Before Our Minds Were Hijacked


Before our minds were hijacked, part 1


“The early northern Europeans, who had made the decision to retain their individual sovereignty, talked of them as monstrous organisms. Sometimes they called such a group a “giant” because the group acted like one single enormous person. Sometimes they called it a snake or serpent because the group organism moved in a sneaky fashion and was poisonous. Dragon was the common term for ‘body politic’. Dragon was an unreal, animallike idea-creation obviously invented for only one purpose — to designate the indescribable group-monster.” — John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 21

If you think the world has gone crazy—and there’s plenty of evidence it has always been crazy—it could be because of the dominance of words from outside your brain interfering with your own perceptions that form naturally inside your everyday thought processes. Call them inklings or intuition. They trigger barely audible alarms every time something doesn’t sound quite right to you. Minus the programming, this is your own innate intelligence speaking.

If you think the world has gone crazy — and there’s plenty of evidence it has always been crazy — it could be because of the dominance of words from outside your brain interfering with your own perceptions that form naturally inside your everyday thought processes. Call them inklings or intuition. They trigger barely audible alarms every time something doesn’t sound quite right to you. Minus the programming, this is your own innate intelligence speaking.

Despite the outrageous outbursts of nasty public behavior observed in our confusing times, people are trying to fathom, manipulate and better understand the human thought process (subliminal advertising, neurolinguistic programming, braintainment, etc.). So it’s a natural question to inquire about how human brains worked long before there were cities, before actual language regimented everyone into rigidly defined categories, into nations and occupations, into religions and schools of thought.

When the Founding Fathers launched America, they were obliged by custom to mention God in practically every conversation. Today, that much abused icon seems to most people more like a personal improvement product — or an excuse to murder people — rather than a messiah to be venerated.

The white noise of commercial trivia becomes the way ordinary people live their lives. Our identities are subsumed by the products and attitudes we consume.

The point being that we’ve lost ability to observe the world accurately because we’ve trapped ourselves in names and labels that don’t really match what we’re seeing. Democracy is anything but, because money makes equal justice for all impossible. At this point, only drooling fools believe what they hear on TV, or what their government says.

Politically in the 21st century, this is embarrassingly visible in the lies told by government as they try to hide crimes they constantly commit in someone else’s name. Pick a recent catastrophe — 9/11, Sandy Hook and Las Vegas are merely three among dozens of infamous government-created terror attacks — all designed to chain your mind to their falsely created psychodramas aimed at making you sufficiently fearful to acquiesce to their demonic fakery. This process has rapidly drained the vitality out of the previously robust American system.

I became interested in all this because I heard on the radio that some professor said humans were smarter 40,000 years ago than they are today. And I tried to imagine a group of today’s He-men, dressed in animal furs, who could bring down a 13-ton mastodon with nets, spears and boulders. It was creativity their lives depended upon. Their abilities lie dormant in our genes.

Human intelligence “peaked thousands of years ago and we’ve been on an intellectual and emotional decline ever since,” Professor Gerald Crabtree, head of the genetics laboratory at Stanford University, was recently quoted as saying.

So the dumbing-down phenomenon we have observed in recent years is not only a government program aimed at creating a totalitarian state, but also a natural process accelerated by technological inventions aimed at making us work less while simultaneously degrading our physical and mental abilities.

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  1. The spoken and writen word, a man made abstraction, has been and is the boom and the bane of man kind.
    Harland,s “Word Controlled Humans” has had an honored place in my library for over 40 years.

    1. In adendum human words are not rich enough to describe the human face. What humans percieve as beautiful, ugly or inbetween in the human face, words cannot discribe. We know what we see without the use of words, for words fail us.

  2. Human Consciousness is both polluted and self polluted in modern times. The awareness of humans before the advent of literacy for all was of a very different order. An ancient Celt would look at a jabbering modern professor as a madman. Suffice it to say that on a deeper level intent and images are far more important in fundamental awareness than the limitations of word worshipping modern humans in the make up of awareness; words are learned, intent is universal and perceivable, until buried in arrogance that is. Scientists love to think that they are the pinnacle of human evolution and therefore the smartest creatures ever. A scant few hundred years ago, the throne was occupied by man altered (for control and convenience,naturally) cult religious figures, until science usurped religion. Both are arrogant and incomplete views.

    Esoteric Buddhism utilizes two mandalas known in Japanese as the Taizokai (Gharbadatu in Sanskrit) and Kongokai (Vajradatu in Sanskrit) which are representations of the material world and the non material world of pure consciousness respectively. To the uninitiated, they look like colorful images of exotic Buddhas residing in neatly defined geometric patterns. The Buddhas are sometimes not depicted and represented instead by siddham script symbols (Sanskrit). To the initiated, the Taizokai represents the entire material universe, the creation expressed in infinite combinations of the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Void, representing elements in a solid state, liquid state, combustive state, gaseous state, and subatomic matter. The elements are even expressed on a human level through human moods, personality, sound of voice, motion of body, type of body – though they constantly fluctuate, with one dominating at any given time in EVERYONE and all are equally eternally present – there is no “better” one than another.

    Each element can be expressed positively or negatively; the stability of the Earth element can also express itself as laziness; the ability to react to the environment in a ‘fluid’ way can also be expressed through anger; the ‘fired up’ energized emotion can manifest negatively as fear; the compassionate, broad minded lofty ‘airy’ emotion can be negatively displayed as vanity.

    Humans have abilities that most never even know are there (governments prefer it that way) especially those stuck in word games as the be all and end all – the sum of all knowledge. Verbal and non verbal knowledge are all important, but only as parts.

    1. Correction for Wind (or air) overweening sympathy is the negative (Liberalism). Vanity (and lack of sensitivity to others) is the Void manifestation. These are known as the five weaknesses in Japanese.

      1. These maps of the operation of Consciousness and the created Universe can be seen depicted at the Tibetan meditation centers of Donkar and Piyang, which date back to over a thousand years ago. There is Astronomical knowledge and other subjects incorporated in symbolic format as well. The Mandalas were first created (or perhaps revealed would be a better word) in India, eventually crossing Tibet, China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. The revelations are assembled in a coherent, systematic way with practical design. Modern Science, while truly extensive, has yet to distill and assemble a coherent master system from core scientific disciplines in a similar meaningful way and present the assemblage for practical use and development. It remains fragmented, and incomplete – there are major institutional interests which dismiss or block by design specific aspects (certainly some of this knowledge is reserved for the very elite of elites). It will take a fairly long time to reattain certain levels with these prevailing environments. The Buddha recognized cognitive hierarchies in human abilities, and offered ways to escape suffering suitable for all types based on abilities and predilections; Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana (‘esoteric’)which are all valid and practical. Modern Science promotes generally narrow categories of elites and servants, increasingly devoid of morality as it relies on finance by less altruistic individuals as it pursues knowledge.

    2. As a descendant of ancient Celts, I continue to look upon certain jabbering professors as mad men. Noel Ignatiev and Derrick Bell at Harvard, for instance.

      “The good news is that there are now a host of writers and a growing number of courses and workshops designed to enlighten white people as to the real benefits and the great cost of their property in whiteness,”

      Property in whiteness, WTF?

      Ignatiev is the author of “How the Irish Became White”

      “The aim was to chronicle and analyze the making, remaking, and unmaking of whiteness. My book on the Irish was the story of how people for whom whiteness had no meaning learned its rules and adapted their behavior to take advantage of them;”

      From: (short article, with good comments).

      From Kaminski’s article

      “The point being that we’ve lost ability to observe the world accurately because we’ve trapped ourselves in names and labels that don’t really match what we’re seeing.”

      The oeuvre of Ignatiev, and his fellow Ivy League serpents, has been to assign the names and labels they hope will hijack our minds, and make us unfit to live in any world except the one they are busily constructing, the NJWO.

      On a lighter note, Kaminski asks us to “imagine a group of today’s He-men, dressed in animal furs, who could bring down a 13-ton mastodon with nets, spears and boulders.” Hmm, those modern day He-men look more like lunch for a lion to me. 😉

      1. Those really are good comments in the link you very kindly provided. I’m with you about Jabbering madmen, not only in Academia.

  3. Kaminski hit another home run here.

    I have had numerous copies of Harland’s great little book since it came out. I sold them at my meetings to help pay expenses, and gave away most of them over the years, as bonuses for achievements. I gave my last copy away about 6 month ago to a young man of 48, who will put it to good use.

    Harland mentioned the “dragons/serpents”… aka… governments, and how they control us. They use FEAR and FEAR PORN.

    It came to be that a fire-breathing dragon/serpent was a government which burned people at the stake. Lots of FEAR.

    Here is an abusive government taking direct physical control of the people’s bodies as well as words… right now… using fear of prison:

    China criminalizes disrespect of national anthem

    China’s legislature has made insulting the national anthem an offense that could incur a three-year prison sentence. The move reflects President Xi Jinping’s image as a patriotic leader.

    Governments and their lawyers and legislatures are very dangerous.

  4. Humans were engineered to be programmable slaves, words are the software that control us. The priest used words to fool us with holy text, saying the words of the holy text were God’s commands. This truth about what words are used for is even written in the new Jew holy book, we are told that the words of the book became our god:

    John 1:1 (NIV)
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    Governments spend billions figuring out how to control us with words, the state is a cult of authority formed by us believing in the words of the law. We all must turn our personal authority over to the state and not disobey the commands of those in authority just as Robert Bergdahl found out. Doesn’t matter the war is illegal or that the army is run by scumbags killing innocent civilians, you are not allowed to disobey the authority. Why? Because to disobey authority is to disobey god.

    Romans 13 (NIV)
    “1Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.”

    This departure from Nature and reliance on words has lead us into an evolutionary cul-de-sac, external authority has become all powerful, and now threatens the human specie with extinction. Russia and the US of Israel are about to go at it with nukes. We are at the end of history because those that control us with words tell us non-stop lies that is leading us straight into WW3. In fact, all political and religious power comes through the lie, using words to trick people into accepting whatever they want like war.

    The state is a cult of authority that is a creature of religious belief, which sold us external authority in the name of god. Quite naturally those that become atheists may even become anarchists, because authority is really a religious belief system, so if you aren’t religious and don’t listen to the priest, then why would you listen to the politician because you would intuit that both are liars.

    Additionally it follows that the Jews are into the word and the law more so than most other tribes and thus are naturals for authoritative political systems. Thus when humanity was exiting the age of faith the enraged Jew attacked us with his Bolshevik or Communist authoritative states. Religion may be dead in certain nation states but the cult of authority lives on.

    1. @ Snez

      “Some professor said humans were smarter 40,000 years ago than they are today.”

      I reckon that’s true, if only for this reason. No professor 40,000 years ago would have said such a dumb thing. If follows that if any professor can say it nowadays, he has to be pretty dumb. So there’s been a huge decline in professorial intelligence over the last 40,000 years. 🙂


      1. Sard, you’ve just killed my profession. 🙂 Education is supposed to encourage curiosity and creativity; instead, it has turned into an indoctrination tool that is becoming more and more effective.

  5. Finally someone recognizes the true purpose and intent of the teachings of Christ. Thanks for this one, John. As the author of this book puts it, the message of Jesus Christ was not to follow him blindly as some kind of I’ll-do-it-for-you, authority figure, as the church would have us believe. On the contrary Christ’s message is that we all have the “Holy spirit” within us and all we have to do is obey our consciences and inner voice. The problem with literally all of the Christ bashers is that they falsely associate Christ’s teachings with that of the “Serpent”, as the author so aptly puts it.

    And that impression has been intentionally set forth since the early days of Christianity, but especially from the fourth century onward, by the false teachings of the Jew Saul of Tarsus better known to the gullible as The Apostle Paul. Paul negates Christ’s original teachings of the responsibility of the individual through free agency to seek spiritual fulfillment by substituting the concept of grace instead. If all of our sins are to be forgiven in the end anyway, why worry about what one’s conscience and inner voice has to say about it? And with grace as the only way to spiritual salvation, you have to go through the Church and all the control mechanisms that entails to get it. Pretty nifty, if you can get away with it. Paul also universalizes Christianity as well contrary to the exclusive intent of Christ Himself but that’s another topic.

    One reservation I have about the author’s message, however, is that he makes the same mistake as so many others in assuming the Old Testament to be a Jewish book. It is not. Any rational individual reading the Jewish Talmud and comparing it’s pornographic legalese to that of the Old Testament has to conclude that these two works were written by a different mindset and, therefore, a different people. Neither the Hebrews nor Christ were “Jews”. Christ Himself called the Jews in John 8:44 the children of the Devil. He also referred to them as “The synagogue of Satan”. In other words Christ was not a Jew which in the original Greek simply meant “Judean”. It was a geographic designation, at the time of Christ anyway, and not a racial one. Here is what the Jews themselves say about their dissaffinity with the original Hebrews or people of the book who wrote the old Testament;

    “Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41 And

    “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.” Jewish Almanac 1980, p. 3.

    The author also makes the mistake of assuming that the message of Christ of self fulfillment precludes any benefit to the group as a whole. That notion is certainly true when considering the Jewish mindset rather than that of the Aryan. For the Aryan, when the individual exerts leadership as naturally expressed by the creative impulse of individual thought and action, the entire nation benefits. The heroic leader is after all part of Aryan legend. In fact the author’s opinion on that topic is reminiscent of the Jewish concept of the benefits of selfishness for the individual to the exclusion of the group as a whole, the libertarian philosophy comes to mind. It is not true for the Aryan mind, however. The Aryan is peculiar to all the rest of humanity in that respect in that he has an evolutionary attachment to the welfare of his people as a whole. In that respect he differs from all other races the latter being regressively tribal. In the case of the Negro or the Jew, regressive tribalism goes to the extreme of self aggrandizement as a goal in itself. Adolf Hitler realized that truism instinctively or otherwise. German philosopher Alfred Rosenberg thought so too. In fact he considered the teachings of Christ to be those of an Aryan personality. And to confirm it and the validity of the Old Testament as part and parcel of Christ’s original message, just listen to what Christ said about it in Math:15:24;

    “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”

    Does that sound like a kike to you or that the Old Testament was written by kikes? It doesn’t to me.

    1. ‘Our tribal customs have become the core of your moral code. Our tribal laws have furnished the basic groundwork of all your august constitutions and legal systems. Our legends and our folk-tales are the sacred lore which you croon to your infants. Our poets have filled your hymnals and your prayer-books. Our national history has become an indispensable part of the learning of your pastors and priests and scholars. Our kings, our statesmen, our prophets, our warriors are your heroes. Our ancient little country is your Holy Land. Our national literature is your Holy Bible. What our people thought and taught has become inextricably woven into your very speech and tradition, until no one among you can be called educated who is not familiar with our racial heritage. Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints, with countless statues carved in their image and innumerable cathedrals raised to their memories. A Jewish maiden is your ideal of motherhood and womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. We have pulled down your idols, cast aside your racial inheritance, and substituted for them our God and our traditions. No conquest in history can even remotely compare with this clean sweep of our conquest over you.’ – The Century Magazine of January 1928, Volume 115, Number 3 pages 346-350, “Part I: A Real Case Against the Jews” by Marcus Eli Ravage

      ‘The Bible is a book that has been read more, and examined less, than any book that ever existed.’ – Thomas Paine

    2. Ollie

      The OT AND the NT are bastardized in varying degrees. Without these elements of bastardization, an entirely different SINGLE testament reflecting the truth of Christ emerges (or WOULD have)

      And the “peculiarity” of the Aryan is not limited to an understanding of “Aryan”. As you accurately express it when saying “…he has an evolutionary attachment to the welfare of his people as a whole”, this can be ascribed to ALL of the 5 fundamental races of Mankind, Brown, Red*, Black, White, and Yellow, within which exists expressions of the spirit of Christ Consciousness. It is the constant state of INTERFERENCE as reflected by the realities of history which has attempted to IMPEDE that evolution

      * whose exemplar (avatar) is White Buffalo Calf Woman, who first appeared to the ancient tribes of the Kiowa Apache.

  6. @ John Kaminski

    Fantastic article, John! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have printed out several copies for private circulation among friends who don’t have computers. Keep up the good work!

  7. Whether humans were “smarter” forty thousand years ago, or not, certainly cannot be substantiated. However, it is certain that much more stimuli is assaulting the senses nowadays. Often, we are confronted with having to make decisions inconsequential to our survival – but having enormous influence upon our psychological composure. (Stuff which really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life’s parade.)
    In the back of my own mind, for instance, I have been aware that TODAY – 4 November – is designated by Antifa as the day America would experience massive civil unrest. In my world, it hasn’t happened, and I suppose I’m relieved I didn’t have to shoot any “snowflakes”, today. It is just another non-issue which has assaulted our psyche, vended by the massive and effective distribution of info and mis-info among which we must discern. Forty thousand years ago, people’s minds were probably not cluttered with so much bullshit, and they focused on matters of more immediate consequence. 😶

    1. “Whether humans were “smarter” forty thousand years ago, or not, certainly cannot be substantiated. ”

      I disagree. Smart is derived from the sacred challenge of existence, requiring a marriage of mind and body. Such a marriage is impossible for the modern flabby, arse sitting generations. That humans exist today is a testament to the smartness of our ancestors. Marketing, paper pushing and angst over similar non-job activities is not smart.

      1. Hundley & O’Brien

        According to Carlton Coon, the late great American physical anthropologist, the Cro-Magnon of 30-40 thousand years ago had a brain pan and head size that incumpassed the largest brains ever recorded.
        Endeed, for the most part humanity has devolved since with some modern Chinese recording brain size approaching Cro-Magnon.

      2. HP,
        Endeed, Whales and Orcas have larger brains then humans. The amount of grey matter in relation to the size and mass of the body to the brain is what counts. Man’s grey matter is relation to his body size requires far less brain power to regulate and control the physical body leaving more brain power for other pursuits.

      3. Orca has no natural enemies. Thus a low anxiety handicap, which is as smart as it gets! (lol).
        They eat Moby Dick, don’t they?
        And even though man is an unnatural and unnaturally lethal enemy, man’s threat to orca is relatively limited. This being due chiefly to commercial considerations (aka) they’re not worth the money it costs to kill them.
        Helluva world, innit?


    I recall the Amartya Sen, Nobel prize in the Economics (micro-loans) contrasted the medieval situation of a Europe of 800 principalities versus the insular Chinese dynasties that banned explorers from constructing ocean going ships. According to Sen, the former was truly open borders for those who had a skill or innovation, unlike the migratory parasites of today. It was the former that spread “civilization” throughout the globe.

    So yes, there is an appropriate/optimum size for all organization.

    Today our overlords are packing and stacking us into tiny non-breeding boxes in 100% surveyed spaces within megacities. (UN Agenda 2030)

    This, at a time when disbanding of cities is technologically possible.

    Regarding food, tiny Netherlands is second behind the US for agricultural exports (by value) – entirely due to technological prowess. Regarding energy, small scale reactors are said to be “walk-away” safe. Regarding education – we have the Internet. Regarding transport – we have autonomous vehicles and hyper-loops. Regarding manufacture, we have robotic factories.

    We are being packed and stacked in to prevent the breaking out of the human spirit.

  9. A number of political, social, religious and anthropolological conundrums have been set up in this typically fine contribution by John K. I note some of the deepest and best comments ever, by our various scribes.
    Was there really a time before our “minds were hijacked”? Using Flan O’s words, are are things “stacked against the breaking out of the human spirit”? Was there a time when people acted out of natural intuition, natural abilities and their own free-reigning conscience, before governments and churches destroyed our innate human spirit? Are we less intelligent than 40,000 years ago, in that we have become brainwashed, media dependent, couch potatoes, getting ever more obese and lazy? Was the man, Jesus, a total exception to the rest of those religionists caught up in the myths and fantasies, lies, distortions and corruptions of such as the five books of Moses, the Talmud and even the infidel hating Koran? Did Jesus simply preach the essential freedom of the human spirit from any form of axiomatic, totalitarian control? Are the 4 gospels the only worthwhile read in this book called the Bible? Do not they express Jesus’ real intentions – to warn man, in this instance, of the evil of the Jews’ Jerusalem. Did not Jesus merely provide his judgement of the progeny of the devil who had spread their vile practices into the Judean hinterland? In the course of our “free thinking spirits” shouldn’t we have heeded Jesus heart-felt warnings and stopped the money-crazed Pharisee Jews in their tracks? Shouldn’t we all be working to end the Jews total control over our money and gold?
    Over 7 billions of us now on our planet? Can we revert to ancient times of the free spirit and live with relatively no governance or word control? Do we all really possess altruistic, loving consciences? Is man without “word control” basically good? Do we all function at the same intellectual- thought pattern level, or are there people, for good or for bad, that are much smarter, more enabled and have far more in the way of abilities than the vast majority of us? Can the average person understand anything that is debated on Darkmoon? Try explaining anything we discuss with the majority Joe Blow.

    1. Well said, Max. Welcome back! If some of your comments are disallowed in future, please don’t take this personally. It’s not censorship; it’s an attempt to keep order. We’re here to ensure that too much off-topic and anecdotal material, however entertaining, doesn’t divert attention from the more serious topics being discussed here. Having said this, however, let me pay you the compliment of saying that even your deleted comments are never boring. They are often more interesting than many of the other comments published here. Cheers! (Toby)

  10. I am in a cave. I draw lots of pictures on the walls. They show up well in the flickering light of our central fire. A huge mammoth is grazing outside our cave. We are hungry in the dead of winter. Osmo, the warrior, signals that we should trap and kill this mammoth. He points to my picture of our last successful venture. He points to the weapons and he touches the number of men required. The women commence the organization of our weaponry and some find our cooking plates. Our group spirit, our oneness, tells us it is for the good of the tribe. No more directions are given. We will eat the mammoth and use every part of it to benefit our society. We will share everything we collect and be content. If we encounter a neighbouring tribe, we will share with them. We have no designated home territories.

    1. Max

      On a lighter side…so to speak

      Remember the story of my ancestors:

      “No one wanted to become an Iroquoian captive. Led back to an enemy village, the prisoners would be beaten, sometimes bitten, and forced to run naked through a gauntlet of alternately angry and festive villagers. If he stood up bravely to this abuse, he might be adopted into a family who had lost a son in battle. Otherwise, his fate was sealed. His captors would tear his hair, pull out his fingernails, burn his flesh with hot coals, break his bones. At the end he would be put to death. Sometimes the villagers would eat bits of his flesh in a sacrificial rite designed to appropriate his victim’s wisdom and strength.”

      Fortunately there came among them a Huron holy man named Deganawidah, a man imbued with the spirit of Christ, and who along with the Mohawk Hiawatha established the Great League of Peace promulgated throughout the Iroquois nations.

      A word of caution though, some of them remain recalcitrant to this day, and I hear tell some of THEM have a fondness for the meat of plump, white Aussies.

      Better watch yer back, mate


      1. Maxmillion,
        Did the stone age Iroguois use a pair of metal pliers to to extract the fingernails from their hapless captives?

  11. Jews subvert language and turn everything upside down, turn everything into its opposite.

    Jews only destroy, they never create. It’s in their nature.

  12. “The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have know the darkness”
    The wind has been felt before
    A swelling storm ever changing with a deeper roar
    Its no secret
    Something sinister is in the air
    Wheres a curious eye at a bewildering sight
    Nothing stranger than rage on gods face.
    ~Wisdom From the underworld.~
    Blow and blow the veil
    With the finest pair of dauntless wings
    Burn burn the veil
    Oh Dragon with your mighty breath

    Hault no moment in this changing world
    That which blood has to being red can not suffice!!
    The storming fire ingredient to a witch’s broth
    Thus its the gene Oh mage delight
    For this is your moment in this changing world
    Dance in the fire while it burns the veil.

    ~ By The Prophet

    Copied and pasted from the devils advocates website ,

    1. A Fisherman
      Studying texts and stiff meditation can make you lose your Original Mind.
      A solitary tune by a fisherman, though, can be an invaluable treasure.
      Dusk rain on the river, the moon peeking in and out of the clouds;
      Elegant beyond words, he chants his songs night after night.
      by Ikkyu (1394-1481)

  13. Nietzsche got it.

    “In the Dawn #96 Nietzsche said: “However much progress Europe may have made in other respects, in religious matters it has not yet attained to the free-minded naivete of the ancient Brahmins: a sign that there was more thinking, and that more pleasure in thinking was customarily inherited, four thousand years ago in India than is the case today.” In the Dawn #113 he said, “The Brahmins give expression to this … I believe in this whole species of inner experience we are now incompetent novices groping after the solution of riddles: they knew more about these infamous refinements of self-enjoyment 4,000 years ago.”
    “It is hard to be understood, especially when one thinks and lives gangasrotagati [as the current of the Ganges flows] among men who think and live differently – namely, kurmagati [as the tortoise moves], or at best ‘the way frogs walk,’ mandukagati. (I obviously do everything to be ‘hard to understand’ my self!) – and one should be cordially grateful for the good will to some subtlety of interpretation. (Beyond Good and Evil #27)

  14. Words can NOT express the deepest appreciation of John’s essays. A very valuable perspective that barrels through all the loose-ends of modern living. These loose-ends always have had me scratching my head because I instinctively follow that conscience and “source of perspective” that makes me say, “Something just ain’t right with THAT!

    I run for the hills when it is suggested that I just gotta “believe” or have “faith” when it comes to important matters that effect us all. To me, that is me “passing the buck”. My perspective has always sought ways to make myself a strong “link” in the world instead of controlling others.

    This is not easy, as I KNOW many of the regular visitors to this site will attest to.

    What has been a burr-in-my-boot for many years is “when are we going move forward” to a more enlightened humanity. These essays and Harland’s book are handy guides to help us.

    To quote the famous 1970’s alternative folk song, “The Beetles Are Coming”…….. “So, you better get your hoe and clean up your garden/ Because the beetles are coming”. Indeed, it is each of our responsibilities to keep our “gardens fruitful and growing”. To expect others to do it for us, is beyond silliness.

  15. Uncle CENSORS 98 to 99% of my posts… What’s the problem with the first post I sent you today, uncle? The one about “Geocentrism, The Re-unification of Religion and Science, wholeness, balance ; Heliocentrism , the separation of religion and science, division, Unbalance, existentialist malaise”, why are you CENSORING it? Or, are you going to pretend you don’t know what post I’m talking about?

    1. @ TROJ

      Maybe the subject you’re obsessed with (the geocentric theory of the universe) is a bit off-topic, Joe. Ever thought of that?

      You are also in breach of the rules of our website that state that all published writers who contribute to this website — and this would include John Kaminski — must be shown some respect. Defamatory hate speech is not allowed. I don’t think John would be too pleased with your scurrilous description of him as “snakelike jew face Kaminski.”

      You must try to be more polite. 🙂

      1. I’ve read J.Kaminsky’s article couple times and ,even though, he makes many interesting, valid points , overall the article is one big B-sh-t. Why?

        It denounces ALL religions and, by just simply doing that, it shows that Kaminsky is—possibly unwittingly–on the side of the Illuminati Elite and all those who, by deliberately rejecting Trintarian God join the forces of Evil, the very forces of Satan.

        Satan DOESN’T CARE if people are white, black or blue, if they call themselves democrats, republicans or liberals,etc., if they are Illuminati, masons , atheists, communists , etc. He laughs loudly at all our , human distinctions, names, groups and definitions. For him ALL THAT MATTERS is the fact that the person consciously, voluntarily rejected the ONE ,True, Trinitarian God and this person’s soul BELONGS TO HIM .

        Satan is the SOUL COLLECTOR.

        As long as the human soul looks like belongs to him , he is very, very satisfied. So again, as long a person rejects, denies, renounces, Trinitarian God ,he , and all his wretched , hellish kingdom , is extremely pleased. He wants all those miserable people to keep up their “good “work.

        Work that will earn them , eventually, eternal damnation

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