Doubts and Disillusionment over Donald Trump


Dr Sardonicus, a regular contributor to this website, is a retired academic residing in a Zen monastery in Japan as a long-term paying guest. A former Trump supporter, he is now beginning to have his doubts about the man he once thought might help to “make America great again”.      


“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people!”
— Donald Trump, giving his unstinted support
to Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu

DR SARDONICUS (quoting Donald Trump) : “When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem” — President Elect Donald Trump, who means what he says and will be Israel’s best friend.

Yes, that needs to be said! It is wiser at this stage to take a man at his word rather than persist in the comforting delusion that Donald Trump means the opposite of what he says. There are clear indications that Trump is working for the top Jews and that he is a Zionist through and through, though he has alienated the rank-and-file small Jews who do not matter all that much.

There are two classes of Jews here, as Israel Shamir noted in a recent article, and they are at loggerheads — and Trump has given his absolute support to the Jews with the most money and influence.

A pattern is slowly becoming discernible.

Trump is above all an Islamophobe. Nothing could be clearer. He appeals to the White Nationalists in America because he has said, “No more Muslim immigrants in America until we can check up on these guys!” And his promise to crack down on illegal immigrants from the south (Mexico mostly) and deport them has great appeal for the White Nationalists who voted for Trump en masse.

Trump was their man, the White Nationalists’ hero, only for this reason: he promised to put a stop to unlimited immigration to America and in particular to single out Muslims for exclusion. He promised to “keep America White”, or at any rate, to stop America tumbling helterskelter into the hell pit of multiculturalism and White genocide that we see in full swing right now in Europe.

But do these White Nationalists give a fig for Palestine? No, they couldn’t care less what happens to Palestine. The Palestinians, after all, are Muslims. They practice Islam, the most hated religion of the West, associated with terrorism — the religion the Jews hate and teach the goyim to hate also by their control of the mass media.

As far as Trump is concerned, the Palestinians can go hang themselves. Judge Trump by his own words on Israel. Only a purblind self-deceiver will mutter to himself, “Ah, Trump means the opposite of what he says! When he says he will treat Israel with utmost respect from day one of his presidency, he means he will do the opposite and treat Israel with utmost disrespect!

Only a political self-deceiver thinks like this, a person whose entire world view is driven by wishful thinking. Wake up, people! It’s time to see things as they are, not as you would like them to be.

Trump’s Islamophobia becomes even more obvious in his attitude to Iran. He is hostile to Iran. So here are the Jews Donald Trump is pleasing: (a) the neoconservative Jews in Washington who want Iran removed as a threat to their hegemony of the Middle East, and (b) the Israel First Jews in America (i.e. mostly American Jews) who want a Jewish state in Palestine built on stolen Palestinian land.

—  §  —

“Ah yes!” these Trump supporters tell themselves, “Trump must be a good guy because he gets on with Putin and he isn’t going to risk World War Three with Russia over Iran!”

This perception is accurate in so far as it goes, but it lacks subtlety; it is too simplistic.

Trump is above all a negotiator, a businessman who cuts deals. And Putin is a pragmatist, a chess player skilled in the arts of realpolitik. These two will cut a deal. They will reach an agreement not to trespass on each other’s vital interests.

You give me this, I’ll give you that.

And so the deal will be cut. Each side will get what they want, but each will have to make concessions to the other side. Yes, and so the two lions will agree to share the cadaver rather than tear each other apart in fighting over it.

It’s clear that part of this deal involves the complete handover of Palestine to the Jews. Why else the recent $38 billion “gift token” from America to Israel? This money gift is to make Israel strong, and to allow it to expand until Palestine is no more.

Most Americans don’t give a damn for Palestine, a country full of brown-skinned Muslims they hate. How can American interests be served by making the Israelis play fair with the Palestinians? In no way at all.

Bottom line: if you support Trump, you will be supporting a Zionist who intends to hand over Palestine to the Jews. You will be a traitor to the Palestinian cause.


And the picture above, showing a Palestinian child with her head blown off by an Israeli sniper’s bullet, will mean nothing to you. How will you be able to live with yourself then, you sad little conniver in child murder?

—  §  —

DR SARDONICUS  (in response to another post in which a commenter had objected to the slur in the phrase “you sad little conniver in child murder”, implying that all Trump supporters were callously indifferent to child murder) : Excellent points, Lobro, and most eloquently expressed! I am genuinely grateful to you for responding to my growing doubts and misgivings about Donald Trump.

Try and understand three things:

(1) Like you and most others here, I gave Trump my full support initially and was relieved and delighted when he was chosen as Potus by the American people and Hillary was put to shame.

(2) I am not anti-Trump right now and realize it is a bit premature to start attacking a man who has yet to set foot in the White House.

(3) BUT — yes, and this is a big but! — justifiable misgivings begin to set in when negative signs occur which make you think that the man you were willing to endorse so enthusiastically in the beginning is NOT so admirable after all.

It’s a bit like this, dear Lobro: say you fall in love with a woman and marry her and your adoration is total as you think to yourself, ‘”Ah, my honeydarling can do no wrong!” And then one day you return home early from the office and let yourself into the house and there she is in the embrace of your best friend, kissing and canoodling on the sofa.

So tell me, Lobro, what will your reaction be to this new situation? Are you so besotted with your honeydarling that you will continue to make excuses for her and kid yourself that she’s just fooling around in an entirely innocent way? Or will you revise your opinion on her?

It’s the same situation with Trump. Will you continue to offer him your unstinted admiration no matter what he does? Will you continue to make excuses for him? I am not trying to be confrontational or personal. That doesn’t interest me at all. My question is addressed not to you personally but to all others on this site who are Trump supporters right now. I am not trying to dent your support or diminish it or throw cold water on your adulation. On the contrary, I am trying to guard against wishful thinking in my own case and I am expressing a certain concern that this wishful thinking continues unabated here among Donald Trump supporters, yourself included.

So I ask myself: when will this dewy-eyed adulation for a potential turncoat turn to disillusionment? when will the gilt wear off the gingerbread? when will the worm turn? when will the scales drop from the eyes of the Donald Trump devotees?

So this is the question I ask you in all seriousness. It is not a rhetorical question, and it is addressed not to you personally and exclusively but to ALL Trump aficionados on this site:

What exactly does Trump have to do before you turn against him?

Betray the Palestinians? Refuse to veto further anti-Israel UN Resolutions? Double US aid to Israel for the building of more illegal settlements? Start a war with Iran? Give military support to Israel as it bombs Beirut and Damascus? Appoint more Jewish advisors? Get a Jewish scriptwriter to write his speeches for him? Give his Jewish son-in-law access to top secret information that Jonathan Pollard would have died to get his hands on, information that would then be leaked to Israel? Move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Continue to kiss and slobber over the Wailing Wall and wear a kippa in the White House? Ban Christmas and make the celebration of Hanukkah compulsory? Convert to Judaism? Declare that his favorite book is the Talmud?

When — oh when! — will you besotted admirers of your New Messiah, Donald Trump, finally come to your senses and admit that the man you backed has let you down badly?

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86 thoughts on “Doubts and Disillusionment over Donald Trump

  1. The one state solution with equal rights, citizenship and the ability to vote in Israel elections is an idea that some Palestinians are pushing. Should Trump okay the one state solution?? Would he, could he be against equal rights??

    1. exactly what i’ve been saying Tim, there is nothing jew fears more than equality, thus the 70 years of a one-state-forward-two-states back hoedown kabuki.

      unfortunately, it takes logic to spot logic.

      unscr 2334 was designed to prevent trump from putting a on-state gun to israel’s head, they were afraid royally of trump, now the palestinians are screwed royally for the next century or so.

      gee thanks obama for another century of sniper 101 classes sitting atop the 2-state wall and shooting children’s heads off, yay, this one raises my grade to the top of the class (they are not israelis, they are dirt eater palestinians, lots more where that one came from).
      this totally explains the sudden “courage” (gimme a break) of ehud barak obama and theresa may, the fearless goy champs, who simply did what the warner bros producer told them to do.
      Two state formula: state of Palestine – you lose, state of Israel – i win.

      this UN travesty was engineered precisely because they are so scared of Trump’s plans.
      Explain the miraculous timing, all of a sudden, even the MSM doesn’t have that much steam on it, after the initial weekend theatrics, all forgotten, all “forgiven” barrack.

      History will prove us right tim and when it happens, all these guys will pretend like they weren’t here.

      1. Lobro,

        I do not think a one-state solution will work. There are only two possibilities for a one-state solution. Kerry said the same thing last week and caught a lot of flak for saying it. Kerry: “But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.” I believe Kerry is right.

        If, as one-state, al-Israelistine is Jewish, it will be apartheid and forever be in conflict with the UN, and I suspect pretty much every country in the world. We live in a time when no one is going to tolerate permanent apartheid anywhere in the world. I doubt the Palestinians will accept the status quo as the final, permanent reality. Al-Israelistine would be short-lived as a Jewish state.

        If, as one-state, al-Israelistine is democratic, the Jews will need to give equal rights, including voting, and equal protections to the Arabs and Christians, the same as only the Jews enjoy now. If that happens, in a not too distant future, voting Palestinians and Christians will outnumber voting Jews, and usurp Jewish power. Eventually, the Arabs would push out the Christians, as well, making another Arab state in the region. Al-Israelistan would be short-lived as a democratic state.

        Any one-state solution would be temporary and the area would be wrought with violence. I still have a gut feeling the UN is going to attempt something, possibly defining the boundaries of the two states, before Obama leaves office. Having read so much for so long about the region, the UN Resolution seems out of place unless it is part of something bigger, a prelude to whatever is to come. We will have to wait and see.

    2. Prime Minister Olmert in 2007 said “without a two-state agreement Israel will face a South African style struggle for equal voting rights in which case Israel would be finished.
      The South African Jewish Board of Deputies passed a resolution in 1980 urging “all concerned in particular members of our own community to cooperate in securing the ultimate removal of all unjust discriminatory laws and practices based on race creed or color.” Aside from pockets of ultra Orthodox most of the S.A. Jews emigrated leaving White farmers to bear the brunt, more than 4.000 Boers slaughtered, murder, rape, and poverty now among the highest in the world. What goes around comes around. The one state solution is not only fair but will rain retribution on the heads of the hypocrites.
      Nehemia Shtraster said “From the moment it comes into being the one state solution will suffer from endless civil war…it will be a ruthless war from hell”
      The Palestinians, particularily those living in Gaza have known nothing but hell. They have nothing to lose, outnumber the Israelis, and if Shtrasters’ is right, with righteous vengeance and rage will bring a taste of hell to their tormentors.
      A one state solution is just to both parties.

      1. The Israelis are far too clever to allow a “one state solution” to happen. They know exactly what that would mean. What the present Likud government wants is what could be called the “Pallistan solution” (Palestinian Bantustans), i.e. annexation of the whole West Bank (“Judea and Samaria”), with autonomy for those areas most densely populated by Palestinians. In those autonomous areas the Palestinians will have the right to vote for their own government, but not for the government of Israel. In this way Israel will remain “Jewish and democratic” at the same time.

        Listen to this conversation between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Naftali Bennet, especially between 2:10 – 2:55, where Bennet says : “…they (the Palestinians) would have voting rights for their entity…”

      2. Just an added point (check the numbers online).

        Surface area of the West Bank – 5,655 km square.
        for practical purposes, jews can go anywhere they please in the west bank, do whatever they want.

        Surface area of Israel – 20,770 km square.
        Palestinians can only enter Israel on temporary passes, hard to obtain.

        1-state then results in Israel of 26,425 km square, accessible to both palestinians and jews on equal basis.
        Tell me who wins and who loses with the 1-state deal?

        And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

        i mean, i just cannot understand how some of you are willfully blind to facts on the ground, preferring instead to fill your idealistic heads with empty political blather of the two-state mantra, ruled by mindless emotions just as jew has put into effect.

        yes, trump intended to correct that glaring lie, he is too much of a realist not to deal with what is available instead of chasing some matrix pipedream, which simply guarantees the status quo.
        No, Obama succeeded in perpetuating it indefinitely, to jew’s fun and profit.

        This bit of psychodrama is played out before your very noses and true to the form, instead of following the bouncing ball, you look the other way when groucho marx points to throw you off the game.

    3. @ Tim

      The one state solution with equal rights, citizenship and the ability to vote in Israel elections is an idea that some Palestinians are pushing. Should Trump okay the one state solution?? Would he, could he be against equal rights??

      I will answer your question simply and factually. The only fair solution to the Arab-Israeli problem is now the One State Solution, with equal rights for Arabs and Jews. The reason for this is obvious. The Jews have stolen too much Palestinian land over the years, even building settlements in the West Bank, and so a 2-state solution is no longer viable.

      By 1967, Israel had managed to grab hold of 78% of historic Palestine, leaving the remaining 22% in Palestinian hands. Since 1967 the situation has worsened considerably. Israel is now in possession of 90% of the land. The Palestinians would never accept a state built on 10% of historic Palestine. Nor should they.

      The reason why Trump and his cohorts are not to be trusted is that they reject the One State Solution. They want it to fail by constantly insisting on a 2-state solution which they know in advance that no self-respecting Palestinian can possibly accept. For a 2-state solution to have any chance of succeeding, Israel would have to go back to the “green line” that existed in 1967 and dismantle all their settlements. This they will never do.

      If anyone here is suggesting that Trump is a good guy because he secretly favors a One State Solution, giving equal rights to Arabs and Jews, that is incorrect. There is not only no evidence for this erroneous view but there is abundant evidence to the contrary that Trump favors an UNFAIR 2-state solution built on 10% of historic Palestine — a situation guaranteed to lead nowhere and steal all the remaining land belonging to the Palestinians.

      Trump is above all a Zionist and is 100% for Israel. Anyone who argues the opposite is sadly mistaken.

      (Comment revised later at poster’s request. ADMIN).

  2. How on earth can you judge a politician before he is in power? Wait until say 6 months after January 20 and then come back. Until that time, we should give him the benefit of the doubt. As I said before, in his private life Trump has used his Jewish connections to promote the interests of his own business. In his public life, he could do the same for the “business” of the US. At least one thing is certain : Trump is motivated by genuine patriotism, otherwise he would not have embarked on a journey that would earn him the hatred of half the world and bring him no financial profit. It all hinges on the question : will Trump use the Jews or will the Jews use Trump ? Trump has experience in the former.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      It all hinges on the question: will Trump use the Jews or will the Jews use Trump ?

      Beautifully put. You get to the very crux of the matter here. I sincerely hope that Trump turns out to be the true American patriot you believe he is, but you will have to acknowledge that he cannot advance the interests of the White Nationalists in America and please people like Kevin MacDonald without infuriating the Jews.

      My point is that Trump may well crack down on immigration in America and thereby please the White Nationalists, but at the same time, as a sop to the Jews, he may offer them Palestine. This is what I cannot accept. That Palestine should be used as a bribe to keep the Jews moderately happy, to keep them in line.

      If you are honest, you will acknowledge that most White Nationalists don’t give a damn for the Palestinian cause. After all, the Palestinians are Muslims and Islam is their religion. And most White Nationalists are violently opposed to Muslims and, like yourself, are self-confessed Islamophobes.

      I’m sorry, I am a great admirer of Kevin MacDonald’s work, but I am not ready to sell the Palestinians down the river just to bribe the Jews in America and keep them in line. That is morally unforgivable. If the White Nationalists betray Palestine, then fuck them! Everyone will then know for sure that they are the racists and White supremacists they keep claiming they are not.

      So I say this to the White Nationalists and their leaders: don’t think you can betray the Palestinians and get away with it! You cannot and will not. If you betray the Palestinians, you will then be seen for what you are: morally bankrupt bastards.

      1. The worst case that could happen to the Palestinians is the “Pallistan solution”. See above my comment under that of Karen.

      2. Hilarious. Of course we white nationalists are “racists”. That’s where the word “white” comes into play. As far as being supremacists, well again, you need to examine the terminology more closely (it’s only two words, you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult). We want our nations for our own European RACEs respectively. We don’t want to revert back to ruling over the darker, lesser races. Those days are behind us. It’s time for rebuilding our nations, at all costs. So no, we are not supremacists, but seperatist nationalists.

        As far as the the Levant Arabs go… fuck ’em. Let them move to Jordan, or any of the other 20 surrounding Muslim countries. We are going to need Israhell for forced Hebrew emigration and quarantine. I feel more sympathy for the Assyrians in that area. Talk about an ancient indigenous people (Akkadian descended) with no homeland, surrounded by hostile, genocidal Muslim Arabs. THAT’S RACIST! THAT’S RACIST! THAT’S RACIST!!! hahaha! ???

      3. @ BRSRKR76…


        Gosh, how clever you sound! Bet your IQ is well over 60! I guess it’s all that wanking you do that makes you so super-intelligent. Mind you don’t go blind.

    2. FR –
      “How on earth can you judge a politician before he is in power?”

      Easy…. Research. And pay attention, especially his selections.

      He was already judged at the polls….. if you trust the process.

      And if he was elected or (S)elected…. he deserves judgements even MORE NOW..!!

      He wanted the job. The job comes with scrutiny from the time he joined the race…. until he is out of it.

      He knows that. He has NEVER been shy about hammering his opposition…!!

      So… give him what he asked for….

      LET HIM HAVE IT…!!! 🙂

    3. “will Trump use the Jews or will the Jews use Trump?”

      The “jews” will use the jews AND Trump

      Is anyone who writes on this website seeing what I mean by this? Because when you do, your entire perspective changes in terms of the real cause and it’s desired effect.

      NO ONE uses the “jews” – i.e.; der judis egregius*

      *they live

      1. Brownhawk,

        I know precisely what you mean and I concur.

        And simultaneously the shabbos gentiles are only too happy to aid the jew in order to aid themselves. Their arms do not require the slightest twisting for that. Anyone who believes our only problem are ‘the jews’ is either ignorant or is deluding himself. I would even go further than that. It’s clear that the implemented agenda is jewish, but the prime force behind its succesful execution are the shabbos.

      2. 1138

        I’ll go a step further (which i always do anyway, and in keeping with my understanding of the “hidden hand”) by making a certain distinction in saying that the jews are the “untermenschen” to the “zionist” hybrid progeny of the “learned elders” (of zion). Truth be told, in effect they are “goy” like the rest of us “non-jews”.

        To these hybrids, we’re ALL untermenschen. This includes Trump, who is just another neophyte* in the high stakes game he’s playing now in the grand scheme of things, and will be mashed in satan’s gristmill, unless…..what, pray tell?

        *neophyte: GK neophutos, “newly planted”

      3. Brownhawk,

        In my opinion the little jews are just very useful idiots to the JEW, always standing by to shout anti-semitism!! at the slightest criticism aimed at the latter, convinced as they themselves are by all the internal propaganda that by doing so they are serving their own – long term – jewish interests, where as the shabbos know perfectly well that they are aiding evil but just don’t have a conscience to be bothered about it. It is therefore entirely justified to hate them (shabbos aristocracy and industrialists) at least as much as the JEW. I know I don’t differentiate.

  3. If we take Trump at his word we may soon be at war with Iran and Jordan, doing Israel’s dirty work, fighting on behalf of Israel against the only survivors of Israel’s hit list. With them ruined Israel would have free run of the region and be well on the way to greater Israel, between the Nile and the Euphrates.

    Isreal and its Lobby in Washington seem to be able to control any government. If Trump succumbs we are all in serious trouble and may soon be living in a Zionist version of Orwell’s 1984. I never thought it possible but the Zionist movement seems set to be a new world tyranny, following WW3.

    I think only those Jews who oppose Zionism are in a position stop this. Israel disdains anything gentiles say.

  4. Allow me to present what I believe to be an overview which reflects the proper perspective regarding these worldly matters. Key word: DUPLICITY

    In March of 1918 (talk about a fateful year) the Russian capitulation at Brest-Litovsk signaled that Russian hands were tied forthwith, and would be to this day. And Putin, like Stalin before him came to understand what der judis egregius are up to. (notwithstanding any differences between them regarding their respective stances of morality)

    Those heading It’s orchestration knew beforehand that from the ashes of WW1 would come a certain German talent OF GENUINE INTENT (in slappin down mistaken fools like Makow and Dublinmick) who was to be used in furthering (‘fuhrering’?) their “great work of the ages”. They found it in the person of Adolf Hitler, and the rest is the bubbling cauldron of a witches brew called history, up to 1945 that is.

    Fast forward to today, and in the deja-vu m.o. of history repeating itself enters another man of good intentions (similar to Ronnie Reagan) that pave the road to you-know-where, Donald J.Trump (Drumpf) in his Hitlerian role as the next unwitting dupe to be used accordingly

    And here is where things stand


    1. I should probably amend that to read, WOULD-BE Hitlerian role, given that nothing is etched in stone

  5. Divide et impera, that was the political basement of Rome. To divide and conquer. We hate the powerful Jewish lobby that control this world, but we can’t be sympathetic with other peoples or cultures, suffering in a hard way this very Jewish power. Can we fight and win alone this powerful Jewish cartel ?

  6. Trump defies himself…… AGAIN…. STILL…!!

    Here is the latest of ‘more of the same’ from Trump. He might pick Ollie North, Reagan’s Chief of Drug Running, as Drug Czar…. 🙂

    Donald Trump has picked lawyer Robert Lighthizer to serve as his U.S. Trade Representative.

    Lighthizer served as a deputy U.S. trade representative with the rank of ambassador under Republican President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

    Lighthizer’s time in the Reagan administration saw him involved in trade policies that were “exactly the opposite of everything Donald Trump has announced to be his own trade policies.

    ALL of the trade agreements that are being complained about now by Trump…. were born during the Reagan era, including NAFTA…!! 🙂

  7. “It is wiser at this stage to take a man at his word” says Dr. Sardonicus.

    I am. I do. Trump never promised to “make Palestine great again” – only America. How he follows through is yet to be seen. Maybe all the days of meddling in foreign affairs is coming to an end. (You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Sardonicus.)

    1. …And the effort of eradicating ‘Islamaphobia’ is working well for Germany, isn’t it, Sardonicus??
      Sometimes a man has to reconcile himself to an ‘all or none’ situation.

  8. Did he hand in his tax return? NOPE!! To not even have doubt is delusional. This ZIONIST multi-billionaire, is supposed to make America Great? HA! The guy is slime and only reason to vote for him is to avoid the bigger evil of Killary. But it seems that might have been a mistake… he might turn out to be the worst one.

    And now I read this:

    The sickening thing, is, there are some filth bags that gave death threats to the mother of the child, because their Lord and Saviour is Trump is being tarnished.

    Unprecented: President to Enter White House Facing Child Rape Trial

    Do your own searches. This isn’t a “Hillary scandal” or fake news. Donald Trump has an accuser who has hired a well known attorney. The accusation is that Trump raped a 13 year old girl. The case has not been thrown out of civil court but is going through hearings where Trump, we believe, is planning on paying off in order to keep a criminal case in civil court.

    Since when is child rape a civil case? This isn’t the “Bill and Hillary” rape accusations from the fake news. This is the real deal which means “Trump is owned.”

    Remember “Trump University?” He settled that one also and those charges were criminal fraud as well, paid for in civil court.

    How about the Trump foundation? Those are criminal charges settled as well.

    How about his not paying income taxes for 18 years? The IRS charges those who file “aggressive returns” with income tax evasion and sends them to prison, all but Trump.

    All these things, especially the rape charge, need to go before a jury in a criminal trial where he can present evidence, spend endless millions on lawyers and misuse the crooked criminal system in America like everyone else does.

    What we do know is this, he is charged with a crime that could send him to prison for long past his “sell by date.” Why aren’t we reading about this?

    You do understand that every single one of the other accusations made constitute assault or other sex crimes. Can non-disclosure agreements and payoffs be used to keep Trump off a sex offender registry?

    If anyone else does it they are charged with obstruction and conspiracy.

    1. Gordon Duff once confessed that 40% of Veterans Today is disinformation*). During the whole election VT kept smearing Trump, this is one more such case. As one commenter to that article says :

      “…The only thing they could get on Trump was he once hitched a ride from Fl to NY on Epsteins plane. There was never any evidence of him taking the Lolita Express to Orgy Island, but plenty on Bill and Hill…”


      1. Thank you for that and I would believe that 100%. A lot of the stuff they write is crap, but it does not appear to be the case for this. There are a few gems in there… .for * sake I read the BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail as well as other media. Somewhere among the lies there is always an ounce of truth. You have to be critical/cynical of what you read. Making mistakes in an age of lies, is pretty darn easy.

        But again, thank you for that, I never heard of that before. I am not an avid read of VA but he should have it on his sight. If you’ve read, or tried to, the works of Preston James, you would realise there’s a load of lies from that site. The main reason I visit it is because of Jonas E. Alexis.

        I do not rate Trump highly, he goes after populace and lowest common denominator. “Grab them by the pussy” and he considers that normal “locker talk”? I am sorry, but that isn’t normal, especially for a grown ADULT man.

        According to him:
        He will be the Greatest Christian representative
        He will be Greatest ally to the Jews
        He will be the Greatest President
        He has the Greatest Temperament
        He will be the Greatest for Jobs the god has ever created

        He lies, does admit when he is wrong, and says that he does not seek forgiveness from a God that he claims to believe in. If you tell him he isn’t good at something, he is the type of person to retort without restraint that he is the greatest at whatever you should said he wasn’t good at. His ego is off the charts and we all know how Joos use your ego against you. An ego that large it does not spell well for mankind.

        I hope I am wrong, but I have zero faith in the billionaire. I was just hoping he was lesser evil than Killary, but looking at the people he has choose in his cabinet makes me think he might not be greater but certainly not lesser.

  9. It’s disappointing that many people even on this site don’t understand, don’t want to accept that Hillary and Trump are just two different jewish factions. Both are jewish and use the whites of both factions to push the jewish agenda. The goyim of Hillary and Trump are considered by them just like sand which you find on the beach, useful idiots.

    The goyim must have their own faction, guided by goyim, financed by goyim etc. Trump is a jew and jewish agent. What can you expect from a jew, fairy tales!

  10. “…will Trump use the Jews or will the Jews use Trump ?”

    A Pharisee-Jew answers… in Lobro’s favorite news source….. which Lobro claimed does not contain propaganda anymore…. 🙂

    NY Times pundit Thomas L. Friedman, in an irate op-ed last week, titled….
    “Bibi Netanyahu Makes Trump His Chump,” ….!!

    Friedman lamented the fact that Trump is “letting himself get totally manipulated by right-wing extremists.”

    Friedman, representing the essence of US Jewish leftwing anxiety and contempt about the next president, stressed, citing a global-politics kind of reverse psychology, that “Trump also has no idea how much he is being manipulated into helping Iran and ISIS.

    What is Iran’s top goal when it comes to Israel? That Israel never leaves the West Bank and that it implants Jewish settlers everywhere there,” which would “keep Israel in ‘PERMANENT CONFLICT’ with Palestinians and the Muslim world, as well as many Western democracies and their college campuses.” ……. keeps war profits flowing..!!!!

  11. “DR SARDONICUS (quoting Donald Trump) : “When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem” — President Elect Donald Trump …”

    I do not see how the American embassy can be moved to Jerusalem. The recent UN Security Council resolution reaffirmed Resolution 242 (1967) — Jerusalem is to stay autonomous and administered by the UN, and the occupying Israeli forces must vacate Jerusalem. That is why, since 1967, not a single country on the planet, including the US, recognizes Jerusalem as part of Israel, and not a single country on the planet has an embassy in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is an occupied territory. I suspect when Trump is sworn in and starts to actually work with career employees in various federal agencies he will come to realize that Jerusalem’s status is globally recognized as “autonomous and occupied, not Israel” and he cannot move the embassy to a no-man’s land. Israel is chomping at the bits to get the US embassy in Jerusalem, ASAP, as if that will legitimize Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem. I am waiting to see how this plays out once Trump is in office.

    Regarding the Palestinian issue, there is an outstanding read in the current issue (Jan-Feb 2017) of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The article, ‘Is It Fair to Use the Term “Apartheid” to Characterize Israel’s Occupation?’, points out the political right has no intention of ever resolving anything with the Palestinians. They act as if the status quo can be maintained indefinitely … it cannot. Israel is rapidly getting to the point of the only future for anyone is a single state. When that happens, Israel has to give equal rights and protections and citizenships to the Arabs and Christians, becoming a democracy, or, continue as a Jewish Apartheid state and risk coming toe-to-toe with the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, adopted by the UN in 1973.

    This issue of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs will become available to read online, free, as soon as the next issue is published in March 2017. Back issues are always free to read online.

    1. It is starting — one day after the new Congress is seated. In today’s Israel Hayom news:

      GOP senators present bill to move US Embassy to Jerusalem
      Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Dean Heller sponsor “Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act” to relocate US Embassy from Tel Aviv • Rubio: Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and is where the American Embassy belongs.

      “… would effectively recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

      The full story is here:

  12. Israel looks forward to working with US President-elect Donald Trump…. As he, predictably, selects ZIONISTS for his administration…!!! 🙂

    “Israel has no doubt that President-elect Trump is a true friend of Israel.”

    WASHINGTON – Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer said his government is convinced President-elect Donald Trump is a friend of Israel, and looks forward to working with his administration.

    “Israel has no doubt that President-elect Trump is a true friend of Israel. We have no doubt that Vice President- elect Mike Pence is a true friend of Israel – he was one of Israel’s greatest friends in the Congress, one of the most pro-Israel governors in the country,” Dermer said Thursday afternoon on a visit to the president-elect’s team at Trump Tower in New York.

    “We look forward to working with the Trump administration, with all of the members of the Trump administration, including Steve Bannon, and making the US-Israel alliance stronger than ever.”

    Bannon has been the subject of criticism from Jewish groups for his ties to the altright movement, considered a modern-day home for white nationalist, ultra-nationalist and antisemitic individuals and organizations.

    While the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and Jewish Democratic organizations have expressed concern with the appointment, some right-leaning Jewish groups have noted Breitbart’s consistently positive coverage of Israel and….

    Bannon’s self-characterization as a Zionist.

  13. Trump may stop the the gradual (but deliberate) genocide against Europeans. For that, I am very grateful for his election and support him. At the same time, Sardonicus has a point when he says “White Nationalists” don’t care about Palestinians.

    But this isn’t true of all “white nationalists”. Just take a look at Professor Kevin MacDonald’s website The Occidental Observer’s and read the latest article (BTW, to me, probably the most revealing website on the internet run by one of the most important thinkers in the world today). Studying Jewish strategies is a central part of the website.

    But it is true of some and probably many white advocates. I heard one express that point of view on a podcast I like (Fash the Nation). I think all the stories of Muslim attacks in Europe has affected their views. I’m not sure why there is so much violence by Muslims against Europeans, but I don’t blame Islam the religion and I certainly don’t blame Palestinians for it. It’s also important to note that a very large number of Palestinians are Christian.

    I knew from the beginning Trump was weak on the Jewish Question. He made that clear when he backtracked on his original statement saying he would be “neutral” in Israeli / Palestinian negotiations. As someone that grew up about 50 miles from him in New York and someone with a similar background (my parents were from Germany, his grandparents were from Germany) I think I know how he developed his ideas. On the east coast (and to only a slightly lesser degree the rest of the US now) if you wanted to be accepted and wanted to succeed you couldn’t criticize Jews and you had to accept any hatred they might have directed at your people. For the Trump’s they did this by saying “Trump” was a Swedish name. Most people internalized any anger they may have had and it accelerated breaking any bonds someone may have felt for the “old country”. As someone that became very interested in history and my parents side of the story, as German eyewitnesses of WW II, I fought against giving in to the Jews on this. While I often failed (and got into many arguments with my parents because of this), I always maintained great reservations about their stories while acting congenial towards them. I began to resent their hatefulness and maybe that is one reason (among others for sure) that I did not become rich. My point is, if you want to succeed in New York (and now the entire USA) you can’t be critical of Jews. Hopefully that is beginning to change. There is a glimmer of hope appearing.

    I support the criticism of Trump about his policies regarding Palestinians. Keep it up. I think there is a small possibility Trump could be educated about Israel / Palestine. For someone with Jews in his family (thru his children), many of his political positions are in total opposition to what most Jews think. He is a nationalist. They are “Jewish Nationalists” and not “American Nationalists”.

    1. Palestine is a welfare state and could not survive without the US and EU and others’ aid:

      Palestine’s TOP GOVERNMENT DONORS IN 2014

      Contribution (US$)

      United States of America

      European Commission

      Saudi Arabia

      United Kingdom



      —RUSSIA = $00.00

      The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), in the “Funding Trends” section of its website, (accessed May 8, 2015), provided the following information:
      “Pledges to UNRWA (Cash and In-kind) for 2014 [from Government and non-Governmental sources]… in USD as of 31 December 2014…

      Grand Total: 1,323,855,183.


      The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Palestine was worth $6.90 billion US dollars in 2013.
      The GDP value of Palestine represents 0.01 percent of the world economy.


      How Palestine’s economy works:
      Its legal status is contested, its land is divided and thousands of its citizens emigrate every year.

      Palestinian Territories are exceptionally dependent on factors outside of them.

      1. Well, Pat, it looks like Uncle Sam is ALREADY Palestine’s sugar-daddy! 🙂
        (Damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation)
        An observant POTUS will understand. He might do us a favor and withdraw $$ from the whole damn kit-n-kaboodle. (There’d sure be a lot of bellyachin’ and hollerin’ then, wouldn’t there???)

      2. Mahmud Abbas’ palace (there is no other word for it) will cost $13 million :
        Abbas Builds Himself a $13 Million Royal Palace – Middle East – News

        http// › All News › Middle East

      3. FR –

        The musselmen should send in a very smart, highly trained, well-strapped teen-ager with 72 or so virgins in his future…. to destroy Mahmud Abbas’ palace..!! Done deal… 🙂

      4. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a grossly misleading economic benchmark. The term is yet another Jewish lie. GNP (Gross National Product) was the original term that gave an accurate accounting of a nation’s wealth creation from its industrial and manufacturing output.

        When Jews began gutting America’s industrial and manufacturing base by selling its factories to China for scrap metal prices, the GNP figures became so appalling Jews had to invent a new economic benchmark that would hide the devastation they had wrought upon the nation.

        The new way of skewing the numbers, called “GDP,” enabled a far more favorable reporting of the numbers. They achieved this magical, Mephistophelian miracle by adding in all the non-wealth producing jobs, like those of government and healthcare along with other so called “service sector” jobs that produce no real wealth for the nation. True GNP numbers today would make America look much like any third world colony of the nineteenth century.

        As for The GDP value of Palestine, adjusted for inflation and actual GNP output, it comes to about 59 cents. No doubt when the Jews are finished, the once sovereign nation of Palestine will dry up and blow away as another footnote to Jewish history.

  14. I’m far less concerned with the money that goes to Palestine than the money that has been going to Israel for 50 years. Israel has been the number one recipient of foreign aid every year since 1967. They get over 3 billion dollars annually and some estimates are well over 3 billion dollars. The US (and other western countries to a lesser degree) support Israel when it blows up Palestinian territories and kills a couple thousand Palestinians every couple of years. Any aid given to Palestinians by the US is to attempt to make US gov’t policy look unbiased, which of course is false. The US is 100% biased and Jews play the most powerful role in US policy towards Palestinians and every Arab country. They played a leading role in having the US obliterate Iraq, Libya and coming close to starting a war with Iran and obliterating them. That’s blood money the US gives Palestinians. Money given to them so we can give massive aid to the mass murderers that kill a couple thousand of them every few years.

    Not to mention the diplomatic cover the US has been giving Israel for 50 years.

  15. Years ago, a true believer in Alex Jones said to me, “Jones talks about Jews, so he’s giving reliable information.” My reply was, “One does not get approved FCC licensing for a nationwide, clear channel network program unless one works for the Jews.”

    In time my point was proven. I have said the same thing about the presidency, i.e. one doesn’t get anywhere near that office unless they have been fully vetted and appointed by the highest level of Jewish power. It’s been that way for over one hundred years. It’s that simple, everything else is nothing more than one’s belief in the Jewed and skewed illusion of reality.

    Money talks and by far, Jews have the biggest mouth on the planet. Trump could not shine the shoes of the head of the house of Rothschild, a house that has been in economic ascendancy for well over two hundred years and now estimated to be worth some 700 trillion dollars.

    What’s a Trump billion to that kind of economic power? Look at Soros and what he does with his share of the Rothschild pie. Who is Trump compared to the global Rothschild agent and criminal kingpin named George Soros?

    Once again I will quote the most accurate statement ever made about the Jews:

    “No, no, you gotta’ listen to me, I thought you boys understood, it’s business that’s all it is. Ya’ still don’t get it do ya’ boys? There ain’t no countries anymore, no more good guys. They’re running the whole show, they own everything, the whole goddamned planet, they can do whatever they want! What’s wrong with having it good for a change? Now they’re gonna’ let us have it good if we just help ‘em. They’re gonna leave us alone, let us make some money and you can have a little taste of that good life too; now I know you want it, hell everybody does.”

    So Trump now has a little taste of the goot life. He’s made a little money and now the Jews are gonna use him for their next major power play. And lo, in the fullness of the election cycle, a Rothschild agent took Trump to Washington DC, the pinnacle of power, and shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the Jew said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

    And Trump answered: “I’m already on my knees, where do I sign ?”

    Wake up America! You have been shammed once again by the psychopathic master race of pathological liars. Until the white goyim fully understand just how far out of the power loop they actually are, there is no future for their race.

    As for me, I never believed in Trump for moment, I just could not stand to look at a hideously ugly Clinton face for four more years. That witch’s gleeful joy over the murder of an elected leader was almost as revolting as her mamzer husband’s Waco “Holocaust” murders. I just want these murderous psychopaths to fade to political black forever more. Forget the raven, forget Lenore, never again do I want to hear a Clinton knocking, knocking at our political door.

      1. For me, the true test of comedy genius is when just by thinking of a bit makes you laugh out loud. He passed the test, along with a few others.

      2. B-Hawk –

        Yeah. True test.

        The one which does that for me is recalling his skit as a news anchor, early on, when he jumped up and exclaimed.. “This just in from Bureau of Indian Affairs…!!They’ve found… ANOTHER MOHICAN..!!” 🙂

        The ‘Hippy-Dippy Weatherman’ skits were wild also.

      3. hahaha

        I just laughed at that one. Makes my point exactly

        Another news flash!

        90 year-old Japanese soldier surrenders after emerging from Burmese jungle upon learning that the Emperor himself declared the official surrender of Japan

        No hari kari for him!

  16. Trump is above all an Islamophobe. Nothing could be clearer.

    For someone based in a Zen monastery the author has failed to pick up on humility and the paramount importance of truth.

    Take the epithet Islamophobe, an easy derivative of Homophobe. Calling someone a “phobe” is just gratuitous malice and anyone using it deserves to be trampled on by their Orwellian government rolling out their “Hate Speech” control. Judging the internal emotional state of another person is impossible except for mind readers, were they to exist.

    Second, Islam and Muslim are not synonymous. Islamic fundamentalist, humorist and fascinating blogger Syed Akbar Ali wrote Malaysia and the Club of Doom (2006) with subtitle The Collapse of the Islamic Countries. He surely meant collapse of the Muslim countries because his whole blog (latest 33 million distinct hits) is banging on about the “stupidity” of Muslims, the vast majority of which he says are not Islamic because “they know almost nothing of the Quran”. According to him they follow “Biblical Mullahs”,
    brutality derived from a combination of Old Testament Bible and Arab Culture – not present in the Quran.

    If a widely respected Islamic intellectual explains that importing migrants with retrograde culture, stupidity (reference Syed A.A.), and in many cases treasonous intentions, is a bad idea, then why should Trump not be allowed to say the same?

    Note: I have defended Islam against misunderstanding in previous Darkmoon threads. By confounding Islam and Muslim, you are seeding religious conflict and not assisting that population to perform self reflection, as Syed does every day on his blog syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.coom

    About Trump and Israel, there are certain negative signs, but we went through this in previous threads. Trump astounded everyone in winning the election. Perhaps as POTUS this will repeat. Reality=Action,. Action starts Jan 20th 2017

    1. Flan –

      “…but we went through this in previous threads.”

      Never fail to repeat if it is important to you.

      Please remember that the first-time reader who happened here by chance or by search engine or by referral…. did not read the previous threads. About 25% get here – to this article only – through search engines.

      That is why I repeat my claims so frequently….

      .ALL national leaders are liars – including Trump….
      …………..boring to the ‘raglars’ or not. 🙂

    2. flan, the voice of reason, so drowned in this hysterical racket, emotion steps in where facts are missing.

      unless an article crops up not dealing this neurosis, i will abstain from commenting further, said what i had to say and have better use for my time than endless repeats and rewordings.

      i can wait 2 more weeks.

      As for putin’s doubters and detractors, all i can say is this:

      • Putin won a major war, fomented by the entire west, “at the behest of usura”.
      Putin won it with minimal investment in Russian lives and resources and he won it permanently, no need to hang around as an occupying force and eventually bleed to death through asymmetric guerilla response.
      Russian military reaped the reward of field testing weaponry current and experimental and the troops gained battle experience.
      Meanwhile, ISIS again proves a tough battlefield foe, defeating it by Russia, Hezbollah and Syria was no joke, ISIS inflicts harsh defeat on Turkish army
      (of all the NATO forces, the Turks are probably the most ready to fight and kill)

      In a short battle near the strategic Syrian town of Al-Bab ISIS inflicts a serious defeat on the Turkish army, capturing two Leopard tanks, and celebrating in characteristic fashion by burning alive two captured Turkish soldiers.

      • Name the last time US-NATO-JUDE won a war (gratuitous violence and destruction and a failed state does not count as a victory)

      and still the zombie drumroll goes on and on, “putin-rothshild-putin-rothschild-hoo-ha-hoo-ha” and passes for sane discourse.

      1. Lobro –

        “Putin … no need to hang around as an occupying force and eventually bleed to death through asymmetric guerilla response.”

        You are making things up again. The reverse of your claim is fact…. Putin is expanding all forces in Syria…… says KREMLIN…. THIS WEEK…!!

        Putin plans to stay in Syria, and build more bases there. 🙂 🙂

        “Vladimir Putin signed a decree on signing the agreement between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on expanding the territory of the Russian logistics center in the port of Tartus and on the arriving of Russian ships at the territorial sea, national waters and ports of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the document read.

        Putin Approves Decree on Russian Naval Base in Tartus Expansion – Kremlin


        The fight against terrorists in Syria that started in 2015 will be continued by the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces with its base in Hmeymim, and the permanent naval group of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, which actually needs a full-scale base in the region.

        The Russian Navy has a permanent operative group in the Mediterranean Sea. The group headed by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser and the Pyotr Velikiy heavy nuclear missile cruiser.

        The combat activities of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Navy against terrorists in Syria have demonstrated that Russia is capable to carry out long-time operations aimed at defending its allies at a considerable distance from its own territory.


        Putin wants Russian Air Forces to remain in Syria.

        Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a decree on the deployment of an air group of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, a document issued on the Kremlin website said.

        MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian President Vladimir Putin approved on Monday a decree on signing the protocol to the Russian-Syrian agreement on deployment of an air group of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, a document issued on the Kremlin website said.

        ALL of this military expansion will be done through Putin’s “usura” BIS member banks….. using USD reserve currency… making it stronger..!! 🙂


      2. Putin’s troops are staying in Syria… using his “CONTRACTED SOLDIERS”… just like Blackwater’s troops from US do…!!! Even as police there in Syria..!! 🙂

        Russian Military Police Arrive in Aleppo to Help Maintain Security – Russian Ministry of Defense

        According to the statement, the battalion, which is manned only with CONTRACTED SOLDIERS, will ensure security of the reconciliation center’s personnel, as well as Russian deminers and medics arriving in Aleppo.

        “The battalion will also help Syrian authorities in Aleppo to MAINTAIN law and order in the liberated city,” the ministry added.

        More hoo-ha-hoo-ha-ha..!!! To YOU… FROM PUTIN..!! 🙂

        ……as he pays the CONTRACTORS $100,000 a year… with borrowed “usura” from his BIS banks in Russia.

      3. Pat,
        you are making things up again about me making things up.
        Even if english was your second or third language, you would see that maintaining or expanding a naval base does not amount to occupying a country, especially if the action is in support and at invitation of the friendly Syrian government.
        A state that wishes a platform for rapid projection of military power into some troubled spot like middle east, where Russia is now the main outside player (no room at the round table for big-ass Uncle sam) always welcomes an invite like Putin got from Assad, the democratically elected Prez.
        and jew planes will think twice about sneak attacks into Russia dominated zone because they can be spotted early and snitched on to syria’s air defense batteries – a tricky proposition.
        Because no way will russians keep mum and not give their hosts an early warning.

        as opposed to just about All the US foreign bases run against the will of the locals, often in downright hostility, which comes quite close to the definition of occupation, okinawa, phillipines, guantanamo, iraq, afghanistan, even germany and italy, people are sick of them and their arrogant, colonial excesses and exemptions that the troops abuse on everyday basis.
        Not to mention the actual, real occupations with puppet regimes, like afghanistan, Ukraine and Iraq.

        No comparison – no occupation for Russia.
        and even contracted auxiliary cops, so what?
        happened in Bosnia during the time of transit from one form of government to another in a country devastated by war, short or non-existent resources.

        You are hell bent on non-sequituring me to death Pat, i will report you to the fake-news cops, WaPo, make the list as #201.

      4. I posted this over a year ago:

        Putin is paying PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTORS more than $200 a day which is borrowed from Russian BIS Banks.

        10-20,000 Employees of Private Military Russian Companies will Reverse the Course of History in Syria

        How are Russian private military companies [ChVK] engaged?
        How does their work differ from the work of mercenaries?
        And how could ChVK change the situation in Syria?
        These and other questions were answered to the journalist of Kommersant FM, Anatoly Kuzichv, by the head of the private military company RSB Group, Oleg Krinitsyn.

        “We cannot occupy that niche which the British are already occupying.”

        Oleg Krinitsyn on the functions of private military companies:

        “In fact, private military companies are not defined in law for us, but since we are heirs of Byzantine jurisprudence, then what is not forbidden is permitted, either unfortunately or fortunately. Therefore, having incorporated the most positive experience of foreign private military companies, we have begun since 2011 activity as a private military company which radically differs from private security companies.

        About the thin line between mercenaries and ChVK:

        “We are not at war – this comes under the article “mercenarism”. There is an precise definition of who is a mercenary. If we are not citizens of this country but a third country, if we are not combatants, if we receive remuneration higher than soldiers of this country in conducting combat operations, then we come under the definition of “mercenaries”. But if in providing security and protection of any strategically important object abroad, an attack is made on us, we are obligated according to the contract, agreement, and law, to take measures to protect the object and the life of ourselves and immediately the client’s. Here is that gray line where the person who is engaged in security transfers to active response operations and counterattacks. And if, let us say, using this moment in fact, if there were in Syria 10-20,000 employees of private military Russian companies who would work in the interests of the Russian state, naturally I am convinced that the course of history would be reversed, not just in Syria but also in Libya.”
        “We are the only the supplier of safety for the United Nations in Russia”

        Oleg Krinitsyn on the salary of ChVK employees:

        “In a ChVK, in our company there are two levels of employees. The first level of employees is permanent, and is those who ensure its functioning: lawyers, accountants, and operational managers. Also there is a variable component coming in to execute the contract. Naturally, they have a different salary. Some have a stable salary, and some a salary that depends on the complexity and danger in executing the contract. But I will say that in any case our employees receive more than do officers in the Armed Forces at the rank of lieutenant colonel or colonel. I consider that the people who professionally perform the operation and risk their life should receive serious money. Naturally, we do not reach that level which the American principals offer to the fighters of private military companies; we suppose that at the time they received $500 per day in Iraq, and about $300 a day if in the “green zone” in Baghdad.

        “In the same place, our Russians working for the foreign companies received less, by an order of magnitude. Naturally, the Pentagon is paying the contracts. The notorious Blackwater company had turnover about $700,000 annually, which grew after the contract with the Pentagon to $10 billion. It is clear that whoever orders the music dances to this music. Correspondingly, we are not able to pay such money, but I will tell you that
        for 12 days of vessel escort, employees receive approximately $2,500.**

        Also, I pay for their flight there and back, and insurance of $250,000 for each person. I treat people quite scrupulously — I am prepared to lose a weapon, I am prepared to lose anything at all, but human life is very important”.

      5. thank you Pat.
        As you said, the head of the private military company RSB Group, Oleg Krinitsyn answered the questions politely and thoroughly, everything nice and transparent.
        obviously, it is an economical way of doing things, $200/day is quite cheap for the sensitive job and the level of capability of these soldiers.
        They guard Russian compounds – what are russians supposed to do, ask Isis for a hand?
        and the UN staff, russia could just as easily say f-u, UN, you’ve always been Jew’s and America’s catamites, so ask them for protection, but no, they are extending coverage to them as well.

        What civilized, humane states do, Pat.
        in fact, make it singular: what a civilized, humane state does, since i can’t think of another one off the top of my head.

      6. Yep, Lobro —

        “What civilized, humane states do, Pat.”

        I know…. It is everywhere..!!

        The participating entities, US and Russia, pay the military troops and contractors and the contracted policemen in other countries with borrowed “usura” all around the world.

        The resources are borrowed from Rothschild’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers…. Which was my main point.

      7. ok pat, so i am following up on what you said and your link too.
        You said

        Putin is paying PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTORS more than $200 a day which is borrowed from Russian BIS Banks.

        I went to the southfront link you provided and did a search using “bank” term – result: nada.

        but the last paragraph did say something interesting about the US army tactics:

        Americans (private contractors – lobro) have a 1.7 ratio of losses relative to military personnel. But it is necessary to consider that tactics for conducting warfare by the American army are
        first carpet bombing and powerful artillery attack, and then after this come the troops.

        “It is necessary to understand that when regular troops move on, they leave behind them a certain empty buffer zone. Behind the troops is a private military company which conducts mopping-up operations, but this is very dangerous, and it is natural that in the rear there are guerrilla groups which execute attacks and therefore many people perish”.

        no wonder they are so beloved, from Dresden to Hiroshima and everywhere in between, even the goats love yankee army.
        I think this is where Rothschild’s BIS investment is really concentrated Pat, not some boyscouts in shorts security guards from russia.

      8. Lobro –

        I am glad you finally admitted to what I have written all along…

        “I think this is where Rothschild’s BIS investment is really concentrated Pat, not some boyscouts in shorts security guards from russia.”

        Yes. Putin’s armies are just “boy scouts” working for the Paper Bear. I wrote that much for years here.

        And you even ‘walked back’ your claim that Putin did everything without “usura” from Rothschild Bankers….. jut not as much as US. (No shit, Sherlock….)

        Amazing admissions..!!

        Wait..!!! You beat Trump to those revelations TODAY..!!! He was going to tell that..!! Fire up your Tweeting Machine..!! 🙂

      9. Not at all, Pat, no need to walk back from something that you give a wide berth
        I said

        I went to the southfront link you provided and did a search using “bank” term – result: nada.

        YOU were the one who made the claim that Putin is borrowing from Rothschild.
        I was the one who tried to verify YOUR claim and didn’t find anything.

        so what is there to “walk back” from?

      10. Those Swiss are so damn accommodating, aren’t they, with their playin all sides against the middle? What would that make them, a dodecahedron banking facility?

        quintessential mercenary bankers

      11. Lobro –

        This should help with your burning questions:

        —-Russian Private Military Company ‘Wagner’ and their operation in Syria—-

        Payments are made after so-called ‘Business trips’. In case of not following orders, the mercenary is reverted to base pay and disciplinary action is taken.


        “Wagner”, or formally, OSM is a Russian Private Military Company which finds it’s roots in the former “Slavonic Corps” who were disbanded after their misadventure in Syria. The name “Wagner” is the callsign of the Commander of the formation, he is a retired Lieutenant Colonel who commanded a Spetsnaz GRU group of the 2nd Separate Brigade stationed in Pskov. Wagner formerly worked under the ‘Moran Security Group’ conducting maritime safety operations. Wagner first visited Syria in September 2013 alongside the ‘Slavonic Corps’, at which point he was not a Commander and OSM did not exist.

        “I voluntarily leave the borders of the Russian Federation with observance of the established rules of departure for obtaining objective information on the occurring events in territories, border with the Russian Federation.

        I am not the mercenary as I am not going to participate in armed conflicts or military operations. I am going to follow laws and rules of the country of residence.

        I wasn’t subjected to recruitment, wasn’t trained and didn’t earn material reward for participation in the military conflicts or military operations outside the Russian Federation.


        Putin has to borrow from Rothschild to get all this done…. and pay his “boy scout” troops. 🙂

      12. Putin and Russians always copy the US… and use the same Rothschild Banks in BIS system. And use info from NGOs..!! 🙂

        Russian military allows replacement of conscription with contract service

        According to new rules of military service, citizens summoned for one year’s compulsory service now have the right to become contract soldiers straight away – but for double the term.

        The move is described as yet another step aimed in the transition to fully-professional military forces. Previously, conscript soldiers could sign their first contract as professionals only after six months of service.

        “The law that allowed such a move was originally written for people with higher education – graduates of institutes and universities. And they planned to summon them not so much for ordinary army units, but rather for various structures connected with the Defense Ministry that were in need of specialists with higher education, such as space launching sites, defense industry enterprises and so on,” the head of the NGO ‘Soldiers’ Mothers’, Valentina Melnikova, said in comments with Izvestia daily.

      13. Putin wants a ‘piece of the military pie’ around the world…. just like US.

        Copy-cat, Putin is wanting to be…. “Movin’ on up… to the top…” 🙂 The Future of Russian Private Military Co

        In Soviet times, Russian military professionals worked across the globe from Cuba to Vietnam, teaching, advising and sometimes just pointing Kalashnikov muzzles at the enemy for the sake of the proletariat.

        Now Russian authorities want them to do so again, but this time, for profit — and, just possibly, as a governmental proxy.

        —Tough Competition—
        Jostling for a spot on the PMSC market also requires far more effort than simply passing a piece of legislation, experts said.

        The market is dominated by companies based in Europe and North America, which account for a combined 75 percent of –  703 companies – that signed the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers, a voluntary set of guidelines for PMSCs.

        A bill filed with the State Duma late last month(Oct 2014) would legalize private military and security companies (PMSCs) in Russia, an idea endorsed in 2012 by President Vladimir Putin.

        Enthusiasts say it is HIGH TIME that Russia, with its strong military traditions, get a toehold on the global PMSC market, estimated at up to $350 BILLION last year, according to the bill.

        The market is currently dominated by Western companies, and many developing nations would welcome PMSCs with different geopolitical affiliations, said analyst Ivan Konovalov, who last year co-penned a Russian-language monograph on PMSCs in Russia and around the world.

        “But it will take a lot of effort to edge out existing players,” said Konovalov, who heads a for-profit think tank called the Center for Strategic Trends Studies in Moscow.

      14. Pat, I am not some frisbee chasing mutt, whichever way you toss it, I jump.
        i like to keep my eye on the ball.
        you said and i challenged you on this

        ALL of this military expansion will be done through Putin’s “usura” BIS member banks….. using USD reserve currency… making it stronger..!! ?

        i said: “Provide evidence”!
        and off you go quoting from corporate brochures and prospectuses that have nothing to do with my question.
        Show me where Putin borrows US dollars from BIS member banks to finance whatever you claim … his private mercenary legions or whatever.
        One answer suffices that goes to the heart of the matter.
        Not fifteen that have nothing to do with it.

      15. Pat is right,

        The Russian CB is still a privately control CB and ruble is still pegged to Dollar and plugged to SWIFT. Except Russian politicians, journalists, intellectuals are openly talking about it by referring to the Central Bank as an Occidental neo liberal fifth colon.
        Like this deputy.
        Or those people.
        Or this guy

        What Pat doesn’t want to see is that Putin lead the country despite and against the Russian elites in favor of the interest of Russia and not the way around as it is common practice in Occident since the liberal revolutions, Elstine included. All national leaders are liars but some lie to the benefit of the common people, not to enrich the elites. De Gaulle was a huge liar, je vous ai compris, but he ruled the country despite treacherous French elites. He managed to create a public financial system with no debt where the elites were incited to invest in French economy, not looting it, the only way to turn them into patriots.

        Putin can’t, for now, nationalize Russian Central Bank as Russia is still too dependent on hydrocarbons sale, SWIFT transactions platform and economy still running with Dollar. What he can do, besides exposing neoliberal Russians and finance people to public anger, is consolidating Russian economy by reaching self-sufficiency with a low ruble and occidental sanctions to develop a web of SME, setting up a parallel banking system with countries not controlled by LPB like Iran, China, Venezuela and anticipating the economic and financial collapse of Occident. Dedollarization is inevitable, only a couple of nukes could prevent it, but since they don’t exist 🙂 .

      16. Thanks for the info, Phil – –

        Ezra Pound wrote that these USURY BASED economic issues – that Russia uses – were the most important to understanding the control mechanics of Pharisee-Jews.

        I have seen these clips before…. and also the fact that Putin wants his own ‘ratings’ agencies.

        Rating his own bonds and investments will not have much effect internationally until the ruble is a reserve currency…… maybe in 200 years. BUT then COMES SOLAR and Russia is petro-based… so they have to sell land..!! But they have 11 time zones of that. And they are. Israel buys a lot there now.

        And Putin wants MORE foreign investments and NO inflation…. so they can’t very well lower interest rates to ‘zero’ as suggested.

        If you watch the second video for 5 minutes from where I pegged it(34:02)You will see the biggest problems in Russia economy. It is Putin’s Advisor – Sergey Glazyev.

        He tells us:

        Russia does not make its own equipment. The West does that and sells it to them with DEBT FINANCING BY THE WEST.

        Also, Russia has NO means of issuing credit for “import substitution” they need. There is no source of credit for replacing foreign imports with domestic production.

        I see and hear:
        The three BIGGEST problems in Russia’s economy today are:
        1-NO credit
        2-NO credit
        3-NO credit.

  17. True, as a white nationalist I supported Trump because of Trump’s promise “to put a stop to unlimited immigration to America.”

    With respect to Trump’s embrace of revisionist Zionism, as Israel Shamir noted in a recent article, “[t]his will undo the Zionist enterprise faster and better than any war can do.”

    By conflating Jewish nationalism and white nationalism in the public mind, the end will toll for Zionism or the roots of white nationalism will flourish – and the real reason many Jews despise Trump.

  18. @ Dr. John Sardonicus vis-a-vis J. Alfred Prufrock

    LET us go then, you and I,
    When the evening is spread out against the sky
    Like a patient etherized upon a table;
    Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
    The muttering retreats
    Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
    And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
    Streets that follow like a tedious argument
    Of insidious intent
    To lead you to an overwhelming question….
    Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
    Let us go and make our visit.

    In the monastery, the monks come and go.
    Talking of Trump…

  19. Trump IS in fact affecting US Congress already…. “Ruling by TWEETS”….. Even before he takes office.

    So any criticism IS absolutely warranted…. Immediately…!!

    House Republicans dropped their bid to weaken the independent Office of Congressional Ethics after President-elect Donald Trump blasted the move as counter to his call to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington.

    The House GOP voted behind closed doors Monday night to make the independent office “subject to oversight” by the House Ethics Committee and significantly restrict its powers. The three lawmakers who confirmed the amendment was dropped were Mo Brooks of Alabama, Darrell Issa of California and Bill Flores of Texas.

    “People could have concerns” after Trump criticized the GOP’s move, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California told reporters before the meeting.

    “With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority,” Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning. “Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance!’

    He closed his tweet with “#DTS,” a reference to his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.”

    Hitler needed a Twitter account..!! 🙂

    See Trump’s “Ruling by Tweets”….

  20. The full Louisiana vesion is “When you are up to your ass in alligators it’s easy to forget that you came to drain the swamp”

    From my atheistic point of view the swamp is religion and the alligators are people who regard faith as being a good thing. Show me the evidence. Even if you believe the Old Testament, Abraham was a delusional schizophrenic who obeyed the voice in his head and took his family from Iraq to Israel. He later almost killed his son Jacob to keep faith with the voice in his head.

    So now we have the Jews who believe “THE VOICE IN ABRAHAM’S HEAD” and use that as an excuse to steal a country, subjugate the natives, claim divine permission to grasp everything , and continually whine about THEIR victimhood.

    You couldn’t make up this crap.

    Ditto for the moslems.

    1. John –

      “You couldn’t make up this crap.”

      It was invented thousands of years ago.. So we would be guilty of plagiarism. 🙂

  21. Completely false that White Nationalists would hate Palestinians and be happy with Israel attacking them. WNs have over and over again pointed out Israeli crimes against Palestinians, and how the media perpetuate Israel’s lies. White Nationalists also strongly oppose the aggression against Iran, and expose Israel’s and the media’s lies about that nation, such as the “wipe Israel off the map” hoax.

    The ones who fanatically support Israel are neocon loyals, who are also fanatically opposed to White Nationalists because the (((neocons))) say so.

    You ask when we will stop supporting Trump? And then give several potential scenarios. “Banning Christmas” is ridiculous as Trump has specifically opposed the Left’s erasing of Christmas from school and elsewhere, saying, “We will be saying Merry Christmas again.”

    The one scenario you curiously don’t mention, but that would turn Trump supporters against him, is if he didn’t build the Wall and fought the flood of illegal aliens. Trump has, however, already told the DHS and ICE to prepare for the Wall, and he has shown the measures that will be taken against criminal illegal aliens as a first step within 100 days of taking office.

    Fighting the mass immigration that the Democrats hope will give them permanent election victories is the one issue that made people vote for Trump, and he has shown he means business. He will give the Zionist media owners and GOP donors whatever they want regarding Israel, in the hope that they will go along with his plans against the immigration they have pushed for, or at least not actively oppose it. He knows that everything else is temporary, but the displacement of Whites will be permanent if the establishment has its way, and then the entire West will have a Third World economy and Third World crime.

    That’s the one issue. Why didn’t you mention it?

  22. Ok, Sard-san,

    Now you have my attention. From the Time of Israel, Jan 5, 2017.

    Jared Kushner’s friend to reportedly serve in Trump administration
    Jewish real estate developer, Reed Cordish, to join as assistant to the president
    David Cordish also is a board member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a prominent lobbying group on behalf of Israel.

    The full article is here:

  23. This is the biggest claim I could find for the “I’ll tell you Tues-Wed” revelation promised by Trump.



    “Thank you to Ford for scrapping a new plant in Mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the U.S. This is just the beginning – much more to follow”

    But, now Trump’s supporters will not claim that he cannot take credit for it.

    This time they will not shout, “Don’t PRE-JUDGE him..!! He’s not in office yet..!!” 🙂

    1. but pat … note the DIFFERENCE.
      ford scrapping a mex assembly plant in order to reopne in the states is a so-called Tangible Result.
      i know that this is new terminology but you will be hearing lots more in the years to come – the reason Trump was elected – people liked Tangible Results made-in-russia and decided to import the political technology, which is the deep secret behind all this traump hatred, russian election hacking screaming.

      here’s more words with immediate impact: Trump denies grace periods to Obama’s ambassadors

      With two weeks until Inauguration Day, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has issued an unusual order in the history of US foreign service: a blanket mandate that all politically appointed US ambassadors step down by Jan. 20, with no exceptions

      35 expelled russian diplomats are applauding … Карма-это сука (karma is a bitch)
      sorry guys but my boss Putin says you gotta hit the road, i am just following orders 😀

      1. “Tangible Results” are mere guesses at this point..

        “Predictions are tough…especially about the future…” said Yogi Berra. 🙂

      2. As Harold Covington said recently, without Trump (and forming the necessary coalition), American would be permanently lost if Hillary had won. Permanently and irredeemably. Obviously, just as in his Manhattan real estate deals, he has to deal with the Real World, which meant supporting Democrats occasionally, even though philosophically opposed. The need is to get qualified and competent people in place. Some may have converted to his America First ideal.

        I think Lobro has been reading the situation correctly. Real World experience is very useful, pragmatism over idealism seems to have declined in recent decades.

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