Bloodbath in Las Vegas: Deadliest Mass Shooting in US history

These reports of the Las Vegas massacre have been compiled from various mainstream newspapers by Lasha Darkmoon but edited for brevity. (Total length: 1900 words). Other material, including a 6-minute video, has been added to this presentation in order to suggest that something more sinister could be going on here — something that will undoubtedly be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”. 

Stephen Paddock, 64 (pictured)

A “lone wolf” gunman carried out America’s deadliest mass shooting in a meticulously planned attack after waiting for three days in a hotel suite before striking at a festival crowd of 22,000.

Stephen Paddock, 64, killed at least 59 people and injured a further 527 when he fired on concert-goers from the vantage point of a 32nd-floor hotel room in Las Vegas.

Armed with as many as 23 weapons, including semi-automatic rifles, Paddock opened fire at 10.08pm on Sunday in a shooting spree that lasted between five and 10 minutes.

As police prepared to storm his hotel room, Paddock committed suicide by turning one of the guns on himself.

With the motive still unknown, police were scouring Paddock’s personal life for clues.

Donald Trump described the massacre as an “act of pure evil” but sidestepped calls for tighter gun laws. His spokesman later said Mr Trump stood by the Second Amendment which guarantees the “right to bear arms”.

Isil repeatedly said it was responsible for the attack, claiming that Paddock had converted to Islam in the past few months. The terrorist group described him as a “martyr”, who was using the Arabic name Abu Abdul al-Bar al-Amriki. Both police and the FBI said they were still seeking a motive and added that Paddock was not known to be connected to any terrorist group.

Police said Paddock had checked into the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Hotel on Thursday and then waited until the final act of the last night of a three-day country music festival when crowds were at their peak.

Joseph Lombardo, the local sheriff for Clark County, said: “Right now, we believe it’s a sole actor, a lone-wolf-type actor.”

Aaron Rouse, an FBI special agent, said: “As this event unfolds, we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group.”

This graphic shows how Stephen Paddock took aim (top left) from his window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel before firing indiscriminately into a crowd of 22,000 festivalgoers. Police SWAT teams arrived at his room almost two hours later, blowing their way through the doors to find his lifeless body inside after he had turned a gun on himself

One possible theory, according to local reports, was that Paddock had made “several large gambling transactions in recent weeks”, suggesting he may have been a disgruntled punter who had racked up huge debts. His brother, Eric Paddock, last night said he had been a multimillionaire real-estate investor.

An official speaking to Reuters said Paddock, who had no known criminal record, had a “history of psychological problems”. Despite this, he bought his arsenal legally, including hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Paddock’s father was a “psychopathic” serial bank robber who was once on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. Eric Paddock said his brother’s massacre was baffling. “We have no idea. We’re horrified. We’re bewildered and our condolences go out to the victims,” he said.

President Trump condemned the shooting, saying: “He [Paddock] brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. It was an act of pure evil.”

He added: “To the families of the victims: We are praying for you and we are here for you, and we ask God to help see you through this very dark period.”

Pope Francis said he was “deeply saddened by this senseless tragedy”.

Jason Aldean, the country and western star, was on stage when Paddock started firing on the venue, about 400 yards from his hotel room.  Video footage shows him diving for cover.  Crowds ran, scaling fences to seek refuge under the stage or beneath parked cars close to the venue. Some were trampled in the race for survival.

Police said they found 23 guns in the gunman’s room, according to The New York Times. They included two weapons mounted on tripods at the windows and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Witnesses praised the heroic actions of military veterans in the crowd who used their skills to save lives “by plugging bullet-holes with their fingers”.

Off-duty police officers, at least one of whom was killed, bravely stood tall among the audience, making themselves targets by doing so, in order to direct music fans to safety.

In its claim, Isil said that Paddock, who lived in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, about 80 miles from Las Vegas, was a recent convert.

According to the terror group’s news agency, Amaq, the attack was carried out by a “soldier” of the caliphate “in response to calls to target coalition countries.” In a later statement, Isil said he had an Arabic name and “asks God to accept him”.

Isil often claims attacks by individuals inspired by its message but with no known links to the group.Police said Paddock had checked into the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Hotel on Thursday and then waited until the final act of the last night of a three-day country music festival when crowds were at their peak.


—  §  —


Country music star Jason Aldean was performing on stage at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival when lone gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire on the 22,000 people gathered.

About 10pm: Paddock smashes out two windows on the 32nd floor with a hammer-like implement and opens fire with his arsenal of at least 19 weapons – including fully automatic weapons.

10.08pm: First phone call to police that shots had been fired at the festival outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.
10.38pm: Police in Las Vegas say that they are ‘investigating reports of an active shooter’ near to the Mandalay Bay.
11.08pm: Las Vegas police confirm they have shut down a portion of The Strip
11.20pm: SWAT teams storm the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was firing from. They gained entry using flashbangs designed to stun the shooter. Officers entered the room and found he had taken his own life. Seventy-two minutes elapsed from the first 911 call to Paddock being found dead.
11.20pm: Hundreds of people began being transported to hospitals in Las Vegas
11.32pm: McCarran International Airport announced it was diverting flights destined for the city.
11.34pm: Interstate 15 in and out of Las Vegas was shut down for a time.
11.56pm: Hospitals in Las Vegas said that at least two people were dead and 24 were injured of which 12 were critical.
12.01am: Almost two hours after the first emergency call police confirmed that one suspect was ‘down’.
1.06am: The Southern California police department say that one of their officers is among the injured.
1.34am: At this point the death toll dramatic rises to 20 people injured and 100 injured.
1.54am: Police in Las Vegas says that two of their officers who were off-duty were among the dead.
2.13am: Investigators say that they are looking for the ‘roommate’ of the shooter – Marilou Danley and describe her as a person of interest.
3.30am: Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo announces that the death toll is now at least 50 dead and 200 injured – making this the deadliest shooting in US history
6.30am: Investigators say they have located Marilou Danley and say that she is overseas and is not longer a person of interest.
9.30am: Sheriff provides another update and says that the death toll is now in excess of 58 and that 515 people are injured.

—  §  —

Stephen Lendman suggests something more “sinister” is going on.


Information Clearing House. 3 October 2017.  On Sunday, reportedly at least 59 people were killed, another 527 injured in a mass shooting incident during a concert near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Police blamed a lone gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, called a “local resident,” reportedly firing from a window on the Mandalay hotel’s 32nd floor. Raw video footage from a taxi driver showed muzzle flashes from the 4th floor. The Harvest Music Festival took place across the street.

Did he take his own life as Las Vegas police claimed or did SWAT team members lethally shoot him? His brother, Eric, said: “There is no reason we can imagine why Stephen would do something like this.”

“We have no idea how this happened. It’s like an asteroid just fell on top of our family.” Stephen was “not an avid gun guy at all…He had no military background or anything like that.”

Police located Marilou Danley’s whereabouts, living outside America, thought to be his “companion” and “roommate,” calling her a “person of interest.” She’s not considered a suspect.

City police tweeted overnight: “Confirming that one suspect is down. This is an active investigation. Please do not head down to the Strip at this time.”

Was it a lone wolf attack or something more sinister? It’s too soon to know. One gunman able to kill or wound hundreds of people single-handedly raises suspicions.

Nearly two dozen rifles and other firearms allegedly found in his room begs an obvious question. How could anyon get them into the hotel unnoticed? How many suitcases and/or satchels are needed to transport this arsenal, along with munitions?

Dead men tell no tales, so his account of what happened won’t be told. Witnesses on the scene suggested multiple shooters. One unnamed individual insisted there were more than one. It would seem likely given the high casualty count.

Even using a semi-automatic weapon, one shooter able to cause this much carnage singlehandedly begs a couple of questions. Were others involved? Was the incident as reported or a false flag?

Note: ISIS claiming responsibility for the Las Vegas shootings is meaningless. America supports the terrorist group. Why would it bite the hand feeding it!

On Monday, the FBI said Paddock has no connection to ISIS. What’s behind Sunday’s carnage remains to be revealed.

The official account has a familiar disturbing aroma. Was Paddock a convenient patsy? He’s not around to tell his side.



There is a report of a woman pushing through the festival crowds, 45 minutes before the atrocity occurred, warning people they were about to die. She is described as Hispanic, about 5ft 5in, with brown hair. Apparently accompanied by her Hispanic boyfriend, her behavior was described as distinctly “crazy”. She was playing with people’s hair and screaming: “YOU’RE ALL GONNA F****** DIE TODAY!”
What became of her and her boyfriend is not clear, but it seems she and her companion may have been escorted from the scene by security officers who thought they were no more than high-spirited troublemakers.
Source of report: Eyewitness Brianna Hendricks, from Springfield, Colorado.
— Daily Mail, October 3, 2017, p. 6 

The “blame game” has already begun, with the two chief candidates for hatred being lined up. The first is the increasingly hated White Male, now widely portrayed as a “White Supremacist” whenever he puts his head above the parapet and draws attention to himself in any way. The second is the average Muslim, almost universally seen as a secret jihadist with sympathies for ISIS.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the psychopath (or patsy) involved in this attack, Stephen Paddock, is both white and has been accused of conversion to Islam and a sinister connection with ISIS — a terrorist organization, ironically, that is universally condemned as the enemy of Western civilization and is yet known to be financed and fully supported by the US government and the state of Israel.  

VIDEO  :  6 mins

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  1. There is the possibility that he was a ‘patsy’. The real perpertrators could have killed him and dumped hid body on the 32nd floor with the 23 guns. Besides these videos below proves that the shots came from the 4th floor which proves the story given is false.

    Again it is Rita Katz and the SITE group who say ISIS claim responsibility and she is Jewish, her father was a Mossad agent. Was it Mossad who did it? The Jewish Zionists hate Whites and Muslims.

    1. An average type American, if he does convert to Islam, he doesn’t turn into an Islamic Jihadist just like that. Islamic Jihad is something in the blood and average White Americans, whatever their/our faults, don’t have Islamic Jihad in their/our blood, even the ones who do convert to Islam, they’re just not Islamic Jihadist types. Plus, if Paddock did convert to Islam and did have Islamic Jihadist impulses, one would think his family and friends and neighbors would have noticed a big change in their relative and friend and neighbor Paddock, but his family and friends and neighbors say nothing about him converting to Islam, let alone converting to Islam and turning into a die-hard islamic Jihadist. Can’t be an Islamic Jihadist and have NO ONE around you not notice you’re on Islamic Jihad. So yes, Katz is TOTALLY full of shit, and so is everyone else who labels Paddock a Muslim and an Islamic Jihadist, TOTAL BULLSHIT.

  2. Why did it take LVPD one hour and 12 minutes to reach the hotel room? Are they that incompetent or was someone holding them back?

    Why did the details of his death change three times? The first story that came out early Monday morn was that the shooter(s) had escaped. Then it changed to the cops shooting the assassin. Now it’s he committed suicide?

    That’s the problem with a LIE, the facts keep changing.

    Five Things That Don’t Add up About the Las Vegas Shooting

    #4) Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze?

    Why do I get the feeling this was done by the same SOBs who pulled off the 9/11 False Flag?

    1. i BLT for lunch , so ,i will go with you . no one in the hotel noticed the blocked exits ? one security guard ? no cameras in a place this populated with strangers ?


      his campaign promise to open 911 , and Bush was responsible it was on his watch is now guilty of withholding info in a murder case . Death by hanging . He is not a moron , rats don’t have human characteristics .


    2. The same people who pulled off the 9/11 false flag – that would be Mossad and the American deep state, then.

      False flag attacks are the house specialty, after all.

  3. Now the USA has what Australia experienced – the incredible lone gunman scenario of the Port Arthur massacre on 28 April 1996, a matter that to this day has not been settled, except solidly settled in legal concrete with just a few individuals still chipping away at it in order to discover the true facts of the absurdly formulated official narrative.

  4. Any proficient rifleman knows he could strike (likely kill) fifty targets at 400 yards – especially congested in a boxed-in crowd – using no more than an M-14 (.308/7.62×51), equipped with three 20-round magazines – set on semi-automatic, in the time allotted. A shooter proficient with a belt-fed M60 machine gun, or equivalent, could kill a LOT more in the same situation. There was certainly no rhyme or reason why some nutcase would tote 23 firearms to a 32nd floor hotel room, planning such an atrocity (if this act were, indeed, “planned” by an individual). It is remarkable – and significant – that the number “23” is the “death number” in
    numerology. Maybe there is a hidden message?? (Perhaps the excited woman who kept telling people in the crowd they were “gonna die tonight” had been a participant in the preparation ceremonies by some Satanic cult!). Remember: It is SOP for such groups to give esoteric warnings….)

    1. I think Paddock’s kill rate was as high as it is because of his elevation relative to his targets. As you probably know, from the 32nd floor, shooting down, bullet drop is seriously diminished and accuracy increases. His targets were 300-400 yards out. Even a that distance he could shoot with some accuracy.

      I replied to Franklin’s post regarding the woman saying everyone was going to die. See it below.

    2. More likely a cleaning woman who overheard ‘stuff’ while rooting about unseen in A janitors closet.

  5. Some alt-media webmasters/commentators are saying the Vegas shooting is a MOSSAD operation. The same ones who tell us Trump is in bed with Netanyahu. Yet, the Vegas shooting can only undermine Trump vis-a-vis The Left and all those who want to impeach Trump — the Establishment’s MSM will make sure to use the shooting to undermine and weaken Trump and use it as yet another excuse , “justification”, to try to impeach him — so why would Netanyahu who is a bed-mate of Trump give his seal of approval to a Mossad mass shooting which would only serve to undermine and weaken Trump his bedmate? The only way we can have both premises hold up together, Netanyahu and Trump are in bed together AND the MOSSAD did the Vegas shooting, is if Netanyahu doesn’t have as much say and as much control over the MOSSAD as we’re told he does — that’s another premise in the alt-media, that Netanyahu is The Boss of the MOSSAD [ I’m not sure if that’s true or not, I’m not an expert on the inner workings of the Israeli government ] . The Vegas shooting is much more likely to be the work of George Soros, Hellary, Obama, the Chicago COMMUNISTS, and ilk.

    1. I would argue that technically there is no such thing as the “Israeli” government. They are a group of militaristic Zionist fascists that are in illegal occupation of Palestine. But that is another story.

      As far as the tragedy in Vegas goes, I think it was set up to instigate an attack on the second amendment.
      Apparently gunshots were also coming from two other directions at the same time, but Mr Paddock is the only person mentioned. Audio analysis of footage has indicated more than one person shooting at the same time. Some shots were coming from the hotel, and some from closer to ground level, or even from on the ground.

      I have got to the stage where I no longer believe anything any government tells me. Just because Donald Trump is President, does not mean he is in charge.

      I am sorry for the lives that were lost. But this was an attack staged for the forthcoming attack upon the second amendment. And once that is gone, the American Republic is finished.
      I suggest people defend themselves whilst they can.

  6. Check the death records in Vegas for names of actual victims. Review it weekly. Fraud will surface.

    1. Also check out the interviews with some of the alleged “victims” in the hospital. I saw one where a man who supposedly had half his leg blown off just hours before was oh so willing to talk about it as if he were relating some quirky thing that happened to him at an outdoor event

      It reminded me of the guy who allegedly had both legs blown off below the knees during the Boston marathon incident being driven away in a wheelchair fully conscious and upright with the grim countenance of an actor playing a role. Probably an amputee who was well-paid for his performance.

      1. KAREN :

        Yes, you’re right, “Spot On!” is unlike me, this is true. “Spot On!” is my feeble attempt to try to “appear” smart and saavy, kewl and hip. It’s also unlike me to agree with Pat, LOL. But I do give credit where credit is due and sometimes, YES!, Pat has The Correct View [ though just not as much as he thinks he does, lol ].

  7. Furthermore, a standard belt-case of military ammo for an M60 machine gun comes packed with every fourth round in the belt consisting of a tracer round. This is to ensure stability of the train of fire. It is unavailable to the civilian market, which indicates, to me, that IF the weapon used (which is what it sounds like) was a medium machine gun – M60 or equivalent – it was likely supplied by amateur means. Also, according to law, anyone transporting such a weapon legally is REQUIRED by BATFE to notify the authorities, besides having a tax receipt for its purchase accompanying the transport. Obviously, this particular weapon was present by unlawful and illegitimate means, anyway. Making new “gun laws” will not inhibit such planned acts. If this was a conspired act, it was well-planned to cause confusion among investigators, and to mislead the ignorant.

    1. “Obviously, this particular weapon was present by unlawful and illegitimate means, anyway.”

      There were no full-automatic, machine guns, use by Paddock. The guns used were legally purchased semi-auto rifles fitted with bump stocks. This is why he slow cycle rate during the shooting. A full-auto gun would have a higher cycle rate, more lead would have been flying.

      1. I have fired enough fully automatic weapons to know the sound, Gilroy. A medium machine gun does NOT have the cyclic rate of a sub-machine gun. As far as a “bump stock” is concerned, there is NONE capable of sustained fire with any certitude of accuracy at 400 yards, either.

  8. Henry Makow contradicts the gunman’s brother who declared Stephen had no religious or political connections. According to Makow, a video of the violent antifa crowd taken recently shows Stephen dressed in pink complete with anti-Trump sign. See the video, which appears to show him. Makow says antifa is virulently anti-white and the concert was basically white people enjoying country music. The Gold Coast based, Australian woman who was his latest partner recently had large amounts of money deposited in her account in the Phillipines. The question is: What did she think of all Stephens guns? And why did she rush off to the Phillipines? But the bigger subject remains 9/11 which was done by the American Congress in coop with Israel and the Saudis. If you can’t solve that you will never understand all the red herrings that are about to be put in your way regarding your understanding of Stephen and his girlfriend. The same thing was done with Australia’s Mr Bryant, a mental retard who could hardly load a gun; but who just happened to be at Port Arthur on the day the police were sent across country on a wild goose chase.

  9. Usual false flag. So many inconsistencies hidden in plain view. That hotel evidently didnt have security. The walls to his room must have been pretty thick. I doubt that most weapons with belt-fed fully automatic ammo can be fitted with silencers. The noise must have been deafening and yet it took almost 2 hours for police to arrive. I, at this moment, feel like crying and laughing at the same time.

  10. The curious ethnic composition of this obvious false flag attack can be understood if the objectives of the real perpetrators (i.e. International Jewry) are understood. Those objectives are :

    1) The disarmament of the public of all white countries, but especially the US with its ingrained gun culture and second amendment. Hence the clamor for gun control after each such mass shooting.

    2) The defeat all neighbors of Israel to secure its regional hegemony by instigating a “Global War on Terror”. For this purpose 9/11 was perpetrated and all subsequent “Muslim terrorist attacks” (London, Bali, Madrid etc.). Because the destruction of Syria didn’t go according to plan, ISIS was created. Now that Syria has nearly been liberated, the Jews still hope ISIS can be of some use in that country. Therefore ISIS had to claim this attack, a sure sign that it was a false flag, because ISIS itself is a false flag organization.

    2) If the perpetrator would be an Arab, the white public would be prejudiced against Muslims, and part of the Jewish plan for the West is mass non-white immigration, among others from Muslim countries. Therefore the so called perpetrator had to be “a white man who converted to Islam”.

    3) The victims had to be predominantly white (which is mostly the case at Country & Western concerts) because it is mostly white men who enlist in the army to fight wars for Israel.

    4) Then there is the curious case of the two Hispanic warners*. This can be understood as a measure to prevent a “racist backlash” against non-Whites in the immediate neighbourhood of the attack. In the SW of the US those are of course the Hispanics. By warning the white public in advance the impression would be created : “Hispanics are on our side”. The Jews don’t want a race war of Whites against Hispanics, on the contrary they want to flood the country with more of them.

    5) So this obvious false-flag-for-gun-control has several side functions with an ethnic composition that can be understood if the global agenda of the Jews is understood.

    * If those two Hispanics were real warners how did they know in advance that the attack would happen ? Either they were originally part of the plot and repented, or they were not but saw the preparations. But why then did they not go to the police instead of screaming to the crowd ?

    1. Another obvious point is the two windows broken out well away from each other. Apparently this guy must have had a pretty large suite of rooms. And why would just one shooter go back and forth between the two broken windows? Did he have machine guns in place at both locations? Or did he decide not to use one?

      1. “Another obvious point is the two windows broken out well away from each other.”

        The guy knew what he was doing. He used different guns (different sounds) from the two different locations (different echoes) knowing it would cause confusion locating him.

      2. I’ve never used one of those bump-fire stocks, but from what I’ve seen and heard, they can be difficult to use. Unless a person has a lot of practice using them, I can see the shooter being distracted by concentrating on the mechanics of making it work rather than concentrating on the target.

        It seems to me that if he knew what he was doing, he would’ve used one of those crank-type trigger activator things, or better yet, converted the guns to fire full auto. But with the money he supposedly had, he could’ve just bought a machine gun or a registered auto-sear for one of his guns.

      3. Correct, Harold. (I know you hate for me to agree with you – but what the hell…)
        Moreover, a legally-bought M60 sells for about $25K, and a legally owned H&K MP5 submachine gun sells for around $7K, an Uzi fetches around $3500, and a good ol’ AK47 selective fire sells under $3,000.
        Any decent gunsmith can file off the trigger sear and make a semi-auto into a full auto very quickly. (I’ve even experienced an Auto 5 Browning shotgun with a worn-out sear, which would “machine gun” on the first pull! 🙌

    2. “If those two Hispanics were real warners how did they know in advance that the attack would happen ?”

      They did not know. The two Hispanics pushed their way to the front of the crowd repeatedly saying, “They are all around you. Everyone is going to die.”

      Where they were, the people were packed in pretty tight. The Hispanics were short, 5-ft 6-in-ish, shorter than the white folks around them. The male Hispanic was having trouble breathing. Could it be the female was saying, “They are all around you.” meaning the people packed in there? Could, “Everyone is going to die.” meaning the people were packing in too tight to breathe?

      The male Hispanic’s difficulty breathing was the reason they were escorted out, not because anyone felt threatened or was causing a disturbance.

  11. There’s lots about this emerging “story” that raises a red flag for me. For example, what’s the point of bringing 23 guns to the hotel room? I can see a prudent mass-murderer having a few spare weapons on hand, but 23? That’s ridiculous.

    And why stop at some arbitrary point during the atrocity and commit suicide? Presumably there were still some targets in the area and still some ammo left, so why not go down shooting? Why not rampage through the hotel and let the cops do the eventual “suicide”?

    Sometimes it seems that the ridiculous story lines and contradictory claims of these atrocities are a deliberate taunt, directed at thinking people. (BTW I wonder if Noah Pozner, who seems to have a propensity for being killed in mass shootings, was among the victims)?

    Anyway, with a Trojan horse in the White House it seems we’re being setup for another “gun control” push. But even if this is just a case of a “lone nut” (a contemporary rendition of the Charles Whitman massacre?) our masters will no doubt try to take advantage of it, perhaps using it as convenient cover for Trump to back away from his pre-election pro 2nd amendment rhetoric.

    1. “And why stop at some arbitrary point during the atrocity and commit suicide?”

      Paddock had security cameras to monitor the hallway while shooting. His suite was at the end of a hallway. He saw when SWAP came down the hallway. He was shooting through the door at SWAP. He kill himself just before they breached the door.

      1. Gilroy,
        It’s SWAT not SWAP. And how do you know he was shooting through the door at them? That was not reported, was it?

      2. He wasn’t shooting at the people outside for a full hour and twenty minutes was he? (I’m assuming that the crowd would’ve cleared out after the first few minutes).

        And if he planned to die anyway, why not shoot it out with the cops?

      3. FoW,

        Yes, shooting through the door has been reported.

        Hey, anything that gets past spell-check is good to go.

      4. The shooting through the door was early in the attack. The person shot was a hotel security guy, not the police.

  12. The big boys are smart. They know us.

    These types of planned events will cause more gun and ammunition sales. MORE $$$$ on Christmas gifts..!!

    1. It occurred to me too. Experienced shepherds know sheep well. First sell, then ban and confiscate – that would be double profit: milk and wool!

  13. As with any (mass) murder scene it is important to look at the data before jumping to conclusions. One calculation has approximately 2.5 rounds fired per second, a strong indication of more than one shooter. Another report has a man wearing a “SECURITY” jacket near Mr. Paddocks room, possibly shot by police, this from an Australian guest staying next to the room of Mr. Paddock, and the suggestion of his being a second shooter. The Hispanic girl wasn’t the only one issuing threats/warnings – a 4chan user named only “John” warned people to stay away from Las Vegas, three warnings were posted on Monday September 11 of a “high incident project’ that would take place soon – this is online.

    It is far too early to determine with any precision guilt and motive beyond causing a bloodbath and inspire fear. While gathering data beware of planted false leads. If the MSM refuses ANY examination of conflicting credible reports that would be one of the most damning aspects of all; Zionist wire pullers are, as is usually the case, at the top of the list of persons of interest. It’s their brazen and bloody track record.

    1. “One calculation has approximately 2.5 rounds fired per second, a strong indication of more than one shooter.”

      Paddock’s semi-auto guns were fitted with bump stocks. A bump stock is a mechanical means to achieve a rate of fire, with a semi-automatic rifle, consistent with the estimation you mention.

      1. @Gilroy Kelly

        I wouldn’t use the word “consistent” quite yet. There are other problems – barrel overheating, reloading, we still don’t know which of the guns was/were used. One of the biggest problems is the audio from the taxi driver – the sounds are much like a shooter and a ‘shadow’ shooter using a different firearm. Then the reports from Guests of lobby shootings in other Hotels.

      2. Winston,

        If you watch (listen to) any of the videos from the concert, the rapid shooting happens for only one clip. Then, there is about a 30 second break, then the rapid shooting starts again. The break in shooting was him putting down the gun, walking between the two windows, picking up another gun, pop in a clip, getting into position (prone, with a bipod on the gun), and start shooting again. No idea how many of the 23 guns he had in the room he actually used. With multiple guns being used, the over-heating of a gun barrel is easily avoided.

        The guy really thought this out. He knew exactly what he was going to do and how best to go about doing it.

      3. Gilroy,

        Very possibly, and I know what a bump stock is. No one is disputing the presence in the leaked photos of bump stock mountings. What is open to question is the the official narrative, which MAY or MAY NOT be accurate. What I’m suggesting is don’t ‘Rush to Judgement’, look at ALL reports, not selectively. The audio you refer to and the one I’m referring to among several are not necessarily conclusive. and What Really are presenting reports that should be examined by any credible news organization. Australian tourist Brian Hodges report aired briefly on Euro News today, then was pulled with no explanation – either way. His report is PARTIALLY presented by UK online services like “the Guardian” but the full one is only on alternative media.

  14. cameras on every floor
    any videos released by the hotel
    of paddock or his bellman
    hauling stuff to his room

  15. Well, we’ve never solved the JFK assassination nor the 9/11 mystery. And I doubt if the authorities will solve this one either. If the powers-that-be do not want this Los Vegas tragedy to be solved, they will double down on the crazy white lone gunman theory, and only the sheeple will believe it.

    1. How can they resolve something they are involved in, either actively or by omission?

    2. It is simple to solve the JFK assassination, just examine who had the motive to risk a covert assassination of a sitting president and then examine the most noticeable hostile race surrounding operation.

      1962 Dimona, a facility whose existence Jews vehemently denied at that time.

      The gold standard Kennedy was proposing in 1963.

      (1) Name another group that had anywhere near this level a motivation to murder a sitting president.

      (2) Name another group that had/has sufficient influence in the American government to incorporate the secret service and other federal agencies, required in such a subversive plot.

      Arthur Krimm – Jew – LBJ’s closest advisor.
      Abraham Zapruder – Jew – Film maker that just happened to be onsite with his camera to make the film used in the Warren Commission investigation.
      Jack Rubinstein – Jew – Oswald’s assassin
      C.D. Jackson – unknown – “Syke-warfare” expert who orchestrated the Buchenwald lie. Later editor of life magazine who purchased the Zapruder film used for the investigation.

      These are just a few of the leading figures – No doubt there are many more.

      Normally a crazy Jew jumps out of a crowd to fire a deadly bullet. JFK was rather unique in the use of a “lone gunman” dupe firing from long distance. No doubt Jews did not want to direct any unneeded attention to themselves in this matter.

      1. Arch,
        I totally agree with what you say about Kennedy. Proving it is another matter. Most all of the actors and witnesses are dead by now, so, legally it is no doubt too late. With more stuff to be released soon by the government, I’ve heard that some pages mysteriously came up missing. Where have we heard that one before?

  16. (Serious comments)
    I sincerely wish peace to the victims relatives.

    This guy was a patsie who neither had the stamina, the skills, nor the evil passion to get such an atrocity done.

    Given these spook organised events are now worldwide I fail to see why anyone would pay to go to a sand blasted spot and listen to a singer, even if it was Pavarotti!
    (/Serious comments)

    Nowadays all men have an excuse not to go to the mall shopping. We all now have an excuse not to follow the herd to dangerous places of worship on a religious festival. Religions must find some other means of conferring religious credits. The contribution box must be replaced by electronic debit. These are some of the positives to the ‘War on Terra’.

    A minor reflection is that … along with the virgins and long Arabic names (Abu Abdul al-Bar al-Amriki ) one can almost understand why jihadi johnnies join up. Yes, virgins are attractive, but those long Arabic names aggrandize and caress the ego all day long!

  17. The photo of the dead man on the floor in the hotel doesn’t have the neck tattoo that Stephen Paddock has, it looks like the number 13 ???

  18. I’m glad Darkmoon and Administration covered this horrifying event because the official story is surely wrong–in fact evil. But first I want to say that the way people helped each other during this horror show, and the way that men died for their girlfriends and wives by lying on top of them shows that loving kindness still exists and chivalry is not dead. This crowd of country music fans were really wonderful people, and I am sick at heart for what happened to them.

    I have over the years grown suspicious of all these types of slaughters because it does seem to be the deep state doing it and they always have a sinister agenda. These events I suspect are done by military contractors trained in guerrilla warfare and amped up on amphetamines. I say this because the military aspect never adds up. In this case, the 64 year old guy hauls a ton of weapons up to the 32nd floor, alone, and without detection. The military experts who analyzed the story said that none of the weapons in his room would have made the sound of an automatic weapon that can be heard in the videos. Also, the guy was at first shooting into the dark and yet hitting people and supposedly he had no military training and no experience with guns–I guess he had a hunting license.
    Later someone turned on the lights—to make shooting easier??? Why would the lights be turned from the stage to the field. What about the machine gun fire coming from lower down on the fourth floor? Also, Paddock was said to have installed video cameras around the hotel… Huh?

    But what really hit me in this case was the view from his window looking down on the pyramid of Luxor, the sphinx, and the obelisk onto the field—it was like a stage of an occult event. So.. these are the numbers: he was on the 32nd floor and there are 32 paths on the Lurianic Tree of Life. There were 22,000 people at the concert, a number repeated over and over again. I can’t imagine that there were exactly 22,000 people, not 22,150, or whatever, but anyone this is part of the staged narrative. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. The event occurred one day after the end of the Jewish holidays in the Hebrew year 5778, and according to the Jewish holiday website this has special meaning since these numbers equal the temperature of the sun. The 9 11 call came in at 10:08, and 108 is a foundation number in the ancient world since 108 times 2= 216, or 6x6x6, the perfect cube. Also, 216 is the approximate diameter of the moon in miles, 108 being the radius. Strangely, cubits and miles have a correlation (don’t understand it but they do). This was a harvest festival, and apparently there are pagan rites that have to do with blood sacrifice around this time. The killer’s last name was Paddock. Paddock is from medieval English and means enclosed field, or meadow. For some reason there were no exists out of the enclosed killing field. As I write this I find it hard to believe–how can that be that everyone had to jump over a fence to get out??? Makes no sense. Every event, theatre, whatever has exits, but not here, there don’t seem to be exists. The time line is full of number fragments packed with occult lore–132, 56, etc. etc. This may not have any meaning but it might.

    I’m not saying that there is any authenticity to any of this in an ontological or even historical sense. The Egyptians didn’t stage blood sacrifices, that was not their thing. The Lurianic Kabbalah fell into the subculture of the Jewish heretic, Jacob Frank, who converted to Catholicism and infiltrated the secret society of the Illuminati. This is not rabbinic Judaism by a million miles. It’s occult fantasy, theatre, Hollywood horror, with no intellectual foundation. And it is the fingerprint of the deep state that think in some part of their evil minds that this is funny.

    1. Normally, I would say this is totally off-the-wall malarkey – but then I realize you are talking about Jews, where everyone and everything is beyond the pale.

      1. Jews are heavily engaged in numerology. It’s part of their Qaballah. You will find symbolical numbers in all their false flags.

      2. Hi Arch,

        I actually am writing a book that involves the history of the occult. So… it is “off the wall”…and it is “malarkey”..but it also has believers. Certain numbers like 22, 32, etc. are embedded in the theology of this subculture making it identifiable, like a fingerprint. The secret society of the Bavarian Illuminati founded in 1776 was infiltrated by the Jewish heretical sect Frankism that combined messianism with Lurianic kabbalah, their motto was redemption through sin. The idea was to convert into other religions–Islam (Ishmael) and Christianity (Edom) in order to subvert them. The three main principles of Frankism were: Life, Wealth, and Death. Every law of the Jewish Torah is to be subverted in order to bring about redemption–like shooting the moon in Hearts. The messiah will come either when everything is good or everything is bad and since virtue will never win (or so goes the thinking) every evil act must be committed in order to have a Messianic golden future age. The French Revolution adopted the tenants of the Illuminati–abolish all religions, abolish all laws except (their) laws, complete nihilism. Sometimes it’s hard to trace because many Frankists became incredibly powerful–you can imagine when one of the basic principles is “wealth.” It’s a form of gnosticism, too, so the creation is evil and needs to perish. It’s racist to the core and anti-Christian. And it hides behind many masks like freemasonry, or occult revivals, or maybe even “non-profits.” The pyramid became it’s symbol because of the Greco Egyptian fantasies of the 19th Century, before anyone cracked the code of Egyptian script…. So, it is 90% fake, made up, and yet hard to unmask because they are anti- moral code and will kill anyone. It can, though, be traced up through the middle of the 20th Century so probably is still alive in Hollywood land.

        This event uses the symbolism of occult Frankism, illuminati, but was done in my opinion by contracted mercenaries. Don’t forget the Rothschild dynasty began by financing and profiting from mercenaries…. The original Rothschild was best friends with Frederick the Great of Prussia who provided Hessian soldiers to the British during the American revolution. Judaism is merely one of the masks. Nothing could be worse for the Jews in the long run than shielding these heretical nihilists.

  19. From a story now up on The Duran:

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal has obtained information that Stephen Paddock, the suspect in the largest mass shooting in modern US history was prescribed a powerful psychotropic drug called diazepam in June of this year, just under four months prior to the shooting.

    This fits a decades long trend among mass shooters and others who engage in cruel and unusual criminal acts being on powerful, yet legal psychotropic drugs.

    This means that the Duran accurately predicted two crucial realities in respect of the suspect’s profile, first of all that there was a connection to Philippines where an almost identical shooting took place 4 months prior to the Vegas massacre and secondly, that suspect Stephen Paddock was likely taking powerful psychotropic drugs. Both of these claims have now been confirmed.

    1. With respect, this is hyperbole unsupported by reference both to the well appreciated Pharmacology of ethanol (beverage alcohol) and of benzodiazepines (selective, not general central nervous system [CNS] depressants):
      “The Las Vegas Review-Journal has obtained information that Stephen Paddock, the suspect in the largest mass shooting in modern US history was prescribed a powerful psychotropic drug called diazepam in June of this year, just under four months prior to the shooting.”
      Benzodiazepines act on the same receptor complexes (GABA) in the human brain as ethanol does. One of the first offered by Big Pharma along with chlordiazepoxide [Librium], diazepam (recall Valium anyone??) serves as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), muscle relaxant, and, depending on dose, a sleeping aid. To wave red flags for this relatively benign chemical is ridiculous, in my opinion (Ph.D., Pharmacology). The whole “drug-violence” meme seems a ploy to me.

      1. I can confirm that diazepam is a pretty harmless drug unlikely to drive anyone to mass murder. It was prescribed to me in hospital after a minor operation to help me get a good night’s sleep in a noisy ward. I took it for maybe 5-6 days and stopped after checking out of the hospital. No withdrawal symptoms, no addiction, nothing adverse whatever. A pretty benign drug IMHO.

        Let’s not confuse relatively benign drugs like diazepam with the real killers … with antidepressants like seroxat/paxil (implicated in suicide and murder) and with powerful opioids like oxycontin. There have been scary articles on this site about seroxat and oxycontin, but none about diazepam.

    2. Interesting, the link uses the word “proscribed”

      Proscribed; proscribing transitive verb
      1: To publish the name of as condemned to death with the property of the condemned forfeited to the state
      2: To condemn or forbid as harmful or unlawful: prohibit

      The Jew’s usual journalistic “excellence”, or another example of their Freudian slips?

    3. Diazepam is Valium. It puts people to sleep.

      If they take too much they pass out and die.!! 🙂

      1. The dose makes the poison. Remember that. Water used to excess — look up “water intoxication” — also can “put you to sleep” and “kill you”. Used as prescribed for appropriate conditions — physical or mental or both — diazepam seems as benign and as well employed a drug as Big Pharma has produced, promulgated, and profited from. If you want really dicey drugs, look to “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors” (SSRI) and the vast array of neural debilitating chemicals in that and similar categories. Just my opinion (Ph.D., Pharmacology).

      2. The biggest threat from Valium and Quaaludes, besides nodding off while driving, was drinking too much alcohol with ‘too much’ valium and then falling down (how many times) and dying or passing out and dying from respiratory/drowning in your own vomit symptoms.
        I witnessed both and also actually saved two people’s lives who were dying from this. One was, incredibly enough, passed out on the railroad tracks..

        I think diazepam is irrelevant in this case.


    it is another staged event for the goyim to be entertained and scared a bit.
    The ancient, almighty Rome provided gladiators fights and slaughter of Christians as a sort of daily entertainment for bored citizens. Our current ‘Masters’ provide us with occasional ‘gun massacre”,
    so the adrenaline stays high , media gets very busy, and so -called ordinary people have something to watch, and talk about. Everybody gets happy except some who are not.
    Crisis actors definitely get very happy. They get their 5 minutes of fame on TV , and some money for extremely sloppy, amateur performance.
    Here is one of those ‘highly talented’ crisis-actors. He can’t stop smiling.
    I guess even he doesn’t believe in this super-fabricated fairy tale for super- naive,

    1. Your link is from the (((ABC))) site. All the top comments question the official narrative. I am surprised that it has allowed any dissenting comment.

      Personally, I find the eyewitness, Mike Cronk, to be totally unbelievable.

      Mike Cronck: “At first it sounded like fireworks and then my buddy standing right next to me said, ‘I’m hit.’ And then we knew it was real. It was chaos…. My buddy got shot three times in the chest.”

      You were standing right next to your no-real-name “buddy” when he was shot three times in the chest but you were not shot? Lucky you!

      Mike Cronk: “There were no ambulances available, really, cause it was a fire zone. So we actually got four wounded people in the back of a truck.”

      What kind of truck was it, Mr. Cronk? Inquiring goy minds want to know. LMAO 😆

      1. When hit even once in the chest…. he would not be speaking anything intelligible. A gasping grunt, at best… mostly inhaling. And the first one would have knocked him out of the way of the next two rounds. All bs. 🙂 🙂


    Why people waste so much time and energy going over and over , over something that is SO OBVIOUS ???
    This whole ‘bloody ‘ Las Vegas operation is a Hoax, staged, prefabricated false flag event.
    There are tons of videos on you tube and articles on web , which prove it.
    Why people REFUSE to call the spade the spade??
    Many just love to live in the stage of DENIAL. It is their way of life, Just admit it to yourself
    Make the f-ing decision. SAY out loud: “… It was a staged event to fool all of you, all of us. to fool me..”.
    Say it at least three times, more if needed. Repeat it every hour or so. Even at night if it works better.
    They, ( the satanists who orchestrated it must have a good laugh) LIE to us notoriously because that is just their way of life. Why waste time and energy trying to prove it??
    They are liars because their guru –the satan–is the king of all lies. They are just his dutiful, miserable , obedient subjects. Let’s not fall for their trap and crap.

    “..Photo Of Police At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Event Suggests It Was A Hoax..”

    1. “”Greater and lesser magic (known also as high and low magic or collectively Satanic magic) is a system of magic within LaVeyan Satanism. Greater magic is a form of ritual practice and is meant as psychodramatic catharsis to focus one’s emotional energy for a specific purpose. Lesser magic is the practice of manipulation by means of applied psychology and glamour (or “wile and guile”) to bend an individual or situation to one’s will.[1]”””

      “”According to LaVey, one of the goals of ritual magic is “to isolate the otherwise dissipated adrenal and other emotionally induced energy, and to convert it into a dynamically transmittable force.”[4] LaVey defined lesser magic as “wile and guile obtained through various devices and contrived situations, which when utilized, can create change in accordance with one’s will.”[5] Within this system of magic, the terms warlock and witch are most commonly used by, and to refer to, male and female practitioners, respectively.””

      Listen and see if you hear a lot of people saying the are tired a lot. The hyper activity of the media with constant stories on the subject is enough to exhaust people bx they simply cannot keep up with the information!

      1. Diedre –

        “Listen and see if you hear a lot of people saying the are tired a lot.”

        That’s from the EFM sea in which they/we swim.

        Cell tower, cell phone, TV, radio, wi-fi, radar, solar, cosmic…. high power lines and the electric cages formed by wires in our dwellings..etc.. EMFs are combining together and disrupting the balance and draining the energy from our electro-chemical bodies.

        All life is affected.

      2. Deirdre,
        Or maybe, “magic” aside, people are just “tired” of the MSM bullshit. It kinda comes naturally.


      It’s good to know that Darkmoon recovered your comment and that at least 1 commenter has some common sense to realise just how staged this nonsense is.
      Apparently the total number of victims is 666 so if we add the extra 2 bullets that one remaculous survivor received, that means that a minimum of 668 bullets were fired at the crowd from a distance of about 1,100 feet.
      Now if it was a real event, there would have been at least 6 people whose skulls wound have exploded and no more than 6 eyewitteneses that wouldn’t have been suffering from emotional trauma.
      But in this fakery we see at least 6 eyewitnesses smiling with duping delight!

      And by the way, there is a much better photo than the one you linked to, because it has not been cropped to exclude the “Devils two finger symbolism” on the bill board which is to the lower left of the original photo.

    1. Kendra,
      Last night at a press conference, the LV sheriff said that Paddock would have had to be a superman to pull this massacre off all by himself and that they were looking for accomplices. Let’s see, a 64 old flabby, out of shape compulsive gambler who just sits at card tables for hours on end. Yea, some superman. I’ve also heard that he was seen gambling on the day of the shooting.

  22. and if they take it for long enough, quitting means the crawling horrors,
    it causes fitting in the most severe cases.
    valium was a big problem for a lot of people in the UK not so long ago.


    —The Chicago Police Department has replaced all sirens on their cars with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee…
    Arrests are up 110%..!!! 🙂

  24. These false flags will only create unintended consecuences for the perpetrators. Though evil beyond imagination, they are very poor planners and strategists. Just look at Siria. For most of the American public, the next day is life as usual. Driving my rig on the interstate, I noticed flags at half staff. But most of the people I spoke to seemed unaware or unconcerned about the “shooting.” Ignorance is bliss. These false flags are simply too small in scale and dispersed to really effect society as a whole. As a trucker, believe me, far more Americans die on U.S. highways than all the false flags can tally including 9/11. So where is it all going? Complete disarmament of the U.S. public? I dont think so. As Pat would say……too much $$$$$$$ to be made from all sides. To me the “Deep State” actors resemble a rich, nagging old hag who, despite having abundant wealth and luxury , is always lashing out angrily to her poor husband who finds it impossible to satisy her insatiable desires as she herself doesnt know what she really wants. She simply doesnt know. How can we? Lets down another strong one……Pat……Max……etc. Salud! Now get some rest.

      1. Ding Dang Dong,
        Moshe….a ping pong ball has more intelligence than you. What is the purpose of your post Jew dumbass? At least the balls purpose is to make it over the net. Your post doesnt even make it to the table… clueless Jew troll. Go jack-off……compulsive masturbation. ….a Jew thing. Will administración let me say this?

  25. For those doubting the use of an M60 machine gun in the Las Vegas attack, here is a comparison between the recording at the event versus a known M60. My Vietnam sound memory and Gilbert’s appears to be valid.

    “M60 MACHINE GUN sound effect” – 1 minute video

    Here is the link to the Mandalay Bay Hotel cabby video referenced by Lendman and Winston proving more than one shooter. Note that one is real close, not the 32nd floor, more like the 4th floor just above the cabby’s location as numerous people have pointed out on the net.

    “Taxi Driver Video” the Zapruder Film of the Las Vegas shooting UNCUT / UNEDITED 18 minutes #DNN”

    The lone gunman official story is absolutely false as usual. Probability is that Paddock, the patsy, was the first casualty in the attack. Since there are more than one shooter, what group(s) normally pull off casualty false flags? Mossad, CIA, SAS, all incestuous twins. Whose agenda benefits from the attack? All of them since they are all jewish controlled.

    Conveniently, ISIS claims responsibility for the attack in case the official story becomes too transparent due to multiple shooter revelations.

    The question of why there are not multiple windows broken for multiple shooters. Preparation must have called for hinged windows or some such everywhere except where the patsy was located. If a window is not broken, no one would think to investigate before the fix is removed.

    1. @Ungenius
      A video of a 4th floor muzzle-flash that corresponded with sound of automatic rifle fire, which I saw on Monday or Tuesday, has disappeared. Also a video of 4th floor muzzle-flashes that was on has been removed. The argument against 4th floor rifle fire is that no broken windows on the 4th floor were seen in daylight the next morning. However they could have removed a window for the gunfire, then replaced it during the night. Jim Stone (whom I do not trust very much) has a photo on his site of two removed windows on the opposite side of the building from the side where the rifle fire came from. These windows could have been used to replace windows taken out to enable the shooting. The fact that videos of 4th floor muzzle-flashes have been removed from the Internet counts as evidence, I think, because we are dealing with people who are extremely dishonest _and_ who have control over the Internet.

    2. Ungenius –

      According to Fox News this morning, the perp used a bump stock, and pictured a Czech 7.62×51 fitted with a bump stock. (The sound was right/the weapon was wrong! My bad…). Anyhow, this fellow had to practice A LOT to be able to use it as he did. However, upon reflection, a shooter using a GENUINE M60 would have achieved far more carnage in such a scenario… (The “sound” was of a .308, though, IMO.)

    3. “The lone gunman official story is absolutely false …”

      Ungenious, and anyone else that wants to run with the multi-shooter myth, needs to explain this:

      A few minutes after the shooting started a hotel security guard approaches the room, Paddock sees him on his security camera and fires 200 rounds through the door, hitting the guard in the leg. The guard radios down the shooter’s location. The police are already on the 31st floor and immediately go to the 32nd floor. It took SWAT about an hour to breech the door to the suite – safety first, and all of that. From the time Paddock shot through the door, there was no more gun fire from anyone, anywhere. Why?

      If there were multiple shooters, how did the other shooter(s) know to shop shooting when Paddock was dead? Paddock had stacks of loaded magazines ready to go. Obviously, he intended to keep shoot for some time … things did not go as planned, for him. Why would any other shooter(s) suddenly stop shooting after only 10-minutes?

      Note: it has been reported that Paddock shot through the door at the 6 member SWAT team, and it has been reported he shot through the door only at the security guard, before police arrived, and it has been reported he shot through the door at the SWAT team and the security guard, together. I do not know which scenario is correct, but it does not matter. What matters is after shooting though the door, ALL GUN FIRE CEASED! Why?

      As compelling as the taxi driver’s video is, I am not buying it. As close as the taxi driver was to the supposed 2nd shooter on the 4th floor, there should not have been a delay between seeing the muzzle flash and hearing the shots fired. Sadly, for the multi-shooter myth-ers, the last few supposed muzzle flashes do not have any sound associated them at all. I cannot tell you what the flashes were, but apparently they happened in more than one place. See this pic:

      I am comfortable with the idea Paddock had someone help get his arsenal into his suite, but I have yet to see any credible source of a second (third, or fourth) shooter(s). Until there is a credible source supporting multi-shooters, for me, that idea remains a myth.

      Anyone wanting to promulgate the multi-shooter myth, explain to us why all shooting stopped with only Paddocks death.

      1. Paddock shoots 200 rounds through the door and managed to wound security in the leg. What a great shot.

      2. @ Gilroy Kelly

        You may ignore the sounds on the cabby’s video, but that does not make them go away for everyone else.

        According to intercepted police communications (common scanners), the cops expected a shooter to be on the fourth floor as well as the 32 floor. The cops also expected a shooter at Gate 12 that was reported to them.

        Your timing is a hair off. The shooting only lasted 9 to 11 minutes. It took the cops 72 minutes to arrive at the Paddock suite. That means that the shooting stopped 1 hour before the cops got to Paddock’s room. The shooting stopped 1 hour before Paddock’s death.

        The reason why the shooting stopped at about the same time is simple. In an attack like this, there will be a prearranged time to stop shooting, mission accomplished, and get out which they did. No one but the patsy Paddock hung around for a whole hour after finishing the mission waiting for the cops. That hour wait makes no sense unless Paddock was forced to do so due to threats against his brother and family if he left too early.

        If you want to believe the official story of one shooter, that is certainly your right to do so. However, the “official story” has a track record of being bogus. Personally, I’ll stick with the trend.

  26. BBC America just issued a televised report here in NY to the effect that “the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police initially insisted there was only one gunman acting alone, but now are expressing serious doubts of that scenario”. BBC then just vanished from the airwaves – Channel 104 is not even “temporarily unavailable” as sometimes happens with Euro News but totally disappeared. Could Mr. Chertoff and his associates be upset about something?

    1. Brings to mind the term “When we get there” it took the jews 6 times at trying through out history get the so called “Holohoax” to stick..If this great country does not become #110 we are finished!

  27. One of extensive explanations about false flags (with/out victims), perception management and law, from January 2016:
    …No obvious motive for the mass attack and no prior indicators. Shooter leaves manifesto or lots of evidence “proving” they were “radicalized” or “on drugs” or other undesirables… Conflict resolution and counterterrorism scenarios and detecting the neural response underlying empathy induced by stories is of critical importance.” From DARPA researchers in a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Mastery of “narratives” could potentially be used to manipulate the perception of a population… The US Military has a long history of funding psychological experiments, some entrenched in human rights violations. Now we have the Pentagon-funded DARPA program which pays researchers at colleges and other scientists millions of dollars to enhance and bolster methods of war. Such work places great technological power in the hands of the Department of Defense… The Narrative Networks Program has three parallel tracks of research and development:
    – Develop quantitative analytic tools to study narratives and their effects on human behavior in security contexts;
    – Analyze the neurobiological impact of narratives on hormones and neurotransmitters, reward processing, and emotion-cognition interaction;
    – Develop models and simulations of narrative influence in social and environmental contexts, develop sensors to determine their impact on individuals and groups, and suggest doctrinal modifications…
    NDAA Provides for Legal Propaganda
    Amendment 114 of the NDAA was approved by the House in May of 2012…

  28. look at the picture above of the layout scene.
    see the pyramid and the obelisk.
    the shooter was on the 32 floor.
    i heard on the big ed rt news tonight – paddock had a total of 33 weapons.
    that’s all code for freemasons/ziocons…
    trump, the pope, everybody lays on a little of the standard bs in the aftermath.
    nobody says anything meaningful to the public.
    trump’s not in on it.
    no president has any control over the security state intel apparatus anymore.
    it would take one hell of a man to off the zog and make the presidency real again.
    the media screams about the nra as if it were some corporation.
    the nra exists because it has millions of contributors, who understand – free men have guns, slaves do not..
    what with the preponderance of security cameras in of all places las vegas it’s not credible that the guy packed all those guns and ammo into two rooms he rented, built the platforms inside the rooms and even put up his own surveillance cameras.
    as soon as anybody goes into a casino the cameras are using software to figure out who he is.. there are cameras in the rooms too, so they can watch the maids.
    the guy had two rooms. were they connected? or did he have to use the hall to get back and forth between them?
    i’m not sure i’m buying the ‘bump stock’ thing either.
    but. it should be possible to count the uninterrupted shots at each burst to see if they total the size of a specific clip, or if they had to come from a belt weapon.
    i don’t think it’s really about gun confiscation only now.
    i think these kinds of incidents are preparing us for the artificial intelligence controlled society. the ai will be the firewall the elite use to keep them separate from the masses…
    look – they simply won’t talk about chemtrials, or even crop circles. the public are not allowed to examine the software that runs the voting machines. it’s called proprietary. you’re mystified, get it? they won’t tell you what these things are either – no comment…
    they’re pushing the hell out of self-driving cars..
    if you buy a car now or a tractor you don’t even get to own, much less understand the software it runs on. one big reason for that – it’s spying on you. but eventually it will be manipulating your behavior; blocking certain attitudes and behaviors – encouraging and rewarding others.
    don’t get out of line and you’ll be fine.
    eventually people will get the idea that it’s normal to not understand how things work or even what they are… and if that’s what you really think, then how could you be expected to believe the people are supreme?

    1. Bark –

      “i don’t think it’s really about gun confiscation only now.”

      I believe that it is NOT about that either. “Confiscation” threats and rumors “BIGGLY” promote more gun sales..$$$$…!! 🙂

      The good people who register them won’t use them on others anyway….. except for self-defense…. MAYBE not even then.. too much liability..!!!

      1. So the Las Vegas massacre was staged by the NRA to increase gun sales? . . . Interesting theory. 🙂

      2. Dr Johnson –

        You wrote:
        “So the Las Vegas massacre was staged by the NRA to increase gun sales?”

        You really invented a whopper of a theory there, doc. 🙂

        FYI – NRA does not sell guns….. but is payed off by gun lobbies and manufacturers…. to help initiate relocations of those who do make and sell them.

        By relocating to Huntsville, Remington, a $1 billion firearms conglomerate owned by the Manhattan private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, would receive state and local grants, tax breaks, and other incentives worth approximately $69 million—the equivalent of getting about $14 from every resident of Alabama.

        This happens all over the country… all the time.

        More $$$$ for Cerberus… and “YUGE” payola to NRA..!! 🙂

      3. Pat,

        Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated. So who do think is ultimately behind this false flag attack? If you had to point the finger of blame in a particular direction, where would it be pointed? Any particular individuals or names?

        Who is the “arch conspirator”, the Big Brains behind it all? Admittedly there would have to be a group behind such an event, but every group has a leader. So who is the “head honcho” behind this particular false flag attack? I ask you to take a guess. To speculate.

      4. One of my contacts says this — to me it sound a bit weird, but this is what he says: “Everything points to Netanyahu. Without a doubt Benjamin Netanyahu ordered or approved the October 1 shooting slaughter in Las Vegas.”

      5. Dr Johnson –

        “So who do think is ultimately behind this false flag attack?”

        The money men in California and Nevada, who do not want the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas.

  29. I have a thought regarding the Hispanic couple who created a scene 45 minutes before the shooting started, in which they warned people they were going to die. My thought is that I think it may be required by Jewish law to give a warning before you kill. It doesn’t have to be a real warning, in which you get the person to understand. Rather it is only the letter of the law that must be obeyed. Thus, they got a pair of Mexican Jews to perform the formal requirement that would make the slaughter be “moral” by Jewish law.

    1. The Hispanic couple had to know the concert goers weren’t going to listen to them — that everyone would think they were crazy. The Hispanic couple obviously had advanced knowledge a mass shooting was going to take place. How come they didn’t go to the police and tell the police what they knew about the upcoming mass shooting, if they were so concerned about the upcoming mass shooting? As they didn’t go to police to tell the police that there was going to be a mass shooting and give the police the details about what they knew so maybe the police could have averted the mass killing, then Kendra Blewitt is right. The warning was about fulfilling a formal talmud-qabalah jew “religious” requirement.

  30. Somebody pointed out that the deadliest shooting in America was actually a slaughter of native Lakota.

  31. I of course agree that it is always useful to question the narrative regarding these events.
    Still, let me point out some facts:
    -White Americans are expert killers. Just look at what you have done throughout the world for countless decades. Witness your obsession with guns, automatics, and all the terminology and minutiae (as confirmed here), the callous disregard for the victims, etc.
    -Sometimes white people snap; there are plenty of examples of white mass murderers, serial killers in American history (Timothy McVeigh, Unabomber, Dylan Roof being good recent examples), and not all of these events are connected to the Jews

    With regards to the Jews, it’s best to focus on what they are actually responsible for – financial manipulation, pornography, etc., rather than go down tangents which associate them with every conceivable abnormal event.

    Again, this is part of the reason you are so helpless against the Jews and can’t successfully take them on. You don’t even identify the problem, and when a separate problem arises elsewhere, you are quick to blame them. Thereby, taking your eyes off the billions and billions of dollars they are stealing every single day.

    Right now there are Jewish billionaires laughing their heads off. Not because they planned the event, but once again the goyim get distracted by a horrible event, and it never occurs to the goyim to change the money system, to get Jews out of the media, etc.

    1. Chechar is right, Whites shouldn’t be going to Vegas for any reason period.

  32. So this guy had 23 guns + ammo that he dragged up to the room. Lets think about the weight of all this:

    Say each gun weight 8-10lbs. Some had bipods and scoped on them. At 10lbs (which is conservative) each you are looking at 230lbs of weight (just for the guns) to be dragged up to your room. Thats the weight of a large full grown man.

    Than you have the ammunition weight. This guy fired hundreds of rounds and the media is saying there were thousands of rounds in the hotel room. From the web regarding cased ammunition weight:

    Average .223/5.56 round:
    Rounds per pound ~ 37.21rds
    Weight per 100 rounds ~ 2.69lbs
    Amount per .30 can ~ 600rds
    Amount per .50 can ~ 1200rds
    Weight of 600 rounds ~ 16lbs
    Weight of 1200 rounds ~ 33lbs

    Average .308/7.62×51 round:
    Rounds per pound ~ 19.05rds
    Weight per 100 rounds ~ 5.25lbs
    Amount per .30 can ~ 320rds
    Amount per .50 can ~ 640rds
    Weight of 320 rounds ~ 17lbs
    Weight of 640 rounds ~ 35lbs

    So lets do the rough math – this guy between the guns and ammunition dragged roughly 300+ lbs up to his room without anyone noticing. This went through the lobby of the hotel and nobody in the hotel staff offered to help or asked what he was moving that was so heavy?

    I lift weights 4-5 days a week and I can tell you that moving a 50lb plate is not like picking up a box of cheerios. This guy move at least 6 times that.

    The story we are hearing does not make sense.

  33. So…. I’m going around the internet trying to get facts on this horrific massacre and I learn a few things that pertain directly to it but other things just as disturbing that do not. Apparently, the reason the death toll was so high is there were shooters actually on the ground. They killed security guards in the parking lot. This one woman said there were gunmen herding people around. There was police woman crouching behind a car shooting at a guy…on the ground, not the 32nd floor.

    But just as disturbing to me was reading that the U.S. is still funding the moderate rebels (ISIS) in Syria to the tune of 2 billion a year. That might not be true but it isn’t the first time I have heard it. We are still fighting the same old stupid war for Israel over there, the same old get rid of Assad war. So the Democrats have managed to usurp that foreign policy objective–to stop funding ISIS. Obviously, ISIS and the deep state are the same thing so yah Isis did it.

    This means that Trump hasn’t been able to make any headway against them. They come out and do this massacre, and everyone is meek and polite. Trump is not saying ” lets get justice for these people…we aren’t going to stop until we find out who did it” No it’s business as usual. The problem for me is that maybe the sands of time have run through the sieve. We might get a border wall, but really all we have accomplished is not electing Clinton—that’s not enough. That stupid Adam Schiff has a gang of 33 house Democrats who are on board for a House Bill that says vaccine injury is a myth. If the Democrats win any more power we’ll all end up in jail if we don’t get fully vaccinated. The country is still majority Democrat, it’s just that Hillary was so bad.

    Maybe we really are the “galut” –the goyim lands that need to be destroyed in order to bring on the Messianic age.

    1. “This means that Trump hasn’t been able to make any headway against them.”

      Headway against who?

      1. Against the unidentified but ever present menace to our lives–the so called “deep state.” The visible branch of the deep state in my opinion is the Democratic party. But the deep state has also infiltrated into the FBI–operatives like McCabe who may be in charge of this investigation, I pray not. Parts of the CIA also are deep state. They want to get rid of Trump… look at the phony Mueller debacle into the Trump/Putin collusion myth. Anyway, I probably shouldn’t go on because in truth it’s a matter of perspective. I believe in a deep state that has taken over our country and works against the average citizen. They want to divide and conquer. They want gun control but they also want every inch of our lives governed by security. Other people do not–never the twain shall meet.

  34. According to what I read here:

    “The gunman in the Las Vegas massacre planned to escape after targeting the country music concert, but instead left behind a note and killed himself, authorities say…”

    “…He intended to escape after the attack, but he instead turned the gun on himself as authorities closed in on his room on the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.”

    Seriously? How would someone “escape” that situation? Even if he managed to get out of the building, then what? They know who rented the room (a room full of evidence); they no doubt have security camera video records that would place him at the scene; and the guns could be traced to him.

    “Police also found 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his car in the Mandalay Bay hotel parking lot, according to Lombardo.”

    Well that’s a nice embellishment. What good were the explosives doing just sitting in his car? And 1,600 rounds of ammo, for what? If it was so “meticulously planned” then why no radio controlled pipe bombs in the hotel hallways to slow down the swat team (or something like that)? The stuff in the car sounds like props.

    “The first call reporting shots fired came at 10:08 p.m. Sunday, and the gunfire didn’t stop until 10:19 p.m., Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said. The shooting continued off and on for nine to 11 minutes, he said.”

    So what did he do for the next hour until the cops arrived? Maybe pace the floor, muttering to himself “oh what have I done now…oh what have I done now…”?

    Let me see if I understand correctly: A 64 year old millionaire living an apparently enjoyable, sedentary, retired life, who seems outwardly “normal”, who seems to have no political or religious convictions, all of a sudden develops an extreme interest in guns, and over the course of a year buys dozens of guns and acquires a working knowledge of firearms and related hardware that most people only acquire over decades?

    So with no apparent motive, no formal training and no history of violence, he acquires an arsenal of firearms becomes a firearms expert in no time (all unbeknownst to his live-in girlfriend), and goes on to commit the worst shooting atrocity in modern U.S. history?

    I’m having serious trouble accepting this. The whole thing is starting to sound just as preposterous as the Sandy Hook elementary school “shooting” and the Boston Marathon “bombing”.

    1. Yes, but they deem it all necessary for the creation of a global citizen with a digital financial “identity” – the Final Solution!

  35. This Vegas – ‘bigger than a Marquis’ – event is “BIGGLY” riddled with propaganda.

    GW waved his arms, laughed, and said…..

    …. “Ya gotta catapult the propaganda.!! 🙂 “

    He knew….. and…

    Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu are on board with Trump:

  36. Here’s a question that I asked about the September 11th attack.

    Paddock supposedly had a pilots license, a couple of planes and the primary ingredients for an “anfo bomb.” Now lets see, if I was a crazed, wacko killer wanting to take out as many innocent people as possible, and I had airplanes at my disposal, why wouldn’t I take one of my planes, or rent a larger plane, and load it up with an “anfo bomb” or some form of genuine high explosives and then fly it as a suicide attack into the crowd?

    Considering the access this guy had to firearms, no doubt he could have easily obtained some form of high explosives. Think about it, no fussing with lugging arsenals up hotel elevators for days on end, no chance of being discovered during the moving process and lots ~ lots ~ more casualties. This would have been a relatively simple one day process with virtually no chance of discovery or prevention.

    For all the effort the phony Trade Tower “terrorists” supposedly put into their attack, they could have far more easily (and cheaply) rented anything from a biz jet, like a Gulf Stream, to a Boeing 747, along with a crew and then loaded the plane with high explosives in a private hanger. They then could have had the crew file a flight plan, depart for the destination, killed the crew at the point of divergence from the flight plan and taken over to fly the plane to the scene of the attack. This would have taken far less time, trouble and expense with far less chance of discovery than “training pilots” and then hijacking passenger jets from a high security airport. And the real plus? No need for puny “box-cutter” knives to facilitate the mass destruction.

    Of course the other question is why is it always crazed white “haters” shooting other white people with “guns”? How about a change of script, like say a crazed Jewish killer attacking a Negro magnet school with an armored car? Considering the Jews historical penchant for murdering innocent people, e.g. Dr. Baruch Goldstein, this would be well within reason. I mean, come on, even TV shows occasionally vary the plot.

    Like the phony Trade Tower Terrorists, the Las Vegas story makes absolutely no sense – unless o course one desires a high visibility dog and pony show created to facilitate a political agenda.

  37. the weight of the weapons and ammo doesn’t matter much.
    he could have made several trips up and down the elevator.
    there are all kinds of reasons not to fly his own suicide plane.
    and renting an airliner isn’t the same thing as renting a car.
    the bit about him building the shooting platforms sounds real iffy.
    what did he make the platforms out of, furniture?
    that would mean he just pushed a dresser over by the window.
    or did the guy haul some 2X6s up to the room. maybe he had a nice hitachi nail gun and a husky air compressor. maybe he cut all the lengths beforehand so he didn’t draw any attention with his skillsaw.
    this has to be a premeditated crime in order to get the most mileage out of it toward more gun restrictions and eventual confiscation.
    having said that – not everybody should have guns.
    gun possession is only for sober and level-headed people, who don’t use drugs of any kind, especially including alcohol..
    anytime a person is scripted for head drugs the sheriff should be informed and he should go confiscate the person’s weapons, until he gets a clean bill of health.
    and some hillbilly sheriffs do that at various times.
    but really, anybody who is too dangerous to have a gun in his possession should be in an institution.

    1. there are all kinds of reasons not to fly his own suicide plane. and renting an airliner isn’t the same thing as renting a car.

      Please provide me a few of your reasons not to use an aircraft. People with airplanes use them in the same manner they use their car – to get from one place to another. It’s just matter of scale; people with cars go to the next town or county, while people with airplanes go to the next state or country. Obviously Paddock used a car in this act, so why not his own airplane?

      As a rated pilot, one becomes intimately familiar with the process of renting or chartering aircraft. It is no different or more difficult than renting a car, especially if one is renting a crew to fly it. For personal use, the only real difference when renting an airplane, is that one must first take a short check ride to prove their proficiency in the aircraft, a matter that usually takes about twenty to thirty minutes. Note it was a Cessna 172 checkout that Mohammad Atta could not pass, yet he could proficiently fly a 757. Go figure.

      Remember this is a crazed wacko’s swan song, his last act on earth, so why not plan for the most destruction possible in the most spectacular manner? Mass shooting? How de rigueur can one get? These mass shootings have been happening consistently since the day Charles Whitman crawled up into the University of Texas’ tower and began shooting – ho hum. Funny, after WWII, I cannot remember any mass shootings by crazed killers and those were the bad old days of racism and bigotry. Why is that?

      Why not dare to be different? Why not some spectacular fireworks as a loaded aircraft plows into a huge building or stadium and explodes, throwing debris and burning wreckage far beyond the impact point? Why not a really big shew, live from Las Vegas? Picturing this accident as an intentional act using an aircraft loaded with explosive, intentionally aimed into a crowd, one can see the difference it would make in destructiveness. After all, it worked great for the Trade Tower agenda – didn’t it. I suppose crazed killers today have no imagination, they all seem to follow the leader. Why is that?

      Look at the amount of planning and logistics planning required for all those firearms. Anyone familiar with aircraft, as Paddock obviously was, knows that using an aircraft would require far less planning and far less intensive logistics, while creating far more havoc and destruction, as opposed to this bizarre shooting spree.

      Of course the only thing that might have accomplished is a tightening of FAA regulations as opposed to a renewed “gun” control effort which is what you are advocating here:

      not everybody should have guns. gun possession is only for sober and level-headed people, who don’t use drugs of any kind, especially including alcohol.. anytime a person is scripted for head drugs the sheriff should be informed and he should go confiscate the person’s weapons, until he gets a clean bill of health. and some hillbilly sheriffs do that at various times. but really, anybody who is too dangerous to have a gun in his possession should be in an institution.

      Drugs and alcohol? Sober, level headed? Tell that to the Vietnam veterans whose drug and alcohol use was knowingly rampant during that conflict. These guys managed to use really heavy weaponry, like LAWs, hand grenades and tanks, while spaced out on everything from Thai-sticks to LSD, but of course that was government sanctioned mass murder so it was all ok.

      When confiscation is allowed for any reason, the door is opened for all confiscation, just ask the Brits or Australians. The fact is cars are dangerous, very dangerous, statistically far more dangerous than firearms and yet how much confiscation or prohibition does one see called for there? In all cases, people are the problem. A criminal’s danger to society is the problem that should be addressed, not the methods or weapons they use. Yet how many violent criminals are turned loose on the street every day? Ask, he’ll show you a long list.

      Remember this: When one willingly surrenders another’s freedoms to government sanctions, they have begun the process of surrendering all freedom.

    1. Thank you Pat for the Natural News link, which goes into greater detail of Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo’s statement than the strange disappearance of BBC News report last night and the unexplained Euro News disappearing report about Brian Hodges. Sheriff Lombardo is the man on the scene, and despite some of the deliberately distracting or merely vain self appointed experts who have made their minds up without the availability of complete data and who offer nothing more than a regurgitation of what may seen on MSM news, his view is far more interesting by a factor of – light years.

      A few posts ago I mentioned the standpoint of an observer as a useful means to dispassionately view any situation unfolding or historic review, and I would still recommend that outlook. Gilbert Huntly is without a doubt the most outstanding, experienced and knowledgeable of all firearms persons on this site so I value his view far more highly than regurgitators or other diarrhea of the mouth commenters. Compiling data before rushing to judgement is the only way to any hope of accuracy.

      It would be interesting to have a much closer look at the relationship of Mr. Paddock with the Virginia based company and it’s parent company in Roanoke associated with Mr. Paddock’s airplane. It would also be good to know who the person calling himself Stephen Paddock really was who checked into the Mandalay Bay on SEPTEMBER 25th, not the 27th or later date according to the official version, and who his guest for lunch on that date was (the printed bill to Stephen Paddock and his room number dated September 25th is online).

      We hoped that the FBI as an institution would seek to redeem itself after the illegal and sordid activities performed during the Obama administration. That hope has all but disappeared.

      Do note that along with other sober commenters I have passed no judgement on the matter, merely collected and shared some of the facts and inconsistencies.

  38. Dolph tells the only proveable TRUTH among your myriad of conflicting and confusing comments: “It never occurs to the (majority) Goyim to change the (corrupt, Jewish) money system or get the Jews out of the media, etc.” Until you do, you will continue to be preyed upon like puppets at the end of their strings. Someone above says they are waiting for “credible evidence.” How naive can you get? There will never be credible evidence, just Jewish/msm lies and contadictions. All part of your yahoo brainwashing! This is cognitive dissonance and many of our posters are full of it. Pat, how about putting your research skills to work by detailing the administative structure and inner workings of the Fed? Explain why it is unaudited and prints its own money and controls the financial computer blips. Money buys POWER and the total ability to lie and deceive. Forget about Paddock and tackle the bigger issue, Jewish POWER..

  39. BARKINGDEER said:

    i don’t think it’s really about gun confiscation only now.
    i think these kinds of incidents are preparing us for the artificial intelligence controlled society. the ai will be the firewall the elite use to keep them separate from the masses…

    It is certain that AI is already massively in use to “firewall” the masses. In any case, the 0.01% will never leave their estates and walk among the stack-and-pack city masses. Rendering those places safer for the 0.01% is not an issue.

    I do think it is about gun confiscation. Rolling out more oppressive laws and controls cannot be done without grabbing those guns first. Some say it could be a ploy to roll out airport level checkpoints, security and scanning throughout the public spaces of cities (It is already present inside the buildings).

    1. Flan –

      I think you are right about gun confiscation, the Left, MSM, and plenty of others have been at it for years. They want sole ownership, a monoploy if you will. According to a recent report Michael Chertoff and his new company have stockpiled several thousand check point booths ready for installation – they will be looking for a return on their investment (probably make wonderful targets too, maybe by some of the people who are assigned to man them – until they can reach higher up). Then there are all those FEMA train cars waiting for deployment. Why in the world did the US Postal service purchase all those military grade weapons a while back? Are they still in storage, or were they sent to Libya and Syria, where Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Stevens apparently had a disagreement about participation rights in the arms trade?

    2. Flan –

      You wrote:
      “I do think it is about gun confiscation.”

      I disagree.

      The ballot boxes are controlled…. EVMs.

      The jury boxes are controlled…. Overridden/overturned by SCOTUS..

      The cartridge boxes will not overcome those two. I don’t know anyone who will shoot first anymore.

      No worries about guns for the US and State and Local Governments.

      1. JFC-

        “Negroes will shoot first.”

        Only in their ‘hood’..!! 🙂

        And they hold guns sideways.. 🙂 🙂

        I know 2..and both have their own businesses..!!! Does that count..??

      2. Agreed about control.
        That still leaves the 0.01% worried when they stroll out for “Pizza” pickings, worried that an aware citizen with a gun will recognize them.

  40. Michael Chertoff and his Jewish kind are at the heart of Jewish POWER. They amass riches over the dead bodies of the Gentiles. Mrs Clinton is merely one of their self-serving., Goyim disciples. All institutions are at their beck and call.
    The Jews now have total POWER. That is all ye need to know. As another poster said, simply keep on repeating this truth to yourself. … And keep on repeating it ad nauseam to all those around you.
    As I said 2 years ago, replace Revere’s, “the British are coming” with: “The murderous Jews are already amongst us! What are we to do?”

  41. I have a question, to wit: Why all the grief and outrage over this shooting? People die everyday. Lots and lots and lots of people die every day. Many of these deaths are due to someone killing someone else.

    Palestinians are dying as this is written, American soldiers are dying as this is written, three were just killed in Niger, how many in Afghanistan and other parts of the near east? Whites are being routinely murdered by “immigrants” in cities all over the world as this is written. Look! There goes another one – genocide it’z!

    So where’s all the grief and outrage over those daily mass murders? Why is it murder has to be packaged like a sporting event by the media before people get worked up over it? Isn’t that why black lives matter while other lives don’t? The hypocrisy is sickening.

    Murder is murder, no matter if it’s your mother, a neighbor, a Palestinian’s kid sister, a president, or you – especially if it’s you – its murder. There is no murder worse than others, just ask the dead. Where is the logic in justifying some murders while condemning others?

    Why is it so different when multiple people are killed? Why is this especially terrible and tragic? If mass murder was really that much of a problem, one might think they would be screaming to outlaw war instead of guns. Instead (((they))) ask for more military funding. Again, the hypocrisy is sickening.

    If Americans want to get all teary-eyed over senseless murders, they need not wait for the government’s next staged mass shooting, they can get on a plane and go to Israel to witness spontaneous, real-life murders. If one desires to witness a truly terrible death, all they need do is stand in front of an Israeli bulldozer intent on destroying a Palestinian’s home. In doing so, they will undoubtedly witness the most tragic death of all – their own. Now that’s worth crying about isn’t it?

    In the meantime, please turn off your TV and start thinking about all those murders one never sees staged. Try working up a tear or two for those murdered unknown soldiers and civilians the media never talks about. However, use discretion, because at some point you will have to stop crying for the dead.

  42. @Pat

    Somebody shot first in Las Vegas among numerous other locales, both real and staged.

    Let’s return to Mr. Paddock and his trail, shall we? Laura Loomer reported Stephen Paddock checked in on the 25th 3 days earlier than the official narrative. Someone called or calling himself Stephen Paddock ordered for two on September 27th; an employee named Antonio served two guests an “IRD_MB” indicating In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay; the table number is 32135 which refers to Mr. Paddocks room number 135 on the 32nd floor. Antonio posted the printed receipt on facebook, which has since been deleted. You may see it at Laura Loomer now reports the Mandalay Bay has deleted all records of Mr. Paddocks stay. Why?

    The possible link with an Intelligence Agency is in the two planes Mr. Paddock owned. One of them (tail number N5343M, a Cirrus SR-20) is no longer owned by Paddock ( see ) It is now owned by Department of Defense contractor Volant Associates (Volant LLC) of which there is scarce information available. For full overview, please see

    1. Winston –

      “Somebody shot first in Las Vegas among numerous other locales, both real and staged.”

      I was not referring to criminal cowards as in Vegas, and paid assassins like Lon Horiuchi shooting innocents.

      I WAS referring to the mass of good people who legally own weapons… will not shoot at the government thugs in power. That was proven correct in NOLA after Katrina.

      If you haven’t started…. or your friends haven’t started.. you/they never will.

      1. Pat-

        I knew what you were referring to. Generally speaking, I’m not a big advocate of shooting first. I usually don’t have a problem with shooting back. There are many like me.

        The American people send a message after everyone of these events – gun sales go up. Some of the buyers are buying them for more than decorative purposes. Maybe you should get out more.

      2. Winston –

        You wrote:
        “I usually don’t have a problem with shooting back.”

        When was the last time you ‘usually’ shot back at the National Guard or BATF? 🙂

        The hard-core gun toters who owned dozens of them in New Orleans gave their guns up without shooting.

        Maybe YOU should get out more often…. and ask people in NOLA what happened. I did.

        See for yourself:

        The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina


      3. Pat-

        Years ago a law enforcement person shoved an unarmed persons head against a concrete wall close after the person complied politely and nonviolently with his request to face the wall. No one recommends confrontation in the insane manner you suggest. That person survived the incident, there were other law enforcement persons in the building fortunately.

        Nearly three decades later, after contacting a lawyer and acquiring certain confidential knowledge, that aggressors life continues to be hell.

        Surrendering a visible gun in a Katrina situation is sensible. There are and always will be plenty of more guns. I try to avoid confrontation, but I have sent two people to the hospital, I get out plenty, worldwide in fact. You sound like a defeated man – someone who is bitter with his life and engages in petty nit picking and venal pursuits. You have my sympathy, but we disagree about what Americans will put up with when push comes to shove. Not everyone wound up like you.

      4. Winston –

        You wrote:
        “You sound like a defeated man – ”

        That’s a strange ‘failed’ remark.. coming from someone who has never even ‘heard’ one word from me..!! 🙂

        You have never heard any of my “sounds’… speeches…. lectures… If you had, you would not have written what you wrote. Those who actually ‘know’ me and HAVE heard me…. know better.

        Folks who are frustrated by what I write… criticize me personally all the time. That’s all they have left. Now… you have fallen into that category.

        I STILL doubt – as I wrote – that you would shoot at the National Guard or BATFE…. for the same reasons that I would not.

        I have put people down, myself… but not law enforcement agents.

      5. Pat –

        Very well then, you WRITE like a defeated man – in this instance. No offense, I find some of your posts pertinent, interesting, and sometimes funny. No intentional ad hominem. I have no current plans to shoot at anybody, but I guarantee you that some will respond to force with force, though not always frontally. You yourself have “put people down” – though not law enforcement agents. I’ll bet you would when cornered, especially if your life was at stake. Look at what happened in Kansas City with a serial killer cop. Now we may have a serial killer government…

        Is that too much to accept?

      6. Winston –

        Thanks for the reply.

        I REPEAT….!!!

        I would not shoot law enforcement agents or National Guard…. I am not that stupid. That is NOT defeatists…. just good sense.

        If I were to attack them… it would put my whole family in even greater danger and possibly imprison them…. and lose all the property they own…. and pay fines…etc…

        Eustace Mullins’s family left him very early on… hated him… because the IRS and BATFE and others kept hounding them…. just because he wrote his books… and he NEVER took physical action against them.!!

        I learn from others’ mistakes.

        Ya gotta know when to hold… or fold… Experience…. time on earth… allows that luxury….. not known even at age 40 or 50..

        I’ll just walk on down and screw ’em all… 🙂

    2. Winston: “Somebody shot first in Las Vegas among numerous other locales, both real and staged.”

      A woman named Rene Downs claims there was an active shooter (or shooting) at the Bellagio Hotel, too. The Bellagio Hotel is about 2 miles away from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I knew the official narrative was false, but didn’t know exactly which parts of it were false. Now this video by Mrs. Downs makes the official narrative of the lone wolf shooter 100% false.

      1. JFC –

        I’ll give ya some facts about what’s being implemented to stop all of that camera reporting…. which is exposing the lies…

        Apple gets patent for remotely disabling iPhone cameras, raising censorship fears

        A patent granted to Apple may allow iPhone cameras to be disabled by infrared sensors. This seems logical enough for concerts, but what about protests (or false flag events)?

        (Paul)Ryan, in a moment of both real and digital politick, threw the House into recess and shut down the video feed from the broadcast cameras in the chamber. The cable channel C-Span uses the cameras to broadcast (often boring) unedited footage from the capitol.

        When Democrats realized the cameras were dark, they turned to one congressman’s iPhone to broadcast themselves through Twitter’s Periscope app. C-Span picked up the congressman’s feed.

        Apple’s proposed technology, if built, could easily have come into play here. As visitors to the US Capitol know, smartphone use – even for Instagram – is banned in the House and Senate chambers.

        And if the speaker of the house’s office controls when C-Span’s cameras are live, it’s not a stretch to assume it would control when iPhones can work.

  43. arch – remember the guy who flew his plane into the irs building in texas a few years back. he made a statement but he didn’t do much damage.
    maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think you can just go rent a large aircraft, one requiring a crew, fill it up with explosives and then have them fly it into something. even if you had the explosives, which are a lot harder to get than guns and bullets. i don’t know how big a plane the guy had. maybe he could have loaded 100 pounds of amonia nitrate soaked with diesel oil into his 180 without screwing with the center of gravity. but that wouldn’t go off on impact. he would have to set it off with a blasting cap or an m-80 right at the moment as he’s crashing into some building.. not impossible, but even that wouldn’t do much.
    he was set up to do a lot more damage with rifles looking down on the crowd.
    i don’t doubt the bodies are real in this episode but it was designed to grab guns..
    because the big dust-off is coming…
    the whole thing was a satanic masonic ritual.
    i heard amy goodman say today in the same breath that the guy shot from the 32 floor and he had bought 33 weapons this year. it could hardly be more obvious.
    look at the two big jew-mason presidents who handled ww2, dropped the bomb and set the world up with the bolsheviki cold war – fdr and truman, #s 32 and 33…
    go get the ww2 movie ‘run silent run deep’. clark gable. he drilled his sub crew to fire the bowshot torpedoes at the akakazi destroyers and then dive away in 32 or 33 seconds…
    count the feathers on the wings of the spread eagle on the dollar bill.
    32 on one wing – 33 on the other…
    no doubt that whole complex was built with something like this in mind, the same way the wtc was built to be used in the 9-11 attack…
    flan – anybody as outnumbered as the .01% should be pretty paranoid…
    the post office knows everybody’s address. see the poleaxe type blade in the eagle’s neck…
    now watch this –

    1. A very smart post, Barkingdeer. It’s Tavistock who masterminds all operations based on symbols. It has over 1000 branches around the western world. It is obvious that Tavistock is controlled by Zio-Masonry, as the UK police are now attending Masonic courses [with tax payers’ money, of course], the Rothschilds own it, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are visibly in operation too. What I suspect is that there are some conflicts within this alliance. It could be even that the Egyptian architecture in Las Vegas, as a symbol of power and money, was the main target, or at least just a warning.

  44. The FBI has put out a call for witnesses to the LV shooting to identify themselves. One such witness (the news item isn’t clear about how he became known to the FBI) was interviewed by the FBI. The next day, he was found in his backyard, dead, along with his severely disabled daughter. The news is that John Beilman – “an important witness” – took his daughter Nicola into the backyard, and shot her before turning the gun on himself. He “shot himself in the BACK OF THE HEAD with a 12-gauge shotgun.” Yeah, sure he did….

    Well, with that kind of news coming out, it’s just a matter of days before all the other witnesses step forward to identify themselves to the FBI clean-up squads interviewers. Or maybe not.
    Here’s another take on the deaths:

    1. Pat

      Thanks for video, the data keeps growing.

      What do you think of the acronym “JOSK” government? It’s a natural progression from ZOG.

      JOSK=Jewish Owned Serial Killer government.

    1. Perhaps ZOSK would be better. There were Jewish victims in LV, and at least 4 Odigo workers didn’t read their text warnings in time in NY on 9/11 who were also presumably Jewish. There now is an insider report by Kip Herriage which examines unusual Insider trading prior to the LV massacre.

      Collecting as much data as possible gives a better and more accurate view of what really happened. It also indicates by the subsequent actions of persons or agencies to suppress evidence direct links to guilt. Police reserve and with hold evidence during the course of an investigation for professional reasons; ignoring, attempting to suborn witnesses and worst of all according to the Carnaptious report – murdering witnesses and their families is corrupt and criminal, evidence of complicity of the very worst kind.

      As the families of the victims cannot legally sue firearms makers, including bump stock manufacturers, their efforts might be better directed at Mr. Christopher Wray and government officials for suppression of evidence and aiding and abetting mass murder.

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