Freedom to offend everyone but the Jews

By Arthur Topham

Fake News sites come in all sizes, shapes and flavours during these heady days of Alternative vs Zionist media wars. And one of Canada’s top deceptive “Fake News” sites has to be TheRebel.Media run by “Rebel Commander” Ezra Levant, Zionist Jew and self-chosen saviour of Canada’s dumbed down goyim ‘christians’, assorted atheists, Germanophobes and most recently Islamophobes.

Ezra loves to think of himself as Canada’s Number One defender of “Free Speech” and has been active in the free speech movement for a long time.

In fact, it was the issue of freedom of speech that first brought him to my attention a decade ago when the Zionist Jew lobby organization B’nai Brith Canada first filed a Sec. 13 “hate speech” complaint against me with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in the summer of 2007 and I suddenly found myself the latest member of that exclusive Canadian association known as the “Anti-Semitic, Racist, Jew-hating, Neo-Nazi, Hate-mongerer’s Club.”

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34 thoughts to “Freedom to offend everyone but the Jews”

  1. it’s not enough ,they should file more Sec. 13 “hate speech” complaint against you with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and monitor your hate speech against Muslims .

  2. It is good to bring scrutiny on these wolves in sheep’s clothing – thanks to the Arthur Tophams of this world! 🙂

    1. I think these sort of antics are very bad not only for the Arthur Tophams of this world but also for Jews.

      This saga casts the image of bullying Jews aound the world. In fact I grew up with Jews and can vouch for the civility and good nature of the vast majority of them. The Jews I knew in my youth were all good guys. I have to say that I have met some very precious and spoilt young Jewish men over the past few years. I think that is a negative aspect of Jewish success over the past 50 years.

      1. I agree with you, John Kirby – but ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ infect EVERY walk-of-life and religion. There would be no problems without the megalomania of some Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Unfortunately, we’re ALL bearers of our particular brand of cattle (or ‘tribe’), and we wear the colors we’ve been assigned.

      1. LOBRO, I think the world will be better off without Israel would be more appropriate thing to wish for.

  3. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.
    Attributed to Voltaire. Whether he said it or not, true nonetheless.

  4. I suddenly found myself the latest member of that exclusive Canadian association known as the “Anti-Semitic, Racist, Jew-hating, Neo-Nazi, Hate-mongerer’s Club.”

    Art, i think i partially qualify, where can i buy my XL size club t-shirt, “Anti-Semitic, Racist, Jew-hating, Neo-Nazi Hate-mongerer’s Club, Canadian Chapter”?

    1. All the malls in Toronto are owned by Jews, Mahmoud.
      As are all the clothing chains, Abercrombie + Fitch and others.
      it is called free market competition.
      right now i am wearing a t-shirt with something in Thai script, maybe it is that quote that i am looking for.

  5. Topham defamed:

    Levant said.. “I HATE Arthur Topham.” Later called him a” Right wing whaco….”

    —Free speech lawyer Doug Christie is interviewed by Sun TV”s Ezra Levant on his show The Source—

    Great comment there:

    “Perfect example of hasbara in the making. Levant is using every trick in the book whilst coming across as such a loving tolerant guy. He takes every opportunity to marginalize and slander Topham however he can. Typical hasbara used to destroy the enemy by, in this case, playing the “nice guy” who cares for the right of all of us.”

  6. Yeah, but you’re all real happy to CENSOR anyone who questions the Heliocentric theory and wants to scrutinize the theory and question the theory, a theory [ as if Darkmooners don’t know it, lol] a theory right out of the jew’s Kabbalah, so what are you all crying about jew CENSORSHIP for? Your Darkmoon CENSORS anyone who wants to question and examine the jew Kabbalah “religious” “Heliocentric” theory. So be happy the jews are in power, you have the “opportunity” to CENSOR the fuck outta anyone who questions the jew Kabbalah “religious” “Heliocentric theory”. You find it offensive, you find it blasphemous, if anyone questions your precious sacred JEW religion Heliocentric theory from the jew’s Kabbalah. Go fuck yourselves, you fuckin two-faced lying phonies.

    1. As I think I’ve mentioned to you before many times, we don’t want to discuss the Heliocentric Theory on this site. I’m sure there are several other sites where commenters would be delighted to learn from you that the world is flat. Why not visit one of them? I’m sure your fellow Flat Earthers would love to hear from you! 🙂

      1. I have read about so many people in the world , whom they believe that the earth is flat and the moon landing never happened ..
        if you search YouTube ,you will find some videos about the subject matter. actually I think the earth is rather flat.
        and modern science is some kind of sinister conspiracy scheme..
        I think there is a middle earth and people and nations live there deep inside even underneath the oceans ,there are some mysterious sequence of mega caves which leads to the divine gates of middle earth.,they will come out at the end times ,when God Almighty give them permission and break the seal .
        think about it…food for your brains and quit being naughty about the others.
        at the end of the day ,we are all human beings whom we bleed the same red blood and all of us as the ones before us will expire and when we’ll do ,will take with us nothing but our deeds ,good and bad and all of us with no exception one day will face our Maker and Creator ,the Ultimate and Just Judge.

    1. Schumer wasn’t crying when Obama was Prez. 🙂

      “Schumer becomes the first Democratic leader to join Republicans in saying a PAUSE MAY BE NEEDED after the Paris terrorist attacks that killed at least 129 people and stirred concerns that extremists might hide among refugees.”

      “We’re waiting for the briefing tomorrow,” Schumer said. “We’re going to look at it.”

      “The administration is conducting a multi-day blitz of briefings and calls with the media, lawmakers, governors and mayors from across the country who have questions about the refugee screening process. Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy Pope said in a blog post Tuesday that officials were examining “options for further enhancements for screening Syrian refugees, the details of which are classified.”

  7. Greetings from finland!

    Its sad that people dont see the big picture:

    Why do Muslims insist on migrating to secular, godless Western countries?
    Why do they insist on going to those very countries which destroyed their homeland. Why don’t they go to other Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Yehudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, etc?
    I understand that in time of war, fleeing is the only solution. A quick look into History of Europe shows civilian people fleeing war zones. And we even have the pictures and video footages documenting the mass exodus of civilians during WWI, WWII, during the war against the former state of Yugoslavia etc. WWII even saw thousands and thousands of Europeans fleeing Europe and finding safe refuge in the Middle East and North Africa. This is survival instinct and we would probably all do the same.
    But the wars which America/the West have been waging on behalf of Israel since 2001 are different: collectively they represent a war on Islam itself. And so it baffles the mind to see Muslims fleeing to the very same countries which destroyed their own homeland because of their religion.

    That being said, what should Muslims do when living or entering a country which is known to be hostile to their religion?
    Another quick look into Islamic history may provide us with an answer.
    First of all, Muslims must not go to countries which are known to be hostile to their religion. On the contrary, they should leave such places rather than become powerless victims or tools or useful idiots of the jewish engineered clash of civilizations. This is precisely what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did.
    During his time, a group of Muslims first migrated to friendly Christian Abyssinia. The second wave of migration was from Mecca to Medina.

    We are in a time of war and the enemy of Mankind is waging war by way of deception.
    It is time that Muslims realize that Islam is being used as a weapon against them.
    It is time that Muslims start acting strategically, taking all care to prevent being used like fuel or like useful idiots in a messianic clash of civilization.
    It is time the Muslims wake up to their reality and stop accepting the role of pawns of their enemies, pawns being moved from one spot to another, from one country to another, in this gigantic messianic jewish chessboard.

    1. “Why do Muslims insist on migrating to secular, godless Western countries?
      Why do they insist on going to those very countries which destroyed their homeland. Why don’t they go to other Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Yehudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, etc?”

      Bigger picture… is:
      Because we won’t stone them to death for working in nightclubs….
      … or becoming brass pole dancers…
      ….we will toss money at them for doing that…!! 🙂

      1. Pat, if you don’t want refugee to come to your country, then you should tell your president /PM to quit bombing the Hell of every Muslim country Israel asked them to do.

        You question reminds me of the expression, ” if you toss the snake into the crib, don’t be surprised if the baby get bit.”

        During WW II refugees from Europe found a safe havens in North Africa, Iran and the Middle East. What goes around comes around.

        In fairness to the Western nation that take refugee, I have to confess that refugee get better treatment there. For example, refugee in Sweden get a knock at the door and they get fresh milk for their children. Where as in Muslim countries, when you get a knock at the door, it is time for you to be deported.

        In Sweden, you get your citizenship after six years and after passing a basic test. In the Muslim worlds, as a refugee, you will not get the citizenship of the host country, even if you memorized the Quran, the Bible and the Book of Torah.

        My older brother who lives in Lebanon since 1948, did not get Lebanese citizenship. He only have a Palestinian refugee travel document , which very few countries that will accept.

        Finally, Lebanon have taken over one million Syrian refugees. Jordan took 2.5 million and Turkey took almost the same number of Syrian refugees. That is more that what the US, Russian, Western Europe, the Gulf states, Israel and Iran took combined. Those are the same countries along with the terrorists (ISIS and her sisters) that turned Syria into stone ages.

      2. Mahmoud –

        You have developed very good distractions from the subject matter and questions. I have noticed that Musselmen are proficient there.

        However… you REALLY should brush up on your comprehension of English language grammar and form. It is sorely lacking.

        No wonder you are SO confused here..!!

        Try to follow the dialogue… in English…. not German or Arabic or any of the other dozen or so languages you partially know.

        I had NO QUESTION… I gave an ANSWER..!! 🙂

        I answered the ‘Satan Plan entity’.

        The question from ‘Satan Plan entity’ was encased by quotation marks.

        My answer followed.

        This tutorial is free…. THIS time… a Limited Time Offer..!!

        BTW – I also recommend you stop the Musselman habit of tossing snakes in the cribs of your babies..!!
        That is not helping Musselmen to want to remain in Islamic countries… it instills fear..!! Just coax the snakes out of the house with a flute and shoot them…. Better yet, keep more mongooses around the house.. 🙂

      3. Dear Pat, first of all, I do not know for certain if you are a man or a woman. First, I don’t appreciate your condescending and intimidating style of writing. I tried to be civil and reason with you, but it was to no avail. I should have listened to advice of UNGENIUS because talking to you is futile and a waste of time and electrons.

        Your frequent usage of derogatory terms to describe Muslims shows how ignorant and bigoted you are. At first, I thought you were much smarter than that Islamophobic, Banjo_Billy. Now I believe you are two faces on the same coin.

        You made me laugh when you mentioned my partial knowledge of foreign languages. In fact, I only know Arabic and German and I never claimed to know a dozen languages. However, when it comes to foreign languages, I can run circles around you. Before you make fun of other people, you have to be better than them and not inferior.

        Now I have a better picture why my good Christian friend Ingrid abandoned this site. You guys can not even tolerate your own people if they hold different views on Islam or Muslims.

        Have a good life!

      4. Mahmoud –

        In a very condescending and ridiculous manner… You told me to tell the President of the US what to do:

        “Pat, if you don’t want refugee to come to your country, then you should tell your president /PM to quit bombing the Hell of every Muslim country Israel asked them to do.”

        NOW I shall do as YOU did to me so condescendingly… and tell YOU what to do:

        YOU, Mahmoud – Yes, YOU – go tell the President/PM/Ayatollah/Sheik in control of EVERY Islamic country – 50 in all – to take in their own BROTHERS who are fleeing Syria being bombed to hell by PUTIN…!! Because they share so much love…. especially for each other..!! 🙂 🙂

        I order you to “have a good life” also…!!!

    2. @Satan Plan…
      Like, Dude…what sane human being would prefer to live in a Muslim country over a place in northern Europe where one gets free food, housing, medical care, clean water, spending money, compassionate people, low crime, wi-fi. Just some cold to deal with.
      The insane people are the ones who invite and welcome the greedy, vile, rapacious thugs.

  8. The title of Mr. Topham’s article really says it all. Worth repeating in debates worldwide.

  9. “Freedom to offend everyone but the Jews”

    Yes, and nowhere moreso than in the USA. Remember Rick Sanchez? the CNN anchor who scoffed at the idea that Jews were minority vicims. He stated the truth when he pointed out that Jews owned and controlled CNN. He was fired on the spot.

    That is exactly the kind of Jewish behaviour that causes antisemitism. You would think that people who pride themselves on being smart, street smart, would not behave like this.

  10. i like this one, Top firms shortlisted for new British Holocaust memorial
    Looks like million tons of bullshit in free fall dropping down on the visitor.

    of course, the architects, anish kapoor and zaha hadid don’t quite frame it that way.

    “Meteorites, mountains and stones are often at the centre of places of reflection, especially in the Jewish tradition,” say Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid Architects

    based on his last performance, Trump won’t be invited to “inauguration”.

    1. @Lobro

      Do you notice the vampire teeth of that Jewess in the second picture ?
      (but in this case I agree with her message).

    2. Hey LOBRO, speaking of Jewish food, how come there are no such thing as Mexican Jews?

      Two Jews went into Mexican bar. One asks his friend if there are Mexican Jews in Mexico. His friend does not know and they ask the waiter about it. He went into kitchen,came back and said: “I asked everyone, we have prune juice, orange juice, tomato juice, but not Mexican juice.”

  11. Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    I’m not taking sides here ,
    Mr. Pat is very sharp . Pat’s intellectual abilities ,sharp mind ,clear vision is indeed “Semper ad excellentiam contende”.
    That remind me of that phrase…….”don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”

  12. I don’t get it.


    “Suggests drugs should be allowed to flow into U.S.

    “Paul Joseph Watson | – JANUARY 31, 2017 360 Comments 2

    “Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jorge Castañeda has called on Mexico to punish President Trump for his actions on deporting illegal immigrants and building a border wall by allowing criminal cartels to run drugs into the United States.”

    Why is it no one points out the utter hypocrisy in these kinds of outrageous statements? What is Mexico’s policies on illegal aliens? Do they welcome Guatemalans with open arms and provide them an all expense paid vacation along with voting privileges?” I think not! In fact, last I heard, if illegal aliens entering Mexico are lucky enough not to be summarily executed by the Mexican police, they are immediately deported back to whatever country they came from. Isn’t it about time someone stands and faces this type of hypocrisy? Of course we all know from whence the fountain of hypocrisy flows.

    I just received a comment from a brain-dead social-justice-warrior quoting a Huffington Post article about how Trump denied the Hallowedhaox. This outrageous claim stems from the idea that Trump failed to use the (((J))) word during his speech. Now get this reply from a forty two year old white male: “If you’re Nazi and you know it, go to hell, If you’re Nazi and you know it, go to hell.” I imagine this clever ditty is to be sung to the tune: If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. This is an embarrassment to my sex and my race. If Jews haven’t feminized the white male, then they have certainly infantilized them.

    My reply to the twit who sent me the article along with his comment is: “Remember last time I mentioned the ((( J))) word? Do you remember your unreasonable, violent reaction, saying you no longer wanted to visit because of my hateful words? So now Trump doesn’t mention the ((( J))) word and he is guilty of the same “hate crime” as me? Can you detect a total lack of logic in your views?

    Is it possible that Trump was just trying to avoid the standard knee-jerk reaction to the (((J))) word you exhibited last I mentioned it while talking about the Hallowedhoax?” Apparently, anything short of getting down on one’s knees and sobbing for forgiveness over “six million” dead (((Jews))) while lavishing praise upon praise about the Jews’ wonderful, uplifting, impact on the world, renders one a hateful, antisemitic, Nhadzee.

    (Actually I never replied to this twit. However, had I done so, this would have been my thought on the matter.)

  13. Hi Lasha,

    Thanks so much for reposting the article. Also thanks to those who offered commentary. This coming March 11th the S.C. Justice (Butler) will hand down his decision regarding my Charter challenge to this Zionist “Hate Propaganda” legislation under which I was falsely charged. If I won the Charter argument the charges will be stayed and I will walk free. If I lose the challenge then I will have to decide whether to appeal the verdict and start the whole process over again or simply accept my fate and go to sentencing.

    There’s always a catch in the courts. If I win the Charter argument then the BC Supreme court will likely appeal the decision. If they do that means the case goes to the Canadian S.C. for further adjudication. It also means hundreds of thousands of dollars for lawyer fees and likely another 3 years of ongoing litigation before the federal court makes its decision. The rub of course is that the federal SC justices are pro-Zionist and many Jews as well not unlike the US SC. Would I get fair treatment? After 10 years of this and now a Liberal government in power I’m doubtful.

    1. if Pierre was running the show instead of Justin, you might stand a chance.
      be that as it may, i will always put my skinny shoulder to the wheel and send some loonies your way.

      question: could you ask that if they insist on charging you under some law, that it be worded in such a way that it is
      a) transparent, equally applicable to all parties claiming injury regardless of ethnicity, religion or politics,
      b) the rules of admissible evidence and scope of argument were precisely defined, and
      c) a computer program would be deliver decision.

      because almost ANY judge in Canada will first ask the magical question: Is It Good For Jews?
      As it stands, the entire deliberation today consists of determining whether jews want Art Topham in jail and that’s not a difficult one to answer.

  14. Testing. Am I in spamblinka with TROjoe?

    OK, wonderful. I can post again. Arthur, you should accept your (((fate))) and go to jail. You will be a Free Speech Martyr or Christian Martyr! This will do more for the cause than fighting it. The (((Law))) is on their side.

    1. @ JFC

      Testing. Am I in spamblinka with TROjoe?

      No, but for some reason a longer comment of yours with links has just gone into our Spam folder. No idea why. I’m just about to approve it.

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