Big Brother Is Watching You (Satirical video, 2-mins)

JOHN SCOTT MONTECRISTO:  The main article of the week, which was due for publication this morning, will appear tomorrow. This is because Lasha Darkmoon, writer of the article, is unable to upload the article until her wrist has recovered. She fell off her horse yesterday, which she frequently does, and needs to rest her hand for 24 hours. Meanwhile, here is a 2-minute video which Lasha received his morning in her inbox from one of her English correspondents (‘Ann P’) who is deeply concerned at the fact that Brits no longer have any privacy but are snooped on by their government every single minute of the day. Before we run the video, however, here are a few introductory words by Lasha Darkmoon. These come from an article called Secret Surveillance, originally published in April 2014 on Veterans Today and other websites, including this one:

Imagine a world in which you are being spied on 24/7 by an all-seeing Eye. And be aware that Big Brother is watching you, not only from the US and Britain but also from Israel.

Mass surveillance is the new norm. Big Brother is watching you and listening to you always. With the help of microscopic cameras and wireless concealable microphones and precise location tracking devices, he is keeping his tabs on you twenty-four hours a day.

He is randomly searching you on trains. He is groping you at airports.  He is flagging you down in remote country locations and ordering you to open the trunk of your car so that he can inspect it for drugs, stolen children, and human heads in plastic bags. If you’re a woman, he can taser you and rape you and then put you in handcuffs for resisting arrest.

Orwell never imagined it could be quite so bad.

According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now have “the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history”.

NSA official William Binney, who resigned from the agency in protest over its systematic violation of privacy laws, has revealed that the US government has “assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens. The data that’s being assembled is about everybody. From that data, they can target anyone they want.”

Guardian correspondent Glenn Greenwald confirms this. “No human communication can be allowed to take place without the scrutinizing eye of the US government,” he tells us. “This is the animating principle of the US Surveillance State. Mass surveillance is the hallmark of a tyrannical political culture.”

Another famous whistleblower, Thomas Drake, is equally candid. “There is no constraint,” he points out grimly. “The United States is now a surveillance state. “This is the new normal.”

No digital or electronic communication you make is secure. Many of your secrets are already known to someone. Your private life is subject to the minutest and most persistent scrutiny. You may be interested to know that Snowden is so paranoid about his privacy that wherever he is—in airports, hotels, libraries—“he puts a large red hood over his head and laptop when entering his passwords to prevent any hidden cameras from detecting them.”

All your emails—past, present and future—are there for someone to read. Every day the NSA records trillions of emails and phone calls. Your calls are not only being recorded but sophisticated voice recognition devices enable some geek in a cubicle to pluck your voice out of a million other similar-sounding voices. Your online chats, your calls over Google Voice, Skype, and other voice-over-internet systems, are all on record. Every website you visit, someone knows you’ve been there and how long you’ve lingered on each item.

Did you know that the Internet giants who said to you, “Trust us, we will never betray your secrets to anyone!” have deceived you and let you down? Did you know that Google has betrayed you to Big Brother? That Microsoft has betrayed you, that Facebook and Apple have betrayed you, that AT&T and Verizon have betrayed you?

You probably heard the shocking news recently that Broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon is now offering its customers hard-core porn titles with child and incest themes. (See Verizon Defends Pimping Child Porn).

Lurid titles include “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Mom, Daughter and Me,” and “Pigtail Teens Pounded”.

Verizon’s Associate Director for Advertising, John P. Artney, defended his company’s decision to promote incest and child porn. “Consumers today have extraordinary choice,” he enthused. “The explosion in choice is a tremendous benefit to consumers.”

This is bad enough, but it gets worse.

Did you know that Israeli security and surveillance company, Verint Systems, has for years had back-door access to all the traffic passing through Verizon? This means that anyone who uses Verizon to access incest and child porn has all his porn-viewing history automatically transmitted to Israel.

Not only do the spooks in Utah (NSA) and the spooks in Cheltenham, England (GCHQ), have their tabs on internet users at all times.

Big Brother is also watching you from Tel Aviv.

VIDEO : 2 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Get well soon Lasha! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks Ann P. One simple answer to the problem of surveillance is don’t make it easy for them. Use cash, write letters (less e-mail) avoid facebook, twitter, use Startpage, Yandex, create a random, less predictable persona. Especially use cash, and try hard not to borrow.

    1. Winston –

      I have harped FOR YEARS about using ca$h to avoid surveillance. (I even go to the county treasurer’s office to pay gov’t bills, like property taxes.) (Once, I rolled a wheelbarrow into a county office to pay property taxes of over $3,000 – in nickels, dimes, and quarters – in protest of a tax increase.)(It caused the clerks to have to stay late to count it!)
      The only thing I use a card for is at gas pumps when I stop on highway travel, so I don’t have to go inside and “pay first”).
      For a cell phone, I use a non-registered number, and pay ca$h, too. My Internet devices are in ‘other names’, as well. I believe the allure to cyber banking and currencies is a trap to snare EVERYONE.

      1. Of course, there are unavoidable uses of credit or debit cards, such as airline tickets and hotels and car rentals, but those can be controlled, too. 🙂

      2. Absolutely Gilbert, “Everyone” is the word. Great suggestions. You’re the best!

  2. “The United States is now a surveillance state. “This is the new normal.”

    “New normal” indicates…. that resistance to surveillance will become an act of terrorism.

  3. I still think its hilarious that Big Brother is so focused on Spying on us low level Americans, so focused on watching each and every low level American, so focused on knowing our every move and moves, Big Brother was TOTALLY BLIND TO THE BIG GIANT BEAR HEADING TO SYRIA. It’s a Hoot!

  4. I hope lasha isn’t riding side saddle like the English ladies of yore!

    I’m sure she isn’t, but I like the nostalgic thought of it

    @Gilbert H.

    Ky Derby today, Gil. I like a horse named Practical Joke. His jockey is the greatest stretch rider in the game, real strong hands, and I expect him to be flyin down it on a muddy track. And you know me, never one to avoid goin out on a limb. Which means the joke will be on me if he finishes up the muddy track!

    1. Brownhawk,

      I decided not to go to the Virginia Gold Cup today, due to the heavy rains (but that doesn’t stop the races!). I usually watch the Derby from there, at the summer house – and drink too much likker. :). Always a good gathering. Bob Baffert doesn’t have a horse in the Derby this year, so I have no good ear to the training gossip, as my daughter is not involved this year, either.
      I doubt Lasha rides sidesaddle, because it is a pain, and those saddles are very expensive and hard to come by, these days. Nobody keeps them, anymore, although I have two old dried-out ladies side saddles in the attic of mom’s old home place, which haven’t been oiled or used for many years. I’d bet Lasha is a very able rider, too! (Everyone gets pitched, sometimes.)

      1. Gil

        Baffert may not have a Derby horse this year, but he won the Ky Oaks yesterday. The man has a magic touch with horses

  5. Spying over someone automatically means that he/she is considered as an enemy or at least suspected of enmity. This unfair assumption from our Government gives us the right to consider it as our enemy, a powerful, bullying enemy since we haven’t the arsenal it has.
    Spying over “subversive groups” or particular individuals with criminal record may be justified to protect the society, but the fact is: the Government is spying over the society to protect itself.
    The function of the Government is no longer to protect the society but to protect itself from it. We can only guess the reason: the Government is hiding lots of things so detrimental to us that if we came to know about them we’d have no other choice than revolt. The massive surveillance is meant to prevent it.

    1. Sean –

      “This unfair assumption from our Government gives us the right to consider it as our enemy, a powerful, bullying enemy since we haven’t the arsenal it has.”

      The American people have been considered the enemy of the US Government for many decades.

      Pub.L. 73−1, 48 Stat. 1, H.R. 1491, enacted March 9, 1933. (FD Roosevelt)

      This Act in 1933 amended the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917:

      Section 1.
      The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March 4, 1933, pursuant to the authority conferred by subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, are hereby approved and confirmed.


      Here is “subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917.”
      Pub.L. 65−91, 40 Stat. 411, H.R. 4960, enacted October 6, 1917.
      From Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA):
      (b) That the President may investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions in foreign exchange, export or earmarkings of gold or silver coin or bullion – * OR CURRENCY – , transfers of credit in ANY FORM (other than credits relating solely to transactions to be executed wholly within the United States), and transfers of evidences of indebtedness or of the ownership of property between the United States and any foreign country, whether enemy, ALLY of ENEMY or OTHERWISE, or between residents of one or more foreign countries, by ANY person within the United States; and he may require any such person engaged in any such transaction to furnish, under oath, complete information relative thereto, including the production of any books of account, contracts, letters or other papers, in connection therewith in the custody or control of such person, either BEFORE or AFTER such transaction is completed.

      And some claim ‘currency’ and money’ are not that important…. Even though they have been made “the enemy” by the US Government because of the fiat currency.

      The National Emergency permanently placed in 1933 was modified somewhat in 1976 as a result of this report in 1973:

      -Senate Report 93-549-
      War and Emergency Powers Acts

      NOVEMBER 19, 1973
      WASHINGTON : 1973
      24-509 O

      Martial Law Proper – IS – being exercised in the US.

    2. @ Sean

      Good post.

      Yes, government is spying to protect itself from those governed. Governments do not want anyone challenging their sometimes centuries old propaganda that justifies their existence. Most of mass surveillance is never used. But, let someone try to upset the apple cart of control and all of a sudden everything that they have ever done that is not holy is revealed. As an example, when the short video surfaced where Trump made the statement of “grabbing pussies,” not many questioned why anyone would save it and remember where they saved it to be used 20 years later against Trump during the campaign. The establish government power saves it all, just in case.

      Speaking of Trump, it’s my opinion that Trump was actually planning on correcting a lot of wrongs when he was elected. Trump did things in the first two or three weeks that indicated that he was sincere and then, things started changing. Everyone has done things that they are not proud of including Trump. Rest assured that the CIA assembled everything unholy that Trump had ever done and explained the rules of the game to him. Trump caved in and started flip flopping rather than owning up to his sins and telling the establishment to go to hell. Had Trump owned up to his sins and exposed the threat to himself, the people would have rallied around him. He did not do the honorable thing, so he became just another lapdog for the establishment jewish government. The establish threat was neutralized.

      Mass surveillance of the jewish controlled west has been going on for a long time. Project Echelon started in 1948 where the “five eyes,” USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, joined together to surveil each other and as much of the rest of the world as they could. The “five eyes” did not have to worry about the USSR since they were on the same jewish team. Parts of Project Echelon may still be around, but the internet allows almost complete surveillance without it.

      1. UNGENIUS,
        Thanks. I heard that even low-level executives contracted the disease; they spy and compile files on one another for subsequent potential “need-to-use”.

  6. “And if my thought-dreams could been seen
    They’d probably put my head in a guillotine
    But it’s alright, Ma, it’s life, and life only.”

  7. Lasha,
    Any horse may stumble and any horsewoman may be distracted.
    Prompt recovery.

  8. We can watch “Biggly” Brother also…. as he visits Netanyahu and kisses the pope’s ring..!!

    Trump to visit Israel, Vatican and Saudi Arabia in first foreign trip as president

    President will also attend Nato meeting in Brussels and Group of Seven summit in Sicily later this month, according to administration official.

    Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as US president will include Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia, a senior administration official said on Thursday.

    It was known that Trump would also attend a NATO meeting in Brussels on 25 May and the Group of Seven summit in Sicily on 26 May.

      1. Sean –

        Many faces.

        I’ll not deny that this furthers and strengthens Chabad Lubavitch Pharisee-Jews’ abilities to spread:

        “Federal law protects the freedom of Americans and their organizations to exercise religion and participate fully in civic life without undue interference by the Federal Government. The executive branch will honor and enforce those protections.”

  9. Wish I had a pony, wish I had a dime, I’d put it in the pony and I’d ride it all the time . . . I never had a problem – until I discovered horses run sideways.

    Here is an interesting perspective about leaders with nothing to lose:

    There have never been so many childless politicians leading Europe as today. They are modern, open minded and multicultural and they know that “everything finishes with them”. In the short term, being childless is a relief since it means no spending for families, no sacrifices and that no one complains about the future consequences. As in a research report financed by the European Union: “No kids, no problem!”.

    Being a mother or a father, however, means that you have a very real stake in the future of the country you lead. Europe’s most important leaders leave no children behind.

    Europe’s most important leaders are all childless: British PM Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron. The list continues with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

    More Here

  10. I love this website but do yearn for solutions.

    Here is some of the solution to surveillance:

    ## Avoid quasi government agency corporations pipe-lining your data to Big Brother.
    – Google
    — Phones: Use an independent android system such as or LineageOS Do not install any Google products. Download android apps using Raccoon (much more convenient and effective that Google Play) . Use Edward Snowden recommended Signal app for communications (SMS/Voice)
    — Use alternative web search engines such as, duckduckgo, yacy
    — Use alternative methods for web based advertising
    – Microsoft
    — Use Linux. This choice has been made by Russian, Chinese and other governments that are not vassals of the US. How to (7 steps) :

    ## Use tor browser

    ## Avoid social media.
    These corporations steal all and you stupidly agree to it when signing up.
    — Visit or call your friends/associates instead.

    ## Avoid Big Brother country travel destinations.
    — UK. US. Australia

    I’ll stop there. The above is not geek level. All steps are simple ACTIONS directed at Big Brother.

    The TRIBE
    The history and activities of the tribe are comprehensively documented on this site. What is the solution? I would like to know what you think of,?
    It is a proposed Reformation 2.0 attacking usury.

    1. The biggest boon to one’s security is to not be a “person of note.” This is exactly why Jews constantly incite violent acts among the goyim. Such acts legally justify the murder and imprisonment of their enemies. With Jews, establishing the legal superiority for their position means everything.

      If people understood the true nature of man’s (Jewish) laws and the legal BS that burdens their lives, they would become outlaws. Were this to happen, the Jews world of legal restraint upon the goyim would quickly end.

      However, security concerns should not stop one from pursuing activities that inform others with the truth, especially the sacred Hallowedhoax, the lynch pin on which all other lies are based.

      This of course only applies if one lives in a country where Jews have not made one legally liable for doing so. If enough people reveal the truth, it will be tantamount to the “death of a thousand cuts” to the beast that rules.

      Of this you can be certain, Jews WILL NOT STOP. They will keep chipping away at all rights and freedoms until we are quite literally enslaved to their system against our will, at which point they will begin the wholesale slaughter or “genocide” of the entire white race, after which they will eliminate their minority tools of destruction whom they secretly hate with as much passion as they do whites.

      From the earliest Biblical days, this scenario has played out repeatedly, most notably of late, in Russia’s Soviet Union. Such examples prove beyond all reasonable doubt that this is the Jew’s ultimate plan. Therefore, at some point one will have to make the decision to stand and fight to the death or accede to the Jews sadistic rule. But know this: Either way YOU ARE DEAD. It will simply be a matter of a quick death of rebellion or a slow death by Jewish torture, either way THE JEWS ARE GOING TO KILL YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES AND DESTROY ALL TRACES OF YOUR EXISTENCE.

      As with the snake or scorpion, it’s the nature of the beast, its what they do – best. If you have doubts, just ask any Palestinian what Jews have in store for the hated goyim. Not only are Palestinians being slaughtered wholesale, the Jews are excising the very name of their people from the planet.


      About Those Palestinians

      This is what the Jews have said about Palestinians:

      There were no such thing as Palestinians. When was there an independent Palestinian people with a Palestinian state? It was either southern Syria before the First World War, and then it was a Palestine including Jordan. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist. – Golda Meir as quoted buy the Sunday Times (15 June 1969), also in The Washington Post (16 June 1969)

      So being a Jewess moving her lips, we might expect this to be an outrageous lie by Golda; but is it? According to the word of brother Don, technically no.

      The Dirty Little Secret: Palestinians Don’t Exist!

      Posted by Don Boys on October 8, 2012

      There is no such group as the Palestinian people. They have never existed, do not exist now, and will not exist in the future. They are the only people in all history that came into existence in a single day! This was admitted by Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist: “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?” He added that he did not mind Jordanian rule.

      He and his compatriots were Jordanians “until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians.” Shoebat was saying that when the Jews re-took their “historic” and “biblical” homeland, the myth of an Arab Palestinian nation was created out of thin air and promoted worldwide. The gullible media, too lazy to do the research, still spouts the PLO line about the “Palestinian people.

      It is political humbug. Those people who are identified as “Palestinians” are simply refugees from Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. However, there are millions of these people who were born in refugee camps and have been taught they are “Palestinians.” But they are not. In 1948 and the1950s, displaced Arabs lived in abject squalor in refugee camps (supposed to be temporary) under the custodial care of the United Nations.

      Muslim leaders did not care about them until it became politically expedient to do so. There are no Palestinian people, or history, or culture, or coinage, or language, or uncovered artifacts. Palestinians don’t exist and never have. Muslims and media that promote “Palestinians” are repeating a falsehood and resisting the facts.

      More here

      This is from a raging fundamentalist, JudoChristian” blog spreading anti-Muslim hate, which is what all good, Jew-loving Christians do. (Judo martial art redirects an opponent’s energy against himself. That’s why it is actually “JudoChristianity”) Dr. Don tellingly writes:

      And now for the Jesus “boiler plate.”

      It must be emphasized that God loves Arabs as much as He does Jews; however, Jews have a special place in His plan. His plan was to redeem man through the sacrificial death and resurrection of His Son. Those “Palestinian” leaders who spout hatred for every non-Muslim are loved by God even if men have trouble loving them.

      In other words: “It’s ok that we hate Muslims and want them all dead, because our god Jesus still loves them.”

      Ok I’m good with the idea there are no such people as the Palestinians because the name was artificially created to identify a non-existent people. However this idea begs the question: Who then named the land “Palestine” and called the people the “Palestinians?” Let’s find out shall we?

      The Roman Emperor Hadrian was understandably (from his totalitarian view) displeased with the rebellious Jews and wanted to erase the name of Israel and Judah from history and the face of the Earth. He decided to ridicule them by renaming the land of Israel, “Syria Palaestina” identifying them with their hated enemy, the Philistines. Whatever Rome called the land, the Jews were still Jews.

      It is from the term “Philistines” that the name “Palestinians” has been taken. Emperor Hadrian knew that Philistines were ancient enemies of the Jews and therefore the emperor showed his hatred and spite by giving Israel a new obnoxious name. Philistines were not Arabs (and were in fact, invaders from Crete) and there is no mention of Palestine until the first century. Palestinians are not mentioned in the Bible or Koran because they did not exist until after 1967.

      What a surprise! This is actually a matter of hateful, spiteful, “anti-Semitism!” (Anyone Jews hate). It was “hate” that drove Hadrian to name the area “Syria Palaestina,” and nothing more. It’s that “Hitler” thing you understand.

      So who wrote the Bible that named these people “Philistines?” Not the Jew’s “god,” YHVH, not Hadrian, nor Hitler but Jewish priests “divining” the “word of god.” Therefore it was Jews who in truth applied the name “Philistines” to these people!

      Once again we see the Jew’s outrageous chutzpah in creating and applying their name to a people and then later righteously claiming they don’t exist and they usually don’t after the YHVH finishes with them.

      Wait a minute, on one hand Palestine was noted historically as early as the first century, yet Palestinians did not exist until 1967? That means that (1) The land of Palestine did exist, but the people did not. Either there were no people in the land called Palestine, or (2) The people in the land called “Palestine” were not Palestinians. So what were they called, Amalekites perhaps? Only the mentally deranged Jewish or Ziochristian mind could successfully balance such diametrically opposed, insane ideas.

      Jews – One can only wish not believing in them would make (((them))) disappear.

      1. Arch –

        “Of this you can be certain, Jews WILL NOT STOP. They will keep chipping away at all rights and freedoms until we are quite literally enslaved to their system against our will.”

        That EXACTLY describes the CHABAD LUBAVITCH movement…. and the purpose of EDUCATION DAY PROCLAMATIONS by every US President since 1978..!!

        The ‘REBBE” gave them their “marching orders” in the 1970s. US Presidents obeyed.

        The Rebbe: Marching Orders

        “The Rebbe didn’t leave a legacy; he left marching orders”


        Investing in Judaism at Berkshire Hathaway Conference

        Torah study, prayer and kosher food for Warren Buffett shareholders.

        Jews from around the world will gather for learning….. (EDUCATION DAY PROCLAMATIONS)


        Chabad Streamed ‘Farbrengens’ on the Rebbe

        A FARBRENGEN, is an informal Chassidic gathering where Torah thoughts, soul-stirring melodies and words of inspiration are shared over light refreshments.

        These farbrengens are taking place from Wyoming to Wisconsin and from Brooklyn to Beijing.

        Thousands are expected to participate in a series of three online streamed farbrengens sponsored by Jewish.TV,’s MULTIMEDIA portal.

  11. The surveillance is nothing new. 14 years ago I visited a “Hezbollah” website out out of curiosidad. I lived in the mountains of North Carolina. 3 days later a FBI guy in a trench coat (noone wears trench coats in Western North Carolina ) showed up at my place of work in the middle of the night and started asking me questions. I told him to go away and he did. I know personally that none of your Internet actividades are secure.

  12. Donaldo Colina
    Listen bitch ,don’t start making up lies , you piece of shit.
    your story is coming straight out of your stinky asshole
    who do you think you are bitch ,the jackal.

    1. How do you manage to use all that potty language and get away with it, ((( nomad rebel)))? I use one little potty word, even a very mild potty word, I get BANNED. What’s your secret? I would like to know so I, too, can get away with using alot potty words, and colourful impactful ones, TOO, not just namby-pamby mild wimpy potty words. My range of expression with potty words is being quashed. I’m greatly limited in being able to Express Myself. My Inner Child is being stifled. I got no elbow room when it comes to using a wide range of potty words. I’m happy you found a way to use alot of colourful impactful words from the potty language vocabulary without getting lassoed and corraled for it.

      1. @ TROJ

        The difference between you and ‘Nomad Rebel’ is brevity. Nomad Rebel is brief and to the point. You find brevity impossible. 🙂

  13. I know why, the mistress fall off that poor horse
    the poor horse could not handle the intense heat ,the woman , simply said, is sizzling hot.
    i feel sorry for the poor horse

    1. Gee, if I put “((( )))” on both sides of “TROJ” can I use all the colourful impactful potty langauge I want and get away with it? Will you treat me special also? Or, only jews you treat special and give (((them))) all kinds of Rights us NON-joos don’t have? Your buddy-buddy Arch Stanton finds brevity impossible also, go get on his case about it. Or, is your buddy-buddy Arch a joo also, so he has all kinds of Special Rights and Privileges us NON-joos don’t have?

  14. Lasha, speaking of thoughts, here’s to a speedy recovery for your hand! Ouch! I recently injured my hand too.
    I recommend for expeditious recovery, castor oil packs, just like Cayce said. Warm oil soaked lightly wrung flannel works beautifully.
    Palma de Christi of the plant world, indeed..

    1. @ hp

      And how, pray tell, did you injure your hand, HP? Fall off your camel? Wrestling alligators? Got attacked by a pit bull? Got stung by a viper snake? Got jumped by racoons while you were taking a stroll thru the woods? You were doing a carpentry project, you swung the hammer, missed the nail, and banged your hand? You injured your hand how? Did your dog bite you? lol….

      1. Joe, thanks for asking.
        No I did not ever ride or eat a camel.
        No I did not ever wrestle an alligator, but I did eat a few.
        Yes I have been attacked by a pit bull and it’s really gonna hurt!
        I admit I did think about eating him, but instead held him down while my German shepherd ate him (aka) canine poetic justice.
        No I never got stung by a viper snake but, yep, they’re good with moutarde!
        Oh, and I did once catch a coral snake. (I didn’t eat him though)
        No I never got jumped by a raccoon, but there sure was a time or two when I thought I was gonna be! Pitbull redux times six! Oh, and I did eat one, once.
        And again, thanks for reminding me about the hammer on the hand trick!
        My dog bite me?! LOL! The meaner I am to him the more he likes me! (;>)

        What happened was the irresistible force met the immovable object, and they both won..

    2. @ Lasha
      @ HP

      Frankincense Oil works wonders on strains and pain. Just rub it on as often as you like. It has a pleasant smell. Good enough for Jesus, good enough for everyone.

      HP, thanks for the laugh with your reply to TROJ.

  15. Big Brother is watching French elections… and WILL (S)elect the winner.

    Result of today’s election will determine France’s fate, and whether or not the country stays in the European Union.

    Marine Le Pen, the far right, Trump-like candidate, has promised to leave the EU if she wins today.

    So the election will affect the entire continent of Europe… and the entire world.

    France ditching the euro could lead to an outright global currency war.

    More chaos = more control..!! 🙂

    1. Pat, lately my chaos is mainly trying to beat the competition to the morels!
      Mission accomplished, sorta!

      1. Pat, all good stuff, but they left out the part about the competition.
        Damn fierce competition in them there woods and creeks, etc.!
        Pat, not to mention .. growing up along the Ouachita you probably know more about ticks than just about anyone here! (lol)

      2. Glad to read your morel discussion! 🙂
        I’ve had difficulty finding them the past couple of years. I have to be in the woods awhile before I spot the first one – then others appear more easily. My best finds have been in an old apple orchard grove, but eastern exposure poplar ridges are likely places, too. I always tote them in a cheese-cloth bag, in order to spread the spores around wherever I carry them (maybe it works/maybe it doesn’t).

      3. hp, Pat, et al

        It appears that ticks and other nasty insects will be especially fierce this year. My conspiratorial mind is envisioning particularly virulent crops of them being engineered in labs around N. America, similar to these intense weather events occurring around the country – more methods of weaponization going on than you can shake a stick at

        Being forewarned is forearmed!

      4. Gilbert, last year I found a real beauty in town, growing behind a bench in a little park tucked off to the side of the street. Yes, the small town and semi-urban backyards where the old apple trees are scattered is very good hunting without having to ‘gear up’ too much and take the fun out of it.
        A work bicycle is a wonderful thing..

        BH, yes it is tick city already! One of the few uber-nasty bloodsuckers whose populations haven’t fallen off a cliff, like some flies, spiders and beetles have..

  16. Nomad Rebel,
    Perhaps you should stop posting. Some of us,are intelectual. Lobro has a great mind. We post to exchange experiencias and ideas. What I said happened is true. End of story. Why my experiencia of 14 years ago should trigger such an intelectually irresponsable response is puzzling. I give credit to the administración for even allowing you to regurgitate your nonsense. Freedom of speech I suppose. I do apologize for interrupting your favorito episode of The Simpsons or South Park as you stuff your face with kosher pickles. Take care amigo.

  17. Inaudible Frequencies Hidden in TV Ads Trigger Smartphones to Spy on Their Owners

    German researchers from the Braunschweig University of Technology report that inaudible ‘ultrasonic’ signals embedded in TV ads can activate smartphones to listen to background sounds and collect information on personal activities, program preferences, and political affiliation.

    There’s been a huge growth in Android apps using software that’s designed to search for inaudible “ultrasonic” signals, and these signals can contain code which orders apps to begin tracking people’s location, what they’re watching on television and even collect personal information such as political affiliation and pornography habits, the researchers warn.

    The software, called Silverpush, is designed to listen to “audio beacons” which humans can’t hear, and has allegedly been used by corporations such as McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme.

    Apps that use this software can “precisely link the watching of even sensitive content such as adult movies or political documentations to a single individual – even at varying locations,” the researchers said. “Advertisers can deduce what and how long an individual is watching and obtain a detailed user profile to deliver highly customized advertisements.”

    “The monitoring functionality is already deployed in mobile applications and might become a serious privacy threat in the near future,” the researchers added.

    The researchers from Braunschweig University of Technology visited dozens of stores in two unnamed European cities and found four stores broadcasting these beacons.

  18. Donaldo Colina
    Listen Amigo donaldo , did i hurt your feelings ?
    quit writing lies .you are an intellectual ! ,are you insane ?
    I post here , when i feel like it ,I’m very moody individual ,even though most of my comments get ignored and never get published.
    I guess the people who run this Zionist blog are moody too.

    1. Nomad Rebel,
      I live in México . Calling a man a “bitch” or “piece of shit” is a death sentence. You are obviamente a Jew. I dont care about your life or survival. I also dont give lecturas for free. You are out of your league. You live in New York or Tel Aviv? Not my problema . Go home and suck your mothers tit.

  19. @ Donaldo Colina
    May 13, 2017 at 3:56 am .
    listen dumb asshole bitch , you retard motherfucker know nothing donkey bitch ,fuck you

    1. Sigh……yawn….broken English…..referencia to donkeys…..vulgaridad….a Jew thing….sigh….yawn…..same old story…..

    2. @[[[NOMAD REBEL]]]… are crude and rude….I do not call any people the name of body parts…

  20. The NSA,CIA,FBI,mossad,GCHQ,MI5,MI6 and many other zionists spies do not like you lot on here…LOL….good luck to LD…..please, even you lot here….will know that the only victims ever,ever,ever, since the Dawn of Time are the global,wandering….”you know who”….New World Order…”they” did JFK,USS Liberty and 9/11….”they” also do Genocide in Palestine Stolen,Walled In and “they” want a lot,lot,lot more then the Golan Heights of Syria…….not to worry….World War III will be very beautiful and bright…..roll on death.

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