Four Monty Python Comic Sketches (20-mins)


These four Monty Python comic sketches are my personal favorites. Each sketch is only 4-5 minutes long. Totally hilarious if you enjoy slapstick humor.

COMIC  SKETCH # 1 . . . 4.17 mins

COMIC  SKETCH  # 2 . . . 4.58 mins

COMIC  SKETCH # 3 . . . 4.54 mins

COMIC  SKETCH 4 . . . 4.56 mins

6 thoughts to “Four Monty Python Comic Sketches (20-mins)”

  1. I can’t pick a favourite since they are so many. That made me like them so many years ago was their original approach to humor. They still stick out nearly 50 years later. What I remember is that it was the half an hour a week you didn’t want to miss. Because it was never boring. If you like slapstick I can also recommend The Fishslapping Dance, The climbing of the Uxbridge Road and all the variations of the Gumby-sketches.

  2. Just this Christmas morning, a chemtrail draped undecorously across a sky obscured by clouds (!Thnx PF!) of strange origin and artistic dissipation, inspired by the comic postings, I had occasion to think back on the Firesign Theater. Which led me to the discovery of this:
    More than 30 years after recording their first album, Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him, Philip Proctor, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Phil Austin are back in the seminal four-man lineup that blew millions of minds while Richard Nixon was blowing up Vietnam. Late last year, Rhino Records released Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death, the first new Firesign Theatre album (with the original membership intact) in 17 years. And this: I myself remember least unclearly “We Are All Bozos on this Bus”. Surely the Firesign Theatre (or Theater) assisted Kultural Marxi$t$ willingly and ably during their initial run and during their several encores. Nonetheless, I recall many belly-laughs along the way to perdition.

    Oh, Eeyore, I had only to master Symbolic Logic as presented by Lewis Carroll — late 19th Century, before Bertrand and Alfred got going so mathematically! — to have survived intact, or so I think today. Merry Christmas, dear stuffed toy! Let’s find humor, shall we? My black cat, losing his/her stuffing, passed on so many years ago, left, then lost in my closet. Mother cleaned my closet out, once and for all, when I went off the college. Now, 70 years and counting, I learn that I left the better portion of my life to her disposal.

    Belly-laughs seem the medicine of choice for the 21st Century. Thanks to all here for the occasional, radical departure from Doom & Gloom! Merry Christmas. But for the Grace of GOD, I’d head into true elderliness full of grumbles.

  3. Comic relief helps….

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