Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater

“Je suis le bouc.” L.-F. Céline
By Michael Hoffman
(We have added a brief “In Memoriam” video at the end. Ed.)

Ernst Zündel (above, right), with his attorney, Dr. Herbert Schaller, March 1, 2010,
just moments after he emerged from Mannheim prison for the first time in five years.

Ernst Zündel died of heart failure on August 5 at his ancestral home in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany, near Pforzheim, one day before the anniversary of the atomic holocaust in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. He was 78. He passed away seven years and five months after having served seven years in confinement in Canadian and German prisons for thought crimes committed as a publisher, broadcaster and protestor. To make the inquisition against this German human rights activist palatable to the public, his “crime” is monotonously described as “inciting hatred for years with anti-Semitic activities.”

In America the yahoos are stirred to outrage by the spectre of Islamic “Sharia law” coming to Mayberry, while they are oblivious to the Talmudic law and psychology which suffuses the U.S.A. Talmudic halacha is a two-tiered legal system: one law for the Holy People and another for everyone else. Thus it is written in Sanhedrin 57a, “Regarding bloodshed, the following distinction applies: if a non-Jew killed another non-Jew, or a non-Jew killed a Jew, the killer is liable for execution; if a Jew killed a non-Jew he is exempt from punishment.”

By the same logic, if a Judaic incites hatred of Germans it is not a crime, it is a well-deserved act of retribution. Zündel spent his life fighting this corrupt double-standard. He did so not for philosophical or ideological reasons. Rather, he believed that relentless anti-German hate propaganda was a kind of psychological warfare and mental genocide which internally colonized the souls of the German people, radically reducing their self-worth and causing them to engage in self-destructive and suicidal behavior.

His lifelong campaign to counter anti-German hatred and Talmudic bigotry has been transformed through the alchemy of media falsification into itself an act of hate, and it is at this omega point that Ernst’s persona has been frozen by the Establishment. “He was a hater!” That’s all we’re supposed to know, or need to know, about his life and work.

Having emigrated to Canada as a young man of 19, he became a sought-after graphic artist, working for national magazines. That he was a public relations genius is indisputable. In the 1960s he began placing advertisements in comic books, urging freedom for imprisoned Nazi leader Rudolf Hess, and for a volume about “Nazi UFOs,” the latter a publicity stunt intended to build the revisionist history mailing list he was gradually compiling. By the late 1970s, when the Newspeak distortion of the word “holocaust” began to be appropriated by the Zionist lobby and applied exclusively to the sufferings (both real and imagined) of Judaic people in World War II, Ernst began his counter-offensive, making contact with the academics and historians in the  burgeoning revisionist history movement that was questioning the “Holocaust” liturgy.

By 1983 his mass mailings had become so extensive that the powerful Zionist lobby in Canada persuaded the government to ban Zündel from using the mail. He was forced to publish from a Buffalo, New York-area post office, hundreds of miles from his base in Toronto. For publishing doubts about the existence of execution gassing facilities in concentration camps, he was indicted for distributing “false news.” He went to court in Toronto in January, 1985, in what would become known as “The Great Holocaust Trial,” having assembled a stellar legal and history research team led by Doug Christie, who was at that time an obscure, upstart attorney from British Columbia, and Dr. Robert Faurisson, a French academic with a vast command of World War II revisionist history.

Zündel’s own World War II-generation of Germans rallied around him. The large Victorian “Zündelhaus” in Toronto was filled with German people acting as defense witnesses in the trial and assistants in various capacities. There were also non-Germans across the spectrum, including Judaics such as the brilliant and eccentric Ditlieb Felderer, the inaugural forensic investigator and photographer of the Auschwitz-Birkenau slave labor camp.

Ernst was not a provincial German. He was cosmopolitan and sophisticated, with broad tastes and sympathies. He forged alliances with everyone from Judaics disgruntled with the Israeli state and Judaism, to the former Attorney General of Massachusetts who would call Ernst in the middle of the night during the 1985 trial and offer him legal advice.

In the course of the 1985 trial the Crown prosecution called many “unimpeachable Holocaust survivor eyewitnesses” to the stand, in order to send Zündel to prison. Under cross-examination, each one was reduced to a quivering pile of fantastic or contradictory testimony that was essentially worthless. Rudolf Vrba, one of the first “major witnesses” to the alleged homicidal gas chambers, who was regarded as a pillar of “Holocaust” survivor testimony, was made to concede under oath that his book, I Cannot Forgive, could not stand up in court and was only an “artistic picture” of Auschwitz.

Because of the embarrassing revelations elicited from these witnesses, no “Holocaust survivors” were called to testify in defense of Deborah Lipstadt in the course of David Irving’s libel suit against her (a fact noted by the actor playing the part of her barrister Anthony Julius, in the 2016 Hollywood movie, “Denial”).

The most eminent “Holocaust” historian of the 1980s was Dr. Raul Hilberg. During the Great Holocaust Trial he was compelled to admit on the witness stand that there was no scientific evidence of homicidal gassings. “I’m at a loss” were the shocking words this “leading Holocaust scholar” uttered when asked by Christie to cite such evidence.

Ernst’s initial conviction on the ridiculous 1985 false news charge was overturned on appeal to the Ontario Court, citing presiding Judge Hugh Locke’s overwhelming bias toward the defendant.

Zündel was tried yet again in 1988; that trial is noteworthy for having produced engineer Fred Leuchter’s unprecedented Leutcher Report on the impossibility of mass chemical poison gassings in the facilities he personally studied and sampled in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Ernst published many tens of thousands of copies of Leutcher Report for circulation world-wide.

On more than one occasion we have referred to Ernst as the-man-who-was-perpetually-on-trial. He underwent court appearances over the ban on his using the Canadian mails, his two trials, the appeals, his immigration case in the U.S. and his trial in Germany, which led to his lengthiest imprisonment. The word “martyr” is derived from a Greek word for a defendant in court. The connotation is of a man or woman willing to defy authorities formally, and face to face. This was Ernst’s destiny.

On August 27, 1992, in a historic decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, which was a landmark victory for every Canadian’s civil liberties, the “false news” portion of the Canadian criminal code was overturned thanks to the appeal argued by Ernst’s legal team.

There was a price to be paid for these successes, however. The Talmud is a book which has made a religion out of revenge. William Shakespeare had Portia finger it when she told Shylock in The Merchant of Venice that contrary to Shylock’s call for “justice,” the Christian posits mercy, because none of us can withstand God’s justice. The problem in making that type of argument is that the religion of revenge entails self-worship, and part of its megalomania rests upon giving God orders (cf. Bava Metzia 59b). Therefore, revenge, not mercy, is the order of the day for the Talmudists. Consequently, in 1989 Prof. Faurisson was horribly beaten by thugs linked to Betar, a French Zionist terror group. No one was prosecuted. On May 7, 1995 Ernst Zündel’s Victorian home and headquarters in Toronto was destroyed by arsonists. The police barely bothered to investigate. No one was prosecuted.

In February, 2003 Ernst was living peacefully in Tennessee with his German-American wife, Ingrid Rimland, when he was arrested for “violations of U.S. immigration regulations.” He was jailed for two weeks and subsequently deported to Canada, where he had “landed immigrant” status. Labeled a terrorist in a secret Canadian star chamber court, the man who had never even had a speeding ticket and consistently preached non-violence, was incarcerated for two years on a “Security certificate,” under abominable conditions of solitary confinement, while fed wretched food, observed 24 hours a day with lights never turned off, denied proper writing and reading materials, and confined in a remote, high security facility.

He was deported to Germany in 2005 where, a few weeks short of his 66th birthday he began serving five years in Mannheim prison for publishing questions about gas chambers in books and other media, including online on his internationally-renowned “Zundelsite” web page.

Upon his release in 2010 he lived quietly in a home in Germany that had been in his family for hundreds of years. Without complaint he cheerfully set to work personally clearing brush and trees and making repairs to the ancient homestead. He never whined. He had not been raised in a culture where “Oh, how I suffered!” was a standard of self-definition. He didn’t moan about his fate because he was a German of the old school, for whom the words inculcated from youth, Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen (“Learn to suffer without complaining”), were ringing in his ears until the day he died.

Prior to 2017, Ernst applied for an immigrant visa so that he could reside with his wife in Tennessee. Last spring, less than a week before his 78th birthday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ruled on his application, as follows:

“[I]n 2007 the Applicant was convicted in Germany of 14 counts of incitement to hatred and one count of violating the memory of the dead. The Applicant was sentenced to an aggregate of five years in prison. And though a waiver of inadmissibility was possible — because of extreme hardship to Zundel’s elderly wife — the office concluded that there was good reason to deny the waiver: The negative factors in the Applicant’s case include his long history of inciting racial, ethnic, and religious hatred. The record shows that the Applicant is a historical revisionist and denier of the Holocaust, distributing writings, books, tapes, videos, and broadcasts to promote his views. The record indicates further that these publications agitated for aggressive behavior against Jews. Furthermore, the Applicant has been a leader in these activities for decades and has shown no regret or remorse for his actions.”

“…these publications agitated for aggressive behavior against Jews.” This is a terrible lie, backed by no documentation. We should not be surprised. We were forewarned 2,000 years ago about “children of hell” (Matthew 23:15) whose patriarch was “the father of lies” (John 8:44). If Jesus were alive today, he too would be serving time in Canadian and German dungeons and banned from the United States by Homeland Security.

If you are German of Ernst’s generation then you have heard of, or read, Karl May, the novelist who celebrated the American Indian. In Canada Ernst hosted a parade of German combat veterans of World War II, from privates to officers. Having read the novels of Karl May, often among the first requests these men would make was, “Will you to take me to meet the Indians?” There are photos of these old soldiers shaking hands and riding horses with the indigenous people of Canada, with Zundel accompanying them.

The Indians of North America are reputed to ask a question before they make any momentous decision: how will this affect the next seven generations? The question the Indians would pose if they were Germans — how will the admission of millions of hostile alien immigrants affect our children for the next seven generations?— is left unasked by 21st century Germans, a majority of whom continue to support Angela Merkel, their posterity’s executioner, because she is good at managing the nation’s money.

Zündel was as much a holocaust survivor as anyone. In February, 1945 when he was not quite six-years-of-age, he heard the roar of the 367 bombers of Britain’s Royal Air Force, as its thundering fire bombs incinerated the German civilians of the nearby city of Pforzheim. He, his mother and siblings shook with fear, sheltering under a table during this holocaust, which we are not allowed to call by that name.

Every day it seems there is something else we are not allowed to say or think, and this is what we should expect ever more of, in a world of illusion that calls Ernst Zündel, “a hater.” He has been made a scapegoat by people who are themselves guilty of undying hatred.

We have known few men who have loved our people and our civilization more than he did. It is not an exaggeration to say that he gave his life for love of them.



According to the Sans Francisco Chronicle, Ingrid told CTV news that she had spoken to her husband “just hours before he passed on and he was as optimistic and upbeat as ever.”

VIDEO :  3.40 mins

26 thoughts to “Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater”

  1. I learned this bad and sad news yesterday morning. I could not believe it. I phoned Ernst three weeks ago and we agreed we would have met in his house by the middle of September during my next business trip to Germany.
    He also invited me to stay in his home for the night.
    It’s terrible to think our meeting will not take place anymore.
    I think he was one of the last heros of our times and we all owe him a lot.
    He will not be forgotten and his work will be an example for all of us and for future generations.
    R.I.P. Ernst! and thank you for everything
    Gian Franco Spotti

    1. A great man who stood up for his people, culture, truth and justice against the Jewish lies and propaganda against the German people. We need more like him, many more to bring the truth out.

    2. Unlike my friend Gian Franco, I didn’t know Ernst personally but the little I knew about him was that he was a good man who had fought valiantly to present the truth about the Holocaust and that he had paid a bitter price for his stance: years of persecution at the hands of the Jews and solitary confinement in prison under the grimmest of conditions, including a bright light left on in his cell all night long — surely a subtle form of torture.

      Despite this degrading ill-treatment, Ernst exercised a stoical endurance to the end, combined with good humor. He remained unconquered amid his many misfortunes, reminding me of these famous lines from the poet Henley:

      In the fell clutch of circumstance
      I have not winced nor cried aloud.
      Under the bludgeonings of chance
      My head is bloody, but unbowed.

      Unbowed. That was the last word Ernst ever wrote to me in a private email dated 15 July, a mere three weeks ago. Unbowed.

      “All the best and thank you for caring! Ernst Zündel — Unbowed!”

      1. Rest in peace, Ernst Zundel. Your name will long be remembered. Deepest condolences to Ingrid.

    3. How fortunate to know Zundel . He was a giant . His impact on the world’s consciousness can never be ignored . The ” Holocaust lie ( ” burnt offerings to Yaweh”) was sancrosanct before his courage. He set off to defy ,and expose the occupiers of ” the Freeworld “, International Jewry ” ; as Christ called them ; ” Liars from the beginning”. Ernst Zundel lives on,and on in the hearts and minds of All of us ,who fight for truth, against this Demeruge in control of the planet : May a perpetual light shine of dear Ernst forever.

  2. What a terrible injustice. Rest in peace dear Sir. Condolences to your wife and family. May the whole world speak German one day.

  3. Angela Merkel isn’t good at managing Germany’s economy and money, the (((ones))) who control that beautiful nation are the ones who are allowing Germany to prosper.
    If some die-hard ‘Germany First’ patriot somehow manages to replace Merkel, watch as Germany’s economy gets pushed off a cliff by the (((ones))) who control nearly all the nation’s central banks–like the FED–except those of Iran, Syria and North Korea.
    It’s an old trick, one they’ve been using for centuries. The central banksters will restrict credit at the same time, demand loans be paid back ahead of schedule, then watch the economy implode.

  4. If a person can actually imagine the frustration and horror of being unjustly imprisoned, he might more empathize with the incredible circumstances suffered by Ernst Zundel. Placing yourself in his position, you might begin to ask yourself the question “Was it worth it??”
    To risk one’s very existence for the furtherance of “truth” is the dilemma presented to those pursuing it. When they have worked so hard to expose “real news”, we must examine our own lives to determine how we should act upon the revelations. Obviously, there are dark forces working hard to discourage us! Aiming at Truth, Darkmoon is placing herself in the same jeopardy in which Zundel found himself (and Mullins, and Irving, and Topham, and Kaminski, Let us make it “worth it”, inasmuch as we’re able! 🙂

    1. I second that Gilbert Huntly.
      I would just like to say may Ernst Zundel rest in peace and may Allah bless him and his wife Ingrid with peace, love and mighty good blessings in the hereafter!

  5. Sincere condolences to Mrs. Zundel. Superb overview of a great man and his work, his devotion to truth despite great personal cost and persecution. His work lives on…

  6. Mr. Zündel was treated in many inhumane ways North Korea like. His trials against the irrational Holocaust Giants was impressive.

    Today, I feel for Mrs. Zündel. Both tried hard to be together. Here too the authorities failed to do justice.

    The death of Mr. Zündel was surely partly based on the abuse his being had to take from the Moron dark forces of his own suppressed culture and their Zionist money sucking MASTERS.

    It is clear that the Holocust narrative is to become the new humanistic religion of those who eagerly manifest the new Matrix-Like NWO… the future prison camp for those who survive collapse, perhaps WW3, or other various population reduction measures.

    The holocaust is divisive immature as their believers can not see that all humans are precious – even if they are different and their conclusions differ from theirs.

    What we learn from Mr. Zündels story is that the world is ruled by vicious demons in human form. I like not to believe that aforementioned statement but have many doubts because regardless of what anybody explores in life and shares with good faith, what matters is “sharing of our explorations” based on goodwill. Mr. Zündel was not guided by hate but by curiosity to live his truth. His exploration into another possible “truth”(?) should not be insulting to anybody. If anybody feels offended it’s their problem as they have not done any introspective work in life whatsoever. Those underdeveloped intellectuals, should not have power posts anywhere. They are subdevrloped if they can’t take responsibility for their own feelings.

    Mr. Zündels case is an example of the violent and abusive nature of the dark even perverted circles which rule which appear to rule this world. I would have allowed explorations freely. What is there to fear? Loss of respect? Respect needs to be earned through honesty and decent actions. Actions always speak louder than words.

    I find it odd that curiosity about the Holocaust is not acceptable globally — but satanism, pedophilia and trafficked and harvested child offerings appear to be indeed part of the perhaps very dark cabal which rules this world like a different species type parasite. Compared to them, Mr. Zündel and his curiosity was indeed angelic and loving. He was not a hater but the opposite- a lover of humanity and a lover ofctruth.

    Thank you for your sacrifice for humanity. May one day history be re-written without fear for anybody- if humanity makes it through the mess we are in right now.

    May peace and truth always come back. May nobody be harmed by all that strangeness we are exposing ourselves too.

    My heart reaches out to Mrs. Zündel. The mean spirited Sun-Stat-Landers in the banking business capped her PayPal. She needs help.

    She needs surely more help than ever right now on all levels.

    (I may not agree with everything I hear and even explore writing, but I try to put myself in other people’s shoes and realize: they too are all precious humans worthy to live their own heritage and happiness – as it should not bother anybody).

    The Zündels have never done anything wrong. Some powerful dark forces however are all wrong as they suppress freedom of historical scientific research. It is wrong what happened to Mr. Zündel -Period.

    He did himself but hurt a fly.

    By the way – real criminals are running smock in Germany, rape and rob the country blind, and that is ok but non-violent people like Mr. Zündel got treated like the worst war criminal. Those who harmed this man are partly responsible of his early departure. He must have suffered too much in silence.

    I deeply feel for him and his wife.
    Peace and RIP.

    1. Some mistakes creeped up as autocorrect was on… on my old iPhone.

      “He did himself but hurt a fly —” I meant ” he did not hurt a fly.”

      Forgive the other spelling autocorrect creepers but I think the message is clear enough anyway. It’s hard to navigate a tiny moving screen.

  7. My condolences to Mrs Zundel. A great man gone.

    We are all now targets of Jewish Power. The truth will get you sent to jail, but in the end truth will out and will set us free. It really is that serious. A struggle to save our freedoms and civilisation. George Orwell was right.

    The ADL is the new Inquisition.

  8. Of course it was the American government that just had to sink their fangs into Ernst while living peacefully with his brilliant wife in Tennessee. For two weeks he was their chew toy before sent on to Canada to be chewed on some more for a couple years by the hate the “haters” (((crowd))). After hopefully causing much indigestion for the real Canadian (((haters))). Ernst was finally sent on to Merkel’s paradise be chewed on some more. Lets hope that the (((chewers))) and their minions from the US, Canada and Germany have a good case of intestinal rot of Biblical proportions.
    Rest in peace kind and gentle man. You and your works will not be forgotten.

  9. I wish I’d known Ernst Zundel in life. Ernst may have passed physically, but his life, his achievements in bringing enlightenment about the false holocaust, his courage and stoicism remain as an example to us all. RIP Ernst Zundel. Deepest condolences to his beloved Ingrid and all his family and friends.
    How fitting that a warrior for truth, such as Ernst, should have the tune of the rousing Panzerlied on the video paying tribute to his life!

  10. Let’s keep Ernst alive by researching the ‘CHOSEN’ assholes on our own…. and telling others..!!

    I have been at it since 1953.

    I use ‘Pharisee-Jews’ when I write to incorporate the Talmudic-Rabbinism connection, which is unknown to many:

    “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee SURVIVES UNALTERED(!!).

    **”When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

    **[Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.]


    Here is how the Pharisee-Jews can hide in plain view, undetected by a name… such as Yates.

    Whether ‘crypto’ or not… they aid and abet… and are sayanim, hiding in plain sight amongst us.

    “When Scotland was Jewish” was written by two Jewish authors in 2007.

    Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman and Donald N. Yates admit the Stewarts and the other leading families of the peerage were Jewish, although they misdirect by telling us they weren’t Davidic or Semitic. They propose they were Sephardic, and that the Sephardic lines aren’t Hebraic or Semitic, being only conversos, or converts. However, although their arguments that these lines are Jewish is strong, their argument that they aren’t Semitic is very weak.

    The FitzAlans are the same as the Stewarts/Stuarts, and that they all descend from William the Conqueror, who was Jewish.

    In fact, all the interconnected families are crypto-Jews.


    Donald N. Yates admits he is a Pharisee-Jew:

    In 2002, Yates and his wife Teresa returned to Judaism at Mickve Israel in Savannah, Ga. He delivered a talk titled “Remarks on My Return to Judaism” to the congregation on December 28. In reprinting it, the synagogue made a distinction between a conversion and a welcoming back ceremony.

    Yates and his wife “were ‘welcomed back’ to Judaism,” it said, “though they also fulfilled all the requirements for conversion.” Of genealogical interest, several prominent Melungeon families are named in the speech:

    “My Coopers were Melungeon. Teresa’s Rameys were Melungeon. My Blevinses were Melungeon. Teresa’s Goods were Melungeon. My Sizemores were Melungeon. Teresa’s Whiteheads were Melungeon. Every single surname in our family tree was Melungeon, and all the Melungeons were intermarried. When we plotted our genealogy chart it looked more like a telephone pole than a tree. It only had one branch, and that was the same as the main trunk. Everybody married cousins, it seemed.”

    When Scotland Was Jewish: DNA Evidence, Archeology, Analysis of Migrations, and Public and Family Records Show Twelfth Century Semitic Roots

    by By Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman and Donald N. Yates
    ISBN 978-0-7864-2800-7

    The popular image of Scotland is dominated by widely recognized elements of Celtic culture. But could it be that a significant non-Celtic influence on Scotland’s history has been largely ignored or unknown for centuries? This book argues just such a case, maintaining that much of Scotland’s history and culture from 1100 forward is Jewish.

    The authors provide evidence that much of the population, including several national heroes, villains, rulers, nobles, traders, merchants, bishops, guild members, burgesses, and ministers, was of Jewish decent. They describe how the ancestors of these persons originated in France and Spain and then made their way to Scotland’s shores, moors, burgs and castles from the reign of Malcolm Canmore to the aftermath of the Spanish Inquisition.

    It is proposed here that much of the traditional historical account of Scotland rests on fundamental interpretive errors, and that these errors have been perpetuated in order to manufacture and maintain an origin for Scotland that affirms its identity as a Celtic, Christian society. Imagination has buried a more accurate and profound understanding of its history.

  11. Wow, what a tremendous sad news about the passing of this great human being.

    At least now, God will welcome back one of his indomitable Sons from this truly imprisoned planet of our. I bet you he is now rejoined by a lot of Heroes in heaven.

    My sincerest condolences to Dr. Ingrid Zündel.

  12. Jerry Lewis aka Joseph Levitch died August 20, 2017 (aged 91)

    Lewis made a little known film which is called;
    “The Day The Clown Cried and Lewis made it back in 1971.
    “I was embarrassed,” the legendary entertainer said about the film in 2013.
    “I was ashamed of the work and I was grateful that I had the power to contain it all and never let anybody see it. It was bad, bad, bad.”
    So what’s the movie about? Strap yourself in, it’s a doozy.
    In the film, Lewis plays a German clown named Helmut Doork who is sent to a WWII prison camp after mocking Hitler in public.
    Once inside he ends up performing for Jewish kids who are also imprisoned and ultimately ends up trying to keep them entertained as he guides them into the gas chambers at Auschwitz.
    One of the only people to have seen the finished product apart from Lewis is Simpsons star, (((Harry Shearer))), who wrote about the film in Spy magazine in 1992:
    “With most of these kinds of things, you find that the anticipation, or the concept, is better than the thing itself. But seeing this film was really awe-inspiring, in that you are rarely in the presence of a perfect object. This was a perfect object.”
    “This movie is so drastically wrong, its pathos and its comedy are so wildly misplaced, that you could not, in your fantasy of what it might be like, improve on what it really is. ‘Oh My God!’ — that’s all you can say.”
    Jerry Lewis had said “it’ll never be seen” but in 2015 it was revealed the star had sold a copy to the Library of Congress and gave permission for it to be screened in 2025.”

    If one has a strong stomach here’s two arseholes, Stern and Shearer, discussing the film;

    Lewis loved trump at 1:50mins 🙂 ;

    1. Thanks, Jimbo!!

      Lewis, “Trump is great.. We need a great entertainer..!!” 🙂

      That’s what I have been writing here… “MADE FOR TV… BY TV..!!

      A clown like Lewis agrees..!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Hey Pat that was a bit cheeky, exploiting me comment so’s to have a pop at Lobro! 🙂
        Is Lewis being satirically sarcastic when he praises Trump ie what he’s really saying is “the last thing (((we))) need is Trump, he’s completely unpredictable”?
        Lewis is a complex character (aren’t they all), the film ‘The Day The Clown Cried’ was made back in ’71, it took nearly 42 years before he publicly said it was ‘bad bad bad’. Reasons* being he was locked in a ‘rights’ battle over money;

        “with much of it funded by Jerry’s own private cash (after his producer ran dry); yet the flick has spent the last quarter-century in litigation limbo (since it turned out that Lewis didn’t actually own the script, after all).”

        Polemics, the jewish control tool is put into play until total control is achieved;

        Jerry Lewis – “I was ashamed of the work and I was grateful that I had the power to contain it all and never let anybody see it. It was bad, bad, bad”

        Harry Shearer – “But seeing this film was really awe-inspiring, in that you are rarely in the presence of a perfect object. This was a perfect object.”

        *The film is a slow germinating nest egg – release date 2025!
        Create some energy around the ‘extremely rare’ film, keep the focus on the Holohoax, jews at the forefront controlling both side and… KERCHING!!!
        Anyway you know all this shit, just thought I’d throw it in there 😉

    2. hey jimbo, at the end of the day, lewis is still a gatekeeper, albeit one with a bad conscience (maybe hearing footsteps) – which buys him an ounce or two of redemption (let’s see him pull the clown stunts before the Judge).

      shearer is clearly disgusted with the film for 180° wrong reasons.
      i am not sure whose side of disgust lewis is on, mine or shearer’s.

      1. Hey Lobro, I wasn’t having a pop, see above.
        “lewis is still a gatekeeper, albeit one with a bad conscience”
        Yes agree on the gatekeeper but ‘bad conscience’, no. There were many jews in the making of that film and if they thought he was doing the ‘memory’ of the jews a bad turn then he would’ve been stopped.
        A rarely seen clip of JL praising trump, may come in handy agin Pat when you are vindicated 😉

      2. Jinbo –
        Lobro –

        Trump has run off everyone from the Oval Office except…

        Cohen, Kushner & Kushner.. !! Netanhayu’s favorite law firm, no doubt. 🙂

        Great advisory group in the White House NOW..!!

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