False Flag in Manchester?

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Pictures and captions added by Pandora Pushkin

Government assisted killing of their own citizens for political purposes has become a common pattern. The media are getting ever bolder in disguising such events as ‘Terror’, spreading fear. The public swallows these lies again and again.

THERESA MAY :  “Hi, Everyone! I’m British Prime Minister Theresa May, a vicar’s daughter and a regular churchgoer. I know I don’t look particularly evil, but I intend to kill 22 people and injure 59 others on May 22 and make it look like this was a dreadful atrocity committed by a Libyan terrorist. It goes without saying that bumping off a few school kids and blowing off a few arms and legs is no big deal for a good Christian like me!”  


British elections are planned for 8 June 2017.

At the end of a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande in Manchester, an enormous ‘controlled’ explosion killed at least 22 people and injured 59, as reported by British media. Many of them are children and adolescents, as most of the concert-goers were young people.

The singer is unharmed. The concert hall accommodates 21,000 people. After the blast, panic broke loose, resulting in a mass stampede. It is not clear whether people were also killed in the stampede.

Hours after the explosion, although BBC reported it was not evident what exactly happened, UK police and authorities talked immediately of an act of terror.

Early Tuesday morning, 23 May, British authorities said that the Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the explosion. The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Ian Hopkins, stated investigators believe the attack was carried out by a lone suicide bomber “carrying” a homemade device. He was killed by the blast.

The IS-Propaganda agency Amak apparently issued the claim of IS’s responsibility for the deadly blast. Did an independent authority check whether this is indeed true?

The attacker, is now named by US officials (why US officials?) as Salman Abedi, 22, a British citizen, born in the UK. He is told having detonated the improvised explosive device.

Another 23-year-old suspect was apprehended in the south of Manchester. But so far, the Chief Police Officer refused to talk to the media about suspects.

Prime Minister, Theresa May raised the threat warning to the highest level, from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’, saying other attacks may follow. This is the highest security level in the UK. She also urged police to investigate whether the attacker was alone or may have acted as a member of a wider terror group.

The attack is the worst in the UK since 56 people were killed in the 7 July London bombings in 2005.

Both, Theresa May and her election opponent, Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn expressed their deep sorrow to the victims’ families. All campaign activities for the 8 June elections have been suspended.

Mr. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, proclaiming on what the raised threat level means for the city, said, “there will be additional police officers on London’s streets over the coming days – including additional armed officers. You will also see some military personnel around London – they are there to help our police service to keep us safe and guard key sites.”

The head of Counter Terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, Mr. Mark Rowley, informed that “there has been an arrest and there are currently multiple searches and other activity taking place as I speak. However, at this stage it is still not possible to be certain if there was a wider group involved in the attack; 24 hours in we have a number of investigative leads that we are pursuing to manage the ongoing threat.”

All of this points to a rapid militarization of the UK, akin to France. What EU country will be next?

Why would the Islamic State kill children in England, when they know exactly that this provokes further NATO – EU – US military aggression against them? And why in England, just before elections? Do they not know that they incite election results unfavorable to them, unfavorable to the Muslim society, electing the candidate that promises even more discrimination against Muslims? A candidate even less eager to find a peaceful solution in the Middle East?

Of course, they know. ISIS / IS (Daesh), Al-Qaeda and most other terror groups fighting in the Middle East proxy-wars for the West, are the creation of the West. We, The People, should wake up to this reality and see such terror attacks at crucial points in time as what they are – provocations, false flags, to dupe the public into asking for what the establishment, the ruling class wants – more “protection”, like a gradual but ever accelerating militarization of the west.

Even the installation of Martial Law is not far-fetched. Former French President Hollande has tried to introduce it in France’s Constitution ever since the Hebdo Charlie (false flag) attack; so far unsuccessfully.

This gives the Deep State-installed EU government, i.e. Brussels, the legitimacy to clamp down and if needed violently repress protests in European cities, as they may arise with increasing neoliberal financial domination of western economies, imposed austerities, privatization of public services, educations systems, health care – cuts in pensions, in brief, the imposition of a fascist economy. We are almost there, just look at Greece.

—  §  —

As always, the question to ask is Cui Bono? – At first sight it looks like the act of ‘terror’ might benefit Theresa May and her conservative Tories. They propagate clamping down on terrorism, on immigration to keep ‘terrorists’ out. Snap-elections decided without much warning by PM Theresa May, are scheduled for 8 June, just 17 days away from the attack, but enough time to launch massive pro-conservative and anti-Labor propaganda.



THERESA MAY :  OK guys, how many Brits are you gonna kill for me in Operation False Flag May 22?

OFFICER 1 :  Do we get a bonus the more people we kill?

THERESA MAY :  Yeah, sure! Provided you kill a lot of kids and shout ‘Allahu-Akbar’!

OFFICER 2 :  No problem, ma’am! We don’t mind killing a few of our own kids for freedom and democracy! It’s worth the price!

   Interestingly, Jeremy Corbyn has been making rapid gains lately in the polls. The supposed ‘terror’ attack, may set his gains back and advance the “pro-security” Tory leader, Theresa May. As if Jeremy Corbyn and Labor were against ‘security’ – This is the implied falsehood of the presstitute – foreseeable, like in The Theft of an Election Foretold.

Interestingly too, the recent French elections were also preceded by a terror attack. Just days ahead of the first round of elections, a gunman opened fire on a police car on Champs Élysées, killing one policeman and injuring two, the gunman was immediately killed by French police; the chief witness gone. End of story.

The incident most likely helped propel Macron and Le Pen into the second round. That’s what the dark hands of the ‘system’ wanted. So, it would be easy to focus the propaganda on the self-styled centrist, pro-Europe, pro-globalization, pro-NATO, and naturally, pro-enhanced security, i.e. pro-militarization of Europe, the Rothschild banker, Emmanuel Macron – who eventually ‘won’ in a landslide, against Marine Le Pen, who campaigned pro French sovereignty, against Brussels, against the euro and against NATO.

We will see later this year whether more killing is needed to get Mme. Merkel re-elected.



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  1. Brilliant! I love the pictures and captions. They say it all!

    Pandora is going to be hated, whoever she is. But never mind! We need someone to keep reminding us that not every terrorist attack is a false flag attack cooked up by a demonic government elite determined to turn the world into Satan’s kitchen.

    It’s amazing to me how intellectually unimaginative and sclerotic these people are who cry “False Flag attack!” at the behest of disinfo agents like Jim Stone and Kevin Barrett. They think they are being dreadfully clever for seeing conspiracies under every bed and bush.

    The sad truth is: they are DUPES of the DISINFO MERCHANTS!

    1. Yeah, sure, Theresa May looks really EVIL, doesn’t she? Lucrezia Borgia, move over! Lady Dracula has nothing on her!

      The Vicar’s daughter thinks nothing of killing a bunch of school children and blowing off their arms and legs in order to get few extra votes for the Tory party!

      The morons who believe this sort of stuff belong in a loony bin.

    2. In such cases always ask the cui bono question. The elite has no interest in accusing itself of deception. On the contrary, their interest is to keep the idea of “Muslim terrorism” alive, justifying more interventions in the Middle East and more of a police state in the West. Ergo, Jim Stone and Kevin Barrett cannot be disinfo agents for the elite.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Jim Stone and Kevin Barrett cannot be disinfo agents for the elite.

        Methinks this is a strawman argument since I never claimed Jim Stone and Kevin Barrett were “disinfo agents for the elite.”

        Jim Stone is a disinfo agent because he’s a paranoid schizophrenic, a bit like TROJ. He doesn’t live in the real world. Every single day of the week you will find a new conspiracy theory concocted on his site. He produces conspiracy theories in prolific extravagance like a magician produces rabbits from a hat.

        As for Kevin Barrett, he is not to be trusted for two reasons:

        (1) He is a Muslim, so he has an ulterior motive for exonerating Muslims from all blame and pinning the blame on sinister government agencies for any new terrorist attack.

        (2) He belongs to Veterans Today, which he edits, and we all know VT is by far the most notorious disinformation website on the internet. VT may well publish excellent articles occasionally as red herrings, to deceive its readers into thinking it cares about the truth, but essentially VT is engaged in “mindfuck” and muddying the waters. How can anyone respect a website that deliberately misinformed its readers about LIBYA and later admitted it? And how can anyone expect sobriety and truth from an organization that publishes crap articles by ‘Dr’ Preston James about UFOs from Outer Space and alien infiltration of the earth?

        What makes you defend such an indefensible crap website? Do you believe in UFOs? Do you think extraterrestrials have taken over the earth and work in collusion with the Jews?

        Anyone who defends Kevin Barrett, the editor of such a blatantly mendacious website, is seriously up the creek without a paddle.

      2. Sard,
        there could be another angle to VT, an even sneakier one and for this reason not be overlooked – if i had a policy role in Deep State, i would make sure to include it in the toolkit.
        It goes like this:
        roll out an alternative site with a mix of genuine writers (Jonas Alexis) and state agents (Duff),
        once it attains credibility, agent reveals disinfo element and the saner readers start automatically discounting EVERYTHING it publishes as bizarre fiction,
        at that point, start publishing true information that you DO NOT WANT public to ever take seriously, thus providing it the best cover possible, that of
        hiding in plain sight and anyone entertaining it is dismissed as a headcase.

        for this reason i would look at not just the VT stories but EVERYTHING ELSE on a case-by-case basis.
        Which, after all is the only way to discover the truth.

      1. @ John Kirby

        The article begins with this paragraph:

        DISCLAIMER. All articles published on this website reflect the views of their original authors. It must not be assumed that publication of any material on this website automatically implies approval of its contents. We sometimes publish articles we consider complete garbage.

        The pictures and their captions are intended as a satirical comment on the article, i.e., to cast ridicule on the idea that Theresa May is a serial killer.

        I think that is fully justified, given that there is not a shred of evidence that Theresa May gave the order to kill 22 people and seriously injure 59. The Prime Minister didn’t blow off the arms and legs of so many people just to get herself a few extra votes,
        as the stupid article implies.

        She didn’t needn’t the votes anyway. She had an overwhelming majority. So why would she do this? There was no “cui bono” in this for her. She was all set for victory.

      2. The article is only “sick” if you failed to understand that the pictures and captions are a satirical commentary on the article, that these pictures and captions are “irony”. They are not meant to be taken seriously or literally!

    3. The Zionist were behind the attacks on 9/11/2001,Israel and the jewish neocons (some goyim,like Dick Cheney)traitors in our own government,needed 9/11 to happen in order to fulfill. The Oded Yinon’s plan”for Isra-hell’s expansion of it’s borders from lebanon to Iran to secure natural resources (oil&water),and becoming the overwhelming military power in the region.see:The attack on the USS Liberty by israel/1967

  2. Let us keep in mind that behind our evil elite, behind the Theresa Mays, Emmanuel Macrons or Angela Merkels of this world, is the Jewish elite, intend on regional hegemony for Israel in the Middle East and world domination for themselves. For them our “leaders” are only front men for their global agenda.

    False flag terrorism is the hallmark of Jewish politics. It was the means by which Israel was created (cf. the bombs in the King David hotel), it is the means by which Israel’s neighbors are being destroyed, it is also the means by which they try to destroy the West and gain world supremacy.

    Motto of the Mossad.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Yeah, sure. Theresa May knew nothing about this “false flag attack”.
      She was the last one to be told. A mere puppet in the hands of an evil elite, right?

      And having been told, she just shrugs her shoulders and says, “Too bad I’m just a puppet! Never mind, I’ll say a few extra prayers for the kids I helped to kill by letting myself be manipulated by evil Jews!”

      Do you really believe this unutterable garbage?

      1. @ Sardonicus

        Members of the elite are carefully selected early on in their career. Often this happens at elite universities. Brilliant students are “befriended” by Jews who help them by contacts and money. Such candidates for high office are then led to participate in sexual orgies and satanic rituals, by which they can be blackmailed. Thus elite puppets are created by bribery and blackmail. Once under such power they are prepared to commit any crime.

        For an example of sexual blackmail, see the case of Jeffrey Epstein, who invited members of the elite to participate in sexual orgies with minors, which was filmed and then used for blackmail.

        For an example of blackmail by satanic rituals, watch this video of a Dutch banker, who was invited to participate in ritual sacrifices of children. He refused and that meant the end of his career. The story about the sacrifices runs from 24:45 to 26:33. Look at his tears and tell me if you believe he is pretending :


        He says the world is ruled by an elite of about 8500 people who are Satanists.

      2. Franklin makes a good point.

        Moreover, the so-called brilliant students are mainly distinguished by their undeviating adherence to instruction, lacking the true curiosity, the prerequisite for genuine creativity.
        I saw that often enough in my work and the medical students are the worst set of unimaginative poindexters, being at the same time the most “brilliant” students.

        No wonder that the Squid of Talmud recruits its goy acolytes from those ranks, the prestigious Illuminati scholarship winners, your Clintons, Obamas, Podestas, Camerons, Mays, congenital brownnosers spiritually and morally benumbed, devoid of empathy, self-respect and confidence, materialist to the shallow core.

  3. A LICENSE for DECEIT… False Flags are condoned – encouraged… by those who chant KOL NIDRE’s deceitful incantation every year. HABIT… (their nature). That’s how the Pharisee-Jews live..!!


    To the average Christian the word “Talmud” is just another word associated by them with the form of religious worship practiced in their synagogues by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.

    Many Christians have never heard of the Talmud. Very few Christians are informed on the contents of the Talmud. Some may believe the Talmud to be an integral part of the religious worship known to them as “Judaism”. It suggests a sort of bible or religious text book. It is classed as a spiritual manual. But otherwise few if any Christians have an understanding of the contents of the Talmud and what it means in the daily lives of so-called or self-styled “Jews”. As an illustration, my dear Dr. Goldstein, how many Christians have any conception of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement?

    In Volume VIII of the Jewish Encyclopedia on page 539 found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and libraries of all leading cities, will be found the official translation into English of the prayer known as the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer. It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues.

    IT is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the alter. After the recital of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” and are celebrated as such throughout the world. The official translation into English of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer follows”


    The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:

    “This may have provided a support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre (a formula for dispensation of vows) prior to the Evening Service of the Day of Atonement (Ran)…Though the beginning of the year (New Year) is mentioned here, the Day of Atonement was probably chosen on account of its great solemnity. But Kol Nidre as part of the ritual IS LATER THAN THE TALMUD, and, as seen from the following statement of R. Huna b. Hinene, THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC. (emphasis supplied and in original text, Ed.)

    The greatest study of the “Kol Nidre” (all Vows) prayer was made by the eminent psycho-analyst Professor Theodor Reik, the celebrated pupil of the famous Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective.

    This important study is contained in Professor Reik’s “The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies”. In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:



    KOL NIDRE deceit ‘Made Easy’ by internet…

    Do you chant KOL NIDRE every year to release yourself from oaths and promises..??
    If so… why?
    If not.. why not?
    You can even pay by credit card to do it online..!!

    “SILENT Kol Nidre if YOU PAY”

    This is the time of year for the entire membership to participate in a special voluntary donation to the Synagogue in the spirit of Kol Nidre, also known as the

    “Silent” Kol Nidre Appeal.


    …..OR… find a FAMILY PACKAGE deal such as this…

    Family Kol Nidre Service
    Led by Rabbi Noah Arnow

    Join us for a special Kol Nidre service designed for families like yours. This more informal service will provide the opportunity for the whole family to come to Shul together.

    Children and adults of all ages are welcome, as is the accompanying inevitable (and sweet) sound of children. We will learn a couple of new melodies and sing some old favorites. Through song and story, prayer, conversation and quiet, we will create a sacred yet comfortable space to begin our Yom Kippur and to make this a useful Yom Kippur for each of us.

    Bring a few quieter toys for your kids, bring your energy and bring your spirit. We will meet in the Beit Midrash and begin at 6:00pm and conclude before 8:00pm – and…..

    if you need to leave early, no problem!

    Streaming available:

    1. PAT :

      You were a U.S. Navy Commander of Nuclear-Powered submarines , so I ask you. I was always under the impression — I was always a civilian — anyway, I was always under the impression that Nuclear-Powered Submarines also carry Nuclear warheads. Is that right, is my impression correct?

      1. TROJ –

        “..is my impression correct?”

        YES… You were “impressed” by the phony narrative. They boasted 10 of them on EACH missile..!! That’s 160 total… on each FBM submarine with 16 missiles. HA!!!!

        They also boasted ‘wire-guided’ torpedoes with nuke warheads… which would have destroyed themselves..!! A real joke..!! 🙂

        The Mark 45 anti-submarine torpedo, a.k.a. ASTOR, was a submarine-launched wire-guided nuclear torpedo designed by the United States Navy for use against high-speed, deep-diving, enemy submarines. The 19-inch (480 mm)-diameter torpedo was fitted with a W34 nuclear warhead.

        BTW – I was not a “Commander”… I worked for a living..!! 🙂

      2. JFC –

        I got out of the navy in 73. I had not heard of the Liberty at all while in…. so sometime after that. I was too deep in the books to pay much attention to politics. I was too busy learning how to operate nuclear reactors in 1967. More than a full-time job… a life of its own.

        I would guess mid-70s.

        I got it from the good guys, like Piper(was), at the “Spotlight”… now “AFP.”

        Military people… generally are never told much… compartmentalized. Too many blaming-bearing fingers start pointing out of control. Officers get booted all the time……… Paranoid. 🙂

      3. Pat,

        Thanks for your answer.

        I have some questions about “nuclear power” for you, but I’ll save it for another thread. (FYI, Rerevisionist, doesn’t believe nuclear reactors are real, but I haven’t studied it enough to have a strong opinion about it. Don’t want to waste too much time on it; Polo season is about to start.)

        In any event, I hope you’re getting a decent pension from the Navy for all that time studying “nukes” and extra effort above and beyond the call of duty. 🙂

    2. TROJ ,

      Everyone knows the world of the lunatic is FULL of “impressions” of one sort or another… Don’t let your impressions influence your behavior, and maybe they’ll unlock your padded cell, someday. 🙂

    3. Pat, it’s true. Both the Talmud and the 6 million number are the epitome of Jewish designed illusion as well as proof of Goy self delusion, to the point of insanity.
      Entertainment (aka) Psycho-Techno Mesmerism, is the new black magic. (not to mention AI)

      1. Pat, when AI or AI XII (all hail the King) eventually groks all the data, then comes the stuff legends are made of!
        Both real and artificial (aka) fake ones.
        But that’s another subject for another article.

    4. Back in the 70’s Toejamicus was nosing around the Library of a major Left Coast state university and found the complete Talmud, a gift to the university by the local B’nai B’rith in 1948. Most, if not all the volumes had never been opened. About that same time Tojamicus submitted a letter to the local newspaper with the complete English translation of the Kol Nidre (get out of jail free) vows. Of course the editorial numbskulls at the paper had never heard of such a thing. But in due time after checking the accuracy of the letter it was printed. One can imagine the gnashing of teeth and rending of cloth by those who prefer to keep such practices from those who may take a rather dim view of those they worship.

    5. even though i knew much of this and suspected the rest (and suspect even more), it is good to have factual confirmation – “By Way Of Admission Against Interest Lobro Shall Fight The War”, namely, jew spills the beans on himself.

      therefore, hence and moreover thus, pat’s comment” goes into the time capsule.

      “Is it true uncle Sxhrgmalayoog that there were intergalactic monsters whose breathing element was non-stop lies?”

      “Yes, nephew Clekghottamur, it was the clan of KolNidrey and it took the combined front of elves, hobbits, us and the long extinct goyim to get rid of them”.

  4. While studying alleged “terrorist bombings” over the years, I’ve learnt that it’s particularly important to pay attention to the details of the bomb ostensibly used in an attack, and to study any pictures or videos of the “scene”, during or shortly after the explosion.

    I’ve found that the state script writers are often not subject matter experts, and their stories often fall apart very quickly under the slightest logical scrutiny.

    For example, the so-called “underwear bomber” apparently had some PETN, a powerful high explosive that’s relatively easy to detonate, so I was surprised to learn that he failed to detonate it. Common sense says that if you can get your hands on PETN in the first place, you can get your hands on a detonator with which to initiate it. But let’s say a would-be terrorist can’t find a commercial blasting cap. In the age of the internet, there are detonator patents and other information that anyone with internet access can easily find. Some of these “detonators” (for PETN at least) don’t even require primary explosives but only thermite type chemicals.

    Then there’s the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, allegedly carried out by the Tsarnaev brothers. The whole “official story” is collectively preposterous. For example, the brothers supposedly created a “sophisticated” detonator, but used “black powder” from disassembled fireworks as their explosive.
    So the state would have us believe that they knew enough to make a sophisticated detonator, but for an explosive they made probably the worst possible choice. Instead of smokeless powder, ammonium nitrate or even a chlorate based explosive, they chose “black powder” from disassembled fireworks, which was relatively expensive, labor intensive, low-powered, difficult to find, difficult to buy anonymously, and technically risky in terms of effectiveness for the purpose (especially without testing prototypes).

    Then there’s the question of what happened to blast “victim” Jeff Bauman’s avulsed body parts. It struck me as odd that someone could lose 30 lbs. or so of body parts in an explosion, and the parts just “disappear”; whereas in a real explosion with real victims, the body parts are still there, just scattered around.

    Anyway, back to the Manchester bombing. As I see it, a bomb that killed 22 people would have to be fairly large and fairly well designed. It’s hard for me to believe that a 22 year old would have the knowledge and experience to make a bomb like this, especially in the UK where AFAIK there are restrictive laws that make it difficult to buy explosives and precursor chemicals.

    Does anyone know what kind of explosive was allegedly used and where the attacker allegedly got it from?

    1. Hi Harold
      I agree, this explosion was so violent it probably used modern (military?) explosives.

      1. John,

        I just saw the below linked article. They’re saying the explosive was TATP.

        Taking the official story at face value, I don’t think the alleged perpetrator made 10 lbs (or whatever) of TATP in a small apartment downtown.

        He would’ve had to buy lots of 3% hydrogen peroxide (because you apparently can’t buy 30% H2O2 in Britain) and then concentrate it. He would need a place to do this (and to carry out the chemical synthesis) and a place to actually put the bomb together, e.g., solder wires together for the “detonator”, etc.

        So he would need some kind of workshop or garage or something, IMO.

        And being a primary explosive, TATP is relatively dangerous to handle, so a novice with any intelligence would want to start by making and testing small batch of explosive first, to get the process down, and then try to safely scale it up. And unless he had some kind of detailed trustworthy instructions for exactly how to put it together, I think he would need to build and test some prototypes first.

        All things considered it’s hard for me to believe that a novice did this. If it happened as “the state” claims it did, then somebody else made the bomb (e.g. “the state”) and gave it to him. Perhaps whoever gave him the bomb also suggested the target.


  5. The democrats and Big Media have been engaging in a series of false flag attacks against President Trump over Russian collusion ever since he upset the anointed Queen Hillary in November. They will never give up until he is hounded out of office, even if it costs this country any chance of rapprochement with Russia, or even if it leads to WWIII. Yet, to date, no damning evidence has been produced. NONE. The Russia hysteria nothing is but their cynical vehicle to remove an outlier who’s not part of their Club.

    So, regarding Koenig’s article speculating that Theresa May was behind the Manchester slaughter, I say – where’s the evidence? It is a logical fallacy to assume that, just because someone may benefit from a disaster, (in this case May’s upcoming election prospects), that they had anything to do with it. Just because there is overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a false flag doesn’t mean that all mass killings are false flags. Some things just are what they seem.

    1. @ Follyofwar

      So, regarding Koenig’s article speculating that Theresa May was behind the Manchester slaughter, I say – where’s the evidence? It is a logical fallacy to assume that, just because someone may benefit from a disaster, (in this case May’s upcoming election prospects), that they had anything to do with it. Just because there is overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a false flag doesn’t mean that all mass killings are false flags. Some things just are what they seem.

      At last — the voice of sanity! Your impeccable logic will be lost on the conspiracy theorist buffs who cannot bear to think we live in a relatively dull world in which most things — alas and alack! — are exactly what they seem.

      Come on, friends, take a look at Theresa May, the Vicar’s daughter from a staid old traditional English family, and try and convince me that Satanists got to her at Oxford University and tricked her into having sex with a goat on a Black Mass altar! And now the poor woman is a helpless puppet of the Illuminati (headquarters in Tel Aviv) and so Theresa has do what this evil elite tells her.

      She thinks nothing of killing 22 Brits and maiming 59 others because they have compromising photos of Theresa being f***ed by a goat! Any proof for this, anyone? Like to show us the photos?

      Let me just point out one thing which my good friend Franklin Ryckaert will be forced to admit is the truth, even if Lobro doesn’t. There is absolutely NO WAY that Kevin MacDonald would countenance such crappy conspiracy theories on his website. He would never publish a loony fringe article alleging pizzagate orgies and goats f***ing future prime ministers! so as to create submissive blackmail slaves in the future! 🙂

      I think the Darkmoon site admires the restraint and sobriety of the Occidental Observer. And so it should. Kevin’s site is among the best for intellectual rigor and honesty. Lasha Darkmoon, in my view, is an acoltyle of Kevin MacDonald’s. She wishes to err, like Kevin, on the side of self-restraint and sobriety. Who can blame her?

      This doesn’t mean that the loony fringe are forbidden to make fools of themselves here. It simply means that this lunacy should not be regarded as compulsory and obligatory.

      Count me out, friends. Allow me to be the lone voice of dissent. I represent common sense. I refuse to takes seriously tall stories of future prime ministers being f***ed by goats on black mass altars at Oxford so as to obtain compromising photos of her for future use by satanic elites! 🙂

      Meanwhile, it would help if the loony fringe could actually come up with some solid evidence for their lunacy.

      1. @Sardonicus

        Appearances can be deceptive. Can you see from Ted Heath’s face that he was a pedophile ? That is now an established fact. Does Tony Blair look like a criminal ?

        The Occidental Observer does not accept “conspiracy theories” about 9/11 or even the “Holocaust”. With all respect, but Mr Kevin McDonald is an intellectual who is good at constructing scientific theories, but does not know how the real world works.

        To ensure the cooperation of elite members with still some conscience, the Jews have now resorted to hoaxes i.e. false flags in which victims are only simulated. This started with Sandy Hook. See my latest comment below.

        P.S. You really think that Dutch banker lied about child sacrifices ?


      2. Franklin,

        You are probably 100% right in most of what you say here about the Occidental Observer and KMD. After all, you are a regular poster on TOO and I have often read your comments there. You are certainly among the best on that excellent site. You basically confirm the point I was making: that KMD is aiming for academic respectability and is a model of sobriety and restraint when it comes to conspiracy theories. Thus I have never seen a single article on TOO insisting that the latest terrorist attacks by Muslims are “false flag” attacks.

        The point I am making is that this restraint and moderation on TOO is commendable, not blameworthy. It seems to me that the Darkmoon site, though it allows its commenters virtually unlimited freedom to say what they want in the Comment section, is anxious to be seen as moderate and restrained in the articles it publishes. I think it is anxious to avoid giving the impression that it is a venue for every madhatter conspiracy theorist and loony fringe extremist.

        Unfortunately, a huge number of commenters who post on this site fall into this category. I am not implying that you do! 🙂 You are in fact the only commenter here who makes use of Wikipedia for information on the Holocaust, a practice I do not disapprove of but nevertheless would advise against for obvious reasons that Jews are the last ones to trust on crucial questions like the Jewish Question, Israel, or the Holocaust.

        Re your comment about Ted Heath being proved a “pedophile”, I’m aware of the allegations. But the case against Heath is still under investigation and is far from proved. Jimmy Savile, yes, that case has been proved beyond all doubt. But the case against Ted Heath is far from “proved” conclusively. Lots of room still for doubt. Check out Wikipedia.

        This will show you that Heath has not yet been pronounced “guilty”. Remember Cliff Richard. He, too, had several witnesses testifying against him. The case against Cliff Richard finally collapsed, despite the many scandalous allegations against him.


      3. Hi Sardonicus, I agree. I also think these weird conspiracy theories harm the genuine revisionist movement for truth.

        I only began to realize 20 years ago that most of the 20th century history we had been told was phony. Now I find that these wild conspiracy theories are just an excuse for the establishment to denounce revisionism.

        Free speech, yes, loony tunes, no.

    2. I am of the opinion that none of the things are what they seem, especially the ones that refuse to add up properly.
      For example, Salman Abadi is said to have delivered payback for what evil whites dun to gadaffi’s libya.
      But his parents fought gadaffi in 2011, sponsored by these same evil whites (mi5/6, mossad, cia).
      So by rights, he should be solidly in that camp or else start by killing his parents.
      However you arrange the pieces, they are square pegs in round holes.
      Not to mention that if i wanted to deliver a message of brotherly love for what they did to gadaffi, you better believe there would guilty ones on gurneys, feet first.
      But guess what sard, this has NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF “TERRORISM”.
      Instead of that, I somehow make my life’s statement by butchering some completely random, clueless retards (high probability of zero Jews among the 22, odigo?)

      So tell me why my overwhelming suspicion is sign of a paranoid mind.

      1. @ Lobro

        To add to your post, anyone not suspicious of what a jewish controlled government and jewish controlled media says is merely gullible. Jews lie just like Jesus said in John 8:44 and, in that respect, nothing has changed in 2,600 years.

      2. In this era of demonic Jewish evil amplified by mostly Jew-controlled modern mass communications, the word “lie” just seems so inadequate. I don’t know how to say it other than to say that the Jews have created a Satanic false reality for us to live in; a completely artificial world where nothing is as it seems.

  6. A staged event with no deaths and fake identities made on a computer is more likely than some real false flag event with real deaths and victims.

    As is always the case…

    The outrage is reserved for those that voice opposition to the religion of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. No outrage is to be tolerated that is directed towards the alleged bomber. As evidenced by the firing and possible hate speech crimes of Katie Hopkins.

    And of course the neo-cohen warmongerers are on the telly calling for more invade the world invite the world narratives. Bomb Syria bomb Iran, etc.

  7. Here is an indication that the attack in Manchester was not only a false flag but also a hoax, i.e. a false flag with no real victims.

    A photo of a girl murdered in 2013 has been circulated in a fake list of those missing after the Manchester explosion.

    Twenty-two people were killed and 59 injured in a suicide attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert.

    The mother of Jayden Parkinson said she was unhappy her daughter’s image had been posted alongside images of other people alleged to be missing.

    Jayden, 17, was strangled by her ex-boyfriend in Oxfordshire.

    “She was killed almost four years ago not last night, not happy,” Samantha Shrewsbury tweeted, after seeing the picture on an online newspaper article.

    “Why is my MURDERED daughter’s picture being used in a collage of pictures of children missing dead after last night terror attack?” she asked.

    Several images circulating online after the Manchester attack have been identified as fakes

    Source : BBC News : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-40018189

    We have seen this before. The picture of a Jewish boy alleged to have died in the Sandy Hook attack appeared later as the picture of a boy who died in a terrorist attack on a school in Pakistan. Such cases are a clear indication that there were no real victims.

    My reconstruction of this case is that only a bomb causing noise and smoke was used, causing neither deads nor wounded. After the panic which ensued, the people who ran away would believe the story of victims without having seen them themselves. The “terrorist” himself didn’t die either. He is the son of a Libyan who worked for the MI6 for the overthrow of Qadhaffi. With such a background he wouldn’t feel any compunction to take part in such a hoax.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      The picture they presented of the blast sight with victims was obviously staged with crisis actors, no damaged clothing, no body parts and no blood pools. There was no damage to walls or even lighting in the supposed blast area. How could that be when one “witness” said he was blow 30 feet and through a door. The “witness” wasn’t injured even though the “supposed” IED contained nails as flack. It’s a miracle! 🙂

      The media interviews of the “witnesses” consisted of the worst acting ever in a false flag attack. None lot them would even be able to get a part in a “B” movie.

      It appears that you are correct. Manchester was another Sandy Hook. No one died.

      This false flag was a three-fer for the establishment. It results in a stronger police state in the UK, it will probably help May win the election, and it provided a diversion in the USA away from the latest revelations on the Seth Rich murder that, if actually investigated, would lead to global elite PizzaGate/PedoGate revelations.

  8. Cui Bono is right, as asked above. I share the view of many Islamic scholars that murdering children is not (particularly) Islamic. Two basic observations as well; the insane jewish directed foreign policy, the insane jewish directed domestic immigration policy (except for Israel) are bound to have serious repercussions. Then, the worldwide jewish economic racketeering, which destroys the lives and aspirations of many persons worldwide… In August of 2002 a childhood neighbor reappeared in my life. His brother was then a serving officer in one of the US armed services. He told me that the USA was going to attack Iraq again. So, persons with friends or relatives in the right places can sometimes answer our question, was it for real, was it a false flag, was it a phony victim staged false flag. So I’ll hold off on criticism of Mrs. May, though either way – it’s on her watch. As Harold Smith noted, relatively sophisticated bombs require a level of technical expertise above most civilian experience, and anytime ISIS claims anything, the ISIS link with Israel has been firmly established. Beside the photo of Mr. McCain meeting with Mr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (with never a denial or protest) Sputnik news (and other news services) have reported with plenty of photos that over 2,600 ISIS militants have received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals, and I know of no other “Islamic” movement of any kind that apologizes to Israeli Defense Forces for a stray bullet sent their way…

  9. The world is very complex. We try to educate ourselves by any means necesario and when posible connect the dots. British researcher “David Icke” suggests that our universo is multi-dimensional and that our 5 senses only exposes us to a very tiny spectrum of what really exists. We share our space, though unknown to us, with many entities both good and evil. Think about it. “Evil spirits” which possess people. Jesús drove out demonios. “Angels” who appear to us in dreams. According to Mr. Icke, child-sacrifice is done to appease evil entities which feed of the energy of the terrified and dying children. Our emociones also release different frecuencias of energia off which these entities feed. Fear, hatred and terror appease the evil entities while prayer, love and compasión repel them. The creación of evil psicopathas like the so-called “elite” politicians in the Western world is a process taking years to realize. They are blackmailed, lured, invited to participate in these incredibly evil rituals until all humanidad is stripped from them and only the evil entities occupy the shells that were once souls. Blair, Teresa May, Bush Sr., Boy Bush, Obama, Trump, Erdogan, Netanyahu…..the list goes on. They are puré evil incarnate. Do their actions surprise you?
    They shouldnt.

    1. Señor Colina :

      In the meantime, why don’t you educate yourself a little more in The English Language. Overall, you’re doing very well in making yourself understood in English, you just got to work on your English vocabulary a little bit more. For example, the English word for “nesesario” is “necessary”, “demonios” in English, “demons”, “emociones” in English, “emotions”, “creación” in English, “creation”, “compasión” in English, “compassion”. I’m picking up “frequencies of energy” you’re slacking off in completing all of your homework. “Frequencies of energy” is how WE say in THE ENGLISH “frecuencias de energía”. You’re also slacking off in your Spanish. NOTE the accent mark over the “i” in “energía”. Usted no usó un acento donde pertenece.

      1. @TROJ
        Seňor Colina writes in so-called Spanglish, a blend of Spanish and English that is often used by Hispanic immigrants in the US. You comprende ?

    2. Donaldo –

      I have found all people to be “word controlled” more than they are spiritually – electrically – controlled.

      The process of consciously controlled action is:

      1. Pat,
        The ancient Zoroastrians of Persia have a saying. “Think good thoughts and do good deeds. If we humans followed this simple principal, the World would be transformed overnight.

  10. TROJ,
    I actually am fluent enough in English but my android is programed in Spanish. Therefore the words come out in Spanish. I, however, have no desire to teach or be taught grammar, vocabulary or punctuation. The accent mark over “energía ” is correct and has been written this way for at least 1000 years. But you are still free to protesta after all these centuries if you like. To me, the subject matter of my post is fascinating but you have shown little interest in it which is fine. Perhaps a more inquiring mind than you possess will find my post interesting. Chou.

  11. TROJew,
    Your first sentence is estructured as a cuestión but lacking the cuestión mark at the end. Oh well, we all make mistakes. Chou.

  12. Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile…….los dos amigos. …..”Justice For Chinese”….tell me what you know about the ancient Chinese art of reading facial expresiones. These were two sinister pedofila sons-of-bitches……si? Tell me….

  13. People who are still buying this bullshit are morons. No pictures, well rehearsed crisis actors, wake the fu*k up. I’s all just make believe, like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Pulse Night Club, and on, and on, and fu*cking on. WAKE UP MORONS !!!

    1. Anon,

      I will answer your pathetic comment on the latest thread where I’ve just seen it reposted.

      You are mentally sick

  14. Henceforth i shall use “Satanic State” to denote the unclean mental acreage of this heaving malignancy, the turf that would swamp the Creation, Jews, ISIS, Takfiris, cryptos, shabbos, streptococcus and other malformed manifestations disguised as life.

  15. Troll Alert
    (((Donaldo colina)))
    is an Israeli Hispanic sayanim agent ,
    beware of the joo hyenas
    Donaldo is a Zionist prostitute

    1. “The Shadows”,
      Stay in the shadows where you belong. Serpientes hide in the grass and behind rocks. I love truth, the Sun…”El Sol”. I love to stand on mountain tops to see the world. Israeli and Hispanic shouldnt share the same sentencia. We are opposites. We love life and fiesta. Your tribe loves death and destrucción. We love life but are not afraid of death. You love death but are cowards and afraid of it. I would never set foot in the den of vipers known as Israel. But that is your espiritual home. You go there and coexist with other vipers like Bibi who love you so much. Ill never go there. Chiou.

      1. Sí, Señor Colina, por supuesto que vamos a derrotar a la New World Order , eso es porque nos Encanta La Adoración Laud Honrar y absolutely Adorar La Religión EL SOL de la New World Order y Amanos y muy mucho muy Ardientemente proteger LA MAFIA CIENCIA de la New World Order, por 😉 supuesto chicos!

  16. Doesn’t anyone watch the movies? The false flag terrorism scenario to serve the state was thoroughly “outed” by Terry Gilliam in his 1985 movie Brazil. Present day Britain looks amazingly like the movie, complete with heavy-handed police/military authorities firmly embedded throughout the culture – for your protection of course. Not to mention the ghastly torture in the movie, a state “service” now openly committed by real life cretins – for your protection of course.

    If Brazil wasn’t enough, Jews put out their own dystopian movie about state-sponsored, false-flag terror attacks. V for Vendetta telegraphed what was about to arrive on the goyim’s real life stage in the near future. Of course they inverted the characters, making false flag terrorism a product of an evil, nadzee-like, fascist administration, complete with red and black party colors, as opposed to blue and white socialist Jews bent on destroying western civilization.

    In a moment of Irony they cast John Hurt as Chancellor Adam Sutler (Gosh! would that be a thinly disguised cinematic synonym for Chancellor Adolf Hitler? Sutler? Hitler? Inquiring minds want to know). This is the same actor cast as the prole Winston Smith in the movie 1984.

    I have yet to understand why the screenwriters used a simulacrum of the Free French, “Cross of Lorraine” as the nadzee-like party’s emblem in V for Vendetta.

    “During World War II, Capitaine de corvette Thierry d’Argenlieu suggested the Cross of Lorraine as the symbol of the Free French Forces led by Charles de Gaulle as an answer to the Nazi swastika.”

    So in the movie, the cross ISthe “Nazi swastika!” Crazy Jews? Or is it just their standard hatred served up to the French? Of course Jews hate everyone as measured by a sliding scale by the perceived threat to Jews. Could this be a Jewish vendetta against the French?

    Funny how people cannot make the connection between what filmmakers project and the present pack of lies to which they are being subjected. To me, “news” reports of these incidents sound just this absurd. In this inverted world, one finds fictional movies with more truth in them than the Jew’s nightly news.

    Why does anyone take the Jew’s “news” seriously. Russians under Judaeo-communism didn’t’ swallow the Jewish lies and propaganda, which is all the Soviet media presented to the proles. So why is the west so gullible and stupid? Could it simply be a matter of Jewish dumbing-down programming or might it be the half-wit half-breeds, like Obama, Jews have bred among the west?

  17. What responsible parent will allow their teen to attend a Ariana Grande concert again – her career is over.
    The young teens – there was no chaos – no hysteria – no stampede in terror – no one as trampled to death – the kids were calm & sensible – we underestimate the young.

  18. @Sardonicus May 26, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    In my experience and opinion, after years of Doom & Gloom study, research, and — at times — active promulgation (especially RE chemtrailing — or do you not “beLIEve in chemclouding either? — neither Jim Stone or Kevin Barrett are disinfo agents. Alex Jones, sure, a limited hang-out for (((purposes))) pretty obvious over time. Gordon Duff of VT.com became Mr. 60% Truth by his own declaration, one in a moment of candor I think he surely regrets!! Christopher Bollyn, who Duff called out as a disinfo agent, well, we all have to take what these investigative types offer with a grain of salt, a large measure of discernment, and a healthy dose of skepticism each and every day.

    NOTE: TPTB let me have access today, first time in weeks.

    Here’s to access to truthy sites willing to harbor frank discussion.

  19. I think the plan was/is as follows:
    Orchestrate an attack in Manchester.
    Get Labour back in power, by orchestrating a media campaign against Theresa May on the grounds of security.
    Rescind Brexit.

  20. Hey – I found a link to my website, and traced it back here. Hi Franklin, and Arch S and others – presumably fellow escapees from TOO. I’m afraid it’s just too hopeless: Kevin doesn’t even suspect the holohoax.
    If anyone here has views, preferably true, on Miles Mathis I’d be interested to hear.
    NB like about 50% of the people here, I’m sure the Manchester thing was a hoax. (I made a youtube vaguely about it with real people
    AND a youtube of Marlene Guest of Rotherham (RIP)
    the only long video of her (plus shotgun sounds – yes, really).
    The question re May is: would the ‘security’ services lie to her? I suppose she might believe the BS. Maybe it’s to forget her ugly hubby.

  21. @ Rerevisionist

    If anyone here has views, preferably true, on Miles Mathis I’d be interested to hear.

    Allow me to answer your question.

    Pay no attention to Miles Mathis if you value the enormously important work of Kevin MacDonald. This is because Miles Mathis has written a defamatory denunciation of Kevin MacDonald under the stupid title:


    The whole article is a tissue of lies, misconceptions and fabrications.

    To compound his errors, Mathis includes Lasha Darkmoon in his long denunciation of Kevin MacDonald and more or less suggests that Lasha is a Mossad agent. Mathis obviously has a few screws loose.

    To give one small example of Mathis’s paranoid stupidity. He discusses Lasha Darkmoon’s early article “The Plot against Art” and claims the whole thing is a lot of rubbish, though this particular article was universally praised and translated into at least 10 languages. (You can’t find the translations on the internet any more. Maybe one or two, but most have vanished over the last 7 years).

    Anyway, in a subsequent article on the Occidental Observer (“Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists”), Lasha had revealed that The Plot against Art had attracted “an unprecedented number of emails.” Mathis claims this has to be a lie. He builds a convoluted conspiracy theory round this, even suggesting that the Occidental Observer is a CIA front.

    Here is Mathis in his own words:

    To see clear signs of this misdirection, you can go to Darkmoon’s article right after “The Plot Against Art” article. This is called “Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists”. In it, Darkmoon claims that her previous article on art “elicited an unprecedented number of emails”. However, to me those emails look manufactured. They don’t read right. It is all too pat.

    As confirmation of that, notice that although these articles have been up since 2009, about six and half years later the first has eight total comments and the second has one comment.

    That is very strange. Does it indicate these articles were posted more recently and somehow backdated? Does it indicate this entire site is a CIA front, manufactured to attempt to draw attention away from my work on similar topics? But if they manufactured this site, why not manufacture more comments for those articles? Sloppy work or purposely planted clues?


    Here you see the paranoid mind in full throttle. The Occidental Observer is actually accused of being “a CIA front manufactured to attempt to draw attention away from my work (!!!)

    Unbelievable! The Occidental Observer, it is being alleged, is not only a CIA front but is busy manufacturing comments so as to deflect attention from Miles Mathis’s world-shaking work.

    OK, so how come “The Plot against Art” only had eight comments for Part 1 and one comment for Part 2 if, as Lasha said, the article “had attracted an unprecedented number of emails”? The answer is simple. There’s no need for an elaborate conspiracy theory involving the CIA and an army of trolls posting fake comments.

    In 2009, when The Plot Against Art was published on the Occidental Observer, NO COMMENTS were allowed on TOO! The site didn’t have a Comments section at all!

    All feedback had to be in private emails to the writer or to the site Admin. COMMENTS were a later innovation that took place only when TOO received a complete overhaul (or facelift) with the advent of site designer and new moderator Matt Parrott. The few comments that appeared under the article were sent in YEARS LATER after the site had acquired a Comments facility.

    So much for Miles Mathis’s wild conspiracy theory about CIA intrigue and fakes comments on the Occidental Observer — all written to detract attention from his own all-important work! 🙂

    Truly, it beggars belief that anyone so “intelligent” as Mathis can also be so incredibly stupid.

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