Are Trump’s Enemies Trying To Destroy Him?

Sourced from The New York Times:
At a Besieged White House,
Tempers Flare and Confusion Swi

WASHINGTON — The bad-news stories slammed into the White House in pitiless succession on Tuesday, leaving President Trump’s battle-scarred West Wing aides staring at their flat screens in glassy-eyed shock.

Or is the New York Times doing its best
to make out that Trump has already lost it?

The disclosure that Mr. Trump divulged classified intelligence to Russian officials that had been provided by Israel was another blow to a besieged White House staff recovering from the mishandled firing of James B. Comey, the FBI director. 

And the day was capped by the even more stunning revelation that the president had prodded Mr. Comey to drop an investigation into Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser. That prompted a stampede of reporters from the White House briefing room into the lower press gallery of the White House, where Mr. Trump’s first-line defenders had few answers but an abundance of anxieties about their job security.

The president’s appetite for chaos, coupled with his disregard for the self-protective conventions of the presidency, has left his staff confused and squabbling. And his own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark, and he has turned against most of his aides — even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner — describing them in a fury as “incompetent,” according to one of those advisers.


As the maelstrom raged around the staff, reports swirled inside the White House that the president was about to embark on a major shake-up, probably starting with the dismissal or reassignment of Sean Spicer, the press secretary.

Mr. Trump’s rattled staff kept close tabs on a meeting early Monday in which the president summoned Mr. Spicer; the deputy press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders; and the communications director, Michael Dubke, to lecture them on the need “to get on the same page,” according to a person briefed on the meeting.

By the end of the day Tuesday, it seemed that Mr. Spicer had, for the moment, survived. People close to the president said Mr. Trump was considering the firing of several lower-level staff members, including several hired by Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, while weighing a plan to hand most day-to-day briefing responsibilities to Ms. Sanders.

Even as Mr. Trump reassured advisers like Mr. Spicer that their jobs were safe on Monday, he told other advisers that he knew he needed to make big changes but did not know which direction to go, or whom to select.

In the meantime, the White House hunkered down for what staff members now realize will be an extended siege, not a one- or two-day bad news cycle.

The stress was taking its toll.

Late Monday, reporters could hear senior aides shouting from behind closed doors as they discussed how to respond after Washington Post reporters informed them of an article they were writing that first reported the news about the president’s divulging of intelligence.

As they struggled to limit the fallout on Monday, Mr. Spicer and other Trump aides decided to send Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser, to serve as a surrogate.

They realized that selecting such a high-ranking official would in some ways validate the story, but they wanted to establish a credible witness account exonerating the president from wrongdoing — before the barrage of Twitter posts they knew would be coming from Mr. Trump on Tuesday morning.

The White House Counsel’s Office worked with the national security adviser, an Army general, on framing language, producing a clipped sound bite: “The story that came out tonight as reported is false.”

As he was working on his statement, General McMaster, a former combat commander who appeared uncomfortable in a civilian suit and black-framed glasses, nearly ran into reporters staking out Mr. Spicer’s office.

“This is the last place in the world I wanted to be,” he said, perhaps in jest.

As the general approached microphones on the blacktop in front of the West Wing, one of his deputies responsible for coping with the fallout could be seen peering behind the pack of reporters to see how her boss’s statement was being received.

On Capitol Hill, there were signs that Republicans, who mostly held the line after Mr. Comey’s ouster, were growing alarmed by Mr. Trump’s White House operation and impatient for something to be done about it.

“There need to be serious changes at the White House, immediately,” said Senator Patrick J. Toomey, a Pennsylvania Republican who wants Mr. Trump to appoint a Democrat to head the F.B.I. On Tuesday, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, called on Mr. Trump to operate with “less drama.”

In his comments to reporters on Monday, Senator Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican close to some in the White House, was more explicit. “Obviously they’re in a downward spiral right now,” he said, “and they’ve got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that’s happening.”

A dozen of Mr. Trump’s aides and associates, while echoing Mr. Trump’s defiance, privately agreed with Mr. Corker’s view. They spoke candidly, in a way they were unwilling to do just weeks ago, about the damage that the administration’s standing has suffered in recent weeks and the fatigue that was setting in after months of having to defend the president’s missteps, Twitter posts and unpredictable actions.

The latest crisis comes at the worst possible moment for Mr. Trump’s team. His national security and foreign policy staffs have been spending much of their time planning for his coming eight-day trip to the Middle East and Europe — his first major overseas trip as president, and an opportunity, they thought, to reset the narrative of his presidency after the lingering controversy of Mr. Comey’s sudden dismissal last week.

There is a growing sense that Mr. Trump seems unwilling or unable to do the things necessary to keep himself out of trouble and that the presidency has done little to tame a shoot-from-the-hip-into-his-own-foot style that characterized his campaign.

Some of Mr. Trump’s senior advisers fear leaving him alone in meetings with foreign leaders out of concern he might speak out of turn. General McMaster, in particular, has tried to insert caveats or gentle corrections into conversations when he believes the president is straying off topic or onto boggy diplomatic ground.

This has, at times, chafed the president, according to two officials with knowledge of the situation. Mr. Trump, who still openly laments having to dismiss Mr. Flynn, has complained that General McMaster talks too much in meetings, and the president has referred to him as “a pain,” according to one of the officials.

In private, three administration officials conceded that they could not publicly articulate their most compelling — and honest — defense of the president for divulging classified intelligence to the Russians: that Mr. Trump, a hasty and indifferent reader of his briefing materials, simply did not possess the interest or the knowledge of the granular details of intelligence gathering to leak specific sources and methods of intelligence gathering that would harm American allies.

Mr. McMaster all but said that publicly from the briefing room lectern.

“The president wasn’t even aware where this information came from,” Mr. McMaster said. “He wasn’t briefed on the source or method of the information either.”




Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law and senior adviser, is “f***ing furious” with the President for refusing to take his “advice”,  i.e., suggestions probably coming from Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel and other influential Jews elsewhere: advice that, if taken, will undoubtedly be “good for the Jews” but maybe not so good for everyone else. 

“Kushner was f***king furious,” the source told Vanity Fair. “I’d never once heard him say he was angry throughout the entire campaign. But he was furious.”

—  See Jared Kushner Is ‘Furious’ at Donald Trump for Undermining His Efforts as Senior Adviser

A palace revolution? The plot certainly seems to be thickening. According to Zero Hedge:

Steven Cohen, Professor of Russian studies at Princeton and NYU, was besides himself tonight, in sheer disbelief over the witch hunt being used to assault the Presidency of Donald Trump.

He declared, “Today, I would say the greatest threat to national security is this assault on President Trump. Let’s be clear what he’s being accused of is treason. This has never happened in America, that we had a Russian agent in the White House.”

Cohen believes Flynn did nothing wrong by talking to the Russian ambassador, describing it as ‘his job’ to do so. He then illuminated the indelible fact that there is a 4th branch of government, the intelligence community, who have been meddling in American foreign affairs, obstructing the other three branches of government.

Professor Cohen Says Assault on Trump Presidency is Our Greatest National Security Threat: Is There A 4th Branch of Government?

VIDEO : 4.44 mins 

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  1. The Jews are afraid Trump will push through his plan for a solution of the Palestinian problem, which is the creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank. Trump has also made moving the American embassy to Jerusalem conditional on the acceptance of this plan. The Jews are afraid Trump is not the “friend of Israel” they had hoped for and they are now conspiring to remove him. This “scandal” of leaked information to Russia is entirely of their making. Of course the Jewish press is fully cooperating in this plot. It remains to be seen if Trump will survive this Jewish plot. One positive thing is that he now considers his devious son-in-law Jared Kushner as “incompetent”. Time to remove this Mossad agent from the White house !

    1. Many are already saying Kushner is the antichrist. That little twerp is sure is a dead ringer for how he was portrayed in those Left Behind movies. Trump should rid himself of the Likud lobby but he won’t because the owner of 666 Fifth Ave is married to the “apple of his eye”.

      MS King’s latest essay (IS ISRAEL TURNING AGAINST TRUMP? ) reposted by Smoloko graphics:

      Let us not forget what Netanyahu said about his Amerikan slaves:

      “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

  2. Maybe President Trump is beginning to see Jewish Power in action, up close.

  3. Ryckaert is right. This is all about Palestine. And Donald is getting a bit pissed off with Jared. The sooner this Orthodox Jew pansy is given the boot and told not to meddle in politics — a subject he knows nothing about except from a Talmudic perspective — the better all round.

    As for Ivanka, what is this shallow blonde doing cavorting down the corridors of power and pretending she’s really smart and can take over the reins of government with the pushy Jared? Butt out, Pretty Face, and concentrate on baking cookies and perfecting your tan!

    The fact that the Donald has seen fit to surround himself with these morons doesn’t say much for him. Did Stalin let his daughter Svetlana advise him how to fight WWII? No way!

    And why did he let Flynn go so easily? Weakness, that’s why! He betrayed a potential friend and ally. At his best, Donald is not even a weak imitation of Putin.

    1. If it’s Donald vs. the Jews, Donald gets my vote every time. The Jews are clearly not happy having Donald as their president. It’s for this reason, if no other, that we should back Donald.

      I mean, who else is there? Jared as President and Ivanka as First Lady? Soros as Senior Adviser?

      Believe me, friends, there’s only person in the world who could solve America’s problems, and even he would find it tough going. Unfortunately, he’s not an American. He hangs out in Russia these days.

      Ironical to think that the only man who could solve America’s problems is “America’s Greatest Enemy”.

      1. This is deinetely a jew site making publicity for the jew drumpf.
        Jewish keyboard warriors. Greetings to tel aviv jews

      2. SARD.
        Let’s giv’m the American nationality😉 ; if nothing else, his alleged intelligence with Russia will fall apart. By the way, Trump’s alleged interference with FBI investigations in this matter also fell apart. Former FBI Director James Comey said under oath:
        “It’s not happened in my experience”.(1)
        Anyway, better deal with an open enemy than with a deceptive one…under one’s roof!


  4. The big elephant in the room.
    the last one ,who tried to solve the Palestinian problem ,they gave him Monica the loony ho.almost impeached him.
    he got in line ,and then the hyenas gave him a pass.and his wife lost the election because of that history.
    the tribe basically never forget and never forgive , vengeance is in their blood.
    Trump is like a Teflon ,a classic chameleon ,jackal of all jackals ,who mastered the art of deceit.
    The tribe of satanic origin with manuals of destruction,vengeance ,hate,deceit and death is definitely suspicious of
    the magician ,now you see it ,now you don’t.
    the clue is the constant media witch hunt and the coordination with the hyenas in the amerikano Knesset.

    1. A “source” , we don’t know who, told “Vanity Fair”, a totally mainstream media rag. So no need to take this with a grain of salt, no need to be skeptical. It’s definitely The Truth. It’s definitely The Truth because mainstream media rags [ like Vanity Fair for example ] would never tell a lie, would never embellish and/or distort a story for any kind Mainstream Establishment agenda reasons, and certainly would never make up a story out of whole cloth for mainstream Establishment political agenda reasons. Mainstream media magazines would never do that.

      I’m sure “the source” has the best of intentions and is deeply concerned about the fate of the good ole USA. Likewise for Vanity Fair, mainstream Establishment media rag.

    2. What tribe…..”Very Mad”….”No..Mad”. There are very sharp divisiones in Israeli socied. Would you want to share your dinner table with a white Mexicano like me or a darkie Sephardi Jew? Can a white Goy like me marry your sister or would you prefir a darkie Jew as your sister husband? Tell me….Just who is the “tribe”.

  5. Pesident Trump is an oddball, but he is OUR oddball. It looks as though, like anybody who knows how the Jewish Lobby operates, he had to placate them, with his pro-Israel statements and neocon hirings. But I still think his main aim is to drain the swamp. Right now he is up to his ass in alligators.

    I don’t think any reasonable person can work with these Jewish elites and not grow to distrust them for their loyalty to Israel and other Jews. Not to mention the stunning arrogance one comes across when dealing with them.

    I once interviewed an accountant for the position of external auditor for a company which already had one Jewish director. He said he would only take the position if we made him a director of the company, an Engineering company he had no knowledge of; barefaced arrogance, known as chutzpa. These are the kind of people President Trump is up against now, and he deserves our support.

    God Bless America.

  6. Such is life in Occupied America, where the quisling Congress has put loyalty to Israel above their loyalty to the USA.
    It’s well known who owns the MSM, so all these attacks against Trump must be directed by Israel, because Trump has committed–in their eyes–grave offenses against Apartheid Israel, one is not fulfilling his pledge to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the most recent one, cutting short his visit to the Holocau$t™ museum in ‘Stolenland.’

    Trump might even get JFK’d and the MSM would cheer while Congress celebrates the murder of a sitting president.

    Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, the office of the president needs a certain amount of respect to function, which the MSM is tearing to shreds to make a SLC happy. They are destroying the US presidency, which is the REAL crime.

    Israel would LOVE to have that war mongering CZ Pence in the WH, then it would be ‘Game On’ regarding the destruction of Syria, daring Russia to do something about their ally.

    1. Exactly right Greg.
      Having learned what a strong man with the bit between his teeth can do 1933-45, the tribe is taking no chances with the executive branch of the US Government. With Congress firmly in their control, the little by little undermining of the American people’s confidence and respect for the Chief Executive has been going on since the 1950’s. Selecting the puppets for the office, and if a puppet tries to cut the strings, knocking them off circa 1963, the puppet masters with their mastery of the nation’s institutions and the media are nearing their end game.
      Our children are coming out of High School and college mindless dupes, “snowflakes”. The country is divided into warring factions. The experiment in constitutional Republican government and self rule is very near it’s end.
      To cut to the chase, the commie-socialist-Frankfort School of Marxist revolutionaries in the schools and in government at all levels, are leading America down the prim-rose lane to a Bolshevik-Jew style revolution, via Russia 1918. And then and only then will the mass of the American people truly understand what the White-Christian Russians when through under the thumb of the tribe.

  7. Quoth NYT:

    And his own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark

    how sour & dark?
    I guess this is due to the fact that the only true Aryans remaining all live in Russia.

    O tempora, o morons

    1. “Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons. Doesn’t seem right.” – Tyrion

  8. Trump is providing us with a high-profile example of the futility of pretending to be friendly with certain (((characters))). Take heed! Now, because of this fiasco, I am certainly beginning to return to giving Mr. Trump the benefit of doubt! (How could ‘draining the Swamp’ be construed as treason??)

  9. the reason that the american beef is the favorite item on Morton’s The Steakhouse menu is that it is the easiest to kosherize, viz, always count on Americans to gun for jew’s enemies at the crack of the lugenpresse whip, proved for over a century, starting with world war 1.


    I will try to paint (really wish there was red font available for posts) the dots (CAPS) to connect:

    A Washington Post reporter has revealed that the Islamic State (IS) laptop plot story, which President Donald Trump mentioned to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the White House last week came from IS itself, through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The reason for the leaking against Trump, which followed in the Post and in the Anglo-American media, has also been disclosed by the Post. The CIA and at least one senior staff official of the National Security Council, who briefed the CIA on what Trump had said, are

    A report published by the Washington Post on Monday evening claimed Trump had “revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister [Lavrov] and ambassador [Sergei Kislyak] in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.”

    The source, according to the Post, was “a U.S. PARTNER through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said. The partner had not given the United States permission to share the material with Russia, and officials said Trump’s decision to do so endangers cooperation from an

    The text of the newspaper publication did not refer to the “partner” as a country, government, or foreign intelligence agency. Instead, referring to the source of intelligence as a “key partner”, the newspaper claimed “Trump revealed the city in the Islamic State’s territory where the U.S. intelligence partner detected the threat.” That meant the geographic location where the “partner” was at work inside IS “territory”.

    The publication also revealed that
    calling its source “an official with knowledge of the exchange.”

    Okay? do i need to also draw the connecting lines before the picture of dancing israelis emerges?

    or back to this, i also posted it earlier on another DM topic: Trump’s Leak of Israeli Secrets Threatens an Intimate Intelligence Relationship

    either wake up from the incessant “I see Trump up on that tree” barking or line up for the free jew folkdancing classes at the nearest shoah memorial museum.

    1. So this whole “scandal” seems to be an act of revenge by Israel on Trump for disclosing to Russia that Israel is behind ISIS ? Hopefully Trump will also discover that Israel has created ISIS (and that it is behind all other so-called “terrorist attacks”, including 9/11, but perhaps that is asking too much). In his own clumsy way Trump seems to be learning what we in the alternative media already know. Perhaps there is still some hope !

    2. So Chumpster surrounds himself with Jews and an assortment of mentally and morally defective goy fools

      the applicable idiom is “playing possum“, imo.
      animals hunting other animals and not wishing to be detected by smell will rub themselves into their carcasses in order to cover their native scent, eg, wolves, dogs, hyenas and so forth.

      if trump was really THAT dumb, he would have been out of the game before it ever started at the time of GOP primaries.
      He doesn’t have nearly the power but a lot more brains than commonly ascribed to him.
      Attacking ZOG, the most terrifying political power the world has ever seen frontally is instant suicide, quicker than Rachel Corrie, his survival odds would have been even worse.

      i must have said 100x by now, maybe more and must unfortunately continue to repeat: “to keep your eye on the bouncing ball, find out who jews consider their enemies” (Russians, iranians, Jesus, Hitler – and yes, Trump).
      I moreover said that when Trump starts ACTING-not-TALKING against our (goyum) interest, then i will instantly dump him and switch sides … to whom, Jew?

      1. No switching needed, lobro. In the name of taking sides, just staying on Putin’s would have to suffice.

        My overall sense is that had HRC been the POTUS, their manipulation of her would have been better characterized as a matter of her simply taking orders. With Trump, steering him into doing their bidding isn’t a piece of cake

  10. So Chumpster surrounds himself with Jews and an assortment of mentally and morally defective goy fools and then he’s surprised when it all goes to hell?
    With his apparently low IQ, moral incompetence, aversion to reality and ignorance of how the world actually works, it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on. Is Chumpster getting cold feet about destroying what’s left of America for the Jews? Is he finding out the hard way that he cannot serve two masters (especially when one of them is the demonic, insatiable Jew)? Perhaps he thought he could mollify the Jews and still do something “good” for America. Maybe Mr. Lavrov tried to talk some sense into him? Or could it be all theater?
    Unfortunately, the missiles may rain down on us before we ever find out.

  11. Lobro
    “the only true Aryans remaining all live in Russia.”
    Very true! I’ve given up on the West and so have many Westerners. Those that can, emigrate to South America, Asia, NZ and even stable African countries like Botswana. Those that remain are acculturated into the Jewish, pharasaical mindset. There is little to distinguish the Jew from the average holocaust worshipping, Jew loving gentile now living in the West. Unfortunately, they now comprise the majority. My advice to a young person leaving university in the US or UK is to leave. Twenty percent plus unemployment, inflation over 10%, “children” in their 30’s still living with their parents, unable to afford homes and a medical system that is the worst of any so called developed country. I have reports from American friends likening the system to the third world.
    Worst of all, the retarded, ignorant animal masses are too gutless to do anything about it. We also have the PC idiots; mustn’t use blackboard or manhole. They are now writing boards or personholes. Some poor students in the UK are docked marks if they use “mankind” instead of humankind. I pity the poor bastards growing up in such an environment.

  12. The mystery is written in your past ,
    your deception is as brutal as Elanor the witch of the high seas
    your existence is like the covens which slayed the shadows of the crows.
    your eyes killed the prophets and monks
    your mystery is the essence of lust ,deceit and imaginative deception of grandeur


  13. The very bottom line here? Christians don’t really worship Jesus “the anointed one”, they worship the Jews “the anointed tribe of psychopaths”.
    Because of President Trump’s past and current history with the tribe, he is under the mistaken belief that he can play patty cake with these monsters and do what is right for America and the tribe will let it slide. Lets fact it folks, for any right or wrong for any good or bad, there was one man and his people that attempted to stand up this force of evil circa 1933-45. You know the rest of the story. Can there be any doubt that it will require a similar effort for good or for bad to attempt to dislodge this cancer from the American body politic. And because this cancer has so metastasized into the very essence of Western Culture and civilization it’s an open question what, if any, action can effect a cure.

  14. Why the surprise? This was already declared. The left wing of zion didn’t take losing the election lightly, their agenda of rather more than ‘cultural’ marxism carries with it the famous falsehood that once a marxist regime gets in it doesn’t leave, because of all the happy workers…well not quite, all the future happy workers, as there are quite a few continuing dissenters, the masses must be realigned intellectually, bottom line, it takes a while for guess who to steal everything. I said leaving Mr. Soros at liberty was a major mistake, and the UK better watch it in June because unlike pitbulls who eventually let go after they bite you, this is not what jew marxists with inherited wealth and/or ill gained wealth, and universally guilt ridden personas (limited though) do – they don’t let go. Generally, Israel exploits this typical ideology schism in the USA or UK, playing one off against the other. Thanks to the Clinton-Obama (Soros) machinations, the deck of un-elected officials has been stacked. Mr. Tillerson put in his own people across the board RIGHT AWAY, which limits leaks and other treachery, this much is basic. If nothing else, Mr. Trump should keep the SOBs hopping by not remaining a stationery target and using his prodigious work capacity to move in many places and directions at once, forcing more leftist outrage at new areas – but a new one here, then there, on a (more) than daily basis. Make their heads spin. Let them scream – but on many issues. That is what Presidents are supposed to do.

  15. Trumpstein is a bad joke, this morning’s headline is that “The Donald” is consider Joseph Lieberman for FBI chief. Who is being chosen for all the top posts? Jews. The worst Jews. The most corrupt evil Talmudic homosexual Israeli first monsters are being chosen for all the top posts just as Jared Kushner was chosen by Trump. He is responsible for who he chooses and his choices have already turned on him. Trump’s lack of political experience is showing and his first set of appointments are a huge mistake. He put the noose around his own neck by not stocking his staff with idealouges.

    Trump’s presidency is already over and the knives are out, Mike Zio Pence is waiting to take the throne and make Amerika a 100% Jewish colony and military whore of Israel. Pence will probably choose Mossad mole Kushner for VP. So Trump is facing total defeat unless he takes drastic action (which he won’t). He needs to call in the palace guard and have his staff executed and then have the Marines storm the New York Times and leave no one alive.

    Israel is attempting to destroy the United States, a foreign nation has subverted our government to do it’s bidding. Israel did 911, the Jews in NYC covered it up, and then the Neocon Zionists got America to destroy itself with a no end War of Terror for Israel. How many people in the Middle East have been murdered by Amerika? Amerika funds and supplies ISIS, the Israeli proxy army. That’s pretty bad and completely damning for a nation founded on principles of freedom and liberty for all. What is needed is action to save ourselves from Jewish treachery.

    That’s what real leaders do when facing a crisis of this magnitude. The American superpower is being controlled by little shit Israel. Why does the entire establishment allow a foreign nation of no significance rule us? The Holy Bible. The stupid idiots in Amerika are convinced the Jew holy book true so they defend Israel even though Israel is doing the nation in. You can’t make this stuff up. Americans allow Israel to wage terror on us by Jews because of their religious beliefs.

    So since we have no real leaders and no person with a shred of charisma or integrity the nation will continue to sink into the morass until so larger crisis like a total financial crash or nuclear false flag swallows the nation. Trump is no savior – he’s a Zionist stooge in way over his head. America has been taken over by a hostile nation and to take it back those who are loyal to Israel, must be arrested, tried for treason, then put up against the wall and shot dead on live television.

    1. Trump himself didn’t say he was considering Lieberman. Some sh*t newspaper [ or some sh*t website ] said it, NOT Trump. We hardly know if it’s true. NO point getting all worked-up over something we don’t even know if it’s true, and it’s probably not true, considering some sh*t lying newspaper or some sh*t lying website is saying it. I’m not sure where the “Trump Is Considering Lieberman” meme started. The meme didn’t start with Trump, that’s for sure.

    2. “Trumpstein is a bad joke, this morning’s headline is that “The Donald” is consider Joseph Lieberman for FBI chief. Who is being chosen for all the top posts? Jews. The worst Jews. The most corrupt evil Talmudic homosexual Israeli first monsters are being chosen for all the top posts just as Jared Kushner was chosen by Trump.”

      Supposedly as of a few hours ago LIEberman is Chumpster’s top pick:

      If he gives it to LIEberman, a 75 year old Jewish-supremacist dual citizen (with no law enforcement experience), that will be one of the biggest insults yet to America that the Orange Clown has shoved up our collective butt.

      1. You are spot on and I might add that the Founding Fathers are spinning like turbines in their graves. Soon Amerika will burn as the world has had enough of ZOG.

        You know the Trump is no good because he let his daughter marry that sleazebag Kushner. Would you want that little manipulating creep around your family? Sleeping with your daughter? Making babies? The Kushner family is a criminal gang just as bad as the Bushes.

        Why are the Trump’s associated with those people? Because Donald Yuck is just like them. Proof of his real punkass character is how he tried to choke Chinese President Xi Jinping whilst eating “a beautiful piece of chocolate cake” when he illegally launched 60 Tomahawks at sovereign nation. Trump is just like all the Presidents before him, a soulless mass murdering criminal who do dirty deeds for dirt cheap for Rothschild.

    3. Drumpf is a jew and we are in deep shit with this fucking jew world order we are living in. Goyim don’t understand that all this shit betwee Drumpf and Put-on is just a jew-thing/quarrel. The zio-jews Drimpf and Put-on against the globalistic jews, jew Hillary and jew Obama and the groups around these parties. The goyim arr just pawns, sand. In between this quarrrl. Fuck the jews.

    4. Actually, the only “Jew holy book” is Esther, the first pulp-fiction fantasy novel — about a whore, revenge and murder. The history doesn’t fit. It doesn’t mention Yahweh or God! and is not even alluded to in the rest of the Bible. Furthermore, It is not in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      The other 66-80 books are vital ancient Aryan History. Jews are mentioned, but under the ancient terms: Kenites, Amalakites, Edomites, and other mixed race Canaanites. Jews lie about everything, including their true origins! See Christogenea, Finck, Emahiser.

      Christ warned us about the lies, deception and hypocrisy, and the epic struggle–ending soon–between His Adamic people (the Genesis 10 Creation) and the Corruption. Evangelicals are well-meaning but terribly naive and gullible, and don’t deeply study, or believe, their Bibles.

  16. “the applicable idiom is “playing possum“, imo.
    animals hunting other animals and not wishing to be detected by smell will rub themselves into their carcasses in order to cover their native scent, eg, wolves, dogs, hyenas and so forth.”

    But the “possum” is smart enough to play dead without actually damaging itself. Once you surround yourself with unreasonable people with whom you fundamentally disagree, how do you accomplish anything good? How do you recover from that?

    1. Harold – Good point. President’s have powers to use. You don’t always have to get rid of them, though some you should. You marginalize them, some subtly, some not so. Appoint some to do special time consuming studies and other work (have messengers pop in and check progress, “great job”, “great job”). Delegate others to cushy foreign fact finding tours (Hey Jared, you did well in China – I need you to take a good look at Chinese political structure on a province by province basis, we need ethnic information as well on all the minorities). Above all, don’t do any more sick jokes such as openly suggesting Democrat/Republican Joe “Shecky” Lieberman as a serious possibility for FBI, he’d turn on you in a nanosecond and it destroys the dignity of the office and shows weakness trying to be ‘conciliatory’. This is hardball, not “Let’s make a deal”. Find official work of SOME kind for Laura Ingraham, Pat Buchanan, use your many prominent friends, get legal minds like Jay Sekulow (Hannity contributor) to immediately pursue some of the blatant felonies that have been committed. If they want a storm, give them one and don’t stop. Make sure Republican traitors are dealt with not just in the elections but before – a good example is needed at the moment, like a highwayman’s corpse left to rot in the wind as a reminder and message. The uglier, the better.

  17. Start the timeline (Zionism & Russia, page 72) as follows:

    London Times of May 8, 1921, from which the following quotation is taken:

    “What do they mean, those Protocol s? Are they genuine? Has a gang of criminals really drawn up such plans and is triumphing over their fulfillment? Are they a forgery? But how can one explain then this terrible prophetic gift that foretold all this before hand? Did we fight all these years to destroy the world power of Germany only to find ourselves now facing a much more dangerous enemy? Have we saved ourselves through enormous efforts from PAX GERMANICA only to fall a victim to PAX JUDAICA?”

    The Times concludes this article with the following significant words:


    Then all of a sudden, London Times does about face, declaring the Ptocols a “forgery” (in itself an interesting choice of a word, since forgery implies that there is an original in existence).
    They also provide an explanation of their sudden popularity – the world’s most read literature after Bible.

    As the article in London Times stated on August 17, 1921:

    “These documents attracted only a little attention before the Revolution of 1917. The astounding breakdown of a great state due to attack by Bolsheviks and the presence of countless Jews among them, had the result that many people were looking for – reasonable explanations of the catastrophe. The Protocols furnished this explanation, especially as the tactics of the Bolsheviks at many points, were identical with the recommendations of the Protocols.”

    We are told that the Protocols is a hoax, a “proven forgery” concocted by the Tsarist Political Police (the Okhrana) to incite anti-Semitism and discredit revolutionaries. But the only “proof” for that is far from convincing. It consists only of three articles published, again, in the London Times (on the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 1921) and written by Philip Graves who was Times ’ reporter in Constantinople. In these series of articles Graves asserts that the Protocols are only a clumsy fraud produced by a conscienceless plagiarist who paraphrased (chapter- by-chapter) another book, published in Geneva and Brussels, in 1864-1865. That book called Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu and written by a “Frenchman” named Maurice Joly

    Since we are at this point, might as well follow up on the identity of this Joly a bit …

    For example, National Tidscrift , newspaper in Oslo, Norway, in one of its July issues of year 1922, reported that a certain JEWISH banker acquired the control of the London Times at the time when these series of articles appeared. This statement to my knowledge was never refuted.

    And then it gets interesting …

    Now let us continue our quick historic investigation. The path we are following is getting warmer – and we step on dangerous soil! Let us find out who was the writer identified as Maurice Joly. The mysterious “Mr X” (from Constantinople) and Times ’ reporter Mr. Graves “incidentally” paid no attention to his real identity. Who was this “ Frenchman,” the author of the Dialogues in Hell ? This problem is solved by Gottfried zur Be ck in his preface to the German edition of the Protocols . In which we find that Maurice Joly, according to the record, was really Moses Joel !!! How strange!

    Once again, before a “certain Jewish banker” grabbed ownership of the last free newspaper in England, it managed to say this

    1. Lobro- I’m going to wander a little off theme with you, though this subject is at the heart of it all. First, thank you so much for the lead you provided to Trotsky’s vicious “White Negroes” statement of intent a few posts ago. The reprint in English of “Rasputin; the memoirs of his secretary” by Aron Simanovitch has no such statement on page 55 or elsewhere as it has been edited out by Bryna Kranzler and Delin Colon. What a surprise. In researching, I found “Waters Flowing Eastward” by Mrs. L. Fry ( Paquita Louise de Shishmareff) to be an excellent read, and the more recent and relatively inexpensive editions edited by Catholic theologian the Reverend Denis Fahey to be excellent. I’ve previously mentioned the thorough and definitive work of Australian Peter Myers (highly recommended) but interestingly while looking into another Leland Lehrman recommendation for further study I found Ivan Frasers “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Proof of an Ancient Conspiracy” which you probably are already aware of Fraser also includes the most unlovely and inhuman speech of Rabbi E. Rabinovitch on January 12, 1952 which you also gave me a heads up on a few posts ago. Interestingly, Fraser sources this speech as quoted in “Canadian Intelligence Service”, September 1952 and in US publication “Common Sense” 1952. He further mentions that in “The History of the Jews” by Eustace Mullins, an agent who acquired the speech and a horrified jewish translator named Henry H. Klein, who died in NY the day after meeting a CIA man, who also received a copy of this genocidal criminal plan.

      1. Yes Winston, to all that.
        Waters Flowing is a gem.
        Sorry for short post, “sent from my iPhone” 😊

      2. Lobro – The link you provided above to “Zionism & Russia” is good and I’m still studying it, thank you again. Mr. Klein was not the first jewish victim of the murderous Talmudists. In “Waters Flowing Eastward” the description of how Justine Glinka, daughter of Russian Diplomat Dmitri Glinka stationed in Paris, worked to acquire political information is worth examination. Joseph Schorst (Theodore Joseph Shapiro) a jewish Freemason, sold Justine a French language copy of “The Protocols” in 1884 for 2,500 Francs, obtained from a Mizraim Masonic Lodge in Paris. What is a matter of official record in the archives of the Surete is that Schorst/Shapiro fled to Egypt and was murdered. Madame Shishmareff writing as Elizabeth Fry in “Waters Flowing Eastward” compiled a chart of the various organizations in the Politico-Occult-Judaeo-Masonic structure involved in the Talmudic jew usurpation and conquest of nations. Interestingly, California State Senator Jack B. Tenney published “Zion’s Fifth Column: A Tenney Report on World Zionism” (Los Angeles: Standard Publications, 1953) which shows the structure (Independently of the work of ‘Elizabeth Fry’) as he discovered it in the 1950’s‘s Fifth Column.pdf demonstrating the continuing, always adapting nature of the reality the Talmudists so desperately deny, and go to murderous lengths to conceal. Mr. Tenney presents a thorough, well documented study of various well known and lesser known groups participating in undermining democracy and, Civilization.

      3. For those who may like a look at Madame Shishmareff’s work:

        1. drumpf obviously is not going to defeat the joos for us he’s surrounded by joos so who cares if the joos impeach him and he has to leave Washington in disgrace he deserves to leave Washington in disgrace he’s surrounded by joos so WE need not give drumpf any support whatsover, if he gets impeached, so what, good riddance to him, he’s surrounded by joos so he’s useless to us so considering THE FACT he’s useless to us, who cares if the joos in Washington impeach him and he has to leave Washington in disgrace, it has nothing to do with us, so no good reason to waste any of your time and psychic energy supporting drumpf , NO GOOD reason to give drumpf any support just because the joos want him impeached he’s surrounded by joos he’s NO GOOD so WE might as well sit back and watch the joos in Washington impeach him blah blah blah blah…..


    ”The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me,” said DT. “The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, was loyal to Israel before me.”
    It is strange that in a leading democracy, a candidate should appeal to (((2%))) of the population to get democratically elected! Unsolved equation.

  19. Lobro –

    Opossum?? Naaah….

    Pharisee-Jew, Deputy US Attorney General, Rod J. ROSENSTEIN, has it… ALL handled.. Under control… for the ‘Bleached-Blonde-Buffoon-Billionaire’ from “Moscow on The Hudson”.. aka Manhattan..!!

    Russia tampering..?? What’s Russia…??

    Go figger..!! 🙂

    Rod Rosenstein’s Letter Appointing Mueller Special Counsel

    The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, appointed former F.B.I. Director Robert S. Mueller III as the special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 presidential election. MAY 17, 2017

  20. I could barely read this article because I have such loathing for the New York Times, mindless followers of “what’s good for the Jews” or whatever the Democratic party wants, and yes, I really believe they are out to get Trump. I don’t believe for a nanosecond the reason for wanting to impeach. Not one person from any government office under Obama has said there is real evidence for collusion between Trump and Russia. There is not one shred of evidence that Russia tampered with election machines. The whole big debacle is over the wiki-leaks dump of John Pedestal emails. Never mind that John Pedesta had the most insecure e-mail I’ve ever heard of: johnpodesta and then the password is [email protected]… so he has his name and his password was password essentially. He made no effort to have a secure e-mail. Now Seth Rich supposedly was in contact with wiki-leaks before he was killed, and it is a pattern of Hillary’s to kill people who present obstacles. Plus John Pedesta said he was going to make an example of leakers–getting murdered must send a chill down the spine of those even thinking of leaking.

    Personally, I can’t stand Jarred Kushner for a lot of reasons. He apparently is making business deals with Soros. I don’t know when those deals were made but if Trump was already elected and Jarred was doing business with his father-in-laws worst enemy, you have to wonder what was going through his head. Also, anyone who is Orthodox (settler style) Jewish is about as opposite my politics as possible–they love to treat Palestinians like insects.

    So, it looks to me as if the ‘Deep State” is probably nervous that Hillary will get outed and as someone suggested maybe Seth Rich saw something very horrifying in the DNC Hillary crowd that made him risk his life and even die to leak. (I realize I’m making a lot of assumptions here.. like there is no collusion with the Russians and that Hillary killed Seth Rich who actually did the DNC leaks… sorry) What did Seth Rich see that turned him off to Hillary and John Pedesta. Maybe it was the disgusting business of sex slavery, or organ harvesting and sale, or any of the other revolting criminal practices of Hillary Clinton. And the oligarchs and deep state types are in the same businesses as thick as thieves. As someone noted, maybe George Soros is alive because he is getting those fountain of youth blood transfusions from the blood of kidnapped and murdered children–a real life Dracula who even practically lives in Transylvania.

    1. @ Kapoore

      Good post as usual.

      Killery would not need to bump off Rich. The Mossad stands to lose the most from what Rich leaked that cranked up PizzaGate/PedoGate which is the primary control point for Israel controlling the US government via blackmail. Most of what is going on in DC now is just distraction from PizzaGate/PedoGate. If PizzaGate/PedoGate actually gets investigated, the entire DC swamp will get drained by super angry Americans regardless of religious beliefs or political affiliations. American support for Israel will evaporate with Israel ceasing to exist shortly thereafter.

      The jews are in a pinch. If (((they))) start exterminating those key players like Killery, Podesta, Alefantis, etc., (((they))) will draw attention to the pedophilia plot and result in a loss of control. Distraction is (((their))) only course of action until (((they))) can get all pedophilia compromised stooges in the right positions of power to prevent an investigation. It appears that (((they))) are attempting to use these distractions to accomplish that goal. Those targeted by the distractions are most likely not pedophilia compromised and under absolute control of the jews/Mossad. Why else would they be targeting Trump when Trump is 100% supportive of Israel?

      Fortunately, PizzaGate/PedoGate is not going away. Too many people have looked into it and realized that it is real, children are being sexually abuse, tortured, and eaten. As you point out, (((they))) have to have sources for very young blood in hopes of extending their evil lives since it is illegal for people less than 17 years old to donate blood. (((Their))) evil actions are being exposed, just not “officially” yet.

      As I surf the net, I normally read the comments or articles that I find interesting. Almost without fail, there is a reference to pedophilia in criticizing comments. When Podesta tweets, which is not very often, he gets hundreds of tweets back indicating that his satanic pedophilia activities are known.

      If Assange is correct in one of his tweets just after Comey was fired, the FBI is going to start leaking like Niagara Falls since Comey is not at the head. There are people in the FBI that know and still have a conscience. As an example, this 12-minute video done on March 14, 2017 by E. T. Williams that goes by the name “The Doctor of Common Sense” covers some of it as he was informed by his FBI source. He speaks of Comey, Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, etc.

      The swamp will get drained. It is not a matter of if, but when and when is not far off which is why the jews are screeching so much. They know its coming.

      1. Re post by (((simply moshe)))

        We suspect this poster is the same Zionist troll who has been attacking our site and its posters under a multiplicity of sock puppets. (Hence the 3 brackets round his name). Most sites would disallow comments like this to maintain “respectability”. Please let us know if you are against comments like this being posted. Would you prefer to see them deleted? Or would you rather know what our enemies are thinking and saying?

      2. Admin –

        “Please let us know if you are against comments like this being posted.”

        If you had not asked for this reply, I would not have done so.

        Since almost every commenter does not know any other commenters here personally… I would not allow any comments which use gutter language to describe another commenter here.

        Allowing the crude comments does not bother me, as you have seen for years, but will keep good commenters… shy commenters… usually silent readers…. from joining in.

        The comment by (((SIMPLETON MUSHY))) has ZERO value…. which is what (((kikles))) are worth.. 🙂

        Kapoore does not deserve that type of abuse.

      3. @ Pat
        @ Justice For Chinese

        Thank you for your input. What you say makes good sense. I too agree that Kapoore certainly does not deserve such vile abuse.

        The comment will be deleted.

  21. If President Trump picks Lieberman as head of the FBI it will be the last straw for me.

    It will be a case of “God HELP America”.

  22. pres trump will appoint lieberman
    to be wh mohel
    fbi can relax
    joe will be busy
    doing what rabbis do best
    buddy biden will assist
    with the holy drool

    just finished a wonderful book
    did take same 30 years
    “the story of little black sambo”

    district of crooks will be drained

  23. This comment is not in support of Trump. This is just a reminder that the Jew York Times is part of the jewish mainstream media that is known to lie about most everything especially if the lie benefits the jews. A pound of salt, not a pinch, is required when reading anything that (((they))) say. The Jew York Times is best avoided.

    1. Actually, like the BBC and Daily Mail here (((they))) lie about only 10% of their output. If they lied about everything, our Sheeple would waken-up in droves, and ditch them totally.

      It is a epic RACE for us to exploit our Web invention, and get biggly chunks of clear, copy&paste-able TRUTH out—before they ‘Shut it down’!

      But it is worrying that support for UKIP here has collapsed, under the Treasonous-Theresa May-Day City stooge.

  24. Hey Princess did you hear my pleas !
    tell the Jacks it’s time to sharpen the knives
    the night of the long knives yet to be
    call the gendarmes and sharpen their morals
    be or not to be it’s written the land will be saved and free
    Judas played for so long it’s written that their ends will be as their beginnings
    slaves of pharaohs past and present
    sing the songs and march one more time
    Judas will be no more


    I agree, the USA is now in a similar condition to that of Germany during the late Weimar period, circa 1930. The culture and the economy is in the hands of a Jewish elite who seem to despise traditional America.

    The common people are smarter than the elites think, and gradually they are seeing their culture as being under attack, and a backlash is coming.

    I am not in favor of violent revolution but I can understand the response of the German people. Their country had been hijacked, looted and debauched by Jews, and in 1933 they decided that enough was enough.

  26. Trump revealed intelligence secrets to Russians in Oval Office
    May 16, 2017

    President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russia’s foreign minister about a planned Islamic State operation, two U.S. officials said on Monday, plunging the White House into another controversy just months into Trump’s short tenure in office.

    The intelligence, shared at a meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, was supplied by a U.S. ally in the fight against the militant group, both officials with knowledge of the situation said.

    The White House declared the allegations, first reported by the Washington Post, incorrect.

    “The story that came out tonight as reported is false,” H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, told reporters at the White House, adding that the leaders reviewed a range of common threats including to civil aviation.

  27. Turkish musselmen butt-heads are almost as bad in DC as in Paris and Berlin…

    This fight on embassy lawn took place only two blocks from Obama’s house…
    ……………and three blocks from Kushner’s..

    Ed Griffin certainly knows pompous arrogant “Creatures”.. from Jekyll Island or even from Turkey… 🙂

    Americans Peacefully Protesting at the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, Violently Attacked by Turkish Security Guards

    While Turkish President Erdogan met with President Trump at the White House, Erdogan’s security detail and body guards crashed a peaceful demonstration at the Turkish Embassy that was organized by Kurdish and Turkish Americans who oppose Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish fighters in Syria.

    Eleven people were injured and two were arrested. –GEG

  28. Thanks for the support of ADMIN, Pat, Ungenius. I’m very opposed to Trump choosing Lieberman for heading the FBI. They (the deep state people and the demos) have definitely found Trump’s weak spot. He wants to please them to get their adoration. He needs to really comprehend that these people are his enemies and enemies of the American people. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have enough popular support to really act on his agenda. He has 40%of the population (according to some experts on our side), and that isn’t enough. Still, it is enough to be an obstacle. I was reading a lefty article where the Democrats were debating whether they should go straight for impeachment or use a special prosecutor and they decided to use the special prosecutor. Obviously they don’t have the support for filing an impeachment without proof. Personally I think Trump should avoid neocons like the plague because they are all secret anti-trumpets. Trump did not win their votes. Trump’s base is out there in the vast population of disenfranchised Americans who are still counting on draining the swamp. The neocons will NOT drain the swamp, they are the swamp. Wake up Trump…it’s always later than you think!!

  29. I continue to stand by Trump, more loyal than 95% Americans and I believe that he has the best intentions for (barely deserving) Amerikka and knows what’s he doing, while Jews and doubters are squealing, he is eating their lunch.

    Jew AlterNet again proves my hunch, I get their emails to keep a sense of what they are up to, so today they are up in arms over jewess judge Ginsburg:

    We know that Trump wants Ruth GONE. He’s desperate to get her off the Court for good
    We think that Ruth is one of the best Supreme Court Justices in history. She has fought endlessly against Big Money in politics. [yeah right, trust Jew judges, Brandeis, Frankfurter, to look out for poor goy under attack by the helltribe]
    Add your name if you agree that Ruth is one of the BEST Supreme Court Justices of our lifetime:

    this tells me the true score way more accurately than all the schizoid hyperbloviating of paranoiacs who convert eye floaters into a den of writhing vipers.
    Sorry to keep disagreeing with popular sentiment but the truth is worth more than the ratings – how many likes does lobro (NOT) get?

    The best way to get your bearings is from Jews: figure them out then head 180 degrees the other way.
    And a good way to get jew’s bearings is to listen to their private jew-to-jew exchanges.

    Sooo … trust trumpy, he will put hurt on them and already has.

  30. Gerhard, do you think it’s possible rogue elements done it? Or an error, perhaps. Probably even probable?
    You know, undermining a little here, there and everywhere goes a long way, especially when it never ends.
    Horribly ironic how devotedly the demons practice they’re demon path in their worship of one another, innit?

    But as you say .. some notice, most don’t.
    LOL, the wonderful/terrible (mostly terrible) subconscious notices though, I’m ‘betting’

  31. “If the new jew selected WH Resident is a JFK, his brains will turn into a Dallas Salad.”

    what makes this so? repetition?
    trump doesnt fear the parasites.
    they are wind up toys.
    trump is feared.

  32. Gerhard —


    The GOVERNMENT is in total control in Russia. They have the very BEST SPY equipment…!?! They know what is going on there.,.!!

    Russia’s government – ‘Put-On’ – is to be held DIRECTLY responsible since they have a totally controlled communist society of government beaten-down slaves.

    ‘Put-On’ has total dictatorial power. Before attacking the US…. He needs to attack his criminals living with him first..!!

    But… he cannot even police Russia….. except for putting down his political competitors.

    President ‘Put-On’ has stated on many occasions that he cannot control the corruption and crime in Russia. He needs to go..!!

    The good people of Russia want the Kremlin’s criminals and thugs to be ousted….

    …but they get no RUSSIAN media coverage of their attempts to protest…!!

    ‘We want change. Not promises!’: Mass anti-corruption rallies hit Russia

    March 2017

    On March 26, protests against corruption were held across Russia, the largest of which took place on Moscow’s main central street, Tverskaya. According to the Interior Ministry, around 7,000 to 8,000 people rallied in the capital, although the protest organizers are yet to release their estimates.

    Russia protests: Police arrest hundreds of anti-corruption demonstrators as thousands take to streets

    Huge protests were held in Moscow and other Russian cities. Hundreds of arrests, clashes with riot police, and answers demanded from the authorities followed the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s investigation into Russia’s Prime Minister.

  33. How do we know that Donald Trump is in the wrong here.
    What if everyone else is actually out of step with reality.
    We, the common man, are conditioned to believe how the system should work & how the political arena should behave. We are used to it & as a result corruption is rife.
    e.g., of corruption:
    * millions missing from State Department under Hillary’s administration –
    * billions unaccounted for at Pentagon –
    When the relevant persons were asked to account for the missing monies – the displayed an “I could care less & you can’t tough me” attitude. The authority just shrugged it’s shoulders & said “what can we do” – is that an okay response ?
    Is it possible that Trump is in dangerous waters without a life jacket. The Status Quo will do everything to protect it’s feathered nest & Trump may just be a spanner in the works of the efficiency, of the smooth running corruption of Washington & further afield.

    1. RD –

      All of those folks you mentioned…. and Trump included.. are advancing the fiat currency system by increasing debt…. a commodity.

      Trump was (S)elected by the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London to do just that. The more chaos…. and looming threats…. the more fiat debt needed.

      People will beg for more protection…. at any price.

  34. The synagogue buddies you heard might themselves even not know what is the real deal in the crime centers aka as synagogues. Or perhaps their talmud tanya rabbis ruled: talk this way in public amongst each other, ye satanic rabbits!

    Gerhart: maybe you have insider knowledge of certain details of their operations.
    But I do know that they are logical, albeit in a malignant way, otherwise they would never have prospered the way they did.
    And to nurture the bottom line, they had to at all times ensure a positive return on investment.
    Now think, if they bought out every single national publisher in dozens of countries, all the broadcasters, the media and entertainment monopoly, it surely wasn’t in order to make money through direct sales.
    It was in order to ensure sufficient brainwashing of masses to effect the electoral process and intimidate those politicians they couldn’t buy or blackmail into supporting their genocidal plans and lies and war making and profiteering.
    Once they had that secured, they never bothered with extra effort to win over the remaining skeptics.
    They killed, gulagged, outlawed, jailed, sued and persecuted them into oblivion and up to that point of absolute, bolshevik power, sidelined them through ridicule.
    To go into a hyper sophisticated choreography requiring syncing 15 million Jews with dubious odds of success simply isn’t a good investment.

    Consider the following example.
    i know that Pat insists that Putin’s intervention in Syria is pure kabuki and that saving Syria was never Putin’s objective because he is a Jew-bot, i.e., something else is the goal, including fooling pasties like lobro.
    Do you agree?
    Well, then why is there entirely different scripts for Syria as opposed to Libya and Iraq?
    Consider this: This War Is For Us”

    Of course this war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein is for us. Even the anti-Semites, like Patrick J. Buchanan and Congressman Jim Moran know it. Pat Buchanan has been accusing the neo-conservatives, what he calls the War Party – i.e., the Jews and their followers in America – of pushing the United States into this war.

    So, if you want to persist in this type of convoluted theorizing, what are your choices?
    Iraq destruction did happen.
    Either Jews were behind it or they weren’t, it happened despite their wishes.
    We all know about the Yinon Plan and (((General Wesley Clark’s))) forecast of 7 countries in 5 years, including Syria.
    So, if Syria survived, it wasn’t thanks to Putin but in order to fool lobro and make him into a Putin-supporter.
    Who cares about Syria, we fooled lobro (but not Pat, we’ll just have to try harder, e.g., lose a war with Russia, although even that is a dicey gamble because he will remain unconvinced and claim kabuki) and it was worth it, even though we (Jews) didn’t eliminate Syria.
    It still doesn’t make any sense w.r.t. Iraq and Libya but who cares, we Jews don’t care for logic or the bottom line, jumping off the absurd cliff is our game.

    1. I hope Russia and the moral coalition defending Syria destroy the Zionist hordes.

      I hope Syria is not partitioned on behalf of a bunch of shekel-grabbing Kurds (the US-backed YPG marxist brats).

      Here’s hopin’!

      1. According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued their advance on Al-Tanaf and managed to take positions in about 20 km away from the town controlled by US-led forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

        The SAA also captured the Khabrat Zarkaa area south of the Damascus-Baghdad road. Kharbat Zarrkkaa is located about 50 km from the al-Tanf border crossing. According to pro-government sources, Russian Su-30 fighters escorted government forces in the area.

        As ever, such reports require further corroboration but if true then here we have a specific example of Russia standing up to the ZOG-Internationale gathering at Al-Tanaf. This is important because that is same ZOG-force that recently attacked an SAA group approaching the bordering crossing.

      2. Flopot, I will post a rather lengthy instructional on the issue of insensate khazar hate for all things Russian, hate that goes back more than 1,000 years and has if anything, picked up in intensity over the last 150 or so.
        Hatred is their prime motive force, like photosynthesis.

        I need couple of free hours because working with this retarded tablet is a chore.

      3. @Lobro

        I think you described that legacy of hate in an earlier post. The Odessa File conversation and all that.

      4. @Lobro

        There is a “shocked” emoticon…


        All goggle eyed and “OMG’d”. But it does not have a dedicated graphic. Anyway, I look forward to reading a further history.

  35. Ok, so here’s some stuff linking Russia and the Jew hate industry operating 3 shifts to destroy the Tsar rule, the more enlightened and benevolent, the more hated and the particular role of Jacob Schiff, ancestor to Adam Schiff who exhibits the identical levels of murderous malice towards Russia, Putin and for this reason , to Trump, having made the hysteria of the “Trump-Russia cahoots” his personal legacy.
    After reading the following text quoted from Anelauskas lectures, ask yourself what are the underlying motives and forces fueling this undying, undiminishing hate, immutable to reason, justice or charity.

    Schiff waged a private war against Russia from the 1890s until 1917. His war developed over time in an all-consuming passion and took on the overtones of a personal crusade. The banker “repeatedly drew analogies between Russia and the
    biblical story of the Jews in Egypt; subconsciously, he doubtless saw himself as another Moses.” [Naomi W. Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff: A Study in American Jewish Leadership (Hanover, NH: Brandeis University Press, University Press of New England, 1999), p. 124] At one point, Schiff even lobbied then President Teddy
    Roosevelt to conduct a Rough Rider assault, patterned after the 1898 American invasion of Cuba, against Russia. [Ron Chernow, The Warburgs: The Twentieth Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family (New York: Random House, 1993), p. 100] Terming Schiff’s request “hysterical,” Roosevelt dismissed it out of
    hand. [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 142]
    Now, it’s very important to know that all the great Jewish banking
    monopolies have been interwoven by marriage like a rug. Note three things about the Rothschilds from the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905: It says that of the 58 Rothschild marriages to that date, exactly half, or 29, had been to first cousins.
    Also this encyclopedia says that the Rothschilds “were the first to make use of journalistic methods to arouse the interest of the public in their loans. They have, however, consistently kept the secret of their own operations!” A major reason why Russia collapsed and went under the Red heel during World War I also appears in Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, namely, “Of recent years the Rothschilds have consistently refused to have anything to do with loans to Russia owing to the anti-Jewish legislation of that empire.” (This was written in 1905.)

    Now, turn to the laudatory sketch of Jacob Schiff, in the Jewish Communal (Kehillah) Register of New York City, 1917-18, of which Kehillah he was an Executive Committee man. It is stated there how German-born Schiff came to
    America and made connections with a banking house. “The firm of Kuhn-Loeb & Co. floated the large Japanese war loans of 1904-5, thus making possible the Japanese victory over Russia . . .” Then, the last paragraph boasts “Mr. Schiff has
    always used his wealth and his influence in the best interests of his people. He financed the enemies of autocratic Russia. . . . and used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money market of the United States.” [This was written in 1918, after the Bolshevik revolution] It is stated that “all factions of Jewry” hailed him for this.

    Yes, this amazing story begins with the war between Russia and Japan in 1904.

    As it turned out, Jewish international economic power toward expressly Jewish political ends could even be asserted in Asia. With the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War, fresh currents were set in motion in the disturbed Asian waters. The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5 gave Schiff the opportunity to flex his financial muscles in a grand manner, and as one American diplomat put it, he “went out of his way to help Japan.” [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 135]

    First of all, Jacob Schiff worked to discourage loans to Russia by the
    Rothschilds and other European Jewish bankers. Lord Rothschild assured Schiff in 1904 that his London bank had not handled a Russian loan since 1875 and that Russia had no chance in England with either Jewish or, for that matter, non- Jewish banks. [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 135]

    Once the Russo-Japanese War got underway, Schiff helped arrange the extremely successful Japanese financing effort. He had raised the capital for large
    war loans to Japan. Toward this end, Schiff helped Japan raise $180 million, nearly
    one-fourth of the total Japanese expenditure in its war with Russia. Some of the
    later loans from Schiff’s Kuhn & Loeb to Japan were in part subscribed through
    the Warburg’s Hamburg bank. It was due to this funding that the Japanese were
    able to launch a stunning attack against the Russians at Port Arthur and, the
    following year, to virtually decimate the Russian fleet. As the war progressed,
    Schiff saw Japanese gains redounding to the benefit of the Jews. “I believe the
    Russian Government would now go very far to gain the good will of international
    Jewry,” he said confidently. [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 134]

    As professor Albert Lindemann writes in his book Esau’s Tears, “Schiff, the
    wealthy capitalist, even funded socialist indoctrination programs for Russian
    prisoners of war by the Japanese, in the hope that this might aid in the Tsar’s
    downfall.” [p. 170] During the two years of hostilities, thousands of Russian
    soldiers and sailors were taken as prisoners by the Japanese. Schiff paid for the
    printing of one-and-a-half tons of Marxist propaganda and had it delivered to the
    prison camps. He also sent scores of Russian-speaking Jewish revolutionaries,
    trained in New York, to distribute the pamphlets among the prisoners and to
    indoctrinate them into rebellion against their own government. When the war was
    ended, 50,000 officers and enlisted men returned home to become virtual seeds of
    treason against Russia. They were to play a major role a few years later in creating
    mutiny among the military during the Communist takeover of Russia.

    As historian John Lewis Gaddis said, “Schiff’s motives were quite frankly
    those of the Russian revolutionaries of 1905: to work for a Russian defeat at the

    hands of Japan, in the belief that this would hasten the revolution which, as Schiff
    thought, would give power to the Jews.” [John Lewis Gaddis, Russia, the Soviet
    Union, and the United States: An Interpretative History (New York: John Wiley
    and Sons, 1978), pp. 43-44]

    By this time American Jews had already begun to claim a leading role in
    international Jewish affairs. Schiff delighted in the way that he and other Jews had
    been able to contribute to the humbling of the great Russian Empire. He boasted
    that after its humiliation in the Russo-Japanese War, Russia had come to
    understand that “international Jewry is a power after all.” [Gary Dean Best, To
    Free a People: American Jewish Leaders and the Jewish Problem in Eastern
    Europe, 1890-1914 (Westport, CT, 1982), p. 108.] When Russia’s Prime Minister
    Count Witte arrived in the United States to negotiate the peace treaty with Japan,
    he was contacted by Simon Wolf, another American Jewish leader and long-time
    confidant of presidents, who told him that Russia needed two things, money and
    friends. He added:

    The Jews of the world, as citizens of their respective countries, control much
    of the first … There is no use in disguising the fact that in the United States
    the Jews form an important factor in the formation of public opinion and in
    the control of finances. … By virtue of their mercantile and financial
    standing in this country they are exercising an all-potent and powerful
    influence. [Quoted in Albert S. Lindemann, Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-
    Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (New York: Cambridge University Press,
    1997), p. 302]

    This boasting by Schiff and by Wolf was transparently designed to impress
    the Russians, with the quite explicit goal. Observers as different as Winston
    Churchill and Theodore Herzl firmly believed that international Jewry even at that time exercised enormous power in international relations. British journalist Arnold White wrote that the European press and international finance were in Jewish hands, and that “the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of England alter their policy and abandon an important bill in parliament at the frown of the Rothschilds.” He concluded that Jews were making “monotonous progress toward the mastery of the world.” [Quoted Lindemann, Esau’s Tears, pp. 302-303]

    Since 1890, Jewish-American financiers — led by Jacob Schiff, Isaac
    Seligman, and Adolph Lewisohn — had also vigorously lobbied the powerful
    international Jewish banking community as a collective entity to reject any
    Russia’s searches for loans. Ultimately defeated by Japan and suffering great
    indemnity demands, Russia faced a largely successful international economic
    lockout by Jewish money lenders. “A great nation,” reported the Jewish Chronicle
    with satisfaction about the teetering Russian state, “was now going from one
    Jewish banker to the other, vainly appealing for financial help.” [C. C. Aronsfeld,
    “Jewish Bankers and the Tsar,” Jewish Social Studies, April 1973. V. XXXV, no.
    2, p. 103]

    The following ultimatum to the huge country of Russia, and a threat to those
    who broke Jewish ranks to do business with it, was announced by a group of
    Jewish American businessmen wielding their own foreign policy, self-described as the “Hebrew alliance”:
    “First, … no money will be loaned the Russian government by any
    American Jews. Second, the Rothschilds are united with the American
    Jewish bankers in this agreement and will use all their enormous prestige
    and power to assist in carrying out the threat. Third, no financial concern
    will be allowed to loan Russia money, under pain of the displeasure and
    financial punishment that such a combination of resources of the Hebrew
    alliance could so readily dispense.” [C. C. Aronsfeld, “Jewish Bankers and
    the Tsar,” Jewish Social Studies, April 1973. V. XXXV, no. 2, p. 100]

    Jacob Schiff and others unashamedly used their financial influence to thwart
    Russia at every turn. As he boasted to Lord Rothschild in 1904, “I pride myself
    that all the efforts, which at various times during the past four or five years have
    been made by Russia to gain the favor of the American market for its loans, I have been able to bring to naught.” [Cyrus Adler, Jacob H. Schiff: His Life and Letters (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1928), vol. 2, p. 122.] This anti-Russia crusade brought Schiff to the height of his powers and to a position never before attained by an American Jewish leader. [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 126] Interviewed in 1911, the Russian minister of finance said: “Our government will never forgive or forget what that Jew, Schiff, did to us. … He alone made it possible for Japan to secure a loan in America. He was one of the most dangerous men we had against us abroad.” [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 134]

    Then, the American Jewish Committee was founded in 1906. Schiff told the
    organizing meeting that he and his friends needed a committee that would be
    powerful but discreet because he was fearful of substantiating the assumption
    prevalent in the 1890s that Jews were controlling invisible financial empires and
    secretly directing governments of many nations. The American Jewish
    Committee’s lobbying techniques included “lavish expenditures of money, public
    speaking campaigns, extensive distribution of propaganda, and courting politicians by playing off Republicans against Democrats.” (Sounds like today’s AIPAC) Central to the strategy of behind the scenes pressure and backstairs diplomacy that is their trademark are the political and social contacts its leaders enjoy with high- level officials and foreign dignitaries. [Gregg Ivers, To Build a Wall: The American Jews and the Separation of Church and State (Charlottesville:
    University Press of Virginia, 1995), p. 36.]

    The history of the American Jewish Committee’s first legislative fight is
    important background information because it shows the awesome power of these Zionist groups even at the beginning of the twentieth century and that the methods that they are still using today to influence public opinion have been around for a long time. The book called Politics of Ethnic Pressure, written by Judith S. Goldstein (obviously Jewish) is an excellent, assiduously researched book covering this period in detail, and I rely here on her conclusions regarding Schiff’s conduct in the conflict with the U.S. Government’s handling of perceived persecutions of his fellow Jews in Russia. (By the way, Professor MacDonald also quotes her heavily.)

    Their first high profile venture into the public arena was a fight for the
    abrogation of the Russo- American Treaty of 1832. Abrogation means to cancel,
    repeal or annul by authority. By the terms of a commercial treaty of 1832
    reciprocal rights of sojourn and trade were granted Russian and Americans. It had permitted Russia to have some say as to those from the U.S.A. it must admit
    through its borders. Russia hardened its policy of refusing visas to American Jews. Russia retained some sovereignty, which Red Revolutionary Jewry from Russia, armed with American passports, could not hurdle. The Jewish mob must be free to return to Russia and put over the Jewish revolution. The reciprocal treaty of 1832 with Russia had to be broken. This campaign was enhanced when at the turn of the century increasing numbers of immigrants from Russia (most of whom were Jewish) told to Americans all kinds of fantasy tales about alleged persecution, pogroms, and injustices in Russia.

    Technically, the AJC ran the campaign, widely publicizing the issue and
    mobilizing congressmen, opinion molders, religious leaders, and the public at large to their side. Behind the scenes, however, Schiff as always took center stage. [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, p. 145]

    President William Howard Taft was not willing to shape America’s Russian
    policy around the needs of Russian Jewry and the desires of an ethnic minority at
    home. The background of these pre-revolutionary activities of the American
    Jewish Committee was covered very well in the Henry Ford’s newspaper, The
    Dearborn Independent (January 1921 issue), in an article entitled: “Taft Once
    Tried to Resist Jews and Failed.” To quote:

    Mr. Taft once stood out against the Jews, was strongly denounced as
    unfavorable to the Jews, was soundly beaten by the Jews on a matter on


    which he had taken a firm stand, and has ever since shown that he has
    learned his lesson by accommodating the Jews in their desires . . .

    For centuries Russia has had her own troubles with the Jews and, as
    the world knows, has at last fallen prostrate before Jewish power which for
    centuries, has been working to undermine her. . . . The biggest hoax in
    modern times was the propaganda against Russia as the persecutor of the
    Jews. Russia devoted to the Jews a large part of the most favored section of
    the land, and was always lax in those laws which prohibited Jews from
    settling in other parts of the country that the Jew was able to create an
    underground system throughout the whole of Russia which controlled the
    grain trade, controlled public opinion, and utterly baffled the Tsar’s
    government. The cry of “persecution” arose because the Jews were not
    permitted to exploit the peasants as much as they desired. They have,
    however, gained that privilege since.

    Reports of U.S.A. Ministers are quoted showing that while 1500 Jews
    were registered in St. Petersburg with the police, 30,000 were operating
    there illegally. Jewish editors and writers wielded power on the leading
    newspapers of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and the liquor trade was entirely
    in Jewish hands. At every turn the United States Government discovered. . . .
    The Jews represented that their life in Russia was a hell . . . Presently, after
    years of underground work and open propaganda against Russia in the daily
    press, until the American conception against Russia was fixed almost
    beyond correction, the agitation took the form of the “Russian passport
    question”. . . Jews demanded nothing less than that the United States should
    break all treaty relations with Russia. They demanded it.

    Then, in that same article, how Jacob Schiff, Louis Marshall, Adolph Krauss
    and Judge Henry M. Fogle (all Executive Committee members of the American
    Jewish Committee) walked in on President Taft at the White House, on February
    15, 1911, is described. They had demanded the conference, were dined at the
    White House luncheon table, but President Taft insisted upon reading them his
    conclusions that the trade treaty of 1832 with Russia should not be broken as an
    exceptional favor to Jews, despite his sentiments in favor of Jewry. Jacob Schiff
    was enraged. “This means war!” he exclaimed. On leaving the White House, Jacob
    Schiff refused to even shake the President’s hand… Jacob Schiff lived to overthrow

    Henry Ford wrote: “The neutrality of the United States was torn to shreds by
    a movement organized and financed on American soil for the overthrow of a
    friendly nation, and the organizers and financiers were Jews! . . . The United States
    was to be used as a crowbar to batter down the walls.”


    When the Jewish Ambassadors left the White House, orders flew from
    Washington and New York to every part of the United States, and the Jewish
    “nagging” drive began. It had a center in every city. It focused on every
    Representative and Senator. It was operated on precisely the same lines as the
    AIPAC is proceeding today!

    Jacob Schiff had said on February 15, 1911, “This means war!” So he had
    immediately ordered a large sum of money used for that purpose. During this
    period of political turmoil, the American Jewish Committee cleverly and boldly
    employed its network of national contacts and supported politicians such as
    Woodrow Wilson who were hungry for votes in the 1912 election.

    I stop here but there is indeed much, much more.
    My point is that Jews worked hard for the overthrow of independent Russia, harnessing all their international power for decades toward that goal, never deviating a scintilla, and Schiff was designated to lead the campaign – SAME AS TODAY.
    And their power is even greater today, even more focused and highly coordinated.

    So try to imagine what Putin (in place of Tsar) and Trump (in place of Taft) are facing before you jump to facile conclusions like “Why doesn’t he simply …”.

    And in the lengthy quote, I presented a mere flavor of the greater monstrosity that devoured the great and holy empire.
    And Satan is employing the exact same approach today, if it worked so well more than a century ago, why change it.

  36. Unfamiliar with this site, victurus libertas, but here is an article on the topic
    Readers and Viewers of VL Ask FBI Anon Their Own Questions
    this caught my attention:

    We are fortunate and grateful to work with some really great insiders who want the truth to come out about the inner workings of our governments. FBI Anon, most known for showing up on 4Chan from time to time with his AMA, has agreed to allow our audience to ask questions.

    TOM asked: The news is exploding that Trump shared intel with Russians from an “ally” in the middle east and the ally is very upset. This is in regards to an Isis plot regarding airplanes and laptops.

    A: The “ally” not being named is Israel, and they are mad as hell at Trump. Israel is furious because they got caught with their pants down. Lets get to the point. Isis was created by Israel and the US to weaken Iran and topple Assad. Billions in profits at stake. Israel has developed the technology to remote control airlines via laptops. A false flag was being prepared. Trump discussed it with Russian officials,exposing the “plot” McMaster pitched, and now all hell has broken loose. Trump did a wonderful thing in my opinion. We do not need anymore Isis false flags.

    If Isis is eradicated, it will decrease CIA and DOD budgets, limit the amount of “support” Israel receives, and cause disruptions in the grand scheme to build a massive pipeline through Syria and ultimately cause the downfall of Iran and Russia. This is why “Isis” is being kept alive by the NWO. This is why such “bold” and “frightening” plots must be continually fed to the people. To justify larger budgets, and bigger hegemony.

    Russia is actually our only hope, along with Trump, that this diabolical system can be broken, shattered, as JFK once said, into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind.

    is this plausibly true? that fbi would be privy to Trump-Lavrov talks and would then spill the beans to some liberty vulture rank and file.
    But then, maybe Fbi operates its own leak pipeline when it suits them to address American public.

    at any rate, I am in powerful agreement with the line: “Russia is actually our only hope, along with Trump, that this diabolical system can be broken, shattered”, but you knew that already, didn’t you.

  37. I guess this is due to the fact that the only true Aryans remaining all live in Russia.

    lobro, do you live in russia?

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