From Jewish Fear and Loathing to Acceptance and Influence in the Trump Administration

By Zachary Sessions

Published on The Occidental Observer 7 May


Washington Post caption: “Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner,
are rich cosmopolitans. And they’re saving us from Steve Bannon.”

Based on the early campaign rhetoric and promises of Donald J. Trump, one would not expect to find the presence of Jewish power structures within the Trump presidency.  Indeed, TOO editor Kevin MacDonald wrote a whole series of articles on “Jewish fear and loathing of Trump.”

For example, during the primaries, Trump said to the Republican Jewish Coalition, “You’re not gonna support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your politicians, that’s fine. Five months ago, I was with you.”  According to a CNN article published on December 3, 2015, “Trump also faced boos from the crowd when in the question-and-answer portion of his appearance he would not pledge to keep Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.”  The same article quotes Trump as saying that a peace between Palestine and Israel, “will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal — whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things.”  Many were surprised to a see the leading Republican presidential contender call on Israel to make sacrifices.

Trump’s remarks to the Republican Jewish Coalition contrast most with one of his rivals in the primaries, Senator Lindsey Graham.  Graham told the same crowd, “How many of you believe we’re losing elections because we’re not hard-ass enough on immigration?” The crowd responded with applause and Graham said, “Well, I don’t agree with you.”  He commented that Republicans often lose Hispanic and female voters because of hardline stances on immigration.  Graham went on to say, “I think Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party,” which was met with applause.  He went on to compare Trump’s rhetoric to that of Hitler and the Nazis: “Now it’s not self-deportation, it’s forced deportation. We’re literally going to round them up — That sound familiar to you?”  Here Graham contrasts Trump to the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.  On the foreign policy front Graham said, “Do you even think I need to talk to you about my support for Israel?”  Later Graham took it a step further, stating “I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America.”

The other Republican contenders also made similar pleas to the coalition.  Jim Gilmore oddly bragged about watching Schindler’s List; Rick Santorum commented on his cooperation with the Jewish Democrat, Joe Liebermann; George Pataki said goodbye to the group in Hebrew; and Jeb Bush wished the coalition a happy Hanukkah.  Only Donald Trump was even slightly critical of Israel, and more importantly, he was critical of the influence that Jewish money has over politicians.

Later, on February 19, 2016, Trump said “he’d be ‘a neutral guy’ when it comes to negotiating the Israel-Palestinian conflict.”  When specifically asked about the conflict Trump was quoted as saying, “Let me be sort of a neutral guy, let’s see what — I’m going to give it a shot. It would be so great.”  This is a monumental departure from traditional neoconservative rhetoric of prominent Republicans such as Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz who is quoted as saying, “Just this week, Donald Trump said on a TV program that he would be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. As president, I have no intention of being neutral. As president, I will be unapologetically with the nation of Israel.”

Despite Trump’s early stances on Israel he clearly made a pivot later in the campaign.  This pivot became obvious when Trump spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) where, according to a Time article of March 21st, 2016, Trump said, “I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel. I am a newcomer to politics, but not to backing the Jewish state.”  He went on to say, “I came here to speak to you about where I stand on the future of American relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship and our cultural brother, the only democracy in the Middle East, the state of Israel.”

On the subject of a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine Trump said, “To make a great deal, you need two willing participants. We know Israel is willing to deal. Israel has been trying.” That is a massive departure from his statements just a few months earlier to the Republican Jewish Coalition where he called upon Israel to make sacrifices in the name of peace.

After securing the Republican nomination Trump continued on the path of unflinching support for Israel.  

On September 25, 2016, Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for nearly an hour and a half at Trump Tower in New York City.  Trump’s Jewish son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, attended that meeting.

TRUMP — ‘Unflinching support for Israel’

During the general election campaign Trump also began taking money from big Jewish donors such as Sheldon Adelson.  Adelson reportedly gave Trump a $5 million donation, which — along with the $45 million donated to other Republican candidates — made him the largest donor of the 2016 election cycle (although his donations paled to what he gave Romney in 2012). Adelson also contributed $5 million to Trump’s inauguration.

Upon winning the presidency, Trump ramped up his support for the Jewish state, and he began to surround himself with the very people from whom he did not want to take money back in December 2015. 

Trump named the former chief information officer of Goldman-Sachs, Steve Mnuchin, as Secretary of the Treasury who has a long history of donating to both Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns including the campaigns of Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney. Moreover, Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka seem to be taking an ever more prominent role in his father-in-law’s administration.

JARED AND IVANKA . . . ‘An ever more prominent role

This is happening as Trump’s campaign CEO, White House Chief Strategist, and former National Security Council (NSC) member Steve Bannon is being noticeably demoted.  On April 5, Bannon was removed from the NSC and shortly thereafter Trump engaged in his unwarranted airstrike against a Syrian government run airfield.  Since Bannon’s removal from the NSC Kushner has taken an increasingly visible and prominent role in the Trump White House, and Trump has been pursuing a more traditional neoconservative foreign policy which centers around strong support for Israel, a troop surge in Afghanistan, hostility toward Russia, and, quite possibly, a more interventionalist stance towards Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Zachary Karabell summarizes the transformations of the Trump administration into something essentially unrecognizably related to Trump’s campaign rhetoric (Hyperlink lost). Since it appears in the Washington Post, the subtitle shouldn’t surprise: “The super-rich members of Trump’s Cabinet have hobbled the ethno-nationalists. And that’s a good thing.” The caption to the Washington Post photo (header picture) reiterates the message: Steve Bannon and the ethno-nationalists lost.

In particular, referring specifically to Trump changing his mind on withdrawing from NAFTA:

The globalists who won this round are, by and large, precisely what their opponents deride them as: urban, wealthy, connected to the web of influence that flows from Wall Street to Washington, and more comfortable with a modified economic status-quo than a Jacobean recasting of society. They include the well-to-do Gary Cohn of the National Economic Council, formerly president of Goldman Sachs; Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, scion of a New York-New Jersey real estate family; and others, such as Dina Powell, also late of Goldman, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Ivanka Trump.

It’s difficult not to notice the centrality of Goldman Sachs in this inner circle (Kushner’s well-known ties to Goldman [and George Soros] are not mentioned), and Jewish background for all but Powell.

Overall, one can clearly see how Donald Trump’s tune on both Israel and Jewish political power structures have changed over time.  He started out his presidential bid very critical of politicians who come under the influence of big Jewish donors, and he called upon Israel to make sacrifices in the name of a lasting peace with Palestine.  He then made a complete pivot when he pledged unwavering support to Israel which (not surprisingly) occurred around the time he started taking big donations from Zionist Jewish donors.

Now he has built an administration which seems to be under the influence of the traditional Jewish power structures which have dominated American politics for decades.  Jews have indeed gone from a fear and loathing to acceptance and influence over Donald Trump.

We should not lose our hope though.  It is early yet, and we have seen that this President has the courage to say the truth.  We should hold on to the hope that Donald Trump can return to the tenets of his early campaign before the Jewish money started rolling in.

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  1. Das Juden will never give up. They know they have America by the balls, and they are making sure their control is absolute by brainwashing our children.
    It’s not enough that we fight wars for the glory of Apartheid Israel and that their confederates control the economy thru their domination of the FED and US Treasury, they also want our kids to be mentally diseased.

  2. Das Juden excels at playing up those ‘anti-Semitic’ incidents, when a large majority show they are coming from the Jews. But don’t think that sanity and common sense will prevail, the ADL’s recipe to cure this upswing in Jews posting hateful comments and making threats is to require American school kids to be brainwashed by the ADL.

    Upsurge in “Anti-Semitism” Has Disturbing Jewish Origins

  3. Although I appreciate the author’s entreaty, expressed in the last sentence of his article, to “…hold on to the hope that Donald Trump can return to the tenets of his early campaign…,” I regret to say that there is not one scintilla of hope left in me in that regard. And that was probably the biggest “hope” I’ve possessed during the past year or so. To anyone who is aware of what is happening to America – as Ms. Darkmoon has so brilliantly and painstakingly described in her many articles – what other hope really matters? That my favorite football team will win another title? that I’ll get a hot stock tip? that I’ll hit the lottery? that the show Keeping Up With the Lardassians will be canceled? Tell me, what could be more important than America (and the world) escaping the clutches of International Jewry? With regard to Mr. Trump’s presidency, I have passed through The Gate of Hell and begrudgingly accepted its exhortation to: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

    1. It is the blatant double standards applied to Jewish matters that sticks in my throat. If there were so many Frenchmen or Mormens in the White House ther would be hell to pay. Jews can attack any move to peaceful relations with Russia as “Russia influencing US elections”. Yet we have the Jewish Lobby demanding Congressmen pledge support for Israel, under threat of financing electoral opponenets, and lots of bad media coverage, viz the destrucion of Cynthia McKinney’s career. How’s that for “Influence”?

      Don’t give up hope. The wall of silence is cracking. The elephant in the living room is being noticed. Nothing is more likely to scare the hell out of the Jewish Lobby than widespread knowledge of their shenanigins.

      The internet is changing everything and the full truth of the ruthless use of Jewish Power will be the biggest news story of the age. The shame will finish them. If I was one of the many decent Jews I would assimilate.

      1. Worth noting the following mechanism

        If I was one of the many decent Jews I would assimilate.

        They already did, John, which is why you don’t see them.
        Meaning that the rest are not decent and it explains why over 96% enthusiastically cheer for periodic Gaza slaughters, not to mention other abominations against the goyim.
        Don’t feel guilty about hating the monsters, it is a sane human reaction.

      2. Wig —

        Blockchain is a way of blocking them.

        The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the most essential protocol underlying the world’s routing system, and you use it every single day without knowing it, just as you are oblivious to the vast filtration system allowing you to drink clean water from a fountain

        You don’t trust anyone else to tell you what the truth is, you cross-check every claim yourself.

        This is part of a talk which took place at the JW Marriott Sahar (International Airport) on March 26th 2017 in
        Mumbai, India:

      3. It could happen in the blink of an eye.

        This President made some bold statements and we gave them one more chance.

        If they screw this up it is time for a managerial shake up.

        Lindsey Light In The Loafers is a disgusting, and representative example of our bloated and out of control corporation known as Washington D.C.

    2. Do not give up hope, hope will never die, the American people have the will, all they need is the to be shown the way be prepared well in advance and never give in, good luck America.

  4. No more loathing?
    Lost track of the bouncing ball again?

    luckily you got lobro on the JEWWATCH

    Exclusive: Civil-liberties nightmares about the Surveillance State are coming true, but – since the victims are former Donald Trump advisers – many of the usual civil-liberties defenders are strikingly silent, reports Robert Parry

    (((usual civil-liberties defenders))) indeed, silence is Goldman.
    some revealing reading for those wishing to see beyond window dressing especially statements made by carter Page,

    The Times article by Scott Shane, Mark Mazzetti and Adam Goldman added: “His [Page’s] remarks accorded with Mr. Trump’s positive view of the Russian president, which had prompted speculation about what Mr. Trump saw in Mr. Putin — more commonly denounced in the United States as a ruthless, anti-Western autocrat.”

    did someone say acceptance, no loathing?

    what bothers me i guess is the fact that we goyim focus on the static props instead of the dynamics of action and thus miss the salient points of the grand guignol show.

    1. Trump’s U-turn is still a mystery. In the long run all will be revealed by hisorians, but only after Jewish Power is destroyed.

      I am an optimist in that respect. I think it is already happening. I don’t think the true 20th century history of the Jews can be supressed forever, and when the dam breaks there will be a massive backlash.

      1. We have been told a pack of lies;
        we are still being told a pack of lies,
        but the people have just begun to realize that.

        Watch out for the day when their eyes are really opened to the truth.

        Pease note that the word “Truth” is now suspect.

      2. JK

        Revelations of pedophilia in the highest places could be the jew back-breaker if the dominoes were to fall far enough

        As always, stay tuned

      3. The law of opposites (yin & yang) exists. Lies and treachery will be met with truth and justice. Evil cant exist without good. Some people choose the former. Some the latter. Let your consciencia guide you.

    2. Mr. Putin — more commonly denounced in the United States as a ruthless, anti-Western autocrat

      this is a detailed Economist poll and if you look at the relevant tables on page 31, you will see some interesting data, such as 37% favorable view of Putin among those who describe their ideology as “liberal“.
      What does that mean?
      not an easy call but i would think that the word “liberal” has been misappropriated by jew and that a true liberal is quite a different animal.
      Just another warning sign of the widespread rape of language, contamination of salutary concepts by association with the perverted tribe.

      1. Lobro –

        I am in dire need of your math help. No gimmick.

        What is 58 to the 34th power?

      2. Pat, the best approximation
        9*10^59 (9 followed by 59 zeros, fairly close to the number of basic particles in the universe, probably excepting photons)

      3. Lobro –

        Thanks. A friend asked me.

        I read… your answer as: 9 times 10 to the 59th… “YUGE” to say the least.. Close enough for government work. 🙂

        That helps a lot. Really does.
        I figured it shows the number of possibilities in this blockchain (bitcoin) address.


        That tech may be used to help prevent election fraud by Pharisee-Jews.

        There’s a NYC-based Blockchain Technologies Corp., which is taking a hybrid approach of a blockchain-powered voting system coupled with paper ballots that use QR codes to ensure each vote is only cast once.

      4. Pat

        I figured it shows the number of possibilities in this blockchain (bitcoin) address.

        it seems that you overlooked some combinations: 10 digits + 27 letters, right?
        But it should be 27*2+10=64 because the algorithm distinguishes between uppers and lowers, so it should be 34^64 ~ 10^98, i.e., almost 100 zeros now.

      5. oops!
        64^34 =(approx) 2.6*10^61, i.e., about 30 times bigger than before.
        don’t blame me, blame dyslexia 🙂
        i don’t know how many times i lost major marks on tests because of stupid mistakes like that.

      6. Lobro –

        Yes. I caught that mistake later….. 64 is correct.

        But I figgered that 10 to the 60th was big enough…. so did not ask again.

        Even more “BIGGLY” NOW.. WHEW..!!

        I went thru a lotta erasers also…. especially in statistics. 🙂

        Thanks for the return. It helps even more.

  5. Trump broke his marriage vows twice with two divorces.
    Trump broke his business vows four times with bankruptcies.

    These were pointed out years ago and ignored.

    So… I suggest to stop supporting him… He makes “BIGGLY” and “YUGE” bad decisions every day.

    FIRE HIM…!!

    America was warned about this also… even before the election:

    Former Acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates said on Monday she warned the White House in January that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had been compromised and could have been vulnerable to blackmail by Russia.

    She told White House counsel Don McGahn on Jan. 26, less than a week into Trump’s presidency, that Flynn had not been telling the truth about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to Washington.

      1. Let’s face it we may have been better off with Clinton than with Chumpster fraudster.

      2. Mike –

        We knew the”the Hag” was a liar and criminal…. No false hopes there….


        The best way to “deal with it” is what I wrote…

        “You’re FIRED..!! “BIGGLY”..!!” 🙂

      3. “Let’s face it we may have been better off with Clinton than with Chumpster fraudster.”

        Think so? You should have been at Waco, a mass murder of American citizens orchestrated by the Clintons and carried out without the slightest hint of due process. I guarantee, had you been there and seen the carnage, it would have changed your opinion on such statements.

        I had not voted since Reagan’s first term, yet I voted for Trump. This despite the fact that I had already gone on record saying Trump was simply another Jew political plant sure to win. Trump is the “leader” chosen by the Jews to start WWIII.

        Despite the fact I knew Trump would “win” the political Punch and Judy drama staged to convince the gullible goyim they actually have a voice in the political process, I wanted to put forth every effort to make certain that it at least appeared that America preferred Trump over Clinton.

        I simply could not bear looking at Clinton scum for four more years. Like her husband, Hillary is the lowest form of non-Jew; a morally dissolute, murdering psychopath.

        I could not bear listening to people talking about that whore for four more years. For that reason alone, I voted, this against my principle of not voting for what I know was an obvious setup. May that murdering bitch live forever – perhaps as a Palestinian child in Israel.

        Is it bad to speak the way I do to volunteers? I’ve done a lot worse.

    1. I wouldn’t place any credence on what fired Obama-holdover Sally Yates has to say. Flynn was railroaded.

      1. And if you fire Trump then you get Christian Zionist true believer Pence. We’d still be 100% under the thumb of Israel and would still be threatening war with the rest of the world. The GOP and the deep state would love it. Under the circumstances, I’ll stick with Trump for just a little while longer and see what happens. At least firing Comey might be a step in the right direction.

      2. Folly –

        Firing Comey is a timely distraction, in light of coming on the heels of Senate Hearings.

        “In a swirl of sobering questions about the Constitution and the rule of law, many Republicans are asking simply: Why now? Why?!”

        “Republicans around town, and even some White House officials, say they’re baffled by President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey in the middle of his Russia investigation — and with the explanation that it’s because of his handling of Hillary’s email, which Trump had praised him for in the past.”

        It was announced very soon after Comey’s firing…. that Trump would welcome Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the Oval Office on Wednesday for a closed-door meeting.

  6. Lasha,
    Good assessment of Trump’s “evolution” from a source of hope to a pool of despair. We have been misled by Trump’s temporary big stir, instead of cool-headedly spotting his prominent and permanent features such as his spiritual (family) ties to the State of Israel and his worldly, business ties to the Jewish financial lobby.
    Now, we are grown-ups and we need not console ourselves with false hope. Let’s take note of the situation and consider it cold comfort that it is not new and that “the traditional Jewish power structures (which) have dominated American politics for decades.”
    You are, together with some brilliant minds on this site, doing a great job educating people and reversing the brain-washing they have been subjected to. Keep it up!
    The positive impact might not be noticeable at once, but sure it is spreading far and wide.

  7. @ John

    “If I was one of the many decent Jews I would assimilate.”

    I often ponder the question: What exactly is a “decent” (i.e. good) Jew? And I always come back to the same conclusion: IMO a “decent” Jew would be one who values things like moral rectitude and loyalty to fellow countrymen of the host country above tribal loyalty.

    But the problem is that the essence of Jewishness is to put tribal loyalty above all else. So in a sense there is really no such thing as a “good Jew”, because if a Jew is not a Jew, then he is not a Jew. IOW “good Jew” is an oxymoron.

    I frequently find myself in discussions with goyim who get “wrapped around the axle” with the good Jew/bad Jew paradigm, because everybody seems to know some “decent” Jew. And I try to explain to them that Jews don’t attack and destroy us as good Jews and bad Jews; rather, our enemy is the Jewish collective, of which every Jew is a part.

    To put it another way, knowing a decent Jew is like knowing “Bill”, a great guy who happens to be in the U.S. army. Bill is just a regular, down-to-earth guy like everyone else; he’s also the kind of person “who’d give you the shirt off his back”. Yet what is the nature of the U.S. military that Bill is a proud member of? Is it a force for good in the world? Does it defend the U.S.? No. At its core, it’s a force for evil. It’s an occupation force. It tortures people. It kills people. It oppresses people. It breaks things. It’s nothing but the enforcement arm of a Satanic international mafia.

    When called upon to invade Panama, Iraq or Syria and to murder, torture and/or otherwise oppress anyone who gets in the way, Bill is ready to go and do his part, however minor or major that may be.
    Thus Bill, the nice guy that he outwardly appears to be, is nevertheless far more concerned about his career, than he is about any moral and/or patriotic concerns.
    IMO, Bill, like the hypothetical decent Jew, wears the “mark of the beast”.

    1. Hi Harold,
      I agree, it is the Jewish Collective that is the problem. I have known Jews who are not Zionists but still remain loyal to Jews first, both as individuals and as the collective.

      I have known many decent Jews, but Jews as a group support Jews to the detriment of all others, that is us, the gentiles, the goys.

      The Holocaust has made it more extreme, but it was a myth. Auschwitz could neve have gassed and incinerated 25,000 bodies per week, every week, for three years. It was a massive scam, based on Soviet wartime propaganda, and perptuated by the Jewish Lobby to extort billions from Germany and to intimidate all gentiles.

      Enough is enough. Germans should get off their knees.

    2. The worst part of this time here is that it is all about them. No on else in the world has to deal with what they “they believed” allegedly happened. LOL!

    3. Its impossible to identify as a Jew and be a normal human being because the Jewish ideología is essentially anti-human. Being human is being universal and loving your fellow man among other things. The question for each “Jew” is how strongly and to what degree the ideology has been instilled in them. A “fringe” Jew will celebrate a few holidays and go to temple a few times a year. But, despite having a slight identity crisis, he will marry a gentile, eat pepperoni pizza and work honestly for a living. On the other hand, a hard-core Talmudic extremista will more than likely live a life of crime, frequent the synagogue, engage in pedafilia and child-sacrifice rituals. Such a “Jew” is truly demon-posessed beyond the point of no return and a threat to mankind. The question is how much “Jew” is in the “Jew”.

  8. To not have expected the inevitability of jewish power structures within the Trump presidency was quintessential wishful thinking, and with Ivanka and her hubby becoming the favored ones to have his ear, this cinched it.

    But the irony of it all for me has to do with all roads leading back to Putin and the FSB. A little birdie tells me that it’s virtually certain that their interference in the election is what put Trump over the top, and their espionage mastery ensures that that will never come to light. It was CRUCIAL for them to avoid having to deal with an HRC presidency, precisely because they wouldn’t have been ABLE to deal with her. At least with Trump there is some hope of that, even if negligible.

    You got ol’ Brownhawk on the jewwatch as well

      Compare soldier “Bill” to soldier “Billal”the Muslim:

      Factors which played a part in Garaudy’s conversion

      “During the Second World War, Garaudy [a famous French Holocaust revisionist] was interned with other Communists and spent nearly three years in prison camps in North Africa. On one occasion, when he was in a camp in Djelfa in southern Algeria, he and his fellow prisoners were saved from summary execution because the Arab guards defied orders to shoot them. He subsequently learned that they owed their lives to the fact that the guards were Ibadi Muslims whose religion forbade them to fire at unarmed men. Their unconditional obedience to a higher authority than their French commandant deeply impressed him and prepared the ground for his conversion over forty years later…

      1. @ Sean

        Yep. There’s no place in today’s “U.S. military” for anyone with any serious moral/religious convictions. They want “be all you can be” sociopathic scumbags, not reasonable people.

  9. As I said before, the latest round of Jewish Oligarchy. Oligarchy. Whether it’s the perverted slime from the liberal-communist jewish “believers” (thinkers is not appropriate, as Thomas Sowell said: “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. The problem isn’t even that johnny can’t think. The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is, he confuses it with feeling.”) or the murdering filthy war criminals from the right, the jew on either side agrees on one thing – that a Jewish Oligarchy is better than any alternative. Freedom isn’t free. Whether in Europe, North America, Russia, or anywhere else. A fearful price has been paid for whatever Liberties and comforts we enjoy. The reluctance to deal with the rot and corruption that is the foundation of the jewish agenda leads to ever worsening consequences. The jewish run central banks, the slander of religion, the expensive wars for eretz Israel, jewish racketeering in medicine, food production, destruction of free speech through jewish monopoly of media, the insidious corrosion of patriotic values and National interests. So what you are seeing is Oligarchy. There is the usual Utopian fraud that came with the Communards, the Bolsheviks, the Zionists, the EU Globalist/ Internationale that structure (Jewish Oligarchy) will make everything better, but first we must “break eggs” (which they refuse to acknowledge, notice, or admit, never ever stops). Adjusting rape laws in Germany to accommodate Turkish sensibilities, hey, it’s their culture, special bathroom laws in the US…sooner or later, people realize that the Pigs are not more equal and they die as easily as their victims.

    1. Winston –

      Every major government in the world is a….

      monopolistic capitalistic oligarchy.

      Even the cities and towns.

      You might like this VERY revealing message from 1968:

      Dr. Stuart Crane(dec)
      Dr. Stuart Crane was the dean of the Business School at Bob Jones University

      All 5 Parts:

      1. @ Pat – Thank you for link. Now the matter of degree. Would you like Russia and Iran to abandon Syria, Syria to cancel sovereignty and invite thousands of Israeli advisers in? Russia to put Khordorkovsky in as President to get the debt going on steroids again like in the US? Iceland to change it’s name to “Rothschildland, bankers paradise”? Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Iceland to throw open their borders, legalize rape, pedophilia, raise taxes to pay “for them” as they don’t work much and say being a civilized law abiding nation is soooo passe? The matter of degree. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

      2. Winston –

        Glad to help….

        You are asking the wrong person about those conditions. They have nothing to do with my claim.

        What tyrants do is above my pay grade.

        I know that in 13 minutes which passed… you could not have heard much, if any, of Dr Crane’s lecture. The prayer and pledge of allegiance took much of that. 🙂

      3. In the last article I mentioned Peter Myer’s toolkit for the protocols of zion, and briefly his philosophy as presented in 1994. Specifically, “structure or form is no guarantee of quality or content.” One can have a good or bad Monarchy, a good or bad Republic, and so on. Right now the US, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU have a JEWISH dominated Oligarchy, whether left or right. That was my point. This doesn’t bode well – look at California making it legal for the party that murdered 30 million Chinese, 60 million Russians, over a million Cambodians to be members of government. Next, they’ll be after guns and private property, except that which is jewish owned. The Capitalistic Oligarchies you mention don’t have the same rap sheet in terms of mass murder. The Jewish dominated ones however, have a filthy record. So far the ones mentioned export the violence, but that may be changing. Now to listen to Dr. Crane, I’m back from paying bills.

  10. (OFF-TOPIC . . . . . GOODBYE, EVERYONE!)

    Darkmooners won’t be hearing from me anymore. They’ve come to arrest me. They’re at my front door right now. They’re ringing the doorbell and banging on my front door right now as I type this here “Farewell Commentariat Comrades” post.

    I’m going to be arrested for Cruelty to Animals.

    Yesterday I was ABUSIVE to a mohammedan n****r “french” african bonobo magilla gorilla, a neighbor here in my flohr-eee-duh neighborhood realized it was me, called the ASPCA, and now the ASPCA people are at my front door with the cops and they have a warrant for my arrest.

    The “alternative” media is doing a GREAT JOB of eradicating joo troll influence. Yes, whiddle joew “joo troll” is also infamous for being “abusive” to the “ALT” media’s Noosphere version of Hollywood’s magilla gorilla. The GOOD NEWS is I didn’t injure my hand, that’s NOT why youse Darkmooners will never be hearing from me again, 🙂 .

    Uncle is doing one helluva Great Job being Vigilant! Very Stalwart! Very Perceptive! Keen! ALWAYS Keen! No one can get anything over on Uncle!

    1. sorry to hear about your travails, TROJ.
      Don’t wax too eloquent at trial, it may be a great show but remember that the department of justice was set up to keep it at bay, not to ensure its implementation.

    2. Don’t skimp on lawyers fees if you can manage – it helps if, to quote one lawyer I knew, they know who the “good judges are”. Hope it works out.

    3. Sorry to hear of your plight Joe. I have often wondered if you were under the influence, and have regarded your comments here as a mark of the free-speech credibility of Darkmoon.

      Good Luck. We will miss you.

    4. The silver back lining is of course the fact you did not kill, gut, skin and eat any apes. What a mess!
      (they eat bonobos, don’t they?)

  11. Consider the possibility that Trumpstein wasn’t flipped, coerced, or blackmailed. He’s one of them and his actions prove it. Consider the theory that his pre-election talking points are created scientifically by focus groups and then woven into his speeches. The Trump candidate created by political experts that tell the public exactly what they want to hear – Trump talked big about draining the swamp and building a wall. But what did he do? Exactly the opposite because the candidate is just an illusion created in our minds, a politically engineered straw man that fools the public every time. Obama was ‘hope and change’ and Trump “make America great again”. Both candidates part of election psyops – they gain your trust and then betray you causing widespread despair and disallusion with the system – which is exactly what the want – a demoralized population of debt slaves.

  12. okay, so now i have the proper description of my frequent operational principle, viz, Statement Against Interest

    In the legal field, there is a concept known as “Statement Against Interest,” aka “Admission Against Interest,” which simply means that
    The logic behind “Statement Against Interest” is simple.

    Example: A guilty suspect in a murder case insists that he is innocent. Under interrogation, he spins lies after lie after lie. However, during the course of his interrogation, he slips up and admits that he does indeed own a gun of the same calibre as the bullets which killed the victim. That’s a “Statement Against Interest” — therefore, you can 100% believe it!

    i shall be referring to this term regularly in future 😉

      1. must have been said under duress 🙂

        unrelated but slightly on the math topic: just found out that the in-famous kamp joo-tattoo was limited to 6 digits, ie, less than million.

      2. LOBRO,

        The official narrative goes something like the jews sent straight to the gas chamber had no need to be tattooed. That is why no more than 6 digits was ever needed.

  13. The Jewish Masters of the Universe probably decided, like in the movie “The Godfather”, “We’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

  14. the benefits of having had Mrs President are numerous and obvious.
    an example from Hillary Clinton Email Archive

    U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05794498
    Date: 11/30/2015 RELEASE IN FULL

    The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.
    [Madam knows best, unfortunately Putin intervened and Trump seems unwilling to grab the bull by the horns, like she did with Gadaffi]

    Negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program will not solve Israel’s security dilemma.
    Nor will they stop Iran from improving the crucial part of any nuclear weapons program — the capability to enrich uranium.
    At best, the talks between the world’s major powers and Iran that began in Istanbul this April and will continue in Baghdad in May will enable Israel to postpone by a few months a decision whether to launch an attack on Iran that could provoke a major Mideast war. Iran’s nuclear program and Syria’s civil war may seem unconnected, but they are. For Israeli leaders, the real threat from a nuclear-armed Iran is not the prospect of an insane Iranian leader launching an unprovoked Iranian nuclear attack on Israel that would lead to the annihilation of both countries.


    An Iranian nuclear weapons capability would not only end that nuclear monopoly but could also prompt other adversaries, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to go nuclear as well. The result would be a precarious nuclear balance in which
    Israel could not respond to provocations with conventional military strikes on Syria and Lebanon, as it can today.
    If Iran were to reach the threshold of a nuclear weapons state, Tehran would find it much easier to call on its allies in Syria and Hezbollah to strike Israel, knowing that its nuclear weapons would serve as a deterrent to Israel responding against Iran itself.

    As all can see, if we can only get rid of “jew-owned Trump”, the road (to israHell) would be paved for the true American patriot Mrs POTUS with only the American iterests at heart.
    Well, make sure you vote correctly the next time, she is sure to reappear in 2020, a perfect chance for redemption.

  15. Sometimes Trump’s reneging on promises made during his election campaign, comes as a pleasant surprise :

    US Embassy will stay in Tel Aviv

    Senior US sources say President Trump decided to keep Embassy in Tel Aviv. Jerusalem: We’re not surprised.

    Senior US sources said US President Donald Trump has already decided to X the order which prevents the US Embassy in Israel from being transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    A US source said Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already been informed of Trump’s decision.

    Recently, both governments agreed that this would not be the best time to move the Embassy, and US officials said Israel did not want to deal with the matter at present and had requested Trump delay the move.

    The Israeli government is not surprised by Trump’s decision, but they are still very disappointed. The expectation was that Trump would make an announcement regarding Jerusalem during his upcoming May 22 visit to Israel.

    However, the expectation currently is that Trump will push Israel to renew negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, who will be the main focus of Trump’s visit. 10/05/17

    1. Chumpster -who-gives a-damn-about-consequences- fraudster was probably ready to do it, but his Jewish handlers decided that they didn’t want to waste any scarce political capital on mere symbolism at the moment. IOW they’ve presently got more important fish to fry without stirring up that controversy.

      Hopefully Adelson and the other increasingly impatient madmen will understand it’s just a tactical delay.

  16. Chabad doctrine is the source of what we can expect to find with the presence of Jewish power structures – his family – actively involved within the Trump presidency.

    The Kushners’ support for Chabad has been no secret anymore. Here is what they want for the world:

    International Conference of Chabad Emissaries (2016)


    Torah Thought: Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz – International Conference of Chabad Emissaries 5777 – International Conference of Chabad Emissaries (2016):

    “Success in South Dakota…. and South Africa.”

    “…digging the final well….. in the last state with holiness…. South Dakota.”

    Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries:

    Join over 3,000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day International Conference of Women Emissaries.


    Picture with Thousands of Rabbis
    -The Group Photo of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries-

    “The mission will succeed.”

  17. Hmm. I was toying with the idea, what would happen if Trump would ask for refuge in Russia, citing a threat on his life by you know whom? That would be a number one in the world that would topple this whole system.

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