Dangerous Delusions of the Donald: Includes full Press Conference video (77-mins)

in Washington

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: The article you are about to read will probably make you want to vomit, particularly if you happen to be a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Even if you dislike Trump, the article  might strike you as grotesquely unfair. This article shows the mainstream media at its venomous worst. It is billed as “a vivid dispatch from the epicentre of US democracy still quaking from the aftershocks of a petulant, preening and poisonous presidential press conference that has exposed the DANGEROUS  DELUSIONS  OF  THE  DONALD.”

The article is followed by the full 77-minute press conference in which you will find a totally different Trump: a consummate showman in full control who is enjoying himself and is bursting with ebullient energy and confidence. In order to appreciate the  sheer malevolence of the article, you need to watch this video also.

My advice to you is to skim through the abridged article if you are pressed for time and then proceed straight to the video, starting at the 24-minute mark. The first 24 minutes are relatively dull, consisting of a long monologue by Trump reading from a script. It’s only when Trump begins interacting with the reporters at the 24-minute mark that the real  “action” kicks in. I was impressed by Trump’s bravura performance. He certainly made mincemeat out of the media, his sharpest barbs being reserved for CNN, the New York Times, and a Jewish reporter who had asked him a cheeky question about his “anti-Semitism”. (LD)


IAN BIRRELL, Daily Mail columnist

How much has Russia’s malevolent President Vladimir Putin influenced Donald Trump? For months this frightening suggestion has rattled around the free world, with suggestions of dark deeds and nefarious dossiers. Last week, we saw one answer with an astonishing press conference straight out of the Kremlin textbook. It was filled with falsehoods, phoney claims and vicious verbal assaults on his enemies, like nothing seen before in the White House’s long history.

From the moment he strolled up to the East Room podium to present an epic one-man show, the delusions and the delirium of the 45th President of the United States were on full, and frankly, disturbing display. It marked a new low in the nation’s political history. Behind the trademark bluster and bombast, the world’s most powerful person revealed burning resentments and bristling insecurities rarely seen in a President, let alone one just four weeks into office.

Trump’s rambling soliloquy was punctured with self-pity, sarcasm and sheer fury before the world’s press – presenting an alternative reality to that seen by almost everyone else here in Washington. There was one truth at the outset when he declared: ‘I don’t think there’s ever been a President elected in this short period of time who has done what we’ve done.’

Certainly he has shaken up his nation, although not necessarily for the best. After just 30 days – yes, it seems much longer – Trump’s approval ratings have plunged to historic lows, while his administration has been plagued by chaos. There has been the divisive inaugural speech, bungled immigration ban, bumbling talks with foreign leaders, swirling rumours of Russian links, and chaotic appointments culminating in the humiliating sacking of his key security adviser.

The buffoonish 70-year-old billionaire with orange face, small hands and strange hair has picked ceaseless fights with judges, journalists and television jokers.

And he seems to expend huge political capital pursuing silly feuds on social media. Yet as he stood before the cameras, his yellow bouffant lost in glitzy golden drapes behind him, this strange insurgent politician claimed to be a great success still adored by the American people who had handed him power against all expectations.

‘I turn on the TV, open the newspapers, and I see stories of chaos,’ he said. ‘Chaos. Yet it is the exact opposite. This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine – despite the fact that I can’t get my Cabinet approved.’

The 77-minute event, hastily arranged and featuring surreal flights of fancy, led one Senator to text: ‘He should do this with a therapist not on live TV.’ Another Republican insider described it to me as ‘performance art’. Others simply wonder if their President is a bit bonkers – prompting the psychiatry professor who defined narcissistic personality disorder to write to the New York Times saying it was stigmatising the mentally ill to be ‘lumped with Mr Trump’.

There were demands for ‘friendly’ questions, discussion of cable TV ratings, constant assaults on ‘fake news’, attacks on defeated rival Hillary Clinton, even telling an Orthodox Jewish reporter to ‘sit down’ for daring to ask about anti-Semitism.

At times it was terrifying, such was the detachment from the truth. And at times it was even touching. ‘I’m really not a bad person, you know,’ he mused. Above all, it was compelling – a car crash of a press conference by a politician who is a unique showman. Name another world leader you might watch for more than an hour and a quarter – even if it is with horror through your hands.

‘Tomorrow they will say ‘Donald Trump rants and raves at the press’,’ he said. ‘I’m not ranting and raving. I’m just telling you. You know, you’re dishonest people. But I’m not ranting and raving. I love this. I’m having a good time doing it.’

Most remain perplexed at best, fearful at worst – and there are 1,353 more days of this until the next election. Perhaps this is the new politics amid anger against the established order. Yet one day this man and his ‘fine-tuned machine’ will be tested by real conflict, possibly with the spilling of American blood rather than silly skirmishes on Twitter.

And this is why, as you wander Washington’s corridors of power amid those splendid neo-classical buildings reeking of history, the mutterings grow louder about America’s bizarre new leader and his chaotic team. We have never witnessed such dysfunction and incompetence as this,’ said one former White House aide, now advising a prominent Republican Senator.

Others put it more starkly. ‘This is the most dangerous President in my lifetime,’ said (((Eliot Cohen))), a prominent defence analyst who served under George Bush. He was utterly scathing to me about the ineptitude and nastiness of Trump and his team.

Such fears are intensified by events such as last week’s press conference.

Hours later came news that Robert Harward, a retired admiral who was next pick for National Security Adviser, had turned down the post.

This role determines intelligence seen by a President, so could not be more crucial. General Mike Flynn, Trump’s foolish first choice with a fondness for conspiracy theories, was dismissed amid controversy that still rumbles over undisclosed links to Russia.

Already he has turned political certainties on their head.

First with his astonishing victory against all odds – and now with his ranting, his use of social media, his assaults on mainstream media and his amazing ability to brazen out falsehoods.

The big question is whether this turbulent presidency will settle down – perhaps restrained by establishment forces in courts, security and Congress already flexing muscles – or end up like Nixon, forced to resign in shame?

Just one month into the Trump epoch, this astonishing suggestion is already being discreetly aired as the dark shadow of Putin looms large. ‘It is not impossible if uncomfortable evidence emerges over Russia,’ said a foreign policy expert in the Senate.


VIDEO : 77 minutes

(We recommend that you start at 24-minute mark if pressed for time)

24 thoughts to “Dangerous Delusions of the Donald: Includes full Press Conference video (77-mins)”

  1. ian birrell … extreme nausea is baptized with a name, all the reasons for the fall of the western man encapsulated in his person, the Shabbo Hall of Fame.
    trump could not have asked for a better endorsement than to have birrell fire his hiv infected spitballs at him.

    just look at this and what lurks behind it

    orange face, small hands

    need i translate to “white man, small dick, can’t jump”?
    what would a journalist have faced to have referred to obama as “mud colored face, prehensile tail duct taped around waist”?

    ugly is as ugly gets and jew’s inner abyss shines forth darkly, clawed feet gripping the clifftop as he wields his whip at the cowering ungulates, urging them into ceaseless yapping, hebraically rendered “nessun dorma”.

  2. At 8.27 Trump calls Iran “the world’s top sponsor of terrorism”, which is fake news from his side. For the rest, the press conference was rather chaotic with Trump demonstrating his low verbal IQ once again. His remarks on Russia however were encouraging. My thought is that he will muddle through his presidency with some mixed results. The “messiah” he is not.

  3. frankie, he doesn’t need high verbal iq, he is not speaking to the neurotic tribe, you heard him at about 3 min say, I am here today to update AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    unlike the previous dirty dozen, he wasn’t elected by Jew but by the People.
    People don’t fall for verbal pyrotechnics, they prefer plain truth or when that is not possible without inviting frontal conflict with the Enemy, he will couch it in terms that are quite obvious but not plainly incrimination in light of the bolshevik political correctness.

    here he talks to the People in melbourne, FL.
    i don’t expect there to be many jews other than mossad scouting opportunities and recording patterns for further analysis.

    Messiah? what language is that?
    if you learned to speak amoeba and were giving a speech before a giant amoeba assembly, what would you say that would make any sense to them, even with your high verbal IQ?
    could someone with iq of 500 say anything meaningful to us?

    jesus spoke deep, yet immediate and once the scales were shed off the eyes, simple, direct truths.
    this is the essence of wisdom.
    which is why jew-messiah cannot be anything but a high verbal iq antichrist.
    And we agree that trump ain’t that.

    time after time, he makes a backward step for every 2-3 forward ones and iran falls into that class, it is safe, neocons have to shut up and yet, because his respect for russia, it is obvious that he will never touch Iran, despite all the screeching from the treetops.
    But this is the weak spot of the high verbal Iquers, they have poor motor coordination and cannot follow action in real time 🙂
    how many jew f1 and moto gp racers can you name?
    ian birrell sure looks like one, don’t he, i would say he doesn’t even ride his mobility scooter without helmet and safety belt.

    1. Lobro –

      I’ll use the logic you have applied all along: “Trump is so shrewd and smart he means the OPPOSITE of what he says..!!” 🙂

      Using ‘Lobro-Logic’……
      “I am here today to update AMERICAN PEOPLE”… REALLY means…
      “I am NOT here today to update AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

      1. @ Pat
        @ Lobro

        “Trump is so shrewd and smart he means the OPPOSITE of what he says..!!” 🙂

        If that is Lobro’s logic, then it sucks. And this does appear to be the logic Lobro applies to most of Trump’s statements that he doesn’t approve of.

        Thus, according to Lobro, when Trump makes belligerent noises against Iran, he’s just pretending. He’s playing to the Jewish gallery. The more Trump looks like he’s getting ready to attack Iran, the less likely he is to do so — according to Lobro’s contorted logic! 🙂

        Trump has openly sworn his allegiance to Israel and declared himself a passionate Zionist, giving Netanyahu free rein to expand settlements. According to Lobro’s weird logic, Trump is only pretending. He’s doing this simply to appease the powerful Jews around him. Here again, according to Lobro, Trump is the opposite of what he appears to be. Trump is really, truly, actually an ANTI-ZIONIST pretending to be a Zionist! 🙂

        With logic like that, you don’t get very far. Why? Because if Trump aways says the opposite of what he means, why does Lobro believe Trump when he says he wants to cut back on immigration, build a wall across the Mexican border, and improve life for ordinary working Americans? After all, Trump could be meaning the OPPOSITE of what he says!

        How many millions of people voted for Trump? Didn’t they vote for him because of the promises he made them? Would they have voted for Trump if they thought like Lobro — that everything Trump said had to be taken with a pinch of salt, because he really means the opposite of what he says?!? 🙂

        it’s time for Lobro to brush up on his logic.

        Lobro Supporter
        (tho not of Lobro’s logic)

    2. Pat, i was hoping you’d apply my logic a bit further, maybe it is not your day.

      trump is at war.
      america is at war, basically with the same enemy.

      now, assuming for the moment (i know you will disagree but just accept it hypothetically) that trump and America are allies against the common enemy (if you watch the speech where he repeatedly claims to be speaking directly to American people, above the reporters’ heads and enumerates all the good things his administration has done – for America – against the common enemy, it will give you the way to identify the sides) … what does one do in a war, i am giving you the multiple choice quiz to make it easy:
      a) tell the truth to both friend and enemy alike,
      b) tell the truth to enemy, lie to friend,
      c) tell the truth to friend, lie to enemy,
      d) lie to both friend and enemy.
      You served, right? in a sub and in ‘nam, so maybe you picked up some of these basics.
      did your sub drag a brightly colored buoy on surface to let everyone know its position?
      did your company of grunts wear cowbells while humping the boonies?
      if the answer is NO, then the rule is to always lie to the enemy, never let them know your next move.
      Heck, Trump says that directly at the presser at one point.
      But he did say that he intends to keep every promise made to the American Voter and so far he has been delivering at a record pace.

      But he must keep the enemy guessing because the enemy is not interested in Trump’s promises, the enemy has his own agenda and a set of priorities and so far he has met absolutely none of them.
      maybe it doesn’t tell YOU anything but it tells something to the American people.
      Day after day, he is going down his checklist and checking them off, an excellent record so far.

      there is a priceless moment at 1:04:45 when he is facing the writhing, slithering rabbi and says sarcastically, “now look at him, he’ll give me a friendly question”.
      watch the expression on trump’s face, the look in his eyes at this moment, like he’d like nothing better than show him the way to the (((showers))).
      And then abruptly tells him to sit down and calls him a liar.
      Enough, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it, it’s okay.

      ps. and having just seen Supporter in a state of confusion, i will reiterate.

      I can name a bunch of promises to his people that trump has kept.

      I can name a bunch of fake promises to his enemy that Trump has NOT kept and i am betting that he does NOT intend ever to keep.

      RESULTS COUNT – and only results.

      try to orient by that magnetic needle.
      it works for me.

      1. Lobro –

        A hypothetical question, as you asked… will elicit a well deserved hypothetical answer from me…. every time..!! 🙂

        You claimed…
        “(if you watch the speech where he repeatedly claims to be speaking directly to American people, above the reporters’ heads and enumerates all the good things his administration has done – for America – against the common enemy, it will give you the way to identify the sides) … what does one do in a war, i am giving you the multiple choice quiz to make it easy:”

        I shall use my own choice – NOT CHOICES – rather than your hypothetical ones…

        The war is… AS ALWAYS…


      2. @ Lobro

        An excellent post for the silent gallery, but a waste of electrons for the committed complainers.

  4. Rather than vomit, I’d prefer to beat-the-shit out of Mr. Ian Birrell. He needs it. Moreover, Frankie, we NEED a President who speaks simply. We simpletons can understand him, and his intentions are plain. We’re not looking for a ‘messiah’ so much as a plain-dealer who tries to follow-thru on his promises and our country’s welfare.

      1. I may be dumb as a claw-hammer, but at least I don’t sit around on my ass all day pretending to be intellectually superior. Mr. Trump, likewise, obviously has a work ethic to admire (which bothers-the-hell out of the lazy-assed fleabags whose main activity is criticism).

      2. Gil –

        Trump is working…. working hard on showing the little guys, like his buddy in the picture, how to file bankruptcy..!!

        They’ll need it after they get those loans he is making available for them to go into debt to the Pharisee-Jew Bankers..!! 🙂

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “We’re not looking for a ‘messiah’ so much as a plain-dealer who tries to follow-thru on his promises and our country’s welfare.”

      The way things have been going for the last 150 years at least, a “plain-dealer” = “messiah”.

      Anyway, I don’t care if Trump looks like a moron and speaks like a moron. The problem I have is that his actions speak louder and more simply than his words, and the military buildup in Easter Europe (which threatens all of us) continues apace. Also, do we really need a carrier strike force patrolling the South China sea?

      I was hoping that by now we’d see some sign that he’s going to back off on the senseless provocations. Apparently not.

    2. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “Rather than vomit, I’d prefer to beat-the-shit out of Mr. Ian Birrell.”

      If you set that up, let me know if you will be selling tickets. 🙂

      @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Since approximately 33% of Americans have a BA/BS degree or higher, if Trump wants to communicate with the 67% he should not aim only at those who have an aloof attitude. Hopefully the aloof can understand simple communication, so Trumps communicates with everyone.

  5. I would recommend going to Alex Jones and listening to the former CIA agent, Steele. He calls Donald Trump the accidental president. The election was rigged for Hillary, he says. She first of all stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders. Then something happened apparently where a stop Hillary group kicked in and prevented her from stealing the rest of the General Election. That is why there is chaos as opposed to a smooth government that operates on Blackmail and mind control. Take your pick. I would rather have the uncertainty of chaos and a President that really didn’t expect to win, and who has enemies in the Republican Party, the deep state, and the horrid left (George Soros). He has enemies in his staff, supposedly, because he had to make some deals with the Republicans in order to get through the electoral college debacle.

    Donald Trump is our accidental president. No one thought he would win. He didn’t think he would win, but now for the first time we have the slimmest chance to take back our country. Maybe I exaggerate the threat of the neocons and the Israelis because they have been the menace for the entire of my adult life with all these concocted wars, so I hope that Donald can separate himself from his son-in-laws influence. I’m always hoping and praying that there are rational minds at work. Let’s pray that rationality takes the day!

    1. Like all Central/Reserve bank/Rothschild-owned countries everywhere, the USA election was expected to be just another rigged affair. The Zionist mafia didn’t bank on one force being more powerful than all their money and fakestream media together. It took Hilary et al by suprise because the usual way they rig just wasn’t and ultimately didn’t work. They were stupefied. Why? Our brethen of the light in their space craft were a whole lot of steps ahead of them and with their superior technology stepped in to ensure that the USA’s peoples will really was done this time around.

    2. @ Kapoore

      Do not put any stock in what Steele says. He is a CIA shill to mislead which is why he says a few things that are true. CIA shills are trained to be convincing.

      Concerning PizzaGate, when Victurus Libertas interviewed Steele a couple of days ago, Steele said that he believes that the pedo-participants should not go to jail for telling the truth and repenting, that should tell you all you need to know about Steele. Pedo-blackmail is a CIA/Mossad/MI6 specialty.

  6. I want to add one of the dangerous delusions that makes Trump a better president than Hillary: Trump doesn’t probably know that it is the U.S. that is funding ISIS, so ironically we are fighting ourselves. Essentially we (the deep state) want to get rid of Assad and that has been the plan all along. Assad seems to like Trump because Trump isn’t interested in getting rid of Assad. So ISIS is not getting paid (or so I read in the alternative press). Hmm What happens when all the deep state plans for taking over the world suddenly find themselves short of funding. I personally don’t think we need an NSA that spies on everyone. I don’t think we need a CIA that funds secret wars with taxpayer money. What if part of Trumps dangerous delusions involves not getting the fact that we need to be at war for the globalists. And, it is another bogus set of polls that has Trump at such low poll numbers. Another poll has him at 55%, that is when you poll the voting public. Not sure who they are polling to get their numbers, but seriously haven’t we already been there, done that, with phony polling.

  7. Interesting comments. I liked Gilbert’s first suggestion re. Mr. Birrell, and would add a number of other habitual liars employed in the media and politics. Gilbert’s second observation about Mr. Trump having a serious, powerful, productive work ethic is one of the finest. To illustrate what a work ethic can do for a person, a little story from my own life experience. I’ve previously mentioned my Afghan friend I met in my student days, and his revealing explanation about the jewish ‘religion’ with his mushroom diagram. (“Where is the jewish religion?” – “Dead”). He came from a fourth world country, at the time poorer than third world states. He went to the only University in the country, which by force of circumstance could only accept the most promising candidates and as an exceptionally hard worker was often sought after by other friends (students) for assistance in achieving; passing tests, getting degrees…later other things. He described the final examination in Structural Engineering as a dignified ordeal where the student had to present his thesis orally without notes, standing – however he noted that ALL the University teachers and officials also had to stand as well for the duration as well, as part of the dignified occasion. He used to laugh his ballocks off because he kept them standing not for hours, as some of the past had done, but for days… He became a professor at Kabul University immediately after as a recognized exceptional talent. Then, his friends who studied politics and history would pay him a visit when seeking government office, and he would suggest ‘a little of this, a little of that’ provided he liked them, and they weren’t communists. Having gained office, problems would naturally arise and so back to the Professor’s University office for help. The fun would come at moments of crisis; the government deadlocked, life and death matters bitterly disputed… back to Kabul University for advice. His reply: “This is indeed a serious matter, I shall have to consult my colleague here at the University, Professor Navook. Please tell the government to wait an hour for your reply”. The good Professor would then retire to his own office, and discuss matters (think them through) with his colleague, Professor Navook – “What shall we tell the Ministers Professor?” Professor Navook, his pet parrot, would squawk this and that, and the government would get the best answer at the end of the allotted time, the mysterious Professor Navook never revealing himself. He ran the government for a while from his University office, more or less. Later, while invited all expenses paid to teach for a year at an American University, when young attractive female students would try to improve their grades by offers of… you know what… he’d say “Honey, all you have to do is sit on my desk”. Then he’d spend the next few hours doing his papers and computer sheets, occasionally glancing up and complimenting their good looks. At the end of the day he’d say “If you only spent the same time working, just think how proud you would make your parents”…

  8. In the music business there is a new phenomenon called “The Loudness War”. In essence, the core of this “war” is that, compared to songs and recordings of the 60’s & 70’s, the current mixes of songs are “fatter” with sonic information, the final mastering is packed with MORE decibels and thus the music comes off as louder and louder. I”m not going to get all technical with this, but you all can “hear this for yourself” by playing an older record or CD and compare it to a newly mixed song. The upshot of all of this is that by “packing” a track with MORE decibels and digital info, the music loses it’s dynamics and subtitles and is much LESS enjoyable to the listener. You miss the soft string section playing an 8-bar echo refrain, a soft clarinet lilting along in the back of the mix or a sensual acoustic slide guitar adding a smokey blues riff.

    Sadly, this effect is “personified and cross-migrated” into many, many, many other forms of basic. modern-day forms of communications. Take this tendency to “being louder and louder” and add that to any one of the components of all these increases of “volume” in how people communicate and we all wind up with an overpowering wall of blabber AND sound that saturates and drowns the messaging (well NOT EVERYTHING is “blabber”). The worst sinners are those who don’t truly have anything of depth to say nor do they understand the great value of dynamic, thoughtful and subtle human communication.

    I think we can all agree that when we read a great article, we sit back and ponder and are inspired. But, if, like THIS WALL OF SOUND article, you are forced to plod through a shallow field of ideas (or NON-ideas, in this case) best demonstrated by mocking people and calling them names. Of course, this is the signature process of left-wingers; no subtly, no depth, no insight and of no consequence. In essence, all they are doing are exercising their God-given right to free speech. I equate an article like this to going to “the club” and quietly working out, while I have to endure listening to and watching someone else working out nearby who is grunting, groaning and showing “bad form” during their exercises.

    This, “Ian-guy” has his right to speak up, but if someone PAID him for his so-called “journalistic” (I really shudder to even use this word) excretions, I need to talk to THAT person.

    I think Trump, as I have noted in my previous postings, is a “HUMAN BEING” of depth. Yes, he CAN BE loud in his physical presentation behind a podium, but his message is not loud. It is simple, direct and easily understandable to people who listen. All in all he is very judicious with his words and his message, BUT I have also witnessed when he wants to “put his foot on the gas”, he can roll over someone like a turbo steamroller (I want to drive on of those one day!). He is a subtle man, whom, I would guess when driving a very powerful sports car, is not flooring it at every opportunity. His speaking is dynamic and he clearly makes his point simply and quickly. I equate this to his background as a global CEO. To save time, money, effort and to avoid mistakes, he makes it simple because that form of communication makes the transfer of information fast and simple. EXAMPLE? How about this beloved computer I am using now….it breaks everything down to “ones-and-zeros” at its base. Simple….”ones-and-zeroes”. I like that.

    People have got to ease up on Trump and let’s give him his space to get the job done. So far, the guy has been rocking and rolling……and he has been masterfully “playing people” and spanking the petulant child we all call, “Das Media”. Holy Toot, now THOSE people are ALL ABOUT fat and (dare I say) loud messaging which I equate to nothing more then verbal & media NOISE. Moreover, he has a Congress that is more like a mountain construction zone as opposed to an organization there to accomplish very important duties. Give the man his cabinet and let him hire his people and stop trying to trip him up and play gotcha., OK? I ask, how would ANY of you feel if you had to endure this balderdash?

    I’ve been quietly watching and pondering (one of my regular perceptual states) the media a lot over the years. Also, I have been employed in just about every aspect of media in my life. As we all know, it has changed drastically, ESPECIALLY with the invention of the 24-hour news cycle pioneered by the likes of CNN. Heck, back when I was a kid, we didn’t have TV. We listened to the radio, played 78 RPM opera records and played piano and sang together as a family. Ahhh, yes, those were the days.

    Then the one-eyed cyclops was rolled into our home and we watched TV. We didn’t have remotes, so mom and dad set the channels and we watched CBS, NBC or ABC. The “news” was on once a day, then twice a day…..then once the television networks started making a buck the “Programming Monster” rose from the towers and the wires and screamed “FEED ME”….i.e. they needed more shows because advertisers where making them rich. The TV shows, the movies, the news, Saturday morning cartoons, local shows were ALL there as BASICALLY FLUFF to fill the space between ads….which made the networks rich, rich, rich….and STILL does. (HINT: You want to get some re-action, screw contacting the networks, contact the advertisers and their agencies).

    And here is the point I set out to make when I first started typing my “love letter” to you all.

    TV News is just fluff and it has gotten so out-of-hand that they now create FAKE NEWS when a 10-15 second time frame from the global feed goes flat from “no info” coming in. To further intensify this whole programming process they add more and more and more commentators on camera. MY goodness, why do we need more than one person and “maybe a side-kick” running a show? These news shows have sunken into shout festivals where the “LOUDNESS WARS’ and fat AND juicy segments are fill with decibels that build to a crescendo which ends with a ….ahem…..”We’ll be right back”….as they break for a commercial selling an idyllic vacation, drugs for sexual dysfunction ( my RX is just relax and don’t make sex a microwave event…..heck, research says it lasts 3-5 minutes tops!), a hot new deal on a car you can’t buy when you get into a dealership, organizations pleading for you to give them money, make-up, fast food….blah, blah, blah.

    Now, Obama was/is a snake-oil salesman with his smooth-talking granular, overly-written teleprompter delivery, but take him off of teleprompter and his delivery was saturated with “ahh”, “ummms”, “wa-wa-wa-was”, “I’ma-I’ma-I’mas” (reminded me of the 50’s song “Papa-Um-Mauw-Mauw)……etc. I couldn’t stand listening to Obama or Clinton or so many of the other jibber-jabber, political officials who all used the same lines and spewed the same drivel.

    Compared to Trump’s delivery, Obama was like a high school sophomore struggling through a “speech class”.

    Bottom line is…this “Ian Guy”…..is a clown and he gets paid to create crap content to make people stop and read it and maybe, just maybe, when you are reading it, the “Meet Russian Beauties and Hunks” display ads on that web-page gets your attention and will entice you to “CLICK” on it and voila “mission accomplished”!

    But, Trump….I like him….he speaks so a regular person can understand what he is saying. THAT IS an art form unto itself!

  9. A psychiatrists case study of Trump’s mentality:

    Trump fulfills practically all the criteria included in the classification of narcissism established by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). This is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in many countries all over the world..

    Grandiosity; fantasies of power and personal attractiveness; self-perception of being unique; needing constant admiration form others; sense of entitlement; exploitation of others for personal gain; intensely envious of others and pompous and arrogant demeanor are the symptoms included in this syndrome. His behavior at the time, which became even more evident since becoming President, only confirmed this hypothesis.a practicing psychotherapist who advised psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, went a step further and stated that Trump has “malignant narcissism” which is different from narcissistic personality disorder and which is incurable. “We have seen enough public behavior by Donald Trump now that we can make this diagnosis indisputably,” says Garner.

    Although many psychologists and psychiatrists accept that their work could never be done without direct contact with the subject of their analysis, there are enough manifestations of Trump’s public persona and character to allow for his psychological characterization, since this is an issue that is of a deep concern for everyone.

    Trump’s psychological characteristics are also consistent with a person with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), which What makes this disorder particularly dangerous is that among its other characteristics those who have it are often reckless and impulsive, and fail to consider the consequences of their actions.

    In addition, they are often aggressive and manifest a lopsided temper, lashing out with violence to what they perceive is a provocation. is characterized by a pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. Also apparent in this disorder is a history of legal problems and of impulsive and aggressive behavior. Individuals with this disorder generally have no compunction in exploiting others in harmful ways for their own gain and pleasure. They frequently manipulate and deceive other people through a facade of wit and superficial charm, or even through intimidation and violence. power always corrupts, what is seldom said…is that power always reveals.”

    Anyone who has observed President Trump’s actions since assuming the presidency cannot fail but notice his increasingly impulsive decisions, his notable frustration at not receiving the response that he expected and a failure to admit that he has been wrong or apologizing when harming others.

    What we have is a situation where the most powerful person in the world is tainted by personality characteristics that can be of serious harm to world peace. The extent to which these harmful characteristics can be controlled may well decide the future of the world.

    — Dr. Cesar Chelala is an international public health consultant.


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