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  1. A
    Evil Muslims threaten our democracy, our civilized society!
    Christians must unite with Jews to defend our freedoms and way of life!
    (message brought to you by Pamela Geller, Max Boot, Michael Ledeen, Alan Derschowitz and others)

    Evil supremacist whites are scourge upon civilized society, with history of slavery, intolerance, persecution of minorities, genocides of Jews, gypsies, gays, blacks, browns, theft of their natural resources and wealth, pogroms, Holocaust, Shoah, Denial!
    Muslims, blacks, oppressed minorities, women and Jews must unite to combat the rising tide of white supremacism, end the white male privilege!
    Respect, diversity, progress!
    (message brought to you by Barbara Lerner Spectre, George Soros, Noel Ignatieff, Menachem Rosensaft and others)

    You must choose option A or B and as soon as you do, your Medal of Righteous Noahide Moron, made of 100% organic recycled plastic will be mailed to you, if you accidentally swallow it, it will pass right through for continued use, it has been factory tested for integrity.

    Guess who chooses both A and B.

    1. from listening to the initial sky news reaction, it kind of sounds like modeled on parisian charlie hebdo or the bataclan club massacres.
      black car, professionally trained executioner moving smoothly to effect requisite damage, then disappearing.

      supposedly the guy jumped fence into the prime minister’s compound “where he was shot by security” … well, based on previous such incidents where the security shot some gullible dupe, i don’t know about that either because right there is a perfect opportunity for identity switch.

      waiting for that iranian passport left on the sidewalk.

      1. Testimonies in previous ‘ terrorist’ attacks often declared that there were at least
        two ‘ terrorists’. This is not surprising as
        the usual suspects have a habit to use body doubles, in disguise. The patsy gets killed, can’ t declare and the secret service agent disappears. How convenient all this. No trials nothing.

        But I would not be surprised if they ‘ find’ a Syrian passport.

        1. Do (((they))) pay crisis actors mo’ money in England than (((they))) pay crisis actors in the United States, the same amount of money, or less money than (((they))) pay crisis actors in the United States? What happens next? Parliament starts a GOFUNDPARLIAMENT page?

      2. crISIS actors get the top rate, TROJ, the (((actors guild))) recognizes special talent and voice training to holler Allahu Netanyahu Akbar in that menacing guttural tone, blond beards don’t sell, no white privilege for crISIS actors, $1,500 per diem plus medical benefits in Abu Vultr hospital in Tel Aviv.

  2. Sky News Live – London Terror Attack Coverage
    **Started streaming on Aug 10, 2015

    “SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews

    Sky News owns most of the British airwaves. It is owned by Pharisee-Jew Rupert Murdoch. He helps illegal invaders and helps design false flags to enrich ALL media..$$$$..!!

    “Sky News” is mentioned by the reporters/agents continuously. 🙂

    Murdock makes millions with his live streaming of the pre-planned events set up by agents of the intelligence communities….. even London’s GCGQ connected in series with MI5 and MI6, interfacing with CIA and Mossad.

    Who is GCHQ?? The Judge knows:


  3. Don’t believe the London FF had anything to do with Brexit, but with the Jew control of England.

    The English have gotten a first-hand look at how the Jews control their lives, from the savage attacks against Jeremy Corbyn which started happening after he refused to visit the holohoax museum in Israel, to the Mossad embassy attache who was caught on camera saying he could help ‘take down’ Brit politicians that weren’t pro- Israel enough, a story which was buried by the (((MSM))) to the English getting appalled that their government has been selling billions of pounds worth of weapons to the Saudis who use them to murder Yemeni civilians.

    So they needed an official Allahu Akbar™ FF to get the Brits mind back in Jew control.

  4. I’ve read the above comments. Many have automatically declared it a false flag attack without any proof. It is like the democrats claiming that Russia hacked the election and gave it to Trump – again ZERO evidence. I’m not one who thinks that every terror attack is a false flag, although I think quite a few probably are. But, to some, everything bad that happens is a false flag and I’m not buying that.

    1. On the face of it, what you say makes sense, Folly but let me take the opposite view to show you that it makes at least as much sense.
      We have seen well over a thousand highly publicized “TERROR” attacks, if you include the ones in Russia, India, Indonesia and Middle East in the last twenty years, haven’t we?
      And the subtext is always that the anti-semite jew hater muslims are behind them or a few white supremacists, right?

      Spot the dead jew, if you can, I cannot, even when the attack is against a prominent jew property like some shopping mall in the states or kenya.
      look at the Amman hotel bombing, a brilliant example.
      How many dead non-jews, well into thousands and no dead jews anywhere, they just miraculously cleared out in time, surely Yahweh’s divine warning …

      I say that ALL of the so-called terrorist attacks worldwide happened either directly executed by Mossad or in close coordination with Mossad, Mossad’s planning, in line with Jew long term plans.
      Even the Buenos Aires attack on the Jew community center was clearly demonstrated to have been done by Mossad and the Argentinian prosecutor was shut down and taken off the case in order to blame Iran.
      The Lockerbie air tragedy had absolutely nothing to do with Gaddafi, zero proof but it was obviously engineered to lay the blame on Libya … any dead jews?

      This last one was totally nonsensical except in order to justify harsher, more repressive measures of privacy and freedom infringement on the limeys.
      What does anyone else get from it?

    2. Since Sandy Hook false flags are nowadays “hoaxes” i.e. pseudo-terrorist attacks with no real victims.
      If no convincing pictures of victims are shown and surviving members of their families behave suspiciously, then we can suspect a hoax has taken place. We should not judge too quickly. In spite of Lobro’s unshaken belief in the innocence of “the religion of peace”, real Islamic terrorism does exist.

      1. @Franklin – I’m not sure what you mean regarding Sandy Hook. Do you think it was a hoax or not? I, for one, am not jaded enough to believe that all the parents who allegedly lost children were liars or ‘crisis actors.’ And that the police and governor were actors as well. And what happened to all those little kids if they were not murdered? Were they whisked off to parts unknown to start life all over? Did their parents move there with them like part of the witness protection program? According to some conspiracists, Obama and Hillary pulled it off because they wanted to blame the Second Amendment and take away our guns. Does that make any sense at all?

        The famous YouTuber and frequent RT contributor Lionel, who attributes the comment to Gore Vidal, says he is not a conspiracy ‘theorist,’ but a conspiracy ‘analyst.’ I believe there is a big difference.

    3. Folly –

      I have been watching for many decades. Since King David Hotel…. Beirut Marine Barracks…. and USS Liberty…. 911… etc.

      King David:


      USS Liberty:


      I have come to learn that if I claim false-flag… in the major publicized events… I am wrong less than 1 time in 50.

  5. i moreover hold that there is no such thing as terrorism, to even use the term is to fall for Jew’s verbal trickery.
    it is all about jew’s war on humans, what it boils down to.

    let me drill down on that claim a bit.
    first of all, note that Muslims do not engage in the acts of terror.

    there was an interdenominational Muslim conference recently, I think in Astana, kazakhstan, one of the sponsors was Putin as i recall and it brought together the world’s most prominent imams, religious teachers, theologians and scholars from all branches and offshoots of Islam, the Sunni, Shia, Alawites, ismailis and many others.
    They ended up by issuing a joint communique that said among other things that WAHHABISM IS NOT ISLAM.
    And truly, it isn’t, it really is one of the more putrid excretions of Talmud, spawned after all in Saudi Arabia which as is well know is ruled by crypto-jews, who along with their judaic cousins in Israel are the prime generators of state terror across the globe.

    Next, understand that jew is devil’s agent on earth, with the ultimate goal of enslaving and destroying the free spirit in humanity.
    As such, it crawls into the cracks and crevices of social vulnerability and illness in order to exploit them, widen them through progressive wedge action and eventually break the social compact that held it together in order to pick off the smaller, more manageable pieces, to set them in opposition against one another and ultimately dissolve and atomize them into mindless particles.
    This is what jew does and has done from the beginning, sow strife and discord while increasing his influence and control at every preplanned step.
    The first known assassins were the jew tribe of sicarii but they soon expanded their activities under the pharisee leadership into assassinating nations instead of individuals, fomenting wars, backing all sides initially and once the analysis was clear, throwing their weight behind the winner while ravaging everybody alike, carpetbagging to make the ugliest vultures ashamed.
    · Ancient slavery as a global business moving “goods” between ideological and religious opponents, eg, Christian Rus and North African muslim kingdoms? Check.
    · Destruction of Byzantium through Venitian banker agitation that brought Crusader hordes against it? Check.
    · Cross atlantic negro slavery to power their sweatshop hellholes of the New World? Check.
    · Invasion of Catholic England that threw them out and wreaking the full measure of Shylock revenge and more? Check.
    · French revolution, the Paris commune, destruction of catholic clergy? Check.
    · Destruction of Chinese empire through opium plague? Check.
    · Merciless depredation of colonized lands worldwide, East India Company, Dutch East India, gold and diamond mines of Africa? Check … note the never ending escalation of global evil (globalists, for sure, the Jew World order always in sights)
    · American civil war? Check.
    · Manipulation of european empires, including Ottomans, who after all were much more european than Asiatic, maneuvering them toward internecine annihilation? Check.
    · World war 1, the horrific death toll, demolition of Austria, Turkey and Russian empires, Bolshevik terror and export of marxist ideology across the globe, “terrorism”, meaning state sponsored agitprop on all the continents? Check.
    · World war 2, even greater shedding of gentile blood, even their martyrdom alchemically morphed into fake jew victimhood of Holohoax, israel and all that it entails? Check.

    Yeah, blame the Muslims, blame Catholic Inquisition, blame Hitler, germans, aryan race, white privilege.
    And don’t forget to mention that majority of jews are good.

  6. i see that what used to be BREAKING London terror attack has been demoted to just London terror attack.
    I guess it is BROKEN.

    naturally, a Muslim with nothing better to do drives a car into a random crowd, half of whom are muslim, none jew, kills a few, then jumps a government fence, is killed and identified as khalid Walid Invalid a well known Denier and hater of our freedoms, so that as result the last imagined figment of these freedoms is about to be strangled in the coils of hate speech laws without which there would have been several more Holocausts of progressively rising body count.

    so obvious, why did i ever think it is a false flag.

    btw, another one for your true flag enjoyment:
    ‘Dual US-Israeli citizen behind most JCC bomb threat calls’
    just don’t call him jew – hate speech, ding, ding, ding!

    1. LOBRO
      Some time ago I read a little book titled:
      ”Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East”
      The link provided is dead, so here are some excerpts with the permission of Admin – (feel free to cut them short, Tobby)

      Excerpts from Part I
      As an introduction:
      Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East is the title of a document that was published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel and later on in a prominent French paper. A Lebanese doctor translated the document to the Arabic language and from there on it was translated to English and other languages.
      Excerpts from Chapter2

      In the Hijree year 1122, C.E. 1710, the Minister of Colonies sent me to Egypt, Iraq, Hidjaz and Istanbul to act as a spy and to obtain information necessary and sufficient for the breaking up of Muslims. The Ministry appointed nine more people, full of agility and courage, for the same mission and at the same time. In addition to the money, information and maps we would need, we were given a list containing names of statesmen, scholars, and chiefs of tribes. I can never forget! When I said farewell to the secretary, he said, “The future of our State is dependent on your success. Therefore you should exert your utmost energy.”

      Excerpts from Chapter3
      It has been a wonder to me how an illiterate person such as Muhammad ‘alaihis-salaam’ could have brought such a lofty book, and how could he have had all those moral, intellectual and personal qualifications which could not be possessed even by a man who has read and travelled very much. I wonder if these facts were the proofs for Muhammad’s ‘alaihis-salaam’ Prophethood?

      Excerpts from Chapter4
      I established a very intimate friendship with Muhammad bin Abd-ul-wahhaab of Najd. I launched a campaign of praising him everywhere. One day I said to him: “You are greater than ‘Umar and ‘Alee. If the Prophet were alive now, he would appoint you as his Khaleefa instead of them. I expect that Islam will be renovated and improved in your hands. You are the only scholar who will spread Islam all over the world.”
      Muhammad the son of Abd-ul-wahhaab and I decided to make a new interpretation of the Qur’aan; this new interpretation was to reflect only our points of view and would be entirely contrary to those explanations made by the Sahaaba, by the imaams of madh-habs and by the mufassirs (deeply learned scholars specialized in the explanation of the Qur’aan). We were reading the Qur’aan and talking on some of the aayats. My purpose in doing this was to mislead Muhammad. After all, he was trying to present himself as a revolutionist and would therefore accept my views and ideas with pleasure so that I should trust him all the more.
      I was sending monthly reports to the Ministry of Colonies in London. The answers I received were very encouraging and reassuring. Muhammad of Najd was following the path I had drawn for him.

      One day I fabricated the following dream: “Last night I dreamed of our Prophet. I addressed him with the attributes I had learnt from hodjas. He was seated on a dais. Around him were scholars that I did not know. You entered. Your face was as bright as haloes. You walked towards the Prophet, and when you were close enough the Prophet stood up and kissed between your both eyes. He said, ‘You are my namesake, the heir to my knowledge, my deputy in worldly and religious matters.’ You said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! I am afraid to explain my knowledge to people.’ ‘You are the greatest. Don’t be afraid,’ replied the Prophet.”
      Muhammad bin Abd-ul-Wahhaab was wild with joy when he heard the dream. He asked several times if what I had told him was true, and received a positive answer each time he asked. Finally he was sure I had told him the truth. I think, from then on, he was resolved to publicize the ideas I had imbued him with and to establish a new sect.

      Excerpts from Part II Chapter 7
      “The Ministry [of Colonies] has devised a subtle scheme for Muhammad of Najd to carry out, as follows:
      “1- He is to declare all Muslims as disbelievers and announce that it is halaal to kill them, to seize their property, to violate their chastity, to make their men slaves and their women concubines and to sell them at slave markets.
      “2- He is to state that Ka’ba is an idol and therefore it must be demolished. In order to do away with the worship of hajj, he is to provoke tribes to raid groups of hadjis (Muslim pilgrims), to plunder their belongings and to kill them.
      “3- He is to strive to dissuade Muslims from obeying the Khaleefa. He is to provoke them to revolt against him. He is to prepare armies for this purpose. He is to exploit every opportunity to spread the conviction that it is necessary to fight against the notables of Hedjaz and bring disgrace on them.
      “4- He is to allege that the mausoleums, domes and sacred places in Muslim countries are idols and polytheistic milieus and must therefore be demolished. He is to do his best to produce occasions for insulting Prophet Muhammad, his Khaleefas, and all prominent scholars of madh-habs.
      “5- He is to do his utmost to encourage insurrections, oppressions and anarchy in Muslim countries.
      “6- He is to try to publish a copy of the Qur’aan interpolated with additions and excisions, as is the case with hadeeths.”
      I stayed with Muhammad of Najd for two years. We made a programme to announce his call. Eventually I fomented his resolution in 1143 Hijri [A.D. 1730].
      A couple of years later the Ministry of Commonwealth managed to cajole Muhammad bin Su’ood,[the current Al-Saud] the Ameer of Der’iyya, into joining our lines. They sent me a messenger to inform me about this and to establish a mutual affection and cooperation between the two Muhammads. For earning Muslims’ hearts and trusts, we exploited our Muhammad of Najd religiously, and Muhammad bin Su’ood politically. It is an historical fact that states based on religion have lived longer and have been more powerful and more imposing.
      Thus we continuously became more and more powerful. We made Der’iyya city our capital. And we named our new religion the WAHHABI religion. The Ministry supported and reinforced the Wahhaabee government in an underhanded way. The new government bought eleven British officers, very well learned in the Arabic language and desert warfare, under the name of slaves. We prepared our plans in cooperation with these officers. Both Muhammads followed the way we showed them. When we did not receive any orders from the Ministry we made our own decisions.

      We all married girls from tribes. We enjoyed the pleasure of a Muslim wife’s devotion to her husband. Thus we had stronger relations with tribes. Everything goes well now. Our centralization is becoming more and more vigorous each day. Unless an unexpected catastrophe takes place, we shall eat the fruit we have prepared. For we have done whatever is necessary and sown the seeds.
      End of the book

  7. PS
    Sorry for this” incursion” Off-Topic.

    The book is available on the Web in .doc format under the title: “Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam.”

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