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  1. I first started reading David Irving back in the 70’s. In fact, I have all of his books, a couple signed by him. It’s said by your fruits you’ll know them. In Irving’s case this is indeed so. He’s endured calumny of the vilest sort, he’s been imprisoned, he’s been hacked and barred from certain countries. All sure signs that he is a truth teller of the highest calibre, otherwise the Jews wouldn’t be so frightened of him and try to suppress his right to free speech.

    1. I discovered David Irving at age 15. My mother bought me the masterpiece HITLERS WAR . You live in the book ,and it teaches you real history , command , Leadership . Only by learning the truth about WW2 ,and the real Hitler / Axis ,and throwing out ALL Judaic versions of him …including false flaggers and old fossils in this ” movement” ,weened on the Jews False Flag ” Anti Fascist ” , cliches can we beat International Jewry …..Knowing David Irvings work is essential . Without it ,one is literally blind to the epic stuggle we endure .

    2. I found out about him very late. Even if I did read him during my university days I suspect that I would not have been able to understand how true his words were. The indoctrination treatment was way too strong influencing my inexperienced understanding of “reality”.

  2. An interesting little clip, indeed.
    I’d imagine what Mr. Irving says at 3:25 caused and still causes a lot of grief for him.

    1. Yes indeed ,and these are the Proliteriate Mobs of International Jewry . We have seen this type trash Army ” of the people ” mobilized by them throughout recorded history . They are not spontaneous.,but organized and funded with shekels . They were in ancient Egypt , attacked Canaan , demanded Christ crucifixion, subverted Greece ,and Rome , Cromwell New Model Army , French Revolution, BolshivisoModernism / Red Army, and varying degrees of ANY Judaic inspired manipulated system

    2. Hi snez, in the German Antifa video you link to at 3.15mins there is a large israeli flag in the middle of the
      Anti-Islam demonstration crowd. On further investigation it appears Pegida is a jew operation;
      Some festive humour;
      https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/21/pegida-leader-styled-adolf-hitler-lutz-bachmann-german-islamist-terrorists-facebook 🙂

  3. If someone is interested, it was not before 1960s that the Holohoax story became widespread thanks to David Engel [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbw9naZM6Zk ], the Eichmann trial and execution, and Jewish taking control of the existing German documents:

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