BREAKING: White Women in Britain ‘no longer safe’ as Asian Sex Gangs Run Amok

Edited and adapted by Lasha Darkmoon
from a number of  newspaper reports

“White women are no longer safe in our Western homelands. They are living in the shadow of terror. Our countries are being invaded…”

convicted of rape, inciting prostitution, and supplying drugs
to underage white girls in Newcastle, England

“All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to FUCK and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.” Badrul Hussain, age 37, top row, third from left. (Click to expand)

Left to right, row by row, starting top left: Abdul Sabe, Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, Abdul Hamid Minoyee,  Jahanger Zaman, Monjur Choudhury, Taherul Alon,  Mohammed Ali, Nadeem Aslam, Mohammed Azram,  Yassar Hussain, Saiful Islam, Eisa Mousavi,  Prabhat Nelli, Mohibur Rahman, Nashir Uddin,  Redwan Siddquee,  Carolann Gallon.

The Newcastle sex abuse ring were a gang of seventeen men and a woman who sexually abused adolescent girls and young women from 2010-2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne after plying them with alcohol and drugs. Most of the men were of Pakistani, Indian, or Bangla Deshi origin and belonged to the Muslim community. All of them were born and raised in Britain, giving rise to angry comments, seldom reported, about the long-term failure of assimilation and the need to stem the flood of bogus “refugees” from Third World countries who are contributing to this new epidemic of sex crime.

“There has been no political correctness here,” a police spokesman said. “These are criminals and there has been no hesitation in arresting them and targeting them using all the means at our disposal.”

In a shocking case reminiscent of the Rotherham child sex abuse ring, British police say they have made 461 arrests and have identified at least 278 victims of a massive sex, prostitution, and drug ring. Of those arrested, authorities have tried 26 defendants.

The BBC reports that most of those convicted so far of serious charges are “Asian,” the British term for those from the Middle East, Pakistan and India.

As a result of a massive ongoing investigation the police have named “Operation Sanctuary,” one British woman and a total of 17 men have been convicted of rape, conspiracy to incite prostitution, and illegally supplying drugs. The men, BBC notes, were from the “Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and mainly British-born, with most living in the West End of Newcastle.”

The convictions came after four trials involving 26 defendants facing over 100 charges for actions against 22 young female victims — some as young as 14 — and whom the prosecution described as “vulnerable” and “at-risk.” A total of 20 of the victims gave evidence. The heinous series of crimes were committed between 2011 and 2014.

Of the 26, three people have been jailed. The rest will be sentenced next month.

BBC describes how the shocking sex and drug trafficking ring operated:

The victims were at first flattered by the attention of the men who apparently befriended them, but were then lured to parties, known as “sessions”, by the promise of alcohol and drugs — often mephedrone (or M-Kat), Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Bags of M-Kat were left on coffee tables for the girls to help themselves. The prosecution said they became the “vulnerable victims of an organised, cynical, systematic organisation in which they were passed between their abusers.”

The victims described being lured into sex “sessions” through drugs and alcohol. Some of the victims became addicted to the drugs, for which they were coerced to perform sex acts to receive them from the men. At times, one said, they would be “too intoxicated” to resist being raped. One girl described meeting a frightened woman whom she believed to be a sex slave and another described being locked into a room and forced to have sex in order to leave.

The Daily Mail notes that at least one of the men convicted appeared to have been partly motivated by anti-white racism:

The court heard that one of the men convicted, 37-year-old Badrul Hussain, was heard telling a ticket collector on the Tyne and Wear Metro: “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to FUCK and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.”

says all white women are “trash”,
good for only one thing — “for men like me to FUCK!”

“These were vile crimes committed by evil men,” said Council leader Nick Forbes. “The victims have been brave beyond belief.”

—   §   —

The vulnerable victims, some as young as 14, were exploited by a “cynical organisation”, the court was  told. Over the course of four trials, 20 young women gave evidence covering a period from 2011 to 2014. These trials involved 26 defendants facing a total of more than 100 charges and 22 victims.

Of the 26, three people have been jailed. The rest will be sentenced next month. It also emerged during the court process that police paid a convicted child rapist £10,000 as an informant.

The victims were at first flattered by the attention of the men who apparently “befriended” them, but were then lured to parties, known as “sessions”, by the promise of alcohol and drugs – often mephedrone (or M-Kat), Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Bags of M-Kat were left on coffee tables for the girls to help themselves. The prosecution said they became the “vulnerable victims of an organised, cynical, systematic organisation in which they were passed between their abusers.” Some spoke of being “too intoxicated” to defend themselves, while others became addicted and had to commit sexual acts in return for drugs.

One victim said she had attended about 60 parties and another told of going to an address where there were two older men and a woman, who seemed “frightened and scared, like a slave”. She added: “They told us what she would do for them for money and drugs or she’d get battered.”

Another victim said: “I knew that if we wanted drugs or alcohol we would have to do something.

The girls were usually too drunk to resist their attackers. They were often locked in rooms without food or water and told that the only way they would be let out was by offering sex — not just to one man but to as many as wished to “fuck” her.

Already hooked on hard drugs with which they had been hopelessly enslaved, and suffering acute withdrawal symptoms, the underage white girls, some as young as 14, knew that the only way to survive was to open their legs to an endless queue of Asian rapists lining up to take their pleasure.  

The investigation is ongoing and to date has resulted in 461 arrests. Police have spoken to 703 potential complainants and 278 victims have been identified.

Sarah (not her real name) was 19, extremely vulnerable and unable to look after herself. Along with other at-risk teenagers she was regularly abused by older men. In the new year of 2014, Sarah told the police she had been raped by Abdul Minoyee. A police officer took Sarah on a tour of the West End to try identify Minoyee’s house and car and other places where these “parties” had taken place. (Mugshot of Abdul Minoyee).

Sarah’s information was a red flag  — the abuse was on a much bigger scale.

The detective in charge of Sarah’s case told his bosses that what she had said signalled something much bigger. Days later the officer’s hunch was given added weight when two girls in care reported that they had been repeatedly raped by a group of older Asian men. The girls were aged 14 and 15.

They described being driven into Newcastle where they were plied with alcohol and cocaine before being raped and beaten by several men. They were given money before being returned home.

Chief Constable Steve Ashman said: “We will not stop.”

—   §   —

Today public hand-wringing was much in evidence as one former Crown Prosecution Service chief admitted authorities looked the other way for fear of looking racist.

Shadow women and equalities secretary Sarah Champion claimed Asian grooming gangs were allowed to thrive because people are “more afraid to be called a ‘racist’ than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse”.

The Labour MP for Rotherham said it was time to acknowledge that the “majority of perpetrators have been British-Pakistani” in the towns where such grooming cases have occurred.

Grisly and heartbreaking details of how the 17 men routinely abused white girls emerged from the court case. The jury heard that one girl was taken from her home and repeatedly raped by men as if they were in a “relay race”.

The girl told the court how she would regularly be supplied with cash, cigarettes and drugs in exchange for sex. She spoke of how she would be picked up in a Mercedes from the children’s home where she was living and taken to flats in Newcastle to be used by anyone who wanted her.

John Elvedge QC, prosecuting, told the court how during one attack she was high on cocaine while men took turns to have sex with her under a Kurdish flag.

The older Asian men, often married and with children of their own,  preyed on immature white teenagers who were plied with cocaine, cannabis, alcohol or mephedrone. The girls and women were then raped or persuaded into having sexual activity. Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and mainly British-born.

The sex ring was exposed when two women spoke to the authorities in 2013 and within weeks police had made 27 arrests under an investigation which became known as Operation Shelter.

There was no suggestion the victims were working as prostitutes or were paid. John Elvidge QC, who prosecuted the cases, said girls were exploited ruthlessly.

Summing up the final trial, he said: “This was a section of young women who were tricked into believing they were in the company of friends. They were groomed and lulled into trusting those who would ultimately abuse them.”

One girl described how a victim was demeaned in a flat in Newcastle’s West End. She told the jury: “She seemed scared. She came into the room where I was and the men were treating her like a slave. They were dropping things on the floor on purpose to make her pick them up.”

—   §   —

Mephedrone, the drug on which the underage girls were deliberately hooked by this Asian gang, is a stimulant of the amphetamine class. Slang names include drone, M-CAT, White Magic, and meow meow.  It comes in the form of tablets or a powder, which users can swallow, snort or inject, producing similar effects to MDMA (ecstasy) or cocaine, i.e., euphoria combined with powerful sexual stimulation, making it the ideal aphrodisiac for sex slaves.

Curiously enough, mephedrone produces another remarkable side effect in its victims. The most commonly reported one, apart from euphoria and sexual mania, is teeth grinding. This combination of side effects is too bizarre to imagine, but this is what one seems to end up with: an underage “nymphomaniac” in her early teens, forced to have sex with an endless queue of Asiatic abusers — and grinding her teeth while being raped.

White women are no longer safe in our Western homelands. They are living in the shadow of terror. Our countries are being invaded by the hordes of the Third World, sealing our doom.

As Nero fiddled while Rome burned, our politicians sit on their hands and do nothing to save us from this unspeakable calamity.


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  1. The same decadent society which approves and encourages young girls to flaunt their wares like sluts can expect no more than having a spineless ruling class afraid to focus on the behavior of the “muds” they encourage to dwell among them as “equals”. America is falling into the same plight, if we don’t awaken. William Pierce had a good remedy called “The Day of The Rope” (but good hemp rope is relatively scarce, these days).

    1. “The Day of the Rope” was a useless and immoral genocidal fantasy of Pierce, reason why I ultimately had to reject him, though he was an intelligent man with a good insight in our present predicament and the Jewish conspiracy behind it.

      What we need is politicians who will stop all further immigration of people from the Third World (even “refugees”) and a serious public debate about re-migration of such people. Things need not to be done in an immoral way. Third World countries that are reasonably stable and prosperous don’t send millions of “refugees” to our shores. Therefore the West should actively promote stability and prosperity in the Third World. Destroying countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria was not exactly helpful in this respect. We are partly responsible for our own predicament.

      1. But it has a catchy sound to it, Franklin. It well conveys the idea, anyway. (As for myself, I’d rather just shoot them! 🙂 )

      2. The Day of The Rope, I have not read, but we had Rule of Law and Capital punishment in Rhodesia. A white or black girl was safe. We had almost 20 blacks to 1 white and by enforcing law and order, a decent society. We destroyed drugs and kept our streets clean including on the tribal lands. Today in Zimbabwe there is no rule of law, there is a lot of violence and kids are not safe.

      3. Carolina,
        “Today in Zimbabwe, there is a lot of violence and kids are not safe.”
        That’s for sure. Back in the days of Rhodesia, everyone had plenty to eat. Now starvation is rampant all because of that “houtkop” Mugabe. In the late 60’s and early 70’s I travelled extensively in Rhodesia, I was based at Katima Mulilo in the Caprivi Strip and sometimes we’d cross from Impalila Island to Kazungula and go on to Vic Falls. My grandmother lived in Bulawayo. She was lucky she died in 1980. It would have broken her heart to see what became of the country.
        Regarding the rape problem the UK should take a leaf out of Idi Amin’s book and deport the lot. Yes, there will be outraged squawking, screeching and squealing but it would soon die down.

      4. Yes, that’s right we are partly responsible for our own plight. Parents need to teach their daughters to not go to stranger’s parties, and pay attention to their daughters too so they don’t feel the need to drink.

        One of the 24 tenets of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is to get Caucasians to drink liquor.

      5. Franklin:
        a “useless and immoral genocidal fantasy”…
        a “serious public debate about re-migration”…
        “Things need not to be done in an immoral way”…

        I don’t think your superior and self-righteous attitude is particularly helpful. I have objected to this before. We do not need a “debate” about “re-migration”, we need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. There are several things we could do, but oh, no, that would be “immoral”, according to our in-house Dutch retard.

      6. Carlos,

        You are being a bit unreasonable. As far as I can see, Franklin has said nothing I can disagree with. He is absolutely against the Third World invasion of our White homelands, as he has made crystal clear in one of the best articles published on this site recently:

        I see Admin has put that article at the top of the list of “Recommended Reading.” That’s good. It’s a fine article and you should read it.

        So what is wrong with Franklin’s moderate expression, “We need a public debate about re-migration”? That is known as “understatement”, Carlos. (Litotes). Your own approach, I know, would be entirely different — far more inflammatory. You would like to say, “Bomb the bastards! Sink their boats! Napalm them!”

        This is your brand of honesty. And many would approve of your candor. But as you know, you are crossing all red lines by indulging in the most incendiary language imaginable — “the language of the padded cell” if I may express myself in graphic terms. 🙂

        I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m saying thoughts like yours need to be cloaked in fine language. Finesse is needed, Carlos, not a verbal sledgehammer.

      7. @Sardonicus

        For a glimpse into Carlos Porter’s mind, go to his website and scroll down the page to the graphics about what he proposes to do to the refugee problem :

        Under the present political circumstances, we surely need first a public debate about the immigrant problem before any action can be taken. That’s called democracy.

    2. But not an axe! There are plenty of those around. Time to go midevial on these savages!

      1. No, we need a leader who will simply DO IT.
        When the leftists want something, they DO IT and it GETS DONE.
        There is NEVER a vote, and NEVER a discussion.
        When WE do something, no, we must “debate” forever.
        So nothing gets done.
        “Democracy” is the problem. It’s like a crooked gambling game.

    1. Sard –

      What??????? Why so wimpy PC…?????

      To all men:

      “Protect your women and castrate the rapists…!!”

      There are more fathers than police..!!!

  2. I haven’t raped anyone. I am innocent. Why so much Islamophobia?
    The woman who is writing this rubbish is irresponsible and immoral!
    She is stirring up hatred.

    1. It’s not “Islamophobia”, it’s rape-o-phobia, and of course not every Muslim is guilty.


        Well, let’s see here, shall we. Suppose girls in those Asian countries were being terrorized and similarly used by gangs of white men. I’m sure the good native folk would be quick to announce that “not all white people are guilty!” I mean, they would do that, wouldn’t they?

      2. “…of course not every Muslim is guilty.”
        Mo Ansar, it that you?

        With all respect, Franklin, would you swim amongst sharks? After all, not all of them attack humans.

    2. Islam is NOT a religion, but a dangerous, vile socio-political movement. Europe is invaded, and the political morons in these countries are falling prey to asinine “political correctness”. America does not want this sick transformation or culture change, ….so this MUST stop, NOW. Immediately !!!

      1. Maybe some day the earth will be invaded by Martians or Venusians so all the good sap-headed liberals can parade around with signs saying “MARTIANS WELCOME”, and “VENUSIANS WELCOME”, organized by so-called Christian churches.

      2. If a load of muzzies in Pakistan did the same things to the daughters of some other pakki family, the result would be a family feud in which the perpetrators would be wiped out and their families as well. Am I right? Please advise.

    3. You people have over stayed your welcome..
      Time to go back to your respective homeland slums, either voluntarily or coerced.
      How’s that that for islamababalala.

    4. Then, tell your mates not to do it either. As one who was engaged to a Shi’ite Moslem, I am not Islamophobic, but Muslims are causing westerners to hate Muslims. Don’t let the Jews use you as that is what they are doing.

  3. “White Women in Britain ‘no longer safe’ as Asian Sex Gangs Run Amok”

    The WHITE women told men they were no longer needed for protection ala women’s liberation.
    ….They believed the lies.

    The white women – so free now – are reaping the results.
    ….They believed the lies.

    The white women are “free” to be raped by men… as their shunned men look on.
    ….They believed the lies.

    The lesbian partners are no match for the male rapists.
    ….They believed the lies.

    “We are as strong as men” is actually NOT the case.
    ….They believed the lies.

    ‘Pussy Riot’ weaklings cannot help them.
    ….They believed the lies.

    The women are reaping what they have sown.

    And that’s the facts.!!

    1. But surely, RAT, you must have somewhere inside you, deep in your blood, beating in your heart, THE MANLY MAN desire to protect the women folk!

      By the way, I’ll be spelling your name RAT from now, it’s my thing to spell words and names any way I feel like spelling ’em ~ do your thing do what you wanna do nobody can tell you who to sock it to ~ and it makes me feel happy and makes me feel fulfilled and like OH WOW man, it’s a Blast, it gets me In-Touch-With and In-Total-Harmonic-Oneness-With My Inner Cosmic Light Being Angel to spell your name RAT.

      It doesn’t matter how we spell words and names, everyone understands what’s being communicated no matta how you spell words and names. You can spell words and names any way you arbitrarily want to and everyone still understands what you’re saying, how ¡GROOVY! is that, RAT! proper spelling is such a drag, proper spelling is for squares man, 🙂

      1. TROJ –

        ALRIGHT..!! I WIN….!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        When you are defeated and completely beaten down to the point of calling me a name….

        ……………… other than Pat…. I WIN..!! 🙂

        Ask your Chattahoochee attendants to explain it to you…. the next they make their rounds…. after they hose you down. 🙂

      2. Hey, go easy on Pat! He’s one of our best posters. He deserves respect. He’s been around a long time and lived and fought valiantly in the trenches — an old buddy of Eustace Mullins.
        If TROJ calls Pat a “rat”, Pat should take that as a compliment.
        I would. 🙂

      3. Mind you, I don’t see eye to eye with Pat on many things. But I don’t have to agree with everything someone says to like and respect them, do I? My wife and I disagree on almost everything. Is that grounds for a divorce? I don’t think so! 🙂

      4. Karen –

        Close, but NO Cuban cigar… You have often been mistaken about me, especially when Ingrid was around here.. nagging.

        I was a closet lesbian for many years…

        ….but finally came out..!! 🙂

      5. Pat, I admit that my remark was only a prankster tactic to elicit a response. Truth is, all of these years I’ve presumed you were a conservative and cranky old man. Lesbian? I’d have never guessed, you’re much too masculine….ooops.

    2. Pat, I agree in part, white women have been duped into their own demise (but as usual lefties create a mess for others, so now young girls deal with it not Germaine Greer & the others). However, we all know this is part a bigger and greater (((plan))). Laws for crime and immigration were soften and led by the usual (((suspects))) especially since the 60’s. Step by step we are passively walking into genocide, deeply conditioned and programmed from primary school….the conditioning is so great the women cannot see they are despised by the immigrants, nor can many of their fathers. Look at Germany, mothers and father welcoming another genocide 70 years after the worst treatment possible was metted out to them!
      “….the minimum estimate of 9.3 million Germans who died needlessly after the war. This is far more Germans than died during the Second World War. ……Millions of German women who had been repeatedly raped had to bear the physical and psychological scars for the rest of their lives. ”

      It is so suppressed in German memory that they have lost their survival instinct. I can understand, sort of, brainwashed Germans in occupied Germany, but that the mentality exists equally in England is staggering testimony to the lies. The article I mention above about the rapes after WW2 were not just by the Red Army mongol hordes…nice white boys returned to their home countries raised and married after some participated and most remained silent. The corruption of our white western societies is a well designed machine.

      1. Carlos –

        The mothers were so busy – – having so many tattoos – in trade for sex – that when they reach their 60s…. they will look like a sagging bag of melted Skittles..!! 🙂

  4. I will scream out loud if I hear that blasted champion woman again,
    talking about how,
    “something must be done” and “we must find out how it happened”
    it happened in rotherham because the labour run council afraid of losing their places at the trough, colluded with the police and social services to cover it up!
    and actively persecuted “whistleblowers”
    their well worn get out excuse being that they were afraid of being called “racist,”
    sarah champion is the labour MP opposition shadow minister for girls and women or some such nonsense btw,

    and as for your comment Ali,
    it’s muslim men gang raping children that are doing all the stirring
    “islamaphobia” my arse.

    1. Champion the wonder leftie hypocrite.

      She verbally attacked Nigel Farage for speaking out. He was also physically attacked.

  5. Well done Newcastle for making yourself a City of Sanctuary, just look what you have done !!!!!!

  6. The White-Christian hating, extreme-Marxist “Labour” MP for Rotherham, Mzz Champion, has spent her political life “looking the other way”, conforming to PC and blaming WHITE MEN for most of Britain’s sex crimes.

    She also condemned and repeatedly branded as RACIST etc any British nationalist or patriot who, over the last 20 years, expressed concern for White girls and suggested a causal link between this industrial racist abuse and Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and their (horrible, incompatible) Islamic religion and culture.

    Champion’s only changed her slogans very lately, in the face of massive remarkably fair newspaper reporting, to retain a few thousand White votes and her lucrative Seat in Parliament with massive pension, when the people eventually waken up and kick her out.

    1. It must have been worth every penny her sponsor’s spent sending her to the Common Purpose forums….£10k for a weeks course I am told…. Julia Middleton must be rubbing her hands.

      “Middleton never asks whether change is needed. Many people would believe that we presently need stability to stop the constant change, turmoil and uncertainty, which is destroying democracy, trust and probity in Britain. Her “change” is the march to revolutionary change…fully in line with her DEMOS ‘marxist’ background.”

  7. All I can think of whenever I read one of these ever-more-plentiful pieces is this:
    WHERE ARE THE WHITE BRITISH MEN??!! I am certain that 3 generations ago, had such a thing occurred, there would have been a mob of indigenous white men who would have rounded up and lynched every single one of those 70 IQ “Asians”. I know… they didn’t have the politically-correct police in those days to instantly arrest them had they enacted a proper vengeance, but their honor and courage were far more important than any threat from a treasonous government.

  8. when I read the words of the article and when I look at the faces of these “Untermenschen” the first idea that comes into my mind is: SHOOT DOWN ALL OF THEM!

  9. Considering the extremely low white birth rates in the West combined with the high ones for non whites added to the flux of non white immigration still pouring into western nations, it went past the point of no return in the 1980s. The scum running the West didn’t have the stones or political will to do something about it back then. It’s laughable to even consider they will now. Don’t all of these raped and sexually abused girls by these fellaheen have fathers, brothers, uncles, male cousins, male friends etc.? Why don’t they employ street justice? It is a combination of intimidation by the System along with lack of balls. Also, like the one writer here said, to a large extent these females have asked for it. Inculcated with feminist poison, they don’t need men as protectors because they are just as strong and tough. Any movie or series you see on the tube or movies routinely shows petite, pretty females whupping ass on men twice their size and strength. Perception trumps reality. Also, what the Hell did these girls think these men wanted with them by taking them to private places and getting them wasted on drugs and booze? Just “friendship”? Don’t make me laugh. All media is saturated with sex and they are exposed to it well before hitting puberty. They should also know it intuitively. Even a 14 or 15 year old girl knows that the objective is to get into their knickers. Are they really that stupid, or do they just pretend to be?

  10. We have become too frightened of the politically correct crowd to say what is obvious, but events like this are breaking the barriers down.

    I have always voted Conservative but am now thinking of voting BNP, the British Natonal Party, because they are the only party that listens to, and agrees with, ordinary Brits.

  11. This sounds like a very nasty situation brought on by denigration of white women to the point that these men think they can get away with abusing them. Of course, rapists always denigrate the women they rape because that somehow makes it OK, but usually that happens behind closed doors in a whisper, not like a public announcement.

    I recently read Queen of Chaos by Diana Johnstone where she describes this pattern of denigrating leaders and their countries before the military comes in and takes them out. (Calling the leader Hitler seems to be most popular) Once we thought that” sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Now we know that the naming is a form of bullying that isolates the victim, and disarms her like a curse. It reminds me of some deadly insect that paralyzes the victim to eat them.

    1. Kapoore –

      “This sounds like a very nasty situation brought on by denigration of white women..”

      It is happening because of “denigration of white”…MEN..!!

      1. Absolutely true, Pat! All one has to do is venture to a busy town or city to see it. Half the “men” (white) are at least somewhat feminine or otherwise limp-wristed – or seemingly afraid of being overheard making a “politcally-inccorrect” utterance. I had an Ivy League lady-friend a few years back who said to me that she never knew anyone who regularly used the “N word” as much as I, to which I responded that some of us felt compelled to keep it in circulation these days. (I didn’t mince words, and she found it very stimulating that she’d met a man who wasn’t intimidated by her usual Harvard crowd.)

  12. assimilation? forget about it.
    islam isn’t a religion? maybe it is.
    isn’t invasion and genocide what religions have always done?
    big religion has been behind this immigrant invasion from the start of it, in europe and america. the vatican and all it’s bishops and priests. don’t give them another cent.
    they instigated it and they maintain the people smuggling networks.
    stop supporting all forms of christianity.
    it’s a jewish scam and it always has been.
    and where were the fathers, uncles and brothers of these young rape victims?
    off studying books of political correctness? memorizing gender pronouns?
    in todays surveillance state the police knew all about it all along.
    but they’ve ceased being good a while back.
    “Today public hand-wringing was much in evidence as one former Crown Prosecution Service chief admitted authorities looked the other way for fear of looking racist”.
    fear of looking racist or fear of colored riots?
    of course, as bad as this is it’s not as bad as the big pizzagate pedo ring thing, where the rape and murder of infants is well known among the political elite, including the police.
    yes, corporate exploitation and capital flight are big reasons why africa is so dysfunction.
    but that doesn’t excuse gang rape nor does it doesn’t get the british citizens off the hook on their responsibility to protect their society and their nation.
    replace your political leaders with real patriots. screw the european union.
    get rid of electronic voting machines. they’re crooked.
    form your militias. arm yourselves. block your borders. sweep out all illegal aliens.
    ban islam and stop the tax breaks for all religions.
    increase the penalties and shorten the procedures for rape, kidnap and hard dope.



    1. @Joseph
      Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict worked hard to stop the sexual abuse and also uncover the homosexual network in the Vatican. Apparently he was unable to complete what he set out to do on account of how powerful the network is and also judeo-freemasonic powers supporting it.
      Bush and Cheney visited the Vatican to get Catholic support for the bogus War on Terror, and didn’t get it. Right after John Paul II condemned the war in Iraq the media went on a priest sex abuse feeding frenzy. In other words, if you don’t support our war effort we will make you suffer for not cooperating.

  14. As the poem in the video tribute to uncle Ernst Zundel, by lady Renouf (Thank you Lasha), stated:

    “The Tribe can only be defeated by monetary reform.”

    The destruction of true diversity and culture by the Tribe is ineluctable unless this reform occurs. The logic is as follows:

    Financial Slavery (central banking, fiat money,fractional reserve banking) =>
    Big Government Corruption =>
    Tribe Control

    This siphoning of money towards Satanic ends means the game is almost up for the West. Iron-fisted technocracy and “useless eater” farming in mega cities (universal income, UN Agenda 2030) is descending rapidly upon the West. The rest of the world will be left in poverty where current psychological control is sufficient to keep them in check. Perhaps Russia and China may resist?

    There will be no breakout in the West unless there is monetary reform. Violent revolution is beyond the ken of fighting age generations of Western man. The only soft way to reform is mass non-voting.

    The sexual and violent abuse of stupid white girls by “Muslims” and Pizzagate elites will continue, unless there is monetary reform. All can be traced back to this (see poem in uncle Ernst Zundel video:

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      “Perhaps Russia and China may resist?”

      China has been slowly and methodically resisting for about 25 years with small agreements to bypass the BIS. Now, all China Russian trade is in their currencies bypassing BIS and, just in the past couple of weeks, China and Russia are trading gold with one another via the Shanghai gold exchange. Monetary reform is coming. The jewish monetary empire is crumbling.

      “Violent revolution is beyond the ken of fighting age generations of Western man.”

      About half of the massive amounts of weapons being purchased in the USA are combat type arms. Most of the people I see at gun ranges are in their 30’s and 40’s which is definitely fighting age.

    2. Flan –

      You wrote:
      “(universal income, UN Agenda 2030) is descending rapidly upon the West”…

      NOW – TODAY… UN Agenda-2030 is descending even more rapidly upon RUSSIA and CHINA..!!

      China, India, Russia Reaffirm Commitment to SDGs, Climate Change

      [—SDG = Sustainable Development Goals—]

      19 April 2016: The foreign ministers of China, India and the Russian Federation reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change, in a Joint Communiqué. The Ministers agreed on the need to further strengthen cooperation on global and regional issues while respecting independent choices of development path and social systems by people of all countries.


      The progress in implementing the principles of sustainable development in the Russian Federation over the past 20 years.

      China suggests that 9 key areas should be prioritized in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. These areas are:
      Eradicating poverty and hunger through targeted measures to alleviate and eliminate poverty, and enhancing agricultural production capacities and food security.
      Implementing innovation-driven development strategies and generating momentum for sustainable, healthy and stable economic growth.
      Advancing industrialization to inject impetus to coordinated development between urban and rural areas and among the three dimensions of sustainable development.
      Improving social security and social services to ensure equal access to basic public services.
      Safeguarding equity and social justice to improve people’s well-being and promoting all-round human development.
      Protecting the environment and building protective barriers for eco-security.
      Addressing climate change actively and integrating climate change response into national development strategies.
      Promoting efficient utilization of resources and sustainable energy.
      Improving national governance and ensuring economic and social development in line with the rule of law.


      You also inquired:
      “Perhaps Russia and China may resist?”

      Russia has just a $1.2 Trillion economy. Smaller than New York or Texas and half as big as California’s..!! It is too small to affect anything in the world economically.

      Russia does not control oil prices or gold prices… and cannot spare many rubles for purchasing gold. The people are barely getting by.

      China has been begging the IMF(Goldman Sachs/Morgan) for over a decade to have the yuan – renminbi – granted RESERVE CURRENCY status.

      A ‘break-away’ from BIS/IMF/World Bank by China and Russia is a ruse. Don’t fall for it.

      BRICKS is financed with USD….
      …..And all the members are in trouble economically.

      All the hype is for people who sell gold… to sell more… even though they tell you to get more… by selling you THEIRS..!!??!!

      How preposterous..!!

      If GOLD is such a “BIGGLY” good investment – long-term – the “YUGE” sellers should be keeping what they have.. NOT selling ANY to you..!! 🙂 🙂

  15. Where are the British men rising in defense of these crimes in order to protect ladies and their youth? Oh, that’s right … they are arguing with the likes of me defending the Laws (the ONLY Laws) that would deter ALL criminal behaviour in one heartbeat: Torah Law.

    The ‘New Song’

  16. Don’t usually comment on this site: you bloggers get it so why be redundant. But this article? What point am I missing here? Yes, these offenders are slime who need many a cold shower in the slammer. But these girls? Traipsing around like sluts, at 14, looking for fun, drugs and alcohol, willing to “pay” for it, then crying about being left in a room w/no food or water. This is the Jewish degenerate culture rampant in Western society accepted as the norm. These men are English. Call them Asian if you want.

    My sympathies lie w/the German women raped to death by the Red Army (and many Americans as well), for the African women treated like slaves, not for British tarts tantalizing older men and then crying rape.

  17. The fact is, these girls are degenerates from disfuncional familes. Where were the parents of these girls when all this was happening? Probably getting drunk and stoned in other places.

  18. @FELIX:

    “I was based at Katima Mulilo in the Caprivi Strip…”

    My word, me too! Just after the Red Eye (Stalinorgan) attack on Katima base. That was the Operational Area. Today South Africa is more violent than the Operational Area and you get no Pro Patria medal nor danger pay for it. Rank and title count nothing anymore.

    If the world continues on its present course with its corrupt and smutty elite, I can see we are well on our way sliding slowly back into a new dark age. Then the few sane people left will be too busy struggling just to preserve their own integrity and survival, nevermind trying to rescue the rest of mankind.

      Wow, a small world. I was in an SAP COIN Unit for three months in early 1971, then I was transferred permanently to Katima from Messina, on the Limpopo, opposite Beitbridge. I was at Katima for about 2 years as a fulltime cop. I worked alongside some interesting characters, including the head of the Security Police (no names, no peck drill) at Katima. He’d made the arrests of the first SWAPO terrorists during Operation Ongulumbashe in 1966. Earlier he had interrogated Nelson Mandela and those arrested at Rivonia. One of his lieutenants had a wonderful approach towards those undergoing interrogation. He’d introduce himself as Hitler’s nephew. Said in a heavy Afrikaans accent, they were no doubt scared shitless!
      When I was there most of the action came across the “kaplyn”, cutline from Zambia. Angola was still Portuguese so sometimes we’d go up to Luiana and have a drinking session with PIDE, the Portuguese Secret Police.
      Those were days, my friend. It all could have lasted indefinitely, but for the bloody revolution in Portugal that got rid of Caetano. Look at it all now! A total Fxxk up!

      1. Certainly a small world. I was a SADF conscript ( armour/pantser/Eland gunner). Regards.


    you look for someone else to do what needs doing. Politicians are just that, ‘politicians’ nothing more – they are there to screw the people who are the backbone of a society, and further leech off those afraid of defending themselves. Then when someone makes a statement that certain things should be done, cowards always find fault. Cowards, like ‘politicians’ – basically synonymous, love to live off the fat of the society they rape and destroy. Then when truth is spoken they both find fault for they know within themselves their blood is ‘yellow’, thus incapable of defending themselves or their ‘loved’ ones, falsely believing that everyone can ‘just get along’.
    This brings us to our modern society made up of people who are mainly narcissistic and ‘zombified’. Much to stupefied to ever care for themselves and will allow the society they have enjoyed be destroyed rather than ever stand up and shed their blood.
    And no, I have stood for my society and found myself basically alone, and each time I have spoken out found myself further alienated from those I thought I was standing up for. So, this brings us to the ‘computer warriors’ who hide behind their screens and speak about what should be done, always afraid to stand up in reality.
    People get the government and the society they deserve. Furthermore, look around — the more ‘civilized’ our society has become, the more barbaric they are allowed to act.

  20. Dear Lasha Darkmoon, Religion and nationality have nothing to do with felony. In no court, your religion or nationality is raised as proof of your wrong doing. In the same country, England, Christians do it, Jews do it and Atheist do it too. Looks like you, that I trust in having independent thought, have also fallen in the Anglozionists’ pit of nationality and religious beliefs. Please get out as fast as you can, or I won’t read you again.

    1. @ esmaiil fotoohi

      “Dear Lasha Darkmoon, Religion and nationality have nothing to do with felony. In no court, your religion or nationality is raised as proof of your wrong doing… Looks like you have also fallen in the Anglozionists’ pit of nationality and religious beliefs. Please get out as fast as you can, or I won’t read you again.”

      Lasha Darkmoon is unavailable for comment, so if I may answer briefly on her behalf.

      LD is not guilty of the charges which you lay at her door for TWO reasons:

      (1) For a start. LD did not write the article; she edited and adapted it from a number of newspaper reports. This was made absolutely clear right at the beginning of the article. So why are you scolding her for things she never said herself but merely reported?

      OK, you may have a point in believing that LD probably agreed with the sentiments she reported, or else what would be the point of the article? So let’s deal with the second point.

      (2) The facts are indisputable: that the perpetrators of these sexual crimes almost without exception came from Pakistan, Bangla Desh and India. They were described as “Asian”. Would you deny that they were “Asian”? No, you cannot. So “nationality” (Pakistani, Bangla Deshi. Indian) certainly DOES enter into the equation.

      However, it was pointed out later in another newspaper report that it is wrong to refer to these criminals as “Asian” and it is better to describe them as “Muslims”. You will find this even less to your taste, because his ups the ante: it not only drags “nationality” into the equation, it drags “religion” in — or the religious culture of an Islam that has failed to make good Muslims out of the Muslims guilty of these crimes. For apart from ONE White girl, ALL the other members of this Asian sex gang, 18 of them, were MUSLIMS.

      Get your head round this indisputable fact: 17 members of this 18-member Asian sex gang were MUSLIMS. They belonged to the Muslim community. Their wives were Muslims and dressed in the Muslim fashion. Their children were Muslims and many of them attended Muslim schools. They belonged to a mosque culture in which the Quran played a vital and significant role.

      The newspaper article you need to read is called “Former race tsar: Call the gangs Muslim, not Asian.”

      Here, listen to what the “race tsar” says and he happens to be Trevor Phillips, former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. He also happens to be black, by the way, not white:

      “Labelling this phenomenon as ‘Asian’ is an evasion. This also insults the largest single ethnic minority in the UK — Hindu Indians — who consider themselves Asian, and the many East Asians who have made the UK their home. Neither group has been even remotely connected with these crimes. What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising Muslims. It is not Islamophobic to point this out.”

      (Daily Mail. “Call the gangs Muslim, not Asian”, August 12, 2017, p. 12)

      I think you need to take another look at your assumptions before jumping to your false conclusion that Lasha Darkmoon is some kind of wicked Islamophobic “racist” for pointing out what 99 per cent of the intelligent public now accept: that these criminal sex gangs in Britain are overwhelmingly Muslim.

      Deny it as much as you can, but the truth is there for all to see.

  21. I have presented the solution over and over again here and elsewhere. The solution that would work in one heartbeat. The solution that would bring guns back to the people, so that they could defend themselves from criminals, invasion of foreigners and any person who dares to take away one’s God-Given basic rights. Instead I meet with neo-nazi ideas based on Rothschild propaganda whose purpose is to cause confusion, misunderstanding.

    The Bush family, Prince Philip, the fraudulent current British throne are Nazis. Is that the company you want to keep? You want to be their proud neo-Nazis? Nazism is the NWO.

    The Nazi Banksters –

    Religion and nationality have nothing to do with felony. In no court, your religion or nationality is raised as proof of your wrong doing….
    Maybe I’m nit-picking but sometimes it does. For example, just 2 days ago a couple of Canadians was sentenced to prison for taking their 13 year old daughter to the States to marry.
    The trial heard evidence that the girl was taken into the United States in 2004 to marry Warren Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who is now serving a life sentence for assaulting two of his child brides.

    As a Muslim myself, I too was taken aback when reading and this is now the second of 2 recent articles done here on this subject. I did not comment until I studied the matter a bit since I am not familiar with the demographics of English society. It may be that the Pakistani/English community there have some unique socio-factors that contribute to the forming of these grooming gangs; even the likes of people like Anjum Choudhary. As usual, criminals always try to justify their crimes.

    As Muslims we know Islam takes a firm stance against these types of crimes.

    You who believe! be upholders of justice, bearing witness for God alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives. Whether they are rich or poor, Allah is well able to look after them. Do not follow your own desires and deviate from the truth. If you twist or turn away, Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat an-Nisa’, 135)

    … if you do judge, judge between them justly. Allah loves the just. (Surat al-Maida, 42)

    You who believe! show integrity for the sake of Allah, bearing witness with justice. Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to righteousness. Fear Allah. Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat al-Maida, 8)

    Say: “My Lord has commanded justice…” (Surat al-A ‘raf, 29)

  23. @New Song
    I visited your site and read your understanding of the New Song. Now, if you will do me the same courtesy and let me give you what the New Song really is.

    Let’s start by understanding the ‘old song’: the old song was the last song given by Musa (Moses), peace be upon him. It is the song -as reported on his dying days – which he was commanded by God to teach the children of Israel for posterity so they don’t forget.

    God prophesies against Israel: ….and this people will rise up and go a-whoring after the gods of strangers..they will forsake me and break the covenant…my anger shall be kindled against them and I will forsake them….Now therefore write this song for you and teach it to the children of Israel: put it in their mouths that THIS SONG may be a witness for me AGAINST them….

    Take this book of the Law and put it inside the Ark of the covenant of the Lord your God that it be a witness against you.
    For I know thy rebellion and stiff neck even yet while I am alive with you. You have been rebellious against the Lord and how much more after my death….
    For I know that after my death you will utterly corrupt yourselves and turn aside from the way I have commanded you and evil shall befall you in latter days….and Moses spake in the ears of all the congregation of Israel the words of this song. (Deut Chap 31)

    So the ‘old song’ was intended to warn Israel to act according to the law and it tells them that when they forsake the law, God will forsake them.

    Now let’s see what the prophet Isaiah, peace be upon him, says about the ‘New Song”.
    Muslims assert that chapter 42 is about the prophet Muhammad and Islam/Quran is the New Song.

    If you were to look at the word in Hebrew etmak that is translated to ‘whom I uphold’ with a slight variation, it could easily have been ahmad, the prophet’s name. This is why the Quran accuses the scribes who write the book with their own hands and hide what is in it.

    It is for this reason why the Quran is completely memorized so no one can tamper with it. There are scholars who accuse the Israeli government of preventing scholars access to impartially study the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is now over 60 years since they were found. The Nag Hammadi findings were much larger but they were made accessible within 3 years.

    42:1 would read: Behold, my servant, Ahmad, mine elect in whom my soul delights; I have put my spirit upon him; he shall bring judgement to the Gentiles.
    (Judgement: all recent commentators instance the close parallel of the Arabic deen, which denotes both a system of usages and a religion. EXEGETICAL -ORIGINAL LANGUAGES Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges).
    42:4 He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he set judgement in the Earth and the isles shall wait for HIS LAW.
    (Lowth thinks this prophecy relates chiefly to the propagation of the gospel in the world by his apostles and other messengers; observing that Christ himself was not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and consequently could be a light to the Gentiles only as he commissioned others to preach the gospel to them. Benson Commentary.)

    This makes no sense from the verse? The verse is talking about a specific prophet, servant of God. He will set judgement in the Earth – this is what the Prophet did – and the Isles shall wait for his law…and that happened too, all the way to the largest group of islands in the world: Indonesia, they accepted the Deen and the Sharia.

    42:6 I the LORD have called you in righteousness, and will hold your hand, and will keep you, and give you for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles;
    (the Divine ideal represented by the Servant of the Lord becomes the basis of a new national life, inasmuch as it expresses that for the sake of which God enters into a new covenant with nations. Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges)

    42:10 Sing to the LORD a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, you that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof.
    (It is a song “such as has never been heard in the heathen world” (Delitzsch). Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges.)
    In reality this is what happened when Islam reached the two ends of the Earth and the new song (Qur’an) was recited by the inhabitants.

    42:11 Let the wilderness and the cities thereof lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar inhabit: let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains.

    Genesis 25:13 Now these are the records of the generations of Ishmael, Abraham’s son, whom Hagar the Egyptian, Sarah’s maid, bore to Abraham; 13and these are the names of the sons of Ishmael, by their names, in the order of their birth: Nebaioth, the firstborn of Ishmael,and Kedar and Adbeel and Mibsam 14and Mishma and Dumah and Massa,…

    So, if there was any doubt who will be the people to sing the new song, there shouldn’t be anymore. These are the Arabs whose voices became constant with the Qur’an. As for the rock, it is a reference to the black stone. These are the people who were famous for having the rock from heaven that represented the covenant between God and man.

    42:13 The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yes, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies.

    (he shall cry, yea, roar] He shall raise His battle cry, yea, shout aloud. (something like Allahu Akbar!) EXEGETICAL (ORIGINAL LANGUAGES) Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges)

    42:17 They shall be turned back, they shall be greatly ashamed, that trust in graven images, that say to the molten images, You are our gods.

    This is a reference to the defeat of idolatry by the Prophet.

    42:19 Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD’s servant?

    (As he that is perfect.—Strictly speaking, the devoted, or surrendered one. The Hebrew meshullam is interesting, as connected with the modern Muslim and Islam, the man resigned to the will of God. Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers)

    42:21 The LORD is well pleased for his righteousness’ sake; he will magnify the law, and make it honorable.

    (God is the One who sent His messenger with the Law and He magnified it and made it prevail.)

    I did not go through every verse on account of length. Additionally, I gave Bible commentary and etymology of words from Christian sources. These are some of the clearest predictions about the Prophet Muhammad’s mission….and there are more in the Bible. God Bless.

    1. Taking the time to learn the “New Song” is time well spent. I hope you and others have taken the time to view the Muad’Dib Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect video.

      Related, I posted on my Time for Teia website yesterday “Will the people ever unite?”

      What was I referring to? First, let me reiterate once again about the current conspiracy:

      “Since c. 600 BC, there has been a conspiracy by a few to conquer and destroy the many. The few are identified in the Bible as the Synagogue of Satan who falsely claim to be from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin
      and who ghettoised themselves at Jerusalem under the Talmud. This would be the origin of the people we call ‘the Jews’. A small sect of people ruled with an iron hand of tyranny and fear by a minority of apostate / counterfeit Levitical priests who claimed (falsely) to speak for Yahweh, whose house on Earth was the Temple in Jerusalem and to be His Chosen people, when they are not, but are, in reality, His enemies, whom He hates (Malachi 1:1 – 2:11). Using this deception they have claimed that the Scriptures about Israel refer to them and that they should destroy anyone who will not accept their evil Talmud and lordship; as they did to Jesus.”

      With that said, it should become apparent that there is a True Torah and a counterfeit one. Just like there is a True Holy Koran and counterfeits which claim to be from Mohammed.

      Those who believe (the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures) [The True Torah and not The Talmud of the counterfeit-Jews], and the Christians and the Sabians, – ANY who believe God and in the Last Day, and WORK righteousness (God’s Righteousness not self-righteousness – Isaiah chapter 64 verse 6*), shall have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

  24. social conditions have been sliding away for quite some time. a crime like this would never have happened in a real society. this crime occurred in a generally degenerated environment. too much sexualization of otherwise unsupervised children. too much degradation of the male and traditional roles. too much crime and poverty. too little pride and human dignity and way too much immigration and multiculturalization.

    yes, computer warriors welcome to the war of words. there are signs we’re winning.
    we now have the term ‘deep state’ common in the lexicon. that’s big.
    the jews themselves on rt’s ‘redacted tonight’ are actually beginning to use the word ‘apartheid’ in reference to israel and to address the conflict concerning jewish loyalty to that estate.
    that’s big too.
    it is a war of words facilitated now by the alternative media and it is about the battle for enlightenment. that’s a totally new phenomenon and this is good because the solution is the spread of truth, not violence.

    politicians will rise to or fall or stagnate at whatever level is expected of them.
    they were once generally held in high esteem and respected, like the country.
    their fall from public opinion grace was all part of the sabotage plot. it started right after the murder of jfk. if the politicians are worthless so is the country.

  25. LOL, they’re about as Asian as I am..
    This one small article epitomizes the M$M Fifth Column permeation of society(s).
    Even as the (lol) citizens cry out for more lies, please!
    A bit psychotic, individually.
    A lot psychotic, collectively.

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