Arch Stanton — ‘Jews are the problem’


“There can be no possibility of a white resolution to the Jewish problem as long as our comrades continue to provide their full, unwavering support to the enemy.”  — Arch Stanton

Dr. MacDonald’s brilliant, exhaustive trilogy about the Jews is the reason for his fame among those of the Hoffman-lens class. He is truly one of the greats among those endeavoring to expose the true nature of the Jew. Like many others, he is no doubt loath to admit defeat and most likely hoping against hope that Trump will reverse the present outgoing white tide.

The reason I no longer suffer delusions of any possible white recovery is due to the white people with whom I interact on a regular basis.

Perhaps the most bizzare statement I ever heard came from a solid, Christian, white male of the type Jews find particularly reprehensible. One evening as I attempted to inform him of just how the Jews viewed him and his race, he looked at me in wide eyed wonder and chirped “but I’m a Jew too!” I told him, “Take that to the rabbi down at your local synagogue and see what he says about your alleged Jewishness.” That was the last time I ever broached the subject with him.

In all the years I have been talking with white people, I personally know only a handful who are truly aware of the Jews and the terrible consequences stemming from their presence. As a young man, no one ever offered me the slightest information or insight about Jews. I had to research the subject myself to figure it out.

This would never have happened had I not begun researching Jesus and his connection to the Old Testament. Later, books like those by Adolf Hitler, Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Jones contributed to my further awareness of the issues presented by the presence of the pernicious Jewish parasite. Back in my biker days we considered ourselves the 1 per cent who rejected the values of “button-down” America. If as a biker I was 1 per cent of the population, I must now be .0000001 per cent of the population that is Jew aware.

I am still amazed at how many Bible reading Christians cannot see the Jew’s true nature right in front of their face. I can only attribute this phenomenon to the most amazing example of religious disinformational programming ever forced upon another race.

Recently, I was telling a young Christian man about how Abram/Abraham was a liar and extortionist. I pointed out how Abram lied to his wife and then had her lie to Pharaoh and Abimelech about his relation to her. Abraham’s son Issac later commits the very same extortion scam against the very same Abimelech! How can one argue with success?

The story is quite clear that the “Lord God” is running an extortion racket based on lies and threats, but then what extortion racket isn’t? To anyone who is Jew aware, this comes as no surprise. Considering Abram/Abraham is the Jew’s primary patriarch, why wouldn’t he exhibit common, Jewish criminal behavior?

Starry-eyed, the young man just shook his head, saying “No, no, no! You just don’t understand!” I replied “What you are telling me is what I hear TV preachers telling their audience. I have never believed a word I heard from these media preachers. After you have given up your Christian beliefs and objectively studied the subject for some twenty years and then written extensively about Jesus, the Temple and the sacrificial system, I might consider listening to any alternative views you might have on Biblical matters.” None of this mattered, he could not accept the evidence placed plainly in front of his nose.

This same young man has regaled me with stories about how Jesus-as-God was actually every character in the Old Testament, how dinosaurs and giants roamed the earth during Biblical times, how the sun revolves around the earth and how stars are actually “god’s angels” twinkling in the night sky. What chance does the white race have when their young people entertain such TV preacher mythical claptrap about a Jewish “holy” book?

Perhaps the biggest problem faced by the white race is the oft denied, yet commonly held idea that one should agree with an author before reading their views on a given subject. In the beginning, I too was highly skeptical of what I was reading; after all, how could anyone possibly get away with lying about something like the Holocaust? It wasn’t until I began tracking down the information sources that I became aware it was always the same people saying and writing the same thing.

Herein lies but one of the fundamental problems facing the white race: One must overcome their heavily programmed prejudices and preconceptions to find the truth, but how many are willing, or even able, to do so?

There can be no possibility of a white resolution to the Jewish problem as long as our comrades continue to provide their full, unwavering support to the enemy.

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  1. Mr. Stanton, I refuse to buy into the concept of collective guilt or perniciousness of any nation, race, or state and yet I still read your work avidly while agreeing with much of what you say.
    I think also you are unwise to deny the possibility of a White renaissance, which necessarily will affirm self-determination and justice for all racial entities.

    1. You don’t believe in collectivity when it comes to guilt (of Jews) , but you do believe in collectivity when it comes to a “renaissance” (of Whites) ?

      Not all Jews are criminals, but when a Jewish criminal is caught, he can count on support from the whole Jewish community.

      In 1913 this happened in the case of Leon Frank, who raped and then murdered a 13 years old girl who worked in his factory. His guilt was established and he would get the death penalty, but under Jewish pressure the governor of his state pardoned him. An angry mob then lynched him. This was explained as an act of “anti-Semitism” by the Jews and to prevent any such thing happen in the future the Anti-Defamation League was founded. To this day the Jews maintain that Leon Frank was innocent.

      Another famous case is that of Jonathan Pollard, an intelligence analyst of the US government, who sold tons of classified information to the Israeli embassy. The Israeli government then sold the information to Russia. This contained secrets that cost the lives of numerous agents behind the Iron Curtain and endangered the whole NATO defense in Europe. When Pollard was caught, all Jewish organizations in the US and all visiting Israeli politicians pleaded for his clemency, without any sense of shame. Pollard is literally worshipped as a martyr in Israel.

      The other day an Israeli soldier has been condemned as guilty of murder of a Palestinian youth. His guilt was undeniable because a video of his deed was made, yet the Israeli public (including prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu) plead for his pardon.

      The massacre in Gaza of 2008-2009 was condoned by 95% of the Jewish public in and outside of Israel.

      We could adduce example after example of this kind of collective behavior of the Jews : a few Jewish individuals commit a crime but the whole Jewish community support them. We can call this “collective guilt” for a reason.

      1. Franklin, there is however, one good thing to say about those who claim to be Jews. They don’t age well.

      1. @ Arch
        “How about religion?” Yes, religions too. Among ALL groups, even the dreaded Muslims, are merciful and Godly persons to be found.
        And Arch, it seems rather opportunistic and twisted to use biblical sources to condemn Abraham’s supposed perfidy while denying other parts of Scripture you deem fantasies.
        The odd young man you met (how convenient a straw man) who claimed that twinkling stars were angels, etc. did not speak for the great majority of Christians.
        It speaks well for our tattered White ‘movement’ that we generally value one anothers insight and help – whether from White atheist, Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, etc. We may disagree on points of ideology and tactics, but we must do so fraternally.
        Most Christians agree – it is not only acceptable to question God, God welcomes it. Arch, hubris gets you nowhere. All of us, believers or not, fools or scientists, shamans or sages, know little of ‘reality’. As Shakespeare wrote, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
        Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

        Religious orientation (or not) should ideally be a choice. An open mind is quite necessary. And it appears finally the only choice we have is in orientation – to mercy, love, and goodness… or to hubris and the libido dominandi.

        And @ Franklin, who wrote “..the Jews : a few Jewish individuals commit a crime but the whole Jewish community support them. We can call this “collective guilt” for a reason.”
        It is impossible, Franklin, that all Jews support all other Jews. There are good among all nations/races.

    2. S.W., please take no offense where none is meant but i want to approach this from a somewhat different angle.

      are phrases such as “I refuse to accept”, “I refuse to believe” and so on somehow innate to female psyche?
      the reason i ask is because i recently came to a very near schism with a long time female friend, otherwise a friend of most excellent credentials and intelligence (actually make that 2 such friends), whose final response was precisely of this sort: “i refuse to accept” and that’s it, a door slammed on further deliberation.

      As if “I refuse, j’accuse” is an exclamation of moral superiority, so axiomatic as to be impenetrable to truth or logic, demolishing all counter-arguments a priori.
      i would add that both are of that rightist, anti-immigration, jew-wise feminist persuasion, for the most part all fine but there is a taboo region that is beyond challenge, where moral superiority is enshrined with the force of some universal law and all must genuflect in silence.

      I maintain that although not exclusively a female prerogative, they seem to dominate the landscape of refusal and rejection, leading me to wonder whether there is a biological underwriting for this “i refuse – j’accuse – jacuzzi” racket.

      i will add that it angered me considerably at first but if there are biological imperatives at play, i can deal with that.

      All are welcome to pitch in.

      I refuse to accept that NOT all jews are evil 🙂

      1. There are only a handful of Jews that condemn the millennia criminal, genocidal, sociopathic, criminal acts of the “Bad Jews”. The same can be said of “Good Muslims”, who, when polled, a majority offer tacit and passive assent for the acts of the “Bad Muslims”. Other polling results show that a very high plurality, or majority of Muslim in the West favor Sharia, believe that violence is a necessary and proper response to “insulting Islam”. And of course, they would not warn the authorities of impending terrorist acts.

        When you have a bushel of apples, where a very high percentage are rotten on the inside, unseen, it is preferable to dump the whole barrel. That is pragmatism and practicality. You might even say it is Realism.

        Better to exclude, deport, get rid of all Jews from a respective country. Benign tumors and malignant ones have to go.

      2. LOBRO,
        It this case yes, it is a moral superiority I’m talking about.
        As you know it is these days generally Whites who are meant to be found collectively guilty – in regards to colonialism, slavery, etc.
        We of course cannot accept that. We not only know better, we know it is part of an exterminationist agenda (and evil itself) to demonize White folks.

        If Whites as a group are to survive and prosper, then we must hold dear our values, which prohibit and preclude unnecessary wars, debasement of others, genocide, deceit, theft, and so on. Otherwise we are no better than the Mongol Hordes.
        We need to take and maintain the moral high ground.
        We should promote real genetic and cultural diversity and nationalism, which honors our differences, respects borders and separate homelands, promotes mutual assistance and fair and honest trade.
        We must not deny to others what we demand for ourselves.
        Otherwise we simply let loose the dogs of war. “Might makes Right” is wrong.

      3. The bleeding heart search for drops of White-identifying “good” in people who are not White misunderstands culture and genetics. It is like anthropomorphising animals, most blatantly seen in Disney movies. White motives, feelings etc belong to White people and it is foolish and deadly to assume we all think and behave the same. What in fact would be the evolutionary purpose of that?

      4. Mataranka,
        good thinking, i will point to this short but informative paragraph on other occasions as the need arises.

        WE know that not all whites are bad – through personal experience.

        but that doesn’t hold for other cultural, genetic and ENDOGAMIC groups like jews in particular, who were bred for psychopathological traits, especially given that what few exceptions who through innate character and hard work attained escape velocity to free themselves from the occult orbit of judaism warn us that a huge majority of jews are bad in our worldview but not according to their definition of good-bad (“is it good for Jews” and nothing but, every other consideration irrelevant and excluded).

        Therefore your kneejerk “I refuse to believe” reaction is actually the greatest danger to our kind, like a moose reacting to the moose whistle trustingly accepting that he will locate a mate or an animal blundering into a pitfall, cunningly covered over and full of sharpened stakes in blind belief that this patch of ground is just the same as any other – this is called the principle of mediocrity, namely that your local environment is a safe model for every other.
        Do you see, SW?

        And it is my semi-contention (ie, just beta version experimental theory) that women are more susceptible to this betrayal of trust, possibly due to their social aptitude and interconnectivity that jew after careful observation makes use of toward our collective demise.
        They say (some study that i now para-quote haphazardly) that if you divide the floorplan of the brain in quadrants, men exhibit greater back-to-front lobe neural traffic and women have more left-to-right hemisphere routes light up.
        And the jew has fashioned part of his military strategy according to this dichotomy.

        Don’t give them extra advantage in this war, SW, they got enough.

        Also as a protestant, you may be additionally conditioned to yield them extra respect and consideration through Torah (OT), as if they were our natural brethren, the “people of the Book”.
        Not really and not by a long shot.

        That deuteronomy 20:16 passage is all you need to know, lots of information, spoken and unspoken resides there, to wit:
        · complete annihilation of ALL strangers (they don’t ask whether some may be “good”, they don’t say “I refuse to accept on principle”) who might otherwise be their neighbors and whose land and possession they covet – and this is countenanced and DEMANDED by yhwh,

        · the stated reason is fear of cultural contamination, therefore the law applies to EVERY NON-JEW, meaning YOU, your sole cardinal sin is that you are the hated goy and therefore automatically condemned to capital punishment (unless you are a young virgin, for which they have uses as per sacred torah),

        · moreover, there is never any mention of the tribe’s actual ancestral homeland, they are always invading someone else’s land, the PROMISED land with indigenous population which must be put to sword, ie, they were always rootless nomads, bandits, highwaymen which in today’s lingo is called DIASPORA to give themselves a tragically romantic cachet.

        So step carefully SW, my best advice, streetproof yourself against Jews.

    3. Hi SW
      If you look at the big financial and seurity scandals, Jews are prominent. The declaration of unenending war on Israel’s Islamic neighbors was driven by the Zionist/Jewish neocons in the GW Bush White House. I have met and grew up with many fine Jews, but as I have aged I have met some truly awful Jews, usually younger men in highly paid and influentil jobs.

      While I want to treat the decent Jews decently we owe it to ourselves to be wary of all Jews, because we don’t know who are the good ones.

      I would add that I feel the same about Muslims.

      1. @ John Kirby

        Well said! I like your attitude. It is moderate and well-balanced. You remain equally wary of Jews and Muslims but are ready to admit that good Jews and Muslims do exist.

        Personally, I prefer the Muslims to the Jews and can relax more in their presence. At a dinner party among strangers, I would be very wary of the Jewish guests there and would watch my words carefully. With any Muslims at the table, I would feel far more relaxed and disposed to trust them. That’s just how it is.

        There is something unpredictable about Jewish behavior, a dangerous undercurrent of fanaticism beneath the facade of charm and surface sophistication and politeness.

        Muslims weren’t behind the Bolshevik Revolution and the death of 66 million Russians Christians. They don’t own the mass media but are in fact the prime victims of that media in which they are demonized on a daily basis by the Usual Suspects. Muslims don’t own Hollywood either or corrupt the masses by their control of the porn industry.

        The main difference between your average Jew and your average Muslim is this: your average Jew is a liberal and inclined to sexual immorality, whereas your average Muslim is sexually puritanical. While the Jews prefer undressing women in public and showing as much female flesh as possible in their porno chic media, Muslims prefer their women to be modestly dressed and are totally opposed to sexual exhibitionism in the female.

        Yes, I find myself very much in sympathy with Muslim mores which resemble the mores of my Christian ancestors.

      2. This is not to say I approve of the mass invasion of Europe by randy Muslim migrants from the Third World who are raping and sexually molesting our White women like there ain’t no tomorrow. That’s an entirely different kettle of fish. But don’t forget that George Sorros, the Arch Jew, is financing this Muslim invasion of the West. Nor could this immigrant invasion of our White homelands be possible but for constant Jewish support and backing for this evil menace. The Jews are using the Muslim migrants as their pawns.

      3. Hi Sardonicus,
        There is no denying that Jews have great power, especially in America, where they use that power to cause successive governments to side with Israel, to the detriment of America and to the fury of Moslems. It could get worse if Trump is the Zionist he says he is.

        Israel, not Russia or China, is the greatest threat to peace.

      4. Israel, not Russia or China, is the greatest threat to peace.

        I couldn’t agree with you more. This has to be obvious to anyone who is paying attention. But If Trump doesn’t understand this and actually sides with the enemy, what then?

      5. I think Pat’s answer to this would be:

        If Israel is the real threat to peace, and if Trump sides with Israel, it is because Trump doesn’t want peace either. It’s because Trump wants more war. He wants more military spending.

        If there’s more war, this has two big advantages for both Trump and Israel:

        1. More military spending means a boost to the American economy and more jobs for Americans in armaments factories.

        2. More wars in the Middle East is just what Israel wants also. This not only increases monetary handouts to Israel, it also leads to Israeli hegemony over the shattered Muslim countries of the Middle East. More oil for Israel, more water, more stolen land as Greater Israel spreads its tentacles into Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and … who knows where the boundaries of Pax Judaica will end?

        Will the Israeli flag fly over Tehran one day?

      6. John –
        Sard –

        It is ALL a Pharisee-Jew money trick.

        ALL national leaders are liars. 🙂

        The US and Iran do business all the time:

        Iran reaches deal to buy 100 new Boeing planes

        20 June 2016

        The agreement, which aims to renew Iran’s aged passenger planes, is awaiting final approval by US Treasury authorities.

        Iran has reached a deal to buy 100 planes from US plane producer Boeing, and the two sides are awaiting approval by US Treasury authorities, according to the head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation.

        “The final obstacle in this area are only the permits from the US Treasury Department,” Ali Abedzadeh told the state-owned newspaper Iran in remarks published on Sunday, adding that there was no precise timeline for the written contract to be implemented before US Treasury permission.

        He said the reported value of $17bn for the contract was not final and that more details would be provided after further negotiations.

        “Out of 250 planes in the country, 230 need to be replaced,” Abedzadeh added.

        With the deal, Boeing becomes the first major American company to enter into a deal with Iran following the lifting of the nuclear sanctions earlier this year.

        Boeing confirmed on Wednesday that it was in talks with Iranian airlines interested in buying its passenger planes.

        “We have been engaged in discussions with Iranian airlines approved by the [US government] about potential purchases of Boeing commercial passenger airplanes and services,” the company said in an email to the AFP news agency.

      7. The recent electoral revolutions, as Brexit and Trump’s election, have been against the smartass elites who have sneered at the ordinary people, the “deplorables”. That elite has always included the Jewish Lobby who are dominant in the media, finance/Wall St, academia and government. Until we can speak out openly about Jewish Power without being labelled as anti-semitic crazies the Jewish Lobby will stay powerful because the truth is supressed/hidden. Thanks mainly to the internet, the truth is now beginning to dawn on the deplorables.

        Trump’s recent declarations of his love of Israel are a very bad omen.

  2. Arch Stanton is pessimistic, but maybe he has good reason for his pessimism. In any case, Arch writes like an angel and it is a pleasure to read someone whose prose is so crisp and lucid.

    1. Pessimism is for people bearing sour grapes. I bear no such foul fruit. I am simply viewing the situation realistically and provide several examples as to why I hold this viewpoint. Some would say a pessimist sees a glass as half empty, others might say an optimist see a glass as half full. Me? I don’t see a glass.

  3. Go lower, look at the bottom, their you will find the whites with nothing, who aren’t afraid to speak the truth, who like to fight, and there is where the next great enemy of the Jew will come from.

    1. @ Tim

      I agree.

      As a child of 8 to 10 years old in a poor rural setting, I can recall my parents and their friends saying that no one should trust jews or Freemasons. It took me a long time to figure out why they said that. Now, when the topic arises in casual conversation with common strangers, it is not unusual for me find adversaries to jews.

      The popularity of Darkmoon is a testament to the global awakening concerning the jewish problem. There is a reason why Darkmoon is considered “fake news” by the jewish establishment.

  4. I think mr Stanton is optimistic and you could consider him even having contradicting views because as I understand he believes the jew invention of ‘ jesus christ ‘. ‘ the whites’ don’ understand that they are preying to
    a jewish invented person not to a ‘ white ‘ person/god. It’ s a brainwah of the ‘ whites’ by the jews and maybe more than thousand years on. The jews and ‘ christianity’ have always walked together with jews/cryptojews at the top of ‘ christianity’.
    ‘ the whites’ are tight in a double-bind with the jews because of this damned ‘ Christianity’. Its christianity who defends the jews! Even Smoloko and Mullins believes/ believed in ‘ christianity’.
    The romans, the greeks and the germans thrived when there was no infamous christianity. So what can we expect from the ‘ white’ masses’.

    1. For god’s sake, at least read the intro to my book, just click on my name.

      The story of Jesus is very much like the fabricated Holocaust story. The events surrounding that myth are factual. However, the facts were twisted and ignored to produce a singular mythical event.

      Likewise, there is factual evidence for the events of Jesus’ existence, but modern Christians and Jews either do not know, recognize or admit the facts, or they have purposely altered the story behind who he was and the actual purpose of his mission to produce a mythical character.

      Like other religious figures, myths and miracles surround the story of Jesus, but behind those myths and miracles was a very real person with a very real purpose. Early Christians recognized Jesus for who he was and what he accomplished, i.e. an enlightened Essene sage that brought about the destruction of the Mikdash and its onerous sacrificial system, while later Christians deified him as their Messiah and made him their God.

      No doubt Jesus would be chagrined to see how his story has been twisted inside out to serve the avaricious ends of yet another priesthood greedy for wealth and power.

      1. I clicked on your name and found your website. I could not find the sources
        of the text you write about ‘ jesus’.
        There is no evidence that he ever existed. Jewish myth spread by the double-agent Paul commissioned by the Sanhedrin to brainwash the roman/european peoples!

      2. Please read my post again carefully. “Likewise, there is factual evidence for the events of Jesus’ existence.” Perhaps my thoughts were unclear, I should have used the word “surrounding.”

        The events surrounding Jesus are factual. Unlike the so-called first Temple of Solomon, for which their is no hard evidence outside the Bible, there is hard evidence the “second” Temple of the first century did exist.

        There is outside evidence for the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, Herod and Pilate and of course Rome existed, as did Jerusalem. There is evidence of the Essene as well, although their link to Qumran is questionable.

        Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, written around 93–94 AD, includes two references to Jesus in Books 18 and 20 and a reference to John the Baptist as well. Josephus also mentions the Essene as one of the three major groups of Jews in the region at that time.

        But the final, overwhelming, proof for the existence of Jesus and his true mission is the Jews’ hatred of the man, a hatred unmatched even by that of the highly mythologized character of Adolf Hitler.

        I’ll post it again (((JEWS DO NOT HATE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!!!)))

        Imagine the result if, after milking the Hallowedhoax for all it’s worth, Hitler and Germany are shunted off by Jews as historical fiction.

        Jews spend an inordinate amount of effort producing lies that turn fact into fiction and fiction into fact. This is evident in the bizzare idea posed by Elie Wiesel in his book Night.” Quote: “In literature, Rebbe, certain things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not, even if they did.”

        The idea I am trying to convey with my book is that there is nothing really unbelievable about the story of Jesus ~ IF ~ one knows the factual reasons surrounding these events. The classic example is found in Jesus “raising the dead”. At that time, Jews were burying their loved ones alive to avoid paying for the very expensive ritual purification ceremony called the “Para Aduma.”

        This ceremony was so expensive that even wealthy Temple patrons could not afford it, as exemplified by Jesus raising the daughter of a rich and influential man named Jarius. The reason for the daughter’s redemption is that, had it been the son of a rich Jew, the child would have been redeemed at all costs.

        Unlike the fantastic Christian idea of a long dead, moldering corps being brought back to life, the idea of Jews being to cheap to pay for an outrageously expensive religious ceremony is not only perfectly reasonable, but in perfect keeping with a most obvious Jewish character trait.

        Thus the raising of the dead, like Lazarus, was not a supernatural act, but an act of religious insurrection. To drive his point home, Jesus actually had a crowd gather from a neighboring village to witness and validate the reversal of the Temple’s decree of death upon Lazarus.

    2. Lorn,

      Religion is probably THE major culprit which has complicated things on this planet. In simple terms, aspects* of what is termed the “Christ Consciousness” incarnated here because the road that would return Man to his spiritual reality was blocked by dark forces from which stemmed what is pejoratively termed “jew” – the chief overseers for maintaining the ways of Darkness.

      Entities such as Jesus, who was born into an Essenic community in the present-day ME, and White Buffalo Woman, who made her presence known to the Kiowa Apache, were/are here to head the work of removing the “roadblock”.

      Hope that helps {
      A – itu – ka

      *a-spect: a manifestation of Light

      1. It doen’t help a bit. There is no proof of jesus the jewish invention, nothing.
        I know you are not a jew but your spirit/ mentality has been influenced by the
        Jewish fable. Get rid of it.
        if necessary we can invent our NOT jewish god, if it is necessary for many to cope with this world and the but please no jewish things/fables.

      2. @ Lorn

        “There is no proof of jesus the jewish invention, nothing.”

        Just because you have not found the proof that Jesus was and is does not mean that there is none. Jesus is not a jewish invention, but rather the antitheses of the jews. Why would the jews create that which they most despise as they do even two thousand years later? The primary effort of the jews over the past two thousand years has been to destroy Jesus and his supporters as witnessed by real history. It is illogical and insane to assume that a (((people))) would create, from thin air, that which consumes most of their efforts to defeat.

        “if necessary we can invent our NOT jewish god…”

        It has already been done by Jesus. The Heavenly Father is the God of Jesus and his basis is love and life, not destruction and death. The jewish God is the devil and they have described their God’s destructive actions quite well in the Torah and the Talmud, both being the traditions of the elders.

        I understand where you are coming from because I have been there having spent ten years as an atheist. Decades after ceasing to be an atheist, I finally wanted to sincerely know the truth. Because I really wanted to know, it was revealed as I could understand it, bit by bit. I found out that the jews are the primary problem in the world as agents of the devil. I found out that the Roman Emperor Tiberius validated that Jesus was an actual person since he wanted to know if he was a threat to the Roman Empire. 20,000 plus people following Jesus around Galilee got the Emperor’s attention. I received unsolicited input from total strangers out of the blue that all turned out to be true. I met common people that could heal others, raise the dead, and cast out devils with just words as Jesus taught. I discovered that I could control the elements and heal people with just words. Obviously, I know Jesus is real and that his teachings are true.

        Had I not sought the truth without closing any doors, I would not know as much of the truth that I know. Everyday I learn more truth. I would suggest that you seek the truth without prematurely closing doors to it. The journey is a good one and worth making.

  5. The label pessimism is only valid if an alternative factually based convincing argument exists. So far in this thread I see nothing in that category. Stanton is correct that the ignorant and enslaved Western masses have no hope. They voted for slightly less subservience with Trump, that is all. This after 50 years of worsening situation.

    Technocracy has definitively seized control. From this moment forward, there will be no counter revolution. Even withdrawal from “civilisation” is now impossible with food and water coming under full technocratic control.

    Technocracy means the following:

    1. Education as dumbing down and propaganda.

    2. Controlled media. This includes the internet with armies of government/corporate/oligarch paid trolls.

    3.UN Agenda 21. Packing and stacking into cities. Declaration of “humans unwelcome” areas.
    “In 8 years President Obama has taken enough land and water to fill Texas three times over”

    4.Universal income subsistence living due to ubiquitous AI and Robotics.
    “Finland Will Give 2000 Unemployed People $590 Every Month, No Strings Attached, Even After They Get A Job”

    5. Militarised police. Drone and robotic control of populations.

    6. Cashless society. Complete surveillance 24/7. If you visit the crapper, it will be known.
    (Your “smart” electricity meter will know your computer or TV has switched to standby)

    Could Russia lead the way to a natural-law based society (as they have done with GMO”s)?

    A useful reference is Technocracy News.
    Read it. I challenge any emotional optimist to come up with an alternative near future, apart from “saviour” Russia.

    Arguing about jews is like arguing whilst the house burns down about who knocked over the oil lamp.

    1. We need to acknowledge the Jew. It is the Neocon Jews who want war with Russia – probably for the reasons you cite as well as Putin reining in the oligarchs who were bleeding Russia dry after the collapse of old style communism. Victoria Nuland who engineered the whole Ukarine thing is, or is married to a Jew. Everywhere there is destruction, degeneracy, lack of freedom you find the Jew.

  6. All this back and forth discussion is pointless and a sign of the UNINFORMED.

    One only needs to READ the TALMUD to understand the mindset of those PSYCHOPATHS- The Jews. Here is only a SMALL SAMPLE:
    “Talmudic Doctrine: Non-Jews are not Human” ?
    The Talmud specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals, and specifically dehumanizes gentiles as not being descendants of Adam. Some of the Talmudic passages which relate to this topic:
    “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” Talmud, Baba mezia, 114b
    “The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honour the dog more than the non-Jew.” Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30
    “Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form.” Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855
    “A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.” Coschen hamischpat 405
    “The souls of non-Jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs.” Jalkut Rubeni adol 12b
    “Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.” Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b
    “If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog.” Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b
    “If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: “God will replace ‘your loss’, just as if one of his oxen or asses had died”.” Jore dea 377, 1

    How is that for “Collective” guilt?

    1. everything you write about the talmud is basic text for most of the posters on this site.
      Your conclusion is correct when you write: “All this back and forth discussion is pointless…. ”
      Maybe that’s the purpose…..

      1. “everything you write about the talmud is basic text for most of the posters on this site.”

        Correct, Lorn. I have been reading it since Elizabeth Dilling showed her works to us at Gerald Winrod’s Lutheran Church in Arkansas the 50s.

        However…. repetition of the exposure is essential.

        Repeat it often…. publicly… Expose the synagogues’ HIDDEN works.

        Dilling was a real fighter… FDR hated her and Winrod:

      2. @Pat

        “repetition of the exposure is essential.”

        Agreed. Some of us are just passin’ through and might learn something new.

        Thank you for the link. Been around for a while but never knew about that.

      3. Rebar –

        Thanks. Here is a bit more on Dilling. She was a well educated socialite. A concert harpist. Her family was of great means.

        Gen Patton found later what she discovered in the 1930s:

        Anti-Communist activism

        In the 1920s she began to make foreign trips abroad with her husband and friends. In the summer of 1931 on a trip to the Soviet Union–visiting Moscow and Leningrad–she was shocked and offended by the anti-Christian and anti-religious attitude of the new Soviet terror regime. She documented her trip by filming what she could of the Soviet Union. She wrote about her experience and told of “people who starved to death lying in the streets where they fell, cannibalistic views of dead mothers and babies with half-eaten bodies, and revolutionary scenes of stark horror and misery.”

        Upon returning to the United States she began to lecture and write about her visit. In 1932 she helped to organize the anti-communist group The Paul Reveres.

        Her first book The Red Network was published in 1934 and listed more than 1300 individuals and 460 organizations who were working to bring about a Communist revolution in America. The massively researched work was a literal Who’s Who’s of radicals in America.

      4. @Pat,
        Due to lack of time or interest I previously read a small bit about Dilling but knew little of the Great Sedition show trial. Further support for your ‘repetition’ comment.

  7. I am still amazed at how many Bible reading Christians cannot see the Jew’s true nature right in front of their face. I can only attribute this phenomenon to the most amazing example of religious disinformational programming ever forced upon another race.

    Aye, there’s the rub…

    In Chapter 47 of Genesis, the Bible—the Bible!—which could be read by common people for most of six centuries . . . offers a comprehensive, step-by-step “How To Do It” guide for conquering a nation and subjecting its people to slavery by means of economic control rather than open war . . . and yet not one man in 100,000 has read and understood that lesson. Not one man in 100,000 has appreciated how dangerously, self-destructively “natural” it is for people to “thank” (rather than fight) the very adversaries who rob them of their property and their freedom.


    Most Judaists are European Whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the middle ages. See Arthur Koestler, 13th tribe; also Dr. Schlomo Sand’s award-winning book “Invention of the Jewish People” reviewed on:

    “The Fallacy of Biological Judaism”, By Robert Pollack, on:

    The “Jews” described in the Bible were black people. Abraham was a pimp. Moses never existed. The modern Judaists simply converted to Judaism and started calling themselves “Jews”. Talk about identity theft.

  9. Something possibly very significant is going to happen a week from now, on January 15. It’s a march on the town of Whitefish, Montana by 225 people, including “178 skinheads being bussed in from the Bay Area on 6 large buses”, a representative from the Palestinian group Hamas and “a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who will be giving a speech updating American Alt-Right Nazis on how the country plans to thwart Israel and liberate the Palestinian people.” The march is being organized by Andrew Anglin and he’s given it significant coverage on his website “The Daily Stormer”. I haven’t read anything about it here and it will probably soon hit the mainstream media (aka the Lügenpresse) because the World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder has now gotten involved, asking Montana to ban the marchers.

    What is the march about? It is a protest of an attempted shakedown of a Whitefish woman whose son, Richard Spencer, is a leader in the Alt-Right. Mrs. Spencer, who is not involved in the Alt-Right and apparently does not share her beloved son’s political beliefs, is being threatened by organized Jewry in Whitefish. They are using extortion to force her to sell her apparently beautiful and successful business that features vacation-rental apartments and office spaces, while making a profit for themselves.

    Mrs. Spencer explains it here –

    A Jewish real estate agent named Tanya Gersh was leading the extortion racket and has since been fired from her job. Gersh had links to the organization that calls itself Love lives Here (a name typical of all Jewish organizations, including terrorist groups like the “Jewish Defense League”), which has since claimed it has no affiliation with Gersh. No surprise there. They’re sacrificing her to keep themselves out of trouble. But like Gersh, “Love Lives Here” has made no statements against the extortion of Mrs. Spencer. And now the World Jewish Congress chief Ronald Lauder is speaking out on behalf of the extortionists.

    Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right made national news when Mr. Spencer’s organization, the National Policy Institute, held a widely attended conference in Washington D.C. on November 19th. It was live streamed by Red Ice Radio on the internet. Very interesting speeches by Professor Kevin MacDonald and Jason Reza Jorjani of highbrow publisher Arktos Publishing, among others were delivered. Here is part two of the conference. I found it fascinating.

    If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, here is Richard Spencer’s speech, including the part that really upset the Jews, beginning at 31 minutes.

    A picture of Mrs. Spencer’s facility can be seen at the top of this article from TOO.

  10. Sorry Arch I am not convinced about the jewish invention ‘jesus’.
    Your main evidence is your references to the jew, Flavius, about ‘ jesus’.
    First you must never ever believe the jews! Second it’s a well know fact
    that you are referring to interpolations in the work of this jew.
    Second, as I have written many times jews can have two totally contradicting views about facts. The jews want desperetaly that the brainwashed ‘ christians’ believe in ‘ jesus’. As you know and should know it’s the ‘ christians’ who defend the jews. Without ‘ jesus’ no protection/defense for the jews. The jews have thought it very good out. That’s also why they ‘ hate’ ‘jesus’. It presupposes that ‘ jesus’ has ever existed. It’ is a smart calculated invention by the jews. We ‘ whites’ should get rid of ‘ christianity’. No brainwashing, no slavery!

  11. At ungenius i refer to your:” it’s illogical and insane…’. You don’t understand that jews have a twisted ‘ logic’ and ‘ logic’ is when the situation/facts suits them!!
    The jews have always been fairytellers, astrologers etc. In moder times psychologists, NLP- people, Tavistock-people, very very often in professions where they can manipulate your mind.The truth is not important for them. If you say a they say b and viceversa.
    You say: ‘ why should they creat … They despise’. I refer to my comment adressed to Arch but more I would remind You of the novel 1984, of Orwell in which O’ brien toln Winston that Goldstein was invented. So many times antisemitsm has been invented, done by jewish people to themselves. You get the picture.
    I am sorry don’t want to offend you but you are als brainwashed.

    1. Lorn

      You’re giving them too much credit, which is exactly what they want you to do with their basic reverse psychology brainwashing technique. As a result you are hoisted on your own petard

      But at least you’re trying.

      1. brownhawk, I knew you would’t understand it. You must have thought a long time to answer me.
        You just keep on believing in the jew fraud, OT, NT, “jesus”and christianity. They are glad with the useful idiots, the “christians”.
        I know it’s difficult to detox when you have been brainwashed by the jews. After all what must the “christians “believe/do when there is no jew “christ “. Who will bring the salvation/the promised afterlife? I know it. it must be Trump.

    1. Lorn
      Your patronizing is annoying. You must like trying to get under people’s skin. But I’m sure you’ve been told that.

  12. Pharisee-Jews complain… 🙂

    –-Neo-Nazi Jew-hater Andrew Anglin has been threatening to hold the march with “high powered rifles” for at least a month. But no permit for the event has yet been requested.—

    “We are planning an armed protest in Whitefish,” he wrote on his website last month. “We can easily march through the center of the town carrying high powered rifles.”

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