Horst Mahler’s last public appearance before returning to prison (15-minute video)

LD: By a curious coincidence, this moving video was sent in by Graham yesterday two minutes just after I’d finished viewing it. He requested its publication. So here it is. This is what these sick bullies in Occupied Germany do to Holocaust revisionists who have the courage to speak their minds.
Horst Mahler, I wish you could read my words. Accept my deepest respect and admiration for your work. And may God bless you and be with you in prison.

UPDATE: The video below is in the original German with English subtitles (15 mins). A more recent video with an English voiceover has just been sent to me, so if you prefer to listen to this in English, click HERE.

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  1. Isn’t Freedom of Speech grand? Until you try and use it–at least in Europe–they’ll toss you in prison for merely asking questions about past history.
    And even toss in prison your lawyer, like Sylvia Stolz who tried to defend Mr. Mahler against these absurd charges only to find herself in prison…THREE different times.

    Jew Inc has been trying to pass laws against asking questions about the money-making racket and con AKA the Holocau$t™ here in the States, but so far, have failed.
    Maybe with President KUSHNER in the WH, they’ll have better luck.

  2. Thank YOU, Lasha..!!

    He BRAVELY faces the enemy. It would be wonderful if the US had a president with the same BRAVE spirit – awareness and speech – of Mr Horst Mahler.

    But the US has ‘THE APPOINTED’ Kushner-Klan in charge….. hooked in series with numerous types of Cohens and Cohns…. etc, making this administration the opposite of what Mr Mahler warned about.

    Here is what the very ENEMIES OF HORST MAHLER support:

    “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel….100%… 1000%..!! It will be there FOREVER..!! Thank you..!!”

    1. ‘Kushner Coup’ inside Trump White House

      A very stealthy and slow-motion coup has been executed in Washington, D.C. The coup plotters staked out the West Wing long before Donald Trump ever set foot in the Oval Office.

      This still ongoing coup has been a fairly quiet affair because it took place within Trump’s own family first.  The prime mover of this overthrow is arch-Zionist Neocon Jared Kushner.  His wife — Ivanka Trump – is also playing a crucial role, specifically as her father’s “most trusted advisor”.  As always, there are numerous agents of Deep State who are assisting with the clockwork implementation of every aspect of the takeover.

      *Steve Bannon exposes Jared Kushner
      Jared Corey Kushner is the son of Charles Kushner, a heretofore major contributor, bundler and bagman for the Democratic Party.  So loyal was he to the Democrats that he went to prison for an illegal campaign finance scheme and the subsequent cover-up crimes.

      *Jared Kushner: Boy with a mission
      If this bloodless coup d’état has one foreign agent who has deeply infiltrated the Trump Administration, it is Jared Kushner, a hardcore Zionist Neocon.  Although unusually young at 36-years old, his adulthood experience is quite deep in causes that advance Zionist extremism.

      *Trump’s Son-in-Law Bankrolls Extremist Zionists
      Kushner was primed for the advocacy of Jewish Zionism during his college years. His involvement with the college-based Chabad was a particularly important part of his resumé-building.  Chabad House is well known to be an outreach arm of Zionist extremism.  It’s common knowledge within intelligence circles that Chabad Houses worldwide provide safe haven to Israeli agents (especially the notorious Sayanim) during times of urgent need.

      **Chabad Houses have history of criminal activity
      The Chabad Lubavitch sect is an extremely radical organization that espouses dogmatic end-time prophecies that are overwhelmingly favorable to the Jewish race.  However, their real work is better understood by those members who often appear to function as an extension of the MOSSAD.  Although religious by their own description, the Chabad House leader in Washington, D.C. — Levi Shemtov — is one of the biggest political operators Inside the Beltway.

      1. 🙂 As if Trump himself is not a Zionist Ashkenazi himself. There has not been one single president after JFK who was not preselected by real rulers of the US. To talk about a ‘Kushner Coup’ is indeed plain nonsence, mate. Listen to the speeches given at AIPAC by Trump and his predecessor!

      2. “Trump’s adoption of Clintonesque Democratic Party policies of opposing the Syrian government, confronting Russia, supporting NATO, backing the U.S. Export-Import (EXIM) Bank, and militarily confronting North Korea and China in East Asia have neo-conservatives and globalists cheering but many within Trump’s political base of «America First» nationalists and libertarians crying foul.”

        “The warning signs that Kushner was fronting for the neo-conservatives was always present. His media company, Observer Media, which publishes the weekly on-line New York Observer, prominently featured several neo-conservative writers.”

        “The narrow gap of separation between Jared Kushner and some of Israel’s top gangsters is cause for alarm. This situation became especially acute after it was revealed that Kushner failed to provide all the requested information on his national security questionnaire forms concerning his contacts with foreign persons and interests, has led for congressional calls for his security clearance to be suspended.”

        “Considering the record of political muscle exercised by the Kushner klan against two New Jersey governors, one can only surmise the Kushners have a great deal of blackmailable information on Mr. Trump.”

        Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

      3. “There has not been one single president after JFK who was not preselected by real rulers of the US.”

        How about since Woodrow Wilson? JFK’s mistake came in thinking he was actually in charge of the country. Like most everyone, JFK never understood or grossly underestimated the vast power of the satanic house of Rothschild and their criminal Jewish priesthood.

        He most certainly never expected Jews would have the control to orchestrate and carry out a presidential assassination. As dumb cousin Billy once said, Shazaaaam! By the time ya’ git to be prezident, ya’ find out someone else is running things.

        When one reads about the Jews successful assassination of leading political leaders throughout history, it is a wonder he never suspected. Those who do not know history often die from their ignorance.

        The Jew’s destruction of civilization will be the fate of the stupid white goyim, a people too ignorant and programmed to identify the leeches sucking the lifeblood out of their race and their nations.

      4. Arch Stanton fails to take into consideration…on second thoughts, I agree with everything he’s written here. It’s a Jew World Order baby, all the way to top. May God have mercy on our stupid Goyim souls.

    2. Why does the “Judeo” precede the “Christian?” Since Christians are in the vast majority, why don’t we say “Christian Judeo” tradition? Better yet, why are the two terms linked together at all? Until modern times they were mutually exclusive. And should have remained so.

  3. A brave man, no doubt. But, he is gravely mistaken to believe Hitler saved Germany from the (Ashkenazi) Jews. Hitler used Germany to catapult the (Ashkenazi) Jews to liberation with a nation all their own; and which they deceptively refer to as “Israel”.

    Biblically, ‘Israel’ refers to people (not a place) who are opposed to organized-religion, which includes Judaism, and are most certainly in opposition to all Talmudic doctrines.

    1. NewSong, I do wish you would quit talking utter bullshit about Hitler and Germany, your contempt is almost Talmudic.

      Nobody said that “HITLER SAVED GERMANY“, do you understand the word “Nobody”?
      Hitler TRIED to save Germany, try to grasp the difference.
      Try to grasp what Mahler said, that Jews deceived the world’s most powerful nations to unite in fratricidal destruction of Germany for defying the Jew death fatwa against the German folk.

      As for your doctrinal opposition to “organized” religions, more retarded nonsense.
      Mahler specifically noted Luther’s erstwhile mistake in decrying the Dominicans “unfair” suppression of Jews until after a lifelong study he came to the conclusion that Jews are indeed creatures of Satan who live only to exterminate the non-Jews.
      As The Protocols state quite distinctly, Christianity (as “organized religion”) acted as a bulwark against the infiltration of their poison until they infiltrated and liquefied its integrity from within, leaving the field of TV-hypnotized sheep defenseless and open to their depredation.
      Every historically strong social tradition and mode of perception had to be patiently usurped and converted into a tool of oppression and death of the native culture, monarchies, religions, myths and so on.

      You are entitled to your opinion as long as you can argue it coherently, not from the stand of abysmal, arrogant ignorance.

      Horst Mahler is a true Christian martyr and someday will be beatified as such.

      1. JEWSIS also hates organized religion (judaism doesn’t count as religion being the devil’s excrement, so it gets the free pass from JEWSIS).
        Syria: Horrific Onslaught on Aramaic Christian Community of Ma’aloula at Hands of Western Backed “Moderate” Terrorists

        After six months the Syrian armed forces and allies finalized the liberation of Ma’aloula. So many Muslims died defending that Christian village that is held precious by Syrians of all faiths and people groups.

        When we visited they were honoring the second anniversary of that liberation.

        So much is destroyed but they are rebuilding.

        President Assad made the restoration of Ma’aloula a top priority. The Syrian Army protects the people who have moved back. Since I first visited one year ago I can see great progress already in spite of the terrible war in their country.

        Its hard for me this morning, to write in such a way as to build bridges with Americans who have been lied to incessantly by our government, war-profiteering media, and NGOs masking themselves as humanitarian organizations while existing only to further political agendas…

        People willingly lay their lives down for “organized” religion, so feared and hated by Jew, so try to have a bit of respect for that alone.

        (I suspect that the terrorist in picture is a Jew due to tattoos … not allowed for Muslims)

      2. Consider Hitler’s (and thus Germany’s) position in the World before the onset of the Second World War — a Jewish Carthaginian-style global Empire based in London; a Jewish Sparta-style global Empire based in Moscow; and a Jewish Roman-Republic style global Empire being run from Washington. So the Jewish World Order was conducting 3 massive yet interlinked cultural experiments on the goyim.

        Meanwhile consider all the smaller Jewish satrapies in Europe (e.g. France) and the Middle East (e.g House of Saud). It is not that Hitler was the last bulwark against the Jew World Order; he represented a European-based rebellion against the existing Jew World Order.

        Btw, that JWO is still extant; a-go-go; in our faces; boot stamping on our faces still etc

        NB: all comparisons, metaphors and historical analogies contained within this post are by their very nature tentative, transitory and “flaky”. The fatal flaw to be found at the heart of any hastily tapped out opinion 😀

      3. Excellent comment. New Song’s comment puts the blame on Germany even though it was France and Great Britain that declared war on Germany and after forty years or more of lying about it, historians have now made it clear that Germany desired no war with the west despite France and Britain declaring war on her and the US attacking the German navy and supplying its enemies without a declaration of war. David Irving revealed prominent Jews decisive role in having Great Britain attack Germany and pulling the US into the war. These countries used Germany’s problems with Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union in the east as an excuse to make war on Germany.

        Both Poland and Czechoslovakia (both created after WW I from German and Austrian territory) had large ethnic German populations that desired to be part of Germany, partly due to their poor treatment under foreign rule. The Soviet Union was perceived as a menace due to the tens of millions of its citizens it killed during the 1930’s, with Germany being the only major country publicly decrying these atrocities, and the USSR’s troop movements and war on, or seizing several eastern European countries (Finland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), bringing the massive Soviet army closer to the German border ultimately led to Germany’s attack on the USSR.

  4. Thanks for posting the video Lasha. I’ve been a daily “background” reader of your site for a number of years. The regulars certainly hold some entertaining debates and impart very interesting material (plus other article links).

    Re the video, I’ve been researching a plethora of subjects over the past three decades and the Holocaust subject in particular over the past three years in pretty fine detail. The question I will leave your readers to ponder is this. How many people in this world are living a reality led purely by “others imagination” rather than evidence based upon facts? Far too many living in what I term the “40Hz” plus club. I prefer the far lower frequencies 🙂

    I noted the roll out of numerous zombie related movies in recent times with great interest. Laughing in their face was my conclusion. I certainly question how many “chemically induced zombies” are walking around my home country, let alone further afield. I’m a native of Scotland and realise several of your regulars have Scottish connections.

    True independence in my country will only come about when a public banking system is setup which is not tethered to the BOE, let alone usury. At this moment in time, it’s my opinion that the BREXIT “exit” is far more important than anything Wee-Nippy is proposing, especially her EU related socialist nonsense. The UK used to be an industrial powerhouse, destroyed of course by two major bankster led wars, one of which completely trashed Germany [Hellstorm et al]. Looking forward to the “snap” General Election on June 8th!

  5. Wow! He certainly has an exceptional grasp of the problem. This selfless champion of humanity understands it at a much higher level than most people; for one thing he sees it for the “spiritual” battle that it is.

    Unfortunately, the average dumbed-down “American” – who “thinks” in terms of sound bites and jingoistic slogans – will apparently never be able to understand what’s really going on in this world, even when someone like Horst Mahler hands them the information on a silver platter.

  6. Germans are helpless lemmings. They are dead already. They will never rise up. They got their spine broken long ago.

    1. We are all broken peoples at the moment. It is high times for the Righteous! Unless Putin really is The Man.

      1. I wish for humanity to rise as ONE. May all the good hearted people find and support each other. We must rise or we die spiritually.

  7. Here in Canada, in British Columbia at least, and certainly anywhere I try to access this video, ie at home, at local library, local coffee shops…the english subtitles, the translation is whited out and can’t be read. This happening anywhere else?

    1. I first saw this on Rense.com It might not be whited out. Thanks Lasha and Graham. My respect to Mr. & Mrs. Mahler. Imagine, going to prison for simply reprinting what is already in print. Since the jews who printed it first have published many thousands more copies, what is their sentence going to be? The vicious assault on freedom of speech includes England. Lawrence Burns was sentenced to 4 years for making “anti-Semitic” comments online (See American Free Press). Kevin Crehan was jailed for the sophmoric prank of leaving bacon sandwiches outside a Mosque. Bad taste, yes, but he died in jail in December and cause of death remains unexplained. Where’s the tar and feathers? (And matches?)

    2. i can see the english subs in toronto.
      oops, no, whited out (laptop mozilla) but i saw them on the tablet in the morning … just checked, can see it easily on android tablet.
      probably a browser issue.

  8. so far the best comment here is that of new song…
    dear leader hitler did in fact save germany from a worse fate when he shot himself.. should´ve done it earlier…
    dear leader assad should do the same… nobody is gonna like him after killing or being the cause of death of over a million people, its obvious…
    dear leader kim jong lul or whatever his name is, should also do it, but he should instead use a nuclear bullet…
    dear leader khamenei should change his name for everytime time people says it, they feel like spiting out a big ass crack cocaine spit…
    dear leader ahmedinejad wants to run again, and steal the elections again …
    dear leader maduro got hit with a mango in the middle of his face, i saw it on tv
    dear leader trump is gonna get them all

    1. Nothing about Jews or Israel. Either this is a very dumb Palestinian or another Jew hiding his identity so he appears impartial while criticizing his enemy.

    2. pete, palestinkian is a jew troll, been assigned to darkmoon site for years, we smoked him a while ago.

      every single enemy of jew is his enemy – enough said.

      which means all of us here too, and of course hitler, putin, assad, gadaffi, hezbollah, iran, trump.
      basically, when avatar (palestinian) puts a pulsa di nura curse on someone, this person or entity is potentially a valuable ally.
      he really likes ISIS, always did.

      1. @ Peter

        Lobro is right. ‘Palestinian’ is an outed Jew troll whom Admin allows to post on this site deliberately, having already informed us that ‘Palestinian’ = ‘Avatar’.

        ‘Avatar’ took us all in for a long time. For years he has been posting on various other sites under Muslim names, so we are told, pretending to be a Palestinian. He was definitively outed as a Jew about a year ago on this site and then banned.

        His object is to give the Palestinians a bad name by praising Isis and calling on the bloodthirsty extermination of all Jews — he himself being a Jew! 🙂

      2. Lobro –

        Two do not belong on your ‘hit-list’ above..!! 🙂

        The “palestinkian” should actually swoon over ‘Put-On’ in Kremlin and ‘Buffoon’ in White House…. both are zionists… of the Chabad fashion.

        Zionist Chabad pushes ‘noahide laws’ for goy.

        Chabad: Putin’s Jews and Their Man Trump


        CHABAD OF PORT WASHINGTON – a Jewish community center on Long Island’s Manhasset Bay, sits in a squat brick edifice across from a Shell gas station and a strip mall.

        The center is an unexceptional building on an unexceptional street, save for one thing: Some of the shortest routes between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin run straight through it.

        Two decades ago, as the Russian president set about consolidating power on one side of the world, he embarked on a project to supplant his country’s existing Jewish civil society and replace it with a parallel structure loyal to him.

        On the other side of the world, the brash Manhattan developer was working to get a piece of the massive flows of capital that were fleeing the former Soviet Union in search of stable assets in the West, especially real estate, and seeking partners in New York (Moscow on the Hudson) with ties to the region.

        Their respective ambitions led the two men — along with Trump’s future son-in-law, Jared Kushner — to build a set of close, overlapping relationships in a small world that intersects on Chabad, an international Hasidic movement most people have never heard of.

        **Starting in 1999, Putin enlisted two of his closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who would go on to become Chabad’s biggest patrons worldwide, to create the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia under the leadership of Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as “Putin’s rabbi.”

        **A few years later, Trump would seek out Russian projects and capital by joining forces with a partnership called Bayrock-Sapir, led by Soviet emigres Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Tamir Sapir — who maintain close ties to Chabad. The company’s ventures would lead to multiple lawsuits alleging fraud and a criminal investigation of a condo project in Manhattan.

    3. AVATAR
      They believe that you are a Jew ,it make no difference whatsoever ,if you are.
      but I trust my gut feelings ,that you are a genuine Palestinian ,and the barbarian Syrian regime ,tortured and imprisoned you for 2 months ,just because ,you are a Palestinian.
      pay them no attention . I agree with you that NEW SONG’S comment is the best.
      All nationalist leaders are liars and Israeli puppets ,BIBI OWN THEM ALL
      from the middle east to the Americas and in between
      bakot tov adamai

      1. There is nothing anti-Israel in your comment. You throw gas on the flames to say Assad is a killer but you won’t say anything against the Jews. You give people more reasons to support another attack on Arabs and claim to be anti-Israel but you have nothing critical to say about them – only their arch enemy.
        You are either a liar or an idiot.

        The Israelis (Jews) are the ones that have been murdering Palestinians for 70 years. The last big massacre occurred in 2014 when Israel murdered over 2,300 Palestinians in GAZA.


      2. Nomad –

        “All nationalist leaders are liars and”….
        …..Avatar has posted here as ‘Space Lizard’ as well..!! 🙂

        Here is what you should be writing about… exposing your Pharisee-Jew buddies..!! 🙂

        Kushner’s and Trump’s Chabad Lubavitcher donations help destroy non-jews..!!


        A Haaretz examination has revealed that Charles and Seryl Kushner have been major benefactors of Chabad over the years. Between 2003 and 2013, their family foundation donated a total of $342,500 to various institutions and projects associated with the movement, their tax records show.

        Three days before the presidential election, the two made a pilgrimage to the grave of the Chabad rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, where they reportedly made a special prayer for Ivanka’s father. The gravesite, which is known as the Ohel, is considered holy by followers of Chabad (also known as the Lubavitcher movement) and is visited by thousands annually.

        According to a recent report in The Forward and on Channel 10 news, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are considering joining a Chabad synagogue when they move from New York to Washington D.C. Their newly purchased $5.5 million home in the Kalorama neighborhood is said to be less than a 10-minute walk from the local Chabad congregation, known as TheSHUL. Rabbi Levi Shemtov, who founded the synagogue and serves as its spiritual leader, would not confirm or deny the reports.

        Chabad has benefited not only from Kushner’s side of the family. It turns out that President-elect Donald Trump has also contributed to the movement – even before his daughter, who converted to Judaism, was married.

        Altogether, the Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated $11,550 to three Chabad institutions.

        **NO WONDER the Buffoon does not want to release his tax returns, which show deductions for donations..!! 🙂


        <strong<Jared Kushner is a traitor and “YUGE” threat to the duped ‘Trump Supporters’

        Dr. Duke had British author and activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about the prominent role being played in the Trump administration by first son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is being put “in charge” of everything from reinventing the government to bringing peace to the Middle East. Dr. Duke points out that Kushner, who is an orthodox Jew, has a close association with the Chabad Lubavich movement, which embraces a theology that elevates Jews to divine status while denegrating the goyim as beasts.



        **Chabad Houses have history of criminal activity


        The Chabad Lubavitch sect is an extremely radical organization that espouses dogmatic end-time prophecies that are overwhelmingly favorable to the Jewish race.  However, their real work is better understood by those members who often appear to function as an extension of the MOSSAD.  Although religious by their own description, the Chabad House leader in Washington, D.C. — Levi Shemtov — is one of the biggest political operators Inside the Beltway.

  9. to whom it may concern … off topic but if i don’t post now, will forget later.
    CONFIRMED: US sharply cuts air operations in Syria fearing Russian missiles
    more than meets a myopic eye:

    The media is barely reporting the fact but the immediate effect of the US missiles strike on Syria’s Sharyat air base has been to REDUCE US air force flights over Syria as the US worries about Moscow’s reaction.

    That this is so is confirmed by the New York Times which – presumably because its anti-Trump campaign overrides all other issues – has actually been doing some proper reporting about the Syrian conflict following the US missile strike.

    nothing to see here, sheep folks, keep moving, pay attention to words, not results on ground.

    1. Lobro –

      Like you… If I don’t write this RIGHT NOW… RIGHT NOW 🙂 I might “BIGGLY” forget….

      “CONFIRMED: The Buffoon and ‘Put-On’ are two crypto-jews in a pod…. in a missile pod/silo.” ….. SOURCES say.

      They are covering each other’s CHABAD-CONTROLLED asses by feinting and shadow boxing… to save the Mideast for their buddies in Israel:

      In ‘eloquent declaration,’ Russia opens WORLD’S LARGEST Jewish museum
      November 8, 2012

      President Vladimir Putin donated a – MONTH’S SALARY – toward the project and said, in a statement read out at the museum opening by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that he hopes the museum will be “a place for dialogue and agreement between peoples.”

      “This is a new era for the life of Russian Jews,” Russia’s chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, told the opening ceremony. “Many years for Jews were very hard and tragic. But now there are great changes.”

      “For the Russian Jewish community to do this is really amazing,” says head designer Ralph Appelbaum, whose company, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, is the world’s largest museum exhibit design firm.



    Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal: Here are the Jews of the Trump cabal, in order of appearance. Some are very familiar, like his daughter and son-in-law. Others are billionaires who supported Trump’s campaign, and others yet are not so famous:

    Michael Abboud (Sephardic Jew) – Communications Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President

    Paul Achleitner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank (Donald Trump’s largest lender)

    Sheldon Adelson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Elliott Broidy (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

    Michael Cohen (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Special Counsel, The Trump Organization

    Gil Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – President, Trump Dezer Development

    Michael Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Founder, Trump Dezer Development

    Lewis Eisenberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

    Boris Epshteyn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Stephen Feinberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    Alan Fishman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Ladder Capital (Donald Trump’s second largest lender)

    David Friedman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

    Samuel Fox (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

    Alan Garten (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Trump Organization

    Bruce Gelb (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Michael Glassner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Campaign Manager and Former National Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President

    Lawrence Glick (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, The Trump Organization

    Jason Greenblatt (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, The Trump Organization; Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

    Vincent Harris (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Digital Strategy Manager, Donald J. Trump for President

    Carl Icahn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Peter Kalikow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    Daniel Kowalski (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President

    Charles Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Jared Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Yael Kushner [née Ivanka Trump] (Orthodox Jewish convert) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

    Bennett LeBow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    Richard LeFrak (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    Corey Lewandowski (Ashkenazic Jew/East European) – Former Campaign Manager, Donald J. Trump for President

    Ronald Lieberman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Management & Development, The Trump Organization

    Howard Lorber (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    David Malpass (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council

    Douglas Manchester (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Great Again PAC

    Bernard Marcus (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Rebekah Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC

    Robert Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC

    Amanda Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice President of Marketing, The Trump Organization

    Eli Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chief Operating Officer, Donald J. Trump for President

    Jason Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Communications Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Stephen Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President

    Steven Mnuchin (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President

    Samuel Nunberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Policy Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

    David Orowitz (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Development, The Trump Organization

    Geoffrey Palmer [né Weissinger] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Rebuilding America Now PAC

    John Paulson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council

    Stewart Rahr (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Richard Roberts (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

    George Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization

    Wilbur Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Steven Roth (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    Felix Sater (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Senior Adviser, The Trump Organization

    Keith Schiller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Director of Security, The Trump Organization

    Melvin Sembler (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

    Lara Trump [née Yunaska] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Vanessa Trump [née Haydon] (Ashkenazic Jew/North European) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Ronald Weiser (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

    Andrew Weiss (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

    Allen Weisselberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Trump Organization

    Lawrence Weitzner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

    Steven Witkoff (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

    Stephen Wynn [né Weinberg] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President


    When Syria is toast, the (((MSM))) will shift into high gear on Iran, demanding that President KUSHNER and his faithful toady Trump do something….

  11. Good news. Horst Mahler has managed to flee Germany and is now in a safe place. He won’t be going back to prison tomorrow.

    Thanks for posting.

    1. WOW! that is heartwarming news indeed! If you are in a position to provide any further details about Horst’s escape from his persecutors, it would be appreciated. However, I’m aware of the need for discretion on your part because of all the constraints put upon you by Evil Albion. 🙂 So if you prefer to remain silent, that’s OK with me.

      Kind regards and blessings,


      1. He claimed that the authorities tried to silence and murder him before via medical neglect and wrong medications.. Only the vigilance of his wife saved him.

        I wish him well and may freedom of research and speech prevail.

  12. Astounding video! It should trigger a revolution if the German people have still the balls. If there are still people with German blood in their veins, they should storm the prison and free this authentic, patriotic man as there is no moral value in abiding by laws that protect aliens at the expense of nationals; there is no moral value in respecting laws that serve the enemy and persecute the German native citizens.
    Horst Mahler and other German nationalists warned the German people about the plot being weaved against the heart of Europe; they should promptly react, before it is too late.

    1. @ Sean

      We have just heard the news that Horst Mahler has managed to escape his cruel captors. He has fled and taken refuge in some secret hideout.

      1. Perhaps with our old friends from Spain or South America, but I doubt it. Today they would return him to his persecutors.

        Good news, but the sword of Damocles is still hanging over the heads of Holos*** revisionists. It is shameful and unacceptable that a citizen does not feel secure in his/her own homeland because of the unfounded claim of alien entities who are seeking the obliteration of the German race and the miscegenation of all human kind.
        “Horst Mahler has managed to escape his cruel captors”. Still, Truth should not hide while lies show off arrogantly. This aberration has to end.

  13. Horst Mahler, a modern day hero. Sorry to say, judging by ridiculous Merkel putting up for re-election, Germans are irredeemably brainwashed. Only Balkanisation and collapse can fix it.

    Thierry Meyssan, a thinker of Loboro’s high quality, agrees with Loboro!

    While the international Press details the astonishing about-face by Donald Trump, Thierry Meyssan shows that it is nothing of the sort – far from having abandoned his ideal of peace, the President of the United States is raging and bombing, while taking great care to commit nothing irreparable.

    In appearance, the Trump administration is roaring its power and throwing bombs around, but in reality, it is taking great care not to cause any irreparable damage. The worst and the best are therefore possible.


    I hope I have been stupidly wrong and premature about Trump and the Loboro was right all along.

    1. Flan, the jews figured it out too 😀 weeping by the rivers of babylon and swearing bloodstained revenge:
      Aircraft Carrier Wasn’t Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested

      WASHINGTON — Just over a week ago, the White House declared that ordering an American aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal to North Korea and give President Trump more options in responding to the North’s provocative behavior. “We’re sending an armada,” Mr. Trump said to Fox News last Tuesday afternoon.

      The problem was that the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the three other warships in its strike force were that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula.

      Reverse kol nidre is the new beltway game by a guy who learned the moves from the chosen pros.

      Because santa claus, tinkerbells, leprechauns, magical knights on flying horses and snow-whites ran for cover, taking all the fairy dust with them, the only remaining option is to play dirty.

      regular folks don’t see it, they cannot see it but jews do and can’t do much about it in the steel cage of merciless propaganda.

      1. He not only learned their tricks, (lol)
        he rubs their tricks in their faces and laughs about it!

        P.S. (don’t try this at home)

      2. How do we know that the aircraft carrier “story” isn’t just an attempt to find a face-saving way out of a crisis that the ignorant, impulsive, petulant, megalomaniacal man-child needlessly created for himself with his bellicose rhetoric?

        Perhaps an adult told him about the potential down side of starting a needless war with North Korea, and/or perhaps he’s feeling the blow-back from his gratuitous war crime against Syria and having second thoughts about another helping.

        Regardless, he is being hammered from all sides and is becoming an embarrassing laughing-stock that by comparison makes Obama look like a respectable statesman.

      3. Trump is making all the right moves and noises as if he really is rattling along the Zionist tracks. He is gesticulating wildly about Iran, Syria and Korea. He points to Korea; the flotilla sails elsewhere. He flings tomahawks at Syria, they land all around the target. He gets his top men to start directing insults at Iran, “Rrrrrrrrrrrrasp, I fart in your general direction”. It does all rather seem like symbolic sabre rattling.

        However, if it really is a shambolic foreign policy then the Trump train is going to smash into the Russian wall at the end of the tracks. Even Dmitry “Don’t mention Libya” Medvedev is now warning the West with characteristic Russian understatement…

        “It is obvious that further escalation will lead to the destruction of the Syrian state, its disintegration and a partial victory of terrorists. Such a scenario contradicts our plans and Russia will work in this direction,” Medvedev said.


        Here’s hoping Medvedev is on a tight leash; that Putin aint a crypto; and that Trump aint a crypto. Fingers crossed! 😉

        PS Yes I acknowledge that Syrians were murdered by the US missile attack but it was, generally speaking, a dud — whether on purpose or not we cannot say.

      4. @ Flopot

        “He points to Korea; the flotilla sails elsewhere.”

        What if Chumpster tried to employ Nixon’s “madman theory” of “foreign policy”? That is, what if the missile attack on Syria and the MOAB attack on Afghanistan were supposed to “scare” everybody, particularly Kim Jong Un?

        Chumpster may have just gambled and lost. He may have convinced himself that Kim Jong Un would back down, but then came to the realization that he would not back down, thus team Chumpster had to come up with a way out.

      5. LOBRO
        it’s a terrible thing to waste your fine ,decent mind on defending a fraud ,all indications lead to one conclusion that is not only he is a sick psychopath ,mentally and morally unfit to hold any powerful public office .he is a chronic liar ,delusional and deeply spiritually corrupted.and above all ,he is totally owned by the most vicious ,malicious elements of global cabal .your hero is nothing but a conman and a fraud.
        deal with the facts ,and pause and think.
        unless you are part of the trump’s sayanim ,then that a different story.

    2. yes, the goy version of kolnidreitis has taken root in earnest, Times of Israel continues the lamentations of jew-grief: Trump administration says Iran complying with nuclear deal
      boo hoo, another solemn campaign vow, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to JEWS, from this day of GOY atonement (20th April, Der Glorious Fuhrer’s birthday), until the next day of GOY atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths made to Inglorious Bastards gone down the drain.

      Trump has been an outspoken critic of the controversial agreement, calling it one of the “the worst deals I’ve ever seen negotiated,” and saying that Iran “lost respect [for the US] because they didn’t think anyone would be stupid as to make a deal like that.” He also argued that Iran was “emboldened” by the agreement to act confrontationally on the world stage.
      During his presidential campaign, Trump promised both to “dismantle the disastrous deal” and to “force the Iranians back to the bargaining table to make a much better deal.”

      How does it feel jewboys, the lies and head fakes, when some goy plays the 3-card monty, like it?
      Huh, like it?

      Next promise: a terrible all-out 1st strike on Russia’s beautiful babies, aw, watch the Shylock vampires drool off the fangs, they suspect he is lying but can’t help hoping …

  14. The Holocaust did happen!

    Documents from the 1940s, created just last month, have been found at last.


    Next week we will take a look at: the latest ancient Jewish artefacts being 3D printed and hidden under the Al-Asqa Mosque; the man who became a girl, wrote a diary, was gassed with typhus, became a man again and published the girl’s diary; and the Righteous Rebbe and his Grateful Donkeys.

    PS So it is illegal to question the holocaust but we still have to read “historical” documents that prove that which must not be proven.

  15. I hope it’s true that Horst Mahler has escaped from Germany. Even after their defeat in WW2 Germany could have become independent and neutral. Germany was offered the same deal given to Austria. Remember Austria was divided into 4 occupation zones, the same as Germany. As a condition of Soviet withdrawal from their zone, the three Western powers, US, UK and France would withdraw and Austria would become an independent and neutral buffer in Central Europe. The Russians offered the same deal to Konrad Adenauer but he preferred to keep the FRG firmly embedded in the American posterior orifice. Nixon in his memoirs praised that fxxking imbecile for this act. BTW Adenauer was the axxhole who first began German “reparations” to Jews and the Zionist Entity for the alleged holocaust!

  16. if horst escaped, i only hope his condition is not as terminal as described: 21 certified syndromes, missing leg, multiple organ failure … and then he dies in no time, thus wasting an opportunity for a quick martyrdom in shlomo’s dungeon, which would be of much higher political and cultural value.

    1. Horst is in hiding, yes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is recaptured. What then? … He will then have his martyrdom.

      1. If they can track down Nazi “war criminals” in Argentina after decades, tracking down a one-legged guy with 21 medical problems shouldn’t be that difficult.

  17. I don’t understand why you would not post my comment ? You sure make a new person here feel not welcome.

    I guess I can scratch this site from my list for reading. Later days….

    1. @ Tony

      Your comment has been posted twice, on two separate threads. We accept no insolence and personal abuse from posters. So please go away and post elsewhere.

      1. @ Tony

        New comments are always held up for initial monitoring to prevent spam getting through. Every fool knows this, but you apparently don’t. That’s why your comment wasn’t posted immediately. Admin has to see it first, and that could take several hours.

        You must be mentally unstable to have a hissy fit just because your comment is held up for routine monitoring.

  18. There is this hour long talk Mr Mahler gave in January 2017 in which he openly outlines the beneficent plans which the (((gloabalists))) have in store for Germany and other formerly European nations. If you understand German, you can download and watch later. Otherwise – you will need to watch live on YT and use the auto translate function located in the settings button.


  19. I apologize for expressing doubt to those that said Horst Mahler had escaped. I’m sorry. You were correct. This is from David Irving’s website.

    Deutsche Welle: German lawyer Horst Mahler on the run from Germany: defiant YouTube posting removed | New posting


    Youtube video – From Horst Mahler on the run


    Good luck to Mr. Mahler. Long live Germany!

  20. something i picked up from the ugly truth (they don’t link to jew sites on principle, so i had to hunt it down),
    Does The State of Israel Have The Guts?

    we the Jewish People and today’s reborn State of Israel must be willing to do things other countries many not dare … That’s because so-called “Jewish Morality,” sic, has been hijacked by concepts and ideologies far removed from Judaism and claim them as Jewish.

    Liberalism and Democracy are not Jewish Values. They are modern western and European.

    Judaism forbids us to “turn the other cheek,” ignore attacks on us.

    of course, this is strictly for jew’s fleshy ears, we will continue to suck back the liberal jew mantra, the great underground railroad, emancipation of blacks from the yoke of white privilege, feminism, LGBTism, egalite, fraternite, liberte, yeah right, such jew values, licht unto ze vorrld, avatar/palestinian’s puky tropes.

    check out the comment (oren wysocki)

    We will need to expose the Jewish people to understanding of what the Jewish peoples place is in this world, how God has established the rules, and how we should act towards the arabs, and the WHITE gentiles.

    couple of revealing observations:

    · average jew needs a refresher on the meaning of “jew morality”, especially toward whites,

    · “jew morality” is summarized as strict observance of whatever YHWH commands – Deutoronomy, Judges, Leviticus, King’s torah, talmud, sulchan aruch – the jesus cookbooks.

    Time to watch the priceless Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty

    i suppose that quoting jew source verbatim, arutz sheva, is hate speech, so by way of extenuating circumstance, let me just say that the writer “New York-born Batya Medad is real purty, as beautiful as jewesses come.

  21. Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), Victor
    Cavendish-Bentick in a hand written note, wrote on Aug 27th, 1943, “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be FOUND OUT AND WHEN WE ARE FOUND OUT THE COLLAPSE OF THAT LIE is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.”
    In Public Record Office Document F0371/34551

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