Beware of Bogus ‘Anti-Semitism’ Manufactured by Jews

LD:  We must distinguish between two types of “antisemitism” : valid and justifiable anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism and the pseudo-antisemitism whipped up by Jews in order to create sympathy for themselves as life’s eternal victims. This pseudo-antisemitism, generally nasty and strident in tone and calling for the mass extermination of all Jews indiscriminately as “vermin”,  is deliberately designed to silence all criticism of Jews and give them a free pass to act as predatory oppressors.

The Anti-Defamation League has recently issued a report that claims a “disturbing 86% spike in domestic anti-Semitic incidents in the first quarter of 2017.” Its antidote is, of course, more of the ADL! The “startling rise,” ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt says, requires that his organization insert its programs into the public school systems in order to “stamp out this wave of hate.” 

Blacks must be very careful, because the ADL has similarly imposed its “training programs” on American police forces. The ADL carts US law enforcement personnel over to Israel to learn how Israeli police keep Palestinians in a constant state of apartheid. And how has that ADL “law enforcement training” worked out for us? Based on nationwide data collected by the Guardian, Black Americans are more than twice as likely as their white counterparts to be killed by police.

In 2016, police killed Blacks at a rate of 6.66 per 1 million people, compared to 2.9 per 1 million for whites. Thanks, ADL.

So a closer examination of the ADL’s latest and highly dubious claims about “an upsurge in ‘anti-Semitism’” is fully warranted. The ADL points to dozens of what it calls “anti-Semitic incidents,” but it should be emphatically noted that the incidents ARE NOT based on police reports—they are based on reports made to the ADL itself, on just the word of the alleged victim.  The ADL numbers include alleged incidents of school “bullying,” “harassment,” and “vandalism”—whatever that means. Of course, ANY violation of ANYONE’s civil rights is to be taken seriously, but Jonathan Greenblatt’s private and UNOFFICIAL statistics are being relied upon to change laws and policies that affect the Black community, so they MUST be thoroughly parsed and rigorously questioned.

For instance, the ADL’s numbers include the recent spate of threats against the American Jewish community centers. But when those reports first surfaced in mid-January of 2017, even President Donald Trump voiced his doubts about the veracity of the Jewish claims in an unusual public statement:

Trump suggested that the attacks could reflect something other than anti-Semitism, saying that “the reverse can be true” and “someone’s doing it to make others look bad…”

The Anti-Defamation League was so alarmed at the President’s insinuation that it told Buzzfeed: “We are astonished by what the President reportedly said. It is incumbent upon the White House to immediately clarify these remarks.”

It turns out Trump was right and the ADL needed to “clarify its remarks.”

Police arrested an Israeli Jew named Michael Kadar for making multiple violent threats against American Jewish centers.

The USA TODAY headline said it all:  “Jews shocked that suspect in Jewish center threats is one of their own.” 

Later, Kadar was charged with making more than 2,000 threats! The indictment said that the Jewish Israeli jihadist threatened a US senator and ordered drugs online to send to the senator’s house. He threatened to kidnap and kill the children of a CIA and Pentagon official. The indictment alleged that Kadar made a bomb threat against an El-Al flight to Israel that sparked fighter jets to be scrambled, and he threatened a Canadian airport, which required passengers to disembark in emergency slides and left six people injured. He is also accused of threatening a Virgin Air flight—a threat that resulted in the plane having to dump eight tons of fuel before landing—and threatening a plane being used by the NBA’s Boston Celtics.

Incredibly, this reign of terror was blamed on “autism and a brain tumor.” 

“Sorry, you can’t put me in jail — I’m brain damaged!”

They have yet to explain how reports of vandalism against Jewish cemeteries in the United States seem to have directly coincided with the threats made from Israel by the terrorist Michael Kadar, which suggests a deeper internationally coordinated false-flag conspiracy. The ADL seems to have dropped the investigation of these incidents, but continues to use the hoax statistics.

Michael Kadar is not the only Jewish terrorist helping to generate the ADL’s alleged “wave of hate.” Another Jewish man named Joshua Goldberg was arrested for posting online bomb-making instructions while posing as an “ISIS jihadist.” Mr. Goldberg’s terroristic résumé as posted on his Wikipedia page is shocking:

Goldberg first received widespread media attention under his alleged Twitter handle “Australi Witness” following the Curtis Culwell Center attack, a terrorist attack on a Garland, Texas exhibit featuring images of Muhammad in May 2015, in which two assailants died in a shootout with police. Goldberg’s “Australi Witness” persona, had, posing as a Perth jihadist, called for an attack on, and posted maps of, the center where the exhibit was taking place, and praised the jihadist attackers in its aftermath, and was retweeted by one of the assailants before the attack. His trial was suspended after it emerged that he had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and anxiety disorder as part of a long history of mental illness, and he was found incompetent to stand trial pending efforts by doctors to return him to competence.

Notice that, just as with Kadar, the diagnosis is not Jewish terrorism—but mental illness.

Sorry, you can’t put me jail — I’m a schizophrenic!”

There is yet more false-flag self-inflicted Jewish terrorism. website is a prominent voice in left-wing politics. It prides itself on being a major forum for dialogue and debate on many societal issues. But it noticed a strange phenomenon. The comments sections of its posted articles were aflame with unusually harsh anti-Semitic rhetoric by a number of posters with the names DeShawn Williams, Rashid, Aziz, Ahmed, and the monikers PowertodaPeople, SynagogueofSatan, among many, many others. They advanced every anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and even praised Naziism and Adolf Hitler.   These “contributors” with Black and Muslim-sounding names often debated each other on the pages of, stepping up the hateful rhetoric with each exchange. So distasteful were these postings that the regular readers stopped visiting and contributing to the website and its mission. started to investigate and found that all of the posters and the postings—on both sides of the many, many Jew-hating exchanges—were coming from the same computer IP address and the same person: a Harvard-affiliated Jew whose stated motive for this flood of cyber-filth was to support Israel.

Lance Tapley’s investigative report, “The Double Identity of an ‘Anti-Semitic’ Commenter Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel,” identifies this person as “a graduate student at the Midwestern campus,” who spent endless hours filling the “comments” sections of many websites, with anti-Jewish language and bigoted, violent, and murderous ideologies. Curiously, despite the volume and intensity of the pure hate expressed by this Jewish “grad student”—which he intended for readers to believe came from Blacks and Muslims— is actually protecting the man’s real identity, claiming “as a Jew…he could be put in danger by such a revelation.”

Well, what about the Blacks and Muslims who are HIS targets, victims of his slanderous, hate-filled bile? And the “hate-crime”-crusading ADL has made no effort to identify, apprehend, or prosecute this Jewish troll, who has single-handedly spread more “hate” than any other known source on the Internet.

But the ADL is not complaining—they just add this JEWISH-generated slime to their statistics and falsely claim Jews are victims. Similarly, when the Israeli Mossad pulled off the greatest act of false flag terrorism in history—the attacks of 9/11—they did not claim “mental illness.” They claimed victimhood and plunged the world into war against an innocent people. The media, a totally controlled and dutifully submissive mouthpiece for the ADL, aids and abets the ADL’s false flag agenda.

It is this faked and contrived “threat” that allows the ADL and its director Jonathan Greenblatt to falsely claim that “anti-Semitism” is rampant and on the rise, and that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are at the root of it.

The ADL and its false flag mission is an insult to all Americans, who are being bullied into accepting the suppression of their rights and censorship of their discourse. Fortunately, more and more Americans are seeing through the schemes and are exposing the Synagogue of Satan, the REAL source of world hate and terrorism. Responsible Jewish leaders must stand up and put an end to this ADL false-flag strategy, because it’s hurting the Jewish community, diminishing their reputation and their position in the eyes of the world.



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  1. what do you get when you transplant a gentile heart in a Jew? answer, a self-hating Jew .
    Palestinians are routinely kidnapped ,split wide open , their organs are removed , the chest is then sewn back and given to the red cross . One Jew was transplanted with a young Palestinian heart ,when he awoke he started throwing rocks at himself.

    1. Ha….that reminds me of “A Dog’s Heart” by Mikhail Bulgakov. It is very satirical, hence its ban in the old Soviet Union.

    2. If resisting Jewish Power is anti-semitic then I am an anti-semite. We should not be afraid to say that Jewish Power in the media, the government, the academy and in finance is overwhelming; to the point where we face financial and professional ruin at the hands of the Jewish Lobby for stating facts. facts, not opinions.

      Jewish Power is now so great that the subjugation of the west is almost complete. We are fighting wars on their behalf. We are sending young gentiles to die for Israel’s benefit. If we cannot stop them then the lives of our granchildren will be dominated by Jewish Power, Jewish lies and Jewish distortion of history.

  2. “We must distinguish between two types of “anti-Semitism”. But, you refuse to, truthfully. Instead, you and others perpetuate the lie that they are from Abraham. Certainly, they want you to believe that, but they are liars; by default you are too.

    Modern day “jews”: the Judaists and Zionists are not Semites. They are Ashkenazi. The Darkmoon site is appalling in its use of the word ‘jew’ since jew is incorrectly viewed as a tribe of people from the ancestry of the Israelites. The jew of today is from an Ashkenazi ancestry (i.e. Hitler, Rothschild). Big difference. T.H.E.Y. are counterfeit, fake-jews whose claim to the Holy Land and Blessings are blasphemy. The worst offender is Lobro who is Lasha’s friend (in her own words and his, also). Lobro is a pro-Hitler, true anti-Semite; and truly anti-God and an offender of Truth.

    Lasha Darkmoon backstabs with a smile and she is protected by her pack of wolves.

    The Abrahamic Covenant

    1. @ New Song

      “. . . you [LD] and others perpetuate the lie that they [Jews] are from Abraham. Certainly, they want you to believe that, but they are liars; by default you are too… The worst offender is Lobro who is Lasha’s friend (in her own words and his, also). Lobro is a pro-Hitler, true anti-Semite; and truly anti-God and an offender of Truth. Lasha Darkmoon backstabs with a smile and she is protected by her pack of wolves.


      — Sister Monica

      1. Harold –

        Max Bilney from ‘down under’ wrote that abundantly a couple years back. He added “wrap around mouth…!!” 🙂

        NS hated it..!! 🙂

        Pharisee-Jews promote their websites here.


        BTW – Where is “10 inch” Maxey.. when needed..?

      2. And his comment is remarkably confused, reflecting the confusion in his own mind. Low IQ is right. He writes “Modern day “jews”: the Judaists and Zionists are not Semites”, but he decries “anti-semitism” and someone being “pro-Hitler” (as if there has to be something wrong with any such person) in the same comment. The only so called “anti-semitism” by “Hitler” and similar people has been the “anti-semitism” against what he calls the “counterfeit, fake-jews whose claim to the Holy Land and Blessings are blasphemy”. So he decries the “fake-Jews” and those that oppose them (Hitler and the “anti-semites”) in the same sentence. Whose side is he on?

        Then he makes things more confusing by saying “jew is incorrectly viewed as a tribe of people from the ancestry of the Israelites”. I thought he would say these are the real Jews. Not that I (does anybody?) care what he says. So the real Jews according to New Song are not the Ashkenazi or the Israelites.

        Here are thousands of young girls cheering Hitler. I would bet they could tell New Song why they cheered Hitler. They lived when Hitler lived, they heard him speak (and actually understood German), but eighty years later people like New Song, whose knowledge comes from reading what Americans write (most often times “fake Jews”, to use his words, since they own most of the mainstream media) are the experts on Hitler. No, like ninety nine percent of all people, he knows nothing.

      3. @ New Song

        The worst offender is Lobro who is Lasha’s friend… Lobro is a pro-Hitler, true anti-Semite; and truly anti-God and an offender of Truth.

        I commend you, dear Lady, for having the courage to speak out in this way against the evil commenters who infest this appalling website. It takes guts to do that. Lobro is not only a self-confessed anti-Semite but, as you rightly say, a shameless supporter of Adolf Hitler. How anyone can support this ranting dictator with his foam-flecked toothbrush mustache (plagiarized from Charlie Chaplin) is a mystery to me.

        This human abomination not only killed six million Jews in the most sadistic act of mass cruelty ever perpetrated on mankind but was also a shocking sexual pervert — something his neo-Nazi supporters do their best to sweep under the rug.

        Equipped with only one misshapen testicle and burning with shame as a result of his deformity, this terrifying Teuton would think nothing of climbing atop his mistress, Eva Braun, and straddling her chest on his haunches. He would then defecate between her two breasts, later licking her skin dry in a paroxysm of coprophilac ecstasy. Even thinking about this is enough to give any clean-minded Jewish person like myself the creeps.

        If this megalomaniacal dictator had died in his bunker, as is commonly supposed, this would have brought some closure to the whole sordid business. It was not to be. The sonofabitch managed to escape to South America with his bride of Satan, whom he is said to have married in a Black Mass ceremony. He arrived in Argentina a few days later and here he spent the rest of his miserable life.

        One of his many children, a plucky female with a pudding basin hairstyle, is now ruler of Germany. Her name is Angela Merkel. This is well known. What Adolf Hitler failed to do — destroy Germany utterly — his daughter Frau Merkel is now in the process of doing more effectively: flooding Germany with all the dregs of the Third World in order to manufacture miscegenation and bring about White genocide.

        As a Jew, I am in two minds about this.

        One the one hand, I hate to see myself surrounded by all these dusky faces, these dangerous rapists and murderers from Darkest Africa, but on the other hand I am delighted to see the slow dumbing down of the European population as a result of interbreeding with the inferior races of the tropics.

        When the time comes, I will up sticks and make aliyha to the land of my fathers. A house already awaits me, surrounded by its orange groves and olive orchards, once the property of a Palestinian family. It is now mine, and I intend to take up residence there when Europe becomes too hot to handle.

        Roll on the day . . .

      4. @ Peter

        And his [NEW SONG’S] comment is remarkably confused, reflecting the confusion in his own mind. Low IQ is right. He writes “Modern day “jews”: the Judaists and Zionists are not Semites”, but he decries “anti-semitism” and someone being “pro-Hitler” . . .

        FYI, the writer of the comment you are referring to, “New Song”, is apparently female.

      5. @ Seymour Zak

        Well said, Seymour! You have excelled yourself this time. 🙂

      6. Sard –

        Zak must have turned to ‘Abbott-N-Costello’ also…
        …. he’s slippin’… New Leaf..?? 🙂

      7. @ New Song

        Sorry, darling! No offence intended! Love you to bits! 🙂

    2. NS –

      In case you missed it… Lasha is not the subject or the topic. Bogus antisemitism is.

      As for Abram:

      Abraham, originally Abram, is a mythological invention.

      The invented ENTITY – HE – is claimed to be the common patriarch of the three Abrahamic religions:

      1- In Judaism he is the founding father of the Covenant, the special relationship between the Jewish people and God.
      2-in Christianity, he is the prototype of all believers, Jewish or Gentile.
      3- in Islam, not to be outdone… his position as a “believer before the fact” undercuts Jewish claims to an exclusive relationship with God.

      We all know you comment here to PROMOTE your site…!! 🙂

      1. Voltaire was of the opinion that Abraham descended from some of the numerous Brahman priests who left India to spread their teachings throughout the world; and in support of his thesis he presented the following elements: the similarity of names and the fact that the city of Ur, land of the patriarchs, was near the border of Persia, the road to India, where that Brahman had been born.

        Who Was Abraham?

      2. Real or not, Abram/Abraham was most definitely a name-changing Jew character. In the Bible stories he acts every bit the criminal Jew. He begins his criminal activities with an extortion plot against Pharaoh. With “god” acting as his muscle, he enriches himself with the wealth of Egypt over a phony, trumped up claim against Pharaoh for molesting his ancient, ugly wife Sari/Sarah who no doubt could have beaten Golda Meir in an ugly contest. (The Jewish inversion of a beauty contest.)

        Abraham then carries out the very same criminal extortion plot a second time against a small time potentate named Abimelech. Jews never alter their successful criminal acts, they just recycle them. Later Abraham is going to murder his son because his god tells him “just do it.” (Bet you didn’t know god started Nike.)

        Of course considering the immense wealth god-the-father had provided though his extortion plot, what the hell, why not kill the kid? After all you only get one god (the) father willing to back up your crimes, but one can always have another son. Then, at the last moment, this “merciful” god “stays” Abraham’s hand as he lean into the mic saying, “testing, 123, testing. Can you hear me Abraham? Just joking.” What’s not to love about these divine, heartwarming, Jewish stories of murder and mayhem? Genesis 34 has another great story about the Jew’s love, compassion and forgiveness – or lack thereof.

        Abraham and his “god” walk like Jews, talk like Jews and commit twisted, subversive, criminal acts against the innocent just like their degenerate, Jewish descendants. As Jesus said: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Like Hitler, Jesus knew wherever one looks in Judaism they find the rottenest fruits.

        There’s that word know, a word Christians use to convict the sodomites of homosexuality. Yet in Matthew it means to recognize. No doubt the Sodomites recognized the lord’s two little helpers for the Jewish vermin they were in their effort to steal the Sodomite’s water supply. The Sodomites simply wanted to let the lord’s little helpers “know” they recognized them and no doubt give a good sound thrashing to these Jewish thieves. Sodomites weren’t homosexuals, they were “anti-Semites!”

        Brief comments on the article


        This pseudo-antisemitism, generally nasty and strident in tone and calling for the mass extermination of all Jews indiscriminately as “vermin”, is deliberately designed to silence all criticism of Jews and give them a free pass to act as predatory oppressors.

        Jews calling for the mass extermination of their race is a bizzare, yet standard, projection of the Jew’s own criminal, psychopathic behavior upon the gullible goyim. Their god-awful un-holy book is full of such hateful stories. So it should be no surprise they are still screaming bogus accusations about the Jewish invention they named “genocide.”

        This is the Jew’s cowardly indirect method of telegraphing their hateful challenge, to wit: If the goyim don’t exterminate us, we will exterminate them. We will never compromise on this matter. Too bad the stupid goyim were never bright enough to recognize this and call them on their challenge. But unlike Jews, the overwhelming majority of the goyim are not bloodthirsty, psychopathic murderers who delight in the following type of god-ordained murder and mayhem.

        Thus saith the LORD of hosts … slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.” . . . “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

        One should not be surprised to find the Jews doing this very thing to the Palestinians.

        I am convinced the idiot goyim will never awaken. Of course the Jews programmed stupidity and ignorance haven’t helped their cause. Little doubt remains that they will march dutifully without question, over the cliff Jews have created, dragging their Bibles, knuckles and the rest of us along with them.

        In 2016, police killed Blacks at a rate of 6.66 per 1 million people, compared to 2.9 per 1 million for whites. Thanks, ADL.

        This is perfectly understandable. Jews have made the Negro golden, he can do almost no wrong in pursuit of his murderously rapine activities. Look at the heinous murders Negros commit against whites.

        Jews have declared open season on evil whitey, just listen to the lyrics of Jew produced rap music. Negros have taken the Jew’s message to heart, becoming more openly violent with each passing year. Cops know this and are caught between a rock and a hard spot because, as usual with Jews, it’s all too often kill or be killed with no other option. That is why Negro fatalities have increased dramatically in police encounters. What is never questioned is how many cops simply avoid confronting Negros to protect themselves against the Jew’s crooked (in)justice system.

        And finally another awakening. Why is it intelligent people give the benefit of the doubt to Jews and their sycophants? Why not use the Jew’s standard legal rule of thumb? To wit: Jews and their dupes are guilty in every sense until their innocence is proven beyond all doubt. Even then, the best of them should be killed.

    3. @ New Song

      It’s well understood and accepted that just because someone refers to them by the name they call themselves, i.e., “Jew”, doesn’t mean that person recognizes them as Semites.

      And what’s with the childish “Hitler” epithet? You’re going to say something like that and then expect to be taken seriously?

    4. Ma’am,
      if New Song were to be banished, who would ever shower me with such compliments?

      The worst offender is Lobro who is Lasha’s friend (in her own words and his, also). Lobro is a pro-Hitler, true anti-Semite

      all of these labels i agree with and wear them with justified pride.
      As for anti-God, if she can pull out a quote of me stating that, i would like to see it.
      If not, it means that she made it up in sinful, yet impotent anger or alternatively, let her lay out the roadmap that logically proves it based on statements i made that allow no other conclusion.

      to wrap it up, having already wasted precious keystrokes on somebody so hopelessly tangled up in her own delusions, i just want you to look at this line which exonerates me from whatever calumny she heaps on me:

      Lobro is … true anti-Semite

      · what percentage of the world equates the term antisemitism with anti-judaism?
      I would say, 99+.
      in which case i plead “guilty”.
      · if she regards jews as not being semitic, she is anthropologically speaking right because they are by and large Asiatic Khazars but this is mere nitpicking like saying that “gay” does not mean homosexual and that snakes are not slimy because in truth they are not – contrary to the common usage – and i generally stick to common usage, considering myself a commoner.
      Moreover, i am a great admirer of Palestinians, lebanese and syrians who are all semitic, so again, technically she is right – however, i don’t think she meant it that way because immediately preceding her “Lobro-antisemite” label is that i am pro-Hitler – which again, i most emphatically am. And Hitler too, was a good friend of anthropological semites, palestinians, egyptians and so forth.

      · she seems sadly muddled with her “true jews/fake jews” tirade, having no idea which is which except to quote Torah to no end, a truly Devil’s document if there ever was one, starting with its absolute denial and prohibition of human Free Will, the prerequisite for the unimpeded search for Truth and thereby an instrument of despotic Lie – from the word go.

      This last point i see as New Song’s essential aberration and penitentiary from which she will never escape without first ditching the shackles of Torah.
      She slavishly crawls before the original Lie and licks its spittle clean, believing herself and her co-worshipers to be the only truly righteous folks on earth.
      Well, New Song, ignore my kindly warning for what it’s worth without pausing to even consider its logic – but your road to Christ is cut off until you remove the obstacle of Torah.
      Jesus preached free will, the truth and compassion – and this is the essence of his ministry on earth, each of these considerations being in diametric contradiction to this Torah that you hysterically clutch like a drowning victim.
      Let go of it, swim freely using your own motive power and see where it gets you, whatever the end, it will be better than your current bondage.

      don’t worry about madame Butterfly or lobro, they are not your enemies – you are.

      1. ” The worst offender is Lobro who is Lasha’s friend (in her own words and his, also). Lobro is a pro-Hitler, true anti-Semite

        all of these labels i agree with and wear them with justified pride.” An “anti-semite” for opposing what she calls the “counterfeit, fake-jews whose claim to the Holy Land and Blessings are blasphemy”. And yet the idiot attacks him.

        More people are coming to the same conclusion every day. Namely, that the Jews have constructed a whole series of lies to advance their own interests and their version of WW II contains the most powerful and important lies. They got a country based upon those lies and they were able to steal it from another people with the victorious WW II allies giving them their blessing. That was three years after they hung German leaders for leading a “war of aggression” in Germany’s attempt to take back some of the land stolen from them in WW I. Furthermore, the Jews have taken over virtually everything in the world’s most powerful countries (except for emerging Asia), while pushing to the side the peoples of those countries. They are not stupid for sure, and they are the most ethnocentric (racist) and ruthless group the world has ever encountered. The NAZIS were Snowflakes compared to the Jews. Twelve years of German “hatred” can’t compare with thousands of years of Jewish hatred, which is taught from their religious texts.

        “And Hitler too, was a good friend of anthropological semites, palestinians, egyptians and so forth.”

        The “racist” Adolf Hitler welcoming the Arab Muslim Mufti (waqf) Of Jerusalem to Berlin. Arab comrade soldiers are also there. Today the Jews occupy Jerusalem and are close to getting the (((USA ‘s))) blessing to steal all of it. Those wonderful and fair Americans. They are like someone in a straitjacket, unable to make a move without the Jew’s consent.

      2. @ Lobro

        Very well said and hopefully, although I doubt it, New Song will think about what you have said. I gave up many months ago trying to get through to her only to receive admonishments from her for trying.

        If what New Song says about her past life as a judge, it appears to me that she has moved from enforcing jewish law to promoting jewish law. She thinks it’s a new song, but its the same song with a different title. When New Song is ready to make a real change in her life, she will.

  3. @ small-minded hobglobin :

    I see you’re going to be CONSISTENT in your CENSORING of me today, Uncle, always CONSISTENT with THE CENSORING.

    Lets see now : I’m CONSISTENTLY LOGICAL so I’m a “small minded hobglobin”, you’re CONSISTENTLY CENSORIOUS of MY LOGIC, you’re “NOT” a “small-minded hobglobin”.

    Tell me : Is Lasha a “small minded hobglobin” for being CONSISTENT with The Paychecks?

    “of course” you’re “NOT” a “small minded hobglobin” for CONSISTENTLY cashing The Paychecks. And “of course” you’re “NOT” a “small minded hobglobin” for your CONSISTENT CENSORSHIP, right? That’s how it works around here, right?

    The first post I sent you today, it makes TOO much sense, right? You can’t handle that, right?

    1. @ TROJ

      As usual, you fail to identify the brilliant comment you claim is being “censored”. How many comments have you sent in today? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? You want me to read them ALL? Checks out all the dates? Try and figure out which is your most noteworthy comment?

      Sorry, Joe. You need to identify the comment by giving the first 3-4 words of the comment. I already told you that several times but you don’t pay attention.

  4. Thank you, Lasha.

    I see:
    Practicing TALMUDISTS are in the White House..!! Those CHABADISTS get a ‘pass’ due to the sympathy garnered from the claims of the ‘FAKE’ antisemitism

    You wrote:
    LD: “We must distinguish between two types of “antisemitism” : valid and justifiable anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism and the pseudo-antisemitism whipped up by Jews in order to create sympathy for themselves as life’s eternal victims. This pseudo-antisemitism, generally nasty and strident in tone and calling for the mass extermination of all Jews indiscriminately as “vermin”,  is deliberately designed to silence all criticism of Jews and give them a free pass to act as predatory oppressors.”

    That is the most important paragraph of the article. It exactly explains how the world is being programmed to accept the OPPRESSIVE Noahide laws – FOR GOYIM – promoted by the Chabad Lubavitch movement today. The supporters and practitioners of CHABAD are in the White House.

    Here is what THEY push on the world:

    It has been said that the basic laws which apply to all people were made known to Adam with the exception of the law pertaining to eating meat with its life, its blood in it.

    This particular law was not made known to Adam because meat for food was not given to him and his descendants in the beginning.

    The provision of meat for food was later given to Noah and his descendants after the flood.

    After the flood it is Noah who stands for the whole human race, as Adam had done in the beginning.

    Consequently, these laws, which are actually seven categories of laws, are commonly designated as the seven commandments of the “children of Noah” (bnei Noah), or the Seven Laws of Noah, or the Noachide, Noahide, Noahite, Laws.

    The Encyclopedia Britannica says this about the Noahide laws:

    “Noahide Laws, also called NOACHIAN LAWS, a Jewish Talmudic designation for seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and consequently binding on all mankind.


    Worth repeating:

    Practicing TALMUDISTS are in the White House..!! Those CHABADISTS get a ‘pass’ due to the sympathy garnered from the claims of the ‘FAKE’ antisemitism

    1. @ Pat
      @ New Song

      LD: “We must distinguish between two types of “antisemitism” : valid and justifiable anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism and the pseudo-antisemitism whipped up by Jews in order to create sympathy for themselves as life’s eternal victims. This pseudo-antisemitism, generally nasty and strident in tone and calling for the mass extermination of all Jews indiscriminately as “vermin”, is deliberately designed to silence all criticism of Jews and give them a free pass to act as predatory oppressors.”

      It amazes me that New Song should object to this perfectly valid statement and get all nasty and abusive about it, attacking both Lasha and Lobro as “anti-God” in the process! Whew, this lady certainly has a few screws loose! 🙂

      Here is PAT responding to the same statement by Lasha:

      “That is the most important paragraph of the article,” he says. “It exactly explains how the world is being programmed to accept the OPPRESSIVE Noahide laws – FOR GOYIM – promoted by the Chabad Lubavitch movement today. The supporters and practitioners of CHABAD are in the White House.”

      It strikes me as rather odd that New Song should get so angry about a statement that Pat thoroughly agrees with, and that Madame Butterfly thoroughly agrees with, and that I myself thoroughly agree with. I’m also pretty sure Lobro ain’t gonna be too happy being ticked of for not knowing what a “Jew” is and being described as “anti-God” and “anti-Truth”.

      Is there something wrong with New Song’s brains? I wouldn’t be surprise to learn that this charming lady has just been lobotmized. 🙂

    2. this outlines the pure essence of the conflict between jews and non-jews: denial of will, insistence on blind, unquestioning obedience of Law.

      jew follows the Law, never pausing to ask what kind of law it is and its implications and once having accepted its primary inequity and injustice, proceeds to impose its watered down version of noahide on “lesser” beings, those unfortunate enough not to have been pre-selected at the stage of conception for infallible blessing – the only failure is to refuse servitude to the Law Giver, regardless of who this entity is.

      well, Jesus challenged this meme in a YUGE way and thus Talmud’s condemnation.
      take note New Song, nothing new, nothing musical about it.

      As far as i am concerned, jews are preselected for an enormous peril, escape from which requires great strength of intellect and character – for this i truly feel sorry for them but on the other hand must at least provisionally accept my buddhist friend felix’s explanation that everyone’s birth is a logical outcome of the preceding life’s karma.
      Accordingly, i guess that today’s shabbos, the wannabe jews will see their desire fulfilled the next time around.

      and i will end up as a Russell terrier 🙂

  5. ‘Police arrested an Israeli Jew named Michael Kadar for making multiple violent threats against American Jewish centers.

    The USA TODAY headline said it all: “Jews shocked that suspect in Jewish center threats is one of their own.”’

    It’s only shocking to Jews. Jews have been shown to repeatedly lie and exaggerate to portray themselves as victims and to justify violence and even war against those they hate. President Trump even called it, but whites don’t have the power to make them apologize, as they repeatedly force others to (Mel Gibson, Rick Sanchez, and others), and each time this validates their claim in peoples minds of “anti-semitism”, even if what Gibson, Sanchez and others said was completely justified, and it usually or even always is.

    This is part 2 of the interview that got the CNN reporter Rick Sanchez fired a few years ago. In part 1 Sanchez called Daily Show star Jon Stewart a bigot. Here in part 2 Sanchez says “Yeah, very powerless people. [laughs] He’s such a minority. I mean, you know, please. What—are you kidding? I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart. And to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?” The next day Rick Sanchez was fired. Jew Jeff Zucker is president of CNN.

    In part 1 Sanchez says he and other “minorities” are victims of people like Stewart (Jews), but whites don’t see it. And then the two “history experts” – my quotes, Sanchez and his brain dead interviewer agree that Jews have historically been powerless victims. Sanchez suggests “minorities” are the Jews victims, when in fact whites have been Jews victims for a lot longer than Cuban-Americans (in fact Sanchez looks fairly white himself), but he only knows of the whites actions against Jews historically (aka “anti-semitism”) and not what Jews did to whites that invariably prompted the reaction of Europeans (whites).

    On March 27, 1933 Jews organized a huge anti-German rally calling for the destruction of “Hitler”, meaning Germany. According to the newsreel, 55,000 people attended that rally. That rally was held less than two months after Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany (January 30, 1933). The newsreel lies and says Germany “immediately launched acts of terror against Germany’s Jewish population” in an attempt to justify the anti-German hatred being pushed by the Jews. In fact there were no attacks on Jews in those short two months and hardly any physical violence against Jews at all, at least until the war started in 1939, and perhaps much later. The little violence there was, was a reaction to something the Jews had done, such as when they murdered a German diplomat in France in 1938 and “Kristallnacht”, riots against Jews across Germany caused the deaths of 85 Jews. This was the biggest action against Jews and they built it into a “holocaust” itself the way it’s been reported since then. Meanwhile, the Jew run government in the Soviet Union was murdering millions of Ukrainians and others at the exact time this rally was held.

    This rally had top American politicians attending it, a representative from President Roosevelt, the Governor of New York, the mayor of New York, the Jew Mayor of New York Fiorello LaGuardia and the influential Rabbi Stephen Wise. LaGuardia says its not a rally against Germans, but a rally against “Hitler”. Hitler was the leader Germany chose after years of suffering under the Versailles Treaty, with German Jews often doing things which would have terrible effects on Germany, even contributing to its loss of WW I. This anti-German rally was the first in an unrelenting drive by Jews to push the USA into an eventual war against Germany, while Jews in Great Britain, the Soviet Union, France and other countries were doing the same things to bring WW II about. They succeeded when Britain and France eventually declared war on Germany on 1933.

    Numerous politicians and other people in those years such as Charles Lindbergh commented on the Jews role in pushing the world into a war. Adolf Hitler also commented on it, but we only hear of the Jews grossly exaggerated suffering, backed up with the already exposed lies and propaganda, not the millions of Germans the Jews had burned alive in their cities.

    1. PETER
      “The “racist” Adolf Hitler welcoming the Arab Muslim Mufti (waqf) Of Jerusalem to Berlin. Arab comrade soldiers are also there. ”
      During WW2, many North-African people were enlisted by the then-French colonialist to fight the German. As many of them related decades later, they were often put to the fore but they were not so stupid as to die for the sake of their own colonizer. They used to dig trenches and hide until “all was done”. Then, their rifles shoulder-hung, they would join the nearest German military encampment. They stayed in Germany until the independence of their own country in 1962.

      1. Thank you for the information Sean.

        I made a typo in the above comment. The sentence should say ” They succeeded when Britain and France eventually declared war on Germany in 1939″.

  6. I always liked New Song ,hell i even once wrote that i love her.
    I like her website which i don’t agree entirely on it’s content but close enough to have a soft spot for her.
    her comment was fine until she choose to attack Lobro and the mistress .it’s uncalled for and unwarranted .

  7. Darkmoon is a BOGUS ANTI-JEW website, because Mel got BANNED and MEL WAS MORE JEW-WISE THAN ALL OF US PUT TOGETHER.

    1. @ TROJ

      Mel got banned because of his constant obscenity and obsession with kinky sex. Not because he was “Jew wise”. He was a Useful Idiot for the Jews in trying to promote sexual perversion on our website.

      (As you do in your many unpublished comments).

      1. Uncle :

        This putting “((( )))” around my handle/my name is GOING TO STOP. DO NOT EVER DO IT AGAIN. TOTALLY UNDERHANDED DISHONEST DISHONORABLE TO DO. A VERY OVER-BEARING THING TO DO. For your own sake, STOP, because it’s NOT beneficial to The Spirit to LIE and to be dishonorable and to take liberties when you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE LIBERTIES OF ANY KIND. It’s harmful to The Spirit, it’s heavy and baneful to The Spirit to do what you did. Very low what you did.

        TOBY: OK, Joe. Apologies. No brackets round your name now.

  8. Fine article LD . Pseudo-antisemitism, a doomed attempt to prop up the habitual victims narrative, deserves exposure and contempt worldwide (and incarceration – in a Psychiatric Institution). When the whole world joins Asia (where this just doesn’t play well) each new attempt will be met with mental institution personnel response where these creatures can be medicated and removed as a public nuisance. I suggest we start a comparative occasional “News You May Have Missed” by contributors to this site reporting the latest round of scurrilous jew monkeyshines worldwide when caught in the habitual fraud – the world can laugh them out of history, like in Asia.

    1. In less than a year’s study and research, enough accurate source material may be gathered to write a fairly good paper. The predecessor of “The American Free Press”, “The Spotlight” had monthly reports, sometimes more frequent, of pseudo-antisemitic vandalism perpetrated by jews. Both AFP, Barnes Review, and a rich mother lode of source material can be found on the web. Then, publication – perhaps with a title like “The Criminal Pathology of Jewish Pseudo-Antisemitic Vandalism”. Not too long from now with all the influx of new Islamic citizens in Europe and North America, with social and family ties to Islamic countries, demands may be set forth at Colleges and Universities for clinical study of the subject for Psychiatry and Legal scholars. With the gracious help of Islamic donors, perhaps funded courses and degree programs may bring benefit to all. As the jew never ceases from this criminality, a nearly endless potential exists for thesis work and dissertations examining the scope, motivation, and many other elements, perhaps genetically inherited ones involved in this pathology. Books may be published for dissemination in mostly Islamic countries initially, until the demographic realities catch up with Northern nations and non negotiable demands are made by the growing number of new citizens for further study. Advanced work may involve study of the Psychosis of criminal sociopaths like Barbara L. Spectre. The possibilties are many…

      1. Glad comments are still open. Probably better to title the paper “Clinical Pathology of Pseudo-Antisemitic Vandalism.” It has a broader scientific appeal, and “Vandalism” already implies an element of criminality, no need for redundancy with “Criminal Pathology…”. The data is there, years of it, found in many countries and some incidents don’t seem to be related to any conscious group design (though others do) so there really is a pathology awaiting examination.

  9. 1st a word about New Song: she is unfailingly civil, never vulgar and as such i doubt that she is a jewess, more just a deluded but sincere hyper-zio-christian.
    Which is okay, she is entitled to her opinion – unfortunately, the opinion is thoroughly wrong, wrong-headed and empty of reason.

    2ndly a word about Zak: he ain’t no jew, of this i am nearly convinced.
    zak is a sort of counterpart to jews defecating on their graves and synagogue thresholds in order to blame the gentiles, Zak performs the exact mirror action.

    And my favorite example of wolf pretending to be a sheep pretending to be a wolf, The Donald.
    I really believe my erstwhile hunch was correct and his method is clarifying by the day and the parties paying attention (e.g., jews and Russians) are catching on, jews unable to say it outright except by venting ever increasing animus whereas the russians have no such restraint
    ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis to NATO: ‘Problems we have with Russia will be solved by diplomats and no other way’
    So what happened to Donald Trump’s Korean War 2.0?
    (The fact that April has passed with no military action in the Korean Peninsula taking place and the crisis unresolved shows talk of unilateral US military action was a bluff)

    not interested in doing a victory lap, not my style, besides it may yet be premature – just reporting the facts, ma’am.

    is this off-topic?
    I believe not, because it is an interesting and globally vital example of “Semitism”, i.e., pretending to be jew-friendly in order to trip up his talmudic goosestep, something Putin showed how to execute professionally.
    We need to move beyond the primitive, simplistic stage of jew-awareness (antisemitism, as lady Song calls it) to learning how to fight back, at this stage sufficient to recognize allies, to support and help them in every way possible.

    1. more weathervanes lining up the same way:
      Has US Agreed to Hand Over Eastern Syria to Its Government in Damascus? (headline from russian reprint)

      “The U.S. military will be going in [to Raqqa] and trying to figure out who the tribal leaders are,” said an American official involved in the anti-Islamic State campaign. “The regime knows these details. They have a natural home-field advantage and have a way of slowly getting back in. We won’t be in Raqqa in 2020, but the regime will be there.”

      if the choir of screaming jews needs a conductor, i gladly volunteer my sevices.
      “Everybody now, A New Song” 🙂

      1. @ Lobro

        Looks like the jewish media is trying to provide some crosswinds. The fake chemical attacks stopped working for cruise missile launches, so (((they))) are going for the tried and true ultimate lie, limited goyim holocaust. Note that they did not claim 6-million which is specifically reserved for jewish fairy tales.

        “Syria using crematorium to cover up mass hangings, US claims”

        The jews seem to have a fetish for cremating people in their lies.

    2. I’ll believe you when Trump withdraws all the troops and tanks Obama has stationed on the Russian border, which he should have done already on the first day of his presidency.
      Besides, he should not keep on talking about “fighting terrorism”, but in stead about exposing it as false flag operations, and Mossad agent Jared Kushner should be banned from the White House. Frankly, I don’t think Trump is half as smart as Putin and I don’t think he is playing “fourth dimensional chess”. He seems to be blackmailed by the Jews and unable to be himself. His original intentions may have been genuine though.

      1. I’ll believe you when Trump withdraws all the troops and tanks Obama has stationed on the Russian border,

        when he exposes jew in 9/11, when he dismantles the federal reserve, reclaims stolen gold and multi-trillion swindles (with interest), debunks holocaust and the war lies, shuts down all synagogues, repossesses the media, judiciary and academia, outlaws judaism, prohibits jews down to the 4th generation from participation in government, medicine and finance, flushes jew out of Palestine, headlocks the Rothschilds, warburgs, rockefellers, Schiffs, Montefiores, sassoons into coughing up all their wealth, reinstates the proper valuation of art, music and other cultural expressions, beat the tomahawks into ploughshares …

        anything else Franklin?

        easy, real easy, all trump needs to do is learn the trick of snapping fingers, why not volunteer to teach him?
        i am sure you got the spare time, plus my wholehearted support.

        can we hope for a favorable report in this forum by June 15?

      2. I just wish he would “BIGGLY” learn to string his one syllable words together better than a 6th grader

        pat, you are right, strictly speaking.
        but … but i believe that
        a) he is naturally dyslexic, like us, and
        b) unlike us, he marshaled his strength toward making dough instead of mastering the art of discourse, and
        c) his cartoonish language is the way he charms the masses, and
        d) plays possum for (((those))) who underestimate him and later pay the price of their overconfidence.

      3. @Lobro

        I only mentioned the 3 most urgent things. The rest can wait. A massive concentration of troops on the borders of a foreign country may lead to a war with that country. Continuing “fighting ISIS” in Syria will lead to the destruction of that country. Keeping Mossad agent Jared Kushner in control of the White House keeps Trump in shackles. This is not “4D chess”, this is stupidity.

      4. “I’ll believe you when Trump withdraws all the troops and tanks Obama has stationed on the Russian border, which he should have done already on the first day of his presidency.”

        Exactly. He should also start negotiating with the Russians (in good faith) on a host of pressing issues including missiles and missile launchers in Europe. Let’s see some of the “diplomacy” candidate Trump promised.

        “Frankly, I don’t think Trump is half as smart as Putin and I don’t think he is playing ‘fourth dimensional chess’.”

        I agree 100%. Trump is like a tumbleweed being blown around in the wind. IMO he has no more than average intelligence, he’s childishly ignorant of the world, spoiled, completely morally incompetent, impressionable, and now that he’s apparently learnt that it takes more than sound bites and a forceful “personality” to accomplish anything, he doesn’t have a clue about what to do.

        He’s like an unsupervised child in a very expensive house, playing with matches (matches given to him by the Jews). And the fact that he has not burnt the house down yet, doesn’t mean he won’t do it tomorrow.

      5. Lobro –

        “unlike us, he marshaled his strength toward making dough..”

        ….by sucking up to and being used by Pharisee-Jew Bankers and MAFIA in NYC….

        Yes… very much “Unlike US..!!”

        “And everybody KNOWZ it..!!” 🙂

      6. @Harold Smith

        For doubts about Trump’s intelligence I refer to the Dec. 18, 2016 article in Salon : Donald Trump’s Questionable Intelligence.

        Some excerpts :

        “…Trump frequently boasts about how smart he is. Anyone who feels compelled to tell everyone how smart he is is clearly insecure about his intelligence and accomplishments. In Trump’s case, he has good reason to have doubts…”

        “…Trump has the kind of street smarts (what he calls “gut instinct”) characteristic of con artists, but his limited vocabulary, short attention span, ignorance of policy specifics, indifference to scientific evidence and admitted aversion to reading raise questions about his intellectual abilities…”

        “…Trump frequently communicates via Twitter, which is not a good venue for displaying one’s linguistic prowess, but many observers have noted that Trump has a difficult time expressing himself and speaking in complete sentences. A linguistic analysis last year by Politico found that Trump speaks at a fourth-grade level. A study by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University compared this year’s Republican and Democratic presidential candidates in terms of their vocabulary and grammar. Trump’s scored at a fifth-grade level, the lowest of all the candidates…”

      7. Franklin & al,

        I’ll believe you when Trump withdraws all the troops and tanks Obama has stationed on the Russian border, which he should have done already on the first day of his presidency.

        i am not asking you to believe me, i ask that you follow the situational rationality inherent in the disposition of pieces on the board.

        What do you think would have happened had Trump issued that order – try to think REALISTICALLY.
        Do you really think that the forces would have pulled back quietly to their home bases in Germany, Poland, Romania, netherlands … do you?
        Do you realize that due to incessant drumming of the LIE of russian influence, meddling, spying, cyber warfare, these are now established in the minds of the most goyim as (((FACTS))) and questioning this lie is heading towards criminality, just like Holo-denial or 9/11.

        Look at the current hysteria over his “divulging highly classified ISIS secrets to Lavrov”.
        It is now around the clock – high treason! even here in canadian bushes.
        never mind that it is his right and duty to share ISIS operational data with Russian partners against JEW ISIS, which is one of the reasons for screaming, that he didn’t involve Israel, mccain and jews in discussions lest they warn ISIS about impending plans.

        i mean, open your eyes, Franklin, smell the noahide reality!

        and yet you claim that he can do all of this in a course of daily duties and excoriate him for not doing so.

        does anyone ask how can lugenpresse know with certainty that trump told Lavrov about supposedly HIGHLY SENSITIVE, CLASSIFIED matters in a closed meeting? the very next day they are screeching from the treetops about it, demanding trump’s flaying, breaking at the wheel, drawing and quartering for starters.

        He can disband NATO and get rid of all the forces encircling russia but he cannot meet with the russian foreign minister without jew express approval and close presence at all talks.

      8. @ Franklin

        I also saw that article. And Chumpster has since proven it out: he’s an imbecile.

        Even if he had the intent, he has neither the mental nor moral qualifications to pose any serious opposition to the Jews and their agenda, IMO.

        If he hinders the Jew agenda at all it will probably be by “accident”; e.g., he’s such an ignorant. incompetent buffoon, I can imagine him alienating vassal states like South Korea.

      9. TURBULENCE in the White House…!! 🙂

        At a Besieged White House, Tempers Flare and Confusion Swirls

        The president’s appetite for chaos, coupled with his disregard for the self-protective conventions of the presidency, has left his staff confused and squabbling. And his own mood, according to two advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, has become sour and dark, and he has turned against most of his aides — even his son-in-law, Jared Kushner — describing them in a fury as “incompetent,” according to one of those advisers.

    3. @ Lobro

      1st a word about New Song: she is unfailingly civil, never vulgar and as such i doubt that she is a jewess, more just a deluded but sincere hyper-zio-christian. Which is okay, she is entitled to her opinion – unfortunately, the opinion is thoroughly wrong, wrong-headed and empty of reason.

      I have just got round to reading the comments and I agree with you that New Song is a really nice lady, unfailingly civil and never vulgar. On the other hand, I regret to say, Madame Butterfly is unfailingly uncivil and always vulgar when in her cups. This lady has an alcohol addiction problem and is receiving treatment for it at a private clinic in London known as the Priory. So I’ve been told.

      Though I have no right to interfere with the monitoring on this website, I would like to ask Sister Monica to delete Madame Butterfly’s vile comment and offer New Song sincere apologies.

      1. i will readily forgive Mme Butterfly if she swipes an item, eg, t-shirt or baseball cap with “Priory Rehab” logo for me.
        Not normally status conscious but this one is hard to resist.
        In return, i will take her butterflies for daily walks while the mistress is going mano-a-mano with demons of spirit.

        if unable to resist vulgar urges, i willingly offer myself in sacrifice, it takes a very knowledgeable woman to derail me emotionally (yes, it has been done and i thank her for the abject but valuable lesson).

    4. gobro :

      I know you’re a Hitler-expert and in addition I know you’re also a Savitri Devi expert. So I ask you, lobro. I have a question about Hitler in regards to Savitri Devi. WE, today, call Savitri Devi “Hitler’s Priestess”. Okay. But did Hitler himself know Savitri Devi, did Hitler even know-of Savitri Devi, did Hitler even know she existed? [ I have the impression Hitler never even heard of her. ]

      Thank you slowbro in advance for what I know is going to be a quick and speedy response to my inquiry, a gobro response that I already know will be instructive, educational, full of Facts, I’m sure, being the knowbro you are, I’m sure. 🙂

      1. no clue, TROJ.
        i never called myself a Hitler expert or a savitra devi expert.
        My expertise, if any, is in parsing truth from bullshit and i will gladly share it with you (i get to keep the truth, ok? 🙂 )
        Did they renew vows on a caribbean beach by the torchlight reflected off bronze shields of roman centuries chanting “Heil Hitler! Ave Savitra!” (nice rhyme).
        i honestly don’t know and this is the great, mysterious truth that i will share with you and nobody else, if anyone else finds out, i will hold you responsible for defiling the secret.

  10. spreading use of J-word in russia, j-creatures writhe, spit and hiss in anguish: Russian TV uses Nazi film in segment advancing Jewish world domination theory veeps Yaakov Schwartz — The Times of Israel May 10, 2017.
    So much for Putin’s “love-in” with jewry, how pissing them off is verboten in russia.

    Russia’s Channel 1 aired a segment on the Rothschild family containing classic anti-Semitic tropes and Nazi propaganda.

    The piece’s narration, captioned in English this week by the media watchdog MEMRI, paints the Rothschild family as an international cabal. Enlisting various “dog-whistles” and strategic omissions, the report asserts that the dynasty is part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

    argh, that brutal tyrant, so relieved to be living in a vibrant democracy …

    1. Thank you for your lucid, coherent, and very cogent response, lobro. It’s Inspiring to know you’re smart enough, it’s Inspiring to know you got that Spark-of-Intelligence enough, it’s Inspiring to know you’re savvy enough, to acquire your meds you be wantin’ and needin’ from de bruthas on the streets and not from the Big Pharma joos, lol.


    The Zohar tells us that when jews die outside israel they leave their coffins and squirm their ways through subterranean caverns all the way back to their land of milk and honey. AINT THIS JUST DANDY…?

  12. If the Darkmoon site were truthful, the article’s title would be: Bogus Anti-Semitism by Bogus Jews. Anti-Judaism or anti-Zionism is not valid anti-Semitism because followers of either one are not Semites. Valid anti-Semitism would be anti-Palestinians, anti-Arabs and in the case of Biblical Israelites chosen by God to be His demonstration people, anti- Israelites. The link below explains modern day Israel (Israelites) and they are NOT Jews.

    The Abrahamic Covenant

    Can we agree on the broader definition of Jew? Perhaps. Jews, regardless of race, deny Christ Jesus, 2000 years ago, as The Saviour and Son of God and Teacher of The Way of Truth Many Judahite Jews converted to Christianity 2000 years ago after Christ Jesus came. Many became followers. So, hear this, as well as your Rothschild-Hitler-programmed-brains can digest: The present-day “Jews” are not Semites; are not connected to The Biblical Israelites; and are not following The Torah; and as long as you fail to make that necessary distinction, you are incorrectly portraying them as the heirs of the Israelites, Semites, Torah followers; when they oppose Israelites.

    Now if there was any breakthrough in your Hitler-worshipping minds, you would come to the realization that Hitler practiced a lie so big, nearly the whole world was fooled by the evil deception that Jews are the Israelites. What followed is written in The Protocols.

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    As far as Lobro, he appears to be a lost cause. He insists on defending his own “Self” who admires Hitler, opposes the Israelites and judges Father in Heaven like the Devil.

    @ Ungenius: The Torah is not jewish law; nor did I say I was a judge in a past-life, but thought that I may have been and am certainly not promoting jewish law – The Talmud.

    As far as Max, one of the reasons he left was a concern over exposing his real identity. Though often vile and vulgar, Toby admitted being entertained by him. Entertainment was Max’s MO. I suggest Max behave or else suffer the consequences of an exposure.

    Under The Law of God/The Torah, there would be freedom from oppression and poverty. Under The Law/The Torah, no-one could take advantage of another and get away with it. No more queers, pedophilia, vaccinations, cruelty, oppression by man-made government.

    Wake-up and see what you are missing when it comes to what Jesus said about The Law.

    Matthew 23:2 Saying, The lawyers and the politicians sit in Moses’ Law seat:
    23:3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe of God’s Law, [that] observe and do; but do not ye after their example: for they say, and do not (and make up their own laws against God’s Orders – Deut. 4:2).
    23:4 For they bind heavy burdens (the Talmud) and grievous to be borne, and lay [them] on men’s shoulders; but they [themselves] will not lift one of their fingers to remove them.

    In other words, “You were born into bondage (slavery) in a prison that you cannot taste, or see, or touch: a prison, for your mind.”

    The people (under God the Father and Christ Jesus) must lift their fingers to remove them.

      1. The Way Home

        Jesus explained what he meant, quite clearly, to Nicodemus and it is written in the Gospel of John chapter 3.

        3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except (unless) a man be born from above, he cannot SEE the Kingdom of God.
        3:4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?
        3:5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water (human) and then is born from above as his spirit-“Being” (his REAL self which is NOT human), he can NOT enter into the Kingdom of God (Who is a Spirit-“Being”).
        3:6 That which is born of the flesh is human; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit (a spirit-“Being”) – (a human+Being).
        3:7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye MUST be born again.
        3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell from where it cometh, and where it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.
        3:9 Nicodemus answered and said unto him, How can these things be? (How can I not be human?)
        3:10 Jesus answered and said unto him, Art thou a teacher of Israel, and knowest not these things? (Matthew chapter 23:8-10).
        3:11 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.
        3:12 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you [of] heavenly (spirit) things?

    1. like i said, i use the admittedly misleading word “anti-semitism” in vernacular sense, meaning, “against-yids”.
      Otherwise, the conversation veers from urgent to trite, “and what about Sefardis, are they semites, sons of Shem and what about the interbreeding with khazars?”.
      If this level of consideration appeals to you, fine, carry on without me.
      The current application of the word is just fine, because palestinians are derided as anti-semites and even those ex-jews like Gilad atzmon – all antisemites, so the battle lines are clearly drawn and this is all i need to know.
      Meanwhile you just blabber on about how Yehovah/YAH/YHWH is the “Father in Heaven” who lovingly tells us to follow Deutoronomy, a few examples follow of this Heavenly Father’s all encompassing love:

      16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy[a] them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.

      Got your battleax ready, New Song? or do you prefer Tomahawks.

      You were a judge, you said? then this is easily understood, isn’t it.

      Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the LORD your God is giving you.

      and personal favorite … watcha gonna do if your hubby gets into a fight with some jew (real or fake, your choice)? 😀

      11 If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, 12 you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.

      As a judge, you wouldn’t have hesitated for a second …

      in short, New song, you stick with your YAH and his heaven, i am quite happy to stay outside.

  13. good question francis soyer
    but Lady New Song is ignoring me ,because I’m poor peasant ,uneducated ,ignorant ,know nothing
    dumb confused Jew , i get it ,she hate Jews ,regardless if they are pure ,kind and naive .
    she is the learned elder ,regardless of her age ,the same as the mistress .
    why i keep coming back to this blog like a magnet ,i don’t know ,maybe to learn something ,get to look at the world from non Jews perspective and eyes.
    and you quit putting brackets ,it’s ridiculous ,I’m not a lunatic ,maybe you are ,obsessed with branding people as a lunatic intel op.
    we are not one and the same as you made us to be ,we are ordinary people ,human beings ,just like you.
    enough now,I’m getting emotional ,so before i use colorful language ,i better stop
    you are not a princess but I’m definitely your King

    1. @ Max Bilney

      No idea. Maybe you need to update your computer. Or maybe you are triggering this response by the nature of your posts. All Arch Stanton’s comments are going for constant monitoring. We have no idea why. We have not placed him on monitoring and all his posts are approved as soon as we see them.

    2. @ Max Bilney

      Welcome back, darling! I once used to post on this site under the name “Maxine” in response to your posts in the old days. Then I changed my name and became “Madame Butterfly”. This was an attempt on my part to become a more serious poster and stop behaving like a comic opera troll.

      You, my dear Max, it seems to me, were a comic opera troll.

      You misused this site by refusing to treat it seriously. You trivilialized all serious discussion by reducing everything to sex. You appealed to certain posters on this site, gaining great popularity as a comedian, by your flair for locker room talk.

      If you intend to continue entertaining us with your tales of sexual prowess in the Australian Outback — among your extensive harem of sex-crazed fillies all hot for your 10-inch schlong — you won’t get very far, dear Max!

      This site has now acquired some exceptionally good posters who know, unlike yourself, the difference between serious political discussion and puerile, off-topic distractions — the type of troll entertainment you specialize in. Many suspect you are are a very clever Jewish troll, dear Max, whose primary purpose in posting on this site is to derail discussion.

      Personally, I think Admin has gotten wise to your ways and will justifiably keep you off this site if you continue to bombard it with semi-pornographic fiction. We are here to discuss FACTS, dear max! Serious political facts. There is no place on this site any longer for the type of salacious ribaldry which appears to be your stock-in-trade.

      You need to grow up and put away childish things, dear Max. We already have one licensed clown on this site: The Real 0riginal J0e (TROJ), but he is permanently in spam and only a small proportion of his posts are published. This is because Admin seems to have a soft spot for loonies.

      You too, I predict, will end up in spam if you think this site is a site for clowns and jocular trolls and Outback Casanovas.

  14. @ Max Bilney

    I am surprised at Madame Butterfly’s psychological acumen. She has summed up the case against Max Bilney in a few well-chosen words. Max is an “entertainer” first and foremost. That’s his problem.

    If Max is honest, he will admit there is no way his locker room talk would be published on respectable sites like the Occidental Observer or VT. He has abused the hospitality of the Darkmoon site by assuming it’s a crap site on which anything goes.

    I value this site, as you all know, and wish it could be a bit more respectable like the Occidental Observer — a site I really admire not only on account of its brilliant articles but also because of its clued-up commentariat. The trouble with the Darkmoon site is that it has too many clowns and trolls and entertaining time wasters on it, dragging it down and chasing away high-quality posters.

    I welcome Max Bilney back. At his best, he is brilliant. But he needs to cut out the locker room talk.

    1. Sardonicus-
      Madame Butterfly –

      Don’t take yourselves so seriously! Seeing that ol’ Max had attempted a comment brought a smile 🙂 to my thoughts. Being ‘stuffy’ about one’s commentaries is BORING. Let it go!

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Not being “stuffy” dahlin’ . . . you fail to distinguish between being “stuffy” and being discriminating. Why not tell the editors of the Occidental Observer and VT:

        “Stop being so stuffy by banning sexy locker room talk from your respectable sites! Why do you keep deleting Max Bilney’s brilliant comments describing his 10-inch dick?!?”

        See what answer you get, dear Gilbert!

        Every site has an obligation to set its standards. And if Max Bilney deliberately sets out to lower those standards by constant streams of sex-crazed locker room talk, no responsible site will put up with it.

      2. Well, Madame, your OWN petulant profanity often amuses me, too. 🙂
        I like you, and imagine you to be a cute little woman. Remember that our hosts, here, are genteel people, and their subsequent tolerance of ribald humor is simply a measure of their good manners. It adds a certain quality to this site, which others don’t have.

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