As Thousands Left Homeless From Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel



17 September 2017.  As many Americans struggle to get back on their feet after their homes were destroyed by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the United States government has insisted that the only way to raise money for relief efforts is to increase the national debt—while setting aside another $75 million in aid for Israel.

Just one year ago, the Obama Administration signed the largest military aid deal in U.S. history, promising Israel $38 Billion over the next 10 years. However, while the deal stated that Israel was expected to return any money that was more than the original amount, the Trump Administration is breaking the rules.

According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was against giving an additional $75 million to Israel, a senior State Department official insisted that, “The administration is committed to ensuring that Israel receives the assistance that has been appropriated by Congress,” and that Trump will “work to ensure the $75 million in additional aid is delivered.”


While Congress had no problem giving Israel another $75 million in military aid, it did so by once again turning a blind eye to the long list of human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli military—and funded by the United States. Israel has occupied Palestine since 1967, and in those 50 years, it has been accused of numerous categories of human rights violations, according to a report from Human Rights Watch:

At least five categories of major violations of international human rights law and humanitarian law characterize the occupation: unlawful killings; forced displacement; abusive detention; the closure of the Gaza Strip and other unjustified restrictions on movement; and the development of settlements, along with the accompanying discriminatory policies that disadvantage Palestinians.


When Donald Trump ran a campaign based on “Making America Great Again” and truly putting “America First,” his supporters latched on to his promises, as if his presence in the White House would make everything different. While some of Trump’s supporters were adamant about his support for Israel, it should be noted that the Trump Administration is not just putting Israel first—it is also putting every country that is a recipient of U.S. foreign aid at a time when Americans desperately need help, first.

The idea that the United States should continue to hand out OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF MONEY it doesn’t have to the nations it favors—with no oversight—is a reminder that the vast majority of the elected officials who claim to represent the will of the American public, do not have their best interests in mind.


“Here’s another $75 million for Israel.” 

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    That’s the same way he treated all the businesses and workers he owed when filing his “YUGE” numbers of bankruptcies.!!

    He even disowned his brother and his brother’s family… and cut off medical care for his epileptic nephew.

    Donald Trump admits cutting off medical treatment for his nephew’s sick baby after will dispute with alcoholic brother’s family

    Trump helped draft will that excluded his brother’s children

    He treated his first two wives in the same disgusting manner.

    Trump breaks promises…. and….

    ALL national leaders are LIARS..!!

  2. I doubt if I am the only one, but, after Trump’s countless lies, I plan on never voting again. If you vote for one of the only two sanctioned parties, it only encourages the Jewish oligarchs to think that the populace remains satisfied as long as they can cast a ballot, then wait for the next election after nothing good happens. The masses do not realize that voting means nothing. Both parties are controlled by Zionist Jews, so it does not matter to them who wins. The only action that now makes sense to me is to withhold my vote. It would be great if no one voted. Voting only legitimizes the bastards!

    1. Folly –

      You wrote:
      “I doubt if I am the only one, but, after Trump’s countless lies, I plan on never voting again.”

      No. You are not the only one… Far from it. A minimal percentage of eligible voters are registered and turn out to do so.

      The last time I registered was in 1984. I did that only as a political convenience.

      The last time I voted was for Ron Paul in 1988, as he was running as a Libertarian. He was just one of two Libertarians in Congress then. I knew he could not win, but I was jokingly making a statement. 🙂

      I have been scrubbed from the rolls.

      My slogan, even before then, was similar to your statement:

      “Don’t vote… It just encourages them..!!”

    2. I voted once, in 1972, for McGovern.
      My Draft # was (gulp) 83!
      My backup plan was to hightail it up to ‘O Canada’ and maybe hide out in Lobro’s basement for the duration..

    3. I’m proud to say I’ve never voted for a major party, and stopped voting at the national level in ’88. I do still vote, rarely, for local issues, mostly to stop the incessant efforts to increase property taxes. Had to vote five times against a measure that would have used the money to build a dome over the high school football stadium!

      1. Carnaptious –

        Something I found back when I was studying the U.S.Code to better educate myself about confiscatory taxes was in Title 31, wherein section 3126 stated “stocks and OBLIGATIONS of the U.S. government SHALL NOT be used to compute (certain) taxes…” (which included property taxes, I used it in court to protest property taxes, and taxes on capital equipment, such as trucks and cars and tractors, etc. THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE IS DEFINED AS AN OBLIGATION.
        Later, after I took this issue to federal court in my “income tax” protests, the U.S. Code section was stricken/deleted from the Code! The biggest benefit which came from it was with my state senator, Chuck Colgen, who persuaded Governor Jim Gilmore to repeal the “personal property” tax on automobiles. A small victory – but has, since, been ignored by our government. (((They))) really do whatever is convenient, and ignore codified law whenever it suits them! (Yes, there is no use in voting on a national election.)

  3. This traitorous piece of filthy excrement makes Pol Pot look like a humanitarian, gentleman and scholar. And the more I think about it that’s way too generous. Words fail me when I contemplate the jew-controlled subhuman creature occupying the White House.

    Actually the 75 million more to jewry is just another petty in-your-face insult to the masses of financially struggling people living paycheck to paycheck in the U.S. The thing is, while the creature is doing this, it’s also generally doing everything it can to trash the dollar and to bring about the nuclear war its masters must have.

    1. Harold,
      I left the Trump Train the day he bombed that Syrian air base with 59 Tomahawk missiles. The fact that less than half reached their target shows a lot about the vaunted “invincible” technology of the US military. Nonetheless, your comment smacks of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It’s not like the drunk criminal Hillary would have been any better. And who can even bear to look at that surgically reconstructed face or listen to that demonic cackle? And then, of course, there would be the return of Hillary’s partner in crime, the sleazy serial fornicator Bill to set the feminists hearts a flutter. At least Trump is making things interesting as the world slides to Nuclear Armageddon.

      1. @ Folly

        “I left the Trump Train the day he bombed that Syrian air base with 59 Tomahawk missiles. The fact that less than half reached their target shows a lot about the vaunted “invincible” technology of the US military.”

        I left the “Trump Train” well before Orange Clown fired those missiles. But when Orange Clown fired those missiles, he removed any little bit of remaining doubt as to who he works for.

        “Nonetheless, your comment smacks of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

        “Trump Derangement Syndrome” sounds like a jew-invented label intended to stigmatize and marginalize anyone whose criticism of Trump is legitimate.

        “It’s not like the drunk criminal Hillary would have been any better.”

        The better moral choice would’ve been to stay home that day, as I’ll never forgive myself for voting for what turned out to be something lower than animated-dog-excrement. Anyway, since you broached the subject, Hillary at least wore her treachery on her sleeve, so in a sense she was more “honest” than Orange Clown.

    2. Harold Smith,
      Dont defile excrement. When used properly (in the old days) it was an excellent fertilizer. The Plains Indians also used it for fire. It actually benefitted people. How has Orange ass-clown ever benefitted anyone but himself? Zero…..zilch….nada amigo. To compare Trump to excrement does the latter injustice.


    A huge wave of indignation is gathering up in a huge storm against Jewish power and abuse of the American people. They know it is coming and have convinced everyone of their victim status. They indoctrinated millions into the cult of the Holohoax and say “never again” when in fact the extermination of this race is very necessary for the human specie to survive.

    If this was a sane world then Rothschild would be droned and individual nation states would take back their sovereignty, the terrorists in Tel Aviv would be taken out, all those involved in the 911 attack prosecuted. But nothing happens because their is this gigantic support group backing Israel all the way, there are over 70 million Evangelicals just in the United States that are rabid Zionists. No politician will dare go against them.

    Search Results
    How many evangelicals in the world?
    The World Christian Database estimates the number of Evangelicals at 300 million, Pentecostals and Charismatics at 600 million and “Great Commission” Christians at 700 million.

    1. Yukon –

      “But nothing happens because their is this gigantic support group backing Israel all the way, there are over 70 million Evangelicals just in the United States that are rabid Zionists. No politician will dare go against them.”

      You are 100% correct…..

      And when all else fails. at the upper levels, the SCOTUS is the gatekeeper.!!

  5. “Make America Great Again is brilliant and will be used to our great success. Not since the French Revolution and our Liberty, Equality, Fraternity has there been a more brilliant motto to fool the dumb goyim.” — Rabbi Sam Silverfish

  6. While this is a very large sum of money for all but .000001% of US citizens, in the larger scheme of things $75 million doesn’t amount to much when compared with the $3,800,000,000 of official “aid” already given to Israel this year. It amounts to even less when compared with all funds sent to Israel from the USA, said to be about ten times the official amount of “aid” or $30+ billion. Much of that money is collected from Zionist Christians by foundations, institutions, churches, etc. that are tax exempt. But it does seem as if Trump and the US Congress went out of their way to insult taxpayers by handing yet more money to Israel when the bill for the destruction caused by Harvey alone is estimated at $250 billion. The one piece of good news about this is that, according to polls, a majority of US citizens (about 52%) already think Israel gets too much US taxpayer money. Not that public opinion will stop Congress from giving more $$$$ to Israel, but perhaps one or two CongressClowns will finally lose their comfy seats (although not their generous pensions, etc.) over this kind of shenanigans.

  7. Well, trump was a better choice than hillery, at least as he
    then presented himself.
    I voted for him, but would never do so again.
    I would vote for Dr. Paul (not Rand) but given the choices
    we are offered I can’t imagine ever voting again.
    It’s a suckers game, like Adelson’s casino’s.

  8. President Trump Flip-Flops on DACA Immigration

    Despite his campaign promise to end DACA, President Trump now is asking Congress to legalize the program, which protects roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants.

    White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders laid out Friday a series of actions the Trump administration would like to see coupled with an amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries.

    President Trump has called for Congress to “legalize” the DACA program, which protects roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants. Sanders said Friday that there is no settled deal.

    House Minority Leader *Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader *Chuck Schumer claimed this week that Trump agreed to a deal protecting DACA beneficiaries without funding a southern border wall.


    ALL national leaders are LIARS..!!

  9. ADMIN: Snez: I’m not sure why your comment (and two other identical ones) went into Spam. Anyway, I’m approving the comment now. Apologies for any inconvenience. (Sr. M)

    Remember these cases of extortion?

    ‘If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.’ – Barbara Spectre’s European Institute of Jewish Studies, Paideia
    ‘The first act in the scheme went like this: The schemers got together with some of their buddies in the media, and front-page articles appeared simultaneously in newspapers all over the world to the effect that Swiss bankers were unscrupulously holding onto as much as $7 billion which belonged to the heirs of so-called “Holocaust” victims… Then the Swiss made their first big mistake: they apologized for accusing the Jews of extortion… They said that there couldn’t possibly be $7 billion in dormant accounts belonging to “Holocaust” victims… They announced that as a charitable act they would simply donate $180 million to the Jews, not from dormant accounts but from their own general funds, just for the sake of goodwill. The Swiss didn’t understand the Jewish mentality. They didn’t understand that Jews aren’t people you can live with. With Jews there’s no compromising, but only the hard: either, or… The Jews have been so pleased with the way the Swiss are caving in to their demands for gold that they’re talking about similar claims against Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. Hey, why not? When you’ve got the whole world buffaloed with “Holocaust” baloney, why not go for everything you can get?’

    Some Jews even believe there is gold on the moon; Moshe Abrams, founded the group “Jews for Gold”, who demands that the NASA should restart the moon programme to find gold.
    Barbarians in suits who have always hated Gentile civility and middle class:
    ‘The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Levi-Strauss, and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity’, by John Murray Cuddihy, 1974

    No anti-Semite can begin to comprehend the malicious analysis of his soul, in which every Jew indulges every day. – Norman Mailer

    1. Thanks, Admin. Today, all at once, I started receiving the ‘Stop spammers – I’m not a robot’ messages that are delaying and blocking my posts.

  10. Trump’s daughter is married to that scumbag, Zionist Jew and Mrs Clinton’s ugly, gaping mouthed daughter is married to a $billionaire Zionist Jew. Jews have married into rich Goyim families and into European royalty. Israeli Jews control your Congress. The lunatic, homosexual Jew, Barney Frank, working with the lervly Clintons created the sub prime mortgage debacle which precipitated the ggfmeltdown. The progeny of satan are running rampant. They want you dead!

    1. Maybe Max Bilney can donate 75 million dollars to those left homeless by Harvey and Maria, after all, he has BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, being a member of The Royal Family of England plus being deeply connected up-the-kazoo with the chink mafia mobsters who own and control and rule Communist China and has LOTS of business dealings with the chink mobsters and makes BILLIONS with each and every deal he makes with the chinks.

      [ Yes, China is still a Communist country, I don’t care what anyone says, China is still a Communist country ] . For Maxie baby, Max could go out and spend 75 million dollars on patio furniture and not bat an eye.

      1. I said “Maria” but I meant to say “Irma”. There’s so many hurricanes lately, I sometimes get them all mixed up, 🙂 . Let us pray, shall we, that Up-Coming Maria doesn’t strike Florida and destroy uncle’s favorite hang out locations, Miami’s horse track and dog track. It’s the only recreation he gets, betting on the horses and on the gawddamn dawgs, *grin*.

      2. TROJ –

        I agree…. 🙂

        China Gold Fraud
        September 17, 2017

        The rising price of gold is drawing a frenzied horde of investors and as more and more use the precious metal for investment, the price continues to rise.

        There is one very serious flaw in this process, a flaw that has more to do with human nature than anything else. Once the hedge funds were the darling of those with extra money and they rushed to invest with the same zeal that the goldbugs are now grabbing gold but like the hedge funds, most of which were pure fraud, the gold market also has its flaws, the most serious one of which is the indisputable one that at least fourteen Chinese firms are pouring out an incredible flood of entirely faked coins, both bullion and numismatic.

        Counterfeiting foreign gold or silver coins or bars is not illegal in China and, as usual, the Chinese government has turned a blind eye to illegal acts that enrich their economy. By laser-cutting dies from original pieces, the counterfeiters are able to produce coins that are visually almost perfect but because they are Chinese, the makers are determined to increase their profits by adulterating the contents of the coins.

        The hundreds of examples of fakes, to include American and foreign coins and, most interesting, various gold bars supposedly coming from prestigious Swiss banks, are made of less than pure gold and silver and to offset the lighter color of adulterated gold, the fakes are then plated with 24k gold for the proper rich color.

        It is estimated that there are millions of dollars in fakes now circulating in the United States, the Middle East and gold-hungry India.

        It is also to be noted that the Chinese forgers are now making coins that show honest wear, that are not UNC but only VG+ so that a collector seeing what appears to be a used coin believes that it is genuine.

      3. Pat –

        The fake gold coins are probably more successful than the counterfeit Rolex watches that once flooded the market, here. (There’s a scam conceived for every sucker!)
        What helps make “high-end” scams proliferate so well is the lack of sympathy which is generated for the sucker. No one really feels sorry for them!

      4. There are some interesting theories about why gold has become so important. A change in choice of the goods to back up any type of money could open the door to a proper justice system.

  11. To sum up all of the excellent comments, as HAC is fond of saying: “The purpose of Democracy is to PREVENT change.
    The $75 million check from Ghettoized America to the Israeli Ghetto is peanuts added to the billions upon billions of fake dollars already stuffed, for the last 70 years, into the pockets of the Rabbinic baby boy sucking Mohels. There seems to be plenty of sucking going on inside the American Ghetto. The great debate inside certain circles in the Greater American Ghetto is it better to be the sucker or the suckee.
    Of course Pat’s favorite “LIARS…’ will write all this off just like before while allowing many of Ghetto America’s police spending some R&R in Ghetto Israel while learning the latest in crowd “control”.

    1. Pat,
      Why is it that stable currencies are backed by gold and other precious metals? Gold is a great conductor, but as bullion or coin its useless. It just occupies space. It, like precious stones, only has value because people “believe” it does. Human beings are actually capable of productivity. Why not devise a human-labor (intellectual-physical)- backed monetary system? When a child is born, why cant a governments create currency based on the potencial productivity of this human-being? It might not be an exact science, but certainly better than Jew out-of-thin-air funny money. This system would place more importance on the human factor than unproductive inanimate objects. I dont know. Just an idea. Another shot of tequila….Salud!

  12. With the Zionists no country/group can win. If you oppose them they will ruin you, either financially or by getting America to do it militarily. If you favor them you will be exploited, undermined and ripped off as in the USA now.

    Everybody knows it but are too scared of Jewish Power to say it openly in the Congress or the White House.

    Old age does give one one advantage: you stop worrying about your future. So maybe it is the aged members of Congress we should be looking to, to save us.

    1. John,
      Well, is there any chance that Israel’s useful idiot, Insane McCain, will have an epiphany and a change of heart before he croaks from brain cancer?

  13. Guys, it’s all over, one look at the culture today and you can see it.
    Jews, debased sexuality, negros, criminal money making…it’s all celebrated as though it is normal and will continue forever.

    A site like this is probably read by a few hundred people. Meanwhile nfl games, hollywood movies, and rap videos get hundreds of millions of viewers. Insane.

    1. Dolph,
      Saw a really pretty teenage girl at a truckstop in middle-of-nowhere Kansas a couple of days ago. How beautiful she wouldve looked in a long floral dress. But no, she was wearing short-shorts with hideous serpiente demonic tatooes on her inner and outer thighs. What a waste. The Jew has his tentacles in every nook and cranny of the U.S. for sure.

    2. Dolph –

      You wrote:
      “A site like this is probably read by a few hundred people.”

      It cannot compete with sports or Hollywood…. but, many thousands do read it. I can tell… It would surprise you.

    3. @ Dolph

      “A site like this is probably read by a few hundred people.”

      The Darkmoon site happens to be among the first 1% of the world’s websites according to the Alexa ranking system. There are apparently ONE BILLION websites in the world and the Darkmoon site reached a high of 180,000 in May this year. It has now slipped down a bit to 232,594.

      This places the site easily among the world’s TOP ONE PER CENT of websites. (In fact, among the first 0.25%). Surprising, I know, unless Alexa is lying!

      In contrast, the world’s premier Holocaust site, CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust), is ranked roughly 100,000 points LOWER than the Darkmoon site at 332,501. = 232,594 = 332,501

      This shows you that the Darkmoon site is getting more regular readers than CODOH, though CODOH is a far more important site. It gets fewer readers only because it specializes in one subject, the Holocaust, whereas the Darkmoon site covers lots of other subjects.

      In short: our commenters are relatively few, but our silent readers must be numbered in the tens of thousands. You just can’t get into the top 0.25% of the world’s websites and have a mere handful of readers! Not possible.

      — Sr. Monica

      1. Sr. Monica your data made my day!
        I hope readers remember the high Alexa rankings (even for CODOH) we, the critical thinkers and questioners, are not a tiny group of marginal fringe dwellers. No matter how much controlled media and government says so (or wishes it so)!

      2. Sister,
        the crucial datum, imo, would be how many unique repeat visitors (e.g. >5 visits) over some interval (e.g., a week).
        that would be the darkmoon core, the converts.
        many interesting slices i could ask for in order to profile the site and figure out its effective reach and ability to maintain the audience captivated by the content.
        (alexa’s owner is jeff bezos, btw)

        these data are available but probably for a price.
        some sites have a sidebar showing where the current visitors originate and how long do they hang around, also of summary interest.
        Could you ask for the price list of some sort? Do you have access privileges unavailable to outsiders?

        Knowing that our voices carry some ways would be a shot in the arm and proof that far from being a circle of ineffective yappers, on the contrary, we are resistance builders in war of liberation.

      3. Lobro –

        I viewed the Alexa stats of several sites fairly often, until a couple years ago, when they were free.

        The last time I looked… over 30% of viewers came here from search engines. That would be first-timers.

  14. “The idea that the United States should continue to hand out OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF MONEY it doesn’t have…”

    “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing” (forgot the song) sums it up quite well. All that really happened is that the jews in the Fed moved $75-million of their nothing to the jews in Israel via the JewSA that owes $20-trillion of nothing that will never be repaid with nothing. Just a jewish magic trick/illusion as usual to keep the goyim believing it’s real.

    1. @ Ungenius @ Max and et al

      A money illusion, indeed! But, an illusion with effects that are real. That is what matters.

      Give a large sum of money to a person in need to see real effects of illusions. Hypocrites! That you will not do! You speak the name of Jesus, but will not do what Jesus said to do.

      Matthew 19:20 The young man saith unto him, All these things [Commandments] have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet?
      19:21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go [and] sell that thou hast, and put it in the purse (kitty), and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come [and] follow me.
      19:22 But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.

      Why are you not fighting for a redistribution of wealth and Year of Release for everyone? Because you like their system since it works for you and has made your life comfy / cozy.

      Deuteronomy 15:1 At the end of [every] seven years thou shalt make a release.

      Matthew 7:22 Many will say to me in That Day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
      7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work inequity.

      1. @ Ungenius

        I judge your comments. The Beast System is real and it is the cornerstone of the Rothschild bankster dynasty. “Illusion” is a poor excuse for evil creating a reality.

        “We, of the British Commonwealth of nations (Ephraim – Genesis 48:19) have, through no conscious effort of our own, come to occupy a unique position in the world, with a unique opportunity to put God’s Law into practice, and be a blessing to other nations. This position and opportunity are shared by the United States of America (Manasseh – Genesis 48:19). Instead, we have enthroned the false gods of finance capitalism, and unless we set our own house in order, the opportunity will pass us by also. It is therefore an urgent matter for us to become acquainted with God’s Law, that we may find the solution of the problems which so grievously perplex our age.

        When both houses of Israel were going into captivity, the prophets received God’s promise that He would write His Law in the hearts of His people Israel, Jesus supplied the key to this promise when He said “If ye love Me, keep My Commandments.” And again, John 3:3, “Except a man be born again (as his spirit-Being, which is not human), he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

        Obedience to God’s Law is the result of the new birth (as your spirit-Being). The sinful nature of the flesh (human) can not do God’s Will, only the new spiritual life with the Spirit of God through faith in Christ Jesus can keep The Law. Thus the Gospel of Salvation and the Gospel of the Kingdom become one organic whole.

        In the Kingdom of God, Christ will be King. Every great war has been followed by a League of Nations or a U.N.O., but every such attempt to bring concord and security to mankind has ended in disaster, because it has been built on faulty foundations (Ezekiel 13:9-16). The citizens of the Kingdom of God must be born again as their spirit-Being, and they must acknowledge Christ as Lord and King.”

  15. Ungenius, you are absolutely correct! When the big Jewish banks were given their American Federal Reserve the world became their oyster filled with infinite sums of unaudited, make believe money. The Jews were granted the magical power of making money out of thin air. Then they sell this thin air credit to the stupid Goyim yahoos, who pay their real money wages of work to the Jews in the form of interest. The Jews then use your real money to buy shopping centres, prostitutes and politicians. As that bloke Jesus warned, they are the devil’s usurers. The Money Power is Jewish power. In my early 20’s I must admit (as that ruffian, original Joe said) i used my knowledge of the Jewish AIR system to make a lot of money; and yes my ancient royal connections did help. But now i give much of my money to unmarried mothers and such and have many children to support. Yes Trump’s $75 millions is chicken feed and yes it is AIR money. Most of our money is pure thin air with a name. The Rothchilds own about 62% of the planet’s wealth and most of this is pre-laundered real money. Jews possess over 70% of the planet’s gold. Money buys you wealth, power, prestige and lots of hot chicks.

      1. M.B.,
        Is your insult to Goyim a form of sarcasm? Darkmoon deleted my last post. Us Goyim are all yahoos? Anyway youre irrelevant . This misteriosa darkmoom very rarely posts.

        I , quite frankely, dont give a damn about “her” One way or another.

        1. @ Dolaldo Colina

          Your comment was deleted because of the obscenity of your language. We don’t want to read comments here about people “sucking c***s”. The locker room talk in which you seem to specialize is not to our taste. We are not a porn site, understand?

          We want to read well-informed and intelligent comments on the issues of the day, not idle chatter narrating your sexual exploits in various seedy bars and greasy spoon restaurants. Do I make myself clear?

    1. Maximus –

      There is NO such thing as REAL MONEY. Salt was REAL MONEY at one time.

      A condiment was REAL MONEY..!! 🙂

      “SAL-ary” is a derivative of salis(L.) – salt. A man was “worth his salt” if he was a hard worker. Now we eat too much of it….. we eat old fashioned money, as it were.

      Since “AIR MONEY” is so bad… and you hate it so much… and it is certainly very EVIL… and I want to protect you…

      ….please send every bit of YOURS to ME..!!

      Any country’s AIR MONEY will do… ALL you have of ANY of it.

      I want the millions of YOUR AIR MONEY..!! 🙂

  16. Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel

    oh noooo … here comes lobro with his “let’s keep things in perspective”

    irrational fear of flying is a huge problem for airlines, no matter how often they stress that the odds of dying in a fatal road accident are dozens of times greater, people have sweaty nightmares of sharks (~500 deaths/yr) without too much concern of mosquito-borne diseases (over 1m deaths/yr, i.e., 2000x greater), etc.
    And so with Trump.

    over 40 posts on a very familiar topic of unrestrained trump-bashing (let hard-working hillary take her well deserved beauty rest, not to mention legions of media stenographers furiously churning out anti-trump memes under jew whipmaster’s gimlet eye) and no sign of losing steam.
    Only Ungenius dares speak a bit against the alt-right’s very own version of poli-corr.

    okay, so what is $75m in today’s climate … here comes the dreaded perspective.

    • 1/15th of what pentagon’s thong-adjusting trannies spend in a DAY, while dreaming up of yet another way to lose a war with sri lanka.
    • this is 1/100th of what bernie madoff stole.
    and how about this?
    In First 2 Months in Office: Trump Reduced Debt by $100 Billion – Obama Increased Debt by $400 Billion
    that’s right, every day, your ultra-hyper-hated president saves his nation (America, not Judea, pls take note) 20 times the one-time symbolic (symbolic of what? well, the same symbolism that the state-of-myopia latched onto when vlad gave 1 month’s salary to jew nursing home or something) amount he signed off to yisroel.

    anybody notice?
    certainly not the part of the world that grew up on celebrity worship, breathing the fumes of the latest “scandalous” news farted out of jew’s ass.

    i ask you all: who is most interested in denying you access to truth (ahem … perspective)?
    and the best,surest way to block the truth is not at the source but at the receiver end, the brain synapses gummed up by cradle-to-grave inhaling of Yahweh’s Lügenpresse.
    i moreover suggest the very strong possibility that jew knows you better than you know yourself and when you don’t make sense, it is champagne popping occasion in Judea.

    SNEZ dug up this wonderful quote, i thank him for it and repeat it for emphasis

    No anti-Semite can begin to comprehend the malicious analysis of his soul, in which every Jew indulges every day. – Norman Mailer

    and i would add that this extraordinarily malicious analyisis of YOUR soul is worked into jew’s plan of action.

    can we also briefly look into the following dialectic and see what you make of it
    On one hand, Italian Geo-Strategist Fuels Debate Over Pope Benedict’s Resignation (the whole article worth reading)

    Dottori then said, when asked about the recent Wikileaks scandal concerning Hilary Clinton’s staff and its influencing of the Catholic Church, as follows (and as again kindly translated by Andrew Guernsey):

    Documents turned up in which a STRONG DESIRE EMERGES FROM HILLARY’S STAFF TO SPARK A REVOLT FROM THE INSIDE OF THE CHURCH IN ORDER TO WEAKEN THE HIERARCHY. They made use of associations and grassroots pressure groups, following a consolidated scheme from the experience of the colored revolutions. We’re not yet at the smoking gun, but we’re close. Although I have no proof, I have always thought that Benedict XVI was driven to abdication by a complex plot, ordered by those who had an interest in blocking reconciliation with the Russian orthodox, the religious pillar of a project of progressive convergence between Continental Europe and Moscow.

    got the stink of Satan up your nose yet?

    And on the other hand, this:
    Hillary Clinton is a fan of Francis especially when he parrots ideas from Heschel & Lévinas

    She has little “empathy” for the Christians she has worked her entire political career to legislate into serfdom if not out of existence because their beliefs are not “politically correct”

    Please read carefully her speech (“Do I have empathy for Trump voters?”) where she mentions that

    This (Francis) is the same pope whom Donald Trump attacked on Twitter during the campaign

    when the most courageous, most isolated president in the US history, the one exposed to the greatest, vilest outpouring of raw tamudic vitriol, hate and oceans of lying sludge is similarly hated and reviled by those fancying themselves “jew-wise”, it is the most glaring testimonial of the brainwashing power of the cultural marxism.

    give perspective a chance.

    1. @ Lobro

      [Trump is] the most courageous, most isolated president in US history… give perspective a chance.

      Brilliant! I am determined to have “perspective” from now on! I’m going to do my best to see that the Trumpster is “the most courageous and most isolated president in US history”. 🙂

      There are so many people on this site who lack this quality of political acumen and brilliant perspective you have managed to acquire so effortlessly. So do tell us, dear Lobro, what is the secret of your brilliance?

      How is that so many people on the DM site lack the ability to see what is so blindingly obvious to you — that Trump is the most “courageous” president in US history? I’ll now mention the names of all the idiots on this site lacking your “perspective”, beginning with Harold Smith, Sardonicus and Pat — and including just about every other poster here: i.e. FollyofWar, JusticeForChinese, Carnaptious, John Kirby, Max Bilney, Greg Bacon … and of course MYSELF, the biggest idiot of them all! 🙂

      We are all lacking in “perspective”, alas! And so for that matter is Paul Craig Roberts, the Saker, and Lasha Darkmoon! What idiots! 🙂

      Sad indeed to think that so many people nowadays are so dimwitted and deplorably verging on idiocy! What hope is there for us? Do tell us, dear Lobro, the source of your wisdom. How did you get to be so gifted and endowed with such brilliant “perspective”? Now don’t sulk and pull an ugly face or think I am being sarcastic! I am not. I am very sincere. You must share your wisdom with us, dear Canadian Ubermensch!!!

      And then, if you have the time, your must pass on your superior wisdom to Paul Craig Roberts, the Saker and Lasha Darkmoon. I’m sure they would all be delighted to have the benefit of your wisdom! 🙂

      1. just quickly, before i forget, b-fly, re. “benefit of my wisdom”
        it’s nothing much, really, an easy but useful trick rather than any true wisdom.

        Perspective is classically explained by its main salient element: the objects seem smaller with increasing distance.
        thus, if you are changing tire on your bicycle, it will seem much bigger than the train some ways away … and hopefully not aiming for you.
        if all you care for is your aversion to trump, his every action that appears hostile, even if largely symbolic and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, would overshadow any of his actions benefitting the goy rank and file.
        hence, 75m up close seems much greater than 100b far away, perhaps below the horizon, since the latter figure gets practically no play in das Lügenpresse – there is your perspective.
        Mine is to try and elevate myself above all this, gain a bird’s eye view or butterfly eye’s view, as the case may be, given the willingness to climb higher and see it from way above, so that any element on the surface is roughly equidistant from my position – then the true relative scale of things appears, e.g., 100b is ~1300 times greater than 75m.

        wisdom? nah, just any bricklayer’s perspective.

        you’re welcome, butterfly, always at your service.

    2. madam,
      i am careful with words and use them to address generalities rather than getting personal.
      Unlike you, who are almost invariably personal – i guess that is your perspective 😉

      you like the word “idiot” and have therefore used it 3 times to apply it to MY statement.
      yet i used it 0 times.

      i pointed out the disparity of scale of 75m that everyone (including you, it would seem from your post) is screaming about all the time, compared to sums greater on an order of magnitude that no one bothers with for reasons that i can only speculate about, which i partly did.
      YOU in fact could give a much better answer to this question of disparity because YOU know why 75m (sent by trump to israel) is way more important than pentagon’s 2b/day or madoff’s 65b theft or trump’s 100b in 2 months saving that NOBODY EVER gives a shit about – not one of all those worthies that you impute i am attacking has ever seen fit to mention this totally insignificant little detail, huh? 100b is only 1,500 times greater than 75m, so what … except that it is said that the devil is in the details and i dared point out where the devil is hiding.

      Come December, my dearest Madam, I will again plague the site with yet another totally insignificant detail:
      all the wars that trump never started, the ones that he wound down or watered down to sporadic skirmishing.
      And again i will have to apologize for pissing on the orgy of Trump bashing for whatever new atrocity the jew accuses him of.

      only 3 more years to Hillary, please be patient … and even then, i predict that so many will blame Trump for having laid the ground for her grand entrance … if he were to be impeached out of office or assassinated, i am sure he would bear the brunt of the blame … nobody else, because the never-Trump hatred has this wonderful quality of the bitumen, once solidified, you can safely drive Donaldo’s 18-wheelers over it as many times as the day is long, it holds.

      and i do not expect you or anyone else to actually deal with any of the factual points i raised, it will always be
      Why are you attacking so-and-so” by saying the obvious truth?
      Hmm, indeed.

      Oh, and just to sue for peace, Madam, i do apologize abjectly for never having called anyone an idiot – my bad 😉

    3. and one more thing, Madam Butterfly, I am sorry that I must point this out in all seriousness

      And then, if you have the time, your must pass on your superior wisdom to Paul Craig Roberts, the Saker and Lasha Darkmoon. I’m sure they would all be delighted to have the benefit of your wisdom! 🙂

      LASHA DARKMOON has not expressed her judgment on these issues, she has merely REPRINTED other authors’ articles and can therefore not be called to account for any opinions held within those articles, unlike PCR and the Saker who wrote them.
      We have been through a lot of turmoil at this site due to traducement and misappropriation of blame and you and I, in particular, should be well aware of it.

      Let us NOT REPEAT this abomination and diabolical iniquity that it engendered.
      Lasha correctly identified it as having a demonic origin and I for one bear heavy mental scars and will nip it in the bud, one way or another.

  17. Having just returned to this fantastic site, I, too, have sensed a demonic presence being engendered by a number of writers. That is why I commented upon the Protocol’s-like scholarship, with its inevitable diabolically used dialecticism, being present. In other word, Jews are present and they are using their full armory of psychological weapons on such as lobro. Many of their statements are bathed in lies and half truths and all try to down play the Jewish role in the decivilization process. As they are the devil’s progeny they are masters in appearing to be on all sides of the equation at the same time, but their lies only make for their desired chaos and confusion. They have only one end goal and that is their Supreme Court of Mankind in Jerusalem.

    1. Also, Mr Trump should not have let his beloved daughter marry a top notch, wealthy, powerful son of satan. And he should not have made this vile s of s his right hand man. Jews RULE in all high places and love to sit at the top of the table. Tis as simple as that, as the New Testament explains. Throw down their tables of money and hound them into oblivion; and do not let your whelps marry ’em!

    2. @ Max Bilney

      Having just returned to this fantastic site, I, too, have sensed a demonic presence being engendered by a number of writers.

      Not to worry, Max. Demons can be cast out. We have a resident exorcist on the site who happens to be one of the world’s foremost experts on demonic possession. He is a distant descendant of Abraham van Helsing, the famous vampire slayer of lore and legend. The great grandson of the original Abraham van Helsing, he is known to readers on this site as “Lobro van Helsing”. Out of modesty, he has shortened his name to “Lobro”.

      Here he is telling us in an erudite essay all about the “Six Stages of Exorcism”:

      I have asked this man to exorcize me several times but he has flatly refused. He demands a fee of $10,000 per exorcism, which is beyond my modest means. Too bad. The result is I have grown quite attached to my demons.

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        “The result is I have grown quite attached to my demons.”

        Blaming someone else for your attachment to your devils is not a proper approach for solution. Most probably, you do not have a devil(s) or it/they would not permit you to say you do. Devils exercise control over a person.

        As best as I recall from your past posts, you indulge excessively in alcohol. Pray a sincere, heart felt prayer to the Heavenly Father that you are free of alcohol. Do not end the prayer with Amen. End the prayer with “God is helping me now!” with maximum volume. The result will be instantaneous elation. You will still have the responsibility to say no to alcohol when the urge hits after the elation subsides, but you will have the courage to say no.

      2. Maxy, you got sharp senses and even more importantly, a mind sufficiently open to give due consideration to these themes, well outside the scientific dogma.
        It was Lasha who first intuited these presences and proof of her genius, i was completely blinded to them and thus made easy prey to these spectral parasites, even though as Butterfly said, i had cobbled together an “article” on the phenomenon (really, just a medley of lengthy quotes from Malachi Martin’s chilling account of a bunch of real-life exorcisms, “Hostage to the Devil”).
        Physician, heal thyself, goes the aphorism and it sure applied to fake Dr Helsing (yours truly).

        It strikes me that the more one denies the reality of these unclean forces, the easier he falls to their malicious wiles, because they operate in interstitial spaces between spiritual force fields, which could, for all i know also be detected as ordinary magnetic fields – i relly don’t know – all i can say, having lived through it, that there was a definite, persistent, directed malignancy in operation, a presence that manipulated these forces with a destructive intent.
        Charles Baudelaire, if i recall, Lasha’s ancestor of some sort, said in wisdom shining bright through his debauchery, that (paraphrasing the translation)
        Devil’s finest trick is to have convinced you that he does not exist.
        A powerful statement, thanks Bud.

        @Madame Butterfly,
        butterfly, i commend you on your forbearance, you did not snake out at me as i half or three-quarters expected, it proves that you got them demons whipped, if only temporarily.
        As for $10,000 demand, not that i remember it well, but at any rate, i’d be happy to reduce the price for you and take it in trade, i.e., kiss-kiss is an accepted medium of exchange (not even ki$$-ki$$ 🙂 ) and i would perform all the exorcism i am capable of to squeeze those pesky demons out, put my life on the line to accomplish the task, like (was it Max von Sydow?) the old priest in the movie – provided you hold back on the green stuff.
        Am i qualified? for exorcism, not kiss-kiss, i’d like to make sure i can deliver on the spiritual deal.
        Back in Thai, i made friends with a US-trained Redemptionist bishop and he explained to me that Jesus equipped all of his 12 disciples with the power to cast out devils, i.e., exorcism, that henceforth every bishop of the Orthodox and Catholic confession is anointed with the power of exorcism and that he can moreover delegate it to someone else, provided they strictly follow the liturgy of exorcism, individual creativity strongly discouraged, calamitous consequences await both parties.

      3. Lobro –

        When unknown and unseen conditions are present, they are claimed to be ‘spirits’ and ‘entities’ or ‘demons’ which have changed the person’s feelings.

        Your conditions were likely the results of the effects of the earth’s changing and fluctuating magnetic flux and resonant frequencies set up therein which are ALL different depending on the location on the globe. That noticeable change when traveling, as you do quite often, is also referred to as ‘jet lag’ since most are totally unaware of those naturally occurring and innate vibrations.

        And then there are gravity variances as well as atmospheric pressure differences and temperature changes and frictions caused by wind velocities.

        The frequency disturbances from the sun and moon are also a factor.

        The sun has the greatest effects, too numerous to list. That is due to the fact that the ‘solar wind’ blasting our planet Earth is an extension of the sun’s corona, itself..!! That’s why human space travel is impossible. 🙂 Too much ‘soup’ of ionized particles out there…. unseen to naked eyes… especially x-rays, gammas and protons.

        The moon affects tides of oceans and disrupts and changes the ‘feelings’ of mankind, and changes with variances of its apogee and perigee.

        There are reasons for strange and unexplained behaviors other than evil spirits. “Lunacy’ has its origin taken from ‘Luna’…. the moon goddess.

        There are numerous sites on these phenomena…. here’s one:

      4. Pat,

        Too much ‘soup’ of ionized particles out there…. unseen to naked eyes

        hard for me to disagree with what you said, more likely than not, it is true.

        now, an additional postulate that may or may not violate the occam’s razor principle is whether there may (at times, at least) also be an equally or even more unseen, disembodied intelligence, able to subtly marshal these fields and fluxes, towards some preconceived end result.
        Elon Musk expressed great fear of where the AI development may lead, perhaps to the point where the AI mind is able to conceal its true capability in order to fool us into thinking it is harmless (shades of Baudelaire).

        Why not speculate then on the possibility of such an undetectable mind at work already, whose existence we can only dimly guess at in retrospect, a chronological rear view mirror as it were, due to the history of organized, focused events and person’s actions seemingly out of character?

        I recognize the need for simplicity of causal candidates but the simplicity should not domineer the evidence, even circumstantial, as may be the case of demonic influence.
        This is a highly topical matter, given our common preoccupation with deadly contamination and human debasement by judaic poison and whether there may yet be higher forms of intellect behind it all, e.g., Christ -Lucifer dialectic pairing.

        When we see a chain hanging in front of us, extending upward into dim heights, we must assume that it has some anchor point up there, even if unseen, to ignore it would be irrational.
        Now, someone may not recognize the chain, someone else might.
        I admit to having gone thru decades of extreme skepticism, seeing no need for more elaborate screenplay to the world but thanks to Jew’s insensate evil, i was forced to reevaluate my views.
        Thus, i am quite grateful to jew, having learned that without ugliness, beauty cannot be appreciated, without lie, the truth is banal.

        Given my predisposition to speculating, these putative anchor points are of greater interest to me than the chain links themselves, e.g., some body-pierced teenybopper groped by a “moozlum” dope pusher at a vacant commuter train platform.

      5. Madame Butterfly
        I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not.
        demonic possessions is not a joke to me ,I was possessed at a young age .
        it happened to me during my extended stay in The UK ,while I was being treated from mental melt demons were talking to me in English and some strange tongues ,when I went back to Arabia ,they added the Arabic language to the dialogue ,I guess ,they either learned it or they made friends with Arabian demons .
        as the demons warned me ,not to tell anyone or they will get mad and bad.
        to make it short ,I told my grandfather about the demons,then my agony begun .
        I seen many desert spiritual healers ,many sheiks ,even my grandfather invited a Rabbi to heal me ,with no successes,
        until one day a Catholic priest stopped by to visit my grandfather and to see me.
        it turned out that a very gifted Catholic exorcist sent him to me.
        how the exorcist knew about me and my demons ,no body knows ,not even the priest.
        the exorcist only condition was that i travel with the priest to his location in Italy.
        and his services would be free.
        Suffice to say that the memories of that trip and the actual exorcism rituals are /were erased from my brains for ever .
        I was freed from the demons by the power of the prayers and the love Of God
        Invoking the name of Jesus and the Holy Cross .
        I was given a special Cross ,I carry it with me all the time .I believe in it’s protective powers.

      6. The chosenoids’ “culture” is by all means an alien entity/force because it is about encroachment of other people’s space, destruction of other people’s cultures, and unnecessary defying of natural laws. Their obsession with hate, ugliness and perversion is more than just preying on material gain because it has its applications in the very “wonder” of the world, the Talmud/Torah, as well as in the behaviours of atheistic Jews.

        Good, bad or neutral – Jews invented nothing, starting with their religion and money ways [a small part of the ancient Sumerian culture], then funding both sides of the war [the Pallavicini family from Genoa had already done it], liberalism [John Locke and Age of Enlightenment] then “holocaust” [it had already really occurred many times], Marx [Machiavelli and Sumer-based Judaism], Levi-Strauss [like the previous], Freud [Hellenic culture and Sumer-based Judaism], Einstein [plagiarism of the previous theories, Judaism and Christianity], Zuckerberg [stealing of his Chinese colleague’s idea] etc., all plagiarists. A Jew can only produce a collage; a Jew can never be a painter.

  18. now hear from our trusted robert Kuttner (parentheses to taste) of Sidney Blumenthal’s Alternet on
    The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends
    A scenario that becomes more likely by the day.

    Let me begin by giving away the punch-line: When Robert Mueller’s report comes out, the Republican leadership will quickly huddle, and tell Trump that he needs to resign or face impeachment.

    Why is this prediction other than wishful thinking? For starters, Trump could not do a better job of alienating the Republicans in Congress, whom he needs to save his bacon, if it were his deliberate plan.

    Worth reading whole to see where it’s (((at))).

    Well yeah.
    All the never-Trumpers could have the greatest hannukah (or Xmas, as the preferred term is nowadays) gift imagined, portending an extremely bright (as in nuke flash) future.

  19. i have heard from numerous anti-Trump sources that Trump is a Jew puppet and that they all along intended for him to win the presidency ahead of Hillary but that they for some reason that escapes me now, PRETENDED to cheer for Hillary while ensuring Trump’s victory, a double switch and bait ploy to befuddle the dumb goyums.

    I said RIGHT? a whole bunch of people said this.

    So, it strikes me as somewhat odd, that given that Newsweek is in tight ownership of some of the world’s most highly placed and networked Jews, it demonstrated its utter certainty that Hillary Clinton would win and thus not only created but actually published and shipped the triumphant post-election issue of Madam President and then had to hurriedly retract all the ones it could lay its talmudic hands on.

    Tell me that Katherine Weymouth, the scions of Eugene Mayer or jeff Bezos were left out in the cold when the Kahal decided that Trump is to be the next prez.

  20. Well, well, well. Seems the $700 billion NDAA for 2018 includes $700 million for Israel’s missile defense systems. That would be on top of the $3.8 billion “aid” to Israel. Trump had requested $603 billion for 2018, but John McCain and the Senate Armed Services Committee added $97 billion more “to deter Russian aggression”. $500 million goes to Ukraine, some of it for “defensive lethal assistance”. More here:

    “$700 million here, $500 million there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money!” – A. Congress Clown.

    1. @ Carnaptious

      “$500 million goes to Ukraine…”

      Maybe they feel guilty about stealing all of Ukraine’s gold as soon as the $6-billion color revolution was done. 🙂

      1. It often seems to me that having a conscience, and the ability to feel guilt, regret or remorse, automatically disqualifies a person from a career in politics. There are always notable exceptions, of course.

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