Evil Incarnate


“Vade retro Satana!”

 I am the Mad Scientist with murder in my heart
I am the psychopath in the corridors of power
I am the diabolical whisperer in the king’s ear
I am the Usurer and his sycophantic lackeys
I am the one who firebombs babies and rapes geriatric  nuns
I am the father of devil spawn and the Architect of Evil

I am censorship and propaganda
I am the mass media and Hollywood
I am sleaze and pornography and lies
I am the maker of false flags and hoaxes
I am the destroyer of traditional values
I am God’s executioner

I am the dual citizen without loyalty to your nation
I am the spy who sells your secrets to the enemy
I am the infiltrator of your churches
I am the builder of brothels and gulags
I am the butcher who cuts off women’s breasts
I am the one who cries out in pain when I strike you

I am the organized chaos that brings me cash
I am the predator without conscience
I am the worm in the bud
I am the pus in the boil
I am the sick rose in the howling storm
I am death on painkillers

I am the pustulent sore on the face of beauty
I am the corrupter of youth
I am the destroyer of childhood
I am the parasite in the organism
I am the first and last vulture on the corpse
I am the Mind Virus

I am Big Brother watching you
I am the secret adviser of tyrants
I am the Puppet Master
I am the hill of corpses
I am the mountain of skulls
I am death on steroids

I am the Whore of Babylon
I am the smiling bitch who castrates you
I am the beautiful slut who unmans you
I am the aborter of your children
I am the Whispering Demon who tempts you
I am the rat in the sewer of your heart

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

71 thoughts to “Evil Incarnate”

    1. Damn, and as I finished reading the poem, I was going to post this bottom line.
      Nothing more need be said, it encompasses the ideals of Judaism in totality.
      Including the mythical Good Jews, anti-philanthropists, perverters of language and notion twisters.

    2. Franklin,
      Dont blame all the Worlds miseries on Jews. Theres an abundance of Gentile bad actores as well. Would like to sit at the dinner table with Erdogan? Let me know.

    3. Franklin, you are inspiring…


      Deceit and betrayal are great evil
      Theft is too
      These are the specialties
      Of the Rothschild Jew

      Over a hundred countries have ejected
      The wandering few
      They scream “Antisemitic!”
      But they lie a bit too

      Now in Palestine
      Banner unfurled
      Bringing murder and theft
      The like not seen in the world

      No child is safe in Hollywood
      from you
      Not even your own children
      Escape the black bean crew

      Evil ways,
      Destined to fall
      The things you do
      Make my skin crawl

      Why not fight evil,
      Try doing some good
      We’ll then write a new poem
      You really should…

    1. @Snez
      The most evil one who killed his own child:

      Did he really? As far as I’ve studied Ibraheem (Abraham) peace be upon him, never killed or sacrificed anyone. Yes, he was tested by God, God tested his complete obedience, surrender (silm) and devotion. He was an upright man of pure natural belief. And he was not a Jew, he was a Muslim – pure natural belief and submission God.

      Learned people among the Jews admit that Islam is the way of Adam and Noah.

      And despite the Book of Genesis, none of this took place in Palestine; it took place in Arabia. It is my opinion, it is not Mount Moriah as claimed in Genesis, the mount is called Marwa. This is one of the rites of the Hajj, to go between the Mounts of Safa and Marwa.

      At the end of the Hajj is the symbolic sacrifice. The son of sacrifice was not Ishaq (Issac) but his first born, Ismaeel (Ishmael); hence the words of Genesis: thine only son.

      The story of the Quran is beautiful, showing the devotion of Ismaeel as well and his willingness to fulfill God’s will. The allegory was fulfilled in that Ibraheem left his son Ismaeel in a desolate place i.e. he sacrificed him to God. He left him at the Kaaba literally calling people in the wilderness to the worship of God alone.

      The inhabitants there have been doing these rites long before the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in commemoration of the devotion of Ibraheem. The Prophet Muhammad is descended from Banu Hashim, the clan that was entrusted to looking after the pilgrims who come to the Hajj.

      Jews and the Kaaba –
      While I don’t agree with everything this fellow says, there is a lot of good information, especially Jabal Al Laws or the mountain where the tablets were revealed. Unfortunately, the current evil usurpers of Palestine will use some of this information to claim everything for Israel.

      1. “Sorta Out Of Touch, You Understand”

        by : a voice from the past,

        I sighed
        I cried
        I waved good-bye
        from the boxcar I was thrown into
        It was, for me, a sad farewell
        But something odd, it struck me
        the Darkm00ners on the station platform
        the ones I waved good-bye to
        they were happy, they were smiling
        some of them were cheering
        I thought, “NO! They can’t possibly be happy
        I’m being shipped off to prison
        and on my way to Spamblinka!
        They must be cheering me
        because of all the posts
        thru all the years
        I sent in to Darkm00n
        grateful for my input,
        their cheers a sign of Gratitude!
        That must be it!
        Why else would they be happy?!”

        Perhaps TOO naive, I don’t know
        but I desperately needed some Hope to hang on to
        can it possibly be
        someone like me
        who was always Truthful
        and always shared alot of important info
        can it be I would be treated so shabbily?

        “NO! The “alternative” media is not
        at all about tyranny”, I reminded myself.
        I guess, when I think about it fully
        it’s ALL my fault, it MUST be my doing
        I’m here in Spamblinka.

        After all, I am from noo yawk shitty
        so naturally I got labeled a “sheenie” *grin*
        So it’s really not their fault
        they label me a “joo”.
        It must be my Karma
        to be so misunderstood
        gawd knows what I did
        in my past lifetime to deserve this.

        It must have been a doozy, what I did
        I guess a Mea Culpa or two,
        it’s probably TOO late,
        and anyway,
        can’t say “sorry” for what
        you did in your past lifetime
        if you don’t even know
        what crime or crimes
        you were involved in, *grin*.

        And who knows,
        I am a Catholic
        and turns out
        the joos started the Catholic Church
        so maybe they, the Dark m00ners are right
        and maybe they got The Correct View
        maybe after all I am a “joo”
        Perhaps some day I’ll figure it out
        Gawd knows
        sitting here in solitary confinement
        I got all the time in the world
        to think about it.

        I miss hot dogs and hamburgers
        and cotton candy, drive-in movies
        Mary Lou and my old beat-up Chevy
        and tell me, [ I’ve been here in solitary so long,
        I’m sorta out-of-touch, you understand],
        Is orange hair still the president?
        Did Sister Moaner ever manage to snag a MAN?
        Does uncle still need
        a baby high chair to ingest his Maypo?

        Hey Pat! Is revolving around
        Ur-anus still your Goal?
        And is Gilbert still an asshole? *grin*

        1. uncle’s and moaner’s VERY LONG history of CENSORING my best posts, my most intelligent, cogent, OBJECTIVELY TRUTHFUL, ON-TARGET, posts, while not exactly an example of “evil incarnate”, the TWO and their VERY LONG history of CENSORING my posts is definitely an example of dirty low-down scumbag rat-bastard mentality.

          And moaner and lasha and monte and lucy claiming to be “Catholics” when they most certainly are NOT Catholics is an example of egregious mendacity and an example of insidious poisonous snakes trying to hide their true loyalties and their real nature, which is The Nature of The Snake, especially chameleon snakes who like to blend in with the environment so not to be TOO noticeable [ the less noticeable, the more poisonous chameleon snakes blend in with the environment, the better chance to sting more victims.]

          At least uncle doesn’t take his LYING/MENDACITY to that level, uncle doesn’t falsely claim to be a “Catholic”, though uncle has NO problem with ALL the false identities and the LYING claims of being “Catholics” his family members cloak themselves with, IN FACT, uncle LERVS ALL THE LYING AND ALL THE PUT-ON IDENTITIES of his family members so uncle is ultimately a poisonous chameleon snake also.

          How come, how come when the jews CENSOR that’s evil, but when DM ADMIN CENSORS that’s fine and dandy and “Holy” “Blessed” and “Above-Board” and “Honest” and “Truth Telling”? ……. I would say hydra heads have the same number of assholes as the number of hydra heads on the main slithering hydra head snake trunk, judging by the YUGE number of Darkmooners who are slithering hydra head snake assholes.

      2. Seeb, did God really instruct/test anyone to sacrifice their child? How do you know? Where you there?

      3. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

        What an inspiring poem! But a bit too long, don’t you think? My teacher would always tell me: “Short is best.” I strongly recommend that you learn the art of brevity.

    2. SNEZ
      Seeb, did God really instruct/test anyone to sacrifice their child? How do you know? Where you there?

      Hi Snez,
      It is true I don’t ‘know’ any of it. Obviously, as a Muslim, I believe in the Quran.

      Nevertheless, the portrayal of Ibraheem as a child killer, to me, is a vile one, and not a correct interpretation of the story. Even the words you used, “The most evil one who KILLED his son.” I have never read anywhere ‘he killed his son’. It would appear the words used were chosen to twist the story in a way to leave the most abhorrent feeling in one’s heart.

      I too can ask, “Where did you get the story that he killed his child?” “Were you there?” I am not trying to be rude but all too often people who make accusations take liberties that they ought not to.

      You must remember, the rites of the Hajj goes way back and is a living practice that is unbroken. It has more veracity than any oral transmission. Ibraheem – leaving some of his children in a barren place weighed heavy on his heart. He did it only as a fulfillment of the dream he had of the sacrifice.

      The Quran refers to this:

      Remember Abraham said: “O my Lord! make this city one of peace and security: and preserve me and my sons from worshipping idols. (Surah İbrahim, 35)

      “O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House; in order, O our Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks. (Surah İbrahim, 37)

      “O our Lord! truly Thou dost know what we conceal and what we reveal: for nothing whatever is hidden from Allah, whether on earth or in heaven. (Surah İbrahim, 38)

      “Praise be to Allah, Who hath granted unto me in old age Isma’il and Isaac: for truly my Lord is He, the Hearer of Prayer! (Surah İbrahim, 39)

      O my Lord! make me one who establishes regular Prayer, and also (raise such) among my offspring O our Lord! and accept Thou my Prayer. (Surah İbrahim, 40)

      “O our Lord! cover (us) with Thy Forgiveness – me, my parents, and (all) Believers, on the Day that the Reckoning will be established! (Surah İbrahim, 41)

      1. Holy sh*t.
        Am I fed up with you Abraham/Ibrahim worshippers and you echochambers based on constructed books which you all claim to be the absolute truth.
        You ask SNEEZ if he was there. Very good! Excellent! I suppose you where there when all the five pillars where constructed.
        Why am I bothering even writing this…..?

      2. Seeb, the Bible [Genesis] reads that God said to Abraham to sacrifice his son as a burnt offering. All three “holy” books [the Talmud/Torah, the Bible and the Quran] are filled with instructions to kill, but when I talk with adherents, they avoid talking about it. Instead, adherents quote the nicer parts of the writings, and always try to shame me for not accepting their favourite book for granted, and for telling the truth about the emperor’s new clothes.

      3. @ Schoolmarm :

        Yes, it’s a shame our Western poets were never the soul of brevity. TOO bad Shakespeare and Dante aren’t with us anymore so WE could teach them a thing or two about composing poetry. I’m sure you mentored and guided many a Great poet in your day, 🙂 .

      4. The last thing you want to do is to copy Dante or Shakespeare or the epics of Homer in the Comments section. You’re supposed to be writing short “comments” here, not epic poems. Do you think Tolstoy, if he’d written a letter to his local newspaper, would have made it as long as “War and Peace”?

      Obviously you did not have the courtesy to read the whole thread before commenting. It was Snez who first asked, “How do you know?” “Were you there?”

      And actually the gist of my post was to show it was not just based on any book. The main support from my point of view is the practice of the Hajj…..that predates all the books. From an anthropological perspective, it is quite strong.

      But, obviously you’ve been triggered. Let’s reset you shall we. Repeat three times:
      You should be good to go.

      I am not sure what logic you’re using but I never tried to shame you for not accepting my favourite book. I was responding to what YOU WROTE, but if you think what you stated is factual: THE MOST EVIL ONE WHO KILLED HIS OWN CHILD and that is telling the truth about the emperor’s clothes…….ok, I guess, maybe you’re right, then again, maybe not.

      By the way, I’ve read your post about religion and the Gilgamesh thing. I am not here to convince anyone about religion but if someone says something outlandish, well, I may add my two-cents.

      1. Seeb, if you have read the available Sumerian tablets and The Epic of Gilgamesh, you may have noticed that Sumerian king Enlil had a son whose name was Allah. If you compare Enlil with Yahweh, you can see that it is the same person. Enlil was called an eagle-god; four countries that are considered biggest military powers have an eagle banner [US, Russia and Germany] and the Queen’s coat of arms; an eagle is also on the coat of arms of the “global city” Geneva, the Jesuit seal [the Jesuit motto, “We shall be expelled like dogs, and return like eagles”] etc. Sumerian Enlil was the commander-in-chief, which is the same position the US president holds. People were scared of Enlil because he was ruthless in demanding uttermost obedience, and the fear of him was spreading so much that he became a legend far beyond Sumer. The Bible is an awkward translation of Sumerian Enuma Elish [even the Wikipedia admits it!]. The angel who allegedly spoke to Mohamed can also be found in the available Sumerian tablets, which are at least 9000 years older than the Abrahamic religions that are all entirely based on Sumerian myths. I repeat the word “available” because those that are unavailable would clarify more, but are now in Jesuits’ hands, who, as you may know, are the followers of Ignatio Loyola, a Spanish Jew:
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SdgyH–bZE – Vatican Secret Archives exposed
        Sorry, Seeb, this is my last reply on this topic.

  1. Have you ever met an evil person? The type whose soul is so darkened that there is no room for anything good. Whilst the poem explains the type, that type likes such poems.

    (Pure) love is the greatest force in the Universe. Satan and his followers hate pure Love, which is not an emotion, but is the force controlled by God to do good in this evil world.

    “ … Love, the greatest force in creation; defeated Lucifer and his followers, some of whom were misled, by lies, into fighting against God.” Excerpted from “The Way Home” – http://JAHTruth.net/wayad.htm

    The comment by Snez is indicative of one who does not know enough to appreciate God.

    1. Explain yourself, New Song

      How can this quote by Snez possibly be attributed to one who doesn’t know enough to appreciate God?

      What you’re implying is that human sacrifice is a part of God’s plan. A dangerous rationalization if ever there was one. This is exactly how your words come across.

      Maybe you’d like to offer a redaction?

  2. We didn’t intend to post this poem today, but did so only because the article we were hoping to publish wasn’t quite ready for publication. The article,
    a comprehensive but not too flattering assessment of Donald Trump, will be published tomorrow.

    This might me a good opportunity for readers to post their own poems.
    We welcome all such contributions. (JSM)

  3. I’d love to read a poem written by New Song. A peep into the darker recesses of the female mind can be quite amusing. Darkmoon’s poem is obviously a product of madness. Mistake to publish it. It provides evidence of psychiatric disturbance. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this lady is a Satanist or belongs to some weird occult movement or other, maybe even a witch’s coven.

    1. Seymour Zak,
      “Opinions are like assholes,…..everyone has one.” Quote by Clint Eastwood.

    2. Good point Mr.Zakarov.
      the thought has crossed my mind that the darmoon might be a real life witch with her
      own coven.
      maybe she has been composing poetry for her secret lover in the other world ,the dark ,shadows one.

  4. Regarding the story of Abraham, which New Song apparently thinks is the basis of true religion, I personally think otherwise. My theory is that a false morality, i.e., a false “ought,” arose in a thuggee-like people who lived in Ancient Sumeria, who were the original Jews, and the voice that Abraham heard and obeyed was the voice of this newly born false morality. Abraham obeyed a voice that told him to do the most immoral thing imaginable to him, and he obeyed this voice because he believed it to be good. My theory is that the conscience that is innate in man was eclipsed by a new development, a false conscience. Eventually, as I see it, the the true and real conscience that is innate in man was rediscovered by Christ.

    1. I’m with > him..

      ‘The Fountain-Head of Religion’ by Rama-Deva, publisher of the journal ‘The Vedic magazine’:

      This book has given me great joy. I have, for the first time, understood that we have become accustomed to regard as gods, “the god-creator”, “god-Christ”. . .”, who soar in the skies; and (as regards) the god who is the source of everything … only such great minds as the ancient Indian sages can attain this great concept. Were there no Krishna there would have been for us no concept of god. Our Christian notions of spiritual life comes from the ancient Hebrews, and the Hebrew notions from the Assyrian, and the Assyrian from the Indian … the older, the loftier.

      1. @HP
        My ancestors were hindus who converted to islam . please impress me with hinduism. i guess someone made you a beautiful stupid.

  5. A good poem that sums up the evil Jewish heart. It’s almost as if they are a different specie, another breed, an opposing race, the wrench in the gears of progress. Jews need to be isolated from the rest of humanity because whatever they are, they are not human.

      1. nope, snez, yukon got his grammer right and you got an ‘e’ too many.

        only humans can be (in)humane and they are neither.
        just like their g-d cannot be God, in fact, the very antithesis.
        And judaism is the antithesis of religion, not even qualified for atheism.

        people get confused by the same words denoting their opposite meanings and because the naked horror of that threat can be hard to acknowledge and face, they invent a raft of stumbling excuses that snag the resistance in the coils of this confusion while providing a break to masters of legalistic twisting … and this ends up costing us dearly.

        for example, there was once a popular theory promulgated by some harebrained catholic theologians, named Sumum Bonum, according to which, evil was nothing but absence of good.
        Yeah and bullshit is nothing but absence of Eucharist.
        Go tell it to the child ritually massacred at Purim and kneaded into “tasty” Passover matzos (i guess that those matzos are precisely the antithesis of the consecrated host).

      2. Lobro,

        While I completely agree with your take on jew but there is another matter to consider.

        This is how I see it.

        Even without jew Aryans today would have a similar problem, albeit probably way less accelerated than it is presently occuring. It is my opinion that every highly advanced civilisation is susceptible to the same sickness, the same self destructing tendency as a result of living too comfortably for too long. In those circumstances it is very easy for people to choose – or be maneuvered into choosing – materialism for the sake of comfort instead of staying sharp for the sake of honour and health.

        The jew is only exploiting this. And as much I hate it for that, I have no less hate for gentiles who choose to play jew ball, whether out of stupidity or greed or indifference.

        And not to dig up an already debated to death subject, but it is my opinion that Christianity ( NOT Christ ) and other so-called ‘world religions’, fabricated by man, supposedly transcending nations of completely different races, are nothing more than antiquated forms of forced one-size-fits-all forms of new world order institutions no different than the current United Nations or the European Union etc. etc.

        Bottom line is that without that it would be impossible for a tiny louse like jew to rule over the entire world using the the power and resources of the far more numerous and most advanced race, Aryans, without their cooperation. Collectively by now we are as sick as jew is and are in need of something new. Something really progressive. I don’t have to spell it out for you what that is. Things have gone so far now that there is only one way to heal ourselves and that is by a total meltdown of current ‘civilisation’ and starting over from scratch. And one can find numerous remains of megalithic structures around the globe built by long since disappeared and to us totally unknown civilisations which testifiy in my case’s favour.

        There can be endless online debate going over and over and over again repeating the same thing for another zillion times but as long as we are comfy we are content, and that is a fact, and our rulers know it. And that is why perfectly feasible solutions like I once suggested here or for instance J B Campbell is explaining in plain English are never going to happen.

        Of course it is very easy to dismiss all this or say that this has been said 20.000 times before. In fact as I am near the end of this comment I’m thinking to myself “why am I writing this? I’ve said it all before”. But then, it is similarly easy for me to say the same counterwise.

        This is in no way an attack on you, Lobro. I know you are loyal to the Fuhrer and NS and therefore can never do wrong in my book.

      1. Yes. Throughout my life, Ive met Jews of the sleaziest type. Ill give you an example (if administración even allows it) Down in Atlanta in the late 90’s, I worked as night manager at a Subway fast food restaurant. One of the employees was a 48-yr. old Jew. He really didnt need the job for money. It was just a way for him to make “contacts”…..mostly young blacks. He was a drug addict/drug dealer. I chose not to get involved just as long as no drugs were inside and he did his work. One night after closing, he bragged about what hed done the night before. “I did a plate-job man,” he blurted out enthusiastically. “Whats that? I asked. He described it to me. He got a young black woman high on something. He had sex with her and then told her to lay on her back. He then went to the kitchen to retrieve a plate which he ordered the intoxicated woman to hold over her mouth. He then squated naked over her and defecated onto the plate. This was his way of entertaining himself. How sick and perverted is that? The curious thing is that he wasnt a “religious Jew.” Ive formed my opinión about Jews not based on heresay, rumores or inborn racism. Ive formed it based on my own life experience. Regarding Jew, there is definitely something wrong. Must be in the DNA. But yes. Most are anti-human.

    1. @Arch Stanton

      I meant to comment on that post. But I was busy that day with a book I’m writing (_Alone With Kant in San Francisco_). Yours truly only understands Christianity secondarily through the philosophers. Reading the Bible has always turned me off, so much so that I am actually unable to read it. Even so, I found myself in much agreement with what you wrote. Also, I thought your article was very good in terms of the writing — you had obviously worked on it.

  6. Already from the beginning the the jew has been a murderer. It started with Cain slaying Abel back in Eden. The first of gods family had a murderer within it. And so it has been going on throughout history. The only reason Cain was not genocidal was because there was not enough people back then to commit such a crime against. But nonetheless he has gone down in history as the worlds first murderer. Nothing can ever change that fact. Or that he was a jew for that matter.

    1. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it very difficult to take seriously anything said or written by some joker wearing a box on his head!

  7. It appears as if all animals have a predator.
    It is said that humans do not have predators
    But we find —
    The psychopath
    The sociopath
    Religious dogmatists and fundamentalists
    Secret societies
    I could go on and on
    The term parasite in human form
    The term demon in human form
    Sounds just right in the age of Kali Yuga.
    times even worse than the time of the Mahabharata came to be
    But were is Krsna to safe us from human sacrifice?
    Even children are eaten alive and wars the stage for human sacrifice
    Our screams remain unheard in comic space
    Sacrificed hildren remain forgotten
    Reality is too hard to come by
    The animals remain forsaken
    Their life matters to them just as our life matters to us
    No memorial and museums brings in more bucks
    The plants and insects die as we speak

    Will mere greed lead to global demise?

    Wanting still a lovelier world
    A world bathed in love and care
    But we’re are we now?
    Still HERE?
    Still here to LOVE?
    No matter what?

  8. I have some poems on the subject but they’re on another device. Though this is off topic, I would like to share it with you. Just wrote it, thinking of my mammy.


    Oh! The hands that were….those hands that touched;
    Full of warmth…. full of flesh……full of life;
    So soft…… to caress our tender, expecting faces….all nine of us.

    Oh! Those hands that never stopped….timeless, without complaint.

    And fate, and time – that we could stand still, if only for a while.
    To re-live that flower of youth; now that we too, have gone by.

    Oh! Those very hands! How different you’ve become.
    Weathered and worn…tired and weary;
    Dark and cold to the bone.

    But still, never to complain;
    Brave and strong, always protecting, always defending;
    That we may weld our eyes with a gentle smile.
    But we in our knowledge, hide it too, now that we also do.

    And though we brace for that dreaded day;
    The one of which there shall be no returning;
    Save for the return and caress;
    From He that gave the first time;

    That she may live a second time;
    With faith that smothers time.

    Live well then;
    Whilst you can.
    In sweet obedience;
    That reflects the grace and mercy;
    That is divine.

    1. @ SEEB

      I was deeply moved by your poem. Love and death, these are the two greatest themes of all good poems and indeed world literature. This is a touching poem of bereavement.

  9. @Seymour Zak

    First, I thought Darkmoon’s poem was very good. I am not a poet but a philosopher. What I am good at is logic. I don’t have Darkmoon’s language skills. Still, I thought the poem was good. Now then, if you say she is insane you are saying the same thing of me, for I see the same reality that she does. The fact is, there is an objective reality out there that some of us are seeing. It is something _there_ that we are looking at and seeing! If you Jews are unable to see what we see, maybe that is understandable. But that does not excuse you for calling us names, like “insane.” Honestly. We are headed for a situation where you people are going to be hated. More so in the USA than in Hitler’s Germany. Wait and see; it’s coming.

  10. Hi Lasha,

    hope you appreciate my translation into italian language:

    Io sono lo Scienziato Pazzo con la voglia di uccidere nel cuore
    Io sono lo psicopatico negli androni del potere
    Io sono il diabolico suggeritore all’orecchio del re
    Io sono l’Usuraio ed il suo servile leccapiedi
    Io sono colui che bombarda i bambini e stupra le suore geriatriche
    Io sono il padre della progenie del demonio e l’Architetto del Diavolo
    Io sono censura e propaganda
    Io sono i mass-media e Hollywood
    Io sono il marciume, la pornografia e le bugie
    Io sono colui che commette falsi attentati e menzogne
    Io sono colui che distrugge i valori tradizionali
    Io sono l’assassino di Dio
    Io sono colui che ha doppia cittadinanza senza lealtà verso il tuo paese
    Io sono la spia che vende i tuoi segreti al nemico
    Io sono colui che infiltra le tue chiese
    Io sono il costruttore di bordelli e di gulag
    Io sono il macellaio che taglia i seni delle donne
    Io sono colui che urla di dolore quando di colpisce
    Io sono il caos organizzato che mi fa fare soldi
    Io sono il predatore senza coscienza
    Io sono il verme nel boccio
    Io sono il puss nel foruncolo
    Io sono la rosa malata nell’urlante tempesta
    Io sono colui che non ti evita il dolore
    Io sono la pustola gonfia sul viso della bellezza
    Io sono colui che corrompe la gioventù
    Io sono il distruttore dell’infanzia
    Io sono il parassita nell’organismo
    Io sono il primo e l’ultimo avvoltoio sul cadavere
    Io sono il Virus della Mente
    Io sono il Grande Fratello che to sorveglia
    Io sono il consigliere segreto dei tiranni
    Io sono il Burattinaio
    Io sono la montagna di cadaveri
    Io sono la montagna di teschi
    Io sono la morte negli steroidi
    Io sono la Prostituta di Babilonia
    Io sono la troia sorridente che ti castra
    Io sono la graziosa puttana che ti svirilizza
    Io sono colui che fa abortire i tuoi bambini
    Io sono il Demone Sussurrante che ti tenta
    Io sono il ratto di fogna nel tuo cuore

    Gian Franco

      1. Thank you Lasha. Yes, I and my family are keeping well.
        Last news: at the end of February 2018 I will become grandfather!!

    1. ” A new community, God’s nonviolent kingdom, is being realized—even now.” René Girard,

      Revelation 21:1-3
      ” And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

      The time has come.

  11. Hey Lasha,

    I liked the poem…..it had momentum and the images peeled away like an onion.

    Having been a professional writer for many years, I’ve learned there are neither right nor wrong ways to write because the processes are defined by the media the “writing” is part of. A Dylan song can be long or short….I don’t care. I see my part in the process is to appreciate what the artist is saying. Some books are long, some are short….I like them all if they are vivid, inspiring, universal, specific and picturesque.

    So, I leave you with this…..it is short….but…….

    “Our Common Bond”

    our common bond
    the universal living wire
    is the music
    that dances in the light of fire

    the silver string stretches
    as we try to support
    the holes in the wall
    the string stretches unbending
    as we become
    a wall of holes
    feeling the cracks
    knowing the feelings
    knowing the holes must
    be filled with love
    or they will crumble
    our common bond
    the perpetual machine in motion
    is the music of a river
    flowing deep inside ourselves
    as we rush
    to fill the holes
    what was once a wall of holes
    is now
    whole wall

    Nighty-night…. Red

  12. PS “Evil Incarnate”? My dear, are being much too kind. Their evil is undefinable….. It just… IS…..

  13. The Destroyer is already here, and has been for some time. The Four Horseman are now emptying their bowls upon a deluded and sick mass. Babylon teeters under the weight of massive debts no longer able to pay even the interest. One by one the failed states fall. War is in North Korea. Trump is an amateur. A fool deluded by his spoilt little princess that he sold to settle his debts. Do not deal with Baal. Eventually he will take it ALL. Everything he gives, he will take away, and everything you had before, will he get with it. Until denuded and desolate you will be left naked and facing certain DOOM. Babylon the Great will fall. Big Casino and then Little casino. It has already been assured. The plans were set long ago. They are bearing fruit now. They will all be bitter fruits. Their chickens will not hatch into food, but into famine. That which was victory before, will bitter defeat come. That “commitment to diversity”. The same mistake of a Falling Roman Empire. The Old Paradigm is gone. Cthulhu will now swim right. This is the Beginning and the End of what was…

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