Hassan Nasrallah To Jews: ‘Flee Israel Before Its Destruction’ (Video and Transcript)


Israel continues to issue direct threats against Lebanon, promising to destroy it completely in a next war. There is always someone there who stands up and says, “In the next war, we will leave nothing but ruins behind us.  We will return Lebanon to what it was 100-200 ago.”
Israel continues its offensive in Syria, claiming to prevent further arms reaching the Resistance (Hezbollah). It continues its violations of Lebanese airspace in various ways. It strives to push the entire region into war, under any pretext.
Today, on the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, I want to send a clear message to Israelis and Jews in Occupied Palestine and anywhere in the world. This is what I say to them: 

From the beginning, we in the Resistance have declared that our struggle was against the occupying Zionist aggressors on the land of Palestine and on our Arab land, not against Jews as followers of a heavenly religion recognized by Islam or as a people of the Torah.

It is the Zionist movement that exploited Judaism and Jews to carry a colonialist occupation project in Palestine and the region, serving the British a hundred years ago, and later at the service of US policies.

The Jews who were brought from all over the world must know that they are only cannon fodder in a British Western colonialist war against the Arab and Islamic peoples in this region. And today they are the fuel for projects and US policies that target people of the region.

And when our peoples defend their lives, their land and honor in the face of Zionist gangs, they are unjustly accused of anti-Semitism. This false accusation is found in every corner of the world.

Today I say to Jewish scholars, their eminent personalities, their thinkers: Those who brought you from all over the world to Palestine for their own interests are ultimately working to your destruction. You must know it, because it is written in your religious books.
The current Israeli government led by Netanyahu is leading your people to annihilation and destruction. For he only makes plans for war, and only searches war.

He has worked in the past to prevent the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran, and he failed. He is currently working with Trump to tear this agreement and to push the region to a new war. If Trump and Netanyahu push the region to a new war, this will be at your expense, Israelis, and it is you who will pay a very high price for the stupid policies of the head of your government.

Netanyahu is also pushing the region towards war against Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Resistance movements, under misleading titles and defensive excuses, for a preventive war as he claims.

And here I hope all Israelis will listen carefully to what I say: Netanyahu, his government and military officials did not correctly evalutate the magnitude this war will reach if they succeed to light its fires. What will be its extent, what will be its territory, who will participate on it, who will enter it… Netanyahu, his government and military officials do not know how this war will end if they start it.

And I also confirm that they do not have an accurate picture of what awaits them if they undertake such a stupid act as this war. They have no clarity of vision, no accurate assessment, no correct picture. If they kindle the fire of the coming war, they have no idea how far it will reach, how extended will be its embrace, and who will participate in it.

That’s why I now call first to all Jews, except the Zionists, to detach their considerations from Zionist calculations which will only lead them to their final destruction.

And I call on all those who came into occupied Palestine, believing the promises that they would find the land of milk and honey, I call on them to leave. I call on them to leave Palestine and go back to the countries from which they came, so that they do not become mere fuel in any war to which the stupid Netanyahu government would lead them.
For if Netanyahu launched a war in this region, there may be no more time for them to leave Palestine, and there might be no safe place for them in occupied Palestine. 
[Audience chants: At Thy service, ô Nasrallah]

The enemy government must know that times have changed, as it must know that those with whom they hope to forge an alliance will be a burden to them, because they need to be themselves defended, so that they cannot really help anyone else. [The translation here is very poor].

The scale of the massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region, its partnership with Daesh and its open complicity in the project of partition of our region through its open and eager support to the secession of Kurdistan, all this will push the people of the region to render a capital verdict against them.

I conclude by saying to the Israelis, the Israeli people who form the base of this usurper entity: you know that what your political and military leaders tell you about Israel’s ability to win a victory in any future war is largely composed of lies and illusions. What has been told you is largely made up of lies and illusions.

And you know the extent of the flaws and loopholes that exist in your army and society. And that’s why you must not allow your stupid and arrogant leaders to lead you into an adventure which will perhaps bring about the end of all things for you and for the Zionist entity. 

Source: http://almanar.com.lb/2688343 – Translation: http://sayed7asan.blogspot.fr

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VIDEO  :  8.40 mins
(Arabic with English subtitles)

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  1. An excellent speech by Nasrallah. What many of the purblind, short sighted and ignorant subjects of the Jewish Empire (USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and others) fail to realise is that attempts to colonise Arab countries are doomed to failure. Remember the longest any of the four Kingdoms established by the Crusaders lasted was circa 90 years. The entity established by the (((racial and biological vermin))) after WWII has only been going for 70 years. So let’s see if it’s still around in 2037.
    As Nasrallah has warned the Jewish Yahoo, wars are easy to start, but the outcomes are difficult to predict. So far no commenter on this site has drawn attention to a recent remark by the Pakistani Chief of Staff that they could destroy the (((racially and biologically verminous entity))) within 12 minutes. They have most probably wargamed this scenario. True they would be subject to retaliation, but they could probably absorb the loss of life and damage to their infrastructure. Also they have strong backing from China and together with Iran are members of the SCO.
    The next few years are going to be very interesting indeed!

    1. True they would be subject to retaliation, but they could probably absorb the loss of life and damage to their infrastructure.

      When Jews decree death upon a people, those people find they have nothing left to lose. As I have been saying for sometime now, one will soon die on their feet fighting Jews and their sycophants to the last breath, or they will die on their knees begging for mercy from a race that has never shown the slightest mercy to anyone. I find Hassan Nasrallah’s appeal to Jews most tolerant and kind considering that race is mercilessly “genociding” his people.

      What is rapidly approaching in the Near East (and a war there will make it obvious how near it is) is also occurring in Western Europe and will soon occur in America. Jews are staging massive, last stand, offensive actions around the globe. People aware of the Jew, know they are facing a terrible death at the hands of Jewish administrators and their immigration policies. They’re rapidly approaching the point of having nothing left to lose by fighting.

      Jews have experienced the violent results of cornering people, which is why they have programmed a large portion of the white race to embrace their own destruction. However, not everyone is fooled and no doubt like the people of the Near East, long beset by a Jewish decree of death, we shall soon find out how many in the western nations have not been fooled into accepting their own destruction.

      While I have never been a Bible believer I must say it certainly looks like the world is facing a final battle between the “good and evil” forces of this world on a scale prophesied by John in his Book of Revelations.

      Freedom’s just another word for nothing left of Jews.

      By the way, has anyone noted how the Korean situation has largely evaporated in the light of the developing situation in the Near East?

      1. @ Arch Stanton

        Freedom’s just another word for nothing left of Jews.

        Brilliant! … a line (paraphrase) from “Me & Bobby McGee”.

        Classic Janis Joplin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7CtqwyxHM0

        By the way, has anyone noted how the Korean situation has largely evaporated in the light of the developing situation in the Near East?

        No, not really. With Jews News, everyday is Armageddon. Even the (((Las Vegas Massacre))) is old. Garbage in, garbage out, like junk mail deleted ASAP.

        BTW, as you do not believe in the things written in the Bible — I know you have thoroughly and critically studied it — how come it never occurred to you that the idea of Armageddon (i.e. final battle and final days) isn’t just another clever Jewish control mechanism or meme?

        The Chinese, for example, do not have this (((Final Days))) fatalism, and yet, it could be argued that they are one of the most fatalistic people on earth.

        I note that, in North Korea, no one is preparing for war, despite recent threats from Trump that North Korea could be totally destroyed, wiped off the map, if it didn’t do whatever it was supposed to do to please the you-know- who JEW.

        In fact, the official North Korea response to Trump’s UN speech was rather entertaining and accurate: he was dismissed as a mentally deranged dotard and mad dog barking.

        Cheer up, Arch. Armageddon ain’t coming, but guess who is coming for dinner?

        Here’s the answer: You’re more likely to be killed by the negro next door than you are by a nuke from far away North Korea or, for that matter, from Iran.

        So arm yourself before you say Bon Appétit! 🙂

      2. “By the way, has anyone noted how the Korean situation has largely evaporated …”

        Kind of, kind of not. In today’s news:

        BREAKING: Donald Trump ‘to visit NORTH KOREA border next month’

        The US President will potentially travel to the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean border in early November when he visits South Korea, a defence source said.

        The White House has reportedly sent a team of officials to the Peninsula to check potential sites for Trump’s “special activity” when he is there.

        “They looked around Panmunjom and Observation Post Ouellette,” the source said while speaking on the condition of anonymity.

        “Truce village” Panmunjom and the observation post are both within the heavily-fortified Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and are literally a stone’s throw away from the regime.

        Trump is widely expected to send a message to North Korea – either verbally or “kinetically” – when he makes the foreign visit. …


        Supposedly, Trump is going there to try and provoke the fat freak in the North with a bad haircut into doing something so Trump can retaliate without worrying about China getting involved. Problem: if Trump tries provoking the fat freak in the North with a bad haircut, and the fat freak in the North with a bad haircut does not rise to the occasion, Trump comes away looking like an idiot trying to start a war and the fat freak in the North with a bad haircut looks the better for preventing a war.

      3. Gilroy –

        The Casino Oligarch – Trump – will be visiting to set up casinos…
        ……. in both Koreas.. Adelson will lead the way…. off books $$$…
        …. just like drugs..!! 🙂

  2. There is no love lost between Mr. Nassrallah and Saudi Arabia . He knows if Israel is defeated , the Saudis will collapse faster than a bat running out of Hell . He knows the origin of The Family of Saud is JEWISH coming from the city of Basrah south of Iraq . In other words they are Crypto Jews . The fact that the Saudis bulldozed the Islamic sights in Mecca and other places while at the same time NOT touching a single sight of the Jews is proof of that .
    They bulldozed the house of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and built public bathrooms , needless to say one of the greatest insults to Islam and Muslims .

    Mr. Nassrallah will never say something of this importance unless he can back it up . He knows the Israelis are plotting to start a war against Lebanon to be financed by the rats in Saudi Arabia . He know the price of the war will be very high , but the price of surrender will be much much higher . Right now I guarantee you the LAND THIEVES of Israel are in a state of confusion and worry . Mr. Nassrallah has the fire power and , unlike the rest of the Arabs , he is NOT afraid to use it . If the war breaks out , then the whole world must thank this man for removing the Israeli tumor from the heart of humanity .

    1. Al, Saudis have bought a lot of weapons from the UK, the US and Russia over the past half a year. I guess that both sides are being armed, as usual. Saudis are not happy with their royalty, so things may turn out exactly opposite to what the Jew led west expects. It is risky for everyone involved, but most of all for Israel.

      1. SNEZ , a lot of the weapons Saudis buy , they buy them for the commission for the members of the royal family . they don’t care much about the goods , something they don’t intend to use any way . Those weapon deals are like a McDonald’s happy meal , they keep the toy and toss away the burger and fries . Selling weapons to Saudis is like selling a hairbrush to a bald man or like selling a condom to an impotent ,,, they have no use for them . Saudis are ,like Israelis, cowards . Look at Yemeni war , they gathered hired guns from everywhere because they don’t know how to fight and if they do they turn around quickly .

        2022 is ’round the corner .

    2. They bulldozed the house of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and built public bathrooms , needless to say one of the greatest insults to Islam and Muslims.

      I would say unbelievable, but then we are talking about the unbelievable race. It’z scatologically (((Choosih)))! Jews push and push and push until finally someone pushes back. It’s about time to push them into their grave.

      Here is a banned video about Sweden’s “rape epidemic”. Why don’t white people get it? Jews have declared war on you and are using their “Tower of Babel” plot to destroy you. They will then steal your land like they stole the Palestinian’s land. The very same thing happened in South Africa after the Jews turned the rule of lawlessness over to the Negroes. Joberg became the rape capital of the world. Why – oh – why can’t white people connect such obvious dots?

      As for Armageddon, as I said I don’t put much stock in the Bible’s fantasy tales – BUT – it sure looks like the final battle is about to arrive on our doorsteps in some form or another. One can only hope the epithet at the end reads: “May Jews boil forever in a bubbling vat of hot semen and excrement, as we never wished them an ill fate in hell.”


      I just finished a discussion with members of the World Mission Society Church of God. Once again I find Jews corrupting and usurping Christianity for their own nefarious purposes. This group focuses on two main issues, the Passover Feast, a celebration of the murder of the first born of Egypt (that would be goyim) and the concept of the male/female “image” of a mixed gender god. This group evidently has no idea that, like other Christian sects, its beliefs have been twisted into following and supporting Old Testament Judaism.

      Too bad Christians cannot comprehend the immense level of hatred Jews have for them, even exceeding their hatred for the Nadzees.

      1. Good points, and to make people see the role of the jews behind the current collapse is a daunting task indeed.
        As to your ‘As for Armageddon, as I said I don’t put much stock in the Bible’s fantasy tales’ this is a tale that seems to appear in other religions as well, Ragnarock being the one that obviously comes to mind. Maybe more mythical in its description, but nevertheless one that could describe the current battle forces.

  3. @ Madame Butterfly

    Now that Weinstein has been outed as a sexual predator and its no longer going to be so easy for him to use his power and prestige in Hollywood to turn stupid inane low IQ women into sTaRs via the casting couch, there goes Madame Butterfly’s last chance to be THE sTaR she thinks she should be in her fluttering mind, *grin*. 🙂

    I certainly hope the Hollywood brouhaha over Weinstein and him losing so much power and Madame losing any chance of ever being THE sTaR she so longs to be doesn’t send her into yet another deep depression whereby she turns to gin, vodka, prozac and valium, for solace landing her on her kitchen floor in a coma with drool dribbling outta her mouth and leaving her young daughter in a lurch, to say the least.

    Let us pray, shall WE, that at least this time before Butterfly goes into yet another alcohol-pill-popping induced coma she has the sense to send her young daughter to grandma’s house before getting so dramatically depressed over losing the ¡DREAM! of her youth which was a real LONG time ago of being a sTaR, what with Weinstein being watched closely now, plus his brother fired him from The Company, lol, its not going to be so easy for Madame to flutter over to the casting couch and spread her legs for the joo sleaze ball so the joo can make her THE sTaR she thinks she should be in her insect brain, *grin*. 🙂

    Belting out arias in her shower with no one around to hear her “great” singing voice is all that’s left for Madame now, no different then when Weinstein was “GOD”, but still, with Weinstein being fired and all, that’s like getting artic cold water thrown on your face — REALITY baby REALITY , REALITY is oftentimes a COLD thing, isn’t that so — and when REALITY hits you in the face real COLD-&- HARD-like its a lot harder to fool yourself you’re going to make it Big! some day….. now that the Hollywood gurlzz and The Brother have taken Weinstein’s casting couch away from him there’s NO chance of Madame ever becoming THE sTaR she thinks she deserves to be, where she got that idea WE will NEVER know, *grin*. 🙂

    Every day now will be like a murky dark black m00nless night for Our Butterfly, there will be No difference between night and day, it will always be night, and night without any ¡DREAMY! moon light too boot, *grin*. Rain clouds in the murky dark black Sunless and m00nless days & nights over Madame’s head forever and ever, In the dark dark days and nights COLD COLD rain on her head forever mo’, no more casting couches in Hollywood which ipso facto means NO mo’ chance to be a gorgeous glamorous sTaR, lol. 🙂

  4. Significance of Hassan Nasrallah’s recent warning to Jews cannot be stress enough and it is grounded in the REAL & HIDDEN PURPOSE for the creation of the TERRORIST STATE of Israel in Occupied Palestine:

    ”The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar, and other places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they wanted absolutely nothing except Palestine, not because the Dead Sea water by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars of metalloids and powdered metals; not because the subsoil of Palestine contains twenty times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas; but because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, because PALESTINE constitutes the VERITABLE CENTER OF WORLD POLITICAL POWER, the STRATEGIC CENTER FOR WORLD CONTROL.” (Nahum Goldmann, President, World Jewish Congress, Montreal, Canada 1947)

    https://youtu.be/crY9qMIxznA (Occupation of the Yankee Mind Part 1)
    https://youtu.be/B7BBIhzI1Qc (Occupation of the Yankee Mind Part 2)

  5. Who owns Israel ?

    The thugs for hire that are quaintly called settlers are there to – take procession – by force – of homes & land rightfully belonging to Palestinians.

    ” This land was promised to the Jewish nation by GOD,” claims DANIELLA WEISS Leader settlement movement.

    video featuring Daniella Weiss telling us about GOD’s gift to the Jews.- Stone Cold Justice 4 Corners ABC:

    So –
    Who owns Israel ?
    The ‘settlers’ are thugs paid to steal the land from the Palestinian people.
    For property re-development by Property Developers.
    WHY ?
    For property investment.
    How does Israel borrow money ?
    A loan – any loan requires security or the banks will not lend.
    Israel never had money.
    Israel does not have money today.
    Israel will not have money tomorrow.
    They borrow using land & rental properties as security.
    So I ask again
    Who owns Israel ?
    GLOBAL BANKS TO WHOM ISRAEL OWES MONEY … big money .. billions upon trillions of dollars.
    Israel is not a homeland for the Jews but a scam to steal other peoples land.
    Jews do not own Israel the global banking sectors do – not Jewish banks – but global banks.

    1. It’s the chosenoids who own the global banks, IMF, WB etc. In Germany, they are closing local banks.

  6. Israel doesn’t matter, all Jews will eventually find haven in the United States, I firmly believe this.

    America is the Jewish state in the world today. It’s total debasement top to bottom corresponds to Jewish control. And you can’t count on American whites, those morons, those whores to the Jews and Negros, to wake up.

    Unfortunately it will be up to Islam and the East to maintain civilization. Western civilization is dead, having long ago capitulated to the Jews.

  7. Nasralla’s friendly warning to Jews shows beyond doubt that he is not antisemitic.

    He should have encouraged ALL the Jews to pack themselves into Israel during its destruction.
    The optimal time for aliyah.

  8. Just to follow up on a characterization of Rothschild, I’d call him the “chairman of the board” for the ruling 13 families on this planet. Their forebears are the jews who ACCEPTED the worldly power that Christ REJECTED, and the one making the offer is the one they ALL answer to*

    If this entity deems it necessary for Is-ra-el, or any of THEM to be finished, then it’s a sacrifice they willingly make, and the minions below, including the shabbos, roll with the punches (for that matter, the whole WORLD is rollin’ with the punches).

    “so it is written, so shall it be done”

    take the witches brew
    give the devil his jew

    *Baal; the secret shroud; Mystery Babylon; “esoteric jew”

    1. Brownhawk, all Jews know the power of the Rothschild House, and this is not 1940’s. Now, with so much help from the entire west, there is no story the Rothschilds could make up that the Jews would believe, and forgive a loss of lives or the territory they have been fighting for [stealing] for 70 years. The Jews outside Israel know it, as well.

    2. The current controlling system is based on the second Temple’s priesthood structure, with “Lord” Rothschild serving as high priest or “kohein gadol.” The structure is a monarchical pyramid in design, with Rothschild at the top and lesser members below. Very much like this design The concept was stolen from this design, explaining the seemingly odd connection to all the Egyptian imagery Jews stage throughout their system like the pyramid on the basic monetary unit, the dollar bill. In typical fashion, Jews have adopted a hated enemies’ successful design. In similar fashion, Jews now incorporate various aspects of Fascist economics in their present system.

      The ancient kohein gadol was the voice of YHVH, effectively making him god incarnate. He divined god’s word by casting semi-precious stones, called the Urim and Thumin. He then read YHVH’s commands like a gypsy reads tea leaves.

      Just as the Temple’s Sanhedrin had seventy members, the present system has a board of members, number unknown, called upon by Lord Rothschild to make critical decisions. These members come from groups like the Bilderbergs, CFR, Trialteralist etc. where they play leading roles. This is why these organizations maintain high levels of secrecy and security.

      The present system replaced the ancient, magical, heavenly YHVH/god with the secular god of materialism known as “money”. This god provides the present, priestly cast with solid and far more effective control over the people than the old god, but serves the same design as the Temple that controlled its followers with the fear of YHVH.

      If you want to understand the present controlling structure, study the second temple and its sacrificial system. With Jews, the fundamental design never changes, it just morphs into newer, more virulent forms.

      1. Yeah Arch

        And to that I would add that this “secular god of materialism” of which Rothschild and his ilk are all subservient to is best known as “Baal”.

        The ancient elders whose information I convey on these threads relate that this is a derivative of “Balsai”, which is the name of the primary Annunaki religion. The concept we know as “money” was conceived by them, and the jews are their chief lackeys who THRIVE in an environment where money is it’s defining feature, and used as the greatest tool of enslavement.

        We can think in terms of doing away with the Federal Reserve system, and central banks in general as reflected by their consolidated entity known as the B.I.S., but when it comes to truly advancing mankind’s spiritual evolution, this essentially is treating a symptom whose disease is the very concept ITSELF.

  9. Snez

    Again, until thinkers learn to properly distinguish from amongst the jew, as I’ve indicated numerous times in referencing “higher and lower echelons”, the full scope of manipulation will remain unclear

  10. Snez

    At the risk of hogging these comment threads I’ll say that crafting the right words to convey a true understanding is challenging to say the least.

    For now I’ll simply add that the “Red Shield” (Rothschild) represents the highest point of the LOWER echelon

  11. I’m certain that many readers have already cringed at what my understanding has been conveying over the past few years. Seems it’s just too far outside the comfort zone of alot of folks’ frames of reference. I get that. No skin off this red nose.

    My info relates that this “higher echelon” deem it of paramount importance to obfuscate who they are by propagating a general perspective that considers it lunacy to think of them as the reptillian entities they ARE. In very ancient times this wasn’t necessary, but things change. The fact that people are STILL laughing at David Icke is enough to indicate how set in their ways people are, but for those like me who have somewhat of an intimate knowledge of them, the understanding is second nature.

    In the interest of keeping this post from going exceedingly long, I’ll offer that Rothschild and his sordid ilk are NOT the authors of the protocols. These are written (and tweaked moving forward to suit any on-going contingencies) primarily by the “lords”* of the Draco element of this reptillian race. They are the architects, Rothschild its managing engineer.

    My sources indicate that the state of Is-ra-el is only a MEANS to an end, and not the final product. It’s demise would be no skin off the noses of those jews in their positions of worldly authority, not to mention the shabbos. The money power structure with it’s B.I.S. hub doesn’t change. Actually, success of the overall plan FORTIFIES it. Who needs Tel Aviv when there’s still Rome, London, Paris, Sydney, etc., and comin’ to a theater near you, wait for it……Baghdad! Now THERE’S a contradiction fer y’all. It has never been intended for ‘Jerusalaam’ to be the new capital of the “world empire” – that’s just another “lame duck” deception. That famous picture featuring Rothschild and co. sitting around building plans for the “new Jerusalem” is a canard – a photo-op meant for public consumption, although not all in the room know that. Pyramidal top-to-bottom “need to know only” hierarchy doncha know.

    * “esoteric jew”

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