Foiled! — Secret Zionist Plot to Destroy Top British Government Minister

By Daily Mail Reporters

Israeli Diplomat SHAI MASOT
caught trying to bring down a top British government minister—
cannot be expelled from Britain for fear of offending elite Jews. 

A SE­NIOR civil ser­vant in the British government was forced to quit over her role in a ‘sin­is­ter’ plot to ‘take down’ a For­eign Of­fice min­is­ter. Maria Striz­zolo, an aide to ed­u­ca­tion min­is­ter Robert Hal­fon, re­signed af­ter be­ing filmed by an un­der­cover re­porter as she met with an Is­raeli of­fi­cial.

In the meet­ing, the 32-year-old – who is sup­posed to be po­lit­i­cally neu­tral – egged on the Israeli in­tel­li­gence ex­pert as he threat­ened to tar­get Sir Alan Dun­can.

British MP Sir Alan Duncan (pictured) . . . targeted for destruction by Israeli embassy official Shai Masot for expressing sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause.

Shai Ma­sot, a po­lit­i­cal of­fi­cer at the Is­raeli em­bassy in Lon­don, said Sir Alan was caus­ing ‘a lot of prob­lems’ and vowed to ‘take down’ the min­is­ter.

Last night there were calls for the Gov­ern­ment to start an in­quiry over the at­tempted in­ter­fer­ence.

The pair — Shai Masot and British civil servant and ‘Friend of Israel’ Maria Strizzolo —  met at a restau­rant close to the Is­raeli em­bassy in Kens­ing­ton, West Lon­don, last Oc­to­ber, where they were caught on cam­era by an un­der­cover re­porter from Al Jazeera.

Dur­ing the lunch, Miss Striz­zolo boasted about her role in Mr Hal­fon’s suc­cess.

LD : Halfon, like Ms Strizzolo,  is another devout shabbos goy and prominent supporter of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). Halfon and Strizzolo are as thick as thieves and Halfon is Strizzolo’s boss.

Mr Ma­sot asked Strizzolo if she could do the ‘op­po­site stuff’, adding: ‘Can I give you some names of MPs that I would sug­gest you take down?’

Strizzolo replied that all MPs ‘have some­thing they’re try­ing to hide’.

Mr Ma­sot re­sponded by say­ing ‘I have some MPs’, adding ‘she knows which MPs I want to take down’ be­fore spec­i­fy­ing ‘the deputy for­eign min­is­ter’.

Israeli troublemaker SHAI MASOT plotting with Zionist fanatic MARIA STRIZZOLO to “take down”  top Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan (pictured above) for his principled support of the Palestinian cause and for speaking out against Israel’s illegal settlements and brutal occupation of Palestinian land.    

Shai Masot said Boris John­son’s sec­ond-in­-com­mand Sir Alan – a vo­cal critic of Is­raeli West Bank set­tle­ments – was ‘do­ing a lot of prob­lems’.

He ap­peared to sug­gest Sir Alan was more pow­er­ful than his boss be­cause Mr John­son was ‘an id­iot’ with no re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. He added: ‘If some­thing real hap­pened… it will be Dun­can.’

Miss Striz­zolo said Sir Alan is ‘im­pos­si­ble to re­buff’ and has pow­er­ful friends, claim­ing he had clashed with her boss, Mr Hal­fon.

‘Rob told the Whips and they told [Hal­fon] to calm down,’ she said, be­fore adding: ‘A lit­tle scan­dal maybe? Don’t tell any­one about this meet­ing.’

In a dis­cus­sion about other ‘pro-Arab’ Tory MPs, Mr Ma­sot refers to Com­mons for­eign af­fairs com­mit­tee chair­man Crispin Blunt who, like Sir Alan, has crit­i­cised Is­rael.

Miss Striz­zolo added: ‘On the hit list? Yeah!’

Zionist Plotter
Maria Strizzolo

“Don’t tell anyone about this meeting!” she chirps.

Yes­ter­day the Is­raeli Em­bassy said it ‘re­jects the re­marks con­cern­ing Min­is­ter Dun­can’ that were made by a ‘ju­nior em­bassy em­ployee’ who would be ‘end­ing his term of em­ploy­ment with the em­bassy shortly’.

The For­eign Of­fice said Is­rael’s am­bas­sador Mark Regev had apol­o­gised and it con­sid­ered the mat­ter closed.

But Shadow For­eign Sec­re­tary Emily Thorn­berry said the ex­change was ‘ex­tremely dis­turb­ing’ and should be treated as a ‘na­tional se­cu­rity is­sue’.

She called for an in­quiry into ‘im­proper in­ter­fer­ence in our demo­cratic pol­i­tics’. In 2014, Sir Alan crit­i­cised the Is­raeli set­tle­ment con­struc­tion and com­pared the sit­u­a­tion in one West Bank city to ‘apartheid’.


Both Mr Hal­fon and Miss Striz­zolo are prom­i­nent sup­port­ers of Con­ser­va­tive Friends of Is­rael (CFI).

Shortly af­ter Mr Hal­fon was made an ed­u­ca­tion min­is­ter last year, his ex-chief of staff Miss Striz­zolo be­came a civil ser­vant at the Ed­u­ca­tion De­part­ment, while still work­ing part-time for him in the Com­mons.

Yes­ter­day a source said she had re­signed from her civil ser­vice role at the Skills and Fund­ing Agency. Mr Hal­fon’s of­fice did not say whether she had also re­signed as his aide. Miss Striz­zolo told The Mail on Sun­day her con­ver­sa­tion was ‘tongue-in-cheek and gos­sipy’ and the sug­ges­tion she could ex­ert that type of in­flu­ence was ‘ris­i­ble’.

LD : Yes, the lady was only kidding. Tongue-in-cheek play acting. Surely no respectable ‘Friend of Israel’ supporter would dream of conspiring the downfall of a pro-Palestinian British politician? — not with a nice Machiavellian Jew shooting his mouth off without realizing that his innocent conversation was being recorded!  🙂


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14 thoughts to “Foiled! — Secret Zionist Plot to Destroy Top British Government Minister”

  1. shai masot, a fitting name for the slithering reptile shown.
    he kooks like shai masot.
    too bad his forked tongue, rapidly flickering about, tasting the air currents, was photoshopped out.

  2. Well Sister, it quite depicts my disquiet, I find that even their jargon, the mewling language of gastropods, slugs, leeches and cemetery things makes me recoil.

    they speak of taking someone down, like a pack of jackals that they truly are, harrying an elk.
    of course, none of this is new, it descends into the den of antiquity, the Lord of flies and lies surrounded by his cabal, brewing infections, casting spells, spitting malice in that guttural language of ugliness.
    Shai masot … doesn’t it sound like a curse?

    Someday i will root out that unclean moment that spawned them, how and why, what is their role in the suffering world, i just cannot picture some dirty sage licking his quill pen and scratching the deuteronomy onto an animal hide.
    it had to have been something more elemental.

  3. “…But Shadow For­eign Sec­re­tary Emily Thorn­berry said the ex­change was ‘ex­tremely dis­turb­ing’ and should be treated as a ‘na­tional se­cu­rity is­sue’.
    She called for an in­quiry into ‘im­proper in­ter­fer­ence in our demo­cratic pol­i­tics’…”

    As if this is a new phenomenon ! As if “interference in British democratic politics” by the usual suspects is not a permanent situation ! This Israeli “diplomat” (= Mossad agent) only talks about activating an existing mechanism they have installed in British politics already before Israel was created. And this is the situation in nearly all Western “democracies”. They are an ethnic Mafia and as an ethnic Mafia they behave.

  4. How about, “Slithering iridescent sequin-like points of flecked spittle gravitating their way toward X’s chin, where mixed with congealed chicken fat and coagulated mayonnaise, the combination visually blared, “I’m The Real Aboriginal Joe”, all jowls, howls, and jocularity.”

    1. I’m not always “jocular”. In fact, I’m hardly ever, if ever, “jocular”. I’m serious and I’m not in a joking mood at all and there’s many many times I would really really like it, and it would give me great pleasure, if I could reach thru my computer screen and smash some faces into pulp with my fist flying thru my computer screen pounding faces, certain faces, certain phony-faces, into pulp, seriously. If you think I’m “jocular”, Poupon , you got another thing coming. Wanna guess what that other thing you got coming to you is?

      1. TROJ –

        That’s why you’re kept locked-up in a rubber room, with an occasional hose-down when the orderlies come to feed and medicate! 🙂

      2. I don’t know about you being “serious”, Joe. But you are ‘serial’. And by that I mean in complete agreement with Sister Monica’s description of you. Have you tried Electro-convulsive Shock Therapy? Let me know, and I will attempt to attend to set the voltage.

        I believe you need a “reset”, Joe. That way, your brain-or what’s left of it-can reboot and find more “normal” pathways to cognition. Many geniuses, of course, could be considered to be mentally ill, or have some degree of poor mental hygiene. But you are not a genius, and I wonder about your physical hygiene. Are you allowed to bathe yourself , or is that done by attendants?

        Have they stopped you from trying to eat the soap yet?

  5. Anyone interested in this story may want to view the product of the 6-month, undercover, Al Jazeera investigation. It is being presented, on-line, as a 4-part series called ‘The Lobby’. Parts 1 and 2 are available for watching. Part 3 will be posted later today. Part 4 will go up Saturday.

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