BREAKING! — London Bridge Terror Attack (includes two short videos)

9:00 am, England.  I wake up this morning to the shocking news that there has been a terrorist attack in London last night. All around me, panic. These are my rough notes. Here are the basic facts:

— Yesterday evening (Saturday), shortly after 10 p.m., a terrorist attack occurs on London Bridge and in the nearby Borough Market. This is a busy area of bars and restaurants, especially at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, and the place is thronged with visitors.

—  At 10.08 p.m. a white van begins plowing into pedestrians on London Bridge, mounting the pavement and swerving from side to side. After crossing the bridge into Borough Market, three men jump out of the van. Armed with knives, they run into nearby bars and restaurants and start stabbing people to death at random.

—  7 killed, 48 injured, some of them critically. Ambulances screaming, paramedics going wild, the dead and the wounded raced to five nearby London hospitals.

—  Eyewitness (of one the terrorists): “He looked weird and out of place…” Another eyewitness: “He came into the bar and began stabbing this girl … about ten times!”

— Armed officers arrive on the scene eight minutes after the attacks begin and the three attackers are shot dead. Each is wearing a fake explosive vest. No mention is made of the men’s age, physical appearance, or ethnic origin. They are simply described as “three males.”

—  Ramadan is mentioned in the news report. We are told Islamic State (ISIS) has told its operatives that this is the time to step up terrorist attacks and cause maximum mayhem.

—  The whole area is swarming with screaming cops, sniffer dogs, grim looking paramedics, stretchers, ambulances, people with blood on their faces. The cops enter bars and scream: “Get down!” People are crouching under tables, playing dead. Other cops are ordering the public to “start running”. We see crowds of people run down the street, their hands placed on their heads to show they are not armed.

—  This attack has occurred two weeks after the Manchester terror attack and four days before Britain’s general election on June 8.

—  Prime Minister Theresa May has left the campaign trail and is due to make an announcement at 10 am. Which is a few minutes from now. I think the possibility of her postponing the general election is great, but I wouldn’t like to predict this. She is doing badly in the polls, her popularity having slipped dramatically in the last two weeks from a lead of 25 points to a 4-5 point lead. Postponing the election might increase her chances of getting a better result.

—  It comes as no surprise to learn that this latest terrorist attack has already been denounced as yet another “false flag attack” or “terror hoax”.

—  Finally, we learn that Ariana Grande, heroine of the Manchester terror attack is “praying hard” for the victims of the London Bridge attack. Hopefully,  God will hear the prayers of this saintly singer and ensure that casualties are kept to a minimum.

“I’m praying for London”
(See here)

VIDEO : 45 seconds

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. I believe the objective of all this is and always has been to stop Brexit.

    That’s also the reason Jo Cox MP was assassinated, but that didn’t move the polls quite enough.

    The attack arranged at Manchester gave Labour the necessary poll boost (which was likely to have been manufactured by polling agencies anyway). To keep Labour’s momentum going, we now have another arranged attack.

    The plan is to get Labour or a left-wing coalition into power, and then overturn the outcome of the referendum.

    1. Soros, would tend to agree with you going on his recent remarks. He’s saying it will take five years to implement and a lot can happen in that time.

    2. PB,

      That’s an interesting comment. So you think this was arranged by opponents of Brexit to keep the Brits in Europe? I’d like to believe you but I’m not so sure you are correct.

      Why do I say this?

      Because terrorist attacks like this, whether real or bogus, only increase the British animosity toward immigration. All these attacks, after all, are coming from dusky Third World foreigners, mostly Muslims, who are swarming into Britain against the will of the people. That’s what Brexit proved: that 17.4 million Brits are against immigraton and want to keep these potential troublemakers out of the country.

      So why on earth would this terrorist attack boost Corbyn’s chances and Labour’s chances? Corbyn and Labour would simply mean more immigration, not less, and Brexit would be a dead duck in the water.

      I favour the opposite scenario: that this latest terror attack will INCREASE the will of the British people for a speedy and “hard Brexit” and will give a boost to Theresa May and her slogan: “Brexit means Brexit.”

      The idea that the Brits are going to vote en masse for a party (Labour) that is PRO-IMMIGRATION is, in my view, beyond ridiculous.

      1. @Sardonicus, I agree it’s counterintuitive but how do you otherwise explain the opinion poll boost for Labour AFTER the Manchester attacks?

      2. @ PB

        I don’t think May’s drop in popularity had anything to do with the Manchester attack. Older Brits turned against her in large numbers because of tax changes she suddenly introduced (including the “dementia tax” and inheritance taxes) which would have left pensioners far worse off. It’s got a lot to do with nursing home fees which are horrendous and which the government refuses to subsidize, meaning that these fees are deducted from the value of your house, confiscating a large percentage of your children’s legacy.

        Having totally pissed off older people by confiscating a huge chunk of the wealth that would otherwise go to their children, Theresa then did a U-turn, which pissed them off even more because they said: “This woman is not reliable. She flipflops and changes her mind.”

        I think many of the Brits who voted for Brexit are pissed off with Theresa far taking far too long to start the ball rolling. She is now perceived as weak and dithery. Hardly a match for Maggie Thatcher. If The Iron Lady had said “Brexit means Brexit”, we would have got somewhere by now!

        We’ve got nowhere.

        The immigrants are still pouring in. Theresa has proved a disappointment. Did you know that the very day she came to power as Prime Minister, replacing Cameron, she attended a dinner party given by her favorite rabbi?

        Here she is, showing her solidarity with the Chosen People:

      3. @ Sardonicus

        Indeed. Keep also in mind that Corbyn is hated by the Jewish establishment for his solidarity with the Palestinians. He is generally seen as an “anti-Semite”. The Jewish establishment would never stage a false flag to help him into power. The first thing Theresa May did after being nominated Prime Minister was having a dinner with the Chief Rabbi of Britain. She is their puppet.

      4. Franklin,

        Yes, you are 200% right on this!

        The Jewish establishment would never stage a false flag to help him [CORBYN] into power. The first thing Theresa May did after being nominated Prime Minister was having a dinner with the Chief Rabbi of Britain. She is their puppet.

        When I heard about that dinner party (in an article on TOO) my heart sank. I thought, Mein Gott, not another Jew puppet!

        Moreover, it’s absolutely true that many people associated with the Labour party are either anti-Semitic or perceived as anti-Semites. You’ll note that Corbyn has not sacked Ken Livingstone who said that Hitler had helped the Zionists to get to Palestine.
        A comment that caused great outrage among the Jews. Largely because it’s true!

      5. @Sardonicus
        “When I heard about that dinner party (in an article on TOO) my heart sank. I thought, Mein Gott, not another Jew puppet!”

        Here’s Theresa May’s 2016 speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel;
        “These Conservative Friends of Israel lunches are always special.
        But this year feels extra special. Not only is this CFI’s biggest ever lunch, with over 800 people and over 200 Parliamentarians…
        …we have, in Israel, a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance, an engine of enterprise and an example to the rest of the world for overcoming adversity and defying disadvantages…
        … I’m so pleased that CFI has already taken 34 of the 74 Conservative MPs elected in 2015 to Israel.”
        read it and weep 🙁

      6. could it be that the amount of “immigrants” in europe are now here in
        sufficient numbers, of the both born here and the shipped in,
        to complete the plan?
        lets face it, no large numbers of people are ever going to be deported,
        deportation would involve a rounding up, detention and “camps,”
        “never again” will make sure it never happens.
        whilst all this is going on the NGO ferry service is operating 24/7
        transporting “refugees” from Africa to europe
        with the drowned mere “collateral damage”.
        and of no consequense as far as the plan is concerned.

    3. I always suspect that (((they))) choose to stage a terror event if they see a confluence of benefits arising from the subsequent manipulation of the public. Just listen to Theresa May’s speech and you will see she is already pushing for regulation of the internet against extremism. That is you and me, folks, not just “radical muslim extremists”, i.e she widened the net to include all of the favourite targets of her (((masters))).

      Regarding the election campaign, the Tories have been shooting themselves in the foot from day one, so you don’t need a terror attack to explain the opinion polls. Furthermore, the “Remainers” are probably out for revenge and so Labour might have this core of disgruntled voters on their side.

      Perhaps the bombings and attacks will straight-jacket any new administration into continuing the kosher war on terra; these events might be also be planned to erode the electorate’s faith in the incumbent administration, thus undermining May’s claims of “strength and stability”. Who knows?

      Once again we have dead attackers and an MSM presenting an open and shut case. Presumably the attackers will be on the security watch list, and the driver’s passport and complete biography will be found in the fronts seat of the van 😉

      The purpose of the MSM is to manipulate us; the purpose of these events is to manipulate us. That’s it.

  2. False flag, or not, the U.K. lost its “citizen soldiers” when it outlawed the private ownership of firearms. One huge deterrent of overthrow GONE. “The people” have no bite – like a toothless tiger. The same will happen to America if we don’t awaken! More than once, my having ready access to a (concealed) pistol has saved me a lot of grief.

    1. Gil –

      YEP… ALL criminals want the guns taken away from honest folks in the US.
      Here is one 🙂 who was play-acting in the WH last year:

      Executive Order: Obama Hits Gunsmiths With Burdensome & Costly Registration Requirements

      By Gary B. Wells, Attorney at Law

      USA – -( Because Congress has had a majority of firearm supporters over the last several years, the country has been spared the onslaught of federal bills infringing on the Second Amendment.

      In response, the Obama Administration has written its own draconian “laws” by redefining terms, resulting in existing laws being applied to parties and transactions those laws were never intended to restrict.

      1. Pat –

        I’m a Life Member of the NRA, but haven’t bothered to read their mail, much, in the past few years. I hope they’re pushing Trump to rescind some of these EOs, but I intend to check into it and alert some Congressional staff to focus on it. (It’s all we can do, short of shooting. 🙂 )

      2. A right is “inalienable” to the human condition and cannot be taken away by men. When a government begins infringing on rights with their man made laws, then these are no longer a rights, but privileges granted by the state. Americans no longer have a right to keep and bear arms.

        Where is there a clause for “concealed carry,” “assault rifles” or “magazine clips” in the second amendment? Note the Second Amendment provides no detailed description for the term “arms?”

        Given the weapons technology of the day, when the amendments were written, the idea was that people had the right to be armed on parity with the state that governed them. Thus the first fall of freedom was when Americans allowed the government to define “arms” as “small arms.”

        Here is what “arms” meant to Americans before Jews got a full grip on their stupid goyim children. Here is what remains of America’s original Second Amendment legacy, i.e. “See something and immediately squeal like a pig to authorities that are so much smarter and better equipped than you.” More here and here

        Americans surrendered their rights long ago when they allowed Jews to redefine the Constitution as a “living document” whose spirit could be readily altered by Talmudic administrators to align with “modern times.”

        As a result Americans are now “privileged” exclusively by the state to own firearms at the pleasure of those bureaucrats who run the state. The right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms have become exclusive privileges granted by the state. Americans going to have to pay a heavy price in blood if they wish to regain their rights stolen by the Jews.

      3. Arch –

        “Americans no longer have a right to keep and bear arms.”

        Yes, they DO STILL have that right. As you wrote: “A right is “inalienable” to the human condition and cannot be taken away by men.”

        What they DO NOT have is… a Constitutional ‘guarantee’ of ‘PROTECTING’ that right from the governments…. Mostly by tricky wording from the beginning, anyway. The 2nd amendment was/is conditional.

      4. Jerry abused his “privileges” 🙂 GRANTED under the 1st and 2nd amendments:

        N.H. man sentenced to 7 years for role in Bundy ranch standoff

        A New Hampshire man who founded that state’s largest Tea Party group and was a – prominent Donald Trump supporter – was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for his role in the Bundy Ranch standoff against the government in Nevada three years ago.

        Jerry DeLemus, 62, of Rochester, N.H., is the first person to be sentenced as a result of resisting government officials who acted to move cattle grazing on federally owned land. Others, including members of the Bundy family, have had either mistrials or are awaiting sentencing themselves.

        DeLemus and his wife, Susan, a former two-term New Hampshire state representative, were listed as Trump delegates to the Republican National Convention last year. However, after entering into a plea agreement, DeLemus, who was detained in a federal prison outside of Las Vegas, was unable to go.

  3. They just had a ‘terror’ drill by an SAS unit in the same area, what a coincidence. May’s handlers are getting nervous, watching the polls, so her declaring martial law and ‘temporarily’ postponing the election would be the next step.
    Just until the emergency is over, that’s all, sheeple, so keep cowering and bawling till then.

    1. I bet New York gets hit soon with a terrorist attack — false flag or not — the Muslims are now protesting by Trump Tower in New York City. Kathy Griffin and her Hollywood crowd, always pretending to be ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT, always serve to push the agenda/goal of The Establishment forward. As they pretend to be “victims” of violence and discrination and prejudice, they do nothing but foment violence [ albeit subtlety, under the guise of being “tolerant” . Though subtle and under-handed, it’s still a fomenting of division and discord and confusion and violence ] . And if promoting violence isn’t bad enough, they foment violence in service to the satanic overlords of this world who want a New World Order. Agitate the Muslims in the USA to feel as if they’re being treated horrifically and encourage them to go on all kinds of Jihads. Though that’s not said outright, that’s what Hollywood and the Left in general is doing, encouraging the Muslims to go on Jihad.

      1. TROJ –

        I imagine New York will suffer an alien invasion from outer space – or Godzilla will come up out of New York Harbor and stomp the shit out of Park Avenue and Broadway! (New York has been Hollywood-primed and targeted for waaay too long to settle for less!)

    2. If there was indeed a “terror drill” nearby, then that is a strong indication of a false flag or hoax (in case there are no real victims).

      Another indication is the absence of TV images of the attack itself. London is the most surveyed city of the world. Why are there no CCTV images of the white van ploughing into the crowd ? Or is the city’s surveillance system perhaps controlled by an Israeli company and were the cameras “by accidence” out of order like on 7/7 ?
      The London bridge is an important traffic route. There should be CCTV cameras on that bridge. To get an idea, consider this :

      One surveillance camera for every 11 people in Britain says CCTV survey.

      The British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) estimated there are up to 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras in the country, including 750,000 in “sensitive locations” such as schools, hospitals and care homes.

      The survey’s maximum estimate works out at one for every 11 people in the UK, although the BSIA said the most likely figure was 4.9 million cameras in total, or one for every 14 people”.

      Source : Telegraph, 10 July, 2013

      But we are supposed to belief this story based on some miserable iPad images of people ducking on the floor ?

      Yet another indication is the cui bono question. Theresa May is doing badly in the polls. Appearing to be “tough on terror” might raise her popularity.

      In the following video she announced her measures. Notice there will be more control of the Internet, an extra bonus for the elite :

  4. PB, (and all)
    Polls? Really?
    Who believes polls any more?
    Democracy? Really? Trillion$ at stake, and elections are not rigged? Media not just propaganda mills? Politicians not liars? In England, France, Sweden, USA, Germany, most all ‘our’ countries… all you have to do is open your eyes to see the majority of the citizens do not like what’s going on.

    1. @S.W.
      Dude, all we are trying to do is to work out “Qui bono”.
      That is all.
      No, *we* don’t believe in polls — the *we* being the people commenting on this and similar sites.
      But this circus is not meant for our consumption.
      This is meant for the other tens of millions of people who swallow what MSM tells them every day.
      Those people believe in polls, and everything else the government tells them.
      So yes, the Labour poll bounce (albeit fake) does matter, because it sways those people.

    2. SW –

      Your best point:

      “Trillion$ at stake, and elections are not rigged?”

      HUNDREDS of TRILLIONS…$$$$..!!!

      Of course the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London want the people to REALLY choose the criminals to be placed in office..!! I can see Rothschilds ‘sweating it out’ on election nights with family and friends gathered around the TV until wee hours..!! And the ‘let down’ when their ‘hopeful’ loses..!! HA..!! 🙂

  5. Um, the first video showed absolutely nothing except some cops(?) in a room telling some crisis actors to get down, over and over. Oh my gosh! Same as all the other false flags.

  6. At least we got some images of blood, ambulances, and wounded people this time around.

    What I saw at Manchester resembled the train station scene in the movie It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night.

    Whether these attacks are being allowed to happen, or if they are false events, or even done by the government really doesn’t matter. I think the move is to implement the police state at this point. The future jobs for the lower middle class in the US, not UK middle class which means rich, is to stand around at terror incidents. Look at all those guys standing around. For every flipping First Responder there must be 10 to 20 in a suit setting all these things up.

    It’s the war economy.

    1. Last day of Bilderberg Meeting – curious, same thing happened last year Orlando Nightclub…

  7. And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar..
    Except for here, where sometimes is damn near never!

  8. Bibi the Thug just tweeted, “London Bridge will not fall, together we will vanquish terror.#LondonAttacks”.

    His avatar is a menorah and his handle is Prime Minister of Israel.

    I suppose this is his new way of saying “it’s good for Israel”.

    1. Well, in 1986 he wrote a book called Terrorism : How the West can win, in which he started the meme “us” (Israel and the West) against “them” (the Muslims), which has become very profitable for Israel and the Jews. Of course the “terrorism” was duly provided by the Chosen themselves. By way of deception…

  9. Here’s Gilad Atzmon on his assault by Antifa.
    “On May 30th 2017 I was attacked from behind by 3 Antifa activists on my way to a literature event in Edinburgh with political commentator David Scott. Police was informed and as you can see we posses photos of two of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic ‘anarchists.'”
    He makes a clumsy but fair point at the end of his video about free speech which, with recent events, will effect us all;

  10. UK is a dead country, and it has suffered two deaths.
    The first was when Churchill refused to deal with Hitler, and bankrupted the empire to bomb Germany into ruins, and hand over power to America.
    The second was when Thatcher handed over the country to Jewish financial interests, who have proceed to enslave the people in debt.

    Everybody in that island is simply playing out an endgame of one sort or another.

    1. Dolph, please say more about “Thatcher handed over the country to Jewish financial interests,”

      “Everybody in that island is simply playing out an endgame of one sort or another.”
      I think of the UK as a Tavistock cattle control experiment. Once perfected the methods are applied in other countries. In this sense the UK is in the vanguard of “progress”!

  11. It seems Stefan Molyneaux must stay up nights to be the first to put out a video condemning these attacks happening throughout Western Europe. He is no doubt excellent at what he does, and works very hard at it. He makes great points but has a blind spot regarding the role of Jews in fomenting this insane death cult that has gripped so many white Euros. All of us who read here are no doubt well aware of Barbara Spectre’s infamous video, but I doubt if Molyneaux has ever referenced that in his many hours of condemning this unchecked Muslim invasion. Even Molyneaux is under the thumb of Political Correctness regarding the Zionists.

      1. Thanks for posting that video link, Franklin. I do remember that now and how it infuriated me at the time. I’ve always been suspicious of that know-it-all.

  12. Imagine

    Imagine there’s no po-lice
    It’s easy if you try
    No protection for us
    The media only lies
    Imagine all the people
    Dying for today… Aha-ah…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Kill or be killed is the by word
    And there’s religion, too
    Imagine all the people
    Armed with deadly weapons … You…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll wake up
    And buy yourself a gun

    Imagine there’s no “immigrants”
    I wonder can you you try
    None that rape and pillages
    Turning all Europe into a sty
    Imagine all the Muslims,
    Sharing all the world?… You are … stupid

    You may say I’m a dreamer,
    But I’m not the only one,
    I hope the British people wake up,
    And arm themselves with guns.

    With no apology to John Lennon – May that bastard, idiot, son of Britain spin in his grave as Muslims piss on it.

    1. They already know which sites we frequent. The ‘Men In Tights’ at GCHQ are well aware, sounds like cover for their spying…

  13. The purpose of these Gladio style attacks is to shut down dissent and create a repressive police state run by Jews. We are witnessing an endless string of false flag terror attacks by the “authority” which is blaming Muslim refugees which they created with their Greater Israel project wars. They will never relent because they want it all: all of the money, all of the power, all of your mind and soul in a new order of total Jewish supremacism.

    So at this present time period they are ramping it up. Why? The really big threat to organized Jewry is the internet because they’ve lost control of the narrative. Their response to our free thinking is to kill us and scare us into submission. When the Zionist whore Theresa May met with Zionist whore Donald Trump she was desperately clutching his hand after learning of the plan to keep her in power – false flag terror stunts to stop the tide from turning toward Rothschild opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn who opposes the Middle East wars and refugees. The election is scheduled for June 8th.

    You can listen to Kevin Barrett describe the strategy in detail here:

    You can read my latest essay on whether Trump is bad for the Jews here:
    (so radical that not even Lasha Darkmoon would dare publish it!)

    In my opinion they have an even bigger than 911 false flag prepared – a nuclear EMP attack by North Korea over North America. NK doesn’t have this capability but it doesn’t matter because it will be done by the “authority” to fry the internet then start it up under a new era of control. North Korea will be the patsy in a nuclear EMP internet crackdown. You must understand what the Jew hates most – your ability to think for yourself, to have any dissenting thought to total Jewish divinity.

    So what is the real problem? Authority itself. External authority from self is the grandest mistake of the human specie and it is going to lead to our extinction unless we come to grips with the source, the Holy Bible. Our sapien specie’s greatest mistake was to believe in the God of the Jew Ape holy book, with this “god” the narcissistic Neanderthal Jew established external authority and the law in his own egoic image. In other words we made the Jew our “god” by believing in Abraham. Now we are all doomed because Jews have taken control of all these external authority governmental systems and are running the world into the ground with their Talmudic directed despotism.

    1. Yukon Jack,
      Great point. Scriptura disempowers us. I could care less about Moisés and other ancient, degenerate psicopathas. What importancia should they have in my life? Zero. God endowed me with inteligencia and I try to use it. An ancient Zoroastrian saying. . Think good thoughts.. .do good deeds. …this simple principal would transform the World .

    2. @Yukon Jack
      Admittedly I’m not the cleverest of commenters but on your link to your “so radical that not even Lasha Darkmoon would dare publish it!” site, the piece opens with;
      ” Is Donald Trump bad for the Jews? With so many pro-Zionist Jews on his staff, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, it is hard to believe that Trump is anything but bad for Jews and Israel.”
      Surely that should be;
      “… it is hard to believe that Trump is anything but good for Jews and Israel.”?

      Apologies if I have misunderstood what you was saying.

      1. As I carried on reading your blog Yukon Jack;
        I got the feeling that all was not as it appeared. Why do you refer to Netanyahu as ‘Bibi’? For a site that has a header ‘Evil Zionist Israel’ to then refer to it’s ‘leader’ by his
        cuddly childhood nickname seems odd.

        You said;
        “There is a current pattern emerging amongst Jewish artists that is expressing this foreboding future for Jews and of Israel.”
        Have you references and links please? Cheers
        (btw a proofreading of your blog wouldn’t go amiss)

      2. thanks I fixed it

        Bibi is a generally accepted nickname for Satanyahu, I don’t find it cuddly but I understand those that came up with it probably did

  14. “The purpose of these Gladio style attacks is to shut down dissent and create a repressive police state run by Jews.”

    We knew this was coming. Who reads what web site and when is already used by UK authorities to persecute citizens that talk about Zionist threats. The next stage is apparently licensing of who can publish and presumably a firewall against non-UK hosted websites such as Darkmoon. The whole of the UK internet will become like Youtube and Facebook where only selfie photos and recipes may be discussed.

    The Tavistock cattle control experiment that is the UK is a wonderful and total success!!

    The transformation of an anti-establishment, proud, energetic, intelligent and independent people into a herd of cowering morons is complete.

  15. I wonder if Ariana Grande is making the 666 sign with her hand? The finger touching her cheek is the top curl of the six with the other digits completing the “O” 😉 And I wonder what that tatoo says on her finger? Either way she looks like a empty vessel into which is poured all sorts of vitriol.

  16. (@Yukon Jack,

    It amazes me how many of you who comment on Darkmoon maintain pointed assertions about The Bible, when it is obvious you HAVEN’T read it in much detail, despite your pretense of scholarly insight. Throughout its pages, from 2ND Kings, onward (where “Jew” was first mentioned), a blatant distinction is maintained between “Jew” and “Israel”. Understanding who is “Israel” is key to understanding the story. Jews can be part of Israel, too (see stories of Apostle Paul). What has happened is a delusional blending of ethnicity and religion.
    There is an article on Occidental Observer, just this morning, citing this dilemma from the perspective of a Prof. Weinstein at Evergreen State University, wherein his “whiteness” overshadows his “Jewishness” in the eyes of the Antifa mob. …

    1. Gil –

      You are correct. The confusion is “YUGE” and it is intentional. Synonyms are the tools used to create confusion.

      One definition of ‘NATION’ is a body of people…. A body politic… not necessarily a piece of land. That was more the case 2000 years ago than in today’s common usage in commerce.
      [Example: Many Indian NATIONS inhabited the same lands here in America less than 200 years ago.]

      I know that the story is told that Jacob was renamed Israel by HIS GOD and that Israel is composed of descendants of Jacob…. A body politic.

      The people of the political body of Israel are a mixture – not pure – as a result OF many 1000s of years of “taking foreign wives” resulting in “intermarriage”… MISCEGENATION.

      Read some of the details of proof in the bible:

      Shecaniah Encourages Reform
      Ezra 10:2

      2 – Shecaniah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, said to Ezra, “We have been unfaithful to our God and have married foreign women from the peoples of the land;

      Jeremiah’s Letter to the Exiles
      Jeremiah 29:23

      23 – because they have acted foolishly in Israel, and have committed adultery with their neighbors’ wives

      Note: Adultery means to make impure… to adulterate…. to commit MISCEGENATION.
      Men had many wives and concubines in historical times… and it is absurd to believe that “ADULTERY” meant a man having sex with another women when already married to dozens of wives and had dozens of concubines as well.

      The commandment of coveting another man’s wife covered what we consider “adultery” today.

  17. Hi Yukon Jack,
    I don’t think these are false flag events, but I am sure they will be used as an excuse to tighten the laws on free speech. I know there is a move to define any criticisim of Israel as antisemitic “Hate Speech”.

    Jewish Power only moves in one direction. It will continue to ratchet up until they are unassailable.


    1. None of the recent newspaper articles or radio and TV broadcasts have considered what could drive young moslems to commit such terrible acts. I have no sympathy for terrorists and think they should be shot on sight, but we ought to be asking what could persuade young men to commit suicide with these atrocities?

      Extremist Islam has been a consequence of Israel stealing an Arab country and then continuing to treat the Palestinians with contempt, even hatred, and geting away with it.

      I don’t know exactly how it will end, but I would not be surprised if it will result in the destruction of Israel, probably by non-violent biological means, such as Anthrax, which would leave the land unusable for generations.

    2. John Kirby –

      A way to “RESIST!” is for those of us who understand to cease referring to the stolen Land of Palestine as “Israel”. It bolsters the deceit, and causes us to forget the way our enemies have assumed power. I try to insert the reference whenever it comes up in conversation (I am not subject to political concerns, fortunately!), and it often causes pause, and critical thinking. 🙂
      Geographically, it should still be referred to as “Palestine”.

    3. They are staging the entire terror scam. They created 911, they started the War of Terror. They knew exactly what the Muslims would do when they imported them and are arming and training the terrorists to kill us. Nothing is happening by accident, Zionists are controlling the western governments who wage war for Israel, cause a refugee crisis, bring them here, use them to terrorize us, crack down on us. The end game is to kill and enslave us all. Eventually we will all be drawn into this conflict and those that survive be eventually replaced by robots or merged with the machine world. Thus we are at our end and the world is going to become very dark very soon. All of this is because we were fooled by the Jewish holy book and we allowed them to take control. At no time will any god return or save us, that myth just disempowers us from doing anything about our upcoming extinction.

    1. With all due respect to you, JFC, that video doesn’t prove the whole thing is a hoax. The video ITSELF could be a hoax. There’s no proof that the people caught changing their pants into camouflage gear were in fact “police” to start with. They could have been ACTORS pretending to be police changing into camouflage gear.

      Basically, you have no reason to trust the makers of that video. They could have employed ACTORS to play the part of police. Do you really think that the police, planning a false flag attack, would be so incredibly stupid and careless as to change their disguises in a public place and allow some intruder with a camera to sneak up on them and take pictures of them, nabbing them in the act of planning a false flag attack?!?

      Sorry, JFC, but that entire video has all the hallmarks of a SCAM! 🙂

      1. My idea too Sardonicus ! This looks like deliberate misleading. Because their action makes no sense, this would discredit conspiracy theories and people would by default accept the official version. Nice try, but still because it makes no sense it can only be deception and thus an indication of a false flag. They tried to be too clever !

      2. Franklin,

        Glad you agree with me on this one. 🙂

        My head is reeling.

        I am now finding it hard to distinguish between real life and play acting.

  18. Gilbert Huntly, remove the distinction between Jew and Isreal and the essence still remains the same! It makes no difference. You could as well put the hurons and pirahas at every place you find Jew and Isreal and the whole soul chilling effect remains the same. Thousands read the Bible without minding those distinctions and how is it that beyond that of any other people the history of Isreal acquired divine status and laid the foundation for the salvation of the whole world . For God’s sake how can the living God even speak but in a book? Take your pen right now and write “God said…” look at it again-yes God has just said whatever just because you wrote it. Abracadabra – with my words I create and that was how the fraud started. They just took hold of a very simple principle-so simple, it’s overlooked-and used it to devastating effect.

  19. On Sunday, US president Donald Trump couldn’t control his hatred toward Muslims and Islam at the latest false flag at the London Bridge and Borough Market.

    Early on Sunday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to hit Sadiq Khan, the pro-Israel Muslim Mayor of London for his call for calm.

    “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’” said Trump in one of his tweets after the attack.

    Mayor’s spokesperson responded: “Mayor has more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging Londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police – including armed officers – on the streets.”

    On Monday, Sadiq Khan called on the British government to cancel a planned state visit by Donald Trump after their tweet dual.

    “I don’t think we should roll a red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand far,” said Khan.

    According to the official story – three assailants armed with knives (an Israeli patent) were able to injury a large number of beer-drinkers at Borough Market pub. This time the police was already at the Borough Market to kill the assailants in order to hide the evildoers behind them (watch proof below).

    Israeli Netanyahu was the first foreign leader to exploit the event by pledging his support to “fight this scourge that knows no bounds. London Bridge will not fall. Together we will vanquish terror,” he posted on a series of tweets.

    British Jewish groups, as usual, were more vocal in mourning the tragedy while seeking more protection of Jewish properties from the Tory government.

    British security agencies were wondering who to blame for the multiple attacks occured simultaneously. A Jew witness claimed that he heard one of the assailants yelling: this is for Allah – an Israeli Mossad trade-mark.

    Some other witnesses claimed the assailants looked Middle Eastern – meaning could be Israelis.

    Whenever and wherever a terror event is carried out, there are very specific goals to be accomplished by the true perpetrators. The perps typically include CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, DGSE and GID. This means that the Muslim or Arab patsies who are arrested or killed by police for the crimes are merely planting their Middle Eastern false flags at the crime scene. That’s not to say they didn’t do the crime, only that they were sent in to do it by their handlers at a specific time and place.

    Rupert Murdoch’s CNN, which suggested the earlier Manchester bombing could be a false flag, just dropped the word psyop into its early report on the latest white van and stabbings event in London.

    The Jewish Lobby is paranoid by the thought of Theresa May’s Tories losing to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour on June 8 election. May had been losing public support since the Manchester flase flag last month. One poll on May 31 even predicting a hung parliament.

    “With May as prime minister, Britain is a force for ill in global affairs. Far from defending the downtrodden, her government has courted dictators and oppressors. May has sanitized the history of Britain’s meddling in the Middle East. She has made a commitment to celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration with pride,” says UK’s veteran journalist David Cronin.

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