Blowback in Manchester: Britain pays the price for the crimes of its own government in Libya

By John R. Bradley
in The Daily Mail

JOHN R. BRADLEY asks: Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?

NATO’s decision to launch a ferocious bombing campaign to help Islamist rebels overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in 2011 hangs over Britain today like a toxic cloud. For the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, hailed from a Libyan family accused of being aligned to one of the many jihadist movements in that country.

(‘Blair Lied, Thousands Died
shaking hands with Colonel Gaddafi
who was later to die a horrendous death
thanks to British meddling in Libya

The strategy to send in the RAF against Gaddafi’s forces was most enthusiastically promoted, to his eternal shame, by then Prime Minister David Cameron. His reckless policy brought about regime change as the Islamists came to power, along with their violent henchmen.

As was the case with opposition groups in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria before the so-called Arab Spring, those who were set against Gaddafi’s rule were extreme in their ideology, blinded by a hatred of secularist, non-religious governments.

But despite all evidence to the contrary, Cameron and his deluded European partners lied to us that they were actually pro-democracy Western allies, champions of tolerance and plurality. Some of us — including me and other Middle East experts writing for this paper — warned repeatedly that their agenda was far more sinister, and we would pay a terrible price for Cameron’s naivety.

For those of us who had studied the history and lived in the region, it was obvious that, despite their internal divisions and rivalries, all those disparate jihadist groups in Libya had one overriding and very dark ambition: to replace Gaddafi’s secular regime with one based on their own mercilessly hardline interpretation of Sharia law, before seizing the country’s oilfields and finally cutting all ties with Western countries they openly despised.

For this reason, the groups had been banned and their members ruthlessly persecuted by Gaddafi and other secular Arab leaders, and they were viewed with deep suspicion in the West — with one notable exception: the British government welcomed Salman Abedi’s father Ramadan into our country with open arms in 1993 as part of a reckless liberal policy of granting political sanctuary to Islamist activists from Libya and other Arab nations.

The misguided belief was that they would warm to the host nation that offered them sanctuary and modify their opinions through the new experience of living in an open democracy. Instead, many of them not only continued stirring up rebellion in the countries they came from, but called openly for Islamist rule in their adopted homeland. Successive British governments turned a blind eye to this treachery.

And finally, after being given refuge here to cultivate their hatred of everything we hold dear, the Islamists found the perfect dupe in David Cameron as they sought to fulfil their dream of creating an Islamist state in Libya.

—  §  —

Salman Abedi’s father returned to Libya in 2011 to fight alongside Al-Qaeda-affiliated forces against Gaddafi, supported by Nato airstrikes. After Gaddafi was killed, the Abedi family spent more time in Libya.

Thanks to Cameron, they could at last immerse themselves in what was now a blood-soaked, chaotic country with no functioning government, awash with arms seized from abandoned Libyan Army depots and mired in tribal and religious upheaval which each day left hundreds of corpses lining the streets. And it was one where the Islamists were about to emerge triumphant.

Astonishingly, it was at this juncture that Cameron travelled to Libya to glory in his great ‘victory’, hailing the dawn of a new democratic era before abandoning it to a chaotic, impoverished and blood-soaked fate. Like Tony Blair in Iraq, Cameron had neither understood nor considered the aftermath of enforced regime change.

David Cameron, Britain’s former Prime Minister,
forced to resign in disgrace after his crushing Brexit defeat.

Shell-shocked Libyans were bequeathed a new and terrifying reality by Cameron and his Nato allies, as Libya became a breeding ground for Islamist terror.

In some ways, the consequences of that have culminated in the Manchester bombing. For this insanely ungovernable Libya is where Salman Abedi, paying frequent visits to his family, was able to cultivate his murderous hatred of the West. We now learn, too, that his father is said to have fought with a group linked to Al-Qaeda, and his younger brother is alleged to have Islamic State connections.

That loathing for our values came to a horrifying climax this week, just days after he travelled back to Manchester from Libya.

The benighted country has taken on a growing significance for Islamist jihadis as the self-declared caliphate of Islamic State in Syria, and Iraq has gradually been overwhelmed by a Western coalition. Islamic State hoped to establish a new base in Libya, where Al-Qaeda also has a strong presence.

As Islamic State territory elsewhere shrank, thousands of jihadis fled towards Libya in the hope of establishing another Islamist redoubt, from where murderous attacks — like that which took place in Manchester — could be launched against Europe.

Jihadist leaders sought to forge a sort of corridor between Libya and Syria — where Cameron, as Prime Minister, was also itching to overthrow secular dictator Bashar Al-Assad, while championing the cause of non-existent ‘moderate’ rebels.

This corridor facilitated the flow of money, men and weapons between Syria and Libya.

‘Manchester bomber Salman Abedi found himself immersed in a Libya
fast becoming the new crucible of terror on Europe’s doorstep’

So it was that the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, found himself immersed in a Libya fast becoming the new crucible of terror on Europe’s doorstep.

Abedi — as part, it now appears, of a wider British-Libyan jihadi cell — was able to use the ‘jihadi corridor’ to travel between Libya and Syria and receive additional and extensive training in Syrian terror camps.

And his get-of-out-jail-free card? A prized British passport, which meant he could fly back to this country from Libya whenever he chose, free to unleash death upon his fellow citizens.

As well as the terrorists who now operate with impunity in Libya, Britain has become a major arms-dealing hub and the centre of a massive smuggling operation in which hundreds of thousands of migrants have been sent across the Mediterranean in boats to flood into Europe virtually unchecked.

This, then, is Mr Cameron’s legacy — though Tony Blair must take some of the responsibility for unleashing chaos in Iraq by helping to topple Saddam Hussein, whose old generals were involved in the creation of Islamic State.

These revelations are a huge embarrassment for the political leaders and military strategists who orchestrated the Libya debacle in 2011. Our current Government and intelligence leaders should be furious they have been left to face the terrible consequences.

To say Cameron has the blood of the Manchester victims on his hands may be too stark a conclusion. What is indisputable, though, as Britain now remains on its highest state of terror alert and the remaining jihadi cell members are hunted down, is that if wiser heads than David Cameron’s had prevailed six years ago, the suicide bombing in Manchester would probably not have taken place.

JOHN R. BRADLEY: Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?

97 thoughts to “Blowback in Manchester: Britain pays the price for the crimes of its own government in Libya”

  1. 1) Salman Abedi’s link to the anti-Qadhaffi forces in Libya doesn’t explain why he would turn against his own benefactors in the UK. If Abedi would want to “do more for his cause” he would have gone to Syria and stayed there until a similar “success” would have been reached as in Libya. Fighting against Britain that helped his cause makes no sense at all. Reason the more to suspect that he was used by the British secret service as a “patsy” in a false flag or hoax.

    2) None of the European leaders were “naive” in trying to establish democracy in Arab countries. They knew exactly what they were doing, which is the implementation of the infamous Oded Yinon Plan to destabilize all Israel’s neighbors in order to facilitate its regional hegemony. France’s participation was induced by Jewish “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Lévy.

    3) For Libya there was an extra financial dimension. Qadhaffi planned to establish a pan-African gold-based currency, which would be a direct threat to the financial hegemony of the Rothschilds. The first thing the victorious rebels did in Libya was the establishment of a (Rothschild-controlled) central bank.

    4) An extra bonus is that the chaos in Libya ended its function as a wall against the stream of African “refugees” to Europe. Official and semi-official European organizations are busily “rescuing” these invaders as part of the Jewish White Genocide Project. Jewish and Israeli organizations, and of course George Soros are also involved.

    All in all, this whole thing is part of a Jewish plan for world domination, which involves the destruction of Muslim countries, the genocide-by-multiculturalism of Whites and world wide financial hegemony.

    As always : cherchez le Juif !.

    1. Franklin –

      Whites invite their own genocide by their ignoble conduct and ass-kissing ways toward the darker species. Consider the sloppy manners and ribald conduct of our youth, then consider how their parents have fallen under the influence of cultural Marxism, and you have a recipe for a well-deserved decline. It’s hard to appeal for justice when just desserts are already being served against us. Many whites are already compliant with the removal of monuments to some of our noble ancestors such as Robert E. Lee, who stood up against the intrusions of the very sort of Jew hegemony you lament. What for, I ask, but to appease the twisted perceptions of some nigra fantasy??! And we whites allow it, and condone it without retaliation. The young bomber boy at least demonstrates an admirable degree of resolve for his cause. He may be of a different race and religion than my own – but he nonetheless drives home a point for deeper consideration of our own circumstances which have invited such reproach.

      1. The brainwashing by Cultural Marxism is also a Jewish undertaking, but you are right, ultimately we ourselves are responsible for our decline.

      2. Gil –

        “And we whites allow it, and condone it without retaliation.”

        Yep. Which is why there will be no armed uprising of resistance to the tyrannical ideals of those wanting a larger “melting pot” and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in America…. The goals of UN Agenda-21.

        Grab a fork. The main course is DONE..!!

    2. Spot on.
      But still, blaming Jews is not the whole story.
      The Greater Israel Project is since long underway, but is it an undertaking by Jews or deceived Jews?

    3. You, Franklin Ryckaert, are an evil Manchester Terror Attack denier! I bet you also deny the Holocaust. Shame on you.

      I fully believe it happened because I have 100% faith in our government and news reports. Only crazy conspiracy theorists would question our politicians and their good intentions.

      These crazy conspiracy theorists are the same people who mock miracles described in the Bible and modern-day living saints like Georgina Callander who was blown apart to bloody smithereens and was resurrected perfectly intact the next day.

      How do you explain that, Mr. Ryckaert? Are you an evil denier of miracles and living saints, too?

      1. Wonderful commentary tactic JFC one I have long ago decided to utilise when the ultimate clamp on free speech is enforced. Study the tactic folks its a winner if you intend retain your right to exercise creative dissidence

    4. To see the reason for all the wars and suffering in the world google and read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

    5. FR,
      Good point. Follow the shekels. Kosher high-power players are always lurking in the shadows. Mr. Abedi doesnt look inteligente enough to wash his own hands much less understand theology. Just another pawn loser who enjoyed the drugs, liqor and whores that his masters provided to do there dirty work for them.

    6. FRANKLIN RYCKAERT…..The poor jew victims want much more then the Golan Heights of Syria and Lebanon will be greater jew-land,please take note…International Law does not apply…I still think,Mr Adolf Hitler was right about a lot of World matters.I did enjoy reading your opinion and I agree 99% with you.

  2. People who are still buying this bullshit are morons. No pictures, well rehearsed crisis actors, wake the fu*k up. It’s all just make believe, like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Pulse Night Club, and on, and on, and fu*cking on. WAKE UP MORONS !!!

    1. Anon,

      I think you need to change your name from ANON to MORON. The only “crisis actor” I see here is YOU!

      I have actually been to visit my best friend R in hospital… at the Manchester Royal Infirmary to which she was rushed by ambulance. She was one of the many victims of this very real terrorist atrocity. Her wounds were REAL. She had lost her left leg… nails and bolts had disfigured her beautiful face.

      All the Franklin Ryckaerts and the Lobros with their superficially plausible conspiracy theories about “false flag attacks” mean nothing to me. God curse these callous bastards! I have no respect for sick intellectuals like this… who misuse their brains… they put two and two together in every ingenious way they can and always end up with five: 2 + 2 = 5.

      When your dearest friend is sobbing in your arms, missing one leg and her lovely face all covered with shrapnel wounds, you know the meaning of life then… and the reality of pain and death. You begin to realize then that this refusal to believe in the reality of real events like this is a mental sickness. It’s simply a substitute for compulsory masturbation.

      God curse these mentally deranged bastards who are allowed to spout these conspiracy theories on this site in the name of free speech! Just wait till it happens to YOU — to your own dearest loved ones! — you will then sing another tune!


      1. Well said, Virginia. Your words are wasted on the likes of Franklin Ryckaert and Lobro. They are far too intelligent to shed tears! 🙂

      2. How can we be sure you are not this :

        You didn’t refute any of the suspicious points we raised. All you do is dramatically appealing to emotions. We have seen that before at the so-called Boston bombing. A “victim” who so-called lost both legs appeared to be an amputee crisis actor. See here :…/frame-by-frame-analysis-of-crisis-actors-preparing-double-amputee…

        You cannot blame us for no more being gullible.

      3. @ Virginia Holmes

        Rather than accept your comment at face value, the people here will think up another ingenious conspiracy theory to discredit you. Wait for it! You will be discredited as a Zionist disinfo agent. That’s how these people think. Anyone who contradicts them, as you have done, telling them to their faces that they “sick lying bastards”, is unlikely to win their admiration.

        Rather than admit you are right, which would involve a complete about-face, an admission that they were wrong, they will begin to suggest that you never went to that hospital to visit your friend, that you are lying, that you a government agent spreading sob stories on this site.

        Sooner or later, Virginia, you will be accused of being a JEW on this site. You see, this is the easiest way to dispose of your arguments. You MUST be lying because you dare to contradict them!

      4. They have foolproof evidence of “crisis actors”, they claim. But how can they be sure that these “crisis actors” are not part of an even more elaborate hoax to discredit the idea that these events are real?

        They assume that all the accounts in the mainstream media are a hoax and that anyone who believe in these stories are victims of a government hoax. But isn’t it easier to believe that these mentally unhinged conspiracy theorists are themselves the victims of the “Crisis Actors Hoax”?

        There are people who are PAID to be crisis actors. They are paid to be caught. They are paid to come to life again after being presumably dead. They are paid to say, “Look, I am alive! I never died!”

        The conspiracy theorists on this site are their DUPES! Don’t believe these lunatics, people. They are bogus intellectuals who have been duped by being trapped in a hall of smoke and mirrors.

        Virginia, you have my full backing. These events are real. I too have seen the dead and the wounded. I was at Manchester. I was there. This wasn’t play-acting. People who believe these conspiracy theories need to be sectioned. Their brains have been damaged by years of exposure to all kinds of half truths, conspiracies and fantasies.

      5. @ Tommy,

        So there’s no such thing as a “conspiracy”; it simply never, ever happens in this world? Governments never lie, and everything is always just how it appears on its face? Thus anyone who questions the “official story” about anything is a moron and/or some kind of nutcase? Is that your view?

      6. I think what Mr Armstrong is trying to say is that such events are all real, but that the governments deliberately hire clumsy crisis actors, who then get exposed as such, in order to discredit conspiracy theories. Like : the crisis actors are fake, therefore there is no conspiracy, therefore the event is real. Very far fetched, I should say.

      7. @ Franklin

        I don’t see how you came to that conclusion; “Tom Armstrong” is obviously just another Jew, doing what Jews traditionally do in “discussions” such as this one: smearing anyone who doesn’t take the “official story” at face value with the “conspiracy theorist” epithet.

      8. @Harold Smith

        Well, whoever he is, he tries to be “sophisticated”. He has to account for the clumsy crisis actors, so he comes up with a far fetched conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory against conspiracy theories.

      9. @ Tom Armstrong

        These events are real. I too have seen the dead and the wounded. I was at Manchester. I was there. This wasn’t play-acting. People who believe these conspiracy theories need to be sectioned. Their brains have been damaged by years of exposure to all kinds of half truths, conspiracies and fantasies.

        You are wasting your time trying to reason with these incredibly self-important people, Tom, people who have never been known to budge an inch from their entrenched positions once they have made up their minds on any particular point.

        To admit they are wrong about anything would involve a complete climb-down, a loss of face, and an admission of fallibility. They are incapable of this.

        I don’t want to get on their bad side of these Übermenschen by questioning their omniscience. Which is why I’m ready to admit I know nothing. I’m just a humble Zen Buddhist aspirant and green tea consumer, conscious of my ignorance and mortality.

        Thank you, Virginia Holmes and Tom Armstrong, for your honest input. I will not insult you by suggesting that you are a liar or a Zionist troll just because you tell me these terrorist atrocities are real and that you happened to be there to witness them. I prefer your honest simplicity to the papal infallibility of your critics. Note their favorite technique for scoring points. Anyone who dares to question their basic assumptions, giving them cognitive dissonance, is at once denounced as a “Jew”.

        After that, there can be no further arguments. They use the ad hominem attack in exactly the same way the Jew does to win points.

      10. I await with resignation my own outing as a “Jew” for daring to question the omniscience of the reigning clique on this website.

      11. Virginia,
        I often wish that this site had room give comments a “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down.” I’d give your comment 10 thumbs up if I could. Best wishes to your injured best friend.

      12. @ Sardonicus,

        First, “Anon” shows up and starts the ball rolling by calling anyone who doesn’t immediately and completely reject every single aspect of the evolving story as utter bullshit, as a “moron”.

        That makes a convenient rhetorical opening for “Virginia Holmes” and “Tom Armstrong” to smear every thoughtful person who justifiably questions the “government” in matters involving “terrorism”, as a conspiracy theorist nutcase.

        Note how they all speak in terms of absolutes; analysis of particular details, consideration of the robust historical record of government treachery, etc., all of that is apparently off limits.

        I believe that “Anon”, “Virginia Holmes” and “Tom Armstrong” could’ve made their point in a less pejorative, less condescending, less vulgar manner.

        Personally I tend to not take very seriously anyone who makes such a dramatic appearance with both guns blazing, and whose “argument” consists of insults and appeal to emotion.

        For all we know, “Anon”, “Virginia Holmes” and “Tom Armstrong” may be the same person, someone who wants to derail any meaningful discussion.

      13. @ Sardonicus

        I value your support. Your prediction proved correct. I was denounced as a “Jew” for daring to question the prevailing wisdom here that all these terrorist attacks, almost without exception, are false flag attacks involving crisis actors.

        Having had the courage to defend me, you will now yourself probably share the same ignominy as me. You too will be denounced as a “Jew” sooner or later.

        What these pretenders to infallibility do not realize is that if I were actually a Jew or Zionist agent, I would do my best to suggest that the offiical version of 9/11 was real. I don’t do this. I am fully convinced that 9/11 was a false flag attack on America orchestrated by Israel and neoconservatives in America, most of them Jews.

        Franklin Ryckaert and his supporters fail to realize that the more you cry “Wolf!” the less you will be believed when a real wolf comes! Similarly, the more you cry “False flag attack!” every time an attack of this kind occurs, the more you bring false flags into disrepute.

        Don’t you guys realize what you are doing? You are bringing 9/11 Truth into disrepute by crying wolf all the time.

      14. HA!!!!


        Tom… and Sard have positioned themselves as ‘self-proclaimed’ VICTIMS… with FAKE claims BEFORE the fact….

        At this rate… They might even claim to have numbers tattooed on their arms… 🙂

        *Sard… You need more time with the Abbot and….
        ……… less with the Costello..!! 🙂

        I expect ZAK any moment…now.

      15. Tom,

        I share your views on 9/11. I believed Arabs were behind 9/11 in the aftermath of the event, but doubts set in later. I now have no trouble in seeing this as one of the most spectacular false flags of history. Moreover, I have always loathed the state of Israel and have a tender regard for Rachel Corrie whom I hold in veneration.

        Tell me, is this how you guys welcome new posters on to your Darkmoon site — by calling them “Jews” if they happen to disagree with you?

      16. Virginia –

        You are making things up. As a new poster you should not do that here.

        Sard called himself a jew…. almost. Asking for it… 🙂 to stir up crap.. He does that.

        I did not read where anyone in this thread was called a jew by another.

        I’m glad you commented.
        Post some reasonable facts. Stop playing the victim..!!

      17. @ Tommy

        “I was denounced as a ‘Jew’ for daring to question the prevailing wisdom here that all these terrorist attacks, almost without exception, are false flag attacks involving crisis actors.”

        No you weren’t; rather, you were “denounced as a Jew” because of your Jew tactics.

        You broadly smeared everyone who doesn’t implicitly trust “government”, as a “mentally unhinged conspiracy [theorist]”. According to you: “…The conspiracy theorists on this site are their DUPES! Don’t believe these lunatics, people. They are bogus intellectuals…”

        Finally you said: “These events are real.”

        I thought we were only talking about the Manchester bombing. But “these” is plural, so you’re speaking in general terms here; i.e., Manchester is “real”; Boston Marathon bombing was real; Sandy Hook was real; Underwear bomber was real, etc.

        “When faced with uncomfortable or irrefutable facts, respond with an attack of your own. Ridicule works best, and if used in the right context, ad hominem attacks may work even better. The objective is to redirect the point which the speaker or writer is making. Remember, if the ground beneath you becomes unsteady, you have nothing to lose by attacking. Be bold. Be outrageous. Most people raised in average American homes will be intimidated. ” – Saul Alinsky (private papers, U.C. collection)

      18. @ Virginia (& Tommy, Anon, etc.)

        You respond to the mysterious “Anon”, but then you broaden your slur to the plural, impliedly attacking anyone and everyone here who justifiably takes nothing “official” at face value:

        “God curse these callous bastards!…God curse these mentally deranged bastards who are allowed to spout these conspiracy theories on this site in the name of free speech!…SICK BASTARDS!!!”

        Tell me, is this how you introduce yourself?

      19. @ Pat

        Tom… and Sard have positioned themselves as ‘self-proclaimed’ VICTIMS… with FAKE claims BEFORE the fact…. At this rate… They might even claim to have numbers tattooed on their arms… 🙂

        A remarkably silly comment, dear Pat, redeemed only by its wit. If you happen to read Tom Armstrong’s latest comment above, you will see that Tom is most unlikely to be a Jew. I believe Virginia Holmes is not a Jew either, unless there are Jews who loathe Israel and love Rachel Corrie.

        As for myself, the insinuation that I am a Jew because I happen to disagree with a clique of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists on this site, yourself included, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest!
        It’s when people resort to ad hominem insults (like you do) that I feel vindicated. And even, dare I say it, a bit pleased.

        You forget that I am the oldest poster on this site. I got here long before you did. And I would have been kicked off this site long ago if Admin had suspected for a moment that I was a sneaky little Jew hiding in the bushes like a venomous serpent.

        BTW, this is the first time in all these years that anyone has called me a “Jew” on this site, whereas YOU have been called a “Jew” several times by many different posters! 🙂

        Are you a Jew?

        Please don’t answer that question if you find it embarrassing.

      20. @ Pat

        You are making things up… Post some reasonable facts. Stop playing the victim..

        Your cruel comment was uncalled for. It has made me break down in tears. I can no longer bear being on this website…

      21. Sard –

        Yeah… A real hoot. 🙂 ‘Tyranter’ P-a-r-s-o-n-s (written to stay out of spamistan) called me a jew dozens of times himself a few years back..!! 🙂

        I have been tossed into the concentration camp with Zak a few times…

        Who cares..?? Let the jews fall where they may… I just keep on commenting on false flag diversions like this also:

        Seth Rich family Lawyer is Brad Bauman Crisis PR Consultant.

        Crisis PR Consultant… Crisis PR Consultant… HUH??? 🙂

      22. Point of information…

        False flags can be bloody, deadly affairs.

        Point the second…

        You can protest too much 😉

      23. The authenticity of this incident is irrelevant. The only relevancy is how the gullible goyim perceive the event. If enough idiots buy into and support the idea that evil terrorism is overwhelming the country making it necessary to implement Jew administrated totalitarian law, then, faked or not, it has done its job. For you protection of course.

        Save the children! Ve must save the Children! The cry that’s forever dripping from the bloody mouths of the Janus-faced Jew horror that wantonly murders and consumes them.

        Save the children? For what? So Jews can serve them up for lunch in their pizza parlors?

        However, not only are these murderous psychopathic Jews killing western civilization, they are murdering the planet.

        But never mind all this; what is really important is the big game on TV tonight, don’t miss it!

      24. When these so called terrorist attacks involve the destruction of valuable commercial property then I will unreservedly accept their terrorist status. Callous as the fact is the targeting of common people does not make them submissive i.e RAF Bomber Commands deliberate terror bombing of German civilians, the Luftwaffes retaliatory Blitz, the IRA pub bombings. This bombing history would be elementary knowledge to any terrorist org. However when the IRA targeted commercial property they speedily achieved a place at the negotionary table and shortly after a welcome in Parliament. On this basis I distinguish the difference between genuine and false flag attacks

    2. All the Franklin Ryckaerts and the Lobros with their superficially plausible conspiracy theories about “false flag attacks” mean nothing to me. God curse these callous bastards!

      SUPERFICIALLY PLAUSIBLE – what a great term, thanks, Virginia.

      As opposed to GENUINELY IMPLAUSIBLE ones, e.g., so close to a bomb in a backpack, i.e., blast closer to a girl’s head level than a leg (below crotch height) and yet a leg is blown off but the face has only superficial injuries … I say, not impossible but HIGHLY implausible – since you asked.

      As for your outrage, whether superficial or not, note that my conspiracy theory had nothing to do with your friend’s beautiful face, etc.
      it had ONLY to do with the alleged bomber’s motives and even you agreed that my theory is plausible.
      Now, if we can only agree that your claim of your friend’s injuries is im-plausible, we can be friends again.
      Of course, you could always provide the actual data: name, before and after photos of the face and legs and half of the controversy is over.

      Mine will remain until someone can PLAUSIBLY explain why an enemy of Gadaffi would seek revenge for Gadaffi’s murder, in fact be so upset with his allies to blow himself up to achieve this vengeance.
      You are excused and excluded from this appeal, Veronica, because PLAUSIBILITY is not your department.
      When the site is in dire need of SUPERFICIALITY, your contribution will be much appreciated.
      When you visit your friend in hospital, make sure to bring plastic flowers.
      And don’t forget a selfie or two.

      God bless emotional morons, for they shall inherit Tikkun Olam (Repaired Earth).

      Now, as for Sardonicus: he has earned his right to say whatever he feels is his right to say 🙂
      To call him some kind of jew troll is absolutely uncalled for and vicious.
      After all, he knows Lasha personally, so if he is a Jew troll, so is she.
      And if she is, i will gladly convert, botox my lips and get nasal enlargement, attend shul and get the top talmud rating – because Lasha is a rare quality friend of mine.

      So much implausibility, i am getting nauseous, look what you did Virginia, your head exploded, took my leg off and ruined my beautiful mind.

      1. So much implausibility, i am getting nauseous, look what you did Virginia, your head exploded, took my leg off and ruined my beautiful mind.


        One possible meaning…
        “Booyakasha comes from the Irish word “buíochas” (pronounced bwee ah kuss) which mean “glory to” “or praise be” as in “buíochas le Dia” which means “thanks be to god”. Oliver Cromwell sent 1000s of Irish to the plantations in Jamaica, and a lot of Irish (or Gaelic as non Irish people know it) words made it in to Jamaican patois. Another example is “Irie” from the Irish verb “Eirigh” (pronounced “Ire – ee”) meaning to get up.”

      2. Oops, that’s not a definition but rather an explanation of the origins of the word. The real meaning is something like “well said, old bean!” or “good show” or to quote Bill Paxton as Hudson in Aliens “F**kin’ eh!”


      3. @ Lobro

        I was just about to leave this site, never to return, when I read your post and was cheered by its good humor. You dismiss me as worthless and beneath contempt, implying I am a liar who is making things up, but you do this in a gentlemanly way. So I will hang on a bit — that is, until I am chased off the site for being a “Jew” or a “Zionist troll”. Which I am not.

        I have posted on Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer and Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents for 2-3 years but only short comments sporadically, so I know the score. I know for a fact that many of the comments posted on this site would have no chance of publication on either of the two sites mentioned above. Your comments here are far too loopy and extreme and push the conspiracy theory meme to its reductio ad absurdum.

        Few of the people who have attacked me here have shown the slightest self-restraint. I don’t think calling a person a “liar” and a “Jew” is any way to win an argument, do you? What are you? Teenagers? This is what you have done to me. Unable to deploy logic and provide evidence, you have hit below the belt and resorted to the lowest and cheapest form of argument: the ad hominem attack.

        Take the deviant Alice-in-Wonderland logic I get here. I said the Manchester attack was real, that I was there and witnessed it. I made no mention of Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon atrocity. Suddenly several posters are screaming, “We all know that Sandy Hook was a false flag! We all know the Boston Marathon attack was faked!”

        So? May I ask what this has to do with the Manchester terror attack? Does the inauthenticity of two fake atrocities in America make ALL atrocities elsewhere fake? Because something is “faked” in China, does it follow that similar incidents must be faked in Japan?

        As a matter of interest, I challenge you conspiracy theorists to name ONE terrorist act committed by Muslim terrorists that has NOT been identified as as a false flag attack? They are ALL false flags, aren’t they? As someone has already said, you guys are crying wolf too often!

        No one is going to believe you if every time something like this happens you shout “False flag! False flag!” It’s implausible to suppose that NO Muslim attacks are genuine, that ALL attacks are theater. Can’t you see this?

        Is every Muslim in sight a “patsy”? Is everyone who is ever caught been “framed”? If so, what lone terrorist is guilty of anything if the government is always to blame?

        How many times are you guys going to cry WOLF?

      4. @VH

        You seem to think “false flag” only refers to fictitious events. This is an erroneous assumption. Even the gatekeeping Wikipedia site acknowledges that such events can be very real and very bloody. Ergo Manchester can be as real as you describe but still very much a false flag.

        My own opinion — it is a bloody obvious false flag. For a start, ISIS is a brand name for Western proxy forces. So if “ISIS” is responsible for this attack then that is just another way of saying Western intelligence agencies were the real perpetrators.

        Let me ask you a question — who was responsible for 9/11?

      5. Virginia,
        I know full well that i could never make the cut at the occidental observer, even had to look up the meaning of “occidental”, having previously thought it a site where dentists hang out.
        Until NOW, that is, seeing how kindly and ladylike your response was, don’t know how to couch it in fine language, so i will put it bluntly:
        Would you deign to sponsor me into the OO, ie, if i approached them, sweaty sluggo hat worked over in shaking hands, would you be my character reference?
        No need to lie or exaggerate about my abilities, something like “loopy but nice, sees star of David in every flag you show him, but a good Nazi“.
        Dream fulfilled, 72 Virginias smiling down benevolently … I ain’t afraid of Virginia WOLF!

        Now this, afore I forgets

        name ONE terrorist act committed by Muslim terrorists that has NOT been identified as as a false flag attack?

        Easy … thanks for pitching a puffball, i see beginning of a beautiful friendship, the answer as follows:
        All the ones with verified Jew victims.
        In other words, LOTS of them.

        Right, Virginia, toss me my biscuit, watch me snap it in the air, got more easy questions, more biscuits?

        Oops, the bombing of the jew community centre in Buenos Aires with all kinds of dead jews was positively identified as mossad, even though Iranian moozlums were originally blamed, scratch that one.
        But still LOTS, no matter.

        O, to be on OO, double-O, here i come, i don’t mind being last among equals.

      6. Oh Dios Mio! Im really feeling pissed off! I was Bruce Benner a moment ago……but I feel myself changing….changing. My skin is turning green, my músculos are getting huge , and worse, my nose is getting so big I cant see in front of me! Someone help! Auxilio! Im feeling compulsiones to crush any Goy I see! My God! Am I becoming Jew-Hulk? My clothes have torn! Im…….like….Lou Ferrigno! No! No! This cant be happening! I cant be Jew-hulk! Relax. Relax. Just a bad moment. Im getting skinney again. Nose disinflating. I can see now.
        Oh Dios mio. I almost became a Jew-hulk. Wheres my bottle? Ill finish my tequila as an ordinart human now. Wow! That was close! Salud!

    With the exception of point #1 Franklin is quite correct. Gilbert is blaming the victim when he lays the responsibility on White individuals, themselves targeted for planned elimination for many decades by oppressive laws, pernicious pornography and propaganda, horrific internecine wars, etc.
    It is not logical or right to collectively damn a whole people for having the misfortune to be born into dystopian nations ruled by corrupt and greedy politicians whose strings are pulled by renegades and/or alien oligarchs.
    But true enough though one cannot simply go along blaming others for misfortune. It may take at least as long to set things right as it took for them to have gone horribly wrong, and self-examination and a self-criticism will be required. It won’t be easy.
    Gilbert, I remind you that there are a great many Whites who detest the current regimes. And many of them speak out against the corruption, and many do more than that, even in the face of potential extreme penalties. I need not remind you of prison conditions in our wonderful democratic and caring societies. Still, many whites are brave, witness the dozens of criminals killed each year in defense of self and others by brave White men and women. The spark is still there.
    Also Gilbert, it is not “admirable” in the least to target non-combatants, children, or other helpless innocents.
    Those are my unsmiling opinions.

    1. S.W. –

      If I am not mistaken, this country (USA) wherein I reside was formally contrived and founded by Christian white men. I am sick and tired of apologizing for it! We have squandered our inheritance!

      1. Gilbert,
        I was under the impression that the majority of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons? Correct me if I am wrong. Masonry is just another form of Lucifer worship. I’ve encountered many masons in my life and I’ve always found something “off” about them. On the surface quite personable and and friendly, yet lurking beneath something evil and abominable. I get the same impression whenever I encounter orthodox jews with their shaggy unkempt appearance and outlandish attire.

      2. Felix –

        Those who would join the Masonic order are, mostly, well-intentioned. My own father was one such, but as he attained the 33rd Degree, he discovered the hidden caveats, and denounced it. He told me so, and warned against it (but he would not divulge those things he had sworn to secrecy). It was not until I became friends with Eustace Mullins that I began to learn of Masonry’s dark aspects. Regardless, whether or not our “founders” were Masonic, they contrived some Articles of Confederation which evolved into a substantial ideal. No man is without sin, and it is ridiculous to hold them to an unattainable standard.

  4. Fine article with background on the historical sequence, which it appears, no one has yet challenged which indicates a certain denial among many in the “mainstream” of how certain consequences happen in the real world. History is often a series of reactions. I’ll repeat what I’ve said in the last two posts as well as previous discussions – that killing (or maiming) children is not a legitimate platform of Islam, and that innocents always have my sympathy. That includes the thousands of children that are starving to death in Yemen today, as well as being bombed like non combatants in Syria and elsewhere on a daily basis. I wonder what anti Syrian regime viewpoints make of the fact that Qatar and Arabia emptied their jails to provide manpower for the movements. Many of these persons are now being sheltered at taxpayer expense in Europe where growing numbers rape and assault with impunity. Having lost a classmate as well as a Church member in 9/11, I can personally attest in some events there are casualties. That is not to say, however, that I’m willing to accept the official narrative as to how it happened. In the case of 9/11, literally thousands of professional architects, engineers, and pilots have joined the growing ranks who can plainly see the official version simply doesn’t add up. In all criminal investigations the normal procedure is to examine the evidence before pronouncing guilt. The US government did quite the opposite in the case of 9/11. People who advocate blind acceptance of governments of any party or party lines may be headed for trouble – deep trouble. In the case of Manchester as I said in the last post, the verdict of who is guilty has not been credibly or firmly established yet. As far as the huge numbers of persons who are unaware of zionist crime spanning decades in many countries globally, let them figure it out.

  5. “Abedi — as part, it now appears, of a wider British-Libyan jihadi cell…”

    Why don’t these “cells” ever publish any kind of a “manifesto”? Why don’t they ever make a verifiable claim of responsibility, explaining why they did what they did? And how do they pick their targets? Maybe they have some kind of a “target selection committee” and they use the “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” method? Seriously, why don’t these “cells” ever at least try to attack a more relevant target? Why use a suicide bomber to attack such a soft target? Why “waste” a willing suicidal “asset” to attack teenagers at a concert when the “asset” could’ve been used to attack a government office somewhere?

    Maybe for the same reason that ISIS never seems to attack Israel or any kind of Jewish interest anywhere, for that matter?

  6. Why does the writer, John Bradley, fail to mention the leading role of the USI in perpetrating this heinous illegal war against Colonel Gaddafi? Without Queen Hillary and a reluctant Obama leading the way, would the British and French even have had the sick courage to engage in such slaughter by themselves? I predict history will show that Gaddafi was a truly great leader, who did wonderful things for the Libyan people. It is ridiculous to hold strongmen like Gaddafi, Assad, and Saddam Hussein to the same standards as Western democracies. It surely takes an iron fist to hold these countries together and keep the Islamists at bay. The US is lucky in that, since it is an ocean away from the carnage it has wrought, it is not so easy for the invaders to get here. When will the Europeans realize that the USI is in large part responsible for their destruction?

  7. the bitch Holmes and her sidekick Armstrong invaded this site to force feed their cannibalistic agenda
    and brainwash and intimate the readers.
    you are a lying whore Virginia, and that Armstrong cretin is your pimp .

    1. I suspected it might have been the lady with the Greek sounding name and a penchant for intelligent verbosity.

  8. Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

    In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities.

    Is there a pattern? The ID papers of the suspect are often left behind, discovered by police in the wake of a terrorist attack.

    According to government and media reports, the suspects are without exception linked to an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.

    None of these terror suspects survived. Dead men do not talk.

    In the case of the tragic events in Manchester, the bankcard of the alleged suicide bomber Salman Abedi was found in his pocket in the wake of the explosion.

    Legitimacy of the official stories? The UK is both a “victim of terrorism” as well as a “State sponsor of terrorism”. Without exception, the governments of the Western countries victims of terror attacks, have supported, directly or indirectly, the Al Qaeda group of terrorist organizations including the Islamic State (ISIS), which are allegedly responsible for waging these terror attacks. Amply documented Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA.


    Watch this video where a man is seen carrying a little girl in his arms. The girl is wrapped in a blanket and from below that blanket two feet dangle. Those feet cannot possibly belong to that girl, otherwise her legs would be unnaturally long. So those feet must belong to a MANIKIN. If that is true, that manikin must have been used to simulate a victim. If that is true, then there were no victims at all. Ergo Manchester was a hoax !

    Look for yourself : at 1.00 =1.52 :

  10. I wonder if the concept of “blowback” is a tautological nonsense? Surely after the nth war and the nth terrorist incident you can no longer claim the consequences of your wars are unintended and unknown?

    Surely you have to start considering the awful — and bleedin’ obvious in my opinion — notion that the consequences are not only entirely predictable but helped along to such an extent that coincidence theory is no longer tenable.

    We live in an age of conspiracy as far as I’m concerned, and have been for at least 200 years. For example, modern history is bunk 😀

    1. Blowback

      “Blowback” is a CIA term first used in March 1954 in a recently declassified report on the 1953 operation to overthrow the government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran”

      It is claimed that “blowback” is a metaphor for the alleged unintended consequences of the US government’s international activities that have been kept secret from the American people.

      Btw the CIA also coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” 😉

      Point of Order
      The purpose of the mass media is to manipulate our minds. Thus real events will be twisted to serve the nefarious purpose; thus events will be created to serve the nefarious purpose; thus lies will be told about entirely fictitious events to serve the nefarious purpose. I don’t know what happened in Manchester but what I do know that the MSM will use those events to manipulate us.

  11. Note the timing between the post by “Anon” and that of “Virginia Holmes” in respone; there’s only 25 minutes between them, and the post of “Virginia Holmes” had to take some time to compose.

    Also take note of what “Virginia” says about the wounds of her injured friend:

    “Her wounds were REAL. She had lost her left leg… nails and bolts had disfigured her beautiful face.”

    If she lost her leg – presumably it was avulsed by the blast – then she was obviously close to the blast. Now, if she was that close to the blast, the nuts, bolts, nails, etc., that she got hit with in the face, would presumably be moving at upwards of 1000 m/sec, or something like that.

    I find it rather remarkable that someone could get hit in the face/head with nuts, bolts, nails, etc. moving at that kind of velocity, and live. A nut, bolt or nail at that velocity would be manifesting the same kinetic energy as a 7.62 bullet from a high powered rifle at point blank range.

  12. Given Abedi’s connections and his travel movements leading up to the attack, the only explanation for him being able to remain at large for so long is that he was a protected asset—part of a broad network of operatives utilised by Britain and the US to conduct their nefarious operations in the Middle East.

    How many here predicted that the prime suspect would be “known to the authorities” 😉

  13. between dawn and sunset ,i took an oath to keep you away from my thoughts.
    if i failed to take you off my head . then my fasting will be incomplete and corrupt.
    I wish , i never stumbled on this treacherous spiritual field of loving you from afar.

    1. Nameless Dreamer,

      Admin is aware that you are a troll who has been posting on our site under at least 40-50 different names. We don’t mind publishing your posts but it would help us if you would choose one name and stick to it.

      1. admin, mi dos centavos:
        trolls are okay, so long as they are not boring, not vulgar and make some kind of sense.
        if they contribute either by way of verifiable information or make readers think, then in my 2-cent opinion, they should be allowed to post.

        the above Mr nameless sounds like a mussulman observing the Ramadan.

      2. ADMIN: This is the same poster who keeps changing his name constantly despite our request to choose one name and stick to it. Every time he uses a new IP number and false email address. We know he is the same person from his style and punctuation.

        My promises are golden ,I can promise you ,that I will not even visit your site, for the next 40 days.
        as I’m in the process of taking a spiritual journey to purify my soul and cleanse my heart and mind.
        but i can’t promise, if i can stick to one name ,when i return ,if i return and if I’m still the same .
        Peace to the darkmoon Lady and to everyone in darkmoon dot me

      3. @ lobro
        Maybe I expected, or hoped that , there exist someone ,who genuinely can dissect the western Islamophobia hysteria in demonizing and disrespecting Islam and Muslims ,maybe a sliver of hope existed in my mind that there is someone, named lobro at darkmoon dot me,who is holding his ground OR at least not going with this hysterical flow in disrespecting Muslims,
        but to my dismay ,i see your writing ( mussulum),I couldn’t believe my eyes , i had to check twice to see it was you.
        when someone write {“Muslims” ,(any other way) },it’s demeaning and a sign of disrespect.
        P.S…The Irony ,Mr. Lobro ,this is my very last comment to this site.or any other site because I’m taking a spiritual journey in the wilderness.


          1. If you wish to treat Muslims in a respectful way, refer to them as MUSLIMS. Avoid all other terms and variant spellings. MOSLEM may be used but it is out of date, so why use MOSLEM when MUSLIM is preferable? Avoid MUSSULMAN, MUSSELMAN and its variants at all costs, because these terms are used pejoratively and with a definite intent to insult — in the same way as you might use the insulting colonialist word “CHINAMAN” to refer to a Chinese person. Avoid MOHAMMEDANS (or MAHOMETANS) also as these too are colonialist terms of contempt intended to suggest that Muslims only worship Muhammad and not God.

          2. People in the know with a genuine respect for Islam refer to the Muslim’s holy book as the QURAN or QUR’AN (preferable spelling). The spelling “KORAN” is the colonialist spelling, the way “outsiders” refer to the Qur’an. The spelling KORAN is widespread in the mainstream media and is officially quite correct, but educated Muslims spurn this variant spelling and regard it as condescending and slightly pejorative. (in short, ‘Q’ is better than ‘K’).

          3. To summarize, refer to Muslims as “MUSLIMS”, and refer to their holy book as the QUR’AN or QURAN if you wish to be inoffensive.

      4. And by the way, never refer to a Jew as a “Jew”. That is the ultimate anti-Semitic slur. A Jew must always be referred to respectfully as a “Jewish person.” 🙂

        Some years ago, American novelist John Updike caused great outrage among the Jewish community by referring to a Jewish character in a novel as “a rich Jew”. He did this in a book review.

        Updike had caused double outrage, it was claimed, because he had not only used the forbidden word “JEW” but had also linked the forbidden word “JEW” with the word “RICH”, thereby making the anti-Semitic suggestion that all Jews were rich and rapacious capitalists.

        QUOTE from the Independent:

        John Updike is an unlikely controversialist, and may have been surprised to find himself labelled an anti-semite by the New York Observer. His offence came in a review of Peter Carey’s new novel, My Life as a Fake, in which he referred to one of Carey’s characters, Peter Weiss, as a “rich Jew”. The New York Observer took exception to the phrase, which was Updike’s, and not Carey’s, and explained “To say that the expression ‘rich Jew’ is loaded with historical anti-Semitism is an understatement.”

      5. @Lasha Darkmoon

        When one ethnic or religious group meets another, then terms to designate the other must be formed. Often such terms are formed by misunderstanding or adaptations of the original term to the sound system of one’s own language. If the relation with the other group is one of hostility, then such ethnic terms are loaded with negative connotations and the use of the original term of the other group is indeed indicated. Thus the correct terms Muslim and Qur’ān are indeed indicated.

        “Avoid MUSSULMAN, MUSSELMAN and its variants at all costs, because these terms are used pejoratively and with a definite intent to insult — in the same way as you might use the insulting colonialist word “CHINAMAN” to refer to a Chinese person”.

        The term Mussulman or Musselman was not formed analogous to China-man, but is derived from Persian Mosalmān, which is the normal term in Persian for Muslim* and of course carries no connotations of contempt. Due to Persia’s cultural dominance in the Islamic world, this term was also adopted in Turkish, but here adapted to the sound system of the Turkish language and became Müsülman. I think it is this Turkish form that reached Europe.

        * I suspect that the term Mosalmān in Persian was formed by adding the plural suffix -ān to the Arabic singular Muslim, adapted to their own sound system to Mosalm.

      6. LD –

        ‘Musselmen’ was very commonly used in 18th and 19th centuries.

        Washington and Jefferson and Adams… and others around them used the term.

        *Musselmen even signed treaties with the US, referencing themselves as Musselmen. They agreed to it in writing. Accepted it.

        This is just one of the treaties signed by Musselmen – Bey and Subjects – between 1786 and 1836:

        “Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary.”

        ARTICLE 11.
        “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,
        -as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,
        -and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”


        *Signed and sealed at Tripoli of Barbary the 3d day of Jumad in the year of the Higera 1211-corresponding with the 4th day of Novr 1796 by
        SOLIMAN Kaya
        MAMET Treasurer
        GALIL Genl of the Troops
        AMET Minister of Marine
        MAHOMET Coml of the city
        AMET Chamberlain
        MAMET Secretary
        ALLY-Chief of the Divan


        BTW – America not a Christian nation was stated also.

      7. Sufi,
        keep your shirt on.
        i AM respectful of muslims, always have been and probably always will be.
        but i also LIKE the term “mussulman” or even “moozlum”, just like I call Brownhawk, “b-hawk” or “crazy injun”, Flopot may be a “Mick” without getting offended or i may refer to myself as “canuck” or “crow” on account of my croatian background.
        It’s the way of the common man, such as i count myself, lost any elite membership cards i may have mistakenly had in laundry long ago.

        in other words, no need to get starchy over it and adopt a formal tone, i cannot breathe the rare air.
        In yet another set of words, Sufi you may be but afaik, it is a process, not a finished product, no such thing as enough humility or tolerance.

        But of course, we could always decide to assume dignified airs redolent of academic mustiness, rub shoulders with other Observers in the lofty heights of crowded ivory tower, “by Jove, Montague, be so kind to hand me the looking glass, I do believe there is some miscegenation dynamics involving Senegalese Muslims beneath the hedge down yonder“.

      8. Moreover (@ Whomever)

        all these squeals of injured hypersensitivity have a profoundly jew origin, because jew is quick to insult and be insulted, creature that cries out in pain as he strikes you, emotions brewed in talmud’s alchemical labs, polished to high gloss in frankfurt shul, “ouch, he called me jew, call 911 right after my lawyer“.
        The offense industry is another rich mining turf for Massa Jew, he knows very well how to exploit it to his advantage, your disadvantage, even as you think you know how to play the disgusting injury litigation game.

        Abject apologies for not wanting to follow this paradigm, refusing to be another Jewish Person wannabe.

      9. Yet another Moreover in lobro’s Deconstructing The Jew series,

        The state of insultness has traditionally been a female instrument, along the “damsel-in-distress” lines, double bladed as an invitation and rejection in hands of a skilled practitioner (having suffered my share, in these threads and outside, i know).

        and being a misgendered baphometian, jew figured out how to play this angle and managed to snare women (white) into his orbit in order to disembowel the european people.

        Thus feminism, thus Bitches, an honorific when deployed by a Jewish Person or a Black Person but a whitey is not allowed to tell women to smile, och, so denigrating, how Misogynist (men who despise gynas, which is why we must listen to Vagina Monologues), These Feminist Artists Are Tired Of Being Told To Smile
        So they are channeling their frustrations into glorious works of art.

        How glorious? Jew-glorious.
        Have a look.

        Masterful, i must admit, negroes, women, homosexuals, aborigines, takfiris, ziochristians, academics, shabbos, all harnessed to jew’s chariot, charging mindlessly at the white man’s final redoubt.

        no longer is the white man’s art glorious, Caravaggio, Velasquez, Bellini, Raphael, … junk compared to Rothko and feminists.

    2. NAMELESS –

      Your oaths don’t work that well… they mean nothing…


      To the average Christian the word “Talmud” is just another word associated by them with the form of religious worship practiced in their synagogues by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.

      Many Christians have never heard of the Talmud. Very few Christians are informed on the contents of the Talmud. Some may believe the Talmud to be an integral part of the religious worship known to them as “Judaism”. It suggests a sort of bible or religious text book. It is classed as a spiritual manual.

      But otherwise few if any Christians have an understanding of the contents of the Talmud and what it means in the daily lives of so-called or self-styled “Jews”. As an illustration, my dear Dr. Goldstein, how many Christians have any conception of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement?

      In Volume VIII of the Jewish Encyclopedia on page 539 found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and libraries of all leading cities, will be found the official translation into English of the prayer known as the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer. It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues.

      IT is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the alter. After the recital of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” and are celebrated as such throughout the world. The official translation into English of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer follows”


      The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:

      “This may have provided a support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre (a formula for dispensation of vows) prior to the Evening Service of the Day of Atonement (Ran)…Though the beginning of the year (New Year) is mentioned here, the Day of Atonement was probably chosen on account of its great solemnity. But Kol Nidre as part of the ritual IS LATER THAN THE TALMUD, and, as seen from the following statement of R. Huna b. Hinene, THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC. (emphasis supplied and in original text, Ed.)

      The greatest study of the “Kol Nidre” (all Vows) prayer was made by the eminent psycho-analyst Professor Theodor Reik, the celebrated pupil of the famous Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective.

      This important study is contained in Professor Reik’s “The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies”. In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:

    3. Apologies….I was reading the third vowel in the ‘a’ fasting…whatever turns you on.

  14. Deep apologies, Madam Victorinox, and i mean deep, not at all superficial, sorry that i don’t recall the exact name, the callous bastard that i am.

    here goes the proof, plausibility-is-in-the-pudding: Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks … not to mention a formerly pretty face, now a sad face 🙁 that only a callous bastard could 😀 at.
    Yes, Madam, the passport-is-in-the-pudding.

  15. Rumor has it that Henry Kissinger died in the Manchester Terror Attack. That’s the best news I’ve heard in years! Can anyone confirm this? I’m having problems with my internet….fading fast….someone help…. SOS

    1. The only thing that died in Manchester was Our Faith in the Gregorian Calendar to tell Time correctly. We now got The Georgina Calander We Go By!

  16. Virginia is indeed a jewess, a clever one, the sneaky one. She parallels a hoax with a false flag. These two are very different.
    Greetings to tel aviv. Mazzel tov.

  17. An interesting article on (thanks to What Really for heads up) titled: “Why does the BBC have the same “random” person at every crisis and discussion? Perhaps the random persons guild has raised their rates, and BBC might be facing budgetary constraints.

    1. Oh Dear, there is another narrative confusion – “Angry mother exposes dead daughters pic being used in Manchester event”. Samantha Shrewsbury discovered the picture of her dead daughter Jayden (who was strangled by her boyfriend in 2014) as being a sought after missing person by authorities at the Manchester Terror Event. Please see

      1. I already mentioned that in my comment of May 26, 2017 at 5.47 pm on the article False Flag in Manchester ?

        Rule of thumb : if victims are faked in a “terrorist attack”, then there were no real victims and the whole thing was a hoax.

      2. Thanks Franklin. LD mentioned the Neanderthal lineage on June 7, 2014 – some things are worth repeating.

      3. @Franklin: I should mention that your original article gave the date of strangulation as 2013, not 2014. Criminal conviction took place in 2014.

    2. the reason for this particular randomness is obvious: just look at him, he got the central casting muslim look, the gravitas that beebeecee prides itself on.

      they are properly respectful, not islamophobic so don’t call him “moozlum” or “musselman”, you islamofascist, you 🙂

      what a wonderful world we live in, brain is an atavistic burden that evolution of the noahide species has leapfrogged and left in primordial soup d’goy.

      1. Soup d’goy? You have outdone yourself Lobro. I’ll demand some next time I’m at a kosher restaurant. Wait a minute – they probably don’t let the rest of the parts go to waste once the needed organ has been removed, I’d better stick with the usual Thai veggie delight.

  18. I just love how Bradley puts blame on Cameron and Blair. Yeah right!

    QUESTIONS TO BRADLEY: WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR DURING THOSE ELECTIONS? Blair (Labor), Cameron (Conservatives)? You really think they are to blame? How about putting blame where it really belongs…THE BRITISH PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM!

    QUESTION TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE: Why do you still vote for these lying, criminal parties?

    Excuse me, but I have to choke on the hypocrisy of Bradley and every single person on the British Isles who voted for these lying racist human rights abusers. And what do the British people in the aftermath do? Keep voting for the same criminal parties!

    Bradley, it is very easy to point the finger now, and write a single story that will make you look good. But you work for a newspaper, the Daily Mail, which is well known for its lies, deceit and bias. How credible are you Bradley working for such a piece of filth!

    The reason why Blair and Cameron did what they did, is not because they had an agenda, it is because the British people had an agenda! They were too willing to sell their souls for an extra few pounds of benefits and pension, and nothing has changed. Just take a look a the parties’ manifestos and you can see how the British are so easily bought!

    And then what? The waring will still continue. Yes it is easy to vote for a butcher of humanity, when you get a nice pension in return.

    May you well, Bradley, blame Cameron, and Blair. But Theresa May has done NOTHING to change things. Nor will any other political party in Britain. So why don’t you write about that Bradley? Why don’t you write about how it is BRITISH WHITES that are funding, supporting and driving the war. Yes Cameron, and Blair are war criminals, so is May. But EVERY SINGLE BRITISH VOTER WHO VOTED FOR THESE CRIMINALS ARE EQUALLY TO BLAME TOO!

    And that’s why there will be more bombs for your brats, to come! Until the British people start taking responsibility for their actions (in this case, inaction), you will not see an end of this nightmare.

    Now you will understand what the Palestinians have been enduring for the last 70 years. On behalf of the Palestinians and all the other dispossessed people of the world who have suffered at the hands of the outrageous hypocrisy and crimes of humanity perpetuated by the Anglo Superior Race (excuse while I throw up), we welcome you to our suffering! May it hurt you as much has you have hurt and stolen from us, if not more.

    Hey Bradley! Why don’t you write about that! Or is it, that you too are to willing to conveniently omit the truth, just because you too are bought by your masters who sign your paycheck!

    First you Anglos vote for scum like Blair and Cameron, then blow up woman and children, and now just because you write a sympathetic piece about how you never agreed with Blair and Cameron that should excuse you! FAT CHANCE!

    To paraphrase H. Arendt, to explain why the Nazi’s did what they did:

    Bad or Evil leadership may be due to bad or evil followers, but it is always sustained by acquiescent followers; civic duty is not like the kindergarten, obedience and support are the same thing!

    So it is with those who vote for Nazi’s like Cameron, Blair, and May, and any other that thinks that killing women and children, that are not their own, is fine, all because they have the superior moral right to!

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