Charlottesville Riots: White Nationalists Under Attack

America’s nightmare
as far-Right hate groups unite

by Tom Leonard
in the Daily Mail 


President Donald Trump insisted on Monday that he and his administration forcefully denounce the ‘evil’ embodied by white supremacists and other bigoted hate groups whose weekend rally in Virginia left one woman dead and 20 others injured.
Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,” the president said at the White House.

 August 14, 2017.  The violence in Charlottesville has been described as a belated ‘coming out party’ for resurgent white nationalism in the US.

The protest was organised by members of the so-called alt-Right, or alternative Right, a loose collective of mainly young men who believe white racial identity is under attack from multiculturalism.

Donald Trump’s election victory and his subsequent appointment of alt-Right icon Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist have emboldened the disparate groups that make up America’s far Right.

Mr Bannon – a key figure in Mr Trump’s toxic election campaign –was a founder of the virulently Right-wing news and commentary website Breitbart. The site takes a scorched-earth approach to attacking the Establishment, liberals, mainstream conservatives and political correctness.

Mr Bannon denies he is a white supremacist but he had boasted that he wanted to make Breitbart into the ‘platform of the alt-Right’ movement.

Protected as it is by America’s strong free speech laws, the far Right has struggled for decades to overcome in-fighting which has left the myriad groups often more at odds with each other than with their enemies on the Left and in black activism.

Religious differences – some groups are pagan while others are Christian – and a split over attitudes to the Nazis – with some groups pro-Hitler and others opposed – have divided attempts to find common ground.

While ideological differences split neo-Nazis from the Ku Klux Klan from the anti-government militias, leadership squabbles even divided competing Klan factions.

However, the election of Mr Trump on an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, politically incorrect platform provided the warring organisations with what they believe is a common ally.

Putting aside their differences, they agreed that a Trump administration was their best chance to advance their views and reverse what – after the election of Barack Obama – some hailed as a ‘post-racial America’.

In May, a few dozen white supremacists pre-empted this weekend’s violence by rallying around the Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, with lit torches.

The group, which met after the city’s authorities voted to remove the statue from a park that bears Lee’s name, chanted: ‘You will not replace us!’

LD: In another article in the Daily Mail, the same author gives a different version, claiming that the Alt-Right supporters had chanted, “Jews will not replace us!” Which is in fact what they were chanting. In the subsequent article this was deliberately toned down and distorted to read, “YOU will not replace us!” The newspaper is clearly at pains to conceal the Jewish identity of the White Nationalists’ principal enemies. All those demonstrating against the White nationalists, whom they vilify with the derogatory terms “White supremacists” and “neo-Nazis”, are being funded and led by the liberal Jewish elite. Cherchez le Juif.

Daily Mail, August 14, 2017, p. 6

Alt-Right figurehead Richard Spencer told protesters: ‘What brings us together is that we are white, we are a people, we will not be replaced.’

Aware that many white, working-class Trump supporters believe Washington and the media are trying to wipe out their cultural identity, the far-Right allies portray themselves as guardians of white ‘heritage’ – particularly in the South where many see its pro-slavery Confederacy past as a crucial part of their history.

The alt-Right insists liberal phrases such as ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ effectively amount to the extinction of America’s white origins. Some, though not all, are also anti-Semitic and Holocaust deniers.

Protests have focused on university campuses because this is where the movement believes that it can recruit new members.

Although many far-Right leaders enthusiastically supported Mr Trump’s presidential campaign – and he has been criticised for not explicitly condemning their violence in Charlottesville – there has been growing disappointment that he has not done what they hoped while in government.

Many were incensed by his missile strikes on Syria in retaliation for the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attacks on civilians, arguing that the US should put itself first and stay out of foreign conflicts.

The alt-Right bizarrely identified Jane Austen as an icon, arguing her portrayal of a cosy – and white – Georgian England is closer to what they are aiming for than Nazi Germany.



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103 thoughts to “Charlottesville Riots: White Nationalists Under Attack”

      1. LOL. It makes perfect sense. The mainstream media will never criticize the Jew. They report to him or they know they’ll get fired even if they don’t – Mel Gibson, Marlon Brando, Rick Sanchez, etc.

  1. i commented in the previous thread that the blueprint for the entire charade originated in the kabbalah lab of horrors, Dr Frankenstein due for another Nobel in genetic engineering and downward transhumanism.

    it is not the White Nationalists who are under attack, they are just a theatrical prop (useful idiots in the jargon of the intel agencies), under attack are Trump, Russia, the remnants of the once dynamic European cultures and traditions – confusing and conflating those societies with hillbilly mongrels is counterproductive in the extreme, eagles and ducks.

    case in point: Report: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement.
    Who did you say is under attack?
    andrew “the yellow fever” anglin, jason kessler, pity the poor dears, can we start a donation drive?

    1. Lobro –

      In all your pretentions, what makes someone a “hillbilly mongrel” for being bold enough to voice the obvious, and not make waffling excuses (like yourself)?? It goes without saying that every element in this controversy is a factor of the whole. The ‘lefties’ WANT us apologetic!

      1. G.H.,
        Correct. Lobro is intelligent at times. But some of his comments dont hold water. (Sorry, Lobro. “El Principe de Cabrones ” had to respond to your comment.) Dr. David Duke and Dr. William Pierce could easily be labeled hillbilly mongrels. Perhaps we should notice the prefix “Dr.” in front of their names. These were and are very well-read and intelligent scholars.

    2. it is not the White Nationalists who are under attack…

      yes they are. even a fool can see us white nationalists are under attack. who the f**k do you think are calling us “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” and raping our women and attacking us left, right and center on a daily basis in the media? What planet are you living on?
      Go stuff your “hillbilly mongrels” up your ass.

      1. ah well, here i slide down the puke slope of debating vulgar simpletons.

        what the same f**k does “WHITE NATIONALIST” mean, exactly?
        one can be white and one can be nationalist of dozens of nations, which one are you referring to, the (((KKK))) nation maybe?
        do you really think jew gives 2 shits about KKK? they are just a rock in his slingshot.

        jew’s war is on WHITE EUROPEAN HERITAGE, his only existential threat that can put up meaningful resistance, due to deep cultural roots and sense of place, blood and belonging – show me the groups in America apart from native injuns, the Hopi, navajo and others who can say this for themselves – how many places in America have you lived in and have ancestral history in?

        This is what Jew has done so successfully, to have made us all into rootless turds floating in a busted flush, just like the negroes shipped in and intentionally mixed up to lose their tribal identity.

        Mark glenn has pointed out the problem with charlottesville: barking up the wrong tree.
        Where were the signs demanding investigation of Mossad in 9/11, of Lavon Affair, of USS liberty, of wholesale Jew ownership of Congress, media, Hollywood, giveways to israel, ruinous wars on Iraq, Libya, Russia – cui bono, stuff that matters today?

        i hope you understood what i said because i won’t waste time on this anymore.

      2. Mark glenn has pointed out the problem with charlottesville: barking up the wrong tree.

        Where were the signs demanding investigation of Mossad in 9/11, of Lavon Affair, of USS liberty, of wholesale Jew ownership of Congress, media, Hollywood, giveways to israel, ruinous wars on Iraq, Libya, Russia – cui bono, stuff that matters today?

        i may be a “vulgar simpleton” but where does that leave you? you have the intelligence of a waffling moron. ok, so why do you praise the white house clown so much since he does none of the things you say are “demanding investigation”?

        has he launched an investigation (in your own words) “of Mossad in 9/11, of Lavon Affair, of USS liberty, of wholesale Jew ownership of Congress, media, Hollywood, giveways to israel, ruinous wars on Iraq, Libya, Russia…”

        no, he hasn’t! and this is the clown you think the sun shines out of his ass. more fool you.

      3. why do you praise the white house clown so much since he does none of the things you say are “demanding investigation”?

        because he’s been demanding investigation (he cannot run an investigation on his own, he must request it from AG and FBI) of clinton emails and of clinton-lynch tarmac meeting, much more accessible requests.
        And what response did he get from Sessions and Pompeo? ZILCH.
        meanwhile Mueller’s Russiagate charade grinds on forever on totally empty tank, not a scintilla of evidence but that’s okay – US president is the “world’s most powerful person” LOL, so long as he brownnoses jew all day long.

        so what response would he get if he demanded reopening of 9/11?
        instant congressional impeachment proceedings, as if he wasn’t already in enough trouble.

        ever heard of a concept called reality?

        let’s see if you can write one post that doesn’t hinge on the word ASS, feel free to ask for outside help.

      4. ever heard of a concept called reality?

        yes I have, but you clearly haven’t. because if the white house clown is too damned weak to take the necessary steps to do all the noble things you would like to see him do, there’s no need to praise such a gutless weakling, is there? true realists praise success, but out-of-touch trump worshippers like you can only praise failure.

        besides, i don’t believe you when you say trump has made every effort to launch investigations into all the things you say need investigating. let’s assume you are telling the truth and not basing your “knowledge” on disinfo from crap conspiracy theory sites (which I think you are), what does this prove? that the WH clown’s a good guy with noble intentions? nope, it doesn’t prove that at all. for two reasons:

        (1). trump knows in advance that his “pro forma” requests for an investigation into 9/11 etc. are going to be turned down flat, but he makes those requests any way to con gullible people like you and mark glenn into thinking he’s a great guy struggling again really powerful jews and neocons who won’t let him do a darn thing he promised.

        (2). you also forget that he APPOINTED the same jews and neocons who are thwarting him from doing all the right things. that’s deliberate. why appoint jews to high office if you hate the bastards? only in your mark glenn dream world. I guess he hates his grandchildren for being jews, right?

      5. Well said, Mario. Don’t even bother to argue with this guy.
        For what it’s worth, you won that round.

      6. i’ve been thru these arguments and explanations so many times that i get sick of repeating myself to every new reader and poster.
        you don’t go after a bear or buffalo with a peashooter but you do stand a chance against a groundhog, that’s as simple as it gets.
        trump does what he can and to aim for more at this point is just suicidal, so he doesn’t bother, not until he shores up his position.

        your two points are unrealistic for the following reasons:
        1) no, by insisting on investigating very recent (less than 12 months) serious misconduct of his direct enemies and there’s LOTS of them and very powerful, much more powerful than he, he threatens them directly and forces them into making deals, his forte.
        Clinton crime syndicate doesn’t care about 9/11 because they weren’t immediate part of it, nor was the Obama’s bolshevik tribal negroes. Plus, such an investigation would take at least a year just to set up, if it was done properly, lots of time to deepsix trump. Ditto for uss liberty, for jfk murder, for all the events that 90% of americans barely heard of.
        By asking pointed questions about lynch-clinton airport powwow, not only does he threaten Obama and forces him on back foot but it also shines the light on other roaches like Comey and Mueller.
        2) without jews’ early approval, he never would have got the foot in the door.
        Ever heard of the roman emperor claudius, one of the greatest and the best in all their 1,500 yr history (counting byzantium)?
        He survived by playing a cripple, physically and mentally until it was his turn at the throne, everyone thought him an idiot but he ate their lunch in the end.
        this is Trump, in my best assessment.
        there are tricky parts to navigate in EVERY theory out there, so i look for the one with the greatest plausibility, where every single thing can be explained one way or another, without jumping the shark – this is one thing i won’t do.
        Trump had an extremely limited range of choices for his staff and cabinet, congress would have lynched all the good ones at the hearings stage, so he took in the best of the bad lot, simple as that, probably lots of horse trading going on in order to get in tillerson and betsy van vos, all kinds of jews had to get in in exchange.
        His daughter Ivanka is a strange one, the guy she picked is more of a girl than her and totally harmless for a jew, i think she handles him like a poodle.
        It was that, more than anything, that allowed him to slide through so far.
        Moreover, being a hell of a lot brighter than all you think, he most likely studied jews carefully and has infiltrated their high circles, learning a lot along the way, how they think, plan and act – i call it reverse Kabbalah, so he can on occasion snow them real good.
        Otherwise you’d be saying “Madam president” right now, with hot skirmishes with russians and China building up real fast.

        So, if you think my theory is wobbly with too many ifs, consider the questions i have.
        Look at what he has done, not only in terms of direct benefits to the US society but in damage to jew’s plans.
        The highest employment of the 21st century, he is clearly not just aiming for more but also better quality jobs.
        many supranational trade agreements, that bypass the will and welfare of the people, lethal to the US economy, trashed.
        Raising taxes for the rich.
        For all the talk of wars, every day we hear how the sky is falling, attack syria, attack china, attack north korea, attack iran, it’s all gonna happen in one hour … and what? Nothing.

        Syria is the first major victory against The Protocols (yinon, Pnac, Clean Break, “takedown of 7 nations in 5 years”, etc, all the offshoots and refinements of the Protocols) EVER – in the entire history, Jew never missed his aim – until now.
        yes, Putin is mostly to thank but had it been hillary, it would have been a major carnage against russians with israel making sure both sides bleed real good.
        I don’t care what you say but there is absolutely NO WAY of explaining this wonder by way of “Trump, Zionist puppet”, no amount of whatever koolaid anti-trumpists drink changes that,
        An every time, the trump-tillerson-Mattis crew manages to avoid firefights despite all the hot air rethoric.
        No way, this is precisely why Jew is going apeshit all over the place, all his plans of messianic triumph mothballed while he now fights street battles to get trump out.
        If he does succeed, watch what happens next, watch what happens with trump out of the way.
        You will miss him -badly.

        ok, in 2 weeks i will have to explain all this to another newcomer that freaks out on me.

      7. @ lobro

        thank you for trying to explain all this to me. i really appreciate the effort you took and i would like to apologize to you for throwing a little tantrum. you have made several good points which make me think that i need to think again carefully.
        i commend you for your patience.

      8. Lobro –
        About Trump:

        He has his own truth… He got that from me..!! 🙂

      9. @ nikolai

        For what it’s worth, you won that round.

        i don’t think so, nikolai. he won. and he deserved to.

      10. @Lobro – “Mark Glenn has pointed out the problem with Charlottesville: barking up the wrong tree.” Has anyone pointed out the problem with Mark Glenn to you?

        Ariadna, DanteArdenz and myself were all regulars on Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth. Ariadna is from Europe, I believe Dante is also and I was born to Europeans. Mark Glenn is an Arab and all of us support Palestinian and Arab rights and all of us are critical of the Jew. The Ugly Truth was plastered with articles mocking the Jews stories about the holocaust, the Jews soap and lampshades tales and so on, but this mocking of the Jew is only intended to advance Mark Glenn’s peoples (Arabs) interests.

        Ariadna, Dante and myself all support the right of European nations to maintain their ethnicity, race and culture and Mark Glenn does not. I was a regular commenter, Dante did popular podcasts and Ariadna regularly posted columns on TUT and Mark Glenn and some of his supporters are completely against the right of European nations to maintain their ethnicities and he could not care less about those that argue against the holocaust lies. He basically says debating the holocaust is a waste of time. It’s their time to waste and Germans might put a different priority on the “holocaust” than Arabs. I know Glenn does not consider arguing for Palestinian rights a waste of time.

        Ariadna, Dante and myself all left TUT when Glenn and his allies attacked us for defending Europe’s right to prevent their destruction thru mass immigration of Arabs and Africans.

        The Daily Stormer had an excellent article that I was reading the other day on Mark Glenn but the website is not currently available.

        Also, “white nationalist” is not a term that people apply to Europeans. There is an acknowledgment that the indigenous peoples of European countries are white and Europe has always been made up of white races/ethnicities. A “white nationalist” is someone that wants to live in a white, or mostly white country with few exceptions. The term applies to Americans like Kevin MacDonald and Greg Johnson (both are PHD’s) and both are excellent spokesmen for white nationalism. And both, like David Duke, say they are not “white supremacists”. They don’t want to rule over anyone else but they want to live in a white country with a white culture, the way the US used to be before 1965.

        Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer. It has the best articles analyzing Jews and giving anyone interested a true picture of their history and behavior. It’s the most interesting website I have ever seen.

        Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents. I think it’s more geared towards the intellectual. A fantastic website that also likes exploding myths.

        Greg Johnson, Roaming Millennial (a young Asian lady), ThatGuyT (a black guy) and Millennial Woes discussing white nationalism and other issues. Enjoyable.

      11. Mario,
        no sweat, i only got a little bit mad because … because of my nature, i try to be as equanimous as Pat but end up on the hot and sensitive side of him.

        but let me talk about something a bit off-side, yet important to keep in mind because the big picture helps understand the in-depth details.

        note that russia’s military budget of less than $60 billion is about one tenth of the US, yet look at their field effectiveness.
        So what is going on.
        This: Russia’s military ambitions are limited and highly focused, by no means global.
        The first job is to make sure they can defend their own land and cannot be reasonably threatened by outsiders – they clearly achieved this.
        Next, the ability to strike quickly and intelligently, set up a strictly defined operation and get out, mayb leaving besides a skeleton crew to monitor the outcome, as in Syria.

        What about the US?
        They are an “Empire” (LOL), well, not really, they are a rabbinical golem designed for one reason only: to bring about Jew’s kingdom over humanity.
        It has never been anything but that, a giant slave plantation where slaves think they run the world, when in reality they must beg for every washroom break without realizing it.
        Americans are happy to think of themselves as being Jew-lite but this is wishful thinking, I don’t need to berate this point, many top Jews have bragged about it publicly, in Knesset, Hollywood, everywhere.
        So, in order to conquer and run the world, the military must budget for having to project massive, intimidating power to every corner of the globe simultaneously, dozens of far flung countries, crushing the brownies with Shekinah (Shock-and-awe), all the most evil mass murdering weapons ever imagined, from Dresden onwards, in order to bring Deuteronomy to the shocked and awed goyums and grind them into unthinking obedience.
        And this takes big bucks, so the Americans must put the nose to the grindstone and support the project Lucifer, with sweat and blood of their brothers, sons, neighbors going out to lend a hand in the global genocide of their goy brethren.
        And jew must keep the charade up, the state of mental debility and incomprehension, which is why Americans cannot remember where is Mexico relative to Canada, an illiterate Bangladeshi’s geographical comprehension 100x better.
        This is why Americans and to a large extent NATO countries MUST hate Muslims and other 3rd worlders, so when they are whipped into a killing frenzy over in Iraq or Libya, they don’t feel bad about it.
        This is the daily butcher’s bill of Jew induced and manufactured hate, ignorance and lunacy that fuels his plans.

        And this is remarkably missing in the russian judenfrei federation of caucasians and other goyim.
        I never tire of pointing out that at the turn of the 20th century, there were 7 million jews in russia and a negligible number in North America and a hundred years later, it was the exact reverse, now about 200,000 in russia – if.
        This bears thinking about, what is going on.

        Well, this, according to my current view.
        khazars, huns, mongols, the steppe robbers and marauders would ride along to suddenly overwhelm some unsuspecting community, kill, rape and pillage and make off with the loot, on to the next victimized settlement.
        And they a spare herd of horses, so that when one tired, they swapped it for another and kept moving without a break.
        This is what Jews did by swapping Russia, after destroying it, for the infantile USA.

        ——–Next comes something that puzzles me to no end——–
        Well, now the time approaches where they should be able to grab the whole world by the throat using this over-weaponized, brain dead rambo and had the grand success of overthrow of the Soviet union worked as planned, i.e., jew oligarch agents for Rothschild taking it over as a branch plant of the US model, it would truly have been the game over for the world.
        And … at the coronation moment, jew stumbles and collapses like the chain of valets crashing down the castle staircase.
        this last paragraph is what I am really driving at.
        Something went badly wrong at the last moment, almost like some sort of miraculous Fatima intervention.
        it just seems to unlikely to be accidental.
        (in fact, the moment of the big triumph should have happened much earlier, according to The Protocols but Stalin threw a monkey wrench into that, so the next big push would have been 60 years later in 1990 and again, the failure was even more remarkable – always that damn Russia sticks out the foot to trip them up)
        And now, trump, when they are desperate to throw the kitchen sink at russia and get it over with.
        I understand their pain – and am enjoying it quite a bit.

        but there is still quite a bit of work left to do to dismantle the Project Lucifer.
        If they succeed in getting rid of Trump – this is where the bouncing ball is at now – things will heat up mighty fast.

        1. @ Lobro

          Allow me to plant a nunnish kiss of peace on your forehead, dear Lobro, for this stunningly original comment. The best I have read from you in a long time. You have presented here an astute overview of history spanning over a century, from the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and even earlier. Keep up the good work! I have forwarded your comment to LD with a special request that she give it her special attention.

      12. Mario,
        nothing to it, being understood is gratification enough for me.

        the space of facts and ideas is like land, mostly unforested and unexplored, some of it arable, of which some is ignored, some fallow and some cultivated.
        Well, I like to work my own little plot, the labor its own reward and the produce freely available to all.

        I don’t believe in intellectual property, another of Jew’s diabolical inventions.

        Imagine if Jesus had had that attitude.

      13. @Peter
        “Ariadna, Dante and myself all left TUT when Glenn and his allies attacked us for defending Europe’s right to prevent their destruction thru mass immigration of Arabs and Africans.”
        You all did right, how dare he disagree with you. I can’t imagine any of you ever attacking someone for having a different opinion! Long live the flounce 😉

      14. by all means, Sister Monica, so long as the numerous errors of spelling, typos and dyslexic byproducts are cleaned up, e.g., “besides” to be replaced by “behind”, etc.

        i reread it and am a bit embarrassed by it, unacceptable like farting at Mass.

      15. @ Jimbo

        With all due respect, Jimbo, I don’t think it’s right for you to dismiss the views of Peter, Ariadna and Dante Ardenz so mockingly as a “flounce”. They didn’t “flounce” off the Ugly Truth site just because they were an intolerant bunch of “flouncers” who were unable to allow Mark Glenn to have a valid opinion of his own.

        They left the Ugly Truth site because the penny finally dropped that Mark Glenn’s views on mass immigration and multiculturalism left him beyond the pale as far as they were concerned.

        As committed White Nationalists, they were against the invasion of our White homelands by the refuse of the Third World. Almost without exception, these invaders are Muslims. The sex gangs in Britain grooming and raping white girls have all been Muslims from Pakistan, Bangla Desh and India. The rape gangs in Europe have also been predominantly Muslims: men from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa and elsewhere.

        Mark Glenn has a soft spot for Muslims, since his own ancestry (Lebanese) is definitely Arab, and he thinks anyone who is against the immigration of Muslims is a “racist”. The word “Muslim” is a taboo word for Mark Glenn if used in the slightest derogatory way. You mustn’t say “Muslim invaders” or “Muslim rapists” in his presence or he will get very angry!

        Peter, Ariadna and Dante Ardenz made a principled stand in departing from the Ugly Truth site. They had no alternative. This is because Mark Glenn doesn’t give a damn for White genocide and has always been scornful of White Nationalists, including the work of Kevin MacDonald. Glenn is all for multiculturalism and mass immigration and sees no harm in Muslims flooding into our white countries.

        Mark Glenn is on the same page as the rest of us in regard to Jews. He is 100% against Israel and 100% for the Palestinians. But this is not enough! Because Mark Glenn fails to acknowledge that there is a serious problem with the mass immigration of Muslims into our white homelands.

        It seems Mark Glenn is totally indifferent to White genocide. And the slightest word again the Muslim invasion of Europe is “racist” and “Islamophobic”. This is why Peter, Ariadna and Dante Ardenz left his website. They were fully justified in doing so.

        BTW, since the departure of Peter, Ariadna and Dante Ardenz from the Ugly Truth site, the site has gone down steeply in the Alexa ranking figures. Coincidence? Who knows…?

        — Jørn Kristian
        from Oslo

      16. @Jørn Kristian – Thank you. Isn’t it amazing how people (Mark Glenn and Jimbo) apparently don’t see the hypocrisy in their views, or perhaps do see the hypocrisy and are so hostile to Europeans it makes no difference. I think it’s due to indoctrination (Europeans owe the world for the evil they’ve done) and the fact Europeans are willingly destroying their own peoples/cultures over their supposed evilness.

        People will protest and organize for the rights of tiny places like Tibet for having their cultures destroyed by heavy Chinese immigration and they’ll argue for the rights of Palestinians, but they’ll mock the idea that European countries have that same right, a right to retain their people and culture. It is a definitive hostility and bias against Europeans / whites and these same people would repel even those that support them (Ariadna and I are both outspoken defenders of Palestinian and Arab rights online), despite the fact the Arabs could use all the help they can get. Perhaps the name “Jimbo” is a giveaway. A hick name with a hick intellect. If someone (an Arab or anyone else) expresses the desire that my people are destroyed, they should not expect my support of their rights to continue for long.

    3. gil,

      what makes someone a “hillbilly mongrel”

      is inability to think for themselves, they need an agent of a hostile power to do their thinking and guide them to the knacker’s yard.
      In my last 2 posts, i indicated these “hillbilly mongrels”, okay, a shorthand for a certain type of unwanted ally because i know they would do more collateral damage than a clutch of enemies, clearly enough.
      But i do suggest that you do your own thinking, the first step to meaningful resistance – better to think thru 2 steps on your own than jump ahead 10 on someone else’s urging.

      As for my waffling™, provide some examples please, my memory fails.
      because, as far as i can recall, i:
      ● supported trump from the day one of gop primaries,
      ● always insisted that the JOB 1 is war against Judea (and its sold out goy minions), no sidetracking and wasting time against muslims, blacks, muds, masons, rosicrucians, russians, queers, all the phony targets flashed by JEW,
      ● always looked to make common cause with ANY and all of jew’s enemies and refused to stumble into his divide+conquer pitfalls,

      and yes, i will gladly accept the hillbilly mongrels into my cadres provided they undergo a solid reeducational session to flush all the imbecilic junk cluttering their fat heads (muslims, catholics, blacks, rainbow mutants) and accept the reality of the one and only – the only one – ancient enemy of the humans and the Christ.
      Ask Christ, gil and he will tell you that lobro is right, he does not waffle – in fact, this is my post #3,830 saying the same thing.

      in fact, what right do we have to call Jews human?
      Let’s see how wrong this assumption is:
      ● we, all of us here consider ourselves human,
      ● Jew insists that he is fundamentally different, divinely chosen as the only true human and we are merely the cattle to be raised for his consumption,
      ● Jew serves Satan in word, spirit and deed, burrowing ceaselessly to undermine and obliterate our existence, as per dictates of torah, talmud, zohar, mishnah, kabbalah, never deviating an iota from that aim,
      he has on many occasions declared himself NOT white, in fact is working to destroy the white race as his single greatest threat, white race, culture and the religion of Christ – so what is he? Human? On what basis, given the above, unless we willingly cede the title of humanity to him and accept that we are mere beasts.

      1. @Lobro
        After reading your recent comments I came across this Lionel Nation guy, are you familiar with him? He makes many similar points to yourself. His style is not to everyone’s taste but it’s interesting and worth a listen. I’m not sure if he’s a j or not, though he does sound and look like one but that could just be an osmosis thing with living in Brooklyn NY.
        Anyway he don’t rate the Charlottesville debacle as anything more than a Soros inspired panto, with no relevance to ‘Nazi’s’ or ‘Hitler’ etc.
        I think you and he make good points, though that’s not to say you endorse LN.
        Here’s the two videos I watched in completion, long but Ok;
        ‘Charlottesville: Soros Antifa Thugs Defile History by Comparing ‘Unite the Right’ to Hitler’
        ‘Assessing Charlottesville Culpability: Who’s Responsible, Who’s to Blame, Who Allowed It to Happen?’

      2. Lobro –

        I get your point. I suppose my idea of “waffling” comes from your seeming indecision about who you want in your foxhole… (For myself, the “hillbillys” are welcome!) We need all the help we can get, and there’s no use in alienating anyone willing to fight! 🙂

      3. jimbo,
        i pushed on as far as i could with lionel nation in that hitler-comparison video and reached 20 minutes out of 36, threw in the towel.
        There is still a lot of jew in him, he needs to do a lot of pruning and shearing, get himself descaled like a fish before he is streamlined enough for clear thinking.

        right now, he is spending more energy thrashing laterally to make good progress, almost as if trying to convince himself, despite nagging worm of doubt, that hitler is really that bad, such an incomparable racist, aryan supremacist, horrible painter pissed on by jew critics …

      4. @Lobro
        “There is still a lot of jew in him, he needs to do a lot of pruning and shearing, get himself descaled like a fish before he is streamlined enough for clear thinking.”
        Yes I agree. Thanks for taking the time to view and reply, appreciated.

  2. put attention on fake white racism … so there is no attention on real jewish racial and religious supremacism

  3. Breitbart is a fervent fan and lover of all things Israel, so naturally they’d be a virulent entity, just like their Kosher buddies in ‘Stolenland.’

    It wasn’t the Unite Right people who were throwing cement-filled soda cans at marchers and using tear gas on the same, it was the Soros color revolutionaries of Antifa that started the violence, while the 1,000 cops and troops stood around, doing nothing, because they had been ordered to ‘Stand Down.’

    With all the cell phones and the increasing number of Americans who realize that 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag, with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA, we can probably scratch another of those kind of attacks, to be replaced by the Kosher puppet masters engineering riots all over the USA.

  4. Violence will not help the cause of the young white males who are ignored and rejected by the PC establishment.

    It now seems that there are so many “Victim” groups that they outnumber young unemployed white males by 10 to 1. Everybody except white heterosexual males can now claim victimhood, even women.

    I am not condoning the young man who drove his car into the crowd, killing a young woman. That was tragic. I took care look at all the white males’ posters. There was not one I could see that claimed racial superiority.

    Politicians should get real about “Diversity”. It may work with some people in some places, but the local populations are never asked do they want to see their race and culture overwhelmed? and they deserve and have a right to be listened to. If they are not then expect really big trouble.

    Our leaders have no right to stir up race wars on the basis that they see themselves as morally right. What matters is what is accepted by the people and it is obvious now that our politically correct leaders do not understand this.

    1. Keep an eye on Europe where the EU leadership is off-the-scale politically correct. They sneer at ordinary people and label any anti-immigration views as fascist. The countries of southern Europe are being overun by Africans, and the EU insists on giving them refugee status.

      The Greek, Italian and Spanish people are never asked what they think. They will eventually be heard, one way or another.

      1. There are White Americans who are very disappointed with the way things are going in the country. They want to see some patriotic, common-sense policies for the United States. They are NOT racists. When White Americans want to gather and have a political rally, the Deep State sends in its undercover operatives to distort and undermine White Americans. The Deep State sends in its Nazi-KKK clowns to cause trouble and then the mainstream media reports it as if the Nazis-KKK Whites represent White Americans.

        The Deep State also sends in its Antifa/Black/Anarchist/Leftist/Communist goons to start the violence, of course the mainstream media doesn’t report all the violence against White Americans. It’s the Deep State’s undercover operatives who are committing all the violence. The Deep State’s play-pretend Nazis-KKK types on one side — supposedly on the side of White Americans but NOT really ; Their job is to make White Americans look like rabid virulent very violent hate filled racists, and on the other side of the divide the Deep State sends in its Leftist-Communist goons who pretend they are all about Peace Love and Understanding and Tolerance and Harmony between the Races. The mainstream media never reports on all the violence the Deep State’s Leftists commit. And of course the mainstream media will never even admit a Deep State exists.

        It’s an important aspect for the New World Order that White Americans NOT be allowed a voice in government or anywhere in the public square. The Deep State which is all about the New World Order will do everything it can to keep White Americans from gathering together in political rallies or gathering together for any reason. I think that’s why the borders were opened-up and why the USA was opened-up to massive third world immigration in 1965.

      2. @TROJ

        There are White Americans who are very disappointed with the way things are going in the country. They want to see some patriotic, common-sense policies for the United States. They are NOT racists. When White Americans want to gather and have a political rally, the Deep State sends in its undercover operatives to distort and undermine White Americans. The Deep State sends in its Nazi-KKK clowns to cause trouble and then the mainstream media reports it as if the Nazis-KKK Whites represent White Americans.

        I hear some racist undertones here, Joe. Why “White Americans”? Why not just speak of Americans – all Americans, white, yellow, black, and red? Why “White Americans want to gather and have a political rally”? Why not just Americans – all Americans, white, yellow, black, and red – gathering and having a political rally about things they are not happy about with the rulers of the country.

        You do not consider Arabs, Hindus, Black Negros, Yellow Chinese and Redskin Indians as equals to White Americans, do you? Don’t lie to me, Joe. Just look deep down, and answer me straight.

        Here is the punch line. The White Americans at the top do not care about you, Joe, and millions and millions of other less fortunate white brothers. They do not consider you as an equal, Joe, just like the Brahmins do not consider millions and millions of their countrymen as equals. The rich bloodsuckers are racists towards you, Joe, just like you are a racist towards blacks, yellows and reds of the world.

        America is a racist country, and always was – since the day one. That’s the problem. And as such it should be, and will be, destroyed. Not by Russia, not by the Jews – America will destruct itself. It will be destroyed by the laws of Nature, if you wish.

      3. Circassian –

        Yep. I noticed that all the portraits of our Founding Fathers represent your Hindus, nigras, jews, and Muzzies – NOT.

      4. @John Kirby,
        The key for me is if childless Ma Merkel gets re-elected this fall. It’s been pointed out that Merkel, Macron, and Theresa May do not have any children. So do they really care about the future of their countries with the same intensity that leaders with children would? In any case, if Merkel wins again it’s game over for Germany, and all of Western Europe.

      5. Gil

        Granted, and yet I don’t see any portraits of Red men like Hiawatha, Deganawidah, etc.

        The intellectual legacy of the white European founders ensured an incomplete grasp of understanding freedom, otherwise they wouldn’t have put it’s principles in document form. This in turn ensured that the language contained in what would become the U.S. Constitution could be twisted in order to maintain the illusory perception that Man through his USE of language can truly emulate the TRUTH stating that individual Man is created in a free state which PRECLUDES human language as its only abiding tool

        The great misfortune was that the true founders SHOULD have come from among those who would have set up the European settlers very well indeed – the wise elders of the Great Iroquoian League.

    2. John –

      “I took care look at all the white males’ posters. There was not one I could see that claimed racial superiority.”

      There were numerous Confederate flags…. and KKK signs and outfits…. etc.

      I have always known that those types of pennants and outfits stood for white supremacy. It did for me and my family and friends and other families. We knew that… and claimed that. Most will not admit it today. Too afraid of losing their jobs… etc.

      And David Duke was there. That was a “YUGE” sign, itself..!!

      He founded the NAAWP – National Assn for Advancement of White People – a white supremacy organization. I support him. All white people should.

      Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke appeared at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., prior to Saturday’s violent clashes, saying that the event represented fulfilling the promises of President Trump.

      “This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We are determined to take our country back, we’re going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump, and that’s what we believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back and that’s what we gotta do,” Duke said.

      Yes, I am a racist. Everyone should be..!!

      White men should marry white women.

      Stop miscegenation.. a Pharisee-Jew plan for us..!!

      1. Pat
        It is good of you to recognize that being a racist is normal and healthy. However, it would be nice if you got some of your “information” correct.
        Confederate flags are not about racism, they are about what the Confederate States stood for – States’ rights.
        The original KKK which, in the re-construction era, lynched criminals – both black and white was disbanded. The usurpers bear no resemblance to the KKK of even 50 years ago.
        David Duke was not a “leader” of the Ku Klux Klan, he was one of its official spokesmen, i.e. media/public relations. The National Assn for Advancement of White People is not a white supremacy organization. It is an organization promoting Whites. Duke, since leaving the KKK, has never promoted anything other than “love your race”. He has, however, been highly critical of the role Jewish organizations have played in creating divisions between Blacks and Whites. “White supremacist” is a pejorative term, like “Holocaust™ denier” to shut down debate. The majority of those claiming to be “White nationalists” want racial separation. Supremacy has nothing to do with it.

      2. Curmudgeon –

        Thanks for the reply…

        I got all that history laid on heavy in grade school in the 40s and 50s in Arkansas.

        I wrote what “WE” knew it was…. separation and supremacy….
        …… not what is written for the dumbed-down kids..!! 🙂

        I also know the root design is the ‘Cross of St Andrews’… of Scotland… which very few know.

        It stood for the ‘separate’ and ‘supreme’ Confederacy… and has never been a symbol of individual states’ rights… unless you want it to be. Your choice.

        Everybody has their own truth. I have mine.. 🙂

      3. Flag ‘truth’ …. 🙂

        The Confederate ‘battle flag’ features the cross of St. Andrew (the apostle was martyred by being crucified on an X-shaped cross), and is commonly called the “Southern Cross.”

        A large degree of the Southern population was of Scottish and Scotch-Irish ancestry, and thus familiar with St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. The stars represented the eleven states actually in the Confederacy, plus Kentucky and Missouri.

        The Army of Northern Virginia was the first to design a flag with the cross of St. Andrew, and Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard proposed adopting a version of it as the standard battle flag of the Confederate army. One of its virtues was that, unlike the Stars and Bars, the Southern Cross was next to impossible to confuse with the Stars and Stripes in battle.

        The Confederate battle flag eventually developed wide acceptance throughout the Confederacy, but it was by no means the only battle flag. The Stars and Bars continued to be used, and after it was replaced with a new national flag, that flag the “Stainless Banner”also appeared on the battlefield. In addition, some states used their own flags in combat.

        The Confederate battle flag, called the “Southern Cross” or the cross of St. Andrew, has been described variously as a proud emblem of Southern heritage. In the past, several Southern states flew the Confederate battle flag along with the U.S. and state flags over their statehouses.

      4. I would just add this in reference to White Supremacy. WHITE SUPREMACY isn’t just a slogan, it’s reality. Here’s the thing.

        Today’s negative meaning attached to the term, “White supremacy”, is a creation of the real racial supremacists, the jews, as it is taught in their Talmud with the purpose of generating hatred for Whites from the other races and enlist these nonwhites as allies in their age old war against the White race. While Whites have no desire to rule over other races, jews seek to subjugate all non-jews and rule over them like an effendi. To wit:

        “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [Turkish bossman] and eat.” That is why gentiles were created.”– “With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.” — Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a former Chief Rabbi of Israel

        The term, “White Supremacy” wasn’t always a negative term. The definition has been altered to accomodate the antiwhite climate jews have created and to promote hatred for Whites. Over recent decades, the term, ‘White Supremacy’ has been twisted to mean that Whites seek to rule over other races. Of course, that’s obviously a lie, as anyone can see, Whites seek only freedom and a safe homeland for their families.

        When the term, White Supremacy, was originally created, it merely referred to the supremacy of White values, which were based on both moral, and Christian values — the rule of law, loyalty to Race and Nation, respect for authority and elders, keeping to your word, honor, monogamy, marriage between men and woman, such things as supporting the US Constitution, free speech for all, ensuring the constitutionally protected right to bear arms and that a high moral standard is kept in order to inspire the other races to follow.

        In addition, as racially aware White supremacists, we understand there is no equality; we are anti-feminist, anti-immigration and we hold traditional views on sex. We believe homosexuals and trans-sexuals should be treated as mentally ill or criminal. We believe in racial separation. We believe that both Christian and traditional European values should be taught in school. We believe that an economy should serve the people’s interests before the interests of multinational corporations and third-world countries.Those who attempt to smear White supremacy obviously do not hold these values. These values are what the true definition of White Supremacy is, and plainly, nonwhite races find these high moral values which are common among White men, repugnant to them. But, of course, White supremacy is not about the subjugation of other races as the prime instigators of racial animosity would have you believe. If we want to find a race that is interested in, and in fact is, and has been, openly manipulating and subjugating all other races, we LOOK TO THE JEWS!

      5. Dicarlo

        “…it merely referred to the supremacy of white values…”

        Good of you to put the word “supreme” in a proper perspective. Add to it the supremacy of red, black, brown, yellow, red/white ( that would be moi, (:>) ), etc. values, all emblematic of their respective worth in and of themselves.

      6. Dicarlo –

        Bravo..!! I agree….

        And the powers in the courts have changed the laws and penalties to protect the minority criminals.


        Rape brought the DEATH PENALTY before 1977. That was changed by SCOTUS assholes.

        Rape has increased many times over since then.

        “Rape is without doubt deserving of serious punishment; but in terms of moral depravity and of the injury to the person and to the public, it does not compare with murder,” wrote Supreme Court Justice Byron White in his 1977 Coker v. Georgia majority opinion. “Life is over for the victim of the murderer; for the rape victim, life may not be nearly so happy as it was, but it is not over and normally is not beyond repair. We have the abiding conviction that the death penalty, which ‘is unique in its severity and irrevocability’…is an excessive penalty for the rapist.”

  5. What about these terrorists, that the MSM ignored? The Jewish terrorist outfit JDL that went around at the March AIPAC meeting in DC, beating up on protesters of Israel’s apartheid policies? Israel and her rabid followers get away with murder–ask the Liberty crew– and are lauded & rewarded by politicians but when Americans try to point out we’re living under Israeli occupation, we’re branded as anti-Semites.


    TherealoriginalJoe is right. The KKK was founded by Albert Pike a Jew and a Masonic leader. They always did what their Jewish leaders wanted. And the neo nazis groups always do as if they were actors at “American Story X” movie. They all were framed at Charlottesville. It was a trap from the very beginning, including the people from Soros to appear as victims. In fact from all this protesters from both sides, very few were in fact from Charlottesville. And the mad boy with the car, he was the cherry on the pie. Now all the white people opposed to this Jewish system is discredited. If they really wanted to take care of the General Robert R. Lee statue they didn’t need to do all this game, dressed in black with swastikas, playing the bad guys. They should keep in guard around the monument, looking as the citizens they are.

  7. I would bet that if you asked the average white American where their sympathies lie it would be with the young-and-sneered-at men in those streets. Same in Britain. The recent tower block fire has seen asylum-seekers mounting lawsuits against the city council that provided for them.

    The liberal-left-Guardian/CNN/BBC crowd are not for the ordinary people.

  8. To understand what is taking place in America read the PROTOCOLS OF ZION and THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN and George Orwells 1984.

    1. and the fake chopper in the fake crash in the fake kill

      Hello Boston marathon, Sandy Hook, your “mass shooting” of choice, etc. etc. ad nauseum

  9. Trump is a HYPOCRITE and a Buffoon.. He thrives on division, chaos, confusion and promoting fear..!! He is a distraction, himself. He likes showing off…. and firing people… and filing bankruptcies and divorces. He breaks promises… “BIGG:Y”..!!

    “Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,” the president said at the White House.

    The Buffoon showed his hypocrisy, if you review the case with the Central Park Five, who were forced to confess.

    The confessions were the only real evidence.

    Trump spent $85,000 placing full-page ads in the four daily papers in New York City, calling for the return of the death penalty, in 1989, after five black and Latino teenagers from Harlem were accused of assaulting and raping a white woman in Central Park.

    “Muggers and murderers,” he wrote, “should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.” Though he didn’t refer to the teenagers by name, it was clear to anyone in the city that he was referring to them.

    DNA testing, a nascent technology in 1989, was used to compare a single sample found on the victim with the profiles of not only the Central Park Five, but also of many of the other kids they had been with in the park. There were no matches. The victim, when she awoke from a coma, had no memory of the attack.

    “They admitted they were guilty,” he said in a statement to CNN this month. “The police doing the original investigation say they were guilty. The fact that that case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous.”


    So, NOW…. the Buffoon has labeled HIMSELF… EVIL..!! 🙂

    1. PAT said: Trump is a HYPOCRITE and a Buffoon.. He thrives on division, chaos, confusion and promoting fear..!! He is a distraction, himself. He likes showing off…. and firing people… and filing bankruptcies and divorces. He breaks promises… “BIGG:Y”..!!

      I couldn’t agree more. He’s a narcissist who somehow was able to amass a lot of money, so of course, to most indoctrinated ‘merkans, that’s really impressive. Meanwhile, instead of working on fulfilling his campaign promises, all we’ve seen is him flailing around for the past 6 months, unable to accomplish anything but he thinks he’s doing good when his approval ratings go up for threatening to nuke somebody. Any body that stupid is dangerous. I admit it. I was fooled. I wanted to believe. I voted for the asshole.

  10. The left goes viral

    Here are a few facts as I see them.

    (1) Trump is the Jew’s front man for WWIII. I wrote this six months before the election and events are now bearing out this prediction.

    (2) Jews intentionally put Trump into office, making it look like “the people” elected him by pitting him against the lowest form of political scum that ever slimed its way into Washington DC.

    (3) Despite all their moaning and kvetching, Jews did nothing about Trump other than whine and kvetch to a point where they worked up the “left’s” violent insanity. This violence is now going viral. Considering the fact Jews had a sitting president, JFK, murdered in 1963, it is impossible to believe all they could do about Trump prior to the 2016 election is whine and kvetch.

    (4) Through auspices of organization like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, Jews have called off the police in stopping the violence of the “left,” allowing matters to become more violently insane by the day. Given the “hands off” attitude by the legal authorities, members of the radical “left” are now pushing matters to their limits.

    (5) Jews have are putting more pressure on the so-called “alt-right” by having police step on their legal, constitutional right to protest while maintaining a “hands off” policy towards the left’s obvious violent criminal actions. This is creating increasing pressure on the so-called “alt-right,” the very people that elected Trump.

    (6) Knowing this is the case, the left is ramping up their violence, egged on by media Jews who remain in the shadows as usual.

    (7) Trump has now denounced many of his own supporters using the Jew media’s “hot button” terms, leaving them more disorganized by his lack of support.

    (8) True white opposition is rapidly being pushed to the point where only the following choices remain:
    (a) Fully submit to the Jew’s agenda.
    (b) Fight the Jews and their violent sycophants to the death or,
    (c) Die violently at the hands of a murderous “left” while trying to peacefully protest the hypocritical outrage to their opposition. None of these options bother Jews in the least.

    Should a civil war ensue, it will allow Jews to obliterate what remains of any real opposition to their agenda. Draconian legal measures will be called on to quell the uprising, providing Jews the needed reason for confiscating private firearms. This is the standard Jewish, no-win checkmate i.e. fight to the death or lay down and die. Either way, any opposition to the Jew’s agenda will most assuredly result in death. A Jewish wet-nightmare come true, it’z! Jews carried out this same form of terror with great success in their former Soviet Union, why would they not do it again in a collectivized America?

    Present events mirror the manner in which Jews orchestrated the “sixties revolution,” a “revolution” that brought America “civil rights,” “gun control” legislation, unrestricted immigration and “feminism” while tearing the country apart with its “left-wing” anti-war platform. Now the situation has been turned upside down. It will now be a new “coalition” of “left” and “right” pushing for war, with Iran in the lead for total destruction.

    The old “left” and “right” will morph into a new collective, a “coalition of the willing” led by so-called “conservatives” who have openly rejected the alleged “radical” ideas of the “extreme right.” These “conservative” “right-wingers,” are comprised of the same violent psychopaths the media labeled “neo-conservatives” of a few years ago. However, because they were primarily Jews, these “neo-cons” never had the “right wing” label applied to them, as Jews did not want the stupid masses to associate this carefully cultivated hot button term with them at that point. These are the same “neo-cons” that led America into a series of recent major wars in the Near East.

    Iran will be the culmination of Israel’s plan to take over the Near East. North Korea is simply a minor diversion so people will not pay attention to what Jews are doing in the Near East. However, the bluster over North Korea is effectively priming the idiot goyim masses for the idea of unrestricted warfare. The people being oppressed in these present confrontations are the people who will undoubtedly protest and fight the Jew’s insane plan to start WWIII. This is the attempt to remove the white “right” so there will be no opposition, only unified support for the coming war will remain.

    This is likely the Jew’s final push to destroy what remains of white American resistance. There will be no resistance from the masses of low IQ minorities. Coming events may well lead to civil war. Of course, given their control of the media, Jews control the minds of the gullible, ignorant masses. Therefore, they feel they will be able to favorably manipulate any situation that arises. Given the historical record, Jews have every reason to believe this.

    One thing is certain, Judaized American culture has been dumbed down to a point where the gullible goyim cannot think their way out of a paper bag. In turn, Jews capitalize on the mass confusion they created. Thus, the stupid goyim are ripe for the Jew’s next Purim/Holocaust festival slaughter.

    1. Here is a movie clip from a movie telegraphing the Jew’s present intent. Pay close attention at 1:10 and 1:31. Note also that the “left” has adopted the Guy Fawks mask from this movie as their emblem of mass insurrection against Trump, who is comparable to the thinly disguised Hitler figure in the movie named “Adam Sutler.” And what has Trump been labeled by the violent “left”? A Nadzee! The problem is Jew’s know us better then we know ourselves.

      1. Arch –

        Well done..!!

        You wrote:
        “The problem is Jew’s know us better then we know ourselves.”

        Correct. That’s because WE are in THEIR experiment… and it is NOT ours to control.

        We sign the contracts for THEIR experiments every day. And have for hundreds of years.!!

      2. Pat, Arch,
        “The Biological Jew” a small master work by Eustace Mullins, helps explain the relationship between some, not all, Jews and the non-Jew. The modus operandi of the Jew, (now remember not all who call themselves Jews) just like with most parasites found in nature, is to control the host that they feed upon. But even more then that, controlling the host is essential for the very existence of the parasite.
        No racial or ethnic group is immune to parasitism. The human baby, as with all mammals, are up to a certain maturity a kind of parasite on their mothers. Most people as they mature become independent from their mothers and grow out this natural parasitism.
        Is it possible that some groups of people somehow maintain their parasitic tendencies into adulthood through inbreeding and other cultural and environmental conditions?
        What is called controlling the host in nature can be called controlling the opposition as regards the Jew and non-Jew (host) relationship. The natural tendency of the host who becomes aware of the attached parasite is to shake off or rid themselves of the parasite. (An movie example of this is when Bogart climbs back into the boat he was pulling through the fevered African swamps with Hepburn in tow, and finds parasitic leaches attached to his body. Bogart’s reaction was perfectly natural, as was the reactions of the European nations in attempting to rid themselves of the parasitic Jews over the centuries. (As was the natural reaction of the German nation during NS Germany).
        As Greg Bacon has mentioned, Breitbart is a prime example of controlled opposition, as are many other internet sites and so-called pro-White groups. First they “sting” the host with their venom of propaganda through movies, TV and now 95% all means of communication that harkens back to their venomous Hollywood films demonizing the German people to ease America into that bit of WW1 bloodletting.
        Are there some groups out there that are 4 square pro-White? Of course, including Darkmoon, there are some. But be very discerning.
        The Jew, now again, some Jews, have perfected their parasitism as to get other groups (including some Whites) to do their dirty work, such as the current non-White invasion of the White world and the use of indigenous non-Whites living in the White homelands to help create guilt and helplessness to undermine many Whites to resist.
        Remember the Jew parasite hides behind the skirts of the normal everyday Jew to confuse and distract the host from their depredations.
        Remember the parasite does not and cannot play nice. The parasite does what it does for it’s very existence. White existence hangs in the balance over the next few years if the parasite is allowed to continue.
        If the White world with it’s wonderful gene pool, expects to have a future, as proven by the past, with it’s continuing potential of science, music, art, invention, love of nature and natures God, the whole nine yards, then the White race must have separation from the non-white and the Jew. Otherwise it will be lights out.
        The parasite will not stop till it’s stopped. The non-white invasion of the White World will continue till it’s stopped or it becomes to late and impossible to stop. Trump by his words and actions will not stop either one. Let’s face it, Trump is controlled opposition. Because so many have been fooled and tricked by the controlled opposition, the jury it out on whether the White race will survive, or has the will to survive what is coming down the pike save themselves and a future for their children. Only they can and no one else.
        (The driver of the car killing in Virginia by some reports was, is, a Hillary supporter. The car could have been taken over electronically, and out of the hands if the driver. Does Michael Hastings ring a bell?)

      3. @AS
        “the thinly disguised Hitler figure in the movie named “Adam Sutler.””
        I missed that one, cheers

    2. “…Iran will be the culmination of Israel’s plan to take over the Near East.”

      Or, say, “Iran will be instrumental in the plan to DESTROY Israel. Then, what takes over the Near East will come under the umbrella of that nefarious conglomeration of duplicity – the “United Nations”.

  11. I think the people at Renegade have it right regarding Charlottesville. They think alt-right leaders such as Spencer are “controlled opposition” and they deliberately led White American patriots into a trap. I personally think the whole purpose of the event was to obtain the emotionally powerful video of the car plowing into people. I think this was carefully planned. Evidence? Not much. Mostly intuition. But the car seems to have been reinforced for the impact. There was no radiator fluid running out as the car backed up, for instance. And there was quite an impact. What about the police helicopter that reportedly crashed? That is being given silent treatment. I personally suspect that someone other than Fields was driving the car and the helicopter followed him as he escaped from the scene and the helicopter with its video evidence was “eliminated” by a shoulder fired military missile designed to destroy helicopters. That’s my personal guess as to what happened. We are dealing with people who do not possess a normal relationship with the human conscience, in my opinion.

    1. @ Kendra Blewitt

      All very plausible. For sure, control requires controlling both sides of the equation. It appears that running over people with vehicles has become an indicator of an engineered false flag operation.

  12. The most interesting aspect of the article was noted by Dr. LD. Maybe Charlottesville, currently host of many out of towners, could start the “cleansing” process by following the lead of the Swiss resort hotel Apartmenthaus Paradies in Arosa, which has posted a sign asking it’s jewish guests to take a shower and remove soiled clothes before using the pool. (see “Swiss Hotel’s signs for spark row and Israeli complaint”.

    1. “Swiss Hotel’s signs for jews spark row and Israeli complaint” . I’m sure most readers probably guessed the sign wasn’t for aliens from outer space. Maybe I was trying to avoid “hate speech” (actually, I found it funny though no doubt quite necessary, but I’m glad I’m not a Swiss Hotelier, who have my respect and support).

      Durham, NC hoteliers take note as well.

      1. There is an expanded article on same at News-RT. The sanitary habits of some people these days is truly deplorable.

  13. The article is typical of fake news:
    – “far-Right hate groups unite” means anyone opposed to the globalist takeover is part of a hate group.
    – “mainly young men who believe white racial identity is under attack from multiculturalism” means that the belief is really recognition of fact, but “believe” is used to make it a tenet of faith.
    – “Mr Bannon denies he is a white supremacist” means when did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Bannon?
    – “However, the election of Mr Trump on an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, politically incorrect platform…” is the old media game of placing falsehoods in with a grain of truth to make a truth of the whole. Trump did run on a politically incorrect platform, but his opposition to immigration was illegal immigration (the wall was going to have a big beautiful door in it, so they can come back legally), and the opposition to Muslims was in the context of a temporary halt until US officials can figure out what the hell is going on.
    – “particularly in the South where many see its pro-slavery Confederacy past as a crucial part of their history.” means that the 400,000+ slaves in the North (Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Missouri) really didn’t exist at the time the war started.
    – “The alt-Right insists liberal phrases such as ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ effectively amount to the extinction of America’s white origins. Some, though not all, are also anti-Semitic and Holocaust deniers.” When all else fails, deny the obvious and throw in the Holocaust™.
    Curious there is no mention of the “Alt-Right” being attacked by the mindless “Antifa” globalists before the car arrived on the scene.

  14. A side notation
    @ Dr LD insert:
    In another article in the Daily Mail, the same author gives a different version, claiming that the Alt-Right supporters had chanted, “Jews will not replace us!” Which is in fact what they were chanting. In the subsequent article this was deliberately toned down and distorted to read, “YOU will not replace us!” The newspaper is clearly at pains to conceal the Jewish identity of the White Nationalists’ principal enemies…(end of quote).

    Hearing, via You Tube, the Alt-Righters chant, I would say that the words are:
    “Jew will not replace us!”
    (YT Unite the Right Torch lit March Towards Lee Park Through Charlottesville, VA
    the chant starts at about 0:18)

    What Jew ? Michael Signer, Mayor of Charlottesville.
    According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), May, 15, 2017, “Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer, who is Jewish, issued a statement published Saturday on Facebook criticizing the protesters, calling them ‘profoundly ignorant'”

  15. Enjoyed reading all the above. Noted lobros points. But it all still comes down to who is holding the purse. The Jews took control of the planets money in 1913 with the setting up of their private banking consortium, known as the Federal Reserve. They now use this Money Power to buy every known public and corporate business and or concern. They effectively own us and we are their pawns. We are crying out for a Great White leader to arrive who will, with the aid of millions of white people, call an end to the farce of the Fed. I repeat Jewish Power is the Money Power. Simply insisting on the Jewish Communist charade of affirmative action, equal opportunity employment, allied to proportional representation in the workforce would ensure that Jews only make up 2 % of the employees in a new central bank. Whites 61% , negros 12%, and so on.)

  16. I bet Hunter Wallace and Incogman [ and many other webmasters in the AltRight ] who encouraged their readers to go to the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville knew all along while they were encouraging their readers to go to Charlottesville that the Unite The Right rally was planned and orchestrated by the Deep State IN ADVANCE to specifically paint all White Americans and Trump also as the majority of White Americans voted for Trump as “Nazis” and “KKK’s” and “Virulently Racist and Violent” to use as device to get Trump impeached and to use as a device to silence White Americans from speaking up against Uncle Sam’s policies which are VERY ANTI-AMERICAN policies. Now White Americans will be labeled “Nazis” and “KKK’s” and “Virulently Racist and Violent” if White Americans speak up against Uncle Sam’s New World Order Globalist agenda.

  17. So what I am really saying is that Whites must realize they are under attack from the Jewish Communists come Money Power and work actively and in unison to defend their rights. As whites are still the majority in the USA and Australia, this becomes claerly a matter of organization and knowledge. Brave white leaders must emerge who will have nothing to do whatsoever with the Jewish controlled msm. As I have said before, grassroots channels must be utillsed, not the least of which is pamphleteering. If this is to be called a War of Independence, so be it. This is an equal rights movement for the White majority, who will control their own banks.

    PS PLEASE read the Pickering Post on how crazy things are in PC dominated Australia. Can you imagine an Australian Muslim politician elect refusing to swear on the Bible, as per the Oz constitution, and being allowed to swear on the Koran, at the same time the top Oz imam is demanding Australia become a Muslim caliphate?

    1. I have no doubt you are correct and that is why google removed it from Youtube. Love it (the chant).

    2. @ pio de martin

      Thank you for confirming what LD originally reported. She wasn’t quite sure what the chanters had chanted because the Daily Mail had gone out of is way to muddy the waters. First the Mail reported that the chanters had chanted: “JEWS will not replace us!” They then backtracked on this in a subsequent report for the paper (written by the same author!) which stated (falsely) that the chanters had chanted: “YOU will not replace us!”

      So here we have a major mainstream newspaper engaged in deliberately doctoring a quote.

  18. The Great White Leader must emerge in a peaceful context and use all the Jews’ psychological tricks in an inverse manner – in other words, play them at their own game. My eg with the Fed is what I am suggesting. (Ie proportional rep of the ethnic groups/races) We don’t need the sort of confrontation as suggested in a White Power placard! A leader that preaches equal rights and questions big time why Jewish persons are grossly over-represented in govt, finances, educn, media, etc.. It is simply wrong that Jews hold all the upper echelons of power in the Fed and that 80 or so Jewish dual citizens hold so many of the senior portfolios in Congress. And why can’ t the White majority start up their own mass media, with real current affairs and the production of movies like The Jewish Bolsheviks Rivers of Blood (Rabbi Chaim Potok) Imagine a movie on Leon Trotsky’s departure from New York and his subsequent contributory efforts to the murder of over 50000000 White Christians!

    1. yes maxy, we have powerful tools and weapons at disposal, all of them perfectly legit and bulletproof against the “hate-speech” laws.

      just insisting on a rough representational makeup of the chokepoints with respect to ethnicity and religion would severely undermine the jew power structure.

      these things can be challenged statistically, if within some governmental cluster, say, prosecutors, the likelihood of some group being over-represented (or absent) is very small, e.g., less than 1/1000, then alarm bells coded in some watchdog software would automatically go off requiring an audit.

      all this could be setup without any mention of any particular identity cluster, thus impervious to charges of bias.
      These are truly dangerous ideas, my friend.

  19. “Many were incensed by his missile strikes on Syria in retaliation for the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attacks on civilians”. No, they were incensed that racists like the author of the article (Tom Leonard) would create another lie (like when they claimed “Saddam” had WMD) to justify the murder of more Arabs. These leftist racists justify their racism and subservience to the Jews in the mainstream media they report to with lies about WMD, ridiculous stories about leaders “killing his own people” and on and on to justify the despicable murders of Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi and they can’t wait to murder Syria’s Assad so Israel can steal more land. Assad is the only thing preventing radical Muslims from murdering all the Christians and other minorities in Syria and he is widely supported.

    Trump Defends the Alt-Right. He deserves a lot of credit for this.

    1. @ Peter

      Thanks for the YouTube link. Yes, Trump deserves a lot of credit for what he said and the way he stood up to the jewish controlled media.

  20. things are on the move, almost like trump read my comment recommending this gambit
    Hannity: FBI Reopening FOIA Request Into Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting

    Look at this interesting configuration:

    ● trump is almost powerless but he is clever and picks his shots well, goes after what he can tackle and he also has no skeletons in the closet, everything that the JEW could have dug up on him is out already and most of it backed with zero evidence – because he is clean.

    ● the opposition, JEW with all his servitors, the media, deep state, shabbos, traitors galore across the world, the high finance – their power is immense but so is their closet, busting with skeletons such as lynch-clinton above.

    one side of this mortal combat is relatively powerless but also presents a small target and is pretty invulnerable to proper scrutiny,
    the other side is overwhelmingly strong but also highly vulnerable,

    so what we have is a textbook case of asymmetric warfare.

    My money and all my sympathies are on the guerilla side and i will do what i can to help.

    1. Hi LOBRO,
      But why does he have 7 neocon zionists in his cabinet? plus many others around him, not to mention his son-in-law.

      He still a mystery to me.

      1. The best explanation I have seen for Trump’s unfathomable behaviour is that he is a NARCISSIST.

      2. @John Kirby

        He still a mystery to me… The best explanation I have seen for Trump’s unfathomable behaviour is that he is a NARCISSIST.

        Confusion, confusion, confusion … lots of it, indeed.

        Trump may be a narcissist, maybe not. But does it really matter even if he is. Ascribing Trump’s behavior to his personal traits means that his actions can be understood by analyzing Trump’s personality. What a narrow-mindedness!

        Is it not obvious that some really powerful forces wanted Trump in the office? What is that force? Can Trump act in ways not approved by that force? Why would those forces wish Trump – a clearly non-systemic actor – to be the POTUS at THIS POINT in history? Why now? What is special about now? Why were the real rulers quite happy with systemic presidents up to this point? Why a systemic president cannot foot the bill now?

        How long could Trump stay in power if he – against all odds – decided to play his own game … to indulge his narcissistic impulses, you know, or for any other reason?

        These are the questions to concentrate on if one is to solve the Trump “mystery”. The “mystery” cannot be solved if one excludes the central, the key piece of the puzzle from the analysis. What is it?

        Long comments can be tiresome, so stay tuned for elaboration.

      3. Circ –

        You asked:
        Why now??

        Because he screwed up his 2012 RUN by plowing ahead and not following the rules… as is ALWAYS the case with the ‘Buffoon on the Potomac’..!! 🙂

        Trump had that same damned bunch of criminal Pharisee-Jew leaches ALL around him – TRAINING HIM – when HIS arrogant Pharisee-Jew lawyers disregarded Federal Election Laws and caused him to DROP OUT in 2012..!!

        Donald Trump had to give up his 2012 Presidential campaign or face criminal charges by the FEC for campaign contributions violations in 2011..!!

        He and HIS personal Pharisee-Jew attorney, Michael Cohen, had to remove his website and STOP his campaign:

        FEC case:

        So much for Trump really out-maneuvering them in that chess game..!! HA!!!

        BTW – Pharisee-Jew COHEN is to be his pick for Federal Reserve Chairman..!!

        The ‘SWAMP’ has more SNAKES and alligators now that the Buffoon is wallowing around…….
        ……doing Pharisee-Jews’ bidding in DC.. 🙂

      4. … continued from the previous comment.

        As Russia’s best known fabulist Ivan Krylov put it: А ларчик просто открывался.

        The key piece of the puzzle is Russia – Putin’s Russia to be exact.

        Let me try to clarify the situation with a little help from Pink Floyd again:

        Good morning, Worm your honor!
        The crown will plainly show
        The prisoner, who now stands before you,
        Was caught red-handed showing feelings,
        Showing feelings of an almost human nature.
        This will not do, call the schoolmaster!

        Can you hear that, folks: This will not do! Vassals and colonies of the Empire are not allowed to have “feelings of an almost human nature”. This will not do, call the schoolmaster!

        Putin’s Russia is the ultimate troublemaker for the Empire today. This will not do, call the schoolmaster!

        What is, or who is, this schoolmaster? Alexander Nevsky was a schoolmaster, Minin and Pozharsky were schoolmasters, Mahatma Gandhi was a schoolmaster, Joseph Stalin was a schoolmaster, Fidel Castro was a schoolmaster.

        There were schoolmasters at every turn of human history. They are some today too: Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah, Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and Vladimir Putin of Russia above all.

        Who is not a schoolmaster? Alexander the Great was not a schoolmaster, Genghis Khan was not a schoolmaster, Bonaparte Napoleon was not a schoolmaster, neither was Adolf Hitler. There were non-schoolmasters at every turn of human history also.

        Can you discern the general pattern here, folks? If you can, then you can easily answer the question that puzzles you so much: Is Donald Trump a schoolmaster, or the chief anti-schoolmaster of today?

        America is split into two equal parts which is a bad news for you, my fellow Americans. The Empire is doomed, but the fundamental questions for the rulers remain:

        (a) How do we disassemble the dilapidated building without being buried underneath it in the process?
        (b) Can disassembling be done without taking into account the interests of Russia which are, and always have been, at odds with the interests of the rulers of the Empire?

        P.S. The best definition of the notion of intelligence I am aware of is the keen ability to see patterns of all kinds. In physics, these patterns are called the Laws of Nature.

      5. Circ –

        I have ‘continuance’ for you as well….

        Let’s just bypass Ivan Krylov the dreamer.. and go to the President of Russia Vlad ‘Put-ON’ instead. As dictatorial Head Of State… he is likely to have more influence on Russia and the people. He even murders the disobedient and opposition. 🙂

        ’Put-On’ takes orders from the United Nations(USA)…. He said so..!!

        “Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality, a unique venue for equitable dialogue. Its universal rules are necessary for including as many countries as possible in economic and humanitarian integration, guaranteeing their political responsibility and working to coordinate their actions while also preserving their sovereignty and development models.”

        Paving the way for a ‘viable’ stock exchange and usury-based-sharia banking system….
        …’Put-On’ is now open to the idea that a federal model could apply to Syria.

        ‘Put-On’ has so much respect and admiration for the US that he uses US words and plans as an example to explain his desires a few months ago – at VALDAI..!!

        “Colossal damage requires a long-term and all-round program, a kind of the Marshall Plan to revive this war- and conflict-torn region.”

        ‘Put-On’ urges a NEW Marshall Plan for Middle East to see recovery and growth..!!

        SOCHI, October 27. /TASS/. The Middle East needs a present-day edition of the Marshall Plan to see recovery and growth, Russian President Vladimir ‘Put-On’ said on Thursday.

        ’Put-On’ praised Trump and UN Agenda-21 on November 16, 2016:

        “We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall CLIMATE in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” ‘Put-On’ said.

        ’Put-On’ praised the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ United Nations..!!

        ‘Put-On’ praised United Nations in Oct, 2016. He believes that HUMANS have an impact on global climate change…. And environmental protection agencies (EPAs) are necessary.

        “Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality…”

        “A decent future is impossible without ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION and addressing CLIMATE problems. That is why the conservation of the natural world and its diversity and reducing the HUMAN IMPACT on the environment will be a PRIOITY for the coming decades.”

        (He sounds like Maurice Strong and Carla Hills at the 92 Rio Summit..!! 🙂 )

        ’Put-On’ is playing ball with the same Pharisee-Jew oligarchs running the UN as the rest of the world does. 🙂

        ‘Put-On’ uses the same words as the ones running the show…. Profits are made in the name of fighting “terrorism” around the world. “INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM..!!”

        Russian leadership, according to Sotnikov, “is hoping that Turkey will pay attention to our fight against INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM.” Erdogan, he added, has already sent signals that could be interpreted as a positive sign in this respect.

        It cannot be stressed enough that ‘Put-On’ is pushing “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ from UN Agenda-21:
        “We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a – “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” – path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall climate in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” Putin said.

        ‘Put-On’ said Moscow was ready to do its outmost to return relations with Washington on the trajectory of **SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. “Restoring the ties would not be easy, but Russia is ready to follow its course,” he said.

        Bottom line:

        ‘Put-On’ is a very WEAK UN Agenda-21 globalist.. following orders from USA..!!

        Russia’s economy is not as big as that of NY City.!!

        ‘Put-On’ is owned by the USA…!! 🙂

      6. Pat

        What’s the name of that martial art where one fighter uses the force of his opponent in attack mode against him? Consider the possibility that Putin is that fighter. He knows he can’t stand toe to toe and trade punches, kicks, etc. against his adversary, and has to adapt his strategy accordingly.

        I’m not drawing the following parallel exactly in terms of the WW2 battlefield, modern warfare being a whole different ballgame, but I’m reminded of late in 1941 Russia when advance units of the Wehrmacht cwere tantalyzed upon seeing the spires of the Kremlin. Or during the siege of Leningrad when the city was perilously close to falling before the U.S. lend lease and the frozen lake over which supplies could be transported to the beleaguered city bailed their asses out.

        Some form of parallel scenario could come into play now.Something at the 11th hour like I’ve been writing about

      7. B-Hawk –

        That is judo for one. Jiujitsu is another. Even boxers let the man come in with chin high, using forward motion to strengthen the blow.


        ‘Put-On’ is a mere wealthy thuggish criminal lying…. beggar..!! 🙂


        Uuhhh… 1941 is gone..!! So is Stalin and his Twitter account..!! 🙂

        Google and Android Smart-Phones control actions TODAY.. KNOW IT..!!

        Trump knows it.. Uses it..!!

      8. Playin possum before skinnin the cat. And just when Agenda-21 fulfillment seems like a done deal

        Pharisees in the role of Maxwell Smart: “missed it by that much!”

    2. john,
      i was never in the white house and have no intention to coming within 2 miles of it but it is like asking why a banana boat has rats in the hold.
      the son-in-law is a complete nonentity, wrists don’t get any more limp than that, so he is not the one to worry about, at best a conduit between trump and jewry but probably not even that.

      as for “neocon zionists”, the only ones that count are the real jews, the rest are traitors – traitor once, traitor forever, why not twice.
      jews know that and don’t trust them unless strictly on choke leash.
      i spend my summers in the balkans, mostly bosnia and people here and everywhere else, croatia, serbia, macedonia say the same thing: as soon as the communist rule was dissolved, the scum that rose to the top of the new power configuration were the former communists, now regularly attending church services and stealing like never before.
      I say that the shabbos will be the jews biggest persecutors if and when the tables are turned and i, the biggest antisemite, the most likely to shield the innocent ones (not sure that there are any such).
      So, all the likes of nikki haley, sarah palin and so forth, they are the most likely backstabbers in any case.

      at any rate, when things get confusing in the scramble, just pay attention to the geopolitical score.

      1. Lobro –

        “…it is like asking why a banana boat has rats in the hold.”

        That is a ridiculous analogy. WHEW…!!! 🙂

        The rats in the White House were placed there by the boss…
        ….but, the rats on the banana boat were not..!!

        That is your FAKE NEWS…!!! 🙂 🙂

  21. To Lobro,

    “so what response would he get if he demanded reopening of 9/11?
    instant congressional impeachment proceedings, as if he wasn’t already in enough trouble.”
    I don’t mean to be obtuse, but why do you say there would be instant congressional impeachment proceedings if he demanded a reopening of 9/11; something incidentally he announced he would do if were to be he elected POTUS?

  22. Rep. Steve Cohen seeks to impeach President Trump after Charlottesville

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Area Congressman Steve Cohen told FOX13 he wanted President Trump out of office and plans to introduce articles of impeachment.

    Cohen, a democrat, said the president can’t identify domestic terrorism. Mr. Trump’s speech about the violence in Charlottesville helped him make that decision.

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