Darkmoon Commenters Debate Donald Trump: Is he a Lame Duck or the New White Messiah?

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon

The following comments on the current Trump situation form a cross-section of the best comments we have received. Sincere apologies if your comment has been overlooked or, at times, truncated and rephrased in the interests of brevity and clarity.



REDMOND WALKER (putting in a good word for Donald Trump) : Really, folks, you have got to simmer down and don’t get drawn into the chitter-chatter of all the fake news and comments … you are over-heating. Slow and steady now. I’ll leave you with this … sit back and watch Trump. He is NOT what anyone thinks. In the end, all of you will be smiling as we watch Trump disassemble Zionism once-and-for-all. You read it here first. I am right … bank on it, bro … what I’ve said is true!

THE WHO: Redmond Walker, you gave yourself up bonehead, your weak ideology of hate and fear mongering is so easy to spot, it’s the talking points of idiots, just like your psychopathic clown savior Donald Trump! The moron have no brain or the intellectual abilities to play any games! By the way cretin, there is an embedded Muslim spy under your bed, stupid cunt!

UNGENIUS: Redmond Walker, good post! . . .   The Saker says: “It’s over, folks, the deep state has won.” The Saker has spoken! (Ironically) So, now Trump gets a break from Darkmoon commenters and the usuals can go back to bashing Putin. Ahh, the good old days!

FELIX: Ungenius, the White House has also spoken, demanding Russia “return” Crimea to Ukraine. A very short lived detente between the USA and Russia, indeed. I confess I had hopes of something better from Trump, but it’s time to admit I was wrong.

By accepting Flynn’s resignation Trump has signed the death warrant of his Presidency and that of his country.

I know this is difficult for Americans to accept, but all physical things are impermanent. Death comes to us all.

LOBRO: Felix, note that Trump is in damage control mode. Having fired Flynn, everyone is now yelling that it is smoking gun proof that Trump and his loyalists are all a bunch of Russians with fake US passports. So, to prove that he is not a Russian, Trump is “demanding return of Crimea”. Putin can always say, “We’ll return Crimea when you return Alaska”.

SW : Of course I knew Trump was only the lesser of two evils, but I hoped he would be less belligerent than his opponent. I thought he actually might join hands with Putin. But now – Russia must “return” Crimea?

Preposterous, and the last straw for me! Now it appears that there will be no escape from escalation.

PAT:  Russia said today it would not hand back Crimea to Ukraine or discuss the matter with foreign partners after the White House said US President Donald Trump expected the annexed Black Sea peninsula to be returned.

Moscow says an overwhelming majority of Crimeans voted to become part of Russia in a 2014 referendum, wanting protection from what the Kremlin cast as an illegal coup in Kiev.

FELIX: Lobro, I hope you’re right, but the forces of evil are already attacking Trump for contacting the Russians. Read the headlines of the Guardian and Independent. Even if he is sincere and rides this out, Trump is now too weakened to make any changes to US foreign policy. He is now a lame duck president. It’s going to be death by a thousand cuts, as with Nixon after he got into trouble. Later on Pence will take over. The first time I set eyes on Pence and the way his unsmiling visage gazed at Trump, he reminded me of a vulture waiting for a piece of carrion to die.

SEAN:  I don’t know much about the political arena in the US but I gather nobody is irreplaceable. Flynn was but a straw in the wind, blown away by a phone call — his own! Trump may also have his own “phone call” secretly kept in reserve. Until needed to produce his downfall. Though he may be harder to dethrone as an elected President.

My guess is that Trump  will be systematically stripped off his powers: initially by finding faults with the staff he chose and replacing them with nice neocons selected by his Controllers. Anyway, if Trump only manages to curb the cabal’s warmongering tendencies during his first term, that alone would be a triumph of sorts. As for “making America great again”, he can have a shot at that  during his second Presidential term.

ARCH STANTON (quoting Lasha Darkmoon’s introduction) :

LD: I know some diehard Trump supporters who will refuse to accept this stark verdict [of the Saker’s] : that Trump is a traitor. They will argue that Trump had no choice, finally recognizing perhaps that his powers were strictly limited . That he had to do what he was told. If so, then Trump become a figurehead president from now on: one with no real power, who simply obeys the diktats of the powerful oligarchy in whose hands he is a mere tool or puppet. In other words, the Jews and their shabbos goyim mercenaries are the ones who are really in charge. As they always have been. [LD]

ARCH STANTON  (Ironically) : Wow, really, ya think? It’s hard to believe and I for one, am truly shocked! Close the coffin lid will ya’, it’s cold in here.

THE SEER: This “editorial” introduction by Lasha Darkmoon to the Saker’s article and it’s (sic)  assumptions are flawed. My first time on this site. Not coming back. Lack of truth and intelligence. Some things are not what they seem. Time will reveal.

DANTE ARDENZ : Trump is in a struggle of epic proportions. He undid the Republican fools in the primaries, and revealed, upon taking power, what a fraud the “Left” is.

International Jewry declared war on Trump when he wiped out the Trans Pacific Partnership and blocked that Shabbat goy creep John Bolton from becoming Deputy Secretary of State … The removal of General Flynn is a big warning to Trump . Come to heel, they are saying, or more furious attacks await! . . . Mike Pence is against  Putin’s Russia and he helped to push Flynn out. Take note: Trump has done all he could to placate the system.

Is Rex Tillerson next in line for the push?

FRANKLIN RYCKAERT:  Jewish pressure from outside the White House and Jewish “advice” from inside the White House by son-in-law, “nice Jewish boy”, Jared Kushner, who could resist that?

It is impossible to work with Jews. Humans cannot coexist with anti-humans.

PETER: Dante, it’s good to see a comment from you on here. There are some people on here that completely mischaracterize Trump’s rise to power and his strong will to overcome the opposition. The big question is: Does Trump have the will he showed during the presidential race and will he stand up for what he believes or will he cave in to the Jews? I too, hope he fights. But I personally believe Trump may only be the beginning of the struggle to wrestle the west back from Jewish control.

HAROLD SMITH:  You can’t be serious, can you? If so your babe-in-the-woods better start doing something before the advent of the Jew-inspired nuclear war, not after.

PETER:  If Trump continues to fight, I think he will be rewarded with strong support from his supporters, in particular the Alt-Right, and if he doesn’t fight it will be a lost battle but I don’t think the struggle is over. I believe the Alt-Right is here to stay and that it will get stronger, even if Trump capitulates. And the next Trump equivalent might not be in the US. It might be Le Pen in France or someone from AFD in Germany.

At this time all these people struggle for the survival of whites, while being careful not to confront the Jews directly, but down the road that will be the next phase. Step by step, as when AFD’s Björn Höcke called the Berlin Holocaust Memorial an insult to the German people a few weeks ago.

THE WHO: The psychopathic legacy of the clown Trump is this: he has brought antisemitism and Islamophobia out from the shadows. The bigots have found each other, and they encourage each other, this basket case of deplorables with their antics of fear and hate porn.

America has been kind and generous toward minorities since its inception, and will continue to be so, despite these baskets of deplorable hillbilly characters.

People are ignoring this basic truth about the righteousness and the essence of the true American creed, Land of the Free and home of the Brave, the bigots are simply cowards and so is their hero Trump the clown. The true America is might with kindness. The vast majority of Americans aren’t racists or bigots. They are kind and God loving and finding each other, every day, again and again, in opposing the clown bigot-in-chief Trump. This is what love in America looks like.

LOBRO: If I was trump, I would aim for martial law and polish that guillotine to a high gloss. I think it’s the only way forward. Or else be swallowed by the same python that corrupted the original Garden of Eden.

FRANKLIN RYCKAERT:  And will Lobro still maintain that all of this is only a “game” Trump is playing in order to confuse the almighty Jews, which he must do in spite of having won the election and being president of the US ?

If so, Trump is playing a very dangerous game. I am not amused.

I am unable to understand what Trump tries to accomplish with his belligerent rhetoric against Iran. If he seriously wants to force a war against Iran to please his Zionist masters, he should keep in mind that such a war would be devastating for his beloved Israel. Not only has Iran the power to hit Israel with long range rockets, Hizbollah, its ally in Southern Lebanon, has enough rockets to destroy it.

SARDONICUS:  I can’t help wondering what Putin will make of this new situation. [Gen. Flynn’s sudden resignation and Trump’s meek acceptance of that resignation]. I’m also dying with curiosity to know what spin the mainstream media will put on these events. Will they make out that for Trump “it’s business as usual” and that he is simply following in the noble footsteps of George W. Bush and Obama?

Is this the new scenario: Trump the Tamed Beast? . . . the Good Little Boy who is now listening to Mommy and doing what he’s told?

PAT:  Trump the Buffoon must not have figgered out YET 🙂  that he is supposed to be in full charge of NSA and FBI..

…. and he can have Sessions charge them…
……. and his US Marshals can arrest them..!!


All his intelligence and offices…. and not a brain to be found..!!  🙂

It “IS ALL OVER”… before it got started..!!

LD:  And so the debate goes on . . . with the learned truthseekers of the Darkmoon site unable to decide whether to love Trump or hate him.

ARCH STANTON: (Quoting from Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’) :  “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

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78 thoughts on “Darkmoon Commenters Debate Donald Trump: Is he a Lame Duck or the New White Messiah?

  1. I think I would make a small change in the wording: “Is he a lame duck, the new White Messiah, or was he a calculated fraud from the beginning?”

    On the other hand, the question is rapidly becoming academic, IMO, so I’m going to refer to his administration as the “‘Trump’ administration” and move on to other important things, like, where to relocate to, so as to minimize exposure to radioactive fallout, etc., and other survival-related issues.

    1. STRICTLY OFF-TOPIC (Concerns mostly ‘Ariadnatheo’)

      ADMIN TOBY: This is probably Poupon Marx’s last post, edited for brevity. (Only the first three paragraphs have been posted, without alteration, the rest of this vituperative and off-topic post being deleted).


      Peter and Dante,

      Ariadnatheo has told me she will never be coming back to Darkmoon. This was due to the erratic and imbecilic actions of Toby in deleting her posting, by using the word, “Turds” [it was Ariadnatheo who used the word “turds”, not Toby], and then slashing a few more in proximity for being “idiotic”, or some similar adjective. This was on the whining complaint by Sardonicus, who also asked to have his post redacted, retracted.

      This was a case-later acknowledged by DM and Sister Monica-of gross incompetency. It was not the first time that Sardonicus has evidenced mental instability.

      This will remain a huge loss for DM. Ariadnatheo is lady of superior intellect, insight, experience, and aesthetic consciousness. She is a rare gem, treated shabbily by a clumsy poltroon who goes by the name of Toby.

      ADMIN TOBY: CONCERNING ARIADNATHEO (aka ‘Ariadna Theokopoulos’)

      Ariadnatheo failed to understand that her post had to be deleted because it was in clear breach of one of the most important rules of our website: that our article writers need to be protected from defamatory and scatalogical abuse. She failed to distinguish between vile abuse directed at other commenters on the site (permitted) and writers we do NOT publish (also permissible within reason) and vile abuse directed at authors we publish on our site, in this case, Israel Shamir. (NOT permitted).

      Thus if Aradnatheo had attacked any commenter on our site or Writer X (never published on our site), her abusive comment would NOT have been deleted. But if she were to attack Kevin MacDonald or Mark Glenn with similar ferocity, writers we happen to know and whose articles we have published, she would NOT have been allowed to indulge her taste for scatalogical abuse.

      Israel Shamir would certainly have deleted Ariadnatheo’s abusive comment had he been monitoring the comments. We did it for him, since we were acting on his behalf in publishing the article. Ariadnatheo completely failed to understand the situation and thought she had license to scream scatalogical abuse at anyone she chose. Not on our site she can’t!

      # 10. WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language. Commenters are free to abuse and insult other commenters if they wish, within reason, but for legal reasons they must not apply the same level of invective to the writers we publish. Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent; or go to some other website where scurrility and scatology are standard practice.


      As far as we are concerned, Ariadnatheo crossed the red line as soon as she started addressing the administrators of this site with insolence and contempt, after we had kindly offered her the hospitality of our site and were even prepared to consider publishing her articles. She is always welcome to return here if she wishes, but she must understand that we do not expect commenters to lecture us high-handedly on our policies or get us to rewrite the rules of our website to suit her.

  2. This is very sad, but emblematic of why DM is the 1,700,000 rank of world web sites. This means the DM is a hermitical incestuous little town in Lost Valley. Hardly anyone in the World reads it. And if high value posters and prospective commenters took an exploratory glance, they would find it not worth their time because of the tolerance for mediocrity and indulgence of the undeserving.

    DM is an echo chamber for about 12 people. The World passes you by as insignificant.


    Your information is at least 2-3 years out of date!

    The Darkmoon site’s Alexa ranking has never been higher, with thousands of readers checking in from every corner of the world. Far from being 1,700,000 in ranking, our latest Alexa ranking figure — as of TODAY! — is 177,534.

    I REPEAT: 177,534!
    (This figure keeps changing by the day … or even perhaps by the hour.)

    Given that there are 1 BILLION websites in the world, the ranking figure of 177,534 places the Darkmoon site within the first ONE PER CENT (1%) of world websites. Or as Lobro has calculated elsewhere, even higher than within the first 1%. I think Lobro said that DM now stands within the first 0.25% of world websites.

    Here are our latest Alexa ranking figures:


    1. @ Poupon Marx

      “DM [Darkmoon site] is the 1,700,000 rank of world web sites…. Hardly anyone in the World reads it. DM is an echo chamber for about 12 people. The World passes you by as insignificant.”

      You pathetic slob, your figure is at least 3-4 years OUT OF DATE!!! The Darkmoon site has made HUGE gains in the interim period and is now ranked within the first ONE per cent of world websites.

      Use your ****ing eyes, moron! 🙂


      And if want to get the most up-to-date figure, check it out on alexa.com. Last time I looked, the figure was:

      177, 534!!!!!!!!!!

      That’s BETTER than in the first 1%. It’s in the first one-quarter percent (0.25%).

      If you think a site like this only has TWELVE readers, you have to be the biggest MORON on the internet! No wonder you aren’t allowed to spread your disinfo here and have been banned from dozens of other respectable sites, including this one! It’s because you are a f***ing brain-dead delinquent and malevolent TROLL!!! 🙂

      F*** OFF!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. It doesn’t really make a bit of difference what these “learned truthseekers” think about Trump, Lasha; and the sooner they understand and accept their insignificance, the happier and more content they’ll be. 🙂 🙂

  4. In the truther/conspiracy blogosphere, we have a couple of theories regarding the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler and World War 2 era Germany.

    A) He was financed by (((wall street bankers))) a freemason and controlled opposition from the get go. He took over a moribund and collapsing country and MADE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN…then took them off to war and purposely lost it to once and for all to accomplish the REAL holocaust – permanently destroying the remnants of the Germanic empire and shoah millions of Arayan-Anglo white Christians.


    B) He was an honest to goodness, legitimate leader who opposed the (((media))) and (((international bankers))) and their corrupt influence on the religious, cultural and social state of his nation. He came to power to MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN…and he did. But he blew it when he became irrational and a micro-managing megalomaniac and lost the war through atrocious military decisions.

    Either scenario could be possible. At this point…who can really know? The current pervasiveness of misformed disinformation on the internet has certainly obscured the truth and is very difficult to figure out with certainty which was the true Hitler.

    I see the current situation with Trump to be shrouded in the same sort of uncertainty.

    He most certainly can be Hitler scenario A. He has to make America Great Again in order to lead her off to a final, catastrophic war to fulfill the 20th century Zionist’s (((prophesy))) of three world wars to achieve the final Zionist one world government of total world population control.

    But he could also be scenario B…but in a much more ZOG entrenched and far reaching international power structure to contend with than in Hitler’s time. If that’s the case, he knows he has a very fine line to walk to avoid getting the Abraham Lincoln~JFK treatment before can accomplish making America Great Again.

    Since I always believe in hoping for the best while preparing for the worst, I hope and pray Trump is Hitler-scenario B…but I am following his administration with a skeptical eye expecting Hitler-scenario A.

    1. fairly accurate analysis, that obviously avoids Matthew 13:39-43.



      didn’t have the internet…& Jesus.


      KNOW THE TRUTH !!! <—- exit strategy from the stool sculpture deity cult compound
      where all "JEW" worshippers dung doodle and avoid truth…all the time.


      1. @ Karen

        It was all down hill (jewish) long before 1913. Here is a little sample.

        “We have stricken the shackles from 4,000,000 human beings and brought all labourers to a common level, but not so much by the elevation of former slaves as by reducing the whole working population,
        white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have manipulated a system of oppression which,
        though more refined, is no less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.”
        — Horace Greeley
        (1811-1872) Editor of the New York Tribune
        Source: 1872, in reference to the National Bank Act of 1863

      2. @Ungenius

        Did you read my post referring to William I in the 11th century marking the beginning of the end of feudalism in W. Europe as it existed at that time? This quote of Greeley mirrors the sublimated version of feudalism which has developed for the last several hundred years to this present day.

        The surreptitious undermining of it all is stunning in it’s capacity for deceptiveness, but I will stick to my observation in seeing a commonality regarding man’s “leap of consciousness” between an Eastern school of thought regarding the yugas with that of the Christian one whose equivalent would be the “day of reckoning”.

      3. @ Brownhawk

        Yes, I read it, but I look at things differently. As long as there are a-holes that consider themselves above their fellowman, regardless of what it’s recognized name is from government to religion, it is the same crap, different day. As the old saying goes, crap runs downhill. That situation continues until those at the bottom refuse to accept the crap from those that consider themselves as superiors and the bottom crushes the top. The cycle continues since there never seems to be a shortage of those that think they are special.

        Life inherently is simple and happy for those familiar with basics. A leap of consciousness is a realization by the bottom as to who is depriving them of their inherit happiness. If that is what you call a yuga, it happens at different times all around the world for different people, rather continuous. Assuming an understanding of the basics that Jesus talk, Christians do not have to wait for the end times to be empowered and happy, definitely as continuos as life itself.

      4. @Ungenius

        We don’t look at things differently at all when it comes to the basic understanding that the Truth is within in “seeing” the love and beauty that resides there, and I have no doubt that a growing number of people are seeing it too, which tells me everything I need to know that evil is on it’s way outta town.This ‘trumps’ everything else (apologies for an intended pun!).

        The only differences we have has to do with my choosing to interpret the words of Christ in alluding to what I see as an upcoming cosmological shift where the “dying” of this planet is seen as a metamorphosis of sorts whereupon its old husk is shed and a new body emerges to reveal WITHOUT what eternally exists WITHIN.

        This revelation earmarks a “reckoning”, i.e.; he who has ears to hear and eyes to see will move on to experience the full splendor of an awakened existence. Those who don’t will keep “runnin’ with the devil” on their way out.

  5. the game is over, goys !
    even if you wake up with 2 huge eyes
    nothing can save the Ubiquitous Satan of Amerijewka
    it’s a rotten stinking corpse even vultures wont touch
    the only way to save it is to destroy it !

  6. Trump the Buffoon must not have figgered out YET that he is supposed to be in full charge of NSA and FBI. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap, missed that one. You never know with a Buffoon, it’s always better than a Coward like Hollande anticipating Russian cyberattacks during the Democratic mess. I just heard Trump the Buffoon on the radio talking about Palestine. He said one state two states, I am not sure, whatever suits Bibi and the Palestinians, or something like that.

    ……. and his US Marshals can arrest them..!!
    STOP THEM..!!

    THEM Here is my first round fantasy draft for the Marshalls, 25 people, number one pick should be Perle or Wolfowitz. Too bad Mrs Weir is not part of Trump’s administration.

      1. First Pick for the second round.

        I can’t sign and only 22 662 signatures. Why all Trump voters are not signing this petition? China and a lot of countries in Asia consider him as a financial terrorist. Only five days left to reach the 100 000. He is also guilty of collaboration with the Nadzee. Make sure to sign Pat.

  7. Lame Duck or the New White Messiah?

    I’m afraid he will be the new Kennedy. They will kill him. I think he absolutely underestimated the reality and who has the say in Washington D.C.
    The Jews own him, but I think he won’t see it this way.

  8. @Franklin “I am unable to understand what Trump tries to accomplish with his belligerent rhetoric against Iran.”

    I agree and I think there are many others, including conservative columnist Patrick Buchanan. I think he is a very independent thinker and I hope he realizes many around him do not fully back him. I also hope he realizes the Jews in his family aren’t for making “America First”, but rather “Israel First”. I also hope he doesn’t let their opinions affect his, which I think is almost impossible.

    1. Peter –

      I was a fan of Pat Buchanan for several decades. Then I found out in the 90s that he does not serve the American people’s interests. He never opposed Peter Sutherland. He just complained a lot, caused confusion, hid Vatican crimes, on MSNBC with Mika Brzezinski and ‘sold out’ Joe Scarborough.

      Buchanan is a ‘gate-keeper’ for the Vatican and UN.

      Knights of Malta serve the Vatican….. and cannot serve two masters.


      Membership List of the Knights of Malta. Compiled by Eric Samuelson, J.D.


      See a few of Buchanan’s companions in KOM – now and before – lots of CIA heads – and the main Rothschild:

      Amschel Mayer von Rothschild
      Tony Blair
      Michael Bloomberg
      John Robert Bolton
      Nicholas Brady
      William F. Buckley, Jr.
      George H.W Bush
      George W. Bush
      Jeb Bush
      Precott Bush, Jr.
      Michael Chertoff
      Bill Clinton
      William Colby
      (Cardinal) Terence Cooke
      Bill Donovan
      Allen Dulles
      Rudy Giuliani
      William Randolph Hearst
      (Baron) Conrad Hilton
      J. Edgar Hoover
      Joseph Kennedy
      (Senator) Ted Kennedy
      Henry A. Kissinger
      Nelson Mandela
      Lord Christopher Walter Monckton
      Rupert Murdoch
      Oliver North
      Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill
      Peter G. Peterson(Agenda 21)
      Eric Prince
      Ronald E. Reagan
      Nelson Rockefeller
      David Rockefeller
      Rick Santorum
      Antonin Scalia
      Joseph Edward Schmitz (Blackwater)
      Clay Shaw
      Frank Sinatra
      Cardinal Francis Spellman
      Fritz Thyssen
      Gen. William Westmoreland
      Gen. Anthony Zinni



  9. “Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?
    7:42 AM – 15 Feb 2017”

    I suppose that should settle the matter of where “Trump” personally stands on Crimea and Russia, once and for all. Obama brought us right to the brink of nuclear war, and Obama was apparently “too soft”.

    Either: (1) Trump had a demonic spiritual epiphany; (2) the Jews have pictures of Trump molesting children; (3) aliens from outer space replaced Trump with an android, programmed to do Jew dirty work; or (4) Trump’s always been lowlife scum, and his whole campaign was a carefully planned fraud against America and the world.

    Regardless, we’re in big trouble with this madman…like Jeremiah 50:23 or Revelation 18:9,10 kind of trouble.

    1. Actually, I don’t think it settles anything. It just makes things more confusing. During the campaign Trump said he would recognize Crimea’s vote to rejoin Russia and I haven’t heard him say anything contradicting that. I’ve only seen this, which suggests he might be weakening on his original position. But I doubt he will ever say Russia has to return Crimea, something that is none of the USA’s business.

  10. Regardless, we’re in big trouble with this madman

    Bloomberg disagrees

    Nunes told me Monday night that this will not end well.

    “First it’s Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus,”

    he said.
    Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer.
    Trump is the entree.

    Got that? TRUMP IS THE ENTREE at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.
    Savior is coming your way, so don’t worry about Trump, everything is under control.
    (“carefully planned fraud against America and the world” will come to naught thanks to our elder brothers riding to our rescue)

    Jeremiah, Uriah – Messiah!

    1. “Bloomberg disagrees”

      Ouch! That’s almost as painful as when Snopes disagrees with me.

      “Got that? TRUMP IS THE ENTREE at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.”

      Is there any limit to your credulity? The possibility that the “get Trump” “movement” is a political Punch-and-Judy show never entered your mind?

      Our masters have to take someone presented as an alternative to TEOTWAWKI, at a critical time, and quickly “rehabilitate” him into a real-life Greg Stillson. That will take some serious effort, no? Of course it’s only logical they would try to portray him as an embattled victim of evil forces.

      But let’s back up for a minute. I believe it’s now obvious that Trump’s candidacy was a well planned fraud from the beginning. You obviously disagree, and in support of your position, you cite the “get Trump” “movement”.

      Apparently you didn’t fully understand my earlier comments (or you’re just disingenuously throwing strawmen around), but I never said that the two possibilities were mutually exclusive.

      No doubt there are various factions within the Jewish ruling elite, and it’s not unreasonable to suppose that they would disagree among themselves, e.g., regarding the suitability of Trump as an end-times puppet ruler.

      It’s possible that some powerful Jews approve of Trump and some don’t, and they agree among themselves to keep the pressure up both to make him look like an “embattled” victim and as a basis to try to get rid of him if he should falter.

      “Savior is coming your way, so don’t worry about Trump, everything is under control.
      (“carefully planned fraud against America and the world” will come to naught thanks to our elder brothers riding to our rescue)”

      LOL. Just because I see Trump as a fraud doesn’t mean I support the other Jew puppets, right? But it’s your strawman, so knock your socks off…
      (In my view we had no meaningful political choice; all we had was the moral choice to stay home on election day, which I wish I did).

      1. No doubt there are various factions within the Jewish ruling elite, and it’s not unreasonable to suppose that they would disagree among themselves

        i think this is where we definitely part ways because it looks to me as if you simply do not understand jews, their mentality, their mode of operation.

        I guess Jews got to where they are today through infighting and internal disagreement.
        Okay, good to know.

        In which case, stick with “Good Jews”, enjoy the ride, since you LOL so easily.

      2. @ Lobro

        “i think this is where we definitely part ways because it looks to me as if you simply do not understand jews, their mentality, their mode of operation.

        I guess Jews got to where they are today through infighting and internal disagreement.
        Okay, good to know.

        In which case, stick with “Good Jews”, enjoy the ride, since you LOL so easily.”

        Husbands and wives can have little squabbles but not Jews? If it wasn’t for your increasingly pathetic strawmen, you’d have nothing to say.

      3. Jews don’t form a monolithic block, they do have disagreements, but by and large they agree that “what is good for the Jews” should be the criterion. Mostly they quarrel about the means to an end but not the end itself. The Knesset, the Israeli parliament, has many parties, big and small, that quarrel all the time, but that doesn’t mean that they are not Zionist, looking for the best interest of their ethno-state.

      4. Because of your increasingly pathetic fictions (“Jews have public and REAL husband-wife squabbles”), you have lots to say.

        got any other, ie, proven, historic examples of inter-jew squabbles as they concern treatment of goyim?

        oh, but yes, we have heard here such tales: jesus was invented in order to promote judaic control, Hitler was also a Jew agent (say it, gabreal: “hitler was a teenage male prostitute who played chess with lenin at tavistock and had Eva Braun shit on his chest – thus “Braun”), Putin is son of Rabbi, etc, etc.
        Haaretz also said Col Gadaffi was a secret jew (which is why they had him sodomized to death, i guess another jew husband-wife squabble), Saddam was a jew … your stories are in good company, I guess i will stick with my strawmen.
        It takes a certain mindset to start pumping out such hallucinations.

        little jew squabbles played out before the entire public, every jew has his own talmud, imagine how powerful they would be if they united their forces …
        oh yeah, didn’t we have posters leave in tantrum because darkmoon site is a jew honey trap?
        Keep entertaining us, no danger of you ever getting pathetic.

        Btw. husbands and wives divorce.
        And Jews do too, I am sure you got lots of examples.

      5. @ Lobro

        “Because of your increasingly pathetic fictions (“Jews have public and REAL husband-wife squabbles”), you have lots to say.
        got any other, ie, proven, historic examples of inter-jew squabbles as they concern treatment of goyim?”

        ROTFL! Seriously? Are you really going to take the position that there’s no such thing as differences of opinion between Jews on things like tactics and timing, “public relations” issues, or which puppet candidate would best serve their interests in a particular situation, etc.?

        I’ll quote Franklin who said it well:

        “Jews don’t form a monolithic block, they do have disagreements, but by and large they agree that “what is good for the Jews” should be the criterion. Mostly they quarrel about the means to an end but not the end itself.”

        Since you’re obviously just being contrary, I’m not going to waste any more time arguing absurdities with you.

    2. @ Lobro

      BTW I’m still waiting for you to explain why your embattled hero refuses to investigate 9/11.

      1. And exactly HOW does one go about it in this atmosphere?
        What does Trump do, head out with a flashlight and a trenchcoat to Ground Zero or something?
        Just give me the cookbook for how this is done now that THE ENTIRE STATE AND CONGRESS APPARATUS IS AGAINST HIM.

        he truly has more friends in Russia than America.
        Who can he rely on?
        Comey? Pompeo? whoever is temporary head of NSA?
        CIA and FBI REFUSE TO PROVIDE INTEL TO HIM, because he is a “Russian agent”.
        Mattis is his enemy, pence is his enemy …
        I have no idea how he is going to survive this “friendly little husband-wife squabble”.
        Who can he count on: Kellyanne Conway … maybe Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer (who is no big wheel, no power) … Jeff Sessions is his best bet, maybe he can do something but all the prosecutors are in Soros’ pocket, he funded their elections.

        The bottom line: Trump is crippled, soon they will take his Twitter account away.

        Even Deutschebank is searching its records for trace of his Russian investments.
        IMO, he is done for.

        So why all this charade if Jews could have comfortably pushed Clinton through and she would have given them everything (war with Russia and China) within the first week in office?

        Who are you kidding with “small squabble”?
        Show me the Jew who will stand up to Rothschild family that was pushing with all its might to get Hillary in, Soros funding dozens of NGO’s to ensure this result.
        What Jews did pretend to stand behind Trump were just insurance, a hedge if things go bad: Adelson, Netanyahu …

        No, from the trial of Christ onward, JEW is a single body composed of millions of cells.
        Do your 2 hands have small squabbles with one another? I didn’t think so either.
        Jew is a single organism, what they do and say in Knesset is when there are no goyim to interfere, just choosing the roadmap to the same goal.

        Trump’s Contract With American Worker was not a roadmap to the same goal.
        His friendliness to Putin, his admiration for Assad, his opposition to NATO, his killing TPP and NAFTA, his promise to destroy DAESH-ISIS … they weren’t on any Jew roadmap.
        And this is why Judea declared war on him.
        And shabbo goys brought him down, just like they brought down Hitler.

      2. @ Lobro

        How did Abraham Lincoln get his way from a much less powerful office in support of a much less popular cause?

        How did Stalin purge the Jews from power in the USSR? How did Hitler do it in Germany?

        Trump holds the most powerful political office the world has ever seen but he can’t actually do anything? He has no control over any federal agency? He has no authority whatsoever?

        He can’t even appeal to the people? He can’t appoint people like Ron Paul or Paul Craig Roberts or Pat Buchanan?

        If he’s going to be de facto impotent, and get all the blame, but have no actual power to do anything but watch his beloved country be destroyed, then why doesn’t he at least keep his dignity and resign? Why did he run in the first place for that matter?

        Why did the Jews bother to kill JFK and RFK (and probably MLK) when they could’ve just given them all the Trump treatment?

        Do you hear yourself? You’re simply delusional.

      3. @ Lobro

        “So why all this charade if Jews could have comfortably pushed Clinton through and she would have given them everything (war with Russia and China) within the first week in office?

        Who are you kidding with “small squabble”?”

        First, the Obama-Clinton-Soros axis was finished as a serious political force in the U.S., don’t you think? Being an obvious Satanic fraud, they had little popular support, they had little support from the military, etc.

        Second, you may disagree but as I see it, the downfall of Jewish world power is underway. Russia and China are rising, people are waking up, and the U.S. is sinking. If nothing else, the corruption that brought the Jews to power in the West, is destroying the West from within. (The U.S. government cannot even procure cost effective weapons with which to subdue the world). Their NWO is nothing but a pipe dream, and at some level of consciousness, I believe the Jews realize that fact.

        So the Jews are riding a tiger and they’re slipping off. They apparently have two choices: (1) eventually fall off and be mauled to death by the really pissed-off tiger; or (2) ride the tiger over a cliff (i.e., everybody goes down together).

        The Jewish agenda is in trouble, and it is not only plausible but very possible IMO that there are differences among Jews about what to do at this point. And this is the reality in which the 2016 election took place.

      4. @ Lobro

        “And shabbo goys brought him down, just like they brought down Hitler.”

        Unfortunately, Hitler brought himself down with some bad decisions.

      5. @ Lobro

        “And exactly HOW does one go about it in this atmosphere?
        What does Trump do, head out with a flashlight and a trenchcoat to Ground Zero or something?”

        I can tell you one thing that a sincere person WOULD NOT DO (to investigate 9/11): try to appoint someone (Rudy Giuliani) with apparent complicity in the crime, to a high level cabinet position, as Trump did.

        As I see it, this one issue alone demonstrates Trump’s bad faith. You disagree? Let’s hear your compelling counter-argument.

  11. another point, invariably lost on those for whom American is the mother language, English second.
    However in the year after taking office, Obama ordered more drone strikes than Bush did during his entire presidency.
    who did Trump kill?
    I repeat: who did Trump kill?
    there was one drone strike in yemen by badly trained seals, a legacy from outgoing obama.
    i would say, so far, so good, no deaths attributable to Trump.
    I repeat (use google translator if unclear): no deaths attributable to Trump.

    but of course, to Americans suckled and weaned on Hollyvomit, #foreign_lives_don’t_matter.
    Words matter, show matters, Oprah matters, Seinfeld matters and Beyonce’s twins.

    1. @ Lobro

      “who did Trump kill?
      I repeat: who did Trump kill?
      there was one drone strike in yemen by badly trained seals, a legacy from outgoing obama.
      i would say, so far, so good, no deaths attributable to Trump.
      I repeat (use google translator if unclear): no deaths attributable to Trump.”

      So if Obama had planned a nuclear strike against Russia, and Trump let it happen, that’d be okay with you?
      How can you possibly blame “Obama” for deaths that occurred under Trump’s presidency? Apparently moral reasoning isn’t your strong suit.

      As I understand it, so far under Trump, there’s been at least one drone strike and one raid in Yemen in which people were killed. So to answer your question, Trump is morally responsible for killing people in Yemen.

      As I see it, Trump had a duty to immediately stop Obama’s murder machine and at least review the program; e.g., “signature strikes” in far away places are for Jew-controlled monsters, not for any respectable person with a mandate to “make America great again”.

  12. In this video of INFOWARS it is explained why Flynn was ousted. It appears that Obama, instead of going to Hawaii to spend the rest of his life golfing, stayed in Washington to scheme behind the scenes to remove Flynn because he sees him as a danger to his Iran Agreement. And that of course is right. Whatever we may say about Obama, his Iran Agreement prevented a war with that country and that has to remain so. So actually this is a positive development. If Trump now has got the message and will change his attitude toward Iran, then we should be happy that anti-Iran hawk Flynn has been removed. Perhaps Obama has earned his Nobel Prize for Peace after all ! Here is the video : https://youtu.be/I1kY-xdy71o

  13. brought to you by JTA (jew telegraph agency) to keep that existential angst on high alert, adrenaline glands shipshape.
    Evil putin bares long white fang (i did like that jack london story too)
    first story of horror as fiddler falls off roof, told to pack it in:
    Rabbi’s expulsion rattles Russian Jews fearful of Kremlin crackdown (the picture of sweaty greaseballs guiltily clutching talmudic lit, eyes rolling every which way)

    Three years ago, Rabbi Ari Edelkopf and his wife, Chana, worked around the clock for weeks to show off their community and city to the many foreigners in town for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    The Chabad emissaries from the United States came to the city on Russia’s Black Sea coast in 2002. By the time the Olympics opened, they could offer three synagogues, five information centers and 24/7 kosher catering to thousands of people in the city, which has only 3,000 Jews.

    The Edelkopfs were celebrated in the local media for these considerable efforts, which the Kremlin marketed as proof that Russia welcomes minorities — including by inviting a Russian chief rabbi to speak at the opening.

    This month, the couple is in the news again but for a different reason: They and their seven children have been ordered to leave Russia after authorities flagged Ari Edelkopf as a threat to national security — a precedent in post-communist Russia that community leaders call false and worrisome, but are unable to prevent.

    Aww, Lord giveth and Putin taketh away.

    second tale of unbearable woe: In unusual criticism, Israeli envoy blames Russia for blocking international anti-Semitism definition

    Israel’s ambassador in Moscow criticized Russia for blocking the international adoption of a definition of anti-Semitism, which he linked to a recent string of allegedly racist statements about Jews by Russian politicians.

    Which part of NYET you don’t understand?

    as always, as a goy-firster, i only ask one question: Is it good for gentiles?

    1. “Anti-Semitism” according to the Jews’ own definition is criticism of Jewish criminal behavior. Small wonder they want such criticism be banned. Keep in mind that the Anti-Defamation League was founded exactly because the case of the murder by the Jew Leo Frank of a 13 year old girl drew public attention to Jewish criminality. That would be “defamation” ! They want to be criminals without hindrance from Goyim.

      1. “They want to be criminals without hindrance from Goyim.” Definitely so. They played leading roles in some of the biggest catastrophes in the world, often scheming behind others backs, sometimes doing their dirty work right out in the open, but any mention of them and the roles they played are met with screams of “anti-Semitism”.

        Russian President Putin said Jews took over Russia and dominated the Bolshevik Government, the same communist government that murdered millions of Christians – Russians, Ukrainians and others. But no one else ever says the Jews dominated the USSR because the Jews scream “anti-Semitism” and the world has let the Jews bully them with that word.

        In his biography of Winston Churchill, historian David Irving exposed the Jews bribing Churchill to attack Germany in 1936. One of these Jews (Eugen Spier) even wrote a book about what they did. Irving has been attacked in the world’s media without end, for years by organized Jewry and they ruined his career. The official biographer of Winston Churchill, Martin Gilbert, also mentioned the people that gave Churchill large amounts of money in 1936, but he didn’t harp on the subject and didn’t mention that those paying Churchill were Jews. These are facts that cannot be denied, that bloodthirsty Jews led the murderous USSR and pushed the world into WW II, and yet Jews scream that they are the victims if you mention these things.

        They are two faced liars that have used their immense power to crush any criticism of them, but there are signs the opposition is getting stronger.

      2. These are facts that cannot be denied, that bloodthirsty Jews led the murderous USSR.

        At first in 1917 maybe.
        Peter, when I read this all I see is British post WWII propaganda changing enemy form Adolf to Joseph. Here is the first circle of Stalin’s power circa 1935.
        Staline (georgian)
        Sergo Ordjonikidze (georgian)
        Kliment Vorochilov (ukranian)
        Anastase Mikoyan (armenian)
        Viatchelsav Molotov (russian)
        Avel Enoukidzé (géorgian)
        Nikolaï Boukharine (russian)
        Lavrenti Beria (mingrelian or jew according to some).

        I could deny that more but it would lead us nowhere, that’s the beauty of this history written in English where Churchill and Roosvelt in his wheelchair are the heros and all the others are scumbags, so that no peace could ever happen between Russia and Germany, or in the Balkans. I guess only Putin and the Russians could give us a proper historical answer. But i doubt they ever will. I think Stalin was a national socialist as well, the russian type.

        After that, even if we disagree, we can still talk like proper continental gentlemen. Maybe you know someone in Germany who speaks French. Here is an old French man talking about WWII and the faith of the ten million and plus Germans displaced after the war. This video should be translated in Germany, it’s really good. At least we agree about Churchill, his bombing killed more civilians in France than the whole German army during the occupation.
        Edward VII? Worst than Hitler.

      3. Phil: Here’s President Putin saying that 80 to 85% of the first Soviet government was Jewish:


        Here is Josef Goebbels describing the atrocities “Jewish Bolshevism” is carrying out in the USSR. “A pathological criminal madness invented by Jews and led by Jews”


        President Putin made his speech in 2013 I believe and said the first Soviet government was almost completely Jewish. Josef Goebbels made his speech in 1937 and described the USSR government that year as being “invented by Jews and led by Jews”

        Here is an article by a very old and well known Jewish newspaper describing the criminal case the Ukrainian government said it wanted to prosecute in 2009 against the people that carried out the Holodomor in the early 1930’s in the Ukraine in which millions of Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death. From the article: “The nation’s security service is pressing the case against a list of former Soviet officials accused of committing the Holodomor, which caused the deaths of millions in Ukraine in 1932-33. Most of the names on the list were Jewish.”


        When Hitler and Stalin arranged their first meeting to discuss the non-aggression pact in the late 1930’s, Stalin fired his Jewish Foreign Minister and replaced him with Molotov. Stalin thought negotiations would go better that way. But even so, Molotov’s wife was Jewish.

        You copied and pasted some information from somewhere on the internet. I supplied two films of speeches from European leaders incriminating Jews in the beginning and years later as dominating the USSR. And I supplied an article from a Jewish newspaper in which the 2009 Ukrainian government said most of the people that murdered Ukrainians in the Holodomor in the early 1930’s were Jews.

        There is much more, including Nobel Prize winner Solzhenitsyn describing Jews leading role in the USSR. I’ve given you real archival information, straight from the sources. Now you can do further research if you wish.

        “Peter, when I read this all I see is British post WWII propaganda changing enemy form Adolf to Joseph.”

        Then I suggest you get new glasses. Most of the information provided above I got from the British historian David Irving who doesn’t hate either Adolf or Joseph, but he regrets a corrupt British politician named Winston Churchill bankrupting and destroying the British empire for his own benefit in an unnecessary war. Churchill lied and said Germany was determined to conquer England, while Hitler was continuously offering peace. Then in 1941, close friend of Hitler and top German leader Rudolf Hess flew by himself to Scotland to deliver the peace offer personally.

        I give it to you to say that Adolf wasn’t the criminal and Goebbels wasn’t the liar. Churchill and the Jews were the criminals and liars.

  14. Trump is a ass-kisser of Israel. The worst to come along.
    He’s doing some good things to make Americans love him, then when he drags them into war with Iran they will go along willingly.
    Stupid Goyim.

  15. New commenter here. Just found your excellent site recently. As for Trump, his chance of foreign policy success was ruined when he chose party loyalists like Reince Preibus into high positions. Cutting loose General Flynn was a huge mistake that will come back to haunt him. Blood is in the water. VP Pence (in charge of the transition) and Preibus, I think, have deliberately hand-picked people who are hostile to his foreign policy agenda. Trump’s stated desire for peace with Russia is finished. If he wants to blame anyone, he should first look in the mirror.

    1. Hi FoW (if I may call you that) I’m Arch, the dead rebel. While a few walk on my grave, most just walk past without even bothering to whistle nervously. Anyway, welcome to the fray.

      Hold on, I think I see a place for us there over there at the Trump-is-a-traitor table. Let’s pull up a chair and you can join the insanit ~ er ~ debate.

    2. Folly –

      Lots of truth there.

      Trump should not have selected anyone for his administration who partied with Putin at an RT event. 🙂

      Bad decisions follow Trump.

  16. Got Nhadzees?

    Nhadzees make the cultural body big and strong and ever so Jew resistant; so make America great again, have an ice cold Nhadzee today. Do it for Trump.

    4chan gets Mic to believe that Milk is the new symbol of White Supremacism


    Kill All The Cows! Milk Is A Symbol Of White Supremacy!
    February 10, 2017| by Brian Anderson

    Milk does the body good and helps build strong bones, but it is also white (except chocolate milk) and like everything else white, that’s a problem in the Age of Trump. I wish I were making this up but lefties are sounding the alarm that milk is a symbol of white supremacy, and of course that is all the fault of white President Donald Trump.

    This is a real headline on Mic:

    Milk is the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in Donald Trump’s America

    Sadly this is not a joke:

    At the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City on a Friday night, neo-Nazis and other trolls danced shirtless in front of a camera. The livestream setup had originally been established by actor Shia LaBeouf as an anti-Trump art installation. But the project has since become a broadcast outlet for white nationalism.

    Amid all the tattoos of Third Reich iconography bouncing around, one thing stood out: The neo-Nazis were all drinking milk. They spat it out as they danced, letting it dribble down their chins.

    Milk, the longtime staple for growing children, is now the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in President Donald Trump’s America.

    The author of this piece also notes that Christopher Waltz’s Nazi character in the film Inglourious Basterds enjoyed glass of milk so clearly it is related to white superiority. The author goes even further to assign racism to milk:

    Some white supremacists think white ethnic identity has a geographic, historical correlation with the body’s tolerance for milk — specifically, the production of the lactase enzyme that allows humans to break down lactose.

    The basic premise is that white supremacists believe that lactose intolerant people are less racially pure and therefore sub-human. It’s unclear that this is a real thing as the author only cites some posts on 4chan, not exactly the most reliable source of anything.

    Then the crazy gets crazier because the milk is supposedly part of an anti-vegan agenda, which is really anti-Semitism in disguise:

    Judging from the eugenicist rhetoric across online hate speech communities like 4chan and 8chan, it appears that the “vegan agenda” is a potential proxy term for conspiracy theories about a globalist Jewish agenda. But given the sheer mass of alt-right accounts spewing out calls of “Down with the vegan agenda,” it could refer to any number of right-wing targets.

    And here I thought a glass of milk was just a glass of milk. The author, after putting out this insane theory, tells you not to try to make sense of it because, “white racial purity is a fragile pseudo-science.”

    Amazingly enough, this isn’t the first time lefties have tried to claim milk is racist. Last year Mother Jones said milk is racist because black people may not need to drink it as much as white people. The racism supposedly comes from the US government recommending that all people drink milk, when blacks possibly have a different dietary need.

    If you are at the point where your are freaking out over milk being racist, you need professional help. If you reach that point, which liberals clearly have, and you think it’s Donald Trump’s fault, you shouldn’t be roaming free in society.

  17. America:

    · that petition to investigate monstrously homicidal george Soros cannot move past 22 thousand signatures, must be some NBA games on, Wichita Mufflers host Gary Tacobells, Indiana.

    · but millions of pink hat twats march around the clock against trump for some off-record redneck talk.

    Tells you all you need to know about the country that doesn’t deserve a president like Trump.
    Because of that, it will end up with rulers it deserves and all the fixins that come with that.
    i guess that’s karma.

    Russia stuck by its fuhrer, did in past (shook itself free of Jew and just remember all the yanks- many of the same ones – huffing how he is a jew bait and switch) and will in future reap the rewards, that too is the bright side of karma.

    1. Almost 25000, i send it to all the americans i know, not much, they don’t usually like me as i blame them for the murder of the Royal family. Georges the fistula and his GNO network is behind the riot in France when Rothschild puppet Macron said that the colonization of Algeria was a crime against humanityadding fuel to the fire.
      Maybe the petition is phony, i don’t know, or to spot people who need to be reeducated in camp, but it seems legit, there is “we the insignificant people” and all the stuffs about freedom US citizens are so fond of. I want 6 millions for Sunday, in memory of all the Jews victims of Nadzee and Soros barbary.

      1. “In memory of all the Jews victims of Nadzee and Soros barbary.”

        Well done! It is important that everyone learns to spell this word correctly. “Nhadzee” (sometime “Nadzee”) is the true spelling, seldom used because of the terrible Ash-can-Nazis’, anti-English influence over the language. Correctly spelled, the word is phonetically the same as originally pronounced by its creators.

        The first syllable should have a pronounced, nasally, sighing sound – “Nha,” like that of a victim reaching the end of a torture session. The small “z” sound should be a long, drawn-out, whiny sound, much like an Itzhak Perlman solo violin tribute to the mythical Hallowedhoax.

        Ok, you try it. Out of respect for Jewish tradition, one should begin by greatly exaggerating the word – Nhaaadzeee! There! Doesn’t that sound just like an exasperated Jewish mother lamenting the tragic fate of her sister who never died at Auschwitz?

        Keep practicing! In time it becomes quite natural.

    2. Phil, i still maintain that it is a sign of American nation’s debility and how they don’t deserve to call themselves a nation.
      What is 25,000, a good attendance at a basketball game?
      If only one American in a thousand signed, there’d be 250,000, ie, 10 times as many.
      So, one-in-tenthousand Americans thinks Soros is a menace to the country and to the world, the rest (9,999 just to get it straight) of them love him (certainly 99% of women do) or don’t give 2 shits.
      Therefore 9,999 Americans out of 10,000 don’t qualify to call themselves Americans, should be dumped on the other side of the Mexwall.

      So ask yourself rhetorically, what is the outlook for America, The Leader Of The Free World?
      They had been getting Gadaffi treatment for generations, grown stainless steel colorectums, everything else blubber and jelly.

      I ask you again and again to compare to Russia’s reinventing itself from the stinking morass of post_brezhnev disgrace, Man of Steel and Few Words rise to power, surrounded by steadfast, patriotic inner circle of intel operatives and military cadre (crucial difference between success and failure – compare to backstabbing and public sacrifice of Trump), people on the street unyieldingly cohesive behind the leadership, through thick and thin, dozen Pussy Rioters as compared to millions of marching Pussyhatters in the States, and on and on.
      And on to war … yes, Trump missed his chance to act forcefully, push for a martial law and pulled a Yanukovich instead, so now USA is the new Ukraine and Ukraine’s future it faces.

      So sorry … so damn sorry, but the reaction of people is the glaring proof of the demoralized weakness, the mass erectile dysfunction of the western white man.
      Hitler had Freikorps, Trump got Fried Corpse.

    3. Lobro,
      Funny i saw this petition a week ago in a Russian paper, asking for the collaboration of Americans. They should read Sputnik, it’s peace propaganda. 30 000 this morning but almost 1 million for the release of Donald Trump’s full tax return, bloody commie bastards. The whole Occident is debile, another depressing evening yersteday. But Americans surely deserve a Palme D’or.

      whiny sound, much like an Itzhak Perlman solo violin tribute to the mythical Hallowedhoax.

      I know that sound and that guy, it’s the intro of the mensual minute of memory so that Europeans, all potential Nadzees, never forget how bad they were. Busy week January

      I prefer the ending music and Mary Poppins as a joyful fellow.
      Chim chiminey
      Chim chiminey
      Chim chim cher-ee!
      A sweep is as lucky
      As lucky can be

  18. I suppose, that with a zionist son-in-law, we should have expected Trump to be pro-Israel. Now that he has made Jared Kushner his Consiglieri there is little doubt that the Israel Lobby will retain its power. That power extends to the Pentagon and the Department of Defense, and that is really dangerous.

    If the CIA is advising that Isreal/Mossad are a danger to the USA that may explain why zionist Trump has turned against it and got rid of Flynn, who was probably briefed by the CIA. I trust the CIA. They are brave patriots, but they are not allowed to go public with the whole truth.

  19. and all of you Americans, including the mouth-foam trump haters, for what it’s worth, YOUR MAN TRUMP is at least unwilling to sink out of view without taking a few swipes at the United Jewistan.
    Here is one example: In Fiery, “Surreal” Press Conference, Trump Launches War On The Media (just watch Binjamin Appelbaum and Ari Melber and the rest of the scum’s reaction)

    But the highlight was his all out attack on the press :

    I’M MAKING THIS PRESENTATION DIRECTLY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE [exceedingly clever move that no one saw coming, basically hitching a ride on MSM apparatus to speak the truth directly to the PEOPLE and they can’t shut him down during a scheduled event 😀 ] with the media present, which is an honor to have you, this morning, because many of our nation’s reporters and folks will not tell you the truth. And will not treat the wonderful people of our country with the respect that they deserve.”

    “Much of the media in Washington, D.C., along with New York, Los Angeles in particular, SPEAKS FOR THE SPECIAL INTERESTS AND FOR THOSE PROFITING OFF THE OBVIOUSLY VERY, VERY BROKEN SYSTEM.
    [Hello, who could he be talking about? yeah, he is a Jew plant, right, so he can’t be talking about them, maybe Russians are the special interests]

    “The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people. Tremendous disservice. We have to talk about it. We have to find out what’s going on because the press honestly is out of control.”

    “In other words, the media is trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on pledges that we made, and they are not happy about it, for whatever reason. But a lot of people are happy about it.”

    There was much more, including some of the key exchanges with the members of the press corps:

    He signaled that he was softening on immigration policy, saying that he’d deal with President Obama’s executive action unilaterally easing immigration law “with heart.”
    He said he did not “know of” any official on his presidential campaign having contact with Russian officials during the election, though he had to be asked three times before giving an answer.
    He said he’s instructed the Department of Justice to look into the leaks coming out of his administration. [I did say that Jeff Sessions is one of his few left options to fight back, didn’t I?]
    He conceded that the leaks reported on by the press were correct, despite claiming news organizations continually get things wrong. “The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake, because so much of the news is fake,” he said.
    HE SCOLDED AN ORTHODOX JEWISH REPORTER FOR ASKING ABOUT RISING ANTI-SEMITISM IN AMERICA. [pay no attention, just a minor husband-wife squabble 😉]
    He asked a black reporter whether members of the Congressional Black Caucus are friends of hers.
    He predicted that the press would claim that he was “ranting” and “raving.” “Tomorrow the headlines are going to be Donald Trump rants — I’m not ranting and raving,” he said.

    And how about these additional points? #TrumpHaters are gonna hate this too:
    Mattis Not Ready to Recommend Ground Combat Troops for Syria, Iraq

    He told defense reporters traveling with him, “We are not in a position right now to collaborate on a military level, but our political leaders will engage and try to find common ground or a way forward so that Russia, living up to its commitment, can return to a partnership of sorts here with NATO.”

    The U.S. and Russian militaries essentially broke off contacts in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea and began supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine.

    However, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford was in Azerbaijan on Thursday to meet with his Russian counterpart, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, for the first face-to-face talks between the military leaders of the two countries since 2014.

    So, keep dumping on your President, stay regular.
    Like I said and repeat, USA has a much better president than it deserves.

    1. Lobro –

      Trump reinforces the validity of the holo-hoax..!! 🙂



      He is a buffoon.. A puppet.. for Pharisee-Jew Bankers…!!

  20. My impession is that one must not fall into the trap of only reacting to the day to day news. Today good news – comments yeah! And a string of positive predictions. Tomorrow bad news – neigh! And a string of negative predictions. Is this productive? That is like acting only on the daily stock exchange index, and put less weight on the long term trend. It is the act of an impatient person.

    Better is, just like in any company for personnel evaluation of new employees – give it six months time and then reflect. Also better – to listen what he says in his press conferences, and to listen less (this does not mean to ignore them) to the opinions of second hand sources.

    1. Ex South African –

      The comment section here is to be used as the articles are posted. It is not effective for anyone to wait six months to comment on a current article. Comment sections are closed by then on most internet sites. No more comments allowed.

      I view your suggestion as an attempted muzzle impromptu and timely responses. As I see it, Trump has shown he would feel the same way as I do.

      I am following Trump’s lead by commenting quickly. 🙂

      Trump is ACTUALLY the biggest offender of your advice. He EVEN responds immediately on TWITTER..!!

      Trump has stated that he must respond quickly and immediately to the ‘fake news’ which comes out daily.

      Trump cannot wait to respond through his designated authorized administration reporters…. He uses Twitter.

      Here he holds a press conference to attack the media…. When he should be arresting Hillary and those who are leaking info:

      Trump says LEAKS ARE REAL BUT NEWS IS FAKE..!!


      Trump would make a great ‘knee-jerk’’ commenter here..!!! 🙂

      1. Example a few minutes ago…. Praised ‘El Rushbo’ ….

        …. the ‘not as fat as he used to be Republican’… 🙂

        Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
        Feb 17, 2016
        ”Thank you for all of the nice statements on the Press Conference yesterday. Rush Limbaugh said one of greatest ever. Fake media not happy!”

        7,482 replies 3,875 retweets 17,895 likes

      2. “I view your suggestion as an attempted muzzle impromptu and timely responses.”

        That was not my intention. How should I have stated my message differently?

      3. Ex South African –

        Thanks for asking.

        My criticism was an effort to want both sides of any subject to be exposed here. QUICKLY.

        I would have written, “Timely info from both sides needs to be posted immediately… BEFORE the web-controllers take it down.”

        I am against ALL national leaders….. especially the ones who are members of the Pharisee-Jew Banking Cabals. Many times…. very good info esposing the worst ones…. was taken down the same day.

        Please reply here as much as you can. I want both sides to be told.

    2. Disagree.

      When the Bush and Blair regimes started spouting about Iraqi WMDs, I knew twas all lies. There was no need to reflect on the (((propaganda)) flowing from the Western sewers. Anyone with a working mind knew twas pure make-believe bollocks. Forget waiting 6 months; I knew in 6 seconds. One day there was no word about “45 second” WMDs then literally the next day we get the reports of WMDs…and all somehow linked to 9/11!?!*

      And then all those with a mind and an angry heart went out to march on the streets and then…nothing. Of course now I know why — the whole (((system))) is rigged and it gave an almighty shrug. With hindsight I now see that my working mind back then was only operating within a matrix of The Matrix (which incidentally was the greatest failure of the the subsequent movies — it makes sense that Neo can control the robots because it is another simulation within a simulation. Controlled debates with fake arguments and controlled opposition).

      If you think you’ve spotted a lie or spook then speak out. If you’re being too paranoid or irrational then someone will call you out.

      Flopot out.

      *In fact, the story of WMDs seems so preposterous it makes you wonder if (((they))) were deliberately setting up the old analogue world for an eventual fall, to be replaced with an equally controlled digital replacement.

      1. Correction: on reflection (oh the irony) it seems to be a balance between instinct and longer-term understanding. I suspect both feed into each other. For example, I knew the WMDs were faked but I believed in the Emperor’s New Clothes fabrications about 9/11. Almost a decade later I read “New Pearl Harbor” and my mind raced back to those events and all meaning was upended, torn-up, shredded…and I had to start all over.

        They really are the Masters of the Matrix.

      2. Flopot –

        More matrix complexities re 911 – few know this:

        Mayor Giuiliani was a KEY figure in the event.

        He later hid the 100,00 body bag purchase from Fordian…. settled out of court… leaving NO record of payment and NO financial tracking of inventory and exactly how many, maybe 50,000, were used..!!


        Company Sues Over Deal for Body Bags
        The Nation | IN BRIEF / NEW YORK
        July 11, 2003|From Times Wire Reports

        A New Jersey company that manufactures body bags filed suit against New York City, charging that the city has reneged on a deal to buy 100,000 specially manufactured bags after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

        Fordion Packaging Ltd. of Hackensack is suing the city for $203,388 it says the city still owes the company for making the body bags it manufactured on a rush basis in the days after the terrorist attacks.



        Interesting, that although the case is not sealed, none of the documents are available for public viewing on line.
        U.S. District Court
        Southern District of New York (Foley Square)
        CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:03-cv-05097-AKH
        Fordion Packaging v. City of New York
        Assigned to: Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein
        Demand: $0
        Cause: 28:1391 Personal Injury
        Date Filed: 07/10/2003
        Jury Demand: Plaintiff
        Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other
        Jurisdiction: Diversity
        Fordion Packaging Ltd.
        represented by
        Joseph Michael Heppt
        521 Fifth Avenue
        Suite 1805
        New York, NY 10175
        City of New York
        represented by
        Gary P. Rosenthal
        Corporation Counsel of the City of New York
        100 Church Street
        Room 3-125
        New York, NY 10007
        Date Filed Docket Text 07/10/2003
        COMPLAINT filed. Summons issued and Notice pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 636(c). FILING FEE $ 150.00 RECEIPT # 478544. (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
        Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck is so designated. (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
        RULE 7.1 CERTIFICATE filed by Fordion Packaging . (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
        AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE of summons and complaint as to City of New York by Rachel Brozen on 7/24/03. Answer due on 8/13/03 for City of New York. (jco) (Entered: 08/06/2003)
        STIPULATION and ORDER; answer due to complaint for 9/17/03 for City of New York . ( signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ) (jco) (Entered: 08/12/2003)
        ANSWER to Complaint by City of New York (Attorney Gary P. Rosenthal from the Firm: Corp. Counsel of NYC) . (moc) (Entered: 09/23/2003)

        CASE MANAGEMENT PLAN: all non expert discovery is to be completed by 5/30/04; joinder of additional parties and amended pleadings may be filed until 12/31/03; the last day for filing dispositive motions shall be 6/30/04; counsel for parties shall meet for at least two hours at the office of plaintiff’s counsel, to discuss settlement on 6/18/04; the case management conference will be held on 7/9/04 at 9:30 a.m. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 11/21/03) (Lewis, Diahann) (Entered: 12/01/2003)

        Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein : Status Conference held on 7/16/2004. Trial set for status 11/8/04. IPTC dwt for 10/27/04 @ 4:00 p.m. (jco, ) (Entered: 07/20/2004)
        Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein : Initial Pretrial Conference held on 11/21/2003. Next conference set for 7/9/04 @9:30 a.m. (pl, ) (Entered: 12/09/2003)
        Set/Reset Scheduling Order Deadlines: Pretrial Conference set for 7/9/2004 09:30 AM before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein. (pl, ) (Entered: 12/09/2003)
        ORDER OF DISMISSAL, It having been reported to this Court that the above entitled action has been settled, it is hereby ORDERED that the Clerk of the Court shall mark this matter closed and all pending motions denied as moot. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 10/21/04) (dt, ) (Entered: 10/26/2004)

        STIPULATION AND ORDER OF DISMISSAL: this action is dismissed with prejudice, each party to bear its own costs pursuant to Rule 41(a) of the FRCP. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 2/4/05) (db, ) (Entered: 02/14/2005)


    The ones WHO set it up… are the cabal “Who Rules..”

    The Pharisee-Jew Bankers and their bastard agents tell us about how THEY set up the ‘coup’ in the US in 1789.

    THEY know…
    THEY did it. With aid from agents, Hamilton and Washington..!!

    The Framers’ Coup:


    Michael Klarman talked about his book The Framers’ Coup: The Making of the United States Constitution, in which he recalls the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, from its tenuous start, according to the author the Philadelphia convention almost didn’t occur, to the many competing interests and internal debates that marked the Constitution’s creation. Michael Klarman spoke with Patrick Spero at the National Constitution Center.



    Is the Constitution Judeo-Christian? (Ellie Katz!!)

    Professors Menachem Lorberbaum of Penn’s Katz Center and Tel Aviv University, Michael Moreland of Villanova’s Charles Widger School of Law, and Suzanne Last Stone of the Cardozo School of Law discuss the development and context of the Constitution to explore its relationship to the Jewish and Christian traditions.
    Professors Menachem Lorberbaum of Penn’s Katz Center and Tel Aviv University, Michael Moreland of Villanova’s Charles Widger School of Law, and Suzanne Last Stone of the Cardozo School of Law discuss the development and context of the Constitution to explore its relationship to the Jewish and Christian traditions.
    Michael Gerhardt, National Constitution Center scholar-in-residence, moderated the event in Philadelphia on November 21, 2016.
    This program was presented in partnership with the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania, where Lorberbaum is the Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellow, and Stone and Gerhardt are affiliated scholars, for the 2016-2017 academic year exploring Jewish political thought.


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