Eleven Ominous Signs That We Are Racing Towards War with Iran

. . . and war with Iran would inevitably lead to WWIII, involving Russia and China

Global Research, February 12, 2017

War with Iran is in the cards as the administration of US President Donald Trump takes an overly aggressive stance against the Islamic Republic.

Without doubt, the 2016 US presidential election left the nation deeply divided and polarized.

Trump has been in office for around 3 weeks and there are still many people protesting against him. Amidst all of this engineered disorder, there is a serious danger lurking: Trump is taking the US on a sure course to war with Iran.

Trump said on numerous occasions throughout his campaign that he would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons, and on Feb. 2nd 2017 he warned Tehran that “nothing is off the table.”

Why Iran?

Before we get to the all the signs indicating that war with Iran is on the books, it is important to remember why the US and its masters are targeting Iran. Firstly, Iran has become the arch-enemy of the Saudi-Israeli alliance because it is the one country militarily and economically strong enough to challenge their dominance of the Middle Eastern region. There is no love lost between Israel and Iran, who have traded insults and threats for decades; meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Iran are home to the two sides of the Sunni-Shia conflict within the Muslim world (Saudi Arabia – Sunni, Iran – Shia). Trump is a Zionist down to his very bone marrow and DNA, and evidently also afraid to take on the Saudis who were conspicuously omitted from EO immigration ban of 7 nations.

Secondly, Iran has been openly supportive of the fight against Zionism (by funding Hezbollah in Lebanon) and against the Sunni extremist group ISIS (the pet Frankenstein of the US). The US now under Trump has accused Iran as being the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world, but this is completely untrue. Iran has been a counterweight to radical Sunni Islam, extremism and violence.

Thirdly, Iran has forged a tight alliance with Russia and China in defiance of the Zionist-Anglo-American New World Order which seeks to impose a unipolar One World Government on the world, with the international bankers at the helm. Iran remains one the few countries in the world without a Rothschild-owned central bank. It refuses to bow to the will of the US or to allow the US to place its imperial military bases within its territory.

The following 11 signs below show that war with Iran is, unfortunately, shaping up to fast become a reality unless people quickly wake to to the game plan:

War with Iran Sign #1:
Which Path to Persia? US follows the Zionist Think Tank Plan

The Brookings Institution is another PNAC-neocon-Zionist (and with links to Zbigniew Brzezinski) think tank which drives US foreign policy. In its 2009 analysis paper Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran, it advocated the US make a deal with Iran, then renege on the deal (making it look like Iran was refusing something very reasonable), and then attack Iran with support from the international community:

 … any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context — both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer — one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians “brought it on themselves” by refusing a very good deal. – pg. 39

(Hat tip to Tony Cartalucci for alerting people to this years ago.)

War with Iran Sign #2:
Iran on the “Muslim Ban” List but Saudi Arabia Is Not on the List

I have talked about the so-called “Muslim ban” in an earlier article where I made the point that technically it’s not a Muslim ban. However, here I want to emphasize that if the real point of the travel ban were to stop terrorists, then why on Earth is Saudi Arabia not on the list? Trump referenced 9/11 when talking about this travel ban, and even according to the official 9/11 narrative (a fairy tale no doubt, but this is what some people believe), Saudi Arabia was the source of 15 of the 19 alleged hijackers! However, the US and Saudi Arabia have many deals involving weapons, oil, petrodollars, US military bases, funding and training of ISIS and more, so I guess it’s a little too truthful and inconvenient to put them on the list. Ditto for Israel. Saudi Arabia and Israel export the most terrorism, but it’s Iran that makes it on the list …

War with Iran Sign #3:
Iran Dumps the US Dollar

The US economic system is propped up by the petrodollar, i.e. the willingness of foreign nations to transact oil in US dollars, which means they have to hold, use and exchange US dollars, which keeps up a global demand for them. The US has benefited greatly from this system. When many transactions are in US dollars, and the US controls how many dollars are in circulation, (and therefore what each dollar is worth), they can actually control what they owe or are owed. Iran has formally announced it is ditching the US dollar for oil transactions as of March 21st, 2017. This is massive news! Many have reported that the real reason for the invasion of several Middle Eastern countries over the last 2-3 decades was due to their desire to abandon the petrodollar (e.g. with Libya’s gold in 2011).

War with Iran Sign #4:
National Security Advisor Flynn Puts Iran “On Notice” for Missile Test (Lie #1)

Trumps’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn tried to argue that a recent ballistic missile test conducted by Iran violated the P5+1 and United Nations backed nuclear deal. Flynn tried to claim that it broke UN Resolution 2231 which is known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). It states:

 Iran is called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology, until the date eight years after the JCPOA Adoption Day or until the date on which the IAEA submits a report confirming the Broader Conclusion, whichever is earlier.

Tehran confirmed the launch but denied it had broken any agreement, because the ballistic missile involved was conventional and not nuclear, and so not subject to the Security Council resolution. “The missile issue is not part of the nuclear deal,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Iran’s missiles are “not designed for the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead” but rather are “designed to carry a normal warhead in the field of legitimate defense,” he said.

Wars are usually started with deception and lies. This assertion by Flynn – who produced no evidence to back up that Iran was using a nuclear missile not a conventional one – is the first lie on the way to what the globalists want: war with Iran.

War with Iran Sign #5:
US Lies About Destroyed Saudi Frigate (Lie #2)

The second lie came with the White House attributing a missile attack on a Saudi ship by Yemeni Houthi Rebels. Press Secretary Sean Spicer falsely accused Iran of attacking a US naval vessel. There’s just a few (gigantic) problems with this accusation, which is actually a bald-faced lie. Firstly, the vessel was actually a Saudi ship, not a US ship. Secondly, the attackers were Houthi rebels from Yemen, not Iranians. Thirdly, the White House produced no evidence that Iran was assisting the Houthi rebels. Saying that Iran attacked a US ship when the Houthi attacked a Saudi ship is a complete and utter lie.

War with Iran Sign #6:
Iran is World’s “Biggest State Sponsor of Terrorism” (Lie #3)

New Secretary of Defense General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis come out with lie #3 on the way to war with Iran, by calling the Islamic Republic the “biggest state sponsor of terrorism.” Unfortunately for him Saudi Arabia and Israel (as mentioned earlier) are already vying for that title, behind the USA itself. Just check out how many countries the CIA has destabilized through subversions, coups and assassinations.

War with Iran Sign #7:
Iran Hit with New Sanctions

Trump hit Iran with new sanctions on Feb. 3rd, 2017. However, although Trump and some of his cabinet are vehemently anti-Iran, the sanctions were already in place before he came to office:

The White House said on Friday that the Iran sanctions were “in the pipeline” before Trump was sworn in as president on January 20, but were activated in light of recent events. “These kinds of sanctions don’t happen quickly but I think the timing of them was clearly in reaction to what we’ve seen over the last couple days,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters. “We knew we had these options available to us because they had been worked through the process … They were in the pipeline.”

War with Iran Sign #8:
New US Ambassador to UN Haley Takes Strong Anti-Russian Stance

Trump continues to defend Putin and Russia, although his cabinet and staff apparently haven’t gotten the message. Russia and Iran are, of course, in a binding military alliance along with China, so to attack any of them is to attack all of them. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley used her opening speech at the UN to trot out the same old lies, read from the anti-Russia playbook and condemn Russia for its supposed “annexation” of Crimea – you know, the one where over 96% of Crimeans voted voluntarily to rejoin Russia. 

War with Iran Sign #9:
New Secretary of State Tillerson: US Should Prevent China from Using South China Sea

The Trump Administration’s warmongering is not limited to Iran and Russia. China has also been on the receiving end of some threats. Secretary of State and oil man Rex Tillerson stated that China should not be given access to the artificially created islands in the South China Sea (despite the fact they claim ownership over that area, and the US clearly has none). This is what Tillerson said:

The island building in the South China sea itself, in many respects, in my view, building islands and then putting military assets on those islands, is akin to Russia’s taking of Crimea … we’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first, the island building stops, and second, your access to those island is also not going to be allowed.


The US has dared to suggest that China be prevented
from having full access to this Chinese area,
whereas the US itself should be free to go wherever it pleases. 

War with Iran Sign #10:
Trump Strategist Steve Bannon: There Will be a War with China in the Next 10 Years

Many consider chief strategist Steve Bannon the brains behind Trump. In the quotes below, he essentially calls Trump a tool and prophesies that there will be a war with China in the next 5-10 years:

“Trump is a blunt instrument for us . . .  I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.” – Bannon to Vanity Fair

Here is Bannon on Breitbart Radio:

Bannon: “There are now some 89 million members of the Chinese Communist Party … [who still believe that] political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Once you understand that, you understand why they are trying to build these islands in the South China Sea, why they are rattling their arms and aiming at Taiwan.”

Radio host: “We’re going to war in the South China in 5-10 years, aren’t we?”

Bannon: “Absolutely, and that’s one of the reasons why I have to give a tip of the hat to this (Obama) Administration for sending a carrier to the South China Sea …” – Bannon on Breitbart Radio

Bannon was referring to Obama’s Pivot to Asia which began the encircling of China.

War with Iran Sign #11:
Unified Trident – US War Games Off Iranian Coast

To top it all off, four countries (US, UK, France and Australia) conducted a joint naval operation named Unified Trident just off the Iranian Coast. A British Navy commander tried to claim the timing and location of this was just coincidental:

“It’s not a show of force to the Iranians at all,” Wallace said. “The reason we are doing this exercise, and I’ll stress this over and over again, is because it’s easier to do here than it would be anywhere else. It’s a key opportunity to bring ships together, to exercise together and to operate together. The fact that it’s in the Persian Gulf is coincidental, really.”

The signs are ominous that the long-held agenda of initiating war with Iran is speeding up under Trump. With enough public awareness of the agenda, and the lies used to promote it, it can be stopped. Otherwise, similar to Syria, it may be used to trigger World War 3, since any conflict with Iran will necessarily bring the US, Russia and China into direct military confrontation.

Sourced from Global Research

28 thoughts to “Eleven Ominous Signs That We Are Racing Towards War with Iran”

  1. And will Lobro still maintain that all of this is only a “game” Trump is playing in order to confuse the almighty Jews, which he must do in spite of having won the election and being president of the US ?

    If so, he’s playing a very dangerous game. I am not amused.

  2. I just saw in the newspaper that Flynn has resigned from his position as National Security Adviser. This is perhaps a 12th ominous sign. Flynn was willing to cooperate with Russia. With him gone, Trump is the only remaining “Russophile” in the Administration. Quite frankly, Russia, China and Iran should strike first, with nukes. As Hitler stated in a speech he made in October, 1941, giving his reasons for attacking the USSR. “If someone is pointing a loaded gun at you, you don’t wait around for them to shoot. You shoot first!”
    When one examines the history of the USA and UK, it is litany of vile and base treachery, not only of their friends and allies, but also of their own kith and kin. e.g. the US: Cambodia, the Kurds, the Syrians (don’t forget Syria gave assistance to the US in the first Gulf War), stabbed Britain in the back during WWII. As for the UK one example is Rhodesia. I could mention many more.

    1. The US and UK have been in close collaboration in every evil machination around the world that debilitate other nations. Fighting Iran has been on the draw board for many years. only the opportunity was not ripe enough until now. It is so funny to say Iran sponsors international terrorism. How many US military basis are in and around Iran? What are the American military men doing there but to terrorize and create chaos in the area to sell arms and ammunition. Don’t you see how the US president made a u-turn to remove Iraq from his list of Muslim nations that he doesn’t want their citizens to visit US. The Iraqis have started realizing that the remaining US military men there are responsible for the continuation of the war in the country. To appease them the Country was removed from the original list. The so-called terrorist groups are created by the same US that claim to be fighting them. Even the president himself mentioned in one of his speeches that ISIL was a creation of Obama. Hilary Clinton also confirmed that Al-Qaeda was a creation of the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. If those despised organizations were created by the US who then is the sponsor of international terrorism?

      1. @ Mustafa M Buhari

        Excellent first comment. We would welcome your thoughts on other subjects. Feel free to join our commentariat.

      2. Mustafa –

        Correct. Same old game. Here is some proof of US and UK collaborations:

        US Presidential Elections Stolen by Foreign Powers


        Two US presidential elections are documented as having been stolen by foreign powers. In fact, both elections were stolen by the same power: Great Britain—the very regime, independence from which the American Revolution supposedly was fought. And its agenda was the same both times: to draw the US into a conflict with Germany on its own side, in what thereby became World Wars I and II. The second time, the conflict also with Japan was but more-helpful, in respect of Britain’s colonies in Singapore, Malaya, Burma and Hong Kong. America’s own colonies in the Philippines and Hawaii, of course, dovetailed nicely with the colonies of other imperial powers besides Britain such as France (Indochina) and the Netherlands (Indonesia). They all had had things quite nicely divided up until upstart Japan butted in with its own imperial ambitions.

        Today, we hear Russia has manipulated the recent US presidential contest. If so, would Russia’s agenda include drawing the US into some war in an alliance with Russia? Despite “hot spots” in Syria, Russia does not seem to be involved in any wars against enemies so formidable as Germany was to Britain in the Twentieth-Century conflicts. So, IF Russia manipulated the election (effectively, rather than just having a preference as to its outcome), any war involved must lie in the future. Or, NOT in the future. It’s at least imaginable that the future war on the minds of today’s leaders of Russia might involve the US. And perhaps that is a/the war those leaders might wish to avoid. Perhaps they mean to pursue World Domination while the US abstains from war against Russia. Or, perhaps they might want peace with a United States that itself abjures its own plans for World Dominations.

        All this is any voter’s guess, to weigh against alternatives (hijacked, not hijacked, foreign or domestic) according to his own lights. The present essay is to make it clear that hijacking of US presidential elections is anything but unprecedented. In fact, the two British enterprises here discussed are most unlikely to have been the only ones, nor Britain by any means the only hijacker.

        …… skipped…..

        The start was a conspiracy involving the incumbent (Democrat) president of the US. One (J. P. Morgan banker) Thomas W. Lamont, the Jewish pundit Walter Lippmann and the British ambassador to the US Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian) conspired to catapult the renegade Willkie, himself utterly innocent of prior political experience, to the candidacy. Willkie, who had joined the Republican Party less than a year before his candidacy, was a strong proponent of the policy of all possible military and economic aid to Britain and France in their war with Germany. Strange and wonderful indeed are those processes that some are pleased to call “democracy” from which emerge those personalities who ultimately wield such enormous powers over the minds and hearts of those who imagine that they live, and die, under the edicts of the gods who reign under the divine mantle bearing the name of “the will of the people.”

        But how, then, was this divine mantle so purloined? It involved, among other things, what might be called electronic hacking, decades before the advent of computers for tallying votes. At the convention, former President Herbert Hoover gave a speech strongly advocating the disfavored “isolationist” line of thought, but a “mole” of the Willkie candidacy named Sam Pryor arranged for Hoover’s microphone to malfunction, such that very few could even hear his speech. A subsequent speech by Hoover in the lobby of the convention hotel in Philadelphia was drowned out by the happenstance arrival of a drum and bugle corps at just the minute when he took the floor.

        Pryor, having displaced the original coordinator of the convention, one Ralph E. Williams, who favored the leading candidate, Robert Taft, had a duplicate set of passes to the convention’s gallery printed up and distributed these to hand-picked shills who at appropriate moments set up a deafening chant of “We want Willkie.” Senator Arthur Vandenberg, a candidate commanding at one point over seven percent of the delegates, resigned after five votes had been taken and threw his delegates’ votes to Willkie, who won on the sixth vote. Vandenberg’s bed (and marriage) had been penetrated by a female British agent named Mitzi Sims, who was the wife of a staffer at the British Embassy in Washington. Willkie’s upset nomination left American voters who opposed US involvement in World War II with no more of a choice than American voters who oppose military aid to Israel had in 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  3. Bannon: “There are now some 89 million members of the Chinese Communist Party … [who still believe that] political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Once you understand that, you understand why they are trying to build these islands in the South China Sea, why they are rattling their arms and aiming at Taiwan.”

    Radio host: “We’re going to war in the South China in 5-10 years, aren’t we?”

    Bannon: “Absolutely, and that’s one of the reasons why I have to give a tip of the hat to this (Obama) Administration for sending a carrier to the South China Sea …” – Bannon on Breitbart Radio


    NO war IN China, Russia or US….. and certainly NO NUKES..!! 🙂

    South China Sea gives a place for China to join in on Rothschild’s ‘military money’ like Putin does.

    Rothschild and his IMF are pleased.

    If that isn’t enough… Australia is a sitting duck..!! 🙂

  4. Bannon : “…you understand why they are trying to build these islands in the South China Sea, why they are rattling their arms and aiming at Taiwan…”

    Building military bases on artificial islands in the South Chinese Sea in order to conquer Taiwan seems a little bit odd, if we keep in mind that those artificial islands lie at a distance of 1727 km (1073 mi) from Taiwan, while Taiwan itself lies at a distance of only 180 km (111 mi) from mainland China. No Mr Bannon, China’s motives are different :

    “…China is actively building artificial islands in the South China Sea, turning them into military and logistical bases. Beijing already has at least seven such bases, equipped with access channels, helipads, radar facilities, gun and missile emplacements, piers, military facilities and other objects of strategic importance.

    China’s government had started its land reclamation and construction efforts on the reefs in early 2014. The main reason for such actions by China, is the US intention of controlling international trade in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific or even monopoly of trade control in those waters. The US strategists are concerned about the rise of Chinese naval forces and Chinese expansion in the Pacific Ocean. Particularly, they aimed to prevent a situation where China will be able to defend particular zones of sea communications from foreign intervention. The U.S. strategic purpose is to seal off the PLA Navy in the South China Sea and in limiting its operational freedom of movement and allow for the encirclement of China by land.

    Building up the reefs in the South China Sea, China pursues multiple objectives, including ensuring the safety of expanding shipping lanes, extending maritime protection to its regional waters, and developing capabilities to conduct non-conventional security operations outside the region. The PLA Navy has sufficient self-defense capabilities, but deficiency in cross-region operations and force projection is evident, thought Beijing is trying to change that…”


    China tries to do on a small scale and locally what the US has done on a big scale globally. It is hypocritical to condemn that.

  5. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Trump was s/elected to bring the USA into WW3 via Iran.

    The table is set for the Third War against Muslims as Jew “predicted” and long planned.

    The only litmus test is what will Putin do in response. If he abandons Iran to either a “Gulf of Tonkin” or “Iraq War 1.0” scenario, then PUTIN is under the Jews. If NOT . . .

  6. “Trump said on numerous occasions throughout his campaign that he would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons, and on Feb. 2nd 2017 he warned Tehran that “nothing is off the table.”

    A vote for Trump was a vote for war, but the very same agenda would have been played out with psycho Hillary, except that she would have had far less support from an increasingly wary public.

    Jews have long worked at influencing the events surrounding their world. From their earliest attempts in the Bible, they have laid out their plans for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Today they steadily telegraph the future through the magic of their media. If one is observant, if one is clever, one can learn to read the cards in their future as the oracle of the Jewish media lays them out on the table . . . one – by – one.

    Listen carefully as (((they))) explain the situation.

    There is nothing wrong with your country. Do not attempt to adjust your representatives. We are controlling the political process. If we wish to create a war, we will bring up the volume on pro-war rhetoric. If we wish to make it peaceful, we will tune hate to a whisper.

    We will control the liberals, we will control the conservatives. We will control everything. We can roll your imagined fear by making staged opposition riot or we can tune them to become quiet and submissive. We can change the focus to make Muslim terrorists a soft, blurry threat, or sharpen the image of a Russian enemy with crystal clarity. We control your reality.

    For what remains of your life, sit quietly as we control all that you see and hear. We repeat, there is nothing wrong with your country. You are about to participate in our next great experiment, another global war. Listen and obey when we tell you to follow your leader into the carnage.

    You are about to experience the shock and awe that reaches from the depths of your inner mind to the outer limits of your endurance. Welcome to our god’s corner of the universe; a place we call – HELL.

    1. It that what they meant when they wrote the following?!?

      NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies. . . . These agencies [viz., today’s Associated Press, UPI and Reuters] will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

      If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the GOY communities to such an extent [that] they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses. . . .

      ~ The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Protocol 12:4~12:5

      1. Precisely. The protocols, like the Torah, were never intended to be seen (or heard) by the common man. These are upfront, in-your-face truths Jews mask behind layers of myth, fantasy and fiction.

        This penchant for hiding the ugly truth was the reason Temple priests held to the oral tradition until the first century. The oral tradition made it possible to tightly control the Temple’s operating protocols; who received it, as well as allowing easy seamless redaction to suit the changing needs of tradition and viewpoints.

        For example, the transition of the blood sacrifice that literally sustained (fed) the priesthood to a money system, whereby the blood sacrifice was relegated to a ceremonial role, requiring the purchase of sacrificial animals. What is odd is how Jews are compelled to tell their victims their future plans, but they must do it in a manner whereby the gullible goyim never divine the truth of their intentions.

        Know the Jew, know your future.

    2. “Know the Jew, know your future.”

      This is why I look at the cycle of history and the hidden role (((they))) have played in it, and I fear another reign of terror like the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution/Red Terror happening in America. (((They))) got the noachide laws signed by President H.W. Bush, which among other things, calls for death by beheading for any “idolators” aka Christians.

      Then we have numerous conspiracy theories regarding guillotine-equipped FEMA camps across the entire country, a raft of executive orders regarding martial law, and hundreds of thousands of plastic emergency caskets to deal with mass deaths all ready to go.

      These conspiracy theories sound fantastic and highly improbable…unless you’re a student of history and realize it’s all been done before, and (((they))) are certainly capable of doing it all again on an even larger scale.

      God help us all.

  7. The deep state has the average American just about where they want them; caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. On the Devil’s side are the neocon war mongers and commie socialists who have slithered their way into the “swamp” of the Trump administration, with many already nestled inside the leviathan from prior administrations. On the Deep Blue side are the mindless little butt hurt commie Marxists social justice warrior students and their Red Diaper Baby grandparents, teachers and professors, getting set for an Obama (who thinks he’s still POTUS) led and Jabba the Hutt Soros financed “color” revolution and possible civil war two. It’s the classic pincer movement.
    Considering the forces arrayed, will the average American Joe, who has such high hopes in Trump, be able to see through the Banker-Squid smoke screen of monetary ink, and rise up and clean out the rot from the public square and send their little Marxist beggars back to school for a proper classical education in limited republican government, free enterprise and US Constitutional principles. And the teachers, professors and the sexually confused who don’t like it can be sent out to pick beans, tomatoes, apples and grapes with their third world lumpen-proletariat they so love to lollygag over.

  8. There will be no war with Iran for one simple reason. Iran has repeatedly said that, if attacked by anyone, they will launch everything they have at Israel and sink every vessel in the Gulf of Hormuz. They have the means to do so and will have nothing to lose. Hezbollah could reliably be expected to contribute their 100,000 missiles to the Iranian effort on Israel in this instance. Additionally, according to a Russian General (I forget his name) in 2002, Iran has nuclear weapons that they purchased from Russia during the Russian economic collapse when everything was for sale. So, unless the jews feel suicidal, there will be no war on Iran.

    1. Iran has repeatedly said that, if attacked by anyone, they will launch everything they have at Israel and sink every vessel in the Gulf of Hormuz.

      sounds like a deal to me, i volunteer to personally go over there in a rubber zodiac and fire a few of those gaza tin can rockets at iran, just for the aftereffect.

  9. Iran is NO real threat to Israel in a war…..

    IF…. Iran got its nukes from Russia, over 15 years ago…. as others have claimed… there are many problems which would hinder detonation. Shelf-life problems exist. And they cannot be tested without notice by other countries.

    Untrained folks don’t know that nuclear radiation decay in proximity to any delicate electronic firing mechanism is a HUGE problem by itself. Short shelf-life.

    Here are a few inherent problems with all old nuke stuff:

    To detonate a nuclear weapon requires some amount – measured in kilograms – of chemical high explosive. When used in nuclear weapons, this explosive must perform to higher than normal specificiations. It is not enough for it to simply detonate, as it might be in a ‘conventional’ weapon. In the latter case, the user just cares that an energetic enough explosion to cause some minimum level of damage is produced. In the case of the nuclear weapon, the timing and power of these high explosive pieces must both meet very stringent requirements – not just minimums, but particular values. If one piece of High Explosives(HE) detonates faster than others, or produces a detonation which differs in power in either direction outside its tolerances, the nuclear detonation can be severely compromised or even prevented.

    High explosives are mixtures of chemicals. There are the primary explosives, perhaps oxidizers as well (although usually high explosives do not require a separate oxidizer). Most also incorporate inert additives called binders which are used to produce a substance of a particular mechanical characteristic. All of these compounds are subject to possible physical and chemical changes over time. They may also separate physically as well, causing problems.

    Testing high explosives is easy and a mature science with reams of available data, and can be done without any connection to a nuclear program. Furthermore, industry worldwide has a great deal of experience building high explosive based weapons which require long shelf lives. However, most conventional weapons deal with high explosive aging by simply requiring disposal and replacement. In the nuclear weapon case, this is not typically feasible. Although very stable explosives can be made, if the weapon does not have provisions for removal and potential replacement of the explosives components its reliability will decrease over time. Even if it does provide for this maintenance, care must be taken to produce exact duplicates of the explosive components, both in shape and composition – as the physics of the detonation will be affected by both, and any change from the weapon design spec will likely make such a detonation smaller or prevent it entirely.

    The Physics Package. In US nuclear weapons, the actual component which produces the atomic detonation is called the ‘physics package.’ This includes the fissile materials, the initiator if present, and may include the high explosives as well depending on how the weapon is constructed. The explosives we have dealt with. The other components, the fissile materials and the initiator, present separate problems.

    In our notional fission weapon, the fissile core (sometimes called the ‘pit’, a fruit reference) is in all likelhood built of one of two elements – Highly-Enriched Uranium (HEU) or plutonium. In either case, there are considerations for maintenance. Both of these materials, if pure, will suffer from oxidation which will change their chemical makeup and, in turn, their physical shape – which will affect the detonation physics. In addition, unless isolated, they may react with substances in the high explosives or whatever brackets or forms they are held in, with the same potential problems.

    In the case of plutonium, if there is any water moisture in the surrounding air (even if there is no oxygen) the metal will form plutonium oxide (PuO2) on its surface, which is a powder. This is worse than it sounds; when this oxide is present, the plutonium is pyrophoric – which means it is subject to spontaneous ignition (oxidation burning, not fissile) when exposed to air. This means that the usual means of mitigating oxidation, namely keeping it in an inert gas such as argon, must be done carefully – even those inert gases must be kept dehumidified.

    One means of minimizing this is to ensure that the weapon core is maintained in a vacuum – but that produces a whole new set of engineering challenges, especially if the weapon must be maintained for a long period or if it requires periodic maintenance or checks.

    The fissile core itself will produce heat from normal radioactive decay. A plutonium core, made of Pu-239 (the most common fissile isotope used in weapons) will produce around 1.9 Watts per kilogram of material just from regular decay. While this isn’t much, if the core is sealed inside a weapon casing, this heat will build up over time. Temperatures inside the core therefore cannot be counted upon to remain at STP even before considering the storage environment of the weapon itself.

    The Electronics. In order to detonate, the weapon will require fuzing, arming and detonation signal. Generally, most of these requirements are provided for these days by electronic components, not counting any physical safeties the weapon design may contain. For example, the weapon may have provisions for inserting physical separators between the detonators and the high explosives, or (in the case of gun-type weapons) in between the two subcritical core masses themselves.

    Any electronics in the weapon must be hardened to resist (or at least tested for resistance to) neutron flux, as the weapon core will be putting out constant low-level radiation. Consumer electronics will likely be insufficient. Industrially-shielded electronics will be a better bet, but even then, these components will require testing in a simulated weapon in order to determine their likely reliability.
    These are just a few of the problems with designing and maintaining nuclear weapons.


    1. Submarines and now nukes. One might say you have been at the very “core” of the old nuclear deterrent triad and your knowledge base makes this evident. This is an interesting expose.

      Of late I have been involved in a minor debate about the existence of nuclear weapons. Just the other day, I heard from a friend that he actually witnessed a nuclear test explosion in the 1950’s from around 120 miles away. The test was evidently an artillery shot from the army’s “Long Tom” of that era. Nuclear artillery? One can only wonder why that idea died. Most likely it happened after the gun crews manning the weapon died from radiation exposure.

      There is a growing movement that claims, while nuclear power does exist, nuclear weapons do not. Your comment presents a third, likely possibility, i.e. nuclear weapons do exists but may be largely unreliable. Yet you end your piece with the statement “NO NUKES… NO WORRIES..!!” What are your thoughts about the nuclear-weapons-do-not-exist scenario?

      1. Arch, a serious question for you: Who’s manning the old nukes and who’s doing R&D on the new ones?

        Where exactly is the US Military getting their nuclear scientists, technicians, etc. these days?

        I mean, how many nuclear physicists PhDs as opposed to Liberal Arts PhDs are being graduated from American universities these days?

        Aren’t the (((smart ones))) going into law or medicine by the tens of thousands, which is rather ironic if you buy the idea that Jews are supposed to be smarter than anyone else and they invented the atomic bomb.

        I note that on average a lawyer in the US makes about 30k more than a nuclear physicist. Go figger.

      2. Arch –

        This stuff is difficult to explain without a blackboard.

        I was a nuclear engineer and reactor operator on submarines in the navy. Nuclear power plants are very real.

        I have handled the MIRV(sic) nuclear(sic) missiles as they were loaded onto the submarine from the tender on numerous occasions. I was on-board for a test launch in Cape Kennedy in 1972. It was impressive. But not proof of any explosions.

        I was on this one for a while in 1968-69: ssbn658.org.

        There are problems with the physics and math, and “nuclear” buckling.

        As you noted, there are potentially deadly ionizing radiation problems in handling all nukes.

        My contention is that nuclear explosions can, possibly, be made, but not placed into mobile weapons delivery systems.

        I am sort of an expert on nuclear reactions, but NOT nuclear weapons. However, I DO understand what is necessary for a nuclear detonation, an UNCONTROLLED nuclear reaction. I could NOT make one. NO individual could. Only governments have the huge amounts of money to waste to accomplish that.

        –The main obstacle is nuclear ‘buckling’ as it pertains to fissionable materials like U and Pu.–
        ‘Buckling’ is the material geometric flux profile. It varies with the material. The material must be the type of radioactive material which is constantly undergoing spontaneous fissions. (and yes…there is a shelf-life) Geometric buckling is a measure of neutron leakage, while material buckling is a measure of neutron production minus absorption.

        –‘Buckling’ variables are critical size, critical shape, critical mass and critical density.–
        If any one of those are not present the reaction will not occur. Although, not a part of ‘buckling,’ there is a minimum temperature needed, and that temperature varies with the type of material and ‘buckling’ components.

        Here are the definitions of ‘buckling’:


        Unlike other explosives, such as gunpowder, a small amount will not produce a smaller explosion once the proper mass is obtained, known as the ‘critical mass.’
        Only a BIG BOOM is available with nukes.

        That means there are NO ‘mini nukes’…period. No ‘suitcase’ nukes either. Forklift required. 🙂

        It is ‘all-or-none’ at the minimum required critical mass. That mass varies with the material, but is usually about 123 pounds for U and …. 24 pounds for Pu, on this planet. It must be refined and enriched for that small amount to work as a weapon.

        Little Boy was 140 lbs of U. When the hollow-front projectile reached the target and slid over the target insert, the assembled super-critical mass of uranium would be completely surrounded by a tamper and neutron reflector of tungsten carbide and steel, both materials having a combined mass of 2,300 kg (5,100 lb).(Suitcase???)

        See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Boy

        Fat Man was 13.6 lbs Pu, and took 5,300 lbs of explosives to detonate.(Suitcase???)
        See: atomicheritage.org/history/little-boy-and-fat-man

        “The nominal spherical critical mass for an untampered U-235 nuclear weapon is 56 kilograms (123 lb), a sphere 17.32 cm (6.8″) in diameter. The required material must be 85% or more of U-238 and is known as weapons grade uranium, though for a crude, inefficient weapon 20% is sufficient (called weapon(s)-usable). Even lower enrichment can be used, but then the required critical mass rapidly increases. Use of a large tamper, implosion geometries, trigger tubes, polonium triggers, tritium enhancement, and neutron reflectors can enable a more compact, economical weapon using one-fourth or less of the nominal critical mass, though this would likely only be possible in a country that already had extensive experience in engineering nuclear weapons.”

        See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-235

        This will explain why Pu weapons are almost impossible to make, even for governments.

        See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plutonium-239

        Detonation of a nuclear weapon involves bringing fissile material into its optimal supercritical state very rapidly. During part of this process, the assembly is supercritical, but not yet in an optimal state for a chain reaction. Free neutrons, in particular from spontaneous fissions, can cause the device to undergo a preliminary chain reaction that destroys the fissile material before it is ready to produce a large explosion, which is known as predetonation. To keep the probability of predetonation low, the duration of the non-optimal assembly period is minimized and fissile and other materials are used which have low spontaneous fission rates. In fact, the combination of materials has to be such that it is unlikely that there is even a single spontaneous fission during the period of supercritical assembly.

        If two pieces of subcritical material are not brought together fast enough, nuclear predetonation can occur, whereby a smaller explosion than expected will blow the bulk of the material apart. That high temperature ‘fizzle’ might happen in a nuclear reactor during core meltdown. Thousands of degrees, but NO explosions.


        Arch – I have no real proof, but I believe the Manhattan Project was for the development of the transmutation of base metals into noble metals. It can be done right now. Joe Champion did it in 1987.

        Get Hg and/or Ag to ‘decay’ by ‘exciting’ an alpha particle emission twice… and you are there. Look at the Periodic Table of Elements.

        The Manhattan Project created a heat source by accident. So they developed it also. 🙂

  10. Fascinating. First the hallowedhoax, then JFK, then moon landings (five minutes past biplanes) then Waco, then Ok city, then holographic crashes into the trade towers, now this question of actual nuclear capability.

    Once again I’m having to restructure my reality to fit what not long ago seemed impossible, but as listed above, this is necessary from time to time. Well, at least John Wayne hasn’t been outed as a Jew – yet.

    God! How marvelous it would be to see nuclear missiles launched in a first attack scenario impact to deploy huge banners with giant mushroom clouds painted on them and the word “BANG!” underneath. It would finally provide proof the cosmos really does have a sense of humor.

    1. Yep… really deadly stuff… 🙂




      It is occurring right NOW in nature, especially in and around volcanoes. Unseen. Untold….. Mostly Unknown.

      Joe Champion:
      In the 1990s, Joe Champion announced a variety of methods of transmutations of black sands by thermal burns, melts and kinetic methods. He was convicted of fraud in Arizona after being accused by an irate investor who failed to achieve satisfactory results.(he promised too much)

      Other researchers (including the physicists Bockris and Sundaresan, 1994) validated his processes, however, so the question remain open for experiment.

      The process was developed from a method of “growing gold” in an electrolytic cell which was originally developed by Dr. Walter Lussage, a Czechoslovakian geologist (d. 1977). Dr. Lussage revealed his process to Mr. Jack Keller, who taught it to Joe Champion in 1989. Champion subsequently developed the method further.

      The original formula is quite simple:
      black sand (90 gr), charcoal (90 gr), and sodium nitrate (270 gr), pulverized to 200 mesh and mixed thoroughly. The reagents must be pulverized separately to avoid ignition.
      The mixture is ignited with a torch; it burns about 90 seconds, reaching a temperature of about 700o C.

      In one assay, the mixture contained 0.18 mg Au and 1.35 mg Ag before ignition; after ignition it contained 212.7 mg Au and 856.8 mg Ag.

      Black sand typically is composed of 40% magnetite (Fe3O4), hematite (Fe2O3), or chalcopyrite (CuFeS2). The necesssary parental isotopes (cobalt, iron, manganese, nickel, and calcium) must be present, according to the formula:
      Co59 + Ca40-44  Ag99-103
      Ni60-64 + Ca44  Cd104-108

      The addition of a molar proportion of lead enabled the atoms of gold to be collected as they formed, and served as an absorptive shield for radioactivity released in the reaction.

      Another formula for the thermal burn process was carbon (300 gr), potassium nitrate (900 gr), sulfur (80 gr), silica (120 gr), ferrous sulfate (100 gr), cadmium (30 gr), mercury chloride (100 gr), lead oxide (50 gr), silver (5 gr), and calcium oxide (30 gr).

      In one test that Champion described, the thermal melt process was accomplished in a gas-fired or inductively heated furnace, vented to release gases liberated in the process. A mixture of black sands (1 kg), mineral coal (1 kg), sodium nitrate (3 kg), lead (300 gr), silver (200 gr), and mercury chloride (HgCl2, 1 kg) in a graphite crucible yielded 44 gr gold, 6 gr platinum, and 35 gr rhodium.

      Another gas-fired mixture tested by Champion was composed of black sands (100 gr), charcoal (300 gr), sodium nitrate (900 gr) and powered silver (500 gr). When an inductive furnace was employed, the formula needed to be modified: black sands (100 gr), charcoal (350 gr), sodium nitrate (150 gr), silver (50 gr), and copper powder (50 gr).

      The gas or electricity was reduced during the ignition period. After the ignition was completed, the temperature was raised to 2000o C for 90 minutes. If necessary, borax or potassium nitrate was added to maintain fluidity of the mixture. When there was no more apparent reaction, the mixture was poured into a mold to cool, and the slag removed. Both the reaction mixture and the slag should be assayed.

      Another method was discovered in 1993, utilizing the kinetic energy of a ball mill with 40 kg of carbon steel balls. The liner must be made of iron-coated steel and the reagents must be thoroughly dry for this method to work properly. The ball mill also must have an air-tight seal. 24% of the mineral weight should be ferric oxygen, which is required for the kinetic excitation transmutation to occur.

      One of Champion’s research associates, Greg Iseman (Mesa AZ), used a microwave digestion process to perform analyses of the formula; this method also produced transmutations.

      If the reaction mixture exceeds 15 kg, the yield is reduced because the transmutation cycle is too long and begins to produce base elements instead of precious metals. It was found necessary to add traces of the target elements to the starting mixture in order for the resonance of those elements (i.e., Au) to act as a “stopping agent”.
      Champion also noted:
      The following reagents were required to produce synthetic precious metals by this process: silica, ferrous sulfate, lead oxide, calcium oxide, mercury sulfide, and cadmium. The mixture was combined with carbon, sodium or potassium nitrate, sulfur, mercury chloride, and silver. The formula produced synthetic gold, iridium, platinum, palladium, and rhodium…

      When the chemical mixture is properly prepared, it has a reproductive factor of over 60%. This was later increased to 90-plus percent when an error was determined in the crystalline structure of the ferrous sulfate. The differences dealt with a magnetic susceptibility at high temperature, i.e., greater than 750o C…
      The coincidence factor is extremely important in determining the effectiveness of any nuclear occurrence…

      The following parameters must be weighed:
      1. Natural occurrence (%) of parental isotopes;
      2. Percent relationship of parental isotopes to total mass;
      3. Composition of total mass;
      4. Thermal nuclear cross section of parental isotopes;
      5. Magnetic susceptibility of nuclear moment;
      6. Type and length of energy excitation;
      7. Parental isotopes’ complacency with additives…

      The coincidence factor is also related to the ‘treeing effect’: it is a nuclear reaction, such as caused by low energy transmutation situations, where a parental element has multiple isotopes, but when combined with 10 and (10 +  o), produce more daughter isotopes than parents. If charted, this would resemble limbs on a tree…
      (8) References
      1. American Business (April 1980), p. 16.
      2. Champion, Joe: Producing Precious Metals at Home; 1994, Discover Publishing P.O. Box 67, Westboro WI 54490); see also Bockris, J.: Fusion Technology 26: 261, 266 (1994)

      1. If we could transmute (? spellchecker doesn’t like it – transmutate ? neither – spellchecker likes “spellchecker” though) shit into gold, it would be an environmental tragedy because unlike shit, one can neither eat gold nor use it as fertilizer.

        Monsanto to the rescue!

      2. Lobro –

        Spellchecker is owned by Rothschild does not even want any mention AT ALL of the ability to transmutate base metals to noble ones…. That would ruin the controlled world.

        No need to fix the price of mud twice a day…!! 🙂

  11. Iran is top of the world in science growth

    Mar 28, 2011 – From 1996 to 2008, Iran had the biggest increase in scientific publication in the world – and its collaborations with the US are also ballooning

    Iranian-Americans Have Reached Highest Echelons Of Tech

    Dec 20, 2015 – Many Iranian-Americans have reached the top ranks of some of the most important companies in Silicon Valley — though their influence wasn’t …

    I am not so sure assembly of precision explosives is beyond Iranian intellectual abilities.

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