Britain In Chaos — Hung Parliament, Pound Falls, Brexit in Tatters


Ten Million Brits cry, “This is not our country anymore!”
as these two Zionist puppets fight for the upper hand

I wake up this morning to scenes of total chaos. The first thing I do is throw a few clothes on and stagger off to Wetherspoons, my local pub restaurant in the little market town of Newton Abbot in the south of England. Here I intend to grab a light continental breakfast and catch up on the television news.

I am greeted by the Pub Philosopher, nicknamed Redneck Ron, who is surrounded as usual by his coterie of foul-mouthed fans. Redneck Ron (‘RR’ for short) has seldom been known to utter a sentence without the F-word in it.

RR says to me as I totter into the pub:

“Come and join us, bitch! So what do you think of the f***ing election, huh? Me and my buddies here are all thinking of emigrating to f***ing Antarctica. You comin’?”

I join RR at his table, not because I like the guy and his subhuman  clique but because I like mixing with them lower classes. I’m an awful snob. I get a perverse delight from rubbing shoulders with the common people and getting to know how they think and speak.

Soon I am sipping my coffee and learning all about the general election.

“I think this country would be a lot better off if all you horrid people pushed off to the South Pole,” I remark pleasantly. “Only trouble is, the penguins will not be too pleased at the new arrivals!”

RR grins, baring his yellow fangs. He is in late sixties and is not at all put out by my rudeness. Politeness from me he would regard as a serious threat. Foul language wrapped in smiley badinage is the only language he understands.

“You wanna hear about the f***ing elections? Listen up good, bitch. Cos you ain’t heard nothing yet. That f***ing twat Theresa May has ended up with a f***ing hung parliament. She needed 326 seats to get a f***ing majority and she ain’t got that. She’s only got 318!”

“Too bad,” I sigh. “Goodbye, Theresa!”

“Nope, it ain’t goodbye. Not by a long chalk! The weak c**t is hanging on grimly to power. She’s gotta cosy up to the DUP and she’ll have a working majority if the DUP give her their full support.”

One of the fan club, a well-nourished lady in her forties who has just worked her way through a 2000 calorie English breakfast, chirps up: “Wot’s the DUP, Ron?”

Ron glares at Well Nourished Lady.

“DUP stands for ‘Democratic Unionist Party’. Doncha know that, silly bitch? Them’s the Northern Ireland blokes wot want to remain in the Union with the Brits. And they’re strongly pro-Brexit. They won 10 seats.”


“So if they join Theresa and her Tories, with their 10 seats, that gives Theresa a working majority. Theresa needs 326 seats to get a government that works. She’s got 318. Not enough!”

“Right. So if DUP give her their 10 seats she’s got 318 plus ten. That’s 328 seats, right?

Ron looks at Well Nourished Lady in mock stupefaction.

“You never told me you was a f***ing mathematical genius,” he says.

Well Nourished Lady looks pleased.

The facts, I was to learn over breakfast, are these. The Conservatives have captured 44 per cent of the vote, Labour 41 per cent. With the help of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland, the Conservatives will be able to form a working government. Just about. But it’s not going to be easy. Because the Northern Ireland party is going to exact a stiff price for its support.

Theresa May, who seemed to be in an almost invincible position only six weeks ago, with a huge lead in the polls, took a gamble by calling a general election. She thought she would win easily. That it would be a piece of cake. Her gamble failed spectacularly. She has lost all authority. All her charisma, such as it was, has evaporated in a puff of smoke. She is now a lame duck prime minister.

Later today, Theresa will have tea and cucumber sandwiches with the Queen of England. This is a time-honoured tradition. The PM pops over to Buckingham Palace and tells her Majesty: “Hey, Queen, I’ve got a working government. So it’s full steam ahead. I’ve just come to tell you this.”

And the Queen nods politely and says: “Well done, Theresa! You have my blessings. So off you go and get on with it!”

Not those exact words maybe, but something like it.

Meanwhile, back at the chalkface among the rabble, it’s all gloom and doom as the pound plummets and Brexit lies in tatters. Redneck Ron and his rotten borough are up in arms. “Wot we got here? More of them f***ing n*****s pouring in from Africa and wotnot, it ain’t our f***ing c***ry any more!”

Right. That’s about it. The Brits are not happy bunnies this morning. Gnashing of teeth has reached epidemic proportions. Rope sales have soared as more Brits plan to hang themselves. Most popular google search engine question from UK this morning: “How do I tie a noose?”

The only winners in this election? I won’t mention their names. Ron and his rabble ain’t got a clue who they are. They think all their miseries spring from “them rich toffs”.

If only they knew!

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28 thoughts to “Britain In Chaos — Hung Parliament, Pound Falls, Brexit in Tatters”

  1. Hilarious. Never laughed so much over a General Election result.
    Hope to hear more from “Lucy”, whoever she is.

  2. “them rich toffs”

    Well, the shabby ones do need to take some of the blame 😉

    Strange how the result weakens Brexit whilst simultaneously strengthening the Union. A load of rigged bollocks. It reinforces the argument that the Brexit vote was a genuine result and now we’re seeing the spooks and their (((masters))) rolling it back.

    1. Yes, Brexit is the main casualty. So sad. Enough to make you weep.
      And they call this a democracy! It’s more like f***ing jungle,
      to quote Redneck Ron.

      BTW Lucy, thanks for the first chuckle of the day.

      I’m gonna use a lot of f***ing asterisks from now on. 🙂

      1. PS The DUP are fanatical Zionists; financially corrupt; and nasty bigots. Just like every other UK political party 😀

        PPS Explain to me UKIP’s nutty policies this time around? Earlier this year I watched an interview with the leading sponsor of the Party and he was waxing lyrical about setting up a Bank for the people; ensuring Brexit; controlling immigration and re-nationalizing core British services. Good old-fashioned nationalism, which I respect.

        All Nuttall went on about was internment and privatizing the NHS.



  3. I like UKIP. I find it odd that there is not even one seat gain for UKIP. I think it was rigged. What do you think?

    1. Rigged to hell and back: from the hordes of MSM-misinformed voters to the literal rigging of the vote. Forged ballots and minds. There’s a double-whammy if ever there was.

  4. “She’s off to BEG the Queen..!!” 🙂

    British Prime Minister Theresa May… will form a government supported by a small Northern Irish party.

    Just after noon, she was driven the short distance from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace…

    to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government…. 🙂
    ….a formality under the British system.

  5. So much for some theorists who post here that the London/Manchester attacks were false flags designed to help PM May. If they were, they sure backfired.

    1. And what, pray tell, does the JEW Ellie ROTHSCHILD who is “On Our Side” think about what’s going on in her beloved England? Or, is Ellie still under the impression it’s still the 19th century in Queen Victoria’s London? Still writing that ¡GREAT! 19th century novel are WE? Maybe WE’LL have The Novel finished by the time 1901 gets here, *grin*.

      1. The English elections must have Eternally Cosmic Spiritual Significance for Our dark side of the m00n Darkm00n goddess Sista Lucy to intentionally interrupt Herself from orbiting around and around and around the Sacred m00n to come down to profane and cursed Earth to share with Us Her Raised Consciousness thoughts and Her deep deep profoundly deep insights into the English elections. WE are truly in Good Hands, 🙂 .

  6. My sympathy to the British people for the damage to Brexit, though the process has been triggered. I’m not qualified as an expert on either British politics or even US politics, the processes can be interesting but are usually deeply distasteful, for many of us, life is too short. But we all are affected by the results. My analysis, such as it is, is that ‘someone’ used cheap and expendable Takfiri variety yobbos to damage the PM’s credibility (those indestructible passports come to mind) and the PM’s ill advised response to crack down on the liberties of citizens including the Internet, which for many who are unable to afford travel, study, and so on is their last refuge. She was sabotaged and sabotaged herself further. A better response might have been a very public and immediate sacking of an MI-5 director (Manchester was, after all in 5’s responsibility, as we’ve discussed, perhaps in more ways than one) and direct attention away from her relative inability to provide the British people (at least conservatives and sensible moderates which are the core of her support) with a credible response to the mass murder of British children on British soil. Calling for further encroachments on citizen’s liberties was the worst response, but natural – these days elites, for example Christine Lagarde, Hillary Clinton, and so many others are neither judicially nor publicly held responsible for actions that would send most of us to prison for life. Instead, they go to Bilderberg, or are busy concealing the tax visible cash portions of their foundations (and pretty quickly). There is no great demand from the public for accountability, only emotional anger and dismay. Of course, we’ve grown so cynical in this continuing degrading environment that many would suspect May’s complicity in acts of terror, Blair and Cheney both profited handsomely from it, as did Obama with furthering neo con agenda in the ME and Ukraine, that which the non zionist portion of the electorate put him in office to stop.

  7. Didn’t I predict precisely this a few days ago under the article on London Bridge “terror attack”? That the whole charade, of which these “attacks” are only a part , has one single purpose, and that is to halt Brexit?

    We’ll never know which (((adviser))) persuaded TM to call the election.

  8. Something BIG is afoot.
    First, Qatar gets pressured to kick Hamas leaders out, now Lebanon is being told by the Khazar Land Thieves the same thing, while Israel’s willing bitch, the Pentagon, commits daily war crimes against Syria, all the while stealing their territory. Now we have the May debacle, who promised again and again to NOT hold a snap election until 2020 or until her (((handlers))) told her to hold one.

    I’ve sent several tweets to the butchers at “Operation Inherent Resolve,” the murderers who are bombing civilians and Syrian Army troops, telling them they are committing war crimes and you do know what happens to war criminals? The last time, included a pic of a gallows pole, in case they weren’t getting the point.
    Surprisingly, no replies!

    1. @ Greg Bacon

      “Something BIG is afoot.”

      You might be right.

      Turkey sends its military to protect Qatar and Iran is shipping food to them. Jordan tried to truck food into Qatar, but Saudi Arabia blocked them and turned them around. Has Qatar stepped off the USA’s plantation?

      The two USA carrier groups off the coast of North Korean left on June 6. One is on it way to the USA and the other to drills in the Indian Ocean. The US mainstream media did not mention it. WWIII postponed?

      Last week, former US congress critter Antony Weiner was arrested by the FBI and he plead guilty to charges (unknown to me) all in a two hour period. He is to be sentenced in September. They let him return to his apartment. Uma Abedin, his wife and closest Hillary aid, immediately moved back in with him. About 48 hours later, the FBI raided Uma’s bother and sister’s house in Dearborn, MI. According to some reports, the FBI found Hillary’s missing laptop and thumb drive. Have they rolled over on Hillary and the DNC?

      This week, Attorney General Sessions spoke to a conference of law enforcement in Atlanta, GA and spent several minutes addressing the pedophile problem in the USA. Is PizzaGate/PedoGate actually under investigation?

      Fired FBI Director “Howdy Doody” Comey, admitted to being a liar to the US Senate and accused Trump of being a liar. He also confessed to leaking info about Trump. He also toasted the (((New York Times))) for making up stories. Does any of this matter coming from a guy who likes having sex with boys dressed up as Howdy Doody?

      Is Qatar positioning itself opposing the USA so that the US pedophiles won’t flock to their country to avoid prosecution? Is Qatar getting ready to confiscate all of the Clinton’s and their ilk’s money stashed there?

      Definitely, strange things are occurring.

  9. “Newton Abbot”? …nuff said. Now if you were a Totnesian Lasha, you would find a more gentile English person…

    1. Surprise, surprise! You seem to know the area well! Anyway, we are talking about sister Lucy here, not Lasha. Both sisters live on Dartmoor, nowhere near Totnes (upper class) or Newton Abbot (working and middle class).

  10. I also live in South Devon. Is it something in the water?

    I also live for about half my time in the USA. Both countries are now running off course, and I believe that Jewish Power is the hidden hand steering us towards more wars, wars on behalf of Israel.

  11. It’s pleasure to watch the pro-Israel press such as the Jew York Times, NPR, CNN, BBC, Telegraph, Washington Post, Politico, etc. beating their chests over pro-Israel Tories losing majority (326 seats) in June 8 election.

    The antisemite Labour Party has won 266 seats, an increase of 34 seats as compared to Conservative Party 316, a loss of 12 seats. The Scottish National Party (SNP) had won 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats were at 12, the Democratic Unionist Party had secured 10, and Sinn Féin has secured 7 seats in N. Ireland, but the party has always boycotted the British House of Commons. Voter turnout was at 68.7 percent as compared to Iran’s 70% in May 2017 election.

    The pro-Hamas leader of Labour party Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition parties leaders have called for the resignation of Israel tank commander, anti-Muslim prime minister Theresa May as result of a hung parliament.

    On Friday, former Tory deputy defense minister Anna Soubry, an Israeli poodle, said May should consider her position and take personal responsibility for a dreadful campaign and a deeply flawed manifesto after choosing to go to the country three years early in the hope of extending her majority. However, many British political pundits are of the opinion that May wouldn’t dream of leaving her position to someone who had refused to visit Israel, forget about a regime change in Syria and wants Netanyahu to talk to Gaza-ruling Hamas in order to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    It’s reported that Theresa May plans to meet Queen Elizabeth today to ask her permission to form a new government.

    The official Conservative party spokesman, Laura Kuenssberg, BBC’s Jewish political editor, has just announced that Theresa May will remain as prime minister, supported by the DUP in Northern Ireland, founded by Ian Paisley.

    “The DUP are corrupt, homophobic, racist and above all religious bigots of the worst kind. The nastiest people in politics. The utterly discredited Theresa May refuses to resign and intends to continue to rule over us with the support of this ugly faction. Popular support for the Tory government is going to plunge to unprecedented levels. This gruesome malformation of a bigots’ alliance between Brexiteers is not going to last long as a government, and the popular retribution will be massive,” says Craig Murray, former London ambassador to Uzbekistan.

    Watch a hilarious video on the British election below.

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