Deborah Lipstadt, Amalek and David Irving: Video, 36 mins

“This video is blocked by the “democratic” governments of more than 20 countries, including Poland, Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Their citizens cannot view these speeches. What do these governments fear about a video that exposes hate…?”

The video is introduced by David Irving. Michael Hoffman takes the floor and addresses the crowded room. The revelations Hoffman makes about Deborah Lipstadt and the circles in which she moves are indeed shocking. These people are now so confident of their power that they are beginning to openly  advocate the assassination of anyone who is deemed to be an enemy of the Jews, i.e., an ‘Amalek’ — the coded word for anyone the Jews regard as a threat.

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  1. Hello,
    sorry but in Italy it’s not possible to watch that video. Is there any other way to watch it?
    Thank you
    Gian Franco

    1. Hi gian franco, just some questions. Do the Italian common people know that they are governed by the italian Jews? Is there any political opposition?

      1. Hi Mark,
        only one small percentage of italian common people knows that. This is because people mainly believe what they read on newspapers or what they listen to the TV. This is more or less what happens in all european countries except than some eastern european countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Baltic countries where consciousness about jewish power is higher than in the western part of the continent. About the political opposition in Italy we do have it (Northern League and Casapound) but they are both not strong enough to seize power. We will see in the next political elections scheduled for first half of 2018.

    2. Hello Gian Franco Spotti,
      May I suggest you download a TOR or VPN proxy unblocker. This will take you to an IP address in a free country, which will then allow you to view the video in question. If you have an android device you can download a free app from Google Play. If not go to any internet browser and check out a TOR or VPN. They’re really easy to use. Log into the TOR or VPN and let it take you to server of a free country of your choice, then log into Darkmoon and watch the video.

      1. There is a simple gadget in the google webshop called Hola. You can change IP to almost any country in the world and it is free. I haven’t tested it on all browsers but it works on both Chrome and Firefox. It is very simple to use. But you have to adjust it manually for every website. Which is just fun because I can confuse the snoops by having very different IP from site to site with normal IP on non-controversial sites.

    3. Is there a reason why you will not post my comments. I don’t understand. Is this a private club I’m trying to make my comments on?


          I have studied biblical history and archaeology does not support much of what is said to be “history” in the Old Testament. Much of what is written in the first five books, for example, was taken from previous ancient cultures in the Middle East, namely,Egypt-Mesopotamia/Babylon-Assyria.

          Hebrew scribes used typology in the retelling of these myths from ancient Egypt-Mesopotamia/Babylon-Assyria. These anonymous Hebrew scribes wrote down for THEIR bible what they wished had happened and not what actually happened. The parting of the Red Sea and the alleged wandering in the Sinai for forty years is pure fiction. Archaeologists can find one shred of evidence of this alleged dwelling and wandering in the Sinai desert. But, logic and reason should tell us what we were reading was pure fiction. Example: It is said that many burnt offerings were made. But, they’re in the desert, where are they getting the necessary wood for the fires for the offerings and to cook their food? Where were they getting their water from. A large boulder? Seriously, do some of you actually believe that? How were they feeding their livestock and keeping them watered?

          Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The patriarchs’ acts are legendary, the Israelites did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, they did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon, nor of the source of belief in the God of Israel. These facts have been known for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and nobody wants to hear about it.
          Deconstructing the walls of Jericho
          This is what archaeologists have learned from their excavations in the Land of Israel:

      I suggest you use Opera browser which comes with a free VPN. You can surf with an IP from one of the available countries.
      PS. Just for the sake of demonstration, Admin can confirm that 😏.

    1. A jewish dicatorship. Well done stupid goyim. Luckyly they have a Nazarenean

      1. I’ll meet innuendo with an innuendo of my own:

        Yes, they are quite lucky to have a Nazorenean (sic) Savior. You put “savior” in quotation marks to create the innuendo that the Savior was no such thing. This is a most uninformed “analysis”.

        And we are quite lucky that the social engineers were never able to completely destroy all the books, never able to efficaciously refute every true notion. They relied on the dissemination of propaganda instead, upon the sowing of confusion, and on the intoxications of materialism. Thankfully, we can look under the rocks, as it were, and find many cold trails leading towards many interesting things.

        Even a cursory inspection of 2nd century radical Pauline Christianity would undermine your skepticism about the mission of the Nazarean (so called). Is it so unlikely that 2nd century Christians would have greater affinities with Jesus’ teachings than subsequent generations? And bear in mind that those who would crucify a man might also spare no efforts to subsequently pervert his Gospel, forever and ever.

        Google “Bishop Marcion” as a starting point, order Harnack’s book from Amazon, and juxtapose Jesus and Ialdabaoth for yourself. You may also benefit from gaining context from Hans Jonas’ book on gnosticism.

        Some great news awaits.

    2. The “Bleached Buffoon” is “BIGGLY” trying to conceal his “YUGE” connections to Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis.

      Among many moves aimed at reversing his predecessor’s policies…..
      President Trump recently decided – NOT – to make public the White House visitors logs.

      **Had they been open, the lists would reveal the profound change 100 days of a Trump administration had brought about to the Jewish community’s power structure.

      “The atmosphere has changed, at least for us. There’s a sense of familiarity and greater receptivity and that makes a better atmosphere,” said Abba Cohen, vice president for federal affairs at Agudath Israel of America, a group representing the ultra-Orthodox stream.

      Liberal-leaning Jewish activists, once the backbone of communal advocacy, had been pushed aside in favor of a new elite made up of activists who are more conservative in their politics and more Orthodox in their religious practice.

      The new leaders representing American Jewish interests in the White House are keen to shape policy on education [Chabad Lubavitch] and religious expression and to ensure a pro-Israel stance more in line with the Netanyahu government.


      The Chabad Lubavitch and Noahide Laws originate in the Torah and Talmud.

      Every year – under the radar – since 1978 – Jimmy Carter – Chabad Lubavitch has been officially recognized by Presidents’ Proclamations and Congressional actions. Trump did so this month.

      “A Jew is responsible not only to teach Torah to Jews, but also to teach the Seven Noahide Laws to non-Jews.”

      “…prepare the world for the true and complete Redemption, by teaching all the nations to rise to their fullest potential and “unite to serve G-d as one.”

      The Rebbe: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

      “UNITED NATIONS” (title)
      Event Date: 10 Shevat 5742 – February 03, 1982


      Presidential Proclamations HAVE honored this man every YEAR since 1978.

      The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory (1902-1994), the seventh leader in the Chabad-Lubavitch dynasty, is considered to have been the most phenomenal Jewish personality of modern times. To hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of sympathizers and admirers around the world, he was — and still is, despite his passing — “the Rebbe,” undoubtedly, the one individual more than any other singularly responsible for stirring the conscience and spiritual awakening of world Jewry.

  2. Amazing. I post a link to a talk by Michael Hoffman yesterday in regards to Group Think and to bolster my point that we should not use the language of our oppressors and get told by some schmo to STFU. Today the big feature is, wait for it, Michael Hoffman giving a different 30 minute talk.

    A talk, may I add, that is also from the deep archives and taken out of cold storage.

    I sincerely hope that my pointing this out does not color me as “self important”.

    Carry on!

  3. Thanks for the Michael Hoffmann talk to LD, Rich and all. That female hysteria Mr. Hoffmann describes resulting in Lipstadt’s Homocidal Polemic is later distilled by Mr. Hoffmann more accurately as pure homocidal reaction, and not exclusively a female trait. This reaction is shared by the male ashkenazi as so well described by Sephardic jewish author Michael Bradley as the genetic maladaptation of Neanderthal genetic legacy (see “The Iceman Inheritance” discussion ). I’d also recommend “The Chosen People from the Caucasus”. There’s no getting around the spot on genetic tendencies of the relic Neanderthal population, which Bradley also notes on his discussion seen on which also extends to the more radical Islamic peoples found in the Zagros, Elburz, Pamirs, Hindu Kush, Russian Steppes as well as the Caucasus proper, which Bradley discovered was reserved as the “jewish homeland” on a 1950 official Soviet map. Mr. Bradley states based on his extensive research: “This Russian steppe origin of today’s ashkenazi “jews” was not just a “theory” based on squibs by medieval Christian, Moslem and Jewish chroniclers. It was solid and objective historical reality based on linguistics and hard archaeological artifacts.” The homocidal tendency is important because as we can see from 9/11, 7/7, “Charlie Hebdo” and other events that it is an easy step to go from irrational specific “Amalek” killings to killing ANYBODY, including jews (at least 4 got it in NY on 9/11). Look again at Bradley’s description and compare it with Hoffmann’s observation of Lipstadt: “This genetic Neanderthal psychosexual maladaptation has also bequeathed to Jews (ashkenazi) a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened…which is all the time when they are not in absolute control. And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then. An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria.” Then further compare the emotionally unbalanced Lipstadt (and plenty of others) with Bradley’s conclusion: “This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history. Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social CRITICISM by their non-Jewish neighbors and ATTACKS.” Note how Lipstadt’s and others narratives changes when they are called out on specific inaccuracies, which they try to hide as it challenges what they wish was history as opposed to what really happened. The hysteria plainly displayed by Neanderthal genetic inheritance can be seen in Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, and other jewish losers from the last election cycle, though of course, we now have a new Likud friendly Jewish oligarchy. Ask yourself: does Bill Clinton or Obama evidence this emotional instability after the election? Look at Schumer weeping, Pelosi rolling her eyes and losing her self control – are these creatures fit for leadership?

    1. Nice observation of Pelican’s above, though I’d try to go book shopping from Abe, Bookfinder, and elsewhere before dealing with Amazon after their book banning. Speaking of banning, “The Iceman Inheritance” discussed above re. Mr. Hoffman’s dissection of Lipstadt was a bestseller in Canada in 1978. Author Bradley was invited to lecture at Universities both in Canada and the USA, and appeared on NBC with Tom Snyder. Then, in 1981, someone began to realize that the Neanderthal genetic contribution to modern Caucasians (the book was originally more about Caucasian aggressive tendencies as Caucasians have drawn most of the border lines in the World) fit the Ashkenazi profile – to the proverbial “T”. Then death threats by the JDL, the publisher (Jewish) withdrawing a bestseller from publication cheating the author of both royalties and rights to republish (the author notes it may have difficult as the publishing industry had a large guess who influence) and later, sordid lies and misquotes from The NY Times (who else). The 1983 Hollywood movie “The Iceman” was acknowledged by two of the writers in personal correspondence with the author to owe a debt for the theme of the movie to his book, though of course producer Norman Jewison never made any acknowledgements of any kind. African American University professors have discovered the book and promote it, though it doesn’t address the continuing black on black violence or violent black behavior to whites, asians, latinos at all. The author Michael Bradley, a Sephardic Jew, freely admits the debt owed by Sephardic Jews by the American Indian holocaust as well as African slavery in the Caribbean, and to his credit has done some measure of charitable work in the region as penance. After his learning experience with the Ashkenazi, he has revised the original text, but his brief discussion of the events around the book and the learning process not only of the book but from the NY Times experience and others is interesting. (See )

  4. Jews have yet to face the backlash that is developing as more people find out (thru the internet) about their great lies and ommissions.

    Number 1) The Holocaust, the greatest fraud ever, which is perpetuted as a means of subjugating the western world. The word “Antisemitic” is now used to silence not only criticism but even any mention that somebody is a Jew. In addition it has been used to extort billions from Germany, and America. If you can believe Auschwitz was capable of incinerating 25,000 bodies per week,, every week, for 3 years, with no sign of fuel shipments then you may believe the official holocaust story.

    Number 2) The Jewish leadership of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, where Jews made up 90% of that evil, murderous regime which Solzhenytsyn reckons was responsible for over 60 million deaths, Russian Gentile deaths. The Commissars were nearly all Jews, and the five men who murdered Tsar Nicholas and his young family were all Jews, all five of them. No mention of that on The History Channel.

    Number 3) Jewish control of the US government, the media, the banking and financial system, the Academy and most big companies. They control the creation of money. They charge you interest on capital which they have created from nothing in bank ledgers as a debt on one side and credit on the other, a zero sum, but you pay real interest. So if you think about it, they can sieze your assets if you fall behind with payments, so in the long run they will own all assets, and we will own all the debt.

    Number 4) Wars waged by America and her allies on behalf of Israel. The neocons are still around. How come a handful of Jews can influence a great country like America? How come they have been involved in the start of so many wars?, but haven’t fought them. “Onward Christian Soldiers”. American boys being sacrificed for Israel.

    The truth is beginning to dawn on the people, mainly because of the internet. if the jews close down the internet it really will be like Orwell’s 1984, with Big Brother broadcasting from tel Aviv.

  5. Germar Rudolf is a chemist that was working towards his PHD in chemistry at one of the leading research institutes in the world, the Max Planck Institute in Germany, when he published a scientific paper disputing claims about the holocaust about 20 years ago. He was subsequently jailed by Germany and now lives in the USA. In a new documentary Mr. Rudolf disassembles Deborah Lipstadt’s claims against David Irving and other holocaust revisionists, showing her contempt for honesty, truth and the scientific method. It’s a very good argument for revisionism and a condemnation of Lipstadt who refuses to engage anyone in a discussion that presents evidence that disputes the claims about the holocaust and whose fellow Jews have passed laws criminalizing holocaust revisionism in 20 countries, with other countries using existing “hate speech” laws to shut down the discussion.

    Deborah Lipstadt’s Lies & Deceptions, Part 1

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