Bitter Harvest: A Brilliant Film on the Ukrainian Holodomor

By Bryan Christopher Sawyer
The Occidental Observer, 24 Oct 2017

With an endnote by LD

“This particular film was extremely important to me, and it felt almost like a mission. I wanted to bring knowledge about the famine genocide, the Holodomor, to the Western world, and that’s why I did it.”
        Ian Ihnatowycz, Bitter Harvest Producer

Bitter Harvest (2017) is a film inspired by the love and rediscovery of the writer Richard Bachynsky Hoover’s ethnic heritage. On a trip to the homeland of his Slavic ancestors he began to ruminate on how to capture the story of the Holodomor on film. With small acting parts in a variety of television series Bachynsky Hoover was learning the ropes of the film and entertainment industry. He went again to Kiev, investigating his family history.

It was 2004 and the Orange Revolution was in full swing — he saw first hand a Ukraine in the midst of upheaval. He learned that Western audiences had never seen the Holodomor dramatized on film — a dramatically different situation compared to that other genocide that has become a touchstone of Western Civilization and both a sword and a shield for Jewish and Israeli interests through endless promotion in the media.

In 2008 he would return with a script, seeking financing for an English language period piece set during the Holodomor. He met with officials from the Ukrainian Government as well as various oligarchs. All of them turned him down. It was not until 2011 that the dream to make his movie finally caught a glimmer of hope when fellow Ukrainian Canadian investor Ian Ihnatowycz committed $21 million to the film.

British actors Max Irons and Samantha Barks star as Yuri and Natalka, two childhood sweethearts from the same village. They marry young and soon their lives are thrown into the whirlwind of revolution and resistance that comes with annexation of the Ukraine by the Soviet Union and eventual famine by way of grain confiscation. Barry Pepper and Terence Stamp are crucial to the supporting cast as Yuri’s family. Pepper sports the classic Cossack khokol (also called oseledets in the Ukraine) haircut — a long lock of hair on the top or front of an otherwise completely shaven head. Tamer Hassan, an English actor of Turkish Cypriot descent, takes the role of the real life villain Sergei, a Soviet officer who enforced Stalin’s will with relentless brutality. Hassan is the only non-White cast member, and may in fact be the only non-White member of the film crew. With the exception of a few stunts the entirety of the film was shot in Ukraine with Ukrainian extras and crew — some of whom took part in the Euromaidan protests during their off hours while shooting from late 2013 to early 2014. In several interviews and promotional appearances for the film much of the cast — but most significantly Max Irons — expressed a slight sense of shame over their prior ignorance of the Holodomor and the need to raise awareness of this historical tragedy.

“You’ve got to look back hundreds of years from Catherine the Great, attempts have been made through Russification to dilute and separate the Ukrainian national identity. Despite all that and being stuck between a rock and a hard place — Europe and the former Soviet Union . . . despite that, the national identity is still intact. The energy to rise up out of those dire circumstances it so overwhelming.” Says Irons, of his impression of the Ukrainian people.

The film opens with a sweeping shot of golden fields of grain. Ukraine was the breadbasket of Europe and Director George Mendeluk (a German-born Canadian citizen of Ukrainian descent) showcases the beauty of its countryside. It was at the dawn of the days of Lenin when Yuri fell in love with his childhood sweetheart.

Natalka was the girl he would grow up to marry, he told himself. In the first decade of their life they spent hours walking through the woods holding hands along the way to the river at the edge of their village. The agrarian life, warrior valor and the Orthodox faith defined the world view of their people. They loved the land, as the land was life. The rich and simple soul of the Ukrainian people could be seen when they worked their land, in their dances and at their dinners. It could be heard in their songs and felt when the wind sent a wave through bright fields of golden grain and acres of blooming sunflowers. We see a living land of beauty and tradition during a time of relative peace.

The serenity is first disrupted when a mounted Cossack (Terence Stamp) brings word of the success of the Bolshevik Revolution. The death of the Tsar brought freedom to their people, soon to be crushed by the Soviets. The film moves forward twenty years. Yuri leans against a tree as he finishes another sketch of a beautiful Slavic woman. Mykola, a poet — snatches the sketch away and chides his friend with revolutionary rhetoric, evangelizing on behalf of the government for his friend to give up his selfish desires. Ukraine is having its own cultural revolution and Mykola along with their musician friend Lubko try to convince Yuri to leave with them and join the artists flocking to Kiev. It was the 1920s and the Ukrainian Renaissance was hitting its peak. Painters, poets and musicians were turning their backs on Russian influences in the arts.

Yuri’s friends tell him to woo his childhood sweetheart. She plays hard to get but with persistence he gets her to pose for a portrait in the forest where they used to play. Natalka’s parents were unmarried when she was born and she carries the stigma of a bastard at a time when that mattered. Yuri doesn’t care. He’s in love. “We can face it together.” He promises her, disregarding any ostracism that could come from their coupling. He reassures her by encouraging her to ask the gods at a festival that evening.

The unmarried young women of the village gather at the riverbank to float candlelit wreaths of flowers down the river and ask about their fortunes. Though never explained in the film, this festival is Ivan Kupala Day, taking place at the end of the first week of July — just after the summer solstice. The women try to divine their future (usually marriage prospects) by reading the pattern of the flower leaves on the river. The men dance and jump over the flames of bonfires to show bravery and faith. Although now dedicated to John the Baptist, the Ukrainians have been celebrating the solstice in this way long before they came in contact with the Orthodox Church. Natalka floats her wreath onto the water, asking if she’ll ever marry. The wreath drifts toward the mist hanging low on the river and sinks, extinguishing the flame. She fears that any love she and Yuri may have would be cursed by tragedy. Yuri is unrelenting and Natalka cannot resist. As the village drinks and dances into the night Yuri and Natalka make love.

Lenin dies. As Comrade Stalin seizes the reigns of the Soviet system he forms plans for the extreme collectivization of Ukrainian farmland. Soldiers from the Red Army trot in on requisitioned horses led by Sergei. Tamer Hassan gives one of the best performances of his life as Soviet officer Sergei. To say he suffered for the role is to put it mildly –—his horse stamped his foot when he absent-mindedly walked behind it, leaving what appeared in the X-ray to be a horseshoe shaped break. Ever the professional he had it wrapped and forced it back into his boot. They would later have to cut the boot off to remove it, due to swelling.

In his own research he found that his character — one of Stalin’s right hand enforcers — is a classic study in how to create a monster. He witnessed his mother executed in a church. He was raped by the priests and later became a ward of the state. Raised to be heartless, unforgiving and despising God in all representations, Sergei is the specter haunting Yuri’s homeland and village — a classic case of someone who rejects his culture because of ill treatment in his personal life. He demands the icon from the local church, knowing it would be the artifact most prized by the villagers. Sergei is a tyrant in service of an empire, who has never known love. In his final confrontation with the local priest the good Father peers into his soul. “Hell is the inability to love.” The last words of a man made brave through faith. Sergei executes him with a look of sheer contempt.

As local farm owners are evicted under threat of execution for the newly created crime of being a “kulak,” the Cossack blood stirs in the populace and sporadic cases of rebellion begin. After a brutal exchange with Soviet officers deep in the nearby wood leaves Sergei scarred, Yuri’s father hanged and his grandfather shot – though miraculously still alive,  the grim reality that they are now an occupied territory is all too apparent. Yuri and Natalka marry. Sergei and his men trample Natalka’s mother as they gallop down the dirt road, leaving her bedridden. With his friends leaving for Kiev, Yuri’s grandfather castigates them for being cowards. He resisted Lenin and the Tsar before him. Where in this new age of progress and machines were the warriors of God his people had always strived to be? “He’s not like me,” the patriarch tells Yuri’s mother. “And he’s nothing like his father!” These words, spoken in anger, cut Yuri to the bone.

Stalin swears not to make the “mistakes” of his predecessor. He demands state confiscation of 90% of the grain, scoffing at the apparatchiks who insist this will cause catastrophic deaths in the region. “Who on earth will know?” he replies with a cruel smirk. He sets his tea on an American newspaper. The headline reads “Food shortages, but Ukraine not starving. All large cities have food. Foreign observers don’t predict a disaster.”

As Michelle MalkinAnn CoulterPat Buchanan and other writers syndicated on have sought to remind us, the refusal to report on the massive deaths by starvation was all too prevalent by journalists fawning over the communist super-state. Chief among Stalin’s henchman-in-print was Walter Duranty, who authored no less than 13 articles covering up the genocide in the USSR’s vassal state, winning Duranty a Pulitzer Prize for his efforts. The New York Times, for their part, admits the deception. Though they claim they do not have the prize in their possession, other Times writers have discredited Duranty. The Pulitzer Board? Demonstrating a monstrous lack of journalistic integrity, they refuse to revoke the 1932 award, claiming it is not a clear case of deception, making them just as politically biased as the Nobel Peace Prize and the MacArthur genius awards.

With the inability to prosper and famine beginning to creep across their country, Yuri joins his friends in Kiev. Mykola, the poet, welcomes him with open arms. Mykola is yet another character based on real life literary figure Mykola Khvylovy. The 1920s was the birth of the Ukrainian Renaissance, ended abruptly by the Holodomor. During Ukraine’s cultural flowering Mykola advocated that Ukrainians look to Western Europe for inspiration to free themselves from Russian social influence. Initially inspired by the ideals of communism, Mykola was a true believer who thought that Marxism and Soviet reforms would bring greater prosperity to his people, only to become disillusioned as he learned that all Socialist States of the Union existed only to serve the interests of Moscow and chiefly, the whims of Stalin and his henchmen. In protest of the mass arrest of his fellow artisans and literati, he committed suicide in his Kiev apartment with his friends present. However, this is not a spoiler. The film takes artistic license and weaves his death into the development of the plot and its main characters. His unpublished works were confiscated by the authorities after his death.

The portrait of Yuri’s trip to the city and experience as a factory worker in Kiev leaves little to be desired. As loyal party members dine by the fireplace that once warmed Grand Duchess Anastasia, emaciated Ukrainians rot in the alleyways of Kiev. Often repeated is the party line: “There is no famine. Only a food shortage. There is no starving. Only widespread malnutrition.”

Yet still the people were not broken. Many throughout the countryside were rising up. Grain quotas rise. The locals resort to banditry for the sake of self-preservation. Natalka’s mother passes away. With the end of one life comes the blossoming of another. Her letter tells her husband that there love endures. She’s going to have his child. Eventually he applies and is accepted to art school where he learns of Western artists. An eccentric professor encourages him to explore his subconscious. His ideas seem truly revolutionary to the aspiring and talented young artist. Tearing away the curtain to the studio he commands that “as an artist you must find the truth. With light.”

This aphorism, made heavy by the events unfolding around them is another example of scriptwriter Richard Bachynsky Hoover’s talents. Much of the dialogue in the movie is deep and rich, although viewers may not realize to what degree until they watch it again.

Therein lies more of the superb cultural value of this film. As a romantic drama replete with such free flowing metaphor and aphorism, most viewers will not only want to own a copy, but will re-watch it several times. Given the emphasis on the enduring love between Natalka and Yuri amid the despair of a genocide, romantics of both sexes will have a very positive response to this movie.

With Yuri’s professor exiled to Siberia, he is forced to leave the university. His work is considered too reactionary. He learns of the death of his friend Mykola,. At the wake, the band begins to play. The dancing starts. Not more than a minute into the song the Soviet commanding officer sitting at a corner table springs to his feet and throws the dancer across the floor. He curses the folk music and demands a Soviet song in praise of Stalin. They began to kick and punch the musicians. Yuri has had enough. Already mourning the loss of one dead friend, he is adamant not to lose any other Ukrainians to the iron heel of Soviet totalitarianism. It turns into a battle royale. Tables overturn, heads bang against support beams. A knife comes out. A knife goes in. One dead soldier later and Yuri is on his way to the gulag.

He barely survives a trip before the firing squad with other prisoners when the commanding officer does not give the order to shoot. It seems that the officer is enthralled by his power of life and death over his prisoners, so he rehearses execution with prisoners, keeping them scared and compliant. The prisoners try to please their guards and give little resistance when ordered to perform a task. ISIS uses the same tactic now. As Yuri struggles in captivity, the women of his village go on the offensive. Each must use their God-given talents to fight their way through their oppressors, dreaming to reunite with their loved ones.

What could inspire anyone amid so much death? What keeps you alive through despair of such a magnitude? Love? Faith? Perhaps. An unbreakable will to seek justice? As the film fades to black after the climax, messages detailing the devastation of the Holodomor appear. Light enters the background as if the sun rose on a dark gray morning. A forest of death appears. Bodies strewn along the ground and up an embankment — heads and feet sticking out from behind trees. The camera slowly pans up to reveal the rest of this black and white photograph. The horizon is distant. Beyond so much horror, there is light.

Bitter Harvest does not in any way compare to Hollywood’s holocaust industry. And it’s no surprise that an article at CounterPunch condemns it as fascist propaganda. It’s by an apologist for Soviet communism who, for example, also rejects Khrushchev’s speech describing the crimes of Stalin and Beria as “provably false” and would be horrified at any departure from the official Holocaust narrative. He has also written a book, Blood Lies; The Evidence that Every Accusation against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands Is False. 

We must never forget that the communist-sympathizing left would commit similar crimes again if they had the power.

LD :  What Trotsky did in 1921, starving Russian peasants to death and driving them to cannibalism, Stalin was to do on an even grander scale in 1932-1933 in Ukraine. His genocidal enforcer of the Holodomor mass murder was his close Jewish friend and associate Lazar Kaganovitch who was rumored (falsely) to be Stalin’s brother-in-law. On 13 January 2010 Kiev Appellate Court posthumously found Kaganovitch and other functionaries in the Stalin regime guilty of genocide against the Ukrainians. (See here).
The number of dead will never be known for sure, ranging from a low figure of 3-4 million to a high figure of 7-10 million. The higher figure is now the widely accepted figure in Ukraine and among most reputable historians. These conclusions are based on materials consisting  of “over 250 volumes of archive documents, from within Ukraine as well as from abroad, interviews with witnesses, and expert analysis of several institutes of National Academies of Sciences.”
The conspiracy theory that there was “no famine” or that “only a few thousand people died” can be dismissed as worthless.  People who commit mass murder—and those who support them—seldom like to admit it. [LD]

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  1. This article was published by the Occidental Observer a few days ago. Kevin MacDonald is to be commended for reminding us once again of the Holodomor genocide, a mass murder downplayed and minimized by the Western media in order not to deflect attention from the Jewish Holocaust.

    The article is a companion piece to this article published yesterday:

    Stalin’s Secret Genocide: The Holodomor Mass Murder

    Pro-Stalin commenters are welcome to express their opinions here but are requested to refrain from silly ad hominem remarks that bring discredit on them as well as this website. Thus the article mentioned above is sweepingly dismissed as worthless because the author of the book “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on the Ukraine” is Anne Applebaum, who happens to be Jewish.

    So Anne Applebaum has presumably spent her entire life doing meticulous research among the archives, quoting from thousands of documents and books and providing a plethora of detailed footnotes, only to distort all the facts and fabricate all her figures for no other reason than this: she is Jewish, and therefore a proven liar before she even opens her mouth.

    Is the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza to be dismissed as “worthless” because Spinoza was Jewish? Apparently, if this ultra-extreme antisemitic commenter on our site is to be taken seriously. By the same argument, the entire New Testament is to be dismissed as worthless because Jews were engaged in its composition.


    1. The agrarian life, warrior valor and the Orthodox faith defined the world view of their people. They loved the land, as the land was life. The rich and simple soul of the Ukrainian people could be seen when they worked their land, in their dances and at their dinners. It could be heard in their songs and felt when the wind sent a wave through bright fields of golden grain and acres of blooming sunflowers. We see a living land of beauty and tradition during a time of relative peace.

      Everything Jews hate. This movie sounds like another Katyn forest epic. Thank god for foreign film makers. If not for them, I would probably never watch another movie

    No idea why it ended up in Spam.)

    Relying on movies to inform one of historical events is rarely a good idea.
    Everybody has an agend.

    The Counterpunch article helps correct the narrative of this silly romantic film.

    Those seeking an up to date account of Ukraine today will find this valuable I hope.

    Let’s hope we see articles on here in future relevant to the times we live in and not just promoting anti Russian fears based on controversial events of almost a century ago.

    1. @ Zena

      No idea. That’s where it went. Into Spam. Blame WordPress.

      Some people’s posts are constantly going into spam. It’s beyond our control.

      I see your last post went through without a hitch, so that’s good!

  3. I applaud Darkmoon for also providing a link to the “Counterpunch” review by Grover Furr which provided a different perspective on the Ukrainian tragedy. I am inspired to do more reading on the subject. In any case, I’d never heard of the film but would love to see it. Is it available anywhere? Netflix?

    1. Great write-up of the movie plot. I’m planning to see it when, and if, it does come to US TV. I’m surprised that the film’s writer, Richard Bachynsky Hoover, was able to get the movie made in the first place. Others have tried, and failed, to make movies about the Holodomor, fictional and non fictional. The simple fact that this movie was made at all is fairly remarkable and noteworthy. Is it coming to US theaters or TV soon? Well, TV perhaps. Amazon has the movie for sale for a mere $4.99. I’m guessing that US theater owners didn’t want any competition for one of their favorite themes: The Holocaust (TM). It will probably get picked up by one of the pay TV channels. Hulu and Netflix both feature a lot of foreign films. I doubt Amazon will make it a “prime” offering, but it may.

      This movie could not have been made in Hollywood, despite the project having a story that would seem to be almost tailor made for it. And here is why: (see the link at “here is why” if you don’t think Jews run Hollywood)

      Jews have been the victims of persecution for their entire 5,000-year history, a fact that has come to define what it means to be Jewish. American blacks share a 400-year history of slavery and discrimination, the Irish have had a grudge with the British for 1,000 years and aboriginals have a trail of tears going back 500 years, but there is nothing quite the same as the Jewish experience, a story of survival like no other.

      When a Jew moans at the mention of the Holocaust, it isn’t just because he lost his entire extended family in Hitler’s gas chambers, it’s also because a sophisticated and ancient European-Jewish culture was obliterated. It is not lost on any Jew that Israel is vulnerable to the same fate.

      Some critics have opposed the plan by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to build a permanent exhibit to the Holocaust, saying it gives unfair attention to one tragedy over all the others. More people died in the Ukrainian Famine than in the Holocaust, so doesn’t it deserve at least equal square footage? But if body counts are used to determine priorities in the museum, then perhaps the largest spaces should be allotted to the memory of Mao Zedong’s 20 million victims, or to the 26 million Soviet citizens who died in the Second World War.

      The Holocaust remains the single greatest crime against humanity. It is unique in history and it deserves to be a central focus of the museum. It’s not that the other tragedies aren’t important, but they’re not the same as the Jewish Shoah. Stalin, for example, was trying to crush Ukrainian nationalism when he imposed the famine that may have killed 10 million people. He was not interesting (SIC) in obliterating Ukrainians as a people elsewhere. When the Hutus started killing the Tutsis in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, it was strictly a local matter, much like most genocides.

      According to the author of this article, Jewish suffering is unique because other mass murders, some of which involved the deaths of millions more people, were incidental to goals that weren’t genocidal. Jewish suffering is considered unique, according to this author, because it is alleged, although no proof of it has yet been found, that Hitler and the German people attempted to eradicate the Jewish people from the face of the Earth. If that were true, the 1933 Transfer agreement between Zionist leaders and leaders of NSDAP would seem to an odd way to go about it, since it put a large number of Jewish people out of reach. The large number of Jews in German military forces, some of whom enjoyed very senior ranks, also seems to argue against a goal of total genocide. And the fact that a Jewish uprising in Warsaw was fought in the streets, and wasn’t fought by simply bombing the ghetto into rubble along with everyone in it, also seems a strange way to oursue a genocidal objective. But this author ignores those inconvenient facts, because Israel, too, is threatened (cue dramatic music, theme from Exodus). Here is the rest of the article, from 2009. Ignore the “this is old news” warning.

      1. “oursue” should be “pursue”, and “to an odd” should be “to be an odd”. I corrected those errors, but somehow they sneaked back in.

      2. Suffering of the Jews is unique because the Jews are unique, and the Jews are unique because they are “chosen”.

        But that is only a “mild” reason. A reason that goes much further is that according to the Talmud only Jews are human beings (i.e. have human souls). Other people are only seemingly human (i.e. they don’t have human souls). They are animals, but created with human bodies only to better serve the Jews as slaves.

        So now you understand why the Holocaust can never be compared with massacres of other peoples. They are not real people, they are animals.

      3. That’s true, Franklin, and thanks for mentioning it. I did think about including those facts, but thought most folks here at Darkmoon would know about those particular conceits, even though the author of the article quoted above neglected to mention them. But they are important facts, so thanks again for bringing them up.

      4. via Franklin’s comment…
        Other people are only seemingly human (i.e. they don’t have human souls).

        I’m sure Brownhawk can appreciate the immense irony in that.
        Hopefully a little humor, as well..


      That Counterpunch article seems to me ideologically motivated. The writer is clearly a devout communist, still believing in the Marxist Utopia, as following passage demonstrates :

      “The Soviet collectivization of agriculture is one of the greatest feats of social reform of the 20th century, if not the greatest of all, ranking with the “Green Revolution,” “miracle rice,” and the water-control undertakings in China and the USA. If Nobel Prizes were awarded for communist achievements, Soviet collectivization would be a top contender.”

      Then he continues :

      “The historical truth about the Soviet Union is unpalatable not only to Nazi collaborators but to anticommunists of all stripes.”

      So it is evil “Nazi collaborators” who invented the Holodomor-myth :

      “The “Holodomor” fiction was invented by Ukrainian Nazi collaborators who found havens in Western Europe, Canada, and the USA after the war.”

      “None of these claims are true. None are supported by evidence. They are simply asserted by Ukrainian nationalist sources for the purpose of ideological justification of their alliance with the Nazis and participation in the Jewish Holocaust, the genocide of Ukrainian Poles (the Volhynian massacres of 1943-44) and the murder of Jews, communists, and many Ukrainian peasants after the war.”

      Then the writer makes the following blunder :

      “Their ultimate purpose is to equate communism with Nazism (communism is outlawed in today’s “democratic Ukraine”); the USSR with Nazi Germany; and Stalin with Hitler.”

      If the Holodomor-story is the creation of Nazi sympathizers, then they would never try to equate communism with Nazism, since they would consider Nazism as something good.

      I think I have sufficiently demonstrated the ideological prejudice of the writer of this article. His “facts” so-called proving that the Holodomor never happened lose herewith credibility.

      1. Franklin,
        Who is to say? I was not able to study such issues in any detail until I retired. Like most, I was too busy making a living. But I mostly believed the text books that both the Nazis and the Communists were pure evil. I’ve come to understand that that was not the case at all. If left to their own spheres of influence by the West, would Hitler’s Germans and Stalin’s Soviets have even gone to war with each other? Or did the demands of International Capitalism force the fight?

      2. “So it is evil “Nazi collaborators” who invented the Holodomor-myth”

        The millions Eastern Europeans must be regarded as “anti-semites” and even their ethereal ghosts must be regarded as “anti-semitic.” Thanks to Common Core Education, we all know that Goyim are “anti-semites” and that Jews must be regarded as “victims.” There’s absolutely no need for any factual corroboration on that score. The poor farmers only wanted to live in peace and if you listen carefully you can still hear them wailing and begging for mercy. NKVD told those poor farmers that they were “barking up the wrong tree” or words to that effect. All that’s left, for now, is to put your ears to the ground. If you listen carefully you can still hear the cries of the poor genocided peasant farmers. And what about all of those poor Iraqis that were butchered in recent times at the hands of Israel’s Foreign Legion a.k.a “the coalition of the willing” ?? Hardly worth mentioning, since they’re not even worth a Single Jewish Fingernail. And there’s really no such thing as ZOG or AIPAC or JINSA and/or the myriad of other Jewish organizations that are constantly agitating for the death of goyim and the overthrow of goyim governments. It’s really just a big anti-semitic fantasy and is little more than a by-product of irrational amorphous “hate.” The fact remains that Jews represent only one ethnic group in a field of many different ethnic groups & there’s really nothing at all that’s particularly special about them even if you’re having a difficult time escaping the never-ending confluence of Jewish voices that are constantly provoking you over the airwaves. Amy Goodman is really just an “objective reporter” and it’s only a mere coincidence that she happens to be the grand-daughter of an orthodox rabbi. Even the so-called “reporters” with names that are gentile-sounding have been pushing for the very same agenda, so doesn’t that tend to “prove” that Jews aren’t THE major players in all of this madness ?? Dennis Prager is openly Jewish and so is Michael Medved, which only goes to prove that the airwaves are really owned by goyim. It’s the big bad “nazis” that you really need to be afraid of. Of course, you’re never going to hear anyone advocate on the public airwaves on behalf of the big bad “nazis.”

        Whatever happened to the Fairness Doctrine ???

  4. LD is correct about Stalin and Rosa Kaganovich, they were never known to have formally married. Stuart Kaplan wrote in “The Wolf of the Kremlin” about Stalin’s third wife and provides a photo of young Rosa Kaganovitch at age 13. Khruschev wrote in “Khruschev Remembers” that Stalin’s second wife Nadhezda Alliluieva was upset about him sleeping with another woman, but he doesn’t name her. Robert Payne identified her as Rosa Kaganovitch in “The Rise and Fall of Stalin”. But they were never married, and she is not listed on the Jugashvili family tree.

  5. Doesn’t DM realize that by daring to say the Holodomor was some kind of holocaust, you are infringing upon the one and only tragedy involving people, our dear Jewish friends, that is called and revered as the Most Holy and Sacred Holocau$t™?

    Afraid I’ll have to report you to the DHS–Defenders of Holocaust Studies–and they’ll be forced to act, since you have brazenly displayed such uppityness that can not be ignored, or else it will spread, like a rash.

    Expect a visit from a DHS extraction team some morning around 3 am. After that, the next stop will be the Gitmo Reeducation Camp to get your mind right!

    Would you prefer a Gitmo cell next to our lovely torture chamber, which makes for a difficult sleep, due to all those wussies screaming about pain or next to the Rapeolgy Clinic?

      1. That French writer commits two deadly sins : 1) He compares the incomparable Holocaust with something else, 2) He resists race-replacement. As a “good goy” he should never compare the suffering of YHWH’s “Chosen” with ordinary humans, and as a “good goy” he should passively accept the replacement of his own people, since that is not a loss but an “enrichment”.

      2. Renaud Camus, the French writer who “was a reputed novelist”, doesn’t appear to have read anything about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. Or maybe he has, but wants to ingratiate himself with those who filed charges. If that is the case, he is in for a shock. They never forget, and never forgive.

      3. @ JFC

        Lasha does not live in the Jew-SA but in the last bastion of free speech and White Christendom, England.

        England is no longer a “bastion of free speech”, JFC. It’s pretty bad here and getting worse. Alison Chabloz is being hounded and persecuted for her satirical Holocaust song (((Survivors))) and was recently thrown into a police cell for 48 hours and treated abominably.

        Thought crime is now the crime du jour. You have to lower your voice in pubs in case some guy at an adjoining table overhears you talking and gets on his cell phone to the cops, accusing you of “terrorist sympathies” because he happened to hear you putting in a good word for Hezbollah.

        Only recently a Labour MP was disgraced and shamed and forced to give a groveling apology because some woman had come forward and accused him of calling her a “stupid bitch” 15 years ago! He was accused of “sexism and misogyny”,. The implication was that he was calling ALL women “bitches.” And the word “stupid” implied that he had a low opinion of female intelligence in general. The feminists were outraged and demanded his scalp! It’s as bad as that. One has to be very careful what one says nowadays…! 🙂

      4. Some folks think the UK is no longer a serious nation, that UK leaders are little more than a crew of idiots engaged in some kind of hellish clownery, endlessly virtue signaling while the nation spirals down the drain.
        I can’t imagine
        how they might have
        got that idea.

        (Admin: Embedded links, with shorter URLs and hyphens. If this doesn’t work please delete. I’ll give up.)

    1. @ Sister Monica

      Thanks for the update. The last time I was in London was 1999 for the big Claude Monet Retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts and things were not that bad yet. I did notice a lot of gypsies — rather Dickensian they were, now that I think of it — on the streets begging but I didn’t give them a second thought though. In hindsight, I now know they were from Eastern Europe and not the East End.

      Of course, being a daily reader of Darkmoon and being Jew-aware since 2014, I am much more aware of how the evil Rothschilds headquartered in the City of London are destroying England and Europe and America and, really, the World, and was being rather ironic when I said what I said. I guess I should have added “LOL”.

      It really is a bloody shame what the Jews have done to England and the English!

      God bless Lasha, God bless us, everyone.

      1. JFC
        I believe the UK was targeted for two reasons. 1. The brains behind the targeting live there (Tavistock Institute) so observing the cattle control experiment is rather easy. 2. It was an effective proof of concept – turn the British into cowering animals and the method can be applied to the whole world.

        SISTER MONICA said:
        “Lasha does not live in the Jew-SA but in the last bastion of free speech and White Christendom, England.
        England is no longer a “bastion of free speech”, ”

        See here:

        … the British government has decided to prosecute pre-crime

        As I said above, the UK is in the forefront of cattle control.

      2. Not sure if Trump declaring him Xi King of China + ? is too off topic, but it is topical.
        Maybe even like history in living color! (lol)

        Actually, I also hoped LD might get a chuckle..

      3. JEW COMMUNISTS played a giant role in fomenting the women’s liberation movement, as a means to undermine and destroy Christian culture and society.

        Now women are so liberated, so empowerered, so emboldened, they are not the least but hesitant to speak up if they get sexually harassed and sexually molested, even if they have to make up a total bullshit story about being raped or being sexually harrassed and sexually molested, they will do so, it makes them feel empowered, they feel so emboldened they make up rape accusations and get hysterical and demanding over made-up rape “events”. This is what the jews wanted.

        The funny thing is, most of the men the women are accusing of raping them, sexually molesting them, sexually harassing them, are JEW boys, LMFAO!!!! An example of a strategy back-firing, I would say, 🙂 .

        Women’s liberation, the jews had a huge role in starting the women’s liberation movement, jew fomented women’s liberation certainly did and certainly does undermine Christian culture and society, but it also undermines jew culture and society just as much, as now shitloads of jew boys are being accused of sexually harassing, sexually molesting, and raping, women.

        It’s a !HOOT! The NWO is not totally without humor, 🙂 .

  6. All Darkmoomers who take the time to view this film and think it worthy of others watching it, should purchase one or more copies and have your local library(s) place the film on the shelves to be checked out. This will reach many people in due time. This is assuming that the DVD copies will be available for purchase. In any case, if the film is truthful and historically accurate that The Barnes Review will have copies for sale.

  7. As a curious note it is worth mentioning that one of the heroes who aided the victims of Holodomar, and who’s photo many surprised German soldier found in Ukrainian homes during the Germans warfare through the country in WW2, was Vidkunn Quisling. The very Norwegian that gave name to one of our synonyms for a betrayer.

      1. The Waffen SS were as heroic as it gets. The Panzer Corp too. My father told me so..
        A couple of them shot holes through him so he should, and did, know.

  8. “Bitter Harvest does not in any way compare to Hollywood’s holocaust industry. And it’s no surprise that an article at CounterPunch condemns it as fascist propaganda.”
    Taking a cue from CounterPunch, some 3rd or 4th generation (((Russian))) American tune smith may write a Broadway Musical out of this story and film. Only the Ethnic Germanic Ukrainian farmers will be converted to glorious Trotskyite farmers from whom Stalin, master and lone creator of modern civilization, stole their grains to sale to FDR. Therefore this little musical tale of eternal (((Tribal))) suffering can be added to (((their))) pantheon of burnt offerings, comprising a tenor hero, an evil Russian basso, a soprano heroin(e) (as high as kite) and a chorus of singers and dancers singing about “Fiddling Around in the Hay Stacks” (the title) while starving to death.
    TJ thinks it would be a smash Broadway hit with feelers out for making a Hollywood movie, that is if they can find any actors that haven’t been buggered or molested by the studio (((executives))).

  9. For what it’s worth (which probably isn’t much), the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes was not enamored with “Bitter Harvest.” Out of their “approved tomatometer critics,” only 7 gave fresh reviews, while 48 gave rotten ones (13% liked). However, 69% of the audience liked it – 3.5 stars or better out of 5.

  10. @Admin

    Bitter Harvest: A Brilliant Film on the Ukrainian Holodomor

    Couple of questions if I may:

    (1) Have you watched this film?
    (2) Why do you think it is brilliant?

    1. @ Circassian

      Bitter Harvest: A Brilliant Film on the Ukrainian Holodomor

      Couple of questions if I may:

      (1) Have you watched this film?
      (2) Why do you think it is brilliant?

      I’m pleased to answer your questions, Circassian.

      (1) No, Admin has not watched the film; not yet.
      (2) Admin has no idea if the film is “brilliant”.

      The reason for this is that Admin did not write the article or give it its title. You must ask the original author of the article (which is published on the Occidental Observer) why he thinks the film is “brilliant”. I’m sure he would welcome your questions in the Comment section of the Occidental Observer.

  11. ‘Bitter Harvest’ sounds like an inspiring story and a noteworthy warning. I am not an expert, but have always watched versatile productions [not only the shiny Hollywood propaganda].
    As for the article, I find these questions most truthful and authentic: ‘What keeps you alive through despair of such a magnitude? Love? Faith? Perhaps. An unbreakable will to seek justice?’
    But this statement as total nonsense: ‘Ukraine was the breadbasket of Europe…’
    It seems that some people have forgotten that Stalin’s army invaded all eastern Slavic countries, including eastern Germany, Hungary and Romania, and his tanks would have gone to the southern Europe if they hadn’t been stopped at the north-eastern borders of the former Yugoslavia with support from the US, who itself, with NATO, later attacked it. So, it is hard to accept a view that Stalin’s army would have left Ukraine alone. What I have heard from various elderly Europeans who were young people before and during WWII is that Ukrainians were starved by both Bolsheviks and Stalin, and that it was the reason why they saw Hitler’s army as saviours, but actually suffered at the hands of them too. To believe that any invading army can be friendly, I think, is very gullible.

    1. via SNEZ…
      “To believe that any invading army can be friendly, I think, is very gullible.”

      That’s just about a perfect sentence, innit?
      En garde, eh..

  12. Bitter Harvest doesn’t seem to mention the tribe, almost like Oliver Stone’s movie on the assassination of JFK. In the newly released [partial and redacted] documents, the tribe is not mentioned. Allegedly, Cubans are involved [not Israelis!] – Cubans won’t and can’t prosecute anyone for “hate speech”.
    The CIA and FBI made last minute representations that some papers were too sensitive to release… We had been expecting more than 3000 documents that had never been seen before as well as more than 30,000 that had previously only been released with redactions.
    “As long as the government is withholding documents like these, it’s going to fuel suspicion that there is a smoking gun out there about the Kennedy assassination,” said Patrick Maney, a presidential historian at Boston College.

    1. ‘Patrick Maney, a presidential historian at Boston College.’

      LOL, fuel suspicion?! Sheesh, if there’s a human being extant who hasn’t caught on by now, after six decades of books, documentaries, biographies, TV shows, movies etc., etc., etc.,
      I hardly think fueling anyone’s suspicion would be something one might (lol) worry about..

      “Historian — An unsuccessful novelist.”

      1. HP, I agree. BTW, the wink above was not meant to make fun of you. I hope you understand. 🙂

    2. Snez, that never occurred to me. I got it because I’m fairly adept at differentiating between good, bad, ugly and thoughtful smiley faces. (;>)

    3. Hey snez, about Oliver Stone’s movie you mentioned, Henry Makow’s article posted on truthseeker today says “Why didn’t Oliver Stone, in his famous movie “JFK” not mention any of this? It turns out the chief financial backer of Stone’s film was longtime Mossad figure, Arnon Milchan, Israel’s biggest arms dealer.”

      1. Bingo! You beat me to the punchline!

        Arnon Milchan.

        He was involved in the illegal smuggling of nuclear weapons technology for Israel, then when Israel becomes a nuclear weapons (terrorist) state, Mr. Milchan changes career and become a Hollywood “executive producer”, i.e., the money guy who green lights feature films.

        BTW, Oliver Stone is a . . . Jew!

  13. The Jews were instrumental in the Soviet atrocities, after they managed to finish off the old Russian empire.

    After it became clear to them there would be little else to gain from these lands, they began the migration to Israel and the United States.

    What you can count on is this: If Israel falls, all the Jews will end up in the United States. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually there are more than 10 milion Jews in America, which is the principle Jewish state in the world today.

    Therefore the following will happen: they will continue to extract and extract, and eventually leave the whites, blacks, and hispanics to fight a civil war in the remains. However, once this process ends, Jewry may very well end up losing for a long time, because there will be nowhere left fo fleece, and China will not succumb to them.

    1. @Dolph,
      Who is to say that there aren’t at least 10 million Jews in the USA today? I do not believe the (fake) stats that there are only 15 million Jews in the world. After millennia of reproduction? Doesn’t make sense. Ultra Orthodox Jews usually have many children. And who is counted? For example, is Ivanka Trump counted as a Jew, or is she still considered a shiksa by the faithful? Millions do not practice at all – except for observing circumcision, a barbaric crime against humanity.

  14. Other alternative media websites are run by snotty ,stuck up ,hard core anti Semites .
    they never published my comments ,simply because I am a Jew.
    at least this site is decent enough to accept comments written by Jews.
    I don’t agree with everything in this site.but deep down i feel that the ones who run this site are decent and fair and not in any shape or form a haters of any group of people or anti Semites.

    1. Trifecta,

      I have lost track of the number of names you have used on this website, sometimes praising it but more often attacking it. Please try and keep the same name. It will make things easier for all of us.

      1. How can we be anti-Semitic when 95% of the so-called “Jews” of today are NOT Semitic or Jews?!?

        Is Jesus Christ an “anti-Semitic”???

        “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 2:9)

      2. Franklin, you are hopelessly confused, as usual.

        Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, at the old age of 78 ( when he was assassinated by the British, was a good and sane Hindu (that was part of the reason he was assassinated), so it is unlikely that he was an evil and/or crazy Jew at younger age (

        Why? Well, it is obvious: if he was an evil and/or crazy Jew before he became an old Hindu, the Brits would have spared him.

  15. I have found on you tube the amount of people killed by the evil Stalin, worst than Hitler that one.
    I knew this clown had a purpose. Funny how you keep on saying that the number of the nadzee barbary is exagerated and you do the same thing with Russia, sorry USSR. Show some f******g restrain for Christ sake.
    Me, i Wonder why in my country there is so much WWI cemeteries full of dead young French and German soldiers.
    Hey Lobro how does it feel to play the part of the scapegoat, being John Malkovich? Is John Malkovich a Jew? 🙂
    Hve a nice weekend.

  16. Dear Film Producer and Screenwriter,

    Sorry, but what a boring and cheesy film review. I suspect the film will be just as boring and cheesy. You should have gotten someone more talented to write the review. I’m surprised that it was published at the supposedly high-brow and self-important TOO.

    What’s next, REPARATIONS?

    If you don’t demand REPARATIONS what’s all this movie really about? An exercise in anti-Putin and anti-Russia (((shit-stirring)))?

    Mr. Screenwriter, do you not know that communism is Jewish? May I ask you why you left out this most important and most relevant — the most incriminating ‘smoking gun’ — fact in your movie?

    Have you never heard of Jacob Schiff? Do you not know that without the financial largess of Jacob Schiff there never would have been a Russian Revolution in 1917? And without the Russian Revolution in 1917 there never would have been a Soviet Union and the subsequent rise to power of that evil Jew from Georgia who changed his name to “Stalin” to fool the dumb goys and, once in power, he would deliberately starve 6 million of them to death during the Holodomor?

    Now that I have informed you all, go and demand your REPARATIONS! You will probably not get any, but by demanding reparations, you will really bring world attention and sympathy to your beloved Ukraine and Holodomor. Think about all the publicity, if not all the shekels it will bring!

    The descendants of Jacob Schiff are alive and well and are up to no good as we speak. Peter Schiff is the first one that comes to my mind. He’s rich and has tons of gold! Go after him! But ultimately, you should sue Evelyn de Rothschild aka The King of Jews because Jacob Schiff was nothing more than a front man for the Rothschilds.

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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