British Politician George Galloway drops bombshell — ‘CIA is Plotting Trump Assassination’

By Daily Bell staff, January 17, 2017

British politician George Galloway has warned Donald Trump that the American deep state is engaged in a soft coup d’etat and that the CIA is planning to assassinate him.

TODAY . . . JANUARY 20, 2017

“There is a clear and present danger on his life.”
— Your News Wire

George Galloway is a popular but wildly leftist English politician who says things other pols avoid. That’s why it’s no surprise that he is behind this assassination story. Galloway has been involved in the Iraq-oil-for-food controversy, along with numerous other controversies, and has been kicked out of the Labor party years ago for making statements against the Iraq war.

His statements regarding a Trump assassination are similarly incendiary but nonetheless taken seriously by certain other British politicians and by mainstream voters as well.

If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t be going near any grassy knolls. I wouldn’t be on any motorcades in Dallas. I wouldn’t be traveling in an open-top car. “I’d be very careful if I was Donald Trump about my personal security. I think I’d have to employ guards to guard the guards.“

Galloway, who has served 31 years as an elected British Member of Parliament, also dismissed claims that Russia was interfering in US politics – and instead pointed the finger at British intelligence services.

“It turns out it was Britain that was interfering in the US presidential elections – not Russia. At least I’ve seen no evidence the Russians were, but there is plenty of evidence emerging about the British role.”

Galloway’s remarks regarding a potential British role in any assassination is part of a large position that he has taken in the past regarding Britain. He makes no secret of this position that holds England in particular guilty of a long history of smearing other governments.

“In 1925 something called the Zinoviev letter helped to bring down the first ever Labour government in Britain. It purported to be a letter from the head of the Comintern, Gregory Zinoviev, to his lieutenants in British politics … It had been produced by, you guessed it, British intelligence services. That bought down the Prime Ministership of Ramsey MacDonald – and this one is aimed at another Donald. Donald Trump.”

Galloway also says the coalition assembling in Washington against Trump is unusual because of its large size. In addition to the usual overt military industrial constituencies, it includes the Democratic opposition.

Galloway says the newly enlarged coalition has mixed Democrats in with Republicans they’d previously not had contact with such individuals such as John McCain. They have embraced the CIA as well, even though they know its communiques are often propagandistic and pro war.

It is the pro war element that Galloway is the most emphatic about. He claims that ultimately the entire coalition is pro-war because that’s how the groups involved make  money.

Galloway says that Trump wants to make money in ways that don’t involve war but that the top American outfits have found war to be the easiest way to make massive profits. For this reason, he says, Trump has been targeted.

Veteran British Politician

“Trump has been targeted.”

Trump himself is aware of the bad blood between him and the CIA, but he may not believe it runs as deep as Galloway thinks it does. 

Conclusion: Trump may hope that his selection for the new CIA boss, presumably next week, will make a difference and bring the CIA under his control. But many elements of the CIA are not yet directly under the control of America’s new President.

Trump may be miscalculating.


LD: Feel free to dismiss the above article as “alarmist”. It probably is. The chances are that Trump will survive his Inauguration Day ceremonies intact. No Manchurian candidate expected! However, it’s now common knowledge that anti-Trump demonstrators are preparing to disrupt today’s Inauguration of the President and that Trump haters will vastly outnumber Trump supporters. ‘Bikers For Trump’ are sending in their boys from all over America, leather-jacketed heavies in their thousands, to provide the new President with “a wall of meat”. Yet they, too, expect to be vastly outnumbered by the wild-eyed Trump haters shouting hysterically ‘Fascist!’ and ‘Kill the bastard!’

VIDEO : 2.44 mins 

40 thoughts to “British Politician George Galloway drops bombshell — ‘CIA is Plotting Trump Assassination’”

    1. Frankly, I can’t see Trump lasting eight years. The way things are going, he’d be lucky to last eight months. He’s going to need a lot of bikers to provide him with “a wall of meat.”

      I’d happily be his food taster, but I’d be no good as a vegan. I’d be disqualified. Only meat eaters need apply for this job. I hear he’s paying his food tasters good rates. $1000 for every dish they taste before it reaches the President’s lips. Not bad for tasting his corn flakes or taking a preliminary sip from his glass of vino.

      On second thoughts, it isn’t worth it if you end up like Stalin — writhing in agony on your deathbed because your “trusted” chef gave you a poisoned hamburger.

      1. Sardonicus said: “Frankly, I can’t see Trump lasting eight years. The way things are going, he’d be lucky to last eight months.”

        A friendly reminder, that was exactly what was said about Obama … eight years ago.

        I think if Pres Trump does not go the distance it will be for medical reasons, something sudden.

      2. “A friendly reminder, that was exactly what was said about Obama … eight years ago.”

        This is how I feel about the whole thing at the moment: it is all theatre. We’re all supposed to be afraid for Trump’s safety — tis a manufactured story.

  1. I like Galloway – he makes tons of sense. He’s an honest man who recalls the old left, which was effective because it did not play ‘cultural marxism’ of racial and gender politics but stuck to class unity, if in words only.
    By demonizing whites in general the ‘new left’ has torn itself to pieces.
    At any rate, the old paradigm of ‘left/right’ politics is dead. That can only be a good thing.

    1. Galloway is a Marxist Communist, Old School Stalinist, totally directed and paid by Marxist-by-convenience One World Globalist Jews. How naive can you get?

      1. Exactly, and he is more full of s__t than a christmas goose. Ask ‘Gorgeous’ George about 9/11…

      2. @ Poupon Marx.
        Being old school, Galloway sees the disintegration of the modern left due to it’s alienation of working class whites. That is the point.
        He sees, as do I, the current impotence of the ‘new’ left.
        You may go play cops and robbers left/right games as you please. I won’t.
        I prefer a synthesis of proven and useful means accompanied with an open mind and a discernment of trending events.
        The old left certainly had it’s successes in the past. And many of those wins were facilitated due to recognition that people (the ‘masses’) were fed up with oppressive and cruel regimes, unnecessary wars, foreign rule, and economic inequalities. The many failures of the left’s opposition were largely due to the simple fact that the colonialists and capitalists etc. largely did not give a damn about the people’s suffering.
        And to look at current-day Davos, they still do not, not at all.

    2. SW,

      I like Galloway also, English socialists are so rare.
      The problem with Anglo-Americans is their complete lack of knowledge about the history of communism and socialism in Europe that they automatically associated with Jews because of Marx and scientific socialism called Marxism Leninism after 100 years of Tavistock brainwashing and history rewritten, the XX millions dead of big bad communist Staline, the Slavic beast who wanted to steal US precious bodily fluid, oil.
      There is an interesting continuity in English Russo phobia from Stoker to Kubrick, of which Communism was just a convenient mask to bring USA on Cold War mode. Sometimes, you read funny things here like George Sorel the Jew while the guy is from Cherbourg, or the Jewish French commune without realizing that those ideologies emerged in reaction to the liberal violence against the working class during the industrial revolution and mass colonization in this stupid 19th century, very well described by English literature and great English socialists, the Dickensian aspect you know. It’s normal since England with USA and other colonies had an abundancy of resources that led to the sacralization of private property.

      Poupon Marx,

      You have some lacuna in historical Hegelian dialectic and you are a clear colonial victim of England brainwashing since the only thing Marx did was to describe English society with his buddy Engels from Manchester.

      Here is a reminder.

      Communism, according to Marx, is a positivist doctrine based on science and reason inspired by Darwin, Hegel dialectic, pre-Socrates philosophes and the German tribes he liked so much, predicting with a method called historical materialism the advent of a society without state and money after the final collapse of the capitalist society. Except this utopia couldn’t be achieved directly as those communities would be crushed by Capitalist imperialism like in Catalogne by Staline and the Republicans, so the Marxist Leninist doctrine was invented with scientific socialism and mass production in order to fill the gap in term of primitive accumulation of capital, as a transition before the eventual pooling of production means and resources after the destruction of capitalism under its own contradictions and moral decay.
      Lenin and Trotsky wanted to export the revolution as internationalists, while Stalin wanted the socialist revolution in one country to play the occidental imperialism against each other. Hope you get the nuance between Lenin/Trotsky and Stalin.

      Life was good in Occidental Europe with Dracula Uncle Joe communist shadow forcing politicians and wealthy Europeans to share the added value and to put finance in quarantine. Except due to really bad post-Stalin management, the USSR felt and became liberal overnight causing an incredible drop in Russians standard of life especially after the depreciation of Rubles from 1000 to 1 in 1991 allowing internationalist capitalist oligarch, sons of ex Trostkiysts, to privatize resources and means of production backed by US Banks, nouveau russe my ass, turning Russia into a neo-liberal nightmare mafia economy where killer was a common job. You’ll notice that the vast majority of the pirates who have fled Russia with a plunder went to London playing the victim, go Chelsea, Britannia the piracy heaven since the Plantagenet.

      Then, on the other side of the wall which is now the borders of Russian federation since the Anglos couldn’t digest Russia, you have capitalism which is the mask for liberalism. I won’t bother you with this doctrine full of contradiction justifying slavery and drug trade in the name of freedom, pathetic result of three centuries of English banking philosophy for finally giving birth to neoliberalism, market evangelism.
      The best definition of liberalism is this:

      “Some kind of practical philosophy which, reducing egoism in system, considers society as a war of trickery, success as the rule of fair and unfair, world as the property of skillful rascals.”
      Robespierre. He wasn’t a Jew by the way, his Anglophobia speaks for himself, just a lost patriot from Picardie.

      USA is for sure one of the greatest liberal nation on earth, with UK and Liberia of course, but I am not sure it is a good thing as Capitalism is just another word for Monopolism.
      That’s the expected result of a liberal society.

      Something you might have missed is while USA and URSS where fighting the dopey Communist/Capitalist war, England has already made a synthesis of both system, taking the worst aspects of each and called it Fabian socialism, which they copied from Saint-Simon technocratic dream. The coup de grace was cultural Marxism to make US citizens completely allergic to any form of profit socialization while opening new markets sex drugs and rock n ‘roll for the white. Cultural Marxism is brilliant you have to admit, transforming vertical class struggles into countless useless individual horizontal struggles while destroying moral values by promoting hedonism and making money out of it. That’s a form of communism in some way, socialization of banking loss, but socialism shares a lot with liberalism. Heidegger has this interesting concept of Gestell or utilitarian framework, a conception of humanity which is shared by Nazism, Communism and Capitalism. Lenin and Hitler were great admirer of Taylorism, Fordism and scientific management of everything. Lenin during his presence in London gave numerous conferences in protestant temples in front of millenarian audience.

      All this chatty chat, pussy cat Tavistock mind game was supposed to lead us to a dead end of history after the destruction of Gestell Nazism and Communism but Russia avoided the absorption by liberalism after the fall of the Soviets. Now England Russophobe propaganda doesn’t work anymore as Russians have made a synthesis of all the Occidental ideologies they have experienced, taking what is good while violently rejecting cultural Marxism by reinstating Orthodoxy back as the moral cornerstone for society, because as Patriarch Kirill wrote in his book Freedom and Gospels, freedom without morality will only lead man to slavery, a conclusion he reached from reading Dostoievsky’s work especially the Karamazov Bros and Demons, which was prohibited by Lenin as he found in Stavrogin a too resembling reflection of himself. One thing is sure, Russia will never host England off-shore business.
      As Russians say, the communist used to lie to us about everything, except when they told us that capitalism was worst.

      Communist, communist, time to grow up Poupon, the cold war is other and you are alone with the contradiction of your obese unstainable system. The worst thing the Communist did to USA was to deprive it of a credible enemy as Muslims iconoclasts are not very credible. Liberalism was a brilliant plan, how smart was that Huxley guy, except the Brits didn’t integrate in their utilitarian model that world resources are not unlimited, so all modern economics is obsolete and wrong, tiny mistake with huge Orwellian consequences.

      Unfortunately Trump seems neither Marxian nor Christian, just a liberal capitalist enemy of socialism in the purest US democratic tradition. Too bad, He is a charismatic leader and only lacks of a formation in Marxist dialectics and Christian traditional doctrine. He would realize that the only enemy of USA is the Crown Corporation which tries to turn the world into a Caribbean neoliberal violent society easy to plunder.

      Cultural marxist neo liberal Merkel or Obama have nothing to in common with Stalinism, you just wish, four years of Gulag did great thing to Dostoievsky, romantic lie and romanesque truth.
      You have just been culturally marxized. Just tryin’ to school you young blood.
      Stalin was also a great actor in this accurate historical reconstitution 🙂

      Et vive le Roy.

      1. Phil –

        “One thing is sure, Russia will never host England off-shore business.”

        They have been hosting England off-shore business for many years.

        Russia hosts Rothschild of London just a few meters from the Kremlin.

        Rothschild Group contemplates new hires in Russia 2016

        MOSCOW |
        March 26, 2016

        The Rothschild Group is looking at taking on new hires for its Russian operation later this year, bucking the trend for big Western money advisers to scale back, partly because it feels it can make money out of the struggling economy.

        Giovanni Salvetti, head of Rothschild operations in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), told Reuters he believed the firm could perform well advising on debt restructuring, asset swaps, and distressed sales – all activities that can see an upturn in times of economic hardship.


        Rothschild Global Advisory has had an on-the-ground presence in Russia for over a decade. Our Moscow team offers local clients the full range of our advisory services and holds an in-depth understanding of local and regional dynamics, and unparalleled high-level and government access supported by our senior advisers. Wider regional coverage is supported by a long-standing partnership in Ukraine. This deep experience of Russian markets has resulted in, and is supported by, our track record in advising on many of the country’s largest, most complex, and precedent-setting transactions.

        Office in Moscow
        4, bld. 2, Romanov lane
        125009 Moscow
        Contact Giovanni Salvetti

      2. Sister Monica :

        How come everyone is allowed to write very long posts when they want to share their historical knowledge but when I want to share my knowledge of historical matters with everyone, I have to try to explain historical matters in 5 words or less?

        1. Longer posts are okay when someone has a lot to say. Longer post are NOT okay when someone has nothing to say.

          We usually advise posters who have nothing to say but like saying it in 500-5000 words, with endless repetition, to say it in 50 words if they can. Or better still, in 5 words. To no avail! Since they have nothing to say, even 5 words is too much for them.

          BTW, Will you please STOP sending in long obscene poems featuring “twats” and “dildos” and even dog sex with humans. This is why you are in Spamblinka where you rightly belong, you disgusting little perv.

          1. ADMIN, Sr Monica: I allow this relatively MILD post to be published just to give you readers an idea what kind of insane troll we have hanging round in our spam folder. He never goes away and uses our website to post endless obscene mail to the monitors. Most of the pervy stuff he is sending us is FAR, FAR worse than this — this is pretty tame stuff, which is why I’m letting it be published:

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      3. Joe, Dog
        Don’t be a hater because my mad nazi critics flow is going through moderation when yours are always sent to spamblika oblivion. Why don’t you start blaming yourself for acting dumb? You are the one writing redonkulous detailed post about dildo, if your salty go upload your hatred with some porno.
        Was just trying to school some young Cult M moron, to avoid them a useless shark loan college education, to learn roastbeefed bs long proven wrong.
        Word, what kind of society ship off lil white Bethe to grind cotton, collateral victim of pimpdaddies and stupid mom?
        ask yourself the thug notes simple question.
        Do our dreams got us by the balls so bad that we blind to the way they trip us up?
        My dog René Girard has the answer to this conundrum, called mimetic desire for your information, best way to describe this doggy dog world we livin’on.
        Couldn’t be more synthetic than that Joe, last night my post was way too long. I’ll try again later with Russian counter revolution, after football there is a handball game at the television.
        Peace dog, in the name of Louis.

  2. Mr. Trump’s safest strategy is that he has traditionally ‘leftist’ factions fighting amongst themselves concerning new allegiances (the likes of which include such unreliable characters such as John McCain). Mr. Trump understands that a whole new era in politics has emerged – but human nature is just-the-same as always. Play it!

  3. Exemplar among murderous Jewish psychopaths, head of the Comintern, Gregory Zinoviev.

    “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” – Gregory Zinoviev, Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918.

    “In 1925 something called the Zinoviev letter helped to bring down the first ever Labour government in Britain. It purported to be a letter from the head of the Comintern, Gregory Zinoviev, to his lieutenants in British politics.”

    Like the Protocols, this letter was no doubt another forgery designed to discredit Jews.

  4. I’m an unabashed Trump supporter, so I’ll be in Spamblinka throughout Trump’s two terms of office. Yes, he’s going to be a two-term president. What are you going to do about it? Send me to Spamblinka? Go ahead. Sending me to Spamblinka will result ;- ) in Trump being only a one-term president, 🙂 . Real effective way to stop Trump, send whiddle joew to Spamblinka, lol.

  5. “If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t be going near any grassy knolls. I wouldn’t be on any motorcades in Dallas. I wouldn’t be traveling in an open-top car. “I’d be very careful if I was Donald Trump about my personal security. I think I’d have to employ guards to guard the guards.“

    October 19, 2016 – 9:11 am, Arch Stanton: “If Trump was a real threat, Jews would have scheduled his first rally at Dealey Plaza.”

    I note the emergence of a new, unstoppable, monolithic monster. In the same form as the demonic Nhadzees and their monstrous medical captains, like the Soviet Union and their “dirty reds” before them, like the evil A-rab terrorist in his desert hidey-hole, Americans suddenly have a new enemy, a supremely dangerous, internal enemy that is evidently unstoppable.

    Really? Lets think about this for moment. First how was the CIA formed? It was an outgrowth of the OSS, a WWII Army psychwar group. Therefore, it fell under military command and jurisdiction. Today this organization falls under the jurisdiction of the Soviet style umbrella organization called the “Department of Home and Security”. Like its military counterparts the CIA is controlled by the Pentagon. What is the purpose of the CIA? Despite its misleading title, the CIA has the same function today as it did in WWII, psychological warfare operations designed to destabilize the enemy. Were these minions elected or appointed? Outside the very highest level, CIA agents are hired like any rent-a-cop that works for a paycheck. One might consider them the Jews’ rent-a-spook. This being the case, they are merely paid employees of the state that do the state’s bidding.

    But who wields the power of “the state?” The creditor(s) that pay the minions wield the power over all state entities. Minions at this level of government work for nothing more than a paycheck; therefore, no funding, no minions.

    So who holds the checkbook? Who is responsible for paying these minions? Ultimately, that would be the Federal Reserve though Congressional auspices. Lets review once again: “If Trump was a real threat, Jews would have scheduled his first rally at Dealey Plaza.” Trump would not be lining up today for his inauguration were he any kind of real threat to the hidden power structure.

    This alarmist propaganda is simply more of the same, i.e. creating an illusion of opposition. This is controlled opposition by the master controllers.

    An Excerpt: “The next thing, Aldrich and Vanderlip began to give speeches and interviews to newspaper reporters condemning the (Federal Reserve) bill. They said: “This bill will be ruinous to banking. It will be terrible for the country.” By the time the common man read that in his newspaper he said: “Oh golly, I guess these big bankers don’t like the bill very much so it must be pretty good.”

    “These fellows were not stupid. You have to give them credit. They didn’t get to be where they were by being country bumpkins. They understood politics, they understood mass psychology and they played their cards exceedingly well. Meanwhile these same individuals out of their own pockets were paying the price for the costs of bringing up what they called grassroots study clubs all over the country. They sponsored these clubs and they held public meetings and printed brochures and pamphlets extolling the virtues of the Federal Reserve System. They gave large amounts of money to some of the better known universities in America; they created newly formed departments of economics with that money; they hand picked their own people to be the professors to head up those departments and then those professors with all of their academic credentials gave speeches and wrote scholarly essays extolling the virtues of the Federal Reserve System. And then at the insistence of Paul Warburg who was forever the master strategist, they added several very sound provisions to the Federal Reserve Bill. By that I mean they added some provisions which seriously restricted the ability of the Federal Reserve to create money out of nothing. Warburg’s associates said, “Paul, what are you doing? We don’t want those in there, this is our bill.” And his response was this, he said, “Relax fellas, don’t you get it? Our object is to get the bill passed. We can fix it up later.” Those were his exact words. “We can fix it up later.”

    That was more than one hundred year ago. No indeed, these (((fellows))) are not stupid. They understand politics, they understand mass psychology and they play their cards exceedingly well. Rest assured they will “fix” all of Trump’s errant policies “later.”

    1. Arch – –
      “Trump would not be lining up today for his inauguration were he any kind of real threat to the hidden power structure.”

      I believe that also.

      “They understand politics, they understand mass psychology and they play their cards exceedingly well.”

      YES…!! I have said that for decades… They know us well. 🙂

      It is Trump who is going to fix the policies “LATER”…. such as Obamacare…. to put more $$$$ into Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ INSURANCE companies….. now that businesses were forced to put more people into the system. How convenient. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

  6. I don’t foresee an assassination at this time but if there is going to be an attempt it may well come from the ‘wall of meat’ – the perfect cover.
    As for Mr. Galloway’s comments about politicians/CIA making money through wars and other…been the case for a long, long time; lot of talk about this but this is just the ‘candy screen’ for pushing the agenda of the Boss, the main objective.

  7. CIA won’t bother Trump. He is doing the Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ bidding.

    He posted this at 1:10 pm …. just after inauguration:

    –Donald J. Trump–

    To Americans: You will never be ignored again. Your voice, your hopes and your dreams will define our American destiny. Your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

    Together we will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again – and yes, together, WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    1. You can watch today’s “assassination” of an American president here, for those who get-off on presidential assassinations of American presidents ; As WE know for sure and for certain The Wizard of Oz of Darkmoon gets-off on presidential assassinations of American presidents, right Wizard? How’s your beloved precious Granpa and Granma doing, Wizard?

      1. The snowflakes have been reduced
        to masturbating to their fear porn.
        I guess they’ll be masturbating
        to their fear porn
        for the next 8 years, lol.

  8. Brandon Smith — who would not likely post on THIS site! — has, in my view, an excellent track record in “economic prognostication”, based on extensive reading, thoughtful analyses, and actually walking the talk himself. For those of you unfamiliar with BS (sorry, inescapble pun), his site is Full disclosure: I was once designated by BS to serve as a “national coordinator” for his “alt-market movement”, since removed from any position of influence!

    BS has published a now long series of essay prognosticating concerning both the near future of global economics and the behavior, intentions, and machinations of “globalists”. Two of the more recent may well bear interest (pun intended) for others who frequent this site.
    One thesis — conservatives (so-called) ad the Liberty Movement (to which BS belongs):
    Trump was (s)elected, chosen, to take the fall when the “elites” (aka banksters, etc.) pull the plug on America, to put it in a very few words.

    Worth your time reading, I say.


  9. “..and that the CIA is planning to assassinate him.”

    The first thing I would ask, is that an opinion, or is it an established fact? Where is the proof (documents, wiretapping, etc.)? Politicians and people claim lost of things, which they would not be able to back up in a cross-examination in a court. It is a good practice to think like a lawyer in many cases, just for the sake of training the clear thinking abilities.

  10. Just second day into the term, Trump is exceeding expectations, if CIA is looking for trouble, he’ll meet them half way.
    delivers uppercut to assembled CIA stalwarts:
    In Speech to a the CIA, Trump Offers to Build Them a Room Without Columns: ‘Do You Understand That?’

    At the end of Trump’s speech to a room filled with 400 employees of the CIA, Trump said, rather cryptically, that maybe he’d build them a bigger room ‘by someone who knows how to build and we won’t have columns, do you understand that?’
    For those of you who are fucking retards and haven’t the slightest clue what that could mean, I suggest you read up on the fifth column theories — which are essentially the existence of a shadow government.

    A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.

    Indeed. A new room, built by a capable architect, without columns, sounds awfully good to me.

    Sounds good to me too.
    Let the deadbeats serve the republic for a change instead of a hostile foreign empire.

    The reaction of the Fifth Column is totally predictable: CNN Reporters Tear Into Trump Over CIA Speech – ‘ I’m Amazed At That Type of Commentary ’ – 1/21/17
    yeah right, jew is shocked, just flabbergasted:
    what kind of goy social structure can stand up without fifth columns to hold up the rooftop jacuzzi filled with partying jews?
    Trump the Builder knows how.
    Deal with it.

    Next development is CNN claiming that fifth columns prevent Holocausts from happening, a preemptive airbag in your face.

    1. Lobro –

      All based on guesses. Admitted here… early on:

      “For those of you who are f—— retards and haven’t the slightest clue what that – COULD mean,”

      “could mean”
      “could mean”
      “could mean”

      Those are guesses.

      I can guess with the best of them. You can too..!!

      Tossing it back to the author… The_Real_Fly (BY NIGHT)..
      ….ONLY retards will follow the guesses..!! 🙂

    2. Pat, the method to which you regularly resort is to assign equal weight to all guesses.
      you did time in med school, right?
      what would you have thought of a teacher who on presenting a patient with some symptoms proceeded to claim that ALL diagnoses were the same:
      could be diabetes or gangrene or breast cancer or schizophrenia or PMS or male pattern baldness or gum disease…
      because that’s what you are doing to us.

      Gee, thanks teacher!

      1. Lobro –

        Yep … med school in Tennessee for a while…
        ….. I had NO patience for the patients. 🙂

        Diagnoses and second opinions are “guesses”… and many die when the “guesses” are wrong..!!

        I would show them this…. 3rd opinion…. a real killer… They really hollered..!!

        Goldman Sachs controls Trump:

      2. Election gambit, talking out of both sides of the mouth, one cancels the other, however, no one has yet won an election in Jew plantation by saying nothing.

        Maybe he won’t assign a special prosecutor to go after hillary, which would be a pity but for political reasons is a safe choice given that he has other fish to fry.
        he may calculate that spending resources and goodwill is bad return on investment and that more important projects will suffer due to resistance in congress, e.g., McCain who may feel that he is next in line and many others that she could drag down.
        Putin has the same problem with Dmitry Medvedev who got along famously with Obama and Hillary and between the 3 of them (along with Sarkozy and jews) ensured the annihilation of Libya.

        Not impressed with that video, long on bloviation, short on facts.

        As for mnuchin, it takes a thief to catch a thief, you know that.

      3. Lobro –

        “Not impressed with that video, long on bloviation, short on facts.”

        One man’s “bloviation” are another man’s “facts.”

        AND… You were bloviating all through the comment… 🙂

        “MAYBE he won’t assign a special prosecutor..”
        “he MAY calculate that spending resources..”
        ”McCain who MAY feel that he is next in line…”
        “she COULD drag down….”

        “Maybe.. may.. may.. could” = not definitive = bloviation.

      4. Pat, when I or someone comments on potential outcomes that don’t fit your slant, then it is all
        “just guessing”, “one guess is as good as another” and so on.

        meanwhile, you don’t hesitate to try and score grand slams off totally minor issues, like “Burger King invests $15 million in Russia” and claim they are proof of Putin’s complicity and sellout to Rothschild interests.

      5. Lobro –

        You are correct. Your Burger King was a flimsy example…. too cheap to notice….

        This is waaay better than using $15 million Burger King franchises…..

        This one is playing to the tune of Rothschilds’ $150 Billion for Putin and Russian businesses instead.

        A financial “WHOPPER” just a block from Putin’s Kremlin…. Can “have it his way”.. Hold the pickles…. 🙂

        Rothschild Group contemplates new hires in Russia 2016

        MOSCOW | By Katya Golubkova and Oksana Kobzeva
        March 26, 2016

        The Rothschild Group is looking at taking on new hires for its Russian operation later this year, bucking the trend for big Western money advisers to scale back, partly because it feels it can make money out of the struggling economy in Russia.

        Giovanni Salvetti, head of Rothschild operations in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), told Reuters he believed the firm could perform well advising on debt restructuring, asset swaps, and distressed sales – all activities that can see an upturn in times of economic hardship.


        Rothschild Global Advisory has had an on-the-ground presence in Russia for over a decade. Our Moscow team offers local clients the full range of our advisory services and holds an in-depth understanding of local and regional dynamics, and unparalleled high-level and government access supported by our senior advisers. Wider regional coverage is supported by a long-standing partnership in Ukraine. This deep experience of Russian markets has resulted in, and is supported by, our track record in advising on many of the country’s largest, most complex, and precedent-setting transactions.

        Office in Moscow
        4, bld. 2, Romanov lane
        125009 Moscow
        Contact Giovanni Salvetti

  11. ADMIN may consider as the next feature article/video for Darkmoon President Trump’s speech to the CIA, he got a 5 minute standing ovation from the CIA. It would make for an interesting commentary thread. It would provide balance to all this talk about how the CIA hates Trump. Balance is important. I believe that’s a Hindu/Buddhist concept, Balance.

    1. Good to see your ‘balancing’ therapy may be having a positive effect, TROJ. Sister Monica will be thrilled! 🙂

  12. Lobro,

    Mind sheperd huh, you might know this internet meme with two sheeps wondering about the sheperd and the dogs working together.
    Who is the sheperd and who is the dog?, That is the six million dollar question. I have the answer to this question in French cultural marxist. Call it the Mao Zedong k2000 encyclical entertainment of British Israel drug trade, presented to you by Trumpin a fool.

    Jump on baord for another flow of pimp my ride inverted Cultural Marxist cognitive corner war, Black Lives matter was a such cheap shot, unlike longshot big T shooting a 77 at Doral blue FED monster Patmos.
    You make a hookshot that will allow me to make an offensive rebound with various counter-revolutionary entertaining goodies to be delivered, like a sweet half-court Ginobili assist to Leonard. since those third way high dopes are not swung on common wealth campus corners where they only swing that weak weak CM for hipsters and LC libcunt shit for P-town zombie, it’s all in da game. The game now is continental royal, CR7, or old school socialism, OSS 117, those are the bomb. Can’t help it anyway reading Pat’s comment tryin to prove that Russia and China are still London Zion OG bottom’s bitch when they never were, like the whole damn occident, except Iceland welcoming old cat Bobby Fischer, last drug free zone is Reykjavik. USA is not the toughest corner kid in the school yard anymore and all the other UN kids are figuring it out, except the Europeans lackeys, once respected in the hood, mosdef the result of two classy democratic serious ass-beating. And Towser Joe losing his flair, USA is a graveyard for Catholic, they either end up five-Os brooming for the Wasp and Jews, priests, or depressive executives, often boozed or high in all cases, good thing big T is a sober dude, bad thing is not deep into that OSS117CR7 Russian bomb that every dope fiend on the street is talking about, this VP gangbanger is told to be a real smooth cat. Or Irish end up in the mob, the last kinda of gang fraternity left for real OG, but I’ll come back to that later with that cat named D, death row survivor unlike Pac and Biggie, can’t get enough of this mimetic cali stanford gangsta shit. Anyway, I am so on topic since the subject is about this social warrior, Galloway is the name, who is sending a clear death threat if Big D rats out London kingsmen corporate mob for pimpin and swingin, they have some nerve to send this in their own paper. Word, the biggest gangsta in history was Ed 7, Kayzer Sozee type of nigga, he swang that sweet WW dope and no one knows about the dude, all they talk about is Russky Joe there and Aryan Adolf there, settling score while nobody blamed Ed for dropping bodies, using his own blood to fight for the turf while he was fighting for the best corners in the desert. He got the bizz from his baby momma, some French hos and pimp laugh at him being a fag, I mean, it makes sense, how could you ever trust a guy that can literally go fuck himself, I am tellin ya Paulie, most definitely…..

    Why this comes so naturally, I mean 400 words in a glimpse watching sport, while I am struggling to write proper English?

    The answer is of course an OD of CM mix with cultural hatred, an ode of semen, big up to Dildo Joe in da house. And those endless timeouts for commercials, liberal sport, what you gonna do, the world has to suffer for the sacred commercial after the patriotic democratic hymn, make sure to see American Sniper, the reboot of a parody of a parody of the worst basterd Tarantino movie who only steals from the best. Hollywood is like Malibu, it makes you wanna puke at some point. I mean, propaganda for propaganda, I’d rather watch the 3 hour esthetic Fall of Berlin knowing that I would eventually capture the essence of Pope Hyman Churchill, than to see one hour Mel Brooks Yiddish Hot Shot 2 US army propaganda. How could Valeria Golino could play in this movie, the answer lies in Bovary.

    The Hollywood is a tavistock CM based cocktail prepared to you by liberal unionized Jew pot headed leftist writers under C, chewing European literature and movies with no royalties, to set in motion good looking Indo-Afro-Euro American mulatto acting PC to brainwash the whole Caribbean flock with the compliment of the Crown drinking Martini, eau kosher, pfiouuu, pirate, try to make a better synthetic joke Joe, tu peux pas test, je suis numéro 10 dans ma team. That’s a good synthesis to study in public High School for standardized test. This commercial language has its advantage I admit. I mean, it’s not hieroglyphs, even low IQ mulattos from both race could describe that if you don’t want to dance La Blanc Boula.
    I don’t know why the whites are dying off that weak crank, it’s not breaking bad meth, some say pathological altruism, nah, it ain’t that.

    I should end here but I have until 4 am and 2000 words to avenge Louis, of course it’s all about vanity and revenge, but what the fuck isn’t CRStendhal would ask you, and since it pisses Joe off, I will pursue this kleine klein red and black shock therapy, c’est une juive qui m’a dit que je gagnerai plus, if someone in the world get this CM liberal Bruni rotten blood joke.
    A Mao Zedong cultural revolution is what US needs, anyway it’s either US goes to obese kid camp on his own, or the ex coolies will force them to, US betrayed them on too much deal, China doesn’t respect anything except deal and force, or so I hope, sneaky sneaky Chinese, you gonna get a big surprise you Japanus dog, right now millions of Asian teenagers are learning about economic war in High School since there is now hidden ubergruppen Smith hand, when we are stick with according to the text, fuck Prezbo, best Hollywood joke ever, the truth is funny especially with some genuine marxism in it, marxism is like cream in the bortsch, or origan in tomato sauce, to be manipulated carefully if you don’t want to ruin the recipe.

    I see you coming, here is another leftist libtard bullshiting us with some marxism, I assure you dialectics can really break bricks in some situation so take your democratic mess and shove it up you A camarade.

    While nobody in French Banania Republic , y’a bon CM for Senegalese skirmisher, care about the regicide unfair sacrifice on this two-faced January month, except maybe a fat Guadeloupian dignified lady, the whole country has to suffer another democratic mess with the primary colors of the Socialist Terra Nova FabianFabius US-AIDS marrano foundation, sisi senor, Samuel Vallm the Planters Delight just lost tonight, o vayo. The sermon is getting weaker as only 1 million of pilgrims went to the churching vote despite the omens of St Poll, the sneaky liar, still a brave new world ahead of us, tomorrow will of course be better than today. It’s just a subcolonial election after all, the mess is told elsewhere where everything is smaller than Texas instrument, even exponentials which might be the frontier of USA collective IQ. When I roll on CR7 I see the world left and want to shout communist, when I chill on OSS117 mode I see the world right and I want to scream fascist, that’s the whole problem with the Nuremberg centered universe and with this Lesbian Socialist Democracy religion, remember Alice when she was 6 million feet tall, which wants to drive us mad. When I wake up from this throne of mars nightmare, all I see is different nuance of socialism and liberalism. We had a social nonscientific nationalist French party before the first corners war of Ed 7, let’s call him the snake for Abraham sake, the program was socialism and the 50 shades of Yellow peril. Did you know that socialists were not leftist until the second corner wars? All this energy burnt in US election for some petty televised talk about CM, Gil Scott was damned right, how pathetic for the greatest democracy on earth. This religion sold to us by the Snake is very addictive, but like Marx rate of profit on resources and workers exploitation, the tripping is decreasing. I still don’t know who I want for democracy Cardinal, why not Saint Louis after all, dumb people like me shouldn’t be asked, the plus has never emerged from minus, even a low rider could get that.

    This leads me to this Russian epileptic cat i was tellin you about named D, I am too lazy to write his name so forgive me, I know this Idiot would, I’ll make it short anyway cause I am sleepy. D was living the life in electric Tsarist Russia, taking some OSS117 from Occident but already cut by London scientific chemistry. He was arrested by the Tsar police for swinging this dope and was sent to sweatshop prison in Sibérie. Good thing the Tsar showed some mercy, best LT investment he might have done for the Rusky, unlike US corporate liberal jail, but suppredator comes along with ST superprofit. In the bagne, D meditates about how the game was played and rigged, with an old jail Bible as only intellectual company. Long stoy short, out of the cage he achieves to write this amazing Occidental prophecy, the tale of the four K street brother, better stuff to cheat death than half snake Harry three-brother tale Celt forgery, emerged from the sick brain of rawlin British LSD mead-harpy.

    The four K Bros is a 18 th century CSI Russia type prophecy, allowing to find in advance who killed father Fyodor the mad loonie. Four possibilities:
    Son A Russian quasi idiot naïve pious orthodox
    Son B Russian excessive good hearted soldier victim of his impulse
    Son C Russian occidental cynical leftist man of reason and science
    Son D Russian envious ugly bastard little brother shame of the family.

    Of course the answer is Smerdi D, but don’t forget Freemason C, the man of reason going crazy, pushing his weak brother to get dirty.
    The moral of this story by Pope Kirill is quite easy, it will be auto destruction for Occident if liberty divorces morality, it might sound Idiot but it’s the cold reality. Liberty equality are just some candy to get everybody’s hungry with scarcier and scarcier food, while the only fraternity left in Occident is Mafiosi.
    This guy, D, doesn’t look like much, but the chemistry cooked in his cell was blue magic type quality. The Crown cannot compete with this with such synthetic Heisenberg genius, the formula is PM+SS=DP, Prince Myshkin + Socialist Stalin=¨Democratic Putin, amazing historical, iam not even sure Marx saw that one coming.

    Enough of mathematics, little bit of sport since its Sunday to reach k 2000 words.

    Shocking event today in Handball World Cup, Qatar with a team composed by Muslims backed up by Socialist Orthodox Catholic mercenaries, French Spanish Cuban Yugo, has taken out CM liberal Germany depriving me of a great semifinal as France is crushing the competition with its islander’s flying machine and Serbian panzer, should watch out for Denmark and Spain though, luckily for the game, Yugoslavia is a balkanized country, otherwise they would win all the title. Handball is a true European gentlemen sport, where the Anglo-Americans have not their place since only socialist Christian perform at this game where individuality without a good strategy means nothing and chemical doping is pointless.
    I wonder if Froome still got two balls, the whole world saw England cheating during London Olympics to get the Golds, charging all the neoliberal athletes of her Majesty while British paper blaming Russian athletes for chemistry. What’s going on with this pedophile football coach gloomy story? Something must be really rotten in the kingdom of England, obvious result when the premier league is won with Abrahamovitch Russian plundered billion. Liberal England will never win a WC , nor a Euro, except by cheating like Germany in 66.

    I think I have done the tour de France, it’s clear the dogs are Jews and the shepherd is England. You might own France with finance but we owe you, I mean, England is just a French Manoni speculative subjective Mierda de artista.

    Hey, English shot first as always, don’t be sore loser, Louis XVI took his defeat like a real gentleman and I just fire back in self-defense, au nom du Roy, je vous arrète.

    And now my animosity is gone, as Pope Kirill wrote, you build nothing out of hatred, except maybe a tea bagging empire of rascal.

    You just been culturally punk’d again, how sweet this game is.

    Rest in peace Louis, i got your back.

    1. last couple of summers in sarajevo, i started watching handball and really like it better than basketball, like rugby compared to US football.
      the rest of your post will have to wait, i am kinda slow with a massive output like that.

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