Donald Trump and his Military Minders

“. . . some of his most senior men have decided that it is their patriotic duty to protect the country from the President’s worst mistakes . . . they have renewed their pact to ensure that not all of them will ever be abroad at the same time. They will ensure that at least one will remain in the country to monitor orders coming from the White House.”

Sourced from the Independent. 

Charismatic leader who will ‘make America great again’?
Or a tweeting ‘moron’ with his finger on the nuclear button?

Rex Tillerson, by all accounts, was ready to quit by the summer. He expressed his astonishment at the sheer ignorance of Trump when it came to foreign relations, and was publically undermined by the President.

While the focus was on the terrible massacre in Las Vegas, some remarkable developments were taking place involving the President’s senior men in Washington.

Rex Tillerson held a press conference to reassure everyone that he was not going to resign. And, at the same time, he pointedly refused to deny that he had called Donald Trump a “moron”.

Tillerson will continue his discreet direct talks with Pyongyang, having set up the channel through diligent diplomacy in an attempt to defuse a spiralling confrontation in which Trump has repeatedly threatened to destroy North Korea. In carrying on with the talks the US Secretary of State is ignoring Trump, who has publicly dismissed them as a waste of time.

Just the day before, General James Mattis told Congress that the nuclear deal with Iran was working and should not be scrapped. He stressed that this was also the view of the other international signatories to the agreement with Tehran. The US Defence Secretary was openly contradicting Trump, who has repeatedly vowed to tear up the deal. This follows Tillerson forcing the President in July to grudgingly certify that Iran was complying with the agreement.

At the same time reports have surfaced that Mattis, Trump’s National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General HR McMaster and his Chief of Staff General John Kelly have renewed their pact to ensure that not all three will ever be abroad at the same time. They will ensure that at least one will remain in the country to monitor orders coming from the White House.

This is quite a scenario even by the extraordinary standards of the Trump administration. It is as if some of his most senior men have decided that it is their patriotic duty to protect the country from the President’s worst mistakes. He is facing steady and determined opposition on key issues of foreign policy in the National Security Council with senior members making no secret of their disagreements with him. Tillerson and Mattis have long become frustrated by being undermined by Trump and people close to Trump.


They seem to be keeping an eye on him
to make sure he doesn’t cross any red lines

One of the major flashpoints was over the current confrontation between Qatar and a Saudi-led alliance. The President tweeted attacks on Qatar while the State Department was criticising the Saudis for making unreasonable demands.

Mattis and Tillerson were in Sydney, clearing up after the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific partnership and the Paris Climate Accord and, say their aides, were “blindsided” by the partisan statement coming from the White House.

Asked about his reaction, Tillerson said “I am not involved in how the President constructs his tweets, when he tweets, why he tweets, what he tweets.” The Secretary of State became convinced that Trump’s statements were really coming from the UAE ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al Otaiba, who had cultivated the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

A “close associate” of Tillerson told the media “Rex put two and two together and concluded that this absolutely vacuous kid (Kushner) was running a second foreign policy out of the White House family quarters…What a mess”.

Mattis, too, was authorising people to speak on his behalf. One senior officer commented “every time we have asked the Qataris for something they have said “yes”. They have been absolutely first rate on Isis. The Saudis have been nothing but trouble, in Yemen especially. Yemen has been a disaster, a stain…and now this is going on”.

General David Petraeus, the former head of the US military and a Mattis ally, pointed out that the Saudis had attacked Qatar for “backing terrorism” by hosting Hamas and the Taliban when, in fact, Qatar had invited the two groups at the specific request of Washington and the White House should know this.

Tillerson and Mattis went on to make a number of public displays of support for Qatar. Trump is said to have been furious, but there was no admonition from the White House, showing that a President beleaguered by problems, not least the investigation into his Russian links, and with key aides already resigning, was not in a position to confront the Secretary of State and the Defence Secretary.

Relations did not improve and differences came to be highlighted regularly. When Trump defended neo-Nazis and other far-right groups in Charlottesville, Tillerson refused to back him, saying instead “the President speaks for himself”. Trump is said to have been irked, but the matter rested.

The discord continued. Tillerson was appalled by Trump’s inappropriately political speech to a Boy Scouts jamboree. Tillerson is said to have despaired to aides that it was impossible to stop Trump from embarrassing himself and the administration. The chief executive of Boy Scouts of America, an organisation Tillerson once headed, had to make a public apology for Trump’s speech.

Tillerson, by all accounts, was ready to quit by the summer. People close to him said he had been talked out of drafting a letter of resignation by his closest allies, Mattis and Kelly. He expressed his astonishment at the sheer ignorance of Trump when it came to foreign relations. They stressed this actually added to the argument for Tillerson not jettisoning his post. The Vice President, Mike Pence, also stepped in, promising the Secretary of State that there will be cohesion on foreign policy in future and the undermining of his position would stop.

That has not happened. Last weekend Tillerson disclosed that he had established channels to North Korea to find a peaceful way out of the crisis. Trump saw newspaper reports the next morning and complained, in a tweet, that Tillerson was “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man”, thus undermining the Secretary of State with not just Pyongyang but international allies.

Trump, in his short Presidency, has already lost a Chief of Staff, a National Security Advisor, Health Secretary, a press secretary and two communications directors. He has fired the Director of the FBI, and belittled his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General. He will, however, face strong opposition, not least from prominent people from his own party, if he seeks to sack the senior members of the administration standing up to him.

Just today Senator Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, intervened to say “Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis and Chief of Staff Kelly work very well together to make sure that policies we put forth around the world are sound and coherent. There are other people within the administration that don’t. I hope they stay because they are valuable to the national security of our nation. These are the people that help separate our country from chaos and I support them very much.”

The words are quite extraordinary, providing a deeply alarming view of the state of Donald Trump’s administration.


“The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.”

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  1. Right now, the possible decertifying of Iran deal is of utmost importance. I just read that even many of Israel’s security leaders, minus the blustering pig Netanyahu, are in favor of keeping it. It’s sad to say that Trump’s bullying personality seems to match Netanyahoo’s. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when Trump is supposed to make his decision on Iran.

    Making his imbecile Zionist SIL Kushner a top advisor was the height of folly. At least Tillerson has Trump over a barrel. Trump cannot afford to fire him and keep his presidency. If it was up to Trump, he’d probably fire Rex and put in the idiot Israel-first UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in his place. Seems she likes to go around threatening other countries too.

    1. There is one thing that I strongly disagree with the writer on. Trump DID NOT defend “neo-Nazi’s” in discussing Charlottesville. He merely said that there were extremists on both sides, and that some of the nationalists were probably good people (OH, the HORROR!). Antifa/BLM/whoever started the violence. Trump at least had the courage to disregard his advisors and defy the prevailing anti-white PC narrative. With all of my misgivings about Trump, that what I love about him.

      1. He threw a little bone to the “true believers”, a really little bone, but the script allows him to do that once in a while because his handlers know it’s completely disingenuous. It’s a little something for the “true believers” to cling to while being swept away by everything else.

      2. Justin Raimondo (a pseudonym) is one of my favorite columnists. I’ve followed him for twenty years, primarily because of his antiwar stance, but he does have some blind spots. Nazis and the HollowHoax are two of them, probably because Raimondo is Jewish.

        Raimondo has not been on his best form recently. He’s getting older, as are we all, and like some of us his health is failing. Today or yesterday he was admitted to a hospital for treatment of pleural effusion.

        He is still tweeting from his hospital bed! You can’t keep a good man down.

  2. Trump is ready to support the next Israeli adventure, the independence of the Kurdistan and a new invasion of Lebanon. Many white men in the US armed forces are going to die for Israel and the orange man, who clearly is “…defying the prevailing anti white narrative…”

    1. @RC

      Regrettably, Mr. Trump’s support has already been expressed in Syria, in where else, the oil bearing region of Deir ez Zor. For all the talk of dangerous brinkmanship making the rounds today regarding Russia and the USA, not many seem to have noticed that the extremely well aimed mortar attack that killed a Russian General was little less than an assassination – ISIS on it’s own has never shown that kind of precision. See “Russia Issues a Third Warning Against US Cooperation With Terrorists” October 5, 2017.

      The brief but important video posted on Darkmoon “What You Are Not Being Told About the Vegas Shooting” further exposes the attitude of ‘our owners’. Former CIA official David Steele’s emphatic You Tube description of the LV shooting as a False Flag Op serving the interests of Michael Chertoff and possibly Sheldon Adelson is very likely accurate. The unusually prescient Insider Trading of MGM shares (owner of Mandalay Bay Hotel) indicate a $200 million dollar sell off by insiders starting in early-mid September; please see or other sites carrying Kip Herriage’s analysis of Insider trading and observations of the LV mass murder. So we are continuing the agenda of mass murder by Serial Killer government of it’s own citizens, the forewarned consequence of years of mass murder Internationally serving Israel’s whims and blood lust. At the very least, Americans should boycott Las Vegas, much like they’re doing with the NFL. As I previously suggested in the “Bloodbath in Las Vegas” post, the families of the victims should study directing their legal action grievances against MGM and especially the FBI for aiding and abetting a crime, obstruction of justice,tampering with evidence, possible murder of eyewitnesses, etc. etc. The simplistic reaction of suing firearms manufacturers is understandable but naive. It’s also not legally doable. The mass of data surrounding the event being publicly shared and discussed points to Mr. Chertoff and others as unindicted felons and mass murderers. Mr. Trump’s FBI Director Christopher Wray needs interrogation as well. That is the trail to pursue.

      We find ourselves in the unhappy and dangerous situation of watching two factions of the same demon jockeying for power. The dethronement of liberal Leftist/Globalist (Communist – for everyone else, that is) pig Harvey Weinstein while long overdue was only permissible by the endorsement of the Adelson wing, not too unlike the fall another notorious pig, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. It’s a warning not to interfere. I wonder if the Weinstein faction will take this up the you know what lying down…

      1. Another example of Israeli arrogance is the announcement of 200,000 Israelis of partial Kurdish descent “ready to move to Kurdistan”. Kurdistan which the US ‘officially’ opposes but has secretly backed for years, likely as far back as Meir Amrit’s photographed visit to the Iraqi Kurdish area in the 1960’s. What are they waiting for? Oh, first the Kurds are expected to make it safe for them as useful stooges should, including the oil bearing region of NE Syria as well as Northern Iraq. This may prove protracted and difficult – Turkey and Iran have objections and Iraq wants Kirkuk back and has an army moving into the region.

        Then, when all the dirty dangerous work is done making the world safe for Israel, 200,000 Israelis will descend upon Kurdish territory to steal whatever is left. You can’t make this stuff up.

        The US ‘opposes’ this of course, though not in Deir ez Zor, apparently.

    2. Trump is ready to support the next Israeli adventure, the independence of the Kurdistan and a new invasion of Lebanon.

      got links?
      for example, something like this: State Department: U.S. Does Not Recognize Kurdistan Independence Vote
      i don’t care who likes or hates trump or anything else for that matter but when the easily sourced facts are available, why not bring them out?

      the great banana peel of european civilization is the virulent hate and opposition to each and every one of jew’s clearly stated and identified enemies.

      jew hates someone? you’d better hate them too, the name of the noahide game.
      luckily no shortage of them nor haters.

  3. Trump is under the control of Israel and their Zionist dual citizens who in fact run the foreign policy of the U.S. and are the reason America has been at war in the middle east and Afghanistan. The middle east has been destroyed for Israel and this was done under H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush and Obama and now Trump, the Zionist rule no matter who is POTUS.

    Israel is going to destroy America via the wars and lives of Americans lost fighting Israels wars, and just as a parasite destroys its host , so shall Israel destroy America.

  4. “…some of his most senior men have decided that it is their patriotic duty to protect the country from the President’s worst mistakes…”

    In other words, Trump is like a child who loves to play with matches, and the adults can’t take their eyes off of him even for a minute, for fear he’ll burn the house down, or something like that?

    So let’s see, we have a corrupt congress that’s basically ceded its constitutional authority to the executive branch, and for a “president” we have a delusional, bloodthirsty, jew-inspired madman who’s been deemed a dangerous lunatic by dozens of mental health professionals – some of whom seem very credible. And now we also have “insiders” sounding the alarm?

    I wonder how this sad situation is viewed in Moscow and Beijing? How would we feel if the situation were reversed, and Putin was deemed a dangerous lunatic whose potentially world-ending impulses were only kept in check by a few people around him?

  5. I stopped reading when I saw this LIE; “When Trump defended neo-Nazis and other far-right groups in Charlottesville”.

    Trump did NOT defend neo-Nazis, he merely stated the obvious, that there was violence on both sides.

    Since they LIED about that, then the rest of the article is suspect. Does DM really need to stain its site with Zionist BS?

    1. @ Greg Bacon

      Since they LIED about that, then the rest of the article is suspect. Does DM really need to stain its site with Zionist BS?

      None of us here agree with the particular statement you quote which is obviously false, i.e., “When Trump defended neo-Nazis and other far-right groups in Charlottesville”. This is just the type of statement you would expect from any mainstream newspaper. And the Independent newspaper IS mainstream.

      Perhaps I should explain that we make use of alternative as well as mainstream publications and cannot be held responsible for every single statement in every single article we publish! Which is why ALL articles on this site (except those written by Lasha Darkmoon) carry our usual disclaimer:

      “The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.”

      So please! — don’t lose your temper with Admin next time you read something on this site you disapprove of! Blame the author of the article by all means, but don’t make the mistake of blaming the administrators of this site for publishing the article.

      We are NOT responsible for every single statement made in every single article and comment made on this website.

      Best wishes! 🙂


  6. this independent article is prime jew propaganda (no reflection on DM, none at all, got that?!? the Independent article was written by Independent according to my sources … lest someone opens fire at will) to undermine the president, erode whatever faith and confidence people may have for him, one day he is evil, another day he is a sex stalker, or pushing for world annihilating war, what’s today, thursday? oh, thursdays he is crazy and erratic, dead in the water due to WH infighting, tomorrow he will be retarded, saturday, shabbat for shabbos … etc, pussyhats will march en force come rain or shine, waving pulsa di nura cursed painings of his decapitated skull done in the Most High Jewess Priestess’ menstrual sludge.

    Trump is said to have been furious, but there was no admonition from the White House, SHOWING that a President beleaguered by problems, not least the investigation into his Russian links

    SHOWING?!? so daintily humble, such modesty in truthful journalism, why, it is not merely SHOWING, it is the SMOKING GUN PROOF!!!

    not least the investigation into his Russian links

    thus spake the yehudi propagandist, it should be blindingly clear to even the severely myopic and when yehudi is this desparate to score any micropoint, no matter how non-existent, i, at any rate regard it as fine news.

    Thus, Bravo Independent, keep the kosher churn grinding.
    Unlike Raimondo’s previously, this is one of Independent’s FINEST articles ever, i kid you not, they truly outdid themselves, such flair, elegance, depth of perception … brought low by the investigation into his Russian links, yes, such dark, dark stuff, shiver me timbres if i don’t puke on the spot-not. 🙂

    1. @ Lobro

      “This independent article is prime jew propaganda (no reflection on DM, none at all, got that?!? the Independent article was written by Independent according to my sources … lest someone opens fire at will) . . . ”

      The article you dislike so much was sent to Lasha in an email six days ago (on October 6) by your good friend Felix. You received the article too, Lasha tells me, so you must have been aware that it was sent to Lasha by Felix with a view to publication.

    2. @ Lobro

      Losing your temper again, I see. We’ll have to rename you
      Mr Tantrum! 🙂

      The Darkmoon site is under no obligation to publish only articles that please you. If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, why not relocate to some other website more to your taste?

      @ Admin

      Please continue to post high-quality articles from both alternative and mainstream sources. Don’t be intimidated by this angry hornet.

    3. I



      What got into all of you?!?
      Sis Monica, where do you get these ideas?
      Did I not super-hyper-highly underscore that under no conditions – which means, ***no exceptions***, is DM or anyone connected with it, responsible for anything published by the Independent or any other source Independent of Darkmoon???

      I am looking at my original post and MY monitor displays it quite clearly, I guess yours doesn’t or you wouldn’t have felt need for such detailed clarifications.
      And it makes no difference whether my good friend Felix had sent it to my good friend Lasha, or whether my brother had sent it or even whether I, Lobro had sent it or the demons and poltergeists swarming in my wake like a bunch of ANGRY HORNETS, testosterone squirting horny hornets had sent it.

      The Independent is solely responsible for articles by The Independent (in case I haven’t mentioned it before – oh wait, I did mention it but it’s good to be safe and re-mention it because XXL size font is not available to me).
      Which is why Jew calls it Independent, because its articles are conceived quite independently of jew’s agenda, might as well underscore that as well, yes.

      Ok, Monica?
      Ok, Karen?

      Please don’t be angry that you are wrong because I wasn’t angry, if it helps smooth things out, I will get angry, so you will feel justified in your anger.

      And by the way

      When numerous posters criticized Raimondo’s article, how come none of you felt obliged to defend the site’s bona fides, Lasha’s honor was perfectly pristine despite Raimondo’s vile outpouring of lukewarm support for Trump?
      Do tell, the tiny, inquiring minds of a bunch of curious hornets want to know.

      And one of them also wants to know why, despite desperate protestations to the contrary, AHEAD of his post, anything he posts is taken as a wicked assault on the administrative staff?

      Would you prefer that I restrict my posts to tweet-sized output, 140 characters, I think and equally limited vocabulary?

      Just say it, it would be a fun challenge … yet, I fear that the snipers will keep sniping.

      1. @ Lobro

        You sound like an angry hornet to me. If you aren’t angry, I’ll eat my hat! Why on earth are you going for Sister Monica’s jugular when it was Karen, NOT Sister Monica, who suggested you were throwing another tantrum?

        All Sister Monica did was to inform you in the politest terms that it was your big buddy “Felix” who sent Lasha the article you “disliked” so much. So what’s wrong with saying that? Don’t you “dislike” the article? Why else kick up such a fuss about it?

        Hey, maybe you need to have a quiet word with your pal Felix and tell him NOT to send Lasha articles for publication unless YOU approve of them first! 🙂

      2. @ Lobro

        Why are you picking a quarrel with me? You are getting me mixed up with Karen. I did not call you “an angry hornet”, that was Karen. Reread my comment. I simply pointed out politely that the article you objected to so strongly (which you did) was sent to Lasha by your friend Felix. And that you must have been aware of that fact because Felix sent you the same article in an email too. Can you explain why I am not allowed to make such a harmless comment without you hitting the ceiling?

      3. @ Lobro

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you:

        The article you dislike so much was sent to Lasha in an email six days ago (on October 6) by your good friend Felix. You received the article too, Lasha tells me, so you must have been aware that it was sent to Lasha by Felix with a view to publication.

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you?

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you?

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you?

        The article you dislike so much was sent to Lasha in an email six days ago (on October 6) by your good friend Felix. You received the article too, Lasha tells me, so you must have been aware that it was sent to Lasha by Felix with a view to publication.

        No rambling please! If you are unable to explain your descent into frothing hysteria, or offer an apology for it, we will be forced to conclude you have lost your wits.

      4. You won’t get any sense out of him. He will simply evade your question. Or go on about poltergeists and demonic possession.

        As for an apology, forget it! He’s the only guy on this site who insults Admin in post after post, now kicking the shit out of Sister Monica for saying absolutely nothing that anyone here could in any way deem offensive.

        Here is what Sister Monica said:

        The article you dislike so much was sent to Lasha in an email six days ago (on October 6) by your good friend Felix. You received the article too, Lasha tells me, so you must have been aware that it was sent to Lasha by Felix with a view to publication.

        What’s so offensive about that? Why is Lobro throwing a fit about that? Anyone?

      5. MB –


        I volunteer..
        Thinking and writing in ever expanding circles causes dizziness…
        …then…confusion…!! 🙂

      6. Sister Monica, stay out of this, it is getting way past tolerable.

        something utterly weird going on here:
        first i stress that no one except the Independent can possibly share responsibility with the Independent.
        here, i would think it passes for plain english, we have a whole bunch of specvialists in english grammar, english lit, etc

        (no reflection on DM, none at all, got that?!? the Independent article was written by Independent according to my sources … lest someone opens fire at will)

        And what happens?
        EVERYONE opens fire at will, the PRECISE thing i am asking everyone to avoid
        Monica: when did i complain that the site had no right to publish this article or any other? TELL ME.
        Publish away!
        Publish excerpts from Talmud and in fact i am quite sure you did, so did The Ugly Truth, in fact it does so every single day and do I complain? No, Mark Glenn is one of my favorite writers and if he can, so can anyone else, it is more than your right, it is your duty to cover the whole gamut and let readers pick, choose – AND CRITICIZE the original content, without any aspersions thrown at Darkmoon.
        What’s Felix got to do with it?
        He sent it in because of its intrinsic interest, I would have sent it as an example of Jew’s round the clock obloquy against Trump – what’s wrong with that?

        Is there a single one of you that understands the difference between the message and the messenger?
        Do you fire both barrels of the sawed off shotgun at the mailman every time he delivers a utility bill?
        Well, I don’t, if you can wrap your heads around that.
        Here, look at this example: The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design.
        Everyone can disagree with The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.
        Except me.
        If I do, right away all the scorpions come out from under the cushions, waving poison stingers at me.
        Do you understand what I am saying, Sardonicus?
        Do you understand what I am saying, Sardonicus?
        Do you understand what I am saying, Sardonicus?
        No rambling please! If you are unable to explain your descent into frothing hysteria, or offer an apology for it, I will be forced to conclude you have lost your wits.

        I would think this is elementary and indeed, so it is, except when Lobro complains about the original article or because the electrical bill is too high, out of the entire bunch, he gets all the flak imaginable.

        OK, so all these people either hate me or intensely dislike me for whatever ancient grudge and are chomping at the bit to dump a hot, steaming load on me – i get it … is it because i dislike Torah/OT, or i like Trump or Ellie’s weird style or think that TROJ has genuine poetic talent … whatever, yet every time i am swamped with abuse of utter bystanders, none of whom ever met me and none of whom ever will – i shall count my blessings in that regard – accusing me of backstabbing Lasha and trying to damage the site … it sure takes the wind out of my sails.

        Madame Butterfly,
        Arnold Benedict,

        bombs away, you don’t need a pretext to heap vilification on me, i am growing quite used to it and can predict with absolute certainty that more is on the way, the more beside the point, the more unjustified, the better – cannot wait, yippie!

        I would like you to stop, to go your way without picking a fight where none is justified but I have scant hopes that you would ever deny yourself the joy of sacred hyperventilation.
        If only i didn’t feel that Lasha would feel abandoned and betrayed by my departure, I would not miss any one of you for a single minute of the rest of my life, so you see that the tender feelings are reciprocated
        (i am perfectly aware that every one of you was in 100% agreement with yggdrasil’s statement because none ever uttered a squeak of protest – unlike now, when you are all orgiastically piling in – ignore the genuine abomination and decry loudly a wholly manufactured offense, karma smelling real good)

        1. @ Lobro

          “Sister Monica, stay out of this, it is getting way past tolerable.
          something utterly weird going on here.”

          I agree with you 100% that “something weird” is going on here and I wish to commend you for the exceptionally mature manner in which you have managed to deal with it. I know this is off-topic, but I invite you to speculate as to why so many different people are picking on you and singling you out for attention. You mention seven individuals who have attacked you and I am left wondering: WHY?

          I have spoken to Lasha about this and she has tried to explain it to me. She says you have been accustomed to posting for many years on anti-Zionist sites like zymphora and niqnaq where you have found camaraderie and friendship. You have never before, she tells me, been attacked by so many different people at once and are naturally gobsmacked to find yourself such an object of near-universal obloquy. “Very strange,” she says. However, she wants you to continue posting here as long as you wish and you have her full blessing — i.e., as long as you don’t turn against her and start accusing her of being a crypto-Jew! 🙂

          You happen to be a Trump admirer — almost a Trump “worshipper” — on a site where Trump worship is not the norm. You are therefore out of your element here. Maybe you would be better off posting comments on the Ugly Truth site where Trump worship is the norm and any serious criticism of Trump is taboo? I’m not suggesting you relocate to Mark Glenn’s site. No, I’m not saying that! I’m saying you’d be more in your element there. This is because vocal critics of Trump, such as Harold Smith and Franklyn Ryckaert, would not be allowed to post comments there and disturb the sacred waters of constant Trump worship. The Darkmoon site, unfortunately for you, believes in allowing freedom of speech to BOTH the Trump worshippers AND the Trump haters.

          I know you will find this hard to believe but Lasha Darkmoon is genuinely neutral on Donald Trump, quite willing to publish articles in support of him one day (like the Raimondo article) and equally willing to publish articles attacking him (like the Independent article). She is also in full agreement with Harold Smith’s dictum: “2 + 2 = 4 even when a Jew says it.” Something is not automatically false just because a Jews says it. Nor is it false because the mainstream media says it. If a Jew says it is cold at the South Pole, I think we should believe him, don’t you?

          OK, I’ll leave you with those thoughts to ponder.

          By the way, Lasha Darkmoon has written an excellent article on Donald Trump which we intend to publish tomorrow. You’re going to hate it. For your own sake, I advise you not to read it — or refrain from comment if it upset you too much.

          Peace and light,

          Sister Monica

      7. Sardonicus:

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you?

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you?

        Can you explain to me why you have attacked Sister Monica for these two harmless sentences she addressed to you?

        Enter the three Witches.

        1 WITCH. Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.
        2 WITCH. Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin’d.
        3 WITCH. Harpier cries:—’tis time! ’tis time!
        1 WITCH. Round about the caldron go;
        In the poison’d entrails throw.—
        Toad, that under cold stone,
        Days and nights has thirty-one;
        Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
        Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!
        ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
        2 WITCH. Fillet of a fenny snake,
        In the caldron boil and bake;
        Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
        Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
        Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
        Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,—
        For a charm of powerful trouble,
        Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
        ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
        3 WITCH. Scale of dragon; tooth of wolf;
        Witches’ mummy; maw and gulf
        Of the ravin’d salt-sea shark;
        Root of hemlock digg’d i the dark;
        Liver of blaspheming Jew;
        Gall of goat, and slips of yew
        Sliver’d in the moon’s eclipse;
        Nose of Turk, and Tartar’s lips;
        Finger of birth-strangled babe
        Ditch-deliver’d by a drab,—
        Make the gruel thick and slab:
        Add thereto a tiger’s chaudron,
        For the ingrediants of our caldron.
        ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
        2 WITCH. Cool it with a baboon’s blood,
        Then the charm is firm and good.

        — from Shakespeare’s Macbeth

        Sard, did I get the correct play from Shakespeare or are you mimicking and alluding to something much more modern and much more absurd like Beckett’s Waiting for Godot? 🙂

      8. Sister Monica,
        thanks for trying to pour oil on the troubled waters rather than adding to further fire.
        Yours and Lasha’s theory that i am unused to criticism of my VIEWS would be plausible except for couple of major contraindications.

        First, the major propenents of Trump’s “traitorous Jew-servitude, incompetence and ignorance” are Harold Smith, Franklin Ryckaert and Pat.
        Yet in all my debates with them, it never got personal, it only dealt on the theoretic level of the subject matter – Trump and his policies.

        Second, and more indicative of the true underlying process, I invite you to give the following a careful read.
        THIS will give you all the explanation you require … btw, I don’t include Karen in the suspects lineup, her comment was okay, even if wrong, she simply misinterpreted my mood.
        Let me pick out just couple of salient points from that link to convince you of the correct viewing prism:

        Because, as Grammar Fiend made only too clear, most of your comments are rambling, long-winded, and incoherently substandard. Why would substandard posts produce “venom”, I’d like to know.

        So I’m sorry, dear Lobro, the people you have offended — Grammar Fiend, Sardonicus, Bradley Arnold, Gombrich, Nikolai, Dr Parker, Silent Reader, Yggdrasil, myself and numerous others whose names I’ve forgotten — cannot all be motivated by envy for your mediocrity or “venom” for whatever you have to say.

        Do you see who she lists in her crew of my detractors?
        What they have in common is that every single one thrives on PERSONAL INVECTIVE rather than the topic under discussion, as do Smith, Ryckaert and Pat (and others who keep their eye on the ball).
        Moreover, and this to me is the vilest character trait of all, every one of them couched their festering hatred in a mantle of heroic defender of a third party, mostly my personal friends, be it Lasha or Felix – as if neither Lasha nor Felix have the necessary wit to “defend” themselves or demand an explanation for my “offending” statements.
        It is this sick hypocrisy that turns me away and makes further discussion unpalatable.

        No, there is a simpler explanation for your growing unpopularity on this site: moral indignation. We are all genuinely outraged that you alone are allowed to attack Admin and openly flout the rules of this website and that nothing is done to stop you.

        And why is this so? Because we all know by now that you have a hot line to Lasha Darkmoon and hide behind her skirts. You are allowed to issue ultimatums to get rid of any poster you don’t like, exploiting your “friendship” with Lasha, making use of her, cajoling her, using her as stick to beat us with.
        because we see you as a coward hiding behind Lasha, knowing you can shit on the rest of us and she will always rescue you from our wrath.

        Aren’t you ashamed of yourself hiding behind a woman’s skirts?

        Do you see any mention of Trump, Monica (and Lasha)?
        Do you see any mention of any of the published topics?
        Once again, the truth is in that post by Madame Butterfly, Miss Boswell and any number of alternative names she hides behind to wage her vendettas – I recommend that you read it thoroughly for clues to the issue underneath all the turmoil for which I bear the blame.

        I didn’t post that piece – she did and once again, just as with Yggdrasil, I found no one raising an objection to her “wise ruminations”, so i can only surmise that there is either wide agreement or no genuine objections – so be it, just understand that my sensitivity to criticism of Trump has nothing to do with it.

        1. @ Lobro

          A most eloquent post which I cannot fault in any way either for its sincerity or nearness to the truth. The fault lies with us for not monitoring the site more carefully. The comment you quoted should have been read carefully by someone in Admin and then deleted. It wasn’t. I can delete it now if you wish and put a permanent ban on the person who wrote it.

          As you know, there are quite a few mad folk running amok on this site. Troj isn’t the only one! 🙂


          Sister M

      9. Sis Monica: by no means – period.

        Please never delete any posts or ban any posters, i am quite adamant about that – certainly and under no circumstances on my account.

        First, doing so would only prove their point about me abusing my “privileged” position with Lasha, as if friendship is some sort of crime.

        Secondly and more importantly, posters should be judged on their posts which either redound to their credit or shame – in this and similar cases, posters condemn themselves to self-inflicted embarrassment and I want them to live with it, all the vulgarity, F-bombs, logical inconsistencies and/or outright lies which I will not waste my time and your space to parse here.
        In the immortal words of Omar Khayyam (Edward Fitzgerald)

        The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
        Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
        Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
        Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

        My one and only request to you, Lasha and the administrators: I want your assurance that when in future they invade our conversation in your slipstream, as just now, grossly pretending to defend you as if you were a feeble-minded imbecile incapable of standing up for yourself, that under no circumstances do they have your silent backing.
        Emma Darcy had the class to brush Madame Butterfly off when the latter attempted the same trickery and I want you to do the same.
        And as I mentioned to Lasha privately, I hate the way these slimy mud fights damage the purity of honest discussion and drag the site down, my only reason for wishing to abstain.

        No matter how many times MB offers reconciliation, I know full well that she will return spraying infamy the next day, as likely as not with Sardonicus in tow – an amazingly uptight Zen monk, ever ready with profanity – it is seemingly an ineradicable part of their nature and I am okay with it, I promise to studiously ignore it as long as I know that you or anyone connected with site ownership or running have nothing to do with it.

        And let this be the end of that, time to move on to issues pertinent to the site.

        1. Lobro,

          You have my 100% assurance that none of us here in Admin will lend our support to these “quasi-poltergeist phenomena”, to use Lasha’s somewhat baffling formulation. I’m not sure what LD is getting at but I’m sure you do, since you have mentioned “poltergeists” in your previous comments more than once. Anyway, accept a sisterly hug from a most unworthy ex-nun who is most unfit to monitor this site and is totally out of her depth here.


          Sister Monica

  7. “Donald Trump and his Military Minders”
    (insert Leader’s name) and his/her Military Minders.
    Sounds like the same difference, again.
    Every leader of every nation on earth has ‘military minders’
    Same as they have PR minders and Financial minders.
    Hear tell they even have Spiritual minders who double as $piritual minders. Hot one, innit!

    If overnight Washington/NYC, London and Israel all disappeared, that doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination China vs Japan, Japan vs Korea, India vs China, India vs Pakistan, Turkey vs Greece, Turks vs Kurds, Serbs vs Albanians, Hutus vs Tutsis, Zulus vs Xhosa, Sioux vs Crow, North vs South, Hatfield vs McCoy, Everyone vs Russia, will also disappear. The book version, maybe. Like Orwell said . . We’ve always been at war against (insert religion).
    Anyway, whoever said ‘it’s a dog eat dog world out there’ was and is an honest dog, and that’s a shame..

    1. Other countries have “military minders” with an advisory role, not a “babysitter” role like in the case of Orange Clown’s “minders”.

      1. Really Harold? Do you know any of them and did they tell you what they do? What their advice is and such?
        Advice and babysitting might also be the same difference.
        It’s a need to know kinda thing, I’m sure.
        Have you ever been in the military, Harold?

      2. “Really Harold?

        Yes, really.

        “Do you know any of them and did they tell you what they do?”

        I don’t have to personally know any of them to appreciate the painfully obvious fact that the Orange Clown “presidency” is breathtakingly unique in this regard.

        BTW, do you know of any other ruler in any other country in recent history who’s had the distinction of being deemed a dangerous lunatic by dozens of credible mental health professionals in his home country?

        “Advice and babysitting might also be the same difference.”

        And your hapless Trump apologia and jew drivel might also be the same difference.

      3. No Harold, I’m not, but I’d have to guess many if not most of your ‘dozens of credible mental health professionals’ are. Along with a whole bunch of others who support your crusade. But that’s ok, pretty much everyone does that, so it’s kinda normal, that.
        BTW Harold, have you ever been in the military? You didn’t answer that one.

      4. “No Harold, I’m not,”

        Just because you’re not a “religious” jew doesn’t mean you’re not a jew; of course you’re a jew.

        “but I’d have to guess many if not most of your ‘dozens of credible mental health professionals’ are. Along with a whole bunch of others who support your crusade.”

        My “crusade”? If I have a “crusade” it would be my moral and patriotic duty to oppose jewish diabolism.

        Anyway, some of the contributors undoubtedly are jews. But so what? Jews can be found on many sides of many issues; and as far as I know, 2 + 2 = 4 even if a jew says it. But Bandy Lee’s not a jew:

        “BTW Harold, have you ever been in the military? You didn’t answer that one.”

        I don’t see that as being relevant at all.

    2. @ HP

      Now I have seen it all. You, the most uncontroversial, least wordy poster on Darkmoon, is called a jew. There has to be a full moon somewhere on the planet.

      1. @ Ungenius

        Terrorist supporter and consummate war criminal, Orange Clown, stood up in front of the whole world at the UN assembled, with the blood of Syrian freedom fighters and civilians dripping from his hands, and told the world that for his next act he may “have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea”.

        “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.” (UN Charter Art. 2 paragraph 4).

        Think about it. Bloody mass murderer Orange Clown used the UN as a platform to stand up in front of the world and wipe his @ss with the UN charter. Seriously? His “speech” was the totally unacceptable rant of a deranged lunatic who is obviously completely disconnected from reality.

        Look at the reaction of Orange Clown’s Chief of Staff, General John Kelly:

        The pictures need no explanation; this man is having some kind of an Orange-Clown-induced existential crisis.

        Consider some of the statements made by Sen. Bob Corker, an early supporter of Orange Clown: “I think Secretary Tillerson, [Defense] Secretary [James] Mattis and Chief of Staff [John] Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos”.

        Corker even likened the White House to an “adult day care center”:

        You don’t need to be a disillusioned insider or a mental health professional to see that Orange Clown is a dangerous jew-inspired, demon-possessed lunatic on a global rampage, whose destructive impulses need to be “contained”, lest he bring about the end of the world as we know it.

        For HP to suggest otherwise is very “controversial”, IMO.

      2. HP –
        Ung –

        “You, the most uncontroversial, least wordy poster on Darkmoon, is called a jew.”

        I was amazed, also.

        See how most cannot resist slapping those who hold differing opinions with personal attacks…. but… HP always has resisted that..!!

        BRAVO, Homer..!!! Run for Prezzy..!! 🙂 🙂

      3. Harold, using as references Carny Bob Corker, Mattis, (a bona fide war criminal) and (lol) the world’s #1 criminal sanctuary city, the UN, as references, will get you nowhere..
        I did laugh though, so I’m just gonna assume you’re joking!

      4. @ HP

        “Harold, using as references Carny Bob Corker,”

        Was he “carny” when he went out on a political limb to support Orange Clown’s candidacy?

        “Mattis, (a bona fide war criminal)”

        Let’s see, I quote someone who mentions Mattis as having an apparent role in containing Orange Clown, and you rejoin to inform me that he’s a “war criminal”? As if Trump himself isn’t a war criminal? As if war criminal Trump didn’t personally appoint war criminal Mattis? As if every war criminal under the sun is also as breathtakingly ignorant and suicidal as war criminal Trump? ROTFL! Do you hear yourself?

        “and (lol) the world’s #1 criminal sanctuary city, the UN, as references, will get you nowhere..”

        In support of my view that Orange Clown’s staff are more like babysitters than “advisors”, I was referring to the obvious negative reaction (disgust) of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, to his charge’s public use of the UN Charter as toilet paper, while giving a speech at the UN.

        Whether or not the UN may be deemed “the world’s #1 criminal sanctuary city” is irrelevant to the point. But since you brought it up, I suppose I should point out to you that to the extent the UN is a “criminal sanctuary city”, it is so precisely and exclusively BECAUSE OF the lawlessness of Orange Clown and his “presidential” predecessors.

    1. @Harold Smith,
      Perhaps we’re about to find out whether Trump has any power to run foreign policy or not. If Trump gets away with declaring war on Iran’s revolutionary guards, even if all three of his generals plus Tillerson are against it, then Trump is indeed, and unfortunately, in charge. If nothing happens, and it is just more inane Trump bluster, then we can assume that the adults are able to keep mad dog Trump on a leash. For the sake of the world, I hope it is the latter.

      BTW, you don’t need me to defend you, but why does HP keep asking you if you were in the military? As a Vietnam-era veteran myself, I hate when other vets demean non-vets, as if only the opinion of vets counts. That DD214, if you joined of your own volition (i.e. no draft), just means that you were dumb enough to fight US wars on behalf of Israel. Binyamin Netanyahu thanks you.

      1. Folly, I was interested as to Harold’s real world experience in and/or with the military, which is a lot different than just reading and talking about it, as you know.
        There’s perspective and then there’s perspective.


    The grim reality of an inexperienced politician who was rolled by the deep state is settling in. Trump, the real estate developer and TV personality, is no statesman or clever politician, just a narcissistic fool with a bad hairdo and finger on the button. He should resign before he gets us all killed. Trump is the fool in the Illuminati card deck.

    If you want an accurate picture of Trump’s true character, just read what he said to the Chinese Prime Minister Xi when he (illegally and immorally) launched the 59 cruise missiles at Syria:

    ““And I said: ‘Mr President, let me explain something to you …this is during dessert… we’ve just fired 59 missiles – all of which hit by the way, unbelievable, from, you know hundreds of miles away, all of which hit, it’s so incredible, it’s brilliant, it’s genius, our technology is better than anybody’s by a factor of five …””

    BTW Many of our missiles failed to reach their targets (23 out of 59 according to Russia who manned the base). China and Russia both have cruise missiles with the same capability, so that means Mr. Trump is also misinformed about foreign missile technology, and that makes him dangerous. Trump seems to be stuck in WW2 era mentality, missile technology is 7th generation now, anti-ship missiles are numerous and deadly accurate, so if he starts war with North Korea there may a lot of Pacific Fleet ships at the bottom of the drink in just the first few minutes of battle. These high tech missiles only cost a million or so while US Navy ships cost billions.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      “He should resign before he gets us all killed.”

      That’s the same thing that Antifa and their ilk are saying. I hear that they are recruiting.

      1. @ Ungenius

        IIRC, after Trump attacked the Syrian airbase with cruise missiles, you said : “I wouldn’t piss on [Trump] if he were on fire”, or something like that.

        But now for some reason you’re back to supporting Trump again?

      2. @ Harold Smith

        My post to Yukon Jack was simply a statement and should not be considered anything but that.

        To answer your question briefly concerning Trump, I was and still am opposed to the cruise missile attack on Syria. However, the big picture does reveal that Trump has done some serious damage to the jewish globalist agenda. Since no man is perfect, to blindly ignore positive accomplishments after a screw up is not wise. Neither is it wise to blindly support a man without regard to the screw ups. I still watch and evaluate Trump based on what he does instead of what he says. Based on his actions, it appears that Tump is not a typical swamp creature like the majority of the elected in DC.

      3. @ Ungenius

        “My post to Yukon Jack was simply a statement and should not be considered anything but that.”

        The earlier statement of yours which I quoted was also “simply a statement”, but when the information conveyed by the two statements didn’t seem to comport, I thought I’d ask.

        “I was and still am opposed to the cruise missile attack on Syria.”

        Why were you opposed to it? Because it was a waste of expensive missiles?

        I’ll tell you why I was “opposed” to it. Trump not only murdered some people in Syria with his cruise missile attack (and as a professing follower of Jesus Christ you should be as outraged as I am over it), but he also risked my life and yours and all life on earth for that matter. When he made that decision, he didn’t know (and didn’t care) if it might escalate to a war with Russia or not. For all he knew, Israel might have spoofed some kind of return fire or retaliation and started WW3 right then and there. Society generally frowns on people who do things like that.

        “However, the big picture does reveal that Trump has done some serious damage to the jewish globalist agenda.”

        Seriously? Like what?

        “Since no man is perfect, to blindly ignore positive accomplishments after a screw up is not wise.”

        Would you feel that way (i.e., it’s just a “screw up”) if it was your family members that were murdered by Trump? What’s not wise is trusting a Godless man like Trump who occupies the highest political office in the land and who apparently has no moral compunction about mass murder.

        “Neither is it wise to blindly support a man without regard to the screw ups.”

        Let’s face it we all make mistakes, but when the Manson family did what Trump did (murder people with no remorse) they went to jail.

      4. @ Harold Smith

        “I thought I’d ask.”

        Obviously, you think I rolled of the turnip truck yesterday. You thought I would fall for your following bait that would lead to a lengthy contorted exchange. You assume a lot, so just keep on assuming as you please. I’ll stick with the brief answer that I gave you.

      5. “Obviously, you think I rolled of (sic) the turnip truck yesterday.”

        Obviously, I think your snide remark to Yukon Jack was pathetic, under the circumstances.

        “You thought I would fall for your following bait that would lead to a lengthy contorted exchange.”

        I was genuinely curious as to how someone – you – who apparently recognized what Trump was and who he worked for, several months ago, could then somehow reverse himself the way you apparently have, when Trump has done almost nothing but jew dirty work in the meantime.

        “You assume a lot,”

        If your statements made more sense, I wouldn’t have to “assume” so much, right?

        “so just keep on assuming as you please. I’ll stick with the brief answer that I gave you.”

        No problem; from now on I just won’t take you seriously at all.

  9. All of a bit of a yawn really. Yes, Trump is a puppet and very wealthy; Obummer is very wealthy and still being used to brainwash his HOPE supporter base, as well as playing lots of golf; and the Bushes still play their public role whilst enjoying their many $billions. And then there are the Clintons, still making mega bucks and serving their public roles. The WHOLE system is CORRUPT! So don’t expect anything but total corruption re Las Vegas. What is really interesting is lobro’s ongoing war with the women. I think we need Donaldo to sort out these women. He even gets a nun in the bargain! Ps: The Redshielder Rothschilds, have accumulated over $500 ttrillions, which is apparenty half the planet’ money. Count in all the Jewish ruling commissars and the Jews control 80% of the planet’s wealth. Great buying power!

    1. Always enjoy your comments Max!
      Lobro finds the attacks “weird” when in fact they are plain and simple testosterone triggered attacks. Lobro stated that empowerment of women is the downfall of civilization. This will NEVER be forgiven.
      Those with a rational mind are invited to read “Why Women DESTROY NATIONS * / CIVILIZATIONS”

  10. thIS IS cnn is just great! ill tell you in a minute why i think so
    but first ponder on this
    it doesnt matter if someone is jewish or not said nasrallah who is everyone´s alter ego here.. right?
    not me i am an islamic state lover so, to hell with iran and nasrallah who are our enemies because they are killing our sunni brothers all over the place …
    since israel and the saudis are friends now because of the american influence … and the saudis told qatar to chill with the money and weapons smuggling to hamas and hamas has agreed to drop the gun and have some fun .. peace is coming to the holy land
    thIS IS cnn said peace is coming
    thIS IS cnn doesnt tell fake news
    thIS IS cnn is lovely because of the good news!!!
    this means the 20 dunum i got in the west bank will be valued at 2.000.000 dollars at least
    is this site for sale?

  11. Is it not yet clear this is all an illusion? One can scarcely believe anything they see or hear now that Jews have gone into overdrive with confusing disinformation. I have seen convincing evidence even the airplanes in the September 11th attack were some sort of hologram, a concept I had immediately dismissed out of hand. However I began seeing evidence for this possibility as I researched the subject of large holographic projections.

    Give up on politics. In the lives of everyday Americans, any importance it once had in our personal lives was gone long before you were born. The American public has become nothing more than political fodder for the Jew’s delusional propaganda campaigns. In the meantime, as people carp over the “orange clown’s” antics, irrational, divisive hate among white people is ramping steadily upward.

    From an e-mail:

    Exactly the worst I’d expect happened with (…). Being told about Rachel Corrie was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She sent me this big long thing about how she doesn’t want to talk anymore, how I’m no longer being a good person, how she’s afraid of me now (she wasn’t afraid enough to sit specifically at an adjacent table to me and not talk at all, possibly out of spite), said I’m being taught not facts but being taught how to hate, said you could never possibly be objective, at least on this subject, and are in fact dangerous because you have "Nazi heritage, and (a mutual friend) is 100% guilty by association.

    And this from the son of a woman I know:

    Stop now. I have never even forwarded you an article that I’ve personally written, from the website that I personally run because I know you don’t agree with me. I make zero attempts to try and convert you. Just wrote a piece today about how utterly stupid the Las Vegas conspiracy theories are. It will be read by thousands of people. I will not forward it to you. All that I ask is that you extend me the same courtesy and you refuse. I blocked you from my e-mail account for my mental health. I wish I was a big enough person to deal with the fact that some creep turned my mentally ill mother into a neo-Nazi. I’m not. It pisses me off. I am so ashamed of what you’ve become. I Can’t deal with it, and you Can’t stop throwing it in my face. If I have to block you from my phone to preserve my mental health, I will do that as well, so please don’t forward anything here. You can no longer reach me by e-mail, That’s the reality.

    Note the “Nadzee” pejorative used by both parties who have no connection. One thing the Trump election has brought about is divisive, vitriolic hatred for any views not commensurate with Marxist philosophy. As it was in the old Soviet Union, white families have turned upon one another like ravening wolves. No alternative views are allowed. One must march lock step with the Social Justice Warrior’s Marxist ideology or face their hateful wrath.

    From one’s personal standpoint, these issues are far more problematic than any effect the current puppet president is having, save perhaps starting an actual war or overseeing the collapse of the economy. Even so, what is anyone out here going to do about it? At the same time our air, food and water, in fact the entire environment is being actively poisoned.

    “We”, that’s you and me kimosabe, are beginning to suffer a slow death from the effects of this intentional poisoning. I am beginning to suffer serious gastrointestinal symptoms when unwittingly consuming GMO frankenfoods. I now have to watch my diet very carefully to avoid these foods. Yet GMO frankenfoods are rapidly reaching the point where they will be incorporated in virtually all our food sources.

    Why aren’t pressing questions being addressed about our health and personal/familial relations? What are we going to do about the rising tide of hatred among our own people? Is it even possible to bring them back from their intensive Jew programming? If so how might this be accomplished? These should be the foremost questions on our minds, lips and keyboards as opposed to the foolish antics of an “orange clown.”

    Yet we focus on absurd, inane “news” stories. Perfect isn’t it? (((They))) have us selling each other out. Once again Jews are manipulating the gullible goyim into fighting their war, this time for what little remains of the minds of the American people, even as they murder us all with a slow, poisonous death, a death of which most gullible goyim are completely unaware. – Cue John Kaminski here.

    I leave you with a few modified quotes from the chillingly prophetic script of They Live

    Pirate TV announcer: “Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. (((They))) have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. (((Their))) intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. (((They))) have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gains. Please understand (((they))) are safe as long as they are not discovered; that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated. (((They))) are dismantling a sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are (((their))) cattle, we are being bred for slavery. Our transmitter is not powerful enough; the signal must be shut off at the source. Look around, there is a signal broadcast every second of every day through our television sets. Even when the set is turned off, the brain registers the input of the signal and programs the person’s compliance. Look around at the environment we live in; the carbon dioxides, fluorocarbons and methane have increased since 1958. Earth is being acclimatized; they are turning our atmosphere into (((their))) atmosphere. We are like a natural resource to (((them.))) (((They))) deplete a nation and move on to another. They want benign indifference, they want us drugged. We could be pests, we could be food, but all we really are is livestock.


    Gilbert: “Most of the cops are white men, they’ve been told we’re fascists trying to bring down the government and some of them are being recruited by the ADL. Jews are trading wealth and power for activism.”

    Frank: “You mean people are joining up with them?”

    Gilbert: “Most of us sellout right away. All of the sudden we get promoted, our bank accounts get bigger; we start buying new houses, cars – perfect isn’t it? We’ll do anything to be rich.”

    Frank: “What do these Jews want, why are they here?”

    Gilbert: “It’s in their best interest, they’re free enterprisers. It’s just good business. For Jews, America is just another developing nation – their third world. Alright now, everybody listen up. We’re obviously not getting to enough people because look at our numbers tonight. There should be twice as many of us here. We’re getting too sloppy, that’s all there is to it! Now their detection is becoming more effective. We have to be more careful. Stay aware of keeping up appearances. Go to work, punch your time clock, do what’s expected of you. We’ve gotten reckless and the movement is suffering for it.”


    Bum: “Wait boys wait, you’re making a big mistake! You gotta’ listen to me, I thought you boys understood, it’s business that’s all it is. Ya’ still don’t get it do ya’ boys? There ain’t no countries anymore, no more good guys. (((They’re))) running the whole show, they own everything, the whole goddamned planet, (((they))) can do whatever they want! What’s wrong with having it good for a change? Now (((they’re))) gonna’ let us have it good if we just help ‘em. (((They’re))) gonna leave us alone, let us make some money and you can have a little taste of that good life too; now I know you want it, hell everybody does.”

    Could there be a more accurate description of what has happened to America? Note how few changes I made to this script.

    The world needs a wake-up call, but whose gonna’ phone it in?

      1. @Pat
        RE: THEY LIVE
        ” The events described in the movie “They Live” had already happened in the US by the time the movie was made in 1988. ”
        Not true Pat, ‘ already happened’ should read, ” is about to happen ” .

        “THEY LIVE” Review By Geoffrey Attwood.
        ” On a simplistic level, the basic tenor of the screenplay is one where our hero, Rowdy (played by the wrestler Roddy Piper), stumbles across a box of dark glasses which, when worn, expose an alien life form existing within the indigenous population. Very soon, they realize that their plan to dominate and completely take over the planet and its resources has been exposed by Rowdy. His mission now becomes an attempt to spread the realities of life among other members of society whilst evading capture by the aliens who want to silence him.

        If this was all there was to the film, then the most one could say was that here is a moderately passable movie of the sort that was churned out in the 40’s and 50’s. However, this film is much more than a simple earthlings vs aliens potboiler! Indeed, it is a complete exposure of the realities of western capitalist society. The aliens are not from some far flung Galaxy, and neither is the film set in a futuristic America. They exist at this moment, here and now. Your next-door neighbor could be one, or that charming couple across the road. People in authority who have become the servants of the economics of capitalism – these are the aliens exposed by the dark glasses of political awareness.”

      2. Duke –

        Thanks for the attempted help.

        You wrote:
        “Not true Pat..”

        It IS VERY TRUE to ME. Even though it is not true to YOU.
        That is because… you don’t know what I know…. 🙂

        We, ALL, have our own truths….

      3. @Pat

        ‘ We, ALL, have our own truths….’

        Not ALL, for there are those who are born again(restored), for them there is only ONE truth.
        The many ‘truths'(curse), that ruled the world, is now being removed, as I promised.
        Take heed, it is time to wear those dark glasses which enables one to see ONE reality.

  12. Arch is totally correct as always: The Jewish system has mastered the ability to produce “the rising tide of hatred among our own people.” We fight each other, whilst Jews get on with their wealth and POWER accumulation. Even lobro is warring against butterflies and nuns. Try to get an understanding of the Jews’ upper stratospheric reality: Evil things are surprisingly evil to enact. It is easy to cheat and lie. If you have no conscience, the planet is your oyster. Anglo-Saxons try vainly to search for order and fairness, but there ain’t any in the way our planet is ruled. The nastier the better. Without getting too much into sexual things, I explained once before that the most fun I had in life was when I consciously decided to be an alpha male, bad boy. Naughty actress types flocked to me. But I decided I felt better where I am in the long run – a beautiful new wife and ability to write on these pages. I would still like to offer up my life in a genuine, white-led freedom revolution. We need leaders.

    1. Max,
      Thats why the World is controlled by psychopaths. Theyre not smarter than the rest of us. They simply have no conscience. While descent people play by the rules, the psychos break them. Quite an advantatage in the World of politics, business, etc.

    2. I’m at your disposal Max, but then it would have to be a white/RED led freedom revolution (:>)

      1. Brownhawk, of course I would include the tomahawk toting Red Indians, like yourself; as well as my Oz Aborigine mates and their boomerangs. The Jews are the greatest exploiters of indigenous peoples. Your negro problem was created by Jewish, slave-trader money. Note how Israel is not being invaded by black Africans. Is it true hungry Red Indians liked negro meat? Australian gold miners in Ballarat, including the Californians and Canadians, grew a linking for the “sweet” meat of the Chinese. But Jews and Masons are known to sacrifice and devour small children. “Hollywood”, Brad Pitt recently told us, “is full of pedophiles.”

  13. My point about Simone Weil was that apart from her beautiful word descriptors of life, she was what Arch referred to as a Jewish “activist.”
    Read any documentation of her life and you see she was very much a stereotypical Jew: She was well versed in Marxism, played union politics and apparently believed in the Workers’ Paradise.
    There are “good” Jews just like her, amongst us today. All I can warn is, beware of the dialectic.
    I accept that she was attracted to Christian principles, but, did she, as a Jew, show love for Jesus? Did she commit her life to Jesus’ simple “Word”? You cannot be a half Christian!
    2 half truths combined still constitute a lie, or is that no longer the case in our Jewcentric world?
    The Jews most successful strategy is surely that of sending us all stark raving mad.
    Until we lose all inhibitions and start screaming such as “the Jews are killing us!”- and commence the fightback war, things will only get worse. Maybe the next president will be a red-nosed clown.

  14. Demand that the 1913 Federal Reserve Act is abolished! Create a new state Reserve Bank that espouses true democratic principles. Free the Reserve from big, private banking control. Demand democratically elected representatives reflecting the diversity of the USA’s citizenry. Ensure proportional and equal opportunity employment of Fed officers. Demand freedom from the Bank Of London. Invoke mandatory, 20 year jail sentences for the corruption of the people’ bank’s principles.

    Demand a totally independent media and film-production industry. Utilise democratic principles of staffing selection that would apply to all other institutions. Launch a government commission into paedophilia and sexual predations in Hollywood. Stiff jail sentences to be invoked. Ban the LA pornography industry forthwith; and ban male-on-female anal sex.

    Immediately cease all aid to Israel. Ban dual citizens from political office bearing. Work with the international community to dismantle Israel’s nuclear arsenal, etc.

    Apply War Crimes Tribunal regulations to all suspected war criminals, aka Nuremberg.

    See, it is would be really easy to set up a political opposition espousing these types of lines. PS: Such policies could hardly be criticised.

  15. The credo of a new poItical entity on the American scene would encapsulate simple policy formation in all of the above and more KISS!.

    The words of Frederick Douglas (1817-1895) would preface all mass-produced pamphlets and campaign notes: “The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous.”

    Enough detailing of the macabre, insidious swamp that your nation has become!

    It is time for action. The lead must come from Anglo-Saxon whites. They must totally ignore the Jewish mainstream and set about fixing a nearly destroyed nation. 1,000’s of singularly committed men and women must be recruited. Protection in numbers will become necessary and people must be prepared to fight for their freedom. The emerging leaders MUST be protected from the System’s assassination squads.

    The time to start is now. How much more evidence do you need?

  16. The devil, demons, Satan, Lucifer, Baal, Babylon, reptilians, extraterrestrials and all sorts of invisible creatures are responsible for why corporate mafia and its minions rob, torture and murder, and why people tacitly consent to unjust laws. By tolerating all this, people admit that they are incompetent to live as free beings. As I understand, in 1789, the US justice system was corporatized, which means that it hasn’t been the common law at all. Likewise, if the courts are practically private, they don’t perform a public service – they present private interests. Big criminals have been torturing small criminals and innocent people. In most countries [that aren’t historically British colonies], the inquisitorial law gives so much power to the administrators of law that it creates a paradise for criminal alliances between those administrators and the private sector. In such “legal” environments, no president is obliged to serve the citizenry, particularly if the citizenry chronically suffers from ignorance, apathy and conformity.

  17. Pat

    And when you go down that B.I.S. list, it is those countries whose central banks are missing that are conspicuous by their absence

    Notably, Syria and Iran

    Coincidence? I think not

  18. Now that the Trumpster has announced that he will “decertify” the Iranian deal, whatever that means, are there any more Trumpster supporters out there defending the indefensible???

    Or is there some Sun Tsu strategy behind this latest Trumpster checkers move???

    Sometimes the most logical conclusion is quite simple and doesn’t require convoluted mental gymnastics to justify what is NOT justifiable . . .

    1. David Chu,
      Trump’s recklessness in decertifying the Iran nuclear deal was the last straw for me. He only did that, and continues to strike at Obamacare, because he hates everything that Obama accomplished. I was officially off the Trump Train when he arrogantly shot those 59 cruise missiles into the Syrian air base. But I held out some hope, thinking that Christian Zionist Pence would be worse. And I remain convinced that the democrats and the media were reckless and anti-American in continuing to push that nonsensical Russia stole the election BS. And I still think that Trump was never given a fair chance. I watched Trump’s speech very briefly today, until he started accusing Assad of using poisonous gas (yet again). After that, I couldn’t stand to hear another word and turned it off. Really, now I don’t give a crap anymore. Trump or Pence – makes no difference, except that Pence has manners. The USA is totally under Jewish control and there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it.

      1. Folly –

        You wrote:
        “The USA is totally under Jewish control and there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it.”

        I agree. Even with the “YUGE” risk of being labeled an aged “defeatist” who “ought to get out more often”…!! 🙂 🙂

    2. @ David Chu
      @ Folly of War

      Based on what I read a few days back, the other signers of the Iran deal did not care if the USA backed out or not saying that USA withdrawal would change nothing. How true is that? We will see.

      I find it hard to believe that Iran really expected the USA to honor the agreement since the USA has a reputation of not honoring agreements. Jew domination does show itself. I don’t know, but in addition to the cash they received, maybe Iran has already retrieved its assets frozen by the USA which is why they don’t care if the USA backs out of the deal. If Iran has recouped their assets, what Trump did is a nothing burger. If not, the jewish bankers are happy with Trump for what he did. With or without the Iran agreement, USA sanctions against Iran continue with full support of the congress critters.

  19. Agreed with several posters that Trump as a subject is a diversion and no longer interesting. Proving the Lobro thesis (Trump as a chess grand master) requires waiting for overt war actions. Trump is overseeing covert war against Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Russia but this is assumed by the Lobro thesis. On domestic policy, Trump appears to be powerless since his putative party, the Republicans, oppose his policies.

    Arch Stanton stated the prime issue for the Western world today:

    One must march lock step with the Social Justice Warrior’s Marxist ideology or face their hateful wrath.
    Is it even possible to bring them back from their intensive Jew programming? If so how might this be accomplished?

    MAX BILNEY gave a list of actions to take, but without a solution on how to implement them. Creating enclaves of ‘natural law’ abiding people will just make easy targets.

    About the programming, I believe it is impossible to change for 99%. It is as hard-wired as anything programmed from an early age.

    Perhaps the Tribe have made a strategic mistake trying to eradicate Anglo-Saxon culture through mass immigration of Muslims. Examine any Muslim nation and you will see natural order in place to a great extent. Each family has a leader (there can only be one, by definition) and society is family oriented. Pride in nation naturally follows.

    Cultural Marxism requires destruction of the male-female bond, destruction of family and nation. In Muslim nations I believe this is not possible without massive and immediate unrest. Therefore in their passion to eradicate Anglo-Saxon culture the Tribe will have guaranteed natural order in formerly Anglo-Saxon countries. Will technological progress halt or slow down? Maybe not – look at the example of Iran.

    1. “Agreed with several posters that Trump as a subject is a diversion and no longer interesting.”

      Does that mean you don’t believe that Trump will start WW3 (most likely a nuclear WW3)?

      1. Harold, it’s like Einstein said

        If there’s a WW3, then a WW4 would be fought with clubs and rocks, or words to that effect. Outwardly, I don’t think our presumed “masters” are interested in ruling over a world that reverts back to those ancient times when their forebears ruled out in the open all lookin’ like the ugly giant Goliath (he said, tongue firmly implanted in cheek) {

        Then again, If it DOES happen, consider that human beings on this planet are all pawns being used by two internecine factions of the “upper echelon” jews, as I refer to them. A school of thought exists stating that these two groups are vying against each other for world supremacy, and that THEY are the real instruments steering the nations into place before a final showdown between just the two of them. By then, the human dupes that they’ve been using for CENTURIES will have already done all their dirty work.

        It would all be a matter of timing, and the destruction of Israel could be the signal If it ever comes to that. Then the reality of “all they know is to destroy” will have reached it’s logical conclusion, and the question would remain: “who would be those left to wield the clubs and hurl the rocks? (with slingshots of course!)

        Puts things in a whole new perspective, don’t it? (:>)


      2. @ Brownhawk

        I have two thoughts on this subject:

        (1) What will the jews do when they realize that they can never have the WHOLE world, i.e., Russia and China will not willingly give up their sovereignty and worship the beast (and at the same time, the jews see the corrupt “West” going into the toilet)? Will the “beast” be a good sport and go peacefully into oblivion, or will it opt for planetary murder-suicide?

        (2) Sometimes I ask myself the question: What would likely be the personal qualities of a ruler who would preside over the final destruction of “America” as we knew it (and perhaps a large part of the rest of the world)? And I’m sorry to say that Orange Clown seems to have everything it takes to be that person.
        Orange Clown scares me. He REALLY scares me.

    2. Flan –

      You wrote:
      “Creating enclaves of ‘natural law’ abiding people will just make easy targets.”

      That is correct in one sense, but it is not always necessary.

      It describes Waco’s Mt Carmel’s atrocities.

      It does not describe the thousands of Amish and Mennonite and Mormon and Islamic and other communities across America.

      The difference is that David Koresh had many guns and went to the firing range nearly every day. Sometimes with the sheriff… his good friend. He was a LICENSED arms dealer and was authorized as a full-automatic weapons owner. A potential self-sustainable threat.

      Max and the ‘gun-groupies’ would be ‘Wacoed’….

  20. Hi Flan,
    My “plan of action” as you call it, would work if properly implemented. The Jewish politburo would lose their greatest 2 powers: Money Power and Media Power. In effect some 5000 to 6000 very rich Jews would be sent packing. How to implement this?
    Like throughout known history an opposition force has to come into being; and realizing the utter hopelessness of the current situation, must sever itself from the media and all the brainwashing, false political rhetoric that our hard -wired, stupid brains have come to think is normal.
    In other words, we need many people to both adopt a new reality and a new kind of political force.
    Trump supporters would easily accept a new political reality;; and they must be totally disappointed with Jew-run Trump.
    So, how do you form a new political grouping, espousing the simple action plan?
    A leadership group has to be out there and ready to step up. KISS!
    Let there be no subtle rhetoric or hidden meanings in the name of the new party: Nothing stupid like Save America or American Patriotic Party. Simply call it the America Party. Its colors would be red, white and blue. For fund raising purposes, the cost of m’ship = $10.
    Its “media” releases would be by pamphleteering and letter boxing. Avoid the Jewish msm.
    Every site like Darkmoon, inc Rense, Makow, etc, must start a recruitment call. A SMALL LEADERSHIP PANEL MUST BE ESTABLISHED IMMEDIATELY.
    I offer to go on this panel, even though I am an Australian. I can tell you that no Jew or antifa pretender would get past me. I know all their lines of deception and their evil games. I can pick an evil Jew a mile away.
    Suitable protection of senior members would have to be arranged.

  21. PSYCH Group “…will host marches across the nation Saturday”..!! 🙂

    President Trump is Unstable, Dangerous and Could Start Nuclear War, Doctors Warn

    President Donald Trump poses a significant threat of nuclear war and is increasingly dangerous, according to leading psychologists who are stepping forward to warn Americans of his escalatingly threatening behavior.

    The Duty to Warn PAC, an organization of psychologists who believe Trump has a personality disorder called malignant narcissism, will host marches across the nation Saturday to warn people about a perceived increase in his volatility and unpredictability in his performance as president.

    James Gillian, a licensed psychologist of 25 years, has spent his career working with mass murders, serial criminals and overseeing mental hospital programs for the most violent American criminals. He analyzed Trump’s statements for indications of danger for a The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book with 27 expert psychiatrists analyzing the president’s behavior.

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