Evil Jew Soros Plans Flooding Europe And America With Third World Immigrants

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It’s an open secret that the “Soros network” has an extensive sphere of influence in the European Parliament and in other European Union institutions. The Soros List has been made public recently. The document lists 226 MEPs from all sides of the political spectrum, including former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, seven vice-presidents, and a number of committee heads, coordinators, and quaestors who are working in collusion with Soros to bring about the demise of Europe as we know it.

These people promote the ideas of Soros, such as bringing in more migrants, same-sex marriages, integration of Ukraine into the EU, and countering Russia. There are 751 members of the European Parliament. It means that the Soros friends have more than one third of seats.

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor and the founder and owner of Open Society Foundations NGO, was able to meet with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker with “no transparent agenda for their closed-door meeting”, and pointed out how EU proposals to redistribute quotas of migrants across the EU are eerily familiar to Soros’s own self-published plan for dealing with the crisis.

The billionaire financier believes that the European Union should receive millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa, provide each one with an annual 15,000 EUR in aid, and resettle these migrants in member-states where they do not wish to go and are not necessarily welcome.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has accused the EU of “eating out of the hand” of Soros. He believes that the billionaire open borders campaigner is behind the attacks on Hungary. The reason is the government’s attempts to take legal action over a new law which requires foreign-supported ‘civil society’ organizations — many funded by Soros — to list their big overseas donors in a public register and be transparent about their funding sources in their publications. The Hungarian government is applying efforts to close the Budapest-based Central European University founded by Soros.

“The whole of the European Union is in trouble because its leaders and bureaucrats adopt decisions like this,” said Orban. “The people support the ideal of the European Union. At the same time, they can’t stand the leadership of the EU, because it insults the Member-States with things like this, and it abuses its power. Everyone in Europe can see that. This is why the European leadership is not respected.”

The Visegrad group is trying to stand tall under the EU pressure on migrants’ policy. The European Commission of Migration and Home Affairs is pushing a new bill to make migrants quotas obligatory. At least 30 Soros supporters work for the commission.

Many people listed in the document are known for attacks on Russia. For instance, Rebecca Harms, a MEP from German Green Party, regularly calls the European Parliament to toughen the sanctions regime against Moscow. Guy Verhofstadt blames Russia for almost each and every thing going wrong in Europe. His article ‘Putting Putin in his Place’ made a lot of noise last year. In 2012, former Croatian Primer Tonino Picula, who was the head of an observer mission from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), slammed the Russian presidential election of 2012 as unfair, saying it was “skewed” in Vladimir Putin’s favor.

The Soros list sheds light on the question of what makes the EU leadership implement policies, which run counter to the interests of Europeans. The answer is corruption. The politicians bribed by Soros dance to his tune. They fight against the attempts of national leaders to protect the interests of their peoples. Quite often those who oppose such policies have to face the resistance of political elites of their own countries. The standoff between Hungarian PM Orbán and the Soros network is a good example to illustrate how it works.

The European Parliament under the influence of Soros friends is pushing Europe to suicide by letting millions of migrants in.

It shows that the much-vaunted European democracy is a façade to hide the activities of power structure close to feudal system with the local lord holding the reins. It can hardly be called the power of people. The publication of the Soros List provides a clue to understanding who rules the EU and who instigates anti-Russia sentiments in Europe. Actually, this is the case when EU member countries like Hungary happen to be in the same boat with Russia opposing the very same US-based forces, while protecting their sovereignty and independence. This is the time for Europeans to think about transforming the system to do away with outside pressure.


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  1. Trans-national companies want non-thinking robots [workers and consumers] and destruction of the middle class and medium/small businesses, while Jews want the destruction of European cultures, extermination of white people and establishing a large police state. So, this forced migration is a coordinated effort made by several parties. NATO has been helping mega-corporations, by most directly engineering the migration since 2011. Together with the Jewish leaders, Pope Francis is the loudest advocate for allowing migrants to flood Europe. Syrians have a preferential status.

    ‘After all, if the Syrian refugees were escaping Syria because of Assad’s cruelty, why did we not witness an immigration crisis in 2008? 2009? 2010? In fact, why have we not seen such a mass exodus until now?’


    ‘Francis spoke at the end of a two-day conference at the Vatican called “Re-Thinking Europe”. Dozens of participants attended, including European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, the vice president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, and religious leaders… “Particular and nationalist agendas risk thwarting the courageous dreams of the founders of Europe,” he said. The pope called for immigrants to be welcomed to Europe as an enriching resource, rather than be seen as a threat.’
    [The maps here are from last year.]

    1. And again, it is the Rothschilds and the Black Nobility who own the largest monopolistic corporations.

    2. World Judaism is in subjective eternal war against the Gentiles soul race ,since their ” God ” slithered out of Sumeria . ” The best of the Goyim must be killed “, so says the Talmud ,and Old Testament Yahweh’. Europe ,and it’s thinking , White culture / Polytheistic foundations MUST fall to the Jews exclusive diety ,and it’s promise that his ” chosen people ” inherit the earth . Destroy Europa,and the Jews rule a dark , ugly, confused planet . The Jews have been at war with Europe since defying the Greco Roman world ,through fomenting Revolution , subversion , war. Now open borders as the final act .

      1. There was an interesting article on Makow’s website a couple of days ago about the death struggle between Christianity and Judaism. The article consisted of excerpts from a book titled “Judaism and the Vatican”. Makow’s introduction:

        Vicomte Leon de Poncins (1897-1976) a traditional Catholic French intellectual, was the author of 30 books that exposed the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) conspiracy which today holds mankind in its thrall.

        Most Jews (and Christians) are not aware that Judaism is defined by the Talmud & Cabala, not the Old Testament. They are unaware that Judaism is a satanic cult which uses them as pawns to politically and spiritually enslave mankind.

        Below, in “Judaism and the Vatican” (1967) citing Jewish sources, de Poncins shows that Judaism seeks to supplant God and destroy Christianity (using Freemasonry and Communism). Christ’s Gospel contradicts Jewish belief in their own Choseness and racial supremacy.

        The real “hater”, Judaism wages a covert war on humanity and God while accusing its hapless targets of “hate” if they dare remark on it. It is behind feminism and “gay rights,” globalism and third world migration. It’s behind 9-11 and terror, pretexts to unveil a Communist police state. Empowered by a worldwide monopoly on government credit, this satanic conspiracy is reaching fruition.

        Yes, Makow has some blind spots and an agenda. If we truthseekers avoid every author with blind spots and an agenda the reading list of untainted sources would be very short indeed. Makow’s part in this article was to provide a translation from French, and publish it.

  2. George Soros is 87 years old. Instead of retiring and enjoying the few years of his life that are left to him, he raises every morning with the thought “what can I do today to further destroy the world?”. His personal fortune is $8 billion, the assets of his Soros Fund Management are $26 billion ( https://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/ ). All his money (“earned” by questionable means, mostly currency manipulations) is used to fund a plethora of organizations with the purpose of destroying nations, cultures and races. White Genocide (by “refugee resettlement” ) is part of his agenda. I don’t think it is a coincidence that this demon-in-human-form is a Jew, because it is mostly Jews who are dedicated to that same destructive agenda.

    I don’t believe in David Icke’s “reptilian” hypothesis, but it is striking that George Soros does look somewhat reptilian :


    1. FR, his tribe defends him anyway 🙂
      BUDAPEST, Hungary – The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities has asked Prime Minister Viktor Orban to immediately end a political ad campaign targeting Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist George Soros. “This campaign is not openly anti-Semitic but it is still very capable of arousing uncontrolled passions like, among others, anti-Semitism,” Heisler said in the letter.

    2. F.R.,
      A lot of what Icke says makes sense. A lot of these Jewish billionaire “elites ” have some traits in common. They tend to be long-lived with protruding blood-shot eyes. Despite all the billions, for some reason they cant seem to afford a $500.00 teeth whitening. Their teeth are yellow and stained. Their hair is also unkept. Also, they never retire and enjoy their golden years womanizing , drinking and playing golf as I plan to do in 5 years when I reach 55. Yes, amigo. Something isnt right. Are they reptiles staring at us from another dimension? Dont rule it out.

  3. You don’t change anything until you change the Jewish money system. But nobody will do that because all of the key people love their profits.

    Look, you white people lost to the Jews long ago, you’ve just been playing out your lives in a simulated Jewish money and media world. This is the reason Islam and Asia will win. They are not better per say, but they will never be compromised by the Jews. China and Islam own the 21st century.

    1. Dolph,
      You are quite correct about China and Islam owning the 21st Century. I’m always amused when I meet the money grubbing boxwallah, who believes money is everything and judges the rest of the world accordingly. The West will lose, because I’ve yet to meet a true patriotic Westerner who is prepared to sacrifice for his country. With them it’s always, “What’s in it for me?” Sad to say, but the Americans are the worst of all. Mouthing off this bilge about how they are the greatest, but doing sweet f##k all about it. Dollar Patriots! Nauseating!

      1. Felix
        “I’ve yet to meet a true patriotic Westerner who is prepared to sacrifice for his country”
        I have.
        Few so far, but their number is growing. And Poland is encouraging.
        I am not sure about Dolph’s intensions with his persistent comments on how we have lost. Maybe he is running the (((parasites))) errand, maybe he is trying to make us wake up. Until further notice, I’ll believe the latter. Maybe I am too naive.
        I have done my military service, I still practice shooting training through big game hunting. It is probably not going to be the type of bullets required for tomorrows fight, but it helps keeping me out of a hibernating stupor.
        Each to his own. We all on this list have our own issues to work on, and I do believe out intentions mostly are positive. In my case the big thing is working on my fear of dying. It has no place in this fight, but man is it real…..

      2. Bjornthorsonn,
        Very pleased to meet you. Glad there are still some true patriots around. I met a few when I was in Southern Africa in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Alas they were betrayed by their leaders and by their supposed allies in the West, who sold them out to the (((moneylords))). Take Portugal, a NATO ally. In 1962, Holden Roberto, in the pay of the CIA, carried out a horrific massacre in Angola of over 400 innocent men, women and children, mostly blacks in Angola, which was then a Portuguese province. That was the beginning of the so called Angolan War of Independence!
        In 1972, when I was serving as a police officer in the Caprivi Strip, we arrested a white Englishman, an MI6 agent, for harboring SWAPO terrorists. The same for Rhodesia, the British did everything possible to undermine Ian Smith’s government. In the West, the terrorist groups were allowed to raise funds, unhindered and with the encouragement of their governments. Even the Israeli government donated funds to the ANC. Luckily the South African PM, at the time, B. J. Vorster, put the Israelis in their place, by preventing South African Jews from transferring funds to Israel. Needless to say, our (((money grubbing))) “friends” soon saw the error of their ways and withdrew their donation.
        One reason for my contempt of the West is the impunity they give israel to murder their own citizens, with nary a word of censure, let alone any evincing any desire to seek justice. The USS Liberty, Rachel Corrie and of course the UK not seeking justice for the murder of her citizens and military personnel by the Irgun Zvai Leumi and Stern Gang terrorists, come to mind. Both these groups are the ideological forerunners of Likud and the Nutty-yahoo!

      3. Felix
        The pleasure is all mine.
        The deception run deep, as your experiences clearly show us. And thank you drawing my attention to it. It may may come in handy in my future discussions.
        I live in one of the most blue-eyed country in the world. Literally. And as the colour of their eyes clearly mirrors the stereotype of “far too trusting” I am still inclined to give them some leeway; they are so damn straight they cannot even comprehend how deep the deception runs.
        And the required effort to try to wake them up is staggering.
        But I cannot give up.

    2. Dolph,
      How many of your Islamic (Isis) brothers served the interests of Israel and are now rotting in shallow graves in Siria? They sure dont look like winners to me you Arab ass-clown.

  4. Piggybacking on today’s essay, just a few thoughts on what I think I think. I have no particular expertise, relying on what I’ve read and pondered for these past many years. Any readers who take the time to check them out are more than welcome to discard my ramblings.

    Anyway, the two Jewish-inspired World Wars left millions of whites dead. The best and the brightest of Europe were killed off before they had a chance to procreate. So the white genetic stock suffered a terrible decline. Their sons didn’t have much interest in procreating, and the sons of the next generation, the current one, celebrate feminism, homosexuality, and same sex marriage. Fertility is well below replacement rate in pretty much all Euro countries, with males suffering significant declines in testosterone. Even the fact that, unlike Americans, their genitals are left intact is not enough.

    Enter strong man Vladimir Putin. Through family friendly policies he is turning around the Russian population decline. Women are having children again, but it is surely a multi-year process. Communist atheism is dead and Christianity has returned. (Although I am not a Christian, I celebrate this). Putin has, for now, halted further Western encroachment of his country. But will his success continue?

    Enter Jewish slime like George Soros, who would like nothing better than to see a final brothers war to finish off whites. But they are scared too if it goes nuclear. A nuclear war between the two hyper-powers and Russia could finish off Israel with one well placed blast. So, the question in my mind is whether the Soros/Adelson crowd is willing to risk it. I don’t think so. Their safer course of action is to continue with the Kalergi Plan combined with the Cloward-Piven Strategy, to bring about the destruction of majority white countries. Only Russia and a few other Eastern Euro countries are standing in their way. That’s why the Zionist supremacists hate Putin so much and would love to take him out by any means necessary. As for Soros/Adelson, I can only conclude that these pathetic, psychotic, very old billionaires must have whole armies of body guards at their disposal.

    1. @ FollyOfWar

      Excellent comment, but I have doubts about this passage:

      Enter Jewish slime like George Soros, who would like nothing better than to see a final brothers war to finish off whites. But they are scared too if it goes nuclear. A nuclear war between the two hyper-powers and Russia could finish off Israel with one well placed blast. So, the question in my mind is whether the Soros/Adelson crowd is willing to risk it. I don’t think so.

      Soros is 87-years old. What does he care about blowing up the world when he’s about to die any day himself now? He’s on his last legs. He can’t have much longer to live. Do you really think a powerful psychopath with suicidal urges is likely to exercise restraint?

      Suicide bombers have no qualms about blowing themselves up as long as they can taken others with them. Powerful Jews will have no problems destroying the world if ever they feel that Israel has the slightest chance of being wiped off the map. We’ve all heard of the Samson Option.

      1. Soros has five children. Blowing up the world isn’t such a great idea when one has children and grandchildren to consider. I’m sure Soros’ kin have “tickets” to the DUMBs built by various governments at taxpayer expense, and the Soros extended family may well have their own luxuriously appointed family shelter(s), but at some point they would surely want to return to the surface.

        As for the Samson Option (SO), if Pat is right that nukes can’t be fitted to missiles or miniaturized, it’s a bluff. But let’s assume Pat is wrong. In that case the SO would mean the Jews in Israel would be blowing up the world they claim God made for them when less than half of them, those in Israel, are at risk. Does it make sense that if Israel is threatened the tribe in Israel will take out the tribe everywhere they exist? Israelis enjoy playing the role of the “mad dog” of the middle east, and the world, but even mad dog’s don’t often attack themselves. In truth, for all their belligerent bluster, Israel’s leaders are not rabid dogs.

        I lean towards FollyofWar’s argument that they would rather breed gentile whites out of existence than turn the entire globe into an irradiated hell for the next two or three hundred years (could be a LOT longer). Thanks to Soros and his ilk, the plan is already well underway. The flaw in their plan may be the racial hatred that “our fellow white people” have been stirring up among PoC for the last 50 or 60 years. A raging mob on a “Kill Whitey” mission won’t stop to check credentials.

      2. Sard –

        “…wipe Israel off the map…” HA!!!! Good one… 🙂

        That is exactly the FEAR PORN the Mainstream Media and the Alt Media has put into – embedded – into the collective mind of the whole world. It is generated by ‘Rothschilders’ and agents.

        Israel is 8,500 square miles. Hiroshima is 350 square miles. The massive ‘fire bombing’ 🙂 did not EVEN wipe little Hiroshima off the map in 1945.

        AND Hiroshima was NOT turned into glass..!! 🙂

    2. Folly of War,
      Good points in your post. However I must point out the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) is still on course and they are almost out of time, if they wish to prevent the rise of a Eurasian power able to challenge their dominance. Which is why I believe the Jewish organisms have to act quickly, if they wish to prevent the rise of China. They have until 2020 by then it will be too late. Remember it was the war psychosis perpetrated by Fleet Street which led to World War II. From your posts you seem quite phlegmatic. Realise, however, that nowadays the Anglo-Saxons are hysterical by nature and very emotional, probably due to Jewish mental conditioning. Witness Diana’s funeral, where you had fully grown men weeping and camping out on the streets of London. So the dumb animal masses will be easily duped into going to war.

  5. Soros first funds migration, and once migrants are in Europe, he fleeces them with his Master Cards:


    ‘George Soros, the hedge fund speculator turned self-proclaimed philanthropist, and his tax-exempt foundations, are an integral part of that pre-emptive war machine… Soros’ connection to the ultra-secret international finance circles of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection. The extraordinary success Soros has on the high-risk financial markets cannot simply be explained with “gambler’s luck”. Soros has access to the “insider track” of the world’s most important information channels, both government and private.’ – William Engdahl

    Soros also has a “small” army he borrowed from the NATO troops. When he went to Somalia to pick up the commodity [migrants], the Somalian army opened fire at his army because he was trying to recruit 25-35 year-old male inhabitants [about 500 of them] for migration to Europe.

    1. http://www.blacklistednews.com
      Published: January 25, 2017
      Soros is partnering with MasterCard Inc. to create Humanity Ventures, with the ostensible purpose of improving the lives of migrants through investments in education and health care, and fostering economic development in migrant communities… “Our potential investment in this social enterprise, coupled with MasterCard’s ability to create products that serve vulnerable communities, can show how private capital can play a constructive role in solving social problems,” he continued. But while Soros’ previous political efforts have largely been almost entirely in the form of his foundation making grants to other entities, Humanity Ventures appears a longer-term, more intensive project. “Humanity Ventures is intended to be profitable so as to stimulate involvement from other businesspeople,” Soros said in his statement. Clearly it’s not enough for Soros that he spends his money on encouraging mass migration — he wants other millionaires and billionaires to do so also and is enticing them to do so with the promise of profit.

  6. Instead of Soros:
    Marine Le Pen Faces 3 Years In Prison For Inciting French Revolution
    November 10, 2017
    Marine Le Pen could face up to 3 years in prison for inspiring French citizens to reject the globalists of Europe and revolt against the elitists controlling France. France’s National Assembly lifted Le Pen’s immunity from prosecution on Wednesday, voting unanimously to punish her for criticising France’s open border policy.

  7. https://problemwithchristians.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/kill-the-rothschilds.jpg

    Soros is a perfect example of how drones could be put to good use. The fact that Soros/Netanyahu/Rothschilds are still alive proves the criminal nature of the American state. If the United States wanted to end terror all it has to do is use its superior technology to blow away the real terrorists, who have addresses and homes, who’s whereabouts are exactly known at all times. Killing Soros or Netanyahu or any other underling of Rothschild is a piece of cake. No American pilot even has to risk their lives since they fly from a trailer parked on Nellis AFB.


    Letting in militant illegal immigrants is an act of war and treason, yet “Make America Great Again” El Trumpo has not stopped this invasion. Why? Because he is not just a treasonous lying scumbag tweeting idiot, he is a whore of this money power we assign to Jacob Rothschild. Any true American leader would immediately instinctively know the correct moral act and in their patriotic duty would without hesitation destroy the enemies of the American Constitutional Republic and protect the people from supremacist Jewish predation.


    But Trump doesn’t do a damn thing to protect us from illegal Muslim fighters being brought in to our homelands because he is just like those who employ him – a criminal employed by bigger criminals – and he is reading his lines doing his duty to a foreign power – Rothschild Zionist Khazarian Mafia fiat money empire. Trump is the little man trying to join the club, he’s only got a couple of billion, but wants to climb the influence ladder by getting in the 10s or 100s of billions wealth level.


    Forget that Trump’s wall is going to save you. That will not stop anyone during the time of total government corruption, anyone will be able to bribe their way across the border. It’s not like we don’t have a myriad of laws to stop illegal aliens, those laws are not being enforced because the political system is totally Jewish corrupt. Nor will the wall stop Muslims being flown in on USAF jets. Yes Virginia, the USAF routinely flies terrorists around – especially when Russian/Syrian forces have them cornered and are about to blow them away.


    Israel is the private state of Rothschild. No one should be allowed to create a private fiefdom and then wage holy hell on the rest of the world. It’s not like Rothschild doesn’t have enough already, he has 500 Trillion, he has too much, and he is using his wealth against us – that’s the problem. He should not be allowed to do what he is doing, wrecking the Middle East for his private gain. It is time to take out this Rothschild prick and take back our birthright. Freedom is holy and Rothschild is the devil.


    I say we nuke ’em, I say we completely glass Israel over, and we do without any regrets. Really, no joke, I say we flatten Israel and totally destroy Jerusalem because that would permanently end the Abrahamic faiths. Just reflect on what they have done to us: the world wars, the exploitative banking system, how they cheated us out of affordable homes with exponential debts created out of nothing. They have destroyed our republic and they deserve to pay with their lives and have all their wealth blown away.


    1. Here!Here!

      Exactly! Soros/Swartz is nothing more than a rothschild agent…much like Hamilton, or j.w. booth, and on and on.
      Rothschild and their babylonian talmudic disease of pure unadulterated hatred and greed knows no bounds and will run it’s course of destruction unless they are forcibly stopped.

      It’s going to run it’s course because since the east india trading company rothschild has killed millions!….and so far as I know only one person has acted against them…In 1912 William Tebbit attempted to assassinate Leopold de Rothschild

      Far too little far to late…that family should have been dropped a very very long time ago.

  8. Timely and well supported work by Alex Gorka. Those 177 pages in the link of useful idiots from the EU furnish a useful data base of where to begin to address the problem, besides the Soros family itself.

    The problem that Mr. Soros and his fellows seem to have overlooked is that this act of War against Caucasian civilization undermines the very foundation of their own life support. It was noted by Snez recently that the Chabad faction has called for World population reduction to 600 million non Jews, presumably with Jews allowed unlimited rights to rut and procreate. It would be useful to know the source – the link provided only a photo. Hindus and Asians are far wiser than the Jews, they’ll accept limited liberalism for a while; mostly they take the comforts of Western Civilization, the Technological progress, and build on it while avoiding the socially engineered Jewish catastrophe doomed to ultimate collapse. Regrettably a lot of traditional Asian achievements have suffered in the headlong rush to modernization, but certain core outlooks remain unchanged. Their ruling structures are despite appearances, far less democratic to a significant extent. When the Jews have finished wrecking here (if left unchecked and that is a mighty big if), what a surprise to find their agenda is unwelcome in the more rigidly ruled Asian societies, who no doubt are studying the Jew and his work.

    If the Jews want to return to medieval times leading to another stone age, that is exactly where this agenda will take them. The risks are massive and there are serious secondary blowback effects that effect Jews too. The attempted suppression of Brexit, the subversion and degrading of duly elected Populist influence in the US, the attempts to plug the increasing pockets of outrage in the EU are stop gap measures, but the opposition will only get worse. There are still huge numbers of unconfused people who know ‘what they are’, reject the slimy Soros/Kalergi efforts to convince them “that they ought to be something else” which brings only increasing problems with no tangible benefits on a wide scale.

  9. This is the Zionist plan , to flood Europe and the U.S. with third world immigrants to the point where the white race is in the minority and the Zionists have total rule over America and Europe, they are quite open about inflicting national suicide via immigration on America and Europe.

    The greatest threat to America is Zionism and Israel.

  10. Speaking of the Devil’s work… today November 11 aka “Remembrance Day” in Canada or “Veterans Day” in the USA is known to the Hebrews as “God Sex Day!”

    Furthermore, according to Jewish Gematria, November 11 (11 am) = “10 commandments from lucifer”.


    FYI, the filthy lying Jews originally called it “Armistice Day” which by strict definition means a cessation of war and no one side or country concedes defeat. When I was young in the 1970s, we still called it “Armistice Day” in Canada, BTW.

    Goy, oh boy, were the Germans in for a big surprise when the (((Allies))) unilaterally imposed the infamous Treaty of Versailles, which I would argue, was the result of the Balfour Declaration.

    In short, both World War 1 and World War 2 were Rothschild Zionist World Wars with the ultimate goal and prize being the creation of their private thiefdom called IsraHELL!

    World War I officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919. Negotiated among the Allied powers with little participation by Germany, its 15 parts and 440 articles reassigned German boundaries and assigned liability for reparations. After strict enforcement for five years, the French assented to the modification of important provisions. Germany agreed to pay reparations under the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan, but those plans were cancelled in 1932, and Hitler’s rise to power and subsequent actions rendered moot the remaining terms of the treaty. — History Channel, Treaty of Versailles

    And the rest, as they say, is history… which, as all faithful Darkmooners know, is nothing but filthy wicked Jew Lies.

  11. How far it has gone: former president [Jew] Sarkozy is proposing a law against white to white marriage, some blacks are demanding only blacks as constituency candidates, 3-year-old white children can be arrested for “racism”, “too” whites are also migrating, etc.
    Their obsession with championing Muslims has gotten so bad that they routinely deny or coverup crimes by Muslims, including the rape of 1400 children, in order to protect their favourite class of people from any criticism, give them shorter sentences if they attack white people, and deny that organised gangs of Muslim men exclusively targeting White children, including brutal sex attacks, torture and even branding them are not racist.
    In England, France, Germany, Sweden and so on, the powers that be are ensuring that those areas deemed to be “too white” are fed a strong dose of “diversity” to rectify what is seen to be a problem. This means that the only option for fleeing these diversity-ridden countries are to emigrate abroad. The only viable destination for those fleeing multiculturalism is Eastern Europe…

    1. @Snez

      You mentioned in a recent previous article the Chabad Lubavitch cartel calling for a reduced World population to the level of 600 million non Jews. Is there a source for that information?

      1. Thank you Morningstar. That 500 million figure was suggested as an optimum figure back in the 1970’s in Europe (Switzerland) which I believe predates the Georgia Guidestones. The means to achieving the end according to the source, would be a call for a ten year worldwide moratorium on childbirth. Apparently there are fertility suppressants being introduced in the contemporary vaccines though of course, officially denied – an investigative report claiming this discovery appeared very recently.

        If Mr. Soros had spent his money in Sub Saharan Africa on education and the sensible promotion of birth control with encouraging enforcing it through existing regimes by financial “incentives” he might have contributed something useful to the World. The choice of Sub Saharan Africa is because it has the absolute worst problem in this respect which is rapidly wiping out finite flora and fauna at an unreplaceable rate.

        The office of the Pope could have emphasized this as well. The Chinese recognized and attempted to address the problem, but it created a huge imbalance in males. Many Chinese cities had dump sites outside of the municipalities for unwanted female babies, right up to the 1940’s. Outlooks are difficult to change, but look at what the Jews have done in mass brainwashing – only horridly for the very worse.

  12. Last night Lebanon played Australia in the Rugby League World Cup. We thrashed them, but they fought bravely. As in most sports, us Aussies are world champions.
    I was at the game in Sydney and enjoyed the company, good manners and decency of the Lebanese Semites.
    There was so much love and commendable good spirit between the Aussies (including our Pacific Islanders) that I was half barracking (or would you Yanks say “rooting” ) for Lebanon to score. Us Aussies even included some players with Lebanese parentage.
    Now, these Arab-Semites are not “black” as I’ve said. They are handsome caucasians – strong men who are men and very attractive sheilas. We were sharing beers, souvlakis and pies; and several of the 30 year old female beauties were coming on to me. Of the latter, head wraps were gone and some wore inverted baseball caps. They kept cuddling me.
    My point? Once the Koran diminishes naturally in their minds these strong Semitic Caucasians are great people. Great breeding material and future gold medal winners in wrestling, etc. The sheilas are a beauty asset and great mothers.
    Some of our less intelligent scribes call them “blacks” and some idiot called them out for low IQ’s. As I’ve said, if it wasn’t for the intellectual acumen of Islam during our stinking, Church and Jew induced Dark Ages, we’d have lost most of our classical knowledge.
    But you Jewified, good ol’ boys think you are clever.

  13. Hmm, comments have slowed down, so perhaps it’s time to make a few observations that may stimulate more discussion. Or is the DM readership and commentariat full of veterans taking the day off?

    I spend more time than is good for me on Twitter. I don’t comment there, and don’t have a Twitter account, but I do follow some of the white nationalist Tweeters, Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce among them. There are many conservative voices on Twitter, and while those voices are frequently silenced by Twitter policies that apparently exempt blatant “hate speech” by anyone on the left / liberal / PoC / SJW side, the conservatives are persistent in creating new accounts to return to the fray.

    Conservatives is a poor choice of words because more than a few are reformed lefties, liberals, SJWs, etc., who have been “red pilled”. They retain a more or less liberal weltanschauung, while acknowledging that immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity may not be such a good thing after all. And, thanks to people such as Barbara Lerner Spectre and György Schwarz (George Soros), they know that “Jews will be at the center of this”: the rape, chaos and destruction that Spectre, Soros, and their friends and lackeys have brought to European culture and society.

    Sister Monica observed recently that it seems few comments are generated by articles with which Darkmoon readers and the usual commentariat generally agree. This one, for instance. Most of us know and agree that Soros is evil, vile scum, and most of us are familiar with his plans for open borders, his sponsorship of illegal immigrant “rights” groups, and his payments to keep Antifa, BLM, and other socialist / communist revolutionaries on the streets, or making “news”. Not really much to discuss there. But on Twitter these topics, though equally a part of the consensus view of the “red pilled”, still generate heated discussions. Why might that be?

    It is my impression that much of Darkmoon’s readership and commentariat are from the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations, with an occasional Gen Y or Millennial thrown in, and perhaps one or two surviving members of the Greatest Generation. This is important, so I’ll use one of my allowable links to refer to an article on the generational definitions. I will now make a couple of generalizations that won’t be true of all, but will be true of many or most of the people within a generation.

    Baby Boomers were born into a time of plenty. The USA had come out of WW2 more or less unscathed, minus about 400,000 dead. Our (yes, I’m one) rebellious phase – every generation goes through one – came in the antiwar 60s and 70s, then most Boomers settled down and turned into good capitalists when the “free love” 60s and early 70s became the “I have children” late 70s and 80s.

    Gen X rebelled by developing a deep seated contempt for Boomers, their parents. Gen X have been shut out of careers and promotions by Boomers. They have it found it difficult to buy houses because Boomers drove prices out of reach, and they wait – somewhat less than patiently – for Boomers to die off so they can get on with their lives. Gen Y share some traits with late stage Gen Xers, and some with early Millenials, so won’t be discussed further. That pigeonholing, too, is characteristic for Gen Y, and part of their shared experience.

    The Millenials are a very different breed. Educated in the politically correct schools, colleges and universities of the late 90s and early 00s, Millennials tend to fall into two groups: the SJW, Antifa, limp wristed, 3rd wave feminist, socialist-communist, safe space seeking snowflakes (4S for short), and the “Chads”. The 4S Millennials recently (Nov 4) tried to stage an establishment approved, “anti-fascist” revolution, but almost no one came. Chads – a Twitter meme – are young men and women who exemplify everything the 4S Millennials are not. They are tough, self educated, independent, “red pilled”, no nonsense truth seekers and truth tellers. There are not many of them, but they are out to change the world, and it’s my bet they will.

    Some readers will have heard of or read the book The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe. The link is for the “official” website, where some of the concepts are discussed in brief to encourage people to read the book. Strauss and Howe posit that every four generations there is a “revolution”. It may be bloody, or not. It may be lasting, or not. It may be a good thing, or not. Much depends on the character of the generations involved, and the environments in which they were born and grew up. Their theory applies almost exclusively to what is known as Central (European, white) Civilization, not to African, Middle Eastern or Asian cultures. If Strauss and Howe are correct, we are due for a revolution right about now. Millennials and Gen Y would supply the soldiers and officers, respectively. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers would provide the philosophical – intellectual impetus and senior officers. Yet here at Darkmoon, where Boomers and Gen Xers hang out, the pervasive attitude seems to be one of apathy, despair, and what PCR calls insouciance. We, many of us, appear to be resigned to a future in which the NJWO will kill us off or enslave us. We appear to accept that our children, and grandchildren will be slain, enslaved, or used as sexual playthings. SNAP OUT OF IT! We have a job to do.

    Our ancestors conquered the world. We may not like or admire how they did it, or what they did when they were done, but our people – White and Latin Europeans – made the world their oyster, and swallowed it whole. This is NOT white supremacy. I do not advocate taking the world away from those who now live in China, Africa, the Middle East or anywhere else. I do argue that the world needs, and must have, lands dedicated to White / Latin populations, and those willing to be assimilated into Central Civilization.

    For a vision of what the world would look like without white people in it take a look at South Africa, Liberia or Zimbabwe. For a look at what the world would be like if “our fellow white people” carry out their plans, consider Wiemar Germany, or the cities of London, New York, Frankfurt, Paris or Los Angeles today. Or, take a look at the website Snez linked to in a post earlier today. Scroll down for a good look. Much of the information on that site is in Cyrillic, but what is in English-American should chill us to the bone. Is that the future we want? Is that who we would like to leave in care of our children and grandchildren? My line ends with me, so it’s a rhetorical question for me, but for the sake of “y’alls’ chilluns”, I say NO!

    I apologize for the long post. I’ve made many assertions and claims without providing evidence because I had only three links to work with. Hope I used those wisely. Much of my argument is polemical because the time for wishy-washiness and half measures is over. It’s time to sh** or get off the pot. OK. Let ‘er rip! 🙂

    1. Carnaptious – I’ve said it before (in fact, I may have been the first person to say it on this website) and I’ll say it again, your comments are always well-reasoned, well-stated and a pleasure to read and contemplate. Thank you for your input regarding the myriad of issues discussed on this website.

    2. @ Carnaptious
      @Jag Vet
      @Sister Monica

      Absolutely agree, uncontrolled mass enforced selective miscegenation is not the way, as Russia and Hungary have stood up against, with increasing disenchantment elsewhere. The Rip response is growing. More Chads!

      1. Winston et al., on top of that, Africans and Arabs have got rid of their worst, and sent them to the west. Imagine if we sent our worst to them – no prisons needed. 🙂

    3. @Carnaptious

      “Carnaptious” is an English word which is new to me. So, naturally enough, I consulted the English-Russian dictionary, and this is what I got:


      As one can see, it is an adjective with three different meanings in Russian:

      придирчивый picky, captious, nagging, cantankerous, fault-finding, carnaptious
      вздорный contentious, quarrelsome, ugly, rubbishy, cockamamie, carnaptious
      раздражительный irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, carnaptious

      Whichever meaning I go with, it seems that Carnaptious picked up the right nom de guerre for himself.

      1. Circassiam being charming and complimentary as usual. I have two enormous, up-to-date dictionaries at hand (Websters and Collins) and unfortunately the word “carnaptious” cannot be found in either of them. I’m going to write to the publishers and demand a refund! 🙂

      2. Circassian, what is your problem? Carnaptious hasn’t even tried to offend anyone.

        Carnaptious, I find your insights valuable.

      3. Carnaptious isn’t in most English dictionaries, including the compact Oxford English. Webster’s 3rd Edition defines it as “bad tempered”, so the translations Circassian provides are in the ballpark. It is a Scottish word according to Webster. I am 3/4 Scottish by ancestry, 1/4 German. Might explain a few things.

        @USAF Jag Vet
        @Sister Monica
        Thanks for your kind words and thoughts

        In poll after poll, immigration is found to be THE major issue for a very substantial majority of those who are not in the lefty camp. There is no doubt who is driving the anti-white agenda. They are proud of their achievements, apparently unaware that to the average Cameroonian or Somalian immigrant (avg IQ < 70), they too are white.

        @Circassian. You have good dictionaries in your part of the world. I had to consult half a dozen different English/American dictionaries before I could find a definition.

      4. Circ…. The ‘impaler of good commenters’ is still at it here. 🙂

        Don’t let the Mossad agent who claims to be an “American Citizen” 🙂 run you off, Carn.

        He did you a favor by creating the distance between you and the phony – the scoundrel – one of the sayanim planted here.

      5. ‘You seem to be praying by the Wall.’ was meant for Circassian.
        Carnaptious, I agree with you, and would call it forced migration. The only thing I disagree on with you and others here is the validity of the IQ tests. One solid argument would be: if you don’t accept globalism, then you can’t use the same IQ test on a global level. 🙂

      6. Thank you Pat, Snez, and Sister Monica. In truth, I am not as fragile as my health issues might suggest, and I do identify with the third of Circassian’s definitions: irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy. A good friend of mine once said that I did not gladly suffer fools or nonsense. I credit my Scots/German ancestry. Heck, I might even change my handle to “Irascible”, another excellent word!😀

      7. The UK used to have a 10-year process of naturalisation, except for foreigners who would earn faster citizenship by means of some extraordinary achievement. I think that, under normal circumstances, such a system of meritocracy would have been adopted at least in Europe. During the process of naturalisation, people who can’t adapt to a foreign culture return to their native country. Closing the borders is senseless, and western people also migrate to other parts of the world. The migration mess that is now taking place in Europe and the US is going to cause a lot of trouble and bloodshed. Actually, it already is: https://www.defendevropa.org

      8. @Snez

        I also question the validity of IQ tests. There are many types of “intelligence” – most of which are not accounted for in Western style IQ tests. For example, the average cosmopolitan westerner would look rather dumb – in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities – to someone living within the arctic circle. And vice versa.

        Yes, it would be silly, and next to impossible, to ban all immigration and emigration. Nonetheless, some kind of controls need to be put in place. Immigrant herds roaming around doesn’t work for anybody except promoters and supporters of Coudenhove-Kalergi / Cloward-Piven type plans.

      9. Carn, how to stop the Brussels gang of Shabbos Goyim, and wake up the whites indoctrinated for suicide?
        ‘And the big Jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into.’ – Ezra Pound

  14. Ha ha Mr Soros, Uncle Adolf is waiting for you, he has kept the ovens clean for you. Won’t be long now you jew cunt and retribution will be sweet.
    White man , get up off your knees,
    Stand and fight.
    Hail victory 14/88

  15. What if Gorge Soros was dead ?
    What if it not George Soros ….. because George Soros is deceased & has been deceased for over a year now ?
    Who else could we blame ?

    google – REUTERS Soros obituary …… look !
    It was a mistake
    Or was it ?
    Who exactly is hiding behind thr Soros name ?

  16. ABC Radio National – Big Ideas – European Security: A Finnish View

    Have a little listed to the Finnish Ambassador & see that they are very happy with matters.

  17. Soros is not deserving of any recognition at all…. not even an article which portrays him as a scumbag. Even that is way too much attention.

    If N M Rothschild were an elephant…. Soros would not even be the size of a flea.

    He is used by the manipulators and their media outlets…. to keep attention away from the Pharisee-Jew bankers in London….. the REAL financiers of all that is written in this article.

    He has an easy name.

    Description of the REAL culprits:

    N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides strategic, M&A, wealth management, and fundraising advice and services to governments, companies, and individuals worldwide. The company offers impartial, expert advisory, and execution services; and asset management services, principally in the area of debt fund management for various CLO, leveraged debt, and mezzanine debt vehicles. It also provides private client banking, commercial lending, asset finance, and treasury, including the provision of asset financing to companies and local authorities. The company was founded in 1798 and is based in London, United Kingdom.
    N M Rothschild & Sons Limited operates as a subsidiary of Rothschild & Co SCA.

    1. György Schwartz, aka George Soros, was trained by the banksters’ CIA – that’s how he received a green card and a Greek name. His friends now, beside the Rothshcilds, are NATO, IMF, the Brussels gang, the UN, the Chabad mafia, Saudi-Arabian Shiekhs, Mark Zuckerberg, Macron, McCain Jared Kushner [Soros is not Trump’s enemy], Kissinger, Khodorkhovsky, Saban, Pope Francis etc.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DlOvIgHlaE – Trump Adviser Jared Kushner Has $1 Billion Debt to George Soros

      “Progressive” views of György Schwartz:

      ‘Individual states and national populations should not be allowed to govern their own economic affairs – instead, this process will be accomplished by a global financial elite.’ – George Soros, ‘Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism Reconsidered’
      ‘A reunited Germany could disturb the power balance in Europe’ – George Soros in his 1991 autobiography ‘Underwriting Democracy’
      ‘It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.’ – George Soros, The Independent, 1993
      ‘The EU must accept at least one million immigrants every year! Placing refugees wherever they want to go – and wherever they want – is an essential condition for success… The EU should make an annual commitment to front-line countries of at least 8-10 billion euros, the difference being covered by the United States and the rest of the world. This may be added to long-term bonds issued to support asylum seekers in Europe…’ – George Soros, Project Syndicate
      ‘New world order will be a healthy, if painful [violent] adjustment. China will be the engine driving it forward and the U.S. will be actually a drag that is being pulled along through a gradual decline in the dollar.’ – George Soros, 5 January 2011
      ‘The United Nations might have been an effective organization if it were under the leadership of two superpowers cooperating with each other. As it is, the United Nations has already failed as an institution which could be put in charge of U.S. troops. This leaves NATO as the only institution of collective security that has not failed, because it has not been tried.’ – George Soros, a 1993 speech entitled, ‘Toward a New World Order: The Future of NATO’

      1. Snez –

        It matter very little what Soros claims a speaks about.

        It matters ONLY what – the REAL company – NM Rothschild & Sons does. GLOBALLY.

      2. Pat, I agree with you that Soros is just a flea on the body of the elephant Rothschild, but the flea speaks to us through his books, and tells us where the non-talking elephant is going. If you know of a book written by the elephant, please, share. If he is lying, I can now see through at least half of his lies. 🙂

      3. Snez –

        It would not matter what the elephant has written about. You have written here, yourself, the ACTIONS of a criminal are the real proof. What he DOES.

        I repeat:
        It matters ONLY what – the REAL company – NM Rothschild & Sons DOES. GLOBALLY.


      4. Snez –

        Thanks for the help.

        My article writing days are in the rear view mirror. I have had my own blog sites and newsletters in the past. They dealt with gun control laws and Agenda-21 regulations at the local levels. ICLEI is one very important push, locally, by the Rothschilds’ agents, flying under the radar. ‘Paid-Stooge Soros’ helps deflect there.

        From my experience…
        I would have drawn the chart with banksters above the state. 🙂

      5. Pity, you gave up. Genghis Cahn has a lot of agendas. Jacob owns 600km2 in London, and the territory is not subject to the UK legislation. I am guessing Evelyn does too, in France, Germany and Italy. And they dictate legislation for Goyim. Dumb Goyim could easily arrest them, and confiscate all their illegal and illegitimate property and possessions – just imagine how all continents could be developed, and Africans and Arabs wouldn’t wish to migrate to the white people’s land.

        Interestingly, I had the same idea about the picture, but then I remembered the wise words of professor Richard Werner, ‘…only power that is hidden is power that endures.’ It looks like “just banks” somewhere in the middle, but is, in reality, in the top of the pyramid of power.

      6. Snez –

        “Pity, you gave up.”

        I was forced to leave it alone. I cannot write with ease anymore. Some sentences take me several minutes instead of seconds… 🙂 due to errors. I notice more errors I do not catch these days…. even with spell checker. Dropping the ‘t’ on ‘the’ is not a spelling mistake to the checkers, as ‘he’ is permissible spelling….. but a grammatical error.

        We all go away “BIGGLY”.

        Eternal Dirt Nap is no “YUGE” deal..!! 🙂

      7. Keep up, Pat! You are giving us valuable information. 🙂
        Here is something spicy for you [unless you already know]: Mossad arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and his wife Lamia are the Trumps’ close friends and business partners.

  18. A new very good treatise with comments on the white genocide:
    ‘This reduction of White space is occurring in demographic, cultural, and even historical areas; the latter involving a ludicrous ‘Blackwashing’ of periods of European history which were overwhelmingly monocultural… There is of course a substantial overlap not only in the self-comforting content of Jewish and African revenge fantasies, but also in their narrative structure. Just as narratives of Jewish victimhood rely on strict definitions of anti-Semitism (perpetrated by irrational Whites against innocent Jews)… Similarities between the European experience under Jewish influence, and the African experience under European empire are of course limited. As stated above, European influence in Africa was a net benefit, bringing manifold cultural, social, and technological benefits to African societies. No similar claim could be made about Jewish influence at any point in European history…’

  19. Why , in the name of all that’s good and right, has no one but a damned bullet into this Edomite pig yet !!!!

  20. The EU promised benefits to member nations that some member nations are yet to receive, but one thing the EU has lots of is immigrants, hordes of immigrants, immigrants by the battalion, brigade, and division. The EU is determined to share the “benefits of multiculturalism and diversity” with member nations, whether they like it or not. And nations that for some unfathomable reason (bribery of “elites”) still want to join the EU must prove their loyalty to “EU values” by accepting immigrants. One such nation is Georgia, where the EU is now proposing to place an army of immigrants, one battalion at a time.

    Henry Kamens has an interesting article up at New Eastern Outlook (NEO) about the plan to dump immigrants on Georgia. First, Kamens urges caution because previous experience suggests it is prudent.

    After some disgruntled Cubans drove a car into the Peruvian Embassy compound and demanded asylum, which was granted, Castro surprised the world by announcing that anyone who wanted to leave Cuba could just climb over the embassy wall. Over 100,000 did, and then fled in a series of boats from the port Castro had opened for the purpose, eagerly assisted by “freedom lovers” everywhere. Only later did the US discover that Castro had simply emptied the mental hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters and transported all his problems to the US, which was still busy educating its populace on the benefit of accepting these migrants, whilst closing the door to millions of others.

    And why has Carnaptious put a link to Kamen’s article here?

    …Chai Khana (Tea House). It is currently advertising for interns by offering them Impact Hub membership. The Impact Hub IP and Brand are owned by the “Impact Hub Association”, which is in turn the sole owner of “HUB GmbH (Impact Hub Company)”, a charitable company with the mandate to manage global operations and facilitate the development of the network as a whole.

    This company is based in Vienna, which is also home to one of the global organisation’s main investors, the Erste Stiftung (aka “Erste Foundation”). The Erste Foundation appears to work hand-in-hand with George Soros. Though offered as part of Erasmus+, this programme is not even an EU project but a Soros Foundation one – the price the EU itself has to pay for getting its hands on Soros funds for better-intentioned endeavours, and prevent him wrecking more currencies with his speculations.

    Won’t someone rid us of this troublesome “philanthropist”?

    1. 20+ million views, 168,000+ likes, thousands of sniveling comments. None of those infamous YouTube counter resets for that piece of social engineering.

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