CIA May Assassinate Trump If He Steps Out Of Line



“Trump is a strong man, but don’t be surprised if he comes out of the briefing with the CIA accepting their story, as he might be brought to the realization that the alternative to compliance with the CIA could be death.”

For many weeks we have witnessed the extraordinary attack by the CIA and its assets in Congress and the media on Donald Trump’s election. In an unprecedented effort to delegitimize Trump’s election as the product of Russian interference in the election, the CIA, media, senators and representatives have consistently made wild accusations for which they have no evidence.

The CIA’s message to Trump is clear: Get in line with our agenda, or we are going to mess you over.

It is clear that the CIA is warring against Trump. But the CIA’s media assets have turned the facts on their head and are blaming Trump for having a negative view of the CIA.

Consider the January 4 Wall Street Journal article by Damian Paletta and Julian E. Barnes, which begins: “President-elect Donald Trump, a harsh critic of U.S. intelligence agencies . . .” The two presstitutes set up their false news story by putting the shoe on the other foot. It is Trump who is the harsh critic rather than the victim of the CIA’s harsh accusations. Set up this way, the story continues:

“White House officials have been increasingly frustrated by Mr. Trump’s confrontations with intelligence officials. ‘It’s appalling,” the official said. “No president has ever taken on the CIA and come out looking good.’”

Now that the story is Trump taking on the CIA and not the CIA taking on Trump, the case can be built against Trump:

Analysts accustomed to more cohesion with the White House are “jarred” by Trump’s skepticism of the CIA’s assessment that Putin got him elected. Trump is supposed to respond to the allegation by saying: I am not legitimate. Here take back the presidency.

WikiLeaks’ Assange has stated unequivocally that there was no hack. The information came to WikiLeaks as a leak, which suggests that it came from inside the Democratic National Committee. That Trump sees it this way means, according to one unidentified official that “It’s pretty horrifying to me that he’s siding with Assange over the intelligence agencies.” You see, Trump is supposed to side with the CIA which is trying to destroy him.

Has the CIA shot itself in both feet? How can the agency control policy by manipulating the information fed to the President when the President does not trust the agency?

Well, there is the media which can be used to control explanations and to box in the President. In his just published book, The CIA As Organized Crime, Douglas Valentine reports that by the early 1950s the success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird delivered into CIA hands respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, other communication organizations plus stringers, coming to four to six hundred human media assets. And it didn’t end there.

“The CIA established a strategic intelligence network of magazines and publishing houses, as well as student and cultural organizations, and used them as front organizations for covert operations, including political and psychological warfare operations directed against American citizens. In other nations, the program was aimed at what Cord Meyer called the Compatible Left, which in America translates into liberals and pseudo-intellectual status seekers who are easily influenced.

“All of that is ongoing, despite being exposed in the late 1960s. Various technological advances, including the internet, have spread the network around the world, and many people don’t even realize they are part of it, and they’re promoting the CIA line. ‘Assad’s a butcher,’ they say, or ‘Putin kills journalists,’ or ‘China is repressive.’ They have no idea what they’re talking about, but they spout all this propaganda.”

And there is Udo Ulfkotte, who drawing on his experience as an editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote a book in which he reports that the CIA has a hand on every significant journalist in Europe.

Some who champion truth hope that the shrinking influence of the CIA controlled print and TV media will impair the Deep State’s ability to control explanations. However, the CIA, State Department, and apparently the Pentagon as well, are already operating in social media, and they use trolls in comment sections to discredit truth-tellers.

The New York Times’ editors have revealed themselves as complete tools of the CIA, endorsing every absurd claim about Russian hacking despite the total absence of any proof or indeed of any evidence of hacking, and denouncing Trump for not believing the unsupported allegations of US intelligence agencies.

In the face of John Brennan and James Clapper’s efforts to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump, the NYTimes asks: “What plausible reason could Donald Trump have for trying so hard to discredit America’s intelligence agencies and their finding that Russia interfered in the presidential election?”

That question prompts a question of its own: “What plausible reason could the NYTimes have for trying so hard to discredit the presidency of Donald Trump on the basis of wild unsupported allegations?”

The fake news is proliferating.

Today (January 6) Reuters reported: “The CIA has identified Russian officials who fed material hacked from the Democratic National Committee and party leaders to WikiLeaks at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin through third parties, according to a new US intelligence report, (unnamed) senior US officials said on Thursday.” 

Perhaps what Reuters meant to say but did not is this: “Officials who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed that the CIA has identified the Russian officials who fed the hacked emails to WikiLeaks, but the official did not tell Reuters who the Russian officials are or how they identified them.”

In other words, the Reuters story is just another CIA planted story—a favor from a media asset. As Udo Ulfkotte told us, this is how it works.

Next Reuters tells us that the report is Top Secret, which, of course, means that we will never see any evidence in behalf of the CIA’s allegation. We are supposed to trust that the CIA has the information but can’t tell us. The Reuters report doesn’t see anything unusual in this. Another favor by an asset.

In Reuters’ favor-laden news report, Reuters tell us that the hacked material reached WikiLeaks from Russia’s military intelligence agency via “a circuitous route” so that Assange did not know the origin of the material and thus could say that it was not given to him by a state agency.

What could be going on here? Several things come to mind. Perhaps there is an effort to force Assange to reveal his source (which could be that DNC staffer who was mysteriously shot down in the street) as this would be a surefire way of getting rid of WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has never revealed a source. Once it does, no further leaks will flow to WikiLeaks.

Another possibility is that by persistently making wild unsupported accusations that Trump was elected by Putin, the CIA is making it clear to Trump that they are playing for keeps. Trump is a strong man, but don’t be surprised if he comes out of the briefing with the CIA accepting their story, as he might be brought to the realization that the alternative to compliance with the CIA could be death.


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  1. To get to the king you have to get to the guards . Who ever controls the secret service , controls the president . Is this why we heard Trump wanted to have his own security details? One wonders .

    1. Interesting thought, AJ

      It was JFK’s secret service driver who fired the fatal head shot that killed him, which would suggest that Trump may know, or at least suspect this very thing

  2. Inventions and guesses abound..!! 🙂

    Article quote:
    “White House officials have been increasingly frustrated by Mr. Trump’s confrontations with intelligence officials. ‘It’s appalling,” the official said. “No president has ever taken on the CIA and come out looking good.’”

    Trump’s Tweet – Jan 5, 2017 – 5:45AM:
    The media lies to make it look like I am against “Intelligence” when in fact I am a big fan!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Pat is a CIA agent.

      (Hey, only kidding.) 🙂

      1. Seriously though, Trump needs to surround himself by his own Praetorian guard. Loyal trustees whose fidelity is beyond dispute. Trouble is, the CIA could infiltrate such a group. The number of leaders who have been secretly poisoned to death is legion, Stalin possibly being one.

        Trump not only needs his own food taster, he needs at least half a dozen lookalikes or doppelgangers to fox his enemies.

      2. Sard –

        Close, but no Cuban cigar… I am a CYA agent.. 🙂

        Trump is all good. He supports Israel and Russia. All three are partners in Agenda-21.
        He supports the Fed Res also.
        He has to… or he won’t be able to file any more bankruptcies..!! 🙂

        He is going to be busy setting up casinos in Cuba.. May bankrupt a dozen or so as write-offs.

        1. Poor pat, he’s so smart and his CIA boss
          sticks him with having to spy on the readers of Darkmoon!
          How low-level can you get! What a waste! ?

      3. “Trump is all good. He supports Israel and Russia.” In what way does he support Russia? He’s opposed to getting into a war with them, a nuclear power and he will align US foreign policy with Russia’s and stop supporting the terrorists in Syria. Good. More people should “support” Russia. Why shouldn’t they?

      4. Peter –

        “Trump is all good. He supports Israel and Russia.” “In what way does he support Russia?”

        Trump Tweeted this yesterday about US and Russia, WITH an exclamation mark:

        “both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!”

        “work together” and “WORLD” in caps are clues..

        You could Tweet him for clarification.. @realDonaldTrump 🙂

      5. It sounds like a great idea. Apparently, you want a war with Russia for some reason beyond my comprehension. Hillary Clinton wanted to establish a “no fly zone” over Syria and shoot down any Russian jets in Syria. That would have meant war with Russia, a nuclear power. The Jewish neo-cons, McCain, Lindsay Graham and other nut cases supported Hillary’s policies towards Russia. Apparently you do to. You can support whatever and whoever you want but that won’t change the fact that these are dangerous nut cases.

      6. ” Trump needs to surround himself by his own Praetorian guard”. Ha….Et tu, Brute?

      7. Peter-

        You are wrong about my wanting war with Russia.

        I have never claimed that. You are making things up.

        I HAVE claimed that Russia is a welfare state of US… and both are totally controlled by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        Russia is a subservient business partner of US… and has been since 1917..

        It is ALL a ruse to increase debt $$$$$$.. Control..!! 🙂

      8. Well said, Wiggins! Praetorian guards can sometimes let you down. Even your wife can poison your soup.

      9. I didn’t make anything up. You are making yourself appear to be on the side of the war mongers by attacking Russia constantly while that is what is being debated in the news. Trump wants peace with Russia and the Jews and other neo-cons want to attack Russia because they have stopped the bloodshed in Syria, Israel’s arch-enemy.

      10. Peter –

        You wrote:
        “Apparently, you want a war with Russia..”

        That is an invention…. from you. That means you made it up. Guessing…!!

        The funniest thing is that I criticize politicians… and you criticize me..!!
        Even though.. I hold no public office today..!! Funny stuff..!! 🙂

        Russia is no enemy….., but is a lesser partner in business..

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump effectively transfers the Oval office to trump tower which he can ensure is not bugged by jews.
    remember how bill clinton used sign language to communicate with Monica “Humidor” Lewinsky because he knew that Mossad had completely cased the white house. And guess what …
    exploding stogies gifted to Fidel Castro were never as devastating as that particular Romeo and Jewliet 🙂

    1. Trump has hinted that he will completely refurbish the White House. He is a master of detail and accomplishment in REAL estate, including the fine details in buildings and structures. I think he will gut certain portions and take it down to a skeleton, and upgrade everything.

      I read an article a while back that reported that the Government Services Agency, the GSA, who is responsible for all Feral Gummint buildings and structures, tried for years to rid the basement of the WH of rats, but failed to do so. Such is the efficiency of The State.

      “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.”
      ― Frédéric Bastiat

      “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”
      ― Frédéric Bastiat

      “State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”
      -Fredrich Nietzche

      Trump is a bulldozer in personality. I think we are in for a lot of surprises.

  4. it’s not a good thing to kill a human, a president. But what if, it doesn’t proof he is no jew or no jew agent. Even the jews have issues with each other because of different interests.

  5. CIA is extremely compartmentalized. One part is watching another. It is very doubtful, now, that any would attempt a Presidential assassination. The plan against JFK succeeded because the “watchers” weren’t watching – but now they are. Times have changed…

      1. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible – I only say that it isn’t likely for a plan to originate using CIA. Plans leaked-out, before, during the preparations for removing Kennedy. They were dismissed as “absurd” by high-ranking CIA overseers, although they were leaked internally. I seriously doubt that will happen, again – at least not with CIA personnel – and certainly not considering Mr. Trump’s awareness of the threat.

        No doubt, there are many who’d profit from Mr. Trump’s demise – but I doubt those in CIA would risk the scrutiny.

    1. ADMIN: Sorry Poupon, no idea why this went for monitoring…

      I don’t know Gilbert. The CIA could farm out a hit 5 times removed from them, so as to make tracing back to them impossible. They could call in a favor owed to them by a foreign or domestic entity. There are many articles by thoughtful and informed authors of the DEEP STATE, the state within a state, with very strong support of the Hostile Elite Parasite. There have been very informative articles on the DS in Zero Hedge, The Occidental Observer, Occidental Dissent-just to name a few…

  6. @Admin> Very recently, I noticed that 2 of my comments have not been visible. Perhaps this is the use of the word “Nigaroll”, a neologism to be sure.

    “Nigar” ( by definition is “A small Indian flea that gets into male pants.”

    “roll” is a common verb, e.g., “That’s how we ROLL”. “ROLL” a joint”.

    So, in light of my intention and lack of common denotation and connotation of the word “Nigaroll” is not to be conflated or confused with the “N” word.

    I rest my case.

    SRM: Don’t hassle us, OK? Your comments are going for “automatic” monitoring because you keep flogging the N-word to death in various attempted neologisms. You can’t fool the computer, it is sensitive even to the prefix “nig—”!!!

    If you wrote the words “niggle” or “River Niger”, the computer would probably take umbrage and pack you off for monitoring! (Try it). The computer is a fanatic, understand?

    1. SRM> Now, I understand. Thanks for the explanation. I was not trying to “hassle” or make more work for you all, by intention. If that happened, as it evidently did, by your explanation, that is a matter of contrition.

      OK, for the peace and tranquility of LD, I shall use “Negro”, (but not “Nigra”, as Gilbert Huntley does). I don’t know if you read my comment previously, SRM, regarding the dual use of the “N” word, one is academic and other the Rules of the House. Please refer to that to divine my lack of intentions to disrupt or challenge your parameters.
      You will see that I have stated my complete agreement. Again, thanks for making clear how the auto monitoring is working!

  7. Pat is reporting old alternative-media news. Pat is not recognizing the shift in the matrix because he is an agnostic; bordering on atheism; thus, his inner “sight” has been blocked.

    The “White House” is a step-down for Trump. Proven by many of its prior occupants. Trump has already effectively transferred his Oval Office to his Trump Tower office. Hopefully, that will continue. He does not belong in the satanic house in Washington.

    1. Trump will have to watch his back, even in Trump Tower.

      The Lurker in the Stairwell. The Case of the High IQ Janitor. The Receptionist with the Killer Heels. The Man in the Elevator with the Ice Pick. The Pizza Delivery Girl whose Breasts were Hand Grenades.

      Know what I mean? 🙂

      1. Yes, Sardonicus. I know what you mean. This is a case for Nancy Drew. 🙂

        The Secret Of The Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, The Clue In The Diary, The Sign Of The Twisted Candles, The Password to Larkspur Lane, etc, etc.

    2. New Song –

      “Pat is….”
      “Pat is not…”
      “Pat is…”
      “Pat is not…”

      I claim New Song IS WRONG…. since I quoted Trump……..
      ……..NOT another alt-media source…!! 🙂

      Trump’s Tweet – Jan 5, 2017 – 5:45AM:
      “The media lies to make it look like I am against “Intelligence” when in fact I am a big fan!”

      1. @ Pat

        The tweet you presented by Trump is a (his) play on words, but you did not get that/it.

        “to make up their own minds as to the truth. The media lies to make it look like I am against “Intelligence” when in fact I am a big fan!”

        He is saying he (Trump) is for intelligence and the CIA is in opposition to intelligence.

        I rest my case.

      2. New Song –

        Don’t fall asleep on your case just yet.

        I offered Trump’s quote…. but never interpreted it one way or another. I never wrote what I thought Trump MEANT by it. YOU DID…!!

        Wakie – wakie…!! Get back up…!!

        NOW… I am going to interpret – guess – that Trump meant that HE is for (HAVING) “Intelligence”…. being smart. 🙂

        You have your religious/political guesses. I have mine.

        Now… go back to sleep….. Rest ON your case. 🙂

    3. Donald John Trump – in his own words – not the matrix – Tweeted, just yesterday:

      “I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the Spring. Britain, a longtime U.S. ally, is very special!”

      He is safe with London also.. 🙂

      1. What is he SUPPOSED to say for his worldwide audience who now expects him to “tweet”??? (that he “really dreds meeting the cunt” ??!) ?? The problem with being any kind of large public figure is the microscopic discernment of minions whose interests are served by creating huge suppositions out of NOTHING. If he remained in the White House (or Trump Tower) and tweeted “The world will have to come visit ME”, he’d be condemned as an “isolationist”. He’s getting old, has accomplished much in this life, so if he decides he likes (Teresa May, or whomever), allow him the courtesy of saying so. 🙂

      2. …And who knows?? The PM of UK might be looking forward to a pat-on-the-pussy from POTUS. Goodwill politics, you know… 🙂

      3. And what would you have him say, Pat? “I hate Britian and the English people are our enemies” , is that what you think Trump should have Tweeted? U jackass.

  8. They can assassinate anyone they want, even if they don’t step out of line.

    So what’s new?

    1. And the majority of the sheople will believe any rubbish they’re told by the MSM…

      “Lone Nutter Takes Down Trump”

      “ISIS Kills President Elect!”

      “Trump dies of heart attack”

      “Instant Cancer Cancels Trump Crowning”

      “Internal Spontaneous Combustion Kills President Trump”

      Anyway, why would the Zionists want to remove the man who is heading for war with Iran and handing the remnants of Palestine to Israel? 😉 Maybe. If. We’ll see soon enough.

  9. Reviewing the JFK assassination, including Dr. Crenshaw (The Emergency Room doctor who waited several years to tell his experience, a sensible precaution, as he states in two books published before his death that JFK was shot from the front, the exit wound which blew a portion of his skull off that Jacqueline Kennedy retrieved from the the back of the limousine supposedly where Oswald shot him) one finds many parties had an interest, but the hub and director was CIA – the Unacknowledged Special Access portion, that is. Read “Regicide” by Gregory Davis and you begin to get the why, with Dr. M. Salla and at least one other published author (who’s book is not listed in the Library of Congress, I checked) filling in the rest. In the end, when you kill someone that way you turn them into a hero, a fallen martyr, something that the Internationalists probably don’t want with Mr. Trump as his agenda would become a holy mission, somewhat like Lyndon Johnson appropriating JFK’s Civil Rights agenda and others. Still, one can’t be too careful – especially of “accidents”.

    1. @ Winston

      Jacqueline Kennedy actions you described were not normal for a female whose hubby has just been shot. She had to be in on the plot for some reason. Maybe not dying along with her children was it.

      What you say concerning the jews not wanting Trump to be a martyr has merit, but there could be even more important reasons not to assassinate Trump. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, things were fairly ho hum compared to today. Trump was elected by a pissed off, heavily armed majority of citizens, cops, and military personnel. The assassination of Trump could result in an uprising with an unpredictable outcome leading to a complete lack of jewish control. If on the other hand, Trump is a jewish stooge as some believe, I don’t believe that, there will be no reason to kill a stooge. Either way, Trump is about as bullet proof/accident proof/heart attack proof as any one can be.

      1. Ungenius

        As I indicated in a previous post, there’s no avoiding being a “stooge” to some degree for ANY of us. Der Jude has seen to that at this point in history, aggregated from centuries of successful manipulation All “goy” have allowed themselves to be used for “their” profit.

        Trump and Putin acting in tandem while playin the pharisee game have an opportunity to turn over it’s tables, given the premise that it is destined for them to act as agents that would contribute in effecting this.

        This is as legitimate guess as any, eh Pat? {}

    1. Joy to the land The USA!!!
      for Trump Has WON THE ELECTION!!
      Let Washington receive Her President!
      He Rules the House and the Senate
      with Force and Might
      The Glory of His Business Acumen
      The Wonders of His Common Sense
      The Wonders of His Common Sense
      and Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy Shout!
      and Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy Shout!
      Throw Podesta Bill and Hillary in Sing Sing Ossining
      Throw John McCain in The Brig!
      throw him in The Brig
      and throw`o`o`o`o`o him in The Brig The Brig
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      and The Donaldissimo Reigns!
      and The Donaldissimo Reigns!
      from Sea to Shining Sea
      and Fruited Plains Majesty!
      Let every cuckservative
      eat crow in front of the whole world
      in front of the whole world
      in front, and in front of the whole wide world
      Let every Leftist and every Snowflake
      NEO CON Communist Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi
      prepare more Safe Space rooms
      prepare more and more Safe Space rooms
      for the next
      for the next
      for the next eight years!

      1. for the clown Has won the election by deception
        Let the charlatans receive their Zionist’s puppet
        bibi now rules the three houses
        with lies ,deception and wickedness
        The treason is his mark
        The mark of the beast is illusion of fake glory
        The Wonders of His lies
        The Wonders of His stupidity
        and his minions Shout
        Throw the world in the abyss to please their masters bibi and sheldon
        Throw everyone in The Brig to please the mad dog
        throw troj in The Brig
        and throw`o`o`o`o`o him in The Brig The troj the clown lover
        throw him in the brig !
        for the clown has won the selection
        Let Putin rejoice ,Zion has received it’s clown
        and The Donalzionizmo laid bare bigotry
        from Sea to Sea
        Let every clown lover
        eat crow and horse manure
        in front of the whole world
        in front, and in front of the whole wide world
        Let every trumpy lover and every dumb cretin hillybilly
        bend over and shout obedience to their true masters the Zionists
        for the next eight years

  10. magna est veritas, et prevalebit (eventually).
    here is one proof of how it is irrepressible.
    Why Has Israeli Spy Shai Masot Not Been Expelled?
    best part:

    The two stories – Russian interference in US politics, Israeli interference in UK politics – also link because the New York Times claims that IT WAS THE BRITISH THAT FIRST SUGGESTED TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION THAT RUSSIAN CYBER ACTIVITY WAS TARGETING CLINTON.
    Director of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the British Cabinet Office is (((Matthew Gould))), the UK’s former openly and strongly pro-Zionist Ambassador to Israel and friend of the current Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev.


    and jew bought jew’s story and ran with it all the way and is still running and accusing everyone who doubts it of being holocaust denier.

    once again (once-again, once-again, once-again until you all understand the mechanics).
    jew’s only truth is his hatred, he cannot lie or hide it, so learn how to read it.

    and this hatred of trump and Putin clearly spells out the script.

    You can see while netanyahu was running to moscow on all fours, sh1t eating ingratiating smile on his face, please pretty please mr vlad, we are your friends, your very best friends and trusted allies, in the background, they were knocking off UK ministers by dredging out fake scandals and the Jew who owns the UK intelligence apparatus then tells the US deep state that putin is stealing the election for trump.

  11. Actually the stupidest thing trump could do is, in order to mollify the jew, say something against russia or putin.
    Jew will kill him right away, blame Putin (like with Litvinenko) and use that as a pretext for ww3.

    generally, a dumb thing to do is hope to win the jew over or expect to lessen his hostility by trying to strike a half way compromise on anything at all, because jew will just move the chevron forward to that new baseline and keep attacking as if nothing happened, your goodwill a sign of surrender and acknowledgement of inferiority.

    No, double and triple down each time, don’t hold back on aggression and watch him head for the safe servile zone of fake amity.
    But whatever the case, never let your guard down against jew no matter how “darkei shalom” he gets.

    1. I certainly hope that Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin understand each other enough to go along with mollifying the war-mongers without actually going to war. Maybe they’ll be able to orchestrate an agreeable disagreement for public consumption! 🙂

      1. You’re out of your league, Gilbert, you’re a chicken farmer. Step aside and let Pat handle Trump and Putin.

      2. You’re right, TROJ. I am at a loss to figure it out. Nothing but cows and horses and hogs and chickens and nigras here with whom to discuss such matters. Obviously, the input you receive at Chattahoochee is of more import – and more enlightening. God bless America! 🙂

  12. It was certainly “very nice” of Aangirfan who I’m sure was MORE than happy to trip over herself skipping over here to Darkmoon so Merrily and so Helpfully to provide Lasha with the CGI pic of dead Trump assassinated. My Ineffable Intuition is communicating to Me The Feeling Aangirfan’s CGI pic of Trump assassinated/dead is a CLUE from Our Girl In Blue as to Lasha’s hopes and dreams for our new president. That’s what My Ineffable Intuition is Communicating to Me.

    It’s NOT the article itself which makes me suspicious of Lasha, it’s NOT the article itself that’s the issue here, it’s THE PIC, THE GRAPHIC, THE CGI DEPICTION OF TRUMP DEAD/ASSASSINATED/DEAD Lasha choose to accompany the article — it’s ALL there in the CGI pic Aangirfan was MORE than happy to skip over here to Darkmoon tripping over herself so Happy and so Helpful to provide THE CLUE Lasha so wanted.

    To Recap : The article itself doesn’t make me suspicious of Lasha, the article itself makes me suspicious of Roberts, the CGI depiction Lasha choose for Robert’s article makes me suspicious of Lasha.

    1. @ TROJ

      The picture of Trump assassinated is the first picture you get when you type in the words “DONALD TRUMP ASSASSINATED by CIA” in the search engine on Google images! No need for a conspiracy theory involving Aangirfan! What medication are you on? 🙂

      1. I’m so far out there I still think THE PINK PANTHER put THE BULLET into JFK’s head. My “medication” consists of coffee, but I always liked my coffee strong and still do, it’s A Southern European thing, as well as an over-all Meditterranean thing, STRONG COFFEE, the more caffeine the better.

        It’s a GOOD THING Trump has his own Security Men, for the CIA can NOT be trusted, but as an added precaution maybe Trump should divorce Melania before January 20th and just be a bachelor president for the next 8 years for he’s going to be a TWO term President of the United States of America. We wouldn’t to see a First Lady of the United States put a bullet into the head of an American president ever again. One time is enough, or don’t you think so? Well actually, Mary Todd put a bullet into good ole Abe’s head, so we see TWO First Ladies of the United States pulling little petite pistols out and pulling The Trigger and changing the course of American history , and also changing the course of world history, and NOT for the better, that’s for sure . Surely, Sister, you wouldn’t want to see IT happen a third time [ ? ].

        What ever happened to that UBER-LUXURIOUS YEAR-LONG cruise all you Darkmooners were going to take around the world?

  13. Trump is in business with Rupert Murdock too deep to be assassinated. 🙂

    At 3:17 AM – 9 Jan 2017 on Twitter:

    Trump praised Murdock…. a Pharisee-Jew…. who controls much of the GLOBAL MSM..!!

    “Rupert Murdoch is a great guy who likes me much better as a very successful candidate than he ever did as a very successful developer!”

  14. Unlike JFK….. MORE military spending….

    See…. Trump is playing ball with London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers… NO assassination.

    PCR did not do his homework.

    With Trump COMES MORE DEBT…!! 🙂

    Navy, Trump planning biggest fleet expansion since Cold War

    Jan 9, 2017,-Trump-planning-biggest-fleet-expansion-since-Cold-War?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP

    BATH, Maine (AP) — With President-elect Donald Trump demanding more ships, the Navy is proposing the biggest shipbuilding boom since the end of the Cold War to meet threats from a resurgent Russia and saber-rattling China.

    The Navy’s 355-ship proposal released last month is even larger than what the Republican Trump had promoted on the campaign trail, providing a potential boost to shipyards that have struggled because budget caps that have limited money funding for ships.

    At Maine’s Bath Iron Works, workers worried about the future want to build more ships but wonder where the billions of dollars will come from.

    “Whether Congress and the government can actually fund it, is a whole other ball game,” said Rich Nolan, president of the shipyard’s largest union.

    1. Maybe they are tiny ships Pat, maybe just messages of friendship and unrequited love to Putin.
      or maybe they’ll be packed with disconsolate erudite Jews with wire rimmed specs and classy looking Jewesses in their printed silk scarves and Gaultier shades, eternal souls pogromed by stoneheart Jesus and looking for a friendly shore to sign their circular entry with a kikel.
      and they’ll be paying for their own expulsion so it won’t cost us anything.

      It makes perfect sense: jews want war with russia, let them fight russia in a bluewater naval engagement, the screaming jewesses, knives in giant clenched mouths grappling up the ropes to attack admiral kuznetsov off Tartus, Syria.
      go, debora lipstadt and Rachel Weisz, Sarah Silverman, Sarah levy, squirt them with menstrual blood guns!
      May the deadliest pulsa di nura freeze their brains solid.

      1. Lobro –

        “maybe” this….

        You have to clear your mind of all of those teenie-tiny Russian ships within Putin’s itsy-bitsy navy.. 🙂

        …. operating out of just a couple of iced-in ports in Russia..!!

        Putin would be envious of this:

        WASHINGTON – Tossing overboard the budget constraints that have weighed down the US Navy’s attempts to grow its fleet, the world’s most powerful sea service is embarking on the biggest proposed expansion since the early 1980s, upping its goals from today’s 308 ships to a whopping 355 ships – beyond even the incoming Trump administration’s stated 350-ship goal.

        The new Force Structure Assessment (FSA) provides one more aircraft carrier, 16 more large surface combatants and 18 more attack submarines over the current FSA. The plan also calls for 4 more amphibious warfare ships, 3 more expeditionary support bases and five more support ships.

  15. There seems a very clear incongruity in holding that Trump is totally controlled or obeisant to Jews and still favors the normalization of relations with Putin. Israel was the prime mover-through the totally controlled Barry and Hillary to create ISIS, destabilize the Middle East Muslim countries (natural and putative enemies of Hebrews), and initiate war against Syria (Israel’s longtime enemy over border real estate).

    Using Amurka to fight Jewis/Israeli proxy wars has worked well for them. Not only did they make money from financing the Industrial Military Complex, but American blood and treasure poured out from corpus Amurkicanus.

    So, it is illogical and improbable to posit that Russia is in the hands of the Hebrew. Russia has expended resources in supporting Syra and has been anti-Israel on may issues. The best that can be said about Russian foreign policy toward Israel is ambivalence.

    As we witness the paid off, blackmailed, and directed members of Congress, revolving door foreign policy “experts”-all bribed by Soros, Adelson, Hollywood, Googe, Zuckerman, Bloomberg, etc, etc, etc, their hard line stance, under Jew orders is to be extremely antagonistic to Russia: more sanctions, military provocations, international isolation, accusations of interference in internal affairs of Amurka, etc, etc.

    It can be safely assumed that most Senators and Congressmen are on the Jewish payroll and blackmailed for being bribed in the first place. Certainly holds true for the Obama Administration. Behind the latest “anti-Israel” vote in the UN and other so-called anti-Israel actions, is the disappeared fact that Obama committed $38 billion to Israel over the next 10 years. Currently Israel gets 3.8 billion a year from the US..

    The take away is don’t believe what you read in the papers and public journalism. Just remember, cognitive dissonance is the Jews favorite poison dart. Misleading, misdirecting, changing perception is how they mask intentions, fool the dumb Goy over and over again, with no inhibition.

    1. Poup –

      “So, it is illogical and improbable to posit that Russia is in the hands of the Hebrew.”

      Actually, the reverse is obvious to Putin and his advisors..!! 🙂

      The Russian Central Bank is still privately controlled by Pharisee-Jew Oligarch Bankers in London.

      The Ruble is still pegged to the US Dollar and plugged into SWIFT.

      Putin’s advisors admit that Oligharchs from the West control Russia’s business and credit and debt.

      Putin’s advisor, Sergey Glazyev, even names Halliburton(34:53)..!! 🙂

      The three BIGGEST problems in Russia’s economy today are:
      1-NO credit
      2-NO credit
      3-NO credit.

    2. Poupon

      Let’s not confuse “hebrew” with “jew”. It is advantageous to the “jew” in doing so.

      In the obfuscation of it all, doncha know

  16. ADMIN> Lately, ALL my comments are going to MODERATION. It was stated yesterday that one comment went there that was unintended. Please advise.

    1. Poupon,

      We are at a loss to understand why your comments are all going for moderation. We have not put you under moderation! None of your comments are in any way offensive, nor have you used any taboo words that might trigger such a response on the computer’s part. So its a real mystery.

      Your email address is exactly the same, so is your IP number. You are still using the name “Poupon Marx” with the same spelling. So I cannot understand why your comments are going for moderation automatically.

      Let’s try this. Next time you post a comment, use exactly the same user name (Poupon Marx) and the same IP number, but put in a false email address (which many people do). I suggest you use [email protected] . . . or make up your your own false email address — BUT REMEMBER TO KEEP IT THE SAME IN FUTURE.

      Post that comment. It will then go for monitoring. But the NEXT post you make after that comment — using the same false email address — MAY get through automatically without the need for monitoring.

      Let’s see if this works, OK? It’s just an experiment.

      1. Poupon,

        Before you do this, just try posting a short comment again making NO CHANGES to your name, email address, or IP number. Just post the word “TESTING.”

      2. Good to see Poupon back, though it would be better if he explained his little name calling outburst on a past commenters blog.
        “I am finished with the kinder spiel on Not worth it. Nepotistic and sheltered adult children spoil it.” to which he got the reply,
        “It gives me real JOY to hear from you. I was hoping you’d find a way to get in touch with me because I did not know how to reach you and under no circumstances was going to post one more comment on LD.”

        Jim S.

      3. June 29, 2017

        ADMIN: I can confirm that this comment was NOT posted by ‘Sardonicus’ but by a troll using Sardonicus’s name. I have checked and can state authoritatively that the email addresses and IP numbers of the two posters are entirely different. We have been unable to learn the identify of the troll. This is not the first time he/she has tried to create confusion on our site.

        Well, it’s nice to know that Ariadnatheo, aka Ariadna Theokopoulos, can now be contacted easily enough on her new Lasha-bashing “experimental” site.

        What a sad little bitch! A frustrated failed writer fit only for publication on obscure fringe sites. Accused more than once of plagiarism, if I remember correctly. Obviously the reason for her hasty departure being the plagiarism charge, since apparently she wasn’t even banned from this site.

        I mean, didn’t Sister Monica invite her to go on posting here?

      4. Poupon,

        Your treachery and disloyalty to this site grieve me to the bone. But I bear you no ill-will. These things happen, and so I forgive you for your bad behavior in saying hateful things about our site behind our back on a vindictive hate site.

        For that matter, I forgive Ariadna too. She has been accused of plagiarism more than once, but as far I’m concerned, that allegation has never been proved.

        1. Sister :

          @ Sister Monica

          How come you can forgive Poupon and Adriadna, but not me? I don’t go to other websites and bad-mouth you behind your back. When I have something to say to you, I tell you to your face. Do I not get any credit for that? It’s very nice you forgive Poupon and Adriadna for going to other websites and bad-mouthing you behind your back. My question is : Why are you incapable of forgiving me who is honest and up-front with you and does not go to other websites to bad-mouth you behind your back to the whole world. When I have an issue with you, I’m very upfront and honest with you, I tell you directly, I do not go around bad-mouthing you throughout the Alternative media or anywhere else.

          1. @ TROJ

            I hold no grudge against you, silly boy. That’s because you’re as crazy as a coot and none of us here can possibly feel “threatened” by a laughing jackass with several screws loose. 🙂

            However, you lie when you say you have not bad-mouthed this website and vilified the name of Lasha Darkmoon on other websites. We are perfectly aware of your dirty tricks in abusing and reviling the Darkmoon site, and in particular my dearest soul sister Lasha, on numerous other websites. I need only mention two, though I’m sure there are others: Northern Truthseeker and Incogman.

            You sad little ignoble creature, how tragic it is that you feel no shame in backbiting the very site that allows you to post on it every day! How can you bear to look at yourself in the mirror?

      5. @ Sr M

        “How can you bear to look at yourself in the mirror?”

        Although I always look forward to reading his posts, I’ve heard that with some entities, their image can’t be seen or reflected in mirrors, but it could just be hearsay.

        1. Yes, Sister. I guess I forgot about Northern Truthseeker and Incogman. Yes, I’ve been known to bad mouth you at Northern Truthseeker and Incogman. I’m glad you reminded me. Now I’m going to remind you : It was REAL easy for you forgive Poupon and Adriana for bad mouthing you at other websites, so now it should be REAL easy for you to forgive me for bad mouthing you at Northern Truthseeker and Incogman. Another Reminder : You owe me A LOT of apologies. TOO long to list ALL the apologies you owe me, b*tch.

          1. It was REAL easy for you forgive Poupon and Adriana for bad mouthing you at other websites, so now it should be REAL easy for you to forgive me for bad mouthing you at Northern Truthseeker and Incogman.

            But I have forgiven you, TROJ! Which is why you are allowed to post here in moderation. The fact that 90 per cent of your longwinded, off-topic, obscenely scatalogical comments remain UNPUBLISHED has nothing to do with forgiveness or the lack of it. If you were a bit sharper-witted, you would realize it had something to do with QUALITY CONTROL. We can’t afford to let the Comment section be flooded with unlimited quantities of raw sewage. 🙂

              1. Now that you reminded me about Northern Truthseeker and Incogman, if I remember correctly, I think there were a few times now and then I also bad mouthed you over at BMan’s and at The Ugly Truth and I think also at Digger for Truth [ remember Digger? ]. Though in my defense, and very important to point out, while Yes, I bad mouthed you at other websites, I NEVER LIED about you. I NEVER LIED when at the other websites I told everyone you’re a piece of garbage. ?

                1. @ TheRealOrignalJoe

                  Yes, you did lie. Every statement you made about us was a lie. Disinfo, distortion, misrepresentation, defamation, scatalogical abuse, obscenity: you specialize in these unsavory commodities and exhibit all the worst qualities of a shameless psychopath.

                  Actually, I feel sorry for you. Because part of your brain must have been destroyed at some stage. Because you have no grasp even of the most elementary logic. For example, you say “I NEVER LIED when at the other websites I told everyone you’re a piece of garbage.”

                  If this site is indeed “a piece of garbage” as you claim, you need to explain why you keep posting on it compulsively every day. Not just 1-2 short comments but sometimes 20-25 INTERMINABLE comments! Why do you keep posting on a garbage website, can you explain?

                  FYI, you have now had exactly 3000 comments posted on this site. Since only ONE-TENTH of your comments ever get published, this means you have written and sent us a total of 30,000 comments. That’s more than the total output of TWENTY other posters on this site. You definitely qualify for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Prolific Writer of Loony, Unpublished Comments.

                  I guess that’s why we continue to publish your loony comments — to help you get into the Guinness Book of World Records. 🙂

    1. Yes, SISTER, I can explain why I keep posting on your garbage website. Of course I can explain it, Sister. To remind you constantly your Darkmoon is a garbage website for claiming to be somehow a “Catholic” inspired website while simultaneously CENSORING THE CATHOLIC HYMN ABOUT HOLY WATER. You love Holy Water so much, but only if the “holy” water is in the Hundu Ganges, you do NOT like Catholic Holy Water AT ALL, you DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT CATHOLIC HOLY WATER, so NO, your Darkmoon is NOT a Catholic-inspired website as you mendaciously claim. It’s called LYING, in case that never occured to you.

      To prove it to you I’m correct in my assertions about you, that you detest Catholic Holy Water, let me see you feature the following video on your “Catholic-inspired” Darkmoon commentary board, you never will feature the following video and you know it, Oh “Catholic” “nun” :

      1. To prove it to you I’m correct in my assertions about you, that you detest Catholic Holy Water, let me see you feature the following video on your “Catholic-inspired” Darkmoon commentary board, you never will feature the following video and you know it, Oh “Catholic” “nun”.

        As a former nun, how can I resist featuring an off-topic video about Holy Water?

    1. OK, that didn’t work. Because it went for monitoring. Now try using a false email address, just post the word “TESTING”. This too will go for monitoring. But the SECOND time you post (using the same false email address) it MAY get through unmonitored.

      I hope this works … or else something very strange is going on.

        1. OK, try again now. Your comment went into Spam.

          Try again using same made-up email address.

          Let’s hope it gets through this time without any snags.

          1. P: Got to go to bed now. We’ll have to continue this “testing” tomorrow. I’ve no idea why you are experiencing these problems.

      1. @Sardonicus
        “What a sad little bitch!” Haha I can assure you it’s not the first time she’s attracted such high praise.
        I’m sure she wont mind us visiting her rarely viewed website.

        Sister Monica is correct, forgiveness is the way.
        This is a good website, welcoming, interesting and fair.

        Jim S.

      2. Jim Stone –

        Thanks for the link. It is filled with bad info. Fake News..!!!

        I saw this bogus stuff there:

        They use a footprint picture(from Earth) as proof. They don’t realize that MOISTURE is required to leave such a detailed print showing tread of the sole.. !! 🙂

        Just walk in extremely dry sand with heavy tread-soled shoes and see the prints left behind you. Then walk on a wet beach. Big difference. Tread seen. Same sand.

        Moon surface is 230 degrees in sun…. and zero pressure. A vacuum. NO moisture there to make tread prints..!! FAKE NEWS site..!! 🙂

    2. There’s something miraculous about reverse psychology, it works every time!

      I’m very happy now, and I’ll be nice to you, Sister [ we’ll see how long that lasts, lol ] . When I get what I want, I’m nice. If I don’t get what I want I get b*tchy . I’m sure you understand, Sister, being the understanding kind you are . So now we 😉 have an understanding [ of sorts ] .

      All kidding aside, KUDOS to you, Sister, for not censoring Vidi Aquam. Monte, Lasha, and Uncle, always censored Vidi Aquam, for years they censored Vidi Aquam, so I’m proud of you Sister. Thank you. [ it took long enough, but I got what I wanted! and that’s all that counts, 🙂 ]

  17. Sister Monica/ Mona
    since I’m a nice person who happened to adore your site when are you going to relieve me from monitoring ,please note that it’s impossible for me to keep the same IP number simply because it’s against my religion .are you going to discriminate against me based on my beliefs
    The Observer

    1. Observer,

      Unfortunately, this is not possible in your case, partly because our computer has been programmed to be highly suspicious of commenters who keep changing their IP numbers. The only people we can trust are the ones who give a correct email address and who use the SAME IP number always.

    2. Observer –

      You should not try to trick anyone with that reasoning.

      An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

      IP addresses are usually written and displayed in human-readable notations, such as (IPv4), and 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:8:1 (IPv6).

      IP numbers are not selected/assigned by you. 🙂

  18. Good NEWS for Trump..!! NO assassinations…. Just RESIGNATIONS..!!

    CIA may not even have enough agents remaining……

    ………… give Trump a ‘blanket-party’ after Jan 20..!! 🙂 🙂

    CIA Agents Issue Major Threat to Trump, They Went TOO FAR

    The CIA is threatening mass resignations after Donald Trump takes office. Former CIA acting director Michael Morell said Trump’s “rhetoric” will cause a “wave of resignations” that will impact the agency’s ability to work with intelligence services around the world, the Hill reports.

    “First, expect a wave of resignations. Attrition at the C.I.A., which has been remarkably low since Sept. 11, 2001, will skyrocket,” Morell wrote in a New York Times opinion column. “The primary motivator for some of our smartest minds to go to work at the C.I.A. is to make a difference to national security, to play a role in keeping the country safe.”

  19. Sr. M.> I am sorry that you are aggrieved. Do not consider it disloyalty. I was extremely angry by the treatment I received by Toby, who insulted me continuously and selectively over a minor bodily function reprimand I made to a Sam Hita. This was in response to a vulgar, similar comment he make to me, with complete impunity. Toby then went on to say that ANY negative comment toward one of the “regulars” would mean instant banishment.

    After I expressed contrition and was allowed back, I had opened up a line of discussion (GMO foods) that made some “regulars” apoplectic. I know the field and attempted to present objective evidence, but the discussion went to hysteria very soon, and tired cliches based on pure emotion. I can assume with a high degree of possibility that this was made known to Toby and thence, the animus toward me.

    LIkewise discussions regarding the 9/11 collapsed buildings. Being a mechanical engineer and having studied the concrete and empirical evidence, I found no grounds for the “controlled demolition” conspiracy thesis. This caused another wave of hysteria from one or more of the “regulars”, and personal insults directed at me.

    You are wrong, Sister in my characterization of DM Site, per se, just as those that pillory any institution itself. The DM site is important and a necessary bulwark against evil and malevolent forces. However, certain MANAGEMENT personnel are, in my opinion, not of the same standard. The current Pope is a buffoon and Manchurian Candidate in my opinion, but he IS NOT the Catholic Church intrinsically. A wonderful institution has been/is being led by dark forces. You see the difference? A country (good) led by a President (bad), etc, etc.

    This might be arcane, but I believe everyone on DM should be treated equally, long term, short term.

    My comments were bitter and so short, they are easily prone to misinterpretation. So, let me be clear: I think that you and Dr. Darkmoon are dear, sweet, intelligent, sentient, women of exceptional quality. Without you, the site would be bereft and intellectually and spiritually penurious.

    And, if you recall, Dr. DM wrote me of her regret that Arianda was shabbily treated by Toby in a meat axe manner that showed no prescience of thought or consequence of action. She was insulted by this inexplicable ejaculation of sputtered emotion.

    I have communicated with Arianda. Like most all people we have differences, but her high intelligence, wisdom of age and experience, made her a solid asset. Read Lobro’s comments on her value and contribution. I scorn the negative comments about her made by what appears to be a very psychologically insecure individual, above.

    In life, Sister Monica, I have found more precision to be the best medicine, clarifier, and resolver of issues where differences rend the social fabric. Like all people, I have a light and dark side. I struggle to keep the former dominant and operative.

    I feel considerable distress that your opinion of me is so negative. My humble apologies for any pain or sadness.

    1. This brings up a tangential issue. I post on various forums over the years, not because I like to chat online, or that I enjoy seeing my name on the screen, but I think I know a few things that are worth expounding, and that untruths or misconceptions should-for the sake of the individual and the collective-be corrected. And many times that leads to rewards from individuals who, express appreciation and gratitude.

      It’s obvious that you and Dr. DM are the brains behind this site. If you would rather I not contribute, I will hold no grudge or ill feeling.

      1. No problem, Poupon! It’s up to you entirely whether you wish to post here or not. My only concern is that your comments keep going for automatic monitoring when they shouldn’t.

    2. Poupon,

      I accept all your comments as well-meant and bear no grudge against you. Continue posting as before if you wish. Your name has not been singled out for monitoring and so I am truly baffled that your comments are being held up in this way. Maybe this problem will be resolved soon.

      All the best!


      1. Sister Monica, you exhibit great patience coddling these silly old hens every time their feathers are ruffled! 🙂

    3. @Poupon
      OK Poups I’ll give you a heads-up, in good faith.
      You said,
      “Just remember, cognitive dissonance is the Jews favorite poison dart. Misleading, misdirecting, changing perception is how they mask intentions, fool the dumb Goy over and over again, with no inhibition.”
      Fair do’s, by all accounts an accurate observation.
      Now think about this, 48hours later you say,
      “I have communicated with Arianda. Like most all people we have differences, but her high intelligence, wisdom of age and experience, made her a solid asset. Read Lobro’s comments on her value and contribution. I scorn the negative comments about her made by what appears to be a very psychologically insecure individual, above.”

      1. Do you personally know the commenter who writes under the name Ariadnatheo? If so, then why do you repeatedly write her name ‘Arianda’?
      2. “but her high intelligence, wisdom of age and experience,” These qualities could easily be applied to those who are skilled in the art of the ‘poison dart’, no?
      3. “Read Lobro’s comments on her value and contribution.” With respect to Lobro, he probably knows less than you do about her and you appear to know very little.
      4. “I scorn the negative comments about her…”
      Do you not think that a little odd Poupon? Is your animosity to other contributors to this site a symptom of the ‘poison dart’ that you spoke of earlier? And just who exactly pierced your skin and poisoned you Poupon? From your comment on the ‘gabrielarad06 blog’ and her response, it is quite obvious a honey trap was set and you buzzed straight on in – don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re not the first and you wont be the last, she’s very good at what she does but ‘Arianda’s’ Achilles is her hubris – which funnily enough is another prized quality of those of the ‘poison dart’ and she just can’t stop it bubbling up.
      5. Did you ever read the site ‘’ Poupon? Ariadna Theokopoulos became the main contributor there. Starting as a commenter she quickly moved on to writing articles. Over the following months she, using her ‘high intelligence’, systematically attacked and drove off virtually every other writer and commenter. The site was once vibrant, now it is dust. Hundreds of thousands of collective hours exploring the malady of Israel and Jewishness – GONE! The J’s couldn’t have done the job better themselves! Hmmm, makes yer think….

      Jim S.

      1. Jim –

        I like your ‘list’…. especially since Ariadna hated MY lists 🙂 which I used to expose various conspiracies in business, partnered with the usury experts, in every country around the world.

        Usury was on the ‘short list’ of the main tools used by the culprits, Pharisee-Jews, exposed by Ezra Pound.

      2. Jim Stone>
        1. Do you personally know the commenter who writes under the name Ariadnatheo? If so, then why do you repeatedly write her name ‘Arianda’?” Do you mean faccia a faccia? Do I need to, to have any opinion regarding some/anyone? Does anybody? I didn’t know Stalin or Mao, but I call them by those names and have an opinion of them, just as I do of you. You wouldn’t want to hear it.

        2. ““but her high intelligence, wisdom of age and experience,” These qualities could easily be applied to those who are skilled in the art of the ‘poison dart’, no?” She might be skilled in making rhubarb pie and chocolate pudding. She might be a good knife thrower. Your question leaves me, but it never arrived.

        3. I know what she wrote, just like you. Perhaps your comments are generated by envy.

        4. I don’t know about mystical “poison darts”, Jim Stone, but I do know about Poison Farts, as I am renowned in that department. I once cleared out a ship’s Control Room of all personnel after a blast.

        5. Yeah. Not my shopping bag, Jim Stone. However, let me state the obvious: popularity is not the equivalent of quality. Otherwise, Madonna and Beyonce would be up there with Maria Callas and Beverly Sills.

        My turn to question: are you taking any psychotropic drugs?

  20. Sr. M., thank you! That is indeed a relief for me. Like I said before, you are a sweetheart, and a model for us all. Nothing gets my attention like an intelligent woman using sweet reason and goodness of heart.

  21. NO NEED to assassinate Trump.

    He goes along with “Nazi Germany” narratives of Pharisee-Jews…!! 🙂

    Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump:

    “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?”
    4:48 AM – 11 Jan 2017

  22. time to refresh your Protocols lesson?

    what we are seeing is drumroll to nuclear war 2017, what jew is doing is exactly the same as in 1933.

    Donald Trump is not jew’s water boy which is a perfect pretext for this exercise: “jew saves America from a manchurian candidate, promises to punish the master puppeteer Putin“, whereas the reality (non-fake new) reads as follows:
    Blessed (((messiah))) {Antichrist} is here, world depopulation plan, ie, agenda 21, put into motion immediately prior to realization of the age old promise of Torah that the Jew will be the master of every living creature, all of them existing only to serve the Chosen“.

    the initial exchange will take out only 50-100 million but the subsequent deprivation will snuff out billions.
    If Trump’s position survives the next 8 days, the war will have to wait, otherwise it is near instant geronimo!

  23. The only reason to assassinate Trump would be if he were to expose the nuclear war narratives as “FAKE NEWS”… which they certainly ARE fake… FEAR PORN..!! 🙂

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