Canadian Patriot Arthur Topham found guilty of online “hate speech” against Jews: Jewish Takeover of Canada Complete

Arthur Topham tells judge it was his “duty to alert public … to “imminent threat of Jewish lobby”

ARTHUR TOPHAM arrives at the Quesnel courthouse Monday
for sentencing on his “hate crime” conviction. (Wil Fundal/CBC News)

A B.C. man convicted of an anti-semitic hate crime has been kicked off the internet, but Arthur Topham won’t serve any jail time. Following a trial in Quesnel in 2015, a jury convicted Topham of one count of communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jewish people.

He could have faced up to two years in jail.

But at his sentencing Monday, B.C. Supreme Court Judge Bruce Butler rejected the Crown’s request for four months of house arrest for what Crown lawyer Jennifer Johnston called “an indirect call for violence against Jewish people.”

Instead, Butler sentenced Topham to a six-month conditional sentence with a ban on posting publicly online and a curfew.

Topham appeared unrepentant, telling the court before sentencing that it was “his duty to alert the public to the imminent threat of the Jewish lobby.” 


Arthur  Topham with his JEWISH wife Shastah —
found guilty of “hate speech” against JEWS.


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12 thoughts to “Canadian Patriot Arthur Topham found guilty of online “hate speech” against Jews: Jewish Takeover of Canada Complete”

  1. Mr. Topham is a hero fighting for our human rights in this silent, subtle jewish
    world order/dictatorship. The goyim masses as allways are silent and are obedient to their jewish
    bosses. Shame on the goyim masses. Hurray for Arthur!

  2. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Topham for their fight against the great evil tyranny of our time.

  3. Arthur, Canada is now part and parcel of Mordor, people guiltily shuffling down the line, looking at the ground.
    even Marine le Pen is busily duct taping the mouths of her party officials
    French far-right official suspended over Holocaust denial
    meanwhile, Iran is one of the few places left in this world where truth can walk free and unmolested, see the comments.

    BenAli 4 hours ago
    NO ! The real Holocaust was the joooooooooooooozzzzzzzzz murdering 35 million Christians. Bolsheviks even murdered the Russian Royal Family !! This holohoax that was supposed to have happened in WW2 is just that. A Hoax ! Just like 911 !!! The films that are shown of people being roasted are all from Consentration camps that the allies starved to death. We are only shown film of Buchenwald, Dachau etc. NEVER The so called Polish death camps. Let us see the films of “eisenhower” murdering (Starving to death) the 10 million Surrendered Soldiers,Sailors and Airmen. Then there is the 10 million girls and women that were RAPED by american soldiers. That is why all the blonde Germans have dissapeared !! And been replaced by brown eyed black haired BAS TAR DS ! All these ATROCITIES were covered up by that jooo eisenhower !! And why was Patton murdered ?? The story of how is a LIE !!! For I have seen the real pictures of what happened !

    1. @ Lobro

      I agree with the general tenor of the Bel Ali comment you quote, but Beni Ali does himself no favors by this ridiculously false statement:

      Then there is the 10 million girls and women that were RAPED by american soldiers.

      It is common knowledge that TWO million German women were raped (and sometimes tortured and killed) in the aftermath of WW2. Two million at the most, certainly not ten.

      It is also common knowledge that the rapists belonged predominantly to Stalin’s Red Army. They were acting on the incitement of Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin’s Jewish propaganda chief.

      The Americans, Brits, French, and French Moroccans were also involved in the rape of German women during and after WW2, but in far fewer numbers. The bulk of the rapes and murders done at the time were done by Russian (or Soviet) troops.

      I know you have difficulty accepting that Russians can be responsible for doing anything so evil. If so, take consolation from one fact. The majority of these rapist murderers were either Asiatic (or Mongolian) Russians or they were Russian Jews.

      Not native-born White Russians.

      Did you know that there were 500,000 Jews in Stalin’s Red Army? That the Red Army even had its Jewish battalions led by Jewish commanders?

    2. sard, shooting the messenger is supposed to be a no-no unless you suspect me of being BenAli.

      me, i stay away from not only rapes but even talk about rapes unless there is some factual evidence, for example, epidemiological sort, like 35,000 (if i recall the number i heard/read) children born to single muslim mothers during the bosnian atrocities 1992-95 …
      Rapes are one of the most difficult statistics to establish with certainty and precision, yet for some reason a popular topic.
      Even the definitions of rape, popular, medical and legal can assume wildly different scope.
      Some rapes are unreported, some are falsely concocted as a form of slander and revenge and in fact, these 2 categories each most likely exceed the number of properly documented and attributable cases.

      but hey, rape tales sell and to repeat, i prefer to stay away from all aspects of the sordid, emotional business.
      Jew psychologists know this perfectly and have honed it down to an artform, using it to generate precisely calibrated responses in readers.

      i merely copied and pasted Benali’s comment, most of which was quite alright.

      who did and didn’t rape who and how many times is something that is quite beyond my ability to comment on coherently.

  4. communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against (XXX)

    The master stroke of the Tribe has been to get these laws on the statutes of the West by their obedient prostitute politicians.

    There are so many issues with this it is beyond belief:

    1. One mans hatred is another mans love (Christianity vs Satanism)

    2.What damage is done by eliciting emotion in another?

    3.Any damage is the responsibility of the doer.

    4.Obviously free speech is closed down completely, on ALL fronts. All because lawyers can twist any words into “hate speech”

  5. When someone tells facts, there can never be incitement to hatred! It’s obvious that the usual suspects are good in using fallacies. They have the monopoly on the facts, monopoly on the iinterpretation of the facts. I’m sorry to say this but the white goyim masses are useless and stupid.

    ADMIN: Please check your email address and put in the “k” in “Mark”. Otherwise you may have problems posting comments.

  6. Once this unholy swarm of antihuman mimes is allowed to twist, break, deform and reform human language to serve their infernal needs, they can easily define it any way they like, like the textured protein that passes off as meat, vegetables, fruit, desserts, you name it.

    The next step: any expression that does not explicitly glorify jew and his reeking master can be termed as hate speech on the back of the idea that absence of love, devotion and abject servility is HATE.

    Thus, every sentence must begin and/or end with glory-be-to-jew, praised-be-jew and suchlike, lest it be construed as proof of hate and revolt against the divine representative in cosmos.
    Failure to comply engenders instant penalty as jew sees fit, on the authority of talmud which gives jew every conceivable right and power over goy, who has no protection whatever.

    Serve him right for having for so long refused to act like a biped.

  7. “hate speech” against Jews”? It is a ridiculous allegation:
    If there is “hate speech” against Jews”, there might be a “hate speech” against non-Jews” as well. What about the hate speech against Muslims and Blacks? What about hate speech between Reps and Dems? Minority, you said? Then, how come a minority imposes its diktat over a majority? Huh, as Orwell would say: Minority is majority, isn’t it.
    At the end of the day, who suffered from discrimination, Arthur Topham or any Jew? Who really happened to be a victim, Arthur or any Jew? Yet again, isn’t reality a mere deception?
    Arthur Topham’s case is a speck of deceptive reality at the goyim conscience scale; we can’t see the big picture-deception because we are part of it, mere specks of it; we can only notice it when the fellow speck next to us gets rubbed.
    As I said on Topham’s suspended web site, the dictatorship of a minority is not only the wickedest; it is also the dumbest alternative a majority can tolerate. Are we THE majority or are we not? If not, let’s “build” a minority in the likeness of theirs😣.
    A.T. pictured above does not seem to be anti-Semite. If he really is, his wife, (the nice, charming Jewess beside him) does obviously enjoy it.😛

  8. Note that the CBC reporter, Wil Fundal, in the linked article uses ironic quotation marks around the word “satire” but never actually names the original book that was being satirized by Arthur Topham, namely Theodore Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish!

    Kaufman was a crazy racist Jew who advocated the sterilization of all Germans and the carving up of Germany — a rather inconvenient truth, to say the least, for the kosher reporter to mention. This kind of one-sided reporting — if it isn’t outright propaganda — is typical of the Jewish MSM. It either lies to you outright or it lies to you by omission.

    It’s very subtle, but the ironic quotation marks denote disbelief on the part of the reporter and thereby also denote his prejudice and a total lack of professionalism or honesty. Or even the pretense that he is presenting objective journalism, I might add.

    Here’s the dubious sentence in question: “One piece that Topham called ‘satire’ advocated the forced sterilization of all Jews.” Did he really?

    The truth is that a REAL Jewish Supremacist and REAL Jewish Racist by the name of Theodore Kaufman advocated the forced sterilization of all Germans. Arthur Topham was shocked by the pure evil hatred of Kaufman’s Jewish Supremacy and Jewish Racism, as most decent and normal people would be.

    But as an activist writer-cum-publisher, Arthur Topham was duty-bound if not morally compelled to use his creative writing skills and his Radical Press blog to shine a critical light upon the dark secret of Jewish Supremacy and Jewish Racism by lampooning it with his satire Israel Must Perish!

    Although Kaufman wrote his book in 1941 and is long dead, Kaufman’s Jewish racism and hatred for Germans did not die with him. Furthermore, Kaufman was not writing as the lone nutter. His book was widely praised in the Jewish MSM.

    In other words, Kaufman had the support of the Jewish establishment and was, for all intents and purposes, writing and speaking on behalf of all Jews! That not one single Jew of note has condemned Kaufman should be a thunderous wake up call for those who still doubt that there is a massive Jewish Conspiracy and massive Jewish Problem.

    Indeed, Jewish Supremacy and Jewish Racism is alive and well today. Jewish genocidal hatred of Germans still exists today and is being prosecuted as I write, if the mass invasion of 3rd-worlders and fake refugees into Germany is any proof.

    Arthur Topham did absolutely nothing wrong! As a decent and caring human being he only wanted to warn us. He should be praised not condemned. That he remains defiant is wonderful. The Jews have terrorized him but he remains unbroken.

    The CBC should rightly be called the Communist Broadcasting Corporation rather than the “Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.”

    I know how to use ironic quotation marks, too. 🙂

  9. Based on what I’ve already learned, the more Jew supremacists censor something, the more credibility I give it.

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