Blood Libel: The Ritual Persecution of Alison Chabloz

Can the systematic bullying of Alison Chabloz by the Jewish Lobby be a refined modern day version of ‘ritual murder’?

What exactly do we know about Alison Chabloz (pictured) and what is her alleged crime? Let me give you the bare details.

Alison Chabloz, an Englishwoman now in her early fifties, is a highly intelligent and musically talented lady who used to be a music teacher in Switzerland. She is probably fluent in French and German and speaks English with a very posh English accent. She is clearly one of the British intelligentsia, but would have to keep to the dark and shadowy side of the street among the intellectual pariahs, like David Irving.

You see, the trouble with Alison is that she is a Holocaust revisionist. That is her crime. She dares to question the three main tenets of the mainstream Holocaust narrative.

The three bedrock principles of the mainstream Holocaust narrative are as follows. If you deviate even a fraction of an inch from total acceptance of these three inflexible dogmas, you are a thought criminal who is subject to severe punishment in seventeen countries, including imprisonment for several years:

(1)  The “Final Solution” of the Jewish Question was the mass extermination of the Jews and Adolf Hitler was the man who gave the order to carry out the said premeditated extermination.

(2)  The extermination of the Jews was carried out mostly in various death camps in gas chambers, the chief of these being at Auschwitz.

(3)  The number of Jews exterminated amounted to six million, give or take a few hundred; this figure is sacrosanct and must on no account be diminished.  

Like so many other historical revisionists, Alison does not buy into the above narrative.

She questions its accuracy, as millions of other people do all over the world. Nor does she think anyone should have the right to apply coercion and intimidation as weapons against her, forcing her against her will to believe in something she sees as fundamentally erroneous.

If you question the existence of the historical Jesus, no one is going to put you in prison for Christ denial. That’s allowed and even promoted by an underground army of Christ haters. Yet if you question the Holocaust and assert that it did not happen as described, you are guilty of Holocaust denial and can be hounded out of your job, as Alison Chabloz was. You can be fined or thrown into prison in seventeen countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

You can even have your face beaten into a bloody pulp by Jewish thugs, as French Holocaust scholar Robert Faurisson experienced a few years ago. Faurisson, I believe, has been subjected to physical violence on at least ten separate occasions.

French scholar Faurisson beaten up by three Jewish thugs

—   §   —

The Jew behind the persecution of Alison Chabloz is called Gideon Falter, head of Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) in Britain. “Anti-Semites,” he threatens, “will suffer devastating professional consequences for their actions.”

“Devastating professional consequences”. What does that mean? 

It means the power invested in a particular Jew such as Gideon Falter, allegedly representing the Jewish community at large, to get a non-Jew dismissed from his job for saying things the Jew considers “offensive”. It is apparently up to the Jew, and to his well-paid lackeys in the non-Jewish community, to decide what is sufficiently hateful as to merit punishment: loss of employment, stiff fines, imprisonment for several years, and, in the case of Robert Faurisson, grievous bodily harm by Jews who decide to take the law into their own hands.

What exactly does Mr Falter want? He wants to see Alison Chabloz punished for daring to “diss” the Jews by writing and performing her satirical song “Survivors”. In what way can this one particular Jew be said to represent the interests of 15 million Jews worldwide? In this way: with the help and assistance of Jewish financiers, Mr Falter has managed to set up an organization with the impressive sounding  name “Campaign Against Antisemitism” (CAA), giving the entirely false impression that whenever he opens his mouth to speak in an official capacity (ex cathedra) he is speaking in the megaphone voice of 15 million Jews.

Of course he is doing no such thing. The idea that he is speaking on behalf of 15 million Jews—that the entire world community of Jews is standing behind him and cheering him on enthusiastically, demanding gentile blood, is an elaborate con trick.

Mr Gideon Falter is a con artist, an Emperor without any clothes.


—   §   —

Let’s now consider the allegedly offensive video song Alison Chabloz produced. What is so offensive about it? For one thing, Alison is not impressed by the tale of Irene Zisblatt, the Hungarian-born American Holocaust survivor and author of the book The Fifth Diamond. Having read Zisblatt’s exciting adventure story and  how she escaped from the Nazis, Alison probably thought that here was ideal material for a satirical song. Zisblatt’s story, after all, is beyond ridiculous. It lends itself to parody.

Let Wikipedia fill in the fascinating details:

[Irene Zisblatt’s] “entire family was gassed up in Gas Chamber No. 2, including her parents. Before leaving, her mother gave her four diamonds to purchase bread. However, not wanting to accept the soldiers’ request to put valuables inside bags, Zisblatt swallowed the diamonds. She later stated that she then recovered the diamonds from her feces. She then would swallow them again. She did this numerous times…. She would rinse them off in her soup, or if there was no soup in the mud before ingesting them again.”

(Emphasis added)

Basically, here is a Jewish lady who eats her diamonds every day or on alternate days, retrieves them from her own excrement as soon as they have passed through her digestive tract, dunks them in her soup to wash them, and then pops them into her mouth again and swallows. This she does how many times? 10 times? 100 times? 200 times? I’m not sure, she doesn’t say.

The reader will note that Irene washes her diamonds in mud if no soup is at hand. This raises some interesting questions: (1) How come no water is available for washing? (2) Since water appears to be in short supply, making it necessary for Irene to use her soup as a cleansing agent, it follows that the soup itself is vitally necessary as a source of fluid to prevent dehydration. So how can Irene eat her soup, which she needs to eat not only to prevent dehydration but to get essential nutrition, if she has just washed her four excrement-encrusted diamonds in it? She is now eating her own excrement enriched soup!

Hard to believe.

This is surely material that lends itself to satire. The best possible way to pick holes in an obviously mendacious story is to ridicule it in a satirical song, in precisely the way Alison Chabloz has done. This is not hate speech. It is art in the service of truth. Far from being prosecuted in a court of law, Alison should be given a medal for exposing yet another Holocaust hoax:

My name is Irene Zisblatt and I come from Hungary
Can you believe what evil Nazi bastards did to me
I was gassed not once but twice
I managed to escape
Over the electric fence
Landed on the train

I saw them taking babies and tearing them in two
And creepy Dr Mengele he removed my tattoo
They tried to turn my brown eyes blue
Make lampshades from my skin
For months I swallowed diamonds
And shat them out again

Tell us another
Come on, my brother . . .

Friends, try and understand this: for writing those satirical lines, Alison Chabloz is now being threatened with severe punishment. Ask yourself: is this an example of hate speech? Are those lines so inflammatory that anyone who reads them is likely to go out and slit some Jew’s throat?

I don’t think so. Nor do I think Alison’s satirical song is likely to trigger a second Holocaust. I don’t think the Jews have the right to criminalize legitimate satire like this just because they happen to be the butt of it.

Is mockery a crime?  Well then, why don’t they lock up Sarah Silverman for mocking Jesus Christ? Doesn’t Christ deserve some respect?


Why is hate speech against Christianity allowed when Jews are doing the hate speech? Why is Alison Chabloz being singled out for hate speech against Jews, but Sarah Silverman given free rein to practice hate speech against Christians? Perhaps Gideon Falter would care to answer these questions.

I don’t think the Jews behind the persecution of Alison Chabloz can be aware of the grotesque double standards involved in the abuse of their power. About a year ago, I wrote an article called Mind Pollution — The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV: The Case of Jenji Kohan. In this I related how it had become customary on America TV for Christianity to be held up to constant ridicule and contempt, including scenes of outrageous blasphemy, mostly at the hands of powerful American Jews.

Jenji Kohan, a well-know Jewish TV scriptwriter who is quoted as saying “I want fucking all the time”, has a scene in one of her shows featuring an attractive nun offering to give a blowjob to a strange man in a Catholic church. Elsewhere in the same show, Ms Kohan, who openly advocates sexual perversion as a wholesome and life-enhancing recreational sport, has a disgusting little scene in which mother-and-son incest is normalized. A teenage boy is lectured by his mom on masturbation. She has caught him pleasuring himself over nude photographs of herself, so she tears up the pictures and flushes them down the toilet. Then she ticks him off gently in a jocular way, almost simpering with prissy prurience, as she advises him that masturbating over his mom is “possibly a bit quirky”.

Here is my take on all this mindfilth:

This 3-minute video, “A Blowjob in Church”, will show you what is being done to Christian America and its culture by sexually perverted Jewish writers whose fame is out of all proportions to their talents. Ask yourself: how many sons masturbate over their mother’s nude photos? How many nuns fellate men in Catholic churches? The fact that these images are allowed to fester like poisonous weeds in the rich soil of the mass mind must give us cause for concern. This is mind pollution on a staggering scale…. the entire series is a product of the sleazy Jewish imagination: Jewish directors, Jewish producers, Jewish actors, Jewish scriptwriters.

Reader, pause for a moment and consider the appalling double standards on display here.

Alison Chabloz is being ritually persecuted in England right now by a Jew, Gideon Falter, and his thuggish Jewish organization Campaign Against Antisemitism, for producing a relatively harmless satirical video about the Holocaust called “Survivors”, but in America there is not a single Christian nowadays who has the power to stop this foul-mouthed Jewesss, Jenji Kohan, from grossly insulting Christianity by featuring blowjob scenes in Catholic churches.

(“I want fucking all the time”)

Why pick on Alison Chabloz when this sexually perverted Jewess is given free rein in America to insult Christianity with the full connivance of the Jewish Lobby?  Truly, the impotence of Christianity—the cowering of helpless Christians under the iron heel of the Jewish boot—makes my blood boil and cry out for justice.

Where is our deliverer? Why is the Vatican silent? Isn’t there a single Christian leader anywhere in the world with the guts to stand up and tell the Jews — STOP!”


—   §   —

Here is Gideon Falter: “We have called for zero tolerance enforcement of the law against anti-Semitism and that is what politicians have promised, but the [Crown Prosecution Service] has failed to take action, so now we must act instead”.

Let Wikipedia fill in the background:

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court in December 2016, Alison Chabloz, a 52-year-old Derbyshire-based blogger and singer-songwriter, was sent for trial next March for posting a “grossly offensive” video on YouTube entitled “Survivors” which is effectively alleged to indulge in Holocaust denial. Chabloz rejected the accusation that she had made improper use of the Internet. Chabloz dismissed the prosecution on her blog as an attempt “to use the law to silence dissenters”.

Originally on unconditional bail, Chabloz’s use of the Internet was placed under some restrictions at the same court on 23 December after she had made information available online about people connected with her prosecution and the CAA [Campaign Against Antisemitism]. Chabloz is also unable to post anything racist online.

Take a look at that mealy-mouthed English so loved by legalistic liars and cheats: “Chabloz is also unable to post anything racist online.” The way this is phrased assumes that Chabloz is a racist who needs to be told not to post racist material online. This is like warning a man who has never been convicted of pedophilia, “Stay away from children!” Such loaded phraseology carries the implicit suggestion that the innocent man has pedophile tendencies that need to be held in check. To tell Chabloz not to post racist material online is implicitly defamatory because it assumes she is a racist to begin with—a racist who needs to be warned to watch her step.

How would Mr Gideon Falter like it if a store detective sidled up to him in a department store and hissed: “I’m warning you! You’d better not steal anything!”

Warning Alison Chabloz not to publish anything racist online is a similar outrage, given that she is not a racist in the first place.

The very suggestion is defamatory.


—   §   —

Here is Alison Chabloz herself.  Her abridged message comes to me in a private email from an unknown correspondent:

LONDON, ENGLAND. Friday, June 23, 2017.  In court this morning. The original charge brought privately against me by Mr Faultfinder [Gideon Falter] was dropped.

Back on bail until October 25th…. This could drag on for months to come. The mainstream press aren’t likely to say much, as the British people don’t appreciate the idea of freedom of speech being under threat.

My original accusers will be upset that Judge Zani banned the press from publishing my address, with a severe caution of being in contempt of court if they do. However, I must alert my solicitor if I stay anywhere other than my official address for a period of more than ten days. Any offers of accommodation for nine days would be most welcome.  🙂

I have been charged with committing offences for which the prosecution has no evidence.

— Alison Chabloz

(Emphasis added)

One final point that needs mentioning. Alison’s satirical song “Survivors” was banned at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016. This is unprecedented, the first time the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has been forced to cancel an artistic performance in all its 70-year history. This just goes to demonstrate the formidable power of the Jewish Lobby to censor, suppress, and criminalize free speech.

I have watched the video below at least ten times, each time with mounting admiration. I have no hesitation in pronouncing this a work of satirical genius, comparable to the work of Juvenal and Jonathan Swift. A hundred years from now, when Gideon Falter is forgotten and all of us have gone to the Elysian fields, this song of Alison Chabloz will still be there. She herself will be dust and ashes, but her words will live on as a lasting memorial.

The video featured below (with the click arrow in the picture of Alison Chabloz)  has been censored by YouTube and is therefore no longer available on YouTube. However, if you wish to get round this censorship and view the forbidden 5.40 minute video, click:



Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Here is bit we had to leave out of LD’s article. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just that the article was getting too long and we were forced to make some cuts to get it down to roughly 2,500 words.

    In addition to Irene Zisblatt, Alison mentions Elie Wiesel and Anne Frank with insufficient veneration in her video song (((Survivors))).

    Here we have two saints in the Jewish pantheon for whom veneration is obligatory. Alison Chabloz is not very impressed by Elie Wiesel’s tattoo. To be impressed she would have to be able see it, if only to verify its existence. Having never been seen with a tattoo, Wiesel becomes a suspect whose Holocaust credentials must be questioned. As for Anne Frank, Alison pokes gentle fun at this legendary Jewish icon who managed to write her famous memoirs with a magical ballpoint pen — a type of pen, we are reliably informed, that had yet to be invented when Anne wrote her book.

    In fact, as Alison points out, the book is a fraud. It was penned mostly by Otto Frank, Anne’s father, and by another Jew. A literary collaborator who supplied all the imaginary dialogue. It appears that Mr Frank was competent enough to embroider his daughter’s prose, the simple narrative, but needed someone else to sex up the story with some lively dialogue. Later on, the two literary collaborators were to divvy out the money between them. It all came out in the washing years later. Because there was a court case in which the dialogue provider demanded his fair share of the loot. How embarrassing! It was in this way that it became blindingly obvious that the world-famous Diary of Anne Frank was a literary hoax, penned by at least three separate people.

    Not by one little girl genius, as falsely claimed.

    “My name is Otto Frank and my daughter’s name is Anne
    The poor girl died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen camp
    She wrote an introduction
    To her famous diary
    The rest was penned by Levin then publishèd by me.
    Two thousand and sixteen the copyright came to an end
    The Anne Frank trust decided once again the rules to bend
    We truly had no choice although
    The whole thing really stank
    But the book now has two authors
    Anne and Otto Frank.”

    So what’s so inflammatory about that, Mr Gideon Falter? There’s absolutely no reason that the world should be expected to believe in the Anne Frank hoax. Or is outing Jewish hoaxes against the law?


      The latest DOUBLE STANDARD is the accusation that Russia “interfered” in the presidential election.

      First point is that the Zionist Lobby, for many years, has been demanding that Senators and Congressmen pledge loyalty to Israel., or face Zionist support of their opponents. Now that is interference.

      Second point, what is wrong with Russia supporting Trump after he had said that he wished to see better relations with Russia?

      The fuss over this matter only demonstrates how dishonest the Zionist Lobby and media (CNN) are

    2. An exceptionally eloquent and well-researched article that I hope will be of some use to Alison Chabloz when she faces the music in a court of law this October. I think some of the arguments in this article could well be utilized by Alison’e barrister to argue her case, especially the “double standards” argument LD makes such good use of.

      By which I mean the relatively harmless satirical song by Alison poking fun at some of the flaws in the Holcaust narrative — Irene Zisblatt, Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank etc — juxtaposed and compared with the vitriolic anti-Christian hate speech of Sarah Silverman and the Jewish TV scriptwriter (“I want fucking all the time”) Jenji Kohan.

      It needs to be seriously asked in court: who has given greater offense: Alison Chabloz or Sarah Silverman and Jenji Kohan? And how come Sarah Silverman and Jenji Kohan are allowed to trample on the feelings of 2.2 billion Christians and get away scot free?

      This is a question that should be put to Gideon Falter in court by Alison’s barrister.

      1. Yes, I agree with you that some of the points raised in LD’s article in defence of Alison Chabloz should be utilized in court by Alison’s barrister. I’ll say another thing that the plucky and talented Alison ought to consider. She should get 12 photo copies of this article made and distributed to the 12 members of the jury. Having read this article through, there will not be a single member of the jury willing to convict Alison. They will acquit her unanimously.

      2. Needless to say, they won’t be allowed to read the article. The judge will forbid it on the instructions of that august and frightening organization called ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ led by the effeminate thug Gideon Falter.

        The entire British judiciary is debilitated by its association with the Usual Suspects. No court anywhere in the world can deliver justice as long as it is permeated by Jewish influence.

      3. Sardonicus,
        Alison Chabloz doesn’t stand a chance of receiving justice in any court in the UK. The entire legal profession, police and judiciary are riddled with freemasons. Take the case of David Irving the Judge and counsel for the defendant were no doubt “on the square”, perhaps even members of the same lodge! In any normal society a criminal fraternity, such as the masons, would be banned.

      4. Felix –


        The courtrooms are just one front of the ongoing WWIII.

        Masons thrive on chaos. Their courtroom battlefields would wither and die without constant turmoil…. and the barristers not there to be standing with their feet pointed as if standing on a square in Solomon’s Temple.. “on the square.”

        “Is there no mercy for the widow’s son..?”

        They tighten and shift their ties as signals..and claim:

        “So mote it be..!!” 🙂

      5. Well the Jewish run court will have no problem in rendering inadmissible any evidence presented by Alison Chabloz.

        All evidence of a “Racist and Anti-Semitic Nature will not be admissible in this court!”


      Interesting how the Holocaust deniers always lie. For example, Chabloz and LD lied about Wiesel not having a tattoo:

      They also lied about (fully authentic) Anne Frank’s diary not having been written by her or written by a ballpoint pen: hhtp://

  2. You should take a look at something interesting: the Porn Church, a.k.a. the XXXChurch, and their Porn Bible. Just search “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”.

    This is a great material for an article.

    You can download the Porn Bible from their website. It is, in essence, the Gospel of John with pornographic commentaries.

    These people have strong financial resources, rent expensive real estate, and also publish videos on YouTube. Just don’t let them fool you with the description of what their “church” is on Wikipedia.

    Please explore this topic and make it public.

    People should know.

  3. Alison Chabloz reblogged my following August 22, 2015 post on her blog.

    British solo acoustic artist of Autumn’s Here, Alison Chabloz, after refusing to be intimidated by ‘Israeli hound squad’ for over year, is now being accused of sending pictures of her performing the famous anti-establishment quenelle gesture and sending it to her Jewish accusers.

    The gesture, which French Jewish Lobby CRIF insists to be a ‘Nazi Salute’ to demonize the Jewish people by reminding them their sufferings as Holocaust victims, was invented by popular French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala. The Organized Jewry’s moronic reaction has made the quenelle popular from Paris to Mumbai.

    French prime minister, Manuel Valls, whose wife is Jewish, also claimed quenelle to be a Hate Crime. In January 2015, responding to Netanyahu’s call for French Jews to immigrate to Israel, Valls claimed that there will be no France without Jews.

    On August 17, 2016, Alison Chabloz answered these idiotic accusations against her on her personal blog.

    Ms Chabloz says that the Zionist clowns who are criticizing her freedom of speech were the same people who last January were supporting French magazine, Charlie Hebdo’s rights to insult Islam and Muslims under the cover of the so-called ‘Freedom of Speech’. She said: “It would seem that they’re only in favor of free speech when it’s a speech they agree with.”

    “As clearly stated in my Quenelle tweet, the gesture is aimed at this group of people: Internet trolls who hide behind a mask of anonymity in order to smear and bully. For the moment, there have been no live protests at the venue I’m playing. It seems my abusers prefer to air their grievances from the cosy comfort of their armchairs. My Quenelle is a massive “Up yours!” aimed at these living examples of double standards and outright idiocy,” she wrote.

    Responding to quenelle accusations, she said that even CIRF president Roger Cukierman is on record saying that the gesture is against the French Establishment, which happens to be controlled by Jewish oligarchs, than the French Jews………

    1. Well said, Rehmat! You have made some fine points! I look forward to reading more from you!

  4. Excellent write-up by LD. Alison is has done a very clever and amusing synthesis of the facts. However I fear for her well-being. She should know the law is an ass. Relying on truth and facts to yield a just outcome is foolish.
    “Offences under Part 3 carry a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment or a fine or both.[”

    Alison must consider whether she is willing to risk a long prison sentence and whether it is worth staying in the rainy grim Cattle Control Experiment that is the UK? Alison is a member of the nearly extinct courageous “And did those feet in ancient time” vertebrate English (As is LD). Alison should take an initial 9 day trip to sunny Asia where her teaching talents would be much appreciated. Alternatively, sign over assets to family and retire in Asia where she can continue blogging to her hearts desire.

    David Irvings’s time served should be a warning to Alison. Ugly May is determined to lick Tribe backside to the bone.

    1. @ Flan O-Brien

      David Irvings’s time served should be a warning to Alison. Ugly May is determined to lick Tribe backside to the bone.

      It’s True that Theresa May has been a bitter disappointment all round but I don’t think she will try “to lick Tribe backside to the bone” by making an example of Alison Chabloz.

      I have a feeling that Alison will suffer the same fate of Arthur Topham in Canada. They won’t want to send her to prison because that would make a martyr of her and rally thousands to her cause. Instead they will probably do to her what they did to Arthur Topham: force her to shut down her website, forbid her to indulge in any further “Holocaust denial” or “racist hate speech”, and generally stigmatize her as a “vicious neo-Nazi”.

      Her punishment will be humiliation and reputation destruction.
      I think it’s even likely she will get a “suspended sentence”, meaning that she stays ou of prison as long as she’s a good girl but will be carted off to the cells if she dares to step out of line again even in the slightest way.

      1. Sard –

        That is correct.

        This Today’s World Order…. yesterday’s NWO.

        It is also just one front of WWIII…. unannounced.

  5. If the Holocaust is a religion (“Holocaustianity”) then poking fun at its articles of faith (no matter how ridiculous) would be blasphemy.

    But if the Jews are allowed to ridicule Christianity (in the name of “free speech” of course), then why should Gentiles not be allowed to do the same to the Jewish Holocaust-religion ?

    That is applying double standards. Besides, Jews are harassing Gentiles so much that a Campaign Against Anti-Gentilism is urgently needed.

    As for Ms Zisblatt’s rediculous story of her repeatedly swallowing-shitting-swallowing of diamonds, that is the expression of two typical Jewish fascinations : with feces and with precious stones. Feces plays a major role in Jewish “humor” and also in that Jewish pseudo-science called “Freudian psychology.” The fascination with precious stones is visible from their frequent occurrence in Jewish family names.

    1. YES Moshe – I hate to agree with you that criticism of Hooolooocaust is indeed “blasphemy”.

      In 2006, Israeli philosophy Dr. Yeshayahu Leibowitz claimed that the Holocaust is new Jewish religion. Other Jews like Shraga Elam, Gilad Atzmon, Yoshua Shalev, Dr. Finkelstein and Roger Tucker have expanded the purpose of keeping the Zionists’ narrative of ‘Six Million Died’ alive, even though the plaque at Auschwitz Holocaust Museum has been further ‘revised’ from 4 million down to 1.4 million.

      In September 2012, during his speech at the UNGA, president Barack Obama compared Holocaust with Islam and Christianity.

      Oops! I forgot for the Zionist Mafia – insulting Islam is FREEDOM OF SPEECH while cricism of Holocaust and Jews is a HATE CRIME!!

      1. Rehmat –

        “Oops! I forgot for the Zionist Mafia – insulting Islam is FREEDOM OF SPEECH while cricism of Holocaust and Jews is a HATE CRIME!!”

        Hypocrisy is not beneath the CHOSENS…. The worst bigots..!!

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      To add to your excellent post, years ago I was speaking to a Christian woman that was married to a jew. The conversation got deep enough for the woman to remark at one point that the word JEWelry was not an accident.

      It should not be surprising to anyone that a crapy religious cult, judaism, is fascinated with crap, a natural progression.

      1. Ungenius,
        Correct. Years ago I bought an engagement ring for a girl. Nothing expensive. I paid $2000 U.S. Later we broke off our plans and I asked her to return the ring. I called many jewelry stores and pawnshops. Noone was interested. Finally an old man in a Jewelry store took pity on me and bought the “Jew rock” for $200.00. “Jew”elry…..oh yes….

    3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      You are one of the best commenters here. I look forward to reading your excellent comments, which is one of the reasons I have bookmarked this site and follow the debate daily…

      @ Toejamicus

      I apologize most sincerely for the bad things I said about you in a previous post. They were totally disgusting and I am ashamed of myself.

      1. Yes, and kudos to you for admitting you are totally disgusting. Saying you are ashamed of yourself is a good start, but it is not enough! You need to wash your mouth out with soap.

    4. PAT :

      (Short off-topic comment)

      I know you’re in complete and full approval of questioning “the Holocaust” and it should be questioned. I’m wondering if you think “the Heliocentric theory” should be questioned ? ….

      If your Heliocentric theory is the scientific truth, then why are you afraid of anyone who asks some simple basic scientific questions about it?

      What are you afraid of, you half-ass so-called “scientist”, you jackass.

      1. TROJ –

        ALL I – the ‘mule-head’ – gots fer ya… is:

        ( reply to off-topic, as usual – in decrescendo )

        “HAAAW… HEE-HAW… HEE-HAW…HEE-HAW..!!” 🙂

    5. F.R.,
      Zisblatts story is beyond ridiculous. Its always amazed me just how stupid Jews really are. They seem completely unable to string together a realistic narrative. How would a concentration camp guard know how to make lampshades from human skin or soap from human fat? After thousands of years living close to nature, the native Americans could skin animals and utilize every parte of the body for something. But these bodies of knowledge evolved over milennium. To make a long story short, the Jewish mind is delusional. Thats why Zionismo will fail. Intellectually, the Jews just dont “pack the gear.”

  6. You know who really rules over you when its the ones you can’t poke fun at.

    The Pope is a fraud, a Christian impostor who is really in bed with Das Juden, and loves these endless ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel.’

  7. There are a growing number of ethnically jewish people who don’t buy into the full Holocaust story, although it is still central to what it means to be Jewish. In the U.S. Holocaust mania isn’t as potent as it was 20 years ago. Still as Darkmoon mentions, the U.S. culture has become debased and sexualized. The sexualized culture goes along with the poisoning of a whole generation of children from over-vaccination. We face a future of massive depopulation. Sometimes I can even feel the eeriness of the post vaccine plague: American society with it’s freeways empty, it’s malls overgrown with weeds. Half our children will enter adulthood ill and/or cognitively impaired. Germany has better protected its children, but from a distance it looks like the creeps and antifa (or whatever) have gotten the upper hand.

    The new narrative (among anti-elitist intellectuals) is that Germany is rising again and Angela Merkel wants to be the new reich. In other words, the new anti-deep state intellectuals are jewish inclusive. In my opinion it seems that the meme is to minimize the Holocaust but maintain Germany as a potential threat. I have read articles recently that discuss the disappearance of the EU, that the EU is not essential to the survival of Europe, with the EU being identified as Brussels and Germany. What all this means I can’t say but it’s hard to imagine the craggy ships of the current power elite surviving many raging storms in the future. Too many people know that the globalists are just robber barons making stuff up to rip off as many countries (peoples) as possible in order to become “kings of the hill.”

    I could almost guarantee, though, that in a reconstituted post-EU Europe Holocaust laws would cease to exist along with forced vaccination.

    1. Kapoore,

      One of my best posters. Always wise. So restrained. Wish I could be like this.

  8. 2 points: Unfortunately for Jews, they are not a race – they are a religion only. There is noo genetic marker for ‘jew’ any more than a genetic marker for Christian. I would suggest that they, as a group, ‘may’ have devolved into a sub-species but that is still up for questioning. Jew means Semite like Catholic means Scandinavian. It simply doesn’t. So that is the primary point of attack. Anti-Semitism is nowhere better demonstrated than by Israelis’ against Palestinians.

    The second is the label ‘history revisionist’. This label implies that seekers of truth are trying to change history in some way. They are not. They are attempting to correct the record; to convey true history; not revise it. So they are not revisionists, they are historians. You can’t change something that didn’t happen. Claiming it did happen is revising history, correcting the record is historical research. Those who preach the phony narrative are the revisionists.

    The bible is full of historical revisionism; events that never occurred or are impossible to have occurred – like the ‘diamonds’ claim. So these folks see nothing absurd in it. They created a history where there was none (bible) So attempts to tell what really happened, attempts to destroy their facade and cause them to lash out like wild animals.

    Also the blood libel is not dead at all. It hearkens back to their practice of Moloch worship. They still worship Moloch. And LD has published much about the real practice of blood Libel. We only need to look at the worldwide ring of sex slaves and child molesters (Pizzagate) to see they’re still devout to Moloch – though I believe the statue of Moloch stands Satan. Although, true to their habit, the name has been changed to Yahweh.

    They want a world where everything is upside down: war is peace, truth is lie, terror is democracy, money (root of all evil) is God, anti-semite is anti-goyim, and accuracy is revisionism. I won’t give it to them.

    1. Amerikagulag
      You need to research more prior to posting., There are indeed genetic markers differentiating the Jewish RACE. In fact in response to areas from which immigration of people is prolific such as Russia and the former USSR states Israel has implemented genetic testing to prove Jewish heritage.

      Additionally why do so many Jews have a very specific “look” to them. As in many of them look exactly like each other or bear a very strong resemblance in terms of features. Much more so than any mix of white people.

      Sure there is some intermixing we know that. However it is in the minority and Jews have always been encouraged to interbreed thus keeping those genetic markers more or less ring-fenced.

      Please do not spread hoaxes.

      1. Earl –

        Yes…. we do need to stop hoaxes…. and guesses….. and harmful inventions.

        Many Chinese ‘CHOSEN’ ones look exactly like each other also…. as you correctly wrote:

        During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the ‘CHOSEN’ ones. They are identifiable today:
        Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙).

        Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone.

        See how much the ‘CHOSEN’ ones look alike:



    1. @ JP Bell: I don’t ‘do’ amazon but it would be much easier to understand your comment if you’d “seek ye the caps-lock button and press thereof once”. Cheers

  10. Alison is a brave soul and hopefully she does not follow the pro-Hitler narrative that incorrectly associates itself with the psy-op holocaust to create a false anti-Semitism. The holocaust hoax created a global rule to never say anything against so-called jews and a counterfeit-nation that they named Israel in order to deceive Earth’s inhabitants.

    If you do not understand what I have said, I suggest you attempt to do so immediately.

    It is the foundation of all the misery that has befallen the world –

    1. @ New Song

      Don’t be intimidated by all the hate speech you are getting from the Hitler lovers on this disgraceful site. You are on the right track, dear lady and kindred spirit whom I would love to date if that is at all possible.

      Hitler killed six million Jews. Never forget that. Jews are human. We feel pain when being burned alive in fire pits and being thrust in gas ovens like human garbage.

      Now we Jews are taking our revenge by making sure you goyim suffer for the crimes you committed against us for two thousand years. Karma is about to leave its black calling card. The Grim Reapers is on his way with his swinging scythe. Ah, so good, the delicious vengeance to come! The bubbling blood, the ripped out eyeballs, the babies being boiled alive in gigantic pots.

      This is life. C’est la vie

      Let me know, dear lady, if you are interested in meeting up for polite conversations and amicable and platonic intercourses. It can be arranged.

      Yours devotedly,


      1. Let’s sing a New Song in duet (gotta name for it “Deuteronomy Duet”)
        Seymour, Mon amour … ,

        … let TROJ finish it off in style, the best poet within a mile

        1. @ Lobro

          (Very short off-topic comment re Sister Monica)

          I don’t do poetry anymore, lobro. I, lol, lost my Muse when our Darkmoon lost our beloved “Catholic” “Mother” “SUPERIOR” the Moaner. WE don’t know what happened to her which makes the loss even more painful. I’m sure you agree, lobro, and I’m sure you’re wondering all the time “what happened to mommy, where did mommy go, is mommy ever going to come back?”.

          I hope the Congo Hotzie-Totzie Zulus didn’t throw Mater into a cauldron of boiling water and turn mommy into WHITE MISSIONARY STEW, like what happened to Max Bilney.

          Like Amelia Earhart, WE will NEVER know for sure what happened to our Moaner. Moaner is our, lol, in-house Amelia Earhart, so to speak. Moaner just ups and disappears on us and, lol, NO ONE asks what happened to her, no one shows the least bit of curiosity as to why Maoner left us or anything, only whiddle joew, LMFAO!!!!

      2. There’s nothing to stop Sister Monica posting comments here as a private individual. After all, she took her laptop with her when she went to Tamil Nadu.

      3. @ Seymour

        I’m not interested. Someone claiming to be your wife posted on this site. If I am not mistaken, she commented on an article of yours posted here not long ago. Regardless, your replies are harmful to the message I seek to bring here which is Love and Peace. You attempt to tarnish my post here by linking yourself with me. Please stop doing it. The message I bring is not about vengeance / retaliation. It is about defense from evil.

        @ Lobro

        Your reply towards me is inane, immature, rude, unfriendly, and incorrect as expected. You are rude beyond belief. You ought to take a look in the mirror and judge yourself!

      4. Lighten up, New Song! I don’t think Lobro’s post was in the slightest way offensive. He was just kidding. For that matter,
        so was Seymour. You take life too seriously, New Song.
        Unwind a bit, will ya! 🙂

        I’d like to hear more about this “mission” of yours.
        What mission are you referring to?

      5. New Song,
        Seymour Zak seems like a great catch! Dont turn down such an opportunity. Let him dine you at “Olive Garden.” He can treat you to a cheap glass of wine and the cheapest item on the menù while both of you discuss the gory details of the upcoming “Jewish” vengeance of the gentile. Wow. When the tab is laid on the table, quickly excuse yourself to “powder your nose” so the cheap S.O.B. has to pay. What an evening.

      6. S.Z.,
        Hitler personally killed 6 million Jews? With his “Jew” steak-knife? He was a vegetarion. ….remember….Jew-boy?

      7. New Song, you got tin ear, weren’t blessed in that department, ain’t got no rhythm nor sense of humor, only requiems and suchlikes, no time for Zeke “The Prophet” Ezekiel’s Great Balls of Fire.
        As for Seymour, don’t worry about him, he is off to Tamil Nadoo to chase Sister Monica now that Toby divulged her geolocation. Seymour has a way of tracking her down with just a call to the office which is open 24/7.
        And his wife dogs his every step, I have it on good authority, even corrects his grammar because they are Good Jews, of the 13th tribal Anglo stock, not Fake Juden of your nightmares.
        Lobro knows a thing or 2 or 1.5 if we split the difference.

      8. New Song … I just took a look at the mirror and judged myself good, real good.
        Do you agree?
        I am a good judge of character, especially my own, nepotism notwithstanding.

      9. (slightly off topic, yet right on topic)
        @New Song
        Hi, after checking out your site, on the Reflections topic, I came across this music video 22/4/14 which should help go some way to counter Lobro’s ‘tin ear’ claim 😉

        Whilst glancing at the accompanying thumbnails I noticed Muad’Dib’s face on a video with the address that you regularly link to. Are you Muad’Dib? Obviously you don’t have to answer.
        Muad’Dib is the person who made the very good documentary about the 7/7 London bombing called The Ripple Effect. Here’s the latest version;

        He was prosecuted for making the film;

      10. Jimbo –

        Thanks for the link from New Song’s site.

        Steven could have been a disciple, back in the day… since there were no ridiculous drug control laws 2000 years ago. It was all medicine then…… so it has been claimed Hippocrates said.

        As an ‘oracle’ Steven voiced:

        Every time that I look in the mirror
        All these lines on my face getting clearer
        The past is gone
        It went by like dusk to dawn
        Isn’t that the way
        Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay

        Yeah, I know nobody knows
        Where it comes and where it goes
        I know it’s everybody’s sin
        You got to lose to know how to win

        Half my life’s in books’ written pages
        Live and learn from fools and from sages
        You know it’s true
        All the things you do, come back to you

        Sing with me, sing for the year
        Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear
        Sing with me, if it’s just for today
        Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

        Dream on, dream on, dream on,
        Dream until your dream come true
        Dream on, dream on, dream on,
        And dream until your dream come true

        Sing with me, sing it for the year
        Sing for the laughter and sing it for the tear
        Sing with me, if it’s just for today
        Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

    1. @ NEW SONG

      WHAT about me ,I’m very interested in you.
      I’m from a very well known large Semite Arab tribe .
      and I believe that you are a very intelligent ,smart ,decent woman.
      my goal is to open a dialogue with you and get to know your inner thoughts.
      I’m sure that you have a very beautiful and lovely spirit.

      THE MONK.

      1. @ The Monk

        Lay off New Song. As a monk, you shouldn’t be interested in women. You should be concentrating on your prayers.

      2. TO the Darkmoon
        I have conflicting thoughts about your nature.
        I’m very suspicious of you.
        I have been careful not to post any identifying information in my comments
        in a spur of a passionate moment addressing NEW SONG ,I made an error then i deleted that line and then made sure it was no longer there.
        and LO AND BEHOLD ,that deleted line was published
        forget it ,I’m sure this comment will disappear as many before it.
        dealing with you is as tricky as dealing with the devil.
        THE MONK.

        1. @ (((The Monk)))

          in a spur of a passionate moment addressing NEW SONG ,I made an error then i deleted that line and then made sure it was no longer there.
          and LO AND BEHOLD ,that deleted line was published
          EXPLAIN THIS.

          We are not magicians. We can only publish what we see you have sent us. We can’t publish a thought in your mind that you decided not to send!

      3. M.B.,
        What about me?
        Im very interested in you. I come from a very well- known Spanish tribe and I believe you are a very intelligent, smart, decent woman. My goal is to open dialogue with you and get to know your inner thoughts. Im sure your a very beautiful and lovely spirit.
        The Spanaird.

  11. Thank you for the superb article Dr. Darkmoon and insightful comments. I’ve never heard of Alison or the faltering Falter, but herein is the seed of the collapse of the of jewish criminally insanity. Despite all the money, what contemptuous monsters they are who must pursue corrupting law, decent society, and destroy dissent in any form as intolerable because it challenges their collapsing house of cards. As always, my very best to honest (and talented) individuals like Allison Chabloz.The house of cards is indeed collapsing Allison, take the example of one New Jersey, USA native’s account.

    Briefly, Malcom Howard has come forward to confess his personal participation in planting military grade superfine nanothermite composite materials in WTC7. Howard’s 36 year career with the Central Intelligence Agency began in the early 1980’s when his engineering skills brought him to notice with Agency headhunters. His extensive experience includes planting explosives in items as small as cigarette lighters and as large as 80 story buildings.

    The CIA project “New Century” began in May, 1997 and culminated in September, 2001. Initially Howard and his associates were very pleased with the demolition of WTC7, but on seeing BBC reporting WTC7 collapse 20 minutes before the detonation, worry began to set in. His report may be seen on The vicious assault and murders of 9/11 including post event Dutch whistleblower and demolition expert Danny Jowenko in 2011 only highlight the ongoing failure to hide the massive crime – accompanied by the continuing collapse of jewish owned western mainstream media who desperately claw at re-establishing a shred of credibility as their crimes are exposed worldwide.

    Alison Chabloz and plenty of others who have challenged the great lie of our time may take heart and great comfort that collapse is both inevitable and pending. We hope for a relatively quiet ending, like in Russia, but that all depends…

    1. The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2, 7-31 published a 25 page (PDF available) report “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” – Niels H. Harrit, Jefferey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley, and Bradley R. Larsen. In addition to the growing membership of “Pilots for 9/11 Truth”, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” we also have “Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice”.

      Perhaps it’s time, given the brutality and criminal corruption, for a “Holocaust Truth Commission” of some sort as well.

    2. @ Winston

      Since you are excellent commenter at Darkmoon, just a word of caution concerning Your News Wire. It has been my experience that Your News Wire is a misinformation/deflection site. Reading its content requires a pound of salt, not just a pinch.

      1. Ungenius-Thank you. I’ve experienced the same in the past, and I honestly can’t vouch for Your News Wire, who were among the first to issue the report. The same report may also be seen, however, at and several others, including youtube. I was first made aware on and What Really if I recall correctly. A simple search “nano thermite wtc 7 Malcom Howard will produce over a page of different sites with this story, though I expect very soon there will be ‘pollution’ appearing from …who else. Mr. Howard seems to be seeking redemption, the door should always be open to others as well, particularly if it represents a sensible quiet change of policy – accompanied down the road by the necessary sacrifice of certain high profile individuals, like the Clinton Murder Gang.

        On the response to Alison’s and others persecution, what do you think of “Academic Forum for Accuracy in History” a broad title, but including studies and publications like “Analysis of German Labor Camp Casualties”, “Ilya Ehrenberg Revealed; the Art of Inhuman Propaganda” and so forth? There is splendid work already done by Dr. Darkmoon, The Occidental Observer, Barnes Review, The American Free Press, and Christian publication services. Academia deserves more attention in this regard, beginning with an innocuous broad based title.

      2. @ Winston

        I am not familiar with the “Academic Forum for Accuracy in History” that you mentioned.

        I confess that I am not too impressed with Academia. I have worked with and known too many that are dumb as a stump when it comes to common sense/reasoning/logical thinking. Most seem more than happy to accept propaganda without questioning it. I prefer those people that I call “researchers” who dig for the truth and arrive at conclusions that make good common sense. I consider Eustace Mullins a good example of a researcher instead of an academic. Rebecca Roth is also an example of a good researcher on 9/11 even though she is “just” a retired flight attendant.

        BTW, the links to Op Ed News and Global Research you provided do not link to an article. The link to Project Avalon is sourced from Your News Wire.

      3. Hi Ungenius – There is no such “Forum”, what I’m suggesting is that counter arguments to the zionist narrative need to be heard in Academia, and the way I would approach it is under some kind of neutral sounding title like that one. Academia was well on it’s way to being a degraded indoctrination program years ago, from what I hear today from former teachers and elsewhere it’s even worse. Eustace Mullins is one of my favorites.

        Sorry about the links, you are right it all does seem to lead to Your News Wire, though I didn’t try them all. I use Startpage and the original story which appeared twice on my first look was up to at least a page as mentioned above. The “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” was founded by James H. Fetzer, who’s book I recommend. I was unaware of “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” until the “Your News Wire” story appeared, and also happy to find the reputable Open Chemical Physics Journal report which I was unaware of as well until seeing the Malcolm Howard piece (Your News Wire spelled it Malcom originally, it appears corrected elsewhere, I copied it verbatim in case it was the true way he spells his name). I was aware of former professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University, who originally reported the nano thermite presence in WTC wreckage as the most likely source of the destruction, for which he was punished by the University in the usual Orwellian thuggish jew fashion. Today, the findings of Dr. Jones and his associates are accepted worldwide, except in dieing MSM and zog regimes desperately flogging their failing lies.

        So , even if the “Your News Wire” narrative turns out to be a false one, it’s had the productive result of drawing my attention in our busy world to the latest reports and of course the “Scholars” organization, which I look forward to offering my support to.

        The recent death bed confession of an MI-5 agent John Hopkins regarding Princess Diana’s murder was interesting, though the foreign location (Paris) would strictly speaking, be under the domain of MI-6, as noted in the book “Gideon’s Spies”. Son William is said to have stated it was father Charles who issued the order, Hopkins says it was Philip. I’d still like to know how MI-6 agent Gareth Williams managed to “kill himself, then lock himself in a gym bag with a lock on the outside devoid of any DNA belonging to Williams” which is what the official UK government version of events tells us we’re supposed to believe…

  12. Thank you Lasha for a fantastic article and thank you to Alison Chabloz for a wonderful song. For what it’s worth, my thoughts and hopes are with Alison. This would be the case regardless of where she comes from, but perhaps especially because she is an Englishwoman. I am glad some English people are waking up to what the Jews have done and continue to do. Unfortunately, the damage has been done and the question remains if they can be stopped from wiping Europe out a second (or third) time, this time with genocide thru immigration, while promoting low birthrates and their continued efforts to promote sexual perversion that started in the Weimar Republic, and perhaps earlier already.

    There is so much more that can be said, but one thing stands out. When you have so much power and you have no principles or shame, you can lie and seemingly get away with bloody murder in broad daylight. You can turn the truth on its head and no one will say anything. Alison Chaboz and anyone that doesn’t believe the ridiculous lies of Jews like Irene Zisblatt can be accused of “racism” and promoting “hatred” against an ethnic group, while the Jews insistence that Germans gassed millions of Jews and made soap and lampshades out of many brings no accusations against Jews that they are promoting hatred. This insult is further accentuated by the fact that Jews played the leading role in pushing Europe into WW II, while using the same tactics against those that promoted peace, accusing them of of being “racist” or “anti-semitic”. Charles Lindbergh is an excellent example of this.

    Here is a modern day example of this. Jewish neo-con Max Boot was interviewed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson the other day. Tucker destroys Boot and perhaps that is why the Jew sinks to suggesting Tucker is (or would have been) a supporter of “Hitler”. What does the Jew Boot want that Tucker won’t give him? He wants Tucker (who is watched by tens of millions of people every week) to pronounce Russia and its President Putin an enemy of the US so further anti-Russian actions will be taken against Russia, perhaps the ultimate desire being outright war with them. The Jews never let up. This Polish proverb sums it up. “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

  13. Dr. Lasha – I disagree with the inclusion of US comedian Sarah Silverman in this article for the following reason.

    Sarah’s elder sister Susan Silverman is an ordained rabbi who leads a Jerusalem synagogue. According to her Sarah is a modern day biblical Jewish prophets. If that’s true, as Muslim, I have to respect her just like all the other biblical prophets – no kidding….

    1. @ Rehmat

      “If that’s true, as Muslim, I have to respect her just like all the other biblical prophets – no kidding….”

      Surely you are jesting. Because, if you are not, that means that Rabbi’s rule Islam with whatever prophet lie they would like to tell. If some Rabbi says that Net-in-yahoo is a prophet, you have to respect him and what he does to the Palestinians? I claim no expertise concerning Islam, but I really find that hard to believe.

      1. @ UNGENIUS – in case you didn’t know all Christian New Testament prophets are copied from Jewish Old Testament. Holy Qur’an commands its Believers to respect all those prophets.

        As Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Torah Jewry said: “Ignorant Jews and Christians are the breeding ground for the Zionist ideology.”

      2. Rehmat –

        Prophets are mere men… controlling people with words. Especially people who want to join groups.

        you should read the book, “Word Controlled Humans” by John Harland.

        This is a book for those who want to be individuals.

        You will understand that all schools are brain laundries.

        When you understand we are ‘word controlled’….

        ……….. the MORE words, the MORE control.!!!


        The processes that turn individual humans into monstrous groups of organisms is the significant aspect of history on which this book focuses.

        “Civil” and “religious” groups, growing into powers by destruction of individual souls and control of individual will, receive the same examination – with no glorified generalities glossing over the horror that sharp focus reveals.

        Concerned primarily with the word conditioning that now dominates America and Europe, this work highlights the need to first remove the obstructions from our own eyes – before trying to correct the faults of others. The histories and current practices in our own conditioning are examined from a new perspective.

      3. @ Rehmat

        I was looking forward to an answer, but instead you offer a deflection in an attempt to not answer the question directly. I’ll state the question again, “If some Rabbi says that Net-in-yahoo is a prophet, you have to respect him and what he does to the Palestinians?”

        Concerning your deflection, I do not recall Sarah Silverman being mentioned as a prophet in the Old Testament. Kindly tell me what Book, Chapter, and Verse where I can find it.

      4. @ Ungenius

        It seems you’re the one who is playing Zionist-propagandist trick – by responding to my answer to your stupid question by fielding another question.

        When I was a student at a Catholic Mission – I never questioned my pastor’s claim that Jesus not a human but part of God while holding my own belief that Jesus was a human but chosen and guided by God Almighty to bring the Israelite sheep back to their Creator. Now, if Bubya Bush, you or any other idiot claim to be Jesus – I have to respect their Freedom of Speech without being brainwashed like majority of Christians and atheists.

      5. @ Rehmat

        It appears that you can only use deflection and insulting innuendo to avoid explaining the most asinine statement I have ever heard coming from anyone claiming to be a Muslim. You claim that Sarah Silverman is a prophet based on what a Rabbi says and your religion. Everyone is free to believe whatever they want, but I doubt that you have bolstered Islam’s image. Too many electrons and too much Darkmoon space have already been wasted.

    2. very funny
      could be true
      certain i saw the prophetess
      suckling a dozen or so grubby, spittle-dribbling souls
      back of a pig cart

    1. TJ –
      “..snowflakes and mindless drones.”

      The kids who run with my teen-aged grand-kids…. even those making straight As in college.. couldn’t find their asses with both hands. One couldn’t tell me how many feet in a yard… and he was serious. I almost slapped him..!! The hollerin’ I did got their attention. They’ll remember now… maybe.. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        Im a modern-day scholar. There are 20 feet in a yard…..when we re grilling out. My four grandkids, our two dogs and my wife and I. Ok. On a more serious note. The Zionists took control of public “education” long ago. They dont want educated people. They need dumb people who only think theyre educated…..much easier to manipulate and control.

  14. Lasha, thanks for bringing Alison Chabloz to the attention of the world. Good job. Ms. Chabloz is certainly a courageous woman dedicated to the truth.

    In the last year or so, I took the time to listen to all of her YouTube videos. Not only is she talented, she addresses lies tastefully.

  15. Your comments are redundant. Haven’t any of you read ‘Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil’? (Among Alison’s satirical songs is one with lyrics by the same author.) All you’ll ever need to know on this subject is encapsulated in this book.

  16. You seem to conflate two issues – one is freedom of speech to which Alison is entitles, the other is Judenhetze. Legally when and whom can be outraged forms Falter’s central argument. It is his organisation zeroing in on a lone woman who has gained much publicity that is worrying.

  17. Alison is not the only so-called “Holocaust denier” chased by UK’s Jewish Lobby.

    In April 2017, despite a vicious campaign by the organized Jewry, the Manchester University refused to remove Dr. David Irving’s books from its library. The university has been accused of recommending students to study David Irving and other ‘revisionist’ authors’ literature.

    Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams also threw his support behind the Holocaust Industry to get books by Dr. David Irving removed from the university library. He wrote a letter to university’s vice-Chancellor Dame Nancy Rothwell to express his concern that Irving’s books are available alongside historical textbooks.

    On November 6, 1998 New Zealand historian Dr. Joel S Hayward with Jewish family roots, wrote that if Dr. David Irving is not a reliable Holocaust historian then same goes for all historians who believes in the 6 million story.

    “I can’t find serious flaws in his methodology and I have never found a single example of deliberate falsification of evidence,” Dr. Hayward said.

  18. There’s really no reason to worry about Alison Chabloz…

    (ADMIN: The rest of this comment has been deleted because of its sexual content)

  19. I followed Alison on twitter for a long time–to me she exemplified a very healthy person, grounded. the type of person whose morals and integrity compel them to stand up for the truth.

  20. Alison is a woman who in every age and era are affectionately called by those who know them,
    a real handful!
    Best wishes for your good health, dear.

  21. “If that’s true, as Muslim, I have to respect her just like all the other biblical prophets – no kidding….”
    Really, NO KIDDING, where on Earth did this guy come from? Really, Sarah Silverman??…and he ‘claims’ to be a Muslim!!! I am glad he posted this so everyone with a smidgen of knowledge of Islam could see this man for what he is: a FRAUD. He must be from the ahmadiyya group or similar (another fraud) that was founded by the British Ashkenazi Jews.
    Rehmat and Silverman must be of the same ilk.

    1. @ SEEB

      “If that’s true, as Muslim, I have to respect her just like all the other biblical prophets – no kidding….”

      I think Rehmat is being ironical here. That’s how you must understand his comment. He IS kidding. That’s why he adds “No kidding.”

      Understand? He means the opposite of what he says.

      He is making use of irony.

      1. @Sardonicus
        Thank you but for the sake of argument let’s say it is as you say – which was my first instinct, after all there is a lot of satire in Alison’s work as well – then comes his reply to Ungenius:
        @ UNGENIUS – in case you didn’t know all Christian New Testament prophets are copied from Jewish Old Testament. Holy Qur’an commands its Believers to respect all those prophets.
        As Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Torah Jewry said: “Ignorant Jews and Christians are the breeding ground for the Zionist ideology.”
        This appears to me to be his justification to his previous statement.
        UNGENIUS again entreated him for clarification to no avail.
        It appears Winston also took it the way I did.

        This is not the first time he has tried to obfuscate the Traditional Muslim position. He did that when he first commented on the site regarding the Jews boasting of crucifying the Messiah in the Quran. He said, “Holy Qur’an doesn’t blame Jews for the Crucification …”.
        I am not in the habit of calling out anyone on this site; let’s hope it’s a mistake on my part.

  22. @ Seeb
    Listen to your heart ,The so called REHMAT IS A FRAUD and some
    the Israelis are devils in the flesh and rehmat is one of their many satanic tools.
    sardinia ,when it comes to our cause and struggle at best , is a simpleton if not a fool
    elqahba is nothing but a charmouta yahudieh.

  23. ” The evils of Jews do not stem from individuals
    but from the fundamental nature of these people.” – – Napoleon Bonaparte

    ” The Jews are the problem, the Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world.” – Lt Gen Jerry Boykin

    ” And the big Jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into.” – Ezra Pound

    ” F***king Jews…the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” – Mel Gibson

  24. @Sard
    I went to the link to his site that he provided:

    I don’t believe I am misreading him at all.
    As a side note I don’t give a hoot about ‘free speech’ or how much you want to prove you’re not anti-Semitic; it is doubtful that any Muslim would ever promote Silverberg’s Christ hate speech on a site he controls. In fact, they twist everything upside down implying that she is revealing the insights of society, which is what prophets really do. Amazing inversion at work! I noticed Ariadnatheo praising the piece.

    1. Speaking of the devil,…..Ariadnatheo…… the devil in flesh.

      THE MONK.

    2. @ Seeb
      @ The Monk

      Thank you both for coming to the proper defense of your religion. Lies should always be challenged.

    3. @ SEEB

      OK, Seeb, I admit I could be wrong about Rehmat. Let’s face it, I don’t know anything about him. He could be anything. All I know is, he has the general reputation of being a good Muslim and most of the readers on his website are probably Muslims. He is highly critical of the Jews in everything he says and is a backer of the Palestinian cause. At least that is the impression I get.

  25. If some of us have come to the conclusion that jesus is only a fictitious character, a personification made up out of the old pagan sun worship by the powers that be to help obfuscate the genuine lucifer Ian ism – it doesn’t mean we hate anybody.
    If you become incensed at anyone who does not repeat your dogma, if you think that’s automatically cause for strife – then i would say the jews have not much on you as they adhere to their own holocaust religion.
    And if they take steps against others who dismiss their victimology narrative, tired as it is, then what religious person couldn’t understand?
    Religion is bad circuitry.
    Plenty of it has nothing to do with goodness.
    Certainly this article is very valuable toward understanding the totalitarian nature of zionism. Can somebody get it to Peter lave lle or maybe even tucker carlsen?
    Cross talk flamed the jews’ hit on the uss liberty last week. How much longer before them or some other honest media outlet jacks all this speech repression?
    Time to out the big ww2 reparations extortion program too.
    Check out ‘the realist report’ latest.

    1. @ barkingdeer

      Please note that the Darkmoon a site is sympathetic to Christianity. You are free to tell us you are not a Christian, but we are under no obligation to publish your comments if you think you can use the Darkmoon site as a platform for Christ bashing.

      If you wish to inform the world that Christ is a fictitious character, you may do so on your own site. Or some other suitable site where anti-Christian sentiment is welcome. Not on the Darkmoon site.

      We don’t welcome Christ haters here. We regard them as our enemies and as Useful Idiots for the Jews.

      — Sister Monica
      (still proud to be a Christian)

      1. Sister Monica
        I’m really happy to see your name appear again in this blog.
        I always have a soft spot and deep respect and love for Jesus Christ and the catholic Church and by extension the Nuns and the Priests and the they were my teachers and mentors in my first 17 years of my life.
        THE MONK.

  26. The Jews are setting the standards by which they themselves will be judged. They define any information that deviates from their lies as “FAKE News”, or “HATE Speech” The lies are falling at free fall speed and are essentially over. Whatever they impose on us, will be coming back to haunt them. Since they are acting as a collective, they can expect to be treated as a collective when the boomerang comes back at them. That is why jews who are not guilty are the handful that have had the courage to speak up. These are “ex-Jews” such as Gilad Azmon or Gerard Menuhin. I can not think of a more suicidal thing for a Jew to do, than to keep the truth down, now, in 2017, when the genie is way out of the bottle.

    1. Alfred,

      Great comment! Good luck to you and Monica. Hope you manage to survive the storms ahead!

  27. Hi Alfred,
    My sympathies are with the German people. They have been lied to and lied about for too long. The truth is gradually daawning.

  28. “Anti-Semites will suffer devastating professional consequences for their actions.”
    Missed in your otherwise excellent summation, is that the above statement constitutes a threat.
    In the UK:
    -The Public Order Act 1986: A person who uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting, is guilty of an offence if—

    (a) they intends thereby to stir up racial hatred, or

    (b) having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby.

    -The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 1994:

    (1) A person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause a person harassment, alarm or distress, he— (a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or (b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, thereby causing that or another person harassment, alarm or distress.

    A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or to both.

    -The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006: “A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred.”
    Section 29J:
    Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way which prohibits or restricts discussion, criticism or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions or the beliefs or practices of their adherents, or of any other belief system or the beliefs or practices of its adherents, or proselytising or urging adherents of a different religion or belief system to cease practising their religion or belief system. Subjective descriptions of a person’s actions or behaviour, however abhorrent, crass or objectionable, may not be considered an attempt to spread hate unless the motive is clearly defined as such.

    If Ms Chabloz is a practicing Christian, then the Jew Gideon Falter’s statement is in violation of all 3 of the the above acts on 2 grounds: 1) a religious Jew threatening a religious Christian; and 2) a racial Jew threatening a racial Caucasian. Perhaps Ms Chabloz should question why Falter has not been prosecuted, and sue the government for vexatious prosecution for exercising her rights under Section 29 above.

    1. Curmudgeon –

      A defense is in order.

      The burden of proof in on the proponent of the rule.

      That means the author would have to explicitly and accurately define “anti-semites” before anyone can be targeted for suit.

      Since “anti-semites” is based on fiction…. it fails. The case would be dismissed. It is baseless.

      1. To be more clear…

        The proponent of any rule has the burden of proof… which is true for either case.

        That applies particularly to the prosecutors. They need evidence to support claims. Those bringing counter-suits shoulder the same burden.

      2. Yes, he, who alleges, must prove. In this case, if memory serves me correctly, when Falter filed his original complaint, he identified Chabloz as an anti-Semite. If that is the case, the “anti-Semite” in his complaint, on the balance of probabilities, would be held to be the same as the “anti-Semite” in his tweet.
        The fact that Ms Chabloz was banned from the Fringe has caused her distress, and if Falter played any part in that, his threat has been carried out.

        While I recognize that “anti-Semite” is a weaponized canard, the fact that all “Western” (or should it be (((Western))) governments denounce anti-Semitism during debate, when passing “hate” laws, means that whether we think it is fiction is irrelevant. A judge called David Irving an anti-Semite. It has to have meaning at law.
        The case may well be dismissed, but for political, not legal reasons.

      3. According to latest reports, Gideon Falter is now a proven liar. His organization ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ (CAA) has deliberately cooked the statistics, claiming a phenomenal 44% increase in antisemitic incidents during the last two years in the UK. During the same week the Sunday Telegraph reported a big drop in antisemitic incidents during the same 2-year period!

        How about that?

        Apparently Jewish thugs belonging to ultra-Zionist organizations are going around masquerading as antisemites creating bogus antisemitic incidents. For example, two Jews will go into a supermarket, one dressed like a Jew, the other like a Muslim. The Jew disguised like a Muslim will then start abusing the Jew dressed like a Jew, calling him a f***ing kike” etc. etc.

        This will then be reported as an “antisemitic incident” to the police.

        Few of these alleged “antisemitic incidents” are actually investigated. To qualify as an “incident” all it needs is for someone to report it.

        Consequently there is a huge reporting of bogus antisemitic incidents fabricated by Jews.

      4. Jewish trolls will also post antisemitic abuse on Facebook and Twitter and then melt away into obscurity, but Gideon Falter’s CAA will then report the same bogus antisemitic incidents as genuine incidents.

        It only remains to be discovered if Gideon Falter’s CAA is acting in collusion with Jewish actor trolls to fabricate these incidents.
        I wouldn’t put it past him. This man needs investigating by the police. His computers should be seized and examined for incriminating emails.

    2. You have raised some interesting and useful legal arguments that should help Ms Chabloz, should her barrister take heed. More importantly, let’s hope she gets a Christian judge and not a filthy skype.


      If I were her barrister, I would certainly take this glorious opportunity to save Ms Chabloz and poor old England by simply bringing up the fact that King Edward I’s 1290 Edict of Expulsion was never legally rescinded!

      Wikipedia, that Jew infested but informative site, if you know how to read between the lines, that is, states that the Edict of Expulsion was “overturned by Oliver Cromwell in 1657.” Really?

      Cromwell was no king and therefore had no legal basis to “overturn it.”


      The Edict of Expulsion was a royal decree issued by King Edward I of England on 18 July 1290, expelling all Jews from the Kingdom of England. The expulsion edict remained in force for the rest of the Middle Ages. The edict was not an isolated incident, but the culmination of over 200 years of increased persecution. The edict was overturned during the Protectorate more than three centuries later, when Oliver Cromwell permitted Jews to return to England in 1657.

  29. On Sunday, two liars and Muslim haters, French president Emmanuel Macon and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Paris to mourn the 75th anniversary of the ethnic-cleansing of French Jews.

    According to the Holocaust Industry, on July 14, 1942, French police rounded up 13,152 French Jews who were later sent to death camps in Poland and other German occupied territories.

    Speaking near the former site of the Velodrome d’Hiver, the indoor cycle track from which the Jews were allegedly deported in 1942, Macron said: “It is indeed France that organized. Not a single German took part.”

    It seems Macon agrees with Netanyahu’s Holocaust story that it were Palestinians who committed Holocaust.

  30. I was brainwashed from 1945 to 1990 and believed the official holocaust story. The internet opened my mind to reality, that the holocaust was mainly, if not entirely, a myth. No doubt there were atrocities on both sides, but the Germans were demonized by the Jews, where Jews had committed mass murder in Russia.

    This young lady has only pointed out what many people now know. If she is sent to jail we could all be joining her; jailed for speaking your mind.

    George Orwell, save us.

    Zionism is our Big Brother

  31. I occasionally check the ADL website to find who is newly targeted as evil, it is a great way to discover new people and new (((gatekeepers))).
    Here young Tara McCarthy discusses achieving the ADL list (as well as Enoch and Milo…jew wife, jew).
    Then Tara drops her identity at the 12:48min mark.
    Always watch for the false persecutions to create false icons, stay true to the genuine and honest goy, NEVER donate to a gatekeeper.
    Alison Chabloz uses humour and mockery wonderfully, it gets them into a frenzy and they just cannot control themselves.

  32. holocaustianity is a religion.
    as such it has to be fiction.
    and it must be accepted by its followers as a fiction; something that can never be proven.
    its adherents do not limit themselves to facts and they are therefor as unreasonable as they please.
    they use their ‘religion’ for whatever are their political purposes.

  33. Have you forgotten the total genocide orchestrated under the orders of Emperor Hadrian effectively in 135 CE. Add to the humiliation in early 136 when he arrived in the region, he changed the name to Siria Palaestina. This is fully well proven documented history ladies and gentleman. Another aspect we have to take into serious consideration. When and in what moment before the annihilation, the extinct Judeans had Eastern European last names. Most prominently German and Polish. The answer. NEVER. Who says the we cannot do a repeat of that one. Even with the fact 1,882 years have gone by. All the six generals he summoned back then. Guess what. Will be back again. Represented in all of us.

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