Anti-Trump black gang kidnap and torture white teenager

From an article in The Daily Mail,
abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

PIERS MORGAN WRITES, 5 January 2017.  Few things shock me, as a hard-bitten journalist. But today, I’m in shock. I just watched a video that didn’t just sicken me, it contaminated every pore of my soul with feelings of pure, unadulterated, raw disgust and hatred. The short piece of film I endured depicts a gang of four black teenage thugs, two male, two female (pictured below), abusing and torturing a poor terrified young white man with special needs. The sheer scale of their depravity appears to know no bounds.


These smirking scumbags tie him up, gag him, kick him, punch him, scalp him by viciously slashing his hair with a knife, and flick burning cigarette ash on the head wounds they inflict in the process.

They laugh, they jeer, then one of them shouts: ‘F**k Donald Trump, n***a, f**k white people!’ Another urges the victim to say, “I love black people.” And then they force him at knifepoint to say, “F**k Donald Trump.”

This is not a quick, spontaneous assault. The victim is believed to have been held for up to 48 hours. The live Facebook stream itself goes on for more than 30 minutes.

‘Kiss the floor, b**ch!’the attackers howl. Then they shove his face into a toilet bowl.

Their goal is to utterly humiliate him, self-evidently, from their own mouths, because he’s white.

This is payback, again confirmed by their own words, for Donald Trump, a man they presume to be a racist, becoming President.


The white victim, forced to drink toilet water.
One of his torturers cuts his hair and scalp with a knife
and flicks cigarette ash into the wound.

In 2016, Chicago had 762 murders and 4,331 shooting victims. Homicides increased by 57% over 2015. Many parts of the city have become no-go areas as gangs patrol the streets waging a relentless turf war.

Let’s not hide behind any spineless politically correct rhetoric when it comes to apportioning blame: the vast majority of those doing the shooting and being shot are young black African-American men.

I’m not being “racist” when I say this, it’s just a simple fact.

And let’s be equally clear about what happened in Chicago on Tuesday: a bunch of racist, Trump-hating young black teenagers exacted an appalling hate crime on a defenseless young mentally disabled white man.

They are a shameful disgrace to their families, their city and their country.

VIDEO : 5.44 mins

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    1. Well said, Monty! By all means shut this website down entirely. I will be the first to leave, even before you shut it down.

    2. Personally, I never used the word “n****r” and I don’t even know what a “wog” is. Like everyone else in the west, I’m also well aware that any criticism of Jews leads to being treated as a pariah, loss of job, or worse and that is why everyone here uses a pseudonym. British and American lawmakers are now attempting to criminalize criticism of Jews. But, I have a question. If “kike” and “filthy Jew” are forbidden on this website (and I don’t blame you for doing it), I’m just wondering if there are any words Jews use to describe whites that are forbidden. I can’t imagine any and that is interesting to me. Is that because Jews are so decent that they don’t use any hateful words towards others or is it because they can get away with anything and their insults become a part of standard language?

      1. @ Peter

        Since you are a regular commenter on the Occidental Observer, an admirable website in every way, you will know that Kevin MacDonald would never let words like “nigger”, “wog”, “kike” or “yid” sully his website.

        Kevin MacDonald’s commentariat is intelligent enough to understand the need for moderation and reasonable restraint. So why do posters like 1138 and Lobro think we should lower our standards and let people say things on our site that Kevin MacDonald quite rightly finds objectionable?

        I don’t wish to argue with either of these two headstrong individuals except to say this: if you want to undermine this website, please continue to flout our authority, disregard our rules and regulations, and diss us whenever you feel like it.

      2. Sister, Sister, Sister,

        Would you please stop for a moment? You are acting as if I or Lobro are intentionally provoking you constantly by very frequently using certain words. Didn’t I agree to not litter the place with a certain description of jews? Even though that description contained a negative but non-derogative word, so much so that I wasn’t even aware it was prohibited?

        Now I can understand that some readers are upset with me, since I am expressing myself rather bluntly at times. And many Darkmooners consider themselves above that sort of opinions, not even words but opinions, despite they are obvious truths, like this particular one. And therein lies the tremendous problem Western civilisation has, which I mentioned.

        I do NOT write certain words with the purpose of damaging the Darkmoon site. Despite my bluntness I very rarely, if ever use forbidden words or even gutter language. In fact I never do that. And yes, I think you are right in prohibiting the – general – usage of for instance the use of ‘N’s’ in order to maintain normal conversation.

        But the use of N’s seems appropriate in this case. Why are you publishing the article? It is guaranteed to enrage people, of which I am not one. I haven’t even looked at the video. I’ve seen countless such as these ones online. Now try to find any similar ones with black victims and white perpetrators. You won’t find any.

        Anyway, the point why I’m writing this is to let you know that I think you are a sweet girl and I would never post anything just to upset the Darkmoon site.

      3. 1138

        You are upsetting Lasha Darkmoon deeply, both you and Lobro, by refusing to listen to her pleas to stop using the word “NIGGER”. Is that too much to ask you? What’s your problem exactly? How can it give you and Lobro satisfaction to keep spitting in Lasha’s face like this?


        Get the message?

      4. Turn on your tv, especially to the comedy channel and “n****r is tossed about like popcorn at a 50’s movie theater. I thought that Tennessee Williams had flogged that horse to its death, so presuming that we’re not overly sensitive alcoholic homosexuals here, no offence to Mr. Williams who I adore, it is 2017 people and the rules have changed, not to mean that we need to become proletariat beasts, the night terrors haunting Montecristo and Ms Darkmoon.

      5. I didn’t know the origin myself until very recently. Ironically I think I read the explanation of it on Daily Stormer. Thus goes the story that when illiterate jews arrived at Ellis Island, they refused to sign the papers with an X, as this reminded them of christian cross. So they where allowed to sign with a circle instead. The word circle in jiddish means kikel and supposedly the word “kike” originates from that. I can’t however guarantee the truth in that story or not. You have to take it for what it is.

      6. @ Admin and / or Sister Monica,

        Now what is going on here? Either I’m becoming blind or something unexplicable is happening.

        Because now another post of mine is removed. You know you can do what ever you want, it is your website. You can even ban me altogether, you have that possibility and the right to do so. I would however be interested in that case on what grounds that would happen since I did not break any site rules in both removed posts. Am I too sharp? I thought that intelligence was appreciated here.

        Addition; so now I am under moderation?? I will know if I’m banned when I try to enter the next post. I guess I really am too sharp minded to be allowed to post here?

      7. @ 1138

        Every site has the right to remove comments it regards as crude, ill-informed, substandard, disrespectful, and in violation of its site policy guidelines. Abide by our rules and regulations or suffer the consequences.

        You are not experiencing unfair treatment. None of your deleted comments would have been accepted on the Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, or other respectable White Nationalist websites.

        Once a commenter is perceived as a persistent troublemaker, he is banned.

      8. @ 1138

        Now what is going on here? … Because now another post of mine is removed …. so now I am under moderation?? … I guess I really am too sharp minded to be allowed to post here?

        No dear, you are not sharp minded at all, but on the contrary you are remarkably stupid! Because everyone else here has figured out the rules of this website (which are 100% reasonable) and managed to post many hard-hitting and brilliant comments, e.g. Lobro, Pat, Peter, Winston, Kapoore, and several others.

        You alone have been too dim-witted to figure out what is acceptable free speech and what crosses the red line into distasteful crudity. You belong on the Daily Stormer, a site for mouth-foaming skinheads, wife-beaters, and dog-thrashers.

        Your comment comparing low IQ blacks to “chimps and monkeys who can be taught to ride bicycles” is not particularly amusing. I am glad that comment of yours was deleted, for the simple reason that it would otherwise have given the impression that the administrators of this website happily agreed to the idea that all low IQ blacks were no better than bicycle-riding chimps.

        You lack the intelligence to know the difference between a green light (GO) and a red light (STOP) and, as such, you are yourself no better than a white bicycle-riding chimp.

        You are in no way morally superior to the black men you sneer at.


        Butterfly can recognize sarcasm
        when she’s 4 sheets to the wind,
        totally blotto, from tequila slammers
        and her favorite, vodka martinis.

        And Madame can recognize sarcasm
        when she’s doing xanax and quualudes
        her friends, Valley of the Dolls tranquilizers
        BUT kabuki girl can NOT recognize sarcasm
        when she’s doing BOTH booze and pills IN-COMBO.

        Her young daughter wants to escape
        desperately, but she’s still very young
        and is afraid to run away, so young
        and unprepared. She doesn’t want to wind up
        on the streets, having to prostitute herself
        to old men, to have money to eat
        and a roof over her head.
        All-in-all, it’s a great shame.

        I’m sure Butterfly was a stunner
        when she was young,but TOO much partying
        takes its toll before her time.
        She’s tired and looks much older
        than she really is or ought to be:
        from all the “good times”
        doing booze and drugs and getting
        gang-banged every night by chinese waiters,
        just off from work slinging pork fried rice
        and looking for pussy.

        Now Madame regrets
        she can’t figure out
        her ass from her elbow. *grin*

      10. Admin,

        “.. crude, ill-informed, substandard, disrespectful, and in violation of its site policy guidelines.”

        Of course, I know that.


        You fail to understand. You are disrespecting us by ARGUING with us, by giving us BACKCHAT, by HASSLING us, by WHINING and COMPLAINING about our policies, by QUESTIONING OUR AUTHORITY.



      11. Oh please MB,

        Don’t even try. You are no match.

        All you said in your latest contribution I regard as a compliment, coming from you.

    3. To control speech, even if guttering, is to control thought. I read that the poor white soul abused by his betters in Chicago was let off my his mother to meet one (1) of his betters. Let toejam explain. Years ago when my ex-brother in law went into the US military from Whitesville USA, he made friends with a Black fellow. He even brought his friend home on leave for Thanksgiving. So far so good. Later, when back on duty my ex-brother in law and his Black “friend” were at someplace where there were other Blacks. His Black “friend” took up with the other Blacks and something not good happened that turned the innocence and of my White ex-brother in law into extreme dislike for Black folks.
      Coming from Whitesville USA he went into the service with no preconceived notions one way or the other about Blacks. He left the service well educated about the tribal mentality of the Negro. This was told to me over 55 years ago. It seems that the young White fellow in Chicago also got an education on Black tribalism. Only this time with much injury being dished out by gibberish sounding somewhat south of 70 IQ offspring of welfare “queens” who may or may not know who the fathers are. However, these fine specimens of humanity do have a great Black father who will hopefully leave the White (Black) House by Jan 20, in the year of our fictional Lord 2017.

  2. @ LD

    I am glad to note that you have the moral integrity to express a healthy contempt for your own commenters and to be prepared to shut your website down entirely rather than let your commenters flout your authority. It seems to me that anyone who lacks the literary skill to make his point without resorting to the n-word must have a very limited vocabulary. And low intelligence too.

    Its not just that. They also lack respect and good manners. You have told them repeatedly that you find the n-word offensive and you have pleaded with them not to use it. They persist in using it, despite your pleas. That shows what bad-mannered louts they are.

    It’s hardly worth your while running a website for low-life animals like these. My advice to you is to shut your site down entirely as soon as possible and devote the rest of your life to worthier pursuits. You are wasting your life catering to the prejudices of these stupid rag-and-bone merchants.

    1. That would work very well for you, wouldn’t it. You come from the group that made four letter words a part of everyday language usage, they fought to allow such language in movies and they demean women in the Jew dominated porn industry. Jews made the most hateful movies for 70 years and continue to do so. Using the “N” word is probably more demeaning to the user of the word today than to blacks, but using the word “NAZI” (which Jews popularized) is demeaning to many Europeans and in particular Germans (that is why it’s screamed at anti-white rallies so much) and you made it a staple of everyday language usage.

      Jews have among the foulest mouths in the world and don’t hesitate to insult others, including whites, when they are angry. It’s perfectly understandable people would be upset at what this filth did to this man and the anger will likely get worse when they read other black low lifes minimizing it. And whites have a right to blame Jews like Soros and the Jew run New York Times and other media organizations for fanning the flames of hatred that resulted in these low IQ morons doing this. The constant anti-white rhetoric and defending thugs like Michael Brown while demonizing the police in the US resulted in this. These idiots felt so empowered they broadcast the torture to the world. They probably thought they would get the media defense other black thugs get.

      LD and her editors keeps such language off this website. This was an attack on whites. If it had been an attack on Jews, I’m sure you would have had no criticism of anything said about the attackers if they had been white. There are no limits on language when describing whites.

    2. Seymour,

      Well, finally you admit yourself that jews are not so intelligent, judging much of your gutter language – such an utterly jewish trait – displayed in many of your posts. Tell me something I don’t know.

  3. Only two days ago, this site published a superb article by a black man. His name was Jonas Alexis.


    Today, the same folk who praised Jonas Alexis and conceded that he was a great guy are using the n-word and applying it across the board to ALL blacks, including the much-loved Jonas Alexis.

    Listen, you foul-mouthed creeps! Do you think Jonas would be pleased if he heard himself described as a n****r? This is exactly what you are doing by referring to ALL blacks in these derogatory terms.

    Is it so hard for you swinish hooligans to abide by the rules of this website which are reasonable and good?

    1. A good advise, we should not fall in the jewish trick of divide et impera. We should all be united to get rid of the jew world order!

  4. As sad and deplorable this crime is,the question is ,what are you going to do about the root cause of it ,and the ever rising numbers of babies from black single and very young mothers .
    The government is partly to blame for encouraging young females to go out and fornicate and get pregnant . When they do become pregnant , often times without knowing or caring who the father is , the gates of governmental help become wide open from housing to heath care to food stamps to day-care programs and beyond .

    The traditional family is like an atom , break it and it will distroy everthing around it . The horrible story above is one simpton of the broken family . Instead of the government extending a helping hand to married couples , it punishes them . If you are married you cannot get health care or housing assistance among other things . So couples don’t get married or find work as it will make their lives miserable and very difficult to sustain .
    There you have it , these sons of single mothers are called sons of gun, because they are similar to the sons produced by soldiers in war times .

  5. Not so long ago I read a comment on this website by Karen which I greatly admired. Karen says she was sunbathing in a park in Toronto when a group of white guys came up to her and started molesting her sexually. Suddenly a well-built black guy appeared and chased the white pests away.

    Karen says she was extremely grateful to this black guy for rescuing her from these potential white rapists.

    I don’t think Karen turned to this nice black guy after her ordeal and said, “Thank you, n****r!”

    1. MB,

      Yeah, right. That must have been some weird bunch of white guys, then, sexually molesting an elderly lady in a park. But goodness gracious ‘all of a sudden’ there appeared the black knight in shining armour to defend poor old Karen 🙂

      I’ll bet she moved to the nearest black ‘neighborhood’ after that awful experience to feel safe among the noble blacks. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live among them, right? 🙂

      1. @ 1138


        Yeah, right. That must have been some weird bunch of white guys, then, sexually molesting an elderly lady in a park.

        Listen darling, I don’t want to hurt your feelings! — but this is a rather stupid comment for several reasons!

        The main reason is that Karen, as she explained earlier, was a very young and hot piece of ass at the time of this sexual molestation. This attempted rape, you see, took place many years ago when Karen was still deliciously attractive and rape worthy! So the incident she describes is totally plausible.

        I believe Karen is still a bit a stunner, though much older now. She still needs to take elementary precautions and is often accompanied on her walks by fierce guard dogs (which she trains) and which help to protect her from needless male harassment in public places.

        Personal disclosure: I myself have been raped almost three times, which is why I always cover my legs nowadays in long dresses, especially on public transportation where I have experienced inappropriate advances on several occasions.

      2. On one occasion I was chatted up by a Chinese midget in a streetcar in Vancouver. I was so disgusted I had to get out after three stops and take a taxi home the rest of the way. He said my height turned him on, cause I was 5’10” tall.

        I wouldn’t have minded if he’d been a tad taller, but hell! his head only came up to my waist!

        I avoid Chinese restaurants nowadays because of this unhappy incident. I don’t trust Chinamen. Especially the short guys.

        Whew, time for a vodka! 🙂

      3. Are you sure those so called whites were not Jews? Did they have the last names Polanski, Strauss-Kahn, Koestler or Ehrenburg, four famous Jews, the first three well known rapists and the fourth an advocate of mass murder and rape in his newspaper articles?

        If that story is even true, then Karen met a rare specimen among that group when compared to the number of Europeans (whites) that behave that way. In southern Africa (the continent of origin for all blacks), rape, murder, violence, mass poverty and lawlessness are and always have been widespread. In European (white) countries, which have been the most advanced countries in the world for the last few centuries and among the most advanced for the last 2,000 years, rape is an unusual occurrence (except during wartime) and when caught, the rapist is dealt with harshly. Protecting women has long been a feature of western societies (not African ones), until the recent adoption in the west of Jewish values, which brought Cultural Marxism to the west and not treating women special and not treating her like a lady has been pushed on the west.

        If that black man existed, he adopted western values and he’s an example of someone that successfully integrated into a western country. Unfortunately, many never do.

        “Looking at the 2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report we find that though Blacks are only 12.4% of the US Population, they commit 33.6% of the rapes of White females.”

        I do not like to highlight the superiority of western societies over African societies, except that Jews have created a false narrative to suit their interests and to hurt the interests of Europeans. The Jewish narrative is that all races and peoples are the same and there are no differences between them. This means that anyone can move to a western country and integrate successfully. The facts belie that claim. The other thing Jews claim is that the western countries are “proposition countries”, “a nation uniquely built not on blood, race or consanguinity, but on a proposition.” This is a segue into saying the USA (or other white countries) are not Christian countries and celebrating Christian traditions are an affront to non-Christians and that the success of these countries has nothing to do with the people that make up that country. Simultaneously, Jews push the narrative the whites are colonizers and mass murderers (NAZIS) and others have been their victims, most notably the Jews. This empowers the Jews and strips the ethnic majority of its power. Jews can then take over the top universities and keep more qualified whites out, nominate only Jews to head the Federal Reserve since 1970 and demand the US back Israel (the “holocaust” victims) in its racist policies towards Palestinians. In a “proposition country” whites go from being founders and developers of a great country to being the victimizers of others, despite the fact they are the only countries that have allowed millions of people from foreign cultures into their countries.

      4. @ Madame Butterfly

        On one occasion I was chatted up by a Chinese midget in a streetcar in Vancouver. I was so disgusted I had to get out after three stops and take a taxi home the rest of the way. He said my height turned him on, cause I was 5’10” tall.

        That “streetcar,” was it, by any chance, named “Desire”?

        @ Admin

        This site is truly amazing, truly. It has its own Fillini-esque troupe of actors/commenters. I haven’t laughed so hard in months.

        Yes, I know what happened is no laughing matter but I can’t help it. The comments and this thread is just too damn funny.

        Please don’t shut this site down. I promise never to use the N-word or K-word again, honest jew I will.

      5. Madame Butterfly can obviously associate with the men she wants to, but others can point out that her stories highlight the exception to the rule in the black man she talks about and that the peoples of the four white weaklings and the “Chinese midget” built advanced societies where women can live in safety as opposed to the crime ridden societies (and there are no exceptions – none) the “well-built black guy” originally came from. If you live in the US or Canada, you live in a country whites built and those countries greatness are due to the Europeans that built them. I might also add, her description of the Chinese guy as a “midget” makes her story sound less likely to me. The four white weaklings don’t sound much better. I sense some animosity towards Chinese in those statements and perhaps the whites too.

        Chinese, Japanese and other Asians are ideal immigrants in that they come from societies with low crime rates (I believe I read Asians are less prone to violence than whites) and Asians are highly competitive scholastically, outperforming whites. In fact it’s a problem for the US that Asians are displacing whites in the USA’s top universities. Unlike Jews, they are simply outperforming whites. I doubt China or Japan would allow that to happen in their countries and I hope Europe does not allow it to happen to their countries, assuming it hasn’t already.

        My ideal country provides opportunities for its own people to advance themselves and does not search the world for the most elite students so its own people become a minority in its top universities. I would set aside a certain number of positions in a country’s top universities for foreign students and they would be a minority. IQ tests have shown that Asians out perform whites, however there is something IQ tests don’t explain. For the last few centuries European countries have dominated science, engineering and math and Europe has always been highly competitive.

        As someone of German background I am very grateful for Jonas Alexis’ articles. He contests and makes convincing arguments against the “holocaust” and other favorite topics of Jews. Then there are high black achievers like Obama and others. And then there are the four low IQ morons discussed in this article. President Obama proudly proclaims that the USA will become a “browner” country and many whites have shown they don’t want that and intend to fight for their interests, which is to maintain a white majority. I believe that is part of the reason Trump was elected.

    2. You know, I am actually calling that story out as fake. No need to bend over backwards admiring Blacks after this incident. It should be recognised that Clintons use of the word “super preditors” was , surprisingly, correct. If we don’t face up to this reality there will be more of this stuff and it is not isolated. I still mourn the lovely young couple who were kidnapped, tortured horribly and murdered ten years ago. God rest Channon and Chris and give your parents peace.

      1. @ Mataranka

        You know, I am actually calling that story out as fake. No need to bend over backwards admiring Blacks after this incident.

        Who is asking you to “admire” blacks? The story is not a fake just because you say it. What evidence do you have that the story is a fake? Have you never heard of black gangs picking on white people?

  6. All of you are wrong.
    There are black people like Jonas Alexis and there are N’s like the pictured ones.
    Alexis would be the first one not to want to share the classification with the pictured “black people“.

    “and then the black people gouged out his eye with a burning stick after which the black people forced a boiled turd down his throat and finally the black people cut him up with a chainsaw”
    Oh yeah, now it reads much better, Jonas Alexis would approve.

    1. Rather than threaten to shut down LD Site, are there not automatic filters available that, when certain specified words are used, the comment goes in the Hold Tank? A surgical knife is preferable to a meat cleaver when trying to exclude something, is it not?

      Hello, Sister Monica.

      1. Poupon,

        Glad to see you back! Thought you’d stalked off in high dudgeon, heartily disgusted with all the commenters on this site! 🙂

        As to your question, yes, we have ways of blocking the n-word . . . but our unruly commenters, the ones who are determined to rewrite the rules of our website, have ingenious ways to flout our authority. For example, by writing the n-word as “n1gger”.

        That’s a nice polite way of spitting in our faces. Three of these smartypants have foiled our wishes in this way. They have reason to smirk, I guess, being so clever as to get the better of us.

        Rather than let these authoritarian bullies push us around, we are quite prepared to shut our website down entirely. Let them win. We are happy to lose. We will take Seymour’s good advice and devote the rest of our lives to nobler pursuits.

    2. @ Lobro

      All of you are wrong.

      No, we are NOT wrong! It is you who are wrong to insist on your right to use the n-word on a site where you have been asked politely NOT to use it.

      Jonas would have been horrified if he’d read some of the racist comments which had to be deleted and which obviously escaped your attention. One of these comments not only used the n-word repeatedly but also said that ALL blacks — and that would include Jonas — were no better than apes and monkeys with human language.

      Do you approve of comments like that?

      1. MB,

        Are you deaf and blind as well as dumb?

        I said, especially for the – bleeding heart – offended, that NOT ALL are like that. Only too many are. Or you want that swept under the rug as well?

        Same message minus the N-word.

        YES, I said that negroes, untouched by civilisation, are little more than apes with speech. How can they be with IQ’s of 60, 75? Some people may be convinced otherwise by the fact that they can learn to drive cars – meant literally as well as a metaphor – forgetting that chimps can be taught to ride bicycles or mopeds too, which should be regarded likewise.

        Western civilisation has a tremendous problem, as is demonstrated by the uneasiness of – even – this website to face obvious facts. It is no different than gentiles oblivious to what Jew is doing to them, AND NOT WANTING TO KNOW EITHER.

        You just keep on digging your head yet even deeper in the sand and end up as Afrikaners and Rhodesians.

        But hey, as long as you feel and be perceived as ‘alright’ things are peachy, right? Plus the bonus feelgood pastime of being able to point to the likes of 1138 and say ” oh, but we are not like that “.

      2. ok, fine by me if Alexis and the above four black people are to be grouped together because Alexis would be horrified to be called by a different name than them, i got no problem with that.
        they are all African American people, not a whit of difference between the five of them that would justify calling them by a different name.
        Thus we shall never again use the pejorative jihadi or rapefugee but the proper Muslim person.
        Agreed on that?

        Maybe once they are released from custody with appropriate recompense for their suffering, one of them can write the next article, otto frank stands ready to help with his pen said to be mightier than a smith+wesson .38, the jewish people and the black people must pay back the white people for all the historical injustices, slavery, gassings, bad words and so on.

        in the name of egalite, fraternite and politique rectitude, amen.

        As for someone including monkeys as a subspecies among the black people, no, i wouldn’t agree with that, having known enough black people who stood head and shoulders, morally, not basketballary above the average lot of nondescript people.
        I mean it, maybe the most courageous, loyal and scrupulously honest people ever, from barbados, Jamaica, Belize, Sierra Leone … but i’ve also known some N’s

      3. @ Madame Butterfly

        Do you approve of comments like that?

        No, I don’t.

        What these blacks did was unpardonable, but it doesn’t help to use the word n*****s to describe them. Why not just use words like “filthy swine” or “disgusting animals”?

        If you use the word “n*****s”, this will almost certainly be taken as abuse applicable to ALL blacks indiscriminately, including the exemplary Jonas Alexis. Indeed, one commenter on this site went so far as to say that ALL blacks were “apes with human language”.

        I don’t think that’s acceptable. Any boyfriend of mine who spoke like that would be given his marching orders right away.

        (BTW, I’m not a Jew — despite my tongue-in-cheek pen name. So please don’t start attacking me as being a Zionist troll!)

      4. what do we do with the word SHABBO GOY?
        Not nice, i might feel insulted that my brother should be ostracized so, aren’t we all the same?
        Gentile Aligned With K***s.
        obeisance to PC makes us all GAWK’s.

      5. @ Lobro

        obeisance to PC makes us all GAWK’s.

        Your disapproval of PC does you great credit, but your defense of the n-word in this particular context lacks elementary common sense.

        If you were invited to a dinner party, would you abuse the hospitality of your host and hostess by using the n-word in front of all the other guests, including a black couple?

        How far would you get if you announced pompously, “Hey, I don’t believe in obeisance to PC, so I’m gonna use the n-word for the rest of the evening — and you guys can like it or lump it!”

        I wouldn’t put it past you to behave like that, since you appear to preen yourself as being beyond the rules of polite society — the rules that apply to lesser mortals like me.

      6. Lobro,

        Oh, but I am sure there are many friendly African Africans in Zimbabwe and in South Africa too. And don’t forget it is indeed a wonderful thing that the awful segregation in the US has ended. I am sure you will agree things have improved tremendously since that time. I have a dream and all that, right? 🙂

        Well, I have dream too.

      7. Their criminal behavior and race are already known. Why keep repeating.

        Maybe a rather generic word like ‘perps’ (short for perpetrators) could work.

    3. Karen can’t help but to be a “stunner”. No matter how old she gets, Karen will always be a “stunner”, that’s because viper snakes remain “stunners” all throughout their whole viperous viper snake lives, no matter how old a viper snake gets, a viper snake is ALWAYS a “stunner”.

      1. Yeah, and I’ll bet she needs those huge vicious mouthfoaming dogs to protect her against whites whenever she leaves the safety of the black ‘neighborhood’ where she lives ever since that attack by white guys.

      2. 1138,

        Karen doesn’t live in a black neighborhood. Get your facts right. You’re not going to score points by telling lies about Karen.

    4. You are clearly in a highly defensive and apparently unstable state. Go have a cup of tea and calm down. Sorry, but there are many, many violent and impulsive Blacks targeting soft easy targets(Asians and whites, especially disabled, aged) and it is probably a genetic impulse. Houston, we have a problem.

    5. Mr. Lobro, I agree. I was reading some of the YouTube comments from this video (the full version one, about 25 minutes long, not the one in the post here) where fellow blacks were calling these people “horrible N’s,” “beasts,” and so on.

      I get the feeling that many Darkmooners are of a class where they’ve had little or no contact with those that live up to the N-word, and for those four that did this attack, there really is no other word to describe what they are in any adequate way. Still, if the admins don’t want that word used, so be it, but it’s really tempting to want to resist that because it’s so well-deserved in this case!

    6. Lobro,

      Jonas Alexis is what he is, has become what he is, only by learning imitating/adopting Western values and skills. Even the relatively few capable African Africans in Africa who are succesful suit wearing educated accomplished individuals are so because of White knowledge, skills and values which are adopted among that type of African. They would not have been succesful suit wearing educated accomplished individuals without it.

  7. There have been about 500 more murders in Chicago since 2003 than ALL US troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan….!!

    SICK! CNN reporter Sara Ganim caught LAUGHING while watching Chicago Kidnapping footage on air!

    NBC Reporter Defends (bleep) Trump’ Kidnappers – Were Not ‘Truly Trying To Be Criminal’ [VIDEO]

    Some news panelists are rushing to the defense of the four black people in Chicago who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man — saying the savage attack was not, in fact, a hate crime and that Donald Trump is ultimately to blame.

    (Butt-Head)NBC News correspondent Ron Mott and CNN political commentator Symone Sanders have both gone on the air and claimed that they believe the suspects were simply acting out of stupidity, rather than racism.
    “You look at it on the surface, you think kids can make some really poor decisions from time to time,” Mott said Thursday during an interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin. “They made so many errors, if they were truly trying to be criminal, to obviously broadcast your crime is not a smart thing to do.”

    1. Here is an intelligent comment by Pat which I commend for two reasons. Firstly, it makes its point all the more forcibly by avoiding the emotive language of the gutter — Pat doesn’t need to use the n-word to make his point. Secondly, Pat doesn’t need to insult Admin by openly flouting their wishes over the use of the n-word.

  8. Where and when I was growing up in the rural “South”, we never had the racial conflicts for which we were accused UNTIL some yankee-jew script writers decided to broadcast their fantasies on TV. Human nature follows scripts – and these young negroes are following theirs. “N word” reaction is just another script we need ignore – but an ingrained reaction, nonetheless. If you don’t like the word, don’t inspire its recital. Stick to your jew-bashing script if calling our attention to errant nigras makes you uncomfortable. (I am no “lowlife”, but I certainly don’t condemn usage of the “N” word in this case.)

  9. Admin, is it permissible to use the term “sub-human” on LD? Since “animals” passes muster, I would appreciate your opinion on this word. I have stopped using the term “animals” for people like the Blacks who tortured (no waterboarding-John McCain) this poor RETARDED boy. Animals don’t behave like this. They act according to imperatives to feed themselves, protect their kind, and generally follow necessity.

    “Animals” as a term are an insult to my cats. All of us, IN FACT, are animals. “Pets” is the proper nomenclature I believe for cats and dogs.

    1. @ Poupon

      It would depend on the context. The poster above who used the word “animals” qualified that with the adjective “disgusting”. She asked,

      Why not just use words like “filthy swine” or “disgusting animals”? [Instead of the n-word for badly behaved blacks].

      So it’s OK for someone to refer to your cat as an “animal” but not as a “disgusting animal”.


      1. I do, and I see the distinction. I find “sub-human” to be descriptive and objective, when used properly. In the Western Christian tradition, we have limits of acceptable human behavior. I believe it would be euphemistic to call outside of limits behavior “Extra-Human”. I believe this implies moral equivalence, as a parallel moral system, etc.

        Sub-human, to conclude, to me, is a point on a graph. It is below a horizontal line, i.e., The Human Line. It lies on the vertical axis. “Sub-human” is not for designation of someone like, say, John McCain. He is more precisely described as a harlot and tart, not to exclude poltroon, buffoon, and churl.

        Thank you for your elucidation on this point, Sister M.

      2. ADMIN: Here’s another example of the abuse of free speech by our resident loonie (TROJ) who complains bitterly how he is unfairly kept in Spamblinka and how everything he writes is most cruely “censored”. Well, I’m not censoring this post. (Sr. Monica).

        TheRealOriginalJoe :

        I notice, and I worry about it because I ALWAYS notice IT, I know, because I notice it happens EVERY TIME, EVERY TIME Poupon comes around a day or two later Lasha ALWAYS falls off her BLACK STALLION HORSE and has to be hospitalized for a LONG time with severe injuries to her mouth, twat, and asshole, qabala girl’s 3 “sacred” lilIth-worshipping orifices from which she spews out her dissimulating dual-minded NEW AGE NEW WORLD ORDER nimrod-babylon-jew-hebe-qabalah-aztec-islamo-hindoo-alchemical BLACK MOON “religion” shit out of her mouth asshole and cunt, her mouth no different in purpose than her twat and asshole. Basically, We can correctly say all 3 of Lasha’s what she thinks– and Poupon thinks — are ” ‘sacred’ ‘orifices’” are IN FACT really 3 REAL asshole cunts. 4 asshole cunts if We include Poupon, as I do here in this here post.

  10. Maybe all the bleeding hearts on Darkmoon will not take my word for it.

    I mean, who the hell does he think he is, this despicable ‘1138’ character, right? 🙂 What does he know? Well, there’s an answer to that too, and I will share it with you. I know what ANY man with half a brain knows. ( no doubt that some Darkmoon readers who appear a bit ‘slow’ will take that as if I would have only half a brain, but so be it. that’s just their limited level of wittiness )

    Anyhow, I’m sure you want to know what somebody with rather extensive experience with negroes has to say about them. I’ll first paste the quote down for you to read and then his name. And THEN al you ‘intelligent’ decent anything-but-not-like-1138-types 🙂

    “I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.

    There is something that all White men who have lived
    here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals
    are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional
    abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any
    functions of our civilization.

    I have given my life to try to
    bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must
    offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain
    this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For
    whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their
    equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will
    destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship
    or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere
    in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that
    you must maintain this status: you the master and they the
    inferior, like children whom you would help or teach.

    fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your
    social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    Albert Sweitzer

    Now there’s only one thing left to do; to get this into your thick skulls!! 🙂

    1. Nigras are what they are. Trying to pretend, and enforce that pretense, is the underlying problem, here. The really enfuriating components of the controversy are the libtards who proclaim “All are equal!”.

    2. @ 1138

      Never fraternize with them [Negroes] as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

      Unfortunately for you, the long Albert Schweitzer quote you give above in your comment is a totally bogus quote. Schweitzer never said this. No wonder you provide no source for your fabricated quote! 🙂

      1. @ 1138

        Suffice to say that the authenticity of your quote has been questioned and that no written document penned by Schweitzer contains that disputed quote.

        These are words supposedly uttered on his deathbed which someone overheard and wrote down quickly on the back of an envelope for posterity! 🙂

        So who was this mysterious eavesdropper who wrote down these alleged words uttered by the dying Schweitzer on his deathbed? Would you care to tell us? What is your impeccable source, hmm? 🙂


        Well, I could try to find a ‘reliable’ source. But what would you consider a reliable source? I know I do not consider wiki a reliable source. The first search results containing this quote are mostly ‘extremists’ sites. But Darkmoon is also considered as such, or at least as a fake site, so …… And many many of those so-called ‘extremists’ are for example telling the truth regarding WWII and the holohoax where as wiki is blatantly lying about it, so who’s reliable and who’s not?

        Anyhow, who was there when he said it? Who was there when Jesus said anything?

        So instead of searching for a source you consider reliable let me ask you something; how do you think Albert Sweitzer regarded the negroes he tried to help – apparently they needed it – for half a century? As his or the white man’s equals? That is highly unlikely wouldn’t you agree? Because would that be the case one might wonder why they were is such a pathetic prehistoric primitive state. So whether he literally said this or not, I believe this quote pretty accurately describes his feelings about the negro. Do you believe he thought that the thick skulled wooly haired negro was a being operating at the same emotional and intellectual level as him or ‘the white man’? Or could it be that he actually really considered them like this ‘quote’ is revealing? What do you think is more probable?

    3. Well, you must concede Schweitzer WAS in Africa, so he probably saw what we see, too. To emphatically state that he did NOT voice this quote is to suggest you were present at his passing. (I doubt you were there.)
      It certainly is no more unjust to be skeptical of negroes than it is to be skeptical of all Jews. Quit the hypocrisy.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        If you think Schweitzer said that, you need to provide a source. Where did he say that? What book? What essay? When?

        How can we believe a fabricated quote conjured up out of thin air?

  11. There’s a filthy spic , so typical for spics, dirty and disgusting, who lives a few blocks from me. One day I was walking my Beautiful Wheaton-colored whoddle doodle — “Wheaten-colored” means “BLONDE” — around the neighborhood and I walked my adorable BLONDE passed his house and the spic was out in his front yard with his neurotic spic chihuahua, they’re all neurotic the spic chihuahuas, the chihuahuas the dirty filthy spics love so much and the dirty greasy spic was looking down his nose at my BEAUTIFUL BLONDE as if to say, ” disgusting animal” and I said to the spic, “You’re in NO postion to look down you nose at my dog, your dog is nothing but a ‘rat on crack’ I said , “that’s what chihuahua’s are, rats on crack, you dirty disgusting spic and your rat on crack you spics are so stupid you actually think your spic rat on crack is a canine?”. The spic was rendered befuddled. I kinda felt bad for the rat on crack the poor neurotic nervous agitated thing was stuck with a dirty disgusting spic owner.

    1. It never rains (or snows) in sunny California, crack addled chihuahuas and spics aside. It’s 10F here, and being a small town, low taxes aside, ice removal is haphazard, I wear slip on spiky cleats to walk my babies. Mr. Hitlers’ shepherd was named Blondie. You would enjoy reading My Dog Stupid by John Fante, another Californian, and a good and honest Italian man.

  12. I could not watch this video because it is so shocking and thanks to Piers Morgan and the website of Darkmoon for pointing it out. This is our reality. This is the end result of cultural Marxism, the Frankfurt School. Cultural Marxism’s goal was to change society so that all the values of family, church, country were overturned to be replaced by certain chosen “minorities” who were seen oppressed by the white, Christian heterosexual majority. So it’s better to be gay than straight, better to be a Muslim than a Christian, better to be a person of color than a white…etc. Since cultural marxism began in colleges when I was in college it has been my fate to live with this ideology my entire life. Now it has obviously gotten so real and so bad that a person who happens to be white or have a white child has no choice but to protect that child by leaving areas where minorities have become majorities, apparently like certain areas of Chicago. California as the home of cultural marxism and as a 38% white state will be next to follow south Chicago. Is that good? Well, according to the cultural marxists that is excellent. Right now California has the highest taxes in the nation in order to pay for the price of extreme poverty of so many immigrants. L.A. Unified is broke. The state is broke. Interestingly, Clinton beat Trump by 4 and a half million votes in California. The problem is that for the most part the privileged minorities (who are in fact majorities) mostly work for white people who might eventually have to flee the state. Oh I guess gays, pedophiles, and other special minorities that happen to be white will be here still. Already the California legislature is making it impossible to raise kids here with their draconian vaccine laws, and now the state wants the right to take children away from families who don’t vaccinate or don’t raise their kids the way the state believes is correct. (Recognize the Marxist ideology there?) The state wants to take kids away from their mothers and hand them over to a pedophile run “child protective services.” Fortunately, other states are beginning to see California as sick. Hollywood is cultural Marxists central, and propaganda machine for the politically correct agenda of anti-white racism, and the anti-family and pro-pedophila agenda.
    Allow your kids to watch a Hollywood kid movie and they will be programmed into porn. Under the surface we now see from the Podesta e-mails is a festering cult called spirit cooking where food is shaped into corpses and eaten with gusto. This cult dominates the pop stars that influence the conformist generation that thinks torturing kidnaped disabled white boys is OK. Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics should wake up and ask the question: is this the society I want for my children, would I be proud to be the parents of these boys and girls?

    1. @ Kapoore

      Good post as usual. I only have two comments. 🙂

      “…other states are beginning to see California as sick.”

      Actually, some states have known this for a long time.

      “…would I be proud to be the parents of these boys and girls?”

      They do not have parents. They have “offspring generators” with the only qualification being to have unprotected sex. Normally, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  13. This will not help. We all know it is the plan… chaos. Cultures clash until they are destroyed by dilution:

    –-A New American: The Rise of Somalis in Minnesota—

    MINNESOTA HAD/HAS… as of 2013….
    …. the largest population of Somalis outside of Somalia…!!

    The Somali diaspora has resulted in 60,000 – 70,000 Somalis now – 2013 – making Minnesota their home and this number is expected to grow..!!

    1. I understand most of them are so black they’d piss ink, Pat – which means they’re probably blue-gums. Blue-gum nigras are usually good-natured and strong. No worries there. Useful.

  14. Montecristo, although I agree with your caveat in fact, I disagree in essence. Fact is, as civilized (superior?) people we don’t resort to racial epithets and crude generalizations. Essence is, only we civilized (superior) people are cautioned against ‘racism’ when every other race on earth IS racist.

    1. Yes, but Whites should hold themselves to a standard. I do not think this means being weak, spineless and bleeding hearted about things. You can be strong, firm, resolute, uncompromising and respectful. Of course. In battle I give men leeway -go for it!

      1. Gee, don’t you remind me of someone … :-/ never mind, ability to directly connect A to B by a short, straight line is always welcome.

        Aside: look at the “black African American person of female orientation” in the UR corner.
        notice how she dyed her hair brunette in order to appear less black African and more White.
        I say, Throgmorton, most strange.

    2. An argument about the vicissitudes of the word, “N*gg*r is of two levels. One is the academic and theoretical one on whether and hither it should be/not be uttered or written. This connects to a wide variety of influencers, e.g., common mores and norms, religion, tradition, unwanted noise, etc, etc.

      The second one is straightforward and practical. When you are in someone’s house, it is the rules by the Master or Chief’s law that is obeyed. Of course, the same applies to ships and other vessels. There is no firmament-after a few entreaties-to continue to push the point on the LD Site. We are all guests in her and the owners’ house. Likewise, EVERYONE loses their shoes, who passes through my doors. No exceptions. None. I can’t stand the thought of the random filth of the world on the bottom of their shoes entering my living spaces.

  15. This argument over manners reflects what happens when females take over a discussion, self-censorhip. Isn’t it easier to simply ignore whatever seems to offend your lofty sensibilities?

    1. @ Cengiz

      I admire your logic. When females “take over a discussion” (by voicing an opinion), we should simply ignore them! Only males should be taken seriously. BTW, I love your moniker. It suits you.

      Do you skin women alive once you’ve hacked off their breasts and boiled them in mare’s milk?

      I wouldn’t be surprised.

      1. Anyone (male or female) can ignore any comment they find offensive, without going into drama, or trying to prevent others from expressing themselves fully. Thank you for confirming my point, please fly off to the nearest flower, lest you land on a cowpie.

  16. On Wednesday the police initially said this was not a hate crime . Then were pressured, by whites I am assuming on social media. On Thursday the suspects were charged with hate crimes violations.

  17. Lobro,

    A pleasure to see you posting here still! I read your comments every day with avid interest even though I don’t have time to participate in the discussion. My job takes me away most days…

    Please remain loyal to Lasha who needs your support. Setting yourself up in opposition to her by openly flouting the rules of her website in regard to the use of the n-word will only undermine her morale and hasten the demise of this excellent website.

    Surely this cannot be what you want?

    1. Ruthie,

      A pleasure to see you reading here still!
      the question of my loyalty and support for lasha is a moot one, as i am her lifelong friend.
      (i said HER friend, not necessarily loyalty to the site, much as i like it under Monty’s direction and Sis Monica’s deft assistance – tho i do miss toby also and enjoy seeing Grammarian’s funny input)

      But we do need to have more clarity on what constitutes proper input.
      Vulgarity for its own sake is unwelcome and it should be unwelcome as it attracts lower quality minds, like flies to sh1t (there goes that sneaky “number one in aid of Number-Two” again, eh Sister? 😉 lots of ways to circumvent the filter, eg, N!66ER and if someone (was it you or the inimitable Mme papillon who said “why can’t you just call them filthy animals”) insists that “N!66ER” is a worse appellation than “filthy animal”, ie, lower on bio-scale, fine by me, i give you no argument on that score.

      But look, i am talking about something else entirely and try to catch my intention here.
      Lumping the whatever-lifeform-article-refers-to into the exact same classification as the noble specimen like Jonas Alexis is criminal, in my view and it is precisely what Jew wants, namely this idea of brute homogenization misnamed as Diversity – the truth being the exact opposite – it perfidiously smears the good with the stink of the bad.
      We must learn to keep the turd out of the punchbowl before drinking, otherwise it’s the poisoned Kool-Aid.

      In every group there are good and the bad (except among the jews whom i define as the adherents of Judaism, ie, worshipers of lucifer, therefore exclusively bad – so that those who don’t qualify under those terms are not jews, simple as that) and insisting that the good and the bad bear the same tag is an evil concept as it relativizes the morality.
      Thus: Black People and N166ERS are two categories which though superficially similar are fundamentally different, like garden snakes and pit vipers.
      Just look at those pictured mugs, Ruth, especially the lower right, does he look like a “Black Human” to you?
      Me neither and calling him a black human is an open invitation to commit another such abomination or an encouragement to escalate the performance.
      ENCORE! BRAVO! Applauds the politically correct Whitosaurus.

      and don’t work so hard ruth, drop by more often, today is Lord’s Day, used to be against law in toronto to do anything on sundays, not even go to a movie, which caused a fiscal Hollywoodocaust, so JEWS lobbied ceaselessly for years, hyperventilating against its injustice until the city hall and Ontario govt finally scrapped it.

  18. To many folks, name-calling seems unnecessary and crude, and hearing others resort to it can be distasteful enough to make some just turn and walk away. I don’t think that that is what DM wants or needs, but it may be the desire of some posters.

    1. rebar,

      Beautifully put. This crude and distasteful name-calling turns away good posters and leaves the site at the mercy of the name-callers. We’d rather keep the sensitive good posters and get rid of the mouth-foaming thugs. Let them go to the Daily Stormer where they will find themselves in good company.

  19. God is a racist. I am racist and a member of the Christian race. We have been raised in a communist (judaism) empire that is at war with God. Racism is not evil until satan is in charge of your public education and media. We have been brainwashed into hating Gods kind after kind law. Race mixing is an attack targeting the Christian race. It is White Genocide fomented by the jew. It is White Suicide not to be racist. These thugs are not racist, they are black. They are doing what blacks do. If they were racist, they would go back to Africa and be with their tribe. Instead they are biological warfare bombs dropped on a White Nation. A gift from the jew that keeps on giving.

  20. thugs bullies and criminal animals come from every race creed and faith
    the Israeli Jewish animals in occupied Palestine are so far the worse of the worst super predators
    and these four ugly black super predators animals are almost the same as the barbaric Israeli settlers ,deterrence is the best antidote against thugs
    look at the faces of these thugs , they are super predators animals .
    A nice silver antidotes between their ugly eyes will be a nice payback so the other animals know what will be coming if they commit crimes against the innocents.
    The Jews stole Palestine and now are stealing white America.
    Politically correct dogma ,homosexuality ,multiculturalism ,mass immigration ,promoting Blacks and other minorities at the expense of the White majority is a Jewish agenda to occupy White America
    wake up People and quit being so naive and so sensitive to uttering a more fitting word to describe
    a filthy thugs.
    yes I agree with my friends ,make America White again.even though trumpy is cocko.

  21. some additional thoughts, seeing the reaction and the reaction-to-reaction here, pretty instructive both ways.


    is it to inform us of how violent chicago can get? as if none of us ever heard of it ever before, st valentine’s day massacre, etc.
    The US is a violent place and 8 obamayears obviously haven’t done much to disperse it, even tho so many, ahem, coloreds openly wept in rapture on his first election – amazing grace, uplifting gospel music, i remember being struck how when transiting nairobi airport, just about every WOMAN was reading some weepy, sugarcoated obama biography or another (guys were drinking the excellent tusker beer, the friendliest airport i have ever seen).

    or is the purpose to flush out the forum racists, overt and latent ones?

    because the admin seems to have been caught unprepared by the raw emotional reaction of the kind that gets registered in america, rather more something that passes for english restraint, i will toss a few typical terms on the pile, help yourself to whatever suits best – bluestocking, milquetoast, tay+cucumber sandwiches, saying stuff like
    “eww, how positively uncouth, i do declare, who ARE these people, they don’t sound like our Land’s End neighbours”.

    just superimposing that poor kid’s frightened innocence with the black person’s defiant menace (“wass ya problem biyatch, i gon do it agin”) is bound to result in a powerful reaction, the absence of which is a surefire indicator of psychopath mentality.

    it just ain’t fair.

    As much as i will always treasure lasha, i can’t sit on the truth as i see it.
    and i want all of you to see it too, clear distinction between form and function.
    And that doesn’t make me a racist, unless racist and human are the same thing … hm, maybe we uncovered a fresh new jew trick.

    1. I feel the same way, Lobro – –

      “i can’t sit on the truth as i see it.
      and i want all of you to see it too, clear distinction between form and function.”

      The world is very violent. The US urban areas ARE violent. Russia IS a violent country run by organized crime thugs and corrupt cops. Moscow is the worst in Russia:

      Moscow murder suspect was shot during the arrest Jan 8, 2017

      In the South-East of Moscow, the suspect in the murder of the man opened fire on officers, then shot himself, reports «Interfax».

      In a press-service of the Moscow Central Directorate of police said that on Sunday around 6:30, the police received a report of a shooting in the streets Vasiltsovsky Mill. Arrived at the scene, police found that at approximately 6:15 an unidentified man shot the man and fled. The victim died at the scene from his injuries.

      -From a Moscow psychiatric hospital escaped killer
      -The man threw a grenade at police in Buryatia
      -Six people injured after shooting in Yekaterinburg
      -Unknown shot a man in Moscow: police called signs of the killer
      -Lain 5 days a body found in the stairwell in the South-East of Moscow
      -In Tver mother with roommate killed his 13-year-old daughter
      -In the Stavropol region police officer killed his ex-wife and killed himself


      The attacker, who killed a man on the street Wasilowski Mill on the morning of 8 January, staged a gunfight with the police during the arrest. After that, he died by shooting himself. It is reported, citing the interior Ministry in Moscow.

      According to reports, the perpetrator intended to escape after the killing, committed by him previously. We will remind, on Sunday morning in Moscow killed a local resident after an unknown man opened fire at him from a gun.


      –In Moscow detained a man suspected of armed assault on a police officer, reports «TV Center»–

      The incident occurred on the Leningrad prospectus. Late night staff patrol stopped a young man for a routine check of documents. Reaction to the standard procedure of the man was aggressive. He pulled out a gun and fired several shots at one of the police officers, then fled. The victim was taken to the hospital.


      —In Moscow detained seven police officers for the use of children in order to catch pedophiles.—

      It is reported TASS with reference to law enforcement bodies of the capital.

      It is noted that the police used children for detention of pedophiles, and then extorted money from them for the termination of the criminal case.

      A police officer is charged with the organization of criminal community and participation in it. However, it is possible that the number of articles in them may increase.


      —From the Moscow river took the battered body of a man—

      In the North-West of the capital in the Moscow river found the body of a man. According to law enforcement officers, before he died, he was severely beaten, reports TASS.

    1. We Goyim are somewhere on the genetic and evolutionary continuum between East Asians and Nigarolls. In the last few decades, we have been slip-sliding toward the Dark Persuasion. Increasing weakness seems to be taken as a flattering trait among “Our People” (Guffaw), and also deep seated masochism and affinity for abuse and debasement.

      ADMIN: You comment went for “automatic” monitoring because you used one key word (or rather prefix!).

  22. What a bunch of hypocrites! You / we are all n*****s to Rothschild banksters and media mongols (pun intended) until you / we are made free by the Son of Man/The Lord/Christ.

    Everyone on Planet Earth is a n****r. It is called globalization (NWO). It is being fought.

    The video (which I did not watch) is useful to incite more race wars and further division. Appropriating the word “n****r” to one race (black) is incorrect. We are all n*****s now until the time we are made free. The fourth beast referred to below is the Roman Empire. If you are still entrenched within the lies of the Roman Empire, then you are their n****r.

    Daniel 7:2 Daniel spoke and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.

    7:3 And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.

    7:4 The first [was] like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.

    7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and [it had] three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

    7:6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.

    7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth (ch. 2:40): it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it [was] diverse from all the beasts that [were] before it; and it had ten horns (Rev. 17:12).

    7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn [were] eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.

    7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment [was] white as snow, and the hair of His head like the pure wool: His throne [was like] the fiery flame, [and] His wheels [as] burning fire.

    7:10 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him: thousand thousands ministered unto Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him: the Judgment was set, and the books were opened.

    7:11 I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the horn spoke: I beheld [even] till the beast was slain, and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame.

    7:12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.

    7:13 I saw in the night visions, and, behold, [one] like the Son of Man came with the “Clouds” of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before Him.

    7:14 And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion [is] an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom [that] which shall not be destroyed.

    The whole of The Book of Daniel:

    1. another one brainwashed by the jew OT. please throw the bible away, burn it. The brainwashing manual of the jews

      1. @ Lorn

        You speak for yourself, not me, with your ad hominem attack with no base in The Truth.

        It is your fault if you cannot decipher The Bible along with the Old Testament/Covenant.

        You need to read “The Way home or face The Fire” – – in order to be able to do so.

  23. I can understand why the “n” word is offensive. It’s OK if you’re Black to say it but not OK if you are white. Good parents raise their children to understand that certain words are not said because they are offensive. This isn’t political correctness; it’s civility. Civility has been replaced by political correctness. Many people are incapable of civil discourse because they have been raised on expletives. Unfortunately due to the cultural marxists and the Frankfurt School and the ban on anything written by “dead white men” we have become one of the crudest societies on earth. TV shows are random violence with no plot, no subtlety, no characters. Music is just noise. Nothing has sunk lower than art, though. Now art must be edgy, that is, shocking to the senses like the spirit cooking dramatizations where people eat corpse cakes. Look up the MOCA performance of 11/12/11 and be shocked. So this beating up of a disabled white boy (and virtually destroying his life) is like a low art form of the Frankfurt School, it’s outcome.

    We, though, do not have to conform to this abominable culture dished out by Hollywood, the mouthpiece of the Frankfurt School; we be informed and also tune it out…hard but possible. I do not stoop to their level. I don’t eat like a pig, act like a pig, etc. Something has to be left after these beyond disgusting, pedophile, pigs have self destructed. We know what civility means and so we have to model it.

    1. Yes, Kapoore, civility can be contagious…. depending on the color….

      ….especially when it is…. GREEN..!!!

      Cop stomps head of dark-guy. That’ll get the boy getting kicked by cops the price of college at Harvard, but will spend it on drugs and parties… 🙂

      —The Amount of Money Raised For the Chicago Victim is Amazing–
      —But Not Just Because of How Much It Is—

  24. ADMIN: Arch, sorry but I have no idea why your comments are going for monitoring. Please check our email and URL details to see they are in order. Thanks!

    Darkmoon posters should take their guidance from George Lincoln Rockwell’s Ivory Tower to Privy Wall. To wit: One should direct their style and verbiage to the audience they address.

    As for this video, I am sickened and outraged to a point where I can now longer view such events or allow them access to my mind. I saw this a few days ago on and just closed the tab at a glance, as I knew I no longer want to go there.

    I avoid the mounting evidence of Negro hatred and criminality against whites like the Jewish plague upon the white man it truly represents. But by far, the biggest outrage is the total inability or even desire by the white community to take, or demand, justice for these sick, twisted perpetrators, nor will they address the Jews’ constant feeding of the Negro’s manufactured hatred for the white race.

    Just listen to the Negro rap booming forth from those shiny new SUVs; those are stylized, electronic Negro war drums and chants passing by.

    We have all heard about the imagined past injustices evil whites inflicted upon their innocent Negro neighbors. We have all heard about how the KKK and other hateful whites took out their senseless anger on innocent Negroes, for no apparent reason other than their skin color, as an excuse to “lynch” them.

    No doubt many here have heard Bob Dylan’s né Robert Zimmerman’s absurd exoneration concerning the guilt of the very guilty Negro named Ruben “Hurricane” Carter. Anyone bothering to review the case facts will find that, like the Jew Leo Frank, this Negro was undeniably guilty of the crime for which he was accused. Yet how many whites made an effort to do this as opposed to those who simply took the lyrics of hugely popular Jewish folk singer as proof of innocence?

    Such events provide perfect examples as to why Negroes (and Jews) were and are unquestionably guilty in virtually all these past events and why they were hung from trees – to provide a highly visible sign to other Negroes of the results for their vicious criminality.

    Whites rarely commit utterly senseless crimes. This is especially true for groups of whites. Whereas Negroes invariably commit senseless crimes, especially when gathered in groups. In fact, the larger the Negro group, the more horrendous the crimes. It is Jews and only Jews that have inverted this reality.

    To Jews, the Negro is nothing more than a useful weapon to facilitate the murder and torture of their hated white enemy. The tragedy is that, benefit-of-the-doubt-first! whites are too either too ignorant or too stupid to comprehend or acknowledge this fact.

    As for shutting down this website, that would simply constituent another victory for Jews.

  25. The comments are eclipsing the article. It almost becomes comical. If a word is germane to the topic or a point being made why not use it? Think about it they have you saying the “n-word” so you will not feel guilty and HORRORS maybe labeled a racist. Me thinks they got into your head. Funny how malleable is the altruistic gentile mind. If the black community would police their ranks these words would lose their negative connotation.

  26. the daily stormer website will not allow me to post there .simply because i called them stupid trumpy supporters and deranged lunatic hilly billies.
    what is wrong with free speech. why people are so sensitive these days.
    the jew now is laughing ,divide and conquer is working perfectly for them
    did you know that they tested and perfected it in the middle east first
    welcome to the jew world.
    I’m no longer a politically correct sensitive person at least I’m an equal opportunity lover.

  27. Maybe i’m wrong but i thought niger meant black in latin. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger means black Plow man in German and negger means black. I guess it is filthy word in the English language. So they go by African American that’s PC for ya. Maybe you should refer to them by calling them what Jewish people do Swartza which also means black.

    1. Good point, E.J.

      One thing I’d like to say on behalf of Admin is this. The thugs who would like to bully us into using the n-word on our site are invited to try bombarding the Occidental Observer and Counter-currents with their puerile n-word comments and see if they have better luck there. They won’t! Their comments would be deleted, and if they persisted in using the n-word, they would be banned. And justifiably so.

      We make the rules here. We wish to maintain high standards and avoid the descent into gutter language. Anyone who doesn’t like our policies is free to leave.

  28. What are the odds these grotesque feral apes will:

    A) Get the same % MSM coverage as NoLimitNiqqa & St Steven lawrence?

    B) That ratfaced lardarse (((Jarvey Weinstein))) will get handsome blond Nordics like Dolph Lundgren, Leo DiCaprio to play the dindu thugs while some AA Star Wars halfwit will play the victim.

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