Donald Trump has lost all credibility by his outrageous behavior


LEFT: Jayda Fransen, a virulently anti-Muslim ‘White Nationalist’ extremist, is the Deputy Leader of a banned right-wing racist party in Britain called ‘Britain First’. A little research on the internet reveals that ‘Britain First’ is not a bona fide White Nationalist party consisting of genuine British patriots who are rightly concerned with checking out-of-control mass immigration. On the contrary, it appears that ‘Britain First’ is a Zionist front whose two leading lights, Chairman Paul Golding and Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen, are both ultra-Zionist crypto-Jews.

These British Israel Firsters appear to have one principal aim: to whip up as much hatred against Muslims as possible and blacken the name of genuine British nationalists by pretending that they, too, are extremely patriotic and responsible individuals. They are no such thing. In fact, they are vicious thugs.  If you need any proof of this, witness their hateful behavior on full display in the 4½-minute video at the end of this article when they storm into an Islamic bookshop and start shouting and screaming at the innocent shop assistant. Their behavior is so disgusting in this video that I almost vomited when I saw it.

By retweeting three of Britain First’s extremist videos on Twitter, President Trump not only made it clear that he hated all Muslims with a virulent hatred but that he also shared the ultra-Zionist agenda of the banned ‘Britain First’ extremists.

Here is the Deputy Leader of banned political party  ‘Britain Today’, Jayda Fransen, appealing to President Trump to come to the aid of her hateful band of extremist bullies and help them cause as much misery as possible to peace-loving Muslims:


(Note how this crypto-Jewess wears a Christian cross 
round her neck in order to disguise her Jewishness)

A few days ago, President Trump retweeted  an Islamophobic video from an anti-Muslim British political leader who has been charged in the United Kingdom with religiously aggravated harassment and abuse of a Muslim mother in front of her children.  Trump’s anti-Muslim tweet is an evil act and is a call for incitement to violence against American Muslims. His regular anti-Muslim tweets fuel more hatred, fear, and distrust against 3.3 million Muslims who call America their home.

In response to Trump’s hate post, the director of The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) retweeted, “Have you no sense of decency, Sir? Do you know how many anti-Muslim incidents in the US we recorded at CAIR this year alone? 3,296. And we haven’t heard a peep from you. Some president!”

This eloquent reproach to the President by Nihad Awad, the head of CAIR, summed up the sentiments of Muslim-Americans towards the hate and fear-mongering president.

Thanks to the meticulous research of Imam Malik Mujahid of Chicago, the three videos tweeted by Trump have now been debunked as fake propagandaand as stereotyping all Muslims as antisocial jihadists.  Imam Mujahid is the head of Sound Vision, a Muslim advocacy group that has issued a nationwide alert on the fake videos by stating:

—  One video depicted a “Muslim migrant” beating up a Dutch boy on crutches. FACT: Reports suggest that the assailant was neither Muslim nor a migrant. They were both Dutch.

—  Another video shows disrespect to the Virgin Mary supposedly taking place in Egypt. FACT: Muslims love the Virgin Mary (Mariam) and hold her in the highest esteem. Mariam was the only woman mentioned by name in the Qur’an. Not once, but 25 TIMES. That is respect, true respect, regardless of what any vandal may have done to the Virgin Mary’s statue.

— Finally, the third video claimed to capture a mob shoving a boy off a roof. That was taken probably during the civil  unrest somewhere in Egypt. FACT: The video lacks authenticity. Sound Vision moreover points to compelling research that reveals that immigrants are generally more peaceful and well-behaved than other citizens. Indeed, they need to be good citizens in order to be accepted.

One day after Trump’s tweet, a Muslim woman was refused service at McDonald’s in London, England. According to the Independent newspaper (UK), a security guard at the London branch stopped the 19-year-old from entering and rudely ordered her to take off her “hijab” headscarf. The outraged female customer refused to leave, demanding an explanation and then recording the unpleasant encounter. She was forced to leave after the guard told her the hijab was a “security threat”.

A friend later uploaded this video to Twitter on her behalf.

The leader of this unsavory “White Nationalist” organization, ‘Britain First’, is called Paul Golding. He has already served time in prison and is suspected of being a crypto-Jew—see HERE. Golding’s deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, not only looks Jewish but has a distinctly Jewish name. She has in fact been exposed as a Zionist Jew.

It is my honest view that ‘Britain Today’ is a clandestine group of crypto-Jews masquerading as British patriots. Their sole aim is to bring moderate and responsible White Nationalism into disrepute by their immoderate and irresponsible behavior. 

By linking these three disgusting videos on Twitter, produced by Zionists disguised as British patriots, President Trump has not only been duped but has crossed all red lines.

By retweeting a slew of anti-Muslim videos put out by a far-right British nationalist group whose leaders are under investigation for sexual assault and racist crimes, President Trump has lost all credibility. He has outraged the feelings of 1.8 billion Muslims, roughly 24 per cent of the world.

In doing this, he has not only done irreparable harm to the Muslim community, but has also seriously damaged his own image.

Donald Trump, who has 45 million followers on Twitter, should stop spreading hatred and lies about Muslims. This is not the way an American president should behave. He brings shame upon his office and makes America an object of contempt all over the world.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph,
Retired USAF Veteran
[email protected]

Reader, please watch this VILE VIDEO put out by ‘Britain First’
and then let me know if you admire these EVIL SCUMBAGS:

VIDEO  :  4.32 mins 

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  1. Jew Jew Jews, their Zionist, simple, and so is trump.
    Every time the word Jew is banded about in anti Zionist articles, the article loses effect, this is due to the 60+ years of media mind control the western people have been subject too, get smart, it is Zionism that is the problem.

    1. @Harry
      Yes, but it’s the ‘jewishness’ that’s the problem. Zionist or anti-Zionist, the j’s rule both by a mile, from Finklestein to Greenstein to Atzmon to Dershowitz to Lansman to Eisen to Cole to Soros to Chomsky… the list goes on and on.

      1. Noam Chomsky is trouble. I made an innocent reference to him on youtube and my reply along with other peoples’ was removed. I think he’s in the framework of — erm– something. That young genius Aaron Schwartz who was DEFINITELY suicided who studied at MIT. And I mentioned *nothing* anoit that on youtube.

    2. Sorry “Harry” but the problem is, and always has been, the entire rotten stinking “tribe” of these freaks.. Their entire “religion” is based upon pure evil that sees themselves as “masters over all” and the rest of us as subhuman and to be their slaves…

      Have you ever bothered to even look at the “Torah” and especially the “Talmud”? Nothing but filth, pedophilia, and intense hatred for the rest of mankind… And THOSE are the so called “holy books” that the entire “tribe” adheres to…

      So again, do not give us this diatribe about it being “Zionists”, when the entire fraud “religion” of Judaism along with its followers, is and always has been the problem….

      1. Missing the point of my comment chaps, so I will try again,
        Every time someone use’s the word ” Jew ” in a comment that is critical of ((them)), the comment will not resonate with many, if not most of the readers, DM may be the exception as the folk on here appear to be ” wise “, but DM is not going to reach the many as long as it expresses what most folk have been taught is the worst crime in history ( anti Semitism ), where the Wise to act Wise and replace the word ” Jew ” with the word Zionist, the ” many ” may well be more open to the message.

      2. Or to put it another way,

        Do we want things to change, or, do we just want to have a good moan/cry/gurn/complain, about the ZIONIST control.
        An honest question.

    3. What’s left for us? My hopes for candidate Trump’s promises of peace are now completely destroyed.

      Now with America moving its embassy to Jerusalem things are about to get a lot worse.

      1. Harry,
        Good point. I called it “falling into the Jew trap.” When someone points out that a criminal is a Jew, the accuser is already playing into the Jews hands. The criminal will hide behind his “Jewishness” and claim, “Im no crook! Youre just accusing me because Im a Jew. Youre on a witchhunt!” Better not to use the Jew word. And in all actuality, the identity of a criminal or his motivation for comitting his crimes is irrelevant. Whats relevant is efficient, swift and serious law-enforcement. If I bought an expensive life-insurance policy on my wife and 2 weeks later, while hiking in the mountains of Utah, a windgust mysteriously blew her off a cliff wouldnt I be investigated as I scramble to collect the insurance money with my stripper-girlfriend by my side? Of course I would. Thats because Im a common man. What about Larry Silverstein? He already collected on the Twin Towers Im sure. Why no investigation? Because hes above the law. Plain and simple. Laws exist for us but not the “elites.” (I hate this word. It implies that a person possesses a high level of skill in a certain area. This is totally unrelated to wealth.) If we had serious and “equal-opportunity” law-enforcement in the West, most World “leaders” , politicians and oligarches would be in orange prision attire making license plates and , for sure, a good many of them would be “kosher.”

      2. “Laws are like a spider’s web” said the Scythian Philosopher Anacharsis…
        “They will catch the weak and the poor, but be torn to shreds by the rich and powerful…”

      3. Wow, a quote to remember!

        I’ve broken no laws but committed quite a few sins.

        So I’ve been caught in the Hell Spider’s web.

    4. Zionism is Judaism, it’s the Jews, it’s always been the Jews, and it will always be the Jews who are destroying Western Civilization.

      Expelling Jews from our nations would eliminate all social ills and society would revert to the natural order autonomously.

      With Jews we lose!

  2. Jada has a Jewish nose. She’s probably descended from the Jewish subhumans let in by Cromwell. Besides what’s wrong with disliking Jews? Where’s good King Edward “Longshanks”, when you need him? ENFORCE THE EDICT OF BANISHMENT!

    1. Indeed nothing is wrong to dislike the defective DNA. They are the scum of the earth even if they do rule england and the colonies since Cromwell.

    2. So true Felix. ” Britain First “, represents Kosher ” Nationalism”. It failed with Le Pen , Pegida is ineffective , and it’s Dutch counterpart bombed . This is Breitbart / Birch Society and maybe a little Larouch for laughs . Co President Trump ,& Kushner would never Tweet anything that didn’t have the 666 Star Of Saturn / David .

      1. Yes Dante, The first Jewish coffin nail in European civilization was hammered in by Martin Luther. As Thomas Carlyle said:” The Three ingredients of modern civilization are Printing, Gunpowder and the Protestant religion.” He intended it as laudatory. However under Protestantism, usury, that instrument of Jewish enslavement, became acceptable due to the baboonery of Zwingli. Jewish Protestantism in England gave us the Limited Liability Company, where a shyster/shareholder can go bankrupt without accepting any responsibility for his debts. A certain gentleman who will remain unnamed is a classic example. The filthy Jewish business schools nowadays babble on about shareholder rights, nary a word about responsibility. Communism was a Jewish creation. However many people are unable to grasp the fact that capitalism as practised in London, New York and elsewhere is also a creation of the Jewish Ebola virus and is thus the other side of the Jewish coin.
        Hitler and the authoritarian leaders, Il Duce, Salazar, Franco, Leon Degrelle and Antonesco saw this clearly, hence the frantic action in waging war on National Socialism in the 40’s. Even today the hysterical reaction of Jews and their fellow travelling racial and biological vermin to any favourable mention of National Socialist economics shows the fear it engenders in them. If Hitler had been successful it would have meant the end of the Jewish stranglehold on humanity through usury.
        BTW. It was Maj. General J.F.C. Fuller in his magnificient three volume masterpiece “The Military History of the Western World”, who noted ironically the wonderful degree to which American Protestants managed to combine the worship of Mammon and Jesus Christ so successfully.

    3. @ Felix

      Jada has a Jewish nose. She’s probably descended from the Jewish subhumans let in by Cromwell.

      Come come, let’s not condemn people for their noses!
      Or many of us goyim may soon have to get nose jobs. 🙂

      1. Maybe, Sardonicus, but combine that with her guttersnipe accent and behaviour. An absolutely chunderous creature. If you’re unfamiliar with Aussie English, chunder means to vomit. Believed to have originated on the sea voyages out to Australia from England, when a seasick passenger leaning over a rail to be sick would warn anyone on a lower deck by shouting “watch under”. It soon was abbreviated to “chunder”!

      2. You are a mine of offbeat information, Felix. I can’t say I’ve ever heard the word “chunder” before. It’s a beautiful word. Lewis Carroll would have loved it.

        I’ll pass on an amusing bit of information to you now in exchange.

        About 40-50 years ago, when lexicographers were compiling the Greater Oxford English Dictionary, the public were asked to give their “favourite” English words. Considerable astonishment was felt when a Russian lady, who spoke English fluently, said her favourite English word was “coal-scuttle”.

        She said: “This word ‘coal-scuttle’ sends me into raptures whenever I hear it.” 🙂

        Weird, no?

  3. 1Their literature isn’t any more “extremest” than our own. So what?? While I am supportive of those having patriotic zeal for their native land, e.g., “British Firsters”, I am distrustful of those who always seek to villify anyone bold enough to proclaim it. The rudeness of that woman “Jayda” and her friend in the bookshop is, simply, rudeness. It should not be elevated to condemn America’s President. It makes me realize these leftist assholes will stop at NOTHING to try and undermine the patriotic sentiment of any Anglo people (and it somewhat disappoints me that Darkmoon would lend itself to the furtherance of that agenda). Just like our meddling in THEIR lands has brought the righteous indignation of Islam upon us – jihadist Islamics have brought Anglo righteous indignation upon their own. No surprises there.

    1. “It should not be elevated to condemn America’s President. It makes me realize these leftist assholes will stop at NOTHING to try and undermine the patriotic sentiment of any Anglo people (and it somewhat disappoints me that Darkmoon would lend itself to the furtherance of that agenda).”

      Seriously? America’s jewish-extremist “president” is condemning itself. The evil Orange Clown is stirring the pot like never before; it’s taking the world into uncharted territory. It flirts with WW3 on several fronts, working tirelessly for an anti-American agenda which will ultimately destroy what’s left of your country, and most likely at some point kill you and your whole family, yet you treat the presidential poseur with such reverential deference.

      Even Robert Fisk asks: “But is there no one in the White House able to restrain [Trump]?”

      1. I knew you’d be on it like a fly on shit, Harold. No surprises there, either. 😐

      2. I knew you knew I’d be on it “like a fly on shit”; (and btw to your credit, the “shit” part of the analogy is particularly apropos).

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Get a life, Gilbert. Your hero Trumpenstein has made a fool of himself — YET AGAIN! — by retweeting three disgustingly offensive videos brought out by this hateful group of British thugs known as “Britain First”.

        Can’t you understand that the nauseating creeps whom your “heroic” President is backing are NOT responsible White Nationalists with a valid agenda. They are ULTRA-ZIONIST CRYPTO-JEWISH ISRAEL FIRSTERS!

        You are backing a man who is sucking Jewish dick on a daily basis, Gilbert! You are supporting a man who is giving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel non-stop fellatio.

        Yuck, that is soooooo disgusting! 🙂

      4. @ Madame Butterfly


        You don’t understand how Gilbert’s mind works. Allow me as a retired clinical psychologist to give you my psychiatric assessment of Gilbert.

        Gilbert Huntly is a man of pure instinct. He would rather go to bed with a sexy white Jewess, and has probably done so several times, than have sex with a sweaty negress or a swarthy young chick from Saudi Arabia. 🙂

        Consequently, Gilbert would rather live in an all-White America in which Jews would be allowed to stay, because Jews are highly intelligent and white-skinned and beddable … but he would like to see an America from which all the dark-skinned people of the globe were rigidly excluded. If mass deportation of Blacks and Browns were ever seriously contemplated, Gilbert would be the first one to sign the petition!

        Gilbert has often told us how he is sexually attracted to Jewesses, so obviously Jews are OK in his book. He can lust after them and bed them, so they win big smiles and loving embraces from our agricultural Poet Laureate. Going to bed with a negress built like an orangutan, however, would not appeal to our sensitive Gilbert. So obviously he would not be averse to the mass deportation of all Afro-Americans to Africa.

        Failing that, Gilbert wouldn’t mind if black slavery were reintroduced to America.

        Gilbert is just the type of White landowner who wouldn’t mind black slaves working for him on his farm. He would do his best to treat them kindly. He would occasionally ruffle the kinky hair of the charming young pick-a-ninnies growing turnips on his land. If his current White girlfriend should suddenly vanish, leaving him lonesome and forlorn, I can see Gilbert sneaking into a barn late one night and having it off with a sexy young plantation slave under an orange pumpkin moon.

        He would then dash off a romantic poem entitled “Ode To My Black Mama Sexypoo” … and we would all then have the pleasure of reading his poetic masterpiece on the Darkmoon site. 🙂

        Alas, that day will never be!

      5. @Sardonicus
        “Gilbert Huntly is a man of pure instinct. He would rather go to bed with a sexy white Jewess, and has probably done so several times, than have sex with a sweaty negress or a swarthy young chick from Saudi Arabia.”
        Hmmm, I think this juvenile paragraph reveals more about you Sard, thank fuck you’re retired!

      6. @ Jimbo

        Hmmm, I think this juvenile paragraph reveals more about you Sard, thank fuck you’re retired!

        Sorry to see I’ve ruffled your feathers. Can you put your finger on what’s bugging you? As far as I can see, I have provided an honest psychological profile of Gilbert which Gilbert himself will probably accept with good humor. Gilbert knows, after all,
        that I admire his poetry and regard him with genuine affection.

      7. Jarred Kushner is highly dangerous Jew . He is the archetype of Jude Suss ( See entire film / You Tube ) , and cannot be ” fired “. This callow little Scion of billionaire ,and lover boy to Trump’s empty daughter ,is a devote of modern Jewish cult leader Rabbi Sneerson. He and Ivanka prayed at his grave – shrine for victory last November. Sneerson promoted ” The Coming Of Mosisch”. ” What have you done to hasten his return ? ” He would beg world leaders .. see Yahweh God Of The NWO ,You Tube . Kushner an ultra Orthodox , really believes in this . He sees this as the source of his family’s wealth ,and power . Most Gentiles , bamboozled by organized ” Christianity” ,which covers the Jews true theology ,and intent cannot comprehend the agenda . War ,yes ! The Jews needed subversion of Gentile systems, society and conflict to achieve power . Israel is to be the fulcrum of this … Jerusalem must be ” the capital ” . ” A light unto the nation’s ” . .” Every knee shall bend “. Titus ,steeped in the Classical Tradition : Antithesis of the Judaic , said ” Enough ! ” He raised it to ground “. The Jews became ” International” ,and have conspired ever since to dominate the planet ,promised to them as a ” Chosen People ” by an exclusive War Diety who is ” A jealous God ” , to achieve final control . Kushner wants to be the facilitator of the ” eternal Jews ” plan ….Trump his foolish puppet.

      8. @ Jimbo

        BTW, any news of Ariadnatheo? I know you took a great interest in her activities at one time and I’m wondering if you know what she is up to nowadays? Has she found another site on which to post her articles, or is she now satisfying herself with posting comments on other people’s websites? Just wondering, because she was in many ways a very interesting personality with lots of Jew knowledge, though admittedly a bit volatile and apt to fly off the handle if crossed in any way.

      9. @Sardonicus
        “Sorry to see I’ve ruffled your feathers. Can you put your finger on what’s bugging you?”
        It was initially said with humour but now that you mention it I suppose it was your drama queen ‘spit in the face’ comment to Snez, that has now been taken down, that reminded me of Poupon Marx’s sanctimonious approach to forum interaction. As to the rest of your mischievous attempt at interaction, jog on QC 🙂

      10. @ Jimbo

        Yes, I shouldn’t have used a melodramatic phrase like “spitting in your face” to the charming Snez. Quite wrong of me, Jimbo! Maybe I should have put it more tactfully.

        Like, for example:

        “Listen, dear Snez, this is a pro-Christian site. And however deluded our dear hosts are for showing a devotion to Jesus Christ and his moral teachings, it might be a bit more tactful if you could refrain from knocking their religion and making out they’re gullible idiots.”

        The fact is, Jimbo, it is the height of bad manners to make fun of other people’s religion. And this is what your friend Snez was doing. He (or she) was sneering at the religion of the very people who were giving him (or her) the freedom of speech to mock their religion.

        That is not right. It is crossing all red lines. And it has nothing to do with censorship. If YOU were a Christian, would you let some creep come on to your site and openly mock your religion — literally “spitting in your face”?

        I doubt it. 🙂

      11. Sard, I am sorry if you perceive my comments unrelated to any religion, or my accounts of historical and linguistic facts, or my, like everyone else’s, criticism of inhumane Judaic rituals, as mocking your religion; obviously it wasn’t my intention to hurt you in any way. You have no right to speak on behalf of others, and you are the only one who is still screaming about my, removed, posts.

        1. @ Snez

          Your posts were removed precisely because they were offensive to several people, including myself and the Administrators of this website. Are you so lacking in intelligence to think that your posts were removed without any justification whatever? You were in clear breach of one of the cardinal rules of this website which I think is a good rule and which I think you should observe.

          Here it is, in case you failed to read it:

          # 13. We are a pro-Christian website. All derogatory comments questioning the historical existence of Jesus Christ and sneering at the contents of the New Testament will be regarded as an attack on the cherished values of our ancestors. All such comments will be deleted at once. Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in rubbishing Jesus Christ and ridiculing Christianity on some appropriate anti-Christian website — NOT on the Darkmoon site!

          If you wish to attack Christianity, don’t do it on a pro-Christian site, okay? Go and do it on some Jew site, you Useful Idiot for the Jews.

      12. @ Snez

        You have no right to speak on behalf of others, and you are the only one who is still screaming about my, removed, posts.

        Sardonicus has every right to speak on behalf of others and he is not the only one “screaming” at your removed posts. He speaks for me, and he speaks for several other people who are disgusted with you for attacking their religion. FYI, I too was offended by your mindlessly stupid posts in which you gave yourself the liberty of insulting Christianity on a pro-Christian site.

        Don’t do it again!

        As it is, you have shot yourself in the foot and lost the respect of many readers by your arrogant presumption. Who are YOU to tell us what gods we should worship? If you don’t approve of our religion, keep silent.

        Bognor Regis,

      13. Sardonicus, you are lacking in basic culture, as you are constantly using words such as ‘idiot’ and ‘stupid’ in your “arguments” to support your views.
        Outraged, it is facts that have outraged you; I don’t see that you respond to presumptions about the topic in question that come from many people – just look at this page. Facts and worshiping are different things. Also, I don’t see that anyone else has protested, let alone offended me, because of the two of my posts that have been removed anyway.

      14. @ Snez

        Sardonicus, you are lacking in basic culture, as you are constantly using words such as ‘idiot’ and ‘stupid’ in your “arguments” to support your views.

        You’re right. I need to apolgize to you for calling you “stupid” and an “idiot, especially as 99% of your posts show you have an excellent brain! 🙂

        Yes, I mean that. You are far from stupid. You have said many things of importance and you are doing good work on this website. Sardonicus recognizes this and therefore needs to give you the honest praise you deserve. Well done, Snez!

        Meanwhile, I would ask you to re-read the Rules of this Website and ask yourself this question honestly: have you broken this rule? (Rule 13). Yes or No?

        If you have NOT broken this rule, fine! No one can reproach you. But if you HAVE broken the rule, please don’t do it again. Am I being rude and impolite by asking you to observe the rules of ths website? I don’t think so! 🙂

        WEBSITE RULE #13

        # 13. We are a pro-Christian website. All derogatory comments questioning the historical existence of Jesus Christ and sneering at the contents of the New Testament will be regarded as an attack on the cherished values of our ancestors. All such comments will be deleted at once. Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in rubbishing Jesus Christ and ridiculing Christianity on some appropriate anti-Christian website — NOT on the Darkmoon site!

      15. Sardonicus, I appreciate your apology. For me, an apology is a strength in the person who gives it, and a hope for a more civilized society. Thank you. As for breaking the rules, I have noticed that quite a few commenters here have used very ugly epithets and foul language when they talked about the Bible, the Koran etc., which is NOT my habit. Even when expressing disappointment at Jewish behaviours and actions, I have tried to be descriptive and creative. I have been studying the human phenomenon – religions – since very young. The more I know, the more it amazes me how all religious scriptures express very sophisticated and very barbaric needs at the same time. The historical truth surrounding prophecies is of great interest for me. If I have to answer the question whether Jesus really existed, I would answer that I don’t know. So, it’s not possible for me to rubbish and ridicule him. I hope this clarifies things for you and for the “outraged”.

      16. @ Snez

        Thanks Snez, no problem! I accept everything you say and apologize yet again for my intemperate language. There is no excuse for this and I intend to punish myself for this uncharitable act by doing without lunch today. This will teach me a lesson.

        Anyway, I don’t fancy what is on the menu today, so fasting for a few hours will be no great hardship! 🙂

    2. I’m a Jihadist myself and the only Jihadists I know are attacking the Israelis and Western troops or fighting for them in the case of the now-defunct Dae’sh/Nusra… and amongst themselves…

      they aren’t attacking the (((West))) – there ain’t any real jihadis attacking the West

      whats wrong with the Islamic Jihad if it targets Israel and Western troops in the Middle East?

      1. @ Salman Hossain
        Accept for the Houthi rebels and other Shia groups, most Islamic Jihadists either bed with Israel or western interests!

      2. Mark – Sunni Jihadi groups in Afghanistan and Iraq don’t bed with Israel or the West!

        The Original Taliban and Iraqi resistance didn’t either.

      3. Of course I have performed! I have performed in Giacomo Puccini’s opera ‘Madame Butterfly’, hence my name. I played the part of Cio-Cio-San, the young Japanese bride of dashing American officer Lieutenant Pinkerton. I executed the role, much the delight of the enraptured audience, with considerable brio and panache. I had sixteen standing ovations!

        But that was in my youth alas. Now I have entered the sere and yellow leaf . . . and few now offer me the adulation to which I was once accustomed.

        All I get now is salacious commentary from silly commenters on the Darkmoon site. Sigh. What a come down.

    3. @ Gilbert Huntley

      “It makes me realize these leftist assholes will stop at NOTHING to try and undermine the patriotic sentiment of any Anglo people (and it somewhat disappoints me that Darkmoon would lend itself to the furtherance of that agenda).”

      And how specifically did Darkmoon further the agenda of underming the patriotic sentiment of Anglo people?

      1. Madame Butterfly,
        Nice to know you had a pen and paper handy to count the “standing ovationes.” Respectfully, can you offer us D.M. posters a link to watch you perform? Id love to see your performance. Us posters on the web live in a World where all is fake/none is real. All is real/none is fake. Show us the evidence please.

      2. Silly boy! I don’t need to present any “evidence”, since I couldn’t care less if you believe me or not. If you choose to disbelieve me, that’s fine. No problemo!

        Do I demand proof from YOU that you’re a Mexican trucker for ever on the prowl, eyeing up the senhoritas in every greasy spoon restaurant?

        Nosir, I don’t need to ask for PROOF! — Cos I BELIEVE YOU!!! 🙂

  4. The key to the muslim hate movement was the attack on 911 which was done by Israel and the Zionist neocons and the U.S. deep state and including G.W.Bush and Cheney et al, thus setting the table for the Mideast wars for the benefit of Zionist Israel.

    ISIS aka AL CIADA is a creation of the U.S. and Israel and Britain ie the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6, with support from France and Saudi Arabia.

  5. Trump will gain cred at around 1600GMT, he will put aside years of two faced double dealing forked tongue dishonesty, and admit that the US gov and its president are Israel first Zionists.
    I hope the uprising among many non Zionist, leads to the overthrow of some pro US ” leaders”.

  6. Another case in the long history of Jew’s setting ’em up and knocking’ em down. Is it not obvious Jews are responsible for the mass immigration of Muslims into white countries? Did anyone fail to see this video?

    Now they are playing their usual trick of venting their long historical hatred upon the very people they set up as targets and who unwittingly serve the Jew’s agenda to destroy white civilization.

    However, there is more to it than that. Jews are destroyers; they thrive on hatred, anger and terror, they need it to fulfill their racial destiny and genetics. Remember their motto, NEFFER FORGET! NEFFER FORGIVE!?

    Do you think Jews have forgotten any of the perceived historical wrongs they claim against others? Do you think they will forgive a single one? If you do, you are playing their game, you’re a stand-in on their team.

    These are the emotions programmed into the Jew for thousands of years by their vicious, bloodthirsty god of hate and terror on which they base their “Jewishness”. These are the emotions that define the Jew, the emotions from which the very fabric of their culture is woven.

    If it doesn’t hate, if it doesn’t murder, if it doesn’t destroy, if it doesn’t prey upon the innocent, then it is no longer Jewish. A Jew without hate is toothless. A Jew without terror is powerless. They know this. Jews know if they ever lose their bloodthirsty hatred for other races, as a race, they are finished.

    Will the stupid goyim never learn? Jews depend on goyim gullibility and stupidity. They are dependent on the goyim’s need to forgive and forget. With Jews, let bygones be bygone and by god you’ll be gone. Want to cure the immense problems facing your country? Get rid of the JEW STUPID!

    As for Trump – I told you what he was and why he was put into office – but who listened and now people are surprised? Expect mushroom clouds soon. One more time – KNOW THE JEW, KNOW YOUR FUTURE!

    1. A profound post Mr. Stanton. All people should take heed of it’s wisdom , and warning . Watch the Jews . They own the gold , and have the power . Ever since their vicious subjective exclusive diety manifested his ,” jealous ” self into the earth ,his trail has been the key . It has been said ,” All roads lead to Rome “. That faded with the rise of Yahwehs March . Jerusalem v Athens. Monotheist hell v Polytheistic Progress. The former enslavement by ” The Law ” of this petty alien Demeruge. The later the foundation of thought and beauty.

  7. So Mahmoud, and no i wont be thanking you for your service… i have to ask you the $64k question. When are the brave kids in the US Military going to finally stop doing the bidding for the jews and uphold your oath?? Remember the part about “enemies from within?

    While i truly am saddened by the false narrative against the Muslims, this wouldn’t happen if the arrests start … lets say at The Federal Reserve building, Goldman Sucks, JP Morgue, ,Schumers , Feinsteins and all other dual citizens in high influence positions ..

    Your efforts for the greater part of the entire country would be best utilized by informing every serviceman and servicewoman who the true enemy is and quit jackin’ around doing it!

    Get to work.

    1. @ Inthemix16… , I took an oath when I became a citizen as well as when I enlisted to defend my newly adopted country from foreign and domestic enemies. I am no longer in the service and I am not affiliated with the military in any way. You have to direct your question directly to the “brave kids” and not I. Secondly, serving in armed forces, paying taxes and serving on a jury duty is the three civic duty as US citizen. I *am not going to thank you* if you pay your taxes or serve on jury duty either.

      A service member can still disobey a direct order if it is illegal, even if the order came from the president of the United States. There is a clear difference between the stinking US foreign policy and being a member of the armed forces. The president and the States Department are the one who conduct foreign policy a soldier does not. I can make a change at the ballet box every two or four years or by speaking the truth to power publicly. That begs the question, what do you do to make a change? Inquiring mind wants to know!

      1. Mahmoud

        “I took an oath when I became a citizen as well as when I enlisted to defend my newly adopted country from foreign and domestic enemies.”

        Cassius Clay… the boxer known as Mohammad Ali… refused to take the US Military oaths due to his religion.

        It seems you did not have the religious convictions he had.

        His place after death may differ from yours because of that flaw, when you served infidels and still get paid by the infidels…. in the form of your retirement pay from years in the USAF.

      2. It’s very strange that a palestinian as you claim to be having served in the us military.
        Something is not being told.

        1. Easy to explain. Mahmoud El-Yousseph is an American Muslim with an American passport who has spent most of his life serving in the US Air Force. He just happens to be of Palestinian origin. His parents and grandparents were from Palestine originally, before they emigrated to America.

  8. I’m glad to see that Mahmoud El-Yousseph is sufficiently recovered (I hope) from his medical issues to produce this very well written article that makes some excellent points. However, the brevity of the article, and the complexity of the topics upon which it touches – racism, illegal immigration, legal immigration, fifth-columnist activities, Islamophobia, Crypto-Jews, White Nationalism, fake news, freedom of religion and the right to be free from religion, and more – make the prospect of producing an adequate reply a truly daunting task. I have lots of things on the “To do” list today, and spending 6-8 hours putting together a 10,000 word reply isn’t one of them.

    But here’s a quick “What about this” response. An illegal immigrant who shot and killed a woman in San Francisco has been found not guilty of anything but illegal possession of a firearm. His lawyer is appealing even that reduced charge. Some San Franciscans had paid tribute to the memory of the deceased with a small – candles and flowers – memorial (JPG). That memorial has been denounced as “white supremacist hate” and a “hate shrine”.

    The usual suspects appear to be at the bottom of events in today’s DM article, and in denunciations of the memorial.

    1. Thank you Carnaptious for caring. Speaking of the heinous crime that was committed in San Francisca against a young and beautiful innocent woman, I wrote the following comment 14 hours ago, on my Christian friend’s (Tammy) fb page, who lives in the west coast. *He is lucky dog that he does not live in Saudi Arabia. Hope he will have the same of faith of Jeffery Dhamer.*

      That is said, I would like to also say special thank you to Lasha and John for give me a forum.

      1. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        Is the video factually wrong?

        I concede Jayda Fransen’s actions in the video are despicable. She should have been slapped across the face and kicked out of the shop by that poor specimen of a Brit shopkeeper — no alpha male was he and what a sorry sight and shit hole Jolly old England has become thanks to the Jews.

        However, having said that, did the wicked Jewess misquote the Koran? If not, what exactly is your complaint?

        Are you a good and religious Muslim? If so, why haven’t you done as the Koran commands you to do? Are you a hypocrite or just a useful ZOG idiot?

        All accursed soldiers of the Zionist Infidels be damned!

      2. @ JFC

        However, having said that, did the wicked Jewess misquote the Koran? If not, what exactly is your complaint?

        I don’t want to get on your nerves, JFC, because you’re such a nice guy and one of my favorite posters, but there is such a thing as “quoting out of context.” There is also the ticklish question of mistranslating or giving the wrong nuance to something said in the Qur’an.

        As a Christian myself, I swear to you that there are many things Christ said in the New Testament that could be used against him to make him look bad. There are some shocking things said in the Psalms of David — Ryckaert will confirm this — but you can’t condemn the Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church for using the Psalms of David as an essential part of their liturgy, chanted every single day in the Divine Offices of the Church.

        I have read the Qur’an myself for several years and I can tell you this: the few dodgy bits I read in the Qur’an did not in any way convince me that the Qur’an, taken as a whole, was an evil book. On the contrary, it is shot through with an uplifting mysticism and morality and has a very beneficial effect on those who read it devoutly every day, as I did. I was thinking of converting to Islam at one stage, but decided not to do so at the last moment. Not because it was a bad religion, but only because it did not suit my temperament.

        Different religions are for diffferent temperaments.

        The Qur’an, I can honestly say, did not make me wicked or make me want to go out and chop off people’s heads! 🙂

        I don’t think Mahmoud El-Yousseph, whom I have known for many years, is an evil jihadist. He is not one of your wild-eyed head choppers! A most charming gentleman he is, polite and friendly and a credit to Islam.

      3. @ Sardonicus

        The feeling is mutual: you are one of my favorite posters and all the more so because you are a faithful friend to Lasha and, it appears, to Mahmoud, too. True friends and loyalty are so rare these days; those who consider you a friend should be thankful and cherish you. 🙂

        However, when I wrote “misquote” in my above post, I also implied and meant: “Were the quotations from the Koran taken out of context by Jayda Fransen?” Were they? You are arguing for your silent partner that they were not.

        Let’s cut to the chase: Is Islam a religion of peace or war?

        Even a cursory glance at the history of Islam will tell you that it is a religion of war and conquest. Wikipedia even has a page dedicated to Islamic wars and titled: Early Muslim conquests

        Here’s a chronological list:
        1. Conquest of Syria: 634–641
        2. Conquest of Egypt: 639–642
        3. Conquest of Mesopotamia and Persia: 633–651
        4. Explanations of success of the early conquests
        5. Conquest of Sindh: 711–714
        6. Conquest of the Maghreb: 647–742
        7. Conquest of Hispania and Septimania: 711–721
        8. Conquest of Transoxiana: 673–751

        My dear Sardonicus, I would respect you more if you argued that religion is the real enemy of mankind. Indeed, all religions — including your beloved Christianity — have always been used by the oligarchs to divide and conquer us. I would have no problems with this argument; were you to make it, which can easily be verified and should be obvious to most Darkmooners.

        Today, the oligarchs, namely the Rothschilds, have weaponized mass immigration to conquer and divide the West. Their propagandists have fittingly given a catchy and dramatic name for it: “The Clash of Civilizations” (i.e. Christianity versus Islam.) Europe and North America are being turned into one big gladiatorial pit for religious and ethnic genocide!

        If Mahmoud is as intelligent as he is gentle — though I am weary of Greeks bearing gifts, I’ll take your word that he won’t chop off my head — he should know that he is being played. Big time!

        I have more respect for true believers than useful idiots. As for “Muslims” who willingly serve ZOG, I have nothing but utter contempt.

        Have a nice weekend. 🙂

      4. @JFC

        A short answer to your question “is Islam a religion of peace ?” can be found at : Click on “Islam” in the top banner and then choose : “10 reasons why Islam is not a religion of peace” in the drop down menu. About the founder of Islam : click on “Muhammad” in the top banner and then choose : “Myths of Muhammad”.
        Most commenters here are entirely ignorant about Islam, which is a necessary condition to like it.

      5. FR –

        “Most commenters here are entirely ignorant about Islam, which is a necessary condition to like it.”

        “…a necessary condition to like it.” LOL… 🙂 🙂

        That’s the best comment here..!!!

        Swedes are an example of that fact….

        Sweden: Leaked Crime Statistics Show 82% of Gang Rapes by Migrants

        Crime statistics show that 45% of people sent to prison for crime were foreign born, 82% of people sent to prison for gang-rape were foreign born, and 70% of those sentenced to a 9-year prison sentence were foreign born. The direct costs of immigrants’ crime is more than $2.4 billion US dollars per a year. ​

        [Authorities seem much more concerned about the release of the statistics than they are about the statistics themselves. That is because they care more about the goal of building a global system without national boundaries – which means without nations – than they care about those who elect them to office and pay their salaries.]

  9. Mahmoud, have you ever given an iota of credibility to Trump? Even one solitary thumbs up? Perhaps you have and I’m wrong about not remembering one, but I’m pretty sure you’ve been strongly anti-Trump from the very start. Understandably so notwithstanding, how then might Trump lose even an iota of something he never had; credibility.

    On the other side of the ideological coin, among Trump’s allies his credibility keeps growing. Some say by leaps and bounds. A perfect example of this is his current (continual) push for the US embassy move to Jerusalem.
    Headline news, again..

    1. Pat,
      Not to mention another large percentage of criminal/rapists who are 2nd/3rd generation Arab/African scum who cant control their dicks. The percentage of darkies commiting crime in Sweden is much higher than you mentioned.

    2. When I was young, a couple, my friends, were getting married. They went to Turkey, to visit and, on the way, to buy the wedding dressing in the Bazaar, where the western stuff was cheaper. The young lady, who was blonde with blue eyes was kidnapped for a harem, while she was in the toilet. The embassy couldn’t find her, and she has never been found. The groom and a group of his friends went there for a month searching unsuccessfully, as the Turkish police were very uncooperative. Her parents were devastated and lamented that it would be easier for them if they knew she was dead. This wasn’t the only case, particularly with blonde young girls, and Turkish tourism started suffering badly with regards to European tourists.

  10. Written in early 1990, this story was first published here in August of 2016. Perhaps it is time for another look at . . .


    It was an odd incident that stands out now only because of its oddity. It happened during a business trip to a distant city. I had become lost that early Sunday morning and was now late for my flight. In my anxious search for the airport, I felt growing frustration at being lost. I could only wonder how I had come to the point where I was desperately driving the empty back streets of some nameless industrial area deep within the urban confines of this major metropolis.

    The morning was rainy and blustery; the buildings were low, flat, box structures all of drably uniform, cement-gray, color. Each block-long building partition contained several small doors sunk into a windowless, cement wall. The sameness of the scene was mind numbing and gave the impression of my being a rat lost in a maze.

    As I turned yet another corner and came upon another empty street, I noticed a faint patch of color. Actually, it wasn’t so much a difference in color as it was a different shade of drab; a patch of washed out brown in an otherwise gray universe. Drawing abreast of the drab, brown, color, I could see it was a human figure hunched over a steaming grate, with its head bowed between its knees.

    The brown turned out to be a patched, military, great coat and the figure’s head was covered with a well-worn fedora. In desperation, I stopped the car and took the three steps required to reach the apparently sleeping figure. It was then I noticed a tin cup and a soiled, dog-eared sign, cast carelessly on the ground that read: RIDDLES – $1.00.

    I didn’t need any more riddles that day, but I prayed my dollar might obtain information directing me out of my present inner-city riddle to the airport and my departing flight. As I reached for my wallet to extract a dollar, the figure stirred and looked up. The face under the old, worn fedora stopped me cold – it was hideous.

    Once it had been the face of a man, but now one side of the face looked like melted Plasticine that had oozed down the rigid skull structure. Most noticeable within that misshapen, mass of scarred flesh, was a dead, yellowed, sightless, eye staring past me into the gray void of that cold, windy, morning. The other side of the face, although normal, was old and lined from endless years of wear and toil, the good eye drawn to a slit from the relentless wind.

    I opened my mouth, but before I could speak, the horrific apparition addressed me in a low, gravelly, voice that issued from the intact side of the face. Standing there, open mouthed with dollar in hand, I listened as the bizarre looking street beggar gave me clear, concise directions to the airport. Then, without hesitation, he closed his good eye and stared at me with that baleful, yellowed, sightless eye.

    As my focus became riveted on the dead, sightless eye, a detached voice said: “Here is your riddle, If you do not want to be led, then why do you demand leaders? If you want to be led, then why do you expect leaders to follow your demands?”

    With that, the figure bowed his head and again became an inanimate patch of brown in a gray world. I was late, very late. Still speechless I bent over and stuffed a bill into the tin cup. A moment later, I was back in my rented car, speeding to the airport.

    As I ran up to the loading gate, trench coat and briefcase in hand, I could see my flight being pushed back from the Jetway. Thoroughly exasperated, I dumped myself into a nearby seat. All my thoughts were on the impossibility of making my flight out in time.

    Trying to focus in order to overcome a fast approaching blue funk, my racing thoughts would not allow such diversion. It was obvious that I would now miss the election returns. The voting registration and balloting results I had gathered would now be useless information, yesterday’s news.

    At last, I exhaled a deep, long breath in the acceptance that my efforts had been wasted. I threw my head back to find a news broadcast flashing on an overhead monitor. Although unable to hear over the din of surrounding noise, it was clear the election was over. It had been terminated early when the incumbent threw in the towel and conceded defeat.

    The victors cheered ecstatically, congratulating each other as the newly elected president tried hard not to gloat over his victory. Somewhere in the background, a talking head discussed election details with some know-nothing, TV personality.

    In retrospect, the incident now seems surreal, perhaps more like a scene from a Fellini movie than real life. But I can still see the all too real, baleful gaze, of that dead, yellowed, sightless, eye and I still ponder that riddle that issued from a twisted, melted, mouth with wonder at their meaning: “If you do not want to be led, then why do you demand leaders? If you want to be led, then why do you expect leaders to follow your demands?”

    That was the last time I worked the election process. In fact, that was the last time I voted. I realized those leaders whom I had worked so hard to elect in truth had no more right to run my life than I did theirs. If I really wanted a voice in government, I needed to vote on issues, not promises made by leaders.

    Moreover, I needed a vote that could not be countermanded or rescinded by any leader. I discovered what I had sought all along was a system whereby people lead, not elected leaders. What I really wanted was true democracy, true democracy is actually a realized form of anarchy.

    It is strange that Americans think they live under a democratic system; that democracy means a chance to vote on a representative. This in fact is not democracy, but a Republic. By nature, Republics are a form of oligarchy, a point made unstintingly clear in Plato’s work “The Republic”.

    By contrast, true democracy has no leadership roles. The people decide directly over matters affecting their lives. In the end, I realized that my vote had been nothing more than a validation of the Republican system of representational leadership.

    Thus, my vote was an open concession to leadership by an elected representative. In my accepted role as follower, I had conceded any further role in the decision making process. It would now be left up to the leadership to make decisions for me. Whatever their decision, I now had no choice but to accept, as my vote had blindly put all my trust in their decisions.

    Democrat, Republican, third party – makes no difference, when we demand leadership, we cannot expect any leader to follow our demands. What does it matter to followers whom is chosen to lead, when their accepted role is simply to follow the leader?

    *Note, this was written before the current rate of inflation. Today that same riddle will cost you $20.

  11. So I’d bet Trump isn’t even doing the tweets – one of his Jewish staff is. Well this article should cement any notion that Trump is ‘Merica first or pro-white. Please send this article to Dr, David Duke who still slathers praise all over our Israeli selected yellow haired Orangutang clown.

    If you think you can live in a nation with Jews, this article proves you can not. And you should not deport them off onto another nation – that is immoral. What better way to destroy an enemy but to send them all of your Jews? The great failure of Nazi Germany was deporting Jews – look what they have done since. No one should take them, no one wants them, so what to do? Quarantine? Jail? Termination?

    Russia is doing much better now because Jews have fled – they all will tell you of terrible persecution under Putin, they no longer can march around in their underwear in gay parades, they can no longer do false flags or undermine the state for the benefit of Jewry. Russia is back because the Jew is gone. We should take note of that, if we want our America back then what do we have to do? Remove the Jew from state, from the legal system, from the military, from the corporations, from academia, from the medical industry, from the media, from the public discourse.

    What I would do is far more radical, I would immediately nuke Israel, kill the entire Rothschild clan, round up all the Jews and the bad ones put to death, the moderate ones, castrated and publicly tagged. Why? Because I am a moral person and I know what they are doing to us, and I don’t think any person, state, or nation should suffer this parasite. If you want to be treated like a Palestinian, live in a police state, pay ever higher taxes for endless Jewish wars, suffer a nuclear holocaust because the orange clown f-cks up, scrape by in a failed economy, watch your boys come home in caskets or missing limbs, then just pretend you can live with these people. You can not, they are not us, they have different genes, a different philosophy, and they think they own us.

    1. Yuk –

      “I’d bet Trump isn’t even doing the tweets..”

      YOU would WIN that bet..!! 🙂

      There are – supposedly – ONLY two ‘Tweeters’ sending Trump’s Twitter messages.
      That would be… Don and Dan..!!

      The man behind Donald Trump’s official presidential tweets is a former golf caddy who is in charge of the President’s social media.

      Dan Scavino is Mr Trump’s “assistant” and Director of Social Media.

      See his interview here:

      And here:

      Article shows Dan puts out fake news. 🙂

      The President’s official tweets are now written by a man who regularly promotes fake stories on Twitter

    2. Pat, the way Trump and Co. cut the head off his M$M Medusa enemy with the Sword of Twitter, is the stuff of legends. One of the most brilliantly (expert) conceived and executed political maneuvers of all time, Trump’s bypassing the filters, propaganda, advertisements, subliminals, etc., etc. and taking it right to the streets, so to speak..

      1. @ Hp

        Maybe you’re right and Trump is a brilliant operator by becoming a Twitter warrior and “bypassing the filters, propaganda, advertisements, subliminals, etc., etc. and taking it right to the streets…”, but you conveniently forget one thing.

        Trump used Twitter to tell Obama to get out of Afghanistan and never go back there, and now he has done the opposite. He has gone back into Afghanistan big time, increased the troops there, and has killed more civilians in drone attacks in 10 months than his two predecessors killed in 10 years.

        As a believer in ahimsa, how can you give your support to this wanton killing of innocent women and children in Islamic countries?

        Are you in denial that Trump has contradicted himself by going into Afghanistan when he said it was a very bad idea being in Afghanistan?

        Are you in denial that Trump is killing more people in drone attacks?

        In any case, Trump is not doing himself any favors by retweeting three links to videos posted by “Britain Today”. This is not a bona fide White Nationalist political party , as the article has revealed quite clearly. It’s an ultra-Zionist group of Israel Firster crypto-Jews to whom Trump has extended his support.

        Trump is acting as an agent for Netanyahu and Israel in supporting these vile evil scum in the 4-minute video posted at the end of the article.

        Please tell me, how can Trump give his full backing to these ultra-Zionist crypto-Jews terrorizing the innocent employees of an Islamic bookshop?

      2. Sardonicus, I’m not supporting, just noticing some things people might miss, misunderstand or misinterpret.
        Quite a few things, it seems.
        1) Trump didn’t “become” a twitter warrior, he invented it and the Expert way he implemented it resulted and still results in very big positive things, for him. Can’t help but notice this, can we.
        2) I did not (lol) “conveniently forget” Trump’s promises. Rather long ago (pre-Trump) realized the realistic political/social differences between today’s fresh promises and last year’s stale promises.
        As far as popularity, it’s no contest. As far as truth be told, I’d guess they’re virtually indistinguishable.
        3) The other nonsense implying I want to see dead Muslims, women and children, as well as your your Gita/Koran baiting, is just blather and an insult, now innit? Please don’t do that.

      3. @ HP

        Orange Clown is a con man who used twitter to deceive us; it was a tool useful in carrying out his populist charade. Orange Clown tells lies, and the MSM tells lies, and they both serve the jew agenda.

        I agree with Sard; your post is nonsense.

      4. Harold, that’s because you’re still pretty young..
        Wasting so little time in proving it is a hint.
        In fact, I was just saying to myself the other day…
        “Harold is a lot like I was”

      5. Just because you’re senile doesn’t mean everyone else is “pretty young” (and impliedly naive).

        Yes, you did respond quickly, but your “hints” are superfluous. The absurdity of your comments will suffice.

      6. HP –

        Trump “invented” the Twitter feeds, frenzies and fights… as much as Al-Gore “invented” the internet..!! 🙂

        “One of the most brilliantly (expert) conceived and executed political maneuvers of all time”…. was done NOT by Trump… BUTT… his CADDY… a young dude.. with Twitter ‘blow-up’ experience, which happens all the time in sports.. including golf.. LONG before the Trump campaign..!!

        I got a Twitter account in 2009…. and read all the crap there…

        You must have missed this:
        Dan Scavino is Mr Trump’s “assistant” and Director of Social Media. He told ALL of us… he does Trump’s Tweeting..!!

        See his interview here:

        Glad you’re standing in for Lobro.. 🙂

        1. I guess the Washington big shots, jews and zionist “Christians” , feel they didn’t antagonize the Muslim world enough when they blamed the whole Muslim world for the false flag attack of 9/11. They now have to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, antagonizing the Muslim world even more. It’s not enough for the Washington big shots to blame the Muslim world for what they know is a jew false flag [ 9/11 ] and use a jew false flag as an excuse to blame the Muslim world and wage war against the Muslim world, no, they have to antagonize the Muslim world even more. The Palestinians never did anything to harm the United States, and look at how much suffering and hardship our government in Washington inflicts on them, and the suffering Washington caused the Iraqi people, the Libyan people, the Afghanis, the Syrian people, and what they have planned for the Lebanese and the Iranians. It’s just horrible.

          I am NOT an Antifa type, NOT a Leftist. I am NOT holier-than-thou type. I just see alot of deep unfairness and cruelty being inflicted on peoples in the Middle East, both Muslims and Christians in the Middle East, who never harmed the United States and all the reasons Washington has to wage wars against Muslim countries. The conditions in the Middle East Washingon uses as justifications to wage war against the Muslims are conditions Washington and Israel brought about, NOT the Muslims. How they twist and distort everything around to make it “look like” it’s the Muslims starting the turmoil and blood-shed and violence and wars, when all along it’s really Washington-Israel which turned the Middle East into a powder keg, a place of hatred and animosity, turmoil and confusion.

          Washington-Israel, they do nothing but LIE, and how “moral” and how “righteous” they all think they are. They really do believe they’re morally superior, yet all they do is LIE and start wars against peoples who never did anything to us. ALL their wars ALL based on LIES. LYING us into endless war-waging against peoples who never did us any harm. This they consider being “morally superior”. In the meantime everyone in Washington and in Israel fully well DO know the Muslims didn’t do 9/11, yet they continue to blame the whole Muslim world for 9/11 nonetheless and continue to wage war against the Muslim world and are planning even more wars against the Muslim world. It’s disgusting.

      7. Pat, that’s a pretty generic guess, but then again you’re really not privy to exactly who does what when and how, are you? A little bit maybe..
        Shucks, maybe Dan Scavino is really Bagger Vance in disguise?
        Stranger things, and all that jazz..

      8. @ Hp

        The other nonsense implying I want to see dead Muslims, women and children, as well as your your Gita/Koran baiting, is just blather and an insult, now innit? Please don’t do that.

        My sincerest apologies, dear Homer. I stand corrected. I shouldn’t have said that about the Gita and the Qur’an. Very wrong of me.

        (But I note that bit at the end was deleted, for which I am thankful).

        As for the Gita and the Qur’an, I like them both. They are totally different and appeal to different temperaments. I will say something now you will have to agree with. If the Qur’an has produced a lot of fanatics, or failed to make every Muslim in the world a perfect human being, the same can be said for the Gita.

        The Gita is sublime, but it has failed to spiritualize the average Indian. Go to India and you will see the average Indian is untouched by the Gita. He is leering at women in the streets, especially at Western women, and there is a lot of pornography and rape in India going on right now. Believe me, Homer, most Indians are not Ramakrishna or Vivekananda. Still less are they Shankara or Ramanuja. They have a long way to go before they achieve samadhi! You know that.

        But the same applies to the average American. Christianity has had no effect on the average American, corrupted by Jew television and the excreta of Hollywood.

        Ah, if only we could become a bit sublimer, like the sublime books we have read! 🙂

      9. Sardonicus, thanks and of course I know about the average Indian, Christian, Muslim, etc.
        I’ve been one for quite a while, and I’ve been paying attention!
        Just like my dear old dad kept telling me, right up until the bitter end.. Pay attention!

      10. HP –

        “Pat, that’s a pretty generic guess”

        That’s all you and I got….
        …..since we were “BIGGLY” booted from Trump Tower.. 🙂

      11. HP, marrying so young is not a blasphemy; it’s part of the religion. The same goes with the Hanuman custom, which is now forbidden by law. Because Hanuman [the mighty ape] is worshipped as an avatar of Lord Shiva, some women used to be sent to the wild to copulate with monkeys, hoping to get pregnant and give birth to the god. This had been done until recently in the countryside, and in the past it was a respectable act of devotion.

  12. **SCOTUS – Swamp Creature – Disagrees that Trump has lost ALL credibility:

    US Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban While Cases Wind through ​Lower ​ Court​s​

    The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to enforce a ban on travel to the US by residents of six mostly Muslim countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen – despite legal challenges in lower courts. It is not clear what will happen when these cases clear the lower-courts.

    President Donald Trump’s travel ban is once again to largely go back into effect after the Supreme Court of the United States stayed two lower courts’ injunctions Monday.

    The orders come in response to filings by the Department of Justice Friday, asking the Supreme Court to stay the preliminary injunctions in the two main travel ban cases, Hawaii v. Trump in the Ninth Circuit and International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump in the Fourth Circuit. These cases have been proceeding up and down the federal court system for months.

    The district courts, especially that of Barack Obama-appointed District of Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson, have repeatedly ruled that the bans must be blocked from going into effect or must, in the interim, be interpreted in such a way as to have little effect on the list of mostly Muslim majority countries from which travel is prohibited under the orders.

    1. Answering the question “Did President Obama Ban Muslims from Entering the United States”, Snopes dot com- one of the establishment approved arbiters of truth and denouncers of “fake news” (in company with the ADL, and SPLC) – found the claim “Mostly False”. In an extraordinary display of sophistry that would impress the most disputatious of Talmud scholars, Snopes owners demonstrate they are “trustworthy” tools of Ziomedia.

      As I recall, Obama also failed to keep most of his campaign promises, but did prove to be a reliable friend to international bankers, the 0.001%, perverts, pornographers, and Israeli “self-defense” bombing of women and children in Gaza (Cast Lead and Protective Edge). Somehow, the neo-liberal Democrat Obama got a “get out of scandals and trouble free” card from Zionist owned neo-liberal media. What a surprise! 🙂

  13. Putting aside the contemptible behavior of that woman in the bookstore, Jayda Franson (she sure looks like an artificial plastic doll in her picture), I’m not about to condemn her ‘Britain First’ movement in favor of that of the Muslim writer, El-Yousseph, even if he happens to be a USAF veteran. Fact is that this out-of-control Muslim invasion is destroying what once was the most powerful white country in the world (powerful does not mean that it was good – the US is powerful and its government is rotten to the core).

    IMO, both Islam and Judaism should go to hell and they can take Zionist JudeoChristianity with them. Trump, today, is supposed to announce (maybe he’s done so already) that the US will recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. It’s getting harder and harder to support Trump in any way, though I continue to believe that Mueller’s probe is nothing but an expensive witch hunt that should be shut down immediately. Even inflammatory Jewish talk show host Michael Savage (born Michael Alan Weiner) has condemned Trump’s decision, believing that it will inflame a situation which is already a powder keg about to explode. Any violence resulting from Trump’s rash decision is ALL on his shoulders.

    On a side note, I heard this morning that an assassination plot against PM Theresa May was foiled.

    1. Folly of War, Gilbert Huntly

      The Mueller activity has always been about diverting attention from HRC.

      It’s nice to see someone noticed Mr. Trump’s fatal decision on Jerusalem, which is now official. Although President Macron of France, the Pope, and many others advised against it, the fool went ahead with it. The Saudis advised against it as well – for good reason. The Custodians of the Holy Sites of Islam, recently in bed with Israel in a vain and venal attempt to destroy Muslim Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Iran, now will be known across the Islamic World from Indonesia to Morocco as an International Pariah of equal standing with Israel.

      Nothing could be clearer.

      The consequences of this fatal decision will rock the World and destroy nations.

      No Muslim country, whether it be Jordan or Egypt or anywhere else, can tolerate this step. Prepare yourselves.

  14. Trump’s buddy in Israel is in “YUGE” trouble with failing “credibility” there…. CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE..!!! Almost as bad as ‘Put-On’…. the Paper Bear in Russia…!! 🙂

    20,000 Protesters in Tel Aviv Rally Against Netanyahu, Who Is Accused of Corruption

    Israel: An estimated 20,000 people shouted “shame!” in protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is accused of taking bribes from wealthy campaign contributors in exchange for political favors and for​ trying to block the investigation.

    Members of Netanyahu’s Likud party introduced legislation that would ban police from sharing the conclusions of their investigations with those in political office. This would effectively nullify the investigations regardless of outcome.

    “[Netanyahu] and his government are destroying the country. There’s been enough corruption,” Michal, a demonstrator and Tel Aviv resident who preferred not to give his full name, told The Guardian on Saturday.

    Protesters have organized weekly demonstrations in front of the home of Israel’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, since the corruption charges came to light.

    Saturday’s rally featured protesters marching through an upper-class neighborhood of Tel Aviv, shouting “shame!” and “Bibi go home!”, referencing Netanyahu’s nickname.

  15. Very well done to the “Darkmoon” site for publishing this.
    In these times it is vital that people think clearly and go beyond the surface appearance of things.
    Whilst western media may condemn this group’s overt acts of aggression towards Muslims, it will never investigate their Zionist roots (because Zionists control the media) but instead use these incidents to smear nationalists in general.
    Zionist globalist powerbrokers, with this trick, are able to kill 2 birds with one stone.
    They paint nationalism as extremist/racist and they smear Muslims by associating them with terrorism and crime.
    I wonder how many news sites, msm or alternative, have had the integrity to look into “Britain First” and reveal it’s Zionist roots.
    How many?
    Yet it is vital people know the full truth and don’t fall into the trap that has been set for them.

    Isn’t it the Mossad’s slogan “By way of deception thou shalt do war”?

  16. I just watched and listened to Trump’s speech concerning moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. It occurred to me that this must have been in the plans since 1948. In essence, it will make the city of Scripture the site for “The Empire’s” outpost of overseeing the global plantation. The commandeering of America was a necessary fete. It became possible in 1913. The obvious will be manifest in the opulence of the building of the U.S. Embassy, there. Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. 😮
    “Peace” will not result. Outpost Israhell GUARANTEES it. 😥

    1. The government website Congress dot gov provides for searches for legislation going back to 1973. It is not the most user friendly site. With limited time (I’ve got things to do), the earliest legislation I could find concerning [Jerusalem + capital of Israel] came from the 1993-94 Congress (103rd), during the first two years of the Clinton regime: H.Con.Res.281 – Expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States Embassy in Israel should, at the earliest possible date, be relocated to the city of Jerusalem.

    2. Hi Gilbert,

      John Hagee and his Christians United for Israel must have popped the champagne corks by now. One step closer to Armageddon. Seriously, if Trump was concerned about the safety of Jews, why would he initiate an aggression that could get a lot of them killed? That’s the folly of hubris, of which Trump is saturated. In his own mind, he can do no wrong. And that’s dangerous.
      BTW, I don’t understand the venom you received from your earlier comment, which seemed perfectly common sense to me. Of course, I’m still pretty new to the site and am still learning about the long time grudges.

      1. Hello, Folly –

        No, I don’t mind, at all, the genteel chastisement of Sardonicus. (He is, mostly, accurate. 😀)
        It is bothersome to me, however, that the rude behavior of the British girl is stretched to smear our President Trump. Everyone can find something with which they agree, or disagree, in EVERY political action or voice. I believe Mr. Trump is maintaining a stalwart act for the complete American control of Outpost Israhell (America has invested so much in it that it’s only sensible that the investment should be completed). (Notice how most American Jews are opposed to the Trump presidency…) He has not forsaken the Palestinians – he has only seemed to endeavor to disarm the Israhellites. Jews are not stupid. Like a combative woman, they need to be charmed to be disarmed. He has charmed them.
        Although I would not have recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of that rogue state, I realize that Trump’s move was primarily SYMBOLIC – and probably a good strategic move to further dominate the Jewish state.

      2. The thing is, Orange Clown’s retweeting of Britain First’s extremist videos and his decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, for example, as bad as they are, are not happening in a vacuum.

        These come as his administration is doing all kinds of other provocative things; e.g., escalating in Afghanistan; backing the genocidal war in Yemen; announcing to the world that the U.S. military will illegally remain in Syria as an occupying force; sanctioning Iran’s Revolutionary Guards; flirting with war on the Korean Peninsula; etc.

        Orange Clown seems to be engaged in a methodical effort to set the world on fire.

        In fact, Dr. Bandy Lee, editor of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President”, in an editorial recently published in the New York Times, warned of Orange Clown’s deteriorating mental state:

        “[…] We are currently witnessing more than his usual state of instability — in fact, a pattern of decompensation: increasing loss of touch with reality, marked signs of volatility and unpredictable behavior, and an attraction to violence as a means of coping. These characteristics place our country and the world at extreme risk of danger. […]”

        I don’t think Dr. Lee has any kind of agenda. I think she’s truly worried, as am I, and I suppose millions of other thoughtful people all over the world. America has created what is perhaps the most powerful, most unaccountable political office the world has ever seen, and has installed a demon-possessed madman into it.

  17. Here is a perfect video to see why Britain First (BF) is reacting to the symptoms of Jewish control but not addressing the core problem of having Jews in control of their nation, “What Britain First is Really All About”

    If a new political party does not address the Jewish problem it is doomed for failure, in this video BF wants to make the nation Christian (again) when it was allegiance to this Jewish based faith that led to the downfall of Britain. BF is fighting a dragon and aiming at the tail and not the head. If you actually want to win you have to cut the head off the demon, which is to behead the Jewish control of state.

    It doesn’t matter what policies you adopt to fix a problem of Jewish control because the Jews will only wreck that also. Jews are the wrench in the machinery of state, they are raging discontents. There in lies the problem, Jews(or Christian lackeys) can not be in charge of the revolution because they are both at the core of the problem. If you listen to Charles Giulani, he will explain to you in detail why a Christian is simply a Gentile converted to Judaism.

    Sanity can only be restored to state when Jews are removed from state, since BF doesn’t state this as a primary goal (because is a Jewish front), then it will be long way to the bottom as the nation wrestles with itself trying to come to grips with the real problem. BF is just another madness like British Israelism, trying to claim the Jew status to defeat the Jew. You must identify the Jew (and his books) as the problem first, then proceed if you are to have any real chance of long term success.

  18. Arabs are obviously going to outnumber Europeans and Brits. I feel more empathy/sympathy for Germans than for Anglo-Saxons because Germans don’t back-stab, don’t prefer money to their closest ones, and don’t treat their closest ones as property, and Germans are honest in war and peace. I feel some German blood in my veins, and the blood cannot be kosherised, like the mind. Also, Islam can be cruel and violent but not [at least Shias] as back-stabbing as Judeo-C…
    Cannibalism for dummies:

  19. How uncanny the title of Mahmoud el-Yousseph’s article. Trump’s foolish announcement will be the most regretted decision since Truman recognized Israel.

    The Two State solution and “Peace” process is now officially dead. Turkey has called a meeting for coordinated response – we will learn whether it’s real or not depending on whether Turkey officially de-recognizes Israel. Anything less and representatives should leave. Business, whether Arms deals, Oil or anything else with the US or UK will be seen as nothing less than supporting Shaitan. In Afghanistan, anyone working with America (who’s serving families will be brought to tears) will be known as a pariah and refused burial in Islamic cemeteries.Taliban recruitment will soar. ISIS, an Israeli-US-UK creation from the beginning is dead. The Gulf states will shake and burn. The US, UK tourists worldwide had best stay home. In Europe, though it will take time, cities will burn.

    Donald Trump, the new Master of Low Expectations, will continue commenting on Twitter.

    1. Yes, it’s that serious.

      After gifting Trump with a massive solid gold necklace, signing off on arms purchases, after private plotting with Jared Kushner, the al Sauds are now made to look like silly monkeys in front of the whole world.

      For even the most witless baboon of the meanest intelligence knows that what the Israelis are really aiming for is to rebuild another stone replica of Yahweh’s tent.

      Unfortunately,there will be no room for either mosque or church on the same piece of real estate in Occupied Palestine.

      1. “there will be no room for either mosque or church on the same piece of real estate” – Right you are, Winston. World changing events are about to be set in motion.

        Any notion that Jerusalem could be shared between Muslims, Christians and Jews – as envisioned by the UN when 55% of Palestine was declared to be Israel – was made invalid in 1967. Since then, Israel’s leaders have pursued a program of slow and painful ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, house by house. Jerusalem is to be the “undivided capital” of Israel and, in NJWO plans, “spiritual capital” of the world. Furthermore, Jerusalem will be the seat of a World Court, where Noahide law will be imposed upon the goyim with an “Iron Hand”, and plentiful human sacrifices to the demon god Yahweh.

        In order to claim that “glorious” future, a push to cleanse the “Temple Mount” and build a “Third Temple” will now go into high gear. If “someone” should happen to blow up the al-Aqsa mosque, Jewish pundits will be quick to remind us that “Muslims have been killing each for centuries”, and al-Aqsa was “only the third holiest Islamic shrine”, while the Jews have waited 2,000 years – and did they mention anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and the gentiles genetic predisposition to oppress and persecute Jews – to rebuild their temple. Well bribed Western governments will trip over each other to be first in line to give their blessings to “poor little Israel”.

        Whether or not the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem, the Muslim world will, rightly, see Trump’s official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as an attack upon Islam. It seems very possible that Albert Pike’s prediction of “The Third World War [that] must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World” is about to come true.

      2. They may be preparing us for “United Religions” like the UN, as the idea of one world religion hasn’t caught on.

        They actually wish to unite 13 religions:
        1) Ancient Religions
        2) BaHai
        3) Buddhism
        4) Christianity
        5) Eastern Religion
        6) Hinduism
        7) Islam
        8) Judaism
        9) Magic Religions
        10) Pantheism
        11) Sikh
        12) Taoism
        13) Zoroastrianism

        The number of initiatives is rising too.

        And they need a war for it [including some profit].

      3. @Winston,

        You often mention on-going war crimes in Yemen, and I share your disgust and dismay that the USG has been supporting KSA’s war on civilians in Yemen. There may be some good news.

        And Justin Raimondo appears to be feeling much better (he is undergoing treatments for cancer). Today’s column is about “Trump theater”, and more specifically the ramifications of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

        It’s an interesting column, although – in my opinion – JR doesn’t take into account the messianic fervor of some of Israel’s population, and the support that Zionist Christians provide for attempts to bring about the conditions of the “End of Times”, which include the destruction of the al-Aqsa mosque, and building a “Third Temple”.

      4. @Snez

        I like this idea! 😂

        To do this, (decide which is the “True God”) we first need to choose a neutral and natural judge like the Fire between all religions. Minimum one (or as many) religious leaders/followers from all religions will be gathered at the platform of Religious United Nations who will enter the fire without using any chemicals on their body in a big ground in front of world media. The true God (whether that is Allah, Jesus, Moses, Ram, Krishna, etc) who will save his follower(s) from burning in fire will be proved true without any doubt.


      5. Hi Winston,
        Just this morning I watched Trump’s statement yesterday where he started seriously slurring his words. It wasn’t just a few words. It was sentences. His spokesperson said afterward that he was just thirsty and needed a drink of water. Then why didn’t he pause and just get one? I’m no MD, but it sure looked like signs of a stroke, not just a thirsty person.

      6. Rabbis’ wisdom: Love is a holocaust of Jews!
        “Intermarriage,” says Rabbi Sol Roth, “is a holocaust of our own making.” [SILBERMAN, p. 286] “We will destroy ourselves,” worried Rabbi Morris Shapiro, “not through the gas chambers but the love chambers.” [RITTENBERG, p. 8]

      7. Correct: ” US presidential candidates in recent decades have habitually proclaimed their intention to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City and relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, but such displays of political correctness have until now failed to survive contact with reality. Such a dramatic break with seven decades of US and indeed global policy, seeking to unilaterally rewrite international law and predetermine the outcome of eventual Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, would constitute an act of premeditated political pyromania with unforeseen local, regional and global consequences.
        There’s an additional twist: in 1989, Israel leased a plot of land to the US on which to build its Jerusalem embassy. Extensive research by Walid Khalidi demonstrated not only that at least 70 per cent of the land is confiscated Palestinian refugee property, but also that many of the heirs of the original owners are today US citizens.”
        From Uprooted Palestinian Blog…..

      8. Hi Winston,
        “The new Master of Low Expectations”: that’s truly a gem.

        “The al Sauds are now made to look like silly monkeys in front of the whole world.”

        I don’t think they really mind. Their sickness blinds them from seeing their groveling shamelessness. They see a prized opportunity to become a local strong-man and to consolidate power by tying-in more with the money families..all proxy rulers for the Jews.
        Of course, being their brothers-in-arms, I am sure the Saudi Cryptos will soon be gifting much more than a massive gold necklace.

        On a religious side note, there is a famous hadith related from the Porphet: When he asked God to bless the area of Sham (Syria, Lebanon..Palestine) and Yamen; someone asked him to bless Najd and he replied, “The horns of Shaitan comes from Najd.”

        Riyadh is considered part of modern day Najd. In the history of Arabia, Riyadh was never a place of prominence. It is only after the Saudi Najdis came into power they made it the capital. I believe the two horns of the devil refers to the spiritual pollution of Wahabism coupled with the political force of the Saudi family. These are all relatively recent phenomena.

      9. Seeb

        Interesting Hadith about portion of Arabia. What do you make of the al-Shulman/ al-Saud allegation?

  20. Jews, Jews everywhere and not a drop of justice in sight!

    Really, what can you expect when Jews rule in the Western world? ….. Ho hum!

    Nothing ever alters the Jews’ grand plan of Chosenites gaining their YHWH bequeathed position of ruling Planet Earth. Absolutely nothing!

    Its like the power hungry nuts who ruled Krypton. They blew up the planet and only the Jews’ Superman escaped. Then along came Spiderman and the Marvel heroes. “C’mon Captain America.”

    The Lobro theory has proved fraudulent: Trump is working with the ultra-Zionist Master Kushner. His daughter is working with same under the covers of darkness. C’mon lobro, speak up, man! Your silence is most telling – you have become another victim.

    Keep spreading the word to the masses: The Jews whom Jesus hated with a vengeance, now RULE!

    Slap a Christian-ZIONIST TODAY!

    As Henry Makow said the other day, “We are now, all of us, satanists.”

    Satan, dressed as Santa, roams the streets calling out prostitutes: “Ho, ho, ho!”

    Put the Star of David atop your Xmas tree!

    Leave Satan a can of beer and some ice!

    Watch he doesn’t go into your children’s bedrooms.

  21. Some remarks :

    1) “…Thanks to the meticulous research of Imam Malik Mujahid of Chicago, the three videos tweeted by Trump have now been debunked as fake propaganda—and as stereotyping all Muslims as antisocial jihadists. Imam Mujahid is the head of Sound Vision, a Muslim advocacy group that has issued a nationwide alert on the fake videos by stating…”

    How ironic that this imam, who activates against “stereotyping all Muslims as antisocial jihadists”, is himself called MUJAHID, which means jihadist !

    Names such as SAIF or SAIF AL-ISLAM (“sword”, or “sword of Islam”) are also common among Muslims (the latter is the name of one of Qadhaffi’s sons). Perhaps Islam is after all not exactly a “religion of peace” if such names are common among Muslims ?

    2) The violent quotes from the Qur’an and Hadith shown in the video are correct. Britain First is not making them up.

    3) The behavior of Britain First of provoking and harassing ordinary Muslims on the street or in their shops or mosques is indeed reprehensible and ultimately backfires, but it must be said that their critique of Islam is based on facts.

    4) Jayda Fransen does indeed look Jewish (nose !), but Paul Golding not at all. Fransen is an ordinary Dutch last name, not specifically Jewish. Jayda’s paternal grand father Jan Jozef Wynand Fransen, born in the Netherlands in 1927, came to England with the Dutch Naval fleet. His names and profession do not suggest any Jewishness at all. Jayda is perhaps partly Jewish from her mother’s side.

    5) Whether Britain First is a Jewish PSY-OP is possible, but has yet to be proven. Their pro-Israel stance need not necessarily be an indication of Jewishness. Such a stance is often taken by White Nationalist movements as a tactic to avoid the accusation of “anti-Semitism” and thus of “racism”. It would however be interesting to know who finances them.

    6) President Trump’s retweeting of said videos of dubious origin is once again an example of his irresponsibility and impulsiveness. Will this big child ever grow up ?

    1. ‘5) Whether Britain First is a Jewish PSY-OP is possible, but has yet to be proven.’
      Franklin, there is too much fakery today in the west. Promotion of both tolerance and violence is fake because someone is hiding behind them, someone who believes they are “chosen by God”. A closer look at the BF’s manifesto reveals that every demand reflects and benefits Jewry [Jews are divided about Brexit]. Most of BF’s demands only sound patriotic, while in practice such actions would isolate and impoverish any country and introduce a totalitarian state control of the media. The demand for the bank to be taken out of the private hands makes sense, but if the same people take over the government, it’s not a change. Also, BF wants to introduce body mutilation [by the state!] and re-introduce the death penalty.

    2. The name Golding is jewish, remember the word gold, a metal. Franssen is also a jewish name as is for exame the name fransman, names which depict origin, a faked origin of coming from France, like the name Hollander supposed origin from holland. There are more jews in the world than they want you to know.

      1. I completely agree, Lisa. Their constant refrain that there are only 15 million Jews in the entire planet, after thousands of years of procreation, defies all common sense. It is a Jewish lie as big as the myth of the 6 million.

      2. @Lisa
        Both names Golding and Fransen are Gentile names that are also used by Jews. So that proves nothing.

        Golding :

        English: from the late Old English personal name Golding, in form a patronymic from Golda (see Gold 4). German: patronymic from a short form of a Germanic personal name formed with gold, guld ‘gold’, ‘bright’.

        Fransen : Fransen simply means “son of Frans”. The Dutch name Frans (“Francis”) is quite common in the Netherlands. Some Jews have adopted this name, but that can also be said of the name Jansen, which is even more common in the Netherlands. Names that denote a foreign country of origin such as Spanjaard or Italiaander are indeed Jewish, but Fransen, being a patronym is not one of them.

      3. @FOLLYOFWAR

        Paranoid bullshit ! You can compare the Jews very well with the Lebanese, a people from a country close to Israel and similar in seize and culture. There are 4 million Lebanese in Lebanon, and the Lebanese diaspora (all over the world) is estimated at between 8 to 14 million. The Lebanese too have had “thousands years of procreation”, but they remained as small in number as the Jews.
        See :

    3. Franklin,
      The violent quotes from the Qur’an and Hadith shown in the video are correct. Britain First is not making them up.

      Let’s look at the quotes from the Qur’an and Hadith, shall we?
      These verses were revealed about the first battle the Muslims fought with the disbelievers of Mecca. The Muslims numbered 300 and the Meccans numbered 1000.

      [Remember] when your Lord inspired the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.” (8:12)
      O you who have believed, when you meet those who disbelieve advancing [for battle], do not turn to them your backs [in flight]. (8:15)
      And whoever turns his back to them on such a day, unless swerving [as a strategy] of war or joining [another] company, has certainly returned with anger [upon him] from Allah, and his refuge is Hell – and wretched is the destination. (8:16)
      If you [disbelievers] seek victory – defeat has come to you. And if you desist [from hostilities], it is best for you; but if you return [to war], We will return, and never will you be availed by your [large] company at all, even if it should increase; and [that is] because Allah is with the believers. (8:19)
      So the context of the verses was about the first battle of Badr where the Muslims were small in number and some were actually afraid since the enemy was three times larger and much better equipped. These are NOT verses of aggression to REGULAR people, this is on the battlefield. God does not like cowards and He will place you in conditions to prove your faith despite the odds.

      Observe verse 19 to the disbelievers, if you desist from hostilities it is best for you, but if you return…
      Hostilities were initiated by the disbelievers, hence the expulsion from Mecca.

      I don’t know how any red-blooded, honourable man would find issues with these verses. On the contrary, these verses can be comforting, especially in the times we are living in now. We are living in a time when the wicked, evil powers that be, feel they are all powerful and the little guy feels helpless. For people of faith these verses should comfort; to portray them as if they are intended to inspire Muslims to run out and kill people in the streets…..well, what else can I say? That should speak for itself.

      Now let’s look at the Hadith.
      [Sahih Bukhari, volume 4, book 52, number 176]
      Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: The Messenger of God said, “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, O Servant of God, there is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.’”

      Firstly, all hadith material are just that, reports of statements that is attributed to the Prophet and must be taken with all the relevant Qur’anic verses on the topic. It is well known, to be a Muslim it is an article of faith to believe in all prophets of God, some are mentioned in the Qur’an and some not. Some from Bani Israeel and some from peoples we don’t know, maybe Chinese, maybe native etc. The point is we don’t categorize ALL jews as evil. Even so, their own book speaks of the evil ones among them.

      This hadith foretells of a time in the future when Muslims will fight the Jews – Many people of knowledge believe that time is close, perhaps just before the descent of ‘Isa ibn Maryam. As for stones talking, maybe a miracle, maybe technology. I think most of us on Darkmoon can relate to the geopolitical climate that could bring this about. If anything, it is a testament that the Prophet spoke the truth.

      It is really sad that you continue to misrepresent Islam and the Quran. You like to project yourself as someone who knows the inside of the religion. God help you. On top of that you obfuscate and ‘block’ for the jews regularly. Are you a Jew? Really, are you a Jew?

      And do yourself a favor stop peddling your website. In time, it will only show you the fool.
      Oh! As for this idea, “Is Islam a religion of peace or war?” Kindda reminds me of, “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.”

      I’ll tell you what Islam really is. It is a religion about life, all aspects of our lives and yes fighting has a place in it and in the right place it is the greatest sacrifice one can make. Remember, “He who finds his live shall surely lose it…” there is a lot of implication there.
      God Bless.

      1. @SEEB

        The battle of Badr was fought for the wrong reasons : robbery.

        “Then the apostle heard that Abu Sufyan was coming from Syria with a large caravan of Qurish, containing their money and merchandise, accompanied by some thirty or forty men… When the Apostle heard about Abu Sufyan coming from Syria, he summoned the Muslims and said, “This is the Quraish caravan containing their property. Go out to attack it, perhaps Allah will give it as a prey.” (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 428)

        See : : Muhammad – Myths of Muhammad – The Myth : Muhammad Fought the Battle of Badr in Self-Defense.

        “…As for stones talking, maybe a miracle, maybe technology. I think most of us on Darkmoon can relate to the geopolitical climate that could bring this about…”

        I would rather think of it as a figure of speech.

        Yeah, Islam is a “religion of life” : imperialistic wars are part of it. Do you condone imperialism ?

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Yeah, Islam is a “religion of life” : imperialistic wars are part of it. Do you condone imperialism?

        Mr Ryckaert:

        Do you condone the imperialism of the Roman Empire?
        Do you condone the imperialism of the Russian Empire?
        Do you condone the imperialism of the Spanish Empire?
        Do you condone the imperialism of the Portuguese Empire?
        Do you condone the imperialism of the German Empire?
        Do you condone the imperialism of the Italian Empire?
        Do you condone the imperialism of the American Empire?

        No, you don’t! Because all these colonial exploiters had WHITE skins!

        The only imperialism you condemn is the imperialism of the Ottomon empire. How strange! Anything to do with the color of their skins? Too brown for your taste? Not smart enough in the IQ department? The only colonial predators you approve of, Mr Ryckaert, appear to be those who bear the WHITE MAN’S BURDEN, exporting the fruits of “civilization” to the inferior colored races of the world.

        @ SEEB

        Pay no attention to this simple-minded racist (Franklin Ryckaert) who belongs in the 19th century. The Ottomon Empire, for all its faults, was ten times better than the hated American Empire today, an empire that takes its orders from AIPAC and Israel.

      3. @Bradley Arnold

        I know that history is for a big part the story of empires, and that there have better and worse empires, BUT if an empire is founded by a so-called “prophet” in the name of a “religion” then I have a problem with that “religion”. The more so if that religion condoned robbery, rape and slavery. One chapter of the Qur’an is called al-Anfal and that means “booty”. Muhammad’s first public act was the robbery of a caravan. Some “prophet” !

        BTW, I consider the “religion” of the Old Testament as much detestable as that of the Qur’an.

        The American “empire” is one bases and proxy regimes, not of territory. I don’t condone its crimes either.

      4. Thank you, Franklin, you have explained that very well. And thank you also for your calm and polite response. I will leave you to SEEB now who believes that the Qur’an and Hadith you condemn so much are not as bad as you make them out to be, i.e., that you are giving them a negative spin that is simply not shared by most good Muslims.

      5. Hi Franklin,
        I’ve covered at least 5 complete seerahs of the Prophet (closer to 10), including ibn Hisham, I’ve read what’s transmitted by Ibn Ishaq and Waqidi and Tabari….
        There are several scenarios transmitted about the battle of Badr but the scenario presented that the Prophet and his companions planned to capture the caravan of Abu Sufyan is not supported by the Quran itself, neither by logic and definitely not mathematically, despite what Ibn Ishaq transmitted.

        Badr is only 90 miles from Madinah and approximately 200 miles from Mecca. Does it make sense that Abu Sufyan was able to notice the Muslims planning an attack on his caravan but he has time to send a scout 200 miles to Mecca (takes about a week on camel); that scout then transmits the message and the leaders of Quraysh has time to make a truce with an adjacent tribe not to attack Mecca while they are off to fight the Muslims, at least another week to get to Badr. Other Qurayshi allies closer to Badr somehow already informed. All the while Abu Sufyan only has about 30-40 riders to guard him from 300 Muslims!!!

        The Prophet left 8 men back to guard Madinah, that’s all he could spare. He forbid young boys like ibn Umar from going to the battle, who was about 14. Most of the army was ill equipped and a significant number had to walk on foot. It also happened in Ramadan and this was the first year of fasting. Does that sound like people off to rob a caravan?

        As for your statement, “Muhammad’s first public act was the robbery of a caravan.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Did he not spend 12 years prior to the battle of Badr among his people. The Meccans were terrified of him because the people loved him and they were leaving their ancestral religion of idol worship. This is why they persecuted him and his followers. The Gods were about money, big business. This god whom the Prophet called Rahman (the Merciful) was unseen, he was destroying their livelihood and way of life.

        The people of Madinah were cognisant of the fact that if they made him their leader then the Quraysh would make war. The Quraysh put pressure on the tribes of Madinah to give him up, men like Saad ibn Muaz. At Madinah he was worried for their safety and the Meccans would make incursions to have a pretext to finish him off.

        And this is basically what is supported by the Quranic verses. It is no different than what is happening before our very eyes regularly. Whenever the powers that be want to justify their killing and plunder, they create a false flag. In order to mobilize people you have to create a moral position in their minds. This is what Abu Sufyan did.

        He sent his scout ahead of time with news of the Prophet amassing an army to rob the caravan. This gave them time for preparation and it really was not something that the Muslims wanted, they were terrified. This is the only explanation that makes sense considering the distances and times etc. If the Prophet was after the caravan why did he not pursue it after he was victorious?
        He never robbed their caravan.

        Here are the Qur’anic verses that led to the ones already cited.

        [1-3]They ask you concerning the bounties? Say, “The bounties belong to God and the Messenger. So fear God and set things right among yourselves; obey God and His Messenger, if you are true believers.” True believers are those whose hearts tremble with awe, whenever God is mentioned to them; whose faith increases when the revelations of God are recited to them; who put their trust in their Lord, who establish Prayer and give in Charity out of what we have given them.

        [4-6] Such people are indeed true believers; they have high ranks with their Lord and forgiveness for their sins and a most generous provision. Your Lord had brought you forth from your home with the Truth, though some of the Believers were very much averse to it: they were arguing with you concerning the truth, though it had become quite evident; they were filled with awe as if they were being driven towards death with their eyes wide open.

        [7-8] Remember the occasion when God was holding out to you the promise that one of the two hosts would fall to you: you wished the weaker host should fall to you: but God willed to prove by His words the Truth to be truth and to cut across the roots of the disbelievers so that the Truth should come out as truth and falsehood should be proved to be falsehood, even though the evil-doers did not like it.

        Thank you for your kind words.

  22. National Action named the jew, as did Jez Turner. All connected to both are destined for the gulag.
    BF and the EDL are Jewish tools, followed by Jewish fools.

  23. Watch out , watch out, the Jews are about, they’re after your fingers and toes!
    Their pestilence has drowned us in their lies and fornications.
    You cannot think clearly any more as you have drank of their pestilence.
    The Queen of England is laughing. Her Harry will marry a negro actor because that is the way of the world. Othello the wise!
    And the red suited, satanic buffoon calls you to his intercourse. Be merry, be gay, be spendthrift and use the Jews’ shiny credit card. Get drunk on frankinsense or whatever turns you on.
    The baby is in the manger is the bastard product of a fishermen’s whore, born in menstrual blood; or so says the Babylonian Talmud.
    Listen to your Masters. Get excited about the red buffoon; support the orange clown; go to a satanic church near you; watch the Jews’ tv and sing in town squares.
    Travel to the wailing wall and kiss the stone. Insert your little note. Tell God you love him and wish death upon the evil Goyim.
    And tell the jihadists to stop murdering fellow, enslaved Gentiles and to concentrate on the soft targets walking the streets with big noses and silly skull caps.
    Icke’s reptilians are Jews. You can smell, hear and see them from miles away. Why do we allow these repulsive, diseased people to walk among us? But, then again, they have all.the power, all the money. They own Trump, they own Obama, they now own lobro and they now own you.
    Me? I’m buying a Santa suit for safety reasons.

  24. PS: C’mon, that Jayda is a typical Jewish sheila, big nose, gaping mouth and all! Showing enough cleavage to titillate. Gilby would join her group.
    As for a person named Golding, how many Jews are golds and silvers?

  25. What’s left for us? My hopes for candidate Trump’s promises of peace are now completely destroyed.

    With America moving its embassy to Jerusalem things are about to get a lot worse.

    Is he trying to start WW3 ?

    1. John,
      I only watch the first 15 minutes of the morning 7am news, just to see if Trump started WWIII. But, this AM, after the story of more ghastly So. Calif. fires (they always seem to blame them on dry conditions, never on arson, I wonder), they proceeded to a story about a Palestinian Day of Rage. This will give the Jews a chance to wipe out hundreds of additional indigenous people, armed only with rocks. The Arabs were shown burning scores of pictures of Trump. But I don’t see just one day of rage. The Palestinians say, and I’m sure other Arabs agree, that preserving their part of Jerusalem, with its holy Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, is a cause worth martyrizing themselves for. If clueless Trump, at evil Netanyahoo’s (and Kushner’s) urging, intended to light the match, it appears that he’s done it.

      1. Ken,
        Perhaps PhD ecologist Guy McPherson’s claim of near term human extinction is true. He claims there are too many positive feedback loops to stop accelerating global warming. He has a website “Nature Bats Last.”

      2. Folly,
        I used to go to his site, but he completely denies geoengineering/chemtrails/weather manipulation, which is intentionally destroying the planet more than all the things he does talk about combined.

    2. @John Kirbey

      Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will not trigger WW III. At most it will trigger a third intifada in Israel/Palestine, but most probably only some demonstrations.

      The destruction of the Dome of the Rock and the building of the Jewish Third Temple in its stead would be an other thing. That would surely arouse anger all over the Islamic world, but since the Islamic world is weak and divided, it still would not trigger a Third World War. The Israeli government is aware of the danger of such a move and doesn’t approve of it. Only some religious fanatics would try, but they are under surveillance. See :…/…

      1. Obviously, Franklin, you have a segmented, short term mind and cannot perceive of the Jews’ master plan. The Israeli govt is not aware of any “danger” to their master plan and your reference to “some religious fanatics” shows how limited your Jewified mind is ….. Oh yeah, “some religious fanatics” are behind the messianic settler movement? Is that reality according to you? Are you a Jew?

      2. @Max Bilney

        Reality is always more mundane than paranoids imagine. The majority of Jews is secular and is not interested in waging WW III to rebuild their temple. The religious settlers on the West Bank are indeed a minority. Most Israelis who settled there did so because of the subsidized housing.
        The Israeli government even prohibits Jews from worshipping on the Temple Mount in order not to upset the Muslims. But you think those evil Jews have a “master plan” to destroy the Dome of the Rock, rebuild their temple and cause WW III in the bargain. And if I don’t share your paranoia I must be a Jew. Well that is paranoia pure et simple.

    3. John –

      WW3 has come and gone.. You missed it.

      Ken –

      “..geoengineering/chemtrails/weather manipulation, which is intentionally destroying the planet”

      Geoengineering is real. They are attempting to increase albedo – reflectivity of sun’s rays – to actually help the planet stave off the decreasing vegetation, and growing deserts and arid regions

      I believe it is futile and failing. The chemicals endanger all life forms.

      Even the CFR has held seminars and symposiums on GEOENGINEERING

      Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering (Video)

      As the international community continues to work toward emissions reductions, some climate scientists are turning to the concept of geoengineering—the deliberate manipulation of the Earth’s climate—to offset the effects of climate change. The concept, however, raises scientific, political, and ethical questions. Join M. Granger Morgan and John D. Steinbruner to discuss the development of an international framework for geoengineering and the implications of these technologies for U.S. foreign policy.

      Speakers: M. Granger Morgan, Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
      John D. Steinbruner, Director, Center for International and Security Studies, University of Maryland
      Presider: Ruth Greenspan Bell, Acting U.S. Climate Policy Director, World Resources Institute
      March 10, 2010

      Hughes Aircraft retained a patent in 1991 for aerial dispersal of metal in jet fuel. They have been spraying aluminum oxide since the early 1990s.

      “One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.”

      US Patent 5003186:

      Inventors: Chang; David B. (Tustin, CA), Shih; I-Fu (Los Alamitos, CA)
      Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA)

      -Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming-
      Patent 5003186

      1. Pat-
        This subject is obviously off topic, but you commented on my response to Folly.
        It sounds like you have fallen for the lies about anthropogenic global warming as well as the lies about attempting to correct it with geoengineering. Why would you believe anything that our politicians, that you say lie about everything, and the mass media are shoving down our throats 24/7?

  26. When the American embassy is all finished moving to Jerusalem and (((the American diplomats))) to Israel are firmly ensconced in Jerusalem, then Trump is going to start an investigation into 9/11. We just have to wait until ((( they))) finish moving the embassy to Jerusalem. 🙂

    1. An important new article on Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem will be published tomorrow. You will then be free to comment at greater length on this subject, so hold your fire until then. 🙂

  27. Yes Original Joe, we “just have to wait until they move the embassy to Jerusalem.”
    Franklin, you exhibit your lack of IQ, if not grammatical knowledge.
    Read Haaretz man – the majority of Israelis elect hawks like Bibi so that the Jews can continue their violent colonial expansion. And their elected govt has already drawn up plans for the new temple.
    Any intelligent person knows of the Jews master plan, but your brain deficiency has not alerted you to this.
    JEWS RULE! Whether secular or religious, they rule! And their kind of democracy insists on the establishment of the Greater Israel and Jerusalem becoming the supreme court of mankind.

    1. “…And their elected govt has already drawn up plans for the new temple…”

      Can you show any proofs of such plans other than your own paranoia ?

      There is such a thing as the Temple Institute, which spreads the hope that the Temple will soon be re-established, but that is a private organization of religious nuts, not a governmental organization. They don’t press the Israeli government to destroy the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Temple, they wait for “G-d” to do that. See :

      1. Frankinonense!
        And the messianic settlers, fully sponsored by Bibi’s govt, who have, together, just announced the building of 1526 apartments on Palestinian territory?
        In your limited vision they are just a smalL group of religious nutters?
        Get a brain man! You are obviously a Jew apologist!

  28. Master Franklin, go straight to Henry and read about the Jewish, long term plan and then try to blame a small group of religious nutters.

    1. Hi Max,
      Stunning! Franklin is looking for detailed plans laid out by the Israeli government…otherwise it is obviously some private fringe group…utterly preposterous. As usual, like the Jews it’s all about obfuscation (deception). Franklin is good at it.

      Is there anyone on the planet who knows anything about Zionism and not know it is a central theme: the rebuilding of the temple???
      So, in Franklin’s portrayal the Israeli government is somehow no longer Zionist?

      The Israeli government from the very beginning was Zionist, all of Israel is about Zionism. From the first president, Chaim Weizmann or let’s take the second, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (24 November 1884 – 23 April 1963) was a historian, Labor Zionist leader and the second and longest-serving President of Israel.
      Born in Poltava in the Russian Empire (today in Ukraine), Ben-Zvi was the eldest son of Zvi Shimshelevich, who later took the name Shimshi. Shimshi was a leading Zionist activist and one of the organizers of the first Zionist Congress in 1897, who, in 1952, was honored by the first Israeli Knesset with the title “Father of the State of Israel”.
      Yitzhak Ben-Zvi’s father, Zvi Shimshi (Shimshelevitch), was a leading Zionist activist in the 19th century. A member of the B’ne Moshe and Hoveve Zion movements in Ukraine, he was one of the organizers with Dr. Theodore Herzl of the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in the fall of 1897.

      According to Avraham Tehomi – Avraham T’homi, was a noted Jewish militant who served as a Haganah commander, and was one of the founders and first commander of the Irgun. – Ben-Zvi ordered the 1924 murder of Jacob Israël de Haan.
      De Haan had come to Palestine as an ardent Zionist, but he had become increasingly critical of the Zionist organizations, preferring a negotiated solution to the armed struggle between the Jews and Arabs. In Tehomi’s opinion: “I have done what the Haganah decided had to be done. And nothing was done without the order of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. I have no regrets because he [de Haan] wanted to destroy our whole idea of Zionism.”
      So, to insinuate the temple establishment is only from some religious nuts and not the government is misdirection and quite simply dishonest.

      Here’s another one from Franklin: “they wait for G-d to do that.”
      Really Franklin? Another laugh, all of Zionism was founded on the premise that the Jews aren’t going to wait for the messiah, they will be the movers that usher him in. They don’t wait for God to do anything, they are themselves G-d (Lucifer).

      1. @SEEB

        You confuse two things and call them both “Zionism”. One is the Jewish ambition to found a Jewish state in Palestine. That was a wholly secular (and in practice often terrorist) undertaking and has already succeeded. The other one is the religious ambition or expectation to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. That is a religious undertaking by a fringe group that appeals only to a minority, but you also call that “Zionism” and then you “prove” that this is not a fringe group by citing the mass appeal of the other thing : secular political Zionism.

        The Israeli government would never allow the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque to be destroyed in order to rebuild a Jewish temple instead, because they know the backlash that would create all over the Muslim world. When East Jerusalem was conquered in 1967 Moshe Dayan insisted that the Muslims should control the temple mound (by the Waqf). Jews are allowed to visit it but not to pray there. If the Israeli government has a “secret plan” to rebuild the Temple, why impose restrictions on Jews and why have they waited for 50 years and done nothing ? There have been attempts by small Jewish terrorist religious groups to blow up the Dome of the Rock but they have been thwarted by the Israeli government.

  29. Will we now see the golden ( shower ) boy get stood down now , JFK style, he has served his purpose, he is unreliable, and we have Pence ( LBJ ) waining in the wings to carry it through,
    What better way to garner the support of the ” white ” right behind a war on Islam ( for the Zionist ) than a class flag assassination of Their champion.

  30. The Flynn plea makes it difficult for Trump to can the special counsel without inviting charges of a cover-up and sparking a constitutional crisis.

    An early guilty plea is a strong signal that Flynn negotiated with prosecutors and is cooperating. When there is a sentencing hearing, we will see whether Flynn receives credit for cooperating with prosecutors.

    The fact that Flynn was charged with, and is pleading guilty to, such a minor crime “BIGGLY” suggests a “YUGE” bombshell of a deal with prosecutors.

    A plea deal would only have been offered once there was real cooperation. Flynn must have already provided valuable cooperation in the investigation if a plea is being finalized.

    What Flynn’s plea deal means for Trump:

    “I’m confident Flynn is singing like a bird to Mueller.”

  31. Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding Jews? Unfortunately I do not stay in the UK, thus must confess ignorance in this matter. I have seen them on YouTube though, and they seem to be sensible people.

    Thie following is a base truth in any accusation for me. The same would count for Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding in this article (what would their reply be?):

    My understanding is that England is the property of the indigineous people, namely the whites who historical populated the country and build it up, not people of eastern origin. As I have learned it, communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin.

    When reading the website of prof. Kevin MacDonald and who opened the floodgates of every white country for the people of eastern origin, then it seems to me that one could say that the Jew and the Muslims are two sides of the same coin. The Muslim and other non-white races are being used as a weapon to neutralise us. This is a very alarming state of affairs. In military terms we stand on condition red on this matter, but the defence measures are perhaps those of condition yellow, if at all.

    The end result will be the displacement of the white man by either replacement or blood mixing. As I am by birth a white person, this idea does not please me, and as much sympathy I have for the Palestinian cause, when this sympathy must go so far that it means my replacement, this is where the buck stops for me. This must not be understood as condoning what is happening over there, for that matter everywhere in the world, but we whites are not in a position at the moment to be an universal remedy for all of humankind, until we have regained our own rightful place in history again.

    1. Ex –

      England uses fiat currency and in doing so… England is the property of the Bank of England….. and Rothschild agents.

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