Here’s how the Trump presidency will play out

by Pepe Escobar

The Trump era starts now – with geopolitics and geoeconomics set for a series of imminent, unpredictable cliffhangers.

I have argued that Trump’s foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger’s strategy to deal with the formidable Eurasia integration trio – Russia, China and Iran – is a remixed Divide and Rule; seduce Russia away from its strategic partnership with China, while keep harassing the weakest link, Iran.

In fact that’s how it’s already playing out – as in the outbursts of selected members of Trump’s cabinet during their US Senate hearings. Factions of US Think Tankland, referring to Nixon’s China policy, which was designed by Kissinger, are also excited with the possibilities of containment regarding at least one of those powers “potentially arrayed against America”.

Kissinger and Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski are the two foremost, self-described Western dalangs – puppet masters – in the geopolitical arena. In opposition to Kissinger, Obama’s foreign policy mentor Brzezinski, true to his Russophobia, proposes a Divide and Rule centered on seducing China.

Yet an influential New York business source, very close to the real, discreet Masters of the Universe, who correctly predicted Trump’s victory weeks before the fact, after examining my argument offered not only a scathing appraisal of those cherished dalangs; he volunteered to detail how the new normal was laid out by the Masters directly to Trump. Let’s call him “X”.

The non-stop China watch

“X” starts by doing something US deep state-connected regulars, who revere their idols, never dare to, at least in public; “It is important not to attribute too much importance to either Kissinger or Brzezinski as they are merely fronts for those who make the decisions and it is their job to cloak the decisions with a patina of intellectuality. Their input means relatively nothing. I use their names on occasion as I cannot use the names of those who actually make the decisions.”

That’s the cue for “X” to detail the new normal:

“Trump was elected with the support of the Masters to tilt towards Russia. The Masters have their tools in the media and Congress maintaining a vilification campaign against Russia, and have their puppet Brzezinski also come out against Russia, stating ‘America’s global influence depends on cooperation with China’. The purpose is to threaten Russia to cooperate and place these chips on the negotiating table for Trump. In a traditional good cop-bad cop approach, Donald is portrayed as the good cop wanting good relations with Russia; and Congress, the media, and Brzezinski are the bad cops. This is to aid Trump in the negotiations with Russia as Putin sees the ‘precarious’ position of his friend and should be willing to make major concessions as the line goes.”

And that brings us to how Taiwan – and Japan – got into the mix:

“Donald shows the Russian tilt by talking to the Taiwanese, demonstrating that the shift is serious. But it was decided to throw Japan into the mix as a predator against US industry, with an attack on Toyota, thoroughly deserved. That moderated the position as the Masters became afraid that the perception of our building up Japan against China would be too much of a provocation.”

So expect China – as “not too much importance” Kissinger prescribed – to be under non-stop scrutiny:

“The Masters have decided to reindustrialize the United States and want to take jobs back from China. This is advisable from the Chinese viewpoint; for why should they sell their work to the US for a dollar that has no intrinsic value and get really nothing back for the work. China should have a car in every Chinese worker’s garage and they will become a larger producer of cars than the EU, US and Japan combined, and their own nation will keep their wealth in their own country.”

And why China over Russia?

“Russia in this sense being a natural resource country with a gigantic military industrial complex (the latter being the only reason she is secretly respected) is exempt from any tough trade talk as they hardly export anything but natural resources and military equipment. The Masters want jobs back from Mexico and Asia including Japan, Taiwan, etc., and you see this in Trump’s attack on Japan. The main underlying reason is that the US has lost control of the seas and cannot secure its military components during a major war. This is all that matters now and this is the giant story behind the scenes.”

In only a few words “X” details the reversal of an economic cycle:

“The Masters made money out of transfer of industry to Asia (Bain Capital specialized in this), and Wall Street made money from the lower interest rates on the recycled dollars from the trade deficits. But now, the issue is strategic; and they will make money on the return of industries scaling down their investments in Asia and returning them to the United States as we rebuild production here.”

“X” remains quite fond of Henry Ford’s business strategy; and that is the cue for him to address the crucial theme: national defense. According to “X”, “Ford doubled the wages he paid and made more money than any other manufacturer. The reason was that a living wage where the mother can have many children on her husband’s wage was psychologically good for productivity in his car plants, and that his workers could then afford his cars. He thus recognized that in a society there must be a just distribution of wealth that his admirer Steve Jobs could not. Henry’s mass productivity was the wonder of the world and that was what won World War Two for the United States. Amazon does not contribute anything to national defense, being merely an internet marketing service based on computer programs, nor Google which merely organizes data better. None of this builds a better missile or submarine except in a marginal way.”

It’s the Pentagon, stupid

So yes; this all has to do with reorganizing the US military. “X” made a point to refer to a CNAS report I quoted in my initial column; “It is very important for what is visible between the lines. And that is we are in deep trouble being technologically behind Russia by generations in weapons, which is a follow-up on the Brzezinski quote that we are no longer a global power.”

This is a thorough, wide-ranging analysis of how Russia has managed to organize the best armed forces in the world. And that does not even take into account the S-500 missile defense system, which is now being rolled out and arguably seals the entirety of Russian airspace. And the next generation – S-600? – will be even more powerful.

“X” does venture into deep state taboo territory, as in how Russia, over the past decade, has managed to leap far ahead of the US, “eclipsing it as the strongest military power”. But the game may be far from over – wishful thinking or otherwise; “We hope Secretary of Defense James Mattis will understand this and that the Deputy Secretary of Defense has advanced technological skills, organizational ability and the foresight to understand that the weapons of World War Three are offensive and defensive missiles, and submarines, and not air power, tanks and aircraft carriers.”

A realist, “X” admits that the warmongering neocon/neoliberalcon status quo – represented by most US deep state factions – will never abandon the default posture of unremitting hostility towards Russia. But he prefers to focus on change:

“Let Tillerson reorganize the State Department along Exxon efficiencies. He may be worth something in that.  He and Mattis may be gutless but if you tell the truth to the Senate you may not be confirmed. So what they say means nothing. But notice this about Libya. The CIA had a goal of driving China out of Africa and so does AFRICOM. That was one of the secrets to our Libyan intervention.”

Not that it worked; NATO/AFRICOM turned Libya into a wasteland run by militias, and still China was not driven away from the rest of Africa.

“X” also admits, “Syria and Iran are red lines for Russia. So is the eastern Ukraine from the Dnieper.” He is fully aware Moscow will not allow any regime change gambit on Tehran. And he’s also aware that “China’s investments in Iranian oil and gas imply that China also will not permit Washington’s overthrow of the Iranian government.”

The going really gets tough when it comes to NATO; “X” is convinced Russia “will invade Romania and Poland if those missiles are not taken out of Romania and the missile commitment to Poland rescinded. The issue is not the worthless defensive missiles of the United States but the substitutability of offensive nuclear missiles in these silos. Russia will not tolerate this risk.  These are not subject to negotiation.”

In contrast to the “perpetual threat” perpetual propaganda by the US War Party, Moscow focuses on actual facts on the ground since the 1990s; the break up of historic Slavic ally Serbia; Warsaw Pact nations and even former USSR republics annexed by NATO, not to mention attempts to also include Georgia and Ukraine; US deployment of color revolutions; the “Assad must go “ fiasco, as in regime change forced on Syria even including the weaponizing of Salafi-jihadis; economic sanctions, an oil price war and raids on the ruble; and non-stop NATO harassment.

“X”, fully aware of the facts, adds, “Russia has always wanted peace. But they are not going to play a game with the Masters of the Universe that has Trump as the good guy and the Congress, CIA, etc. as the bad guy as a negotiating ploy. That is how they see it. They do not regard this circus as real.”

The circus may be just an illusion. Or wayang – Balinese puppet theatre – as I suggested. “X” advances a crisp interpretation of the shadow play ahead from Moscow’s point of view, allowing “several months to see if Putin can work out a detente with Trump that essentially creates an autonomous eastern Ukraine, a peace treaty in Syria with Assad in place, and a withdrawal of NATO forces back to their line of defense under Ronald Reagan.”

Who will prevail: the Masters, or the deep state? Brace for impact.


17 thoughts to “Here’s how the Trump presidency will play out”

  1. nothing much is going to change. best I can say is that all of the brouhaha reminds me of the typical european “Punch and Judy” street show. Amerdekuhnz love a good puppet show. they just get rose colored glasses syndrome when played for chumps thinking if you pull the ‘other lever’ this time the payout will come and the cavalry comes over the hill and you get rescued from Little Jigaboohorn.

    but it doesn’t work quite that way in real life. you don’t get anointed to be PuppetDent in the U.S.S.A. unless the Rothies vet you for the job. speaking of vetting, Donald Trump is so deep in debt to the khazarian mafia that they own him, right to his nutsack.

    in the grand scheme of things, nothing will change. Punch and Judy aren’t any more real than Gumby and Pokey. but they get a lot of laughs on Munich’s streets (Punch and Judy, that is!)

    after more than 55 years of b.s. and illegitimacy, go figure it all changes in 2017. Really??

  2. it’s too early to call as they say
    no body can predict what will happen the guy is unpredictable he seems a wild horse no body own him no body can tame him,fate and destiny took him in that journey was doubted by so many but he succeeded against all odds it’s God’s will that he won
    we should pray that he succeed and keep his promises and clean up the dirt.
    as for the usual suspects it seems that they are playing all their tricks at the same time in every which way they can a sign of desperation maybe it will be their last act before their damnation and demise.

  3. pepe’s interview with ‘X’ is the first serious alternative to my reading of the situation, i’ve been hearing so many gloriously retarded claims against trump and this finally makes sense – i don’t have an answer -yet.
    So maybe X is right, let’s see how it develops: one thing i am not sure, even if X has it down pat is whether trump is fully on-board or just an unwitting dupe.

    one thing i do know though: there is no way that Putin, with his excellent team of policy analysts is unaware of this possibility and will know how to stay in the 3-way game, even if Xi is a shabbo chink.
    He will not sell iran downriver, trump will find out soon enough if he makes any moves in that direction.

    Christian Russia is the savior, as foretold by fatima.

    this X character is bright, sounds like straight out of The Protocols with this depth and finesse, sort of like a short-term Amendment – but Prots have been blocked in the past, however temporarily and may yet be blocked even more solidly in future.

    1. “Christian Russia is the savior….”

      The one constant in all of this as that Christ Consciousness is alive and growing, and insofar as a national position is concerned, Russia is its beacon.

      Staying in the 3-way game can’t help but co-operate with the pharisee money control because it’s the ONLY game in town. In what fashion and through what agencies its temple tables get kicked over is the giant question in what remains of this Age

  4. Trump’s Presidency will play out just as Sheldon Adelson and other Pharisee-Jew Oligarchs tell him….. or they won’t let him file any more bankruptcies or responsibility releases for his family businesses. Sons… Don and Eric will suffer. 🙂

    One very important seat at Trump’s inauguration was reserved for the mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson. He represented the Pharisee-Jew Oligarchs in US.

    “Republican donor Sheldon Adelson attends the Inaugural Luncheon in the US Capitol January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Donald Trump is attending the luncheon along with other dignitaries after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.”

    See pics:

  5. “The Masters want jobs back from Mexico and Asia including Japan, Taiwan, etc., and you see this in Trump’s attack on Japan.”

    If this is truly the case, then we should soon see regulation restructuring among those alphabet-government agencies that have strangled U.S. manufacturing and industry for more than half a century, e.g. OSHA, EPA, IRS, etc.

    “Yet an influential New York business source, very close to the real, discreet Masters of the Universe, who correctly predicted Trump’s victory weeks before the fact.”

    Note, I too predicted that Trump would win and did so without being anywhere close to Jew York’s shadow elite. One need not be a seer, sage, oracle or even stand close to the “masters” to deduce emerging trends, one only needs a thorough knowledge of the Jews and their agenda. The Protocols of Zion are an excellent primer in this regard, as is the Bible. Note also, I predict something “X” fails to predict – Trump’s role in ushering in WWIII.

    As it stands, at this point it appears the agenda for the coming war is right on track. Of course mums the word on another global war. Were the gullible goyim to become aware of this plan before the appointed hour, no doubt there would be serious game changing repercussions.

    WWIII will be the outcome of a rapid series of regional political events, occurring with such speed the goyim will be unable to assimilate the order or factors surrounding the events until well after the fact. Of course this assumes anyone remains to make such analysis.

    Remember that I once wrote how fifty years of massive “cold war” nuclear testing provided our masters with one undeniable fact, i.e. humans can survive a nuclear exchange?

    “During the testing of the nuclear bomb several aircraft were used as test aircraft and others were modified as drone ships. Recently one of those used as a test subject for nuclear bombs has cooled down and been restored for museum display.” Of course Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been totally rebuilt and re-inhabited as well, and so far both Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters have proved survivable, at least outside the immediate areas of contamination.

    All this tells our elite “masters” that a couple of generations underground and they will be able to re-emerge as the masters of earth. Of course “masters of the universe” might take a bit longer for these Terran cheese-mites to achieve.

    One final caveat: nothing in the plan is written in stone. As events and technologies change, so to the “masters'” plans. However, the plan’s basic tenets never change, only the details of how it will be achieved. One interesting recent technological twist is the alleged Magrav technology used by the Russian to disable US war ships, including a carrier.

    This overlooked technology will most certainly affect the outcome of a global war. In fact, this may be the very technology that provided the necessary military parity to allow full fomentation of the coming war. After all, to justify a global war a believable enemy force must possess reasonable technological parity and Somalia just will not do.

    1. Going underground would be a massive, massive gamble.

      Its all very well observing tiny nuclear events like Hiroshima but that does not allow to draw conclusions about several thousand weapons going off, each with the destructive force of all bombs dropped in WWII.

      This is unknown territory.

      Apart from nuclear winter for several hundred years, others postulate the removal of Earth’s atmosphere.

      Would this risk be “worth it” for Zionist psychotics?

      1. I fully agree with your analysis, it is no doubt a massive gamble with many unknown variables. However, in answer to your question “Would this risk be “worth it” for Zionist psychotics?”, I quote the following from a Zionist psychopath: Leslie Stahl: “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” (((Albright))) replied “I think – we think the price is worth it.”

        That is just the price of Iraqi children! Extrapolating further the price of sixty-six million dead from the Soviet Union, not to mention the millions of dead from two previous global conflicts, makes it quite clear how the Jewish “masters” feel about the acceptability of the costs.

    2. “Note also, I predict something “X” fails to predict – Trump’s role in ushering in WWIII.”


      “X” is Pepe’s alter ego. He wouldn’t say it out loud, as calling his “Inner Geopolitical Analyst Self” would be a bit too much for his readers to swallow. I don’t know about how you feel you, but Pepe Escobar’s articles are beginning to sound and look like Nicholas Gage’s acting! “A caricature of himself,” as Sean Penn once remarked about the latter.

      Hats off to you, Arch Stanton!

  6. The axioms of this article are the following:

    The main underlying reason is that the US has lost control of the seas and cannot secure its military components during a major war. This is all that matters now and this is the giant story behind the scenes.”

    In only a few words “X” details the reversal of an economic cycle:

    Risk of military hardware being destroyed at sea => reversing of outsourcing of US jobs is an absolute necessity.

    I don’t accept this logic :.

    1. Superpowers have coexisted in a state of MAD (mutually assured destruction) for several decades. The possibility of the US “bringing democracy” to Russia in the manner of Lybia, Iraq, Syria has never been on the cards and never will be. The US can field its thuggery at sea all it wants as in the past and in the future. Such power is just a costly exercise in non-jobs for the military and is worthless. When push comes to shove with superpowers, MAD, is the overriding logic. That such sea based hardware can now be destroyed easily with intelligent weaponry changes nought.

    2.Production is now being the stage of “lights” out factories – with no human presence at all required. Level 1 automation was “assisting” human workers, level 2 was completely automated production lines, level 3 is “lights out”. China is quickly transitioning to stage 3. Such factories will eventually be reconfigurable “over night” bashing out washing machines one day and computers the next, simply by flipping software and the input raw materials. They can be relocated anywhere in the world within a few weeks.
    Thus, the “bringing home” of production for purposes of jobs or reduction of manufacturing risk are ridiculous concepts. Even the Tankers (MIT, Oxford, bank of England) state that half of all jobs will disappear withing 15-20 years and this is probably a conservative estimate. Manufacturing risk is very low – it can mushroom anywhere within weeks.

    Lastly, I predict Russia will never invade any other country. Russia is self sufficient. The fact of US evil idiots putting offensive missiles in Poland will not cause Russia to invade. Russia has technologically guaranteed MAD. Attack Russia with nuclear weapons and it is guaranteed that life on earth will be extinguished.

    I believe the above are the facts and is the true logic of the situation.

    Regarding possible duplicitousness Trump, I don’t believe it. This is based on simple observation of character and personality during his speeches. Yes, he will continue to support the Zionist camp, as all recent presidents have done, but he cannot take on Globalists AND Zionists at the same time. A choice must be made. This has been my position for some time. I recently discovered has the same assessment.

  7. Which is worse: the Masters or the deep state. I already despise the “deep state.” I was hoping for something less dense like what Trump said in his speech: America first and let other nations take care of themselves. We have to watch out for other players to fill in the vacuum I suppose but David Axelrod was correct when he said it was an isolationist speech and Americans are in an isolationist mood. We are tired, we are so broke, we have a generation of sick children. Everyone wants to go back to the Fifties, but we can’t go back in time. Our whole intellectual class is bamboozled by the Frankfurt School propaganda. I guess 500,000 women meandered aimlessly through Washington listening to movie stars spew hatred at Trump. The ruling class is homosexual, many are pedophiles, with no ideas except code words related to their base appetites. Who is thinking of global chessboards. No one.

  8. Oops I meant Charles Krauthammer, not David Axelrod. It was Charles Krauthammer that said it was an isolationist. He didn’t like it because it reminded him of World War II when I suppose we hesitated in going into a disastrous conflict that destroyed Germany. Every time I start listening to these people I’m fine until I realize I don’t like them at all.

  9. this is another game of Three Card Monty going on, on some jew dork shitty street corner in lower man-rattin, the game is so old it has hair on it’s eyeballs. people love to believe in a super-hero, they bought ‘hopey changey’ for 8 long murderous years, didn’t flinch or bat an eyeball. drone murdering went unabated, actually went full tilt and nobody said shit. nobody. oh, twats like Medea ‘the jewess’ ben-jammin and her Pink gang all got into a tizzy but we droned the shit out a lot of people during Soetoro’s puppetancy.

    then comes masta Drumph. rides in on his zio-steed (adelson’s wang) and instantly picks a gang of zio criminals as cabinet posts, replete with zio son in law and a daughter who’s inculcating Talmudistic shit into the skulls of her kids. Oy vey!

    draining the swamp is beginning to look like the plot to a very bad jewish porn flick.

    I don’t know what is worse, the incessant bloviating about what Drumph is going to do, or the fake protesters who pretend to hate him when it’s all artifice designed to convince the morons he’s the real deal.

    we all like a happy ending, but this hand job is not going to be much different. jooz love to thrill and delight moron goyim, today they ran a hoax shooting in San Antonio where a bitch with her kid told the whole story, as did the kid standing next to her with a look of; “what the fuck?” on his innocent, non lying face.

    Amerdekunz bought SANDY HOAX and ensuing hoaxes, and sadly, there is about as much critical thinking in this whole continent that would fill a fucking mouses thimble.

    all of this hyperbole about Jew world war tres is a bunch of shit. jooz cannot take maximum profit if everything is reduced to cinders, they have to leave just enough consuming and breathing morons to buy the cheap shit from china.

    my predictions are that absolutely nothing changes. nothing. cept the date on the calendar.

    gitmo will remain open.

    the hoaxing being run in major metropolitan areas to grab guns will go unabated and unchecked.

    idiot Amerdekunz will keep consuming and playing PokeYerMom GFY all day.

    this chapter of “as the stomach turns” will have a unique twist to it in that it’ll maybe master the use of the hegelian dialect to make moron sheeple here in this toilet think that something good happened.

    jooz still run it all. that dynamic is crystal fucking clear. ziocons in all cabinet posts. makes the DINOCRAPS look like the ones who as bold as they were, just didn’t realize that the fucks who started this shit tried to engineer a coup d’ etat, enlisting Smedley Butler to do the dirty deed for Prescott; “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with the stupid son of a bitch” (regarding his moron son, HW) Bush.

    divide and conquer worked but better yet, the simplistic and highly dubious ‘bread and circuses’ game worked too.

    Amerdekhunz are woefully ignorant of their own enslavement at the hands of the Talmud Thumpers.

  10. Trump’s Presidency will play out with lies.

    Trump caught in another LIE:

    Trump Won’t Release His Tax Returns, a Top Aide Says

    WASHINGTON — President Trump has no intention of releasing his tax returns, his senior counselor said on Sunday, ruling out a step he had said he would take once an Internal Revenue Service audit was completed.
    “The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns,” the counselor, Kellyanne Conway, said in an interview on the ABC program “This Week.”

    “The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns,” Conway said. “We litigated this all through the election. People didn’t care. They voted for him, and let me make this very clear — most Americans … are very focused on what their tax returns will look like while President Trump is in office, not what his look like.”

    Americans have been TRUMPED..!! 🙂


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