Darkmoon Commenters Give their Verdict on Donald Trump


Sincere apologies to posters whose comments have had to be omitted for lack of space. The pithier and clearer the comment, the more likely it is to be included here. Some of the comments have been shortened.


R. DAVIS :  I believe that Trump had to happen, but I doubt he is the new Messiah

DUSTY :  Who said he was? The issue is whether he is defensible in the present context of Deep State destabilisation. And that is very serious.

LOBRO :  Dusty … one-shot, one-kill. This what I’ve been forever trying to bring to light with tons of mostly ignored evidence, namely, to judge Trump by his enemies.

HAROLD SMITH :  The problem is, in this era of universal deceit and manipulation, how can you distinguish his “real” enemies from his “fake” enemies? And to the extent he has any “real” enemies in the first place, you don’t know exactly why they’re his enemies.

GREG BACON :  One doesn’t make and lose four huge fortunes in NYC, then make another multi-billion dollar pot without being in bed with the same Wall Street (((gangsters))) who have been running and looting this nation for decades. Trump seems to be more interested in making sure his kids get fabulously wealthy rather than keeping his campaign promises.

HAROLD SMITH :  Many of us sat paralyzed with fear and disgust as Obama and his handlers openly considered sacrificing what was left of “America” for the sake of the Jewish colonial project in the Mideast. The end seemed near…

Fast forward to November 8, 2016. We chose Donald Trump as our president. He wasted no time since his election in shamelessly reversing himself and proceeding to shove the Satanic Zionist agenda up our collective butt. This was the “courageous” Donald Trump who once asked why we should not be cooperating with Russia in fighting ISIS, rather than supporting the terrorists. This was the brave man who admonished the dishonest mass media, who questioned the need for NATO, who questioned our interventionist “foreign policy”,  who questioned 9/11.  He even promised to prosecute the wicked witch Hillary — “She should be behind bars!”

So what happened to all those grandiose promises?

In retrospect, the whole thing had an almost cinematic air to it, didn’t it? The Jews created the “problem”, the Jews ramped up the drama, and the Jews offered the solution: deus ex machina, Donald Trump, all according to the calculated script.

Problem, reaction, solution. It has a familiar ring.

CURMUDGEON :  Harold, you are correct about Obama. However, for those with short memories, I need to ask: is there any real difference between Obama’s election promises and Trump’s election promises? Is there any meaningful difference between Obama’s post election actions and Trump’s post election actions?

Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize, but attacked more countries than Bush 43. He was in charge for all of the regime change exercises, both successful and unsuccessful, in the Middle East, Ukraine, Honduras, Venezuela and elsewhere.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is elected, or whether the POTUS actually believes his election promises, because the US is under the control of a parasite. As is the case with the most successful parasites, the host will not be killed outright, only controlled to do what is best for the parasite for as long as possible.

SISTER MONICA :  What you are essentially saying is that Trump, just like Obama, is a puppet president at the mercy of the “parasite”. He does what he is told, letting his strings be jerked.

However, there’s one big difference here. It is being passionately claimed by one person on this site, Lobro, that Trump is doing his best to fight the parasite. He is therefore, in a sense, an unwilling puppet.

Most people here would agree that an “unwilling puppet” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Lobro would insist that Trump, far from being a puppet, is a heroic warrior physician doing his utmost to kill the parasite — or get it under control — but finding it a pretty tough job! Am I right, Lobro?

LOBRO : Yes, Sister Monica, you are right.

RON CHAPMAN :  It should be obvious to any impartial observer that President Trump is not yet in full control of the US government and especially of the CIA and other security services and the Pentagon.

UNGENIUS :  Yep. Never in history has a President met as much resistance as Trump has encountered in just filling appointed positions. There has to be a reason why this is so or it would not be happening. Since the jews control the US government, obviously Trump is not making (((them))) as happy as (((they))) would like to be.

Concerning the CIA, no President has ever controlled them. Only on paper are they in the State Department that reports to the President. The CIA has always been commanded by the jewish banksters, both foreign and domestic, in (((their))) quest for global tyranny. The CIA’s track record stands as evidence. The CIA is the “deep state” that tells the jewish media what to say and the DoD what to do. The CIA is in the process of pulling off a coup against Trump in the USA. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

JOE :  the jury is NOT “still out” on Trump. They are gathered and ready to give their verdict. Far too many of Trump’s promises have already been thrown to the wind at the behest of (((Satan’s children))). He put his Mexican border wall on the shelf and then immediately goes to Israel to genuflect before their wall. That says it all.

He talked about cutting fat and entire departments out of the budget, but then increased the already bloated “defense” budget tens of billions of dollars.

At least with Hillary, we knew what that witch was made of and what she’d do. But Trump garnered our trust. He was the first candidate in decades to open cans of worms on topics which the mainstream media refused to acknowledge. And then, he stabs all of his supporters in the back.

In Dante’s “Inferno”, the ninth and deepest circle of hell was reserved for traitors. Trump has secured his place within it.

THUCYDIDES (sarcastic) :  The American people did a GREAT thing by electing Trump! They wanted NO MORE wars — and wars have what they have got! The London bankers who control Israel and have outsourced the control over the USA to Israel, they don’t respect this wish of the American people for no further wars. Thus it will be LONDON that will be nuked from the face of the earth now and NOT an American town. 500 mega ton thermonuclear energy will rain down on the Rothschild-Zionists in London.

JOHN KIRBY :  I used to be a Trumpeter. Not now. He really is Israel’s man-in-the-White-House. What a betrayal.

HAROLD SMITH :  If the parasite loses control of the president, the parasite’s agenda is in trouble, because the president then has the option of refusing to cooperate with the parasite. The parasite can lead the president to the kool-aid, but the parasite can’t make the president drink the kool-aid. I suspect this is why the parasite had to assassinate JFK — because JFK refused to drink the kool-aid.

Now back to Trump. As far as I can see, there’s nothing to stop Trump from ordering all US troops and military equipment out of Syria — IF HE WANTED TO DO THAT. So what’s stopping him?  After all, he is the commander in chief of US armed forces; and the constitution does give him general responsibility and control over US foreign policy. And the Syrian deployment is manifestly unconstitutional and illegal.

As I see it, therefore, we are confronted with the inescapable fact that Trump could leave Syria tomorrow if he wanted, but simply refuses to do so. On the contrary, he escalates the conflict. This is flagrant violation of his campaign promises.

Likewise with Afghanistan. Instead of ending the pointless and unnecessary war on Afghanistan, Trump is poised to escalate it by sending in thousands of more troops. Just as in the case of Syria, he could end the Afghanistan debacle tomorrow if he chose. But he refuses. Diehard Trump supporters will wave their hands and scream, and send armies of straw men to defend Trump, but they cannot argue away the simple fact that Trump is doing the Jews’ dirty work.

There’s one last point I should make about Trump supporters. They seem to take the position that Trump can’t do much against the Jew agenda — e.g., withdraw from Syria — because if he did, then his “enemies” would really “get” him. But they fail to consider: What about the support he would get from actual Americans? The millions who voted for him? Does that mean nothing?

Imagine if Trump gave a press conference and said:  “I’m going to quit all the wars and the militarism, and I’m going to get along with Russia and cut defense spending.” His popularity would skyrocket — up to where Putin’s is. Who would dare to impeach him then? The Jews would be powerless against such a popular leader.

STEPHEN SMITH :  Bottom line: I voted for and still support Trump for his domestic agenda, but I am absolutely incensed by his foreign policy agenda! He is openly and blatantly violating his pledge to rebuild America and stay the hell out of foreign conflicts, especially Syria. I would not blame him for bombing the hell out of ISIS, as they richly deserve it, but if he is going to support them in their efforts to overthrow Assad and thereby establish a Greater IsraHell, I could not be more fervently AGAINST Donald Trump! I just got finished writing him with words to this effect on the Whitehouse contact page, and would suggest others do the same.

WINSTON :  The inescapable fact is that Russia has made a commitment in Syria.

Mr. Trump’s ill advised Syrian escalation will not win him friends in DC nor placate his enemies. The Republican passivity to the Jew media and ongoing Soros sponsored destruction will not win them friends nor safety. Rest assured they will be promptly liquidated if they continue to allow this to continue.

This includes Mr. Trump, whose weak and passive whining on Twitter erodes respect for a leader who once famously fired people on TV but seems incapable of saying: “Mr Rosenstein, you’re fired!” Or “Mr Mueller, you’re fired!” Or “Mr Sessions,  get investigations going on Ms. Lynch and the pant suit monster!”

All I’m asking from Trump is this: Enforce the laws!

FLAN O’BRIEN :  Stephen, which part of Trump’s pre-election domestic agenda has been implemented? Cancelling the TPP is the only thing I can think of, but even then there were caveats about renegotiating something “better”.

Re-enabling the “too-big-to-fail” banks to fail (Dodd-Frank rollback) is a stupendously enormous blow to the US people. These banks are certain to fail again and either the US will fall into bankruptcy and chaos or current and all future generations will be enslaved more deeply to the Tribe.

STEPHEN SMITH :  In defense of Trump, it can be said that there has been a dramatic reduction in illegal immigration into America. Trump is doing his damnedest to keep radical Islamists out of here, in spite of being opposed at every turn by liberal judges who think they know better than he does about national security, when in fact they are directly threatening that national security by permitting Syrian “refugees” — 90% of whom are men of military age — to come here without any vetting.

In addition, Trump has managed to bring a number of companies back to the States, but a lot of them are still waiting to see if his tax reforms really get implemented. The Democrats and many RINOs are stalling on Obamacare and hence real tax reform. Trump can hardly be blamed for that.

The fact of the matter is that Trump can’t get much done when he is faced with as much liberal opposition as he is. He is undergoing ten times more criticism than any other president in US history, with new death threats surfacing on a daily basis. Ironically the only thing this same liberal media seems to be OK with is his fighting more wars for Israel.

I am totally unfamiliar with his re-enabling the TBTF banks. Certainly this is a big concern. The Federal Reserve just flat-out needs to be abolished.

One of my criticisms of Trump is this: it came to my attention the other day that Trump intends to give Monsanto and Dow Chemical everything they want on a silver platter, as far as the production of new GMOs is concerned. I consider this at least as much of an outrage as what he is doing in Syria.

Ultimately, I have to resort to saying I support Trump only because he was the lesser of two evils. We would have far worse problems now if Hillary had been elected.

FLAN O’BRIEN :  Were I eligible to vote I would almost certainly have voted Trump because the air of radical change was in the air. That would have meant voting twice in 40 years. Quite simply, voting encourages evil and is therefore evil itself. If blank votes were counted, that would be different. In that case, I would vote “None of the Above” every time.

HAROLD SMITH :  Everything that happens in this world happens in some context, e.g., historical, political, moral, etc. And many if not most things that Jews (and their puppet politicians) do, individually and collectively, if they are to be properly understood (in some relevant context), must be the subject of analysis.

One area where you [Lobro]  and I apparently differ is that I give much more weight to the value of moral analysis than you do. Trump, by his aggressive and completely unjust military action since assuming his office, has shown himself to be a monster on the same moral plane as Charles Manson and the Zodiac killer. Even Obama, as bad as he was, apparently had more respect for human life than Trump does.

Unlike you, apparently, I believe that a moral reprobate like Trump is simply not capable of resisting the Jews, even if he wanted to. Thus it really doesn’t matter what Trump may or may not think he is doing, or what you personally may or may not believe Trump is doing, or trying to do, because in the end it is mooted by the fact that Trump is not morally equipped to resist Jewish coercion.

In the same way that Nixon, moral monster that he was, was morally unequipped to offer much opposition to the Jewish agenda, Trump is similarly incapable of standing up to the Jews.

LOBRO :  A wholly good and moral man was Jesus Christ and how many soldiers did it take to scourge him half dead and affix him to the cross, half dozen detail of bored legionaries? He led by example, but I also want men like Trump, Putin or Patton to lead by action. OK, maybe Trump is even a poor example of such a leader but I am not convinced otherwise. Anyway, not yet. And absent another candidate, I must cut him some slack. There simply is no other option available.

Such men need not be highly moral, in fact this seems to have been Hitler’s political weakness, that he was morally upright and unyielding, not devious enough to prevail in the scorpion filled pit.

This is how I look at it: I don’t ask that a bullet be moral, only that it be aimed well.

HAROLD SMITH (summing up) :  Here’s the problem: every single thing Trump has done in the realm of “foreign policy” suggests to me that my original assessment of him was wrong. As I see it, he’s wasted no time in reversing himself on everything of crucial importance.

He’s taken risky actions for which there is absolutely nothing to gain (for America, that is) and everything to lose; he’s telling lies; he’s gratuitously slaughtering civilians; he’s bitch-slapping Russia; he’s doing everything possible to insult and infuriate Iran; he’s sucking up to Saudi Arabia who in the past he accused of complicity in 9/11; he’s invading Syria, setting up illegal military bases, attacking Syrian government forces and calling Bashar al-Assad names.

In light of all this, how can I not conclude that Trump is studiously trying to ignite a much wider conflict in the Middle East? Even if he had some intention of trying to save America from Jew-inspired destruction, I am forced to conclude from his actions that he does not have any of the personality traits necessary to rescue America from ruin.

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90 thoughts on “Darkmoon Commenters Give their Verdict on Donald Trump

  1. lobro

    Hitler didn’t need to be more devious. What he needed was for the Abwehr to not be compromised, much like what Trump is up against in dealing with his OWN version of the “deep state”.

    This is always the biggest obstacle for those leaders who don’t share in the deviousness of those who are hoodwinking them

    1. I have enjoyed reading these comments immensely. The Darkmoon commentariat is now among the best on the internet. The fact that most of the comments here are highly critical of Trump stems from two facts:

      (1) Most of Trump’s former supporters have now turned against him and the best of the commenters here fall into the anti-Trump category. By far the best of these commenters, a man who knows how to write in crisp and lucid prose, without beating about the bush and going off at a tangent, is Harold Smith. The bulk of the comments here come from Harold, and deservedly so. He has all the facts at his fingertips and knows how to argue his case like a skilled barrister.

      (2) In comparison, I regret to say that the pro-Trump commenters have very poor literary skills and present their case abysmally. Their comments tend to be long and rambling, woolly and waffly. They make very poor advocates for Trump because their style tends to be slipshod and obscurantist. Terseness, clarity, coherence, these are not among their virtues.

      The reason they write so badly is because they have no facts to argue with. They can’t point to a single major achievement with which their disappointing hero can be credited. The great things they expected of Trump all lie in a mythical future. They will still love him when he has fallen flat on his face by claiming that, if only his enemies had given him a chance, their hero would have ushered in the Golden Age and made America the new Promised Land.

      It’s a good thing these woolly-minded wafflers are not barristers. They would lose every single case. In the last analysis, as Harold Smith has pointed out repeatedly, it doesn’t matter a straw whether Trump loves the Jews or secretly hates them. What matters is his competence and his capacity to keep his promises. If he can’t deliver the goods and hands over America to the Jews, as he seems to be doing, he deserves far more than just being removed from office.

      He deserves execution as a traitor.

      1. @ Grammar Fiend

        This is quite a departure for you, GF, actually commenting on an article. Wish you’d do it more often. I noticed this myself: that most of the anti-Trump comments in earlier threads were pretty substandard.

        Long, rambling comments that even in one case made a cowardly personal attack on Lasha Darkmoon, suggesting she was a crypto-Jew for daring to author an anti-Trump article.

        Last time I checked, the Orange Clown wasn’t in the same pantheon as Jesus Christ.

      2. I wrote above: “I noticed this myself: that most of the anti-Trump comments in earlier threads were pretty substandard.”

        Sorry, that should have been “PRO-TRUMP comments.” 🙂

        I was simply agreeing with Grammar Fiend in all he said above.
        I was impressed above all by the outstanding contributions of Harold Smith. Like Harold, I too was once a Trump supporter but see absolutely no reason for supporting this weak and cowardly turncoat any further. I refuse to go on licking the feet of a man who has stabbed me in the back.

      3. @ Gilroy

        Far be it from me to explain why, it just is.

        I suspect this sudden resurgence in Trump’s popularity can be easily explained: he is now doing what the Deep State wants. He has agreed to play the part of the Zionist Puppet. To escalate the conflict in Syria, in blatant violation of his pre-election promises. To threaten Iran. To give Russia and Putin the finger.

        How can he fail to become more popular?

        At this rate, he will soon become the New York Time’s
        blue-eyed boy.

      4. Grammar Fiend should be the one apologizing. He really stepped over the line with his “Trump should be executed” comment. That was going over a line that should NOT be crossed over and the comment is NOT appreciated, NOT at all. To say the least. I’m trying to be “pithy”. The comment was DISGUSTING. How’s that for pithy and succinct?

        Does that pass your pithy litmus test, Uncle? Panties still bunched up around your pussy and your assh*le this morning, Uncle? Woke up again on the wrong side of bed with your panties still bunched up in knots irritating your assh*le and twat? Ever try calamine lotion? Maybe if you try wearing regular men’s underwear like BVD for example than you wouldn’t suffer from panties bunching up and making you hard to live with and a crazed irritable neurotic bitch, you fuckin cunt.

        Cunt is a terse word, you like IT terse, Uncle, there, you got IT terse, u CUNT.

      5. TROJ,

        Just to put things into proper perspective, you realize that Orange Clown is basically gambling with your life, the lives of your family, and all life on earth for that matter, right?

        Putin knows what the potential consequences of a direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia may be, and he seems to be doing everything humanly possible to avoid it, but your guy in the White House, Orange Clown, is pushing relentlessly for confrontation.


        What in your view would be a fitting treatment for a “man”, Orange Clown, who seems to be knowingly and willingly doing everything he can to bring about the end of the world as we know it?

      6. TROJ –

        When you want good amusement and candid conversation, check out “incogman.com”. His latest article “We Wuz Kangs” is about the Jew infusion of nigras into our western civilization. No holds barred! 🙂
        You’ll appreciate the candor – and I doubt you’ll be censored! 🙂

  2. Lobro
    “What he needed was for the Abwehr to not be compromised,” That’s the problem the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, and his deputy Hans Oster were both traitors. They betrayed all of Germany’s secrets to the enemy. In fact they worked actively for Hitler’s overthrow from before the outbreak of the War. It’s a wonder Germany held out for so long with traitors such as these.
    I think Trump is in the same position. It reminds me of a radar simulator course I took about 40 odd years ago. You’re at the controls of a 500,000 ton supertanker fully laden with crude and your instructor sets the scenario of taking it through the Straits of Gibraltar. Your engines fail and the inertia carries you for miles before you slow down. You can liken the USA to a fully laden supertanker with engine failure and the inertia has taken over. Well Trump must deal with bureaucratic inertia and unfortunately he’s given General Mattis carte blanche to run the defence department as he sees fit, even the decision to redeploy troops to Afghanistan. We’re now seeing the consequences of the Flynn sacking and also the sidelining of Bannon. Trump is surrounded by traitors, just as Hitler was. Read David Irving’s book Hitler’s War, and you will see the rank disobedience and treachery Hitler faced during the war from his own Generals. People think being a leader is easy, but the work pressure of being a President is immense and I believe Trump has delegated his most important duties to the wrong people i.e. traitors. He can trust no one!

    1. b-hawk, felix,

      i hear you both and have no issue with either claim (in fact, identical).
      Trouble is, who to turn to, it looks like the entire political, military and judicial structure of the united states is riddled with traitors – almost to the last one and the half dozen or fewer that are not, are already identified as Enemy by the Enemy and as such impossible to get into the white house or past the senate confirmation hearings.

      All the best ones have been drummed out already, David Duke, Cynthia McKinney, to name just two.
      All the honorable, strong, patriotic officers have long ago been cashiered out of the forces, only the sleazy perverts remain, whose role is not and cannot be to prosecute a war on behalf of the usa but to brownnose jew’s anus and when necessary turn on america’s citizenry like rabid dogs they are.

      I think that the best option is if
      • pat is right in that mobile nukes don’t exist (tho i honestly don’t give this more than 2-3% chance), and
      • usa armed forces and the miniskirted nato vassals get wiped out in a conventional war with the righteously motivated axis of the brics: russia, china, iran and the rest … i give this outcome a lot greater odds of success but it may not happen due to the failure of the above one.

      So, the most likely scenario in my view is a hefty nuclear exchange that will result in rapid junglification (complete societal breakdown) of the western world and at that point, if the winners don’t solve the jewish problem once and for all, they should all be lined up against the wall and executed for treason against (remaining) humanity.

      1. Lobro,
        “One shot, one kill.” These were the words of Carlos Hancock, one of the best snipers, “francotiradores” of all time. With a simple Remington bolt action rifle, he could hit targets at a mile. Before his death, he wrote a book. I encourage you to read it. Magnificent.
        Of course the Israelis have their own motto, “One shot, 2 kills.” This means an innocent, defenseless, pregnant Palestinian women. From a distance of 100 meters, these cowardly incompetent Jew snipers are barely able to hit bulls-eye. Chiou.

      2. His name was Carlos HATHcock, Donaldo (emphasis mine). The rifle he got famous with was a Model 70 Winchester, 30-06. One of his old spotters is a good friend. Hathcock is deceased, now.

      3. My money’s on Pat’s assessment of an alleged proliferation of nuclear armaments, that it represents the biggest hoax right there with the holocaust. It has a manufactured sword of damocles element about it that keeps all the nations paralyzed with fear

  3. Thanks to Darkmoon and commenters for the interesting overview. In compiling , there were some small additions and editing as a practical matter. In my comment, the addition of “All I’m asking”… made my primary suggestion which as originally written as a demand (Enforce the Law) sound much more moderate and reasonable. That’s not all I would ask, but it’s a sensible starting point and unassailable from a legal standpoint. Certainly it would meet with more opprobrium from the media, but having vigorously exposed MSM for the lying organized propaganda mouthpiece that it mostly is during the election campaign don’t think they are going to let up now, Mr. President. Felix and others are right about traitors from within, you may not get them all but you can only come close by trying.

    There are many good points. I agree with Lobro that essentially, the perfect is the enemy of the good and it’s unrealistic to expect perfection in anyone, and Mr. Trump is still my preference when faced with HRH as the only alternative. His Supreme Court choice and some other decisions also are good. There were some very encouraging signs in his personal meeting with Mr. Lavrov, but the direction of his foreign policy is troubling, as it’s beginning to look more neo-con than populist.

    Above all, there is little time. The mid term elections are very likely going to finish whatever chances he had to implement badly needed change. Many Presidents have discovered this. Above all, Flan O’Brien’s point about the roll back of Dodd-Frank is a guaranteed recipe for disaster which will destroy more than Mr. Trump if he lasts that long.

    I find it bizarre to hear a sitting President whine about how unfair the witch hunt is when if he cared to he could legally (and rationally – it’s a complete waste of taxpayers money) end it with a phone call. Maybe he’ll get a tweet from some unfortunate collateral civilian damage from Afghanistan, Syria, or Yemen who could text some photos of their blown off legs – then he’d learn what unfair really means. Zion, on the other, hand needs some first hand lessons in this department.

    1. Apologies to Grammar fiend for that misplaced comma, it’s nice to see you again and hear your thoughts. Imagine if that Syrian AF plane turned out to be Russian. I don’t think Israel’s quest for Lebensraum (living space) is going to work out very well. Meanwhile they continue to steal land and build apartment boxes, probably with Mr. Kushner as stolen Real Estate developer – he is said to have interests in occupied Palestine possibly in that regard.

      Mr. Trump gloating over his approval ratings reminds me of Mr. Obama on his Inaugural night drooling in a front row seat at a lovely and talented singer singing “My Foolish Pride”. I suppose it’s too much to expect much more than this these days – except in the USAP Space achievements which you’re lucky to catch a glimpse of if you research steadfastly and assiduously, too bad they can’t devote the same energies to some of the issues we cover here, starting with a definitive solution to the zionist problem.

      1. The Song is titled, of course, “Walk on By” but the foolish pride part is worthy of emphasis. Remember what the Romans used to have repeatedly whispered in a conquering general’s ear during a public tribute: “All glory is fleeting”…

  4. Like the article and the way it is presented. But it makes me ask once again why this site does not use a format that allows for quotes and responses. Think about it.

    The article as done here certainly makes the case for it.

    1. I too was reflecting on format and was about to make a suggestion that Lasha’s site could benefit from a poll plugin. But then, I thought no! Darkmoon is not about clickbait, it is about ideas well expressed in “classic” text, as opposed to ‘likes’ and videos.

      I also wondered, given the extremely light moderation of the site, about GRAMMAR FIEND’s comment “Darkmoon commentariat is now among the best on the internet.”. Having read books such as ‘The Dumbest Generation, Don’t trust anyone under 30 (now 40)”, I wonder if the site self selects for quality comments due to absence of videos. 🙂

      1. @ Flan O’Brien
        @ Rich

        Your suggestions are valued. We would like to improve the site in any way that would make it more user-friendly, but we are prevented from doing this for practical reasons. We are computer illiterates. Technological dunces. We just don’t know how to make the necessary technical innovations. It’s as simple as that.

        The talented technician who designed and set up our site is no longer available for help. We have lost touch with him, a close relative. He was a highly skilled operative who refused to accept money for his services and who could be trusted 100%.

        Of course, there’s nothing to prevent us from getting the outside help of a paid stranger — some technical whizkid from Mumbai or Bangalore. But this is out of the question. We wouldn’t be able to trust him. We need someone we can trust, a blood relative or personal friend.

      2. @ Flan O’Brien

        I too was reflecting on format and was about to make a suggestion that Lasha’s site could benefit from a poll plugin. But then, I thought no! Darkmoon is not about clickbait, it is about ideas well expressed in “classic” text, as opposed to ‘likes’ and videos.

        We once had his system, but had to ask our Technical Expert to remove it. It proved to be a total disaster. Kevin MacDonald once had the same system of votes (‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’) on the Occidental Observer but decided to ditch it after it proved a spectacular failure. It is inherently unfair. If you disagree with someone and get on his nerves, for example, he will give you a ‘dislike’ vote thereafter out of sheer spite — even if your comment is brilliant.

        Take Lobro, for example, an excellent poster who has taken up an unpopular position on Donald Trump. He is in a small minority here. Would it be fair on Lobro if he suddenly received ‘dislike’ votes for every comment he made? It would be totally unfair on him and would constitute an abuse of the voting system.

        We have seen this system abused on the Occidental Observer where outstanding commenters like Lobro (advocating minority views) were driven off the site by being constantly picked on by others. Fortunately, Kevin MacDonald scrapped this essentially unfair system once he saw how it was being abused by gangs of malicious and spiteful posters, many of them trolls.

      3. Toby, maybe you misunderstood. I think polls, ‘likes’ and videos (apart from an occasional one) detract from the site.

        Understood about the site maintenance. However WordPress is an extremely user friendly platform. Maybe it is time for you trusted admins to step up to the plate and learn at minimum Backup and Restore. This will give you peace of mind against security breaches.
        There really is no excuse. I am sure you are not senile octogenarians.

        First play around on your local PC (I assume it is windows). Installing the infrastructure software https://www.apachefriends.org/xampp-files/5.6.30/xampp-win32-5.6.30-1-VC11-installer.exe
        After which install wordpress:
        Here is a beginners video.

        Try this backup plugin

  5. Trump is under Zionist control as has been every POTUS since JFK, and that is why JFK was taken out. Zionists control the U.S. gov and thus they control America and have us fighting wars for Israel in the Mideast, which will cause the destruction of America.

  6. From what I can see, Trump’s present approval ratings are relatively quite low, significantly lower than any other president in the last 60 years. For example JFK’s approval rating in June 1961 was 73% vs Trump’s 37%.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this is how the Jews like it. It makes sense that the more popular the president is with “the people”, the less power the Jews would have over him.

    Taking it a step further, if Trump really wanted to “make America great again”, he would publicly announce that in accordance with his election mandate, he’s pulling the U.S. military out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; he’s going to close many U.S. overseas bases; and he’s going to start negotiating in good faith with Russia to settle a host of serious issues from Ukraine to NATO expansion in Europe to missiles on the Russian border, etc. Trump could say he’s going to finally deliver on the so-called “peace dividend” that was never realized after the cold war and use the savings to lower taxes and rebuild public infrastructure, etc. His approval ratings would probably skyrocket and the Jews and their agenda would be totally screwed.

    What could the Jews conceivably do then, except try to plot an assassination?

  7. People should understand that a U.S. presidente is not a dictator. Without support of the Senate, Trump is a lame duck. The Zionists control the Senate. No need to assinate Trump.
    I dont have a high opinion of Trump as an intelectual or visionary. My German shepherd, Hans, seems to have a longer atencion span. How can one man upset the momentum of the Zionist scheme of 150+years? One man cant do it alone. It takes a whole nación.

    1. Don –

      “People should understand that a U.S. presidente is not a dictator.”

      The label, such as “dictator” does not matter.

      Under National Emergency powers… ‘Martial Law Proper’… where the US is today.. he does not need permission to do anything. He can even send anyone to Gitmo or other rendition locations. He can send troops and planes anywhere he wishes…. and does so.

    2. “Without support of the Senate, Trump is a lame duck. The Zionists control the Senate. No need to assinate Trump.”

      That’s not quite true. As president, Trump is commander in chief of the U.S. military. Trump can order U.S. forces out of the Mideast. He doesn’t need congressional approval for that. The Jewish agenda is aggression, and there can be no aggression if the president opposes it. Because of this, the Jews need to control the office of president if they are to advance their agenda. This is why they had to assassinate JFK.

  8. Also, lets view the quality of American politicians. Google “Joe Biden fondles girls in front of camara.” See it with your own eyes. Andale.

  9. G.H.,
    I believe he commited suicide….poor soul…..wasnt he born in North Carolina. ?

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Russian warned the USA about attacking Syrian forces just last week if I recall properly. This could be the gloves off encounter. I would not be surprised to see an F-18 with an S400 missile up its tailpipe very soon, a one for one exchange.

      Based on a report I read a couple of days ago, the US installation in Tabqah is basically surrounded on the Syrian side by Syrian and Russian forces. Things could get dicey on the ground as well.

      It appears that the US generals do not want to admit that they have lost the Syrian war with their ISIS buddies controlling only desert areas with almost nothing in it.

      1. @ Ungenius

        The only conclusion I can come to is that having lost the proxy war, Orange Clown is now trying to provoke a response from Syrian or Iranian forces, so as to get a big war started. And I’m sorry to predict that he will continue to escalate his attacks on Syrian and allied forces until the point where they will have no choice but to defend themselves.

        Also, the Russians have a big investment in Syria and I wonder how much longer Putin can remain passive while Orange Clown slaps him around. I would think that Putin’s passivity will at some point start hurting him politically.

        Unfortunately it seems nothing but force will stop Orange Clown.

  10. I stand corrected as to the spelling of his name and exact make of his rifle. Any more argumunts G.H.? You, as an intelectual light-weight, argue at particulares, but miss the big picture.

    1. You flit through your imagined knowledge like a child, Donaldo – fascinated by your own fantasies. Go play with yourself. (Hathcock was from the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. The last time I saw him was at a gun show near Quantico, and was in a wheel chair, and suffering from cancer.)

      1. Carlos Hathcock is one of the all time greatest American servicemen in my book. Superb marksman (90 confirmed kills) who fought a jungle duel with one of the NVA’s best, and killed him by a single round that went right through his opponent’s rifle scope – he aimed at the glint and in another second or two at the most it might have been the other way around. Badly burned when a vehicle hit a mine, he never lost his sense of duty or feelings to his country. What a privilege to see him and know one of his spotters, you should learn all you can from him Gilbert and write a book for the benefit of future generations.

      2. Gilbert,
        I dont play with loaded guns…..especially large calibers. Its dangerous. Its 15 years since
        I read Mr. Hatchcocks book. I forgot some details. May Carlos rest in peace and I beg your foregiveness.

  11. Agreed with Harold – one does not have to get into analysis of putative enemies of Orange Clown ((tm) Harold) when moral character, absent from OC, is a necessary condition for right action.

    To those who fear OC may be assassinated or removed from office if he opposes Zionism/NWO I would like to point out that OC is head of US armed services. If armed services personnel are prepared to die to defend the American people then so should Orange Clown. The last US president with requisite moral character was Kennedy.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” OC has ultimate office in the US. No deception is required. Let him man-up Duterte-like, carry out his promises and die in the attempt if necessary.

  12. in all the to and fro, i am somewhat disappointed that no one commented on this explicit indicator of the kind of terrifying pressure that can be brought to bear on even an american president.
    I use this example to illustrate a general truth.

    Consider the indisputable facts regarding the Nixon presidency:
    • the president is heavily against Jews, cannot stand them, as evidenced in the taped conversations with equally anti-judaic preacher Billy Graham
    • yet, Jews can exert such incredible force upon him that he must approve an instant emergency airlift of thousands of tons of advanced military hardware to save their reeking state from certain defeat by Arabs, despite his private misgivings
    when Billy Graham exhorts him to “do something about Jews in the 2nd term“, what is the result?
    the one and only president in history to be impeached and hounded out of office at midterm into total obscurity – on obviously minor, contrived pretext

    So i ask again: just what justifies you all to think that “Trump has all kinds of powers”?
    This has nothing to do with Trump or Nixon or Wilson being nice guys, bad guys, smart, stupid – all irrelevant.
    It has to do with what they can do, REALISTICALLY.

    Why couldn’t Nixon simply have ordered the US armed forces to stand by and not get mixed up in a conflict that doesn’t affect America – all the more so that he clearly detested one side – the side he was forced to save and ensure their victory?
    Please keep nonsense answers to yourself, just the plausible ones.

    I claim and the above-listed events amply confirm it – precious little a POTUS can do and if anything at all, by tiny, sneaky degrees, many false moves to send the enemy down the wrong track (Churchill’s foreknowledge of Coventry bombing comes to mind, he may have been one of history’s great villains but a capable war leader), a total guerilla battle making sure not to make any mistakes – and even then it may be a lost war.

    Sorry GrammarFiend and the rest of the jury if this doesn’t read simply and clearly.

    1. “So i ask again: just what justifies you all to think that ‘Trump has all kinds of powers’?”

      I don’t know of anyone here claiming that “Trump has all kinds of powers”. Can you please point out where you got this from?

      As I’ve stated elsewhere and repeat here again, the U.S. constitution DOES give the president exclusive control over the armed forces of the U.S. According to Art. 2 Sec 2:

      “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States…”

      Are you going to dispute an unambiguous, textually demonstrable provision of the U.S. constitution?

      “This has nothing to do with Trump or Nixon or Wilson being nice guys, bad guys, smart, stupid – all irrelevant.
      It has to do with what they can do, REALISTICALLY.”

      What’s so “unrealistic” about the commander in chief of the U.S. military ordering the end of an illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign country which has neither attacked nor threatened it? What’s so “unrealistic” about a president keeping the promises he made to the people who elected him?

      Finally, if the president is as powerless as you imply, why would anyone, e.g. the Jews, seem to care so much about the person that holds the office? Why did the Jews feel the need to assassinate JFK when by your “reasoning” it shouldn’t have made any difference (since he’s only a powerless figurehead)? I don’t see how you get to have it both ways.

      1. Not sure if Loboro is a God congnisant person but truth and righteous action, out of the gate, may well have changed the landscape for Nixon and Trump in ways that our puny brains cannot foresee. Scurrying around and plotting in the shadows, even powered by giant intellect, will achieve very little.

        The bald fact is that Trump is spineless and without moral character. A write-off.

    2. “Why couldn’t Nixon simply have ordered the US armed forces to stand by and not get mixed up in a conflict that doesn’t affect America – all the more so that he clearly detested one side – the side he was forced to save and ensure their victory?”

      Since as president, Nixon was commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces as per the constitution, he OBVIOUSLY COULD HAVE ENDED the war against Vietnam, any time he wanted to.

      But since you seem to insist that the actions (or failures to act) of the president have nothing to do with the character of the man holding the office, I suppose it would be a pointless waste of time for me to try explain my view of the situation with Nixon, the Vietnam war, etc., (especially vis-a-vis the broader context of the fraudulent Jew-inspired “cold war”, which was in many ways analogous to the fraudulent Jew-inspired “war on terror”).

      Anyway, I don’t understand why you keep bringing up the subject of Nixon. You seem to be implying that Nixon did Jew dirty work (by supporting Israel), but the Jews had him impeached anyway, but what exactly is your point? How does this line of reasoning support a claim that Trump isn’t doing Jew dirty work? And to the extent you agree that Trump is doing Jew dirty work, what difference does it make whether Trump is doing this Jew dirty work grudgingly or enthusiastically (if that’s where you’re going with this)?

      1. @ Lobro

        Sorry I misread your comment (quoted above). But I see great replies from FR and Sardonicus, so I’ll just add that I agree with them that Nixon was a captive of Jew-inspired “cold war” politics.
        (The communist Jews created the cold war era “soft-on-communism” meme, an epithet used as a political billy club against anyone deemed not sufficiently anti-USSR).

  13. This is NOT George Washington’s style of government anymore….

    ….due to the – CONTINUED – National Emergency Trump SIGNED just last month:

    As POTUS. Trump can do what he wishes, without House or Senate approval. He is 100% in control of the US Military. ALL branches.

    Since Congress gave the powers to POTUS… it is mostly moot, and mute except for silly arguments.

    The POTUS is even in control of WHICH LAWS can be placed into effect TODAY.

    **Many do not know that… US LAWS are NOT in effect until placed into the Federal Register. With that, he is also in control of ALL commerce….

    The President has had very broad dictatorial-type powers, no matter WHO is in office, for decades.

    U.S.C. TITLE 44, Chapter 15 § 1505 – Documents to be published in Federal Register:
    (c) Suspension of Requirements for Filing of Documents; ALTERNATE SYSTEMS for Promulgating, Filing, or Publishing Documents; Preservation of Originals.

    **In the event of an attack – OR THREATENED – attack upon the continental United States and a determination – BY THE PRESIDENT – that as a result of an attack – OR THREATENED – attack—

    (1) publication of the Federal Register or filing of documents with the Office of the Federal Register is impracticable, or

    (2) under existing conditions publication in the Federal Register would not serve to give appropriate notice to the public of the contents of documents, the President may, WITHOUT REGARD to any other provision of law, *SUSPEND all or part of the requirements of law or regulation for filing with the Office or publication in the Federal Register of documents or classes of documents.

    The suspensions shall remain in effect until revoked by the President.

    The President shall establish alternate systems for promulgating, filing, or publishing documents or classes of documents affected by such suspensions, including requirements relating to their effectiveness or validity, that may be considered under the then existing circumstances practicable to provide public notice of the issuance and of the contents of the documents.

    The alternate systems may, WITHOUT LIMITATION, provide for the use of regional or specialized publications or depositories for documents, or of the press, the radio, or similar mediums of general communication.

    Compliance with alternate systems of filing or publication shall have the – SAME EFFECT – as filing with the Office or publication in the Federal Register under this chapter or other law or regulation.

    With respect to documents promulgated under alternate systems, each agency shall preserve the original and two duplicate originals or two certified copies for filing with the Office when the President – DETERMINES – that it is practicable.



      In 1933….The Emergency Banking Relief Act — AMENDED — a portion of Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917:

      On October 6, 1917, the Congress had passed the – TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT – dealing with how the government may control the activities of those considered to be enemies or allies of enemies of our government.

      –Prior to 1933, Paragraph 5(b) of that Act read, “That the President may investigate, regulate or prohibit, under such rules as he may prescribe by means of foreign exchange, export or earmarkings of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency, transfers of credit in any form (other than credits relating to transactions to be executed wholly within the United States)…”

      Since 1917, then, the President had the power to seize or block financial transactions of those considered to be our enemy.

      It is also very clear that, in 1917, the Congress wanted to exclude the American people from the oppression of such powers. The bill was, after all, supposed to define our government’s posture in dealing with our enemies or allies of our enemies.

      The Emergency Banking and Relief Act, passed by Congress in special session on March 9, 1933, modifies paragraph 5(b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act just discussed. The modified paragraph reads, “Section 2. Subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917 (40 Stat. L. 411), as amended, is hereby amended to read as follows: (b) During time of war or during any other period of national emergency declared by the President, the President may, through any agency that he may designate, or otherwise, investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions in foreign exchange, transfers of credit between or payments by banking institutions as defined by the President, and export, hoarding, melting or earmarking of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency, by any person within the United States or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof; and the President may require any person engaged in any transaction referred to in this subdivision to furnish under oath, complete production of any books of account, contracts, letters or other papers, in connection therewith in the custody or control of such person, either before or after such transaction is completed. Whoever willfully violates any of the provisions of the subdivision of any license, order, rule or regulation issued there under, shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $10,000…”

      **This Act granted to the President broad sweeping investigative and prosecutorial powers against ANYONE… including the American people, found by the PRESIDENT – ALONE – to be an enemy.

      By removing the former “…transactions to be executed wholly within the United States…” the Congress was effectively putting the American people in the same category as our nation’s enemies, and GAVE the President essentially dictatorial powers.

    2. Pat,
      there is a very simple, very clear question posed repeatedly in my self-referencing posts – i will even put it inside blockquotes for ease of navigation.

      ***Start reading here***

      This is the QUESTION —>: Why did Nixon send enormous military aid package to Israel when they were on the verge of defeat?
      NB (NOTA BENE – TAKE NOTE) —>: He clearly couldn’t stand Israel and jews generally and he supposedly had the power to do nothing, no aid, no nothing, let the jew drown in his military incompetence, Congress could not force him into EXECUTIVE action.

      ***Finish reading here (so as not to overburden you with long, rambling discourse***

      let me see one person in this entire forum who actually understands this question.
      Just one … i can think of a few who don’t, they like things exceedingly clear and simple, this doesn’t pass the test of clarity and simplicity, obviously substandard fare.

      1. Lobro –

        You obviously disregarded my comments above. Sad.

        As a distraction.. you asked:
        “Why did Nixon send enormous military aid package to Israel when they were on the verge of defeat?”

        My guess is the same reason JFK gave Israel massive weapons… they both were told to do so…. to increase Pharisee-Jew military armament $$$$$ worldwide. For all we know…… they both got commissions for the sales increases.. 🙂

        “Congress could not force him into EXECUTIVE action.”

        Congress cannot FORCE the POTUS to do anything… so he had to resign due to Hillary’s Pharisee-Jew lawyer gang and ‘Deep Throat’ Woodward.

      2. @Lobro

        The answer is simple Cold War Logic :

        “…Nixon alone concluded that the US must step in to back Israel against Arab forces whose primary military supplier was the Soviet Union—the 1973 war became more than just necessary to save the Jewish state, it became a struggle between the world’s preeminent Super Powers…”


      3. @ Lobro

        A word of advice which you are free to ignore. Pay heed to Franklin Ryckaert’s comment above. It makes a lot of sense.

        Nixon may well have hated the Jews. Granted. If you were in Nixon’s shoes, what would you have done? You’d have let Israel be defeated by the Arabs. You’d have refused to rally round Israel and support them with arms. “F**k Israel!” you would have said. Right?

        We have to assume you are partly right, given Nixon’s expressed dislike for the Jews: that his support for Israel was given with supreme reluctance. This doesn’t mean that Nixon’s “hands were tied”, that he was “forced against his will” to do something he was 100% against. Herein lies your false assumption.

        The truth is that Nixon made a free decision that went against the grain for him, a most reluctant decision to support Israel, because the alternative was unthinkable: which was to give the Soviet Union the upper hand in the Middle East.

        We are talking here about realpolitik, Lobro. This is all about compromise and doing things you would rather not do.

        There is no excuse for Trump for this reason, and it shows why your analogy with Nixon is a false analogy. Nixon supported Israel against his true will, we’ll grant you that, but Nixon never said in advance that he was against Israel and would NEVER support it!

        Trump is totally different. He is on record as saying repeatedly that he wanted friendship with Russia and that America should keep out of Syria, and here he is doing the very OPPOSITE. He is blatantly breaking his promises and going back on his word. Nixon never did that.

        I repeat: Nixon never did that. Nixon never said he would do one thing and then do precisely the opposite. So your analogy with Nixon is a false analogy.

      4. Pat, Ryckaert, Sardonicus, all …
        thanks for the answers, all of which are quite speculative, something that i seem to stand accused of.
        Pat says that “arms sales filled Nixon’s pockets”, which is why he did it.
        Nowhere is there a single word on any arms sales contracts or commissions that you refer to, it seems to have been an outright gift, thus, no commissions, secret or otherwise.
        Yet you seem entitled to state it in full confidence, whereas I get dumped on for “false analogies” and the like.

        Not to mention that there seemed to have been a threat of Nixon taking some anti-judaist action in his 2nd term, which occasioned his being routed out of oval office in complete disgrace which surely contributed to his early death – how does this square with the life of Riley that supposedly awaited him due to massive commissions???

        Sardonicus: I never drew an analogy between Trump and Nixon, merely asked for an explanation of why Nixon acted in such a seemingly absurd manner if my explanation, viz, that Jews have almost complete power to force an American president to do whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of how much he may personally hate them.
        Yes indeed, had I been faced with a prospect of israel getting wiped off the map, i would have enthusiastically sat on my hands and done nothing.
        Soviets? Under Khrushchev?
        Pat never tires of stating that they were at all times a paper tiger – don’t you, Pat?
        What exactly would the disappearance of Israel have done to the US foreign policy?

        Let’s all take Yiddishe Algemeiner’s word for it, shall we.
        You can all bet that Yiddishe Algemeiner would honestly state that it is Jews that have ruled America with the rod of iron, so if they didn’t say it, it means it isn’t true.
        Commissions to Nixon and his mortal fear of native Russians is the reason, because those damned Russians would … er, would … would roast our babies alive and eat them, right? That’s what Russians do and have always done, ritual murder, organ theft, drugs, prostitution, you name it, so we need jews to defend us, right? Plus the commissions come in handy.

        Tell me Franklin, Sard, Pat, what would have happened had Israel gone down the well deserved, well greased tubes back into the hell whence it came?
        All that Palestinian oil, OMG!
        And back then, we had Iran on our side through the Shah Pavlavi, Venezuela, you name it.
        And what makes you think that the Palestinians would have been a Communist thorn in our side, look at Communist Cuba, what did they ever do to us?
        Apart from the Communist Marxist Trotskyist Talmudist Judea, the cancer upon the world.

        So, putting a boot to them was oh, sooo “unthinkable”, everybody in a giant swoon.

        I mean, WTF?!? That you all are twisting yourself into a hyper-talmudic knot to avoid facing the one and only straightforward conclusion, which is that JEW OWN YOU, OWNS THE USA, OWNS CANADA, OWNS THE FAKE BRITAIN, FRANCE, NATO, … and does whatever he wants and there is absolutely nothing any of you can do except look for the most ridiculous excuses in order not to face the truth, like a whore that puts on fancy dress, perfume and airs, goes out with her poodle twirling the parasol daintily.

        Taft didn’t snap to attention and click heels smartly enough when Jew Schiff barked the order to ruin Russia and stormed out of Oval office refusing to shake hands with the occupant, switched him for Woodrow Wilson who came in on the promise of NO WAR and promptly joined WW1, rebooted the Federal reserve, etc … you know, arms sales commissions, unthinkable to let Tsar continue in power, must yield to talmudist friends like Kamenov and Trotsky, (I suppose) according to Algemeiner.

        The simple fact is that USA has no foreign policy and hasn’t had a scintilla of foreign policy since the assassination of Lincoln, meanwhile you are chewing cud on how “letting the USSR step into vacuum left by disappearance of Israel was unthinkable”, you know, because the deep thinking US foreign policy wonks just could not stomach such a scenario, the loss of American Sovereignty. LOL

        Every which way but straight … and I stand accused of being obtuse and not stating my views clearly.

        • i say: this has nothing to do with Trump, EVERYTHING to do with Jew’s power, he can do whatever he wants.
        • You say: this has nothing to do with Jew power, EVERYTHING to do with Trump, he can do whatever he wants.

        Ok, you win.

      5. “This is the QUESTION —>: Why did Nixon send enormous military aid package to Israel when they were on the verge of defeat?
        NB (NOTA BENE – TAKE NOTE) —>: He clearly couldn’t stand Israel and jews generally and he supposedly had the power to do nothing, no aid, no nothing, let the jew drown in his military incompetence, Congress could not force him into EXECUTIVE action.
        ***Finish reading here (so as not to overburden you with long, rambling discourse***

        let me see one person in this entire forum who actually understands this question.
        Just one … i can think of a few who don’t, they like things exceedingly clear and simple, this doesn’t pass the test of clarity and simplicity, obviously substandard fare.”

        First, Nixon was just another corrupt politician. He was apparently completely morally incompetent. And as I’ve endeavored to point out several times: generally speaking, morally incompetent people are putty in Jewish hands.

        That is, if a person is more concerned about his political career, or his standing with his corrupt peers, friends, associates, etc., he can be manipulated, e.g. “shamed” into doing the “wrong” thing for the “wrong” reason. Surely you don’t dispute this common feature of human behavior, do you?

        Let’s take LBJ as an example. He escalated U.S. involvement in Vietnam, but despite his relentless bombing campaign (Operation “Rolling Thunder”), he couldn’t beat the Vietnamese into submission. He came to realize the war was a hopeless cause, and with growing anti-war sentiment in the U.S., what did he do? He withdrew from the campaign for re-election. He could’ve done the morally proper thing while still in office and de-escalated the war, but instead he put petty party politics ahead of moral propriety and the lives of his victims. So rather than risk the Democratic party being “smeared” with the Jew-inspired “soft on communism” epithet, he took the cowardly way out and retired.

        Now back to Nixon. As a threshold issue, why did Nixon dislike Jews in the first place? Was it because he saw them as generally “evil” and he saw himself as a “righteous” person? Or was he merely jealous of their disproportionate wealth, power and influence?
        Perhaps he just saw Jews as a threat to the shrinking “WASP” power structure in the U.S.? Lots of people dislike other people not because they see them as necessarily “evil” or a threat to life on planet Earth, but merely because of “envy”, right? The Jews were perhaps “better” at being evil than others, and maybe that was the issue with Nixon?

        In any case, based on his own actions, it’s clear to me that Nixon didn’t know right from wrong any more than Johnson did. So why should anyone be surprised that Nixon would hold his nose and put political expediency above principle when it came to supporting Israel?

        Moreover, how do you know that Nixon wasn’t thinking something along the lines of: “Gee, if Israel is defeated, all the Jews there will be trying to come here…”

      6. @ Harold Smith

        “In any case, based on his own actions, it’s clear to me that Nixon didn’t know right from wrong any more than Johnson did.”

        Putting Nixon aside, surely you jest about Johnson not knowing the difference between right and wrong. Everything significant that he did was wrong, putting the churches under control of the government, involvement with the JFK assassination, the USS Liberty attack, creation of the full blown Vietnam War, etc. If you know of something that Johnson did that was right besides dying, kindly let me know since I certainly missed it.

      7. It always gets back to the evil genius of the Protocols

        What Nixon “wanted”, what Trump “wants”, reflects the protocolian doctrine which has resulted in the crafting of POTUS to think that what they WANT is exactly what is NEEDED. They become CONVINCED of it.

        The only exception in the past 100 years is the one that got away from them, or rather, WOULD have had they not felt the urgent need for an action of last resort – getting JFK’s Secret Service driver to turn around after coming to a virtual complete stop in Dealy Plaza, pistol in hand, and blowing his f***ing brains out at point blank range.

  14. NEVER FEAR…!! Trump sends Chabad & Noahide agent… to Israel..!! 🙂

    President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner, plans to travel to the Middle East this week to try to advance U.S. efforts to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, a White House official said Sunday.

    The trip marks the White House’s first major follow up to Mr. Trump’s trip to the region last month and suggests Mr. Kushner’s policy portfolio is far from shrinking..!!!

    1. I always wonder what is so “senior” with this 37-years old senior adviser. Besides his young age, his girly face doesn’t make him look much more “senior” either.

      I don’t think he will succeed in convincing the Israelis to give up the West Bank for the establishment of a Palestinian state. The Israelis have already invested too much in appropriated land, settlements and (Jews only) roads to allow that to happen. At most they will concede a few “Bantustans” with local autonomy to the Palestinians. If the Palestinians will call that miserable collection of dispersed little territories “Palestine”, then so much for the better. The problem will then seem to be “resolved” and Israel can continue its evil ways.

      1. FR –

        “…what is so “senior”…..”

        Any “YUGE” personal family friend, and just about kinfolk to Netanyahu…. such as ‘Kushy’…. a practicing Chabadist…
        …..is “BIGGLY” a “senior” to Trump. 🙂

  15. Lobro – The massive amount of hardware sent by President Nixon to embattled Israel was probably because the Israelis, finding themselves losing badly to the Egyptians, deployed nuclear armed Jericho missiles and were inches away from escalating the conflict to a nuclear war. President Sadat stated publicly after the conflict that Egypt had around “20 or so dirty bomb devices in it’s arsenal”, possibly developed with the assistance of German engineers, at least one one of whom was assassinated by the Mossad. The Israelis never forgave President Nixon for the assistance arriving late, though it’s been said that Kissinger was one of the advisers who recommended the delay with an eye toward softening Israel’s perpetual hostile and poisonous attitude to the rest of the civilized world. The Yom Kippur war forever shattered the myth of Israeli military invincibility, though they are still tops at killing unarmed women and children.

    After the overblown Watergate public destruction of President Nixon, US Presidents find themselves unable to respond to the challenge of dealing with the Internationally embedded zionist crime factory and the USA has gradually descended through domestic subversion and racketeering into the state it’s in now. The real deep state only cares that trained engineers skilled at back engineering (See published papers from Mitre Corporation) are produced for their technical requirements and that they can divert trillions of taxpayer dollars (like the missing trillions records destroyed in the Pentagon on 9/11) to fund their programs. The agenda in my view may be necessary for human survival but it is worse than poorly performed and unecessarily destructive on a domestic level. In effect, they have largely written off the country that houses them, educated them, and provided every means to further their progress.

    The indifference to the US citizen is made far worse by the deceitful, murderous schemes of the zionists and their criminal agenda, which destroys the very fabric of civilization. Having conned many other wealthy individuals through the CFR, Bildergerg, the Tri Lateral commission and other organizations (the unelected socialists of the EU for one) into accepting a program that can only lead to widespread ruin they pursue their murderous agenda at an increasingly accelerating rate.

    The perfect is the enemy of the good, but we must not accept important questions uncritically. As louder calls are made to investigate the criminal Loretta Lynch and others in response to the sick Rosenstein/ Mueller tissue of lies theater, we may yet find Mr. Trump may have some positive qualities if he’s man enough to pursue these animals.

    1. Winston, thank you making sense – finally someone steps in with a rational rationale.
      But still, worth looking into a bit deeper

      The massive amount of hardware sent by President Nixon to embattled Israel was probably because the Israelis, finding themselves losing badly to the Egyptians, deployed nuclear armed Jericho missiles and were inches away from escalating the conflict to a nuclear war.

      We must all understand clearly how dear Jew’s putrid hide is to him (“a jew fingernail worth a million arab lives”).
      What could have conceivably happened, had Jews faced the final act of resounding defeat?
      Had they loosened the nuke tipped jerichos, Arabs would have savaged them one by one, not a single talmudist left breathing in palestine, no mercy whatever.
      But, absent that phony samson, americans would have bailed them out to the last, they all would have landed to a neighborhood near you, whence they originally came, all those long island settlers and blood swilling paramilitaries.
      And that would have been it, jews no better off, no worse than before 1948, why is that such an existential tragedy rather than a setback, ie, they don’t have a safe bolthole for their worldwide crimes and scams.

      I don’t buy the Samson Option any more than Pat buys the Nuke Option and given jew’s famous cowardice and effeminate ways, I think my thinking is quite justified.

      Jew rules the western world – totally.
      The only action possible is of various guerilla jungle tactics, like the Irish against Jew Zioprotestant Masonic Britain, by way of deceit, deception and stealth – plain, honest truth will get you deep-sixed real quick.
      And it SEEMS to me that Trump knows this perfectly – I say “seems” because i don’t claim 100% assurance, can only weigh the competing theories on the basis of probability, hence always accept the chance that I could be wrong – not an occasion for suicide.

      1. Lobro – There I go again – “at least one one of whom was assassinated…” There is some interesting background reading amidst all the “Nazi!” “Nazi!” common and overdone to tears hysteria. “The Hunt for German Scientists” by Michael Bar-Zohan is a good one though buried among the sort of crap I just mentioned. It was written when the readers of the world knew the difference between a German and a Nazi Party member, hence the title, as opposed to the rigidly enforced “Nazi” narrative we are subjected to today (out of a population of tens of millions of Germans the Party at it’s height constituted fewer than 15% of the population). Among other revelations the German invention of the negative Ion generator and a discussion of a fair amount of known high level German Scientists who went to work in postwar Egypt.

        Most of us would acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Wernher von Braun, Dr. Kurt Debus, and other German scientists for their work in the US military missile program and the early Space program. What is still classified is the German atomic program, conveniently buried under the jewish myth that it was confined to Dr. Heisenberg who failed to enrich uranium. The glaring and blatant reality is that Dr. Manfred von Ardenne who joined the Soviet Union after the war and was fully funded and awarded tributes for his contribution to the Soviet nuclear program was well along in his research long before the war was over.

        Dr. Oppenheimer, the (in)famous communist spy (who along with so many others ‘just happened to be jewish’) stated on May 8th, 1945 that the US nuclear weapon would not be ready until December of that year. During the third week of May of that year something changed – namely the surrender of U-292 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In addition to Dr. Schlieke, expert in infra red proximity fuses (used to detonate nuclear weapons) there were a number of solid gold containers removed from the submarine and available to see today in de-classified official US Navy records. They were labeled (officially) “Uranium Ore” and appear as such in the record. The problem is that “ore” doesn’t require shielding – enriched Uranium, however, very much does.There was a ton or so of Uranium ore in a Brooklyn Navy Yard from Thomas Fortune Ryan’s mining interests in the Congo at the time. The number of containers is disputed by German Navy non-commissioned officer Hirschfeld who served on the submarine and witnessed the loading of the cargo. His memoir, translated by British author Geoffrey Brooks is fascinating to read. Extensive research led Brooks to publish his own discoveries in his books “Hitler’s Nuclear Weapons” and “Hitler’s Terror Weapons”. The one they don’t like us to see is Carter Plympton Hydrick’s book “Critical Mass”, where Hydrick relates his findings that the synthetic rubber plant (Buna) near Auschwitz was drawing more electricity than the city of Berlin. Career experts in Buna production informed Hydrick that only a small fraction of that amount is needed for Buna production. Further research may be found in the published works of Henry Stevens and Dr. Joseph Farrell, and the very professional work of Polish military historian Igor Witkowski. A Japanese submarine carrying a cargo of gold containers from collapsing Germany is the I-52, which was covered as a salvage mission (though of course no mention of the still classified cargo inside the containers) by National Geographic. Thus, it wasn’t only the Soviets who were greatly assisted by a country that rejected ‘jewish’ physics.

        So the world managed to avoid a nuclear attack in 1973, in addition to thousands of lives in Cairo and elsewhere the loss of the priceless Egyptian historical legacy. These days it’s getting harder and harder to hope for the best given the callous indifference and studied passivity of many in the Republican Party and the mentally deranged communist agenda of Sanders, Schumer, Corbyn all aggressively backed by Soros and others in the UK. Given the historical record, what the left plainly demonstrates is thorough incompetence in productive and healthy management and an inability to govern without stealing.

      2. By the way, that was U-boat 234, not 292, that surrendered in Portsmouth, NH. There is a fine article in the July-August issue of NEXUS I received today (available on line http://www.nexusmagazine.com ) with photos and important details regarding this suppressed history.

      3. Regrettably the recommended article is poorly written and indulges in low brow “He’s a Nazi” and “That guy was a Nazi!” which is rampant today. Somehow Dr. von Neuman and Dr. Schlieke get morphed into the same ideological entity. Maybe that was the idea of the piece. Nice photos, however, and some details are correct (but well known). At least they got the U-boat number right. There’s better articles on Goldman Sachs and the new 5G wireless horror in the issue. For decent history, stay with Witkowski, Brooks, Hydrick, Stevens (though his last book I don’t care for) Farrell (who also is a mixed bag) and of course, Hirschfeld – who was there.

  16. Lobro –

    “So i ask again: just what justifies you all to think that “Trump has all kinds of powers”?”

    I shall consider myself as one of the “YOU ALL” here..!! 🙂

    I don’t “THINK” it…. I ‘R-E-A-D’ the written laws which STATE it..!!

    Those laws are effected and affected by the – CONTINUED – National Emergency Trump SIGNED just last month:


    I shall repeat almost as often as you keep asking…. 🙂

    As POTUS, Trump can do what he wishes, without House or Senate approval.

    He is 100% in control of the US Military. ALL branches.

    Congress gave – turned over – those powers to POTUS.

    The POTUS is even in control of WHICH LAWS can be placed into effect TODAY.

    **Many do not know that… US LAWS are NOT in effect until placed into the Federal Register. With that, he is also in control of ALL commerce….

    The President has had very broad dictatorial-type powers, no matter WHO is in office, for decades…. **because of (continued) DECLARED NATIONAL EMERGENCIES.!!

    Here is just one law granting power to POTUS:
    U.S.C. TITLE 44, Chapter 15 § 1505 – Documents to be published in Federal Register:

    “….the President may, WITHOUT REGARD to any other provision of law, *SUSPEND all or part of the requirements of law or regulation for filing with the Office or publication in the Federal Register of documents or classes of documents.
    The suspensions shall remain in effect UNTIL revoked by the President.”

  17. Lobro –

    You wrote:
    “Pat says that “arms sales filled Nixon’s pockets”, which is why he did it.”
    “Nowhere is there a single word on any arms sales contracts or commissions that you refer to, it seems to have been an outright gift, thus, no commissions, secret or otherwise.”

    I never wrote that. YOU are ‘making things up..AGAIN… STILL..!! 🙂

    I DID write:
    “My guess is the same reason JFK gave Israel massive weapons… they both were told to do so…. to increase Pharisee-Jew military armament $$$$$ worldwide. For all we know…… they both got commissions for the sales increases.. 🙂 ”

    “MY GUESS…For all we know…”
    “MY GUESS…For all we know…”
    “MY GUESS…For all we know…”

    Your claims are absurd.

    You are being as “mule-headed” as I…. and worse..!! 🙂

    You suggest that arms manufacturers and brokers give away their products. They are known to have filled politicians’ pockets all around the globe. For one… Adnan Khashoggi openly BRAGGED about that years ago. He sent funds to Swiss and Chicago Mercantile Exchange numbered accounts as kickbacks and payoffs to heads of states…



    The article is about TRUMP… NOT… NIXON..!!

    TRUMP – CONTINUED – the National Emergency, started by ‘Shrub’ in 2003, just last month:


    I shall repeat almost as often as you keep asking or claiming otherwise… 🙂

    As POTUS, Trump can do what he wishes, without House or Senate approval…!!

  18. here is the Russian Insider’s view on the USAF shooting of the syrian jet: RI Podcast, Episode #2: Under Trump, Generals Decide War and Peace

    … the US shooting down a Syrian jet is yet another example of how dangerous Trump’s “leave it to the generals” policy really is

    and i’ve too been arguing that this is what is happening, as per the completely psychotic US officer cadres, the normal ones having been pushed out as per jew orders long ago.
    Which, btw, is the reason they don’t stand a chance fighting a serious, committed, technologically apt opponent, not even the fishing trawlers and cargo ships.
    Just jews-lite.

    As for Trump, clearly he did not have a direct hand in it and is only partly responsible because of his cynical surrender to the decrepit generals – not that there are any other kind anymore, like I said – just look at their faces, mattis, Mcmaster and the rest, all criminally insane at the first look.
    But it does give Trump an out of sorts, namely that he gave them the free reign, being businessman and not understanding the “art of war” and all.
    What if he had put them on a choke leash, don’t you think that all these generals, grown fat on jew graft, could sabotage him at every turn and then he’d end up holding the entire bag, “incompetent”, “killer”, “traitor”, etc?

    It’s sort of like locked up in a state penitentiary, you must form some protective alliance with one of the gangs in order to survive.
    So, he must grin and bear it in public, “I support our boys, blah blah”, wave the flag …

    America is f—-d, i see no way out for them, the best they can do is make sure to lose the war nice and quick and then blame the jew openly, get even.
    Never mind the Soviet threat, Eurasian geopolitics, all that jazz, the problem has always been one and only.

    PS, and Harold … LBJ was a crypto Jew, a marrano, not even a shabbo goy, just a high placed sayanim.
    One look at him or Lady bird and it is crystal clear, not to mention his actions, his open celebration of Kennedy’s murder, when he took over Air force one.

    1. “As for Trump, clearly he did not have a direct hand in it and is only partly responsible because of his cynical surrender to the decrepit generals – not that there are any other kind anymore, like I said – just look at their faces, mattis, Mcmaster and the rest, all criminally insane at the first look.
      But it does give Trump an out of sorts, namely that he gave them the free reign, being businessman and not understanding the “art of war” and all.”

      LOL! So, Trump doesn’t know why he chose to surrounded himself with warmongers in the first place? Trump doesn’t know why he can’t fire his treasonous subordinates, rather than let them start WW3? Trump doesn’t even know his military forces illegally invaded Syria for that matter? Trump doesn’t know his forces are committing war crimes? Trump doesn’t know that his deliberate, calculated loosening of the rules of engagement is responsible for thousands of unnecessary civilian deaths? Trump doesn’t know that his forces are using white phosphorus in civilian populated areas?

      Poor babe-in-the-woods Trump seems to be “out of the loop” on everything. Not only are the Jews against him, but even his own staff, his own twitter account, his own right hand and even his own mouth have now apparently betrayed him. What a tragic figure; a reasonable person trapped in the body of a slobbering, utterly helpless, imbecilic know-nothing; a slobbering fool who’s apparently losing control over all of his bodily functions. Maybe instead of “orange clown” we should be calling him “bubble boy”.

      1. LOL! So, Trump doesn’t know why …

        By ignoring, whether willfully or through superficial reading of my post, just searching for bits to LOL at, you end up laughing at your own jokes.
        Because you clearly missed/ignored the point i was making:

        It’s sort of like locked up in a state penitentiary, you must form some protective alliance with one of the gangs in order to survive.
        So, he must grin and bear it in public, “I support our boys, blah blah”, wave the flag …

        it is like saying that Caesar or Alexander The Great or Tamerlane were great leaders and strategists regardless of their troops, they would have done just the same on their own without any support.
        This is what you are forcing onto Trump.

        he is a general of the army of mental defectives and moral deviants, every single one of them, no exceptions, without any range of choice in this Jew’s pentitentiary called America.
        This is the true meaning of LOL (land of the lost?), so go ahead, laugh, i can afford to laugh, being physically and emotionally far removed yet showing concern, because they are people after all and a very lost, unhappy people to judge by appearances.
        Why did Trump even bother running for president, this is the good question, why not let the jew and hillary finish it off for good, pull the life support on the terminally suffering patient.
        I can’t pretend to know but my best guess is that he is not, never was a politician, able to gauge the depth of corruption that had consumed every bit of decency, so that the “POLITICAL”, to use a very useful term from The Protocols has become a can of maggots to the last one, a democracy of maggots, so that you can get a senate vote of 98-2 in favor of resolution: “We hate Russians, kill them all!”, no problem at all.

        So Trump goes in, all Pollyanna, Art of the Deal in hand and … there is No Deal, everyone a sick criminal, he thought:
        “can’t expect to find allies on the Supreme Sanhedrin, nor the 170 super secret intel+dope dealing agencies, the Deep Shit State, nor any ranking members of Congress or Senate, maybe Tulsi Gabbard, heck no, unacceptable to the rest of idiocracy, MSM flat out against me … hey, military, the hero boys, the SEALS, Rangers, the strong silent ones, at least I got basic protection from the Mossad assassins”.

        Well … no, they are all, from every damn colonel on up diseased perverts, drooling child molesters, killers, torturers, sexual indeterminates, vainglorious peacocks, thieves, liars, no heroes here sir, maybe in Hollywood, we hear that Mel Gibson and Steven Segal are your type of men, don’t like Massa Jew, like Putin, go form your army of these leftovers, Oliver Stone, Alex Jones, Israel Shamir.

        Go ahead, laugh.

    1. Megyn interviewed ”Put-On’ and Alex Jones… birds of a feather… Both are NBC TV stars…. NOW..!! 🙂

      For those who believe Trump is not informed about ‘fly-over country’ issues…

      TRUMP placed ‘INFO WARS’ link on his messages…!!


    1. An interesting article and file, but gives the appearance of disinformation from Israel (Shamir); Russia has been producing all kinds of “documents” along with many other nations, with plenty of well paid independents participating in the trade. Gamal Abdal Nasser and Anwar el Sadat were part of a core group of Egyptian military officer nationalists who were kept under very close watch by the British during the second World War as they had strong positive inclinations toward the German view, to put it mildly. Possibly they foresaw where the Balfour declaration was headed and didn’t like it but certainly because they wanted Egypt independent of Britain, like India and many other places (though South Africa and Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia would be far better off if the British minus the Oppenheimers and Rothschilds were asked to come back – it takes a Lord of the Flies situation like in Sierra Leone to merit even temporary help these days – that is, in an official capacity. See the Rothschild’s Glencore oil grab in Sudan among other places).

      Naturally, one would expect the Israelis to try to salvage some face after the historic military humiliation. To suggest Kissinger plotted this (no mention of President Nixon in a diplomat’s writing – odd, don’t you think?) with Sadat and Meir is a little far out, but probably fetched a decent price at the time of writing, provided Mr. Shamir himself was not the author. Nixon certainly didn’t benefit, it took years to negotiate the return of the Sinai, and unlike Mr. Nixon, Sadat was assassinated physically, Israel’s military reputation was severely damaged. That leaves Mr. Shamir’s agenda and possibly Mr. Vinogradof’s bank account as the only candidates left in the Cui bono category. As I’ve said before and will say again, I’m often wrong but, not always. The burden of proof is very much wanting based on this document alone – so far, a bit far out.

      Concerning my view of the 1973 Yom Kippur war, it’s a bit more down to earth. Specifically, that marvelous two page color photo of Israeli Prisoners of war sitting in a group on the sands of the Sinai with their heads down between their legs published in Life magazine. Those were the good old days of journalism.

      1. Convenient that Mr. Vinogradov died in 1997 as well, the document ‘handed’ to Mr. Shamir in 2012.

      2. Israel Shamir is a dubious source at best. For example he denies Israel’s involvement in 9/11. For us “conspiracy theorists” that is the litmus test.

        That Egypt and Israel would renounce their own national interests, merely to serve the US Cold War interests in the Middle East is very unlikely. Sadat was a genuine Egyptian nationalist and Israel rather makes the US serve its interests than the other way round. The Yom Kippur war was a genuine surprise for the Israelis. It robbed Israel of its mythical invincibility for good. Hence Shamir’s attempt to save its face by his improbable conspiracy theory. Nice try.

  19. Ung, shlomos, winston, franklin, thanks for input.

    I likewise don’t know what to make of these cases like Shamir, after all, he did plug Ariel Toaff’s scholarly opus of the history of jew ritual murder, forever to his credit, he did describe the excavation of Mamilla Pool and report on findings, things that NO JEW would ever dream of admitting in public.

    I likewise don’t know what to make of Alex Jones nor Oliver Stone, it seems that they hit some buttons right and some wrong, what can i say.
    Except to cut them slack, wait and watch until the situation clarifies somewhat.
    None of us are perfect, we are struggling up that learning curve and have no right to consign anyone behind us to the trash heap at the bottom.

    In my entire family, though they all know my leanings, none are of the same mind with the possible exception of my brother who wisely keeps his counsel and comments very little.

  20. Hi Lobro,
    Nil Desperandum, things are changing. I notice it both in the USA and the UK, especially amongst young people, who nearly all sympathise with the Palestinians, and for that they are called “antisemitic”. What a nasty smear that is. I think it is best if accused of anti-semitism to say “Yes, if standing up to Jewish Power is anti-semitic then you can call me anti-semitic”.

    Most of the very wealthy Jews are Zionists. They donate to Israel and the Zionist Lobby in the USA. They all move in the same circle, which regards Israel as God’s Gift to his chosen people, and any dirty trick or cruelty is condoned if it benefits Jews or Israel. They seem oblivious to the fact that if you steal a country there will be a backlash, not just from the displaced natives but also from all fair-minded people throughout the world. The Palestinians should not be negotiating with Israel. They are being strung along.

    I am 80 and have spent 25 years turning from a friend of the Jews to being anti-zionist anti-Jewish Power. They don’t seem to care that people are beginning to really loathe them. In fact I think that is what the Jewish Lobby wants. If ordinary Jews are scared then AIPAC and the ADL benefit.

  21. Lobro –

    You wrote:
    “…go form your army of these leftovers, Oliver Stone, Alex Jones, Israel Shamir…”

    You should be a Trump “senior” advisor…!! 🙂

    ‘BUTT’… Trump was “BIGGLY” ahead of you on the advice to join hands with those you mention…

    …including Alex Jones.!! 🙂

    Trump Has Repeatedly Cited Or Pushed Claims That Were Traced Back To Infowars


    –Trump Cited Infowars Video About Alleged Mexican Drug Smuggling.

    During a July 2015 campaign event, Trump said he saw a “story in Drudge — and big story, it’s all over the place now — guys swimming across, and big bags of stuff, it’s drugs, swimming across the river.”

    –Trump Tweeted Out A Link To An Infowars-Hosted Article That Claimed “Muslims Did Celebrate On 9/11.”

    –Trump Adopted The “Hillary For Prison” Theme After Infowars Popularized It. 

    Trump repeatedly suggested during the presidential campaign that Clinton should be locked up. Roger Stone told Jones during a May 4 appearance that “Trump himself told me that he has seen so many of your supporters and listeners at his rallies. He loves the ‘Hillary for Prison’ T-shirts and he knows exactly where they came from. So Alex, I’m certain that he is grateful for your support.” Stone also told author Jon Ronson that Trump praised Jones for the “Hillary for Prison” theme, according to Ronson’s book. [Media Matters, 10/10/16]

    –Trump Confidantes Have Promoted Jones’ Conspiracy Empire–

    –Roger Stone Introduced Trump To Jones And His Audience.

    Roger Stone is a longtime adviser to Trump. He is also a frequent host and contributor to Jones’ program. Stone said he helped set up Jones and Trump and “they hit it off.” Stone also said that Trump “has watched Infowars.” [Media Matters, 11/17/16; YouTube, accessed 11/29/16]

    –Trump Adviser Teamed Up With Infowars For Get-Out-The-Vote Pitch During Republican Primaries.

    In February 2016, Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller praised Jones and Infowars for having “been on top of … the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and on the immigration issue.” Miller then pitched Trump to Jones’ audience, telling them that “if you want to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership, if you want to close the border, if you want to protect American jobs and wages, then you have to support Donald J. Trump.”

    –Donald Trump Jr. Has Tweeted Out Infowars Links And Retweeted Editor Paul Joseph Watson.

    Donald Trump Jr. has retweeted Paul Joseph Watson’s account over 30 times since October 2016, according to the Trump Twitter Archive database. Trump Jr. has also tweeted out links to Infowars “via” Alex Jones. [Trump Twitter Archive, accessed 5/3/17; Twitter, 7/28/16, 8/29/16, 9/8/16]

  22. One on the first books that I read concerning (((them))), was Col. John Beaty’s “The Iron Curtain Over America” first published in 1951. The book’s 1972 printing, it’s 26th, must have had lots of readers. Beaty, Ph.d. Columbia University and a Christian, who spent five years in Military wrote the first comprehensive documented account of the origin, the scope and the intentions of the (((insidious forces)))…seeking to destroy America and Western Christian civilization”
    Some of the chapter heading tells us what the book is about.
    “Russia and the Khazars”
    “The Khazars Join the Democratic Party”
    “The Unnecessary War” and much more.
    One of the main contentions of Beaty is that the massive immigration of Eastern European Khazar Jews circa 1880 to 1920 or so, was to fill the ranks of the Democratic party with many who would be loyal to the Jewish banking elites. (((They))) already had a hammer lock on the Republican party going all the way back to 1860 and Marxist Abe Lincoln.
    You ask what is the purpose of all this “ancient” history?
    The Human biological (((parasite))) as we all know, has nearly complete control over physical America and Western Civilizations and similar control over the minds of Western man via the “…iron curtain of propaganda and censorship…” As simple logic should tell us no one man or women can turn this metaphoric Titanic around to a safe port. Adolph Hitler, with all his faults, had the backing of the German people as well as others outside Germany in his attempt to save Germany from the (((“insidious forces”))) IS. But alas the IS in control of America, Britain and France etc. could not allow that to happen and upset (((their))) parasitical paradise.
    Obviously Trump is no Hitler. And even if he were, the ship of state could only be turned around with a majority backing of the American people. Well, that ain’t going to happen. The IS has truly been “insidious” in America.
    As the American ship of state cruises down the river, it’s truly a river of no return. There are many branches to this collectivist river. No matter who is elected. No matter now we scream, holler and stamp our feet and no matter what branch of the river we take, all the branches of the river are “insidiously” designed to send us off down the river of no return.

    1. TJ-

      I read Beaty’s book in the 50s…. when it came out. It was among the first for me also. My dad, a state legislator, gave it to me and told me it was book of truth. Everyone should read it.

  23. Jason Chaffetz Is Being Forced Out Of Politics by ROTHSCHILDS..!!

    Too good at his job..!!



    ”US Legislative branch has NO power..!!”

    “NO changes.”
    “Nobody was fired.”
    “Nobody was prosecuted.”

    Republican – CHAIRMAN – Congressman Chaffetz Says Trump Is No Better Than Obama!
    Jun 18, 2017

    Chaffetz neither owns nor rents a residence in DC, as he can’t afford to support two homes, with two kids in college.

    He sleeps in a tiny cot in his office.


    Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) totally rocked the House Oversight Committee..!!

    He has been so good [– TOO GOOD!! –] at his job and has so clearly appeared to be enjoying himself. This is why many were shocked when he announced his resignation on May 17th, effective on June 30th.

    We learn of Chaffetz’ frustrations in not being able to pry requested documents from the Department of Justice and the State Department and how, if anything, it’s getting even tighter under Trump. His job dissatisfaction is compounded by its grueling nature and in constantly having to be on the road, raising a million dollars each year to campaign.

    We learn that Chaffetz neither owns nor rents a residence in DC, as he can’t afford to support two homes, with two kids in college. He sleeps in a tiny cot in his office, which he shows to Sharyl Attkisson, in this rare report, where we actually see an honest US Congressman being interviewed by an honest journalist working for a  Mainstream Media outlet.

  24. First time I could connect in weeks. Late to the party.
    Concerning The Donald (President Donald Trump) I have but a very few words:
    Tweedle Demon or Tweedle Duh.
    What fools those who thought they had a choice between chocolate and vanilla for Selection of POTUS 2016.

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