Donald Trump and the New Islamophobia

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

A Muslim US Air Force veteran voices his fear about Trump’s relations with the Islamic world. With an introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

Mahmoud El-Yousseph, Retired USAF Veteran ([email protected])

Introduced by Lasha Darkmoon:

I have known Mahmoud El-Yousseph for several years now and can vouch for his total honesty and integrity. We met first in 2008 on Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth site, over eight years ago, as fellow contributors. Several of Mahmoud’s articles, dealing mostly with the Arab-Israeli situation in Occupied Palestine, have appeared on the Darkmoon site

Mahmoud is a staunch defender of the Palestinian cause and nothing would please him more than to see Israel prosecuted for its outrageous war crimes.

It would make Mahmoud die happy if he could live to see the day when Palestine was returned to its rightful owners. To witness his fellow Palestinians receive fair treatment from the Americans and a complete restoration of their stolen lands, with the Right of Return granted to the seven million exiles of the Palestine diaspora—this would be, for Mahmoud, a foretaste of paradise.   

Unfortunately for Mahmoud, his worst dreams are now likely to come true. For he is now likely to see, in the reign of Emperor Donald Trump, two ominous new developments which neither he nor his fellow-Muslims had ever anticipated:

(1) A violent Islamophobic backlash against the Muslim community in America, all stirred up and brought to boiling point by the all-powerful Jewish media, aided and abetted by a Donald Trump who has made his Zionist affiliations only too clear. (See also this long list of articles proving Trump’s total commitment to Israel and his contempt for the Palestinians). 

(2) The likely betrayal of the Palestinian people by the Trump administration in the foreseeable future, with the Israelis being not only allowed to keep their stolen lands but to extend their illegal settlements even further into Arab territory.

This has not yet occurred, but it appears to be on the cards: and if and when it does occur, it would be in blatant violation of international law. To my mind, the betrayal of Palestine would be morally indefensible. And the White Nationalists who supported Trump and helped to get him elected would then be directly to blame for the destruction of Palestine.*

* See my comment below in the Comment Section (under ‘LD’) where I offer some further clarification on this matter.

This need not occur, but many see it as the most likely scenario. As long as the Jews in America let Trump push through his immigration reforms, without kicking up too much of a fuss, they will have Palestine as a reward. Palestine will be the bone thrown to these mad dogs to keep them in line. It will be the bribe that buys their compliance and cooperation in America.

Most White Nationalists remain unaware of this Faustian bargain—that Palestine is the bribe for Jewish good behavior in America—and those White Nationalists who are aware of this, couldn’t care less about the Palestinians anyway. To hell with the Palestinians! That is their attitude. They actually prefer the white-skinned Ashkenazi  Jews of America, the ones who provide them with their non-stop entertainment and pornography, to the darker-skinned Palestinians in their distant land.     

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Trump will continue to deserve the adulation of his ardent White Nationalist supporters for as long as possible. Long may it continue! But this is just a honeymoon period, we cannot help feeling, that will soon end in tears—in bitter tears and disillusionment. 

Wait and see. [LD]


By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

“What next? — Concentration camps for Muslims in America?”

President Trump’s executive order banning Muslims from entering the US is outrageous and divisive.

The ban stereotypes all Muslims as potential terrorists and creates a climate of fear and bigotry like the hysteria surrounding the treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. This, in turn, will make Americans turn against each other

Extremists come in all faiths and do not reflect the values and beliefs of the vast majority of the members of the religious groups to which they belong. Contrary to the public belief, FBI statistics show that over 90% of domestic terrorist acts in the US are committed by non-Muslims.

This executive ban affects and insults every Muslim immigrant to America who holds a green card or or a visa, and it is also grossly unfair to genuine asylum seekers who are fleeing the very lands that America has been bombing. If not stopped, the ban might extend to include the US born and naturalized citizens of Arab ethnicity and/or Muslim faith.

According to Jamal Abdi, the executive director of the Iranian American Community (IAC), who obtained an advanced copy of the Executive Order, the situation for Muslims in America does not look good.  Based on this document, IAC offered the following initial analysis to its members:

What does Trump’s ban on Iranians and Muslims mean for You?

— If you are an Iranian national outside of the U.S. with a valid U.S. visa, you will not be able to enter the United States. Iranian dual citizens (e.g. a dual national of France and Iran) may be barred from entering the United States.

— U.S. permanent residents (green card holders) who are outside of the United States may be barred from reentry.

— U.S. citizens will not be directly affected by the ban.

— It is not yet clear how the Trump Administration would implement this order so we caution that this is an early analysis. We will update you as we learn more.

The ban will initially last for 30 days but it is likely that for some countries it will be permanent.

The list of targeted countries will bar entry for aliens from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia.

The document says that, after the 30-day suspension of entry, the Department of State and Homeland Security will present a report of countries that do not provide enough information to the U.S. to ensure visa applicants from that country are not a threat. Those countries will be given 60 days to address those issues and comply with U.S. requirements. If they do not, a Presidential proclamation will be issued to ban all entrants from that country.

There is nothing to indicate that persons on valid visas inside the United States will be expelled. But if they leave the U.S., they would not be able to return so long as the ban is in place.

We have serious concerns this ban would also apply to dual nationals, i.e. a French citizen traveling to the U.S. from France who also holds Iranian citizenship. It is also possible that this ban will apply to green card holders who seek to re-enter the U.S. We are seeking clarification on how the Trump Administration will implement this order.

We have already heard of at least one case in which a dual German-Iranian citizen with a U.S. visa was prevented from boarding a flight to the U.S. We do not have confirmation if this is due to the new order.

If Americans do not rise up and challenge this assault on liberty and human rights, Donald Trump will require by law all Muslims to register in a database and to wear a GPS tracking bracelets at all times.

Perhaps Muslims would have to be tattooed like the Jews during WWII.

Trump may issue a new order to bug all Muslims places of work and their residences and to monitor all mosques and community centers, ending with a proclamation: “If they don’t like the idea, they can lump it! If they kick up a fuss, we can deport them—back to their countries of origin!”

Fair enough. If they can contemplate deporting Muslims who have lived in America all their lives, which is theoretically possible, that sets an evil precedence. Where will it end? Will the Africans, whose ancestors came to America as slaves,  be bundled onto boats one day and sent back to Africa? And what about the Jews? Will they be sent back to Eastern Europe and Poland if they misbehave? Anything is possible.  

Trump made an outrageous claim during the election against Muslims and Arabs when he lied about “thousands of New Jersey Arabs community celebrated the 9/11 attack.”

Even after he won the presidency, he lied about losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton because of immigrants fraudulently voting in the election. When asked for evidence for this allegation, and when presented with facts to the contrary, he refused to admit his mistake, retract his statement, or even apologize.

He still insists on building a security wall with Mexico despite the fact there is no evidence that ISIS fighters have entered America through the Mexican border.

As a retired veteran, I do know it is an indisputable fact that Muslims and Arab Americans have played a vital role in the safety and welfare of our nation. They have served in every conflict and war since the Revolutionary war. They are also serving currently in all branches of the US Armed Forces. Americans who are not outraged by this abuse of power against their fellow Muslims have little or no regard for the US Constitution, which specifically forbids the religious persecution Donald Trump is calling for.

If we assume for argument’s sake that 19 of the hijackers on 9/11—15 of whom were Saudis—were behind the terrorist attack on America, why isn’t Saudi Arabia on Donald Trump’s hit list? The day Trump orders an independent investigation into 9/11, starting with the “five dancing Israelis” and the mysterious collapse of Building 7 in a controlled demolition, will be the day I begin to develop a grudging respect for our new President.

Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.

What next?—concentration camps for Muslim in America?


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  1. @ LD

    LD: “Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Trump will continue to deserve the adulation of his ardent White Nationalist supporters for as long as possible. Long may it continue! But this is just a honeymoon period, we cannot help feeling, that will soon end in tears—in bitter tears and disillusionment.”

    A moving introduction to an excellent article by Muslim political activist Mahmoud El-Yousseph. Like Lasha, I have known Mahmoud for several years now, for I too was a poster on Mark Glenn’s site almost 10 years ago when Mahmoud showed up there as a commenter as well as a contributor of articles.

    For Mahmoud’s sake, I sincerely hope that Islamophobia is not going to be whipped up to fever pitch in America as a result of Trump’s new immigration policies. What does Mahmoud have to do with Isis or 9/11? Nothing. Why should he and his family have to pay the price for Israel’s disgusting behavior in the Middle East and America’s immoral support for Israel’s war crimes?

    Trump hasn’t betrayed Palestine yet. Maybe, as LD’s introduction predicts, that will come later. After the initial “honeymoon period” in which Trump adulation will increase among his supporters as a result of his decisive action-taking in America to build the Mexican wall and clamp down on illegal immigrants.

    That needs to be done. New brooms sweeping clean. All very admirable.

    But don’t forget two things: (1) The new wave of Islamophobia in America is just what the Jews want and are helping to stir up through the mass media which they own. (2) These same Jews will be only too delighted when the Donald throws them Palestine as a bone — which it seems likely he will do in accordance with recent moves to appease the Zionists.

    Not all of us are pleased with this “morally indefensible” situation. The betrayal of Palestine is something we should resist tooth and nail.

    If you starry-eyed supporters of your new Emperor Donald Trump would like to see Mahmoud El-Youssef thrown into a concentration camp prison, together with his entire family, please say so. Now is your opportunity. But please do tell us what crimes you would like to charge them with.

    1. Yes, Mahmoud and his entire family should be incarcerated awaiting deportation. His crime? Being a lying, treasonous Muslim is bad enough. Sardonicus, you obviously don’t understand Islam or the Muslim Werewolves.

    2. The Palestinians are desperate, and you should fear desperate people, and If you steal somebody’s country you should expect trouble. Israel is their prime target but the USA has provided unquestioning support for Israel’s disgraceful behaviour and is the secondary target. Trump is right about that, but wrong about his support for Israel

      Modern technology is cheap and easily available to the Palestinians.

      1. So what do these desperate people do? They explode a car-bomb in a square somewhere. Some jews die, some palestinians die. Nothing really change. They should train and go for the real land-stealers, the Rothschilds. May not be as easy as to explode a bomb in their own backyard. Still it would be the more appropriate step to take and also the most effective. Let the Rothschild suffer for their crimes against humanity.

      2. Hi Morningstar,
        Ghandi had the right idea, passive resistance. It worked against the British, but I doubt it will work against the Israelis.

        I don’t think most Palestinians want to kill the Israelis, just get them to leave; but there will always be a minority who will set out to kill Jews, that is all Jews, not just Israelis. I think the rise of militant Islam has been entirely because of Israel, its existence and its unforgivable behaviour.

        The whole situation is based on fantasies, fantasies handed down by parasitic, power-hungry religious leaders, Rabbis, Priests and Mullahs. A pox on all of them for leading the world into religion-based wars.

    3. We’ll see. If Mr Trump moves the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that will tell us. It will start WW3.

      Is he prepared to sacrifice Western Civilisation for Israel?

  2. “And what about the Jews? Will they sent back to Eastern Europe and Poland if they misbehave? Anything is possible.” No, actually, almost anything is possible EXCEPT THAT. Those who rule over us can’t get deported, even if their misbehavior is diabolically egregious and genocidal.

  3. I will hold the “starry-eyed Trump supporters” personally responsible for the destruction of Palestine if Trump “throws the Jews Palestine as a bone.” And if his White Nationalist supporters just stand there twiddling their thumbs when this happens. Or, worse still, if they cheer Trump on as he betrays the innocent Palestinian people to genocide and ethnic cleansing. God forbid that Trump should ever hand over the beautiful children of Palestine to those mad dog Israelis.

    1. I agree with you 150%.

      Palestinians and Palestine are not some “bone” for Jews and their Sabbat Goyim to negotiate, divide and chew over. Those who think and believe that they are as such are liars and hypocrites. Especially those commenting on this site.

      1. David Chu, the Jews betrayed China to Communism and that devil, Mao Tse-tung. The Jews betrayed Taiwan and Chiang Kai-Shek to Communism. And the Jews are betraying Chinese Culture to their pornographic and Leftist agenda. Just this, alone, should give you a handle on who the Jews really are.

    2. “Beautiful children of Palestine”? What beautiful children? They are all potential suicide bombers and assassins. All of Palestine should be cleared of both Jews and Muslims and returned to either Greece or Rome.

      1. Banjo Billy,

        Ever thought of sticking your banjo up your ass?

        I have tried to read some of your “writings”.

        They suck.

        Like you.


    3. Lets see now : Lucy disappears, like she disappeared a few years ago, we never heard from her, she comes back today as if she never left, no explanation as to why she disappeared, no explanation as to why she was gone so long, nothing. She just starts commenting again, after years of being absent, and she comments as if she never left, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world we are hearing from her, even though she was gone for years. And today she sends in a comment as if she’s been here all along, as if she never left, no explanation as to why she left, why she was gone for years, why she came back, nothing, no explanation, nothing. This place is such bullshit it’s a Hoot!

  4. Trump has been in office a little over a week. I don’t think too many of us have the inside scoop of intelligence of what is going on and what he intends to do. Cut the man some slack. Everybody in the world has a gripe right now and let’s not go pounding on his door screaming to get in so we can unload our grievances on his desk. The man is human and lives in the same physical world the rest of us do.

    Unfortunately, he has to dish out some “tough love” in order to protect America. THAT IS MOST important right now….i.e., putting on the brakes and re-setting the direction of our “ship of state”, ok? The immigration process has been dangerous and porous under Obama and Trump will need some time to sort through ALL KINDS OF ISSUES and situations we are facing.

    Compared to other presidents, he is moving a break-neck speed, but we ALL live in a physical world and we need to support him as he makes the moves to address our sovereign safety….and that will mean stepping on some people’s toes. Sorry, if your “feelers” get ruffled. Heck, Obama kicked us in the head on a daily basis for 8 years, so we need to cut Trump some slack… Obama left the biggest pile of steaming mess of ANY ex-president for a guy like Trump. Heck, you’d rather have Hillary trying to do it? Jeez, she’d stroke-out fast.

    Moreover, Obama’s actions and agendas have burnt a political, spiritual and personal hole in the lives of so many Americans and a couple generations of young Americans and destroyed MANY older Americans. We need time to address that and fix it….it take time folks.

    What I care about right now is REAL AMERICANS first….the rest can wait and bind their tongues while Trump puts a stop to the un-checked processes he has to face and fix……So, I caution people to not precipitate and create too many confusing and un-patient roadblocks in the lines of communications with our new president and the people. Heck, he has a Congress who are dragging their feet approving his team….so cut the man some slack until he can start firing on all cylinders.

    Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY, under estimated him. I was not one of them. When I heard he was planning a run for the presidency after 9/11, I knew then that once he put his machine in motion, NO ONE could stop him. I jumped on board at that time. He is a brilliant, honest man who knows how to play both sides of the table… PLEASE, just sit back and let the man protect America first.

    Instead of jumping on him, why are people not SCREAMING and DEMONSTRATING over what is going on in Europe with the systematic and brutal and off-handed rapes and assaults of white European women happening every freaking minute? Look what the migrant invasion has done to Europe. London today in no way resembles the London I knew in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s….. MY point is….STAND IN ONE SPOT and turn around slowly and in EVERY DIRECTION there is a HUGE mess happening. Trump will not fix it in a week or a month or a year. Just know where the man’s heart is and where his soul is. He is systematic and a leader…..let’s let him lead and give him some space. He needs our support right now during these difficult times.

    He has the media, the Democrats, the GOP and the list goes on and on and on….of people and groups who are attacking him with personal and group gripes. Frigging Obama left us with a fire after fire after fire after fire and Trump needs time to put those out.

    In regards to the Jewish issues, we all know they are like chameleons and have more factions than the fruit buds in a pomegranate….but I have a strong feeling based on long-time info that Trump intends to help people all over the world, BUT we NEED to fix America first… is becoming a cesspool of divisiveness.

    So, brew up some Matcha Tea and give the man some room to work before we over-react. Put away the 2-bit crystal balls and quietly watch him work for awhile. People are behaving like those who stand in front of a microwave bitching that the baked potato is taking too long to cook.

    1. Hi Redmond,

      Welcome to this website.

      I wish your excellent comment, which mirrors my own feelings in many ways, had been Comment Number One on the board instead of mine. You speak for the majority on this website. Yes, we need to cut the new President some slack. No doubt about that.

      Long may the honeymoon last.

      But alas, it won’t last forever!

    2. If black nationalism is OK, why not white nationalism? It’s easy to lambaste WN, isn’t it? Are you aware of the downfall of the residual European culture in American going back to the late 1800’s? Are you aware that the jews would luvv to see this culture turned over to them lock, stock, and barrel? Perhaps it’s too late. I say it’s an uphill battle from here on. It might be said that Islamophobia is unustified, but what if we look at France and Germany? Is that wonderful stuff happening to those folks? Yes, the jews are our ultimately worst enemy. They have eaten us alive, poisoned this society, is that good? Is Trump under the aegis of the jews, is he a closet jew? It would seem so and you don’t want to be under the thumb of the jew, do you? But, many critical aspects of our society are drowning under the jew, notably media, government, Hollywood, etc. The jew would have you believe it is bad when you criticize him, in fact, you are anti-semitic. I’ve had enough of these folks, how about you?

    3. Do we really think the jew media will give Trump some slack as he tries to calm this nation? This nation and it’s multitude of problems are largely the result of agitation by the jews. Why do we even let the traitor Soros come near this country? Putin was smart and gave Soros his walking papers. AS Trump grows into the job, I think it will become apparent he is cagey like a fox. He knows the media, he knows how to talk to people. I’ve seen many of his speeches and he is a good operator. I only wish Trump would hire Kevin MacDonald for a very key role in this country. The Department of Jew Awareness……They will continue to eat our lunch unless we stop them. To those of you that think you are being clever using the term “white nationalists”, think again. Geert Wilders is of the Tribe, no doubt, but at least he knows Holland cannot be stifled by the Islamo hordes and survive. Neither can we. Some day we will fight the jews, no doubt about it.

    4. “Trump has been in office a little over a week. I don’t think too many of us have the inside scoop of intelligence of what is going on and what he intends to do. Cut the man some slack. ”

      Why do we have to “cut [him] some slack” when we can clearly see that he’s already heading in the wrong direction? The time to speak out is now, before he takes us off the edge of the cliff, not afterward when it’s too late.

      Didn’t the Trumpster already reverse himself and say that the Clintons won’t be investigated/prosecuted? Didn’t the Trumpster just say that the question of the propriety of “torture” will be left up to his subordinates?

      If the Trumpster refuses to investigate/prosecute the Clintons for their many crimes, why should we believe that he’s going to take the even more politically incorrect step of investigating 9/11 (which is the main reason I voted for the scoundrel)?

      BTW why are there still sanctions against Russia, for example? How long does it take to sign an order lifting sanctions? Surely Trump knows that the sanctions were nothing more than a propaganda effort to smear Russia for defending its legitimate interests, against the wishes of the empire.

      The Trumpster has already surrounded himself with Jews and has been fully compromised. You don’t make America great by promoting Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing, or pretending history started yesterday and taking a hard line against Iran and China. Rather, you make America great by making America “good”, which the Trumpster is apparently far too mentally and morally incompetent to accomplish.

    5. All good advice. And of course, what is happening to European white Culture is being orchestrated by the Jews and carried out by the Muslims. Both of these Semitic hoaxes need the Big Eraser.

  5. I agree with LD and in general White Nationalists don’t care what happens to the Palestinians and some even favor the Jews over Palestinians, saying Jews are “white”. These same people, who have their roots in Europe know that every country in Europe has thrown the Jews out of their country, criticizing the Jews for being against them (whites) and overwhelming evidence is available to confirm this.

    There is one selfish reason some White Nationalists might support Israel and that is to get that garbage to leave the west and go there. Other than that, organized Jewry has shown itself to be the most selfish enemy of every non-Jew in the world, in particular whites and there is no reason to support them.

    My above criticism does not extend to Kevin MacDonald or most writers for his website, which has done more than anyone or any other organization to identify the anti-white behavior of the Jew.

    1. @ Peter
      @ Gilbert

      I agree with everything both of you say in your excellent comments about the necessity for Trump to be allowed to push through with his immigration reforms in America, without let or hindrance.

      But reflect, most of this hindrance is coming from the Jews who run America. It’s the Jews, not the Muslims, who own the mass media and are spearheading this opposition to Trump. It’s the Jews who were behind that recent feminist march by over 1 million angry feminists protesting at the “evil ways” of Donald Trump.

      I am myself a firm opponent of multiculturalism and mass immigration and have aways given my full support to Kevin MacDonald and his invaluable insights into the manifold problems that face us. America first, yes. Let’s clean out the Augean stables in America first.

      My only caveat is this: let’s not betray the Palestinians in the process. Is it really necessary that we should offer up the Palestinians as sacrificial lambs to the Jews? Of course it isn’t! Let’s stand up to the Jews, our most implacable enemies, and not demean ourselves by sucking up to them and appeasing them with bribes and juicy little bones to keep them happy.

      Listen, friends, the only way to deal with a blackmailer is not to give in to his demands. The more you appease the blackmailer, the more the blackmailer turns the screw on you and demands more. So it is with the Jews. If you toss these implacable bastards the juicy bone of Palestine, the more their demands will increase. Don’t think it will stop there — their incessant demands. They will want more, more, more!

      Soon they will be asking to rape your wives and sleep with your children.

      The blackmail has got to stop. The biggest problem we face is the Jews. They are the source of all our problems. We are making a big mistake, a stupendous mistake, if we think we can buy time by giving them Palestine.

      1. @LD

        I agree with you. The Palestinians should not be sacrificed. No one should be. Everyone in the world deserves to be treated fairly.

        Kevin MacDonald obviously respects you too, posting some articles you have written on his website.

      2. Lasha, saying of the Jews that “Soon they will be asking to rape your wives and sleep with your children” overlooks the fact that the Jews have already written this demand into their Babylonian Talmud (completed in 1000 AD). That the Jews are the world’s biggest perverts and subverters, is just one more reason that BOTH the Jews and the Muslims be expelled from wherever they are found. BOTH are deadly enemies bent on the destruction of white, Christian, European Culture.

      3. WOW Lasha! An exclamation mark is really required here.

        The Jewish Lobby is so powerful in America now that it seems unbeatable. Even Mr Trump is a Zionist. The only thing that is effective now is the internet, and I fear that the Jewish Lobby wants to close down web-based free speech. If that happens I think there would be serious public disorder.

      4. Incidentally, PROFILING is illegal at present, but it is the only sensible way to deal with the Jihadists. The recent immigrant wave in Europe has contained a high proportion of Islamic young men. Some of them must be potential terorists.

        It is not wrong to use profiling. If a young Moslem has a record of extremism then he should not be allowed to cross borders, anywhere.

        Mr Trump is right on this one.

    2. I don’t know what White Nationalist sites you go to where you see White Nationalists who believe jews are White. That’s nonsense. It’s not that White Nationalists don’t care about Palestinians or prefer jews to Palestinians. It’s that White Nationalists care about White interests more and won’t be browbeaten by brown people into championing the welfare of Palestinians ahead of their own White interests.

  6. Everybody knows somebody of a different race or religion with whom they are friendly – but it seems that white, Christian Americans are universally expected to sacrifice THEIR OWN for everyone else’s welfare. We have been brow-beaten until we are fed-up with it. It just happens those of us you condemn beforehand for anticipated slights of Palestine are awakening to the reality that we cannot continue pleasing everyone else. We wind-up pleasing NO ONE. Either we start putting OUR country first – or sacrifice it for someone else’s country. By whom will the white American Christian be offered sanctuary when his family is persecuted here in America after he allows some bleeding hearts to conquer him by his own kindness and sympathetic gestures??? (The Jew might have gained an advantage thereby – but don’t expect us to continue MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE with everyone else!)
    Enough is enough! Go wherever suits you better – and allow us Americans the same opportunity to mend our country as you demand for your own!

    1. Trump’s family made a mistake for themselves when they “converted” to Judeaism. That is their own damnation – not mine. The resultant lesson FOR ALL OF US is that NONE OF US can escape God’s displeasure.

    2. Well said GH! We should push for reclassifying all settled, productive, tolerant Muslims, Jews, Rastifarian, Hindus etc as Associate citizens and stripped of voting rights.

      Currently, it is a race to outbreed and out-vote the indigenous, soft-hearted, liberal, nominally Christian Caucasians. Just look at today’s S. Africans and ZimRhodesians where White Europeans are outvoted, third-class citizens, and are being slowly tortured and destroyed.

  7. I would like someone to enlighten me. Isn’t Islamophobia and the acceleration of this manufactured fearmongering going according to plan for a third world war, according to the plan of Albert Pike and tribe?

    1. @David

      In my view, what Pike was privvy to is legit. We’re knee deep in the 3rd and final phase of the plan, and to me, the parallels to the WW2 era are striking, and centered around Trump in a Hitlerian role which is EXACTLY why International Jewry wanted him to be the potus – to become goaded into, and then FALSELY ACCUSED as being the casus belli of a 3rd world war.

    2. No, David Chu, this is not the case. When walking through a swamp, one must slap each fly and mosquito before it bites. Being surrounded by swarms of Jewish flies and Muslim mosquitoes does not mean that we should only slap one or the other, Both are trying to suck our blood.

      Also, beware of using the definitions of the Enemy. “Islamophobia” means “fear of Islam” and it is manufactured by the Semites to imply a “mental illness.” Thus, these Semitic devils claim that WE are mentally ill for opposing them, that WE have a psychosis named “Islamophobia.” In fact, viewing Muslims and Jews in the same way that one views vipers and skunks, is normal once one understands what devils they both are.

    3. Yes David, absolutely true. Here’s a little info I found yesterday on The Ugly Truth which helps to understand the Jewish/Masonic manipulation long underway to control and misdirect the Moslem world. Same as the Jewish/Masonic deception of Christians, producing the sixty million Christians for Zionism in the US alone….naive believers who think Armageddon must come to fulfil “prophecy”. If hoodwinked Christians are being brainwashed to fight against Moslems, (who in truth also revere Jesus Christ!) the Islamic religionists are also being deceived, subverted and convinced to fight Christians to fulfill the religious Armaggedon mentioned earlier by Pike, in his letter to Mazzini. How has and is this being done? The following segment provides an outline of an answer and is adapted from The Judaic Foundations of The Muslim Brotherhood, by Sabba, at
      “Satanic Jewish led Freemasonry has been used to subvert Islam. Indeed ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’, is nothing but the oriental version, the ‘Islamic’ branch of Western Freemasonry. It is Freemasonry customized to the oriental mindset to be ‘kosher’ to the oriental masses.
      Founded in 1928 by Hassan al Banna, The Muslim Brotherhood has been directly linked to Wahhabism and to the British and Western intelligence services since its inception.
      Hassan al Banna fused Freemasonry and Wahhabism into The Muslim Brotherhood, a subversive organisation dedicated to destroying Islam from within, making it Judaism-friendly and compatible with Noahide Law. Wahhabism emerged in the middle of the eighteenth century and was resisted on all Muslim fronts at the time: militarily by the Ottomans, intellectually by Islamic scholars, and, as best they could, by the people themselves.
      The Ottomans engaged their military and would have succeeded in crushing them had Britain not intervened in favour of the Saudi-Wahhabi alliance, intent to destabilize the Ottoman Empire, assisting the Saudi-Wahhabi takeover of Arabia as she prepared to subvert the entire Middle East.
      Malkum Khan (1833-1908), an Armenian “Christian”, was the first key reformer. His goal was to transform Shia Islam so it would blend into “a greater religion of mankind”, which he called “the religion of Human Rights”’. Malkum Khan was initiated into Freemasonry in Paris and founded the first masonic lodge in Persia in 1858. His destructive mission was so successful the Persian government banned Freemasonry and forced Khan into exile.
      The second ‘reformer’ was fellow Freemason Jamal al Din Al Afghani (1838-1897), followed by his student Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905), yet another Freemason, who declared, “We shall cut off the head of Religion (Islam) using the sword of Religion”. With the blessings and financing of Britain, Abduh became the Grand Mufti of Egypt in 1899.
      Abduh began popularizing the Wahhabi doctrine in Egypt by changing the curriculum of Al Azhar University in Cairo. His subversion was carried forward by his student, Rashid Ridha (1865-1935), and yet further again by Hassan al Banna, student of Rashid Ridha, founder of The Muslim Brotherhood.
      Al Banna made Freemasonry ‘kosher’ by giving it an ‘Islamic’ shroud, pretending to fight the British occupation, pretending to want to revive Islam when in fact the goal was and still is the destruction of Islam from within in preparation for the long-awaited Vatican II of Islam. Their work continues today from Qatar with The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, headed by Tariq Ramadan … the grand-son of Hassan al Banna.
      Yusuf al Qaradawi is prominent currently in The Muslim Brotherhood. He publicly declares that the war against Assad (Syria) is “kosher”. He openly supports the “jewhadists” and calls for the killing of all Muslims who support Syria be they man, woman, child, cleric, soldier or student. Qaradawi’s former wife has revealed that he is not only a Jew, fluent in Hebrew, but that he in fact is a Mossad operative, who travels frequently to Israel.”
      Behind the scenes, in both the Christian and the Moslem worlds, the satanic machinations of Jewish Freemasonry pushes relentlessly forward their plan for mass slaughter of the Goyim, for Armageddon.

      1. Yes DT, all true.

        And what does it prove about Islam in general?
        That it has been infiltrated and subverted by crypto jews, the wahhabi, muslim brotherhood and donmeh, just like Christianity got infiltrated and subverted by crypto jews, conversos and marranos.
        Now these same marranos, wahhabis, donmeh, daesh, conversos are urging regular muslims to hate and kill regular christians and regular christians to hate and kill regular muslims.

        And the regular idiots respond to the master’s command.

        This and other threads are the proof of jew’s long term strategic brilliance.

        get back to work, muslim haters, it is not shabbat yet!

      2. David –
        Winston –
        Lobro –

        More proof:

        The Freemasonry organization of Shriners offers more PHYSICAL and verbal proof of Freemasonry control of Islam.

        Duped Musselmen have based their religion and faithful prayer and servitude TODAY on…

        …… Pharisee-Jew Freemasonry…!! 🙂

        Only 32nd degree Masons and above can be members.

        The Shriners’ symbols and uniforms and flags contain the same symbols as Islam.

        Shriners’ lodges use Arabic names and symbols.

        Among the oaths of the Masonic Shriner organization is one that says, “…and may Allah the God of Arab, Muslim, and Mohammedan, the God of our fathers support me to the entire fulfillment of the same. Amen, Amen, Amen.”

        Shriner Red Fez Hat A Symbol For The Death Of 50,000 Christians In Fez, Morocco,


        The Shriner is given a red fez with an Islamic sword – scimitar – and crescent jewel on the front of it.

        “This sword emblem originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Muhammad (aka: Mohammed), slaughtered all Christians and Jews who would not bow down to the pagan moon god Allah. It is a symbol of subjugation.”

        Shriners’ flags bear Symbols used by Islam:

      3. David Thatcher
        Thank you very much ,you spoke the truth.that exactly what’s historically correct
        the intellectual Arab nationalists discovered their deceit and exposed them at the time but ignorant simple minded
        naive Arabs were easily manipulated by these fake so called Islamist imams , Nasser and Sadat crushed them with iron fists but these Two were deceived by the other face of evil ,the communists .
        The Truth sometime looks far and beyond and out of reach but eventually it will appear.

      4. DAVID
        Pike’ alleged letter to Mazzini seems to be hoax, or rather a ”postdiction”of the three world wars. In short, it seems to have been written after the events it allegedly predicted:

        On the other hand, Muslims will never fight Christians. On the contrary, they will fight the Jews and the Jews know it, hence the plots to oppose them to the Christian World and to provoke a clash to their detriment.
        Let me dare this one, a big one:
        Jews do not fear the Christians, do they? They have already “pacified” them since long, by physically infiltrating the Church, and spiritually handcuffing them with false teachings such as “resist not evil” inserted so early in the bible that most, if not all Christians believe them as Jesus’ (PBUH0) words.

        How can one obey and please God if he should not resist evil?

        Jews fear Islam and Muslims that is why, in my humble opinion, Muslims are more targeted by multiculturalism than the West itself. Many wars targeted the Muslim World but that didn’t help annihilating Islam. Now Islam is being exported (through Muslims) out of its cradle, to a –naturally- hostile environment, the White Christian West. The West is now a giant petri-dish! Poor of us, West and East being manipulated by more evil than the Devil.

        In an authenticated Hadith related by Abu Huraira, Prophet Muhammad
        (PBUH) said:
        “Time won’t end until you fight the Jews, until the rock behind which a Jew will be hiding, will speak and say: O Muslim! Here’s a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him”.

      5. @ Sean

        You are welcome to be a spokesman for Islam on our site.

        I think you are totally correct in your assessment that it is Islam alone that stands up to the Jews collectively and resists ideological “Jewification”, whereas Christians by and large have given up the age-old fight and capitulated to the traditional Enemy. It’s for this reason, believe me, that so many disillusioned Christians have converted to Islam — because Islam remains today, in many Western countries, one of the principal guardians of traditional moral values.

        I am referring to the true Islam, which is in many ways almost compatible with Christianity, not to the false extremist distortion and grotesque travesty of Islam that exists in the fevered imagination of many Islamophobes.

        Having said this, however, I must point out that you completely misunderstand the badly translated words of Christ in the New Testament: “Resist not evil.” If this meant what the words appear to suggest — “Give in to evil and don’t bother to fight it” — one would have to be a complete idiot to embrace Christianity! 🙂

        You need to understand that this phrase has been hopelessly mistranslated, misinterpreted, and misunderstood.

        For example, see here:

        “RESIST NOT EVIL…”

        It does not mean:

        — (1) do not fight temptation to sin
        — (2) do not defend yourself

        Look at the context in which the passage is found:

        38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

        39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

        40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

        41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

        42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

        43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

        44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

        Jesus here rejects conventional wisdom to return evil with evil, and to hate one’s enemies. Instead, he says we should be humble and love those who do evil to us.

        Try the ASV: “resist not him that is evil.”
        In the KJV, “evil” seems to mean “evil actions directed toward you” or “evil in others.”

        For further interpretations of the controversial words “Resist not evil”, see here:

  8. “Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.”

    This last statement is completely and utterly bogus.

    Did Muslims in the USA declare war against the USA? Did Muslims around the world declare war against the USA?

    And what was the “grossly unfair and discriminatory” treatment of Jews in National Socialist Germany?!?

    1. “That last statement is completely and utterly bogus”

      Not bogus if you consider it using my previous post as a frame of reference

      1. Yes, David Chu is correct, i.e., the author’s statement that “Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany”, is completely bogus.

        Hitler was defending Germany against Jewish subversion/aggression, so there’s really no plausible analogy there.

      2. The author’s statement is utterly bogus in any context, IMO.

        I’m sorry but I just don’t see any parallel between Trump and Hitler. What I do see is the same old familiar pattern.

        The Jews stuck us with Bush, and then offered “Mr. Hopey Changey” (i.e., nobel peace laureate, Obama), as the remedy. Then we saw that Obama was worse and more dangerous than Bush, so what happened? We’re offered a chance to “make ‘America’ great again[?]” and after only a week into it, we see our hero already betraying us and saying and doing things that portend disaster.
        It seems to me that our Jewish masters have always created the problem, and then offered the (fake) solution, and that’s how I see Trump. IMO Trump has far more in common with Anders Breivik than Adolf Hitler.

      3. @Harold Smith

        That depends on the context. If you’re familiar with my writing you’ll understand what I mean.

        There IS a parallel when viewed strictly in terms of efforts made to rid Germany then, and the U.S. now, of it’s unwanted elements. The question is, how does this suit the end-game of those responsible for steering these respective conditions into place?

        When the jews were rounded up in 30s-40s Germany, the protocolian orchestration used this to create the holocaust myth, whereupon winning the war enabled the creation of Israel for the PRIMARY purpose of using it as a lightning rod in fomenting a final world war. And what better fall-guy to blame for starting it than an increasingly incited Islam, put in an even greater state of disquietude with the advent of a Trump presidency.

      4. The blame game will get played to the hilt if a WW3 were to come about. Similar to the clusterf**k that led to WW1 while the real culprits stayed hidden under the steaming pile like they always do

      5. Okay, I think I’m getting your point.

        From my Christian perspective, I would say, just like Satan mocks God (Isaiah 14:14) and the “anti-Christ” is an evil mockery of Christ, Trump is an evil mockery of Hitler.

        Hitler had broad public support because he was for real, and Trump has broad public support because he’s a convincing fraud; and just like Hitler fought Germany’s real enemies, the Satanic fraud Trump is going after America’s fake enemies, i.e., “communist” China, Iran, Mexico, Moslems in general, etc.

        Lastly, just like the Beast’s Satanic armies came against Germany and destroyed it (WW2) we should probably expect that this time around the reverse situation will occur, i.e., the countries occupying the moral high ground will come against the mock evil Hitler and destroy him and his country (WW3).

      6. I don’t see Trump as a fraud, no different than Hitler. My greater point sees them BOTH as being used by mankind’s enemy, as are we all.

      7. I hope to be proven wrong, but this is where we differ. I see the Trumpster as just another politically correct fraudster taking orders from Jews.

      8. I’ll leave you with this, Harold

        Consider the nature of “taking orders”

        These players aren’t ALL mere automatons. In varying degrees, their viewpoints reflect a life of their own. Better to say that the jews attempt to STEER those who are operating under their auspices in various desired directions, Where they would lead is not ENTIRELY in their control. Not now especially

    2. David Chu, read my booklet, “Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God” and you can answer your own questions. Yes, the Muslims have declared war against all of the West which they call “Rome”, their code word for all of Western, Christian Culture.

      1. Banjo Billy –

        Ha! 🙂 Although I cannot agree with your demeanor about our Bible – I enjoyed reading your piece “Muslim Werewolves…”. I would suspect you have read H.G. Wells’s ‘Outline of History’, and his chapter regarding Mohammed and Muslims.
        You are a brave man.

      2. @ Harold Smith, I can not agree with you more. Even though Donald Trump is acting as a dick-tator, he still taking his marching orders from Tel Aviv & AIPAC.

  9. Not wishing to slosh gasoline on a roaring fire, I do think it relevant at this stage to consider the question Miles Mathis addressed last year: Is Trump himself Jewish? — “Looks Like Donald Trump Is Jewish”
    Take it away Miles:

    As usual, this is just my opinion, based on private research.

    Readers have been begging me to do Trump, but I don’t think this is what they expected or wanted. Many have been fooled by him. I really don’t have much to say about this bozo actor, except to say that he has been one more test of the gullibility of the American public—a test they have failed. Even those who don’t like him have been fooled into thinking he is real person. He is about as real as Dudley Do-Right or Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

    His genealogy is a total mirage. I’ll show you where to look. First go to his mother at She is Mary Anne MacLeod. So they want you to think she is Scots. Then click on her father, Malcolm MacLeod. Then click on his mother, Anne MacLeod. She is the wife of Alexander MacLeod, so that is her married name. What is her maiden name? Whoops, it is also MacLeod, because her father is also named Alexander MacLeod. So both her father and her husband have the same first and last names? Did she marry her own father? Also, her birthyear is given as 1833. Note the 33. [Geni also fails to mention what we have to learn from the DailyMail: the name Trump was originally Drumpf.]

    That can’t be right, can it? So let’s check the other genealogies. The second listed on a Google search is at But it has nothing to say about this. It stops just short of the Anne MacLeod problem. But it does tell us something interesting: both Trump’s parents died at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      I value your comments immensely, but let me tell you that you are making a mistake by taking Miles Mathis seriously. The man cannot be trusted one inch.

      If you check, you will find an article on the internet by this crackpot denouncing Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer site as “a CIA front”. And Lasha Darkmoon is described in the same article as “the fake Darkmoon” — a Zionist agent who Mathis believes is secretly working for Mossad! 🙂

      Both Kevin MacDonald and Lasha Darkmoon are vilified in this same crazy article as “controlled opposition.” Check it out.

      There is something radically wrong with Mathis’s brain. He reminds me in a way of our resident loonie, TheRealOriginalJoe, who literally believes that the earth is flat. The only difference is that Mathis has managed to gain a reputation as an internet writer of conspiracy theory articles. In one of his science articles, Mathis tells us pompously that he knows more about physics than Einstein.

      So if Mathis says Trump is a “Jew”, take this with a pinch of salt. 🙂

  10. Phony, lying Muslim Mahmoud encourages this: “If Americans do not rise up and challenge this assault on liberty and human rights, Donald Trump will require by law all Muslims to register in a database and to wear a GPS tracking bracelets at all times.”

    In fact, there is no such thing in Islam as an “assault on liberty and human rights.” There are no human rights in Islam because there is only Sharia Law which is actually the rights of the Devil (disguised as God) over Mankind.

    Rounding up Mahmoud and all of the Muslims and deporting them, is an act of National Security as well as a defense of Christianity. All Muslims are devils.
    Read “Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God”

    1. @ Mahmoud :

      Why are your fellow Muslims in Paris violently attacking Chinese in Paris?

      How come your fellow Muslims always waged JIHAD against the Hundus in India? Around 1972, your fellow Muslims killed about 2 million Hindus.

  11. 4-dimensional Squid juice, to buy himself maneuvering room and time.
    this moozlum repellent is a joke, unenforceable.

    what about Palestinians, they are not included.
    But so many live in refugee camps in Syria, do they qualify or not.
    what about Christians from Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq – what about Kurds scattered throughout Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria?
    how easy is for any one of them to pretend that they are some other bunch to ignorant immigration agents, go “umma-gumma”, touch forehead to the floor and claim you are armenian pope, who in the US of f****n A can tell the difference.

    what about yazidis, Druze, alawites, bahai … it’s a dog’s breakfast and trump knows it.

    So while everyone is jumping up and down, he will figure out his next move.
    that’s his style, when are you all going to catch on?
    i find that my brief time in the ring and decades of following boxing has actually taught me some real life skills.

    1. @ LOBRO, in response to your question why the Palestinians are not included, reason is, if you were born or lived in any of those countries, the travel ban does apply to you. The only exceptions are diplomats and Christian minorities living inside any those 7 countries. There are nearly 350,000 Palestinian refugees who live Syria. They carry a Palestinian travel document that is issued in Syria. So they are considered Syrian subjects. However, this travel ban does not apply to Palestinians living in the West Bank or Gaza. I should add, that any foreign nationals who visited any of those 7 countries since 2011, they are also subject for the travel ban, even if they were Canadians.

      1. However, this travel ban does not apply to Palestinians living in the West Bank or Gaza

        the reason is obvious: so that the brooklyn jew squatters can freely shuttle back and forth.

    2. well, Mahmoud, that means I am banned from entering the Jewnited Snakes too.
      give me couple of hours, couple beers and maybe I can squeeze out a teardrop.

      ooow, never to see newark again!

      well, today trump just signed an order requesting accelerated processing of Christians from Middle East, so already one order contradicts another – like i said, he is just playing head games.
      Certainly, unconditional ban of all Iranians, among the finest people i have known is monument to stupidity, in fact all states with significant Shia populations, yemen, iraq, syria … let’s wait and see.

      like i said, i can live very well outside America and fully intend to do so, in fact i always felt so oppressed even changing planes at US airports that i prefer to spend extra in order to eliminate layovers there when heading to central or south america.
      Iran is doing the proud thing and banning americans from entering its territory and all those countries should do exactly the same.
      But i have trust that Trump is too good a poker player to indulge in inanities for their own sake – there is some math here that will come into clear sooner or later because that has been his method so far.

      Finally, let’s deal with the basic question, what kind of america does the world prefer

      · Fortress America that minds its own business behind high walls, a “gated community”, even if xenophobically, or

      · Jew’s World Order enforcer that bombed over half of UN General Assembly members, brought down a score governments or intimidated them into installing obedient shabbos, caused untold millions of outright deaths, disease, misery, slavery, pulverization of infrastructure – all at Jew’s direct behest and to his sole profit

      Which America should the world prefer – which America do you prefer Mahmoud?
      i got no problem choosing.

      remember well, that although the jew book of lies and moral perversions, known as Old Testament quite specifically proscribes comingling between the Chosen (jews) and the Cuthian goyyim (us)

      (Lev. 20:26), “I have separated you from the nations,”
      (Num. 23:9), “It is a people that shall dwell alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations”

      the physical, bioreality is that a parasite dies quickly without a host, so, “America for Americans” is anathema and rat poison to jew, not only in america but worldwide, which is why trump’s non-interventionism is the real deal behind all the charades and marching morons.
      Why are the cows marching in Australia and UK? because trump is their president?
      this is how you crack the 3-card Monty scam.

      Ok, so have a bit of faith my friend, it could have been much, much worse.
      And pay no attention to turds who want to panic you into blind antagonism.
      I remember my dad’s comment after they stuck Sirhan-sirhan with Robert Kennedy’s murder back in 60ies: “It’s Jews” and we all laughed at him … i have no doubt that he was right.

      Here is something else, might as well save a copy of the following quote.
      in 1907 issue of jewish Encyclopedia, there is a clear admission that the “sainted” demon rabbi Simeon ben Yohai (his tomb in Palestine is a huge jew magnet, by the millions but i guess you know that) specifically said “the best of gentiles must be killed”.
      If you search for the original, it has been scrubbed off internet, only the secondary references, eg, Dr Duke confirm it (page 617) and there are other editions of Jewish Encyclopedia BUT NOT 1907 and none of them have this quote.
      if you want to buy it, the hardcopy is $3,600.
      Sooo, i got myself a kindle download for $2.99 😀 (all 12 volumes of jew encyclopedia, 1907) and immediately looked it up in the “Gentile” chapter.
      And not only is it there but get this – IT IS ANTI-SEMITIC TO QUOTE IT.

      i repeat: It is anti-semitic to quote the statement by one of the most revered of rabbis who said, “The best gentiles should be killed”.
      To me, that’s even better than the original statement.

      In a collection of three sayings of his, [Simon ben Yohai – lobro] beginning with the keyword (Yer. Kid. 66c; Masek. Soferim xv. 10; Mek., Beshal-lah, 27a; Tan., Wayera, ed. Buber, 20), is found the expression, OFTEN QUOTED BY ANTI-SEMITES,
      “Tob shebe-goyyim harog” (=”The best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed”)

      So there.
      interesting how even in 1907, jew has made the industry of creating and cashing in on antisemitism his stock in trade, i guess it must have been shortly after his takeover of world mass media, the establishment of Reuters and Associated Press by Rothschild, all in the meticulously planned run-up to WW’s and destruction of the gentile empires, Russia, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Ottomans, who amongst themselves kept the Middle Earth in balance.

      NB: what yohai may have meant was that in order for jew evil to prevail, the best (brightest, bravest, most morally upright) among the gentiles must be eliminated, something that the bolsheviks understood quite well.

      let’s concentrate on the Big Picture (Make the Picture Great Again), not the side distractions, however locally painful they are.

      1. The 1901 encyclopedia also has the quote – rendered as “The best of heathens merits death (and then continues:) ; the best of serpents should have its head crushed; and the most pious of women is prone to sorcery” .

        The 1901 is available on pdf btw. The quote is on page 362 of my pdf version.

  12. Hi Mahmoud, good article and ‘Palestine before 1948’ video.

    “Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.”

    That statement seems at odds with the main thrust of your article Mahmoud. Are you asking the reader to apply the same sympathy and empathy, they have for the Jews and apply it to the Muslims? Please expand. Cheers
    Jim S.

    1. @ Jim Stone, Heavens forbids no! They were the one who stole our land, massacred our people and continue to do so for almost 70 years. I am a strong critic of Israel repressive and inhumane policies towards Palestinians. After all, like I said to Peter, why would they want me to speak on their behalf or extract sympathy for them.
      I am glad comm enters here are now more receptive than last time. Perhaps, it was due to Lasha’s excellent introduction.

  13. It is irrelevant if Trump is a Jew or not. It isnt necessary to identify anyone as a “Jew”. If a critical observer identifies someone as a “Jew” he is falling into the same old trap. Its more important to identify the behavior of people, the crimes they commit and the action to be taken. One simple piece of legislation would eliminate half the “Jewish Problem” in the US. A law making “anticonstitucional activities” a federal crime punishable with lenghty prison sentences. Any individual or group lobbying to stiffle free speech or take away our arms etc. would be prosecuted to the max. Over night almost all “Jewish” organizations would cease to exist or many “self-chosenites” would be sleeping in the Big House. You see….the solution is simple.

  14. Mahmoud –

    “If Americans do not rise up and challenge this assault on liberty and human rights, Donald Trump will require by law all Muslims to register in a database and to wear a GPS tracking bracelets at all times.”

    Trump does not have to require the devices by law.

    Musselmen come here so they can ALL have cell-phones which will do that for him. Even women can have them here in US… and can TWEET freely, and take ‘selfies’… without risking a death penalty as they do in Sharia controlled countries..!!

    You are retired from US Air Force. You should know that.

  15. I am sorry for this turn of affairs, but I place much of the blame on the Obama administration who used Islamic terror as a way of confiscating guns with literally dozens of false flag incidents. Actually I lost track after awhile. The false flag is characterized by the death of the perp so that there will never really be a trial. It has a short term affect on the mass mind because for days the media pummels the public with images of the incident, and then it’s gone forever never to be heard about again. This is a sleazy cheap way of controlling the mind of the public, especially the busy and non-thinking public. This is the public that went for Donald Trump en mass, a public traumatized not by real Islamic terror but manufactured Islamic terror, and yet as we all know in the mind the two can be the same. Add to that the cognitive dissonance of having to be politically correct toward the guys who just committed supposed and sometimes real atrocities. (You know “dirty wars” have come to America) Donald Trump cured the cognitive dissonance. Where are we now after years of programmed hatred for Muslims. Oops let me not forget the whole airport programming where we all have to file through electro-magnetic poisoning, radiation poisoning, full body searches, and utter invasion of privacy to avoid Islamic terror as if all of us are secret Muslims. So… even those of us aware of programming break down eventually into something like a dislike of Muslims for all this.

    Anyway, I doubt that Donald Trump is going to have detentions camps, but I can seriously see that Donald might just hand over Palestine to the Israelis. Excuse me for saying so, but hasn’t Palestine already been handed over to the Israelis and Donald Trump as is his style is just making real the obvious intention. When has anyone, (name a country), stood up to the Israelis. No one ever has and no one ever will and none of us has a clue why. Maybe they really do have nukes wired to go off all over the world just in case anyone gets any idea of this. But seriously, what is Israel but a fantasy…a volcano god gets out of control and takes over the literature of the ancient world and makes himself chief deity… eventually archeology has to come to the rescue and that god is pretty much dust. Well, dust in our eyes anyway.

    If we can only just keep it together long enough and sort of starve the beast by giving them (the huh Israelis) the idea that they will get their way…You know Obama was a genius at this. He would go out into the rose garden or something and smoke and people could wait. Let the Israelis wait… I hope and pray (literally pray) that Donald Trump just forgets about Israel and lets Jarred go engage in the fantasy world over there, but no money, no guns, no nothing…just affirmation at how wonderful they are… period. And eventually the Jews will get tired of drinking reprocessed toilet water and leave.

  16. So just to throw my weight here as I believe that all this muslim/jew discussion is slightly one sided.
    Being a white male of christian background I believe that you guys should take a ride to Europe, to these muslim neighbourhoods or cities in some countries.
    For me, these are roaches just like the jew.
    The jew wants superiority over the goyim, the muslim wants all to be muslim or perish.
    And we know what that leads to: the dark ages.
    Muslims are retarded at a civilisational level, their only golden age came after conquering non muslim countries absorbing their advances and then overtime since their religion brings nothing to the table, the IQ goes back down.
    There is an intelectual war going on for quite some time on how to destroy whites or conquer the world, you know this.
    The jews play us by our christian “turn the other cheek”, the muslims use the jew’s tricks and play the jews rules only when they are a minority.
    These two sides play the same game and none of these sides has our best interests at heart.
    So thread lightly when discussing the jewslim as they are one and the same, and their goals might differ, but their means are the same and the result for us is not good either way.
    The jews allied with the muslim to destroy us, and the muslim are trying to ally themselves with us to destroy the jews.
    Let them do their own dirty work, we shan’t turn the other cheek, we shall turn our back on both with a careful eye keeping watch

      1. I’m assuming you have something more intelectual to say…
        Maybe you would care to refute any of the points I have made?

      2. @ Howling Mad

        I’m assuming you have something more intelectual to say…Maybe you would care to refute any of the points I have made?

        I’m assuming you’re an honest and truthful person and therefore, when you chose the name “Howling Mad”, you were doing your best to give an accurate description of yourself.

    1. Howling Mad,

      Sardonicus spoke the truth. Your name suits you.

      You understand nothing. You have the shallow thinking and uneducated prose of a low IQ skinhead.

      No one is asking you to go to bed with non-Whites in America, understand? Build your fucking wall and keep the Mexers out. Kill all the niggas you want or send them back to Africa. Cross the street when you see a guy in a turban. Fuck only nice white women.

      No problem.

      All you are being asked to do is to stop lending your support to Donald Trump if he decides to fuck with the Palestinians and let the Jews gouge out the eyeballs of Palestinian kids. It’s because the Palestinians own the land and the fucking Jews have no right to be there.

      Is that too much to ask you? To apply natural justice? To be fair?

      Stop cocksucking Donald Trump if he turns out to be a genocidal bastard. Too much to ask? If he turns out to be a nice guy, fit for hero-worship, by all means suck his cock then. No problem sucking the Donald’s cock if he turns out to be Mr Perfect.

      Suck only nice cock when you know it’s nice.

      Meanwhile, you’d be well advised not to suck the Donald’s cock until you’ve figured out if his cock is worth sucking.


      1. Uau, straight to the insults @DR Parker,

        1st, I did not address you
        2nd, my IQ is really above average, must be my semitic descent aspect…
        Must be at least 30 points above yours

        Let me address your points
        1 – I’m not pro trump, I did not address trump in my comment
        2 – Can’t be a skin head, got loads of hair
        3 – Regarding africans, possibly got those genes inside, centuries of miscegenation by my nation, also my brother is 1/4 black, and got africans in the family since my family has lived in Africa. Also got nothing against africans, but would not mix my genes again to consciously create a dumber child. It’s just a fact regarding IQ’s and miscegenation.
        4 – When did we get into the wall building discussion? Also does not Mexico have a wall on it’s border with Guatemala? Seems slightly hypocritical of mexicans to criticise a wall
        5 – apply natural justice? Sure, just remove US from the equation and let the fun begin. You might ask the other sand monkeys why they are not defending their co-religionists.
        Also ask the Christians living in countries ruled by muslim how do they feel about natural justice, also the “religion of peace” has a high death toll throughout the ages.
        Hey, so do we and so do the jews, so don’t speak of justice and religion, these two don’t mix.
        6 – What’s this obsession with cock sucking? projecting your desires?

        Now that I addressed your points as ridiculous as they were, please address my points.

      2. “Doctor” Parker, your one-digit IQ dwells in the gutter. Like the Jew Rabbi-Perverts who claim to be “scholars” so as to give themselves more prestige than they deserve, is this why you call yourself a “doctor”? Sorry, your words betray your paucity in knowledge. Read my books and become enlightened. My books even have pictures in them so you won’t need to learn the big words also found therein.

    2. So just to throw my weight here as I believe that all this muslim/jew discussion is slightly one sided.

      So you even it out by saying they are the same and represent the same degree of current threat as well as past carnage, wreckage, grief, subversion, corruption, manipulation and mental deformation.
      A few examples – if i got them wrong, correct me, say that these are irrelevant to discussion and of no consequence in the grand scheme:
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s finance,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s legislative, executive and judicial branches,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s media and entertainment,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s academic protocols and institutions,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal proportions responsible for Bolshevik slaughter of 60-odd million Russian Christians,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal proportion responsible for fomenting all the wars in the last 250 years (was nathan Rothschild Muslim, can’t remember …) with the resulting murder of HUNDREDS of millions civilian Christian lives and destruction of white societies,
      · Jews and Muslims in equal proportion cash in on the Holohoax,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal proportion responsible for policing the internet and removing URL’s damaging to their interests, dictating the educational curricula,
      · Jews and Muslims in equal proportion dominate and manipulate pharmaceutical juggernaut and its pertochemical offshoots like Monsanto in order to affect genocide of billions (the program explicitly and implicitly protects jews and Muslims in equal degrees from the fallout, right?)
      · Jews and Muslims in equal proportion committed all the terror attacks and false flags in the US and worldwide, right (uss liberty, 9/11, madrid, paris, london tube, … please refresh our failing memory, i can’t seem to recall one single bona fide attack with possible exception on the uss cole but even that is highly questionable),
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal proportions responsible for degradation of Western culture, art, literature, music, manners and mores,
      · Jews and Muslims are in equal proportions responsible for the moral swamp of pornography, LGBT promotion, Pussy Riot, drugs, dissolution of autority in family and at societal level.

      Ok, so they are just the same, thanks for restoring the balance that previously tilted the burden of blame toward the poor, maligned jew.
      Or would you like to add to the list of imbalances that need remedial action.

      Being a white male of christian background I believe that you guys should take a ride to Europe, to these muslim neighbourhoods or cities in some countries.

      Being a white male of christian background I have spent the last 4 summers (4-5 months each time) in sarajevo, Bosnia, 85% Muslim and not only have never experienced the slightest aggravation or challenge due to my religion (I am perfectly open about my catholicism) but have made many excellent quality Muslim friends, attended couple of funerals of friends’ parents, visited their country cottages and estates …
      also visited Turkey and Albania, both predominantly Muslim and both very welcoming to Christians, macedonia is maybe 50-50 and again, never an incident during my visit.

      What you are referring is quite a different phenomenon of the young, displaced, uprooted men assembling into criminal gangs.
      In my youth in Toronto, the worst were Hungarian gangs after their parents scrammed from bela (((Kuhn’s))) reign of terror and they pretty much acted like these hoods in Paris, Brussels and London today – for the same motives.
      Somali refugees don’t mix, they hang out in their cafes and are quite okay, sometimes I go into Somali or Ethiopian or Eritrean dives because they make good coffee and am treated perfectly fine.
      They complain how they are losing control over their 2nd gen kids who are joining Jamaican mob and acting like N-worders. these people make a specific point that they don’t consider themselves nowhere in relationship with American blacks and use N-word with abandon … they consider them weak and dumb for having allowed themselves to be enslaved, which never happened in the warrior lands of the Horn of Africa.
      Thye know how to knock a Blackhawk Down, have done it for centuries, some are Muslim, some are christian (among the oldest in the world) and they have their cultural pride and would have remained home except for American meddling and bombing.

      so much bullshit for such a small planet …

      (dedicated to Sister Monica, she likes (some of) my writing 🙂 )

      1. @ Lobro

        Thank you for dedicating this brilliant comment to me, dear Lobro. It deserves to become a feature article in its own right. The points you raise are vitally important ones and need to be discussed more fully.

      2. By the way, Sister: regardless of the noise, ridicule and controversy, it may JUST be the case that TROJ is onto something important with his heliocentric rage 🙂
        and nothing to do with flat earth.
        I did promise to him that i was going to look into it in more depth and am holding myself bound to that promise.
        i am not done with checking it out but the more i look, the more fascinating it gets.
        so TROJ, if you will lay off further mention of it, I will do my best to report once done, maybe another week.

        it will be a fairly long post.

        1. Feel free to report at any length, dear Lobro.
          But honestly, you are wasting your time.
          We do NOT exist on a flat earth
          in the center of the universe! Period. 🙂

      3. like i said, Sis: it has nothing to do with whether we live on a big plate or a big ball.
        The issue is something quite different … patience please 🙂

  17. By the way, I am pro-Trump. I voted for Trump and I don’t believe in the “war on terror.”. I am a deplorable, a irredeemable Trumpite. But I wish like crazy that he would not be naive about the Israelis. He literally is a throw back to the Fifties in that regard. So… I hope that when he talks with Putin he’ll get set straight. Or maybe Obama should send him a letter. Still, the secret government, the shadow elite, whatever you call them, are still trying to kill people. Go Trump!

    1. @ Kapoore

      Jesus said to judge by the fruit/action, not words, so I’m with you.

      No disrespect to the author, but as soon as the words “may,” “could,” “if,” and “theoretical” are replaced by “is,” I will change my expectant view of Trump.

      If I recall properly, I may not being as an old fart, the Executive Order did not mention Muslims, only nations. There are quite a few mostly Muslim nations not on the list to be temporarily blocked from entry.

      If one is to completely accept all the criticisms of Trump after only 5 days on the job, the only logical conclusion is that everyone should have voted for Killery. Everything would be a lot better than with Trump. The military planes stuffed with migrants would have continued unloading in the government camps all across the USA and no one would have had any complaints. 🙂

      The issues raised by the article, came up with my son today. I had to explain to him that the mainstream media, Soros hired internet jockeys, jewish internet jockeys, and Killery support internet jockeys would fine something wrong with Trump donating one of his organs to save another person. Trump became President of a nation almost completely controlled and brainwashed by jews including the US government. Trump entered a mine field of jewish traps designed to perpetuate the Jew World Order. Trump will have to be intelligent and crafty to accomplish most of what he said he would do. I told my son that it is not like there is a magic switch that can be throw to return sanity to the USA. If there was, Trump could throw that switch. Instead, there a tremendous numbers of switches that need to be thrown and some of them have IED attached to them. What Trump wants to do is not simple or easy. I told him to wait for the “is.”

      Hang in there Kapoore.

  18. “Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.” Actually, I don’t think the two are analogous at all. First, I doubt the author knows how the Jews were treated and I doubt he knows what the Jews were doing to the Germans that made them react.

    That statement works well with the typical reader but most people on this website are better informed when it comes to Jews.

  19. Now we need to pressure the Donald to ban Jews from entering the USA.
    Jews invented terrorism and everyone knows or ought to know that Jews are fundamentally liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name

    1. They are the “chosen ones” not of God as they want you to deduce from their implied slogan missing a few crucial words, but of the Devil.

      Therefore, Jews “the Choosen Ones” give the Devil a bad name!

  20. During the Afghan War of Liberation, there were approximately 4.5 million refugees in mostly Pakistan and Iran, before the Communists were defeated and the Godless jewish created Soviet Union collapsed into chaos. Afghans willingly threw their lives away against tanks and modern weapons using Enfield rifles and less. Sooner or later, Mr. Trump will discover that if you wish to solve the refugee problem, you’re going to have to address the jewish problem.

  21. Wow! I am lost for words!
    Thank you Miss Lasha and John Scott Montecristo for giving me a forum.
    When my loyalty and patriotism get questioned after 9/11, it was the Columbus Dispatch editor
    who vouched for me. Now, thanks to Sardonicus and Lasha, for vouching for my honesty and integrity.
    You can tell who is your true friend in a time of moral crises.
    Next time we cross path, lunch is on me, friends!
    I will share more of my thoughts later.

    1. What did Mahmoud do in the Air Force? Smuggle hashish from North Africa and Opium from Afghanistan into the United States on U.S. Air Force planes?

      1. I In America, we respect and hold in high regard soldiers and veterans for their contributions and sacrifices in keeping us free and safe. However, Joe Blow shows no respect because I am a U.S. veteran who happened to be from different faith and ethnicity. He have the audacity to mock a veteran here, the same way Donald Trump did during the election campaign. I am not even so sure if he is an American! Had he said the same on the Ugly Truth, Mark Glenn would have throw him faster than throwing a used condom.

        1. The Muslims have 50 Muslim countries in the world to call their own. They also have Europe now. They have Canada also. They don’t need the United States, they have alot of countries to call their own. They have 50 native Muslim countries, Europe and Canada to call their own, why is that not enough countries for them?

          And when is the Muslim world going to face-up to the Muslim role in sacrificing Palestine and the Palestinians people to the Jews? The Muslim leadership Sacrificed Palestine to the Jews [ so the Muslims in-exchange could get unrestricted access to the West and immigrate to Western countries all they want in large numbers, that was/is the NWO DEAL ] and us White Christian Americans get blamed because Muslim leaders during the 1930s-1940s Sacrificed Palestine and the Palestinian people to the Jews? Go fuck yourselves, all you Palestinian advocates.

          It’s very nice the Palestinian advocates have a heart for the Plaestinian people [ supposedly they do ] but they never come clean about the Muslim role in Sacrificing Palestine/Palestinian people to the Jews, they always want to blame White Christian Americans. But White Christian Americans didn’t Sacrifice Palestine/Palestinian people to the Jews . The Palestinian advocates are more interested in using the Palestinian issue as a bludgeon against White Christian America than they are interested in finding a solution to the Palestinian issue.

          As long as the Palestinian advocates keep blaming White Christian Americans for sacrificing Palestine/Palestinian people to the Jews, as long as they knowingly blame White Christian Americans for the Palestinian issue when the Palestinian advocates fully well know it was the Muslim leaders themselves who are the ones who Sacrificed Palestine/Palestinian people to the Jews, that’s how long I will know the Palestinian advocates are only interested in using the Palestinian issue as a bludgeon against White Christian Americans, and are not really very interested in the Palestinian people and not very interested in finding a fair solution to the Palestinian issue.

          And the Muslim immigration advocates in both the MSM and the alternative media who hate Trump NEVER mention the situation in Europe vis-a-vis the Muslim immigrants in Europe on JIHAD. They all act as if a Muslim immigrant Islamic Jihad in Europe is NOT happenning. They never mention it, they don’t want anyone else to mention it. They don’t even want Americans to know about it.

          Palestinian advocates and Muslim immigrant advocates are one and the same. The Palestinian advocates tie the Palestinian issue together with the Muslim immigration issue.

          The fact the Muslim immigrant advocates never mention the Islamic Jihad in Europe by the Muslim immigrants in Europe while simultaneously the Muslim immigrant advocates are constantly blaming the wrong group of people for The Sacrifice of Palestine/Palestinian people to the Jews, means the Palestinian advocates are ONLY interested in inculcating guilt feelings in White Christian Americans as a tool to use to use to make White Christians feel guilty so out of guilt and remorse and wanting to make “amends”, White Christian Americans will start supporting the NWO agenda of flooding the USA with Muslims. That’s the real goal of the Palestinian advocates. If it wasn’t their real goal, the Palestinian advocates wouldn’t tie the Palestinian issue together with the Muslim immigration agenda and they would not KNOWINGLY LIE and blame White Christian Americans for Sacrificing Palestine/Palestinian people to the Jews as the Palestinian advocates LWAYS LIE about that, they would put the blame for The Sacrifice where it really belongs.


          The Muslim leadership Sacrificed the Palestinian people to the Jews. Go tell the Muslim countries to take in their fellow Muslims who like to immigrate so much. Even Muslim countries don’t take in Muslim immigrants from other Muslim countries. Why should Americans take in Muslim immigrants into the USA when the Muslim countries themselves don’t allow their felllow Muslims to immigrate from one Muslim country to another Muslim country? Another aspect of the story the Palestinian advocates/Muslim immigrant advocates always avoid and NEVER address the issue. There’s quite a few aspects of the whole Geopolitical mess they NEVER address and always run away from and NEVER talk about and do NOT want anyone thinking about or mentioning , they don’t even want anyone knowing about all the aspects of the Geopolitcal mess they NEVER address, always are silent about, never want anyone mentioning, don’t wnat anyone knowing about, especially don’t want us Americans knowing about.

      2. Mahmoud –

        I know and have known many combat veterans – who are/were never hesitant to voice their battle reference when asked. Where and when did you fight?

    2. Mahmoud
      Why do none of the “Muslims” or so called people of the Islamic faith confront Israel for their actions?
      Mind you that I don’t appreciate islam one bit, but it was relatively contained until the CIA started disseminating the terrorist notion of Jihad in Afghanistan and then helped it spread outwards.
      However I appreciate even less the Palestinian holocaust, the killing of children for no reason and find it surprising the way the psyops are done and the fact that no one sees through them.

    3. Mahmound, you liar, if you are a real genuine Muslim, then you know that by Muslim Law, no Muslim is allowed to live in a non-Muslim country unless he is actively working toward jihad. Transferring cash, learning the military levels of the country, even learning how to swim so as to plant explosives. Anything that progresses the victory of Islam over that country in even the smallest way, allows a Muslim to be a “good Muslim” while living in a non-Muslim country. So, by your own admission of being a Muslim, you have been infiltrating America for the cause of Islam and, thus, deserve to be hanged.

      Islam is incompatible with all of Mankind. Islam proves this through the murders and pillage of all of Mankind in every country that it has been allowed to enter. So, keep your travel bags packed. You and all of your extended family of betrayers and Muslim spies are going back to Arabia. If the government won’t do it, then We, the People, will take good care of you and your flight plans.

      Islam is a hoax. Mohammad (mhrh) was the biggest liar to ever walk in Arabia.

  22. Donald Trump in explaining how effective “the wall” between Mexico and
    the US would be said to “ask Israel”. This is one liar asking us to ask another liar!

    1. Mahmoud, how can you be surprised or outraged? Diversity was and always will be divisive. It was never going to work out, and not what the founders of this country (USA), nor the vast majority of its leaders throughout its history, ever intended for us here. They would be aghast at what their nation has become: some chaotic, melting pot-stew that has no unification or direction. You advocate for your people, and I do mine. So I have a question for you: How can you wish to stay in a country that was never intended for you? As we are victims of jewish brainwashing, the nonwhite immigrants to our countries are just as well. We are both pawns in their schemes. So, why are you still here?

      The white race is at extinction levels and being ethnically replaced by its own traitors from within and from concentrated efforts from the jews without. Us that see this, that have some basic survival mechanism triggered, how can you not expect that our hearts are stirring with some feeling of relief that some measure has been put in place that will help secure our existence some, that’s getting the ball rolling in a direction we wish to see? How can we not see all the nonwhites here as some basic threat against our survival, even if some of them are good individuals? This planet is not a nice or fair one, and probably never will be: “Those that want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

      For the record, I think it’s disgusting what’s happening to the Palestinians, and would never wish for Lasha’s prophecy to come true. But I also am without any shame in thinking that not a single Muslim, nonwhite, or jew should live in any of our countries. I would go elsewhere if I were you. We’re beginning to realize we’re being killed off and beginning to get pissed off.

      1. Thanks LSPM – expressed better than I could. I would add that I do not see Palestinians expressing anger and resistance to the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan aimed at destroying the white race (articles detailing this plan were published on this site). Admittedly our plight is not yet as evident as that of the Palestinians, but our time is coming. To know this and not resist (which means measures of self-preservation) would be really dumb.

        The fact is that the whole of the goyische welt is being attacked by a common enemy.

        1. Taras,

          I enjoy reading your wise and pithy comments, but reflect: what chance is there that the Palestinians should be “expressing anger and resistance to the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan”? Most of them would never even have heard of it!

          Gosh, even most Westerners have never heard of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan!

      2. You are correct that the Palestinians would likely not have heard of the “plan”. Perhaps I was venting.

        However. those of western descent who are aware of this diabolical plan should not be criticised for prioritising protection/preservation of their own heritage above another people, and I did infer in my reply that I agree that Israel is acting abominably with regards to the native palestinians. I used to cringe when someone said said “charity begins at home”, but many years later I think there is truth in that statement. I wish I could come up with a solution to keep all threatened peoples’ of the world safe and intact, with the means to construct their societies as best suits their collective vision, but I cannot.

  23. Surprise surprise! Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland — the birthplace of President Trump’s mother — has joined Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in welcoming refugees to her country regardless of their faith.

    1. Sturgeon’s response is no surpise to this benighted denizen in the soviet would-be republic of SNPistan.

  24. Donald Trump Muslim immigration ban: US border patrol ‘checking people’s Facebook for political views’
    Refugees and green card holders detained and interrogated despite legal right to come to the US. Customs officials are checking are checking those people fb pages before they are being allowed entry. This start looking more and more like ISISrael.

  25. Iran has now banned all U.S. citizens from entering the country according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic of Iran this morning.

    Iran is by the way the only country out of the 7 countries subject to Trump’s ban that has not been either bombed, invaded, occupied and or turned into stone age.

    1. Darkmoon should be commended for providing a public service and a forum for a minority views expressed by a retired US veteran.

      When Yahoo News asked White House press secretary Sean Spicer about the order during his briefing on Wednesday. He framed it as a “necessary step” for dealing with people from countries that have “a propensity to do us harm.” During his presidential bid, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the U.S. That proposal subsequently evolved into a vague promise of “extreme vetting.” The White House does not need to spell out “Muslim Ban”. Besides, you do not need a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

      I find it deeply disturbing that FLAN O’BRIEN would attack Darkmoon and I, instead of a Fascist president.

    2. @ Flan O’Brien

      It is very disappointing that Darkmoon lowers itself to the level of the controlled press by propagating emotion instead of facts.

      No, it is not “disappointing”. It is what we deliberately do as part of our policy. You fail to understand that, like the Truthseeker site, we make full use of the mainstream media, often publishing articles by The New York Times and The Daily Mail. Our readers are intelligent enough not to be outraged when presented with material from the “fake news” media they disapprove of.

      It appears that you expect us to publish only articles from White Nationalist sites (such as The Occidental Observer) whose sentiments you approve of — articles carefully vetted in advance so that nothing we publish causes you anguish or distress.

      With all due respect, we are not here to do this but to provide our readers with a wide range of opinions. The Darkmoon site is not intended as a “safe space” for White Nationalists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis, and Christ bashers. Good Muslims and Christians are also encouraged to express their views here. They must not be censored or subjected to intimidation.

      If you don’t like our policies of inclusiveness and catholicity, you are of course welcome to say so and then make your way to the “safe space” of an alternative website where all the views expressed will be views you find inoffensive and acceptable.

      Meanwhile, perhaps you would like to check out our Policy Statement and stop trying to lecture us on what articles we should publish and not publish. We shall publish exactly what we please, without interference.

      — John Scott Montecristo,

      General Disclaimer Regarding Articles and Comments

      # 13. This website accepts no responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon. Though we tend to agree with the broad assumptions of most of the writers we publish, we occasionally publish articles we disagree with strongly. Such articles are published to stimulate discussion and in the interests of free speech, NOT because we approve of them.

      # 15. Sources. We make use of both alternative media sources and mainstream sources. If our commenters object to the stories we publish or the sources we choose, they are welcome to say so. But if they continue to find fault with our choice of stories and attempt to lecture us on what to publish and what not to publish, we will invite them politely to seek out another website more congenial to their tastes.

  26. After the jewish funded Bolshevik Revolution (see family member Schiff describing Jacob Schiff’s investment, and the Rothschild syndicate) with other players like Charles Albert Coffin (Morgan financed founder of GE – see “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” by Anthony Sutton – good as far as it goes but misses the ‘elephant’ in the room, organized zionry – C.A. Coffin’s contribution was a measly $200,000, definitely not peanuts in those days, but small compared to Schiff and Rothschild interests) the European continent was flooded with Russian refugees, some with means, others desperately poor who fled the jewish bolshevik subhuman savagery. This wasn’t the first. Turkish author Mevlan Zadeh Rifat published in 1929 that the Young Turk committee was composed entirely of Balkan jews forming a jewish-Muslim sect including Talaat, Enver, Behaeddin Shakir, Jemal, and Nizam pretending to be Muslims. They met in 1910 and 1911 in the Rothschild funded Grand Orient Lodge/hotel of Salonika. A conference in 1994 with paper and lecture by Mr. Joseph Brewda of the Schiller Institute identified the founder of the Young Turks to be an Italian jew named Emmanuel Carasso in the 1890’s in Salonika as a Grand Master of the Italian masonic lodge “Macedonia Resurrected”. We all know what happened to 1.5 million Armenian refugees. After the second World War, desperate millions of Eastern Europeans and Germans risked (and often lost) lives, families, everything to escape jewish Bolshevist-Communism in the West. The pattern repeats in Asia, with jewish Investment banker Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Sidney Shapiro, Israel Epstein and “Chen Bidi” guiding the Communist revolution in China, which resulted in over 30 million Chinese losing their lives through neglect, being buried alive, and other horrific deaths. Refugees amounted to millions. The pattern is repeated in Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Rockefeller interests initiated the bloodbath in Indonesia in order to secure control of the Grasberg Mine, still the largest Gold Mine in the World. George Washington said: “They (the jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemies armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in…It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as a pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America”. (Maxims of George Washington, A.A. Appleton and Co.) Benjamin Franklin stated at the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 (recorded in the diary of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, delegate from South Carolina) “I fully agree with Gen. Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the jews. In whatever country jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially…If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them with substance, while they will be in their counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you gentlemen, if you do not exclude the jews for all time your children will curse you in your graves”. Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen…if Mr. Trump wishes to solve the refugee problem, sooner or later he will discover he must address the jewish problem.

    1. To underpin and further illustrate your point about Jews fomenting and financially sponsoring the Bolshivek (aka Jewish) Revolution in Mother Russia, here are some words from a Jew, Gilad Atzmon, in his book “The Wandering Who” (Endnote 20):

      “20.  Jacob Schiff (the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company) is credited with giving twenty million dollars to the Bolshevik revolution. A year after his death the Bolsheviks deposited over six hundred million rubles in Schiff’s banking firm Kuhn, Loeb. (New York Journal American 1949. February 3.)”

      Anyone care to venture how much in today’s USD is 600,000,000 rubles from 1921 worth?!?

      Talk about rates of return!

      1. @ David Chu: Thank you so much for the New York Journal American quotation. A substantial amount of the Russian Royal funds sent to England for safekeeping seems to have vanished, there is a book detailing the theft. There are some very good photos at depicting Israel Epstein (who like others, posed as a journalist) with Mao Tse Tung and other persons of interest, all jews, some of whom I didn’t mention. Epstein became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position. Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Giap as well, I seem to recall, learned their communist ABC’s in France, where the Universities were as infected and rotten as the USA is rapidly approaching. The bottom line is if Godless jewish communism is so wonderful, why do people from all over the world risk all with many losing their lives for nearly 100 years to get away from it?

      2. David, if 1921 ruble-dollar exchange was 30:1, then that would have been straight repayment w/o interest.
        no idea what the actual rates were, worth finding out (where they tsarist rubles or bolshevik ones?)
        i suspect that the big question is what happened to the Romanov funds deposited in Switzerland?

        Now that we are on the subject of silent theft, how about Libyan gold bullion and liquid assets that Hillary grabbed at the downfall of gadaffi government.
        i guess it is the down payment on libya’s complicity in holocaust.

        There is a common thread in all the great ripoffs of the last 3,000 years, starting with pharaoh Yul Brynner.

  27. I believe too that Israel needs to be called to account for the decades long robbery of land, violence and mayhem they have caused Palestine. I don’t have much knowledge on history, but I feel strongly at this point that a huge part of the problem is freemasonry embedded in western governments and certain middle eastern countries. IMO key problems: Freemasonry ×10 (west and east) the collective volumes of rabbinic blathering and
    foaming at the mouth hatred known as the Talmud × 10 and Zionist supporting media stranglehold. I’m an American and as far as Hollywood, the popular music industry and “the media” is concerned I AM NEVER going back to it. They can say hello to the hand.

  28. Winston – I appreciate what you just shared in your last post. I thank you Lasha Darkmoon for providing this website where people like me can hear about such things.

    1. @Skye Solo: Thank you so much, but most of all I’m concerned with the inhuman rise of the Internationale rebranded as Globalism though occasional side anecdotes may prove to have hidden value in this context. I too am very grateful to LD for her courage and hard work, and great patience and forbearance with some of the comments which are less than erudite, and also the wonderful comments. I think most of us would wish the so called ‘mainstream’ was anywhere near as welcoming of free speech as we enjoy here, though filth we get aplenty.

  29. right on redmond, pretty much.
    sorry vatican, and all your rothschild bankster globalist ilk – we’re not going to let you finish the ruin of the usa by a flood of sharia muslims now too.
    you’ve already sponsored way too many mexicans. there are already probably 20,000,000 illegal aliens here now.
    the mexicans think this is ‘azatlan’ or ‘northern mexico’. the sharia muslims will be even worse.
    and history makes it plain – after they get a certain percentage the muslims take over completely, especially in benighted welfare states.
    look what’s happening in europe, with about 900 barricaded-off lawless no-go zones now, where the police fear to tread.
    and yes tump is right again, probably 5,000,000 votes were cast and counted illegally, in the precincts of the clinton archipelago. what did you think?
    in california now all you need to vote is a drivers license, which any non-citizen can get, and a pay stub or some other ‘proof’ that you live here.
    speaking of blackmail – is jerry brown being blackmailed? because that’s not the guy guy we once knew.
    kamala harris says she will bring as many aliens as possible into california, legal and illegal.
    that’s treason. and the question becomes – what else will trump do to such individual traitors besides shut the money off to sanctuary cities? does he understand how far this is going to go?
    i’m hoping trump puts a division of army on the southern border right now, to stand-in on guard until the wall is built. if they do a good enough job it may turn out the wall isn’t necessary.
    i’m thinking any foreigners caught smuggling weapons, explosives or hard dope should be apprehended with extreme prejudice.
    all others will be fingerprinted and branded. if they’re caught again they get the gulag.
    don’t want to see violence? me neither, but people are dying by the thousands down there now already. the ones who get lost and die of thirst or are robbed and murdered by mexican coyotes. the border is one big deadly crime scene. fix it now.
    how many americans are being poisoned by the hard dope these criminals are bringing across every day?
    trump is not a racist as far as i can see, not just because hordes of brown people have to be stopped and he says so. he’s a leader and the leader has to know when to act. those who call it racism are full of shit.
    ‘islamophobia’ or ‘white nationalism’ have nothing to do with it. it’s a security issue. don’t try to call it something else.
    america is not a white, nor is it a christian nation. all races are welcome here – if they have the right paperwork. religions too – archaic and retro as all that is.
    but really, all immigration should be stopped and the population of the usa, and the world, reduced by about 80%, if we want real peace and quality of life in nature.
    djt be advised – everybody in power in the usa, big religion, big war, zionism, banksters, the corporate hierarchy and their political lackies, all are against securing the border because they always want more people, and they will not help you.
    but what is islam really? is it a religion or is it a gang masquerading as a religion?
    and where have we seen that before? isn’t that what zionism is?
    the truth is – zionists, isis jihadists and raza mexicans are all factions operating within judaism, islam and catholicism, and being supported by their relative sayanim among the ‘faithful’…
    the jews already own the palestinians. they would wipe them out of gaza tomorrow but for the gross reaction among the decent parts of the world, whereas they would be seen for the piranhas that they are. plenty of people are still buffaloed about ‘little israel’..
    we don’t know who trump is yet, and we can see he’s far from perfect.. but he’s clearly a man of action. he claims to be america’s savior. ok, so far so good. he saved us from hillary. those who disparage him too much at this point i suspect. give trump his shot.
    miles mathis is interesting without a doubt, well worth reading, and he’s probably right on about a lot. but he’s not quite as smart as he thinks he is. he didn’t understand how the sawed off shotgun works slung under the trenchcoat with the pocket cut out for the trigger hand in the patty hearst bank robbery deal. and even if trump is part jew, like a lot of other vikings, it doesn’t mean he can never be his own man about it. not all jews are zionistas. and the jews are NOT as powerful as it seems.

  30. I am willing to watch and consider what President Trump does in a starting over from scratch kind of way. I do know in the past he has not paid loads of people who have been employed by him, and he has been sued many many times. He didn’t pay people — whether individuals or companies, and that is NOT COOL.

    1. Skye –

      “I do know in the past he has not paid loads of people who have been employed by him, and he has been sued many many times. He didn’t pay people — whether individuals or companies, and that is NOT COOL.”

      People who file bankruptcy numerous times while partnered with Pharisee-Jew Bankers are liars and cheats as much as any corrupt paid-off politician. They are enemies of honest workers.

      Workers and contractors don’t get paid. They lose everything.

      That’s Trump..!!

  31. I feel good now .it has been my view from day one when I discovered this site ,that this a deep cover intel i debated myself ,which one? then i settled on the moshe ones.
    and now it came to my attention that others as well ,came to the same conclusion ,made me smile in joyousness fit.
    to be honest ,i don’t care anymore ,it makes no difference to me whatsoever ,what this site is.

    To…yousof el falastini………I told you before ,don’t bother with these super predators ,deplorable ,irredeemable ,racists ,bigots cretins ,but you never listen.
    I understand that you respect and trust Darkmoon and her cousin and honestly I don’t blame you for that………. ,but look at the big picture ,this site attracts the satanic hyenas masquerading as White nationalists.
    we live in a very strange,difficult and dangerous times,.

    ………”There exists a law, not written down anywhere but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right. “…………..Marcus Tullius Cicero.

  32. To you White nationalists who worship the who ,and you know the who I mean.
    read and under stand these , if you ignorant hooligans.

    ……….Marcus Tullius Cicero quotes:
    “‘We are taxed in our bread and our wine, in our incomes and our investments, on our land and on our property not only for base creatures who do not deserve the name of men, but for foreign nations, complaisant nations who will bow to us and accept our largesse and promise us to assist in the keeping of the peace – these mendicant nations who will destroy us when we show a moment of weakness or our treasury is bare, and surely it is becoming bare! We are taxed to maintain legions on their soil, in the name of law and order and the Pax Romana, a document which will fall into dust when it pleases our allies and our vassals. We keep them in precarious balance only with our gold. Is the heartblood of our nation worth these? Were they bound to us with ties of love, they would not ask our gold. They take our very flesh, and they hate and despise us. And who shall say we are worthy of more? … When a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself. “‘..

  33. To the white nationalists…… and understand ,you ignorant baboons

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

    1. WHO –

      Marcus Tullius Cicero should have warned about how much fear and treason can be achieved by the internet….. the external threat allowing Tweets by rulers…. GLOBALLY…!! At the gate and within at the same time… Ubiquitous..!! 🙂

    2. Spoken like a true Jewish hypocrite. They forbid Jews to marry gentiles in Israel and they only permit Jews to become citizens in the country they built on the land they stole from Arabs, but they defame whites with insults that won’t allow their people to fall victim to genocide. The Jews are the leaders in this genocide with filthy Jewish racist garbage like these (and many, many others), pushing it upon white countries.



      Your quote is spot on though you’re such an idiot, the fact he’s talking about you doesn’t occur to you.

      ““A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

      Virtually every nation that has allowed Jews into their country have found this out and virtually every one of them have expelled their Jewish traitors, many more than once.

      109 locations from where Jews have been expelled (a partial list)

  34. what do i keep saying, learn the trump head fakes, instead of falling for it every time like bimbos:
    Trump’s immigration executive order drops Syria safe zone plan
    Qatar+turkey in tears, but boss vlad sez nyet:

    The safe zone plan, which has long-been encouraged by Turkey, was met with a warning from Syrian regime-allied Russia that it was important to “weigh all possible consequences” of the measure.

    The US had not consulted with Russia on the subject [right, of course not 😉 😉 – lobro], Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov alleged, adding “it’s important not to exacerbate the situation with refugees”.

    Meanwhile, along with rebel-backing Turkey, Qatar had welcomed the plans.

    Qatar’s foreign ministry director of information, Ahmed al-Rumaihi, said in a statement that Qatar “emphasised the need to provide safe havens in Syria and to impose no-fly zones to ensure the safety of civilians”.

    I read your letter and tears filled my eyes
    All of your promises fading, was nothing but lies
    So I turned your photograph over, face to the wall
    And when I dim the lights in my room tonight
    Teardrops will fall
    (moscow doesn’t believe in tears 😎 )

    1. Lobro –

      I like the link. It exposes the evil intent of Putin…!!

      It shows Putin wants EXACTLY what Obama wanted.. 🙂
      ……NO safe zones for Syrian refugees to STAY IN Syria..!!

      “Safe zones, proposed by both Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton during the election campaign, were ruled out by the Obama administration.”

      Putin does not want safe zones where refugees could stay in Syria…!!

      Safe zones would keep refugees from moving into Turkey and Europe. Obama wanted the refugees to move out of Syria also…!!

      **Warning from Putin:
      “The safe zone plan, which has long-been encouraged by Turkey, was met with a warning from Syrian regime-allied Russia that it was important to “weigh all possible consequences” of the measure.
      “The US had not consulted with Russia on the subject, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov alleged, adding “it’s important not to exacerbate the situation with refugees”.

    2. Like them safe zones, Pat?
      Madeline Albright does too: The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it
      Iraqi children, Syrian children, can you spot the difference? Me neither, let Good Lord sort ’em out.

      You understand that “safe” zones are the same thing as “no-fly” zones, don’t you, where USAF/NATO patrols the skies and keeps ISIS Caliphate safe from Assad, oil wells pumping to finance the deal while jihadis are beheading Christians, raping and enslaving their women and St Madeline ships children to generous caretakers like Epstein, Podesta, Comet Ping Pong …

      Damn Putin, always getting in way of our universally recognized humanitarian policies.

      1. Lobro –

        “Like them safe zones, Pat?”

        I don’t care either way… I don’t live in Italy or Turkey… the ones who should be really sick of them by now.

        The Syrians should stay in Syria…… but Putin WANTS THEM TO MOVE to Turkey and Europe…
        …… so he can sell them MORE GAS….!! 🙂

        **Warning from Putin:
        “The safe zone plan, which has long-been encouraged by Turkey, was met with a warning from Syrian regime-allied Russia that it was important to “weigh all possible consequences” of the measure.
        “The US had not consulted with Russia on the subject, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov alleged, adding “it’s important not to exacerbate the situation with refugees”.

        Nice link you gave me… Thanks… 🙂

    3. Besides, there is a safe zone already, Pat, where Syrians can stay.
      It is called Syria, have a look at how Christians manage to survive in a safe zone called Damascus.
      What’s the matter, this safe zone not to your liking? I like it …

      Or maybe you prefer more in-depth report, more details here

      Asked whether Assad would go to Astana, a senior military official in Damascus replied with a smile: “It doesn’t really matter as long as [Russian President Vladimir] Putin goes.
      Putin’s presence there is a guarantee for Syria.”

      You go tell them Pat, how wrong they are, how much better off they are with “Made in USA” safe zones, safety personally guaranteed by Albright, Kissinger and other (((Americans))).

  35. Uau, so much second guessing about Trump
    As I have stated before the man is more accomplished in position flipping than a gymnastics olympian.
    So his positions for Israel/jews can be(not saying that they are) fake. He can just be pacing and leading these people into a false sense of security.
    Unlike Hittler who went on a full blown assault and reaped the revenge of an united jewry, Trump is already facing the leftist media, who is zionist in nature and at the same time showing support for Israel.
    So from a zionist standpoint you got major cognitive dissonance(in a sort of way).
    Of course you can interpret this as Trump wanting to clear the zionists from the west and they now it.
    The culture of critique which is destroying the fabric of white culture is the weapon being used by the zionist media in order to make us true cattle, serfs.
    Trump at least appears to be trying to cleanse this from the west, and in this pursuit, the Palestinians suffer, because guess what: Trump is not trying to make Palestine great again. He is not trying to make Europe great again, or Mexico or any other country.
    From the face value and so far by actions he appears to be concerned about the United States.
    This is the only quality I admire about him, at least he appears concerned with his country, unlike politicians on our side of the Atlantic

  36. With all due respect to Islam and Muslims, I find this article sickening. The bowing to Jewish suffering:

    “Perhaps Muslims would have to be tattooed like the Jews during WWII.”
    “And what about the Jews? Will they be sent back to Eastern Europe and Poland if they misbehave?
    Anything is possible.”
    “Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment
    of Jews in Nazi Germany.”

    shows Mahmoud El-Yousseph is as American as everyone else in the country, which isn’t meant as a compliment saying it this time. He’s been holocausted and uses the holocaust dogma driven into every westerners head to claim President Trump’s policies are not fair – perhaps “racist” or “bigoted”. And I have no doubt he knows as little about the events surrounding that suffering as every other westerner indoctrinated with the false holocaust dogma. For instance, what did the Jews do to provoke such a reaction? A question never asked.

    The suffering of others is mentioned perhaps so the article doesn’t appear to come from The Jewish Telegraph Agency or some other Jewish newspaper, Like every American and westerner, he knows the new religion of the west called “Holocaustianity” is the ultimate evil to set every other evil against.

    But as if someone requested it, a rebuttal was published in The Occidental Observer yesterday called “Jewish activists urge aid to refugees: Is it good for the Jews?”, an article on who drives immigration and refugee policy in the west and who benefits from it.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph has absorbed the false history Jews have also imbued into every American’s body that the USA is a “proposition nation”, a country founded on ideas, with no connection to any ethnic or religious group and this is completely false. To the contrary, the USA was founded by Europeans (only Europeans) and it’s population was overwhelmingly European and Christianity played a central role in the founding of the country. Neither Islam, Judaism nor any other religion played any role.

    Mahmoud says American Muslims and Arabs “have served in every conflict and war since the Revolutionary war.” This is a ridiculous statement making the USA out as a multicultural country from its founding. Africans (yes, blacks) and Indians served in the German Wehrmacht during WW II, but I don’t think that would accurately describe the country they were fighting for.

    Mahmoud also says “He still insists on building a security wall with Mexico despite the fact there is no evidence that ISIS fighters have entered America through the Mexican border.” The main purpose of that wall (which definitely will be built) is to prevent millions of illegal aliens from entering the country so the US is a country of citizens again, without millions of illegals using expensive services (healthcare) and taking jobs from Americans. New citizens will come thru legal and normal channels, not by sneaking across the border at night.

    Until 1965 US Immigration policy was purposefully discriminatory in admitting new citizens, as was the case for virtually every country in the world. The immigration policy was designed to maintain the European ethnicity of the country and maintain its Christian culture and that is why most people admitted to the USA prior to 1965 came from Europe. The 1965 Hart=Cellar act opened US immigration to the world and changed the US forever. The US is no longer a white, Christian country. And Jews played the key role in passing that act.

    Contrary to statements made by others, it was not Ted Kennedy’s “fault”. Representative Cellar (the act bears his name) was Jewish – very Jewish. As Professor MacDonald demonstrates by citing the US congressional Record, Jewish congressmen continuously pushed for more immigration from non-traditional countries for decades while Christian congressmen stressed maintaining the culture and ethnic makeup of the country, a country they liked. How many congressmen can say that today? In 1965 the Jews succeeded in passing a law very few Americans are even aware of that has completely changed the ethnic makeup and culture of the USA. Immigration to the USA was opened to the whole world.

    Vanderbilt University’s historian Hugh Davis Graham says:

    Most important for the content of immigration reform [i.e., anti-restrictionism], the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas. These included the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe. Jewish members of the Congress, particularly representatives from New York and Chicago, had maintained steady but largely ineffective pressure against the national origins quotas since the 1920s…. Following the shock of the Holocaust, Jewish leaders had been especially active in Washington in furthering immigration reform. To the public, the most visible evidence of the immigration reform drive was played by Jewish legislative leaders, such as Representative Celler and Senator Jacob Javits of New York. Less visible, but equally important, were the efforts of key advisers on presidential and agency staffs. These included senior policy advisers such as Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration, Maxwell Rabb in the Eisenhower White House, and presidential aide Myer Feldman, assistant secretary of state Abba Schwartz, and deputy attorney general Norbert Schlei in the Kennedy-Johnson administration. (Hugh Davis Graham, Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America (New York, Oxford University Press, 2002, pp. 56–57).

    To some, Trump’s policies will at the very least, make immigration orderly and lawful. Others hope for more, desiring a return to a country that was predominantly white and Christian.

    1. @ Peter

      With all due respect to Islam and Muslims, I find this article sickening. The bowing to Jewish suffering:

      “Perhaps Muslims would have to be tattooed like the Jews during WWII.”
      “And what about the Jews? Will they be sent back to Eastern Europe and Poland if they misbehave?
      Anything is possible.”
      “Trump’s treatment of America’s Muslims is grossly unfair and discriminatory, analogous to the treatment
      of Jews in Nazi Germany.”

      shows Mahmoud El-Yousseph is as American as everyone else in the country, which isn’t meant as a compliment saying it this time. He’s been holocausted and uses the holocaust dogma driven into every westerners head to claim President Trump’s policies are not fair – perhaps “racist” or “bigoted”.

      I absolutely agree with you that Mahmoud’s views are “sickening” to intelligent Jew-wise commenters like yourself and Flan O’Brien, but I happen to know Mahmoud personally and these happen to be his sincere views, misguided though they are to Jew-wise persons who know better.

      You are an excellent poster and so is Flan O’Brien. Among the best, I would say. So you have my full support.

      Any suggestion, however, that the Darkmoon site was wrong to publish the article just because you and Flan O’Brien find it personally offensive must be strongly resisted.

      As Editor John Scott Montecristo has already explained, it is not the role of the Darkmoon site to provide a “safe space” for you and Flan O’Brien so that the only articles you find here have been carefully vetted in advance to be nice and inoffensive to you! You must be prepared to put up with occasional articles that cause you cognitive dissonance and personal distress.

      I agree with every word Editor Montecristo says here:

      It appears that you expect us to publish only articles from White Nationalist sites (such as The Occidental Observer) whose sentiments you approve of — articles carefully vetted in advance so that nothing we publish causes you anguish or distress.

      With all due respect, we are not here to do this but to provide our readers with a wide range of opinions. The Darkmoon site is not intended as a “safe space” for White Nationalists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis, and Christ bashers. Good Muslims and Christians are also encouraged to express their views here. They must not be censored or subjected to intimidation.

      If you don’t like our policies of inclusiveness and catholicity, you are of course welcome to say so and then make your way to the “safe space” of an alternative website where all the views expressed will be views you find inoffensive and acceptable.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        I don’t think Peter objected to the publication of the article or scolded Admin for publishing it. That was Flan O’Brien, not Peter. Peter just pointed out some of Mahmoud’s fallacious thinking in regard to Jews and Nazi Germany and of course he was right to do that. I will say this for Peter. All his instincts are in the right place. He can be trusted absolutely.

        So can Flan O’Brien, for that matter.

        But Flan was wrong to project his dislike of the article onto Admin, holding them responsible for publishing the article. Flan completely misunderstands the role of this website. This website is not meant to be a replica of The Occidental Observer. It was not meant to be a “safe space” for Flan.

        If Flan can’t cope with cognitive dissonance, like the rest of us, he can take refuge on The Occidental Observer where every article he reads will provide him wth a “safe space” for his White Nationalist views.

    2. Madame Butterfly is correct. I wasn’t making a judgement on whether the article should be published or not.

      FLASHBACK: When Liberal Democrats Opposed Refugees And Even Orphans

      They opposed taking in Vietnamese refugees fleeing their country when the communist side prevailed in the Vietnam War. “In the end, most of the Democrat complaints appeared to center on the fact that the refugees were escaping communism, which many liberals did not find that objectionable.”

      When Hungarians fled their Jewish torturers.

      David Irving – The 1956 Hungarian Uprising (If the video doesn’t start at the beginning, move the starting point to 0)

      1. Peter,

        Lasha thinks you are one of the best posters here and recommends that you write a full-length article for <>The Occidental Observer on the migrant crisis in Merkel’s Germany. As a Jew-wise German American, who has also spent time visiting Germany recently, you would be in an ideal position to give your first-hand impressions of life in contemporary Germany. Of special interest would be the explosive growth of right-wing populist movements opposed to Chancellor Merkel. Also of interest would be the contrast between the flourishing and relatively stable Germany of the 1960s and 1970s with the chaotic, multicultural Germany of today.

      2. Thank you Sister Monica and Lasha. I will try to put an article together. But I don’t think The Occidental Observer accepts articles submitted to them from outsiders. Do you mean write an article for this website? Unless someone spoke to Professor MacDonald, I’m not sure he’s looking for me to write an article. Or, I can write something and if Lasha thinks it’s good enough, she could make any improvements and then try to submit it to TOO.

  37. @Lasha Darkmoon and Admin:

    This guy Banjo_Billy should be stricken from this blog site. He promotes his two bits posted over his site over and over again without adding anything new or constructive. To wiz., here is his “wisdom” on Palestine and the Palestinians posted above:

    ““Beautiful children of Palestine”? What beautiful children? They are all potential suicide bombers and assassins. All of Palestine should be cleared of both Jews and Muslims and returned to either Greece or Rome.”

    Is there anything more that needs to be said about the mental state of this individual?

    1. @ David Chu

      I agree with you that the sentiments expressed by Banjo Billy are disgusting, but I am unable to delete his comments just because I disapprove of them strongly. That is not the function of a monitor. If I did what you asked, I would have to delete roughly 90 per cent of the comments on this site, leaving a drastically reduced Comment section.

      Having been a nun at one time and used to the company of decent and well-educated folk, I find most of the comments here intellectually substandard as well as morally repugnant. Fortunately, we have a handful of commenters here, like yourself, who make my job worthwhile. They are like light in darkness and I’m grateful for their presence.

      Thank you for sending us this brilliant article which we also published on this site:

      1. Sister Monica, I am an expert in all religions. If you find my comments “disgusting” where is your standard other than the “turn the other cheek and get screwed” philosophy of the Catholics?

        1. Banjo,

          Stop being so tiresomely predictable. I have every right to find your comments disgusting. Be grateful you have been allowed to have no fewer than 40 comments published on this site so far.

      2. 🙂 Your comments brought a big smile on my face. It must be a really tough and underpaid job you are doing, like getting paid zero!

        Well, I will try to live up to the standard of which you talk about which is really basic common sense and basic decency.

    2. David Chu –

      People become “extreme” when common sense and gentle persuasion have no effect. Some of us are as frustrated with the situation of our country as Mahmoud is with Palestine’s unfortunate situation. Banjo Billy is blowing-off the steam of that frustration, and, like Trump, is stimulating considerations many would be otherwise too timid to articulate. This blogsite well-serves the purpose, and brings-to-light new perspectives we need to understand exist, e.g., I, myself, would doubtfully have considered the fate of Palestine had it not been for Darkmoon. Like many Americans, I relate these affairs to the condition of my own country, and react accordingly – like Banjo. We are nearing “extreme” conditions worldwide, so don’t be surprised by extreme rhetoric. (It’s easier than taking a bullet!)

      1. It’s true, Gilbert Huntly, and I think any reasonable response to the world’s ills is impossible at this point, as it’s just too messy and mixed up.

        You all should check out sometime jew-wise sites that are populated more by the white youth. They see death knocking on the door, and are becoming more and more radicalized, the base instincts for protective violence being increasingly activated. And how could you not expect this? How could you even judge this? It’s basic survival. I myself am a young man, vegetarian for over 9 years, lived mostly in Asia for over 7, admirer of the true diversity on the planet, but I would have no problem with mass violence if only it meant we would survive and stop being SO WEAK, if we stopped living in complete self-denial. If you can somehow think of a solution that would combine E. Michael Jones’ concept of unifying people with “Logos” and also that whites wouldn’t die out, I’m all ears. I just don’t see a non-violent path. The more I look into the world, the more the myth of Kalki seems to be true, even though it’s not a pretty one, namely that a lot of the world will be wiped out, being too corrupted, to usher in a new age that is more in alignment with the creator’s design.

    3. David Chu, it is usually a Commie-Leftist-Jew claim that all of their opponents have a “mental state.” Rather than address my well-documented assertions, like the Commies you merely want your opponents banned. BTW. I speak Mandarin. So, I wonder if you are a real Chinese or merely a troll. You know nothing about Islam. I try to promote the best sources about the demon Jews and Muslims. And what a coincidence! The best sources are my own writings. So, what’s not to like? 🙂

  38. Peter, I respectfully disagree with your essay. No matter how you look at it, the Muslim ban is illegal. I an not a legal expert, however, according to New York Times OP-Ed piece by David J Bier, who is an immigration policy analyst, he too draw the same conclusion. Besides, Jews do not need me to advocate for their suffering. They own 97%+ of all news media outlet. I am not so sure why do you throw a tantrum every time I mentioned or refer to Jewish suffering. By you disapproval of what I wrote does not make, it does not make less credible. Thanks for sharing your concern.

    1. Mahmoud –
      “As a retired veteran, I do know it is an indisputable fact that Muslims and Arab Americans have played a vital role in the safety and welfare of our nation. They have served in every conflict and war since the Revolutionary war. They are also serving currently in all branches of the US Armed Forces. Americans who are not outraged by this abuse of power against their fellow Muslims have little or no regard for the US Constitution, which specifically forbids the religious persecution Donald Trump is calling for.”


      I never caught that before…!!
      Musselmen were impaled back then, not employed…!!

      Jefferson and others at the time of the American Revolution did not even consider Musselmen to be peers with whites…. Not even whole persons… He was still killing them as fast as he could in the 19th century..!!

      Jefferson purchased a Quran, because he needed to know everything possible about Musselmen. He was about to advocate war against the Islamic “Barbary” states of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli.

      Take a look at what Jefferson did to the barbaric Musselmen in Africa:

      Thomas Jefferson’s very own Quran illuminates a subject once well-known in the history of the United States, but, which today, is mostly forgotten – the Muslim pirate slavers who over many centuries enslaved millions of Africans and tens of thousands of Christian Europeans and Americans in the Islamic “Barbary” states.

      Muslim raiders would kill off as many of the “non-Muslim” older men and women as possible. Only young women and children could be collected. Young non-Muslim women were targeted as concubines. Islamic law provides for the sexual interests of Muslim men by allowing them to take as many as four wives at one time. Boys of 9 and 10 were made eunuchs.

      When American colonists rebelled against British rule in 1776, American merchant ships lost Royal Navy protection. With no American Navy for protection, American ships were attacked and their Christian crews enslaved by Muslim pirates operating under the control of the “Dey of Algiers”–an Islamist warlord ruling Algeria. Congress appointed a special commission consisting of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, to oversee the negotiations. The new America government tried to appease the Muslim slavers by agreeing to pay tribute and ransoms in order to retrieve seized American ships and buy the freedom of enslaved sailors. Adams argued in favor of paying tribute as the cheapest way to get American commerce in the Mediterranean moving again. Jefferson was opposed. He believed there would be no end to the demands for tribute and wanted matters settled “through the medium of war.” He proposed a league of trading nations to force an end to Muslim piracy.

      In 1786, Jefferson, then the American ambassador to France, and Adams, then the American ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the “Dey of Algiers” ambassador to Britain.

      The Americans wanted to negotiate a peace treaty based on Congress’ vote to appease. During the meeting Jefferson and Adams asked the Dey’s ambassador why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts. In a later meeting with the American Congress, the two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that:
      All nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

      After Jefferson’s inauguration as president in 1801 he declared that America was going to spend “millions for defense but not one cent for tribute,” Jefferson pressed the issue by deploying American Marines and many of America’s best warships to the Muslim Barbary Coast.

      During the Jefferson administration, the Muslim Barbary States, crumbling as a result of intense American naval bombardment and on shore raids by Marines, finally officially agreed to abandon slavery and piracy.

      Jefferson’s victory over the Muslims lives on today in the Marine Hymn, with the line, “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country’s battles in the air, on land and sea.”

      Jefferson had been right: The “medium of war” was the only way to put and end to the Muslim problem.


      Trump is just acting like Jefferson… a Founding Fraudster..!!

      Although, Jefferson may not have filed bankruptcy NUMEROUS times… 🙂

      ALL national leaders are LIARS..!! Bankruptcies prove that in Trump’s case. He lied to workers and contractors. Said he would pay them. “Too bad little guys.”

  39. @ GILBERT HUNTLY, you can not be serious? You want me to share my military experience and where I served with a Moran who just accused me of smuggling drugs from North Africa and Afghanistan aboard USAF aircraft into the US??????????????????????

    If you agree with idiot, then you are equally guilty like him for slandering and smearing my name.
    Just to satisfy his curiosity and his, part of what I did during my service was to serve as linguist in Arabic and German. Something this dude (whom I forget his name) will never attain in his life.

    Yes, like other veterans, I do like to share my experience and change stories. But this is not the proper forum. After all, the comm enter has asked in very condescending way.

    1. Mahmoud –

      Simple curiosity. Some men are effected in drastically different ways than others from their combat experiences.
      What makes me curious is the implication of Islam among American soldiery, and how that might compromise duty, given our potential opponents in the Middle East. While I detest the hold Israhell has over Uncle Sam, I must consider the reality of Uncle Sam’s enemies targeting him with Israhell. Mind you, I don’t like it – but history proves our mistakes from being too ‘nice’. 🙂

      1. Gilbert,
        by Sharia Law, every Muslim is allowed to tell any lie and conjure any deceit to a non-Muslim as long as the lies promote Islam. Imagine! An entire “religion” based on telling lies and murdering people and betraying all non-Muslims! Why only a devil could have invented it — Mohammad, the false prophet and fraud!

    2. Mahmoud El-Yousseph
      you seems a nice ,decent man ,pay them no attention ,Gillby is a confused dude .but the other dude Joe who asked you the question is a good ,decent and very intelligent man ,he pretend to be loony but he is far from it.he sure fooled a lot of these shallow weak minded charlatans .
      now back to the crux of my comment to you .
      believe me ,I respect you even more when you mentioned the suffering and persecution of the Jewish People at the hands of the Nazis.
      remember this Arabic saying ;, me and my brothers against my cousins.,me ,my brothers and cousins against the Strangers.
      remember this., anti Semites are also Islamophobic by default…just read banjo jumbo loony comments ,that is the poster pimp for the fear political porn in amarika shika bika ,staring dumby the trumpy ,the clowny in chiefy.

      1. Who Joo –

        Not so confused as suspicious of DECEPTION and of being deceived. (It goes to enforce the notion that each of us should stick with his own kind – and no matter how much you croak or complain, the USA was founded by white anglos.)
        (I do understand, however, your dislike for a group to which you don’t belong…)
        (I try to be fair!) 🙂


    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed Canadian immigrants Saturday in a sunny Twitter message written in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s order temporarily banning all refugees and many Muslims from traveling to the United States.

    “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” Trudeau posted on Twitter.

    The message comes one day after Trump signed a sweeping executive order to suspend the arrival of refugees for at least 120 days and impose tough new controls on travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen for the next three months.

    Since then, travelers from those countries have been stopped from boarding US-bound planes, triggering angry protests and detentions at airports.

    1. THANK YOU CANADA! for proving that the Muslims are subversive enemies. The more your bring into your beautiful country, the sooner they will destroy you and all you hold dear. “Muslims are Devils” and they prove the truth of this statement every day.

      1. BANJO_BILLY

        “by Sharia Law, every Muslim is allowed to tell any lie and conjure any deceit to a non-Muslim as long as the lies promote Islam. ”

        Hey Mr expert in (bashing) all religions where from did you get your expertise?
        At least your knowledge in Sharia-Law is nought. Read this verse and tell me if you know of any law in the world that is close to its absolute fairness:

        4:135.O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.

        Sharia doesn’t allow you to lie, not even to save yourself from punishment.

      2. @ Sean

        Let me have the honor of posting Comment No 300. Well done, Mahmoud! Let’s hear more from you!

        As for Banjo Billy, the less said the better.

    2. Mahmoud

      This is now looking like a desperate attempt to use to peddle your random comments.
      You wrote an article, and people are commenting on it. Now instead of commenting/arguing logically or factually you are invoking the “How dare you approach” which is how muslims discuss, this according to Banjo Billy’s muslim werewolves. So you aren’t helping yourself at all here.
      Not wanting to discuss your military history is your choice, but we also know that Hillary claimed to be under fire in Kosovo which turned out to be a lie. So don’t expect a blank check of faith.
      You are also peddling random news from several sites(not quoting sources not to appear spam) but not really engaging in discussion

      1. Howling Mad, If you want me to post my DD- 214 here, I will be more than happy. But don’t you dare to argue that my military service is a lie as Hillary’s false claim that she came under fire in Kosovo. Besides, why do you expect me to respond to every bigoted remarks made about me and my faith here. I am an open book and not a politician.

  41. Mahmoud El-Yousseph –

    Please answer these two questions.

    1-Would you like sharia law to be implemented in every country in the world??

    2-Would you like for Islam to be the sole religion in every country worldwide??

    You asked Ben Carson the question below on VT…. so I thought you could answer me here. 🙂

    “Pardon me Dr. Carson, Why are Muslims unfit to be a President of the US?”

      1. I can’t take Barrett seriously any longer. I used to regularly listen to is Fals Flag Weekly news show, but now every week he goes into a muslim apologetic rant. Converts are said to be the most fanatic

    1. @ Pat
      You are my favorite poster in here , but i could not stop laughing when I read your two questions to Mahmoud El-Yousseph –

      Muslims of today in this time and age are clueless about sharia law ,or Islam of past centuries ,99.99% of Muslims are Muslims by name only , there are no ideology or doctrine or wide eyed fanatics among Muslims.
      Muslims are just like any other group in this world ,care about their daily lives and betterment of their communities and to seek better future for their families. just the rest of this world.
      why the west view the Muslims as dark forces out to destroy and conquer?
      the answer lies on decades of disinformation and misinformation about Islam and Muslims
      a Zionists mega machine of false flags ,movies ,sitcoms and shows ,fabricated history and fake news and Zionists think tank policy making and crooked media and politicians to implement their Zionists agenda and unholy marriage , between The Jewish Mafia International worldwide with the christian Zionists and Wahhabi Islamic royals ,that is the true axis of evil.
      The ordinary Jews 99.99% ,the ordinary Christians 99.99% ,the ordinary Muslims 99.99% are innocent bystanders,the real evil forces have no religion or faith ,they worship power ,money and the devil.

    2. Dear Pat, Please fasten your seat belt! I decided to answer your nagging questions.

      If you rearrange your question and switch number one to two, then answering one of them would answer the second. The answer to both of your questions is “No”

      There is no completion in Islalm. That mean you can’t impose your religion on others.

      The Quran says in surat El-Anaam ( Chapter 7 – 135) Whomever God wants to guide to Islam, He would enlighten his heart.

      Siting my question to former presidential candidate It is off topic and have little to do with your two question. That is said, I should add Islamic law on ruling is based on consensuses. It is ludicrous for those who argue that Muslims want impose Shariah law on America and change our Constitution.

      It will take take an act of Congress! Like 2/3 of both House and Senate, plus 3/4 of all states have to ratify it. Since there are only 2 Muslim Congressmen in the House, that would be virtually impossible.

      I hope I have answered your two question.

  42. Also Mahmoud

    Right now the big enemy is in control, and he controls the majority of your tribes.
    The enemy controls Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait
    So you should focus on cleaning up house first, and stop trying to rope in the christians to help the muslim cause. Gaddafi new this and he was trying to at least unify Africa.
    Start propaganding across your co-religionists

  43. Mahmoud El-Yousseph –


    See… that was easy. No need for me to ‘nag’ again….

    Now it is up to me to believe you are telling a non-Muslim the facts…

    I thought all non-Muslims are considered infidels….
    ……and not deserving of facts about Islam. 🙂

    1. I rededicate this LTE I wrote to my new friend Pat @ Darkmoon website.
      Don’t be a fool, Allah Means God and Infidel Means Unbeliever
      By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
      10 January, 2017

      The other day, I ran into a group of middle-aged people who were wearing T-shirts and baseball caps written on it “infidel” in both English and Arabic. Since Arabic is my native tongue, I took a quick note of it and I feel I should clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings about the use of the term “infidel.” as well as the word “Allah.”

      Myth # 1: Infidel does not mean “Westerner” or a “non Muslim”. The term refers to disbeliever, people who do not believe in God. It is also mentioned in the Bible and it means the same in Arabic.

      Myth # 2: People who think using the term is a clever way to insult Muslims are in fact making fools of themselves by declaring themselves to be atheists and enemies of their own God.

      Christians and Jews are referred to in the Quran as “people of the book” and are respected branches of Abrahamic religions. This means they all worship the God of Abraham.

      Myth # 3: Muslims worship only God that they refer to in Arabic as Allah. Because of language differences, God is referred to by different names, but they are one and the same. In German, God is called Gott and Jews call him Yahweh. I should note here that Jews and Christians living in Arabia use the Arabic phrase “Allah” when referring to God.

      Prior to Islam, Christians used the term infidels to describe unbelievers and enemies of God. Once again, the name God is Allah in Arabic and Yahweh in Hebrew. Next time someone pokes fun of the name “Allah” or misuses the term “infidels”, tell them, “Don’t be a fool, Allah means God and infidel means unbeliever.”

    2. Pat, that subversive Muslim, Mahmound, just lied to you and to everybody else on this thread.

      “Takkiya” is what the Muslims call it — lying for the sake of Islam. You would know this if you read “Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God.” The Muslims use the Quran with what they call “abrogation.” That is, verses that negate other versus are both “true” but the later verses abrogate earlier versus. So, a Muslim can grin and say Islam is a religion of peace because that is what Mohammad (mhrh) taught when he was weak. But once he became militarily strong, he taught only warfare and murder against all non-Muslims. So, hypocritical liars like Mahmound point to the earlier verses to “prove” how innocent they are but they hide the later verses which supplant and replace the earlier verses which proclaim unending jihad.

      Mahmound is a standard-issue Muslim. He lied his way into the US military and is using his military service to “prove” his “loyalty” while at the same time is using his “Islam” to subvert the legal processes of the USA while in the disguise of a “loyal” serviceman.

      Are there really fanatic verses moderaste Muslims? Let Sheiki Al-Feaky answer this:

      Listen and learn.

  44. Sister :

    What happened to the post I sent you yesterday about Muslim Mahmoud’s Muslim mother’s Muslim bithplace Muslim country and how ALL the Muslim birthplace countries are like soooooooooooooooo tolerant and sooooooo easy-going and sooooooooooo open-hearted and sooooooooooooo welcoming of refugees regardless of faith, race, whatever, it doesn’t matter, if you’re a refugee of any color and any religion Muslim Mahmoud’s Muslim mother’s Muslim birthplace Muslim country will LERV TO HAVE YOU!!!

      1. Most banned posters go away. They lose interest and migrate to other websites. Why don’t you? What keeps you posting thousands of words every day on a site where 90% of your daily output is deleted?


    Who Controls Big Media?


    Of the twelve (12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine (9) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times (3,750 percent).

    Who Controls Hollywood?


    Of the sixty (60) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, fifty (50) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are
    over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times (4,150 percent).

    Who Controls Television?


    Of the sixty-four (64) senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, fifty-seven (57) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 89%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major
    television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies by a factor of 44.5 times (4,450 percent).

    Who Controls Music?


    Of the fifty (50) senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations, thirty-nine (39) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 78%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the
    major music labels and trade organizations by a factor of 39 times (3,900 percent).

    Who Controls Radio?


    Of the forty-six (46) senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners, twenty-eight (28) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 61%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners by a factor of 30.5 times (3,050 percent).

    Who Controls Advertising?


    Of the forty-six (46) senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, thirty-one (31) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations by a factor of 33.5 times (3,350 percent).

    Who Controls the News? (Part 1)


    Of the sixty-seven (67) senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, forty-seven (47) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and radio news networks by a factor of 35 times (3,500 percent).

    Who Controls the News? (Part 2)


    Of the sixty-five (65) senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines, forty-two (42) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 65%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are
    over-represented among the senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines by a factor of 32.5 times (3,250 percent).

    What is Trump & Co. going to do when this comes to light?

    1. @Jack Harper: Timely and accurate, as well as NEVER allowed to be discussed anywhere else. Another notation: when voting for Israel’s aid package, the US Congress is a mere rubber stamp. This despite high government Israeli officials being warned in the UK and in Europe not to disembark from their airliners as they would be subject to arrest, trial, and prosecution for War Crimes. This despite the flagrant violation of International Law, contempt for civilized norms as a way of life in Israel. This despite the level of organ trafficking, drug trading, white slavery, every kind of lawlessness and corruption you can think of, including sheltering thieves and serial murderers because they claim ‘to be jewish’. This despite the average life style and per capita income in Israel surpassed that of the USA years ago, while desperately poor nations are afforded no where near the largesse. This despite the ongoing crimes against humanity and war crimes, the relentless theft of land and property, the state sponsored destruction of homes that even some of the worst totalitarian states in history would not condone, and the mass murder, the criminal usurping of once peaceful neighboring states, as well as Ukraine. Recently more Arson wildfires in Chile – BBC reported the last one caused by an Israeli tourist who was allowed to walk. Is it unreasonable to ask if any progress is to be achieved in the new millenium, that something must be done about the problem?

      1. @Winston
        “Recently more Arson wildfires in Chile – BBC reported the last one caused by an Israeli tourist who was allowed to walk.”

        Yes, checked ’em out and found these three references. The Jew in the 2012 incident tries virtually all the victimhood J techniques to shake off responsibility for starting the fire that wiped out thousands of acres of forest.
        ” Rotem Singer, the 23-year-old Israeli tourist suspected of causing a forest fire in Chile’s national park, was released Sunday from custody under restrictive conditions, and must report to a local police station once a week.
        Singer was detained after authorities said he admitted he had lit a bonfire in an area of Chile’s Torres del Paine park, where such fires are prohibited. As he was led to the courtroom, angry citizens shouted “filthy Jew” at him.

        Though extensively covered in Israeli news it’s not long before more Jews in 2014 are at it again flagrantly ignoring ‘no fires’ warning.,7340,L-4479536,00.html
        and yet again in 2015…

  46. mahmoud
    you said — “It will take take an act of Congress! Like 2/3 of both House and Senate, plus 3/4 of all states have to ratify it. Since there are only 2 Muslim Congressmen in the House, that would be virtually impossible”.
    let me tell you, we’re not worried about muslims, mexicans and any others taking the usa over by lawful methods, though the mexicans have been working successfully toward that for quite some time, simply by breeding all others out of the equation. the muslims will do the same if given the chance.
    we understand their tactic will be to establish themselves in strongholds, where sharia law will be the norm. they will not assimilate into the existing culture and they will have no intention of obeying our laws. this is what has been happening in europe and it is now happening in the usa. anybody who owns property in any of the areas the muslims move into will lose his investment. it’s happening now. ‘infidels’ are not permitted and are not made welcome. according to fox news – muslims have already established warfare training camps in the usa.
    you also said — Myth # 1: Infidel does not mean “Westerner” or a “non Muslim”. The term refers to disbeliever, people who do not believe in God. It is also mentioned in the Bible and it means the same in Arabic.
    are you seriously trying to say islam tolerates other religions and is not programmed to take over the world? because we can see by the map that it has done just that in several countries.
    and does your statement above mean atheists are considered inferior to those you call believers? because in the usa there are no inferior human beings based on any religious beliefs or lack thereof.
    and since you talk so big about it – can you please give the readers your definition of god?
    other religious people on this site have been asked the same question. their response was inadequate, to put it politely. i’m hoping you can do better.

    1. @ barkingmad

      are you seriously trying to say islam tolerates other religions and is not programmed to take over the world?

      Yes, that’s precisely what he is saying. And it is what I am saying too, as a Westerner who his lived in Islamic lands for 27 years and who has experienced Islam at first hand.

      Unlike yourself, whose knowledge of Islam appears to have come entirely from trashy internet sites specializing in the dissemination of virulent Islamophobia — sites which have been set up by Jews to blacken the name of Islam.

      . . . because we can see by the map that it has done just that in several countries. [i.e., spread to other countries, e,g., Moorish Spain]

      Your knowledge of history, based on maps, is woefully inadequate. If you care to take a look at any world map, you will see that Christianity spread to South America from its original home in Europe. Does this mean that Christians were intent on taking over the world with the help of Christopher Columbus?

      And what about you, Mr Barking Mad? Didn’t your ancestors some from Europe? So what the hell are you and your fellow Whites doing in America? Didn’t you steal America from the Red Injuns?

      How would you like it if Muslims turned the tables on you and accused you of trying to take over the world by stealing North America from the Native American Indians?

      1. Constance, please, I am the Mad one.

        Now I have experienced muslim culture outside of Islamic countries, my brother converted to Islam and then unconverted back, must have been missing the serrano ham.
        I had a friend from Tunisia, we had long theological discussions about several religions and he claimed that one day we would all be islam. We discussed this over many drinks, even though he refused to touch pork. What is haram is very subjective from muslim to muslim.
        Come to the north of the UK and tell me that these people are not trying to conquer the world, the Paquistanis would correct your world view

      2. @ Constance Berlin
        well said ,God Bless your heart for your decency ,integrity ,honesty and courage
        telling the truth in time of deception is an act of valor.

      3. @ howling mad.
        somehow i don’t believe anything you said about your bro who converted and then unconverted ,unless you imagine things maybe you seen some TV show ,when some agents went cover……..etc.
        keep taking your medications on time and don’t miss your next appointment with that borderline crazy shrink.
        you hear ,howling loony

  47. I think you need to re-educate yourself, Mr Redneck Intellectual. Your trashy comments would be more acceptable on a site called or Here you will find it harder to bully and intimidate a man who has served in the USAF.

    Who have you fought for? Got any war wounds to prove your courage? No, all you American slobs are fit for is bombing helpless civilians in Third World World countries with the help of drones. Shooting fish in a barrel, that’s all you cowardly rednecks can do.

    And let’s face it, coward, you Americans take your orders from the Jews and fight all their wars for them! You are the tools of the Jews. Slaves of the Jews. And that’s precisely why you rage against Islam and Muslims, schooled to Islamophobia by the Jewish mass media which manufactures all your handed-down opinions.

    1. Sorry, but I had to reply to this one.
      A USAF Veteran, and since there were no quotations of his WWII records, I am assuming that he only participated in the illegal wars of aggression against his co-religionists.
      I am quite sure that the majority of people would face war if it came to them and the discussions here are focused on combating the most pernicious war being fought for several decades.
      This is a psyop is much more pernicious than what the bolsheviks did and people would rebel immediately. For you to understand this war, try cooking a frog starting from cold water.
      And you are right, the US is despicable with it’s wars of aggression but accusing everyone here of supporting these wars is just silly
      Also we are not all American, I am southern European, of semitic descent on one side, probably some african somewhere, we are all muts anyway, some celtic blood as well
      But we don’t need to hang ourselves, people like you do it for us with the idiotic “oh but can’t we all live along”
      Try french kissing in Saudi arabia or Qatar and then preach to us about multi culturalism

      1. But we don’t need to hang ourselves, people like you do it for us with the idiotic “oh but can’t we all live along”
        Try french kissing in Saudi arabia or Qatar and then preach to us about multi cultural

        Listen, moron. I happen to be against multiculturalism, not for it. And nowhere did I suggest “oh but can’t we all live along.” I’d rather live with my own kind, get it? And I am against mass immigration, not for it!

        I advise you not to try and score cheap points by making strawman arguments.

    2. Constance Berlin, you claim that Mahmound-the-Muslim-Liar has been such a brave soldier for the USA. Really? What did he do but stay safely behind the lines and translate words?

      You don’t seem to appreciate American valor or to understand military science. Whoops! You are a non-combatant female. But you have an opinion of men who put their lives on the line and dare to call us derogatory names. Such bravery from a female with a computer keyboard! Wow!

      You want to protect a subversive and lying Muslim by claiming “Here you will find it harder to bully and intimidate a man who has served in the USAF [as a translator!]. Who have you fought for? Got any war wounds to prove your courage? No, all you American slobs are fit for is bombing helpless civilians in Third World World countries with the help of drones. Shooting fish in a barrel, that’s all you cowardly rednecks can do.”

      Apparently, you aren’t a American. And, little lady, where are your “war wounds” and your combat experience that you can run off at the mouth like you do? But you use the name “Berlin”. Is that a German Berlin or a Jewish Berlin?

      O foolish woman! You defend the Devil Muslims and betray those who fight against them. Hell will be your abode.

  48. I call your strawman and raise you an ad hominem as you went straight for the insult

    “Yes, that’s precisely what he is saying. And it is what I am saying too, as a Westerner who his lived in Islamic lands for 27 years and who has experienced Islam at first hand.”

    So it is exactly what you were implying, that we all can get along, is this moronic enough for you?
    I am sure that we can all get along in anywhere that shares our cultural background, but not really keen on importing more unmixables

    1. I’m not going to waste any more time arguing with you. I never said anything about “importing more unmixables”. So why do you imply that I am in favor of importing more unmixables?

      I do not WANT to import more unmixables! Understand?

      Do you have a comprehension problem?

    2. I believe firmly that Africa should be for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, and White countries for White people. So I am NOT for more Muslims coming into America or Europe. I am all for immigration controls.

      But I am defending Mahmoud because he has been in America most of his life, maybe 30-40 years. More than many Jews have who keep flooding in from Israel.

      Give him your respect. Don’t try and bully him and intimidate him because he’s a Palestinian. Remember that his land has been stolen by the Jews and that the Americans and Brits bear most of the blame for that. They sanctioned the theft of Palestine. They can’t wiggle out of that and pretend it’s not their problem.

      It IS their fucking problem! They created the problem in the first place by the Balfour Declaraton (1917), by the UN Partition Plan (1947), and by aiding and abetting the Jews for the last 70 years in the plunder of Palestine.

      Respectfully yours,


  49. when i saw poor little chucky shumer cry today over the inconvenienced immigrants i knew we were moving into a new era. and of course chucky shumer had no tears for the palestinian children murdered by israeli snipers during the last big hit on gaza. one idf soldier claimed to have killed a number (13 was it?) of the “worms” . sorry if we can’t take chucky’s compassion without a chunk of salt.
    none of us level-headed people would deny for a minute that christians (so-called) attacked other parts of the world with the intent of taking them over. not everybody here is a christian. and we’re all real clear on how europeans pushed the aboriginals out of the americas. we don’t say it was right. but if anything it adds to our case – that foreigners often come from abroad and end up taking over territories occupied by someone else.
    we’re sorry about the crimes of the past. it’s the way the word was at the time. but it doesn’t mean we want to give our country away now to whomever.
    you are quite correct that the these latest wars were put by the jews and their lackies and that the average american has no idea of the real truth behind 9-11 and dozens of other false flags.. but also bear in mind – the so-called ‘alt righ’t and these ‘white nationalists’ catching so much flak here are not the slaves of the jews. and they’re quite aware that it is the jews once again who are major behind the immigrant invasion. they are in fact the one spearpoint growing against the zionists.
    the jews controlling the media have characterized the constitutional patriot movement in the usa as ‘hateful’ and ‘skinhead’ and ‘neo-nazi’ ever since it came about a few decade ago.
    i’m thinking it far more likely that anyone promoting immigration at this point and disparaging the anti-zionist border security faction, who are trying to save america, is actually the one affiliated with the zionists, since mass migration is their policy.

  50. G’day Lasha and everyone,

    Trump seeks to reverse the agenda of the Satanic forces destroying the US, humanity and the planet. But to do that he cannot just state the truths on which the US population need enlightenment because most Amerikkans and gentiles generally, are not sufficiently awakened to understand and accept those truths. So he cloaks his messages in confusing language. For example, he indirectly drew attention to the “Dancing Israelis” on 911 by referring to ‘celebrating Muslims’. ANY thinking person hearing that would want to investigate it which would automatically lead them to the truth about the Israelis who actually were celebrating on 911.

    If Trump disclosed his true motivation and purpose initially, or prior to endorsement as President elect, he would not have gotten the Republican endorsement and would have been targetted for assassination sooner. To understand this one only has to recall what was done to Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) when he told the truth about the money changers and their despotic rule.

    The obfuscation and subterfuge employed by Trump and his supporters has made possible his achievements to date, ie BEFORE he even became President. For instance, despite the choke hold the CIA and banksters have on the US polity, Trump has:
    • Exposed and destroyed the corrupt US and Western mass media such that anyone who really looks cannot fail to perceive that it is FAKE and a propaganda instrument for banksters, corporatists and their government puppets.
    • Exposed the fact that the CIA and ALL 17 US “intelligence” agencies are corrupt manipulators and controllers of the US government and its domestic and foreign policies.
    • Exposed “political correctness” for what it really is.
    • Destroyed the TTP and TTIP and thus saved the US population and global humanity from the fascist clutches of the banksters and corporatist that would have used them to destroy what was left of the sovereignty of all the nations whose corrupt governments were intent on signing it into law, thus enslave their constituent populations.
    • Exposed that the US (and the EU) were actively destroying their constituent nations by swamping them with illegal immigrants, substantial numbers of whom are criminals or terrorists.
    • Alerted middle Amerikka and Main Street Amerikka, to the truth that “liberal” globalism has hollowed out US industry causing 93 million Amerikkans to be without employment and thereby reducing the real wages of most Amerikkans in work, and steadily impoverishing at least 90% of Amerikkans.
    • Refused to demonise President Putin and Russia, and thereby defusing the possibility of WWIII.
    • Indicated an intention to deal with China firmly rather than threatening to make war over the South China Sea.
    These issues are not trivial and no one else has effectively exposed them. Trump had to successfully run for President to break the mind lock that the governments and the MSM had on information dissemination so that many more Amerikkans (and others) could perceive their reality.

    Trump has also caste real light on many other issues that have been hidden or promulgated (eg abortion and homosexual practices) by Satanic perpetrators and the complicit Jew controlled mass media (MSM). His occasional extravagant rhetoric about Muslims will not result in their persecution but is necessary to highlight the hypocrisy of the attitudes of the Obama Administration AND presages the implementation of the normal adjuncts of valid immigration policies in relation to refugee flows from terrorist infested countries.

    The fact that Trump has exposed the CIA is a total game changer. Why? See eg: Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World-
    JFK tried and failed to expose the CIA and the task is far harder now but Trump has already done it ‘for those who have eyes to see’ and will thus be able to proceed to drain that part of the swamp in due course.

    Trump’s critics need to shuck off the pessimistic perspectives accumulated as a result of the immense negativity imposed on humanity by Jews and their shabbos goy enablers over recent centuries so that they can view him and his supporters with unjaundiced eyes.

    In particular we need to focus on what Trump and his Administration DOES, not upon what he may have said. Trump is engaged in “cleaning house” and that requires that he meet fire with fire in the sense that he quite reasonably seeks to actively misdirect the minions of the “Father of Lies” whose motto is “by way of deception thou shalt do war.”.

    The fact that Trump is surrounding himself with generals, plutocrats and Jews etc doesn’t mean he will continue the agenda of those groups. Amerikkans will be surprised to find that many of the individuals Trump chooses for his Administration will turn out to be on the same page as he is. God works in mysterious ways!

    Peace and Blessings,

    1. Ron –

      Good comment, as usual.

      You wrote:
      “ANY thinking person hearing that would want to investigate it which would automatically lead them to the truth about the Israelis who actually were celebrating on 911.”

      That sound nice… and that’s about the extent of it.

      The REAL critics and fact finders have been silenced, generally, because their guy won now…. or, at least, the BITCH lost… a win for them.

      Those who can really make a change in our lives already knew who did 9/11 years BEFORE it happened. They even bought appropriate insurances and stocks….. and laid out the demolition plans and guided and paid off the airport criminals..!!

      I don’t see any real changes that he can make……

      Even you noted he has to lie.

      It is all done to accomplish Bankers’ wishes.

      1. G’day Pat,

        Thank you.

        I think Trump can make huge changes and arguably he already has. For instance, destroying the credibility of the MSM and eliminating the TTP and TTIP.
        But the big changes will take time. For instance taking down the Fed and the banksters’ control of US and global banking.
        I feel that your long wait for any real elimination of the matrix control system has soured your perception of there being a real possibility that the banksters and their CIA enforcement mechanism can be thwarted.
        I don’t think that the animosity shown to Trump by most of the Tribe is fake. Arguably their leaders know what’s coming and are beginning to go apeshit.
        As Les Visible would say: “Time will tell and we shall see.”
        Peace and Blessings.

  51. happy to see a beam of reason in the comments, the likes of constance, ungenius and chapman.

    i just saw the quebec headlines and all the facebook morons, my son included, crying about diversity, respect, dignity, all jew protocols buzzwords, a kumbaya requiem, not a single voice pointing out the giant false flag on their plate, all ready for consumption, stick a fork in it.

    and so many here, who cannot conceive of the plain fact that they too are nothing but pink hatted pussy marchers volunteering to do jew’s dirty work by attacking islam – the wannabe sayanim, that’s all you are, let jew point at a victim and you are all too happy to go into attack mode, be it islam, christianity (especially catholicism), russia, trump … each one of the mentioned entities has more enemies here than friends – is simple math over your heads?
    and Mahmoud, sorry to say but you are not helping things either, as much as i always respected your honesty, you are sadly/badly ignorant on the subject of Holocaust and “solidarity” between muslims and jews against the whites.
    Do your history homework! (CODOH, Faurisson, etc)
    Like crazed dogs fighting in the pit, shredding one another while jew licks his thumb and counts the windfall (and i do suspect that some jew agents are stirring the pot here – not yet positive about identities but getting there).

    As for Trump, he nails Mccain and graham nicely in his latest tweet

    Donald J. Trump Verified account

    …Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.

    1. Lobro
      I don’t attack islam, and have not attacked it here. As far as what I understand by attack, only Billy attacked it, might have skipped on or 2 comments.
      What for example me, Parkingdeer, Pat, etc have commented is that we don’t sympathise with the Jewslim cause, being it the jew or the slim side of the equation.
      So don’t conflate lack of support with pink pussy marching, it shows lack of intelect
      I have jewish friends and I have muslim friends and I don’t conflate the individuals with the overall ideology of the religion they have been casted into

    2. Howling,
      keep the battle lines clear.
      this is my injunction.
      i have muslim friends but I do not have any jew friends nor ever will – i got no problem with EX-Jews.
      understand that a jew is someone who abides by torah in all its satanic glory and whoever doesn’t, can’t call himself a jew.
      anyone who sucks up to torah hoping for a material advantage is no better than jews or even worse.

      As for the un-muslims, those criminal pakis and islamo-trash pimping white shiksas and dealing crack in EU, they are NOT muslims, they shame their own brand, they should be rounded up and ground into pet food.
      THAT is conflation.
      these are the ex-humans that Jew employs to his nefarious ends and i want you all to understand that.

      when i see nozzleheads who use jew’s version of koran in order to slander a billion decent people, i relegate them into jew’s camp.
      I know tons of observant muslims who are perfectly fine people.
      I don’t know a single observant Jew worth shit.
      i can spot the difference between 2 groups.

      1. Lobro
        the battle lines are and always be as clear as mud!!
        What do you define as a muslim? you cannot, these people define themselves as muslims and that is what counts.
        When I did some call center work I knew 2 muslims(knew more but these were like brothers to themselves), both paquistani, one was stellar, respectful, considerate, the other was an utter asshole preaching about muslim superiority whilst at the same time behaving worse than a white trash christian.
        To quote the expression the feminists like to use:
        Not all feminists are like that, this applies to any person, even jews. I met religious jews, was insulted in jerusalem, they thought I was a muslim :D, that was funny
        At the same time I met some really nice people who are fed up with the settlements and all the israeli government is doing
        All humans isolated our of their ingroups tend to behave relatively ok in foreign, but when these ingroups expand over native ingroups, then friction occurs.
        Nobody cares about one kebab shop down the road, but people find it weird to see mosques and full streets of little arabianistan.
        I never lived in new york, so I haven’t seen little khazaristan and the jew patrols, but I have walked through the parasitical religious neighbourhoods in jerusalem and boy are these bastards not shy about their feelings about you
        For me the battle lines are clear
        me – my family – my friends – my acquaintances – my culture – my country and in this order, I won’t defend anything else.
        Even living in the UK I am not British and I am pro brexit, if they want me here, fine, otherwise, I can easily walse off to another country where my services will definitely be apreciated

      2. Lobro –

        While I certainly understand your rules of engagement, it has been my own experience that many we know as Jews are ‘nominal’ Jews at most. For instance, their mothers went to synagogue – and they, themselves, attend as a matter-of-habit – but aside from that, no action or demeanor is discernable in their daily activities among us. I, myself, was taught much about business from a Jew mentor who showed me how to be humble and kind when dealing with those who could advance my interests (and he was a very wealthy man whose family had been relegated to humble work in his youth because of is Jew status)(he is now deceased). Unfortunately, I did not listen to his admonishments to further my formal education, which he said would come back to haunt me when dealing with the shysters in the tax games…
        I think of him and his good influence and business practices whenever I become pissed-off about jews-in-general, and it tempers my prejudices! For that reason, I am willing to give Donald Trump and his son-in-law benefit of doubt. No human fault is engraved in stone. 🙂

  52. Few commentors here complained about Muslim lack of assimilation. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, assimilate is “to become part of a group, country, or a society.” We shouldn’t expect immigrants to assimilate into an alien culture immediately. When I came to America in 1977, the first thing I learned was the language, the law, and the history of the US.

    During last year’s presidential campaign and right after the Paris attack, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana insulted 7 million Muslims when he demanded they should assimilate. The Pelican State Gov. never explained why and how should Muslims be assimilated into the American culture. Since he lacks the courage to do so, here is what I wrote down then the Governor’s method might be to assimilate Muslims:

    1- A good start would be for Muslims to convert to Christianity and to change their name as he did. so they could fit in.

    2- Bearded men should shave it off, women should take off their “hijab” scarves and wear bikinis.

    3- Muslims should start cheating on their taxes by taking advantage of the tax lope holes.

    4- Muslim youth should practice dating and premarital sex.

    5- Instead of praying 5 times a day, Muslims should attend sporting events and go bar hopping.

    6- Muslims should attend Marti Gras and try “Gumbo” as apposed to performing the pilgrimage in Mecca.

    7- Make campaign contributions to political candidates rather to their favorite charities.

    8- Refrain from encouraging children to fast the month of Ramadan or face child abuse charges.

    9- Help stimulate and boost the economy by eating more fast food and less ethnic food.

    10- Limiting the number of children for each family to three and speaking in one’s native language at home only.

    1. Mahmoud
      Want to take about integration?
      Sure, let’s do it over a fine red wine with some Serrano ham and some cheese and bread
      Let’s talk about howling imams at the early hours of the morning and minarets that must be taller than the surrounding builds
      Let’s talk about Christian persecution in Islamic countries
      I will even barbecue some chorizo for the occasion

  53. More from ‘Trump-The-Tricky’ TV promo guy, and huckster. He does just enough to get praise from the cadre of the hypnotized “Trump-ettes”… 🙂

    Pakistanis and Saudis… still no problem…. for Trumpster.

    There is no Muslim ban..!!

    There is no Muslim ban. There are 50 Muslim nations in the world. Only 7 of them have a temporary hold on travel to the USA.

    Here are the nations limited by the Trump hold on people from Terrorist nations: Iraq. Syria. Iran. Libya. Somalia. Sudan. Yemen.

    Any and ALL Muslims who want to apply to visit the USA from 43 of the 50 Muslim nations which are NOT BANNED…. are still welcome to do so..!!

    See list:

    1. Pat, you could call Trumps executive order anything you want. He did referred to it as such during the campaign, even though he have suger-coated later, it does not change the facts it is targeting Muslims and it is not about terrorism. If it had been, Saudia Arbia would have been on the top of the list.

      Keep in mind, the second most powerful man in America is VP Mike Pence. He is on record, < calls to "ban Muslims" from entering the US are offensive and unconstitutional."

      The third most Powerful man in the US is the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. He too is on record,

      When an Ostrich sticks her head in the sand, it does not mean no one sees it, it means the bird naively thinks no one around see it.

      1. Mahmoud –

        You have your ‘power’ structure for America ALL wrong…!! You should fix that.. immediately..!! 🙂

        The Secretary of the Treasury is more powerful than ALL of the three you mentioned combined..!!

        Hank Paulson ordered the President, DC big-wigs and Congress around like three-year old kids in kindergarten… during the crisis of 2008. Congress was threatened with ‘Martial Law’..!! 🙂

        Martial Law if We Voted No

        October 2, 2008, U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Brad Sherman [D-CA] asks:

        “But why are we bailing out the Bank of China? Why are we bailing out the Saudi royal family?…

        The only way they can pass this bill is by creating and by sustaining a panic atmosphere… which is NOT justified.

        A few Members were even told that there would be MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA if we voted “no.”

        $$$HUNDREDS of Billions in Bonds were held by Goldman in London and China.


        And then… the bosses of the Secretary are even stronger…. and have never been removed since the ‘Coup of 1864’..!!


        Trump’s executive order to temporarily ban entry from seven Middle Eastern and African countries states that it is intended to “protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States.”

        However, few of the dozens of plots in the U.S. during and after 2001 were attempted or carried out by suspects who came from the countries targeted under the ban.

  54. Latest update on “Muslim Ban” from entering the US:

    There have been many developments since president Trump ban against Muslim went into effect.
    Several Muslim American families have been split apart, Mosques have been targeted by arson and two Iraqis who aided US force with translation in Iraq were detained at JFK airport. Another Muslim woman detained at a US airport attempted to commit suicide. Muslims in America are expecting the worse yet to come.

    Hours after Trump signs Muslim ban, Texas mosque went up in flames

    Trump says sanctuary cities are hotbeds of crime. Data say the opposite.
    Protesters are flooding many airports across the US are demanding an end to the ban.
    Lawyers at various US airports are standing with signs “welcome to America, I am a lawyer and I can help” and “America is not Trump.”

    Iran’s Oscar winning director Asghar Farhadi, an Iranian and a Muslim, will likely be prohibited from attending this year’s ceremony due to president Trump’s Muslims ban. Farhadi is nominated once again for Best Foreign Language Film, for “The Salesman.”

    Nadhim Zahawi is a British MP for the Conservative Party. He is Iraqi born.The ban against Muslims to the US, affects him too. Yet, Theresa May refuses to condemn Trump.

    According to the British Daily Mail, “Olympic hero Sir Mo Farah could be banned from returning to his home in America after Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.”
    Sir Mo Farah faces being BANNED from returning to his family in America under Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown on people from his Somali homeland
    Sir Mo is originally from Somalia, one of the countries on Donald Trump’s list
    It could mean he will be banned from re-entering the USA, where he lives with his wife and their 3 children
    The ban applies to those from the seven countries even if they are travelling on a passport issued by another country
    Sir Mo is thought to be training in Ethiopia where he tweeted from a week ago
    Read more:
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    Two Iraqi refugee targeted for helping US military detained at JFK airport due to Donald Trump Muslim ban

    1. @ Mahmoud

      A bit of advice because you come across as a sincere person that is a little short on some things of importance:

      1. Read the Executive Order yourself. Flan O’Brien posted the link to it previously. Make up your own mind about what it says.

      2. Do not believe anything from the jewish controlled media. That includes all mainstream media whether broadcast, cable news, newspaper, and tons of websites that reference these sources and /or propagate their agenda. Their specialty is lying and distraction for a global agenda.

      3. Become familiar with the patterns of false flag operations. False flag operations are performed for the purpose of control of the mind toward a global agenda.

      4. Sincerely pray for the truth. When you do, lies will become more evident.

      Unless you change your perspective, you will inadvertently be helping the enemy of all mankind regardless of their religious practices and beliefs. Your comments are in line with the agenda of the jews and their stooges. As examples:

      The Executive Order is not a Muslim ban. “Muslim ban” is what the media immediately called it. It is a terrorist ban based on the present perspective, right or wrong, of the US government, hence the countries listed. Even for those countries, it is a temporary ban. Primarily, it is a statement that US immigration laws are being enforced rather than ignored as they have been for the past 8 years for the global agenda.

      The immediate arson in Texas and violence in Canada are just too coincidental not to be false flags carried out by operatives of the global agenda of control by divide and conquer.

      Sanctuary cities ARE hotbeds of crime. Not following US immigration laws in the USA are crimes and they are punishable. At some point in the near future, some city officials will most likely make that discovery in handcuffs much to their surprise. The lying media will have a baseless propaganda field day when it happens.

      All the protests are planned and funded by those seeking a global agenda. Soros and his stooges are notorious for doing this. The blind follow.

      “According to the British Daily Mail…” Never believe liars. See item 2 above.

      Bottom line: Become more jew wise and you will take much less flack on a jew wise site like Darkmoon since you will not be considered an ally of the jewish agenda.

      As for religious beliefs, you will always take flack for your religious beliefs by some Darkmoon commenters regardless of what the religious belief is. Either ignore the jabs or defend your religious beliefs for the thousands who visit Darkmoon that only read. Trying to reason with the commenters jabbing at your religion is futile, a waste of time and electrons unless you just have nothing better to do like cleaning out your naval.

      1. Ung, you should be required reading before anyone is allowed to comment.
        Not bad for a young guy, i must say.

        This is painfully obvious but some are painfully blind:

        The immediate arson in Texas and violence in Canada are just too coincidental not to be false flags carried out by operatives of the global agenda of control by divide and conquer.

    1. Pat, Walid Shoebat is fake.

      It has been documented in both Palestinian and Israeli media and in court proceedings that Israeli Occupation Forces are operating a Palestinian butchery at Abu Kabir in Tel Aviv. Israeli forces routinely kidnap Palestinians at checkpoints, raids, hospital wards in order to harvest their organs for profit inside and out Israel, all without the family’s knowledge.

      Walid Shoebat have no credibility as far as I am concern. If he is confessed to have lied about his past, then legally, he should have his citizenship revoked and be kicked out the country. That is my two cents

      ‘Ex-terrorist’ rakes in homeland security bucks
      ‘Ex-terrorist’ rakes in homeland security bucks
      Walid Shoebat had a blunt message for the roughly 300 South Dakota police officers and sheriff’s deputies wh…

      1. Mahmoud… My new friend on Darkmoon –

        You can write “FAKE News” all you want… 🙂

        I write… NOT FAKE NEWS..!!

        Albanian Muslims operate human slaughterhouses in Kosovo.

        Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We learned this from a local Serbian Christian and veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia’s military, named Lazar. The victims are mostly “Christians serbs, young women, men, and also children.


        Islamic State Fatwa Authorizes Harvesting Body Parts from ‘Infidels’

        According to a religious ruling, or fatwa, issued by Islamic State scholars, the harvesting of organs from live victims in order to save the lives of Muslims is licit, opening the question of whether ISIS is engaging in the trafficking of human body parts.

        The fatwa is contained in a recently released document obtained by U.S. special forces in a raid in eastern Syria last May. According to the ruling, the removal of organs from a living captive to save a Muslim’s life is permitted, even if the operation kills the captive.


        Isis sanctions ‘harvesting’ the organs of ‘aposates’, document seized during US raid reveals
        The document, seized in a US special forces raid, also said it was permissible to ‘kill the apostate in order to eat his flesh’, if it was necessary.

        Isis has reportedly endorsed the ‘harvesting’ of organs from live prisoners in order to save the lives of Muslims, an official document captured by US special forces in a Syrian raid revealed.

        Dated to 31 January 2015, the directive was issued by Isis’s Research and Fatwa Committee, and was seized along with a treasure trove of data and other documents during a raid in eastern Syria in May 2015.


        The Kosovo Liberation Army’s veteran leader, Hashim Thaci, now Kosovo’s prime minister, in the mid-1990s spent time in Switzerland, a centre for radical Albanian emigre circles, where he mysteriously acquired funds for the KLA.
        Serbian press reported the organ scheme worth about four million euros was masterminded by Thaci.


    2. US-o-phobia may be warranted.
      — dozens of UN members bombed, tens of millions dead (eg, in guatemala alone, a “minor” US job, over 200,000),
      Arkansas-phobia may be warranted.
      — couple of history’s dirtiest politicians spawned in Little Crack, direct cause of worldwide ruin,
      geronto-phobia may be warranted.
      — people over 70 need frequent driver’s exams due to failing cognitive ability.
      Pat-o-phobia may be warranted, since you are at the nexus of these conditions – 😉

      How do you like ’em apples Pat (applying the lesson just learned)

      1. Lobro –

        “How do you like ’em apples Pat (applying the lesson just learned)”

        I like the “apples” a lot….. I have reported on them hundreds of times.

        However… “(applying the lesson just learned)” is a ‘BIG Mistake’ on your part.

        I will help you there…

        I learned them decades ago…. nothing was “just learned.” Hell, I wrote hundreds of pages of my newsletter about the Illinois-Arkansas cabal based in Little Rock… I had personal knowledge and interactions and used it against them…. I furnished Larry Nichols some big scoops… of their crap.. 🙂

        But you still use the diversionary tactics..!!

        The subject is “Islamophobia”…. NOT “Pat-o-phobia”..!!

        NICE TRY…again..!! STILL.. NO Cuban cigar..!! 🙂

  55. Does any one know if Ruth Berstein, ” the Jewish princess ” is banned from Darkmoon?

    1. Mahmoud, out of respect for you and Lasha, I have once more visited Darkmoon, and it was nice to see old friends, even TROJ. Unfortunately Mahmoud, you will never be able to combat ignorant misconceptions of Islam, due, probably, to many years of jewish brainwashing, and hasbara. It never ceases to amaze me that so many useful idiots are so concerned about sharia law, but have no problem living under jewish rule, and noahide laws..
      Tell Lasha thanks for her words of kindness..

      1. Ingrid,

        Your comment went into our Spam folder for some reason. Don’t know why. You are welcome to resume posting here and I hope your next comment(s) will go through without any technical hitches. Good luck!

      2. Sister –

        Ingrid knows why it went there.

        She will be the only Scottish born woman here….. reporting in from Scandinavia…. supporting Islamist refugeess where she lives now.

      3. Ingrid, what a pleasant surprise. I feel your pain! Some of the bigotry and hypocrisy here never cease to amaze me. I know for sure other websites will never tolerate it. That simply inhibits people from having a civil discussion and fruitful debate. Sometimes, when I talk to some people, it feels like you are dancing in a dark room; you don’t enjoy it and no one will see you.

  56. Trump gets more points among real americans.
    One thing about it – this big entry controversy has knocked pizzagate and the big dc d n c pedophile scandal clear out of the spotlight. No doubt podesta, the Clinton’s, Jimmy infants and all the big “bucks” going fishing and camping with young boys are breathing a little easier, especially with f b i guy Jim come y still on the scene.
    is trump covering up the pizza Ring On purpose?
    I can’t believe it..
    hoping we’ll get action on pizzagate later.
    funny, my spell checker . recognizes pizzagate now.
    Pat – the organ business points up how ruthless isis is. Of course the Israel is do the same. And the chinese to their convicts
    War empowers. Power corrupts.
    And people irate about the new screening should remember – there are already millions and millions of illegal aliens in the usa. Enough already.

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      “is trump covering up the pizza Ring On purpose?
      I can’t believe it..
      hoping we’ll get action on pizzagate later.”

      Trump is trying to get his “official” team installed. It appears that it is too early for anything like PizzaGate to be pushed for investigations.

      Based on my views of the PizzaGate citizen investigators, they are not bothered by lack of jewish media attention. They just keep establishing connections with some actions that expand the audience of regular people becoming more aware of the pedophile problem. PizzaGate is not going to sleep. It has global attention. I could be wrong, but it appears that some police force, unknown which one(s), are being kept in the loop of findings. Some posts are starting to contain terms that only law enforcement normally use.

      The PizzaGate citizen investigators seem to be doing well in identifying the trolls wanting to distract them or run them down dead ends.

      One thing I have noticed is that it appears that most of the citizen PizzaGate investigators are in the millennial age group and are internet tech savvy which is a good thing.

      PizzaGate is a nuclear bomb just waiting to be dropped on the globalist jew agenda. With the connections spreading outward, PizzaGate will appear when least expected. I suspect that this is one of the reason why the jewish globalists are in an obvious panic. With the internet being what it is today and with the loss of narrative control by the mainstream media, it cannot be swept under the rug as similar incidents of this nature in the past.

    1. Justice for Chinese,
      The world-wide, historical evidence of the past 1300 years, doesn’t seem to phase some of these people who believe that “Islam is good.” Century after century, the Muslims prove what devils they are but history doesn’t seem to have any meaning to these modern morons who can’t learn anything from the historical record.

      All of Islam is based on the insane babbling of Mohammad-the-Huckster, claiming that the Moon God of Arabia (al-Lah) is the supreme god. All of Islam features the same Quran and Hadiths preached by the narrow-minded little farts known as Imams. Century after century, the same murderous violence is perpetrated by Muslims against Mankind. But what do these people have to say on a chat board allegedly populated by intelligent people? They babble the same stupidities toward Islam that has led to the genocide of multi-millions of people who were soft on Islam.

      Make no mistake, Folks, the Muslims use every deceit and lie they can get away with in order to lull you into acquiescence of their duplicity. Once you are smiling and greeting them with open arms, then they plunge in the knife with screams of “God is Great.”

      Islam (as well as Judaism) is a hoax. I have proven this. For those of you who accept this lying Muslim, Mahmound, at face value, only shows the depths of your ignorance. And how much more ignorant can one be, than to ignore the proofs of history as no better than bed time stories — rather than as warnings from the people of the Past who have suffered under the Muslim vipers?

  57. ungenius — good observations. it’s the new open media enlightenment revolution. internet sunlight. it can’t be stopped and it will out all the rest of it too.
    but it can come too late.
    there’s only a little time left to avoid the muslim plague.
    everybody thank your god for trump, and for brexit.
    close your borders now.
    justice — good info for people who are not yet hip to the facts of life with islam.
    here’s more.

  58. All manufactured history for the last 100 years and moving forward revolves around the specter of Is-ra-el.

    Uber-insider Hank Kissinger let the “Albert Pike” cat outta the bag when stating several years ago that “Israel will be no more” in 10 or so years (although time lines are always tough to call).

    Think of Israel as a fruit-bearing tree, whose bad seed began germinating in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration and the Bolshevik revolution. With the Brest-Litovsk treaty of March 1918 taking Russia out of the geopolitical mix, and the treaty of Versailles doing the same to the Central powers and Turkey, events were then guided towards the fomentation of a 2nd world war. With the defeat of the 3rd Reich, the “tree” blossomed into the GREAT LIE of holocaust, and in 1948 it finally came to fruition.

    For the past 68 plus years its poisoned fruit stays poised in the middle of the ME powder keg as the engineered inflammation pitting the West vs. the Muslim world reaches a tipping point. But eventually trees lose their production value and die, and THIS tree is close to the end of serving the cause for which it was ultimately designed, which is as a conduit for inciting a 3rd world war that would culminate in its destruction*.

    If things were to go according to the plan which perceives a final major conflict to be necessary for a complete subjugation of mankind, “the capstone will be put atop the pyramid” as the finishing touch in cementing a totalitarian world government.


    sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men….

    Boil bubble
    toil and trouble
    a witches brew
    will cook the jew

    sacrificing brethren is no skin off their nose

    1. @ Brownhawk

      To add to your ending Boil, the Pike plan has fallen apart and will not come to fruition. The nihilist, China and Russia, that were supposed to wipe out the survivors of the Christian/Muslim WWIII conflict are no longer nihilists. Russia has returned to Christianity and China is converting rapidly. Jewish communism did not work in either country. The jews have no plan B, so unintended consequences will not be in favor of the jews desiring world tyranny. I just love it when an evil plan falls apart.

      1. @Ungenius

        I getcha. I guess that’s why I ended with my Steinbeck reference of the best laid plans of mice and men.

        So now it’s back to a rapidly disintegrating drawing board

        P.S. At any rate, did you like my “boil”?

      2. @Ungenius

        Iran is key in the game of shifting alliances. It’s their turn to come front and center on the world stage contrivance. An axis of Russia, China, and Iran would be most formidable. Game…set…?

        Perhaps the direful wording of the extant gospels alluding to prophecy are exaggerated. Always question authorship and it’s motives.

        P.S. I like your style, Ung, and speaking of nihilism, I think of many of us here on darkmoon as being symbolic of the Karamazov family and friends. It’s like we’re all playing roles that tap into a certain level of consciousness. Think of it as a retributive experience.

        It isn’t just mere happenstance that we are all communicating on this lil ol website, when there are so many that we could be on otherwise

      3. Brownhawk,

        I spell it right that time. You might be the starets Zossima, but i am just an idiot in Versailles waiting for answers. And i am sober when i say that.

        I wish you all well.

      4. @Ungenius

        That the influence of nihilism is waning in the world bespeaks the waxing power of the Christ consciousness. The bad guys are getting their last licks in*, but time is rapidly running out for that as the kali yuga disappears altogether in the rear view

        *a possible scenario…

        Quick race goes on
        conflict Iran
        whose time is short
        for planned report
        it musnt drag
        to plant false flag
        and there befell
        on Israel

    1. David Chu, it seems to me that your name should be spelled “David Jew.” You want the real Muslim murderers to go free and Americans to be complacent and blame-worthy for defending ourselves. As a matter of fact, Anwar al-Awlaki, was a traitor. Once again, this “thing” called a Muslim-American was one of the most out-spoken advocates of Muslim jihad against the West. Like our Dark Moon resident Muslim, Mahmound, he claimed to be an American but fomented every possible argument for stirring up trouble against America. I have a complete collection of his English-language speeches made in England and various American cities, and he should have been hung for treason and subversion long ago. A rope around his lying treasonous neck is much cheaper than a drone strike. And you, David Jew, are equally subversive and deceitful.

      1. “…should have been hanged…” (not ‘hung’, Banjo). Pheasants are ‘hung’ – traitors are HANGED. 🙂
        Anyhow, someone as usefully informative as yourself needs beware of the distinction. 🙂
        (There are a lot of bastards who need hangin’, Banjo!!!!)

  59. I’m wondering, is there any Trump supporter (or former Trump supporter) here who honestly didn’t think that Trump would lift the sanctions against Russia?

    As I see it, Trump’s reasonable Russia-friendly/pro-Putin rhetoric was certainly intended to imply that Trump would do things like lifting the sanctions against Russia (which any thinking person can see were nothing more than a propaganda effort to demonize Russia unjustifiably).

    In light of Trump’s rhetoric, I wondered: Why, with only days left in his term, is Obama imposing new sanctions on Russia which Trump will almost certainly lift as soon as he’s inaugurated?

    Now I know why. Apparently because Obama and his handlers knew that Trump wasn’t going to lift the sanctions anytime soon. And how could they have known that? The only plausible answer is because they were coordinating together on it.

    What other conclusion can a reasonable person come to? This implies that, as usual, the whole election was just another political Punch and Judy puppet show. It was Trump, the “good cop”, the embodiment of the righteous spirit of “the people”, vs. Clinton, the “bad cop”, the embodiment of the spirit of the corrupt “establishment”.

    Trump calculatingly attacked the lying mass media (which had already squandered any and all remaining credibility and was thus useless to the Jews anyway), and Trump attacked (and calculatingly promised to prosecute) establishment icon Clinton.

    But the Trumpster went further than that. He calculatingly questioned if NATO wasn’t obsolete; he calculatingly discussed conducting a real investigation into 9/11. IOW he calculatingly pushed all the right buttons, implying long-overdue action (on things that he actually has no intention of doing).

    In this light, it makes sense why our masters threw Sanders under the bus, for example; they wanted to run Trump against the more unelectable Clinton.

    I think we’ve been scammed, yet again.

    1. Harold –

      “Scammed, yet again” should be “STILL”…!!

      A CFR member noted last year that Trump and Putin like each other:

      Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him.

      July25, 2016

      Trump repeatedly says he would “get along very well with” Putin. In return Putin has praised Trump as “bright and talented.” Trump positively glows as he repeats reports that “Putin likes me.”

      The Trump-Russia links beneath the surface are even more extensive, as Franklin Foer has shown in Slate. Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies. Trump’s de facto campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was a longtime consultant to Viktor Yanukovich, the Russian-backed president of Ukraine who was overthrown in 2014. Manafort also has done multimillion-dollar business deals with Russian oligarchs.

      Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him.

      Trump’s foreign policy advisor Carter Page has his own business ties to the state-controlled Russian oil giant Gazprom. He recently delivered a speech in Moscow slamming the United States for its “hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization” and praising Russia for a foreign policy supposedly built on “noninterference,” “tolerance” and “respect.” (Try telling that to Ukraine.)

      Another Trump foreign policy advisor, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, flew to Moscow last year to attend a gala banquet celebrating Russia Today, the Kremlin’s propaganda channel, and was seated at the head table near Putin. Flynn is a regular guest on Russia Today; he refuses to say whether he gets paid.

      Given the pro-Putin orientation of Trump and his circle, it is no surprise that his campaign quietly rolled back a call in the GOP platform for arming Ukraine to fight back against Russian aggression, as most Republican foreign-policy experts have advocated.

      Trump has more than once criticized NATO, the chief obstacle to Russian designs, as obsolete and has said he wouldn’t necessarily come to the aid of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s members if they are attacked by Russia.

      Trump also cheered Britain’s vote to exit the European Union, another institution that Putin sees as an IMPEDIMENT to his influence.

      Trump’s slogan might as well be  “Make Russia Great Again”— presents Putin with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reorient American foreign policy in Russia’s favor.  Without the countering influence of the U.S., Putin has  a good chance to achieve his dream of undoing the collapse of the Soviet Union, which he has called a “geopolitical catastrophe,” by re-swallowing Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other former Soviet republics.

      —–Max Boot is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a contributing writer to Opinion.

      1. Max Boot? LOL! Well the Jew-controlled media will exaggerate and try to misrepresent any “connection” between Trump and Russia, so articles like that have to be taken with a big grain of salt, IMO.

        That said, the U.S. government seems to have a habit of cooperating with and generally cozying up to someone or some country, right before betraying them, so you never know.

        I’ll be waiting to see whether Trump unconditionally lifts sanctions against Russia in the near future or whether he tries to make some kind of a deal to get Russia to sell out Iran or something like that.

        I’d love to be proven wrong, but I don’t trust the Trumpster at all, and I’m presently seeing him as nothing more than Anders Breivik in a suit and tie.

      2. That reminds me… Kolo… Thanks…

        G’Pa Trump Tweets REAL garbage. Today..!! 🙂 🙂

        Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump
        4:50 AM – 1 Feb 2017
        “Everybody is arguing whether or not it is a BAN. Call it what you want, it is about keeping bad people (with bad intentions) out of country!”

    2. @ Harold Smith

      To lift Russian sanctions before the Senate approves his cabinet would be not be smart since the jews have all Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, opposed to anything benefiting Russia. First things first. After Trump gets his cabinet approved, a more friendly approach to Russia will occur. Trump has already alluded to preferring to work with Russia to eliminate ISIS than working with NATO to do it.

  60. Trump may fear Islamis but NOT Israelis.. 🙂

    Trump’s Vodka is STILL being sold in Israel but not in US

    No wonder he and Netanyahu like each other so much…$$$

    Trump Vodka was an American brand of vodka produced by The Trump Organization at the behest of its owner Donald Trump. The brand was launched in the United States in 2005, but ceased production under the Trump name in 2011 when it failed to meet the required threshold for distribution. However, it is still sold in Israel, especially around the Jewish holiday of Passover.

    Trump Vodka started being sold unofficially in Israel by H. Pixel International based on a signed deal with Drinks Americas, but Trump brought a lawsuit against the company for copyright infringement as they did not have his agreement to use his image in advertising or the brand.

    However, Trump later dropped the lawsuit and signed a deal with H. Pixel International to allow them to sell Trump Vodka in Israel.

    Despite the failures in the United States, Trump Vodka found a level of popularity in Israel.

    Trump’s vodka was a popular choice around Passover for Orthodox Jews, as the vodka was made from potatoes and not grain, thus satisfying kosher for Passover dietary laws. However, some Trump Vodka produced in 2013 was found to contain chametz, a leavened ingredient that made it unsuitable for consumption during Passover.

    Here is a pic of Trump and his fancy vodka:

  61. harold – pat — you take the dim view on djt with russia, and i guess i can understand that. we’ve been scammed a lot.
    but i don’t see anything wrong with trump using his business contacts inside russia to improve our relationship, maybe even get past the traditional adversity. that could be what’s happening.
    i don’t think russia ever was a threat to the usa, but it has been played up as such by the beltway war profiteers and their bankster buddies, and the big religious cheeses too, kept in place for the sake of the very lucrative security state power pyramid, which has now evolved into the ndaa war on terror surveillance state.
    the usa built the russian infrastructure post ww2. fred koch was joe stalin’s favorite oil man. we shipped boxcars of hundred dollar bills to russia and even gave them their own fed note money printing press.
    while the zionists were doing their nazi hunting, our allies, the british, made it a crime to use the term ‘war criminal’ against any russian. the western democracies never said a word when stalin was conducting his murderous purges against the eastern europeans.
    russia and the usa have both been ruled by the same banksters since ww2.
    general patton would have stopped it as president, but he was murdered by pact of fdr and stalin.
    we all know communism was a jewish zionist bankster thing – funded by the warburgs, rockefellers and rothschilds for even greater control over the masses. and truman planned to meld the usa compatible.
    and a lot of vicious new york jews were just the degenerate scumbags to carry the bolshevik revolution off.
    now they’re giving us all the muslim death. much of europe is probably already gone.
    ww2 and the bolshevik alliance was also done to aggrandize the military industrial complex in general, set it up permanently. part of grand commander pike’s prediction.
    and lately that’s been expanding big with the greedy nato push.
    communism got got a real grip in america in 1913 with the establishment of the fed bank and the irs.
    those are both major planks in the communist manifesto.
    fdr and ww2 cemented it.
    every president since fdr (some cryptos) has been either a jew/mason himself or has been under their control, with the exception of jfk.
    camp david is the real white house. the cia is still the kgb/mossad. look how they acted for hillary.
    most of the beltway crowd are only stooges for the real power. look at the likes of the bushes, clintons, obama, mccain and graham. they’re part of the old complex. still trying to keep it alive.
    then you got putin. he seems different.
    now you have djt. he seems different too.
    you could be right. trump could turn out to be just another schmucko. he’s got enough jews around him. and he does kowtow a bit. but maybe that’s where his duplicity lies.
    but look, his policies are anti-zionist and anti-dc. no doubt about it.
    he hates the establishment media. what real american doesn’t? i don’t think that’s an act.
    his antagonism toward nato looks encouraging. he’s willing to gut that sacred warmonger cow.
    he opposes the migration invasion. that’s a jew/catholic thing.
    he openly denounces globalism and praises brexit. who else would do that?
    he disdained the jews conflicts in africa. called it stupid. how right-on was that?
    he champions the second amendment. the jews all hate that, because americans remain dignified.
    all the self-absorbed effete hollywood jew commie crowd hates him. is that not a good sign?
    he even told the pope to get off.
    the guy has been hot at the forge since day one. he’s no slug.
    c’mon man. i’d hate to be so turned off as to not recognize the real deal when it finally does show up.
    this could be it.

    1. Bark –

      “pat — you take the dim view on djt with russia, and i guess i can understand that. we’ve been scammed a lot.
      but i don’t see anything wrong with trump using his business contacts inside russia to improve our relationship, maybe even get past the traditional adversity. that could be what’s happening.”

      I don’t know how you arrived at that conclusion about my view.

      I have written for years that US and Russia are doing business… sanctions or no sanctions. Sanctions are fake…!! 🙂

      I have also claimed that Russia is a satellite of the US since 1917. Putin does as he is told.

      Russian news write about that:

      Putin admits US is the only superpower today

      June 17, 2016

      The Russian president admitted the world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs.

      ST.PETERSBURG, June 17. /TASS/. The world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs and prevent the European Union to build relations with Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

      “The world needs such a powerful country as the United States. And we also need it. But we don’t need them to constantly interfere in our affairs and tell us how to live and prevent Europe to build relations with us,” Putin said.


      Putin is looking for BONDS for US investors… not BOMBS for US… 🙂


      The Russian company Diamond Fortune has announced plans to inject a whopping 900 million dollars into the construction of a hotel and entertainment complex in the country’s Far Eastern city of Vladivostok.

      Diamond Fortune Holdings was founded in 2010 to carry out investment project in Integrated Entertainment Resort in Primorsky Territory.

      Our mission is to create and develop the most exciting entertainment resort combining hotels, theme parks, edutainment and casinos.

      About 300mln Asian population is reachable within three hour flight.


      Russia is USA-East…

      The food, automotive and technology sectors in Russia have several major American players, according to a report from the International Research & Exchanges Board and the U.S. Russia Foundation.

      PepsiCo (PEP) became the first American company to do business in the Soviet Union in 1974. Over the 40 years since, the company has created more than 30,000 jobs and invested more than $3 billion.

      Coca-Cola (KO) and privately held candy maker Mars Inc. also have a footprint in Russia’s food sector. In 1991, McDonald’s (MCD) opened the doors to its first restaurant in Russia.

      General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) manufacture cars in Russia, while Caterpillar (CAT) has plants that build its heavy equipment. IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) have a large presence in the country as well.

      According to the company’s website, Mars entered the Russian market in 1991 and has since invested more than $1 billion. Mars built its second chocolate factory in Russia two years ago.

      Procter & Gamble (PG) also launched its Russian unit in 1991, and the segment has grown to become one of the largest for the consumer goods giant.

      The report said ExxonMobil (XOM) has invested the most in Russia over the years, despite the difficulties of doing business in the country. From 2000 through 2011, the largest U.S. energy company poured $10 billion into its Russian operations.

      Boeing (BA), Chevron (CVX) and ConocoPhillips (COP) have also been heavy investors. Between 1992 and 2009, Boeing spent $5 billion in Russia.

      Russian investors have increasingly looked to the U.S. as well, focusing primarily on the iron and steel industry, financial sector and telecommunications.


      Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

      There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:
      Royal Bank of Scotland
      Goldman Sachs
      Coca Cola

    2. If anything, my “dim view” is that Trump will betray Russia, i.e., pretend to be reasonable and friendly, but try to undermine Assad in Syria, isolate Russia from Iran, China, etc., or otherwise weaken Russia, etc.

      I don’t trust the Trumpster, at all. But as I mentioned elsewhere, I hope to be proven wrong.

    3. Bark –

      Putin needs Trump to show him how to quickly build and completely bankrupt casinos..!! 🙂

      NO Musselmen or ‘Sharia-ites’ allowed… Putin refuses them entry into Russia from Syria because…
      …gambling while drinking alcohol penalty is death by stoning..!! 🙂

      Federal Tourism Agency says gambling zone in Sochi will help to use resort off-season

      December 21, 2016

      Despite the fact that Sochi is the most popular resort, there is the off-season curve and it should be smoothed out, according to Russian Federal Tourism Agency’s head


      First casino opens in Primorye recreation zone in Russia’s Far East

      November 11, 2015
      Primorye gambling zone will feature entertainment centers, casinos, hotels, villas, yacht club and other tourist properties, the project is expected to be completed by 2022



      Russia’s largest casino opens near Vladivostok

      October 08, 2015
      Primorye gambling zone is located in the area of 620 hectares in Muravyinaya Bay near Vladivostok


      Largest investor in Primorye Resort presented new projects

      SELENA Project was presented during Economic Forum
      Largest casino in Russia opened near Vladivostok
      Opening of Tigre De Cristal
      Gambling Makao industry stabilizes
      Gambling territory
      Gaming and casino fans have not gone anywhere
      Georgii Kondakov: ‘We are not going to be competing with other partners at Entertainment Resort Primorye’
      Primorsky Entertainment Resort is reviewing investment projects
      Yet another investor in Primorye – Diamond Fortune Holdings –started construction works


      Diamond Fortune Holdings was founded in 2010 to carry out investment project in Integrated Entertainment Resort in Primorsky Territory.

      Our mission is to create and develop the most exciting entertainment resort combining hotels, theme parks, edutainment and casinos.

      1. Pat, you have falsely claimed that the penalty for gambling while drinking alcohol in Islam is death by stoning.

        Where do you come with this crap, I have no clue! Please quit using Darkmoon’s page as a platform to spew anti-Muslim propaganda. Readers here deserve truth, links, and references when you make such outlandish allegations. Otherwise, you are promoting hate and fear-mongering. Thanks!

      2. Mahmoud –

        Thanks for reading my comment. 🙂

        You can correct my mistake.

        What is the penalty for a Muslim woman who is caught gambling while drinking alcohol in an Islam ruled country?

  62. Life-Long Liberal and American-Muslim, Asra Nomani, voted for Trump and she reports:

    “Dangerous times today…. Islamic Right has joined the Liberal Left.”

    How the left is helping the Muslim right

    ‘Standing Alone’ Author and the Muslim Reform Movement Co-Founder Asra Nomani on why the leftist media and Muslim right are creating anti-American hysteria.


    Right leaning Woman says….

    The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!

    Published on Jan 26, 2017

    The Women’s March telegraphed what the Left is all about. Pay attention and prepare for the little Bolsheviks and their antics. They are pushing HARD for a civil war.


    ADMIN: You have NOT been banned from this site but your recent comments have been deleted for two reasons. (1) Your user name is “Phil”, not “h”. We cannot allow posters to use different user names. (2) You have been posting irresponsibly, as if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You screwed up our entire formatting.

    Stop misbehaving, as if you were a Voltaire with the right to make an exhibition of yourself in the mistaken belief that you are some kind of Gallic genius. You are not! 🙂

    Write sensibly and you will be allowed to comment again freely.

  64. PAT
    The Penal code For gambling while Drinking is a moral offense according to the Islamic Law of many Muslim Countries it depend on where the offense was committed.
    I submitted your question as an inquiry on a website for online fatwas run by Muslim reformists ,the answer came as follow ………..if happened during the ottoman period and before
    :if the offender is a Man then the punishment would be to confiscate his money ,detained one day for each drink he consumed and or paying a fine .
    if the offender is a woman then she became the property of the state.will became part of the Sultan’s Harem.
    these days ,Mr. Pat no body give A hoot.what a Muslim woman do.or think, she is her own master,no body own her or order her around.
    but Islamophobics live in a bubble ,believing what the liars and deceivers spew.

    1. WHO –
      Thanks. I have only the words of others… and reports from various sources. In this case… your words.

      However … Asra Nomani, an American-Muslim woman, stated at 3:50 in the video that women are NOT EVEN allowed to use the FRONT entrance of the Islamic Center in DC…. and cannot go into the main hall there…!!

      NOW… I have to choose which words to repeat. Yours or hers. 🙂

      1. PAT
        I really respect your views on many things ,but I have lived many years on some very liberal progressive neighborhoods and districts in many “Islamic” Arab Countries .I am amazed and shocked at what some people imagination and misconception about Muslims and Arabs in General.
        even these Arabs thought I might be Jewish ,which I never confirm it or deny it to them, they never cared.that to show you the degree of tolerance the Arab Muslims have had displayed.
        P.S it was never my intention to call you Islamophobic ,i miss spoke ,for that I’m Sorry.
        as For Miss Nomani , she is one tough cookie and I respect her courage to stand up for her belief against her indo imams..
        to be honest ,I’m only familiar with the Arab version of Islam and Arab Muslims ,I’m NOT familiar with the indo-paki Culture and their islamo version.

  65. Trump is addressing the fake-jew problem by addressing the immigration problem which was created by the fake-jews. He is working on knocking-out, or at least knocking-down ISIS. Doing that makes it necessary to limit people from Moslem nations to enter the U.S. That could not be more obvious; instead people are jumping to the MSM-fed conclusions.

    It was Hitler and Rothschild that gave the Holy Land to the people (fake- jews) in 1948. Hitler was an Ashkenazi-jew working with the Ashkenazi-jew Rothschild; all fake-jews. The Nazi era continued/s up to the present day following the Talmudic traditions of men.

    If the Palestinians want to keep the Holy Land and abide there with others, then it would be a good idea for them to LISTEN TO GOD and DO WHAT HE says to do EXACTLY.
    Sura 32:23 “We did indeed aforetime give the Book (Torah) to Moses: be then NOT IN DOUBT of its (The Torah) reaching (THEE – the readers of this Koran – moslems): and We made it a Guide to the Children of Israel.”

    The Torah (not jewish) is The Law of the Land. Live by it, or expect to die at some point.

    The simple, easy to understand, Verse from Deuteronomy is not a Verse to be ignored.

    Deuteronomy 32:39 See now that I, [even] I, [am] He, and [there is] no god with Me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither [is there any] that can deliver out of My hand.

    1. I see Trump as the political embodiment of a “limited hangout”; sort of an analog to Alex Jones’ limited hangout media disinformation. (No wonder Jones loves the Trumpster so much).
      Anyway, I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Jew central command headquarters, but because I can’t be, I have to speculate a little bit.
      Apparently the situation has gone down hill to the point where the Jews have to grudgingly give up a few relatively minor things. So let’s think about this a little bit. Their mass media has lost all credibility, so there’s nothing more to lose and everything to gain by staging a fierce, scripted battle between our “hero”, the Trumpster, and the already dead media.
      And it seems the Trumpster got a big boost in credibility by beating the hell out of the corpse of the MSM.
      And of course, Syria is also a lost cause, so what do the Jews have to lose by having their new puppet ruler “cooperate” with Russia, or at least appear to be trying to cooperate (on Syria at least) to build up some “credibility”?
      How much more do the Jews have to give away to keep a substantial grip on power? Well we know there can be no investigation/prosecution of the Clintons, as the Clintons are consummate insiders that undoubtedly have too much dirt on too many people. And we know that 9/11 is off limits, so what will the Jews give up instead?
      Probably our limited hangout hero will give the disillusioned Goyim a “crackdown” on immigration, maybe back off on the gun control agenda for a while, bring back (or prevent further loss of) some manufacturing jobs, and tweak the federal budget a little bit.
      If the Trumpster fraudster does actually cooperate with Russia and make some amends, my fear is that the cooperation will be in bad faith, and the Jews will use any political capital to seek their pound of flesh elsewhere, and the Trumpster will accordingly escalate tensions with Iran and/or China, possibly setting the stage for a false-flag attack, e.g., to be blamed on Iran.
      Of course I hope the Trumpster proves me wrong,

      1. Harold –

        I mostly agree with your comments…. since we are all guessing here.

        I see problem-reaction-solution everywhere constantly.

        Problem = Obama administration
        Reaction = kick out Democrats
        Solution = Trump’s few crumbs of relief + false hope

        But, we settle for things which would have been impossible to bring about without the horrendous actions of the previous administration. WHEW..!!

        Just imagine if 911 had happened 2 or 3 years earlier… under Clinton. The outcry would have prompted a more thorough investigation. Real criminals would be more exposed.

        They know how we will react already… Play with us. 🙂

  66. ‘Infidel’ – a bit of clarification: The Arabic word transliterated is Kaafir. In Arabic language this word has three roots: Ka Fa Ra. Linguistically, the etymology of the root word literally means ‘to cover”. From a philosophical Islamic point of view, since it is the natural, intrinsic way of man to believe in God then the one who disbelieves is covering the true nature of himself. According to Islam that leads to a corruption of one’s true self that manifests itself in a type of oppression – oppression of one’s self that sometimes leads to contamination of society.
    Conversely, Islam means submission or resignation to the will of God. It is through this ‘way’ that leads to peace, hence the word ‘salaam’ and ‘islam’ have the same root. So Muslims consider everything natural to be in a state of Islam: that includes the trees, the animals, the planets, and the atom, all of creation. It is not just the Abrahamic religion(s). So, pardon the pun but there is no ‘cover up’ or abrogation.

    Allah literally means ‘The God’ i.e. the only true universal God. It is a unique word. It has no male or female. It has always been used as the uncreated, creator of all. All faith groups (including pagan Arabs) who speak Arabic have used the word this way from the beginning.
    As for the ‘famous Moon God’ – makes me laugh. No wonder Banjo is Howling Mad; he keeps looking for the FULL moon on a DARKmoon website. The dark moon is not just over America it is over the whole world.
    It is not true Judaism or true Christianity or true Islam that is the problem. All three are recipients of divine light.
    It is the devil’s deception that has manifested itself in the form of false Judaism taken on by false semites, who are false Whites that have worked tirelessly over centuries to contaminate the three religions to present false versions of themselves. It appears we are living in the time of the ‘false messiah’, the anti-Christ – in Arabic, the Masih-ad dajjal. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM – the new Godless order.

  67. Dallas Man Holds Sign of Support Outside Islamic Center
    Man who held sign of support outside Dallas mosque says his “You Belong” message was prompted by recent hatred directed at Muslims. “This was about binding up the wounded. About showing compassion and empathy for the hurting and fearful among us.

  68. I have one question to Darkmoon 7 or let’s call them ” the 7 Muslim Bashers @ Darkmoon( BANJOE_BILLY, Pat, HOWLING MAD, FRANKLIN RYCAERT, LSPM, MADAME BUTTERLY AND TROJ. Replace the word “Muslim” with the word “Jew” and ask yourself, do I sound like a fucking Nazi?

    If I forget to add your name to the list of Muslim bashers on this site, my apologies. If your name is not on the list and you wish to have your name added, please check with Sister Monica and/or give us three good reasons why you should be considered for this distinction. In the event your name has been added unfairly or by mistake to the list, please tell me why and I will be more than happy to remove it.

    1. Several of you asked repeatedly, why did I chose to enlist in the US armed Forces? I am sharing this upon your request. With one correction. It was the US Navy and not the US army who told me I was not eligible to enlist.

      March 7, 2003, 6:43PM

      Arab-Americans in military battle against stereotyping

      Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle
      When Mahmoud El-Yousseph of Columbus , Ohio , inquired about joining the U.S. Army in 1984, a recruiter told him he was ineligible to serve because he was born in Lebanon .
      Convinced he was qualified, the naturalized U.S. citizen challenged the recruiter’s decision. The Army eventually conceded he was correct, apologized for their mistake and offered him enlistment.
      But El-Yousseph promptly joined the Air Force Reserves instead, “just to make a point,” he said.
      Nearly 20 years later, Tech Sgt. El-Yousseph is one of 3,500 Arab-Americans in the U.S. military, serving as a food service specialist in the Ohio Air National Guard.
      Like others with ethnic roots in the Middle East, he’s aware that some fellow troops still look at him with curiosity and suspicion, especially now that the nation is preparing for war with Iraq .
      But he’s one of many proud Arab-Americans in uniform — Iraqi-Americans included — who said they are ready to die for this country and are eager to battle the Arab stereotyping that persists in society as well as in the armed services.
      “We’re not just a bunch of foreigners with accents and terrorist sympathizers,” El-Yousseph said.
      “This is my country now. It’s my home. And I just want everybody to know that Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans can be counted on in time of crisis and we will pick up arms to defend our country and our freedom,” El-Yousseph said.
      He is among several hundred people who form the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in the Military, which was launched the month after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to counter anti-Arab sentiments. As the group continues to grow and strengthen, it operates with the knowledge that deep-seated bigotry is hard to eradicate among both civilians and soldiers.
      In January, there was fresh evidence of that reality. In Medford , Ore. , two Army National Guard members were charged with assaulting an Indian man whom they mistook for an Arab. A third Guardsman committed suicide after the incident. The soldiers, recently returned from duty in the Middle East , claimed they were on a “mission” to clean up their community by attacking minorities and homeless people.
      In December, a Guardsman in South Carolina claimed fellow soldiers ejected him from their barracks, citing his Jordanian background. Amid clashing accounts of the incident, the man also claimed he had previously been called a “camel jockey” and other insulting terms.
      While both cases made local headlines, many smalle-r incidents have not, like the times El-Yousseph was teased about his heritage and called a “bomb-thrower.”
      El-Yousseph said officers, to their credit, have come to his defense on several occasions. When a fellow soldier joked that El-Yousseph might have a bomb in his briefcase a few years ago, the soldier was required to publicly apologize for the remark.
      “One guy referred to me as `Dude from Lebanon .’ But when the instructor heard him, he tore him apart. He said, `We cannot tolerate that. He has a rank. He has a name. If you don’t know his name, call him by rank.’ ” El-Yousseph said. “I was really impressed.”
      Still, there’s a continuing need for consciousness-raising within the military ranks, said Marine Staff Sgt. Jamal Baadani, founder of the Arab-American soldiers group. That’s why he often speaks to troops about the contributions made by Arab-Americans in the military, going back to World War I. He also has addressed community groups and students.
      Baadani, a California-based reservist recently summoned to active duty, appeared on CNN to further spread his message. In recent months he also was profiled in People magazine and in the PBS documentary They Came to America. A naturalized U.S. citizen, Baadani was born and raised in Egypt .
      “A lot of people ask, `How come you’re going to go fight another Arab?’ I tell them, `I’m not going to fight another Arab, because I’m going there as an American. I took an oath to the Constitution to go fight for our freedom, regardless where it may be. It just happens to be right now in the Middle East ,” Baadani said.
      “The underlying theme of my message is, we’re Americans — no matter what the foreign policy is from Washington . We have hopes and dreams like anybody else,” he said.
      While he, too, has been subjected to anti-Arab comments while in uniform, Baadani said the Marines are renowned for their ethnically diverse and inclusive environment.
      “You really don’t notice any discrimination or any kind of pressure or uncomfortable atmosphere. You’re judged on your rank and on your job in the Marine Corps,” he said. The only troubling incidents noted by his organization in recent months were those in Oregon and South Carolina , he added.
      Some Arab-Americans in uniform said they haven’t endured any hardships because of their ethnic or religious background. Air Force Sgt. Rima Kassis, an aircraft maintenance specialist at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls and a first-generation Arab-American, said, “Overall, I’ve been treated fantastic … I have not found any constraints. Me being an Arab-American has not affected my career” of more than 16 years.
      Kassis, whose family immigrated from Lebanon , was born in California and entered the service at age 24.
      “The only thing I got teased about was being one of the older people in our flight (unit),” she said.
      “One of the reasons I enlisted was due to the fact that America had let my family in and, bottom line, I wanted to pay back this country,” she said, even if it means going to war in the Middle East .
      “Anything’s possible,” she said.
      For more information on the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in the Military, see

    2. Mahmoud –

      You can’t fool me…

      This is an attempt to get enough replies to put the comments to your article over the 300 MARK…!! SO, you can brag about that all over the web..!! 🙂

      I am very glad to help you there.. 273 and rising…!!

      BTW – I have never been a “basher” of anyone or any group mentioned here. I have never even touched them…. with my hands or weapons. 🙂

      Soooooo…. remove my handle from the list.

    3. Mahmoud –

      Since your list contains those critical to Islamists….

      You can add this one… to your list…

      Now… #274.. 🙂

      DJT… since he mentioned Islamists…!!

      Donald J. Trump Verified account

      A new radical Islamic terrorist has just attacked in Louvre Museum in Paris. Tourists were locked down. France on edge again. GET SMART U.S.

      1. Pat –

        It’s hard to keep from making blanket condemnations against individuals – but sometimes necessarily cautious when articulating national considerations. Too bad our leaders really don’t have the luxury of affording the time for distinction! My own, personal physician is Lebanese, and he and I can afford to exchange personal badgering of our differences – because we know and trust each other. Moreover, we share common ground in our distrust of Israhell. I seriously doubt I could ever be persuaded to lift a hand against him, but he and I know each other socially – and make great sport and fun of our differences! 🙂

      2. Gil –

        “Too bad our leaders really don’t have the luxury of affording the time for distinction!”

        What is really too bad…. for innocents… is that NONE of the leaders have the luxury to drop 500 lb bombs which can make distinctions..!! 🙂

      3. PAT
        I DON’T believe that you are a hater nor I believe that howling mad is either.
        who else in his list……..franky…….well that something else..he is beyond redemption. what the woman said..irredeemable..i guess.
        let me paste his list…because I have difficulty remembering names.
        Banjee…….i can’t take him seriously, he acts like a stand up comedian.
        lspm…….who is that…i never read a word he or she wrote….
        Madame………I can’t believe Mahmoud’s
        the Woman is adorable , i love reading her……..she is not a hater.
        Troj……to label the good man Joe as a hater is way overboard…..Joe is a wonderful human being and is not a hater

  69. Mahmoud…………
    there is some efforts right now to form a new entity ,an alliance between Jews and Muslims against bigotry ….they are working on choosing a name for that alliance.,would you as a good Muslim join and support this noble effort with the good Jews in a United Alliance to combat bigotry and hate .

    1. Since the Jews are the most racist group in the world with Muslim and Christian Arabs their major victims for the past 70 years your statement makes no sense. If such efforts are made by some Jews, they are made to cover up the crimes of world Jewry.

      1. Peter
        tell me Mr.anti Semite bonehead ,whats exactly your problem punk,what is eating you,jealousy ,envy or just pure hatred toward the Jewish People
        hey peter,man up ,speak up ,i can’t hear you ,you whining guzzling swine ,talk ,why you hate so much ?
        quit lurking and replying to my comments in the dark .

      2. The problem has never been “anti-semitism” idiot. That’s a “canard”, to use your phrase. If the problem was “anti-semitism”, then literally almost every country in the whole world wouldn’t have thrown you out (some more than once). You are the problem. Your hatred is the problem – bonehead. Blaming all humanity for your hatred shows how pig headed and idiotic you are. Your historic hatred for European Christians stands out above everything else and then you started in on the Arabs about 70 years ago. No one can stand you because of your hatred. What is your problem?

        Here you go pig head.

        “Advance Ethnic Warfare. Chill Criticism: The Moral and Political Fraud of Anti-Semitic Theory”

        “Jews are continuously persecuted but always blameless. This is because ‘anti-Semitism’ is a disease. And for murky reasons, Jews are the only target of this unique sickness. Key axioms baked into anti-Semitic theory include: (1) Jewish innocence, and (2) eternal and unjustified outside hostility which Small says is ‘irrational’.

        How shall we explain this to the Palestinians?

        Not to worry. Palestinian troublemakers are pretty much categorized as ‘terrorists’ these days, not anti-Semites — though there is, apparently, a virulent strain of anti-Semitism afflicting even Arabs, who are a Semitic people. So the inmates in Gaza are not off the hook by any means. And let’s not forget the dark history of Christian anti-Semitism either. After all, Jewish people have been intermittently expelled from dozens of areas over the past two millennium. The reason? ‘Anti-Semitism’.

        Any questions?”

        Famous advocates of “democracy” and “free speech”, hypocritical Jews on “free speech”.

        “Europe is already on this Zionist-friendly fast track, and in even more advanced stages. In addition to the existing European laws that outlaw ‘Holocaust denial’ and ‘group libel’, legislation is now being crafted within the EU to further criminalize non-violent and even comic manifestations of ‘anti-Semitism’.”

        “So despite the showy demonstrations in support of Free Speech that appeared everywhere after the lethal Charlie Hebdo and kosher market attacks in Paris recently, pro-censorship laws specifically designed to shield the Jewish community in France (but not the Muslim one) were in place long before these massacres took place and they remain in force now. Free Speech and ‘artistic freedom’ may be priceless. And their value may even produce huge marches. However, when push comes to shove, these cherished ‘rights’ inevitably take a back seat to Jewish sensitivities.”

        “Jewish hypocrisy and Zionist malfeasance can no longer be swept under the rug. After all, Zionized America’s serial warfare has come at a staggering cost. Though estimates vary widely, in Iraq and Afghanistan alone there are probably well over 600,000 dead (and millions more displaced) since Washington initiated its nation-building missions in the region following 911. Interestingly, specific war plans targeting Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and other entities (all of which are historic enemies of Israel) were well underway in Washington long before the three buildings in NYC fell.

        It’s also worth remembering that not only did powerful, pro-Israel lobbies in Washington help engineer all of America’s modern wars against Muslim-majority nations and targets, but some even helped write legislation that imposes crippling economic sanctions on another besieged Israeli foe, Iran.”

        The 1956 Hungarian Uprising. Hungarians rise up against their Jewish Bolshevik torturers.

        “You’ve been disliked for 3,000 years”. “And you’ve never asked yourselves why”.

  70. Hail to the Chief…. American Psycho:
    Independent: “A leading German magazine has portrayed US President Donald Trump as a knife-wielding psychopath holding the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty.
    One in a growing series of overtly anti-Trump messages on the front pages of newspapers and magazines around the world, Der Spiegel’s splash recasts Mr Trump as “American Psycho”.
    It comes after the New Yorker published its magazine with a front page showing the torch of the State of Liberty extinguished.”

    Der Speigel sums up Europe’s feelings.

  71. you should have stayed in Germany , you would have been happier and emotionally more secure ,instead you choose dodge city and the cowboys land ,you failed to study the history of hate and bigotry which runs deep.
    poor you ,you drank and believed their kool aid..
    don’t blame the Jews for your predicament under trumpy and his company of bigots,you made your own bacon ,now eat it.

  72. I get this message in the mail today from Islamic Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) regarding Trump’s Muslim ban. If it does effect any of you or someone you know, please pass it along.


    Tonight a federal judge in Seattle granted a nationwide temporary restraining order blocking U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent action barring nationals from seven countries from entering the United States.

    Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has already issued statements indicating they will immediately comply with the restraining order and WILL allow all nationals of the 7 banned countries to travel back to the U.S. on valid travel documents with both immigrant and non-immigrant visas.
    Please note that the White House has already stated that they will appeal and/or file a motion for an emergency stay of the new order so ANYONE AFFECTED SHOULD TRAVEL BACK TO THE UNITED STATES IMMEDIATELY by taking the first available flight back.

    What to expect when traveling back:
    – increased questioning and time spent in security
    – If you are a green card holder, DO NOT sign an I-407 relinquishing your green card.
    – If you are a US citizen and you are selected for secondary screening, you are not obligated to answer questions BUT be aware that refusing to answer MAY subject you to significant delay.
    – You should expect that your cell phone and electronics will be searched through customs. You are not obligated to enter your password, but again refusing may cause further delay. Best to avoid having too much info on your electronics.

    We will keep you updated on further developments, but for tonight this is GREAT NEWS alhamdulillah. We have spent a great deal of time this week trying to help people get back, so please keep them in your dua as they prepare to travel back.

    1. Mahmoud –

      They better hurry n scurry.. with a flurry.. 🙂

      Trump will ‘Trump’ the judge in Seattle.

      Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump

      6:59 AM – 4 Feb 2017

      When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot , come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security – big trouble!

      Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump

      5:12 AM – 4 Feb 2017
      The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!

      [#285… only 15 more to 300]

      1. Pat, America is not Trump. Trump lied repeatedly in the past and is acting above the law. He is simply acting as a Dick-tator and is tarnishing the image of the US on international stage.

      2. Mahmoud –

        I have written here many times that ALL national leaders are liars…!!!

        Now go tell your good buddy.. Lobro..!! 🙂

        I have not registered to vote since 1988. I will not register again until the secret ballot… the major source for fraud… is abolished.

  73. “The Department of Homeland Security has suspended all enforcement of the Muslim ban signed by Donald Trump.
    Immigrants will be once more allowed into the US from the seven countries affected by the executive order last Friday: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia.
    The move follows a nationwide ban of the executive order from federal judge James Robart in Washington.
    The 60,000 or so visas that had been revoked will be handed back to their holders, the state department announced.
    It is not a done deal, however – the case could go all the way to the Supreme Court before a final decision is made.
    “No one is above the law,” said Mr Ferguson. “Not even the President.”

  74. Pat, if you truly believe that, “ALL national leaders are liars…!!!”, then I have one more thing in common with you.

    Remember that Lobro reads all the comments I do.

    If you have not registered to vote since 1988, then you are partly to blame for Trump’s victory

    1. Mahmoud –

      Summoning Lobro won’t help ya.

      I did not become a card carrying registered communist either. Blame me for their party president being elected too.

      I did not contribute to the fraud…. in either case.

      I am guilty of not being a criminal… not supporting fraud.

      I don’t encourage them..!! 🙂

      But, I AM helping you get to 300 comments here.

      [#290 – only 10 to go] 🙂

      ALL a farce…FAKE… For show..!!

      Iran reaches deal to buy 100 new Boeing planes

      The agreement, which aims to renew Iran’s aged passenger planes, is awaiting final approval by US Treasury authorities.

      Iran has reached a deal to buy 100 planes from US plane producer Boeing, and the two sides are awaiting approval by US Treasury authorities, according to the head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation.
      “The final obstacle in this area are only the permits from the US Treasury Department,” Ali Abedzadeh told the state-owned newspaper Iran in remarks published on Sunday, adding that there was no precise timeline for the written contract to be implemented before US Treasury permission.

  75. Pat spoke the truth ,but you Mr. are hard headed anti Semite of the first order.
    i tried to be nice and teach one thing or two but you choose to ignore me.
    it’s fine with me ..most of these people are hard core bigots ,enjoy their company ,but remember that they hate your guts ,simply because you are what you are

  76. Lobro does not need to be prompted or to do what is right. He is this site’s moral compass.

    As far as your claim that I am trying to get more comments to my article, I do not get excited anymore about comments and likes as long as my views get published. After all, I have been published by national and international news organizations. Thanks anyway for your contribution. I still like you even though we do not see everything eye to eye.

    Upon The Who’s suggestion, I am removing the names Joe, Pat, and Madame from my hater list.

    Contrary to Muslim critics here, I do care about America and want America to be a better and safer place not only for Muslims, but for all of us.

    I also want nothing more than normal and better relations between my country and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    As far as Iran’s deal to buy 100 new Boeing planes, I am all for it. It is more jobs for the US of A.

    To me, the only terror Muslims are responsible for is Algebra!

    1. Mahmoud –

      Thanks for the help. I have nothing against you. We share some views and diverge on others.

      After over 7 years in Uncle’s submarine navy… 66-73… I learned to adjust somewhat. Maybe it was too many trips into reactor compartment… duuhh.. 🙂

      “To me, the only terror Muslims are responsible for is Algebra!”

      You could add Arabic Numerals also. Roman ones are disgusting, even with my three years of Latin..

      The REAL terrorists… everywhere… ARE…

      … FEMINISTS..!!

      1. Dear Darkmoon friends,

        Please take a moment to send a note of appreciation to Judge Robart for his noble and courageous stand in putting a temporary halt on the Muslim Ban. Judge Robart was of course attacked on Twitter after the ruling when the President called him a “so-called Judge” and labeled his ruling as “ridiculous.”

        It’s important that we support the judges who are standing up to protect our constitution and the rule of law and standing against bigotry and fear-mongering. It’s not an easy job and Judge Robart will no doubt receive a substantial amount of hate mail from people upset by the ruling. Let’s make sure he hears plenty of appreciation from those of us who are counting on him, and others like him, to be our last line of defense against tyranny.

        Judge Robart’s contact info:

        The Honorable James L. Robart
        United States Courthouse
        700 Stewart Street, Suite 14128
        Seattle, WA 98101

    2. To me, the only terror Muslims are responsible for is Algebra!

      Did Muslims really invent algebra? Not according to my favorite Hindu blogger AJIT VADAKAYIL: COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA

      I am not an Islamophobe. I am thinking of converting to Islam because it is my understanding that as a Muslim I can have 4 wives and all of them can collect welfare in America. Someone remind me to send a MEMO to Justin Trudeau to make sure that we have the same benefits for Muslims in Canada. After all, we are not racists.

      I guess algebra — necessity is the mother of invention — comes in handy when you’re juggling 4 wives and 32 children. LOL

  77. For faster access, here is Judge James L. Robart phone number and email contact.

    The Honorable James L. Robart
    United States Courthouse
    700 Stewart Street, Suite 14128
    Seattle, WA 98101 – 9906

    Chambers: (206) 370-8920
    Courtroom Deputy: (206) 370-8520
    Case Administrator: (206) 370-8456
    Proposed Orders: [email protected]
    Courtroom: Suite 14106

  78. Sean Spicer said, Iran attacked a U.S. Vessel. That did not happen.

    KellyAnne Conway said, Iraqi refugees committed a massacre at Bowling Green. That didn’t happen either.

    Wake up America!

  79. SISTER MONICA, thank you.
    I am honored by your proposal to become the spokesman of Islam on this site, but I am afraid I ‘m not qualified for this task: I have the knowledge of the average Muslim – bits just enough to practice the religion but not enough to go … shall I say on ” crescenting” ?

    As for my misinterpretation of the Gospel, I reckon that all the Holy Scriptures have controversial passages. In the Qur’an, they are alluded to in this verse:

    3:7 He is the One Who revealed to you the Book، in it are Verses which are absolutely clear – they are the foundation of the book and others are allegorical. Then as for those in whose hearts is perversity – they follow what is allegorical from the Book, seeking discord and seeking interpretation. And none except Allah knows its (true) interpretation and those who are firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All (of it) is from our Lord. And will take heed except men of understanding.

    However, words and phrases do have specific meanings that people use on a daily basis in social interactions. Whether in spoken or written form they are referenced in academia, in dictionaries and in other language manuals. Therefore, to give a word another meaning rather than the usual one, opens the door for multiple (why not?) legitimate interpretations. Multiple interpretations result in confusion and doubt- the seeds of irreligion.

    The version of the Qur’an circulating nowadays was named after, and authorized by the third Khalifa, Umar ibn al-Khattab who was a contemporary and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.

    The Quran is/was written in classical Arabic, the language of the Arab tribes in Arabia. Strangely enough, when city dwellers found it difficult to understand a word in the Qur’an, they used to refer to Bedouins and their poetry to learn it.
    But I am digressing. I was about to say that some malicious scholars called for the translation of the Qur’an into different Arabic dialects…to find a way to alter the original Scripture.
    For instance, the verse I gave above is a “word-to-word” translation of the Qur’an.
    Compare it to this interpretation by : or any other good translation for that matter to see if there is much discrepancy between them.

    3: 7.It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise –they are the foundation of the Book –and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah. But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

    Messages are meant to be clear and not controversial. If there be controversy, there be malice.If there be malice, there be malicious: it’s neither The Lord , nor His Messenger but the devil incarnate.
    Thank you for the link. I promise to visit and intend to benefit from.

    1. Erratum.
      Read:The version of the Qur’an circulating nowadays was named after, and authorized by the third Khalifa, Uthman Ibn Affan (instead of Umar Ibn Alkhattab) who was a contemporary and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.

  80. Jew(sa) Big Oil will not like- most probably are scared for- this:

    Imagine being able to fill up your car’s tank with water from the hose. Well that’s exactly what Iranian scientist Alaeddin Qassemi claims to have done. He unveiled his new invention, an engine that he claims is powered entirely by water. According to the inventor, the car can run on 15 gallons of water and is able to travel up to 560 miles in 10 hours with his engine. The power is generated after H2O is split into hydrogen and oxygen which react chemically to produce energy. Qassemi claims the car’s engine only produces water vapour, causing next to zero air pollution and that a liter of water in his engine can generate some 96 megajoules of energy while a liter of gasoline produces only 29 megajoules. Qassemi, who is a member of Iran’s National Elites Foundation (INEF), noted that his invention has been internationally registered.

    1. Sam –

      Looks like a scam.

      Iran imports gasoline. Too few refineries.

      Government would confiscate this. 🙂

    2. SAM HITA
      that invention story is an old scam wishy washy dis info psych op , I heard it as street rumors traveling like raging fire among Arabs in the middle east way back and the Arabs believe it.
      but the inventor was an Egyptian at that time, the purpose of these propaganda rumors is to hypnotize certain targeted populations .
      guess what Sam ,after that rumor they gave you the Arab Springs ,(winter),(death).
      since this time ,it’s about an Iranian inventor. God Knows what they have for them.

  81. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

    I disapprove American wars, know 9-11 was Mossad CIA Rockefeller Cheney mind games (including USAF war games), and want all American troops back on American soil including those on Korea’s DMZ and across Europe. Furthermore I view Israel as a satanic frankist sabbatean NWO cult project per Barry Chamish and Rabbi Marvin Antelman before him.

    That said, I find your position on USA immigration policy completely braindead and utterly disgusting. It is emotional knee-jerking spittle with zero facts, and mostly talking slippery slopes. News flash: we’ve already slipped all the way down. Stop guilt-tripping America. Look elsewhere for solutions.

    * Why are Muslim nations not accepting Muslim refugees? Are they racist and islamophobic? Where is their legendary eastern hospitality?

    * Why are Muslim nations not carving a homeland for Palestinians from their vast empty deserts? In Saudi Arabia sits an air-conditioned tent city, vacant. Why? And if Saudi Arabia can build one, why not many more?

    * Why do Muslim nations SPECIFICALLY PROHIBIT Palestinians from immigrating? Are these nations racist and islamophobic?

    * Why are you not lobbying China to accept refugees, whom she could house in her vast, pre-built, empty cities?

    * Why do you not lobby Indonesia to accept Muslim refugees? It’s the largest Muslim nation on earth.

    * Why should Muslims want residency in Christian nations, not Islamic ones? Isn’t Islam better than the decadent West? Is money god, not Allah?

    * Do you condone so-called ‘refugees’ with fake passports? Is fakery approved by the Prophet?

    * Do you condone grown men fibbing their age to get ‘child refugee’ status? Does the Prophet approve?

    * Do you accept that most migrants are economic, yet lie on official papers? Does the Prophet approve?

    * Do you understand the Sabbatean plot to destroy Christian culture with third-world immigration? Do you enjoy playing into its hands?

    * Do you approve Obama’s selective immigration approvals for Syrian Muslims while he stopped Syrian Christians?

    * Do you know Muslims in war zones persecute indigenous Christians? They exploit war for ethnic cleansing. Indigenous Christians receive zero help from Muslim nations or Obama. We’ll see about Trump.

    * Shouldn’t America accept indiginous Christians from any Muslim nation, war-torn or not? India’s Christians are regularly assaulted. Listen to a Pakistani tell of Muslims burning down his village with police escort.

    * Do you approve Mexican immigration law? How about Mexico’s southern border wall with Guatemala? Is Mexico accepting refugees?

    * How is Trump’s EO ‘banning Muslims’ when it left out numerous Muslim nations, including Saudi Arabia, India, UAE, Egypt, and Indonesia?

    * Do you see that vetting immigrants is only possible if the home country has a functioning government, so that forgers and traffickers lack a free hand? Trump’s EO listed Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. All but Iran are at war. The Yemeni war is a Saudi action. The Somali and Sudanese wars have nil to do with America. You could make arguments about Iraq and Syria. But then comes the logical question:

    * Why did you not quit USAF as a conscientious objector? Did you believe in these wars, that you should aid American bombings? Or is paycheck god, not Allah?

    * Why did Australian fugitive for free speech Brendon O’Connell find Iran reluctant to let him expose Mossad from Iran? If Mossad sways Iran, what about USA? If so, would Mossad possibly assist the Sabbatean plan to swamp Christian America with third-world migrants?

    * What do you think of Valerie Jarrett, reared in Iran, and Huma Abedin, reared in Saudi Arabia, serving Obama, reared in Indonesia? Might they have skewed American immigration policy in 8 years?

    * Did you know Obama selectively deployed Mulsim immigrants flown in secret night-time UPS cargo flights and driven on secret night-time buses to small-town Christian America to alter culture here? Do you approve his Alinskyite operations? If Trump wished to reverse them, how would he do it?

    * Do you recall Tony Blair saying he would destroy British culture forever?

    * Do you approve UK Muslims on videotape saying that they will out-breed the British and take the country over?

    * Do you know the tenets of Islam? Have you read the several thousand pages of its texts? One man has.

    * Do Christians have a right to feel insulted and offended like Muslims over attacks on their cultures? Should USA accept as much Muslim immigration as it takes until you stop feeling offended?

    * Since Trump’s EO is ‘divisive’ do you also think Soros black/white agitation is ‘divisive’ and if so, what are you doing about it? Who is worse, Trump or Soros?

    * How many displaced persons overseas do you support financially?

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