Donald Trump, Israel’s Puppet


‘Trump Bows to Neocons, Netanyahu’
(October 21, 2017)

Rather than expand US exports to Iran–and create more American jobs–President Trump fell in line behind Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, decertifying the Iran-nuclear deal and risking more war, as Gareth Porter explains at The American Conservative.

See How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings
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President Donald Trump’s new Iran policy clearly represents a dangerous rejection of diplomacy in favor of confrontation. But it’s more than that: It’s a major shift toward a much closer alignment of US policy with that of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Whether explicitly or not, Trump’s vow to work with Congress to renegotiate the Iran nuclear agreement, and his explicit threat to withdraw from the deal if no renegotiation takes place, appear to be satisfying the hardline demands Netanyahu has made of Washington’s policy toward Tehran.

Specifically, Netanyahu has continued to demand that Trump either withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or make far-reaching changes that he knows are impossible to achieve. In Netanyahu’s Septembr 19 speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu declared, “Israel’s policy toward the nuclear deal with Iran is very simple: Change it or cancel it.” And he made no secret of what that meant: If Trump doesn’t “cancel” the deal, he must get rid of its “sunset clause” and demand that Iran end its advanced centrifuges and long-range missile program, among other fundamentally unattainable objectives.

Trump’s statement on Oct. 13 managed to include both of the either/or choices that Netanyahu had given him. He warned that, if Congress and America’s European allies do not agree on a plan to revise the deal, “then the agreement will be terminated.” He added that the agreement “is under continuous review,” and our participation “can be canceled by me, as president at any time.”

One provision the administration wants Congress to put into amended legislation would allow sanctions to be imposed if Iran crosses certain “trigger points,” which would include not only nuclear issues but the Israeli demand that Iran stop its long-range missile program. Ballistic missiles were never included in the JCPOA negotiations for an obvious reason: Iran has the same right to develop ballistic missiles as any other independent state, and it firmly rejected pro forma demands by the Barack Obama administration to include the issue in negotiations.

Trump went a long way towards Netanyahu’s “cancel” option by refusing last week to certify that Iran was keeping up its end of the JPCOA. That move signaled his intention to scrap the central compromise on which the entire agreement rests.

Although the Middle East is very different today than during the George W. Bush administration, some parallels can be found in comparing Trump’s policy toward the JCPOA and Bush’s policy toward Iran during the early phase of its uranium enrichment program.

The Likud Wing

The key figures who had primary influence on both Trump’s and Bush’s Iran policies held views close to those of Israel’s right-wing Likud Party.

The main conduit for the Likudist line in the Trump White House is Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, a primary foreign policy advisor, and a longtime friend and supporter of Netanyahu. Kushner’s parents are also long-time supporters of Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank.

JARED KUSHNER and the old family friend BENJAMIN NETANYAHU

LD: When Jared was a schoolboy, Netanyahu came on a visit to America and stayed in the Kushner family’s house as an honored guest. Jared moved out of his bedroom in the basement and offered it to Netanyahu. Ever since that time, the two have been bosom pals. Now, many years later, Jared has become President Trump’s Senior Foreign Policy Adviser, having married the President’s beautiful daughter Ivanka.

Nepotism certainly works!

What with one nice Jew (Jared) whispering in the President’s left ear, and another nice Jew (‘Bibi’ Netanyahu) whispering in his right ear, is it any wonder that Trump is being called ‘Israel’s Puppet’?  [LD]

—  §  —

Another figure to whom the Trump White House has turned is John Bolton, undersecretary of state and a key policymaker on Iran in the Bush administration. Although Bolton was not appointed Trump’s Secretary of State, as he’d hoped, he suddenly reemerged as a player on Iran policy thanks to his relationship with Kushner. Politico reports that Bolton met with Kushner a few days before the final policy statement was released and urged a complete withdrawal from the deal in favor of his own plan for containing Iran.

Bolton spoke with Trump by phone the day before the speech about the paragraph in the deal that vowed it would be “terminated” if there weren’t any renegotiation, according to Politico. He was calling Trump from Las Vegas, where he’d been meeting with casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, the third major figure behind Trump’s shift towards Israeli issues.

Adelson is a Likud supporter who has long been a close friend of Netanyahu’s and has used his Israeli tabloid newspaper Israel Hayom to support Netanyahu’s campaigns. He was Trump’s main campaign contributor in 2016, donating $100 million. Adelson’s real interest has been in supporting Israel’s interests in Washington — especially with regard to Iran.

Donald Trump with Jewish casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam. John Bolton meets frequently with Adelson and reports back to Trump. Ditto Jared Kushner. And all these nice Jews and their shabbos goyim lackeys are on back-slapping terms with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s a small world!  

In a public appearance in Israel in 2013, when Adelson was asked about his view on negotiating with Tehran, he suggested dropping a nuclear weapon on a desert in Iran and then saying to the Iranians, “See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development….”

The Likud Party policy preferences on Iran dominated the Bush administration in large part because of the influence of (((David Wurmser))), a Likudist who was a Middle East adviser first to Bolton and later to Vice President Dick Cheney. Wurmser was a co-author, with (((Richard Perle))) and (((Douglas Feith))), of A Clean Break, the 1996 paper that advised Netanyahu to carry out military strikes against Syria and Iran and to remove the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. Wurmser convinced Cheney that the administration should seek a pretext for attacking Iran.

But it was Bolton who worked with Israeli officials to plan a campaign to convince the world that Iran was secretly working on nuclear weapons. His goal was to sell key European nations on a UN Security Council resolution accusing Iran of developing a nuclear program. Bolton explains in his memoirs that the assumption of his strategy was that either the Security Council would strip Iran of its right to have a nuclear program or the United States would take unilateral military action.

Ratcheting Tensions

In the summer of 2004, a large collection of documents allegedly from a covert Iranian nuclear weapons research program was suddenly obtained by Germany’s foreign intelligence agency. Those documents became the sole alleged evidence that such a program existed.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani celebrates the completion of an interim deal on Iran’s nuclear program on Nov. 24, 2013, by kissing the head of the daughter of an assassinated Iranian nuclear engineer. But this writer found more than one telltale sign of fraud in the papers, and a former senior German foreign office official told me on the record in March 2013 that the source who passed on the documents was a member of the Mujihadeen e-Khalq (MEK), the armed Iranian opposition group. The MEK has allegedly worked with Israel’s Mossad for some time.

Neither the Bush administration nor the Trump administration viewed the alleged danger of nuclear proliferation by Iran as the priority problem per se; it was rather an issue to be exploited to weaken the Islamic regime and ultimately achieve regime change.

Hilary Mann Leverett, the NSC coordinator in the Persian Gulf from 2001-03, told this writer in a 2013 interview that Wurmser and other Cheney advisers were convinced that the student protests of 1999 indicated that Iranians were ready to overthrow the Islamic Republic. In his statement last week, Trump blamed Obama for having lifted nuclear sanctions on Iran “just before what would have been the total collapse of the Iranian regime.”

After Netanyahu became Israeli prime minister in early 2009, his administration worked assiduously for four years to maneuver the Obama administration into giving Iran an ultimatum over its enrichment program. Obama rejected such a proposal, but Bolton has repeated his call for the United States to bomb Iran year after year.

“Bomb Iran! . . . Bomb Iran! . . . Bomb Iran!”

Now the Trump administration is playing out a new chapter in the drama of the Likudists and their patrons in Washington.

Their objective is nothing less than using US power to weaken Iran through military means if possible and economic sanctions if necessary.

The remarkable thing is that Trump is cooperating even more eagerly than did Bush.

VIDEO  :  5.17 mins

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  1. Bolton was calling from Las Vegas? What did he know about the massacre and when did he know it?

    This article got Juden so upset that David Podhoretz called Porter a ‘filthy anti-Semite,’ that he could tell by his looks alone.

    The Weinstein affair has got Das Juden so upset that they’re losing it. Not upset over Harvey raping so many shiskas, but upset that he was finally exposed. How dare the GOYIM do that to one chosen by G-d?

    1. Greg.
      Harvey the grouper groper was exposing his fleshy kosher hide, to the dumb shit shiskas, long before he was “finally exposed” and tossed aside as a diversion from just how deep the tribes invention Rapewood goes.
      General Wesley Clark some years ago was told that the US was going to take down 7 counties in the near east. TJ thinks one more country can be added to the take down list of kosher tender mercies. The US of A. By the way phony conservative Mark Levin thinks that Bolton the bomber is the cats meow.

      1. Maybe flushing the Iran Treaty down the toilet is a good thing. No treaty, no international inspectors going around Iran sticking their noses into Iranian affairs for the benefit of israel-washington JEW ZOG. As for sanctions, the great majority of countries in the world are not going to go along with sanctions.

        Why would any country want to lose alot of money in lost business deals with the Iranians just because some feral f*cktards in israel and in washington are nervous about an “existentialist threat”. The Russians aren’t going to place sanctions on Iran, the Chinese are not going to place sanctions on Iran, the Europeans don’t want to place sanctions on Iran and probably won’t. The most important economic powers in the world are not going to place sanctions on Iran.

        It was ZOG and ZOG’s wars in the Middle East which made Iran more influential in the Middle East. Now Iran has alot of influence in Iraq. Before ZOG’s Iraq war, Iran didn’t have any influence in Iraq. Now after ZOG’s Shock and Awe war against Iraq, Iran has alot of influence in Iraq. ZOG brought the Iranian “existentialist threat” upon itself, if indeed Iran does pose an existentialist threat. Same thing with Syria. Before ZOG’s war against Syria, Iran didn’t have much influence in Syria. Now after 5-6 years of ZOG waging war against Syria [ via ZOG’s mercenaries in ZOG’s started-and-owned-and-controlled Islamic Jihadist groups – ZOG’s animal groups] Iran has more influence in Syria more than ever before.

        Personally, I have NO problem with Iran having alot more influence in the Middle East. Good for them. The Iranians didn’t start The Fire, JEW ZOG did.

  2. Sometimes it’s best to just give up! All this blab-blab-blab that “winners never quit, quitters never win” is BULLSHIT!

    Sometimes it’s best to simply give up and acknowledge one’s defeat in following the wrong path. Sometimes, we lean our ladders of life or public opinions on the wrong wall!


      1. A quote from your bible:

        # 17
        A leader is best
        When people barely know that he exists,
        Not so good when people obey and acclaim him,
        Worst when they despise him.
        ‘Fail to honor people,
        They fail to honor you;’
        But of a good leader, who talks little,
        When his work is done, his aim fulfilled,
        They will all say, ‘We did this ourselves.’
        End quote

        Take a lesson from the Bible:
        Is there any reference in the Old Testament to confirm the fifth and the sixth trumpets ? ( The first four trumpets were historical at the time of the Revelation of Saint John – The seven trumpets refer to natural man’s existence. )
        Yes, the fifth trumpet is confirmed by Psalm 40. You will notice that Psalm 40 has 17 verses. The Son of man was conceived on the 1st day of September 1939, when the second world war was declared, and nine months later, on the 17th May 1940, the Son of man was physically born in Benoni (son of sorrows) South Africa. The declaration is made in Psalm 40:7 ” Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me. ”


      2. The contradictions in the Bible only help the chosenoids. I think that Li Er [Dan], aka Lao-tsu [Old Master] is very helpful in mastering paradox which confuses the chosenoids’ mind. Also, his cosmic numerology beats the vulgarities of the Talmud/Torah with ease. Still, it’s not enough. The Way to do is to Become. 🙂

  3. “If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.” — William Blake

    Maybe there’s something to be said for persistence in folly, because at the end of the road lies wisdom: the cruel disillusionment that one has been deceiving oneself.

    1. Unfortunately this “folly” may well result in nuclear conflagration, so I’m pulling out my Pat fetish and holding it tightly against my heart, turn rapidly around three times, chanting: “I hope he’s right, I hope he’s right, I hope he’s right” – God, how I hope he’s right.

  4. What must it be like for a woman to wake up one morning and realize her husband is a serial killer? — From the black soil of bitter disillusionment and despair a new green shoot will spring to the surface one day: wisdom.

  5. The American Conservative (TAC) fired Phil Giraldi for writing that American Jews are responsible for America’s wars. After this article, I wonder if Gareth Porter will be the next victim of this growing censorship.

  6. Shazzam! Golly, golly, golly, sergeant Carter, ya mean to tell me Trump is a Jewish plant? Well Gooolllllllly, who would have ever thought an American president would be controlled by Jews? Shucks, and all this time I thought he were going ta’ save America and after all that Nadzeee stuff too! I guess it just goes to show, ya’ can’t trust Jews to tell the truth.

  7. ‘Who hold the balance of the World? Who reign
    O’er congress, whether royalist or liberal?
    Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain?
    (That make old Europe’s journals “squeak and gibber” all)
    Who keep the World, both old and new, in pain
    Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all?
    The shade of Buonaparte’s noble daring? –
    Jew Rothschild, and his fellow-Christian, Baring.’
    – Lord Byron, 1823, “Don Juan” canto 12/5

    Their nepotism, cronyism and favouritism gave us the international banker axis and all sorts of murderous mafia, who, in turn, gave us Israhell. I am wondering if there is anyone on this planet that the Rothschilds are not afraid of.

    1. Their nepotism, cronyism and favouritism gave us the international banker axis and all sorts of murderous mafia, who, in turn, gave us Israhell.

      I am always surprised by the various definitions for “Jew” one finds in the goyim dictionary.

    2. SNEZ

      In the original text, first published by John Hunt in 1823, there weren’t any commas used in the last phrase. Peter Cochran explains the significance of the lack of commas used in the original text by Lord Byron:

      Jew Rothschild and his fellow Christian Baring: the London bank of Nathan Meyer Rothschild (1777-1836) still flourishes; that of Alexander Baring (1774-1848) met recently with calamity [1995], thanks to the activities of Mr Nick Leeson. Rothschilds had branches in Germany, Austria, France and Italy; the excellence of their intelligence system meant that they heard the news of Waterloo before the English government did. B.’s failure to place a comma between fellow and Christian implies Rothchild’s respectability in English circles. Had he placed a comma (“his fellow, Christian Baring”) it would have implied an equality between the Christian’s financial acumen and the Jew’s, making racial sneers impossible.


      Is Mr. Cochran saying Byron was anti-Semitic or not? I’m not sure at all.

      1. J4C, as far as I know, the comma separates items in a list [even if only two], and if there is no comma, it means that the items are in unity; then Lord Byron saw that unity as Judeo-Christianity. With a comma, which I think is the more likely original, Byron probably blames Baring for being second to ‘Jew Rothschild’, and for being ‘his fellow’. Byron’s future and our present are obviously the same, and Byron thought about that possibility. There are other verses that confirm this:
        ‘Oh Gold! why call we Misers miserable?
        … But Making Money, slowly first, then quicker…
        Oh Gold! I still prefer thee unto paper,
        Which makes Bank Credit like a Bark of Vapour.
        …the true Lords of Europe – every loan
        Is not a merely speculative hit,
        But seats a Nation, or upsets a throne…
        On ’Change, and even thy Silver soil, Peru,
        Must get itself discounted by a Jew…
        Mean time read all the National Debt-sinkers
        And tell me what you think of your great thinkers.’

        I think that Lord Byron is too paradoxical for Jewish dialectic thought. 🙂

  8. I’ve found one site that offers some advice. [This guy doesn’t know that it is Evelyn.] 🙂
    Jacob Rothschild is guilty for the conspiracy against humankind. A good society will be much easier to establish when the Rothschild family is stopped. It’s not hard to do… I must tell you that the protests against governments are useless because governments are just predetermined scapegoats. Nothing would be better if you replace a head of state or government. Protests against corporations and banks also cannot bring success, because they are only tools of power. You should demonstrate against the Rothschilds because they are to blame for all the problems. Once accused, they will retreat into defense, which will allow for a better tomorrow. If you Americans, want to relieve the colonial chains you must stop Jacob Rothschild… Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he does not allow the formation of a healthy society. Folks, even if you lack nothing, you would not be mistaken if you fight against Jacob Rothschild, because he builds a very uncertain future. My voice is not strong enough, because I have not access to the media so I ask kindly for your help. I made up this poster, which accuses Jacob Rothschild. Get it by clicking on the image above or on this link. Create a picket sign from it. When you decide to demonstrate against anyone, anywhere, bring that picket sign with you because Jacob Rothschild is certainly directly or indirectly guilty for what ails you. You may also attach this poster on the rear windows of your car or print it on a T-shirt. Show to the world that you are tired of injustice and evil. You people have the power; you just need to use it. If a sufficient number of you people carry this poster, it will send a strong message to society that will stop the Rothschilds and open the gates for the creation of a much better future for mankind. It would not be bad, for instance, if you come and bring the posters to the front of Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, England, where Jacob Rothschild lives… I am convinced that Jacob Rothschild is a coward. He has lived far too comfortably that he could be brave.

  9. Trump’s anti-Iran machinations are bad enough in and of themselves, but it’s their contribution to the bigger picture (of institutionalized madness) that I find most worrisome.

    Think about it: If you were Mr. Putin or Mr Lavrov, how would you even begin to deal with a “government” run by such completely dishonest and unscrupulous, utterly delusional, reckless, deranged, bloodthirsty madmen?
    In other words, how do you conduct “diplomacy” with a “government” that’s functionally nothing more than a gaggle of jewish-supremacist madmen wildly pulling at the strings of their soulless, mindless, heavily-armed golem?

    How does Russia know that the demonically-inspired madmen running the “U.S. government” won’t wake up tomorrow with an impulse to launch a nuclear first-strike against Russia?

  10. Come on, it’s not Israhell, it DEM MOOZLIMS that brings all this upon themselves. 🙄🤣

  11. Note to US,
    If you come be sure to come all guns ( nuclear ) blazing, otherwise The Resistance shall #*#* your @$$ up.
    ( for clarity, ” your @$$ ” is the Zionist entity )

    Have a nice day.


    Here’s the bottom line with little shit Israel. It stole American nuclear technology and material, it has built hundreds of nuclear bombs, it is using those bombs, it is blackmailing nation states with the Samson Option. Satanyahu is a damn liar accusing Iran of a nuclear weapons program, which it doesn’t have. It is Israel with the bomb, it is Israel using the hell bomb, it is Israel blackmailing the United States with the Jew hell bomb.

    In 1990, the USAF estimated Israel nuclear arsenal to be 200-400 weapons. That was 3 decades ago, Israel probably has 2,000 weapons by now. 2,000, not 200. Trump says he wants to triple our nukes. Why? Because Israel wants more of our nukes, it wants lots of extra nuke so it can dominate Iran with nukes. Trump wants micro nukes. Why? Because Israel wants micro nukes.

    When you hear the Orange Clown talking, his words are those of Satanyahu. Calling Trump an Israeli puppet is polite coffee talk. In reality, he is a babbling whore of Israel, a shameless Shabbos Goy slave, probably being blackmailed as we speak, a suit reading his Mossad written lines in the teleprompter. In other words he is a robot in a suit, and of no consequence except that his narcissistic tweeting lunatic could get us all killed.

    Just recently, a Syria s-200 missile battery shot a hole in an Israeli F-35. No one asks the obvious question, why does Israel have state of the art fighter jets made by us? No foreign state should ever have our latest technology, yet Israel does. Why? Because America is Jew owned and controlled that’s why. Our nation is in peril because of Jewish/Israeli influence, yet no one talks of doing anything about it. BTW, it is illegal to send money to Israel since it has NOT signed the NNPT.

    I say we deal with Israel by nuking it back to the stone age. How much longer is the world going to tolerate Jewish supremacism, lies, threats, and terror? Not much longer I hope, the only reason why Israel gets away with anything is because of its political alignment with us, because we are fools to accept a Judeo-Christian theology, we were made to believe in a Jewish savior, because we were made converts of Christianity, we accepted Jewish theology as our highest consciousness and thus America is a nation of Hebrew converts beholdened to the Holy Bible and Jewish power.

    1. Yukon Jack,
      Great points. Too many of the posters on DM
      “cant see the forest for the trees.” They refuse to see whats in plain view. Calling Trump a puppet is indeed polite coffee talk. Calling Trump a “whore” isnt really fair to many “working girls.” Ive known quite a few throughout the years and can say with absolute certainty that many of them were good, descent people. They were honest about what they did. Can we say the same of lying, S.O.B. American presidents? Hardly.

  13. More fake news,
    No not Mr G Porter’s above, the fact that Trump is following a Zionist agenda is as clear as The nose on Sheldon’s face,
    No the latest fake news ,
    First , the Zionist entities minister of war, LiEberman claims Hassan Nasrallah personally ordered an rocket attack on the ( occupied ) Golan,
    Only to back down when no other Zionist would back up his bare faced LIE.
    Next , a claim put out by both the US state dept and the Afghan government that REX was ” received ” in the Afghan Presidential office, has to be ” clarified ” , as having not actually happed when it’s proven that the official photographs have been photo shopped,
    The meeting actually took place in a US military base, due to the security situation, ( REX was scared? ).
    Mike sticks in his tupPENCE’s worth,
    Claiming the Hezbollah bombed US force’s in Lebanon in 1983,
    When it is well established the Hezbollah came into being in 1985,

    These LIE show the total disregard the US/Zionist axis of bullS### has for the people’s of the world.

  14. It’s not that Trump is controlled by the Jews; rather, every American President is controlled by the Jews, and America itself is controlled by the Jews.

    America, by definition, will never have what it takes to bring down the Jews, since America considers itself a “proposition” nation, and not a nation defined by ethnicity. As such, the world’s masses will continue to stream into America, the financial system will continue to go haywire, and the Jews will continue to make trillions and trillions and have endless sex orgies.

    The Jews took out Europe, now they’ll take out America, and civilization will move to China, who will never fall to the Jew. You know this.

    Do I have sympathy for America? No. Americans are dumb as bricks. Witness for yourself how white Americans will waste their lives with endless trivialities. I do have sympathy for Europe, they built western civilization.

    1. Dolph –

      I LIKE your reference to a “proposition nation”! Very fitting term! (Too bad our country can be construed that way – but appropriate.) 😐

    2. “It’s not that Trump is controlled by the Jews; rather, every American President is controlled by the Jews, and America itself is controlled by the Jews.”

      Isn’t that just splitting hairs? Because there are some, very few now, who beLIEve that the Trumpster is fighting against the Jews.

      “Do I have sympathy for America? No. Americans are dumb as bricks. Witness for yourself how white Americans will waste their lives with endless trivialities. I do have sympathy for Europe, they built western civilization.”

      Well said! What is coming upon them will make the Holocaust in Ukraine and Russia look like a walk in Central Park on a lovely sunny day!

    3. Dolph,
      I agree. America doesnt have what it takes to get Jew Monkey off its back. However, the collapse of the $US and eventual strenghtening of foreign currencies may very well create a mass exodus of people going back to their countries of origin like China, India etc. Greener pastures. Américas decline will be a blessing for the World and for itself.

  15. Good article from Mr. Porter. Most Darkmoon observers are well familiar with The Kushner crime family, and failed Bush appointee John Bolton. Looks like more Serial Killer government.

    Fate works slowly, change is often imperceptible, but actions have consequences. Take recent developments in Asia – North Korea, a Marxist dictatorship (but not like China, with a nomenclature but where there is no “Mao” dynasty) unable to provide a decent standard of living, shoots missiles over Japan to show North Koreans how progressive and potent the Kim regime is. The result – Mr. Abe is re-elected in a landslide, scrapping the pacifist clauses in the Japanese Constitution, and Japan is now remilitarizing.

    Israel, born of wholesale theft and murder, with even more greedy and grandiose ambitions, now finds much like it did in the last Lebanese invasion that something has changed, it’s not “working” anymore. Tillerson calls for Iraqi armed groups who have regained lost territory and oil resources to ‘please go away’. The Kurds however, have discarded the Barzani mafia selling stolen Iraqi oil to Israel for relative peanuts and various factions including the Talibani, another major Kurdish faction (not to be confused with Pakistani-Afghan Taliban) are now working with Iraqi government. How inconvenient.

    Conflict initiated by Israeli Mossad military agitators in Syria, Kurdish areas, Libya, the attempted coup in Turkey, and aided by corrupted USA/UK assistance continues, but isn’t producing the desired effects. Quite the reverse, for various reasons.

    Las Vegas was one false flag too many. What family could seriously entertain the notion of vacationing in a place of wholesale murder, the official narrative shot to pieces as a mountain of evidence and questionable responses continue to grow.

    In Europe, people are fed up with the Jewish agenda. This is manifest.

    The Zionist response – let’s drag out and replay G.W. Bush, who called up National Guard servicemen to active FOREIGN service. Trump now recalls old military pilots. For modern expensive jets, not a very safe or hopeful prospect. For years the Zionists have gloated in the glories of WW2 and continue to do so.

    But they don’t seem to have noticed the rest of the world has changed.

    1. This is a serious question, Winston. If the European people are “fed up with the Jewish agenda,” what are they doing about it? The Germans couldn’t even dislodge the traitorous scum Merkel in their recent election.

      1. @ Folly

        Merkel is facing demands from her own party to go. Forty members of the Conservative wing of her party have demanded she leave. Wolfgang Schauble has stated that Germany is facing an “Avalanche set off by a careless skier” in reference to Merkel’s catastrophic Immigration policy. Her Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has now twice acted unilaterally to place greater restrictions on Immigration without informing Mrs. Merkel – probably the worst portent for her future. Meanwhile, another German mother was gang raped in a public park by black ‘muslim’ animals (I don’t regard creatures like this as Islamic in any way) and depredations continue, so your question is a valid one. Probably the greater concern among German leaders is the fact that over 90% of refugees don’t work or contribute and arrogantly state they have no intention to. Austria has finally elected a conservative and may yet build a wall forcing Italy to deal with a problem their thoroughly corrupt leadership has opened the door to – as long as most of them move on to the rest of Europe. An Italian woman was raped in Rome recently and left chained naked to a Pole, so like the rest of the subhuman EU leaders, they are more concerned with budgets than the rapes and murders.

        In Italy, Veneto voted for more autonomy; Milan and Lombardy didn’t vote against it, but only 30% of the voters showed up which invalidated Lombardy’s vote. Macron is facing larger public protests in France. The Czech Republic voted for a ‘Populist’ type President (his business background is highly questionable to say the least – which shows desperation). Then the crisis in Catalonia, and the “Long Goodbye” from the UK to the EU. Hungary stands fast and has like Russia banned Soros NGO’s. Poland is pushing back at the EU about taking in more adventuring criminal animals.

        I’d call it the manifest beginning of a trend. Your question is correct, but change is slow. It would probably speed up if a high ranking EU member (or two, or more) and his family was visited by a roving gang of Africans out for some fun. There’s more to life than economics and self enrichment at the trough of the taxpayer’s purse, isn’t there? The Europeans have failed in the most basic requirements of a civilized society, the safety of it’s citizens.

      2. HP-

        You nailed it. Maybe they are clearing the blacks out for future Israeli settlers, when they’ll tell us that Africa was too “black” after all…

      3. Winston,
        Thank you so much for your thorough and generous response. It was very educational.

  16. Jewish power is still in control of America, but the internet, the new media, will be its downfall. More people are becoming aware of the extent of Jewish control. The natural reaction is to resist. In fact it would be amazing if gentiles did not resist.

    The truth is the weapon that will disgrace the jewish Lobby.

  17. I am not holding my breath. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can unseat the Jews from America. It’s over.

    It’s already over, it’s too late, that’s my main message. America has already rejected the racial idea. Now do you see how vitally important it was for Jews to get whites to accept negros and hispanics? Because once you do that, then enough of those negros and hispanics will become part of the system, that the system can’t go backwards in time. And we know the negros and hispanics will not act against the Jews, because they themselves want money, success, etc.

    Checkmate. Always remember the Jews had to weaken white America. It simply doesn’t matter what negros or hispanics do or don’t do, they will never join an anti jewish coalition, because they can’t join whites. See how brilliant this is? The Jews understood their hope lay in negrification and hispanicization, and they have succeeded beyond their dreams. Add in some asians and muslims (a convenient distraction) and now nobody will act against the Jews. There can now never arise, ever again, an anti jewish coalition in America. There are too many separate groups now. It was already finished decades ago.

    All we can do is get out of the freaking way as the Jews massage America into the next civil war.

    1. @ the Terrorized among us

      All on topic as usual. What happens next when they come to your country? I suppose you can get out of the freaking way in Siberia, maybe the Australian outback – there are probably some good places to hide in the Canadian wilderness. Have you ever been visited by the thought that you might be missing all the fun?

      There is still major racial segregation in the USA, and it ain’t going away. See how many blacks (or anyone else) are welcome to mix in and intermarry with Hasidic communities. See how many non suicidal whites go to reside in predominantly black areas of Chicago among other places; the murder rate there, almost completely black on black, exceeded the entire rate for all of last year months ago. The Hispanics are not flooding in anymore, more confrontation will be seen with ‘sanctuary cities’, bastions of Marxism. In fact, more confrontation everywhere for the following reason among others.

      The “Joos” are not monolithic. Right now the right wing faction is bringing a bloodbath to liberal pedophile pervert Hollywood, it’s just getting started. The deep state knows that public appetites require an occasional victim be thrown to the wolves to satiate the public and popular trends, to at least maintain the appearance of justice. If I were Bill or Hillary Clinton, I’d be very careful about my bodyguards; at that level – too much talk can be dangerous, not to the opposing camp so much, but your own.

      But getting out “of the freaking way” in the sense of avoiding conflict where possible is good advice as a general rule. But not on Darkmoon and Alt. media, please. We don’t need to surrender or QUIT here do we? I mean it’s relatively SAFE here, isn’t it? It’s really so much fun to see the crimes exposed, don’t you think? We need to go much deeper on Trump and the Kushners, the Congress, the whole rotten lot if they keep going down the “let’s start a war with Iran for Israel” route, let’s be creative, having learned what didn’t work with Bush-Cheney push back on Iraq. Getting out of the freaking way, in this kind of case is an invitation to those who will never stop unless they encounter serious resistance; as in nature, the predatory aspect of the Universe, predators prefer the weak, those who don’t or can’t resist. Flight is a method of last, last resort, like General Degrelle’s epic flight to Spain or General Mueller’s well planned escape from Berlin in a Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (Stork) in late April 1945. Then the fight continues.

      So please join us with the lively push back to the zionists.

      Or, if you run out of places to hide, there’s always Antarctica. Don’t forget to write.

    2. Dolph, au contraire, mon ami, anything may unseat Jews anywhere, not only in the US. Why else would they be so paranoid, and be trying so insanely to destroy anyone who appears to pose a threat to them, and to control in nations of people even what cannot be controlled? The pattern of Jewish behaviour in the present civilisation effects an obstacle to people getting mature. I am taking liberty to rephrase Lasha’s insightful question “Can Jews reform?” into “Can Jews overcome puberty?”. I also think that black and Hispanic are taking longer to see through the Jewish agenda for control, but once they realise what is going on, it is from them that the chosenoids will experience most violence.

      1. Snez,

        “I also think that black and Hispanic are taking longer to see through the Jewish agenda for control, but once they realise what is going on, it is from them that the chosenoids will experience most violence.”

        Mmm, I’m thinking not. Because they realise all too well that the good life they currently enjoy leeching off white civilisation is entirely thanks to their handler, jew, which has manipulated whites into accepting negroes and hispanics living among them as a perfectly normal thing. If Jew’s power over whites ( which depends 100% on white shabbos plus even more eager non-whites of course ) will be toppled they can kiss their comfy lives at the expense of whitey goodbye. They know they can never build a 1st world society on their own.

        I repeat, the ONLY way they can ever enjoy a 1st world society is by leeching off whitey ON whitey’s turf, nowhere else. And for that whitey must be docile. And for that whitey needs to be under jew’s spell. One cannot stress this enough. We have no allies against jew. Not in our own territories. Outside perhaps we do, but at home, in the actual ( almost former ) 1st world we’re on our own.

        This is how I see it.

      2. 1138, then the blacks and Hispanics are gullible. When the chosenoids are in control, the price is too high to pay. The chosenoids are probably preparing chains for them; sooner or later, they will realise that. The whites should act in a smart way, then.

      3. Snez –

        You wrote:
        “I also think that black and Hispanic are taking longer to see through the Jewish agenda for control..”

        I ‘know’ for a fact that the blacks see jews as whites….. “da man”… and they ‘know’ that the blacks are NOT in control…. They do not distinguish between types of white either….

        They say, “You awl looks alak ta me..!!” 🙂

        I have heard some Mexican workers here say that also.

      4. Snez,

        “The whites should act in a smart way, then.”

        But of course, you are 100 % correct.

        Alas, the vast majority of people, whether white, black or hispanic simply doesn’t want to wake up and learn the facts. And even if the facts would land on their faces they wouldn’t even care. They’re too occupied with consumerism, hedonism and ‘sports’, in other words, total nonsense. We live in a world where we are 24/7 drowning in nonsense. And what is normal is being stretched out with each new generation. I mean, when I was a child, the thought of gay marriage or transgenders, or a multicultural society or Muslim immigrants being appointed as mayors of cities or negroes in parliament in my North Western European 1st world country was absolutely UN-imaginable. Today when you point out the freakish absurdity of it all you are considered an extremist. No Snez, I have little illusions this will all end well.

    3. Hi Dolph,
      I disagree. The Jewish Lobby, as in AIPAC, is now so arrogant and powerful that it is raising hackles all over America. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

  18. Pharisee-Jews even write Trump’s books as well as his scripts.. 🙂

    “Trump’s deal making modus operandi is, I am relentless and I am not burdened by the concern that what I am doing is ethical or truthful or fair.”
    – Tony Schwartz (Trump’s “Art of the Deal” Ghostwriter)

    The Pharisee-Jew – SCHWARTZ – said he “BIGGLY” regrets writing Trump’s book for him… 🙂 🙂

    “The Art of the Deal” made America see Trump as a charmer with an unfailing knack for business. Tony Schwartz helped create that myth—and regrets it.

    “I put lipstick on a pig,” Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter, says.

    Trump, facing a crowd that had gathered in the lobby of Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue, laid out his qualifications, saying, “We need a leader that wrote ‘The Art of the Deal.’ ” If that was so, Schwartz thought, then he, not Trump, should be running. Schwartz dashed off a tweet: “Many thanks Donald Trump for suggesting I run for President, based on the fact that I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal.’ ”

  19. Regards blacks and Jews, have none of you folk heard of the Nation of Islam, maybe a little ,” my enemy’s enemy is my friend ” would not go amiss.
    PS, I am not suggesting you let one marry your daughter.

    Let IRAN destroy the Zionist .

    1. More precisely, instead of the wording, “making them think they’re doing the right thing”, it should read, “using what is ALREADY their general line of thinking and ENCOURAGING that to be doing the right thing”.

  20. lobro

    I wanted to post this earlier, but better late than never

    Take it from me. Navigating outside the box of conventional thinking can put you in treacherous waters that can wreck your ship. Then you find yourself on a deserted island feeling ostracized and perhaps questioning where you may have gone wrong. Having grown accustomed to life on that island, here is what I’m seeing:

    You are ascribing to Trump a “method to his madness” that in reality is phantasmagorical. Simply put, he ain’t that smart. Having said that, I DON’T think his self-perception of being anti-establishment is totally ‘put-on’ (how ya doin Pat?), meaning it’s not as if ALL world figures are mere puppets reading from a script. The diabolical genius of the protocolians is in finding the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time to do their bidding and making them THINK they’re doing the right thing.(which in the case of Hitler at a National Socialistic core was as right as government can be short of a complete enlightenment of mankind that would render the “state” obsolete. I like to look at the NS model as “training wheels” in that respect.

    This mental manipulation has been going on for centuries, starting in earnest with the original protocols in 1492. You can go down the list of history to find them all, starting with Ferdinand and Isabella’s consolidation of Spain upon the defeat of the Moors and subsequent Inquisition that cleared the path to the Americas in a furtherance of the “great work”.

      1. Apparently, the Russkies claimed to know that:

        Some interesting docs in the release, including an FBI report that mentions a shooter was on the bridge / overpass the motorcade was approaching – as some “conspiracy theorists” have long conjectured. So there were two shooters, and the FBI (surprise, surprise) knew it right from the start. But none of the documents released and reviewed so far have revealed anything new. All confirm evidence, suspicions, theories, or conjecture that have been available for years.

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