

    5. Felix,
      The should have created the “Jew State” in Utah. The scenery is breath-taking. Every time I drive my rig on I 70 the some 175 miles before connecting to I 15, I get out to take pictures. Virgin wilderness. But then again, no. The Jews dont deserve this paradise. 🙂

  13. @ Ellie ROTHSCHILD ~ who is on “our” side, lol :

    What’s the name of the architect your Big Daddy has commissioned to design the new American embassy in Jewrusalem? The architectural firm of Ada & Ram Karmi-Melamede, the same architectural firm your Big Daddy commissioned to design the israeli supreme court building? Is the new American embassy in Jewrusalem going to be totally imbued with New World Order symbolism?

  14. Trump is “BIGGLY” a cruel greedy bastard. A ‘sellout’ for $$$Billions.

    His handlers are setting the stage for “YUGE” disruptions for producing more conflicts to increase military weapons sales for his OLIGARCH buddies.

    This is another in a long list of staged disruptions:


    “I’m confident Flynn is singing like a bird to Mueller…..” lets us know it is planned.

    The Flynn plea makes it difficult for Trump to can the special counsel without inviting charges of a cover-up and sparking a constitutional crisis.

    An early guilty plea is a strong signal that Flynn negotiated with prosecutors and is cooperating. When there is a sentencing hearing, we will see whether Flynn receives credit for cooperating with prosecutors.

    The fact that Flynn was charged with, and is pleading guilty to, such a minor crime “BIGGLY” suggests a “YUGE” bombshell of a deal with prosecutors.

    A plea deal would only have been offered once there was real cooperation. Flynn must have already provided valuable cooperation in the investigation if a plea is being finalized.

    What Flynn’s plea deal means for Trump:

    1. Pat,
      Good Points! However one little fly in the ointment! Flynn is pleading guilty to LYING. Any good defence lawyer would make mince meat out of him in the witness box. However, the US and UK Judiciaries are riddled with Masons, so there shouldn’t be any problem “corrupting” the verdict! The Judge directing the jury that Flynn is a credible witness, blah blah!

      1. Felix –
        Yeah…”Liar, liar…. Pants on fire!!” defense.

        No credibility anywhere in the circus around the ‘bench’.. 🙂

  15. quote: “We are being played by an extremely clever and powerful Satanic cult.”

    It is extremely disingenuous and intentional disinformation to call the Jewish problem a “Satanic cult”. There is nothing Satanic about it, it is a Jewish cult, it is an evil cult of those that follow the Torah. The Torah is the source of the evil, not a fictional god termed Satan. Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal all attend temple, they listen to a Rabbi, they believe in the Jewish way, they follow the Torah code and the updated Talmud instructional manual. The Jews in Donald Trumps team all follow Torah, they do not don black robes and masks, hold candles, and chant to Satan. Sorry.

    The United States of America has been colonized by a parasite, a Jewish parasite that follows Yahweh, not Satan (both fictions). The character of Yahweh is derived from Enlil, the Sumerian Anunnaki bastard commander that came here and created us (according to the ancient alien theory). These evil aliens set up the Illuminati Jews to rule over us by giving them special characteristics and knowledge, with the spiritual know how they took control of our minds. The western world lost it’s identity to the Holy Bible, it has been completely taken over by the Holy Bible spell.

    The New Testament is a God Spell, it is called a Gospel for short, the words are the spell, the preacher reads from the spell book (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – all pseudo names for the Roman elite authors who wrote under the influence of a higher mind) and casts the spell on the unsuspecting audience. The system (economic system of Jewish predation set up by aliens in control of planet earth) rewards the preachers handsomely for service to alien/Jewish/imperial/Amerika empire.

    John 1:1 (New International Version) (from
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


    The problem is a Jewish problem, it is Jews who are doing the evil, and it is the Christians who form the huge backbone spine supporting this evil Jewish takeover. The Christians are under the spell, they do not even know what they are doing. Thus it is the Holy Bible that is central to the takeover by the parasite. It is a semantics game to deceive us with bible characters and hide the source of the problem.

    The purpose of claiming the problem is something other than it is, is to deceive the audience and keep them spellbound. The infowarrior does that everyday for his slowly awakening Christian audience. Take note of that, and take a look at who is leading the fake rebellion against Jewish power.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      In John 8:44, Jesus clearly says that the jews (see verse 31) do the lust of their father, the devil. By what Jesus said and by their own actions, it is obvious that their God in the Old Testament is the devil, Satan. To believe that jews are not Satanic gives them an undeserved pass.

      If you actually read what Jesus had to say in the Gospels, you would know that gospel is synonymous and means good news, not God spell. The good news, Gospel, is the kingdom of God that is inside of us.

      The real definition of the NIV is the New Infested Version. 🙂

      The Word referred to by John in chapter 1, is Jesus. That is why using the name of Jesus in a verbal command (word) gets results like healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, and controlling physical elements. I know this to be true because I and people that I know very well have accomplished all of these things with verbal commands.

      “Thus it is the Holy Bible that is central to the takeover by the parasite.”

      I can agree with you on this, but not for the reasons you give. Acts through Revelations is just the Old Testament 2.0 with a little Jesus flavoring. The kingdom of God is not preached in these books as Jesus told us to preach.

      As a parking lot messenger told me many years ago, the answer to all question are in the Gospels. My study of the teaching of Jesus and my experiences have confirmed the messenger’s statement to be true. The solution to all problems are also contained in the Gospels.

      1. UNGENIUS: “If you actually read what Jesus had to say in the Gospels, you would know that gospel is synonymous and means good news, not God spell. The good news, Gospel, is the kingdom of God that is inside of us.”

        Actually, “Gospel” means “Good news of military victory.”

        Bishop Robert Barron writes:

        In Greek, the word “Gospel” is euangelion. Eu means good and angelion means tidings or message. This is where the word “angel” comes from, meaning simply “messenger.”

        Now we automatically associate this word with religion, as in evangelization or evangelical. But at the time of the Gospels, the term euangelion was associated especially with military victory. It was the good news of triumph in battle. More to it, euangelion was associated with the deity and accomplishments of the emperor of Rome. By Jesus’ time, it had become a commonplace that the Roman emperor was considered a god. Thus when an emperor was installed, euangelion was proclaimed. And when the emperor would write a new law or win a military victory or in any other way assert his command, it was announced as euangelion.

        So can you see how dangerous it is to announce the record of Jesus as a “gospel”? This good news has nothing to do with the Roman emperor and his army. It is proposing, in effect, a new emperor. And then for good measure, the writer Mark adds that he is writing the “gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Well, those were fighting words, for “son of God” was another title reserved for the Roman emperor.

        So far so good, but then Bishop Barron ends his little article by arguing — as is the want of men of the cloth who must abandon logic in order to take a great leap of faith — that the real “Son of God’ and “new emperor” was Jesus Christ:

        Do you wonder now why Christians were persecuted for the first three centuries of the Church’s life? Do you wonder why every single apostle except for John was martyred? Do you wonder now why they threw Christians to wild beasts? It’s because they announced the true euangelion.

        But what, or who, was this new emperor intending to fight? And what would be the nature of his military victory? John the Baptist provides us a clue. He preached a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. But one was coming who was greater than John, one for whom John prepared the way, and that greater man would baptize in the power of the Holy Spirit. He would take on all of human sin and swallow it up in the divine mercy.

        That’s the new emperor, and that’s the dangerous good news. — Bishop Robert Barron


        The good Bishop is correct about the real translation of the word “gospel” (i.e. good news of military victory) — and that is all he is correct about. History and logic tells us that it is the victors who get to write and transmit the “gospels” or war victories and they were, in Christ’s time, the Romans. The Gospels of the New Testament were written by the Romans! It records Roman not Jewish military victories. It would later become a codified state religion and known as “Roman Catholicism”. Duh!

        I mean, did you ever wonder why the New Testament is pro-Roman and anti-Jews?

        John 8:44 is the no-brainer clue that Jesus is anti-Jew and therefore not a real Jew, and Matthew 22:2 is the give-away clue that Jesus, who commanded his followers to “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” was a pro-Roman propagandist if not an outright Roman invention.

        Lastly, who’s military victory do you suppose Jesus was prophesying and memorializing in Mark 13, 1-2? The Romans or the Jews?

        Gospel of Mark 13, 1-2:
        Then as He went out of the temple, one of His disciples said to Him, “Teacher, see what manner of stones and what buildings are here!”

        And Jesus answered and said to him, “Do you see these great buildings? Not one stone shall be left upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

        Even if you believe Jesus Christ was real and that his prophecies came true, then you must conclude that the “Son of Man” was Titus Flavius, who was the son of Vespasian, the Caesar who became a God vis-a-vis “deification” by the Roman Senate for defeating the Jews and nuking their 2nd Temple. LOL

        Although I’ve been told that I have an original mind, I can’t take credit for this analysis, which has been coined “Post-Flavian”. The man and originator of the Post-Flavian critique of the Bible is Joseph Atwill. If you don’t like what I’ve posted or wish to dispute it, you can do so at Atwill’s site. Don’t shoot me; I’m just the messenger. 🙂

      2. @ Justice For Chinese

        It could be that the term “good Bishop” is an oxymoron in the case of Barron. “Kosher Bishop” might be a better term. At least, Atwill is not claiming to be a “good Bishop.”

      3. @ Ungenius

        I’m glad that you have not attacked Joseph Atwill ad hominem by accusing him of being a wicked Jew. He is not. In fact, he says he was raised a Catholic. I have no reason not to believe him because I have been listening to his old podcasts at for the past 3 weeks and I believe he is sincere.

        (Atwill has a lot of interesting things to say about Jews and the New World Order that is as intellectually perceptive as the likes of the Catholic scholar and cultural critic E. Michael Jones, but without the latter’s religious dogma and biases.)

        Moreover, you may be mistaken about Bishop Barron. He is not making a kosher or pro-Jewish claim when tells us that the word “gospel” = “good news of military victory”. This translation of the word is neither original nor controversial. If we put the word “gospel” in its proper time frame and context, most Bible scholars would agree with the good Bishop.

        Robert Colquhoun writes:

        In the Hellenistic period, the term was used as proclamation of news of victory. It could also mean liberation from enemies and deliverance from demonic powers that frighten men.[1] The term could be used to mean one who announced oracles. It was from the Imperial cult that the term evangelion developed a religious meaning. It meant to bring the message of gladness, to proclaim good news such as a divine ruler’s birth, the coming of age, an enthronement, speeches, decrees, acts and other events. The noun angelos was the messenger who brought the message of victory or political or personal that brought joy. “The imperial cult and the Bible share the view that accession to the throne, which introduces a new era and brings peace to the world, is a gospel for men.”[2]

        [and further down his article]

        The Old Testament uses the term gospel for proclaiming good news, particularly news of Israel’s victory or God’s victory. The Greek translation (LXX) of the Old Testament does not use the term evangelion. Evangelizomai (verb form) is used instead which is used to translate the Hebrew basar.[9] These expressions can be used to emphasize Yahweh’s kingly rule and universal victory over the world.

        The Old Testament use of the term is itself deeply politicised and has many references to battles won. In the basic sense the term is used to deliver a message or to proclaim good news.[10] To a certain extent the term is contaminated by the politics of the house of David. The term is largely used to describe human military conflicts and might. It is fascinating to see the transition of the term from one that describes human military might, to one that shows divine mercy (in the New Testament).

        The language of imperial, military discourse can be clearly shown in the books of Samuel. 2 Sam 18:19 states, “Let me run and tell the king the good news that Yahweh has vindicated his cause by ridding him of his enemies.” Other statements in 1 Sm 31:9, 2 Sm 1:20, 2 Sm 4:10, 2 Sm 18:20, 22, 25, 26, 27 and 31 demonstrate the use of the term basar as only related to messengers and military activity. Deuteronomy and Isaiah anticipate the great victory of Yahweh. Isaiah 40-66 shows the good news of God’s kingly rule (evangelizomai in LXX) and the year of God’s favour with the eschatological restoration of Israel. This Isaianic expectation and good news is later placed on Jesus.[11]

        Psalm 68 states that “the good news of a countless army” (Ps 68:11) is an example of the blessings of God. Even Samuel 18:31 associates the anger of Lord on those who rose up against the author. Above all it is abundantly evident that the Old Testament use of the term good news or Gospel is in accordance with the military terminology of the age. The New Testament Gospels replace the imperial propaganda of the Old Testament. — Source: Robert Colquhoun

        Joseph Atwill, however, has brilliantly argued that the New Testament Gospels is the NEW ROMAN IMPERIAL PROPAGANDA! Period.


        I am not a Christ basher. I believe the teachings of Jesus Christ can be very positive for this world, if we only follow his true teachings and message of love and peace. Although I was raised a Christian, I abandoned it when I was in my early-20s. Today, I only go to church on Christmas and Easter with my mother but I have allowed my young daughter to go to Sunday school whenever possible so that she can learn about the ‘Jewish wicked ways of world,’ so to speak. 😉

      4. @ Justice For Chinese

        I noted your disclaimer so I assumed you were not Jesus bashing. My reply to you only concerned the people you referenced. I did not go to the links you provided. The quotes in your post was enough for me to decide that having a beer would be more productive. 🙂

        “I believe the teachings of Jesus Christ can be very positive for this world, if we only follow his true teachings and message of love and peace.”

        I certainly agree. I would add that the teachings of Jesus are empowering and offer solutions which is not normally discussed.

        I certainly understand your position. I was even worse since I spent my 20’s thinking I was an atheist. Afterward, I tried numerous Christian denominations/associations and stopped because they offered nothing burgers instead of the teachings of Jesus. Jesus appears to be the least quoted person in Christian churches. It took me a long while to figure out why. They did not do what Jesus said and normally did not even talk about it. They were too consumed by the Old Testament, Acts, Paul, and Revelations, basically being jewish in summary. The Gospels were the least talked about and the kingdom of God almost never mentioned in any pertinent way. Consequently, I gave up on organized religion about 30 years ago, so attending church is not on my to do list except out of respect in the cases of weddings and funerals.

        Actions of love and peace are not military victories. I can assure you that Jesus was not talking about military victories when he spoke of the gospel/good news/good tidings of the kingdom of God that he said we were supposed to preach. Playing with words out of context is normally misleading which normally means that the ones doing it just do not grasp what Jesus was conveying. As an example, since the kingdom of God is within us, obviously Jesus is not speaking of a military victory when he uses the term gospel. Likewise, when Jesus said to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s, he was speaking only of money. Money is an invention of man, not God. Everything besides money belongs to God. Jesus making the statement did not make him a Roman, just exceptionally brilliant and accurate. Not giving Caesar (government) his due in money usually results in adverse consequences which distracts from spreading the gospel/good news/good tidings of the kingdom of God.

        There is nothing wrong with getting children involved in organized religion as long as the parents do not give up their duty to teach their children the truth. The differences between churches and parents that the children hear results in real learning for the children. This might not be true if the parents have their head up their butt the same as the church.

        Be thankful that you have a mother to attend church with on occasion. I lost mine 48 years ago to the medical industry, her belief in it, and my ignorance of its evil.

  16. “President Trump, damn you for today’s historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
    The Palestinian people will be forever suffering.”

  17. Trump Is Close To George Soros. He will never shut Soros down..!!

    George Soros invested $160 million in Donald Trump’s Chicago skyscraper in 2004. In 2011, when Trump was challenged by Tea Party activists on his close ​relationship to Soros, he responded: “Forget Soros. Leave him alone. Let’s talk about somebody else.”

    As President, Trump has filled his cabinet with Soros’ friends and financial partners.

    Proof That Donald Trump is Deeply Connected to George Soros

    Loonies shout, “Give Trump MORE TIME..!!” 🙂

    1. I believe the boy Jar-head is up Sorearse for billions also…..hey! keep it in the family my boy.

  18. In the absence of others, I shall play Devils advocate.

    Trumps move may well hurt the Zionist entity , both in the long, and short term, so , ( think about it), so, this could be his attempt to get them ( his Zionist controllers ) back for controlling him.

    Nay, I don’t believe it, either trump and his fellow Zionist fu#kwits are so sure of their position of untouchability they are pushing the envelope , or
    Or, as the leader of the resistance claims,
    This act shows their ( Zionist ) weakness, IE, they know the tide is against them , they fear the (near ) future, and hope, this act , clearly designed to focus Muslim hate upon America, will in turn create a US military intervention over IRAN.
    ? Is, will the Yanks fall for it.

    1. @ Harry

      There appears to be more to Trump’s embassy move statement than meets the eye. All of the jewish controlled countries of Europe and, as some believe jewish controlled, Russia were opposed to what he said. I am sure it was not about concern for the Palestinians. Maybe the cake was being taken out of the oven before it was time which normally results in the cake falling.

      1. Thanks UNGENIUS, however I can’t excess , ( problem my end ).

        With multiple attacks on Gaza, it seems the Zionist are happy to escalate.

  19. jews yeah – you mean a lot of khazar ashkenazi commie zionist nazis…
    real jews don’t even accept the state of israel, because it’s against their scriptures.
    “final status”? that don’t sound good, kinda like “final solution”..
    of course there will be all kinds of biblical interpretations calling this move a big step toward armageddon.
    and the tribe is supposed to be all exterminated with the milestones coming up, according to the albert pike idea, while the deagle depopulation date grows closer…
    how much “international chaos” will moving the embassy cause? we don’t know but we’re always looking for it ain’t we? somehow it’s always in the works. “chaos” is a big word in the mason lexicon. here it is again.
    the palestinians should have given up on the us as peace mediator a long time ago anyway. notice nobody over the us media refers to ‘palestine’, not as a country. they always say ‘the palestinians’, as though the palestinians were the illegitimate. it’s subtle but a big difference.
    the fact that zionist britain and france openly oppose the transfer does make one think there’s something going on behind the scenes to their stienie detriment, or are macron and may just jealous?
    netanyahu, who’s said to be in trouble otherwise, would take credit, to appear triumphant, portraying the whole thing as a big victory for himself.. just guessing…
    the new embassy has already been planned, those insider contracts filled with us taxpayer dough, to include the latest in futuristic security and surveillance technologies, no-doubt with a bunker complex underneath and a tunnel leading to some underwater sub port over on the coast…
    pat – crimea’s a great resort area, good place for a nice big lit-up las vegas sin city. but there will be more to it than just that.
    hereb – great info man. anybody else coming up out of jew york city will also be totally contaminated..
    not saying it couldn’t be true, but jews like makow would want you to think trump was a pedophile compromised and totally under their control. if he’s been hanging out with epstein at all you might think so.
    pat – not another rockefeller associate/rival killed in some kind of ‘accident’? jeez, where have we seen that before – rudolf diesel thrown over the side and drowned in the english channel, general patton set up in a car wreck and smashed in the head by an assassin at the scene, nelson’s secretary jumped out the office window and splattered on the sidewalk…
    obamanites now call trump ‘hitler’, which if it’s true authorizes any old zealot to whack him if he ever gets the chance, since if you knew he was the next hitler it would be your duty to kill him before he got any further..
    the level of political discourse in the united states has descended far below the dignity of any reputable state, straight out of the big mouths. that’s all part of the big diminishment plot being pushed by the globalists.
    i guess the antipathy between the whole clinton hollywood media archipelago and the nyc trumpster jew pricks is only an internecine struggle for what – who’s got control over the pedophile pizza parlor???
    too bad we don’t have real law enforcement officers at the fbi and every elsewhere in the usa. we might clean this whole mess up if we ever did…

    1. Bark –

      ALL folks at ALL levels will be gone folks.. if they get in the way…

      “too bad we don’t have real law enforcement officers at the fbi and every elsewhere in the usa.”

      They are ALL compromised and paid off $$$ at the top…. or they would not be at the top. That’s real politics. Voting is an exercise for the naive.

    2. ‘…notice nobody over the us media refers to ‘palestine’, not as a country. they always say ‘the palestinians’, as though the palestinians were the illegitimate. it’s subtle but a big difference.’
      Yes Bark. I have a 1960 French encyclopedia [a rarity], which shows only Israel [no Palestine] on its maps. I’m guessing that’s how they are teaching children at school now to erase Palestine from the collective memory of the west.

      1. The reason is that a country called “Palestine” does not (yet) exist. There are Palestinians who want to create such a state, but that still has not yet happened. Why on earth would you put a non-existent country on the map ?
        It is the same reason why Americans don’t put “Aztlan” on the map.

      2. Oh, yes, Frank, Palestine has existed since before the Ottoman Empire and ancient Greece. Palestinians had had official passports long before you were born, and had very good relationships with European kings and queens. Just look at what Jews destroyed in a barbarian way after Balfour, although Palestinians had [and have] treated the Judaists and Christians on Palestinian land with respect. – Palestine before 1948 [3 mins]
        Palestine is the name (first referred to by the Ancient Greeks) of an area in the Middle East situated between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Palestine was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire in 1517 and remained under the rule of the Turks until World War One. Towards the end of this war, the Turks were defeated by the British forces led by General Allenby. In the peace talks that followed the end of the war, parts of the Ottoman Empire were handed over to the French to control and parts were handed over to the British – including Palestine.

      3. @Snez

        You make the mistake of confusing a GEOGRAPHICAL name with a POLITICAL name.
        Palestine was indeed the centuries old name of a GEOGRAPHICAL landscape, not of an independent POLITICAL state. An independent POLITICAL state Palestine never existed, hence could not be “wiped off the map” by the Jews. The Jews have indeed expropriated land from the local Arabs, as they are continuing to do, but that is something different from conquering a state.
        Before the founding of the state of Israel, the local Jewish settlers there called themselves “Palestinians” after the landscape. Now the local Arabs claim that name. They are free to do so, but let them not pretend that because that landscape was called “Palestine” for more than 2000 years, therefore a “Palestinian state” existed all that time. There never was such a thing. Again they are free to strife for a Palestinian state, but not based on falsified history.

  20. To all,
    Just what is meant by this so-called peace process? For the Israeli part there is no “peace” process. Never has been and never will be. Same goes for the Arab side including the crypto-Jewish so-called Royal pain in the ass Saudis. The hapless Palestinians are being squeezed off their ancestral land by this piece by piece process. That is the true meaning of the peace (piece) process. Embolden by the Trumpstein’s American Embassy/Jerusalem “historic decision!”, cheered on by the Zionist-neocon-Christian Zionist component of the American “Animal Farm”, Zionist Israel will gin up the “piece” process on toward their Messianic goal of Greater Israel. It seems there may be some clear headed Israelis that are against Trumpstein’s “historic decision”.
    Question. Will the Zionist run out of Jewish settlers before their neighboring countries run out (0ff) of land?

  21. pat – ALL folks at ALL levels will be gone folks.. if they get in the way…
    is that a warning for me personally?
    you had a constitutional republic way back when, as benji franklin said – “if you can keep it”.. it was defeated with the war of 1812 and compromised as a corporate-tocracy. therefore you were given figureheads for leaders, like the last several. it is now devolving into a corporate techno-cracy, with mark zuckerberger or jeff bezos soon to be president, which would only make sense. civic sovereignty and self determination will be lost though the tpp was vetoed by djt nevertheless.
    the degeneration is is past the point where real americans have no choice but to form up into militias, whose first adversaries will be the corrupted elements present in their local law enforcement agencies, those are the standard satanic masonic adl plants and who knows what now nwo foreigners working in cahoots with their allies in local metro-regional agenda 21-34 government positions.
    the main patriotic goal is to return the usa to its original constitutional republic status. eliminate all non-constitutional devices and unlawful activities.
    a few rallying points to begin with –
    install constitutional sheriffs in every county, who will arrest all non-constitutional perpetrators, and who will also protect local citizens from fed level murder and robbery and who will campaign with police power against gross injustices like vaccination and circumcision.
    totally secure all us borders and sweep out all illegal aliens living here without delay.
    fix the ballot process by eliminating all electronic voting machines, require full id to vote, take a picture and give a printed copy of the ballot.
    eliminate secret societies from government.
    disavow dual citizenship.
    put the throttle on the surveillance state.
    it’s basically real good advice for the white european countries too, now being overrun with malicious foreigners.
    everybody – don’t miss this cross talk episode –

    1. Bark –
      “is that a warning for me personally?”
      Only if the scaredy-cats deem you are that important.

      I was referencing ALL levels of government. If you are there.. look out.

    2. Barkngdeer –

      You should be pleased to know that what you suggest about “constitutional” sheriffs is already in the works. I, personally, am acquainted with, and have promoted sheriffs who have endorsed the Sheriff Richard Mack agenda, and have witnessed regular (and growing) attendance to their meetings. I have met Sheriff Mack, himself, at one such meeting. (I, myself, am an “auxiliary” deputy of a sheriff’s militia.)
      I always try to remind people that their COUNTY sheriffs are key to the real power of government. If the sheriff doesn’t enforce a federal law in his/her county, it has little effect. The sheriff of the county has the constitutional authority to deny access to federal enforcement of laws contrary to his constituents’ interests. His enforcement tool is the “militia”. The Feds know this, too, which is why they always seek to transform “county sheriff’s office” to “county POLICE”.
      County, local elections are most important for the propagation of the Constitutional Republic. 😋

    3. Hi Barkingdeer,
      Kudos to you for having the insight to lump vaccination and circumcision together as gross injustices. Most observers condemn vaccination without mentioning male genital mutilation. I’d argue that circumcision is worse. Within reason vaccinations (some of them anyway) are good. MGM, unless done as a medical necessity, is always bad.

  22. Here is a diversion from the ancient past that continues to this day. As everyone knows, Jesus was arrested on the eve of Passover, but many fail to note that he was first taken to the high priest Annas. Here is a draft of the dialogue that occurred between Jesus and Annas. The hour is late. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

    Events happened quickly in those dawning hours. As the arrest party approached its final destination, the Mikdash loomed menacingly from the growing mist now covering the ground. A dog howled at the moon’s waning from the approaching dawn as Yeshu was shoved along, prodded by his guards though a tall gate in the Mikdash outer wall, leaving pilgrims behind to speculate among themselves who had been arrested and for what reasons.

    The first stop was at the house of Annas, former kohein gadol. In six A.D., Annas had been appointed by the Roman legate Quirinius as first kohein gadol of the newly formed Roman province of Judaea. He officially served as High Priest for the next ten years until fifteen A.D. When, at age 36, he was deposed by the procurator Gratus. Although officially removed from office, he had nonetheless remained one of Judea’s most influential political figures. Annas now administered Mikdash affairs through his son-in-law, Chaiyafa, the reigning kohein gadol.

    Unlike other high-level kohein, who lived in opulent homes in the upper city, Annas lived in a palace – Herod’s palace. The palace was located in the upper city, not far behind the Mikdash. Annas had been leading the pursuit for Yeshu with his son-in-law officially commanding the proceedings. Thus, he wanted to be the first to interrogate Yeshu.

    Entering the Mikdash through the “Golden Gate”, the guards prodded Yeshu through the back courtyard’s massed throngs before exiting a rear gate to proceed to Annas’ majestic palace.

    The guards were greeted at the gate by a servant, but Annas quickly brushed past the Servant bidding the group, “Come in! Come in! I’ve been waiting for this moment, Yeshu come into the inner room, guards you can wait outside in the courtyard, there is nothing here to fear.”

    The guards roughly pushed Yeshu ahead into the large antechamber.

    “No need for that in the house of Annas”, he said to the guards as he closed the large wooden doors behind him. “Come in Yeshu, sit down, at last we have a chance to talk. Here, have a glass of wine and a wet cloth to bathe your face. You’ve gone through quite an ordeal haven’t you?

    Yeshu took the cloth hesitantly, saying nothing.

    “You know we’ve been following you from the beginning, the very moment we heard of your birth, we knew we had a new member to our brotherhood. We knew you were exceptional when you came to Yerushalim for your bar mitzvah, displaying exceptional knowledge of our laws and customs. We found you after your ritual initiation by John at his upper Jordan Mikveh. Our brothers witnessed the initiation; of course, that is why we sent an emissary to counsel your intent.

    “But then, something went wrong. You refused to join our inner circle, forsaking the magnificent wealth and power you see surrounding you here. Then you began taking liberties with our laws and customs, minor things like working on the Sabbath, paying the Mikveh tribute and such. You called us thieves, liars and sons of the devil! Yet, we let it pass. However, you crossed the threshold with your rescission of the law concerning handling of the dead. When you brought Lazarus forth from the sepulcher, you had a profound effect on the acceptance of the Para Aduma. People have begun to balk at our decree of death, a costly decision for us. And then, the very next thing, you went into the Mikveh and attacked the kollubisti, bringing about a public display against our sacred system. You have attacked our authority at every turn, but we have you now and there is blood on the moon.

    “The Sanhedrin plans to make you the blood sacrifice for Passover. What more fitting tribute to YHVH can there be then the sacrificial blood from a son of man? It will be a sacrifice that will put everyone on notice as to how we treat offenders blaspheming our sacred religion.”

    As Yeshu held the rag to his bleeding face, Annas fell to silently pacing across the room, applying his hand thoughtfully to his chin. Yeshu winced at the pain as Annas spoke again.

    “You know Yeshu, YHVH is truly merciful to those worshipping his name. As his followers, we too must find mercy in our hearts for those who offend us. Even you have said we must love our enemies. Yeshu, we don’t want to see you suffer, we want to give you another chance, we want to make you an offer you may find difficult to refuse. We can and will find it in our hearts to forgive you with only one small, but necessary, concession on your part”.

    Again, Annas paused briefly for effect. Facing Yeshu with hands extended, he made his final offer.

    “You must bow down and worship with us. You must join us in our sacrifice to YHVH and remain within all our legal boundaries. There must be no more miracles of the law. That’s it, swear fealty to our brotherhood and our sacrifice and all the goodness and wealth of our days shall follow you – Amen.”

    Looking though a swollen eye, Yeshu spoke, “You had my answer three years ago, it has not changed. Menahem gave it to you after his return from the desert, where he approached me with your offer.”

    “I was afraid you might say something like that – Guards! Come! Take the prisoner to the Sanhedrin.”

    As the guards burst into the room, Annas made a final offer. “Think it over Yeshu you can join us and joyfully share our wealth and power or become our blood sacrifice – and that I promise, will hurt. Once the court convicts you, it will be too late.”

      1. Thank you Snez for the reference to The Jesuit Oath.

        It shares similarities with the Protocols in some respects; one wonders if the source was the same…Damnation to Protestants and Masons, NOTHING about Yahweh sacrificing “Mamzers”. The date seems to fit, 1843 – looks like a divide and conquer effort.

      2. Yep cheers Snez, that was very interesting. The INRI ref in link is a password in one of the Masonic degrees.

      3. This so-called “jesuit Oath” could be called an absurd joke if it weren’t for the fact that so many gentiles fall for this judeo-masonic-protestant slanderous propaganda designed to weaken their and their infernal master’s principal foe, the Roman Catholic Church which, though greatly crippled today as well as infiltrated by its enemies, has been for almost 2000 years the greatest force for good, both spiritual (salvation of souls) and temporal, in the world.

  23. Here is a video in which US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says what I have said before, i.e. that moving the embassy to the capital of the country one has diplomatic relations with is only normal, that this move does not imply the recognition of Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, that the final status of that city must be dealt with in negotiations of Israel with the Palestinians and that this move does not endorse the building of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, which the US has always condemned :

    Again, no reason for mass hysteria.

    1. How about this?
      These 10 States now have more people on welfare than they do employed!
      New Mexico
      New York
      Maine, and
      South Carolina
      Below lists the percentage of each past president’s cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is: A real-life business not a government job.
      38% T. Roosevelt
      40% Taft
      52% Wilson
      49% Harding
      48% Coolidge
      42% Hoover
      50% F. D. Roosevelt
      50% Truman
      57% Eisenhower
      30% Kennedy
      47% Johnson
      53% Nixon
      42% Ford
      32% Carter
      56% Reagan
      51% GH Bush
      39% Clinton
      55% GW Bush
      8% Obama
      90% Trump

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      FR: Here is a video in which US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says what I have said before…

      It’s ironical that your views should coincide with the views of one of Trumpenstein’s most hated ZIONIST appointees! 🙂

      [FR continued] . . . i.e. that moving the embassy to the capital of the country one has diplomatic relations with is only normal, that this move does not imply the recognition of Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, that the final status of that city must be dealt with in negotiations of Israel with the Palestinians and that this move does not endorse the building of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, which the US has always condemned.

      Again, no reason for mass hysteria.

      So what makes you so sure you are right just because you parrot the views voiced by this most hated and discredited Zionist lackey Nikki Haley? I see you now in your true colors as a “spiritual Jew” who is unaware of the fact that you are a thoroughly Jewisied individual spouting Zionist propaganda.

      It’s a pity you can’t see through the sanctimoniously hypocritical statement quoted above that “this move does not endorse the building of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, which the US has always condemned.”

      Tell me, Mr Ryckaert, haven’t these Israeli occupiers of Palestine being expanding their settlements remorselessly for the last few months under the Trump regime? If the US has always “condemned” the settlements, why the hell doesn’t the US STOP the settlements being built?

      Nothing would be easier. They could stop all aid to Israel. They could stop the armaments, the loan guarantees, the lot. They have the power to make Israel obey international law — but they don’t, because they themselves are in constant breach of international law and couldn’t care less about the expansion of illegal settlements.

      I’m sorry, Mr Ryckaert but your comment that all this “hysteria” is unnecessary smacks of the callous and offensive, if not cognitively ridiculous. This is because the trauma is REAL and WIDESPREAD and there are VALID GROUNDS for getting deeply upset about these recent developments.

      You are like someone telling the mourners at a funeral not to weep, describing their grief as “unnecessary hysteria”.

      1. @ Bradley Arnold

        Well said, sir! I couldn’t have put it better myself. I doubt if Ryckaert is working for Mossad though! He is one of my favorite commenters here, a person whose integrity is beyond question. However, he is also a “mad genius” and this sometimes makes him take up positions that are untenable.

        Ryckaert is just the type of erudite philosopher who would lecture the mourners at a funeral that they are in breach of the “argumentum ad populum” for weeping for the dead, given that bereavement is a popular fallacy.

        “Why shed tears for your dead husband?” Ryckaert will ask the widow at the funeral. “Don’t you know that death is inevitable and comes to us all? Dry your eyes, silly woman, and stop being so hysterical!”

        That’s Ryckaert for you, the wise philosopher. 🙂

      2. @Bradley Arnold

        “…You are like someone telling the mourners at a funeral not to weep, describing their grief as “unnecessary hysteria”…”

        Yes, but provided that that “funeral” (i.e. the injustice practiced on the Palestinians) was already going on before the announcement of the move of the US embassy, was not caused by it and would continue without it. That is really all I say.

        What Nikki Haley says in an interview with CNN is important, because that is official American policy, no matter what kind of person she is (“most hated” or not).

        1. @ FR

          No problem. All I am basically saying is that, however brilliant you are, your are not omniscient. Nor does one have have to agree with your virulent Islamophobia or contempt for the Qur’an merely because you happen to have an IQ of 140.

          I have lived among pious Muslims who prayed five times a day and read the Qur’an daily and not a single one of them was a jihadist who went about chopping people’s heads off and trying to conquer the world. You seem to forget, in your eagerness to shower excrement on all Muslims, that it is the JEWS who are preeminently intent on world domination. Not Muslims.

          Who would you rather share a prison cell with, Franklin, if forced to do so: a Muslim or a Jew? That’s a serious question and I wish you could answer it honestly. I think you would opt for the Jew, provided he had a white skin.

      3. Hi Bradley Arnold,
        A while back writer Eric Margolis had this to say about the dreaded Zionist witch Nikki Haley (I paraphrase): Her only prior experience as a diplomat was when, as governor of S Carolina, she ate breakfast at the International House of Pancakes. Far from always following government policy, I’ve heard that she likes to freelance. Her hawkish Russia-hating, Israel-first views are often at odds with her immediate boss, Rex Tillerson, but apparently he can’t shut her up or fire her. How a former anti-Trumper Romneyite like Haley got such a plum job remains a mystery to me. However, I still bet it was Pence’s doing while Trump was clueless – as usual.

      4. @ FollyOfWar

        How a former anti-Trumper Romneyite like Haley got such a plum job remains a mystery to me.

        Me too. And the fact that Franklin Ryckaert actually quotes this Zionist bitch in support of his argument that there’s no need for “hysteria” over Trump’s announcement, does little to enhance Franklin Ryckaert’s credibility on this site. I’m not saying Franklin’s a Jew, but why does he have to quote this clueless Zionist c**t to prop up his argument that there’s “no need for hysteria”?

      5. @Sardonicus

        There are good and bad people among all human groups, therefore also among Muslims.

        No, I don’t say that all Muslims are aggressive jihadists, but the idea that the world should be conquered by the sword for Islam is an integral part of Islam (practiced throughout history), therefore it is the only religion on earth that keeps on producing people with such ideas (and not for example Buddhism).

        If I would have been locked in jail with an other person I would prefer a person with whom I can have intelligent conversations (no matter his background). If he would believe in religious myths, then …sorry, but I would debate those myths.

  24. Rather than doing the bidding of Israel… Trump and the US would do well to follow Ukraine.

    The Communist Party was banned in Ukraine 2 years ago by the Kiev court.

    Ukraine banned its Communist Party from operating and participating in elections. 🙂

    A Kiev court upheld an appeal from the country’s Justice Ministry, which charged the party with a host of offences including “incitement of ethnic hatred” and “encroachment on human rights and freedoms”.

    Ukraine adopted controversial “decommunisation” laws in May, 2015, which outlawed the display of Soviet symbols and prohibited the use of the word “communist”.

    The Communist Party of Ukraine refused to change its name, logo or charter to comply with the legislation. The Party has spoken out against Ukraine’s new authorities, which came to power after a coup in February 2014.

    ‘Put-On’ would be ‘Put-Off’… 🙂

  25. pat – i’ve known a few activists (at least one real jew who told me the holocaust was the biggest hoax of all), people using media, organizing meetings, bringing the right celebrities to town and circulating petitions, who died suddenly with rampant cancer. the standard for hits on citizens will be lowered as the globalists’ hold on power becomes more tenuous. the ndaa authorizes the murder of anybody they say. but at some point the gloves come all the way off and a full-scale cleansing program is kicked in under the auspices of massive unrest due to some big technical failure, civil war or the zombie apocalypse. one would expect general immunity and militarization for police preceding. the allied foreign invader militias are well in place now as typical gangsters, well armed and schooled in violence, and ruthlessly brainwashed low iq political/religious fanatics ensconced in increasingly obvious lawless no-go zones (TRAINING CAMPS), all with a fierce hatred of white people. observe the state sponsored white genocide in south africa now. apparently the general jew thinks the mud people will somehow not see him as just another cracker when TS really does HTF? here’s one version — don’t miss it.
    meet the swedish bun guy at about 11 minutes. this is what a man looks like in sweden now.
    arch – establishment religion’s a drag. cut the anchor.
    nikki haley’s soft-pedal of the jerusalem move is to be expected. but the zionists consider it one more important step forward in their domination of the area. remember though, the end game is the annihilation of the tribe itself. is it all about some big death wish somewhere, some scriptural armageddon mass-murder-suicide plot?
    bradley – yes, stop the funding, put the zionists in their place and off the zog. but what about the ‘sampson option’? it seems likely in this league..
    snez – i wonder if those official welfare stats include illegal aliens? probably not. generally, whatever they tell you ‘officially’ is incomplete. but your point is well taken. it’s an invasion, orchestrated by the nwo globalists and a lot of anti-labor corporate predators too, facilitated by the democratic party and many religious organizations…
    gil – i’ve been to a couple of sheriff mack’s rallies. never talked to him personally. he seems authentic. but i’ve never heard him suggest county militias to work with sheriffs’ departments. tell us more.
    the way i see it – it comes down to re-establishing lawful courtrooms at the county level first, and a showdown between genuine constitutional sheriffs and federal military officers now posing as county judges. there is NO authority above the county sheriff, who is elected. and a sheriff’s department is not an ‘agency’.. ‘agents’ don’t think, they follow orders.. but, the sheriff is subject to the county jury in whatever he decides to do, and the voters. i understand as it is now the yellow fringed flag signifies military rule, specifically british admiralty (corporate/canon) law, and you may not bring a copy of the constitution into any us courtroom, or a real non-bar lawyer. i think some states have no county sheriffs, like connecticut, where they did the big sandy hook hoax. but as well throughout sheriffs and police are being bought up by the globalists, given immunity and co-opted as nwo stooges…
    folly – it stands to reason that the unlawful and unchecked, rotten corporo-religious bankster zog state would perpetrate increased atrocity upon the unprotected masses. crimes like vaccination, with the 1 in 36 autism rate now, genital mutilation, which is being extended to females, fracking and of course the great big fiat fed bank tax robbery are causes to drive the workers’ re-acquisition of police power…

    1. Bark –
      “…people using media, organizing meetings, bringing the right celebrities to town and circulating petitions, who died suddenly with rampant cancer.”

      I have known some of them also. One prominent one, who was taking the moon hoax to Congress, was Jim Collier, a very astute researcher and writer… of “Vote Scam – The Stealing of America” fame. He caught pancreatic cancer (a favorite) just after he told me he had a hearing in the works. He had all of the engineering documents and exhibits. He was tenacious. They knew him, already. He would have spilled the beans on Scalia And Reno involved in Florida vote scams and fraud also…. from his book.

      There re NO real sheriffs anymore. There are NO sheriffs paid with real money. 🙂

      There are de facto sheriffs only. None are de jure. They are titular positions… which is the case with all office holders.

      NO real money = NO real offices. That fact is the biggest con of all in politics.

    2. “arch – establishment religion’s a drag. cut the anchor.”

      Anyone that actually reads my work will instantly realize my story is anything but “establishment religion.” Here’s a challenge, find one other source, either secular or religious – just ONE – that comes anywhere close to my story. Show me a source that describes the Torah as a legal book of instruction, a cookbook of recipes to extract the wealth and power from its followers.

      Find a source that describes the Temple and its sacrificial system as the framework of power and wealth for an elite, avaricious priesthood as does this story, or one that points out Jesus was in fact literally born and bred as the last sacrifice of the Passover. Show me one that portrays mother Mary as as a successful woman, specifically chosen for her blood-linage and groomed to attract a priest to sire a son eligible for the priesthood.

      Show me those who know Jesus was an inducted member of the Temple priesthood, or even that he was diametrically opposed to Old Testament laws. Show me a source that lays all the responsibility for Jesus’ ministry and actions firmly at the Jew’s Temple doorstep. Show me one source, anywhere, that even begins telling the story as does this book. When you can do that, then you can say I’m dealing with “establishment” religion.

      As for religion, the ugly hag Judaism and her two hideous offspring, Christianity and Islam have, without the slightest shred of doubt, been THE most destructive forces known to man over the last 2500 years or more. More hatred, more murders, more wars, more corruption, vice and pestilence has burdened the world because of these three religions, than any other political, social or cultural movement in history.

      Everything else comes and goes, yet religion has long been, and remains, a constant source of bloody thorns in humanity’s side. What is left of ancient Egypt? Yet the Jewish religion that ostensibly sprang from there remains fundamentally unchanged. What is left of ancient Rome’s grandeur? Yet the Christian religion that began in that era remains virtually unchanged.

      Now we are to simply move on and forget all this? Really? Tell that to the legions of gullible, religious masses slavishly following their priests, see how far you get with that message. The Conspiracy of Man exposes those fraudulent myths created by priests to feed freely off the masses. More importantly this story, unlike books of the past that simply strive to discredit these stories as myths, explains how and why these religions and their “holy books” have lasted through the millennia.

      What’s more, this is reaching the critical stage. This story is tied into the article above, where Trump has given America’s tacit approval for the destruction of the mosque, signalling the beginning of construction for the Jew’s so called “third” Temple* and the reintroduction of their horrid and bloody sacrificial system. For Jews, this new Temple will be Gabriel’s clarion call to all Jews that their bloody hateful god YHVH has finally delivered the world into their hands as he promised in the Torah.

      If one thinks Jewish predatory chutzpah is bad now, wait until this temple is completed and the blood sacrifice begin. I would not be surprised in the least to see Christian children sacrificed on the Jew’s pagan alter of hate as they once did with their own children to their former god “Baal.”

      Already the Hasidim are levying, and Jews are paying, the ancient half shekel Temple tax in symbolic support for the Temple. Those thinking either they or humanity is going to move on from religion are once again blind to the Jew. Religion has become the very linchpin of the present destruction. There is no more important topic today.

      In all the years I have heard religious arguments, both pro and con, so far I see no attempt at any reconciliation or understanding of what these horrible religions are really about. Want to know why Jews are sex fiends focused on every sort of perversion? What would one expect from a people centered on Phallic worship?


      The universality of the phallus worship and the peculiar significance and sanctity of its emblems, especially the cross, the triangle, the spire. and the oval, are indicated in the universality of the use of these sacred emblems in nearly all lands and among nearly all peoples, both ancient and modern. The Christian emblem, the cross of Christ, is simply the ancient conventional emblem of the phallus and testes, and of the phallus in conjunction with the female “door of life,” represented in every land and age, and especially in almost every hieroglyphic Egyptian record, where the “ankh” — cross (cross and oval) is the emblem of life. This is exemplified in the name of Tut-ankh-amen, or “Life- image of Amen.” The cross, in diverse forms, but with always the same phallic significance of “life,” antedates Christianity by ages, and is found on the ancient religious monuments of many far- scattered peoples, even in prehistoric America.


      The Encyclopedia Biblica says: “‘Thigh’ refers to the generative organ” (Vol. 3: col. 3453, art. Oath). Josephus, Antiq., 1, 16, 1, describes how the ceremony was performed.] Thus, Father Abraham called his majordomo, and said to him: “Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh: and I will make thee swear by Yahveh. … And the servant put his hand under the thigh of Abraham his master, and swear to him concerning that matter” (Gen. 24: 2, 9 ). So Jacob, when he came to die in Egypt, called his son Joseph to him, and said: “Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh; … bury me not, I pray thee, in Egypt. … And he swear unto him” (Gen. 47: 29-31 ).

      This phallic practice was not confined to the ancient patriarchs; it prevailed throughout Bible history. When Solomon was crowned king over all Israel, the ceremony of taking the oath of allegiance is related in 1 Chronicles 29: 24: “And all the princes, and the mighty men, and all the sons likewise of king David, gave the hand under Solomon.” In other words, the spectacle was presented of all the mighty men of Israel lined up as at a Presidential New Year’s reception, and filing by before the Wise King; as each came up he would take the royal phallus in his good sword hand, and with low obeisance pronounce upon it the solemn oath of fealty. In Lamentations, the weeping prophet bewails the dire distress of the Chosen People, and declares: “We have given the hand to the Egyptians, and to the Assyrians, to be satisfied with bread” (Lam. 5: 6 ) — taken the phallic oath of fealty to those foreign nations in return for protection and provisions. Other instances might be cited, but these suffice to show the time- honored practice, in private and in public, of all Israel. In modern times we evidence the solemnity of an official or judicial oath by putting the hand on the Bible, as a sacred thing, and kissing it. It is much the same in effect as the older custom, and very little different as a matter of taste.. – Is It God’s Word

      Of course there are Jewish mohels sucking baby penises as well. Is it any wonder Jew programmed didionts cannot even figure out what sex – par-don “Gender” – they are?

      I have long said the Jewish problem stems from their ancient religious programing, dutifully carried on and adhered to, since the day they supposedly fled Egypt. I suggest reading Is it God’s Word and Forgery in Christianity for profound insight about Jews and their religion.

      *there is absolutely no proof outside the Bible for either Solomon’s “first” Temple, its just more Jewish hyperbole.


    Max, we value your comments but I cannot let this comment go through for various reasons I am not at liberty to explain. If you bring up this subject again, mentioning the names of particular commenters in a complimentary or derogatory context, your comment will have to be deleted. Please concentrate on the issues and stop mentioning names. (Toby)

    1. Toby, your ruling should now apply to EVERYONE! Otherwise you are electing for selective censorship.

      MAX: Admin is in charge here. Commenters have no say in the way this site is run. The sooner you understand this the better.

      If there is this selectivity, it is no use me offering any more of my “valued” comments. I.e. My point is: “The mention of particular commenters in a derogatory or complimentary context” should be the privilege of NO ONE on this site.

      Toby, even though you probably won’t publish this (and thus, finally see my total withdrawal) what else are you doing but creating a rod for your own back?

      I’ll be sorry to see you go, dear Max. But I’ve already told you the score. I have a particular reason for censoring this particular comment of yours that I cannot reveal; but if you knew my reason, you would be in total agreement with me.

      Remember this: just as God moves in mysterious ways, without being able to reveal to us mortals why he does what he does that we cannot understand, Toby moves in mysterious ways too, unable to reveal why he does what he is forced to do. I hope you understand what I’m saying Max, given your extraordinarily high intelligence.

      Best wishes,


  27. One of the most amazing aspects of Trump apologia as practiced by many here (and elsewhere for that matter) is the inability or unwillingness to look at the “big picture”.

    Rather than try to connect the dots, they seem to consider each Trump-related “incident” on an isolated basis, thus making it easier to rationalize and minimize: “well, the Jerusalem thing is only symbolic”; “he’s probably only doing it because he’s being blackmailed”; etc., etc., etc.

    But what about everything else going on?

    For example, Trump still refuses to get the U.S. military out of Syria, and this (even though it hasn’t been in the spotlight very much recently) represents a “tripwire” for a major war, potentially a world war, that could happen at any time.

    Then of course there’s the ongoing “crisis” on the Korean Peninsula that could also become a devastating war at any moment.

    Thanks to Trump, we’ve got “tripwires” all over the place.

    Getting back to the Syrian tripwire for a minute, according to the following article, there was a noteworthy incident that happened (between U.S. and Russian aircraft) on Nov 23:

    Taking this article at face value, Trump’s got the U.S. military illegally deployed in Syria, and an incident just happened with Russia a few weeks ago which could’ve spiraled out of control.

    Luckily it didn’t happen this time but what if it does next time? What will the Trump apologists say then? “Well it wasn’t Trump’s fault that somebody panicked and fired a missile…”

    Trump’s taking serious risks in Syria and elsewhere apparently for the same reason he’s taking risks with moving the embassy to Jerusalem: he’s willing to risk anything and everything for the sake of the jew agenda and he doesn’t give a damn about potential consequences.

    1. Well said Harold, Prophet of Doom! You are a veritable Cassandra!
      I have read your posts and approve of everything you say because everything you say is fact-based, rationally argued, and a pleasure to read.

      Unlike the posts of the Trump admirers on this site whose comments have been unhelpful and disappointing.

      Their comments, by and large, have been based on wishful thinking. The things they have said so far in defense of their Orange Idol have been irrational, illogical, arrogant, presumptuous, low-minded, coarse and vulgar.

      Not being able to write properly, all these Trump worshippers can do is belch. 🙂

    2. Harold –

      There are de facto presidents only, today. None are de jure. They are titular positions today… which is the case with all office holders.

      NO real money = NO real offices.

      And they have never peen paid. That fact is the biggest con of all in politics.

      The Federal Reserve Act is much more devastating than anyone has grasped, that I have read.

      The bankers KNOW..!! They make the rules.

  28. Harold Smith you are totally correct – too many here are oblivious of the big picture.
    This is because Jewish orchestrated, left wing academia teaches the kids to think in segmentia, rather than looking at what Doris Lessing referred to as the clearly visible grand patterns that dominate our existence.
    Hence, we have many Franklin types, trying to sound intelligent, when they are just scribing useless tombs, to quote Lessing.
    Hitler said that most people rant and rave about little lies, but cannot see the big lies perpetrated by the Jewish system, or the diabolical Jewish master plan for humanity.
    On another subject, the Christian Embassy Jerusalem is raising money for bomb shelters for the poor, hard done by Jews and also collecting for the rebuilding of the temple. Proof, Franklin? Read their literature.
    The evangelicals, most of whom are those doublespeak infused Christian Zionists are also supporting the new temple. Franklin, you should know that the worldwide evangelical, pro Israel movement was created by Jews. You do the research man!
    But, then again, Franklin, you are wearing Jewish glasses! A “small group of religious nuts”, indeed! SEGMENTIA Franklin!

    1. Toby,
      I do realize that too much criticism/attacking others is dragging this site down, so, in future I will comment on content, not commenters.
      I am totally appreciative of this great SITE as a forum for the growing, informed resistance.
      I think we would all agree that Jews very much rule the Western world via their counterfeit religiosity and their omnipotent Money Power.
      I thank Pat and co for all the details. Thankyou Franklin for your interest.
      I greatly admire Lasha as a person and writer.
      On topic: The aptly named Orange Clown or puppet is proving true to kind.

      1. Max,

        Like I said, we’d be sorry to lose you. I’m so glad you decided to stay. You have a unique set of talents which you should put to good use. If I should delete any future comments of yours, don’t let it trouble you. Take it in your stride. I’m doing it for a good reason. 🙂

  29. pat – pancreatic cancer is real deadly. i remember that’s what got the jewish holohoax truther.

    i’m not seeing a lot of real trump zealots on this site, except for the obvious zionistas. at best we’ve taken him with a big block of salt.. we don’t forget the good he’s done, first of all blocking the cackler. and we understand him or any other dude would be exterminated, as he would well know, in case they actually ran afoul of, not just the jews but the whole deep state complex. i guess there might be some weird twist up ahead that would end up turning the embassy move against the zionists, maybe if the rest of the world actually reacts and does something real about it, but it’s a real stretch to think the donald has that schemed out in advance.

  30. Till now I haven’t heard anything of Putin
    the crypto jew about the latest decision of Trump. His silence speaks fot itself or is he also playing chess 6 D. Putin our saviour of the East. Come Putin please save us from the jews.

    1. Lisa –

      ‘Put-On’ is playing 8D chess looking to win some crumbs from the Pentagon.

      For fiscal year 2015 the Army failed to provide adequate support for $6.5 trillion in journal voucher adjustments. Given that the entire Army budget in fiscal year 2015 was $120 billion, unsupported adjustments were 54 times the level of spending authorized by Congress.

      1. Thanks Pat for helping me out, I should have known that he is playing 8 D chess, as a real grandmaster of chess, our saviour.

  31. “Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid” The author of this article, Dr. Ran HaCohen, was born in the Netherlands in 1964 and grew up in Israel. His thoughts on Jerusalem as it exists today, and as Israelis would like to see it in the future, are well worth reading. The troubles in the “eternal capital” of Israel are far from over. In fact, the troubles seem to be spreading: “Worldwide Protests Continue Over Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration”

    There is a report, I haven’t been able to confirm it, that the US embassy in Beirut is besieged. “The gates are down, and thousands of protesters are attempting to get inside. AP cut the feed which means the protesters are probably being shot, killed, and removed.”

    And in DC, the giant phallic symbol menorah on the White House lawn is about to be lit.

    “A National Hanukkah Menorah is lit on the White House grounds, at the Ellipse each December during the eight day Jewish holiday commemorating the Jewish Maccabees’ military victory over Syrian oppression more than 2,000 years ago.”

    This year’s celebration will feature the US Air Force Band. The menorah will be lit each night of Hanukkah. Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is an eight day Jewish holiday marking the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

    Date and Time: Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 4 p.m. Gates open at 3:25 p.m. The event is held rain or shine.

    Wait a second. Is Hanukkah the “eight day Jewish holiday commemorating the Jewish Maccabees’ military victory over Syrian oppression more than 2,000 years ago.” or the “eight day Jewish holiday marking the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.”? I guess (((they))) figure the goyim are too dumb to notice that they offer two versions of “Truth” within the space of a few short paragraphs

    1. Well said, Carnaptious! We were looking for a suitable article to publish today and you sent us just the material we needed. Many thanks to you for your two excellent links!

  32. Franklin, what do you think about this:

    “Just ask Brighton Beach

    Russian spokeswoman says Jews behind Trump win

    “If you want to know what will happen in America, who do you have to talk to? You have to talk to the Jews, naturally. But of course,” …..She then told the audience that if you want to know anything , you need to talk to the residents of Brighton Beach, a New York neighborhood with a large Russian Jewish community. [ie. Brighton Beach is stronghold of Russian mafia and Chabad Lubavitch – pedophelia, crime, drugs, trafficking]


    Trump is the mainstream version of Alex Jones, both limited gate-keeper hangouts speaking (limited) truth. Both Ziofronts. A Divide & Conquer scheme – Trump’s handlers copy-cat’ed some of the bullet points of the awakening crowd during Obama’s reign in order to suck them in via new morphing (the ‘people’s man”, the ‘new’ candidate’… just like Bush II & Obama-abomination. Meet the new boss – same as the old inverted on the surface…every god damn 8th year the same…looks different, sure..that’s the point…..but the same…

    It’s social science PSYOP perception management morphing the ‘people’s’ spokesman in place in front of the crowds to whatever is sensored and needed for the Anglo-Zionist elite at any given time – COINTEL and controlled opposition on a national level. The internal bickering is a ruse with a purpose; to make it look real for Divide & Conquer – with unwitting actors in the Intel community playing their part (99% of which don’t know what’s going on – compartmentalization – part of the hypnotic majority fallacy), and present the B-plan at a later stage if or when Trump crashes, so we also then will buy their B-blan as ‘real’.-which in fact is just part of the A-plan all long…the house always takes it all….

    Most of the Truth movements have been conned…. Don’t say it can’t be done, look at Iraq 2003, let alone the fact that most economists and Ph.D’s through 40 years of education and study don’t know that money is created out of thin air via debt hidden in plain sight…let alone that everything we think we ‘know’ is wrong….what a giant mind clusterfuck and time we live in…Philip K. Dick could not have done a better job…reality beats Sci-Fi…

    Here is Putin speaking:

    “I have already spoken to three US presidents. They come and go, but politics stays the same at all times. ….When a person is elected, they may have some ideas. Then people with briefcases arrive, well dressed, wearing dark suits…These people start explaining how things are done. And instantly, everything changes. This is what happens with every administration.”

    — Putin to Le Figaro, RT – May 31, 2017

    The grand conspiracy is real, has always been real, psychopathy’s MO is conspirare and thrives on the denial of evil and perfectionized social science techniques benefit from this fact, institutionalize it in stealth as internalization…. so we end up so conditioned as to invert everything real as unreal, in fact the real is made invisible to us while we cheer for the unreal and attack anything real as unreal unwittingly…right up their alley….the whole purpose of mind control….

    Viva la Internet reformacio!

    1. GC –

      Great comments…

      You wrote:
      “Most of the Truth movements have been conned….”

      EGG-ZAK-LEE..!!!! 🙂

  34. gatecrasher – man that was good. trump is the ‘executive’ alex jones. why didn’t i think of that?
    well, we have said the ashkenazi khazars operate their jaws on the controversial cutting edge, co-opting every issue. that’s alex..
    those phds won’t know the us has ever had one jewish president either, let alone several, or that a dozen or so at least who were not have been murdered in and out of office. guess by who?
    in fact statistically the chances of a us president suddenly ‘dying’ in office are greater than those risked by a us marine infantryman in vietnam.. add in the ones murdered after they got out of office and you get double.
    so true – most intel creeps have no idea what they’re actually up to and will never understand the big picture, since there’s only limited room at the top of the info-power pyramid… as jason bourne said to the israeli ‘asset’ – “do you even know why you’re supposed to kill me”?
    carnap – in the usa we have the separation of church and state, ideally. but since washington dc is not part of the usa and is in fact owned and operated as its control center by the three cities empire they are free to put up whatever religious symbols work for their schedule, starting of course with the masons’ obelisk…
    the tv program ‘law and order’, featuring globalist illuminati rudi giuliani’s wife, sometimes made edge references to brighton beach, as a stronghold for ‘russian’ gangsters. hollywood frames mafia as an italian thing. never jewish. and you saw how fast marlin brando disappeared when he criticized jewish power.. giuliani himself made a cameo, just long enough for the gentile prosecutor jack mccoy to lick his boots on the holocaust myth..
    putin – “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”… listening to him talk you just can’t lump him in with trump or almost any other american politician, excepting maybe rand paul… who is he really?

    1. Bark –

      “Who is he really??”

      Alexey Navalny can tell us…

      Russia’s government says Alexey Navalny can’t run for office, but he remains determined to run against Vladimir Putin in March 2018
      –Dec 10, 2017

      Alexey Navalny at a rally (Translation):
      Putin is a thief and the head of the entire corrupt system!

      Alexey Navalny:
      Poverty. And inequality, huge in Russia, even compared to the United States, the European country. No opportunities at all, no future for the people. Putin is stealing their future. And Mr. Putin [makes] his relatives, his closest friends, his colleagues from the KGB — the chiefs of these companies. And that’s why they’re controlling the whole economy.

  35. MUST-read:

    ‘Wikileaks and its odd frontman Julian Assange are part of the constellation of knowing and unknowing propagandists making up the Trump media complex, which miraculously succeeded in parlaying a deep state auxiliary into the White House by snookering the majority of the United States into believing he was a “political outsider” and “non-politician”. It has cloaked its relatively blatant political motivations and maneuvering in the robe of a dissident hactivist leak conduit and internet privacy advocacy group. As a kind of afterthought it endlessly advertises Tor (making it just as part of the phony internet privacy marketing infrastructure luring people into an NSA-FBI honeypot honeypot as Snowden & friends), but at this point its main calling is sentiment manipulation on behalf of Trump and his underwriters judging by the steady and unwavering drip of leaks damaging to Hillary Clinton. But before discussing Wikileaks, its bolstering of Trump and the myriad of indications that it’s an intelligence operation and/or proxy, it’s important to establish the mainstream media as part of the Trump media complex – keep in mind that Wikileaks and Wikileaks-seeded narratives have been frequently mentioned even in the mainstream media (and in particular Fox News)…..


    Wikileaks and its odd frontman Julian Assange are part of the constellation of knowing and unknowing propagandists making up the Trump media complex, which miraculously succeeded in parlaying a deep state auxiliary into the White House by snookering the majority of the United States into believing he was a “political outsider” and “non-politician”. It has cloaked its relatively blatant political motivations and maneuvering in the robe of a dissident hactivist leak conduit and internet privacy advocacy group. As a kind of afterthought it endlessly advertises Tor (making it just as part of the phony internet privacy marketing infrastructure luring people into an NSA-FBI honeypot honeypot as Snowden & friends), but at this point its main calling is sentiment manipulation on behalf of Trump and his underwriters judging by the steady and unwavering drip of leaks damaging to Hillary Clinton. But before discussing Wikileaks, its bolstering of Trump and the myriad of indications that it’s an intelligence operation and/or proxy, it’s important to establish the mainstream media as part of the Trump media complex – keep in mind that Wikileaks and Wikileaks-seeded narratives have been frequently mentioned even in the mainstream media (and in particular Fox News).


    Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are similar in that they are these supposed digital anti-establishment crusaders revealing the most damning of deep state secrets, yet they’re trotted out, paraded around and given all the publicity they could ever want by the fourth estate on a regular basis (as opposed to being suicided, almost entirely ignored or eternally imprisoned, as the vast majority of whistleblowers end up), indicating that they’re either controlled assets or simply unknowing dupes being used by the deep state or a deep state faction (read: the ultra nationalist right-wing national security and Israel boosters behind the Trump presidency) to advance some kind of agenda in return for free advertising and likely large sums of money.


    Snowden, Wikileaks, Assange, Trump – what do they all have in common? They’ve all been undeniably built up by both the controlled fourth estate/mainstream media and alternative media, which, contrary to what many of the phony digital marketers and publicity seekers in the altmedia would have you believe, is highly manipulated by behind the scenes characters like Robert Mercer and completely vulnerable to digital traffic-engineering campaigns which are, unbeknown to most, regularly coordinated by political campaigns, intelligence agencies/assets, digital marketing groups, corporations, PR firms, etc. Anyone with a sense of discernment would notice the contradiction between these kinds of characters’ purported political outsider renegade anti-establishment status and the fact that they’re perpetually broadcast in the media to the public. While it is true that a large part of the reason for this is the fact that the public loves a hero, but the question must be asked – why are these people and groups specifically so favored while others are shut out of public discourse entirely? My answer is that the ones who do somehow make it through the filter are always in some way sanctioned because all of them without exception have covert deep state ties which are always buried by the media itself.
    – Hidden Agendas Part Two: Wikileaks and the Trump propaganda infrastructure

  36. With all those many muslims in Europe. I was wondering where are the angry young men, the angry young raging muslims you would think considering the decision of Drumpf. The answer is of course that the nice young muslims have fallen for the european money and the possibilty they have to live in Europe.
    Wealth and status is very very important for muslims they don’t want the virgins which allah will give them. They are practical and will settle with a nice naive european girl. They have become calculating citizens. Only for the form they are muslim.
    They are well integrated. What a delight and enrichment we have got. We should stop whining about them.

  37. Brand name of Trump will be placed on the entrance to the temple at Jerusalem Hotels will be named Trump.

  38. ADMIN: You can’t use the name “MyTwoCents” because this name is already taken by another poster.

    The Resistance shall remove Zionist rule from Palestine, the end.

  39. E.din-burgh, Scotland currently sits on the site of ancient (Old Testament-era) JERUSALEM. Read THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY by Comyns Beaumont. (Also, for confirmation, read CAESAR’S MESSIAH, by Joseph Atwill).

    It’s truly AMAZING the depth of the deception of Roman Emperor Constantine I, that has lasted now, for well over 1,600 years. FAKE “Jews”-and-FAKE Rothschild-“Israel”-established-1948-AD-for-the-VERY-FIRST-TIME-EVER-IN-HISTORY!-with-it’s-equally-FAKE-Capitol-FAKE-“Jerusalem”.

    Also, read THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler.

    Question: What does YIDDISH have to do with the ancient Hebrew language?

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